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Price was 5. Hue is simply the best. The fit, the last, everything. Well worth the price on online store, which btw, is the lowest i've found!

-W. Gladys

Women’s super opaque sheer to waist hue super opaque non control top tight features soft, great opaque coverage with a sheer to waist panty. available in all the seasons must have colors. -hue women’s super opaque sheer to waist tight

  • Bonus: Non Control Top.
  • Bonus: Sheer To Waist Panty.

Economical Hue Women’s Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (Sockshosiery) U11923

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So far, so good-i've worn them only twice. My only issue thus far is that i would like to have a small label that makes clear which is the front and which is the back. Even if there is no real "front or back, " i prefer knowing which way i last wore them, so i can wear them the same way the next time. The tights appear to be of good quality. If things go south later, i'll be sure to append. The Best womens super opaque sheer to waist ( Sep 2019 ) | Hue Women S Socks-Sockshosiery Review Bonus Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight Opaque tights. Non control top. Sheer to waist panty .

Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight Review (Hue)

These tights are great and the color is true to the photo. They're pretty strong and even when i accidentally snagged my ring on them, they didn't rip or run. That was quite a close call. If you purchase the right size according to the chart provided you won't have any complaints. I will reorder again from this brand especially now that the cold weather has rolled around. -B. Dorothy

Womens Super Opaque Sheer Waist

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: HUE
  3. Manufacturer: Hue Women's Socks
  4. Model: U11923
  5. Quantity: 1
  6. Type: Apparel
  7. Category: SOCKSHOSIERY

women's super opaque sheer to waist Apparel, Hue super opaque non control top tight features soft, great opaque coverage with a sheer to waist panty. available in all the seasons must have colors. Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (U11923-Hue).

Womens Super Opaque Sheer Waist Apparel

  • I love to wear boots and tights with dresses in the winter and these are the only tights that i have found so far that are long enough and last more than one wear!
  • These are all i wear anymore. I wear dresses and tights every day in the winter. They are comfortable and hold up well without getting snags and runs. They are a great thickness too - keeps you warm but still like pantyhose rather than leggings (no disrespect, but i hate the legging look and it's definitely not what i'm going for). The waist band is comfortable and doesn't fall down, which is key. The colors are nice, but i do wish there were some funkier ones, but it's cool. I should probably grow up and wear adult colors anyway :) for reference, i'm 5'7" and a size 12 and i wear a size 3. They are the best fitting tights i've ever purchased and i own them in multiple colors.
  • I'd give these hue tights a 3. 5 rating because they don't compare to the black pair that i purchased from macy's a few years ago. . I purchased 2 pairs in black and navy, and in size 3 instead of size 2 because i'm teetering around the 150 mark (my previous size 2 felt a little too snug for my liking, so i thought it was better to size up). I was surprised that the manufacture stated that size 3 can be worn by women who are 5'2" to 6'0" because the tights are too long (i'm 5'3"). If i pulled them all the way up, they go past my natural waist! talk about maximum control top, lol! i don't mind it as much since they'll likely shrink as i wash them more, so i'm going to pick up the nude and gray colors. . As for opacity, it's a "decent opaque", but the fabric is very thin, so if you have larger legs or thighs, obviously it won't be as opaque as the model's (in the stock photo). For ladies with muscular legs (15" calves and larger) like myself, i'd recommend sizing up since you'll receive more opacity than if you were to get your normal size (as the fabric is thin quality compared to the ones sold at the department stores). . I know i've mentioned that the fabric is thin (in comparison to my other pair), and yes, i'm a little disappointed about the fabric quality. However, they've hold up very well, and this is coming from someone who does not just sit at her desk. I stand at my desk, walk around my office, and frequently run up and down the stairs in between our 3 floors, and so far, no snags/rips/holes/etc. So thumbs up for the durability. Granted, they will eventually rip, but i'm happy that i'm getting my money's worth! . . Overall, i'm fairly satisfied because they're cheaper than purchasing at macy's or nordstrom's (due to the no sales tax), and very convenient due to online store's great shipping policy.
  • I'm 5'4" 124lb. Ordered a size 2 and they are quite tight. Way too tight in waist. Not sure why hosery manufacturers think this is a good idea. They are definitely opaque however.
  • The material seems great but i am 5'2 and the waist goes up so high it could double for a bra. And even then i have extra material bunched up at my knees. I was really hoping these fit, since you could actually pick a size and they weren't "one size fits all" but alas

womens super opaque sheer to waist Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I've tried to find a nice quality tight in navy for quite some while. This one really hits the mark. They are great quality so i think that they will be able to withstand washing. They are a true navy color which is particularly hard to find. These tights are very stretchy, so they're super comfortable. The only down side is that they run a little big. I bought a (2) based on the weight/height chart, but i could have easily fit into the (1). It's fine though. I like them anyway.

Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight
Click to see NoticeHue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (Sockshosiery)"I bought these in black and graphite heather three years ago. I'm so impressed that they lasted this long. I wear them once or twice a week from october - march. No runs, no shrinkage or stretching out of shape. I machine wash them in a lingerie bag and hang them to dry. A few times they got thrown in the wash by accident without the lingerie bag and were still fine. Less expensive brands i've bought in the past only lasted one season if that."

(0) Question: Are these true to size

(1) Question: I don't want control top. comfort first! do they come w no control top?

(2) Question: How do u size?

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DKNY Women's Super Opaque Coverage Control Top

Silky soft and sensuous matte opaque tight knit with maximum opacity for a complete black out leg, provides a fashionably sleek legwear look for complete coverage - a wardrobe must have.

DKNY Women's Super Opaque Coverage Control TopDKNY-Womens-Opaque-Coverage-Control

Brand :    dkny
Weight :    0.25 pounds
  • Control top panty helps smooth tummy, hips and thighs
  • Silky, soft super opaque tight is knit for maximum opacity
Price :    —
Model :    0B335
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for DKNY Women's Super Opaque Coverage Control Top available ( Sep 2019 )

HUE Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist Tight

Very comfortable, fit well, and the color was just as i wanted-a dark navy. There are semi-opaque-slightly sheer which makes them dressy enough to wear at a wedding with a short dress, which was what i bought them for. They are almost a cross between panty hose and tights.

Hue opaque tights offer complete opaque coverage with a non-control panty. Constructed with a smooth elastic waistband and sandal toe. Made in usa.

HUE Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist TightHUE-Womens-Opaque-Sheer-Waist

Hue Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (4689) FAQ.

At first i didn't want to leave review, but what the heck. I am a male that works in the construction field and being out side every day in the elements we need something that is going to keep us warm. I have tried the thermals, didn't like because they just didn't work! what really works is something that's going to fit tight because that's whats going to keep the heat in. I have tried them all! but after trying these i now am sold. These work great! not to tight, not too loose, but just right. By the way, i am 5ft11 and about 175. You can not go wrong with these. Who the hell cares if they say for woman! if it works and keeps you warm when you are on top of a building and the wind chill is kicking. What more do i need to say. -Notice from S. Sheila, Montana

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These tights are really great quality, the color is vibrant and the material is well manufactured so they don't tear. I did find that they run a little smaller than regular tights, but that's just a note for purchase next time. I would definitely order a size up when purchasing these tights.

Hue-women's-opaque-sheer-to-waist-tight-(4689) set picture

- R. GuestGood quality. But a word of caution - i have found that sizes run small. I'm 5'5" tall and weigh about 140 lbs. , but i have to buy size 4, which supposedly can fit women up to 6' tall and weighing up to 250 lbs. If i got a size smaller than a 4, i wouldn't be able to squeeze into them. In fairness, this has always been true for me for all hose and tights - i have to get a much bigger size than advertised. I finally figured out that it's probably because my legs are long for my height, but even so i find it weird. Others may have a different experience.

These tights are great because they dont run easily. Where flimsy stockings can snag at the touch of a fingernail (think $25 american apparel stockings and other crap), these somehow survived dog claws and scraping by a metal fence and a few other incident that i thought would tear a hole for sure. . In addition to being durable, they are the perfect balance of opaque/sheer and they fit true to size and exactly how i expected them to. Well worth the price. I will be ordering more.

. Erickson, Oregon

Brand :    hue
Color :    Imperial Blue
Size :    1
Weight :    0.16 pounds
Model :    U4689-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Made in usa
  • Opaque coverage
  • 40 denier
  • Non-control top panty
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for HUE Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

HUE Women's Styletech Blackout Tights

Hue absolute opaque tights are smooth, densely knit tights that offer absolute coverage. Feature smooth, flat seams and an ultra-comfort waistband.

HUE Women's Styletech Blackout TightsHUE-Womens-Styletech-Blackout-Tights

Price :    —
  • Smooth elastic comfort waistband
  • Absolute total opaque coverage
  • 100 denier
  • Made in usa
Brand :    hue
Color :    Black Pepper
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    U14526
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for HUE Women's Styletech Blackout Tights available ( Sep 2019 )

HUE Super Opaque Tights Control Top

I've been on the hunt for the right combination of price, quality and fit for the longest time, and these are it! i have a long torso and am constantly looking for decently priced tights that won't cut into my midsection - but even with a long body, these do the trick! they come up high enough to smooth out my curves, are thick enough that i feel comfortable, and not tight enough that i feel like i'll snap in half. And for the price, i don't need to baby them! living with mixed-gender roommates makes washing delicates a delicate situation. I wash these in a small mesh laundry bag with woolite dark, gentle cycle, cold water and they will get me through two seasons! way to go, hue. Nicely done.

Hue opaque control top 90 denier tight; soft, great opaque coverage. The perfect leg accessory with boots.

HUE Super Opaque Tights Control TopHUE-Super-Opaque-Tights-Control

Hue Super Opaque Tights Control Top (6620) FAQ.

I ordered these to replace some leggings and they came highly recommended. I had a funny feeling about the size i'd need. I fit in an xl according to their chart but something told me to order up a size. I am so glad i did! it was still a struggle to get into them but i made them work. Also the packaging makes it feel like you are breaking into fort knox. I had to rip it all over and still had to use scissors. The 4 star is for the funky fit chart. I am 5ft 3in and weigh 160. So look at what that size would be on the hue chart and order up! other than that they are really nice quality. -Notice from . Theola, Dudley

Click to Show hue super opaque tights control top (6620) Details

I've worn hue tights for oh-so-many years, and i've always been happy with them. The fabric these are made of has a subtly pebbly finish, which gives them am oomph factor. It sounds strange, but my hair stylist noticed them immediately, and commented on the fabric. How often does anyone get a compliment on tights? !

Hue-super-opaque-tights-control-top-(6620) set picture

- V. JacquelineThese have been my go-to tights for years - they fit beautifully and wear like iron, and they come in such a broad range of sizes. My only complaint is that online store doesn't carry all their wonderful colors in plus sizes.

I was going to order a size up because of the reviews i was reading about these running small, but they didn't have a size up in stock so i ordered my true size according to the size chart and they fit perfectly. I'm 5'3", 150lbs, muscular, and wear a size 7 in jeans and the size i ordered was a 2.

W. Carolyn, Michigan

Brand :    hue
Color :    Charcoal Heather
Size :    2
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    6620
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Made in usa
  • Control top panty offers slimming support
  • 90 denier
  • Opaque, 1 pack
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for HUE Super Opaque Tights Control Top available ( Sep 2019 )

HUE Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist Tight

Hue opaque sheer to waist tights offer 40 denier opaque coverage from waist to toe. The non-control panty features a smooth elastic waistband. This soft and comfortable tight is the perfect year around accessory. Made in usa

HUE Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist TightHUE-Womens-Opaque-Sheer-Waist

Price :    —
  • One pair of sheer to waist opaque tight with sandal toe
  • Non-control panty with smooth elastic waistband
  • This soft and comfortable tight is the perfect year around accessory
  • 40 denier leg for medium coverage
  • Unique knitting technology for perfect fit
Brand :    hue
Model :    U4689
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for HUE Women's Opaque Sheer to Waist Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

No Nonsense Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight

No nonsense opaque sheer to waist tights offer a modern, tapered leg for better fit and more comfort. The mid-rise waistband sits comfortably below the naval and doesn't roll down. Opaque leg for coverage but with no control in the panty for maximum comfort

No Nonsense Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist TightNo-Nonsense-Womens-Opaque-Sheer

Brand :    no nonsense
  • Unique knitting technology for perfect fit
  • Sheer to waist
  • Stay-in-place waistband fits just below the natural waist
  • 40 denier, medium coverage
  • One pack, opaque tight
Price :    —
Model :    BC2294
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top Tights

Let me start by saying i have very thick thighs, it's a family trait. I've always had trouble finding tights that don't tear when i try to pull them up, or don't cut off my circulation. I wore these today under a dress to avoid thigh chafing, they were incredibly comfortable! i am definitely buying more colors now. They lasted the entire day, didn't tear at all, and i was sitting in gravel for a few minutes! no tears, no overstretching, no difficulty pulling them down or up when i needed to use the restroom, no chafing, they are really soft as well! . 100% recommend!

No nonsense super opaque tights feature a mid-rise wide waistband that sits comfortably just below the naval and the control top offers you added support. A super opaque shaped-to-fit leg ensures uniform color from the toe up

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top TightsNo-Nonsense-Womens-Opaque-Control-Top

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-top Tights (Sockshosiery) FAQ.

These are the best tights i've had in ages. I'm an xl with some "extra" that this control top handles really well. I've been through a bunch of different tights-some way pricier, but these top them all. I'm really bugged that there aren't more colors. I'd be the first in line for them. -Notice from Z. Anonymous, Saskatchewan

Click to Show no nonsense women's super opaque control-top tights (sockshosiery) Details

I am really loving these tights. Very good quality, these should last a long time. They are not super thin and flimsy, very well made. I think i'm going to buy another pair right now. The cobblestone color is a very pretty gray - it's more of a darker medium gray. The color in the picture is very accurate. Very pleased! just as nice as much more highly priced tights.

No-nonsense-women's-super-opaque-control-top-tights-(sockshosiery) set picture

- P. ElizabethThey are are great for the price. I was worried that they wouldn't be the right size, i really needed them for an event, and i looked at the sizing chart and got all nervous because of it going by pounds and such. I was afraid it would be too small, but i also couldn't have it be too big because then it wouldn't hold my flab in place, you know what i'm saying? . . So just in case i bought a medium, a large, and an extra large. And it it totally wasn't necessary, they all fit pretty much the same, except that the two bigger sizes don't keep the flab right in between my legs from jiggling as well as the medium, but the skirts i wear are never so short that you can see that anyway. . So go with your gut. I would say go with your first instinct on sizing and don't let the sizing chart scare you. They're stretchy anyway.

I live on the west coast and needed a pair of tights for an event on the east coast in the dead of winter. I decided on this pair of hosiery, based on reviews. . Quality - totally opaque, comfy control top, no sagging in any areas, washed in a garment bag in washer, hung to dry and back to perfect. . Size - i am 5 9, weight 129 lbs and have very long legs. I purchased medium, but returned for large. I just felt that the large gave me plenty of room for movement and i was able to dance in comfort all night. Also, there was absolutely no sagging and the control top came to my waist and not too far up. . If i lived in a cold region, i would purchase a pair for every day of the week!

G. Erin, Basse-Normandie

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    BC2295
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top Tights available ( Sep 2019 )

HUE Women's Sheer Tight Control Top

Hue super soft lightweight control top tights are beautifully crafted with a super soft and lightweight construction. Features a control top panty for support at waist and hips. Smooth elastic comfort waistband.

HUE Women's Sheer Tight Control TopHUE-Womens-Sheer-Tight-Control

Brand :    hue
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    U11231
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for HUE Women's Sheer Tight Control Top available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Lightweight
  • Super soft texture
  • Sheer coverage
  • Control top

HUE Women's Opaque Control Top Tight

Hue opaque control top 40 denier tight; soft, great coverage, year round opaque coverage. The perfect leg accessory with boots.

HUE Women's Opaque Control Top TightHUE-Womens-Opaque-Control-Tight

Price :    —
  • 87% nylon, 13% lycra elastane
  • Year round medium weight coverage
  • Matte opaque tight
  • Machine wash cold, no bleach, tumble dry
  • Control top
Brand :    hue
Color :    Lilac
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    U4690
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Abis Apparel (Apparel product review) for HUE Women's Opaque Control Top Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

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The F.A.Q. for Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (Sockshosiery)

I bought these almost a year ago in black, grey, and navy. I wear the black pair a lot and am so impressed with the fact that they have not snagged at all and do not have any holes after all this time and probably 30+ wears. Before this pair i think my tights had an average life of 2-3 wears before suffering some sort of casualty :( i am definitely going to order a few more pairs in black since i wear that color so often.

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(0) Question: Are these tights seamless? i need them for a costume

(1) Question: Are these fully opaque? i am looking for slight sheer.

(2) Question: Want to be sure that the fabric does not cling to my clothing?

(3) Question: What size would you recommend for a 12 year old girl?

(4) Question: How would you rate these for waist rolling down?

(5) Question: Are they good for winter

(6) Question: What is the denier?

(7) Question: How is the top? i am a bit pudgy in the middle and do not like tights that feel like they are cutting into my stomach.

(8) Question: Do you have a sizing chart?

(9) Question: Are these maternity or not? they come up under maternity search, but do not say maternity in the description.

(10) Question: I want to cut the feet off my tights. will they develop runs in them? has anyone tried this wlth any luck?

(11) Question: I am 5' 2" and weigh 149 lbs. which size should i buy? i want to be comfortable.

(12) Question: Do these have a visible seam at the toe?

(13) Question: Do they constantly fall down?

(14) Question: I am 5'6. 5" and weigh 119 pounds. do i get size 1 or 2?

(15) Question: Do these run short? i hate when tights fall down!

(16) Question: Are the sizes in the chart accurate?

(note) Question: where/how to get Hue (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Hue's products

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These tights fit perfectly with no droops, sags, runs or snags. They look very opaque and sheer, and the size was perfect. I did a lot of bending, walking and stooping, so it was a nice surprise not to get any runs. I really like the feel of them. . Update: i've been wearing these for 3 months and really love them! they feel great and look great! i just ordered another pair! i recommend these! . . More recent update: i ordered my third pair recently, so these lasted approximately 8 months each! i think that is pretty good considering the wear and tear i put them through.

Clothing 0660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Socks & Hosiery 6884401, Tights 6394401, Women 1100447417Top Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight (Sockshosiery) FAQ Content

Best hue women's super opaque sheer to waist tight (sockshosiery) in review

I read the reviews well before i bought this and also considered what i wanted it for. I bought it as additional protection for my first winter ever in norway but i also wanted tights that i can wear in the tropics where i usually reside. I wore it under jeans/pants and i liked that it was thin enough for slim cut pants. I also wore it under a dress and didn t freeze at 0 degrees celsius. If you easily get cold, don t buy this if you need to be warm and toasty in the bitter cold. If you just want additional protection or nice tights, i highly recommend this. Value for money.

Y. Lawrence, Arizona

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O. Emma, Illinois says

Great tights! good fit fast delivery.

K. Smith, Ontario

These fit well and are comfortable, well, as comfortable as tights can be. There is no awkward sagging and i've worn and washed them multiple times w/o any snagging or shrinking (i wash them on cold in a mesh laundry bag and do not dry them). They appear opaque until i sit down and my knees show through slightly so i took one star away.

. Matherly, Leicester says

Originally ordered the footless hue stockings for my daughter to wear for her orchestra productions. They lasted years of occasional wear and were still in great condition. The material is nice and thick and they were comfortable for her to wear. So i purchased the hue brand again since she was very satisfied with her first hue experience compared to other stockings (spanx, hanes, legs. ). . Other brand stockings never were comfortable for her since she has long legs and she was always tugging them up, sometimes ripping through them with the endless tugging and the runs that would develop because of pulling up or snagging on something. She had to carry an extra pair in her violin case because of the delicate nature of other brands. Hue was a little more expensive, however they lasted! no runs. . The orchestra dress code has become stricter so i needed to order stockings with feet that were black; not off black, pale black, grey, or any other shade than dark black. . These super opaque tights were perfect. They are a consistent dark black. The material is thick and has plenty of give, don't need to worry about getting a run while putting stocking on because your finger or rough edge of a nail snagged the delicate material while tugging and pulling to get them up. . 91% nylon, 9% spandex. Made in usa of domestic and imported yarn. . After wearing four times in a month they are holding up and look good even after wearing under pants and changing into her orchestra dress a various locations.

U. Bethany, Isle of Wight

These are great tights. My only complaint is, they run small on the waist. I bought the size based off my height and weight and the waist feels like it's cutting me in half. Other than the right waist, they are great.

. Noguera, Kensington and Chelsea says

As stated in previous reviews. Best tights ever. I'm 5'6", 160 lbs. Pulled up, there was enough leg room and pulled up high enough at waist. A little on the tight side, but comfortable enough. I like them to come up high enough and these do. Love them. Very opaque.

. Laura, Utah

Ordered large. Digs in a little on my stomach (5'5", 160 lbs, size 10 pants) but the trade-off is that they didn't try to fall down at all! i don't have a very defined waist so tights and leggings sometimes don't stay up. As long as i'm wearing a loose dress i don't mind the tight waist.

Z. Arnett, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I was replacing an old pair of hue tights i bought about 5 years ago. I wore them frequently and only this past year they started to tear, and only in the upper underwear area. So no one could tell but myself; there are still no tears, holes or runs in the legs. Also in their defense i gained like 50 lbs so they are the wrong size now. . These tights are amazing. They absolutely do not have the crotch droop that cheap tights have. They stay up forever and are comfortable to wear. . Admittedly, they are a little hard to put on at first. They feel like they might be too tight, but once they're on they fit perfectly. I think they feel that way because of their no droop staying power. And like i said above, you won't have to worry about them running or tearing. I'm 5'6 and 180 lbs and size 3 fits nicely. . The opacity is really nice. You can only see through them in the knee when it's bent and even then it's not bad. It looks darker and more opaque in person than it does in my second picture of the knee.

Q. McCarthy, Bracknell Forest

I bought a size bigger than suggested simply because my midsection is bigger. I did not want to be sandwiched and not be able to breathe! next time, i'll order my suggested size. These are comfortable without feeling like a stuffed sausage. They feel nice and smooth and warm. Best tights ever!

H. Carolyn, Victoria says

Nice tight, would order again- decent fit and quality. I followed the sizing listed and found it accurate.

L. Delgado, Franche-Comte

These tights rock it. I m tall & hate tight waisted pantyhose (don t need control top -yuk! ). These are perfect navy blue & fit great with comfort. Wore to fancy events & appreciated freedom of movement in comfort!

M. Melissa, Somerset says

Not bad. A little too big for me through the legs. They gathered just a little around the ankle, but the belly part did not go all the way over my bump (but i am 8m pregnant with twins). But they didn't fall down either. Not super soft, but definitely not itchy. Wore them all day with no real concerns once i stopped pulling up from the ankles. I'd buy them again if i ever needed more.

F. Irene, Indiana says

According to the package for these, i am at the bottom end of the size range for size 2 (5'5", 120 pounds). I went ahead and ordered size 2 because i prefer not to cut off my circulation with my tights. And i think it would be a stretch for anyone much taller or heavier than i am to be comfortable in size 2. They were not as easy to get on as my other hue tights, my danskin tights, or my steve madden tights. I'm really glad i decided not to get size 1. . For me, they are comfortable and quite opaque. I have very pale skin and i don't even see any sheerness in these around my knees. The navy is pretty dark and matches the dress i planned to wear these with. (although be forewarned, not all "navy" colors are the same, as i have found out with the shrug and wedges i am also wearing today. ). . These seem well-made; i haven't gotten any runs or holes in them and they survive the washing machine (on delicate cycle, cold water, with hanging to dry). I wouldn't call them "warm, " exactly, but it doesn't really get cold where i live and they are sufficient to wear in november/december with a knee-length dress (in georgia). . Anyway, i will definitely get a lot of use out of these and they do fit me, but if you have any doubts at all about the sizing, go up at least one size for best results.

X. Alma, Buckinghamshire

I'm a 12 in pants, 5ft8in 185lbs. These fit very well, minimal unavoidable muffin top unless you want to pull up past ribs. Completely opaque, good strong stretchy material, arrived promptly 5/5

. Medina, Barnet says

Opaque for me. Size 1 fir well. I'm 5' 1" 110lbs. Slight sheen to them in bright light. Navy is pretty- very navy. Sewn so that it will fit any size foot. Does not bind in the waist.

S. Glenda, Arkansas

Exactly what i was looking for - these aren t super heavy and if you stretch them enough and stand in the the direct sunlight you will see through them. But for everyday wear in winter with dresses and skirts where i m typically at a desk, in a meeting or walking in between, these are perfect.

I. Jessica, Barnsley says

Girlfriend here - i like these tights a lot! they're actually opaque, which is exactly what i wanted, so you can use them as leggings over a tunic. They're made of a really soft material that seems substantial/durable and feels like cloth but still really stretchy. Because the material has a lot of give, they also run a little big. I bought size 2 according to the sizing chart and i find myself pulling them up every once in a while; i'm 5'6" and 145 lbs. Beware wearing these in warm weather - they're pretty thick compared to my other tights so you'll be hot if it's anything warmer than 60 degrees out. Hope this helps!

C. Wimbish, Iowa

Love love these. They are thick enough for new england winters but don't feel like you are wearing leggings under your dress. No runs, no looseness around the knees. They hold their shape and wash well!

E. Widmer, Coventry says

I love the quality of fabric. It is extremely comfortable. The waist, and leg circumference fit perfectly; however, the leg length was a bit long for me. I'm approximately 5'4" and i ordered a size 1. I will check on other sizes; but, due to the quality and comfort. I would certainly order this product again.  hue women's super opaque sheer to waist tight, espresso, size 1

A. Gina, Camden

Finally, tights that are advertised as being opaque that really are opaque. In new england, thick tights are a must. But i am so very tired of bying tights that are supposed to be opaque, only to still see skin through them (and yes, i have tried buying one size larger, that didn't work either). These tights are a very nice weight and actually kept my legs warm on a december day in new england. The one criticism i have is that they tend to slide down a bit and wrinkle at the ankles. They don't "bag" or stretch out at all, just kind of wrinkle up a bit and they don't fall down in the crotch or anything, so the wrinkling thing is something i'm willing to deal with. I thought about ordering one size smaller, but then i'd be afraid that they wouldn't be as opaque. So i just pull them up every now and then (when i go to the ladies room, or when i'm sitting at my desk). Not a big deal for me at all, but if that would bother you, these might not be the right item for you.

. Theola, Berlin says

My tights go through a hell only few have experienced. Most give up within a 2-3 weeks, despite being rotated as much as my limited tights supply could handle. At one point i was left with only one pair of fishnets that were borderline hangover-in-vegas-wear and my own bare legs. I hate paying for expensive tights, especially when they straight up gasp at the enormity of their task and run straight up my leg in eagerness to get away from (what i can only guess) are the horrors of being on my body any longer. Not wanting to traverse the sadness of cvs pharmacy for yet another pair of tights, i crawled to online store as a last resort and bought these tights. Plain, black tights, that were only slightly more than what i usually paid, but with the convenience of being at my doorstep in 2 days. I did not have high hopes for these tights, but out of the ashes of my pile of terrible tights, hue tights rose like a tights messiah sent straight from heaven above. I can do anything to these tights. Jagged nails that accidentally snag them? ha. Not even a mark. Wearing them almost every day for 2. 5 weeks straight? not even a small run. Sure, they run a little large, but the top is more than adequate to hold them up and it makes them feel a little thicker, which is awesome for the winter. I got the size two and probably could've done a size 1 (i'm 5'5, 135 lbs and curvy for some sort of measurement), but i love the thickness. They're not sheer, but believe me, i've done all the sheers. They don't last as long. Buy these tights, and find yourself giving thanks to your new tights messiah.

. Meghan, Gloucestershire

I have several pairs, and the hue tights are definitely better than some of the other brands i've tried. For whatever reason, this pair seems bigger than others i have in the same size and i have to keep tugging them up from my knees. Generally speaking, i think they're great and i would order them again. I have machine washed (and line dried) all my hue tights multiple times and they still look new.

. Ross, Kentucky says

Hue is such a great brand. These are pretty excellent. Not so thin that they'll easily run. And no, they're not really 100% opaque, but they're called opaque sheer. They have a tint to them, basically, but they're not going to be fully opaque. They work great under skirts and dresses at work. They're also very long, which is prefect for me, since i'm 5'10".

P. Nielsen, Sefton

From daughter: i love these tights. They are nice and opaque, and comfortable. My only complaint is that i am 5'2 and they are a bit long in the legs and there is only so much that you can pull them up.

. Adrienne, Sutton says

These are perfect. I didn't want "pantyhose", which are uncomfortable. These are tights, they fit well, but not too tightly. The material is softer. I wear them all day at work and don't feel any need to get them off of me as soon as possible when i get home, so they are definitely a winner. I ordered two more pairs. I really love these. Sizewise, i'm 5'6" and about 145 lbs. The size 2 fits great.

Top /womens super opaque sheer waist Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

B. Edith, Leicestershire says

Wtf! i've worn these tights for only the second time today. When i took them off i noticed that they were already pulling apart from the crouch area! btw, they are my size so there wasn't any excess pulling at seams. What a major disappointment. Hue is usually a reliable brand. Not this time though. And at this price point, caveat emptor, buyers beware.

V. Julie, Nebraska

It was not too wide, so there it was fine, but man, i have rather long legs and i kept on pulling and pulling and pulling. So you either scrunch up the extra length by your panty line, or have scrunched up knees and such. . Oh, and like many said - it's not "super" opaque, it is "somewhat" opaque

G. Kristen, Torbay says

I bought the correct size, based on the height/weight chart, but the tights were unwearable. The legs are long and skinny, and they are not elastic enough to reshape for a shorter person.

Y. Adrienne, Bedfordshire

I'm almost positive that these tights are counterfeit hues. I've bought many pairs of hue tights from reputable retailers (nordstrom, macys, etc), and there were a number of details about the tights i received from online store that were just "off. " for instance:. -the paper label encircling the tights was clearly a copy of the original printed on a low-quality printer. The image was blurry and the colors were off. -the sizing is wrong. Hue tights size 1 always fit me great, but these are way too big. They're puddling up at my ankles (lovely). -they're thin and itchy in a way i've never felt from genuine hue tights. -the waistband is particularly low quality. Here were already broken elastic strands sticking out on the waistband when i opened these, and the seams have dangling, uncut threads. . Overall, a huge disappointment. I'm so, so frustrated that online store- one of the largest, most advanced retailers in the world- can't/ won't stop selling fake products!

I. Wayt, Virginia says

I ordered five of these expecting that they would be fine. Three of the five had inexplicably large holes in them straight out of the package. I have never had tights get holes or runs (maybe long term wear and tear, but not out of the package). Poor quality. Maybe these are seconds?

W. Barbara, Illinois

I am 5'6, weigh 135, size 7 shoe so i am not, exactly huge. The elastic popped out in tiny white threads all over my feet the very first time i put them on. I cannot wear them and they are a total waste of money.

M. Smith, West Virginia says

Wife is short and hard to fit. This works for taller person.

T. Joanne, Blackburn with Darwen

Opaque and comfortable, and the foot seems like it will last a while, but i bought these specifically because reviews said they were a bit more durable over all. A large run appeared the second time i wore them and i have no idea why. They are necessarily tougher than very sheer tights, but not anything special.

F. Wimbish, Somerset says

These are too small for me. I'm 5'7' tall, 135/140lbs but i have curves to my frame and this wouldn't go beyond my hips. I believe these are more catered to petite women instead of average women. I'm disappointed that they're small but it's okay. I'll find some more fitting tights elsewhere. . Veronica sacramento, ca

E. Delgado, Wisconsin

Not stretchy enough. Bags around the knees and ankles.

U. Nancy, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

Hue tights are nice and durable, and i like the heathered color of these, but this pair isn't as soft as my older hue tights. They seem to be using a different material that has a more plasticky feel. I have had them now for about a year and a half, and they still work fine, and look pretty new, but i wish they felt softer.

H. Lawrence, New Mexico

These look fine on, but aren't anything special. Wore them a couple of times, had a little fuzz sticking up, and when i went to pull it off it created a run in the tights. Never even got around to washing them. Not worth the money. I always find cheap tights at tj maxx now, so i'll be sticking with those.

C. Kimberly, Havering says

Good for the money, but not great. The color is a bit too matt for an office job, but better than my old cheapo pair. They fit well, but then start to sag a bit. I'd say it might be due to being a bit large, but i'm actually at the top of the weight range. Also, i don't know how a shorter person with my height could bear the waist - i'm 5'9", 190lb, and i even find it a bit binding and uncomfortable.

. Michele, Arizona

Chose a size based on my height and weight, but they do not fit well. I'm not likely to wear these tights as i will spend a lot of time pulling them up as they roll down my waist. The lets were also too long and were bunched up.

S. Monique, Sutton says

Came with a hole. You can tell it is manufacturing error by the lines next to it.

K. Diana, Bourgogne

Way too tight, sizing chart is wrong by a mile. Target tights cost half and are thicker and more comfortable. Not worth the price.

Q. Alberta, South Carolina says

These may deserve a higher rating fit color and softness were all good. My low rating was they snagged right away. I wear nylons and tights and barely evey have a problem until they are very old but these snagged on my first day wearing them a huge rip. Very disappointing.

R. Powell, Milton Keynes

These are ok quality opaque tights. The problem is fit. I'm 5'6" 118 lbs and the size small are uncomfortably tight in the waist. Would not buy these again.

Z. Alice, Rheinland-Pfalz says

Are these the real hue? they are super uncomfortable. I got the smallest size. I am 5'2 120lb but they slide down my my le a bunch. There is no tummy control on top but the elastic rolls down and winds up cutting into me. Also, not that opaque. Feeld different from the ones i have from macys. Maybe hue changed. All that being said, i have warn them twice and the grey color i bought seems to match everything and so far no runs. I just can't wait to get them off at the end of thr night.

J. Valdez, Brighton and Hove

I thought hue was a good tights brand, but these stockings got a run the second time i wore them. (i wasn't climbing fences or getting jumped on by dogs, in case you were wondering. Just crossed my legs and briefly hit my shoe against the tights. That was all it took. )

D. Fabian, Montana says

Size 1 was tight and i am 5'2 and under 130 for certain just not sure. Next time i'll order size 2.

. Guest, Rhode Island

Ugh. Did not realize "super-opaque" was equivalent to support hose. Couldn't wait to get these off.

. Cunningham, South Gloucestershire says

Poked a hole right through it the first time i wore it. Thankfully, i had another pair from a different brand. Poor quality.

L. Gladys, Basse-Normandie

Even though i bought exactly by the chart, i could not it get up to my thighs! i am 5'5", 146lb bought size 2. Very disappointed, went size bigger than usual. . The material is kind of nice, but i am not certain i can call it super opaque.

N. Sandra, Michigan says

I have big thighs so it was hard to put it on. It is impossible to find right size however it is a good pair. It didn't tear as i put it on and it is not very sheer, i can't see my legs skin color (not on thighs obviously haha). I picked size 3, i am around 170 lbs and 5'5".

. Jennifer, Kent

It is made of a good quality material that is comfortable. But it was way too small. I am 5'4" and 118 lbs. I bought the medium and it was too tight. But if i had bought the large it would have been too long.

X. Wells, District of Columbia says

It ripped on the thigh after one wear. I didn't even realise it till i tried to wear it a second time. It had felt very thick and of good quality. So i am not sure what happened. I didn't get it caught anywhere either. I just ended up ordering opaque tights from hanes.

. Shayna, Barnsley

Good: thick, well made, truly opaque. Bad: not soft, too tight. I m at the small end of the height/weight range for the size i bought but the tights are too small by at least one size (emphasis on at least).

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