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Price was 19. First of all, these shoes run large. This is good because i normally wear 15s and the 14 fit well enough. These are very light and comfortable and the inside feels good on my feet with adequate support. I have had many water shoes that hurt my feet because they are completely flat and these aren't. They are very good looking and if there is any fault it is the elastic laces could be better. I like lock laces so i could be spoiled. When i first tried on the shoe i was thinking these are light like huaraches. Anyway, i will be buying more.

-Z. Imelda

Men’s quick drying aqua water attention:for these shoes, us 7 40 eu, us 8 41 eu, us 8. 5 42 eu, us 9. 5 43 eu, us 10 44 eu, us 10. 5 44 eu, us 11 45 eu, us 12 46 eu, us 13 47 eu, us 14 48 eu zhuanglin water shoe -zhuanglin men’s quick drying aqua water shoes

  • Characteristic: Breathable And Durable Air Mesh Upper Allow The Foot To Breathe.
  • Characteristic: Solyte Midsole Provides An Exceptionally Lightweight Midsole With Excellent Bounce-back And Durability.

Inexpensive Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes (Shoes)

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Put them on & fit like a glove! super lightweight yet feel like a sneaker, amazing that these are water shoes. I will test these out in 2 weeks while in costa rica! i already showed them to my better have and she bought a pair that same day. My only concern are the large water holes on the sole, whether rocks will wedge in them or poke up through and get my feet. But only one way to find out! love the tie strings (an issue with regular water shoes - so heavy & once wet, flop around as you walk. And you cannot swim with them), these shows are so light and tie snug on your foot. I also love the cushion sole which i needed for comfort. If these pass the test in costa rica i will be ordering more & recommending them to everyone! The Best men's quick drying aqua water ( Sep 2019 ) | -Shoes Review Characteristic Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes Attention:for these shoes, us 7 40 eu, us 8 41 eu, us 8. 5 42 eu, us 9. 5 43 eu, us 10 44 eu, us 10. 5 44 eu, us 11 45 eu, us 12 46 eu, us 13 47 eu, us 14 48 eu. Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe. Solyte midsole provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability. Comfordry sockliner provides the optimum cushioning performance that creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment.. Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying .

Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes Review (Zhuanglin)

I love these shoes and i bought these for my beach trip last week. These things works great in the pools and lazy rivers, however, i will not wear these for the beach again as the same great feature that makes them great for water(holes) also makes them a nightmare for sand. This does not take away from the shoes and their quality. I think they are more suited for lakes, rivers, swimming pools and the like. I wore these on my charter at the beach and they worked. I had traction on the boat the whole time and they dried quickly. The drawstring is also a huge plus as they help keep the shoes snug. I wear an 11 in general and the 11's fit just fine. -S. Anonymous

Zhuanglin Quick Drying Water Shoes

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Zhuanglin
  • Quantity: 1
  • Sub-Type: Shoes
  • Category: SHOES

men's quick drying aqua water Shoes, Attention:for these shoes, us 7 40 eu, us 8 41 eu, us 8. 5 42 eu, us 9. 5 43 eu, us 10 44 eu, us 10. 5 44 eu, us 11 45 eu, us 12 46 eu, us 13 47 eu, us 14 48 eu zhuanglin water shoe is made with lightweight mesh and a midfoot webbing system that integrates with slip on for lightweight breathability and an adaptive, supportive fit. soft cushioning and breathable rb/eva outsole, articulated flex grooves offer plush comfort and natural range of motion. offer you best performance for your water aerobics or river walking. Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes (-Zhuanglin).

Zhuanglin Quick Drying Water Shoes Shoes

  • Bought these shoes for my husband who was going on a trip to menorca spain. He needed shoes that he could easily ho in the water with, but still hop on and off the scooter he'd be driving from beach to beach on the island. The fit was great and they were really comfortable and he liked that they looked like running shoes but weren't bulky at all and easily fit in his backpack along with the rest of his stuff for their 10 day trip. Unfortunately, his bags were stolen their second day in spain and he was never able to actually wear these in the water, just around our house to wear them in before he left. But, he gives them 5 stars based on their look, easy fitting into you bag and their comfort.
  • Very impressed. I was actually concerned about the amount of cushion in these extremely light shoes - i am a supinator, so typically require more cushioned shoes. I was pleasantly surprised when i comfortably wore these a multiple full day excursions over the last month. Incredibly light weight and breezy cool. Since water simply passes through these, i would not consider wearing with socks, but suitable for what i consider socal formal. The gray is perfect for that. If you expect you step into the smallest of puddles, expect your feet to get wet, but they dry quickly and not uncomfortable during the drying time. . Due to the softness and the large vents in the sole, i do encounter some times when i need to stop to extract a stone picked up by the underside. Once wedged in there, you may need a tool (i used a key) to remove it. My greatest concern was if i was walking through diamonds then followed it with a walk over a glass floored observation bridge. If you expect to encounter these conditions, you may ask the diamond lab to provide tyvek shoe covers - otherwise, you'll probably be okay. . Fit and comfort. An interesting observation regarding the width: i have an average width foot (d) and my brother has difficulty find shoes to accommodate his extra wide foot- yet, he was surprised how comfortable my shoe was. I wear a 9. 5 in both dress and athletic shoes and that same size was perfect for my zhuanglin shoes. . I was a little nervous about potential binding of the light neoprene at the top of the shoes. I have had sand socks and river shoes that gripped too tightly and were uncomfortable after sustained wear. This was not an issue here. Again, the fit and comfort were just right for street/beach wear (you would probably select alternate footwear for class ii+ whitewater). . I have shown these off to relatives and coworkers and i expect to see them wearing them soon. You can't go wrong with the price.
  • Everything about these shoes is perfect except the fact they don't dry fast enough. Once they are wet, it will take about 5 hours to dry them depending on humidity and temperature. I was in hawaii using these for snorkeling. After my snorkeling session was finished, i put these shoes in my hotel balcony to dry. It took about full 5 hours to dry completely where i could wear them again. Also when using these in the sand, please note the material traps smalll sand particles in the mesh so you would need to clean them out thoroughly. . I received this product at a discount in return for an honest review. I only give high star ratings to products i believe excel beyond my expectations. If there is something wrong with the product or customer service, i return the items and take it up with the seller. Honest reviews that hopefully help others make the right decision.
  • These shoes do work, and would be perfect for anywhere but the beach. I bought these for the sole purpose of using them for the beach in california. They worked great until the fine sand starts making them basically useless. First off, the sand gets into the shoe, which is beyond annoying. They clean out very easy, but will again fill up with sand within seconds. The second most annoying problem with these shoes are the lacing mechanism. Although they will tighten up like a champ out of the box, as soon as sand gets into that little plastic piece that locks the laces into place, the sand prevents the locking piece to close all of the way, causing the laces to loosen up. You basically have to tie them like a regular shoelace when this happens, as the sand cannot be easily cleaned out of that piece. I am still trying to get the lace lock to work, but it seems as though the sand has permanently damaged the both of them. They do dry out fast, the insole comes out as well to aid in drying, and they do fit well, as well as protect your feet, almost as good as a running shoe. I can't in good conscience give them a lower rating because of how well this shoe is built, but beach sand wise, you're gonna end up walking barefoot after only a few minutes in these wherever sand is present. Use them anywhere else, and i think you'll love em!
  • When i opened the package the rubber on the bottom was already pealing off

men's quick drying aqua waterZhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Bought them for myself and also wear them instead of sandals watering plants etc, so bought this pair for my hubby. Due to neuropathy tender feet, the concrete and patio texture are tough for him to walk on. While these do have some texture on the insole and bottom, (which let water flow thru and help prevent slipping) these are comfy and working like a charm. I ordered a "sock" style water shoe and a less expensive but very similar shoe and they just don't fit as well or stay on as well in water. I will be ordering another pair of these for myself in a darker color. I don't know yet how well these will clean up, or how long they will last.

Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes
Click to see NoticeZhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes"I bought these shoes for hiking under wet conditions. Today, i wore them on a quick 12-mile hike, and they performed far beyond my expectations. First, they are far more solidly than one would expect out of a 25. 00 shoe. At 4. 7 oz/ shoe for my size 11 pair, they feel like you are floating slightly off the ground. As the old hiker's adage goes, "an ounce on the feet, a pound on the back. . The soft rubber soles provide really excellent traction comparable to my vibram-soled merrill trail runners. At 8. 7 oz. Per shoe. The soft rubber suggests that they won't last as long as the merrill's, however. Considering that i paid four times as much for the merrills, i don't mind a bit. . I wouldn't do a thru-hike with them, but for a weekend warrior hike, they can't be beat, especially if you're expecting a lot of stream crossings or wet weather. . If you require a bit more toe splay that average (i do), i'd suggest ordering them a half-size up. (i normally wear a 10. 5, and the 11's didn't squeeze my toes at all. . The lack of arch support isn't a problem since i wear only zero-drop shoes anyway. The mesh design and holes in the soles are a real plus. They dry like a flash. Adequate front-of foot support."

(0) Question: How is the grip on these? how slipper are they, will be going to a lake with a hike through wet rocks. thanks.

(1) Question: The soles appear to be mesh (open) to allow water. is this true?

(2) Question: My husband wears a size 15 shoe. do you think the size 14 would fit him comfortably?

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Mens Womens Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot Swim Diving Surf Aqua Sports Pool Beach Walking Yoga

About us:putu is constantly creating new series of women's and men's water shoes to meet our customers' expectation. In putu, we believe the idea of "customer first and products first". We want more people to enjoy their vacation more easily. In the summer of 2018 years, our company focused on creating the pirate series of water shoes. They are: the black pearl, flying dutchman, queen anne's revenge, empress, endeavour and the dauntless. Our design and r&d team has developed 6 styles and 22 colors in order to satisfy customers with greater demands, allowing you to have more choices according to your preferences. Its upper is made of breathable and elastic lycra material, which allows you to have a stronger sense of experience when participating in various water activities. The shoe sole is the result of our r&d team using a year's time based on various experiments. It has a powerful drainage hole after the upgrade, allowing water to leave your feet faster, while it has sole patterns and high-grade rubber. The composition is designed to be more non-slip and has achieved better protection of your feet. When you go to vacation, aqua sports, diving, waterpark, water aerobic classes, rafting, through the waterfall, driving, car-washing, etc. You can easy put putu water shoes in your bag and take it to everywhere. Putu water shoes main features:has a nice grip to prevent slipsstretchy and softbarefoot feelinglightweight and compressible for easy packingperfect accessory for a beach vacation note: our water shoes are sold worldwide, so when you receive our product, your country's shoes sizing info will be displayed, as well as sizing info for other countries. We're confident that our shoes will fit you right. Thank you for your trust in putu water shoes. At the same time hope that you can give us valuable advice and let us make better water shoes

Mens Womens Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot Swim Diving Surf Aqua Sports Pool Beach Walking YogaWomens-Barefoot-Diving-Sports-Walking

Brand :    putu
Color :    Black
Order click here :    -
  • Easy on and off: the pull tap at the heel allows for quick and easy entry, protecting your feet from dripping off.
  • Quick dry with drainage holes: unique and top-quality anti slip camo rubber sole, with several holes on each bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them which creates a cooler and healthier shoe environment.
  • Ideal for any activity: perfect for beach, swimming, surf, pool, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, long airline flight, yoga, performing pilates exercises aerobics etc.
  • Perfect material: upper with stretch breathable ultra light weight fabric for fast draining and cross ventilation, give excellent flexible and comfortable.
  • Elastic straps: according to the width of the foot quickly adjust the shoes elastic and avoid the annoyance of tying your shoes.
Price :    —
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ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Soft breathable and quick dry mesh upper mesh offer double accelerated quick dry, and allow the foot to breathe. -easy on and off slip on with elastic the shoelace build from closed elastic offer easily on and off, protecting your foot from dropping off. Comfort and quick dry water drain insole cushion absorbing insole with punching, creat extra cooler and healthier environment. Powerful light and cushion absorbing water sole the supper light eva barefoot sole with fast water drain design that guarantee you have better performance from your sports. Combined with rubber piece ensure the slip resistance, while the eva giving the cushion absorbing support and durable. Recommended for multi functional using a good pair of comfort walking shoes, aqua water shoes, beach shoes, fishing shoes, gym exercise shoes, and suitable for any outdoor adventure exploring. About aleader aleader committed to leading the sport life and providing original designs, develops and markets lifestyle also performance footwear that appeals to trend-savvy men, women and children. Aleader offers looks for every activity across a diverse range of collections. Athletic aqua gear and casual lifestyle sneakers, boots and sandals featuring lightweight sole and comfortable fit. Size chart for reference us 7 euro 40 foot length 9. 65-9. 84 in us 8 euro 41 foot length 9. 94-10. 04 in us 8. 5 euro 42 foot length 10. 04-10. 24 in us 9. 5 euro 43 foot length 10. 24-10. 43 in us 10 euro 44 foot length 10. 43-10. 63 in us 10. 5 euro 45 foot length 10. 63-10. 83 in us 11 euro 46 foot length 10. 83-11. 02 in us 12 euro 47 foot length 11. 02-11. 22 in noted:size may differ from different brand or style

ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water ShoesALEADER-Quick-Drying-Water-Shoes

Brand :    aleader
Size :    7 M US
  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe
  • Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying
  • Comfordry sockliner and arch support insole provides the optimum cushioning performance that creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment.
  • Water grip and cushion outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions, offer you good performace on your water aerobic activities.
  • Solyte midsole provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability
Price :    —
Model :    8859M
Quantity :    1
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HOBIBEAR Boys Girls Quick Dry Water Shoes Lightweight Slip-on Sneakers Beach Walking Running

Sporty design, versatile, lightweight, sturdy, good padding, comfortable, breathable, durable, these slip-ons are super light and comfortable with a roomy, great for use at the beach and on hikes, feel just like regular sneakers, and can be worn with or without socks.

HOBIBEAR Boys Girls Quick Dry Water Shoes Lightweight Slip-on Sneakers Beach Walking RunningHOBIBEAR-Lightweight-Sneakers-Walking-Running

Brand :    hobibear
Model :    H5045
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Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for HOBIBEAR Boys Girls Quick Dry Water Shoes Lightweight Slip-on Sneakers Beach Walking Running available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Outdoor-a water shoe built for sporty users, great for boating, sailing, fishing, hiking, climbing, running, walking on the beach or using at a campsite by a river
  • Traction-gives better grip, reduces the chance of slipping and provides support and stability at the same time
  • Breathable-lightweight hydrophobic and quick-drying mesh upper with drain holes that let out water and let in air
  • Comfortable-slip on style for easy on and off
  • Drainage-flexible outsole with drain holes that allow the water to drain and the shoe to dry out more quickly

ALEADER Kid's Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid

I was very excited to order these shoes for my nephew, the product seems great and as described. I selected a '6 m us toddler' from the drop down menu, but received in the mail a shoe labeled as a '6 m us little kids 38' which is entirely too large for my nephew. We never had a chance to use them as i had to return them. . Aleader kid's quick dry water shoes comfort walking sneakers black/gray 6 m us little kids

-durable, breathable mesh/fabric upper upper mesh/fabric provides for comfort and breathy, perfect design for daily walking or sport performance -added comfort cushioned eva insole cushioned eva insole with punching offer extra comfort and breathable -shock absorption and cushioned non-marking outsole dual-density eva outsole give exceptional supportive fit and shock absorption, with wave design, maximum grip is guaranteed. A sole perfect for sports, offer great traction and performance about aleader aleader committed to leading the sport life and providing original designs, develops and markets lifestyle also performance footwear that appeals to trend-savvy men, women and children. Aleader offers looks for every activity across a diverse range of collections. Athletic aqua gear and casual lifestyle sneakers, boots and sandals featuring lightweight sole and comfortable fit.

ALEADER Kid's Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes Toddler/Little Kid/Big KidALEADER-Slip-Quick-Toddler-Little

Aleader Kid's Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes Toddler/little Kid/big Kid FAQ.

These shoes are really comfy. I wore them all week in disney world, and they were really comfy all week. Lightweight and bright pink, really pretty. Would buy again in different colors. True to size, if anything maybe a little on the small side. They take slightly longer to dry than anticipated. -Notice from F. Barbara, Berlin

Click to Show aleader kid's slip-on quick dry water shoes toddler/little kid/big kid Details

I bought these for my 8yr old son. They fit perfectly! he wears a 2, i ordered a 3 just in case. They are perfect, with room to grow which is what i wanted! hes wearing them as regular shoes right now, because of how comfortable they are! definitely recommend! easy to put on!

Aleader-kid's-slip-on-quick-dry-water-shoes-toddler/little-kid/big-kid set picture

- C. CassellaNice water shoe does slip off. Even if it is a little loose it won t slip off.

My grandson really needed a pair of quick-dry water shoes for camp where he would be wearing them into brooks and ponds for exploring nature. The shoes also needed to be used occasionally for hiking on trails though we tried using old or inexpensive "regular" sneaker for this purpose, he had to carry around another dry pair of sneakers to change into and the "wet" ones were still wet the next morning. The aleader quick dry water shoes turned out to be the perfect solution. Though i would not recommend these for normal everyday wear or for long term serious hiking, as i don't think they would hold up well under those conditions, my grandson loved them for camp. In fact, he'd wear them the whole day, only changing into dry socks when out of the water - no more carrying around another pair of sneakers. Also, the stretch laces allowed him to put them on and off quickly. My only regret is in not having found these shoes sooner. They truly are just as described, quick drying and comfortable. Smart shoes!

X. Patricia, Lewisham

Brand :    aleader
  • Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying
  • Water drain and cushion outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions, promotes quick dry and maximum comfort
  • Fully molded comfy material sole for all day cushion
  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe
  • Features quick adjusting elastic strap closure for easy on and off
Price :    —
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Zhuanglin Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

I wore my shoes to my water aerobics class for the first time. They fit true to size. They were easy to slip on and stayed on my feet without slipping or coming loose. They were very comfortable and they did dry quickly which is what encouraged me to buy them in the first place. So far i am very pleased with them. Also they are very light. Others i have had were heavier. That is also a nice plus

Zhuanglin women water shoe is made with lightweight mesh and a midfoot webbing system that integrates with slip on for lightweight breathability and an adaptive, supportive fit. Soft cushioning and breathable rb/eva outsole, articulated flex grooves offer plush comfort and natural range of motion. The aqua/mesh slip on shoes can be functional used, for daily or travel walking with barefoot fitting give you exceptional comfort, for river walking or water aerobic sports, give you best performance and fun.

Zhuanglin Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water ShoesZhuanglin-Womens-Quick-Drying-Water

Zhuanglin Women's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes FAQ.

I got my pair before i got my wife her pair. What's so good about these shoes is the holes in the sole of the shoe so, that when one gets out of the pool the water in the shoes drains out very quick and that's a good thing. And it's easer to swim with them than the other water shoes we have had. . One more thing. If you have a pool at your home or else where and getting a little older these shoes will help you around the pool and in it. -Notice from R. Suzanne, Washington

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I was worried that these would cause blisters i the back of my heel as i have worn shoes lile this before and habe gotten blisters. I was surprised when i did not get any blisters. These shoes are nice. They are easy to put o and take off. They are also comfortable even after doing a lot of walking in them. I bought a size 6 and they fit perfect.

Zhuanglin-women's-quick-drying-aqua-water-shoes set picture

- N. DorinePurchased these for a water aerobics class. Maybe not idea for that purpose, but certainly worked! i could have used a bit more traction. Also used them along the beach. Rocks easily lodged into the sole's holes. Overall a good purchase, inexpensive, and just what was needed. I won't be wearing them too much in the future, but nice to have on hand "just in case. " if you know your water shoes will require heavy use, i would recommend looking for a sturdier, more well-made product.

I would recommend sizing down on these types of shoes, if you want them to stay on your feet. I originally ordered my regular shoe size in a different brand, and they were huge! they kept falling off my feet. So i returned them and purchased these, and they are a good fit. Haven't had them in the water yet, but they are lightweight and comfortable as far as i can tell.

K. Candy, Durham

Brand :    zhuanglin
  • Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying
  • Solyte midsole provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability
  • Water grip outsole provides exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions
  • Comfordry sockliner provides the optimum cushioning performance that creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment.
  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
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I like these water shoes. They fit well and were comfortable when i wore them. They shed water quickly when i took them to the lake and got in the water. I've seen a couple of reviews commenting on no arch support. Well, these aren't athletic shoes, they're water shoes and i didn't expect them to have arch support like a regular shoe does. I did notice that the holes on the bottom of the sole have a tendency to have rocks lodge in the holes. But that didn't affect the comfort or function of the shoes. I didn't get any sand in my shoes, which is a problem i've had with other water shoes. The cuff around the ankle fits snugly and keeps things like sand and small rocks out. I'm anxious to see how they fit as they are worn more. I went with an 11 (45) and am afraid that as they get worn out the elasticity will loosen and the shoes and cuff will be loose. Time will tell, but i do love these shoes and am glad i bought them.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: I usually wear a size 9us, but that is not offered. could you please recommend a size?

(1) Question: Has anyone experienced chafing or blistering from the top/front of the shoe rubbing against your instep (on top of foot between your toes and ankle)?

(2) Question: Will any of these fit wide feet, like my 4e foot?

(3) Question: How much do they weight

(4) Question: I am exactly a size 13 but these only go up to size 12. are they are on the larger size? will it be a "good" snug fit or a painful, blistery one?

(5) Question: Was thinking about using them on a sailboat, do they have non marking bottoms?

(6) Question: How about for a wide foot? i usually wear 13 4e depending on the shoe. i wonder if a 14 would fit. i dont mind snug but want room for the toes

(7) Question: Do these shoes have laces like the picture?

(8) Question: Would these be good for a trip to the caribbean? we plan to snorkel, hike and go zip lining so they wouldn t just be used at the beach.

(9) Question: Will these prevent sea urchin spine from penetrating the sole?

(10) Question: Are these how appropriate for work?

(11) Question: Can you go for a long walk with them?

(12) Question: I'm going to be using these for the deck of a boat. will the black on the sole mar the deck?

(13) Question: Is the sole part of the shoe, or removable? i find that water shoes with removable soles tend to move around on you under water.

(14) Question: Are these washable? if so what is the recommended procedure. i have a pair of these and find they are incredibly comfortable!

(15) Question: I normally wear size 10 shoe but measured my foot and according to chart picture i would wear 8. 5 is that right?

(16) Question: Hi, please, take a picture of size specs. usualiy wear 9. 5 us sports shoes, but, i don t know these.

(note) Question: where/how to get Zhuanglin (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Zhuanglin's products

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Bought these for my husband and they fit perfect. Read reviews prior to purchase so bought a size down and that was exactly correct. Very lightweight will be great for any water activity. They come in a zip plastic bag i plan to save for when they are wet and we are packing. The only thing is they smell really strong like plastic, so you may want to air them out outside for a while.

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Best zhuanglin men's quick drying aqua water shoes in review

After going to the river to swim for three weekends in a row, i determined i was going to get a shoe that would save the bottom of my feet. These work perfectly. They have a significant sole on the bottom to keep rocks from impaling your precious feet, but not so large as to encumber your movements. The tread on the bottom of the shoe is decently grippy and doesn't cause you to slide all over the rocks. There are large holes in the bottom of the sole that pebbles often get caught it, but i don't really see a way for that to be avoided. Sand will come through the holes, but doesn't remain trapped in the bottom of the shoes and doesn't give you the gritty feeling of walking on dirt. The shoes dry pretty quickly if left in direct sunlight, but do seem to take awhile if not. However, as i expect my feet to be getting wet when i put them on, i don't really care. I carry a plastic bag in the car to keep them from dripping, but usually they are sufficiently dry by the time i get back to the car. I was worried when i first tried them on that they would slip off when trying to swim, and i avoided kicking my legs too hard. However, that proved to be a needless concern as i have been swimming with them while kicking the last few times and they have never slipped off. As for the appearance of the shoe, i don't really care, but my wife and her girlfriend both said that they looked nice enough to wear around as a normal shoe. I don't do this as that is not their purpose, but i guess they look alright. I am very happy with this product.

G. Ophelia, New Hampshire

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O. Sally, Birmingham says

I am honestly ecstatic with these shoes. I ve only worn them in swimming pools, so can t speak to sand or rocks, but they are insanely comfortable. . The upper dries very quickly, and the shoes stay snug on my feet without being tight. True fit to size, as well. . I run, so my feet can get sore/sensitive to uncomfortable shoes. I swear, i wish i could wear these all the time. I can not believe how comfortable the sole is, very soft. But perfectly firm as well. Like firm memory foam. . These shoes allow me to get great grip in the pool. So many pools have rough bottoms that can scratch feet easily, especially after swimming for a while and your feet get pruny. With these shoes, it s not a problem. No more stubbing a toe either. . I ve used these 5 times or so, maybe a little more, and they hold up perfectly. Nothing unraveling or loosening up. . If you want swim shoes, get these!

E. Irene, Pennsylvania

Since we live in south florida we are avid beach goers and boaters. Recently with the algae problems we didn't want to incur lacerations on our feet and incur life threatening infections. Thus purchased these. They fit exactly as expected and were as pictured and described. They are comfortable even when wearing for long times, and quick drying. The non slip sole works well on wet rocks and boats. Most water shoes are slip on which does not work for me due to foot deformity. The laces stay tied even with the roughest of use. Very pleased with these and will purchase again if needed, however these seem to be well constructed and have not shown wear thus far.

. Perez, North Yorkshire says

First off, probably what most people are interested in: i am a 5'11" 160lb male and wear a 10. 5-11 nike and 9. 5 converse. The size 10 of this shoe fits great without socks and is a touch snug with socks. . Quality is great and it is extremely comfortable. Took these through several muddy hikes in hawaii and they did great. Two issues that i found: 1) the holes in the bottom are the perfect size to pick up rocks. They are a pain to get out and are uncomfortable to walk on because the sole isn't very thick and does not offer padding. If you're not walking on gravel, then no issue. 2) the insole is mesh, as well as the holes in the bottom. This works very well for draining water, but not so well when walking through mud. It comes oozing in because there isn't any form of barrier. Since mud doesn't drain as well as water, it can become quite uncomfortable if the mud is a bit gritty. A better design would be to have a solid insole and drainage out the side or edges.

H. Tracey, Nevada

My kid loves them. He needed black closed-toe water shoes as a lifeguard at a waterpark. He's on his feet all day, jumping in and out of the water towing kids out. These shoes are lightweight, quick drying, good traction, and elastic laces offer light cinching to keep shoe on (he's between sizes so it fits loosely without it). . Con: no arch support. His feet and legs hurt after standing on his feet all day so we added a plantar fasciitis orthotic ($9), a 3/4 length shoe insert with heel, arch and ball of foot support under the shoe liner. The shoes stay wet longer but well worth the comfort. . Worth mentioning, . - one shoe cuff rubs the back of his ankle, likely a result of a looser fitting shoe in the water. Had to rub on chafing stick or vaseline to lubricate the sore area. - liner comes out each time you take off shoe. - large holes on shoe bottom allows water to drain quickly, but mud collects in holes from walking around. . Overall, these shoes are perfect for a visit to the waterpark, lightweight and dries quickly.

R. Pearson, Centre says

I bought these for a trip to mexico. They were great - used them every day for 4 days. They have enough arch support to keep your feet from hurting when walking longer distances. I fished with these on from the beach with no issue - they were even good on the rock outcroppings. The design is really nice - two piece (removable foot bed). This keeps the sand mostly out and allows you to remove the foot bed to clean/rinse them. They aren't really "stretchy" on the top, but fit was snug and they didn't come off in the surf. I am about 6' and wear a size 12. These are a bargain for the $. My son wore his pair for as many days without any complaints. They don't dry quickly, but what does in high humidity? the larger pebbles do stay in the shoes sometimes.

L. Dorothy, North Carolina

 these shoes are awsome. I took them to maui and have used them just about everyday. They fit perfectly, have been great on the beach, in the water and aswell just normal use. Also in the bamboo forest

C. Benton, Thurrock says

These are the perfect water shoe for what i wanted. I want ones that i can do yard work in, as well as take to a water park, splash pad, beach, or whatever. So they can handle getting wet, but also drain well and do not hold water or sand. Also, it has a toe cover material that makes it stronger than other simple mesh water shoes. The front loop also helps it slide on easier. Finally, they're actually pretty comfortable and have good cushion in the sole for walking around in. My old tevas that have lasted me a decade were sturdy and high quality, but they have reaked of a foul stench for a long time because they were not as breathable / drainable as these.

P. Michele, Tameside

My only complaint about these is the price. While not too crazy expensive, thirty bucks is usually more than i want to spend on water shoes. With that said, these are definitely the best water shoes i have ever bought. Unlike other water shoes, i could picture myself wearing these while enroute to a water park, pool or beach, as opposed to changing into my lame water shoes when i arrived. . You may also end up getting a half-size larger shoe, as these only seem to come in increments such as 8. 5, 9. 5. 10. 5, etc. Not really a problem, as they are water shoes and the drawstring can be tightened to fit snugly. . After receiving these, i purchased a pair for my spouse and child. I'll report back if their opinions differ from mine.

. Linda, Buckinghamshire says

I love them and since i'd read that they run small and i take a 13, and have a high instep which can be a problem especially with elastic entry stuff, but i got a 14 which allows for my instep to be comfortable. I'm actually using them to walk around in and find them both supportive and cushy enough in the heal to have me wearing them regularly around town while it stays warm. Its certainly a different feel than the usual, but i don't mind it at all. I may get another pair. Hopefully quality control will have me getting the same thing when i do.

Q. Wilson, Leicestershire

I normally wear 11 1/2 ee. I wasn't sure whether or not to go with the 11s or 12s since they didn't have my half size. I went for the size 12 and i'm glad that i did. I really think that the 11 would've been too short. The shoes are incredibly light. I've bought several beach shoes over the years from the local beach shops (wings for example). They've served their purpose, but nothing more. A couple of things that i like about these shoes better than what i've used: 1) they drain the water much better. My old shoes would hold water, and i would have that sloshing sound/feeling while walking with water in my shoes. 2) they have a much thicker sole. My old water shoes again were ok, but if you had to walk in them for a distance, the think soles weren't great, especially if you were on a hard top. These have more of a feel of a regular shoe. The drawback, the price is higher than what you would pay for the cheaper beach shoes, but i'm very pleased with my purchase.

W. Alexia, Stockport says

I brought these with me to a backpacking trip to havasupai. I used them a lot while hiking from the campgrounds to the various waterfalls, and also on the (roundtrip) 4+ mile hike thru tons of stream crossings and dry areas down to beaver falls. They performed like a champ. The only negative (which happens to many other water shoes like the keen newport h2s that my wife wore) is that when doing the stream crossing and stepping in the sand, it tends to get small rocks stuck where your foot is. You get used to it though. . These perform way better than i'd expected them to for the price. Great grip on all the limestone edges of the terraced waterfalls, and perfectly usable on the dry areas as well. And even after all that hiking thru the different terrain, there's barely any wear on it. . Would it beat the $99 keen newport h2? probably not, that one is precision engineered for wet hiking, like the narrows in zion. But for $20, i would definitely buy these again. . Note: if your feet don't fit too well in the shoes when hiking, be sure to put a bandaid or something slightly above the heel where the achilles tendon is because that's where the shoes will rub. Over many miles of water hiking, i got a small sore on my left foot (right foot was totally fine). Just thought y'all should know.

X. Hannah, Missouri says

I give these shoes a 4. 5 star rating. They are stylish, affordable, and comfortable. For the price, you can't really beat them. I got these for wearing while kayaking and walking in the water, but they look so good, i wear them out as a casual shoe. I had to dock them . 5 of a star for two small reasons. First they have pretty large holes on the bottom for the water to drain out, but small rocks and large pebbles then to get stuck in there. If the holes were a bit smaller this might not be an issue. Second, you wear these shoes without socks (or i do) and in the water which causes the sole to stick to your foot when removing your shoes. If there was a little more glue holding the sole down, you might not have to deal with the sole sticking to your foot and getting all messed up when taking these off. As i stated, these are minor issues, but felt they should be mentioned if you wanted an honest review. . Overall a great shoe. I might have to buy another pair just for kayaking and getting dirty as these are so stylish they have become my casual summer shoe.

D. Sandra, Portsmouth

Terrific water shoes! they are great for those who have a bit of a wider foot because they stretch comfortably. As others have pointed out, the holes in the bottom of the shoe let water out, however if you have a pebbly beach the little stones get lodged in the holes. For most that should not be an issue. Extremely lightweight, if traveling they add almost nothing to the weight of your luggage. They are so comfortable you can wear them to walk around shops and restaurants. There is some built in support. They are not completely flat on the bottom which feels really great. The liners come out for washing. Note: the laces on this shoe do not tie or tighten. They are strictly to make them look more like a regular shoe. I wear an 11-12 and ordered the 11. It fit perfectly. You can throw them in the washer and let them air dry. Dry very quickly.

J. Monique, Yukon Territory says

Purchased as a gift for mom. She loves them. She takes swim classes 2-3x/week for 2hrs and the ladies at the center keep asking where she got them lol. She says you don't find aqua shoes like these in the brick and mortar stores. She likes them b/c they are lightweight and they don't hold water and they do dry quickly as indicated in the name. She's so pleased with them that she's asking me for other colors. . Based on her comments, i'd recommend buying these. I do encourage ordering a size down at least for womyn even if you have wide and large feet. Her feet are size 12 womyn and i purchased 10. 5 men, she still had too much room surprisingly as most aqua shoes tend to fit too snug but these are made different (better). A half size down would have been better. . Have used these shoes consistently for 2 months now. -

I. Jennifer, Cumbria

I purchased these for a 7 day backpack in olympic national park. Several river fords were on the route. I had high hopes for these and they surpassed my expectations. They worked very well for river crossings, protecting my feet from rocks and giving decent traction. They dried fairly quickly. They were also excellent camp shoes. And they are extremely light. My past favorite camp shoes were nike mayfly's, a racing flat that is no longer made. A pair of those in size 9. 5 weigh 270 grams / 9. 5 ounces. (they aren't great as water shoes. ) a pair of the zhuanglin's in size 9. 5 weigh 260 grams / 9. 2 ounces. If you are hard-core ultra-light, you could remove the insoles, resulting in a weight of 234 grams / 8. 25 ounces. In my opinion, this would degrade their utility and comfort as camp shoes. The holes in the soles (rhyme unintended) pick up small rocks and sticks. In a situation where weight was not an issue, this could be considered to be a negative.

T. Cassella, Staffordshire says

Very comfortable, well made and very light. Easy to wear for extended periods of time. Dried quickly once out of the water. Actually used them to hike for a short distance - only one problem the path was "stoned" with small stones that fit almost perfectly into the holes in the sole. At the end of the path i had to stop and remove about 20 small stones from the soles - but it wasn't really a big deal. Soles are so flexible that i just bent the shoe to allow the stones to fall out. Can't recommend them for hiking on paths with small stones, but short of that, i think that they are excellent and durable. I would definitely buy these shoes again. Best pair of "water shoes" that i have had out of 7-8 different types!

A. Wells, Tennessee

Hands down perfect for the lake/river/beach. They actually have a little bit of traction on those slimy rocks! they really do dry quickly and they are comfortable enough to run around in (no more sloppy wet neoprene-yay! ), and they are as light as a feather! my boyfriend was actually surprised about how much he liked them and that they fit his feet. He's a "wide" and they are snug, but not uncomfortable as they slipped on without a struggle. You don't want them to slip off in the water so snug is good! as for the sand vs. The mesh-a quick shake of the foot in the water and bye-bye sand. These are a great invention. Would definitely recommend these!

V. April, Kensington and Chelsea says

So happy. My husband will not wear flip flops and tries to wear his shoes to the beach and water parks and it's a mess. These look almost identical to his actual shoes (so much so that he picked them up by mistake to wear as his regular shoes yesterday). . I got them for our cruise excursions (next year) so i can't give a full review until then, i will update but as of now he absolutely loves how they look and they feel pretty good walking around in

K. Walsh, Stockton-on-Tees

*update*. After using them all day everyday on a 3day beach side camping trip i found one major downfall, if you do not wear socks you will end up chafing up your toes. For me it was my little toes to the point i ended up with small sores. This made it quite uncomfortable to walk in. Of course most people will not wear these shoes 8-12 hours a day multiple days in a row. . These are still the best water shoes i've ever owned but not perfect. . Only had them for a couple days but so far these are the best water shoes i've ever had. They feel like light weight running shoes but water drains out almost instantly. They do stay wet to the touch for a couple hours. Over all no complaints. Sizing was spot on for me.

Top /zhuanglin quick drying water shoes Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Claudia, Missouri says

They run narrow even though i bought a 12dm. They run narrow like a nike sports shoe. Sketches are perfect for people with wide feet. But the shoe itself seem like they are very well made. I know they are suppose to be tight , being a water shoe. But they hurt walking on sides.

D. Kellie, Hammersmith and Fulham

I took several days for me to identify the source of pain in my large toe when i wore the zhuanglin shoes - there's a piece of very firm material sewn under the outside shell of the shoe that actually cut into my skin. Could be a lack of quality control. Also, the shoes are hot to wear - much warmer than uggs slippers! good thing they're water proof!

U. Cassella, Wokingham says

Disclaimer: i have not tried this shoes in actual water yet. . I normally wear size 11 running shoes, but knowing i would like a slightly tighter fit, i opted for the 10. 5 size. These shoes are pretty fashionable; they look like a decent pair of sneakers. . Pros:. - fashionable. - thick sole. - heel collar is high enough that i feel the shoe will not slip off easily. - color is accurate. - enough holes to appear to drain water. . Cons:. - not the best grip (even on a dry surface). I fear if you are at a pool area, you have a tendency to slip. - not the best for wide flat feet (i have flat feet, it conforms, but i can feel the edges of the sole. - bungee cord is of low quality (it will tighten, but i expect constant readjustment). . For a water shoe, theres a bit of give and take for $20. If looking good is number one priority, i say this does a much better job than a lot of the other water shoes available. However, i planned to jump off cliffs next to water falls. These shoes make me feel like i would slip before i even jumped.

M. Judith, Lancashire

Feel strange when you walk in them but i am going rafting in a few days and will use them anyway. Revise, worse then on the float trip, fell within 10 minutes of putting them on, the bottom of the shoes are beveled and it is like trying to walk on a tight wire.

A. Gina, Massachusetts says

These are looser than i would have wanted. They fit lengthwise but i think they will fall off when i get into the water or any type of current

I. Walsh, Halton

The fit and comfort were great. The black part of the sole came unglued, the very first time he wore them! so i superglued it back together. I have never had to do that with the much cheaper water shoes! he liked the style very much but i need the function to hold up for the price i paid. Sincerly sandy.

V. Noguera, South Carolina says

I was so ready to give this 5 stars. I put them in on and wow - was ready to buy 2 or more pair! they are so comfortable. These were bought for the beach vacation we are taking next week, but they are perfect for stepping outside for a quick trip. However, after just a little use (i wore them less than 5 hours this week), the black pieces of the bottom soles have come unglued and the stitching on the side is coming unraveled in one place. Clearly a quality/manufacturing issue. I do like the design, and the comfort is unparalleled so i would love to have additional pairs, but not sure i will invest the money in these particular shoes if they are going to start to fall a part so quickly.

Q. Anonymous, Hawaii

These worked well when i took them to a water rafting place here in oklahoma city but they don't come in half sizes and i needed an 11. 5. I ordered a 12 and they were a bit too big. I probably shouldve gone with an 11 but i would rather they be too big than too small. The backs of the heels kind of rub and its a bit uncomfortable at times. For an afternoon, they worked well and maybe for another couple days but i wouldn't wear them all the time.

R. Weber, Merton says

Good deal, hit and look as expected. Just have to air them out when you get them. They put out some serious vocs for a day or two. . Edit ok, so after a few times wearing them, the back stripes under the soles, which are actually separate black strips of plastic glued onto the white sole, started to come loose. I use these shoes in an office environment, i. E. Drive to work, walk to office, walk around the office, walk back to car, drive home, and i have done that maybe 4, 5 times since i got these. I was expecting them to hold up a little better than that. Everything else is still great about the shoes, but this has me a bit worried.

N. Cathy, Knowsley

Fit as expected and functioned just like i thought. There is stitching and what not on the inside that makes wearing them for long periods uncomfortable, but i only really notice when i am just sitting around doing nothing while wearing them.

S. Mary, Missouri says

I like that they have thick comfortable soles and they look good. On the other hand the slip cord loosens up when wet and i had one shoe fall off when swimming and another come off while when walking in sand. When the cord is wet, the cord slips right through. Another situation of too little testing and poor quality control.

C. Monique, Iowa

The shoes are awesome! better then expected, i was pretty disappointed though with the little black things at the end of the shoe laces when it broke off. What made it worse is that it s the first time i used them. My whole family wants a pair but i don t know if i would get them this one if that fell off we ll see how long they last.

Y. Carrie, Delaware says

These shoes are great for bodies of water that do not have that many rocks. We stayed in areas that were very rocky and the rocks were coming through the wholes in the soles. The look and the style of them are awesome - since they look like sneakers and not the traditional water shoes, but i would recommend something with better soles. The size is a bit snug, i would recommend getting a half size bigger (at least) for comfortability.

. Wade, Herefordshire

I got a terrible rash from the non mesh pad where the elastic lace is. Left them on vacation.

F. Nicole, Hampshire says

Purchased these in men's 13 and woman's 8. The fit was okay, they were almost too big on the men's 13, he had almost an inch of extra rooms and they were a little tight on the woman's 8. Look really nice compared to whats out there but as the other reviews said these are not great for lakes/rivers with sand or small rocks, so that was my bad, i should have looked at different options based on that. 3-stars are for the fit, they didn't fit very well.

K. Erickson, Cornwall

The fit is surprisingly good, and it is quite comfortable if i wear socks. . *however* the inside lining is hurting my feet if i am not wearing socks. What a shame, i really liked it before taking off my socks.

. Harrison, Manitoba says

Size was slightly larger than anticipated, but i bought these solely for jet ski use so it's a non issue for me personally. The locking toggle does not put much pressure on the cords and will loosen through minor activity. I removed the toggles entirely and tie them like traditional laces.

T. Edna, Derbyshire

Ordered size bigger than i where. Could not get them on, sent back for refund. Today

H. Edith, Brent says

Only minor complaint is the holes in the bottom of the shoe are large enough to allow small rocks to occasionally become lodged in them. One was hard to remove without a key or screwdriver. That only made them very slightly uncomfortable the time it happened. It's just to mention it - not really a complaint. If you won't walk on gravel you have nothing to worry about.

L. Megan, Michigan

Just okay for the beach. Sand and rocks make their way in and you have to take off the shoe to get them out. Work well in a pool. Fit and finish could also be better as there are some rough edges on the inside. I do like the way they look.

Z. Candy, Georgia says

Great water shoes but not protective. . Pros:. Sinch strap. Very comfortable. Drain water well. Look sporty. Side wall come above bone on foot so no blisters. Flexible fabrick. . Cons:. Rocks get stuck in wholes on bottom and push into foot while walking. Thorns goes through holes in bottom. Not good shoes if sea urchins are around due to lack of protection from bottom. Not very slip resistant. Flimsy and almost too light weight. . I would not recommend these shoes due to the fact that everything gets wedged in the holes of the sole of the shoe and end up making it hard to walk and hard to clean them afterwards. If they had tougher soles and super small drain holes on the bottom then i would recommend them but due to the fact that they don't offer much protection from walking on stuff then i don't recommend you buy these. I wish i could return mine but they only give you a short window for returns.

O. Guest, Bretagne

I'm a tournament angler, and wanted a shoe i could wear standing all day without my feet getting sore, and something that would dry fast after stepping in the lake or being worn in the rain. These shoes do exactly that. I found one big problem, however. . The soft soles of the shoes with the diamond shape pattern make for excellent rock collectors. With hardly any material to shield my feet from the sole, i feel every stuck rock when standing. The rocks stuck in the shoe are also great for scratching fiberglass gunnels of a boat if you're not careful. . If there was a way to change the design so rocks wouldn't get stuck in the bottom of these shoes, this would probably be a 5 star review.

G. Fabian, Kentucky says

I wanted to like these but one shoe was poorly manufactured. The seems did not cover part of some material that had been hot cut resulting in a very sharp nylon edge that actually cut the side of my foot when i put them on. Another pair purchased the week before was just fine so looks like a luck of the draw whether you would get a good pair or a bad pair.

X. Moore, Kentucky

Could have been better quality , and when u order them , order 1 size smaller than normal , they run big

E. Arnett, Minnesota says

But the shoes on the deal of the day. Unfortunately i didn t listen to other readers comments. The shoes run about a half size too big. I had to send both pairs back and get a refund. Mark

. Gilmore, Nevada

Not bad for the price but would not recommend for rivers, creeks, lakes, beaches or anywhere else there might be sand or pebbles as theses shoes fill up almost instantly and make walking painful. They're fine if you just want a shower or pool shoe.

J. Rose, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

Very comfortable and stylish for water shoes out of water but in a lake the holes in the soles are too big and let stones, shells, sharp debris in and get trapped under you feet which is painful and annoying. Plus they smell when they dry. I prefer the $5 watershoes i got from walmart.

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