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Price was 44. This far exceeded my expectations . I like the pockets and the shoe pocket on the bottom is great. Really well made. Me like

-E. Neva

Burner 16 compact gym bag shoe dimensions: 16″ x 9″ x 10″. volume: 25l. weight: 1. 6 lbs. the vooray burner gym bag was designed to be the ultimate compact gym duffle. a slightly smaller version of the burner sports -vooray burner 16 compact gym bag shoe pocket

  • Bonus: Leather Magnetic Handles.
  • Bonus: Water-resistant, Hard-shell Base.

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Looks really good. Made well. Perfect size bc it s not the typical huge gym bag. Really cool features. The Best burner compact gym bag shoe ( Sep 2019 ) | -Luggage Review Bonus Vooray Burner 16" Compact Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket Ventilated side shoe pocket. Leather magnetic handles. Water-resistant, hard-shell base. Padded, faux fur lined media pocket. Includes adjustable shoulder strap .

Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag With Shoe Pocket Review (Vooray)

This is a really nice gym bag. The quality is great but the size just didn't work for me so i decided to return it. One thing i didn't like was when the bag is full of stuff it's hard to get shoes into the shoe compartment because everything is laying on top of the "shoe bag". The snow hex camo pattern is really cute too. -. Hurst

Vooray Burner Compact Shoe Pocket

  1. Brand: Vooray
  2. Product Dimensions:
    Height:10.00 inches
    Length:16.00 inches
    Weight:1.60 pounds
    Width:9.00 inches
  3. Type: Apparel
  4. Category: LUGGAGE
  5. Size: Small

burner 16 compact gym bag shoe Apparel, Dimensions: 16" x 9" x 10". volume: 25l. weight: 1. 6 lbs. the vooray burner gym bag was designed to be the ultimate compact gym duffle. a slightly smaller version of the burner sports bag, the burner gym features many of the same popular features, including a ventilated shoe pocket, magnetic leather handles, a hard-shell base and a faux-fur lined, padded media pocket. while it doesn't include the laundry bag or the yoga straps, this bag does include the same interior mesh pockets for water bottles, toiletries, and other loose accessories. the burner gym comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and is lined with 100% easy-to-clean nylon. Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket (-Vooray).

Vooray Burner Compact Shoe Pocket Apparel

  • Great size, not too big or too small, a lot of pockets inside, great finish inside, very resistant, love the shoe compartment which is also great for towels or dirty clothes, outside pocket is great for easy access, the magnets on the handles make it easier to grab it, high quality finishes. Print is very pretty and bag is not very heavy. Optional side straps are great and the clip is mase out of metal so it doesn't break.
  • Perfect size! works great for my gym clothes, shoes, water bottle, and preworkout. The separate shoe compartment was the big selling point for me (aside from the floral design) and it hasn t let me down. I can fit my gym shoes, work flats/boots- whatever i m wearing that day. Good quality and sturdy!
  • I love this bag, but i m only giving it 2 stars because i just ordered it last august (5 months ago) and both straps have already broken. For something that s supposed to be quality i m very unimpressed with its durability. Pictures attached
  • I gave this bag two stars because it seems like good quality and it's so cute! but it is tiny. I wanted an average size gym bag, this bag is a size small to me. I saw the large size but was intimidated to order because i didn't want to tug around a huge gym bag, but the large seems like the best option.
  • Was in love with this bag until the strap completely broke for no apparent reason. Besides that i was super happy with this bag. I have been using it for 6 months and am very disappointed.

burner compact gym bag shoe Vooray Burner 16" Compact Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Finally a gym bag i love! perfect size, not huge but fits everything i need.

Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket
Click to see NoticeVooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket (Luggage)"Absolutely love this bag! so many pockets. Places for my lifting shoes! well built and perfect size."

(0) Question: What color is the inside of the snow hex camo?

(1) Question: Can you wash this product in the laundry?

(2) Question: Is the shoe compartment adequately ventilated?

Vooray Burner Sport 20 Gym Bag Shoe Pocket & Laundry Bag

Dimensions: 21" x 11" x 11". Weight: 2 lbs. Volume: 31l. Vooray's burner sports bag was built to withstand and accommodate the rugged demands of everyday athletes. It's 600d exterior and nylon interior provide your gear with maximum protection against the elements. The bag includes a padded, faux-fur front pocket, a velcro-enclosed back pocket, a mesh water bottle side pocket, and a zip-enclosed side shoe pocket. On the inside, the bag features another mesh water bottle pocket and two large zip-enclosed mesh pockets. The burner's base features a reinforced, water-resistant shell to keep your gear protected from the ground. It's extended zipper track allows you to open the bag wider to fit and access more equipment with greater ease. The bag also comes with a nylon drawstring laundry bag for dirty or wet clothing. 6 air grommets keep the bag ventilated, and its nylon interior allows for easier cleaning. An adjustable, detachable shoulder strap is also included. The burner sport duffel makes for an ideal soccer bag, track bag, crossfit bag, or gym bag. It can also be used as a carry-on duffel bag for travel.

Vooray Burner Sport 20 Gym Bag Shoe Pocket & Laundry BagVooray-Burner-Sport-Pocket-Laundry

Brand :    vooray
Size :    Large
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Magnetic leather handles
  • Water-resistant base and yoga mat straps
  • Padded, faux fur lined media pocket
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring laundry bag
  • Large ventilated shoe pocket
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Luggage (Apparel product review) for Vooray Burner Sport 20 Gym Bag Shoe Pocket & Laundry Bag available ( Sep 2019 )

Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag

I spent a while searching online store for a new gym bag, and i kept accidentally looking at women's bags. All the men's ones seem to be pretty boring. I decided to take the chance on this "shock red, " hoping it would be more red than pink. Unfortunately, in person it looks more pink. It's a fantastic bag though. I love all the compartments, and it's a great size. I would have preferred a more gender neutral color scheme, but i'm confident in my manhood enough to keep it.

The squad ii duffel was built with the needs of the female athlete in mind. This duffel has a roomy main compartment complete with an interior zippered mesh pocket, open mesh pockets for clothing and other gear, a tricot-lined media safe pocket for your cell phone or mp3 player, and a key fob. There is a front easy-access zippered pocket for additional storage. The adjustable shoulder strap with clip closure makes this bag comfortable to carry. Additional features include a freshpak ventilated shoe tunnel and mesh water bottle pocket. Screen-printed and embroidered adidas brandmark. Dimensions are 21" x 10. 5" x 10 ".

Adidas Squad III Duffel BagAdidas-Squad-III-Duffel-Bag

Adidas Squad Iii Duffel Bag (721) FAQ.

I love this bag. The small pockets inside are perfect for storing jewelry, my ipod, keys, etc. The shoe/sweaty clothes pocket is ventilated and practical. I wear a uniform during the work week and go to the gym so this bag was the perfect size to hold either set of clothes plus my kickboxing gloves and tanning lotion. I carry the bag almost every day. The color is fun and vibrant. The only thing that would make this bag better is a dedicated yoga mat strap. I lay my mat on top of the bag but it's not super sturdy. Still, i would buy the bag again. -Notice from I. Alma, Alaska

Click to Show adidas squad iii duffel bag (721) Details

This is the best gym bag ive had. I was worried that my shoes (size 10) wouldn't fit but they do! i can also fit my clothes, weightlifing belt, bar pad and a few other things in it. It has a couple pockets on the inside and 1 on the outside that make it convenient for small things. Highly reccommend!

Adidas-squad-iii-duffel-bag-(721) set picture

- T. MelissaJust the perfect size, as i travel light when i go to the gym. Usually just take a water bottle and a change of clothes - this bag has plenty of room for more. I wear size 6 womens shoes and my they fit wonderfully in the shoe pocket.

This bag is awesome! i love the style and colors, but more importantly it has a really smart design. The area for shoes and "smelly stuff" is exactly what i need when i go to the gym in the morning and my bag is sitting in my car while i'm at work. The interior is perfect size for all of my toiletries and has enough different pockets i can keep things organized. So glad i found this gym bag before i bought one that was just ok.

E. Sandra, Dorset

Brand :    adidas
Color :    blue
Weight :    1.20 pounds
Model :    5141-SQUAD
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Lifetime warranty - built to last
  • Exterior zipped compartment is ventilated to keep your shoes and dirty gear separate
  • Zippered exterior small slip pocket for the small stuff
  • Adjustable shoulder strap - so you can wear it at the length that works for you
  • Roomy main compartment - with lots of zippered pockets for organization

Vooray Trepic 21 Weekender Duffel Bag Shoe Pocket

Dimensions: 21" x 10. 5" x 12". Volume: weight: 2. 85 lbs. The trepic's classic and spacious design makes it an ideal weekender travel duffle for men and women. Its water-resistant polyester exterior and reinforced nylon interior keep your gear protected from the elements, and its zip-enclosed side shoe pocket allows you to separate shoes or soiled apparel from the rest of your bag contents. The trepic also includes two zip-enclosed interior pockets and a front exterior zip pocket. The bag comes with a vooray nylon laundry bag and a padded shoulder strap.

Vooray Trepic 21 Weekender Duffel Bag Shoe PocketVooray-Trepic-Weekender-Duffel-Pocket

Price :    —
  • 100% nylon interior with 2 large zip-enclosed pockets
  • Large side shoe pocket
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring laundry bag
  • Dimensions: 21" x 10. 5" x 12"
  • Heavy duty zippers and shoulder strap clips
Brand :    vooray
Size :    Large
Weight :    2.85 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Luggage (Apparel product review) for Vooray Trepic 21 Weekender Duffel Bag Shoe Pocket available ( Sep 2019 )

Vooray Roadie 16 Small Gym Duffle Bag

Dimensions: 16" x 10. 5" x 10. 5". Volume: 23l. Weight: 1. 4 lbs. The roadie's classic design makes it an ideal compact gym bag or travel duffle. It is ideally sized to fit inside lockers and overhead storage compartments. The bag features an interior zip pocket inside the main nylon-lined compartment. Its durable 600d polyester exterior protects contents from the elements and normal travel ware and tear. The roadie also features an open side pocket and a front zip pocket on the exterior.

Vooray Roadie 16 Small Gym Duffle BagVooray-Roadie-Small-Gym-Duffle

Brand :    vooray
Size :    Small
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap
  • Inside zip-enclosed pocket
  • Dimensions: 16" x 10. 5" x 10. 5"
  • Heavy duty zippers & clips
  • 100% nylon interior
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Luggage (Apparel product review) for Vooray Roadie 16 Small Gym Duffle Bag available ( Sep 2019 )

Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, Shoe Deodorizer Odor Eliminator. Two Bags Per Package

The mini moso natural air purifying bag is the easiest way to maintain fresh, dry and odor free shoes, gym bags, luggage, and sporting equipment. Simply place the mini moso bags inside the affected area and leave them in overnight. To keep the moso bags working at peak performance, place the mini moso bags outside in the sun for at least one hour to rejuvenate. With proper care, the moso bags will last up to two years. Made of just one incredibly powerful, natural ingredient - moso bamboo charcoal, the moso bag is continuously working to remove odors, bacteria and moisture. The bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag which can be placed on any surface or material. Fragrance-free, chemical free, and non-toxic, the moso bags are safe to use around people and pets.

Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, Shoe Deodorizer Odor Eliminator. Two Bags Per PackageMoso-Natural-Purifying-Deodorizer-Eliminator

Price :    $9.91
  • Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.
  • Made of extremely porous moso bamboo charcoal, which will continually eliminate odors and absorb moisture to keep your shoes fresh and dry
  • Fragrance free, chemical free and non toxic. no pumps, sprays, powders, perfumes or residue!
  • Reuse for up to two years. to rejuvenate just place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour.
  • The mini moso natural air purifying bag is the easiest way to maintain fresh, dry and odor free, shoes, gym bags, luggage and sporting equipment.
Brand :    moso natural
Color :    Gray
Size :    1-Pack (2 Total)
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    MB3979
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (moso natural product review) for Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, Shoe Deodorizer Odor Eliminator. Two Bags Per Package available ( Sep 2019 )

ORIA 4 Digit Combination Lock, 2 Pack Padlock Set School, Employee, Gym & Sports Locker, Case, Toolbox, Fence, Hasp Cabinet & Storage - Metal & Plated Steel - Anti Rust - Weather Proof

Description oria 4-digit resettable combination travel lock is easy to set as well as easy to use, making life very difficult for thieves. Set a combination that you won't ever forget from 1, 000 possible combinations, in just a matter of seconds. Keep small items safely and securely where you want them to be when you return. Combination: resettable to 10, 000 possibilities. Specifications: dimensions: 82mm*42mm*22mm/3. 2in*1. 7in*0. 9in shackle diameter: 6mm material: steel and zinc alloy weight: 147g per unit note: * when you set the password, the shackle should be pressed to the end completely. Otherwise, it will lead to a disorder of new password and can not be unlocked. * please remember the code you have set. * before you open the lock, the password number should be well aligned with the scale line. Package included: 2 x combination locks(one black and one silver) 1 x user manual warranty guarantee: - 24/7 customer service - 12-month replacement warranty - 60-day money back guarantee please contact us directly if need any help gcid:oria

ORIA 4 Digit Combination Lock, 2 Pack Padlock Set School, Employee, Gym & Sports Locker, Case, Toolbox, Fence, Hasp Cabinet & Storage - Metal & Plated Steel - Anti Rust - Weather ProofORIA-Combination-Padlock-Employee-Toolbox

Brand :    oria
Color :    Black and Silver
Model :    ORIA
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 2 pack set : includes 2 zinc alloy 4-digit resettable combination travel locks(one black and one sliver).
  • Easy to use : setting or re-setting your own combination is simple and straight forward. the combo side window helps you to set the combination more clearly.
  • Wide on uses : these locks design for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for most light-duty tasks such as gym/sports, school & employee lockers, cabinets, cases, hasps and general storages. the lock is sleek and easily fits through the holes of your luggage zipper pulls.
  • Excellent design : anti rust, weather proof, small volume, light weigh, fit through the holes of a lot of suitcases.
  • Secure bags & lockers perfectly : oria combination lock has 4-digit, offers 10000 combinations, which is more difficult to crack than the 3 digit locks. the lock itself is strong and built to last, which cannot be removed by human force.
Price :    $10.99 (was $28.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (oria product review) for ORIA 4 Digit Combination Lock, 2 Pack Padlock Set School, Employee, Gym & Sports Locker, Case, Toolbox, Fence, Hasp Cabinet & Storage - Metal & Plated Steel - Anti Rust - Weather Proof available ( Sep 2019 )

Under Armour Undeniable Squeeze Bottle Quick Shot Lid, Clear, 32 Ounce

The under armour hydration bottle line from thermos was built with the active athlete in mind. The insulated bottles feature thermos vacuum insulated technology for ultimate performance. All lids are interchangeable across all bodies and we've included innovative features to make proper hydration easier than ever. Interchangeable lid system options include the screw top, quick shot, straw top and the flip top lid. Interchangeable bottle material options include the squeeze, tritan and vacuum insulated stainless steel. These options allow athletes to have a personal, meaningful connection to their "gear". The cool aesthetic and sleek design of under armour branded thermos hydration bottles will encourage athletes to carry reusable bottles and reduce their impact on the environment.

Under Armour Undeniable Squeeze Bottle Quick Shot Lid, Clear, 32 OunceUnder-Armour-Undeniable-Squeeze-Bottle

Brand :    under armour
Color :    Clear
Weight :    0..5 pounds
Model :    UP4800CL6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Kitchen :    Best Kitchen (under armour product review) for Under Armour Undeniable Squeeze Bottle Quick Shot Lid, Clear, 32 Ounce available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $9.38 (was $12.93)
  • Quick shot lid closes with a twist
  • Ldpe plastic is pliable and easy to squeeze
  • Soft-touch tpe grip is comfortable to hold and won't slip
  • One-way valve delivers high water flow
  • Leak-proof in closed position

Vooray Stride 16L Cinch Drawstring Backpack

Dimensions: 16" x 10" x 7". Volume: 16l. Weight: 0. 4 lbs. The vooray stride cinch backpack (or sackpack) is the ideal minimalist backpack for athletes and gym-goers alike. The lightweight, durable backpack features a faux-fur lined exterior zip pocket to keep media accessories safe. It also includes an interior mesh zip pocket. The comfortable mesh shoulder straps are adjustable, and the top of the bag is easily opened or closed with a durable cinch drawstring. Ideal for carrying shoes, clothing, and other accessories to and from sporting events. Also makes for a great carry on travel backpack.

Vooray Stride 16L Cinch Drawstring BackpackVooray-Stride-Cinch-Drawstring-Backpack

Brand :    vooray
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.40 pounds
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Luggage (Apparel product review) for Vooray Stride 16L Cinch Drawstring Backpack available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • H: 16" x w:10" x l:7"
  • Interior mesh zip pocket
  • Faux-fur lined exterior zip pocket
  • Drawstring cinch closure
  • Adjustable mesh shoulder straps

Ankle Straps By Healthy Model Life. Maximize Cable Machine Workouts Durable Cuffs Ab, Leg & Glute Exercises - First Rate Fitness Equipment Women & Men

You're loving your new leg routinethat is, until you're halfway through your glutes, your old ankle straps give way, dropping the weight and making you over extend your leg! that's gonna hurt later. The healthy model life qualitywith more padding, double stitching, and high quality steel d rings, it's the only way to go for quality you can trust in the gym or at home! these cuffs are great for cable machines or resistance bands, or whatever creative workout routine you can come up with! the female orientatonincrease strength, tone your butt, legs, and abs, and improve overall fitness with the most comfortable padded ankle strap that you've ever used! extra wide padding width keeps your legs safe, and ready for your dinner date! satisfied? you will be, and even if you're not, we've got your back with a replacement or refund for life! take your lower body to the next level, and click the "add to cart" button now!

Ankle Straps By Healthy Model Life. Maximize Cable Machine Workouts Durable Cuffs Ab, Leg & Glute Exercises - First Rate Fitness Equipment Women & MenHealthy-Maximize-Machine-Workouts-Exercises

Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Ankle Straps By Healthy Model Life. Maximize Cable Machine Workouts Durable Cuffs Ab, Leg & Glute Exercises - First Rate Fitness Equipment Women & Men available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Superior glutes- there are plenty of options when it comes to ankle straps, but none that match the durability and comfort of the healthy model life brand! specifically designed for women, our cuffs are not only a better buy, but will stay with you workout after workout, keeping you motivated, trim, and tone in all the right places.
  • Size us up - no matter if you're large, small, or somewhere in between you can rest assured that our quality cuffs will fit you securely, and hold position with a double stitched d ring assembly and superior holding velcro! no more sore ankles or blisters from those extreme workouts. enjoy the quality you deserve!
  • Ladies choice - though our product can be used by both men and women, our product is designed for all the ladies out there! there's more padding for your ankles above and beyond the competition, and our fit is guaranteed! you deserve quality just for you don't you?
  • Manufacturers warranty - healthy model life provides complete manufacturers warranty with the purchase from healthy model life. we know we offer the quality you desire, and to show you that, we give full protection for the life of your product! if for any reason our product doesn't meet your every expectation, you get a lifetime refund or replace option! if you buy from healthy model life, you're buying for life!

Kenox Duffle Bag Sports Gym Travel Luggage Including Shoes Compartment

Duffle bag sports gym travel luggage including shoes compartment

Kenox Duffle Bag Sports Gym Travel Luggage Including Shoes CompartmentKenox-Duffle-Luggage-Including-Compartment

Brand :    kenox
Size :    Medium
Order click here :    -
  • Size: 18*11*10 inches
  • This bag features a side access shoe compartment, separating shoes or other items from the main bag.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Luggage (Apparel product review) for Kenox Duffle Bag Sports Gym Travel Luggage Including Shoes Compartment available ( Sep 2019 )

Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket (Luggage) Price : 44, was : 0 as 2018-02-20
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Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket (Luggage) Reviewed by on fihus.com

Top vooray burner 16 compact gym bag shoe pocket (luggage) Content

The F.A.Q. for Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket (Luggage)

Use this every morning as my gym bag. I really like how stylish it is and love the soft pocket in the front that i can put my phone in to keep it away from my gym clothes. I find the shoe compartment to work just okay. If your shoes are to big then it take up room in the main part of the bag. All and all i would buy this bag again it is the right size to fit in the gym lockers. I also like that it is not just another boring bag.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: Safe for laptop transporting? looking for a bag for campus stuff and fitness center both

(1) Question: Is a shoulder strap provided? i did not receive one

(2) Question: Dos it fit a yoga mat?

(3) Question: Are you going to carry this style in the rose patterns again?

(4) Question: I have a question about the navy mesh in particular. is the mesh functional? meaning, does the mesh ventilate the entire bag?

(5) Question: Would it fit a basketball

(6) Question: Is the heathered grey smooth or more textured?

(7) Question: Is the magnetic stripe made out of real leather?

(8) Question: Can i carry weights in the bag?

(9) Question: Is this international shipping?

(10) Question: Do you think it could hold three pairs of shoes and three outfits

(11) Question: Is this water resistant?

(12) Question: Please tell me if i could put a big wet towel and a wet bathing suit in this or would it soak through?

(13) Question: Why does this cost more on online store then on the actual company's website?

(14) Question: Will the red floral be restocked?

(15) Question: Is there an odor on this bag? if so, will it go away?

(16) Question: What is the maximum shoe size this bag can hold? and do the shoes take up all of the main storage?

(note) Question: where/how to get Vooray (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Vooray's products

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This is a very well thought out gym bag. There are pockets everywhere and some of them are made of mesh so you can easily find your stuff. The straps have magnets so they don't flop around when you're walking and i really like that the inner fabric can easily be wiped down for cleaning.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Gym Bags 18134751, Luggage & Travel Gear 1109919749, Sports Duffels 1005933Top Vooray Burner 16 Compact Gym Bag Shoe Pocket (Luggage) FAQ Content

Best vooray burner 16 compact gym bag shoe pocket (luggage) in review

Small but somehow tons of space. Lots of pockets, zippers are good quality.

Y. Alberta, New Jersey

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G. Rebecca, City of London says

Have it for 5 months now. Super happy with this bag, good quality, carry it with me all the time, very heavy sometimes. One thing i miss is a shoulder pad as carrying it around is not so comfortable in the shoulders.

S. Julia, Staffordshire

I love the separate shoe compartment. It's perfect for storing flip flops for the shower, and running shoes. It's filled with different pocket, which come in handy. It's a bit small for me at times since my towel takes up a lot of room, but i manage to fit it all in there! great product over all

M. Mahood, Texas says

I initially bought this item as i was looking for a gym bag with a seperate shoe compartment. As i m quite petite, i was surprised and delighted to see that the design itself is smaller than my previous gym bag. I ve only used it twice so far, but no issues came into light. I also love the trendy design and the different compartments it has for your gym necessities! definitely one of my best purchases.

. Denise, Worcestershire

I just received mine in the mail and i m super excited, when it first arrived, the shoulder strap was not included but after i left a comment a representative reached out to me and they sent me the strap 2 days later! the size is perfect for a gym bag, the color is so cute and the quality is fantastic. Extremely happy with my purchase

D. Whiteman, New Mexico says

Exactly i was looking for! good size for ladies. Many extra packet. I am hapoy with my gym bag. Must have!

A. Rose, Portsmouth

I was in need of a nice gym bag and i found this vooray 16 bag i love all the compartments and size is perfect i definitely wasn t expecting it to be as nice as it is i did pay quite a bit of money and it did not dissapoint quiality is top notch.

X. Mary, Bracknell Forest says

I graduated from this bag from a 17$ adidas bag. I never had too many issues other than the fact that it was always severely disorganized and i had many pens go rouge and color all over my sets of resistance and booty bands ( i am a personal trainer so i felt pretty bad when i gave pen ridden things to my clients to use ). . This bag allows my pens, bands, shoes and notebooks to have a space. The difference between this bag and the other bag was the triangular shape. The larger bottom compared to the top allows things that you place on the bottom to stay on the bottom and things you place above them to also stay. The craziest thung that i love that i, was surprised by was the magnets in the handles of the bag. They clip together without any hassle or ever trying and just look super cute sitting on a floor, which is the main position of a gym bag. . I only got this gorgeous bag because one of my clients got me an online store gift card. Now that i have it i wish i splurged by own money sooner on this gorgeous product. If you are an avid gym goer with 3-7 things to carry o would highly suggest this gym bag. . Today i got a yearly planner, 2 notebooks, 2 shirts, a waist trimmer, pens, booty ands one large resistance band and a blender bottle and 24 oz water bottle in with no troubles at all

N. Paige, Rhone-Alpes

Love my bag! it's so cute, soft and fits everything! very happy with it.

P. Diana, Georgia says

I love this gym bag. I was looking for something small - just large enough to fit my sneakers, workout gear, very small accessories (lock, gym gloves, head phones). I could probably stuff a towel in here as well if necessary. Perfect gym bag for those looking for something low profile.

O. Brendon, Wiltshire

This is really a great bag. For nearly 20 years, i have carried an ogio locker bag, which is extremely convenient in the locker room itself, but since it has a rigid frame, it's pretty heavy and cumbersome to carry. I finally tired of lugging it around and decided i wanted to find a truly small bag. I really need to carry little to the gym - i work out over lunch and the gym is in my office, so all i really need in the bag is a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a pair of socks, a pair of running shoes, a pair of shower sandals, a pair of headphones and a hair brush. This little bag handles all of that with ease, and the small form factor makes it both easy to carry and simple to slip in a locker. I see a lot of guys in the gym with absolutely enormous bags, largely empty, and was really glad to find this small one that still has enough space what little stuff i do need to carry. It wasn't an easy search! . . For those wondering about the shoe pocket: i am a guy and wear a size 10. 5, and my shoes fit in the pocket just fine. I was worried that they might not, as most of the reviews seem to be from women, but lo and behold, this was not a problem at all. It's easiest to put my shoes in there when there's nothing else in the bag at all, but now that i have figured that out, it's not an issue. . Other things of note:. . The navy color is very attractive and neutral. It seems like vooray's products are largely marketed towards women, but in the dark navy color, this bag is works great for me as a guy. . The metal hardware is clearly of high quality. Everything appears to be really well constructed. . There are ample pockets, both inside and out, and the large zippered one inside easily holds my wallet, keys and whatnot while i exercise, while the faux-fur lined one on the outside easily accommodates my phone. . On the navy mesh version of the bag that i bought, the handles are not leather, as described, but rather are covered in the same navy mesh fabric as the rest of the bag. Not a big deal, and also fairly apparent from the photos, but just something to be aware of. Also, while the handles are indeed (very weakly) magnetic, that function really doesn't seem to work very well, but i don't really see the need for it anyways, so i won't deduct any points for that. . All in all, this bag was a great purchase and is fulfilling my needs perfectly! if you're looking for a very small, highly functional gym bag, look no further!

J. Weber, Hackney says

Good size, not too big or too small. And i like the compartments to fit my shoes underneath!

. Finch, Queensland says

Got this for a friend and she loved it. Very cute eyecatching bag, ample space & good quality. Now she can hit the gym in style.

H. Joanne, North Dakota

I have been looking for a decently priced gym back that allows me to put my shoes in a separate compartment. Cute and great price!

. Evelyn, Islington says

Sister bought this bag, and is very happy with it. She wanted a smaller gym bag just for the necessities, and it fits her needs perfectly. Pair of size 8 sneakers fit in the shoe pocket easily with extra space left, and can pack a set of clothes and more inside the main pocket. Faux fur lined front pocket for phone is a nice touch. After her workout, she can fit both her work flats and a pair of flip flops into the shoe slot! plus she loves the pattern, "very cute! " 10/10 she would buy again.

U. Mathis, Sefton

Love my new gym bag! very stylish and functional.

R. Angela, Salford says

So glad i purchased this bag. I was on the hunt for a compact gym bag for awhile and finally settled on this one. I've been using it for a few months now and it still looks great, and fits all of my essentials. It seems very thoughtfully made, particularly because of the lined phone pocket in the front. I don't have any problem fitting my size 8 sneakers in it, though i'd definitely recommend packing them first if you can just to make sure everything fits around them. Very satisfied with my purchase.

F. Isabel, Dudley

Such a cute gym bag & perfect size. I wish it were a bit more structured because when it's not full, it does fall to the side a bit.

C. Connie, Wisconsin says

This bag is perfect, not to big not to small. The front zip pocket is awesome, and so are all th either compartment on the inside. 10/10

I. Alma, Harrow

I absolutely love this bag! it has such a convenient pocket for shoes. I use it almost every day when i go to the gym. The storage and the amount of space in this bag is fantastic!

K. Guest, Michigan says

The size if perfect! i didn't want some oversized gym bag to lug around; just something to tuck under my arm to fit my clothes, purse and small items in that would also fit in the locker. It has been great for work to gym trips. All the inside pockets are convenient for holding loose items ie. Bobbie pins, lock, keys etc. The whole bag is of good quality and the zipper never snags!

. Miller, Hessen

I bought this as a christmas gift for my mother-in-law and she loves it. Her shoes fit and the bag fits nicely in the gym locker and she said she gets many compliments on it. She enjoys the compartments for her items. I purchased a shoulder strap due to other reviews, but it actually came with one inside the bag.

B. Elida, Wyoming says

Great bag but ended up returning and buying the larger size from another site. I would say that if all you need to carry is a set of gym clothes, sneakers, and a few toiletries, this will be sufficient. If however you would add to that a change of "normal" clothes, a towel, etc, get the next size up. The larger size also works great for a weekend/overnight bag, while i don't think this bag is really big enough for that. The little touches on this bag are great though, like the padded pouch in front, interior pockets, and shoe compartment.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

O. Olga, Southampton says

Gym bag is a good size. Love all the pockets and the floral print is so cute. However unable to use the shoulder strap. My bad doesn t have the medal clip on the opposite side.

G. Emily, Rochdale

I absolutely love this bag. However, my first time picking it up with the cross body strap, the strap broke from the clip. All i had in it was my empty hydroflask, my nike shoes, socks, leggings, tank top, sports bra and bluetooth headphones. Otherwise, the product itself is amazing. Wonderful fabric, excellent utilization of pockets in the large compartment & the size is perfect. I would order again but only if i had a guarantee the strap would hold. Will be placing complaint with manufacturer as i received the bag on a friday & used it for the first time 3 days later.

P. Anonymous, Redcar and Cleveland says

I just received this gym bag less than an hour ago and i opened the box and unzipped the bag to start moving my gym stuff into it, except the zipper for the shoe compartment will not open! i have tried for over 20 minutes now and it's totally defective. It's a very cute bag and i reallly need a gym bag (my stuff is all currently in a giant tote bag), but the shoe compartment was the whole reason i bought this bag and it's totally inaccessible to me! i'm really frustrated and will be sending this bag back as soon as i can. I really hope they send me a new one with functional zippers!

T. Adrienne, Manitoba

My bag is missing the long strap to attach to the gym bag to be able to carry. If i could please have it fixed.

X. Finch, Yukon Territory says

Review for 16 compact navy mesh bag w/ red stripe:. Just got my bag in the mail and right away i had to knock 2 stars off because the main feature i was excited about was not included; the magnetic straps. The magnetic straps which are advertised on the pictures for this color/design on online store. I imagine picking up the bag to move it from station to station at the gym could be a small inconvenience w/o the handles. . The rest of the design is nice and i would say about worth the price. I was able to fit a pair of running shoes comfortably in the shoes compartment and still have room in the main compartment for a 40oz hydroflask, a shirt, sweater, and shorts and still close it comfortably. The faux fur pocket on the outside fits my iphone 7 with enough wiggle room to easily remove it from the pocket. The exterior water bottle is pretty small and could only fit a standard 16. 9oz water bottle. There is a zippered pocket inside the main compartment where i could fit keys and a wallet. Additionally inside the main compartment are three elastic pockets similar in size to the water bottle pocket. . I was nervous about the bag looking too feminine but i m pretty content with the design and aesthetics. Overall, happy with the bag and it s smaller than you re standard gym bag and not too big for the gym floor. However, still had to take those stars because i was excited for the magnetic straps which aren t there.

I. Powell, Wiltshire

Really cute bag, but definitely not worth the money. I try not to over stuff mine bc the straps would definitely rip with too much weight. Like maybe even with just a water bottle and tennis shoes. Overall, i wouldn t buy again at this price.

S. Jacqueline, New Hampshire says

It's a cute bag. The reason for only 3 stars is because it arrived with a hole in one of the indie pockets, plus i don't like the way th bag falls unless it is full. I will be sending this one back.

L. Rowe, Alsace

My wife was in need of a gym bag and i wanted to get her something fashionable but still very functional. My first mistake was getting the 16" size. She takes a towel, flip flops, sneakers, socks, shorts, tank top, and very little make up to the gym, and this gym bag could barely fit half of that. Sneakers and a towel was basically all it could fit. My adidas gym bag is only a little bigger then this bag and i can perfectly fit everything in there without it looking like i'm going to hockey practice. Aside from the size being non-functional for her, the material seems durable and should last. I really can't recommend this bag for much of anything. I don't know any woman who travels light enough to use this bag. Idk maybe this is perfect for yoga class.

M. Linda, New York says

This bag is pretty small. If you need to pack clothes, shoes, water bottle, and toiletries, it will be too small.

B. Lewis, Prince Edward Island

I love this bag! it s the perfect size, keeps my shoes separate, and everything else is easily organized. My only complaint is that the seams of the pockets on the inside started to pull after about a month. I didn t ever overstuff the pockets, they had headphones, or deodorant in them, yet they started falling apart.

U. Bethany, Ohio says

I loved the bag but was extremely disappointed that after less than a month, it began to tear at the seam.

N. Broyles, Arizona

It was way too small for me. It was cute, but i'm not sure how i would fit gym clothes and toiletries/make-up for the gym. People commented they liked the shoe pocket. Again, too small for my size 10 gym shoes.

Y. Bullock, Arkansas says

Terrible. Opened the box and the handle was already torn/ripped. Ridiculous. Will be returning

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