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Price was 17. I ordered these for my son to wear to the snow and they were great with all his snow stuff on, multiple socks, etc. However, for everyday rain wear, they constantly fall off his feet. They are a tiny bit big for him, but even with extra socks and tucking his pants in, they still fall off whenever we pick him up or he tries to run. If they happen to get wet inside (example: toddler falling in a puddle he's happily jumping in), they take a few days to dry out. All that said, my toddler loves his "boooooooota" and he especially loves that mom has "boooooooota" too :)

-G. Maria

Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Classic, Solid Colored Kids Rain Boots That Are A Favorite And Will Get Worn Again And Again. These Boots Are Available In Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, And Navy. Sure To Be a -Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boot

  1. Advantage: Two Pull Handles For Easy On And Off. No Mom Needed!.
  2. Advantage: Plush Cushioned Footbed To Provide Comfort For All Day Play!.

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Originally bought them for her halloween costume but she insists on wearing them all the time. She's a size 4/5 and 15mo old. These are a little big on her but with thick socks they fit pretty well and she can walk fine in them. Took a chance with the size and i'm happy i did! Best kids unisex solid waterproof rain | Western Chief-Shoes Review ( Sep 2019 ) Advantage Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boot Lighted treaded easy clean outsole with removable eva insole.. Two pull handles for easy on and off. no mom needed!. Plush cushioned footbed to provide comfort for all day play!. Moisture-absorbent lining to keep the little feet warm. Waterproof rubber upper stylish to match any outfit. .

Western chief kids unisex solid waterproof rain boot Review (4900610)

This is a very nice boot, but know how your child likes his/her fit. If he/she likes a snug fit, you might consider buying a size smaller, if not two sizes smaller than your typical athletic shoe. The "bigness" is in the ankle-arch area, not in the footprint, so to speak. My wife bought the pink pair for our 7 year-old daughter. She wears a size 1 keen covered sandal and size 3 new balance sneaker (how's that for size discrepancy! ), so we weren't sure how to judge the size/fit on this boot. After holding up her measurement to the size chart, we settled on a size 3m, which was far too big. Since there is no shoe string to snug it up, like a shoe, her foot slid forward and the boot flopped around. There is no way she could run through wet grass or puddles in that size. We're going to return these for a size 2 and see how it goes. -. Moore

Western Chief Unisex Waterproof Rain

Western Chief
Western Chief
Firechief 2 Rain Boot-k
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6T M US Girl

kids unisex solid waterproof rain Shoes, Classic, solid colored kids rain boots that are a favorite and will get worn again and again. these boots are available in black, yellow, pink, red, purple, and navy. sure to be a hit with every outfit!  western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather. Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boot (Firechief 2 Rain Boot-k-Western Chief).

Western Chief Unisex Waterproof Rain Shoes

  • I ordered these for my niece for a camping trip- she usually wears a 13 but reading reviews i went with a size 2 just to be sure! they were big but still wearable and she has time to grow into them! very sturdy worked great! will use this brand again!
  • These boots always run large on my girls. My 5-year old daughter wears a size 10 show in everything else, but her foot was swimming in the size 10 boot. We switched them for a size 9, and they fit perfectly. . Thank goodness online store was allowing free returns on this boot, or i probably wouldn't have bought it knowing the size variability. . These boots hold up really well and look adorable with everything. Gave 4 stars only because of the size issues.
  • Very cute boots and my kids love them, but sizing was a bit tricky. I ordered size 1 for one of my kids, thinking she could wear them a couple of years. But, they barely fit her now! so, i ordered a 2 and she was swimming in them. We decided to keep them since her feet are fast-growing and the price is very reasonable.
  • They re too big and the inside lining came undone. If you order this item be aware of the size difference.
  • I bought these boots for my granddaughter. She liked them but she said they were a little heavy which they are. They style is really nice and they fit good. The only thing is the weight of the boots. Thank you, . M. L.

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I'm only giving 4 stars because these run very big. I bought this brand after reading the reviews. My son is 11 and wears size 3. 5 shoes. I bought a half size bigger (big kid size 4), because i wanted some room for growth or thick socks. These fit my 17 year old who wears size 5. 5 womens. It doesn't bother my son enough to have them big and with living in southern california, we have been having bad rain storms; so he would rather have large boots than wait for a new pair to come. . Other brands stated they had a terrible chemical smell so i didn't want to get those brands. This brand did not smell or have high chemical fumes. . Highly recommend.

Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boot
Click to see NoticeWestern Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boot (4900610)"The boots arrived very quickly and were exactly as pictured - a nice deep red color with nice treads on the bottom and sturdy handles to help pull the boots on. They were a little roomy, but of course that is nearly the point of rain boots, isn't it? my son was very pleased that it matched quite well to the ll bean rain jacket we ordered for him (these boots were quite a bit less expensive than any of the ll bean ones (but i would recommend bean boots as you have a lifetime warrantee - ie. You could exchange them for brand new ones for free when yours rip and/or the child grows out of them, which is a huge plus about ll bean merchandise), however bean didn't have any boots in my son's size that matched the jackets in his size (color wise), not to mention the price was quite higher for the bean boots (of course, as mentioned, you get what you pay for - ll bean is the best by far for most of their merchandise and the warrantee makes the price so worth it). . Anyway, long story short: these boots seem sturdy and kept my son's feet dry during yesterday's rain adventure outside. They seem substantial, easy to put on and remove, and the treads look like they'll definitely help keep my son from slipping in the mud/rain. Great value for the money."

(0) Question: Are they lined? wear with shoes or alone?

(1) Question: What size for a 3 year old boy?

(2) Question: Is the front-top of shoe scratch proof? or whats yhe reason for beinglike that?

Western Chief Boys Rain Coats

Get in character with this western chief kids' character raincoat. Great for rain and play! it's the perfect choice for staying dry while saving the day. Don't forget the matching boots and umbrella

Western Chief Boys Rain CoatsWestern-Chief-Boys-Rain-Coats

Price :    —
  • Snap closure
  • Waterproof outer shell plus a moisture absorbent lining
  • Become your favorite character in on these western chief raincoats! each coat is designed with something different to make it pop
  • Western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather
  • Outer shell is 100 percent polyurethane and the lining is 65 percent polyester, 35 percent cotton
Brand :    western chief
Color :    Black
Model :    655034
Quantity :    1
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NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Kids - Boys Girls Solid & Printed Rainboots Toddlers Kids

Lightweight rubber boots that are fun to wearkids look forward to rainy days when they can wear these rainboots with the big, easy-to-grab rubber handles. They're so easy for small hands to pull on by themselves and they come in 12 exciting color combinations and patterns- something to please every girl and boy from toddlers and little kids to big kids. Fully waterproof with excellent tractionthere's no slipping and sliding around on the wet grass in these boots. The deep, rugged lug soles provide superior grip for every muddy puddle and slippery slope. Kids can run around outside all day stomping puddles and never get their feet wet - the boots are 100% rubber and completely waterproof. Easy clean upa quick swipe with a damp cloth after a long, wet day and these rainboots are ready to go again. Hang them by the handles to dry or even hook them to a backpack for convenience. No-questions-asked 30-day guaranteetake a full 30 days to ensure they fit perfectly. If you aren't completely satisfied, simply return them unworn for a refund. We won't ask any questions. Order a new pair of norty kids waterproof rubber rainboots today and let your kids discover how fun rainy days outside can be 39815

NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots Kids - Boys Girls Solid & Printed Rainboots Toddlers KidsNORTY-Waterproof-Rubber-Rain-Boots

Brand :    norty
Order click here :    -
  • Fun handles make these easy to pull on: kids have a great time using the big rubber handles to pull these rubber rainboots on all by themselves. your child's small hands will have no problem grasping these bright rubber tubes.
  • Lots of festive colors and prints to choose from: 13 different patterns, color combinations, original artwork and design prints means there is a rainboot to complement every outfit. in sizes to fit toddlers, little kids and big kids alike.
  • No-questions-asked 30-day guarantee: take a full 30 days to ensure they fit perfectly. if you aren't completely satisfied, simply return them unworn for a refund. we won't ask any questions.
  • Lug sole exterior for superior traction: the deep, rugged tread on these children's boots offers fantastic grip and traction for the muddiest, slipperiest situations. they clean up easily with a damp cloth.
  • Fully waterproof and 100% comfortable: stomping rain puddles has never been so much fun. made from 100% rubber so your children can run, skip and jump all day long without getting their feet wet.
Price :    —
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Outee Toddler Little Kids Girls Rubber Rain Boots Waterproof Shoes Pink Easy-On Handles Pink/Blue/Black/Yellow/Purple

Outee established in 1997 focus on professional outdoor functional shoes, equipments & accessories. The core idea is to focus on continuous improvement for better customer experience outdoor goods. Outee's factory is also working on creative design & new material's r&d which is for better ergonomic experience developments. We outee, take customer's feedback as the prior regards our brand. Therefore, we believe to continuous improving customer's satisfaction is to give a unique and better customer wearing & using experience. Always provide customer high cost-effective products and best services is our outee's most important duty to keep moving on.

Outee Toddler Little Kids Girls Rubber Rain Boots Waterproof Shoes Pink Easy-On Handles Pink/Blue/Black/Yellow/PurpleOutee-Toddler-Little-Waterproof-Handles

Price :    —
  • Cost-effective with safety
  • 100% waterproof
  • Two pull handles make easy to pull on
  • Comfortable and durable
Brand :    outee
Color :    Pink
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Western Chief Kids' Glitter Waterproof Rain Boot

A cute spin on a traditional glitter princess shoe to a glamorous waterproof glitter rain boot.

Western Chief Kids' Glitter Waterproof Rain BootWestern-Chief-Kids-Glitter-Waterproof

Brand :    western chief
Weight :    0.41 pounds
Model :    -
Quantity :    1
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Shoes :    Best Boot (Shoes product review) for Western Chief Kids' Glitter Waterproof Rain Boot available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Waterproof pvc rain boot our glitter boots are made with polyvinyl chloride, aka pvc. polyvinyl chloride is a plastic material that is strong, waterproof, and flexible. the qualities make this boot perfect for standing up to adventurous play!
  • Safety we have the safety of children at the forefront of our mind. we know children love to run around and we aim to help prevent injury. our outsoles are made to provide traction in wet weather. you can comfortably watch your child play around!
  • Easy on and off we know shoelaces and zippers can be a battle with kids. to make your day easier, we make our boots with two pull handles for easy on and off! this promotes independent dressing and is perfect for the family on the go!
  • Comfort who wants to run around in heavy, rough boots? not us! the polyester lining provides comfort and warmth. to give your feet the greatest cozy feeling, we have removable memory foam insoles that comfort the feet and are easy to replace!
  • Glitter boots glitter is the new glam! our girls' glitter rain boot is sure to be an eye-turner! these boots are easy to pair and add a "pop" to any outfit without getting glitter everywhere. the great look and functions make this a great gift.

Splashy Nylon Children's Rain Pants

Splashy is an exclusive rainwear line made of advanced materials just for children. With strong attention to detail and children's needs, splashy is perfect for rainy day events of all kinds. Splashy rainwear is lightweight, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, wind-proof and breathable so kids can still have fun playing outside even in a downpour. Splashy rainwear is made from high quality tight-knit nylon fabric instead of heavy, bulky, stiff and uncomfortable pvc plastic material like older style rainwear. Don't let a little rain stop the kids from having some fun outside. Rain, wind, snow and mud have met their match with splashy rainwear! splashy rain pants are not only great for rain, they're also a great layering piece for snowy days! elastic waist and elastic cuffed ankles keeps rain, snow and mud from getting inside. Front pockets and reflective strip down the legs for safety. Mix or match colors with splashy rain jackets for a full rain protection set! pants run large we recommend buying one size smaller

Splashy Nylon Children's Rain PantsSplashy-Nylon-Childrens-Rain-Pants

Brand :    splashy
  • Lightweight, durable, colorful, fun rainwear for kids
  • Comfortable, soft and flexible (not stiff & heavy like plastic rainwear)
  • Run a bit large so if deciding between 2 sizes you should opt for the smaller one.
  • Reflective trim for safety, taped seams, pockets
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable nylon fabric
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles

My little boy loves these boots! ordered the green. Super cute! the plastic smell is strong! they've been on his feet for several hours a day outside and they still smell of plastic. The smell is decreasing slowly. So just be prepared for that. Not enough of a reason not to purchase. Totally worth the price for all the puddle jumping that's happened in the last 2ndays and no more wet feet.

From monster trucks, bugs, animals, all of your favorite prints on rubber rain boots! great for stomping through muddy puddles. Completely waterproof and easy to clean for the next adventure. Western chief has been making trusted family footwear since 1891.   all products are handmade with the intent of keeping the wearer dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather.

Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On HandlesWestern-Chief-Waterproof-Printed-Handles

Western Chief Boys Printed Rain Boot (wc490001) FAQ.

I decided to go a size up on these so they'd last for this year and next. Because of that they were a bit big but not so much you notice while my son is walking in them. He says they're comfortable and i think they'd fit as described had i got his true size. I've only had them for a couple of weeks but being we've having a ton of rain and he loves to go out with them and splash in puddles they're doing well. They seem to be nice and sturdy. Sharks are his favorite animal and i liked it wasn't a cartoony type shark on the boot. No problem with the seller. -Notice from L. Morgan, Luton

Click to Show western chief boys printed rain boot (wc490001) Details

Both of my kids have worn western chief ran boots since they were toddlers. Both have wide feet and never have a problem with fit in this brand. If anything this boot usually accommodates their rapidly growing feet without complaint. They usually outlast a 1/2 size or whole size growth in their regular shoes. The bottom is very sturdy and rugged. The handles make it very easy to put on. I missed these this year on display at the big store where we've always bought them and experimented with a different brand for my son instead (kamik too small) and he was much happier with these when they arrived.

Western-chief-boys-printed-rain-boot-(wc490001) set picture

- X. ParkerThese are precious for your thomas loving toddler. Especially if he/she likes percy or james! they smell like all the boots do. They're a little sloppy (again they're rain boots! ) but we solved this by adding a standard orthotic to the boot. The orthotic also helped them know when they were on the wrong foot (felt weird on the wrong foot). We will buy these again

I let my son choose his own "farm" boots. This was what he picked out. They fit as expected and are cute for kids to wear. He immediately removed the detachable capes and tried to put them on the cats. Capes add no actual super powers, but give the illusion of super powers )

O. Brenda, Cornwall

Brand :    western chief
Color :    Pixel Shark Camo
Size :    9 US Toddler
Weight :    0.94 pounds
  • A beneficial insole children are rough on boots and need a comfortable insole to run around on. our rubber boots are made with a cozy eva insole. our insoles are removable, making them easy to replace and clean.
  • Safety feature our boots are made with a slip-resistant outsole to help provide traction on slippery surfaces! the outsole is also self-cleaning, meaning you won't have to wash mud and other grub off the boots.
  • Soft and cozy poly/cotton lining nobody wants to wear boots that are abrasive and rough - especially kids! we line our boots with soft, polyester/cotton blend lining to give comfort. our lining also absorbs moisture.
  • Kid-friendly waterproof boots the main material we use in our waterproof printed rain boot with easy pull on handles is natural rubber, which is durable, flexible, and waterproof. the handmade vulcanization process reduces weak spots in our rubber.
  • Easy on and off to make your day a bit easier, we make our waterproof printed rain boot with easy pull on handles with two handles that your child can use to pull them on and off! this promotes independent dressing and is perfect for the family on the go!
Price :    —
Model :    -
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Western Chief Boys Waterproof Printed Rain Boot Easy Pull On Handles available ( Sep 2019 )

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We just got these for a boy who is going to camp this week and is jumping in puddles and wading in the creek. He saw them come out of the bag and insisted on putting them on immediately. He wants to wear them so a total win in my book. . I can't comment yet on how well these hold up, but the fit has been fine. He wears a size 4 in street shoes and we ordered a size 4, they fit him with a little room to grow. The issue we have with most shoes is width as he does have a wider foot and these slip on and off with ease.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Did the area in the front (shin) ever crack due to repeated squatting, bending, etc. ?

(1) Question: Is the front-top of shoe scratch proof? or whats yhe reason for beinglike that?

(2) Question: Is it true to size

(3) Question: 1 year old grandson wears an infant 4/5, what size, if any, would be the equivalent?

(4) Question: How tall is the heel on these boots?

(5) Question: Are these boots meant to be worn over the child's regular shoe/sneaker, or are they meant to be worn only without shoes/sneakers?

(6) Question: Will these fit for a three year toddler with wide feet?

(7) Question: Are these boots meant to go over shoes or are they worn with just socks?

(8) Question: Where are these made?

(9) Question: I am trying to determine the size needed for a small-framed 10 year old boy; his shoe size is 3 - 4. what size would best fit him? many thanks.

(10) Question: I' also use these in the winter to get to & from my car. will this provide enough traction on snowy/ice packed driveways/parking lots?

(11) Question: Are these non marking soles?

(12) Question: My son is a size 10. 5 little kid. would it be too much to order a size 12?

(13) Question: R these boots i ordered 2 b worn over shoes or just by themselves?

(14) Question: The sole looks pretty heavy in the picture. are these boots heavy? what is unique or special about the "firechief" line - is it just the coloring?

(15) Question: What size boots is for a 2year old?

(16) Question: Our son wears a size 7 in nikes. what size should i order in these? thanks in advance :)

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My toddler loves her western chief boots. . Cute with a dress or out in the mud with jeans. The reinforced toe and pull handles are great features. This is our second pair. The first are still in excellent condition but she grew out of them. I'm sold.

Boots 1107480243, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Girls 1102447417, Shoes 110712976Top Western Chief Kids Unisex Solid Waterproof Rain Boot (4900610) FAQ Content

Best western chief kids unisex solid waterproof rain boot (4900610) in review

My son loves these. We got them for during monsoon season during the summer and the normal rainy time for when he wants to go outside. I accidentally ordered 1 size up b/c i was thinking he was a size bigger so we have these to the side to grow into. But we have the same brand in camo and he wears them a lot. This set before i realized i got a size too big he wouldn't take them off the entire day. Big smile and he was so excited. When i reordered a size smaller (his current size) we had no issues with them slipping or anything. . Product is not falling apart at all, they are holding up well.

E. Lynette, Barnsley

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  • Special: Slip Resistant Rubber Lug Outsole To Safely Keep Your Footing In Slippery Conditions.
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. Alice, Lincolnshire says

These boots gave my 2-year-old grandson some good-old-fashioned fun - puddle jumping! . They are easy to get on, sturdy and keep those little tootsies dry. Who knew boots could rank right up there with toy cars!

U. Alba, Nebraska

Both of my sons have these rain boots. My older son (4 years old) loves them and wants to wears them when someone mentions the slightest chance of rain. He loves that he can slide them on and off easily, with no laces to tie. They keep his socks and feet dry and their rubber sole doesn't slip on wet floors. My 1 year old isn't quite so thrilled with wearing them, but he doesn't care for shoes that much. I definitely don't blame the boots for them pulling them off within seconds of me putting them on him!

N. Erin, Oxfordshire says

Good, well-made rain boots for a 3-year puddle-jumper. The quality is very nice but the boots are somewhat heavy; my toddler has no trouble walking or jumping while wearing theses but his legs seem to get tired fairly quickly from the weight of the boots. He definitely does not prefer to wear these for a long time. The boots run large. If you want the perfect fit, order down or at least true to your child's current shoe size. I personally ordered a size up to accommodate my child's fast growing feet.

C. Melissa, Walsall

I have bought these boots for my grandchildren for several years and they hold up very well. Getting the correct size is the key. Make sure you order up a size. This company's customer service could not be more helpful. They sent out a new size immediately and have been wonderful to deal with. These boots really do take a beating and do not fall apart. They last and last, and can be handed down from kid to kid. The colors are great. My grandkids just love them.

. Morgan, Nottingham says

Bought size 11 in pink with purple trim for my 5. 5 yo who wears size 11-12 depending on the brand. These fit fine with socks with a bit of room to spare. They are really heavy though, definitely not easy to run in as she plods along. She loved the bright pink color though so we are keeping them.

K. Mable, Liverpool

Fits my lil ones chubby wide feet perfectly! and i love the quality. Thanks a bunch!

W. Denise, Saarland says

I bought these for my grandson's birthday and since it's no fun puddle jumping alone bought a pair for each of his brothers too. The youngest was so excited he was jumping so much he tripped and crashed his chin on the pavement and had to get four stitches. Just beware they cause excessive excitement.

V. Joanna, Greenwich

When i ordered the rain boots i was afraid to order them a little to small, so i ordered them a size bigger. My child wears a size 13 and i purchased a size 1 and she has not had any problems playing in them! so far so good! she has played outside in the mud with the dogs, ran outside through the grass, water and dirt with no issues. The boots are a bit heavy but over all they are really nice and good quality.

L. Adrienne, Cambridgeshire says

Good quality. This is my son's second pair after he out grew the last ones. They last very well and are comfortable. My son can run around with these on all day and they don't bother his feet. They might be a little on the large size, but not enough to order a different size.

T. Allen, Westminster

So stinking cute! (and yes, as other reviewers mentioned, they are really stinky at first. I washed the outsides by hand with just some dish soap and water, and it helped cut down on some of the odor. Smell seems to be from the sole, so i'm guessing it's either a protectant, or just the rubber itself. Ought to dissipate soon enough. ) i bought two pairs for my boys, 7. 5 & 3. 5. So glad i got them identical boots. Got the 10 for my youngest, who's the size of an average 5 year old and wears that size in regular shoes. Though they're quite big, he won't outgrow them tomorrow. (probably run about average, but my boys have wide, duck-shaped feet, so it's a little narrow, but not uncomfortably so. ) got the 12 for the eldest, who's nearly outgrown his 12 regular shoes, but since these run big. (and they'll fit his brother next year! ) they are a little pricey, but seem to be well-made. Don't yet know about durability, but for puddle-jumping (or playing pretend cowboy, fireman, etc. ) they seem to be a hit. Can't wait for the next rainy day!

S. Claudia, Maine says

Fit great! we love western chief! great for pumpkin patches, jumping in mud puddles, snow and christmas tree hunting!

I. Erickson, California says

The quality of the boots is a lot better than i was expecting for the price. The rubber is pretty thick and seems to be pretty durable. They were also delivered three days sooner than the estimated delivery date, so that's always a bonus!

J. Carolyn, Rhode Island

These wellys are great quality. They are a little heavy but my toddler walked around in them fine. He did not want to take them off. We got one size bigger than his regular shoe size and they fit just fine without falling off. He has room to grow in them and they do not look too big. They fit true to size in my opinion. They are easy to clean and just great for the outdoors.

R. Cunningham, Manitoba says

These are stylish, well-made, good looking boots. They are, however, very heavy/clunky. And get the size right! probably not ideal for a toddler - because of the weight alone. My daughter is 5 and wears a 13/1. Trying to be practical mama, i ordered a size up and order a 2 thinking "let me get a couple years out of these things! huge mistake. No really, huge. So i swapped them for the 13's, and they are still reallllly big. I bought these for the kids to wear for spring break - going to be cold and rainy in belgium. So if you have a lot of walking to do and need the here and now size, i would order down (so we need the 12! ) maybe we should just rethink the trip and head to sunny florida! ha!

Y. Julie, Washington

My grandson took a walk in the pouring rain today to 'try out' his new boots. They were warm, 'bendy' and they kept his feet perfectly dry. A great review from a 4 1/2 year old who normally likes characters on his boots. He had too much fun in the downpour and running through the puddles to care if dusty or lightning mcqueen was on the outside. We may add a few stickers later. :-)

A. Paula, Kentucky says

Very nice boots for kids. They seem sturdy and well made. Good color and nice trim. It did seem to run quite large though. My granddaughter wears a size 2 in every other shoe right now but these are hard for her to keep on. I will keep them for her to grow into since they are not something needed everyday but if you do need them to fit right now, a size down might be considered.

Q. Brenda, West Virginia

This is my second pair of western chief rainboots that ive purchased for my son. I always buy a size up so he can wear them for a year. The quality of these boots is top notch. I will only ever buy this brand if it maintains integrity. Only a little sad they didn't have yellow this time for the size i needed but that's ok. I got the navy blue. Which is pretty sharp looking in person. My son is currently a size 6 tennis shoe so i purchased a size 7t rain boot. Its a bit big for him, but that is what i expect. He has no trouble getting around in them. And walks just fine. Hes also very petite for his age. 2yr only 25lbs and well under 3ft tall. Easy to get on and off. And when they start to get small they get hard to put on.

Z. Emma, Rochdale says

These are really cute and seem to be well made. My 18mo usually wears a 5-5. 5 so i ordered a size 6 thinking he would have a little room to grow but these are huuge on him! he has at least an inch from the tip of his toe to the tip of the boot while he is wearing them. I ordered a size 5 so we will see how those fit. I really like the style and quality, they just run very large.

F. Guest, Iowa

Love these boots! very cute. They are comfortable and my 2 year old actually asks to wear them. We've purchased 3 pairs of these over the years for our kids and have always had great luck with quality. Cheaper rain boots have leaked or aren't comfortable. These are great. Highly recommend.

Top /western chief unisex waterproof rain Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

U. Lisa, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Western chief used to have good quality products, but sadly that is no longer the case. My grandson has worn these no more than a dozen times and the glue that holds the liner in is already coming off. Very dissapointed with the quality of these boots. Of course, it is just past the 30 day mark so i can no longer return them. I will never purchase another pair of these again!

. Patton, Worcestershire

Very nice didnt think the size 13 would fit but they do ! an she wears a size one which wouldve been a bit too big .

A. Anonymous, Liverpool says

My son was excited to receive his new rainboots but was upset to find them very large and ill-fitting, even though we ordered the correct size for his foot. Thankfully, a growth spurt meant that he fit into them very soon after purchase. After a couple of sporadic rainy days, constant snow, slush and puddles meant he could wear them. Two weeks of wear was all it took for the sole on the bottom of one boot to split from the boot. While waiting for a replacement to arrive, the entire back seam of that boot tore. We will not be purchasing these again.

B. Candy, Ohio

Much heavier than i would like for a pair of boots for toddlers, but quality is definitely good. But only 3 stars because my son refused to put the left one on after he tried the right one. Probably not for this age group.

Z. Wimbish, New York says

I like western chief boots, but they arrived very scratched up. It wasn't worth returning them or exchanging for a replacement given that they will get dirty once he wears them in the rain anyway. Just a disappointment for they to arrive so banged up when they are new.

H. Harrison, Norfolk

This boot was cute, and fit well. Although the quality seemed good, the sole came off the second time my granddaughter wore it. It basically just tore off from the back. We were all disappointed.

F. Bethany, Cheshire says

These are bit heavy for little legs and are much bigger. I would suggest downsizing these. My daugher wears a 9 but these 9 fit way to big and clunky for her to wear comforatably or safely. I'll keep them and maybe she can wear them next year.

J. Weber, Alabama

Good pair of rain boots. Great color and quality, but the size we received fit larger than expected. Rather pay the restocking fee we held on to the boots for later wear. Overall we are happy with the product though it's sitting on the shelf for later use.

P. Veronica, Nova Scotia says

Love the boots for my son but after one day of wear ( yes one day) the top loop broke off. So sad that we paid money for something to fall apart after 1 wear. Since we haven't gotten a lot of rain we didn't wear them right when he got them in january so its too late to exchange. When i went to contact the seller there was no where to contact anyone. Very disappointed.

V. Fabian, Vermont

Bought a pair of these about a year ago for our 5 year old. Within a week two of the boot loops ripped with my son just pulling his boots on. Within 6 weeks the sole was coming apart and the rubber on top was cracking. I contacted western chief directly and they replaced the boots. Yay! the replacement boots were great. Again it took a few weeks for the boot loops to rip (argh! ) and now the boots have two large cracks in them. My son does wear them a lot, but even though they still fit great, i'm bummed i have to replace them again. He isn't overly hard on shoes, i was hoping to get through at least the spring before he outgrew them. I won't purchase this brand again.

N. Bullock, Montana says

I bought these boots for my grandson to play in the creek behind his house. He had them for a little over a month and now they are in the garbage! he wore them in the creek (shallow) and came out noticing that his right foot was soaked! we checked them out and realized the rubber separated at the heel leaving a huge whole. Very disappointed that they did not last longer!

T. Angelica, Gateshead

Love the look and quality of the boot, but they absolutely run big. We bought a 7 for our son who is a 7. 5, and they slip off regularly. We use two socks for now and hopefully he'll grow into them soon. If i had to do it again, i'd go at least a full size below at a 6.

Y. Courtney, Kirklees says

Bought this last january and the chemical/toxic smell has never dissipated. Maybe it s not all the colors? i purchased in black. I didn t want to buy an expensive rain boot, as kids grow so quickly, but it wasn t worth it to pinch pennies on this one.

G. Meredith, Delaware

Size 1y. Very disappointed in quality. Just opened. Out of the box and the insole in the right boot is 5 sizes too small! which leaves it very uncomfortable to wear. And the boot cardboard/paper that goes inside the boot for shipping was loose in the bag. This obviously was a previous return that online store resold.

L. Lynette, Oregon says

We have had these a month and a half, and the rubber has split between the rough part above the toes and the smooth part over the top of the foot. We bought the solid red pair. Really disappointed, we've had other boots by this brand that held up for a year+.

R. Rose, North Dakota

A little big but better than too small. Daughter loves them with her new fluffy socks. . Edit. First rainy day she wore these her feet were soaked. Very unhappy.

X. Rita, Northwest Territries says

I bought them for my son a size too big and he has now surpassed that size they are adorable but the actual foot cavity is big so even though it now fits in length he still has trouble walking in them and them falling off because it's so loose good enough to not pay to return would i buy again or recommend. No

W. Anderson, Bexley

It's 2016, and stormaggedon finally arrived - a year late. I purchased the western chief rain boots in nov 2015 expecting el nino to wreak havoc on california, but ended up storing these boots in the closet until about oct 2016. From the span of oct 2016-feb 2017, the boy used these boots on and off, depending on rain. Thankfully, these boots still fit him with room to spare, even though he wears a size 2 shoe (i ordered a size 1 boot). Unfortunately, these boots didn't live up to the online store reviews i saw. First off, the inner shoe lining would not stay in place and ended up getting stuck at the tip of the toe. This happened after about a month of normal use. With a month, the heel of the boot developed a hole (this was december). The heel, though it looks thick, is actually hollow. This hole allowed water to seep into the boot from the bottom. I tried to seal the hole with gorilla glue with minimal success. By january, the back of the boot developed a huge tear. The back of the boot is where a large seam is, and it totally tore down the seam. I'm not sure how this happened as my kid is not destructive with his footwear, nor does he mistreat his boots in any way, but it tore and it tore open wide. After chucking these into the bin, i ordered a pair of crocs kids handle it rain boot (toddler/little kid), yellow, 3 m us little kid which are half the weight and have no seams. They seem to be holding up much better after a month of use. . Overall, i'm not sure if we got a bum set of boots, but these didn't even last a single rain season. Unfortunately for me, i ordered these a year prior where rain was promised and it didn't come. Go figure - season we needed it we discovered the boots were bum and it was way out of the return period. The only positives i can say about these boots is that they run large and kids can grow into them, but these are not durable, they're heavy, and will be riddled with issues within a month for active kids.

Q. Allen, Basse-Normandie says

Would not buy these again. The rubber loops should hold up to pulling the boots on. They had only been worn a few times before they both broke. I would have returned them if it had not been past the return period.

D. Guest, Devon

We returned these after 2 weeks because the handle broke. These are made for toddlers so they should be made strong enough to be pulled on by toddlers. The return process was speedy and we got a new pair. I was hoping it was a fluke. They started out fine but after a month, the same thing happened. I don't think my expectation for them to hold up is too high. Prior to this pair, my son had a pair of unknown brand name that we got from a garage sale and he wore them hard for 2 years (after someone else wore them hard) and the handles are still intact on those.

O. Gilmore, Leicester says

The boots look great and arrived promptly. They are quite heavy, which makes them a bit clumsy, but my 5 year old doesn't mind. Unfortunately one of the top loops broke after the 4th wear. My daughter was not roughly tugging them up so i was very surprised when it neatly broke. I'm going to look for tips online to repair the loop of possible.

S. Cassella, Sandwell

We have owned these boots for a little over two months. The get frequent wear and have wore down more than would be expected. They also leak! ? which really is disappointing. They are rain boots and my son's feet get wet when he wears them. This is the second pair we have owned in this brand. Our last leaked as well, though i assumed it was because they were old (1yr of use). Though, now i believe it is just the brand. We will be searching for a new pair now.

K. Kellie, Bracknell Forest says

They have a very strong potent rubber smell. Too strong for kid shoes. And they're too heavy for a toddler to run around in, which is what kids do all the time.

I. Williams, Poole

These were ok for a couple months. Now they are leaking horribly after about 5 months of use. That haven't been abused, just regular use. It's a shame since they are so quick and easy for my kids to put on. And they look good still, but they were leaking enough that we could pour water out of them after my son walked through puddles.

. Janice, Croydon says

I really liked these boots and after reading multiple reviews, i meant to order my son's current size, not his next size up. They arrived on time and my son loved them, but he fell right out of them so i knew even with enough socks, they would be too big. I tried to exchange them but was only able to return. Then when i went to buy the correct size, they were $6. 00 more than when i just purchased them 4 days ago! that was really disappointing that an exchange for the same price was not an option b/c now i didn't buy another pair

C. Dorothy, Nottinghamshire

These are ok they will be fine for rainy days and splashing. But as far as i can tell. He is not thrilled with these. They are not wide enough. My son as many children has extra wide feet. If you have a child with narrow or regular fit feet. These will be great for you

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