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Price was 19. This is my four year olds second pair of western chief rain boots. The first pair were hand me downs and lasted forever. They finally started cracking after years of wear and abuse. I ordered these as replacements. They fit her well and are very cute, and they match her western chief raincoat. My older daughter has a pair of these boots also and loves them. They want to wear them even when it isn't raining! most of what i see at big box stores for kids is cheaply made and costs the same as something like this. I would rather pay the same or a little more for items that will last. Sure they will outgrow them, but rather than pay for cheap junk destined for the landfill, buy something that will last and hand it down to relatives or save them for your children's children someday. I like western chief and will probably stick with it as my main brand of rain gear for my kids. I've had a lot of parents wish they made these for grown-ups! i'd definitely wear the smiley face frog boots if they came in my size!

-Q. Carrie

Girls waterproof printed rain boot easy pull on all of our favorite loveable prints on rain boots! stomp in the puddles fashion. no puddle can stop her! western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products -western chief girls waterproof printed rain boot easy pull on handles

  • Value: Two Pull Handles For Easy On And Off. No Mom Needed!.
  • Value: Plush Cushioned Footbed To Provide Comfort For All Day Play!.

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We buy my daughter a new pair of these every time she outgrows them. Great quality and brand. We live in chicago and get a fair amount of rain (and snow! ) and these have proved to be great for keeping her feet dry and warm. She would wear them all day if i let her. I love how easy these boots are to put on and take off as well. My 2. 5 year old has been doing it herself for probably close to a year. We've tried some different brands throughout the seasons but always wind up coming back to western chief. The Best girls waterproof printed rain ( Sep 2019 ) | Western Chief-Shoes Review Value Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot with Easy Pull on Handles Lighted treaded easy clean outsole with removable eva insole.. Two pull handles for easy on and off. no mom needed!. Plush cushioned footbed to provide comfort for all day play!. Moisture-absorbent lining to keep the little feet warm. Waterproof rubber upper with a fun bright print to make each rainy day better! .

Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot With Easy Pull On Handles Review (490659)

This is our third pair of these boots. My daughter is almost five now, and she's been wearing the same style since she was 2 1/2 - she absolutely loves it! butterflies, flowers, pink stripes. If all of her clothes could look like these boots she'd be one happy camper. . Durability wise: she wore her last two pair to absolute bits - the first pair had less wear, presumably because she was still pretty little and didn't get up to as much. There was one tiny split in one ankle when she grew out of them, but she had worn the soles down pretty well. Her last pair started to split across the ankle quite badly just as she was growing out of them. From my experience with adult rain boots, if you don't want your boots to split after a year or so, you need to get boots that fit you quite snugly. That's impossible when you're buying shoes for your child, so it's just something that's going to happen. For really little ones the shoes will probably hold up well enough to hand down to someone else, but for 3+ they're going to be running around in them too much. . Value wise: we've "planted" both of her last pairs in different spots of the garden - they make really cute little garden decorations, especially with real flowers spilling out of them! and as long as you do something with them once they're no longer useful as shoes, they're pretty good value for the money. -. Patton

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Handles

  1. Class: Shoes
  2. Brand: Western Chief
  3. Color: Red
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:7.00 inches
    Length:5.56 inches
    Weight:0.75 pounds
    Width:2.75 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Western Chief
  6. Model: -
  7. MPN: 490659
  8. Total Items: 1
  9. Quantity: 1
  10. Part/Serial Number: 490659
  11. Type: Shoes
  12. Category: SHOES
  13. Size: 9 US Toddler

girls waterproof printed rain boot easy pull on Shoes, All of our favorite loveable prints on rain boots! stomp in the puddles with fashion. no puddle can stop her! western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather. Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles (--Western Chief).

Western Chief Waterproof Printed Handles Shoes

  • We have both these boots and the froggy ones and i love them both! yes, they are a bit clunky so toddlers need to practice walking in them a bit, but both of my kids have loved their boots before they even got the hang of it. Once they do, it's fine and they can even run in them no problem. They wear them all the time, even when it's not raining and they get comments from others all the time about how cute their boots are. I actually buy them a little big so they can wear them two years in a row and that's worked out well for us.
  • I got the size 5 for my 16 month old, who is wearing a size 4 right now. But they were the smallest i could find. They fit her. She obviously has some room, but she can walk without any issues. And she loves them. My daughter is currently around 34inches, and they have the right height for her legs. Very happy with this purchase.
  • These are cute and seem to be well made, but they way too heavy and stiff for young tots. Maybe if could work for an older kid, but this is just a very impractical boot for a little one. My 20mo tried them on once and could barely take two steps in them, and so she refuses to wear them. When i went to return them, i had missed the return window by one day. $25 down the drain.
  • Lovely boots that literally came undone after wearing it just a few times! the back seams got unglued exposing the lining of the boot on both boots. Never seen anything like this before. We did not have much rain this winter so my kiddie wore the boots a handful of times. I wish i could exchange it but the return window closed in november. Bummer. Big time bummer.
  • Cute boots, she loved them but they were too small and the smell was overwhelming. Try to air them out in the garage to see if her younger sister could fit them and it smells so bad in the garage we could smell it in the entryway exclamation point

girls waterproof printed rain Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot with Easy Pull on Handles (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

These boots are adorable and just what i was looking for. My 2 year old loves them so much because she can put them on herself. We just came in from splashing in puddles and her feet were comepletely dry. She wears a 6. 5 normally and the 6 is just right.

Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles
Click to see NoticeWestern Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles (490659)"My kid would wear these every single day if i let her. She puts them on with pjs too. So i'm guessing they must be comfortable. These boots are easy for kids to put on by themselves and are in fact waterproof. My daughter has thoroughly tested that fact. The patterns are cute and exactly as pictured. I would buy these again in a heartbeat."

(0) Question: Is 8m for like a3year old?

(1) Question: My daughter wears a size 11. 5 shoe, we live in s. ca so we don't get much rain. does any one know if a size 13 runs really big (more like a 1)?

(2) Question: My daughter is 18months and wears a size 5 toddler what size should i get for her ?

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Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles

My third grader wears a size 2 sneaker. I heard the western chief rain boots run a size big so i ordered these for him in a size 1 and they fit perfectly, not too tight and not too big. I love the black widow design. It's very subtle so is perfect for a kid too old for toddler looking stuff. . My kids wore their new rain boots all day every day during our rainy, muddy, 4 day camping trip. They are so comfortable!

From monster trucks, bugs, animals, all of your favorite prints on rubber rain boots! great for stomping through muddy puddles. Completely waterproof and easy to clean for the next adventure. Western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather.

Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On HandlesWestern-Chief-Waterproof-Printed-Handles

Western Chief Boys Printed Rain Boot (wc490001) FAQ.

These rain boots are awesome. My son love superheroes and he loves these boots. I actually bought these and another style of superman rain boots, and these are the ones he picked based on comfort and look. The huge positive of these is that they have the handles on both sides so they are easy for toddlers to get on and off themselves. Also, western chief as a whole makes quality rain boots that last a long time (at least until kids outgrow them). They do run slightly small compared to other rain boots, however, i chose they fit as expected b/c i know this brand runs slightly smaller. -Notice from M. Julie, South Carolina

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My nephew is really into superheroes and i had bought him a batman raincoat that he loved to wear. Can't have a raincoat without your rainboots! these are super cute, and the handles make it easier to pull on. The "cape" is not functional but really cute and he's really into the cape idea so he loves it! the boots do smell kind of rubbery, so i'd suggest airing them out in case the smell bugs the kiddos. He wore them in the rain and enjoyed his first puddle jump without getting wet!

Western-chief-boys-printed-rain-boot-(wc490001) set picture

- L. MorganI decided to go a size up on these so they'd last for this year and next. Because of that they were a bit big but not so much you notice while my son is walking in them. He says they're comfortable and i think they'd fit as described had i got his true size. I've only had them for a couple of weeks but being we've having a ton of rain and he loves to go out with them and splash in puddles they're doing well. They seem to be nice and sturdy. Sharks are his favorite animal and i liked it wasn't a cartoony type shark on the boot. No problem with the seller.

I ordered these for my 7yr old who wears anywhere between a size 2-3. He loved these he said they were really cool. I must admit camo dose look really nice. There is not a lining in the boot so a warm and cozy sock must be worn on cold or rainy days. I was happy he was happy as he is really picky when it comes to his shoes. My son loves the camo look and these rain boots fits the bill for him. The price was resaonable as well. The shipping was really fast, and i must put in the category of "must have" especially if your child is into the camo look. The olny thing is i will have to order a size 3 next year beacuse i ordered a size 2 not sure if the boot ran big, small or just right. For the moment i would say the boot fits just right, but again i will have to order a bigger size next year. But for now i very happy

. Gloria, Brighton and Hove

Brand :    western chief
Color :    Pixel Shark Camo
Size :    9 US Toddler
Weight :    0.94 pounds
  • Soft and cozy poly/cotton lining nobody wants to wear boots that are abrasive and rough - especially kids! we line our boots with soft, polyester/cotton blend lining to give comfort. our lining also absorbs moisture.
  • Safety feature our boots are made with a slip-resistant outsole to help provide traction on slippery surfaces! the outsole is also self-cleaning, meaning you won't have to wash mud and other grub off the boots.
  • Easy on and off to make your day a bit easier, we make our waterproof printed rain boot with easy pull on handles with two handles that your child can use to pull them on and off! this promotes independent dressing and is perfect for the family on the go!
  • A beneficial insole children are rough on boots and need a comfortable insole to run around on. our rubber boots are made with a cozy eva insole. our insoles are removable, making them easy to replace and clean.
  • Kid-friendly waterproof boots the main material we use in our waterproof printed rain boot with easy pull on handles is natural rubber, which is durable, flexible, and waterproof. the handmade vulcanization process reduces weak spots in our rubber.
Price :    —
Model :    -
Quantity :    1
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Rhode Island Novelty Kids Umbrella - Childrens 18 Inch Rainy Day Umbrella - Ladybug

Kids umbrella - childrens 18 inch rainy day umbrella - ladybug kids will love to go outside on a rainy day with their very own little ladybug umbrella! this nylon umbrella boasts a cute playful ladybug, and an easy child safe opening to not pinch little fingers. So let them go ahead and splash in the puddles. The umbrella is 18 inches of fabric (an inch longer than many children's umbrellas) , and is made of bright nylon.

Rhode Island Novelty Kids Umbrella - Childrens 18 Inch Rainy Day Umbrella - LadybugRhode-Island-Novelty-Kids-Umbrella

Brand :    rhode island novelty
Color :    Red/Black
Size :    18"
Weight :    0.44 pounds
  • No- pinch children's umbrella to protect childrens fingers
  • Easy and safe for kids to open and close.
  • Designed for children ages 3 and up.
  • 18 inches of fabric, made from bright nylon.
  • Cute ladybug character perfect for any rainy day.
Price :    $11.93 (was $13.95)
Model :    342
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Girls & Boys - Toddlers & Big Kids - Solid & Printed Rainboots

Lightweight rubber boots that are fun to wearkids look forward to rainy days when they can wear these rainboots with the big, easy-to-grab rubber handles. They're so easy for small hands to pull on by themselves and they come in 12 exciting color combinations and patterns- something to please every girl and boy from toddlers and little kids to big kids. Fully waterproof with excellent tractionthere's no slipping and sliding around on the wet grass in these boots. The deep, rugged lug soles provide superior grip for every muddy puddle and slippery slope. Kids can run around outside all day stomping puddles and never get their feet wet - the boots are 100% rubber and completely waterproof. Easy clean upa quick swipe with a damp cloth after a long, wet day and these rainboots are ready to go again. Hang them by the handles to dry or even hook them to a backpack for convenience. No-questions-asked 30-day guaranteetake a full 30 days to ensure they fit perfectly. If you aren't completely satisfied, simply return them unworn for a refund. We won't ask any questions. Order a new pair of norty kids waterproof rubber rainboots today and let your kids discover how fun rainy days outside can be 39815

NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Girls & Boys - Toddlers & Big Kids - Solid & Printed RainbootsNORTY-Waterproof-Rubber-Boots-Girls

Brand :    norty
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Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Girls & Boys - Toddlers & Big Kids - Solid & Printed Rainboots available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Lots of festive colors and prints to choose from: 12 different patterns, color combinations, original artwork and design prints means there is a rainboot to complement every outfit. in sizes to fit toddlers, little girls and big boys alike.
  • Fully waterproof and 100% comfortable: stomping rain puddles has never been so much fun. made from 100% rubber so your children can run, skip and jump all day long without getting their feet wet.
  • No-questions-asked 30-day guarantee: take a full 30 days to ensure they fit perfectly. if you aren't completely satisfied, simply return them unworn for a refund. we won't ask any questions.
  • Fun handles make these easy to pull on: kids have a great time using the big rubber handles to pull these rubber rainboots on all by themselves. your child's small hands will have no problem grasping these bright rubber tubes.
  • Lug sole exterior for superior traction: the deep, rugged tread on these children's boots offers fantastic grip and traction for the muddiest, slipperiest situations. they clean up easily with a damp cloth.

Outee Toddler Kids Rain Boots Rubber Waterproof Shoes Cute Print Easy-On Handles Polka Dots/Camo

Outee established in 1997 focus on professional outdoor functional shoes, equipments & accessories. The core idea is to focus on continuous improvement for better customer experience outdoor goods. Outee's factory is also working on creative design & new material's r&d which is for better ergonomic experience developments. We outee, take customer's feedback as the prior regards our brand. Therefore, we believe to continuous improving customer's satisfaction is to give a unique and better customer wearing & using experience. Always provide customer high cost-effective products and best services is our outee's most important duty to keep moving on.

Outee Toddler Kids Rain Boots Rubber Waterproof Shoes Cute Print Easy-On Handles Polka Dots/CamoOutee-Toddler-Rubber-Waterproof-Handles

Price :    —
  • Easy clean-up
  • Cost-effective with safety
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfortable and durable
Brand :    outee
Weight :    1.60 pounds
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Western Chief Kids Lined Rain Coats

Get in character with this western chief kids' character raincoat. Great for rain and play! it's the perfect choice for staying dry while saving the day. Don't forget the matching boots and umbrella!

Western Chief Kids Lined Rain CoatsWestern-Chief-Kids-Lined-Coats

Brand :    western chief
Color :    Purple
Model :    6856040P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Outerwear (Apparel product review) for Western Chief Kids Lined Rain Coats available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather.
  • Become your favorite character in on these western chief raincoats! each coat is designed with something different to make it pop!
  • Outer shell is 100 percent polyurethane and the lining is 65 percent polyester, 35 percent cotton
  • Waterproof outer shell plus a moisture absorbent lining
  • Snap closure

Kidorable Red Ladybug Umbrella Girls w/Fun Ladybug Handle, Pop-Out Eyes, Polka Dots

Kidorable red ladybug nylon umbrellas are available in both child and adult sizes. Like all kidorable umbrellas they have a fun, easy to grip handle, a velcro strap for quick storage, and safety caps on the tips of the ribs to protect little faces. To complete the outfit, get matching kidorable ladybug rain boots, coat, knitwear and more! most kidorable products are designed for children aged 2-6. Many of our products are available for babies, and children as old as 11. Kidorable delights both children and the adults who love them by transforming everyday, functional kids' accessories into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives at play. Find the gear your kids will actually beg to wear. Raincoats, rain boots, umbrellas, backpacks, hooded towels, hanger sets, knit gloves, hats, and scarves, and more. Here you ll find styles to spark any kid s imagination shark, dinosaur, lucky cat, ladybug, butterfly, frog, and lotus for animal and nature lovers. Pirate, fairy, mermaid, ballerina, fireman, space hero, dragon knight and fireman for kids who dream big. Plus dora the explorer and spongebob squarepants for kids who want to be their favorite characters. We believe in the power of imagination to make everyday families happier. Because a lot is at stake. More and more, children are forgetting how to create, to think, to explore, to connect. Over-scheduled, under-engaged, dulled by tv and video games, our kids are less and less able to amuse themselves, solve their own problems, or tell the difference between the character in the movie and the one trying to sell them cereal on tv. It's time someone said there's a better way. Someone like us. Someone like you. It's time that children and the adults who love them rely more on human beings for connection and guidance and entertainment instead of screens with shiny lights and buttons. It's easy. All it takes is someone who cares. And a little imagination. Won't you join us?

Kidorable Red Ladybug Umbrella Girls w/Fun Ladybug Handle, Pop-Out Eyes, Polka DotsKidorable-Ladybug-Umbrella-Handle-Pop-Out

Price :    —
  • Lightweight, child-safe nylon umbrella comes with a velcro strap for quick storage, easy to use push button closure, and safety caps on the tips of the ribs to protect little faces
  • Kidorable has taken the humble umbrella and turned it into an imagination tent. guaranteed to be the cutest umbrella in your neighborhood. kids beg to use them in any weather, rain or shine
  • Fun and practical: if you're looking for a perfect back to school or birthday present for a kiddo in your life, you've found it. kidorable ladybug umbrellas are a great gift that girls love
  • Premium quality-the kidorable ladybug umbrella has pop-up eyes, a fun, easy to grip ladybug handle for those little hands, and big polka dots to catch your child's imagination
  • Ladybugs are proud to show off their spots. a girl with a kidorable ladybug umbrella is a curious explorer who shows up in the most unexpected places. i'm a ladybug. what will you be?
Brand :    kidorable
Model :    Ladybug
Quantity :    1
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Arshiner Girl Baby Kid Waterproof Hooded Coat Jacket Outwear Raincoat Hoodies

Sizes: 90-130 size: 90:(age: 1-2y): shoulder: 26cm/10. 1", full length (shoulder bottom): 38cm/14. 8", bust: 70cm/27. 3", sleeve: 30cm/11. 7" size: 100:(age: 2-3y): shoulder: 27cm/10. 5", full length (shoulder bottom): 40cm/15. 6", bust: 72cm/28. 1", sleeve: 32cm/12. 5" size: 110:(age: 3-4y): shoulder: 28cm/10. 9", full length (shoulder bottom): 43cm/16. 8", bust: 74cm/28. 9", sleeve: 35cm/13. 7" size: 120:(age: 4-5y): shoulder: 30cm/11. 7", full length (shoulder bottom): 45cm/17. 5", bust: 76cm/29. 6", sleeve: 36cm/14. 0" size: 130:(age: 5-6y): shoulder: 31cm/18. 5", full length (shoulder bottom): 47cm/18. 5", bust: 78cm/30. 4", sleeve: 38cm/14. 6"

Arshiner Girl Baby Kid Waterproof Hooded Coat Jacket Outwear Raincoat HoodiesArshiner-Waterproof-Outwear-Raincoat-Hoodies

Brand :    arshiner
Model :    AM001044
Order click here :    -
  • Material: polyester
  • Department name: children
  • Package content: 1 x raincoat
  • Brand name: arshiner
  • Color: red, blue, purple, pink, green
Price :    —
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Oakiwear Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Easy-On Handles

These super fun and colorful, kids' rain boots are perfect for splashing around in puddles. They are made of natural rubber and include topside handles that make them easy for kids to put on themselves. The convenient handle design even improves children's hand-dexterity and fine motor skills. Oakiwear's high-quality rainboots are sure to keep your kiddos dry in the rain and puddles. These new designer boot sizes are pretty true to size, so if your toddler wears a size 6 shoe, they will likely wear a size 6 in our rubber boots as well. Rubber is the highest quality material to make kids boots out of since it doesn't smell like chemicals. Many boots today are made out of pvc, which sacrifices quality, comfort, and flexibility for price. Oakiwear understands that these boots need to be made for more than just a rainy day, they need to be perfect for taking your child fishing, camping, to the park, or on a picnic. The unique sole design is comfortable for children and is much easier to walk in than boots with an arch. The construction of the bottom not only provides comfort and stability, but also has been carefully sealed to keep your child's feet warm and dry. Being in the northwest, oakiwear practically has a phd in "rain-ology. " oaki strives to only create only top-of-the-line kids products that you feel confident in. These boots fit and feel great; your child will look fantastic!

Oakiwear Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Easy-On HandlesOakiwear-Waterproof-Rubber-Boots-Handles

Brand :    oakiwear
  • Best kids boots on the market oakiwear's mission is to create an easier way to make your children excited to adventure. our childrens boots and toddler boots handles help with hand-dexterity, our design keeps feet dry, and our goal is to inspire kids to play harder than ever. you will love our boys and girls rainboots! oakiwear. where explorers are born.
  • Waterproof all our kids rain boots are made with natural, waterproof rubber instead of pvc. rubber doesn't have a strong odor like the alternatives, and lasts much longer. our rubber is a high-comfort material that allows for a better flex and rebound. the zero-drop heel design makes walking easier for young children.
  • Perfect rain boots for toddlers and kids we designed lightweight boots for kids and toddlers that hold up to the strongest of puddles. a nice flat sole and low heel helps keep kids firm on the ground. we choose a variety of traditional "rain wear" colors to make these the perfect companion to any rainwear outfit!
  • Easy on handles hang them up to dry, hook them to a backpack, or store them out of the way in a closet. the handles are perfect for storage and portability, and are pressed and sealed into the boot for improved strength. but more importantly, your kids can now proudly put their waterproof boots on all by themselves. also great for parents.
  • Easy to wash after a day of fun, just rinse them off and let the boys rain boots and girls rain boots dry overnight. the sleek exterior protects the boots from stains and dirt, and allows them to be functional for everyday use. our improved rubber keeps kids feet from stinking, and the 100% cotton interior is perfect for keeping feet warm. these rubber boots are made for daily play.
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
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Western Chief Kids Character Umbrella

Love. Sturdy, solid, my daughter loves this. It's our 2nd one (1st one wasn't stored properly in our car and was damaged by us).

This western chief umbrella is sure to keep your little one dry on damp days. Don't forget the matching boots and coat! western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the internet of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather.

Western Chief Kids Character UmbrellaWestern-Chief-Kids-Character-Umbrella

Western Chief Kids Character Umbrella (wc430001) FAQ.

Perfect for our 2. 5 year old, who suddenly took an interest in having an umbrella of her own. Easy for her to manage, bright and cheery. We matched these with the western chief rain jacket and boots. -Notice from . Diana, Northwest Territries

Click to Show western chief kids character umbrella (wc430001) Details

Got this for my son for christmas and i'm impressed with how well it has held up with all the playing and hitting and sword fighting. I love it because he loves it, he loves rainy days now, and its apparently very sturdy.

Western-chief-kids-character-umbrella-(wc430001) set picture

- W. WellsI gave this to my 4 year old for her birthday and she's very happy with it. It seems well made and sure did make her smile!

This is a really cute umbrella and actually made much more nicely than many kids umbrellas we have had in the past. I highly recommend the western chief brand of umbrellas, jackets and rainboots. The rainboots can be used for so much more than rain - like gardening, camping, wading in the stream/river/lake (though rocks could be slippery). This set was sent as a gift and i received a picture within 10 minutes of receipt because our nephew was sooooo excited!

M. Anonymous, Rochdale

Price :    —
  • Easy open/close feature
  • Nylon umbrella
  • Durable nylon umbrella will keep the rain away
  • Perfectly sized to make it easy for little hands to open and close on their own
  • Plastic inner frame and handle
Brand :    western chief
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    Character Umbrella
Quantity :    1
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LZH Toddler Rain Jacket Girls Boys Raincoat Waterproof Hooded Bomber Coat

Products feature: brand name:lzh material:cotton + polyester+ nylon pattern type:flower sleevetype:long sleeve suitable for age: 1- 7 years package content: 1 x coat sizes: 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t, 6t 2t (age: 1-2y): length: 38cm/14. 96", bust: 70cm/27. 55", sleeve length: 30cm/11. 81" 3t (age: 2-3y): length: 40cm/15. 74", bust: 72cm/28. 34", sleeve length: 32cm/12. 59" 4t (age: 4-5y): length: 42cm/16. 53", bust: 74cm/29. 13", sleeve length: 34cm/13. 38" 5t (age: 5-6y): length: 44cm/17. 32", bust: 76cm/29. 92", sleeve length: 36cm/14. 17" 6t (age: 6-7y): length: 46cm/18. 11", bust: 78cm/30. 70", sleeve length: 38cm/14. 96" as different screens display colors differently, the color of the actual item may difffer vary slightly from the above images, thanks for your understanding.

LZH Toddler Rain Jacket Girls Boys Raincoat Waterproof Hooded Bomber CoatLZH-Toddler-Jacket-Raincoat-Waterproof

Brand :    lzh
Weight :    0.33 pounds
Model :    C121-C122
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Outerwear (Apparel product review) for LZH Toddler Rain Jacket Girls Boys Raincoat Waterproof Hooded Bomber Coat available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Material: cotton + polyester+ nylon
  • Size for children 1-7 years
  • Coated with waterproof material, better performance in the rainy day
  • Washing way :do not bleach, separate washing, hang to dry.
  • Please refer to the detailed size, choose the baby right size.

Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles (490659) Price : 19, was : 0 as 2018-09-11
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The F.A.Q. for Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles (490659)

We bought these to replace the pair our daughter outgrew. She loves them. They honestly keep her feet warmer and drier than her winter boots. They're great for playing in the mud, too. They're easy to clean with a hose and sometimes a scrub brush.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: My little kid is turning 6 years wich size should i get?

(1) Question: I'm confused about the sizing. my 10 year old granddaughter needs a size 3, but the size chart goes from little kid 3 to big kid 4. which one?

(2) Question: I have a grandaughter that turns 1 years old in 2 days and her mom says she wears a size 4. what size should i get? please , i need help with this

(3) Question: When you say "fits as expected", does that mean you expected the boots to run large or they fit true to size?

(4) Question: What size should i get for a toddler who wear a size 8?

(5) Question: Are these slippery when walking on snow?

(6) Question: What is the difference iin toddler and little kid size?

(7) Question: Do these work for the snow?

(8) Question: Mi daughter is amost 24 months old, she wears size 5 right now, which size should i order?

(9) Question: Is 8m for like a3year old?

(10) Question: Is 8m for like a3year old?

(11) Question: Would these fit a wide foot?

(12) Question: Little kid vs big kid size

(13) Question: Where are these made?

(14) Question: What is the difference between little kid and big kid sizing?

(15) Question: Did anyone else find that these have a really strong odor? we got them a few days ago and i'm thinking of returning them due to the odor!

(16) Question: 1 m big kid for a 6 yr old?

(note) Question: where/how to get Western Chief (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Western Chief's products

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Our daughter has wore these boots until she has out grown them and has past them down. They are slightly faded as she wore them everyday outside in rain, snow and shine. Tough boots and has been through many mud puddles. When they first came in, they did have a strong smell but that went away with time and wearing them. Very pleased that they have no leaks nor any torn spots after all they have been through.

Boots 1107480243, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Girls 1102447417, Shoes 110712976Top Western Chief Girls Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles (490659) FAQ Content

Best western chief girls waterproof printed rain boot easy pull on handles (490659) in review

I got these rain boots for my granddaughter for easter & made a "basket" out of them. They are cute as can be and she absolutely loved them! not only did she have to put them on immediately, she wore them to the sitter for much of the next week. She was a very happy little camper!

E. Colleen, Milton Keynes

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W. Anonymous, Lincolnshire says

These caused a lot of excitement when they arrived at our house, and they've been a great buy. Obviously the design is bright and fun, which my daughter loves. They're also easy for her to pull on by herself (2. 5 years old) and fit true to size. I like that they stand out when lined up at daycare, and she can easily find them. Even better that you can buy the matching raincoat and umbrella set. She's thrilled!

. Sheila, Halton

My almost 3 year old loves these boots and could wear them all day everyday if i let her. I bought a little bit big so she has room to grow in them, but even then they stay on her feet and she can walk in them just fine. Truly waterproof as tested by a a puddle splashing toddler. The colors and horse design is very fun!

I. Paula, Colorado says

I purchased these ladybug rain boots for my granddaughter to wear with the skip hop zoo rain jacket. She loves them. They're perfect for a rainy day and look great with jeans or leggings. I'm happy to say, that she will outgrow them before they wear out. They're made of quality material and clean up nicely with soap and water if they get muddy. One thing that i really love about the boots is the handles on the side to help get them on. We use regular ankle socks with the boots. My granddaughter gets lots of compliments on the boots. I highly recommend them, they're cute, fun and a quality item.

M. Linda, Sheffield

Super cute and they fit perfectly. A little big so order the true size of your toddler. My baby is a 6 and i always order half size bigger. This time i ordered 6 and they are a little big, but my toddler can run and play with them :p she loves the cats and she always says miau! she wakes up asking me to put them on to go to play to the patio, garden grass etc lol . The only thing is if is raining or she is jumping in muddy paddles the water can go inside the boot. Also, they scratch easily, but it doesn't bother me because i see my 20 months old enjoying them. So i have another different pair of boots to go outside and this ones are for when she is at home playing outside :d

. Angelica, North Dakota says

Our daughter had a pair of favorite, red, flowered rain boots that she outgrew and so after trying on and looking at several pairs of rainboots, i decided to look into these. She immediately loved them when she saw them on the screen (i think the ladybug girl books helped with that haha). Now that we've had them two months i can say they've been worn a ton and hold up very well. Once again, i can barely get her favorite rainboots off. I love that they're rubber and not synthetic, which was a must for me.

P. Josephine, Idaho

These boots are the cutest. I love ladybugs so someone got us the outfit for ladybug girl and i got these boots to match when my daughter was 1. They are super stiff and as a new walker it took her awhile to get used to them. She hated them at first as she could not move and looked like she was cemented to the ground. But once she learned, she loved them. She outgrew the first pair and we just ordered a second. She still loves them. They are solid construction and sturdy, and after 6-8 months of regularish use, they did not wear out or cause any blisters. I gave four stars because they have a strong odor out of the box, which is annoying but they go on her socked feet and we primarily wear them outside. And while they say waterproof, my daughter's feet are often wet after splashing in puddles for awhile. This could be that her feet are sweaty and the boots are warm, or the water is coming in from the top. I'm not overly concerned as she's two and not planning on doing any hiking that requires dry feet, changing her socks and shoes after a large puddle jumping session, not a problem. Would recommend (as this is our second pair).

T. Rose, West Virginia says

Darker than expected, but still pretty. Daughter loves them. They stink to high heaven though. Phew. Stick these suckers outside for a day or two. Nice boots, well made & cute but sure are stinky. I would buy them again.

B. Ruff, Maryland

These boots are perfect for my little ladybug lover! she looks absolutely adorable in these and it makes her feel better about playing in the yard (cause other bugs and lizards are gross! ) they also match her favorite stuffed ladybug so she is just thrilled!

Z. Shawna, Poole says

Daughter loved these boots (she'd outgrown her last pair of ladybug rain boots). We'll see how they stand up over time, but out of the box, they're great. Got them a size big-room to grow, but she says they're still fine to wear (and she can slip them on right over her ballet slippers :)

U. Dorothy, Oklahoma

Great little boot. I bought the boot in the beginning of april for my granddaughters birthday, and she has worn it daily. She wears it on the farm and walks among chickens and ducks in the mud and loves to water the garden in them. As of this writing the boots have held up and the face has not peeled off, or discolored. The handles are sturdy enough for her to pull the boot on and the bottom of the boots have a non-slip traction.

F. Erin, South Australia says

They smell terrible when they arrive and must be aired out before worn. Risking a major headache, i tried to do research on the kind of materials used rubber vs. Synthetic, etc. But, in the end gave these a go because of price and style. My granddaughter wore them a lot over the past year, in fact, she wore them out before she outgrew them. (this year i bought rubber boots for her made by kamik and there's not much smell at all. ) unfortunately, these can't be passed down to little sister, but they provided her older sister with a lot of use.

. Anonymous, Texas says

My 4 yo wears a size 9-9. 5, so based on other reviews i ordered these in size 9, and they are somewhat big on her. She likes clomping around in them anyway, and with a sock in they are ok. The color and pattern is awesome. We live in california, so i seriously doubt she'll wear them out before she grows out of them. The quality seems fine to me, but as i said, they've gotten limited wear time. She uses them inside for playtime and stuff, and they hold up fine.

R. Helen, Bromley

These boots were exactly what i was looking for. They are not easy to walk in, exactly, but we were also on hilly terrain. Since they are rubber boots, they don't provide arch support or flexibility that most toddlers are used to in shoes, but they get the hang of it. They were a little loose on my little one, but she thought it was hilarious to run and fall in them. Very cute and seem to be well-made.

Y. Wayt, Tower Hamlets says

Have no idea why the stores in my area are not properly stocking girls rain boots, . So it brought me in here to find some. These are every bit as good as i would expect to find at the mall or major retailer. Fit is spot on for size and super sturdy. Another great puchase!

. June, Indiana

I made the mistake of ordering a size down, after reading some of the reviews saying that these were huge. Well, i should have just ordered the size my daughter usually wears. I exchanged these for the size 8 and then they were fine. They're really cute and easy to put on. My daughter usually wears pediped brand shoes, and the sizing seems comparable.

V. Mathis, South Carolina says

My 4-yr-old granddaughter loves the rain boots, but one of the straps, used for pulling the boot on, broke very soon after she received them. She had only used them a couple of weeks, so i'm going to have to see if i can get them replaced. - update - i spoke with a very helpful rep who was able to give me a return. - i've changed my review from 3 stars to 5 stars. - i just hope the strap on the replacement boots holds up better than the strap on these.

K. Emma, Essex

I bought these for my daughter since we've been threatened with el nino in southern california but so far it's been a bust. She hasn't tested them in the rain yet but my son has a pair from the same company and they are great for keeping his feet dry. My daughter loves the design and walks around in them indoors and i struggle to get her to take them off :) they also come in a cute box that has a space to put the child's name on so they can recycle the box for crayons storage or anything else. I am impressed with the quality and maybe soon enough she'll get to test her pair in actual rain.

G. Aldana, Virginia says

With all the rain that we've been having in north texas this week, thought my 2 year old twin nieces would enjoy their first pair of rain boots! wasn't sure if they would know what they were or what they're used for. Boy was i wrong! these girls love peppa pig and apparently one of her favorite things to do is jump in muddy puddles! the second they opened the box they knew exactly what they were and wanted to go outside right away to jump in muddy puddles! seeing the joy in their faces as the jumped and ran through the muddy puddles was worth every penny! as you can see they look great in the pictures and the colors are so cute! these rain boots definitely made a splash!

X. Lara, Buckinghamshire

My daughter loves these boots. The design is starting to fade a bit though after only about 3 months of wear. Kind of a bummer, but to be expected of $25 boots. They looks really cute on and they go with a lot of things. In the spring she wore them almost every day! they kept her feet dry, but were not very warm, so i had to put an extra pair of socks on her for cold days. Overall, i would purchase these again.

A. Emily, Plymouth says

Very cute boots that my 3yo daughter loves. We like the western chief brand products and have had a good experience with them. Only giving this product 4 out of 5 stars because they appear to run small. My daughter has small feet but these shoes fit just right with no room to grow, despite being her size-we got her feet measured right before ordering these.

J. Evelyn, Poitou-Charentes

My daughter measures a 10, we ordered an 11 - seems to fit as expected as she easily slips them on and off and we have gotten two pairs of thick socks in them for snow use. I like the two handles for kids to pull them on themselves. My complaint about them is the off-gassing. It is significant with these boots. But it is a single piece of rubber with no leaks so overall i would recommend them.

. Lawrence, Louisiana says

My daughter was heartbroken when she could no longer fit into the size 8 ladybug boots she had that matched her ladybug umbrella. At the time she needed size 9, ladybugs had all flown away so hello kitty in a frog suit on her boots were a happy second choice. When it came time to pick a new pattern for size 10, my daughter asked for ladybugs without reservation. They are familiar, easy enough to walk to and play at the park in, easy to put on by herself and they match her umbrella again. There is little support and the removable insoles can "jump out" sometimes, but they are easy to clean. It would be nice to have better fitting fleece liners for the chillier days.

O. Claudia, Alabama

My daughter gets tons of compliments every time she wears these! she doesn't kick them off and moves as easily as when she's wearing sneakers. Her feet stay dry and they're easy enough to remove, which means my floors stay clean, too!

Top /western chief waterproof printed handles Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

T. Elizabeth, Nottingham says

We bought these boots for our 2. 5 year old, and he wore them for slightly over two months before the boots wore out through the heels and toes and the sides of both of the boots split in the same place.

. Imelda, Northern Territory

Very disappointed. I spent a long time looking for pink kitty rain boots and when i seen these i thought they were very cute. Needless to say cute doesn't matter as much as quality. Within a very short time (2x wearing) one of the handles came off and they did not keep her feet dry after a little rain. She did not misuse the boots in anyway. I don't know what the deal is as my boy had a pair of western chief rain boots when he was a toddler and he was obsessed with them and they held up very well. I can't return them because the window closed i feel like i should have just thrown money in the trash.

C. Meredith, Rutland says

This is one of the two rain boots in the same order but it has much worse quality than another one. The inner fitting cloth started to fall off from the rubber after couple months although my daughter did not use it during the whole dry season. My daughter is very sad that her boot looks so ugly and poor quality than her sister's. And even online store refused to replace or refund when the problem started appearing a while ago. It's really a bad experience for a young customer at 6 year old.

E. Guest, Idaho

These are darling rain boots! my daughter loved them and said they were comfortable. Unfortunately, they did not last 1 month of spring. The boots completely tore open in the back of one and there is a hole starting on the other one. Was expecting better quality from western chief kids! i purchased the boots mid january to make sure we were prepared for the spring rain. She didn't wear them until spring (mid-late) march. Probably won't purchase this brand again.

M. Anonymous, Middlesbrough says

Christmas gift- i am sad to report after my daughter wore these for the first time, they tore. I'm really upset as they were so cute and my daughter couldn't wait to wear them. She got one use out of them and that's it, they are done.

K. Lisa, Hampshire

We really like this boot but this is now the second pair we have purchased and after 3 or 4 wears of each pair purchased the pull-up loops on the boot top breaks. It is definitely a construction flaw and not a good design. . Update:. I called online store customer service and after 20 minutes on the phone the nice woman said even though we only wore it 3 times it is out of warranty (it's been two months and they are rain boots) and nothing could be done. She dug deeper and asked a rep if she could give me a $5 credit on my next purchase (which i do weekly). Not cool, this product is defective. Don not buy.

. Courtney, Nebraska says

I got these for my daughter for christmas. I will provide an update later on how they hold up. Right out of the box though, they have a very strong plastic/paint smell, so if you are sensitive to smell that might bother you. I suspect they will smell up the whole closet for a while. They look cute and colors are vibrant. I don't think they are the best quality, the paint on them isn't smooth, but i know my daughter will love them. Also, they run big. I live in california so we don't get much rain i wanted them to last at least a couple of years so the size issue is fine for us.

N. Hurst, Harrow

First of all the online store size chart is not correct. Here you can find the manufacturer's size chart: for example, for size 1 online store says length is 19, 7 cm, but the manufacturer says 21, 4 cm. It's almost 2 cm difference, it's 3/4 inch. For kid it's a huge gap. The second one - the boots smell. So you have to keep them in a box or somewhere outside. But anyway - they look nice.

F. Susan, Dorset says

My daughter outgrew her western chiefs so we ordered these. They are obviously "seconds" - smudges in design and the rubber around the base is uneven and not properly sealed - guaranteed leak :( - will be returning.

. Colleen, Vermont

I've had many pairs of western chief rain boots over the years, but unfortunately this is the first pair where the strap broke a few months in. They're still fine to wear but it's annoying that it happened.

G. Denise, Idaho says

Super cute boots that are easy for my little girl to pull on. However, after our first good storm i let her put them on to splash in some puddles; she was holding my hand the whole time and did not fall once. When we went back inside i helped her get her boots off and found water up past her ankles in both boots! this was our first storm so it's not like she wore holes in them, and the soles had no punctures. Upon close inspection, there are gaps where the latex of the boot joins the thick sole. I really hoped these would work but kids rain boots that can't handle puddles? ! and of course there was not enough rain to really test them during the return/refund window and western chief only refunds within 14 days if you buy through their website. Lesson learned: only buy the boots if the company backs them 100% all the time.

Z. Dorothy, Slough

The boots are very nice but unfortunately not a very good quality. The tag with the brand name located on the heel is peeling off and the shiny look is gone. Instead after 1 month of using it maybe 3-4 times the clear top coat started cracking and peeling off. Now the boots look like they are dirty. I would have expected much better quality for the price.

I. Anonymous, Tennessee says

My 2 year old love these. They do seem to be really heavy to me, but she doesn't seem to mind. If they were for me, i'd probably be less than thrilled, but she adores them. They are a very decent build quality, and look great. They'll certainly last longer than she'll be able to wear them.

. Wanda, Bolton

Have always had great luck with western chief boots but was very sad when within two minutes the loop pulled off one side of boot. But my girl fell in love and won't hear of sending back so super glue it is. She has had other she out grew and passed on that two other girls wore and still passed on to someone else.

. Wayt, Maryland says

These boots (and every other pair of western chief rain boots that we have tried) are super heavy! i am sure they are made well but i am returning them because they are a little big and with how heavy they are, there's no way my almost 3 year old will wear them.

P. Shirley, Rhode Island

The smell of these is awful. We were sitting in church and after half an hour, my eyes were burning and i had a headache from the fumes coming off these boots. They are now smelling up my living room. I would gladly pay a little extra for boots that didn't smell toxic! that being said, i also ordered a different brand for my other daughter, same price, and they do not have an offensive smell. They are pretty cute and seem sturdy otherwise.

V. Anonymous, Kansas says

At first i was happy with a purchase, size is true, colors are bright. But after a month in the closet (my daughter didnt wear them a single time - we dont get much rains here) - how disappointed i was to see that the top layer is falling off. They lost all the glossy look, and look ugly, just like snake loosing the skin. Went in to trash.

L. Pete, Iowa

My daughter loved these. They were comfortable and adorable until. After owning them for 2 1/2 months, the entire back cracked open. It not just the seam either, right up the back. So disappointed!

A. Beale, Bury says

Returned it right away. Defective. The color looks as if bled before drying, strip pattern all messed up due to colors bleeding. Seals pealing off already! the seal around the shoe is sealed with dirt/sand/hair in it! horrible!

J. Mahood, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

These are quite heavy for a child to wear. I bought them for my niece and she loves them but she has trouble walking with them because they are heavy. The material is great but the weight is a little too much for a child.

U. Miller, New Brunswick says

Poorly made. My daughter wore them less than a handful since they were a christmas gift and since we live in san diego, it hardly rains but now one has a hole on the back side which means she can no longer wear them.

. Dorine, Queensland

These are adorable however split by the seam with about 10 wears to school. We live in california and haven't had much rain. We have only owned them for less than two months.

B. Taylor, New South Wales says

So cute! . Update:. These boots came and were to big always falling off so my daughter wasn't able to wear them for a long time. Now that they fit, they are trashed. Note: they do get a good amount of wear, but i expected them to last more than a couple of months.

S. Palmer, North Dakota

My daughter is literally obsessed with these boots and will not take them off. They are adorable, and seem comfortable judging from the fact that she always wants to wear them. If she didn't love them so much, i would return them though. The smell - even after two weeks of airing them out outside intermittently - is unbearable and gets on her skin. I try to avoid toxic plastics, and wish i had selected another brand instead.

X. Cindy, Walsall says

Very low quality! completely fell apart in a month. One of the handles came off right away, then the sole. Very disappointed. I thought that western chief was a reliable brand.

. Theresa, Northwest Territries

The boots were beautiful and fit just right, however, they were very heavy. My toddler couldn't even walk in them. We ended up returning them.

R. Wimbish, South Dakota says

The boots keep out the water, but the sizing chart is waaaaay off. I ordered 1/2 of a size larger than measured and they're still too small.

H. Amanda, Virginia

Tore right down the back seam in 37 days. Mind you this was with random uses as it is a wet boot. The handle ripped today on one and that made me feel i should share our experience.

Q. Perez, British Columbia says

Nice boots. My daughter loves them. The only problem is the handles are very fragile and broke after a very short time. My daughter loved that she could put them on herself using the handle but they were not built to be pulled on by a 3 year old i guess.

D. Nancy, Sheffield

These boots are the cutest, but after two wear, one of the handles broke off by the hands of my two year old. I'm not sure how hard she was tugging (she was just putting them on and they're a bit too large for her as we ordered boots she could grow in to). No worries, though. The other three handles were easily snipped off to match.

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