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Price was 19. First pair of jeans i've had in forever that fit me really well. They are comfortable to wear and have the perfect amount of stretch to them. I will be buying a couple more pairs for sure. Pockets might be a little small though if you have a large wallet or cell phone. For me though it's not an issue.

-F. Annette

Price Cut Men’s Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit We Call It ‘rugged Wear’ For A Good Reason. This Jean Braves The Toughest Elements Out Sacrificing Comfort. The Wrangler Rugged Mechanical Stretch Jean Flex Denim Knows When To Give -Wrangler Men’s Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean.

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These jeans are "a"plus jeans - great lightweight fit, extra long zipper that more for adults. Best jeans ever. You will be pleased with these jeans. Best mens big tall rugged wear mechanical | Wrangler Men S-Pants Review ( Sep 2019 ) Advantages Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-Fit Jean Relaxed-fit mechanical stretch fabric jean featuring signature stitching on back pockets and u-fit crotch for comfort .

Wrangler men's big & tall rugged wear mechanical stretch relaxed-fit jean Review (Wrangler)

These jeans fit well and the shorter 28" length was perfect. I knew going in that these were made using a lighter weight denim, which is great for the warmer summer weather, but they don't feel as rugged and probably won't last as long as the more traditional weight denim jeans. While the jeans are identified as "stretch", they are not in the traditional sense. The lighter fabric and the way it is made allow a bit more give or movement that is barely noticeable in hand, but does provide give when wearing and thus these jeans are comfortable and not as stiff or tight as normal jeans. -S. Cecilia

Wrangler Rugged Mechanical Stretch Relaxed Fit

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Wrangler
  • Manufacturer: Wrangler - MEN'S
  • Model: 35005SWB
  • Quantity: 1
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: PANTS

men's big & tall rugged wear mechanical stretch relaxed-fit Apparel, We call it 'rugged wear' for a good reason. this jean braves the toughest elements without sacrificing comfort. the wrangler rugged mechanical stretch jean with flex denim knows when to give a little then give a little more if you need it. Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean (35005SWB-Wrangler).

Wrangler Rugged Mechanical Stretch Relaxed Fit Apparel

  • Thank you ! , these jeans fit perfectly , i will be ordering more in the near future. The big and tall store here locally "closed" their door's and "i" found that i am able to get big & tall mens clothing. From online store. . I rate these a 6 or a 7. Off the chart ! . . Rory
  • Wranglers are great jeans but it's nice to buy when you know you'll get exactly what you need. I use to buy jeans locally and always had to spend more money to get them shortened as they never had my length. This is great.
  • Whatz rugged about these jeans nothing jeans are papper thin plus did not get the color i order'ed big mistake should have stuck with ( levis jeans ) these jeans are really disappointing it deserves ( two stars * ) if that. Kevin h
  • Pants waist was tight and length had to be rehemmed but good quality. Would have been a great buy if they were true to the published size.
  • Thin material feels more like pajama bottoms then jeans. May be okay for hot climates. I doubt the title rugged wear is accurate.

mens big tall rugged wear mechanical Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-Fit Jean (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I'am big man, and always seem to have a hard time finding jeans that will fit me. When i discovered these wrangler jeans, i jumped right. On it and put in a order. I received them quikely, and when i tried them on they fit perfect. I plan on ordering more of them very soon. A++++++++++++++

Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean
Click to see NoticeWrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean (Pants)"Jeans fit well every place else but waist band if it streched in same direction a the rest of the jeans would be perfect have had others like these before , band streches up and down but not length wise , legs , seat all strech to give freedom of movement waist doesn't being new i think it will conform in time just not as comfy as last pair from the start"

(0) Question: For a siz 46w x 36l does it mean a waist of 46 inches and an inseam of 36 inches? is 36l the inseam or not?

(1) Question: How wide is the leg opening at the bottom-for size 50/30?

(2) Question: Does jeans lenght shorten

LEE Men's Big-Tall Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki Pant

Just like our founder,   h. D. Lee, our passion is helping can-do people do more. We are committed to designing clothing that conforms to your body, allowing you to move through life freely. We help you chase the things that bring you joy and laughter. The things that make you fearless and hopefully because your passion is what makes you unique. And what moves you, moves us. Move your lee.

LEE Men's Big-Tall Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki PantLEE-Big-Tall-Performance-Extreme-Comfort

Brand :    lee
Color :    Parent
Size :    varies
Weight :    0.11 pounds
Model :    43735
Quantity :    1
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Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for LEE Men's Big-Tall Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki Pant available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Perfect combination of style and athletic performance
  • Featuring active comfort fabric
  • Leg opening: 19 inches
  • Athletic flex waist and athletic mesh knit pocketing
  • Straight fit; flat front

Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit Jean

Made for the man who lives the outdoors, rugged wear wrangler jeans feature a convenient button waist with zipper fly. Jeans sit comfortably at waist. Authentic five-pocket construction. Easy entry, extra deep front pockets. "w" stitching on back pockets. Wrangler waistband patch on back. Imported.

Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit JeanWrangler-Mens-Tall-Rugged-Relaxed

Brand :    wrangler
Model :    35001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Zip fly with button
  • Relaxed-fit jean that fits easily over boots and also features five-pocket styling
  • Signature "w" stitching on back pockets
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Big Rugged Wear Relaxed Straight-Fit Jean Jean

You're up for any challenge wearing rugged wear relaxed straight jeans, these five-pocket jeans are designed with a lower rise, comfortable u-fit crotch and relaxed fit through the hip and thigh, their straight leg styling fits easily over boots

Wrangler Men's Big Rugged Wear Relaxed Straight-Fit Jean JeanWrangler-Mens-Rugged-Relaxed-Straight-Fit

Price :    —
  • Zip fly with button
  • U-fit crotch
  • Straight-fit jean with relaxed fit featuring low rise and five-pocket styling
Brand :    wrangler
Model :    31000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Men's Big Rugged Wear Relaxed Straight-Fit Jean Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Jean

These jeans are very nice. I ordered on size smaller because they stretch out to the proper size pretty quickly. They don't bind and pinch so they are very comfortable. I am a bigger guy (6'5" 300) so finding the right size that doesn't look like hippo pants isn't easy. I like the tapered legs because regular relaxed fit are very baggy all the way down the leg and these slim down below the knee.

Premium quality five pocket jean from wrangler rugged wear. This relaxed fit jean is made from 100% cotton denim for durability with extra room in the seat and thigh for comfort.

Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear JeanWrangler-Mens-Rugged-Wear-Jean

Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Jean (Pants) FAQ.

I love wrangler jeans, but these must have been marked the wrong size, they were way to small. , i have other wrangler jeans, and i found these in sizes that you dont usually see in the department stores, im in a 34 w, i ordered 35, w and they were way to small and tight, while my 34 fit all wrangler, the jeans were really nice, and a great price, i would have loved to kept them , if they fit, when returning them the whole return process was very fast and with no problems, and i had my refund very fast also, great customer service. -Notice from K. Angela, Solihull

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I was looking for a pair of pants that would actually fit my length without going around to all the big and tall stores. I'm 6'-1" tall and a 34" inseam is about the longest you typically find in regular stores. I find some 34" lengths that fit okay, others, not so much. And after a few washes with the ones that do fit they seem to get short enough that it bugs me. So i took a chance and bought these 34"x36" jeans from wrangler. And boom! finally pants that fit. They are a "tad" long, but look awesome with my timberland pro boots (also bought on online store, and i highly recommend) in black that i bought for motorcycle riding. So even if they do shrink, they will still have plenty of length, but if they don't, they look awesome anyway. And these are the old school jeans, just what i love. Not the short waist, rhinestone studded, decorative pocketed, all torn up and faded, skinny jean fad pants. These are no no none sense good quality working/motorcycle riding, perfectly relaxed fitting jeans that i have scoured every store within a 20 mile radius looking for. And the price on online store. Amazing! i selected the "fit as expected" choice because they fit as i hoped they would, but i have other 34's that have much more room in the waist, but these fit like a 33 or 32 in other jeans i have, which is perfect for me. Tall and thinner. Best jeans ever! i would recommend these to anyone looking for a good quality/heavy duty denim pants.

Wrangler-men's-rugged-wear-jean-(pants) set picture

- . FabianI ordered the wrong cut, but the longer i wore them the more i liked them - since i normally buy at feed and ranch supply stores i was in a hurry and ordered a couple of pair on-line. Other than the fit, i can see no difference between these and retail, and am actually glad i made the mistake of ordering the wrong style. Since it's been about 4 months or so since i ordered these i think the review is valid - this is not one of those 'i just got them in the mail today and love them! " - this is a 'i got mine four months ago, sometimes wash them twice a day on a bad day - and they are as good as retail, and the sizing is perfect.

"fit" is a relative term when it comes to clothes. But, these are one of the few pants that i can use as a machinist at work and feel 100% comfortable. Great pants. I gave it four stars as the pockets are white and continually show like a beacon when you wear them. They should die the pockets as the white looks a little tacky (it sticks up a bit usually above the top of the black outer stitching). Not trying to create a fashion at work, but would like them even better if the pockets were dark.

X. Laura, Redbridge

Price :    —
  • Denim jean features a smart u-fit crotch
  • Accessories not included
  • Easy entry, deep front pockets
Brand :    wrangler
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    010887
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Classic Relaxed Fit Jean

Authentic big & tall classic relaxed fit jean

Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Classic Relaxed Fit JeanWrangler-Authentics-Mens-Classic-Relaxed

Brand :    wrangler
Model :    ZM200B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Linear embroidery across back pockets
  • Relaxed-fit jean with straight leg featuring contrast stitching and five-pocket styling
  • U-fit crotch design for comfort
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Classic Relaxed Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit Jean

Our wrangler rugged wear relaxed fit jean features classic five pocket styling and plenty of room in the seat, thigh and u-fit crotch. Deep pockets for convenience.

Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit JeanWrangler-Mens-Rugged-Wear-Relaxed

Price :    —
  • Zip fly with button
  • Relaxed-fit bootcut jean with five-pocket styling and signature "w" stitching on back pockets
Brand :    wrangler
Model :    35001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Men's Rugged Wear Relaxed Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Rugged-Wear Relaxed-Fit Stretch Flex Denim Jean

We call it 'rugged wear' for a good reason. This jean braves the toughest elements without sacrificing comfort. The wrangler rugged wear stretch jean with flex denim knows when to give a little then give a little more if you need it.

Wrangler Men's Rugged-Wear Relaxed-Fit Stretch Flex Denim JeanWrangler-Rugged-Wear-Relaxed-Fit-Stretch-Denim

Brand :    wrangler
Model :    35005SW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Men's Rugged-Wear Relaxed-Fit Stretch Flex Denim Jean available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Fits over boots
  • Straight-leg jean in flex denim featuring classic five-pocket styling and waistband patch at back
  • U-fit crotch for comfort

Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Comfort Flex Waist Jean

Featuring an innovative comfort flex waistband, the wrangler authentic men's big & tall comfort flex waist jean adjusts to you for that perfect fit and ultimate comfort. With flex denim blends, this jean moves and flexes with you for all day wear - perfect for any occasion. Dark stonewash, light stonewash (88% cotton, 10% polyester, 2% spandex), dark indigo (99% cotton, 1% spandex), black (98% cotton, 2% spandex)

Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Comfort Flex Waist JeanWrangler-Authentics-Mens-Comfort-Waist

Price :    —
  • Innovative flex waistband with flex denim blends
  • Sits at natural waist
  • Regular seat and thigh
  • Regular fit
  • 5 pocket jean
Brand :    wrangler
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Comfort Flex Waist Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean (Pants) Price : 19, was : 0 as 2018-03-22
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The F.A.Q. for Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean (Pants)

Love them! i just keep buying them year after year. They fit me really well, and accommodate my bulges. Note they are softer and thinner than conventional denim, so are not quite as tough. But if you want a little stretch that is not obvious, the slightly shorter life is a small price to pay.

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(0) Question: Is the length the inseam or the outseam?

(1) Question: Do these jeans have a stretch waistband?

(2) Question: What is the code for green monday?

(3) Question: What is mechanical stretch?

(4) Question: I wear a 48/30 but when i order jeans they always feel tight around my giant thighs. are these generally tight?

(5) Question: What is the rise on these jeans?

(6) Question: Are these wrangler relax fit jeans 97601?

(note) Question: where/how to get Wrangler (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Wrangler's products

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These wrangler jeans are great jeans for the price, well made and last forever (particularly if i would remember to cuff them up a bit so i'm not always dragging them on the ground). I'm particularly happy to find them on online store and, with prime, not have to pay for shipping. That alone saves me about $8-10 from other online sites. I'm about a million cheeseburgers ahead of most jeans buyers probably, so it's nice to find jeans that fit me at a reasonable price from a quality maker like wrangler. I have purchased these many times and they quality has remained consistent. Be nice if my waist would do follow suit.

Bestsellers, PantsTop Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rugged Wear Mechanical Stretch Relaxed-fit Jean (Pants) FAQ Content

Best wrangler men's big & tall rugged wear mechanical stretch relaxed-fit jean (pants) in review

Excellent product! . Waited to write review until i had worn them for a while. Have purchased 6 pairs of these and worn them for maybe 3 months now. I work outside with them mostly operating my farm machinery, doing repairs, building barbed wire fencing, cutting wood for our wood stove and other rough outdoors type work. They have served me well! no problems. Nice fit. Soft and flexible, stretchy, comfortable. Will buy again as needed.

V. Suzanne, Ohio

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. Nielsen, Georgia says

These jeans fit great. The stretch fabric is nice, as the jeans don't bind or constrict when i am moving around. The jeans move with me, not against me, and they have a high comfort level. I will definitely be buying more of these.

M. Anonymous, Bromley

The logo patch was only partially stitched and so will have to be removed. (not a show stopper). On the whole these are nice jeans and a good fabric weight. Not too heavy. I have another pair that fits well, i'd like to think that the "somewhat small" comment may originate in the product newness and not being worn in. But the truth of the matter probably lies with me and "winter sloth". Time to get busy.

T. Marguerite, Kensington and Chelsea says

Nice . Fits this ole man just fine. Soft and flexible. Got exact length & waist sizes so wife didn't have to send to tailor. Fabric not too heavy . Just right. Room in the arse and crotch so no sopranos.

. Edna, Illinois

Ordered 48x30 because i normally wear 46x30- they were way too big, so ordered 46x30 and they are still some waht big but close and i was afraid to go smaller so washed these thinking maybe they would shrink a little. No such luck. But decided to keep anyway. Sizing aside, these are a great jeans and wear comfortable.

D. Sherry, Nebraska says

I'm tall (6'3"), and when i was young, i used to be thin as a rail (though decades of three squares a day has changed that). So finding jeans that fit well has always been challenging. A long inseam (36") made purchasing jeans at retail stores an exercise in futility. So for many years, i bought my jeans from cataloger eddie bauer. Oh sure, i would try other mail order firms from time to time, but never found a pair of jeans that fit comfortably. I'm no longer young (daddy was feeling his oats when ike was in the white house) and much of the vanity that plagued me in my youth has dissipated. Be forewarned as you continue reading, that comfort, not appearance, now tempers all my purchasing decisions. It was time to purchase a couple pairs of jeans, and because eddie is getting awful pricey, i decided to see what was being offered here on online store. The price was right, and the reviews were good, so i ordered a pair of these "just to see". Boy, i'm i glad i did! these jeans are designed for guys who want comfort over a full range of movement. First, the material; although the description says "flex denim", it is not "stretchy" (remember double-knit? ). I think they may be referring to the fact that the material is a bit lighter weight than your average jeans, thus avoiding much of the stiffness. The material reminds me very much of some painter's pants i owned years ago; soft and very pliable. Now for the fit; generously cut (though not baggy) in the seat and crotch. No binding of your manhood when you sit or squat! plenty of room in the legs too. The waste is cut high enough so your belt sits comfortably above your hips, avoiding the embarrassment of plumber's crack when you're on your hands and knees, bent over without your glasses, looking for that damned little screw you dropped. Finally, the inseam length is also generous. When you're sitting with your legs crossed, these pants won't be jacked half-way up your calf. So, in conclusion, if you're trying to make a fashion statement with hip-hugging, tight-legged, twig & berry squeezing pants, you will be sorely disappointed with these jeans. But, if you're a working man, looking for a well-fitting, comfortable pair of britches, i'll bet you a fresh tin of shinola and a moon pie, that you will appreciate slipping into a pair of these jeans! i just ordered two more pair!

. Gladys, Redbridge

These pants beat expectations! they feel good. They look good. The price is good. Most jeans for someone this size ( large waist, short length) have way too much extra material in the butt and then in the thighs. These jeans are actually a little tighter in the butt area (could be a little more tighter but way better than other brands) and the legs are slimmer also. The material makes them feel like they have been washed and worn many times and they feel soft like a well worn pair of jeans. Highly recommend if you have never bought wrangler jeans before. This is a first time purchase of this brand and we are definitely going to make the switch permanent!

E. Florence, City of Bristol says

These jeans are a lighter weight material than traditional. I believe that's where they get their "stretch". But they fit great and are really comfortable.

H. Candy, Western Australia

My husband loved these. The fabric is a little heavier than what he is used to and he liked that a lot.

O. Newell, Medway says

Got concerned that some reviews recommended to buy one size bigger. Did it and it was mistake. Next time bought my size and it fits perfect (will use bigger one in winter time). This is very comfortable soft lightweight jeans, fit looks a bit like relaxed. Like very much that jeans sit on a waist (do not like low waist with my big size). Overall very satisfied with purchase.

C. Cathy, Prince Edward Island

I need an unusual size jean. This item was available in my size. The pants fit as expected and are quite comfortable.

. Rowe, City of London says

Nice! lighter and cooler for warm weather with the polyester to keep me cooler and dryer as it wicks the moisture away from my skin; and the fabric stretches making them more comfortable. The only difference i notice after wearing levi's for decades is that the back pockets are a bit higher causing me to search for them eat times. I'll buy again.

Y. Watson, Ile-de-France says

The size fits well. After a day the material loosens up and droops a bit but it's relaxed and very comfortable. It's winter now but i'm sure i'll appreciate how thin and comfortable the material is in the warmer months.

. Sally, Utah

The delivery was delayed by several days which was a bummer, but once the pants arrived they had one feature which made me okay with the late delivery. There is a soft cotton liner around the inside of the waistband for comfort. Very nice feature.

Q. Susana, Massachusetts says

Wrangler quality as expected but folks not everyone has a 31 inch inseam, as a consequence of being born a few inches short of what is apparently considered socially acceptable i have to therefore buy the paints and then take them to a tailor and spend more money to elevate the cuffs or just walk on them until they ware out in the right places.

P. Nellie, New Brunswick

Bought these for my 16yr old son. He likes them, so i like them too.

I. Theola, Islington says

These are very good jeans ! and they do stretch for all you guys that are fat like me , i have a 54 inch waist ! my inseam is 26 and yes i am short ! but they wear very well ! . . The price is a bit too high they should not cost over $ 23. 00 shipping included !

X. Ruby, Stockton-on-Tees

Very pleased with these jeans. Soft even befor washing and no shrinkage when washed. Look really good on my husband. Relaxed but do not look like it. Just what he wanted

U. Valdez, Hampshire says

Actually, i had to guess on the length. Seems like the folks making the pants assume the larger you get around your middle, you're growing taller at the same time. The bigger the waist, the lower the crotch. So, my normal standard length of 30 turned into 28 to compensate. Do you know why you used to see all those old guys with their pants pulled up to their chest? they had to to keep the crotch from bagging at their knees. Wish i could afford custom clothes.

A. Anonymous, Worcestershire

Very happy with the size, we tried the larger size and thought they might be too big but they weren't. The very soft feel to the jeans was really a great plus for a new pair. I don't expect them to shrink one bit. I believe the fuller leg and seat area is making them a very comfortable style hubby really likes.

. Guest, Wyoming says

I'll have to go one size up. Wish they had more colors. Fight pretty good though.

L. Sharon, Thueringen

I love these pants. They are my third pair. I don't want any other jeans.

R. Kelly, Devon says

Very comfortable light weight, 1st pair of jeans or any other pants that i have found with a 28 inch inseam, i just wish the manufactures could make more pants for short fat guys. I will keep an eye out for any other wranglers that might fit.

N. Kimberly, Florida

I ordered the wrong size and they were very good about getting the right size to me quickly. Straight exchange, no hassles! thanks!

. Jennifer, New York says

I am very please with the fit and comfort of these jeans. I like the fact that they are not the typical "heavy" material jean. Just the right weight for me.

Top /wrangler rugged mechanical stretch relaxed fit Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

C. Mable, Aquitaine says

If i had wanted skinny jeans i would have ordered them!

Y. Pearce, York

A little tight in the upper thigh, did not expect that in a relaxed fit stretch material. Material is kind of light too but i did expect that. A decent pair for around the house but i won't be wearing these for riding my motorcycle.

J. Matherly, Rotherham says

Does not appear to be cut the same as similarly described jeans from wrangler. I have a pair in a different model number in one size smaller than us and they fit fine. I'll have to try the wrangler site to find the right model number and then come back to online store

K. Wanda, Florida

Says stretch, but didn't feel any type of stretch at all. Felt like plain old straight leg jeans. Go with the athletic fit.

O. Arnett, Bracknell Forest says

Have had the zipper plaquard pull apart on two pairs of jeans during the very first wearing. Got to looking at my others (all ordered thru online store) and discovered really poor workmanship in the sewing in zipper plaquard area. I have am repairing them myself as i don't have the time or patience to deal with the back and forth sending. For the price i expect them to hold together longer than one wearing. Yes i am big but these do not fit me tight so the plaquard sewing should last longer.

R. Watson, Liverpool

Too tight, will be returning for refund. I'll just buy locally and pay someone to shorten the length.

Q. Pamela, Ohio says

These jeans are confortable, however, they are made with much lighter clothe than i expected, more like khaki pants. They no not seem suited for baby work but nice for casual wear.

D. Perez, St. Helens

Really like the lower material weight compared to regular jeans. Watch pocket isn't secure; medicine container keeps sliding out; limits utility for my needs. Fit is a little too tight in large size i need.

X. Wells, Bourgogne says

The rise of these jeans is too low and the waist was smaller than my husbands other jeans of the same brand and size. They are good quality but the sizes fit different on the different styles. I was hoping these would fit but had to return them.

V. Anderson, Rhode Island

Ordered size 46, same as my other pants. The waist was about 2' - 3" from being able to button them. I would guess about the equivalent of a size 44. Couldn't get them on to check length. The fabric was great.

U. Jacqueline, New Brunswick says

Good fit, but poor quality. The zipper gives too much resistance, the material is lightweight compared to other brands.

N. Benton, Ohio

We have purchased 3 pairs of these pants. The first one in 2015 had a belt loop in the back that broke two years later, which also caused a hole where it pulled away . This was fine not a big deal just purchased a new pair. My husband order them on-line and since he like them so much ordered 2 pairs. Note: after the 1st pair had trouble he didn't use the belt loop any more to pull them on. One pair lasted a couple of months the other pair lasted a couple of days before the loop broke. It was same belt loop location for all 3 pants. Just putting a belt into the pants should not cause problems. Seems like it is a manufacturer defect to me. Wrangler, we like your jeans please fix them. Thanks!

P. Whiteman, Bayern says

The fit and quality of these pants has gone down. They are supposed to be stretch jeans, but the waist doesn't stretch. The fit is such that the pants have to be worn very low, that way you can have the "plumber's crack" anytime you try to work in these pants. The pockets are made for someone with tiny little hands, not for a man. The legs and rear of the pants does stretch nicely, but it's the only good thing i can say about these jeans.

A. Gloria, Oxfordshire

Feels like a cheap pair of pants.

F. Erin, South Australia says

This is the second pair of these jeans that i purchased from online store. Both pair fit great (i did buy a 2" longer this time), didn't wrinkle, and seemed to be good quality. Unfortunately, the back pocket that i carry my wallet in wore through after less than 6 months wear. I don't put them in the dryer or abuse them in any way, so i was kind of sad when i found a hole worn through the pocket.

M. Theola, Missouri

As always, impeccable service and delivery by online store. The product however, was a disappointment. Two inches too small in the waist. Too much pizza? nope. I am wearing the same brand and size of jean as i write this. These are miss-sized big time. They are being returned. Thanks again online store for making that part easy too.

B. Laura, Franche-Comte says

The last pair i bought-this same size- fit perfectly. I bought a second pair and they had to be a full size smaller. Tag was the same. Maybe they simply mis-labelled, i don't know. I am busy and don't have time to mess around returning them and then getting into big argument over what or may not have happened. All purchases up to this point have been good and i got what i expected. This is why all products need to be made on us soil by someone who gives a damn. Even if they cost a little more. This is how guys buy clothes. This is not entertainment for us. I just need something predictable and price is not so important. Wrangler-you listening?

E. Lisa, Minnesota

Compared to the regular, relaxed fit wranglers, these sit lower (not good) and fit tighter (also not good). I prefer the regular jeans.

W. Debra, Western Australia says

Been wearing wrangler for many years. In the past the fit was perfect and quality very good. No more. Fit is way way too small and cut terrible. Noticed this in stores, vbut decided to give these a try anyway. Rise (in front) much too high while the seat is much too short. Size is nearly 2 sizes smaller than size on jean tag (noticed this in the store too). I measured this one against an old 2 sizes smallerwrangler i have been wearing and found them to be the same except for the poor rise of the new one. Just not the same product wrangler made for decades

S. Carolyn, Auvergne

A little tight, does not breathe in hot weather.

L. Rose, Staffordshire says

Okay if they fit, that is my fault

T. Peggy, Enfield

I am returning them because they were 2 inches less in the waist than the ones my husband has in the same size. I don't know if they were miss-sized or what happened, but wen i measured they were definitely off the mark.

G. Dorothy, Bexley says

Feels flimsy - very thin fabric, and cut small. Pants for ample folks shouldn't be skin tight. While the waist is dead on, the cut is not generous in the back or thighs. My pairs are shelved until i need belts for them.

I. Mary, Leeds

While a good material it runs too small compared to other relaxed fit brands. . I won't purchase these again.

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