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Price was 12. I use these slippers when i take a shower. I have muscular dystrophy and my balance has been very unstable. These slippers have given me confidence, stability and a great piece of mind to take a shower without feeling like i'm going to slip. They reinforce my footing even as the soap and water flow under my feet. I bought an extra pair for myself, and i just bought a pair for my father-in-law for father's day. He also was extremely happy with them as i was. I would recommend them to anyone who has a balance issue.

-. Sally

Shower poolside sport sandal – slide looking for protection against the wiles of the gym pool? tired of wondering what is all over the dorm shower floor? worried about what you are contracting from the hotel you’re staying -vertico shower poolside sport sandal – slide on

  • Supplementary: Quick Drying Construction.
  • Supplementary: Sandals Pack Tight And Small For Your Luggage Or Gym Bag.

Modest Vertico Shower Poolside Sport Sandal – Slide On (Shoes)

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The fit is pretty good. The sole is a little shorter than the wal-mart slip on sandals i had before that were supposed to be the same size, but the top part is on the roomier side, which is good with socks, though not sure about without yet. My prior pair had an adjustable velcro strap, which was nice because you can choose your snugness as needed. In this case, you're stuck with how it's made. I am glad there are vents in the top. . On the more impressive side, however, is the sole. I ordered several pairs of sandals and found that this had the thickest sole, particularly in the front, where most seem way too thin (try jumping and landing on a hard surface and you'll see what i mean). It's also one of the two most expensive pairs in the group. But from the looks of it, the sole should outlast the others. We'll see in regular use, of course. If it doesn't last, i'll be back to say so. The Best shower poolside sport sandal slide ( Sep 2019 ) | -Shoes Review Supplementary Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal - Slide On Deep tread for solid traction. Quick drying construction. Sandals pack tight and small for your luggage or gym bag. Closed-cell eva for unbeatable comfort. Vented foot bridge .

Vertico Shower And Poolside Sport Sandal - Slide On Review (Vertico)

Awesome, inexpensive, comfortable, and a great non-slip shoe that is now one of my all time favorites for use around the house or for running daily errands. I also bought a pair for my 97-years old grandmother and she loves the slipper! she loves the fact that the slipper offers traction and she s reassured that she won t slip and fall. That makes me happy! great product and design. -E. Erin

Vertico Shower Poolside Sport Sandal

Black And Gray
Product Dimensions
Height:3.00 inches
Length:12.00 inches
Weight:0.56 pounds
Width:7.00 inches

shower poolside sport sandal - slide Shoes, Looking for protection against the wiles of the gym pool? tired of wondering what is all over the dorm shower floor? worried about what you are contracting from the hotel you're staying at? vertico shower sandals offer protection between you and the fungus that lies beneath. vertico slide on shower sandals pack conveniently into each other for easy travel, offer deep traction for excellent slip resistance while still offering a comfortable fit. this just may be the most comfortable pair of poolside sandals you put on. Vertico Shower Poolside Sport Sandal - Slide On (-Vertico).

Vertico Shower Poolside Sport Sandal Shoes

  • While these don't have some fancy logo on them, these sandals are very functional for my needs. I use them so i don't catch athletes feet at my fitness center pool and showers. They also make sure you don't slip and fall poolside and in the shower room. I've forgotten to wear them a couple of times and almost cracked my skull. . They're a bargain for what they do. Https://www. Online store. Com/dp/b00k8gigc0/ref cm cr ryp prd ttl sol 22
  • Not sure how these will hold up in the long run, but they appear to be well-enough made and they are very comfortable. I bought the 10-11 size for two kids-one a size 10 and one a size 10. 5. The 10-11 worked well for both of them. I wear a women's size 8. 5, and i even thought these were comfortable. Granted, they were big on me and would look ridiculous if i were to wear them, but what i mean is that even on my smaller foot, these stayed on well when i walked in them and they provided good comfortable support. . I bought these for my kids to wear as shower shoes at camp. They appear to have great grip, both on the sole of the shoe, and in the bed of the shoe where your foot rests. The most important thing to me was that my kids have shoes that would be safe to wear while wet with no slipping. These are definitely going to serve their purpose as great shower shoes for camp, and i really hope they last a long time because we really like them.
  • Yep, these are cheap sandals. And they do the job walking out to the hot tub in the winter, mostly. For me, the size 12/13 are a bit too small for my size 13 feet. And, they're so light, it's like trying to get tape off your foot when you're trying to shake them off. Maybe if they fit better, they'd slide off easier. I'd go a size bigger, if i had the option.
  • The pair of sandals that i received are too large to wear comfortably and safely. Toes on both feet flop over the front of the sandals. These sandals would probably fit perfectly on only those individuals that possess a very high arch.
  • Overal these run small. I bought a pair in my husband's size and they were barely my size. . Also, don't leave them outdoors. They shrink very quickly, which i guess is somewhat to be expected, but i didn't think it would happen so soon. I'm not sure if it's the sun or the rain but i forgot them outside for a couple of nights (where i live, weather is quite mild so it wasn't even that hot nor that rainy) and now they're not usable. My other slippers were also outside but didn't shrink.

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I have to say, this product really shocked me. Originally just wanted shower sandals for around the house. Very comfortable fit, and i find myself wearing them outside as well. Hard to believe for the price. I have spent $40-50 for sandals that are not nearly as comfortable as these.

Vertico Shower Poolside Sport Sandal - Slide On
Click to see NoticeVertico Shower Poolside Sport Sandal - Slide On (Shoes)"Best fit on the market for my feet! i was born with no padding on the soles of my feet. It is not visible to others but it means i can never go barefoot and seldom find a sandal that i can wear. Barefoot or stocking footed i have broken bones in my feet on several places. . Remember the children's fairy tale called "the princess and the pea"? the princess couldn't sleep if she had even the tiniest pea or pebble under even a stack of mattresses. My feet can feel and find anything in carpet, things lodges between wood or tile. These sandals allow me the freedom to go "almost barefoot" and to do it break and pain free! i have found no other sandal at any price that works better for me . Ever. Obviously, i highly recommend them to everyone. See if they will work for you . They do wonders for me!"

(0) Question: Are these comfortable for walking 1 to 2 miles? my husband doesn't like flip-flops. they hurt his toes ; )

(1) Question: I m a size 9 in a half in women s what size would be best for me i don t understand the sizing

(2) Question: Do they leave marks on a fiberglass shower floor?

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Roxoni Men's Open Toe Slip On Slide Sandals Very Lightweight Foam Upper-Great Beach Pool

A classic, open toe roxoni slide sandal slipper this slide-on shower sandal offers fast drying, solid protection when walking in community showers, public pools, hotels, or while traveling. Slippers fit inside of each other and are lightweight, making them great to fit in a suitcase, or gym bag to take along when you travel. A timeless classic that will never go out of style. Pop a squat and kick your feet up in our bedroom slippers for men. Comfortable enough to wear all day around the house and durable enough to last! made with a unique comfortable sole. It offers you great arch support and a cushioned footbed. Key features soft, comfortable, non-slip, shock-absorbing and easy to dry perfect shoe for wearing in the bedroom, bathroom, hotel, resort, pool, beach and more front ventilation ports promote airflow slip-on style with a technically inspired foot bed for an unmatched level of support made from special anti-slip materials satisfaction guaranteed we take customer service seriously and want you to be 100% happy with your shopping experience. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, we will do our best to meet your needs. Try our comfortable slippers today - risk free - just click "add to cart" above to get yours now!

Roxoni Men's Open Toe Slip On Slide Sandals Very Lightweight Foam Upper-Great Beach PoolRoxoni-Slide-Sandals-Lightweight-Upper-Great

Brand :    roxoni
Model :    1279
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  • Color options- available in black, grey and blue.
  • Unmatched level of quality- we don't compromise. we offer slippers that are dazzling, and built with quality materials that last!
  • 100% no risk money-back guarantee!
  • Stylish & chic- stay in style with these beautiful classic slippers while enjoying the great arch support it offers!
  • Optimal comfort anytime-waterproof made for your preferred swimming, pool & shower slippers , beach flip flops, and everyday indoor and oudoor summer sandals these non-slip ones are bound to be a winner!
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Vertico Shower Sandal Rubber

Built with the world traveler in mind, the vertico shower sandal is made to be a lightweight, quick drying travel companion for use in hotel showers and other public bathing houses. The closed-cell eva construction reduces the amount of water absorbed that many "flip-flops" are guilty of. Using our sandals can help reduce the chance of:, ringworm, athletes foot, tinea, other shower fungi. If it doesn't carry the vertico name, it's not an exceptional vertico product.

Vertico Shower Sandal RubberVertico-Shower-Sandal-Rubber

Brand :    vertico
Color :    black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Sandal
  • Flip flop
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Closed-cell eva construction
Price :    —
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Okabashi Men s Eurosport Flip Flops - Sandals

The eurosport is a great sandal to wear around the house, the locker room, and everyday use. Popular for it's sporty design and durable construction.

Okabashi Men s Eurosport Flip Flops - SandalsOkabashi-Mens-Eurosport-Flip-Flops

Brand :    okabashi
Color :    Black
Quantity :    1
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Price :    —
  • Heel cup + arch support + toe rest
  • Easy to clean ( dishwasher safe)
  • Permanent / non-fade color
  • Reflexology-inspired massaging beads
  • 100% vegan + recyclable + american made

OGIO Locker Bag

Ideal for weekend getaways or commutes from the office to the gym, the ogio? ss locker bag boasts a large, vented main compartment that conveniently stores lots of gear. An extended shoe compartment provides a breathable place for your sneakers, cleats or business shoes, and an internal organization system offers the ideal space for multiple, varied items. Side pockets allow you to stow away a racquet or magazine.

OGIO Locker BagOGIO-611031-03-Locker-Bag

Brand :    ogio
Weight :    4.00 pounds
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  • Front zippered pocket for keys, wallet and other important items
  • Internal organization with included brush, comb and empty toiletry containers
  • Fits in standard locker
  • Side pocket for magazines or racquet
  • Top vented main compartment with extended shoe compartment below
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Vertico Women's Shower Pool Sandal - Slide On

Looking for protection against the wiles of the gym pool? tired of wondering what is all over the dorm shower floor? worried about what you are contracting from the hotel you're staying at? vertico shower sandals offer protection between you and the fungus that lies beneath. Vertico slide on shower sandals pack conveniently into each other for easy travel, offer deep traction for excellent slip resistance while still offering a comfortable fit. This just may be the most comfortable pair of poolside sandals you put on.

Vertico Women's Shower Pool Sandal - Slide OnVertico-Womens-Shower-Pool-Sandal

Brand :    vertico
Color :    Black and Grey
  • Closed-cell eva for unbeatable comfort
  • Deep tread for solid traction
  • Quick drying construction
  • Vented foot bridge
  • Sandals pack tight and small for your luggage or gym bag
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
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Under Armour Men's Locker Iii Slide Sandal

Quick drying one-piece performance molded eva slide, perfect for locker room or poolside use. Material wicks sweat & dries really fast.

Under Armour Men's Locker Iii Slide SandalUnder-Armour-Locker-Slide-Sandal

Price :    —
  • Strap, footbed & outsole are all engineered to transport water away from the foot
  • Quick drying one-piece performance molded eva slide, perfect for locker room or poolside use
Brand :    under armour
Color :    Navy
Size :    M US
Weight :    1.20 pounds
Model :    1287325
Quantity :    1
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Kaiback Men's Poolside Slide Shower No Slip Sport Sandal

If you're looking for the perfect shower sandal then you're in luck! the kaiback poolside slide shower sandal is perfect for protecting your feet against the yucks and slime that lurk in the shower, gym, your college dorm, or even your garden.

Kaiback Men's Poolside Slide Shower No Slip Sport SandalKaiback-Poolside-Slide-Shower-Sandal

Price :    —
  • Superb comfort
  • For a more narrow fit
  • Perfect for showers, gyms, pools, college, and even around the house.
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Quick drying
Brand :    kaiback
Color :    black
Quantity :    1
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Good sandals for the gym. I don't wear these very long, just when showering at the gym, but they are holding up well. They are not extremely comfortable, like no memory foam feel like some sandals but they are not uncomfortable either. I have had them for about 6 months, no cracking or signs of wear. Arrived quickly.

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(0) Question: What does "8-9 d(m) us" size, for example, mean? does it mean the shoe size is 8 or 9?

(1) Question: Are these anti-microbial?

(2) Question: How much do these sandels weigh?

(3) Question: Do these absorb water?

(4) Question: I would like to buy these for my son, he's 9. 5/10 depending on the brand. it appears they tend to run small. should i order 11/12?

(5) Question: How is the arch support?

(6) Question: I need a wide width over the top off the foot. men's 2e-3e, size 7. 5-8. are they wide across the top? thank you.

(7) Question: Are they sized for men or women?

(8) Question: I ordered a 12/13 and received a size 46 with a tag on the shoe that says woman. they seem a bit small, not sure i received the correct size. ?

(9) Question: Men 11. 5 fit true?

(10) Question: What size should i order for size 11 shoe

(11) Question: Will these fit very wide feet?

(12) Question: Are the slippery when wet? my husband feet slipped inside his crocs and he fell.

(13) Question: I wear a womens size 12, which size should i order?

(14) Question: I wear a 7 women's. what size do i need?

(15) Question: Do these shoes have good support?

(16) Question: I need to find these is a size 9. why are the sizes so small?

(note) Question: where/how to get Vertico (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Vertico's products

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Ordered these twice. First time, they were looked like they were sloppily made. Lots of warps and uneven lines in the soles. They also fit a bit too loosely even though the length size fit me and i have pretty wide feet. I returned them and reordered thinking those were just an unfortunate glitch, that stuff can happen. This time a completely different pair came with a different brand name. I didn't like them either and returned them too. Maybe this time this was an online store warehouse associate error (used to work at one) so i gave it 2 stars instead of 1. I will try to order these one more time and hopefully a decent pair will arrive. I am willing to upgrade this to a 4 or 5 star if that's the case. . Edit: i am upgrading to a 4 star mostly because of the value compared to other sandals (usually at least $20 and not slip resistant) and because my 3rd pair fit me almost perfectly and seemed to be made less sloppily. However, they are cheapily made; you can still tell pretty easily if you look at where they glued the sole to the footpad.

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Best vertico shower poolside sport sandal - slide on (shoes) in review

These seem really nice and my son liked them. Unfortunately, they didn't send a pair - they sent two right sandals and no left. They fit well (or at least, both of the right ones fit his right foot), so if the distributors ever get us a matched pair, i'm sure my son will get a lot of use out of them. . Update: they sent a matching pair. I had offered to pay for another pair if they would sent me two lefts, so that i would have two matching pairs. They never replied, but eventually the new, this-time-matching pair showed up without charge. In other words, they eventually made it right. We still have the two right shoes - it seems wasteful to just throw them away. . Summary: nice sandals. They got the order wrong, but they eventually fixed things.

T. Theresa, South Dakota

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G. Cunningham, Louisiana says

If you have the larger size feet (11/12) they will likely be too small. . After my request for return, the seller contacted me to offer to ship me the next size for free. They also said to give the smaller ones to charity. Thanks!

F. Wanda, Oregon

Exceptional value! very light but sturdy, and very supportive as well. Very well made product that dries quickly. Put them in your gym bag and use them at the showers at your fitness facility. (i bought these because i'm getting over a bad case of athlete's foot that i believe i acquired at my fitness club. ) they're also terrific for light yard work; you can clean them easily with the hose, and they will dry very quickly. I love the comfort of the open-air design for the toes. I have tried many much more expensive brands of similar sandals, and these are the best overall by far. A+++

I. Veronica, Missouri says

I wear a 12 1/2 shoe and ordered the 12-13 size (eu 46). The fit for me is just right, but i have wide feet. These are initial impressions and might change, but very comfortable right out of the box. Enough room to slide on easily, but they stay on while walking. Some initial odor, but the included tag indicates that the smell will go away after a couple wearings. Update after a few weeks: still 5 stars and since it's summer, the only thing i wear on my feet most of the time. Shoes come off and these go on as soon as possible. Just enough arch support, just enough strap area, just enough heel cup.

B. Bullock, Arizona

Like most of the other reviews, the sandals run a little small in length and a little wide across the width of the foot, but with some wear and use, formed to my foot and fit just fine. They work for shower shoes or intermittent wear on the weekends, but i would not wear them for long periods of time since they do not have a lot of support. The customer service team sent me an email a week after purchase to ensure that i was happy with the sandals and that if anything needed to be changed or adjusted, they would be willing to do so. The customer service team is very reachable and professional, and offers to help with any issues with the sandals.

W. June, Plymouth says

I bought these for the shower at the gym. I wanted something that is light, not especially bulky (taking up half my gym bag), and that i could just toss back in the bag after a shower without having to wait a long time for them to dry out. . These are light, one slides into the other to minimize the space they take up in the bag, and they are impervious to water, so i can shake them off, hit 'em with a towel, and put them back in the gym bag. . I normally wear a size 91/2, and purchased the size 10 after reading a number of reviews. They fit fine. They are on the rigid side, so they don't flip flop around and they actually provide a little bit of arch support. The ridges on the sole of the shoe allow water to run out during a shower so there's no pooling in the sandle. And they keep your feet safely away from the fungi and bacteria on the shower floor. They slip on and off with ease, but stay firmly and snugly on your feet while walking and showering. They're also not noisy - as i think flip-flops can be. . They don't feel "expensive, " but then again, they don't cost much, so there you go. Hard to tell how durable the plastic will be. If they don't crack and break, i might upgrade to a five star rating.

. Watson, Swindon

Needing to replace a pair of hard rubber shower sandals that had provided good service in my gym locker room, shower, and pool for many years until they cracked irreparably, i ordered a pair of verticos through online store on the basis of many favorable reviews. . Sizing: because i normally wear a us men's shoe size 8 or 9 wide, i ordered a 8-9 d(m) us. The vertico sandals are marked as a 42 on the sole, which should be about the european equivalent. Although some previous reviews suggest they may run a bit small, they were actually a bit longer and roomier than i had expected. After using the sandals for a couple of days, however, i've had no problem with unexpected slippage due to good traction of the inner sole and a slight lip in the heel. In fact, the extra room makes it easy to slip on and off when showering and dressing. However, if you prefer a snugger fit, consider a slightly smaller or narrower size. . Construction and comfort: the vertico's are more flexible and much lighter than my previous sandals, and i've found them quite comfortable for walking short distances. They're easy to put on and off, and have the right amount of traction to stay where they belong. When wet, they often make a squishy squeak, but nothing too annoying. There is a slight plastic odor at first, but it was not unpleasant and (according to a label on the package) should wear off after a few uses. Given the lightness of the material, i hope they'll prove to be durable for a long while, but only time will tell. . Although i would never wear these sandals for jogging and hiking, the seem quite suitable for the shower and poolside. Assuming they last for several years, i'd consider them an excellent value.

U. Kelly, Stockton-on-Tees says

I wear a size 10 in all my shoes regardless of brand. I can squeeze into a 91/2, so decided to go with the size 9/10 and they are too small - my heel overlaps the little ridge at the back that forms the heel cup. Still, the overall quality and very low weight are exactly what i'm looking for, so i'll be ordering the 10/11. These will be perfect backpacking camp shoes because i can leave my socks on (mosquitoes), they are light, and have a well contoured foot and decent tread. A little more sizing guidance and 5 stars. . Sizing: based on my experience, if you're a whole size, pick the larger of the 2 options available. Ex. You are size 10, so do not order 9/10, and instead order 10/11.

. Susana, Texas

I have wide feet 6e , and i was concerned that these might not be wide enough. So far, they are doing well. My shoe size is 11, so i ordered the 11/12 sandal size. It is possible that a larger size would have been a slightly better fit. . These sandals have a little bit of arch support, which i appreciate. A little more of that support would have been still better. . For price and quality, i am pleased with this product.

R. Cindy, Ealing says

I bought these in february 2017 and have used them at least four days per week for the last nine months at the gym. I use them in the sauna, steam room, and shower. I do not know what the product quality consistency is like since i have only ordered one pair. However, given how frequently i have used them, and what i use them for, i find them to be durable, comfortable, and much better than some other types and brands of shower shoes. . The shoe seems to be piece construction for the top and sole, with a different color "insert" that the foot bed rests on. Contrary to a review posted earlier by someone, i see no evidence of any separation. The shoes have no odor other than a slight odor associated with the materials of construction. . As far as i can tell, this footwear is waterproof. They do not absorb anything. When i've finished my gym activities, i usually either dry them with a towel, or shake off the excess water and throw them in the wet-pocket of my bag. I recommend that, like any wet item that is supposed to be dry, you take them out to dry as soon as you get home. These shoes will only stay clean and grunge free if you choose to keep them that way. If you leave them wet in a bag, thrown in with a bunch of wet gym stuff, and keep them like that, then you'll probably end up with something brewing somewhere. But that's the fault of the owner, not the shoe. . Would buy again for my next pair, if they ever wear out, which seems not to be the case. As mentioned, hopefully there is consistent quality in their production and inspection.

K. Gina, Rheinland-Pfalz

Even though i wasn't paying attention and bought the men's shoe instead of the women's i still think it's a great product. I have a clawfoot tub that needs to be refinished and i hate bathmats because i have never known one not to mold. . The shoes are room, but that is my fault. I think they would fit a man's foot very nicely. I wear a woman's 7 and there is plenty of room both length and height of the strap and there is wiggle room on the sides. Even with that and water collecting in the shoe (there is a raised lip i guess going around the entire shoe probably to keep the foot from slipping), i have never had my foot slip inside or had the shoe lose traction while showering. It's well made. I have been using them for almost a year now and they look brand new. I do have to tip the water out before i get out of the shower which really not a big deal. I highly recommend these for shower or poolside use.

Y. Anonymous, Corse says

Much has been written in reviews re sizing, so i wanted to chime in. I am a size 12, so i labored whether to order the 11/12, or the 12/13. I ordered the size 12/13, and they fit. Like a glove. So, if you are a size 12, order the size 12/13 and you will be pleased ! . They sandals are one piece molded-so, no seem to rub against your foot, and no weak points which will rip apart when you use them a lot. Very comfortable for poolside. Easy on, easy off, and they float. I'd wear these all day, every day, in contrast to the one's today with the "massagers" or the padding, which look nice to start but get uncomfortable and mold improperly to your foot. Very nice product.

N. Carmen, Sandwell says

I needed a new pair of slides after my old ones wore out (new men's rubber slide sandal velcro strap in black beach or shower black 11). They worked fine, but the velcro ripped off. They lasted about 2 years. These new ones are much softer on the foot, and after reading reviews to know that they run a little small in sizing, i'm really glad i got these. I have a wide foot and have no complaints about the width. I normally wear custom orthotics in sneakers and shoes, so i typically get aching feet if i go without them for a while. The softness of these slides helps alleviate that. I don't know if i can wear these all day, but certainly can wear them for hours, whereas the other ones were simply to use at the shower at the gym, or on the beach, and i used another pair of padded slides indoors when my feet were dry. These are much closer to being able to be worn without switching. The only "knock" that i have on these is that the strap isn't adjustable. There are a few times that i want to make it more snug on my foot to help prevent slipping on some surfaces. That's a very minor issue, as these slide on my foot less than i anticipated, but i haven't worn them to a beach yet either. These are pretty good slides without paying for the marketing budget of the major brand names

X. Lawrence, Maine

First, i did not receive these at a reduced cost or free for a so-called "unbiased" review. These fit well and are very comfortable. As for sizing, i wear 8 1/2 ee and the 9/10 fit perfectly. Well made and a good sandal for the money.

H. Whiteman, Lincolnshire says

I've been wearing this sandal in the shower for several months now, and this works even better than expected for a non-slip shower sandal. Since i am a below-the-knee amputee, i have always had a problem with slipping in the shower and have taken a few tumbles over the years. Shower mats do not help, sitting down is not a good option. This sandal works perfect for me, the size is perfect, and even with a soapy tub or shower floor i can count on this to give my foot a good grip with no slippage and good balance. I gave the other sandal to my local prosthetic's clinic in hopes another amputee might find it useful. Thanks vertico company for an excellent design. You may have saved my life!

. Janice, Kensington and Chelsea

As for the product, they are suitable to task. I wanted something inexpensive that i could wear in the shower at the gym and they fit that bill. They feel a bit small for me. I am size 9. 5 or 10 depending on the shoe, so i went with 10-11. But i think 11-12 might have been a better choice. It is not the length that seems to be the issue though, it is the width and i will confess that my feet are a little wider than average. So just bear that in mind when you make the purchase. . As for the merchant, they are fantastic. Responsive and attentive!

Q. Mathis, Thueringen says

These have become my favorite shoes. My feet like them, and i want to keep my feet happy, so i wear them as often as possible. I originally purchased a pair to use as shoes for inside the house. However, they are so comfortable, that i wanted to start wearing them outside as well. I bought another pair for outdoor use. Unless i absolutely need to be wearing different shoes, like dress shoes, boots, or sneakers, i am wearing these. If i could, i'd buy a huge box of them so i would always have replacements. . I have wide feet, and they fit great. The sandals have the right mixture of extra width a softness, to hug wide feet without feeling constricted. Your mileage may vary.

C. Carol, Trafford

I usually wear a 9. 5-10 ee in most shoes and like many other reviews mentioned these sandals do in fact run a bit small. I ordered the size 10/11 and it was far too small for me. The sandal has a raised lip along the entire back of the heel so if the sandal fits small your heel will constantly sit on top of this lip and that makes the sandal uncomfortable to walk around in. . I returned them and ordered a size up to 11/12 and again the fit a little snug. I had to really wiggle my foot into the sandal to keep my heel from resting on the lip that borders the heel. . I almost returned this pair but was worried that going up a second time would result in a sandal that was far too big. I held onto them and after about 2 days of wearing them they must have stretched to the point where the sandal now fits well. It is a great light weight comfortable sandal, but the sizing is a hassle. I normally wear a wider shoe and perhaps that why i had to go up two sizes. . Cons: the sizing is tedious and time consuming to deal with (if you have the time and patience to return and reorder the product). . Pros:. Light weight. Incredibly comfortable. Really does dry quickly. . Update 4/16/15: i have had these sandals now for a few weeks and they have stretched a little around the straps/material that goes over the top of the foot. They now fit really well and have only gotten more comfortable. I have raised the score from 3 to 4 stars as a result of this. I guess my major issue was that my foot is wide and i wasn't sure if the sandal would stretch to accommodate my foot.

J. Russell, Bremen says

Don't listen to the other reviews that say this item runs large. I have a 9 1/2 foot and i ordered a 10/11 first time; it was way too big so i returned it. Second time i ordered a 9/10 and it fits perfect; has about 1/4 inch extra at my toes and 1/4 inch extra at my heel. The ribs fit comfortably over my normal arched feet and prevent the sandal from flopping back and forth. The inner sole of the sandal is a non slip material and when my feet are wet from the shower, they don't slide back and forth like my old flat shower shoe. The outer sole of the sandal is also non slip material and grips the wet and soapy gym shower floor without sliding. Only minor negative is the slightly funky smell of the material. Overall this is a five star item.

M. Anonymous, Cornwall

Words cannot express my pleasant surprise for these sandals. I bought these for our trip to puerto rico and honestly didn't expect these things to last more than the two weeks of abuse in sun, sand, and salt water. Not only did they survive the trip, i'm wearing them on a very regular basis around. They're surprisingly comfortable - i mean they're not going to win any awards, but they're definitely more comfortable than my previous pair of under armour memory foam sandals without the $40 price tag. What i love most about these is that they are impervious to water. Nothing gets absorbed. So you can wander around in the shore, tromp through muddy water, or take a shower in them. It's true that they have a slight lip on the sides that hold in water like a cup where your feet are, but pop them off, turn them upside down, and put them back on, and your good to go. I love these sandals and when they finally do where out i'll be buying them again.

D. Alma, Leeds says

I feel hesitant to give this shoe 4 stars but let me explain. I was very surprised when i received them - they are light as a feather! my first thought was that it should cost more than a dollar and something you can pick up at the dollar tree or similar. However, it grips perfect on both the feet and a slick ceramic gym shower room. I wished i would have ordered a 1/2 size larger - but that is my fault - not the companies. All in all, i think the shoe is as advertised - just think it should be a bit cheaper. Also, don't accidently wear this outside (concrete, grass, other) after working out as i feel it will not hold up for long. In a shower environment, i think it will last for a long time.

A. Sharon, Manchester

I don't really care to have a brand logo on my slides, so i picked these up while ordering some nike slides for my son. His nike slides have fallen apart and i had to order another set. My vertico slides are still in great shape. The footbed is well formed and soft enough to be comfortable right out of the box. Glad i got these inexpensive ones because i'm out $80 for brand name crap for my kid.

L. Jennifer, Alaska says

I bought them by mistake! however they arrived and weight only 22 grams (21. 74gm). I put my crocks on the scale (over 10-years old) and they weighed in at 24. 50 grams. I will be taking these as my second pair of shoes for backpacking - the weight is not the only reason thought - they are more comfortable than crocks and i feel walking around towns during resupply while my boots are airing out will be much more comfortable. As for shower shoes they are non-slip and fit my feet well. Quite an impressive product for my needs.

P. Stacey, Kentucky

I got these to use as shower shoes. They do what i wanted. They're well constructed, solid, and don't have any of those flimsy joints that is likely to break like many shower shoes. They have a solid grip on the bottom and are very easy to slide off and on, hands free. They're comfortable for the short time i wear them and definitely do their job. The only minor complaint is they're concave so they fill with water, requiring you to tip your feet when you're done showering to empty the swimming pool that has collected in them, but that's pretty minor and i'm definitely not looking for another shoe.

Top /vertico shower poolside sport sandal Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

B. Lynette, Haute-Normandie says

Based on reviews, i expected these "sandals" to be on the small size. I did not find that to be so. What i did find is that they tend to slip off of my feet forward. Wearing them, if i take a long, maybe slightly over-aggressive, step, the sandal shoots forward partially off of my foot and basically trips me. They are comfortable enough, sized ok, but unlike anything similar i have ever tried, they too easily, and dangerously, slip off of my foot.

. Claudia, Oxfordshire

I ordered these in size 12-13 because i wear a 12 in some shoes and 13 in others. No way are these 12-13. I held them up to some crocs size 12 flip flops i have, and they are at least 1 1/2 inches smaller. Still deciding whether to return. . Updated to add that i was surprised they were so small when 75% say the sizing is correct. I looked at the sandals and packaging. The packaging says 12-12, but the sandals have 43 stamped on the bottom. The size chart says this is a 10. Clearly, they sent the wrong size. Will send back and try my luck at getting the correct size. Pain to have to spend the time and effort on this, they should have more control of their fulfillment quality.

. Noguera, Harrow says

These shower shoes are at a great price but without an adjustable top, the shoes will be loose. My foot has at least a half an inch gap between the top of my foot to the shoe top. I wasn't even sure i could wear them. . In addition, if you look at the promo photo you can see the inner wall is so high that it captures water from the shower. After the shower you can empty them but you will continue to drip water into them as you dry. So empty them again, right. Ug. When i walk away from the shower, i have left behind a water splash trail. This is a safety concern. Consider all of this before making a purchase. These shoes would be better worn at the beach or with an outside pool; not at home or in a locker room environment.

C. Carrie, Warwickshire

I've consistently worn a men's 10 ½ for years (and usually a eu43). These are supposed to be for sizes 10-11 and my heels hang of the backs. The arch is set back far enough that if i set my foot to align with the arch my heels would hang off even more. . Too short. . It's unfortunate because they seem like they would

J. Miller, North Somerset says

Water pools up in these sandals. The white pad started to come loose about a month in and i realized that there were divots underneath just waiting to become bacteria traps. I tore the white pads out and drilled a bunch of holes on the bottom. Now they work fine

D. Palmer, City of London

I am a regular lap swimmer at my local ymca. At a recent visit to the dermatologist he glanced at my feet and alerted me to what he described as a strong foot fungus. This is not the over-the-counter treatment kind, rather a month's worth of daily pills and a very expensive co-pay twice daily cream - and the direction to wear lockerroom sandals. . I purchased the vertico shower/pool sandals and they are largely good and i would recommend. Pricing is okay, traction is good, slip-on ease is reasonable and they have some coloration to make them easier to see in a dark gym bag or closet. . I found them to fit very large and returned the first pair i purchased based on my normal shoe size for one size smaller. . More troubling is a design flaw. I wear these into the shower and the design of the sandal is bowl-shaped for the foot area such that it forms a pond when standing in the shower as the downward directed water fills the bowl shape insole area with no place to drain. Now you are literally walking in a mini swimming pool and need stand awkwardly on one leg (on a wet surface) to drain or walk with a now dangerously slick insole to the locker area to remove and drain. . Simple design change suggestion - cut gutter groves near the back heel such that gravity will drain the insole and the sandals don't fill up like a pond. . Overall - okay, but the water ponding in the insole thing is dangerous and you should be aware.

W. Bullock, Auvergne says

Sandal was nice, fit well, comfortable, worth the money. The problem is they sent to left feet sandals so obviously it wouldn't work and had to send them back. Received a refund but not sure if i will try ordering them again or just go elsewhere.

H. Hadley, Connecticut

These were a perfect length, but fit a bit loosely. I was pleased by how comfortable they felt, however after only four days of use the upper ripped loose from the sole at the front. I don't know if the cause was a random defect or the result of inferior materials. But i don't know if i want to take a chance on getting this brand again.

Y. Finch, Tower Hamlets says

I really loved them, unfortunately they started falling apart after a few months of casual use. I kind of want to get them again, but they fell apart so fast i am having a hard time justifying it.

K. Hayward, Alabama

My husband wasn't thrilled with these. The quality of the sandals is fairly good for shower shoes, but he mentioned that he wouldn't want to walk around in them too much. The footbed felt pretty "squishy" but in a good way, while the soles are hard. They do seem to been solid enough to keep crud off of your foot, though. The foot strap is somewhat flexible, but doesn't stretch enough to provide comfort for walking back and forth. The coloring is okay but not rich, if that makes sense. It's there but not in a nice, bold way. Kind of bland, but i would expect that from shower shoes. Our huge problem with these sandals, and the reason i will be returning them immediately, is the sizing. My husband has recently begun to find a size 12 length to be more comfortable, albeit a tiny bit bigger than needed, so we now buy 12s for most of his footwear. I would expect the 12-13 sizing to be perfect or a bit large on him. Not so with these shoes. They were tiny on him! way too short and very narrow, even on his skinny feet. The odd thing is that the foot strap was weirdly shaped and positioned. It cut across the foot at an awkward angle, making them uncomfortable for him to even walk around the living room rug. Needless to say, we're looking for a replacement pair of shower/pool shoes and promptly returning these.

V. Sarah, Sachsen-Anhalt says

When i pulled the slides out of the bag i immediately smelled something toxic. The smell started giving me a headache. I thought they may need to be washed with soap to remove the smell, but after washing them with soap and water the smell was still there. I threw them away, because i did not trust such toxic smelling shoes on my skin. This is a good lesson in getting what i paid for.

A. Anonymous, City of Bristol

Vertico men's shower and pool slide on sandal, black and gray - 11-12 d(m) us. . I should have heeded those review warnings that said these sandals hold water. For the price, and based on the many reviews, i thought i'd try them out anyway. I bought them for the gym shower but found myself having to constantly tip my feet to empty the water that collected. Perhaps this won't bother some people but it was annoying enough for me to not want to use them in the shower again. I will say that they have good traction and are comfortable. If you need a sandal for the pool area, these would work well since they are also quick drying. But i would advise against them for the shower unless you're ok with standing in your own personal puddles.

R. Suzanne, Kansas says

These are okay but not good enough to order again. The sizing is a little bit small but the real problem is that the soles are too soft. Immediately i could tell that the soles offered almost no protection from anything uncomfortable to step on. Within three weeks the soles were completely crushed and not cushioning at all.

O. Emily, Somerset

In general i'm satisfied with these but they do run a bit small. I have been a 9. 5 for 50 years and ordered the 9-10 but these definitely are more like a 9 than a 10. Since it is intended as a pool/shower shoe i do wonder why they would make a raised edge that holds water around your feet but i since noted this before i purchased i can't complain. If they last me several years i will be happy with the purchase.

X. Newell, Wokingham says

These shoes never dry. After getting out the shower they continue to be wet above one's feet. I spent a fair amount of money on them and now i am back to my $2 shower shoes. I can't take the wet feet after showering, because i usually use these at work or the gym. Some times i take two showers at work and they are still wet from the previous shower.

. Annette, South Carolina

I thought the material would be similar to adidas sandals, but its more of a softer foam type material. The kind that will rip easily. These work good for shower sandals though.

. Dorine, Doncaster says

I am normally a men's size 9. 5 - regular width. Reviews on the sizing for this sandals were all over the place - some too large - some too small. Following is my experience. I ordered a size 9-10 of the vertico men's shower sandal. However, the sandals were too small. My heel would ride on the raised lip in the back of the sandal. I returned the sandals - no problems/no cost to me (thanks online store). I like the sandals and will order the next larger size.

Z. Valdez, Montana

Need to be careful about sizing. The size 11 i ordered fit length-wise but the mesh was too wide to securely hold my feet. The sandals would lose alignment while walking and become "unstable. " since they are not adjustable, t ended up trashing them.

P. Mary, Wirral says

Not a deep enough heel cup to keep them in place while walking. If you don't manipulate the heel from sliding out from under your heel, leaving your heel exposed to the ground, then that's exactly what will happen. . So if you're wanting a slide that has deep footbed and heel cup, then you'll want to keep looking. . I wear a size 10 dress shoe and a size 10. 5 running shoe, and these 10-11's just fit my foot. If they were a 1/2 inch longer, they be a whole lot better. . If you're a 9. 5 dress shoe or a 10 running shoe, then this 10-11 will likely be the perfect fit, but they still won't be the perfect slide if you're inclined to wear them outside after a shower while your feet fully dry.

. Denise, Queensland

These slides are great at first, but after about a month the light grey insoles start to separate from the rest of the shoe. These are really poorly made and i suggest buying them only if you want to replace them every couple months. Also, because water is able to get under the insoles, they begin to smell really bad unless you fully dry them after each use.

L. Rebecca, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

I took these off in front of the door around 9am, and by 6pm i came out to grab my brand new flipflops again and they had warped and shrunk in the sun. Granted its 100of texas heat, but i've never had a set of flip flops that quickly shrink and become rounded like a banana. So they are already destroyed. . These are maybe $3 flip flops, and extremely cheaply made. Avoid.

G. Hannah, Nova Scotia

This review is not to kick seller, just to warn of my mistakes. On the lighter side, i wear a us 8 and the 7-8s that i received are huge. This was advertised as a shower/pool shoe and i wanted a shower shoe. I should have looked at the picture closer. These things have deep rims that pool the water around your feet. A shower shoe should be flat allowing the water to run off. You have to tip or dump these three or four times after stopping your shower and drying off. They should not be like bowls around your feet. Shipping and everything else was fine, i should have payed closer attention to detail and bought flatter soul and a size smaller than i thought i needed.

Q. Walsh, Greenwich says

These slippers are very well designed ergonomically, they fit well and are comfortable to walk in for initial experience. But, after a little while, the material under my feet, felt like i'm walking on wet chewing gum. It was an annoying feeling and i had a hard time deciding if i should keep them for the comfort, or return them for the discomfort. So, i had to return them.

E. Perez, Mississippi

If you wear socks with these its fine, but the type of rubber it is pulls any hairs you have. While you don't notice it at first it get annoying very fast. A good shower sandal if your foot is wet, but for just wearing around bare foot i greatly dislike it.

T. Taylor, Michigan says

I bought these to wear at a physical therapy facility when showering. However they are somewhat small and not the easiest to slip on - needing a something to stop them from sliding forward when putting my feet in. The plastic uppers are quite hard too, and only "comfortable" for short periods. . I wouldn't buy these again, primarily for the difficulty of putting them on easily. I don't think a an larger size will solve the problem (i bought them a size larger than my feet, but they are still on the small size).

M. Sheila, Derbyshire

These are basically kitchen sponges. They absorb even the slightest amount of water (just walking in dewy grass, for example), and they instantly become squeaky and squishy. They are useless for the beach, pool, or in the shower. . They are so flimsy they feel like they will tear apart every time i slip them on. . Just awful.

I. Lawrence, Virginia says

It has a lip and no holes in the bottom for water to drain out. The lip keeps the water in and you walk around in a puddle of water, they are not self draining. As for the odor, i did not find it unpleasant.

U. Yvette, Hartlepool

The problem with the product is the cover over the foot fits my arthritic feet too tightly. I suspect that if i had normal feet, the slides would be ok in that respect. The other problem is the hardness of the pad that foot rests on. Again, this is because of the arthritis and swelling in my foot that resulted from a recent fracture of the middle bone in my left foot. A person with normal feet would probably be satisfied with the slides.

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