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Price was 4. These wipes do a pretty good job on larger pieces like dishes and silverware, but for intricate pieces like chains where tarnish can hide it's a bit more work. Not gonna lie, i prefer the instant gratification dip, but not everything can or should be cleaned in sulfuric acid, or so i've heard. It's a dirty job, there's no way around it. . The wipes are 7" square moist cloths on a roll that you thread through the top and are dispensed like baby wipes. The snap-close lid keeps them moist, at least for the five months it's been opened, and the smell is pleasant. So far so good. . To put to the test i dug out a very neglected circa 1920's cigarette case. It wasn't pretty - herbie's dream girls were dull and he looked like a skin disease cover. Don't know who he was or what he was smoking, but restoring him to his dreamy silver years was almost a pleasure.

-H. Juliana

Wipes Cleaning Polishing Jewelry, Sterling , Plate Fine Antique – 20 Keep Jewelry, Heirlooms, And Fine Housewares Beautiful Year After Year Weiman Silver Wipes. These Convenient Wipes Remove And Resist Tarnish, Leaving A Long-lasting, Brilliant Shine. -Weiman Silver Wipes Cleaning Polishing Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate Fine Antique Silver – 20 Count

  1. Quality: Restore – Take Silver From Tarnished And Dull To Free Of Tarnish And Clean.
  2. Quality: Safe – Mild Formula Allows Safe Use On Jewelry With Diamonds Or Gemstones.

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Love these! so easy and effective. Not sure how they would work on large pieces of silver, but for jewelry and silver flatware they are wonderful. I was able to clean about 5-6 pieces of flatware with each wipe. These were not severely tarnished. However, i did have several very old small serving spoons, very intricate details that were badly, badly tarnished. As in almost black. Even these came out fairly well. Although i did cheat and use a bit of silver "cream" to help them along. Will definitely reorder when necessary. Best wipes cleaning polishing jewelry | Weiman Products-Health Personal Care Review ( Sep 2019 ) Quality Weiman Silver Wipes for Cleaning and Polishing Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate and Fine Antique Silver - 20 count Long-lasting shine - formulated with the finest ingredients that keep silver and other metals beautiful for years to come. Restore - take silver from tarnished and dull to free of tarnish and clean. Safe - mild formula allows safe use on jewelry with diamonds or gemstones. Protect - leaves behind a protective coating which prevents tarnish. Use on - silver, silver plater, jewelry & antique silver, gold, brass, copper & aluminum .

Weiman silver wipes for cleaning and polishing silver jewelry, sterling silver, silver plate and fine antique silver - 20 count Review (48)

I purchased these to clean my tarnished silver jewelry and they worked very well on each of the 10 or so pieces i cleaned. In the photo is an earring before cleaning with these wipes on the left and after cleaning on the right. On one of my jewelry pieces, a handmade necklace, the cleaning solution on the wipe ate through the solder holding two of the more delicate bits together. So use caution with delicate, handmade soldered jewelry, but everything else should be fine. If you only use a little bit of the wipe for cleaning jewelry you can save the rest of it for a few days by putting it in a plastic bag. -L. Amanda

Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling

  • Order: Home
  • Brand: Weiman
  • Color: Silver
  • EAN: 0041598000485
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.00 inches
    Length:3.20 inches
    Weight:0.43 pounds
    Width:3.20 inches
  • Manufacturer: Weiman Products, LLC
  • Model: 48
  • MPN: 48
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 48
  • Sub-Type: Health And Beauty
  • Size: 1 Pack
  • UPC: 041598000485

wipes cleaning polishing jewelry, sterling , plate fine antique - 20 Health And Beauty, Keep jewelry, heirlooms, and fine housewares beautiful year after year with weiman silver wipes. these convenient wipes remove and resist tarnish, leaving a long-lasting, brilliant shine. Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling (48-Weiman).

Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling Health And Beauty

  • I own a lot of silver, mostly pitchers and serving pieces. I hate polishing it, because it usually takes me hours to get through the lot. As a consequence, everything gets very dirty before i get around to cleaning up. . I thought these might be a little wasteful, so i was reluctant to purchase at first. However, i found it only took me four wipes to completely clean an entire coffee service. The technique i used: i wiped each piece down quickly with the wipe, then followed up with a dry polishing cloth to remove residue. Then a second swipe of the cloth, and then a wash in the sink using the cloth in the crevices. I very quickly got through eight pieces before moving on to other chores. . I will need to use cream to remove a little corrosion here and there, but these worked quickly and effortlessly to remove most of the tarnish. They leave a slight residue which rinses off easily. . For the amount of time saved, i would consider the price well worth it, and i will probably have cleaner silver going forward because the effort is so minimal.
  • I've used the "weiman wipes" for about a month now. Overall, i'm pleased with it, but it falls short of other silver polish on the market when it comes to how neat and shiny your equipment looks. But for its lack in performance, it makes up dramatically in convenience. Of course, for your spoons and household items this polish will do just fine, but because of my abnormal familiarity and demand for quality with silver and brass polishes in my job, i'll rate the weiman wipes for how they pertain to me. . The weiman wipes are extremely easy. With other silver polishes, it can get pretty messy and require me to lay out ground protection agents prior to applying the silver polish. With this, it saves me half the time, as all i do is just take a wipe out and wipe away. . A couple traits about the weiman wipes:. + easily applied. + very little mess, if any at all, from the wipes. - requires a lot of heavy buffing in order to remove the "cloud" thoroughly from the objects. - finished, polished product is not as shiny as conventional silver polish applications.
  • If you really want to get your silver clean this is not the product for you. These are only "okay" for cleaning silver - polishing creams do are far better job. After an awful lot of rubbing my silver items were still a bit tarnished and dull. Polishing creams, used for the same amount of time, would have yielded a bright beautifully shiny finish. I can't recommend these.
  • Jar of wipes is too hard for me to open myself. ! i'm waiting for a friend with grip strength.
  • The cloths are small and dry too quickly! too expensive for what you get! still on a quest for a cheap and easy way to clean my silver jewelry that i wear frequently! this will do for now but i will not buy again when it is gone.

wipes cleaning polishing jewelry Weiman Silver Wipes for Cleaning and Polishing Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate and Fine Antique Silver - 20 count (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I love these wipes! i have a very unusual kitchen clock that is made out of best silverware and it tarnished over several years. I looked into the "dip" tarnish removers, but found out they are very harsh on silver, they actually removed the top layer of silver! i cleaned the clock by using about 3 of the wipes. I went slowly and it took about an hour, but the results are fantastic! just wipe, rinse (or use a moist facecloth like i did), and let dry. Very pleased!

Weiman Silver Wipes Cleaning Polishing Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate Fine Antique Silver - 20 Count
Click to see NoticeWeiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling (Health Personal Care)"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you weiman silver wipes! i have a sterling silver charm bracelet that inexplicably started to turn. This bracelet was a gift and carries such meaning to me. I took a chance on these wipes and my bracelet looks new and super shiny! i followed the directions on the packing, which were quite simple. My bracelet has gotten a second life!"

(0) Question: Has anyone used these wipes to clean and polish brass? if so, was it lacquered or unlacquered brass? thanks.

(1) Question: What are the ingredients? how is the smell? thanks in advance!

(2) Question: Does it clean silver and copper coins

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Hagerty 17245 Flatware Silver Dip, 16.9 fl.Oz, Black

Flatware silver dip is used for -inchdipping-inch your badly tarnished flatware or holloware to restore the shine. 17-2/3 ounce, flatware silver dip, fast and convenient way to clean silver flatware, dip flatware in handy basket, rinse and wipe with soft cloth, removes tarnish, not for use on stainless steel flatware.

Hagerty 17245 Flatware Silver Dip, 16.9 fl.Oz, BlackHagerty-17245-Flatware-Silver-fl-Oz

Brand :    w. j. hagerty
Color :    Black
Size :    16.9-Ounce
Weight :    1.53 pounds
Model :    17245
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Removes tarnish from flatware or holloware
  • Fast and convenient way to clean silver flatware
  • This item is not for sale in catalina island
  • Not for use on stainless steel flatware
  • Use to easily dip larger and smaller flatware or holloware pieces
Price :    $10.49
Home :    Best Home (w. j. hagerty product review) for Hagerty 17245 Flatware Silver Dip, 16.9 fl.Oz, Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Wright's Silver Cleaner Polish Cream - 8 Ounce - Gently Clean Remove Tarnish Without Scratching

Wright's silver cream is the original, gentle, all-purpose polish for all silver. It removes tarnish quickly, leaving a brilliant and even shine. It's not just for silver; it also works beautifully on stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, and much more. Use wright's silver cream to shine motorcycle and auto chrome, remove scratches from cds and dvds, brighten go clubs, and much more. This product is kosher approved.

Wright's Silver Cleaner Polish Cream - 8 Ounce - Gently Clean Remove Tarnish Without ScratchingWrights-Silver-Cleaner-Polish-Cream

Brand :    wright's
Size :    1-Pack
  • Use on - silver, silver plater, jewelry & antique silver, gold, brass, copper & aluminum
  • Restore - bring your silver back to its original beauty by erasing the discoloration
  • Long-lasting shine - formulated with the finest ingredients that keeps your silver and other metals beautiful for years to come
  • Protect - leave behind a protective coating which prevents tarnish
  • Safe - mild formula allows safe use on jewelry with diamonds or gemstones
Price :    $3.96
Model :    014
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (wright's product review) for Wright's Silver Cleaner Polish Cream - 8 Ounce - Gently Clean Remove Tarnish Without Scratching available ( Sep 2019 )

Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Restores Shine Brilliance to Gold, Diamond, Platinum Jewelry & Precious Stones 7 fl. oz.

"restore the brilliance, shines and sparkle to your jewelry, wedding rings, engagement rings, diamonds, platinum, gold jewelry and precious stones. Weiman jewelry cleaner is excellent for diamonds, platinum, gold, precious gems and most other jewelry. This gentle detergent-based formula quickly dissolves hard-to-reach soil and grime. Directions for use: 1. Swish jewelry in tray and soak for no more than 30 minutes. 2. Rinse with water. 3. Dry and buff with a soft cloth to shine. Do not mix different colors or types of metals while cleaning. "

Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Restores Shine Brilliance to Gold, Diamond, Platinum Jewelry & Precious Stones 7 fl. oz.Weiman-Jewelry-Cleaner-Liquid-Brilliance

Price :    $5.72
  • Should not be used on coral, ivory, amber, malachite, pearls, opals, jade or turquoise
  • Gentle formula - weiman jewelry cleaner contains a mixture of surfactants, ammonia and chelating agent to remove dirt and restore shine without harming your jewelry
  • In a matter of minutes your jewelry will look like it was cleaned by a professional
  • Effective tarnish remover - this product uses the finest ingredients to quickly remove gunk, tarnish, soap residue, goo and grime from your jewelry, rings and precious stones
  • Easy to use - almost everything you need is included with this product, the tray and liquid to clean your jewelry is built-in; all you need is a clean, soft cloth to buff to a shine
Brand :    weiman
Color :    Ivory/Silver
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    3..94 pounds
Model :    2306
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home :    Best Home (weiman product review) for Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Restores Shine Brilliance to Gold, Diamond, Platinum Jewelry & Precious Stones 7 fl. oz. available ( Sep 2019 )

Connoisseurs Silver Wipes, 10 Count

Connoisseurs silver wipes is the no-fuss, no-muss way to make short work out of a big job. Silver wipes removes tarnish and polishes silver quickly and easily, leaving an anti-tarnish coating on your silver. Leaves none of the mess of traditional creams, pastes and spray products. Simply dispose of the wipes after use. Just in time for the guests to arrive. One wipe cleans approximately four, 5-piece place settings of flatware. Or approximately 2-3 small or 1-2 large pieces like tea pots, serving plates or bowls.

Connoisseurs Silver Wipes, 10 CountConnoisseurs-Silver-Wipes-10-Count

Brand :    connoisseurs
Model :    1030
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Gently polishes to a high luster
  • 10 wipes per package
Price :    $6.99
Health And Beauty :    Best Kitchen (connoisseurs product review) for Connoisseurs Silver Wipes, 10 Count available ( Sep 2019 )

Polishing Cloth Silver, Gold, Brass & Most other Metals, 12 x15 Largest Size

The best for the price - for sure - might not even have to do with price - thoughtful packaging as well. Thanks.

This is the best jewelry polishing cloth we have tested and used for many, many years. It was originally made for silver cleaning and that's what it's best at, but it will clean most metals (as in your costume jewelry) very well. Plus since this is the largest size we make (12x15 inches), it will work and last longer, so you'll get more for your money. To avoid getting a cheap imitation, please make sure the buy box says sabrina silver. *and please keep in mind: to keep your silver clean you must either be constantly be wearing your jewelry (except in swimming pools), or: you must store your silverware, jewelry or musical instruments in a re-closable plastic zip-bag and away from open air, or any natural rubber material. We ship most of the silver jewelry we sell in such a bag for that purpose, we recommend that you do not trash those bags.

Polishing Cloth Silver, Gold, Brass & Most other Metals, 12 x15 Largest SizePolishing-Cloth-Silver-Metals-Largest

Polishing Cloth Silver, Gold, Brass & Other Metals, 12 X15 Largest Size (Sabrina Silver) FAQ.

When i graduated from law school, my husband gave me a sterling silver business card case from tiffany. I did what any irrational person would do, and kept it in a desk drawer for years, because it was "too nice to use. " i came to my senses last week, and took it out, only to find it tarnished beyond recognition. I honestly thought it was ruined. I bought this cloth to see if i could salvage it. After 15 minutes of good polishing, it shines like new. I now wish i had taken before and after photos. This cloth saved my lovely gift. -Notice from H. Guest, Massachusetts

Click to Show polishing cloth silver, gold, brass & other metals, 12 x15 largest size (sabrina silver) Details

Absolutely love this item, quality is amazing, and shines and buffs like no other item i've had. To be honest it looks just like the piece of cloth laying in every jewelers counter when you walk in. Very pleased with my purchase, and i know my sterling silver jewelery pieces thank me as well!

Polishing-cloth-silver,-gold,-brass-&-other-metals,-12-x15-largest-size-(sabrina-silver) set picture

- I. AnonymousI am not certain of this. I have used two times on 2 antique pieces that were in bad shape. Not much help on those. Maybe, it's made more for jewelry or what.

This did a fantastic job cleaning my david yurman bracelet and a few other silver pieces that i own. I also used it on my white gold wedding band and my platinum engagement ring. Great product!

N. Gloria, Blackburn with Darwen

Brand :    sabrina silver
Model :    AG-8XA6H8H-34T3X8
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Jewelry :    Best Fineother (Jewelry product review) for Polishing Cloth Silver, Gold, Brass & Most other Metals, 12 x15 Largest Size available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $6.99
  • Non-toxic, made in the usa
  • Blue & yellow
  • Made of soft cotton, it wont scratch surfaces
  • This is the largest size availabele, for longest lasting results
  • The large size makes it much easier to use

Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner - 8 Ounce - Clean Shine Polish Safe Protective Prevent Tarnish

Made with only the finest ingredients, weiman silver polish is a non-scratch formula that removes and prevents tarnish so your silver shines brighter, longer. Rub polish directly onto silver using a soft cloth or towel. Next, buff with a clean, soft cloth to achieve a brilliant shine. Weiman silver polish is an easy-to-use tarnish removed for silver while leaving behind a protective soating which prevents tarnish from developing as quickly. For diamonds and gemstones we recommend using weiman jewelry cleaner because of the milder formula. Please wash any surface with hot soapy water before letting it come in contact with food. You can use this product as often as you need to remove tarnish. Weiman silver polish has a floral scent. Please use as directed.

Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner - 8 Ounce - Clean Shine Polish Safe Protective Prevent TarnishWeiman-Silver-Polish-Cleaner-Protective

Brand :    weiman
Color :    Silver
Size :    8 oz
Weight :    0.8 pounds
  • Protect - leaves behind a protective coating which prevents tarnish
  • Safe - mild formula allows safe use on jewelry with diamonds or gemstones
  • Long-lasting shine - formulated with the finest ingredients that keep silver and other metals beautiful for years to come
  • Use on - silver, silver plater, jewelry & antique silver, gold, brass, copper & aluminum
  • Restore - take silver from tarnished and dull to free of tarnish and clean
Price :    $8.38
Model :    **24
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (weiman product review) for Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner - 8 Ounce - Clean Shine Polish Safe Protective Prevent Tarnish available ( Sep 2019 )

Brilliant 8 Oz Silver Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Basket

This works great. Dingy tarnished silver is made like new in just seconds. I love it. I have many silver beads, and it would be too much to clean them all by hand, but all this takes is a little submersion in the liquid, and wash it off.

This brilliant silver jewelry cleaner is perfect for cleaning silver jewelry. It is great for removing tarnish on silver jewelry. For stones like ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, peridot and many other non-porous precious and semi-precious gems, do not leave the item in the basket to soak. For these types of silver jewelry, it is best to dip the jewelry in the solution, then use a small brush to clean the jewelry, then rinse it off. Since this is a powerful solution, soaking jewelry with the stones listed above for long periods of time might actually remove some of the natural oils from the stones. Due to the fact that pearls are very porous, this solution should not be used on pearls. This is one of the best and most affordable silver jewelry cleaners on the market. There is a basket included inside the cleaner making it easy to remove any pieces you leave to soak in the solution. This solution will restore your tarnished silver jewelry back to its original luster and beauty. Avoid trips to the local jeweler and start cleaning your silver jewelry in the comfort of your own home.

Brilliant 8 Oz Silver Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning BasketBrilliant -Silver-Jewelry-Cleaner-Cleaning

Brilliant 8 Oz Silver Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Basket (silver cleaner) FAQ.

This is amazing! i bought this for my mom. She had a silver necklace i bought her that was badly tarnished. She dipped it twice and it looks brand new! she couldn't believe it. They wanted $30 at the jewelry store to clean the necklace. I am ordering this for myself too. -Notice from S. Jarvis, Haringey

Click to Show brilliant 8 oz silver jewelry cleaner cleaning basket (silver cleaner) Details

It has a very strong odor, but it works. I used it to clean jewelry that had been sitting in storage for 12+ years and it worked quickly (literally less than 30 seconds per piece) to remove the tarnish and restored the beauty of the silver pieces. That said, it does have a strong chemical smell. A quick rinse with warm water dissipates the smell and after leaving it overnight to dry, the odor is gone from the jewelry.

Brilliant-8-oz-silver-jewelry-cleaner-cleaning-basket-(silver-cleaner) set picture

- N. HadleyWorks really good on shinning up silver and white gold. I have also used it to clean up some costume jewelry and it worked good. This product worked alright for me. My ring is cleaner that it was before i used it. It was rather difficult to cut the plastic wrap off but i'm sure it definitely helps with the shipping and to prevent any chance of leaking. There sure was alot of liquid in the bottle, i had to pour some out because i was spilling it when i tried to screw the cap on. I probably will purchase this product again

The product information stated that you only dip for a few seconds & they were correct. I had silver that had not been cleaned for years & it worked within seconds. I am very pleased with this product.

K. Jacqueline, Tennessee

Brand :    brilliant
  • Cleans almost all types of silver jewelry
  • Includes a basket for easily removing pieces left in solution
  • As all types of jewelry cleaners, this should not be used on pearls
Price :    $7.95
Model :    Silver Cleaner
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Jewelry :    Best Fashionother (Jewelry product review) for Brilliant 8 Oz Silver Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Basket available ( Sep 2019 )

Weiman Silver Polish & Tarnish Remover Wipes 20 Count, 2 Pack

Restore the shine. Weiman silver wipes clean, polish and protect silver and most metals in one simple step. This unique formula instantly removes tarnish, protects against future tarnish and revives dull, discolored metal. For silver and other metals. Weiman silver wipes are safe to use on all types of silver including sterling silver, silver plate, silver jewelry and fine antique silver. Anti-tarnish agents delay tarnish formation and keep silver shining longer. In addition to silver, weiman silver wipes clean and shine gold, brass, copper and aluminum. Weiman offers multiple ways to restore the shine and brilliance to your silver and jewelry. Also consider weiman's jewelry cleaner.

Weiman Silver Polish & Tarnish Remover Wipes 20 Count, 2 PackWeiman-Silver-Polish-Tarnish-Remover

Brand :    weiman
Color :    Wipes, 2 Pack
Size :    2 Pack
Weight :    0.46 pounds
  • Long-lasting shine - formulated with the finest ingredients that keep silver and other metals beautiful for years to come
  • Use on - silver, silver platter, jewelry and antique silver, gold, brass, copper and aluminum
  • Restore - take silver from tarnished and dull to a clean smooth shine
  • Safe - mild formula allows safe use on jewelry with diamonds or gemstones
  • Protect - leaves behind a protective coating which prevents tarnish
Price :    $11.99 (was $13.89)
Model :    AX-AY-ABHI-54327
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (weiman product review) for Weiman Silver Polish & Tarnish Remover Wipes 20 Count, 2 Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Intercept Corrosion Anti Tarnish Zip Lock Bags Silver & Jewelry Built in Saturation Indicator Pack of 15

15 pack anti tarnish bags: corrosion intercept is a revolutionary technological advance that bonds solid state reactive materials (bonded copper particles) into a polymer matrix. This matrix then reacts with and neutralizes all corrosive gases that pass through or come in contact with the film. Corrosion intercept provides effective tarnish protection for non-ferrous metals such as silver, gold, brass, copper, bronze, and ferrous metals (iron based). The inert material will not out-gas (release corrosive gases) like charcoal based products, is non toxic, non-abrasive, temperature and humidity independent, and features a built in saturation indicator. When the copper color turns black, it is time to change the intercept package. It is successfully used by major jewelry manufacturers, nasa, the british royal mint and many other companies world wide includes 5 pack - 4" x 4" divided anti-tarnish zip-lock bag - corrosion intercept divided anti tarnish bags are perfect for keeping earrings or chains from sctratching or tangling (divided - 2 sides for smaller items that require affordable long term storage solutions for any product) while also preventing tarnish. With the patented corrosion intercept polymer on one side and a clearpoly fim on the other, these anti-tarnish bags allow display of the items enclosed while protecting your items from tarnishing for up to 3 years. 5 pack - 4" x 6" anti-tarnish zip-lock bag - corrosion intercept this medium sized anti tarnish bag allows for storage of small silver valuables such as bracelets or necklaces that may be too large for the smaller bag. For up to 3 years. 5 pack - 6" x 6" anti-tarnish zip-lock bag perfect for medium to larger items that require affordable long term storage solutions for any product that may tarnish. Protects items from tarnish for up to 3 years.

Intercept Corrosion Anti Tarnish Zip Lock Bags Silver & Jewelry Built in Saturation Indicator Pack of 15Intercept-Corrosion-Tarnish-Saturation-Indicator

Brand :    intercept
Model :    3205750
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Jewelry :    Best Fashionother (Jewelry product review) for Intercept Corrosion Anti Tarnish Zip Lock Bags Silver & Jewelry Built in Saturation Indicator Pack of 15 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $9.49 (was $9.50)
  • A revolutionary product reacting solid-state reactive materials into a polymer matrix
  • 15 pack - state of the art corrosion & tarnish prevention
  • The only anti-tarnish product to win the german environmental award
  • Get this jewelry protection/care set today!
  • Intercept technologytm 15 pack: 4 x 4 divided (2 small pouches), 4 x 6, and 6 x 6 anti tarnish bags

Silver Clean And Shine Bath

Now, you can have beautiful polished silver with no work at all! incredible, non-toxic quickshine silver bath eliminates all the work! just place all your tarnished items into the water with an unopened quickshine sachet. In a few minutes your silver will be bright, shining and clean. No more hard polishing and dirty cloths, and no more build up of polish in corners and engravings - and quickshine will not wear away your silver-plate like conventional polish. Tested by the good housekeeping institute: carolyn forte of the good housekeeping institute : "in our tests, we found that it did a really good job at removing tarnish from both sterling silver and silver plate. Good housekeeping gave the quickshine silver bath. A thumbs up!

Silver Clean And Shine BathSilver-Clean-And-Shine-Bath

Brand :    quick shine
Weight :    0.64 pounds
  • Quick shine silver bath
  • Safe for all silver and silver-plate
  • Includes pack of 4
  • Cleans silver and silver plate with no polishing
  • Tarnish simply floats away
Price :    $11.57 (was $15.99)
Model :    QS-4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (quick shine product review) for Silver Clean And Shine Bath available ( Sep 2019 )

Pro Size Polishing Cleaning Cloth 100% Cotton Made in USA Gold Silver Platinum Jewelry, watch, coins Non Toxic Tarnish Remover Cleaner 100% Cotton Large Cloth Keep Jewelry Clean Shiny

This jewelry polishing cloth has given new life to my jewelry! i love the large size.

Best quality polishing cloth -100% cotton jewelry cleaning cloth. The outer part of the cloth as well as the inner part are made of natural cotton, one of the most biodegradable fibers there are in the textile industry. -non toxic jewelry cleaner. The ingredients in the polishing cloth are environmentally and user friendly -made in usa. High quality standards in the manufacturing of care products easy and fast cleaning polishing silver, gold and platinum is fast and easy with the two steps cleaning system: -white cloth impregnated with cleaning ingredients to polish the metal -color cloth, untreated, for a final shine of the piece great value -large polishing cloth. The size of the cloth is 11" x 14" open and flat. - the pro size allows the easy handling of big pieces of jewelry, silverware and decorations click on "add to cart" to start loving how your fine valuables shine!

Pro Size Polishing Cleaning Cloth 100% Cotton Made in USA Gold Silver Platinum Jewelry, watch, coins Non Toxic Tarnish Remover Cleaner 100% Cotton Large Cloth Keep Jewelry Clean ShinyPolishing-Cleaning-Platinum-Jewelry-Tarnish

Polishing Cleaning Platinum Jewelry Tarnish (Mayflower Products) FAQ.

It seems pretty nice. Stick to jewelry cleaning and nothing else! -Notice from W. Dorine, Georgia

Click to Show polishing cleaning platinum jewelry tarnish (mayflower products) Details

I had some tarnished silver jewelry and it worked well on it - made it almost like new!

Polishing-cleaning-platinum-jewelry-tarnish-(mayflower-products) set picture

- T. JoannaVery happy with this purchase and highly recommend it to anyone in need of an easy to use, well priced and extremely effective polishing cloth. I have used it on my silver jewelry and was delighted with the results. Some of my pieces where very tarnished and as the directions instructed i just slightly wet them before using the white sided cloth, then buffed up with the gray side and presto! shiny and new looking!

The polishing cleaning cloth comes in a larger size than most making it easy to use and to store. And it has two sides to it. One. Side which doesn't have the cleaning ingredients in it would be used for any gold plated accessories. And support staff is great!

Q. Edith, Hammersmith and Fulham

Price :    $8.95 (was $12.00)
  • Natural cotton: ultra soft flannel made of 100% cotton allows a gentle polishing of jewelry and fine valuables such as coins, medals, antiques and silver and gold watches (14k and 18k)
  • Pro size: large cleaning cloth for easy polish of silverware and big pieces of jewelry. small pieces are also handled better with the pro size polishing cloth. the size of the cloth open is 11" x 14"
  • Safe for your health and the environment. the inner part of the polishing cloth is treated with non toxic ingredients that are user safe and protect the environment
  • Shines and protects: polishing cloth that cleans, shines and protects gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins and other fine valuables. it's a tarnish remover cloth that restores the original brilliance in metals, preventing new tarnish and giving jewelry a layer of protection
  • Made in usa: this is a product made in usa with environmentally friendly ingredients. we guarantee our product with 60 day money back. click on add to cart to start loving the way your fine valuables shine!
Brand :    mayflower products
Model :    PROSIZEPC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Art And Craft Supply :    Best Fineother (mayflower products product review) for Pro Size Polishing Cleaning Cloth 100% Cotton Made in USA Gold Silver Platinum Jewelry, watch, coins Non Toxic Tarnish Remover Cleaner 100% Cotton Large Cloth Keep Jewelry Clean Shiny available ( Sep 2019 )

Silver Cleaning Wipes, 100% Cotton Wet Polishing Best Sterling Jewelry, Silverware Large 30 Count

Our simple shine premium silver wipes quickly restore dull and dirty metal to its original shine and luster by removing unsightly tarnish and buildup, leaving a long-lasting lustrous, gleaming shine. Our extra thick cloths are made of 100% cotton and are pre-moistened with a gentle yet effective formula that removes and resists tarnish, keeping your silver looking great for longer. Our superior formula can also be used safely on gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones. For initial use, remove cap and open protective seal. Feed center wipe through dispenser cap and securely pop the top back on the canister. To clean and remove tarnish, wipe metal using a circular motion. Rinse item with warm water then pat dry using a clean cloth. Wash hands thoroughly afterward. To restore extra shine and luster, finish by buffing with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary. Use as often as needed. Caution: avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. We are committed to your full satisfaction! love our premium silver wipes or get a full no questions asked refund.

Silver Cleaning Wipes, 100% Cotton Wet Polishing Best Sterling Jewelry, Silverware Large 30 CountCleaning-Polishing-Sterling-Jewelry-Silverware

Brand :    simple shine
  • Exceptional quality: our wipes use a highly effective cleaning solution paired with strong, rip resistant, 100% cotton cloths to make your silver look like new again. we use premium materials not found in other lesser quality discount solutions and our canister contains more cloths, making our cloths an unbeatable price for a premium product. our silver polishing sheets are made to strict, tested, trade-secret standards to deliver superior polishing, cleaning, restoring and protecting results.
  • Fast easy results: our convenient pre-moistened wipes effectively clean, remove tarnish, dirt and buildup to restore a brilliant shine in one easy step! no need for other products, cloths, or time consuming soaking. our wipes restore dull, tarnished silver leaving a long lasting, gleaming shine. simply wipe and rinse to bring your silver back to life. our solution also contains ingredients to inhibit tarnish formation, keeping your silver looking better, longer.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: try our premium silver wet-wipes for yourself & then decide. if you don't love the results you get from our silver wipes, let us know and receive a full, no questions asked refund. we are a small family owned business that is committed to your happiness.
  • Clean, polish & protect all types of silver: our silver cleaning wet wipes are pretreated with a gentle yet effective formula to safely clean fine silver, silver plate, sterling silver coins, silverware, flatware, cutlery, teapots, serving platters and trays, antiques, frames, watches, and jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets in new, old, vintage and heirloom condition. restore luster and shine to your silver, copper, brass and more making it look shiny and new again
  • Premium 100% cotton cloth: our premoistened cloths are made from natural cotton that is durable, gentle and non abrasive. our high qualit cloths are thick and will not fall apart, leave lint behind, scratch or pit your delicate and fine silver goods. our convenient pop top canister dispenses a single cloth at a time and seals shut, keeping the contents moist and fresh. we stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
Price :    $15.99 (was $19.99)
Model :    SS-SV-WPS
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Jewelry :    Best Fashionother (Jewelry product review) for Silver Cleaning Wipes, 100% Cotton Wet Polishing Best Sterling Jewelry, Silverware Large 30 Count available ( Sep 2019 )

Goddard's Silver Care Cloth - Fast Tarnish Removal

"a great metal cleaner deserves an equally great cloth: goddard s silver polishing cloth. This cloth is 100% english cotton fabric. It is soft, non-abrasive, and won t damage delicate items and fixtures, augmenting the care provided by goddard s line of metal cleaners. It is best used with other goddard s products, such as silver dip, silver foam, and jewelry cleaner, for optimal results. Wipe metal surfaces with the cloth to remove tarnish, then buff them until they shine. This innovative cloth effectively cleans tarnish from silver, silver plate, and gold pieces, so it s perfect for antiques, picture frames, candlesticks, serving trays, and other home fixtures that can t be rinsed. It restores the natural beauty of these pieces, bringing back their original shine. It not only wipes off tarnish, it leaves a tarnish-resistant barrier that will protect the metal in the future. Each pack contains one cloth. Clean silver and other metal more efficiently with goddard s silver polishing cloth. The goddard s brand originated with joseph goddard, a chemist in 1830s england who carefully cleaned fine silver for the country s richest families. He developed the perfect silver polish, one that would safely remove tarnish from any object. Today, goddard s is a hallmark of silver cleaning, unmatched by anything in the market. "

Goddard's Silver Care Cloth - Fast Tarnish RemovalGoddards-Silver-Care-Cloth-Tarnish

Brand :    goddard's
Color :    _
Weight :    0.9 pounds
  • Fast and simple use - wipe metal surfaces goddard's polishing cloth to remove tarnish, then buff them until they shine. use the cloth together goddard's other products, such silver dip, silver foam, and jewelry cleaner, for a maximum shine effect.
  • Made of english cotton - this cloth is 100% english cotton and is soft and durable. it contains goddard's unique cleaning, polishing, and anti-tarnish agents, and the non-abrasive material adds another layer of silver care, as it won't scratch or damage surfaces when buffing.
  • Restores silver pieces - the polish fights tarnish by washing off layers of oxidation, restoring the silver's natural gleam and shine and making it look as good as new. it also preserves pieces' natural luster and classic beauty without damaging their finish.
  • Protects as it cleans - the polishing cloth not only wipes off tarnish, it leaves a protective coating on silver surfaces: a tarnish-resistant barrier that defends your fixtures well into the future.
  • Cleans tarnish efficiently - goddard's silver care cloth effectively removes tarnish from silver, silver plate, and gold. it works perfectly on antiques, decorations, and home fixtures that can't be rinsed. it also removes other kinds of decay, such as corrosion, rust, discoloration, deterioration, and time-accumulated stains.
Price :    $5.69 (was $7.78)
Model :    707684
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (goddard's product review) for Goddard's Silver Care Cloth - Fast Tarnish Removal available ( Sep 2019 )

Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling (Health Personal Care) Price : 4, was : 6 as 2018-04-23
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling (Health Personal Care) Reviewed by on fihus.com

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The F.A.Q. for Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling (Health Personal Care)

Recently my mother gave me a full set of queen bess tudor plated oneida community silverware. They had belonged to my grandmother and had been in a box full of tissue paper since 1956. When i got them they were in rough shape. Very tarnished- they were dark and had swirls on them similar to what oil mixed with water looks like. I really didn't hold out much hope that i could make them look good, but i read the reviews and got these wipes because 1) i didn't want to bother with the old boiling water/ aluminum foil/ baking soda method and 2) this seemed more effective than applying silver polish and ruining a few soft cloths. So i sat down tonight and started polishing and- wow. I'll agree with most others reviewers that say the wipes don't last a very long time. I could get maybe 2 or 3 pieces of silverware with one of the wipes, but that's the only downside. After rubbing them vigorously with with wipes, rinsing them with warm water and drying them with a dishtowel they look marvelous. I was so impressed i sent a picture to my mom and she too was blown away. These things work! they restored a high mirror shine to silverware that was filthy and hadn't been used in nearly 60 years. I'm definitely impressed.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: I can't get it open. any suggestions other than the directions?

(1) Question: Do these work on costume jewelry too?

(2) Question: Can these be used on stainless too?

(3) Question: Can i use this for rose gold watch?

(4) Question: Will this wipe work on motorcycle chrome? will it haze then need to buff clean with separate cloth?

(5) Question: How many wipes are there in a jar?

(6) Question: Is it necessary to also purchase a polishing cloth, or does this product complete the cleaning and polishing job?

(7) Question: Is that work on tiffany&co 's earring

(8) Question: Will this return the shine on a silver chain my chain looks kind of foggy?

(9) Question: Will this fix sterling silver tarnished from the chemicals in a pool?

(10) Question: Do these stay moist for a long time? i polish silver rarely. i keep polish for years. would these last in the container they come from for a year?

(11) Question: Can i use them on silver plate products? they are not sterling so i'm a bit hesitant because these items are quite old and irreplaceable. thank you!

(12) Question: Would this product work to polish baby picture frames - without removing the pictures?

(13) Question: Will it polish stainless steel jewelry ?

(14) Question: How well does this work on a scratched surface? i have a bracelet with many fine scratches and dings that needs to be smoothed out

(15) Question: How to stop tarnish in a stand up jewelry stand with hooks for necklaces

(16) Question: Will this polish white gold wedding bands?

(note) Question: where/how to get Weiman (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Weiman's products

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I wish i had taken a picture! i have a silver ring that i love, with lots of detail and nooks and scrolls. It was so tarnished, and nothing i used even made a dent! one wipe with these and it's like new! seriously! i did all my silver jewelry. Easy to wipe with very little elbow grease, and then a quick buff with a silver cloth and everything was beautiful and new-looking! forget messing around with toothpaste or diy vinegar/baking soda mixes. I will only use this from now on!

Bestsellers, Health Personal CareTop Weiman Cleaning Polishing Jewelry Sterling (Health Personal Care) FAQ Content

Best weiman cleaning polishing jewelry sterling (health personal care) in review

Although i had good success cleaning an old silver clarinet with wright's anti tarnish silver polish, when it came time to shine up my 1941 conn silver trumpet, which has some ultra-fine etching on the bell, i wanted something more liquid and less likely to scratch or settle into the cracks, so i decided to give these silver wipes a try. Unfortunately, for my purposes they were too gentle and actually required a good amount of rubbing to get any sort of tarnish off the trumpet. I went back to my wright's polish to finish the job to my satisfaction. . As luck would have it, though, the night before we had a small dinner party and the missus got out some of our more decorative silver flatware. It had been a good year or two since we used it and everything was noticeably dull. She wanted something quick and easy to clean and polish the knives, forks and spoons and these wipes proved perfect for that job. They wiped the dullness away and left our silver flatware sparkling clean and bright as they day they came out of the silver shop. She actually got so enthused with the job they were doing, she pulled out our second set of french silver flatware and polished them up as well. That higher quality silver didn't have as much dullness and tarnish as the cheaper set, but these wipes still brought on a noticeably brighter shine. . For a heavy duty job on some antique metal, these wipes proved to be over-matched, but for a quick shine on everyday-use contemporary silver, these were quick, easy and efficient in getting everything shiny, which is why i give them a solid four stars.

N. Mathis, Quebec

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W. Paige, Ile-de-France says

I was skeptical about using a wipe to clean silver, but it already had good reviews, so i decided to try them. I have a lot of sterling jewelry and horse tack with sterling silver that sometimes i just want a quick polish and go, and these wipes do the trick nicely, even on very dark tarnish. After rubbing with the wipe i used a clean microfiber towel to buff to a beautiful shine. Also one wipe seems to last a long time. I was able to get all my pieces done with just 2 wipes. We will see if the wipes in the container stay damp and store well.

S. Anonymous, South Dakota

I've been meaning to purchase a type of cleaner for a sterling silver necklace that started to tarnish & got even worse as i put off purchasing. . I definitely should have purchased sooner! these wipes were awesome. Before & after pictures below, the necklace on the right was the one needing some tlc. . The first time using them i did notice a white residue dried on the container where i had touched the wipe then closed the lid. . Read the instructions too. I didn't prior to wiping & soon realized you wipe rinse off in warm water dry off. This was definitely the way to go. . So i'd suggest whatever you dry the pieces off with after rinsing them, then wipe down the container too. . You could also probably use half a wipe or maybe a third of one for one piece of jewelry because the wipes are a good size.

. Carrie, Isle of Wight says

I'm not gonna lie. I was unsure of how effective these would be. I stand before you a believer. They work amazingly well. I have used the paste before and spent hours polishing silver but with these handy wipes, in minutes the tarnish is gone, a quick rinse and a wipe down to dry and they look brand new. I am never using any other products again. Highly recommend.

O. Alberta, Thueringen

Wow! these work great! i finally dug out the unopened package the other day and used them to clean up 4 very, very tarnished and elaborate candle sticks which i had inherited from my mother and had not been polished since. Well probably since i left home and she lost her free house servant. So a few decades ago. Super easy to use, super effective at getting into all the little detailed grooves. It really was way easier than using the cream- which i also have. I put on gloves, scrubbed away with a few wipes, rinsed and dried the silver and everything was gleaming in maybe five minutes. The only thing is i suspect they will dry out easily after opening if you don't use them up quickly. So i put the container in a ziplock bag. Even my husband noticed- "are those the candlesticks you were polishing? " "yes" "wow those look great, good job! "

T. Connie, Newham says

I was honestly shocked at how well these wipes work. I have a lot of silver jewelry that i stopped wearing because it was so tarnished. I'd tried other jewelry cleaners and none worked very well. I ordered these wipes because i trust the weiman brand, having used some of their other products, and i wasn't disappointed. . Even on the pieces that were pretty much black with tarnish, they cleaned with just a few swipes with one of the wipes. Earrings and pendants all came clean with very little work on my part. The chains took a little more work because there are so many nooks and crannies for tarnish to get into, but they also came clean. I had forgotten how much i love some of my jewelry!

. Barbara, South Gloucestershire

My engagement ring is silver, and it tarnishes easily. Since i wear it everyday, it would get dull and gray very quickly. I was using the silver cleaner in the red jar, but it didn't work very well, and didn't make my ring shiny. These wipes blew that stuff away! just a few seconds was all it took to make my ring look brand new. I am so happy with these wipes. So easy, and the results are amazing! i even tried one on my white gold wedding band, and it worked on that too.

C. Melissa, Derbyshire says

I don't have a ton of silver, but when i was organizing my cabinets i found that my silver pitcher and silver cream and sugar bowls were totally tarnished. I have many memories of helping my mom polish her silver every year or two. I enjoyed the task of it but hated the rotten egg smell that came with her old tarn-x. So when i went on the hunt for some polish to spiff up my silver i was looking for something that would keep things simple and wouldn't stink up my apartment. I saw that these had good reviews and came "recommended" by online store, so i ordered it. I got to work as soon as i got it in the mail. It was so satisfying to watch the tarnish wipe right off! i'm no silver snob/don't know a lot about taking care of it, so i'm not sure if this product is the best for your high end silver, but for me it definitely does the trick! . It took me 3-4 wipes for the pitcher and 2 for each the cream and sugar bowls. It looks like i probably used 1/3 of the container. (though the wipes were still very saturated, they had so much black/tarnish i would start a new rag. Im not sure if it's recommended to just keep using it even when it gets all ruddy? ) so this might not be the most reasonable option if you have a large amount of silver.

. Clara, Louisiana

It is very uncommon for me to write a review. This product is amazing. My family's silverware had not been polished in the 15 years since i married my husband. The only time i ever polished anything before it was messy and smelly and took forever; therefore i didn't have any interest in polishing something that we weren't using. I decided to try these wipes, because the price was reasonable. They are easy to use, and do a wonderful job! the silverware looks silver! i used 4 wipes to polish a service of 8, and it took me about 20 minutes. I highly recommend this product!

. Rowe, Oklahoma says

Noticed that my silver earrings were getting pretty tarnished, and figured these wipes would be easier and more convenient to use than my tub of silver polish. They did a pretty decent job, although it was tough working the wipe into the decorative crevices on some of the pieces. I also polished a silver yo-yo that was really badly tarnished, and the wipe actually cut through the black finish to bring it back to near-new; it did take quite a bit of elbow grease to do it, though.

R. Anderson, California

These silver poslish wipes are amazing! they are so easy to use and polish beautifully! my only small compliant would be that they are expensive and one wipe does not go so far. I had a lot of silver to polish and some of the items like candle sticks i had to use two wipes for. But they work great and polish very quickly and easily. I would 100% recommend them! i am never going back to old silver polish again!

. Whiteman, Wandsworth says

The good: i still have memories of breaking out the tarn-x with my mom to tackle the teapots and silverware if we wanted to have a nice afternoon tea service: it smelled terrible, was so messy, and we went through a ton of cotton balls before we were through. These wipes would have saved us so much time. In my house, we use antique silverplate utensils for everything, and whenever one of them starts to look dingy, i just whip out a silver wipe, give it a quick rub, and throw it the dishwasher. I can get through my teapots, silverware, and even a couple pieces of jewelry with just one wipe. . The bad: i love these wipes, but if there's one thing i would recommend is that you should wear gloves when using these as the chemicals don't wash off very easily. . Pros:. -very convenient. -one wipe goes a long way. -very tough on varnish. . Cons:. -use gloves if you don't want smelly hands. . Buy again:. -i already have. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to message me. *if this review has helped you in any way, please click the yes button below. Thank you. *

K. Elizabeth, Centre says

Hands down the best product/method i've ever used to clean/shine any kind of silver! (and as an antique silver collector/seller- i've used them all! ) no smell, safe on skin, and one wipe will buff to a shine a small sized silver piece! once my wipe was grungy, i rinsed it with water and continued to use to which tripled its longevity. I'm re-ordering a case as we speak! also a bonus- it's totally safe for anything silver- whether it's heavily tarnished and almost black, a valuable antique, sterling or silver plate- and it's so safe you can eat off the cleaned silver! couldn't ask for more and am ecstatic to finally have found a "miracle product" for silver!

X. Delgado, North Lincolnshire

I have quite a few sterling silver jewelry pieces, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. I found i could not wear them as they discolored and i hated the smell of silver polish. I saw this product on online store and decided to give it a try. I loved it! dug out my david yurman pieces and wiped with the cloth which has no chemical smell. Like new. I could never clean this stuff before as yurman wants you to use soap and water. It doesn't work like this does and it's gentle. One wipe cleaned a lot of items and now i can wear my silver pieces again. Great product

V. Kathlene, Arizona says

I bought some shoes on the clearance rack at macy's. I think they were on clearance because the buckles were tarnished. I bought them thinking that maybe i could find something to clean the buckles, and after much research decided on trying these "silver" wipes. . I don't know exactly what metal the buckles are, but i followed the directions on the jar and the buckles now look shiny and new. If you're cleaning something like shoes, just be careful to put a paper towel or something so that none of the liquid from the wipe drops onto the shoe, as the wipes are fairly wet. . Also, keep in mind it's not a magic wand, you still have to put a little bit of time into rubbing the metal, like using a eraser on a really dark pencil mark. It's not like using an eraser on a whiteboard where it's clear with one swipe.

. Broyles, Hackney

These wipes, omg! r great! they actually work, on my good ole' used (really used) silverwares that were last clean in 1999 (i was still using them, tarnish and all). The minute the package arrived, opened it, and went to work. I used only 1 wipe for about 28 pieces, only added a few drops of warm water to the wipe and i'm certain it will work for another 12 pieces.

E. Hakala, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I'll admit it. I never leave reviews. For one thing i don't have the time. However, in this case i am going to. I not only wear jewelry but i make jewelry and have for years (mostly sterling silver pieces). I have tried the dry cloth wipes, different brands. I even bought an expensive water machine. I was never impressed with any of them so i decided to go another route. I am so glad i did! i took some bracelets that would have taken me ages to wipe and from experience i know that they wouldn't ever be fully clean, especially in the cracks and grooves. I pulled out one of these wipes and in just a few minutes, they looked brand new! shocked, but in an awesome way. Now i have a huge chest of jewelry to do but i'm not even stressing. I can't wait to see all of my jewelry looking brand new again :) do yourself a favor and buy this!

M. Newell, Hartlepool

I purchased the silver wipes after inheriting a 5 piece silver tea set from my mother-in-law. This set was so tarnished it looked like it had been buried in mud for eternity. I lost hope that it would ever be clean. This is the first time i've ever used this type of product so i wasn't very hopeful. Well. These wipes are so amazing, upon the first touch of one of the pieces, it started to clear up that' mud instantly! i was very impressed! of course you need to put a little effort into areas where there's super dark tarnish, and it is a little time consuming, but so worth it! on the two larger pieces, it will take 4-5 wipes to get the job done; smaller pieces maybe 2 wipes. I now have a beautiful silver tea set that shines in my dining room! i wish i had taken a before & after picture to actually show you what these wipes accomplished! i will definitely purchase again when in need!

P. Annette, West Virginia says

Ah, so this is how these work, and then they work wonders. The wipes arrive rolled tightly into the container, 20 of them. First try, i pulled one off the end, like peeling a wealthy roll of $1 bills. Worked ok but couldn't wrap it around the serving spoon i was cleaning or get a good grip. Looked again & saw each wrap is folded in half. Unfold, and voila! 5. 5" wide, 7. 9' long, and i could put some sincere energy into cleaning that tarnished spoon. . The wipes were tested on a 6 pieces per setting, 10 setting sterling set, medium tarnished, six shamefully tarnished silver-plate & ornate serving spoons, a fairly shiny baroque repousse dish, and several silver plate serving dishes. I still have 1/2 of the wipes left. A single wipe shone about 4 pieces of silver-more for a plain item, less if the item is ornate. . Pros:. -easy to use, no pre-preparation. -smelled good to me, neutral-clean not perfumey. -handled the tarnished as well as shinier pieces. . User alerts:. -energy needed; a languid wipe won't do the trick so those with arthritis or wrist issues should be aware. -need to buff energetically with a soft dry cloth to bring up the shine (rinse first)-not for a long time but with energy. . I'm really happy with results compared to a liquid polish and a pink cream polish both well known. This is a good value too!

Z. Cathy, Croydon

The last time i cleaned my silver (and i have at least 10 to 15 medium to large pieces) was well over a year ago. As you can imagine they were all very tarnished before i set out to clean them again. And was avoiding it like the plague since it took upto two hours the last time. Not to mention the smell and number it dud on my hands afterwards. I decided i procrastinated long enough so i bit the bullet got in online store saw the reviews and was impressed. So for less than five dollars i thought i'd give it a try! . . I was not disappointed. I really like the fact that you can use this on all the metals you would typically have, copper, brass, gold, and if course silver. I haven't tried it on anything but the silver but if it works as well on everything as the silver i dot see why you would ever buy multiple polishers! . . I also really like that the solution is on a disposable wipe. Most of my silver is plated so care is needed to make sure the finish is not rubbed. This wipe ensures that what your using is gentle enough. It also retains just the right amount of polish even for the large pieces and it works so much faster than any other polish i've ever used. It dies not smell bad and it's not overly harsh on the hands. Its also suprisingly effective in detailed pieces with lots of nooks and crannies. True to its instructions rinse with warm water and dry, and what you have is not only free from tarnish but a nice mirrored polish look that you sometimes don't get with the dip polishes. . So all in all i give it 5 stars for cost, versitality, effectivness and finally speed as i was able to get a two hour job done in 20 to 30 min! . . Try this polish you will not be disappointed.

. Neva, East Riding of Yorkshire says

These actually work quite well. I have a lot of silver jewelry w/turquoise stones and protect the stones so am fussy about cleaner. Prior to this, i have used and probably will continue to but in a pinch, this one prior to clean silver use dry baking soda, do not wet it, just rub the soda around on your silver, and it cleans better than anything i know of and is entirely safe for your jewelry, and i suppose tableware if anyone still uses sterling silver tableware, besides my mother.

I. Wanda, Missouri

These little wipes work wonders. I've always had great results with the weiman brand and these don't disappoint. The best part is that it doesn't take excessive scrubbing to clean your jewelry. The wipes last a very long time, allowing me to clean several pieces of jewelry without it drying out. They have even removed tarnish off other pieces that weren't silver. Love them!

D. Courtney, Vermont says

Does clean very tarnished items but isn't as effortless as the tarnx ads show a dip "might" be - if you are willing to use toxic, smelly chemicals. Instead, this has no odor, didn't sting or harm my skin. 2 items i used this on were black with tarnish, hadn't been clearned for 15+ years. Used 2 cloths to clean them, 1 for 1st pass, a second for clearning up once the silver bagan to show. Cloth becomes saturated with black tarnish while still useful so rubber gloves might be needed. Didn't glow afterwards - bought a polishing cloth that finished the job. Recommend the product over creams and dips, but i wasn't thrilled until i buffed with a silver polishing cloth

Y. Zelda, Rochdale

I love these wipes! i was constantly pulling silver jewelry out to wear, and couldn't because it was tarnished. My husband use to take my jewelry to the garage and shine it up with whatever he was using, but now, i just keep these in my medicine cabinet, and they quickly clean my jewelry in seconds! it cleans very fast, and removes all the tarnish! even in the little cracks of the jewelry. I will definitely keep these on hand forever!

Top /weiman cleaning polishing jewelry sterling Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

C. Guest, Doncaster says

Ugh, will never buy again. I've used the liquid silver cleaner for years, the kind that comes iwth the little plastic basket, but this is no substitute. The wipes dry out quickly, don't work very well, and don't feed out of the dispenser properly.

J. Rowe, Southend-on-Sea

I'll not be using this again. It is simply moist clothes with the polish . Use it once and toss it. I'd rather use the paste polish, which lasts a long time. And it did not scrub off the tarnish fist time, actually took a second swipe to do the job.

Q. Elizabeth, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

Terrible wipes. Didn't remove the tarnish on my jewelry. They had a horrible chemical feel to the cloths, and still didn't shine the silver. I will go back to the old polishing cloth.

P. Alba, Cambridgeshire

I bought this to clean my silver jewelry. There wasn't as much solution in the bottle than i thought there would be and some of the wipes were dry so i had to use multiple. I also used it on some silver gauntlets that i had. After putting in some elbow grease, it cleaned them right up. Not so good for silver that is small or silver dinnerware that has intricate details as the wipes don't penetrate the little nooks and crannies.

S. Erin, Kansas says

These didn't do a thing for my silver pieces. I didn't try them on jewelry. Wipes are very small.

Y. Hayward, Massachusetts

I have not found these to be effective at all

. Hakala, Isle of Wight says

It does the job, but tarnish returns much too quickly even without use of the silver that has been cleaned. I am used to a 3m product that i've used for years and am no longer able to find. It had provided a protective layer with anti-tarnish properties in it that made life much easier so i wasn't having to constantly clean my silver.

F. Brendon, Barnet

The wipes have a nice fresh scent and don't feel greasy like others tend to do. However, i purchased these to remove the tarnish from one silver plated item in particular and they failed to deliver. I made sure that they were designed for silver plated items (not just real silver) but i spent quite a bit of time wiping away and they just didn't work.

L. Pearce, Telford and Wrekin says

Doesn't work as well as i would of liked but eventually got the job done

M. Guest, Stockport

It's ok, but not as good as real silver polish. Probably would buy it again.

W. Paula, New Jersey says

Don't work on my pandora charms. Only removed little stain from my silver bracelet.

. Valdez, Havering

In theory, this was a great idea! and it does work if your silver is only slightly tarnished, but don't expect it to work miracles. I bought it to use on my old tiffany's jewelry which has seen better days. It got a lot of the tarnish off but they still don't look as bright as they did when i first got them.

N. Laura, Walsall says

I got these wipes to clean my gemstone silver jewelry since i cannot dip them in polish. I tried using these wipes on various pieces and it made little to no improvement.

T. Anonymous, Lorraine

The package was opened and half the wipes dried out and turned a yellow color. The product does work, though.

H. Lawrence, Stockton-on-Tees says

Seems to polish fairly well, but creates a soapy residue that's not great for nonmetal items in jewelry. . Would not purchase for cleaning jewelry with stones, wood, or shells.

G. Mahood, Newcastle upon Tyne

Rubbed and rubbed and see a little cleaner but still needed to use my other cleaner to make jewelry shine. I'd have returned them but would cost more to do so. Very disappointing!

A. Gina, West Virginia says

What a terrible product. First, the packaging is stupid. You have to pry the top off, then remove the roll of wipes to get them to poke out of the top, then the wipes won't pull out. Finally they suck! we used over a dozen on a silver champagne bucket and they took over only about 20% of the tarnish. Went and bought tarn-x and worked like magic! trust me do not buy this garbage.

I. Ross, Oklahoma

They work, however you need to rinse the piece in water and dry it for it to appear shiny. It will look dull if you don't.

Z. Mathis, Kingston upon Thames says

Didn't do a thing to clean my silver ring. It actually made it look worse. I would not recommend this item.

B. Reed, North East Lincolnshire

Tried once so far on a necklace. Worked okay but i think a dry silver cloth still works better. I bought these because i thought it would be easier and faster. Jury still out on that. I will keep trying to see how it does on other items.

R. Patricia, Swindon says

It doesn't work as easy as i thought. Too much elbow grease is needed to clean. I don't like the chemical smell it left on my hand after using. I found a homemade remedy that is way better.

D. Aldana, South Dakota

Didn't work as well as i thought. If you plan on using this to clean fine small link chains i would pick something else. Although you see some tarnish coming off you will never get it clean enough to even remote look like new. It has the convenience factor but thats about it.

V. Kellie, Calderdale says

These don't work well. I still have to clean my jewelry with polish and a rag. Will not repurchase.

X. Kelly, Florida

I bought these to clean a couple of silver chains and they aren't very effective for that purpose.

O. Angela, Bournemouth says

Definitely what i saw in the pictures here didn't happened with my silver items.

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