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Price was 22. Finally found a pair of blue jeans that fit right and well made, made of heavier weight denim than regular wrangler jeans, well constructed triple stitch all thru out were needed, deep pockets still getting used to these, plenty of room in crotch area especially when you sit you notice the room, love the leather tape measure area on right pocket, big right watch pocket, a outstanding well thought of jean for work or casual wear, bought 38x30 fits in the waist like my regular wranglers, for extra 12 bucks over regular wranglers and worth every penny, i already know i will get 2x wear from these over regular wrangler, will buy more and make this my go to jean. Lifetime warranty on jean defects.

-E. Hadley

Riggs workwear men’s relaxed-fit riggs work wear jeans are ready for any job. one of the most popular styles in the riggs work wear collection, this five pocket jean is fashioned from 100 percent cotton durashield -wrangler riggs workwear men’s relaxed-fit jean

  • Addition: Stitched Back Pockets With Logo Patch.
  • Addition: Gusset At Crotch For Ease Of Movement.

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These are a great pair of jeans that lasted just under 4 yrs of a lot of wear. They came just slightly bigger, or maybe just looser waist. Relaxed fit looks baggy, but i need some give. I wore these jeans through all weather conditions and all matter of work. Stitchings are strong but fabric wore out by the back seat area by gusset area. One other worn spot crotch area. Some worn spots by front pockets, no holes in pocket lining, from keys, pens, tools in pockets. So that's about 4 holes not counting the frayed bottom with some holes from walking and scraping sides of jeans by shoes/boots. The 2 holes by the crotch area might have been worsened from washing, the stitching is strong but the washing machine might be wrecking havoc pulling it about. Soon as i saw how worn it's become i ordered another pair, no time spent looking at other jeans. The Best riggs workwear mens relaxedfit ( Sep 2019 ) | Wrangler-Pants Review Addition Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Relaxed-Fit Jean Relaxed-fit jean featuring contrast stitching and logo-accented patch at right hand pocket. Stitched back pockets with logo patch. Gusset at crotch for ease of movement .

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Relaxed-fit Jean Review (Wrangler)

I bought these pants to replace the pants i shrunk out of so i was not sure what to expect in the fit. I had heard so many bad reviews about the levis now that i decided to get another brand. Wrangler has aleways been a good brand so i chose them. I was very pleased when i received them that they were a great weight. Not light weight denim. Good strong seams and a nice zipper. The pockets are deep and like others have said the watch pocket is larger than any other pant, especially jeans, i have ever seen. The leather pocket patch is cool too. They have a nice relaxed fit and are, fyi, a long rise. So as a work pant they are top notch. All in all i am very pleased. -. Meghan

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Mens Relaxed Fit

Product Dimensions
Height:21.50 inches
Length:42.00 inches
Weight:2.00 pounds
Width:0.50 inches
Lifetime Warranty

riggs workwear men's relaxed-fit Apparel, Riggs work wear jeans are ready for any job. one of the most popular styles in the riggs work wear collection, this five pocket jean is fashioned from 100 percent cotton durashield denim. it features 7. 25 o white pocketing, a handy oversized watch pocket and a gusseted crotch that ensures ease of movement. below the watch pocket is a leather reinforcement area for your tape measure. practical, comfortable, it's no wonder this jean is a favorite for so many. Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Relaxed-fit Jean (3W050AI-Wrangler).

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Mens Relaxed Fit Apparel

  • I've had these pants for months now, and they're way better than regular walmart jeans. They've held up nicely and don't have any tears. The size is exact. And there's plenty of crotch room. I'm a guy who, can wear out regular walmart jeans in about 6 months, just from a lack of proper/enough stitching, too tight of a crotch area, and not thick enough material. I spend a lot of time going from standing to crouching, to sitting and so on. These pants are durable in the knees, as they've yet to wear out in that area. They fit great around my boots, and are not too tight in the legs. I'm a guy who doesn't want my crotch to suffocate in jeans, these are perfect. The extra gusset allows me to perform multiple movements throughout the day without any trouble. Very important when kneeling down or climbing a ladder or multiple stairs. . There's two more things that these jeans are good for. And they're things that some might not think of. Well, first, i hate sleeping in shorts or sweat pants. These are great for sleeping in. I can shower at night, put these on and then go to bed. And when i wake up the next day, all i have to do is tuck in my riggs workwear shirt, and start the day. The second thing, is exercise. I can workout in these jeans with no trouble. I do weight lifting, including squats, which would ruin regular jeans. But these are fine. I also do knee high, waist high, chest high, and round house kicks as part of my kick boxing workout. These jeans are loose enough so that i can move flawlessly and make every move properly. There's no damage to the pants at all, thanks to the extra gusset. . I love the leather on the pocket. It's a great touch. I think it's actually horse hide leather though, not cowhide. The feel of it is more like horse hide leather. The stitching around it though is flawless. . If you need jeans that work as hard as you, these are it. Also, they dry fairly quickly when wet. I was stuck in the rain some time ago, and the jeans dried within like 10 minutes. . Overall, they're awesome. And, there's been some reviews stating too much room in the rear. I'm an average guy, and the rear has enough room without there being too much. For me anyway.
  • These jeans are amazing. The gussets in the crotch make it confortable and not constricting at all. Relaxed fit means just that, fit great for working. Triple stitched seams for the most part and reinforced pockets. The (faux? ) leather reinfocement on the pocket is just amazing (maybe not for lefties, sorry). I do find that if i have something in my right pocket and something clipped on it also (like my knife) it is hard to get it out because the pockets are very deep and i have big hands. Otherwise, well worth the money!
  • A return. way to baggy and oversized
  • If you are buying these for the 13-inch-deep pockets like i did, you will be very disappointed. The pocket measures just over 8 ½ inches deep which is 1 inch deeper than standard wrangler jeans. I bought a pair of contractor relaxed fit riggs and a pair of 5 pocket riggs jeans and the front pocket measurements of both were the same. The back pockets of both riggs jeans are the same depth as standard jeans.
  • The jeans are very baggy and do not fit properly. The jeans look nice but fit badly.

riggs workwear mens relaxedfit Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Relaxed-Fit Jean (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I buy these for my husband and he loves them. Over the past couple of years i have ordered probably 8-10 pairs from online store. He is 6'4 about 240 lbs. He works out so he has a muscular build and this is one of the few jeans that i can find in a 38x36. The relaxed fit works well with his body type. They look good on him and according to him are very comfortable . He has other jeans but these are his first choice. I should add that on the weekends he works with cattle, fixes fence, etc at our farm and these jeans hold up very well to all he puts them through.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Relaxed-fit Jean
Click to see NoticeWrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Relaxed-fit Jean (Pants)"These jeans are made of a thicker material than others but still remain comfortable. They can feel a little bit warmer in summer months due to this, winter, it's a plus. Tractor supply used to carry them and quit (like anything else that works well) so online store is the only way to get them. They are worth your money especially if you are hard on jeans as these don't tear out at the rear pockets corners like the carharts. Definitely a two thumbs up."

(0) Question: How is the shrinkage on these afer a few wash and drys?

(1) Question: I would also like to know if there is noticeable extra room in the crotch compared to regular jeans? this would be my main reason for purchasing them.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Utility Jean

I bought these, for my husband as they have become my "go to" brand; for him, through the years. I have - overall - bought 3 to 4 pairs of these, for him, through the years (like i already said). This pair is made a bit different, as they have an extra layer - of the thick denim fabric - sewn over the knee and shin areas. We were just as happy, with this pair - even with the different styling. They are still the very well made jeans, that they have always been - with the nice thick, quality denim fabric. My husband does a lot, around the house and these jeans still last a long, long time; through the yard work, sprinkler system work, car work, etc. They also hold up, through many washings. You definitely get your money's worth! i won't buy him anything else, when it comes to jeans!

These riggs workwear utility wrangler jeans sit comfortably at natural waist. Button waist with brass zipper fly. Heavy-duty belt loops. 13" deep front pockets. Patented leather tape measure reinforcement on right front pocket. Cordura, a durable abrasion and tear resistant material, lines the back pockets. Oversized watch pocket. Reinforced front panels on legs and stress areas for added durability. Triple needle stitching. Riggs workwear label on back left pocket. Imported.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Utility JeanWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Mens-Utility

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Utility Jean (wra3w030ai) FAQ.

Fit like grown up pants should. None of this fits slightly below the waist bs. More comfortable than dickies. -Notice from D. Erin, Luton

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I work in a industrial environment, these are the best pants ive ever owed. I put them through hell and they hold up.

Wrangler-riggs-workwear-men's-utility-jean-(wra3w030ai) set picture

- . PatriciaSuper comfortable, plenty of room in the legs and crotch. They look great for office casual or have a pair for heavy work. Will buy again.

My son was wearing out and tearing his work jeans. The extra panel is like having two pairs of jeans with out a lot of extra weight or stiffness. These have become his new favorites!

V. Rose, Rhone-Alpes

Brand :    wrangler
  • Rugged work jean featuring heavy-duty belt loops, deep front pockets, multiple utility pockets, and reinforced panels on front legs
  • Room2move fit with gusseted crotch
Price :    —
Model :    3W030AI
Quantity :    1
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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Contractor Jean

These riggs workwear by wrangler contractor jeans offer a durable dependability men have come to count on for generations. Made from durashield denim, these jeans feature wrangler's room2move fit and action gusset for ease of movement, deep front pockets, tool pockets and utility loop. Look and work like an american classic in wrangler work jeans.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Contractor JeanWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Mens-Contractor

Price :    —
  • Relaxed-fit contractor jean with contrast stitching featuring straight-leg cut and utility loop
  • Extra tool pockets
  • Reinforced pocket edges for measuring tape
Brand :    wrangler
Model :    3W040AI
Quantity :    1
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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Work Horse Jean

Durable and tough jeans work hard like you. Every inch of these heavyweight jeans is designed for your workplace comfort. It starts with durashield denim, which has fabric that not only reduces abrasion but also keeps the jeans looking sharp. The relaxed fit and room2move combo means you can bend, crouch and climb without uncomfortable pinching. And all throughout the riggs workwear construction means they'll hold up to the wear and tear of your profession. 100% cotton; durashield denim fabric flexes easily to reduce abrasion and protect the color; room2move gusseted crotch allows for freedom of movement; triple-needle stitching for top durability; reinforced pocket to hold a clip-on item, like a tape measure; oversized belt loops; hammer loop; sits at natural waist; straight leg opening goes over boots; 2 1, 000-denier cordura-reinforced rear pockets; 2 deep front pockets; imported; material: 14. 5-oz 100% cotton denim; fit: relaxed; care: machine wash; mfg. Number: 3w001.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Work Horse JeanWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Mens-Horse

Brand :    wrangler
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    3W001AI
Quantity :    1
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Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Cool Vantage Five Pocket Jean

The coolest in tough conditions. Cool vantage moisture wicking fabric adds breathability by wicking sweat away 5x faster. Additional features include triple needle stitching, leather tape measure reinforcement on the right front pocket and reinforced spade hip pockets.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Cool Vantage Five Pocket JeanWrangler-Riggs-Workwear-Vantage-Pocket

Price :    —
  • 5-pocket styling
  • Relaxed fit
  • Zipper fly with button closure
  • Oversized watch pocket
Brand :    wrangler
Model :    3WCV5
Quantity :    1
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Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Ripstop Carpenter Jean

These are my new favorite pants. I bought a pair of similar shorts last summer and just love the rip stop fabric because it stretches nicely and does not shrink much when washed. So i thought i would try the pants. Just as comfortable. I had a hernia surgery that left me sore afterwards and have not been able to wear jeans comfortably for the last two years. I have been wearing stretch corduroy or sweat pants and am tired of them. These are amazingly comfortable. I already ordered a second pair and may eventually order a third. Also, they are much lighter than carharts but still feel like they would hold up. Worked in construction for many years and would have loved these on a hot day

The riggs carpenter jean offers an unprecedented blend of comfort and toughness. Constructed of 10 oz. 100% cotton rip stop fabric, the riggs workwear carpenter jean provides softness and comfort while maintaining exceptional durability for long wear. Gusset crotch construction combined with a generous relaxed fit allow a greater range of motion and permits unrestricted movement in all directions. Front closure type: zipper fly with button closure. Care: machine wash. For further care instructions see label inside garment.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Ripstop Carpenter JeanWrangler-Riggs-Workwear-Ripstop-Carpenter

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Ripstop Carpenter Jean (Pants) FAQ.

I bought a pair of these for my son. He installs flooring for a living. He is constantly buying jeans because they wear out he does a lot of crawling with his job and he also catches his jeans on tools and nails etc. He loves them. He has no complaints except he did have to go up a size. -Notice from . Hayward, Croydon

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Just got them and wore them building some furniture and then on a hiking through some pretty tough briars. Pants held up great in the briars, which surprised me as i am used to this type of protection from upland game pants. These will be much cheaper for bird hunting pants. Only 4 stars as they seem to need a decent break in period. It was very hard to get my wallet out of the back pocket while still new.

Wrangler-riggs-workwear-men's-ripstop-carpenter-jean-(pants) set picture

- C. EdnaA perfect pair of jeans! . I had no idea that these even existed, until a short time ago. How did i miss these? so what do i do, once i found out? of course. Come to online store shopping. The fit, came perfect. Which sometimes can be a trick, when shopping online. No worries here. The size was exact, and the quality was top notch. I'm now going to buy one in every color. So i can have some variety, and also decide which ones i love the most.

Love the mobility of the gusseted crotch. Ripstop material seems to breathe well and is very durable. I wear these pants even when i am not working, they are the only pants i wear.

D. Denise, Wolverhampton

Price :    —
  • Rugged carpenter jean in relaxed fit featuring contrast leather at front right pocket and back pocket toplines
  • Available in durashield denim or ripstop fabric
  • Carpenter-style hammer loop and vertical pocket
  • Room2move fit with gusset crotch
Brand :    wrangler
Size :    varies
Weight :    0.91 pounds
Model :    3W020BR
Quantity :    1
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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ripstop Carpenter Jean

The riggs carpenter jean offers an unprecedented blend of comfort and toughness. Constructed of 10 oz. 100% cotton rip stop fabric, the riggs workwear carpenter jean provides softness and comfort while maintaining exceptional durability for long wear. Gusset crotch construction combined with a generous relaxed fit allow a greater range of motion and permits unrestricted movement in all directions.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ripstop Carpenter JeanWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Ripstop-Carpenter

Price :    —
  • Room2move(tm) fit with gusset crotch
  • Finally a jean that works as hard as you
Brand :    wrangler
Color :    Loden
Model :    3W020LD
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Wrangler Men's Riggs Workwear Big & Tall Ranger Pant

I bought these for use as a costume in a stage play (richard iii). They were purchased just a week before opening night, so if they didn't fit well, i was in a pickle. Out of the package, they were comfortable and well-fitting. The costume designer was very happy. I have a 30" inseam and bought the same size. I find they run a little long. If a 29" had been available, i'd have been better off. I know these are meant as work pants, but, in the color "loden, " they served as an acceptable substitute as part of my costume as a combat soldier. Since i made the purchase, when the show ends, i will keep the pants and put them into service for house painting and 'fix-it' jobs around the house. They are sturdy, serious work clothes.

Riggs workwear ranger pants are ready for any job. One of our most popular work pants. Roomy side cargo pockets with flaps and concealed snaps hold lots of stuff.

Wrangler Men's Riggs Workwear Big & Tall Ranger PantWrangler-Mens-Riggs-Workwear-Ranger

Wrangler Men's Riggs Workwear Big & Tall Ranger Pant (Pants) FAQ.

These are my favorite pants. I don't think they make them anymore. Overall, these pants are very well made and should last a lifetime. The material is some sort of rip-stop cotton, and very hard wearing. The pockets are edged at the back w/ some sort of binding to protect against wear and makes getting into the pockets easier. Pop fasteners are sturdy and reliable, the leather touches on the front right pocket is cool and help protect against wear from keys. Work-class work wear. -Notice from H. Adrienne, Barking and Dagenham

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Like most people in the trades, you try every different type of work wear available from cheap to expensive. I would consider these more towards the low to mid priced ranged at $38. For the price so far they have held up to everything i put them through, and still look nice enough to wear in a business casual office environment. . I am a building maintenance manager and do everything from working on chillers and boilers to attending meetings, and these have proven up to the task. These run true to size of there blue jeans (which i also wear) but are cooler than jeans in the summer, and if you get them dirty its very easy to brush them clean. ; they are a little stiff and "loud" when you walk when new, but that goes away after a couple of washings. . The pockets are big, deep, and have snaps (way better than buttons) to keep everything you put in them from getting lost. I have crawled through attics, crawl spaces, and tunnels, and everything is still there when i come out. They have plenty of room for movement, so squatting and bending is not restricted. The knees are reinforced and i expect they should hold up fine. . Overall if i can get a years worth of wear out of these, i would consider them well worth the money.

Wrangler-men's-riggs-workwear-big-&-tall-ranger-pant-(pants) set picture

- B. AprilBalls out the best pants i've ever owned. My wife used to get pissed because i'd talk about my glock 42, then she was mad when i got new tires (general at2's), now she wants me to talk about the glock and tires again. Already ruined a pair, wrangler took em' back (per the lifetime warranty) and i've got new pants. Eat it 5-11. You over priced junk. Ps, i'm a cop and these are now my daily uniform since i train other cops. They get to hear how awesome these pants are and on occasion i do allow people to touch them.

The riggs ripstop pants are very comfortable. They are designed to be a little roomier than normal pants. This is very helpful in construction with lifting and carrying. The pockets are solid and roomy. My only complaint would be that there is no phone pocket. Wrangler has these in their normal cargos, why not in these? very durable material, double knees, leather tape measure reinforcement. A great value.

Z. Anonymous, Northamptonshire

Price :    —
  • Hammer loop at right side
  • Work pant in 10-ounce cotton ripstop featuring side-placed cargo pockets and reinforced knees with wide dirt drop vents
  • Patch back pockets lined with 1000 denier dupont cordura fabric
  • Front closure type is zipper fly with button closure
Brand :    wrangler
Color :    Bark
Model :    3W060BR
Quantity :    1
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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Logger Shirt

Wrangler men's tall riggs workwear twill work shirt

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Logger ShirtWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Logger-Shirt

Brand :    wrangler
Color :    Khaki
Weight :    1.52 pounds
Model :    3W501
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Twill work shirt in relaxed fit featuring button-front closure, dual chest pockets, and shirttail hem
  • Button-down point collar
  • Long sleeves
Price :    —
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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ranger Cargo Short

Riggs workwear ranger shorts are ready for any job. one of our most popular work shorts.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ranger Cargo ShortWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Ranger-Cargo

Price :    —
  • Room2move fit with gusseted crotch
  • 1000 denier dupont cordura-lined back pockets
  • Outdoor cargo short in 10-oz. ripstop fabric featuring large back pockets with contrast taping and logo patch
Brand :    wrangler
Model :    3W360
Quantity :    1
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Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ranger Cargo Short available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Technician Pant

Great for the avid outdoorsman. Triple-stitched seams and reinforced back pockets stand up to heavy use and abuse. Right-side cell-phone pocket and leather tape-measure reinforcement ensure your essential gear is always within easy reach. Action gussets provide unrestricted freedom of movement from dawn to dusk.

Wrangler Men's Technician PantWrangler-3W040-Mens-Technician-Pant

Brand :    wrangler
  • Zipper fly with button closure
  • Two back pockets with no closure
  • Utility styling
  • Relaxed fit
  • Mid rise
Price :    —
Model :    3W040
Quantity :    1
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Carhartt Men's Relaxed Straight Denim Five Pocket Jean B460

After wearing levi's for most of my life i was happy to find carhartt jeans on online store. I have been familiar with the carhartt name and quality product for years so trying these jeans was a no brainer. True they are made to wear lower than most jeans. Not sure if this is for men with flat stomaches or severe done-lap disease. I have neither and find the fit comfortable. Wearing them lower does add the extra inch to the length. I am used to wearing my jeans low (not prison bait low but low) so i like the fit. Since they are made to wear low i dont' have all the extra material drooping down in the butt like my levi's. Also since there is not all the extra material in the butt my butt looked funny at first. It looks better now that the jeans are more broken in. The croch does not have all the extra material either, so keep that in mind. It takes some extra effort to make the croch more comfortable till you get them broken in real good. . I bought 3 pair at first and just ordered 3 more. These jeans seem to be made of better material and quality than my old levi's. I am allowed to wear jeans at work so they are washed at least once or twice a week. I had gone though 10 pair of levi's in the past 3 years (just not the quality they used to be). After several washings the carhartt jean have maintained most of their color and durablity. They are a lot cheaper per pair than levi's (even on online store) so there is some extra value to my purchase as well.

Carhartt quality and comfort work together in carhartt's relaxed-fit jean. Constructed of tough 15-ounce, 100% cotton ring-spun denim, it sits slightly below the waist and features a relaxed-fitting seat and thighs. Cut in a classic five-pocket style, this rugged jean is a great choice for work; the straight leg openings fit over boots.

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Straight Denim Five Pocket Jean B460Carhartt-Relaxed-Straight-Denim-Pocket

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Straight Denim Five Pocket Jean B460 (b460 415) FAQ.

They are jeans, they are carhartt, need we say more. Ten more words to get to the required length. Yes. -Notice from M. Lorenz, Trafford

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Great jeans. Only denim i'll put on besides levis. Both are , but these are actually stronger at same weight.

Carhartt-men's-relaxed-straight-denim-five-pocket-jean-b460-(b460-415) set picture

- . TheresaThey feel like they might last more than 3 months, which is what wranglers last for me. Good deal on here at online store, plus they had my size when most brick and mortar stores do not (40*36). Fit nicely. . It's great being a guy because our jeans usually fit as advertized and there's no need to try them on first. I couldn't imagine a woman buying jeans or any clothing on here because they have to try everything on first. And get the opinion of 6 of their friends. Lol

Great fit, great quality, great jeans! true to size and length. Ordered both the dark and light color which were true to the colors depicted online. Carhartt relaxed fit jeans never fail me!

L. Monique, Kentucky

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Blue
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    BHBUSAZIN025944
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Relaxed Straight Denim Five Pocket Jean B460 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • 15-ounce, 100% cotton ring-spun denim
  • Straight leg openings fit over boots
  • Relaxed-fitting seat and thighs

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ranger Pant

First, these pants run small in the waist. I wear a 34" waist, and a 34" in these pants was too tight. Upped to 36", and the fit is better. . The material feels a bit thick, that is, it's kinda stiff. It feels very sturdy and tough. The double panel knees should add quite a bit of toughness, too. I'd either prefer not to have the leather on the right pocket at all, or have it on the left, as i carry my knife in the left pocket. . I don't work outside or doing manual tasks, so i'd suspect these pants will hold up very well for me. Time will tell.

Riggs workwear ranger pants are ready for any job. One of our most popular work pants. Roomy side cargo pockets with flaps and concealed snaps hold lots of stuff.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men's Ranger PantWrangler-RIGGS-WORKWEAR-Mens-Ranger

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men's Ranger Pant (wra3w060br) FAQ.

This is one serious pair of jeans. Heavy duty zipper and construction off these is better than the carhart jeans that i have purchased. I will purchase again. I hope i can find in a different color. I have not looked yet. I would recommend purchase . -Notice from . Donna, New Mexico

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These pants are awesome! i'm a boiler tech and they are a professional yet laid back look. My thoughts:. . Material feel. -the fabric is a thin yet strong feel and it doesn't seem as if just anything will tear at it. The thinner feel will be great for spring and hotter days when i'm stuck in a boiler room. Double knee. -i will definitely need knee inserts as the thinner feel is very apparent when working on the knees. The knee is holding up so far. Pockets. -pocket fabric is very rugged and that is one of the reasons i went for this brand. My previous work pants would eventually tear a hole in the front pant pockets leaving the pants useless or needing repair (i never repair so i don't know if it is easy). This is mostly caused by my keys. -i carry my galaxy note 2 and my android max work phone in the same front pant pocket. Very roomy. -i am very impressed with the right side pocket leather/leatherette patch. This works great to secure my pocket knife and measuring tape. It also makes clipping to it really easy. Leg pocket/cargo pockets. -the leg pockets are more of a cargo pants feel but that isn't a bad thing since these don't sag with things in them as standard cargo pants would. They fit my needs but may not be a good fit for others that are used to the carhartt setup. Pant/hammer loop. -i don't often use the pant loop so i cannot comment on it on a daily use perspective. I have read that it doesn't fit many pipe wrenches though. I haven't tried that but will and update. Belt loop. -belt loops are roomy, for those that use larger than standard they should work. Length. -sometimes when i order pants with my inseam measurements they come a bit longer or shorter. These came perfect and work very well with my work boots and even tennis shoes when i change after work. Fit. -they are more of a loose comfort fit. Just use a belt to keep them secure when loaded down. . Conclusion. -i typically wear carhartts and carhartts are good pants but i don't always like the feel and fit of them. I wanted more of a comfortable yet durable pair of pants but i found out quickly that it's hard to find all the features you want from work pants. When i ordered the riggs workwear pants i expected everything as described and got exactly that. The material, build and fit won me over and i will be transitioning my work pants to riggs. I love carhartt and will continue to buy their bibs but as far as work pants i am now a riggs man. I say try a pair and i think you will agree that they are great pants.

Wrangler-riggs-workwear-men's-ranger-pant-(wra3w060br) set picture

- R. PearsonOverall, i like these pants and they are much less expensive that the duluth firehose pants that i had been buying. My biggest complaint is that they don't come in a short enough inseam for me (i need 33x28) so i need to keep them rolled up if i take my boots off.

I love these pant! i only put them down as a 4 star was due to the size being a little bit snug then normal size. I own several pairs of these that i have purchased from retail stores and the pair i order from online store fit just a little smaller. Since these pants don't have a lot of give in the fabric and really stiff, an inch in size difference can make them feel really tight around the waste. Other then that these are some of the best cargo work pants i have ever owned. I would even match them up with my duluth fire hose pants. They hold up really well to all types of wear and tear, especially any type of construction or labor type work. They hold up a lot better then the original riggs that were much thinner and did not hold up to wear or wash. If your looking for a great pair of work pants that also look great and hold up to wear and tear, then riggs workwear are a great pair of pants!

D. April, California

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  • Heavyweight cotton-ripstop work pant featuring reinforced knees, right-side hammer loop, and roomy side cargo pockets with flaps
  • Zip fly with button
Brand :    wrangler
Color :    Loden
Model :    3W060
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My husband needed jeans that the belt loops wouldn't break within the first two weeks of wearing but needed jeans that were affordable. We found these and he really likes them. He buys these now because they are durable and last a long time. Highly recommend.

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Best wrangler riggs workwear men's relaxed-fit jean (pants) in review

Great jeans for the money. I'm a wrangler/charhartt/levis guy and these are a damn good pair of work jeans. Tough, made right, true to size, look good, and get the job done. They're even better after a few washes. The leather over the corner of the front pocket is a nice touch as i always carry a blade there and most of my jeans have a nice big wear spot in that exact location. Will buy again.

C. Theresa, Lancashire

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L. Rowe, Rotherham says

These are great pants. I have been a fan of the crotch gusset type of pants for years. If you have ever needed room when you squat or feel like you are being cut by your ants in the privates, you should try crotch gusset pants. The riggs are sewed well and appear to be heavy duty. I like the weight of the jeans. I wear a 40 x 30 and they fit perfectly, even after the first wash. Relaxed fit because i am carrying some extra weight. Once i lose it, i'll try a slimmer cut. I will buy these again, just wish they had a boot cut style.

U. June, Islington

I'm a left leg aka and my carbon fiber socket is extremely hard on jeans, i have yet to wear any holes in these riggs by wrangler, very comfortable and loose fitting, i've been buying these for the last 10 years and even my oldest pair is still in good shape, i highly recommend these jeans

A. Susan, Pennsylvania says

My husband loves these jeans because they're really tough, and i love them because i haven't had to fix them yet. He goes through jeans like crazy, and the edges of his pockets and his cuffs always wind up shredding pretty fast. These are thicker, much better quality denim than we have wound up with for some time (we've been buying from target). The pockets have these great leather coverings on each side that protects the exact place where he shreds it by reaching into his pocket over and over all day. Other guys at work have even asked him about them, curious if they help. I bought him one pair to see how he liked them, and i bought him three more pairs for christmas. The best work clothing he's ever had.

J. Morgan, Nova Scotia

I ve been wearing these for years however these don t have the utility pockets on the sides. I miss them.

S. Smith, Bremen says

I've bought 10 pairs of these jeans over the last couple of years from online store. I just love them. I work as a pipe welder and they see a lot of very rough use. I'm always crawling inside of pipes or up on ladders and blowing a lot of sparks on them. They are very well constructed jeans. They have a gusseted crotch and reinforcement sewn inside on the back pockets. They are made from a very tough but not too stiff fabric. I really like the design and the fit. Unlike carhart jeans the pockets feel like they are placed where they should be, and the coin pocket is big enough and placed well so that it is actually usable. I keep my car keys in it and they are always safe there but also quite handy, carharts coin pocket is too small for car keys and very hard to get anything in or out of. I hate the way carharts put my wallet in a place where it is always putting pressure on my butt. With the riggs jeans everything is so well designed you don't notice anything being in the wrong place like with carharts. They are roomy in all the right places so that no matter if you are squatting, crouching, kneeling or climbing they never interfere with your movements. I'm not really crazy about the leather reinforcement on the right side pocket to keep your tape measure from wearing out the pocket. I've found that the reinforcement is so thick that it makes it difficult to clip your tape measure onto your pocket, but this is really a very minor gripe. I also think it would be nice if they had a double layer of fabric in the knees, but again a minor gripe and i expect doing that would drive the price up a good bit higher. Most important is that they come in my size, 38x36, a size walmart or any of the other department stores just won't carry. When i have found my size at retail stores the price was way too high for a pair of jeans. So finding these jeans in my size at this price with free shipping is just wonderful. The fact that they are such a quality product is just icing on the cake.

W. Shirley, Cornwall

I tried the wrangler riggs jeans, to see if the front pockets were deeper than on the duluth trading jeans. They feel just as deep. Duluth pockets are made of sturdy material, the riggs have the usual cloth pockets. Riggs supposedly had a bigger waist, but the fit was snug. That was not a problem, new jeans start that way. The riggs came in light denim, which i like, while duluth was out of light denim in my size.

F. Edna, Utah says

I have had good service from wangler products for years, but work stresses (mostly climbing onto equipment) caused tears in the 'inner thigh' region. After several repairs, my seamstress recommended a 'gusseted crotch' design. A quick search showed that wrangler and online store were prepared with a solution, and i ordered them. These jeans exceeded my expectations. Not only are they comfortable and easy to move in, wrangler also built them with extra stitching, wider belt loops, a large watch pocket, and a leather reinforcing patch on the right front pocket. Anything clipped there will not wear the denim, a much appreciated touch. Be aware that these run a little longer in the inseam, for me anyway, so size accordingly.

V. Powell, Medway

I had always purchased carhartt jeans as the heavy duty work jeans, but they are expensive for what you get. Maybe 10 years ago carhartt set the standard, but now i only purchase wrangler riggs workwear jeans. I have purchased these from online store for $24 a pair. Theses are thick heavy duty jeans and for the money they are great for work and everyday usage. Wrangler offers this line on jeans from regular fit, loose fit, straight legs, and other types. . Adk

P. Joanna, Rheinland-Pfalz says

I ordered two pairs of the riggs workwear jeans. My husband loved the riggs workwear jeans they fit perfectly. The 4 stars are because the second pair of jeans were the utility jeans correct size but fit snug in the waist. He decided to keep them. I am disappointed that we received two different makes of the riggs jeans.

R. Angela, District of Columbia

A little big and baggy in the butt. I guess that's maybe what "relaxed fit" means. I'll order a little different style next time. Overall i like these but just don't like the fit. I'm not a huge butt kind of guy.

Q. Sarah, Peterborough says

Look sturdy. Look good. Compared to standard wrangler relaxed fit 38 x 32 carpenter pants i normally wear, these have the same length, but a little bit tighter around the waist and crotch.

D. Teresa, Rutland says

Wrangler brand is my favorite jeans. They fit me great. I have lee, levi, carhart and actually a couple other brands. These jeans i just mentioned are fine carhart would be second as far as fit for me. But wrangler is the one i buy the the most of. I try others when they are on sell that is why i have different brands. But i have to say wrangler gets 5 stars in my book.

Z. Margaret, South Dakota

I got these during a summer sale and they were very inexpensive. The stitching seems very tough and the fit is excellent. The leather patch on the right front pocket is a bit odd and causes the pocket corner to not lay perfectly flat. One of the rear patch pocket tops wants to fold over slightly and looks a little unusual but doesn't really affect anything.

O. Whiteman, New York says

My fault for not researching what different jean cuts mean! nothing wrong with the jeans. I am a slim very fit guy and these totally swim on me. Whoops! when we opened the package we nearly died laughing, they could have covered a dining table. But when i slipped them on, the waist actually fits. I'm keeping them as "backyard only" work pants as they are tough as. But my mistake on the style! i've ordered slim fit. My 18 yr old daughter could actually fit into just one leg of these jeans! it had us in fits of laughter. Dad did bad. Ordered wrong. I've re-ordered.

G. Courtney, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

I am now size 34-35, used to be 32, ate too much in the process of rehabilitating from metabolic damage. I also ordered other wranglers, rangers pants, at size 32, as i expect to go down in sizes over the next few months. I found that for size 32 i can now fit in them. And for this size 34 jeans, i need a belt to be comfy. They are about 1 or 2 sizes larger. Going to wash this size 34 in hot water and put them in a hot dryer at a laundromat.

K. Alberta, Bedfordshire says

They look well designed & well made. I'm sort of cautious about any cloth quality made within the last few years. I'll keep you posted if they wear out catastrophically.

Y. Sheila, Nottingham

Nice pants, very comfortable for work, seem strong without being hard or heavy. I will not be buying levis again, they have now made them to fit lower on the butt and i have to crouch down a lot at work, and don't need the remarks about butt cracks. I guess levi has made their 505's more for the hip hop crowd that don't have to actually work, only stand around and say "know what i'm saying"

X. Jennifer, Washington says

Bought a few of these for my husband. He's muscular but doesn't have a huge rump so he prefers relaxed fit for the extra leg and crotch room. He said they're some of the best jeans he's worn in ages. . But let's cut to the chase first. These are not meant to be a fashion statement. They are what they are - they're rugged, fit properly in all areas (unless you're a male "twiggy"), and they are well made. After several wearings and washings they look great! no popped stitches, no hanging belt loops, no excessive bleeding or loss in color. Compared to kirkland or wranglers they're a fabulous improvement. Can't compare to levi's, as my husband is not a fan of those and hasn't purchased levi's brand jeans in well over 10 yrs.

. Benton, Utah

The riggs workwear jeans do not disappoint. The workwear jeans contain heavier denim than the casual jeans. But they are still comfortable and fit good.

N. Olga, York says

Assuming you are not into skinny jeans and want to show off your junk, these jeans are perfect in every way. They are super heavy duty, do not shrink in hot wash and dry cycles and most of all they have extra room on the crotch area. You can actual squat, bend and get into just about any position without feeling like you are getting a wedgie. To top it off they have extra deep pockets for large smart phone or tools and they still look great. I give these pants 10 stars and they will be the only ones i buy from now on. .

Top /wrangler riggs workwear mens relaxed fit Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

B. Beale, Vermont says

The picture is too different from the real item or online store send me a another item. The color is completely different when you compare with the advertised one.

P. Gloria, Essex

I got these cuz i need workpants that dont fall apart in 6 months and they seem to be pretty durable so we"ll see. The thing i dont like about them is the tapered legs. When you wear workpants you will usually be wearing workboots too. I dont understand why they make the bottom of the leg so small that it wont even go over my boots. Also i cant even wear my wallet in the back pocket cuz it just dont feel right back there, although i do like the superdeep front pockets. If you like bootcut i wouldnt suggest these. Wish they made a relaxed fit bootcut and had bigger backpockets.

V. Imelda, Alberta says

The product is below my expectations. Very strange size, does not fit the waist, nor the length is correct. I tried it on once and never had the courage to try it on again. Now its lying somewhere in my store :(

Z. Helen, Wiltshire

I currently wear duluth flannel lined jeans. I needed something with less weight for summer. Now, the only 2 reasons i decided to try riggs were because 1 duluth jeans were almost $20 more for the same 10oz of denim. And 2 i figured that since the reviews were so high, they might be worth a try. I ordered 5 pair for the summer. So why 3 stars? the gusset is smaller than the duluth gusset. Big problem when i'm used to more room for my nads. Also the waist is bigger than it should be. I would have needed a belt. And, the way i see it, belts are for 2 things: looks and when wearing pants that are a size too big. Since i ordered riggs in my size, they should have fit without a belt. Now then, i had spent a whopping $149. 95 on these riggs. Online store won't accept a return on them. So, i gave them to someone whose losing weight and will soon be into a size 36 waist. Now, i'm out $149. 95 on jeans that didn't fit me or the bill. I would have gladly spent the extra money on duluth, had i known about these issues; which it now appears i'll have to. I guess i should just stick with duluth from now on. The extra money is more than worth it for quality jeans.

U. Cathy, Manchester says

These jeans appear well made. I'm regular/athletic build, 6'3". The rise (distance from the crotch to the top) is way too high for me: 14". If you have a fit build, these may slide down in the crotch and butt. Those with large guts will benefit from this larger rise as it will extend out, rather than up. As a comparison, older 70's levis 501s (not the current day crap) had about an 8" rise. I'm going to try my luck with "classic" fit.

N. Cageen, Sachsen-Anhalt

Ive worn riggs for years and love the deep pockets n heavy demin. But for some reason this time i bought the darker color and the two pair i bougjt were about 2" too small.

G. Emma, Centre says

This is my 3rd set of jeans i have ordered. My husband has been wearing the same size for 4 years in his previous 10 pairs. This is my 3 time ordering. First 2 set were too small and had to return them. Had to keep moving up in size. Finally the 3rd try they are now too big. Fix the sizing please!

Y. Anonymous, West Virginia

Crotch is very low such that i can't maneuver and such that, while the inseam is correct for pants with a normal crotch, the legs are now too long.

X. Matherly, South Dakota says

These pants are heavy weight and look like they would have lasted my husband, a mechanic, a long time. They are not "relaxed fit" and therefore don't provide the range of movement he needs.

J. Newell, Isle of Wight

The waist seems just a little high on me (or else the crotch is a bit low), but the overall fit is good. The jeans seem to be pretty durable, but maybe just a little too stiff for my taste. Regarding the leather pocket protection patch, it is pretty thick and can be hard to get a knife clip over. Also, i feel like it actually calls attention to the fact that i am carrying a knife. While i'm not trying to hide that fact, i would prefer not to advertise it. . All in all, they're okay and i will continue to wear them (maybe they will soften over time). I guess i had set my expectations a bit too high.

Q. Terry, Indiana says

I bought a size bigger then i usually buy & still to tight in the crouch. What a waist of money. Riggs much better work jeans

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