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Price was 14. I love my uggs! i wear them so much i have wore down the wool insoles. I purchased these to replace my insoles. Oh my i forgot how much more comfortable they are with fresh insoles! so warm and soft! you don't have to buy new boots/slippers because you wore out your soles these are perfect to give your shoe a comfort makeover! i used these in my ugg slippers. I have to trim a lit bit of the top cause it is to wide. The sole of these inserts do not have an adhesive on them. I do wish their were more color options cause my slippers are dark but i only wear them at home.

-P. Joanne

Accessories Women’s Sheepskin Step Into Any Shoe And Experience Our Signature Ugg Feel. Plush Sheepskin And Dual-density Foam Come Together To Deliver Cushioning Where You Want It And Support Where You Need It. -Ugg Accessories Women’s Sheepskin Insole

  1. Attribute: Plush Sheepskin And Dual-density Foam.

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So glad i found these for my ugg slippers! instead of buying a new pair of ugg slippers i bought these instead and am so glad i did. True to size! (6) yes, your slippers will feel a little tighter, but these to conform to your feet & they will loosen up once you break them in. I have a very high arch, so when i inserted them, they "mold" to my feet. Soft warm and sure beats having to spend another $100. 00! Best accessories women's sheepskin | Ugg Accessories-Shoe Accessory Review ( Sep 2019 ) Attribute UGG Accessories Women's Sheepskin Insole Plush, moisture-wicking 17mm sheepskin. Plush sheepskin and dual-density foam .

Ugg accessories women's sheepskin insole Review (9501)

I absolutely love these insoles. I've had my short classic uggs for 10+ years and finally figured out i could buy the insoles. My uggs are a size 7 and i ordered the insoles in a 7. The most difficult part was ripping out the original liners. I had to get pliers to rip them out. This is necessary if you want the new insoles to lay the same. The first few days the uggs were snug, but now they are perfect! would totally buy again! -N. Peggy

Ugg Accessories Womens Sheepskin Insole

Product Dimensions
Height:3.00 inches
Length:12.00 inches
Weight:0.50 pounds
Width:4.50 inches
UGG Accessories
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accessories women's sheepskin Shoes, Step into any shoe and experience our signature ugg feel. plush sheepskin and dual-density foam come together to deliver cushioning where you want it and support where you need it. Ugg Accessories Women's Sheepskin Insole (9501-WHT-Ugg).

Ugg Accessories Womens Sheepskin Insole Shoes

  • These are great especially for the money. They do look like authentic ugg's by the packing although they dont have the ugg label on the actual insole. Either way i am happy so far. I bought them to put in my very old ugg boots that have bare areas throughout the sole. They were a tad short and both are size 7 also a little too thick. So, i decided to try the ugg rain boot liner(size 7) that i received for christmas. Fit was perfect. Then i put these in the rain boots and they fit! problem solved. The only thing that i noticed different in the liners besides the ugg label and thickness was the shape of the toe. This pair has a more rounded toe and the ugg liner from the rain boot was shaped more elongated giving a little more length. Maybe go a size up if these can be trimmed or you have a little room.
  • I ordered a size 8 (my normal size) to fit inside my bearpaw slippers, but i probably needed a size 7 or even a 6. I had to cut them down & superglue them into my slippers. Otherwise, very comfy & warm.
  • These are okay now that i'v crammed them into my winter clogs and mashed them down a bit. Very rough cut, and i thought being ugg's, with australia in the product name, that's where they were made. Not. Australian wool outsourced to china. Disappointed in the company.
  • These are not genuine ugg sheepskin insoles. They look and feel like synthetic. Fibers are coming out of it and the undersole has smeared glue on the surface which shows shoddy workmanship. You can buy the real thing directly from the ugg. Com website for $15. 00. Have also purschased genuine sheepskin generic insoles on online store that are way better than these and cost less money.
  • I should have listened to the other reviews when they said the arch support is too much, because it really is. I won't buy them again. I don't know if the ugg website has them without the arch support, but i may call to see. They are way too full to fit in my current uggs so i put them in some worn out slippers instead just to use them for something.

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I own some mou boots and needed some inserts since the inside of the boots had gone flat. I decided to order these in one size smaller than my boots and they were just a little too big. My mou boots are a size 40 (equal to 9. 5 - 10 womens). I ordered the inserts in a size 9, and found they are a little too big because they were pushing somewhat tight toward the front of the boots. I am going to order a size 8 to see if they fit a little better, but i am going to keep the 9's because i do have some ugg boots, and these might come in handy in the future for another pair of boots. I would not recommend trimming these since the seam is too close to the edge of the insert. They are nice and thick so be prepared if your boots are already somewhat snug, these might make the boot feel too tight. I needed this extra fluff since my foot was slipping around in the boot due to the fact the wool had gone flat. I would recommend this insert to do a re-fresh to your ugg or mou boots, but maybe size down for a bettert fit, but that might be contingent upon how much your boots have stretched out.

Ugg Accessories Women's Sheepskin Insole
Click to see NoticeUgg Accessories Women's Sheepskin Insole (9501)"I bought to to put in my sperry low "ducks"- which are basically rain shoes. I have to remove sperry insole however- and these don't give the same support. But i only use to run into store, office, etc in cold and snow."

(0) Question: Is this one insole or two?

(1) Question: I have size 7 1/2 boot. what size replacements? 7 or 8?

(2) Question: My merrell boot insole is not removable can these fit over my regular insoles?

ABUSA Genuine Sheepskin Insoles Men's & Women's Premium Thick Wool Fur Fleece Inserts Cozy & Fluffy

Replacement insoles for your footwear. Replace as often as necessary for comfort, warmth, and moisture-wicking. Only for certain styles with removable insoles. These insoles are sold as a pair.

ABUSA Genuine Sheepskin Insoles Men's & Women's Premium Thick Wool Fur Fleece Inserts Cozy & FluffyABUSA-Genuine-Sheepskin-Insoles-Premium

Brand :    abusa
Order click here :    -
  • Designed in us size available for all sizes, women and men
  • Abusa provide free exchange policy if size is not suitable. please refer to abusa shoes size before order
  • Material: 100% australian lambswool
  • Super warm & thermal, moisture-wicking 15mm sheepskin
  • Could be used as replacement insoles for ugg boots/slippers
Price :    —
Shoes :    Best Health Personal Care (Shoes product review) for ABUSA Genuine Sheepskin Insoles Men's & Women's Premium Thick Wool Fur Fleece Inserts Cozy & Fluffy available ( Sep 2019 )

UGG Women's Hailey Slipper

Insole: 7mm sheepskin; woven heel label with ugg logo. Outsole: molded rubber with pods for indoor/outdoor versatility. Suede upper, decorative sheepskin spill seams. 7mm sheepskin lining. Ugg logo rivet

UGG Women's Hailey SlipperUGG-1020029-Womens-Hailey-Slipper

Price :    —
  • Molded rubber pods for indoor / outdoor versatility
  • 7mm sheepskin insole
Brand :    ugg
Color :    Chestnut
Weight :    0.40 pounds
Model :    1020029
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for UGG Women's Hailey Slipper available ( Sep 2019 )

LAMBAA Genuine Sheepskin Women's Insoles, Super Warm Cozy Premium Thick Wool Fleece Insoles All Shoes

100% wool fleece sheepskin insoles for fall / winter / spring / summer season women shoes. They protect effectively your feet against cold weather and keep the warmth even though icy days. Based on 2-layers wool fleece sheepskin and wool fiber. These insoles are suitable for different types of footwear. They make you comfort and relax, moreover it is a perfect option to guard your feet against cold. Features: natural sheepskin insoles perfect fit creates a feeling of new shoes absorbs and disperses moisture retains heat, ultra soft, light weight suitable replacement for all kinds of men's and women's shoes very soft cozy lambskin insoles, especially good for men's and women's and winter boots and slippers. These lamb replacement insoles also gives a new life for your sneakers, sheepskin slippers, uggs, mocсasin. Stylish unisex design care and cleaning hand wash only 1. Wet the entire insoles with cold water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to a clean sponge. Clean entire area. Rinse clean in cold water. Reshape by stuffing with paper towel. 2. Allow to dry naturally and slowly in the shade. Do not use forced drying.

LAMBAA Genuine Sheepskin Women's Insoles, Super Warm Cozy Premium Thick Wool Fleece Insoles All ShoesLAMBAA-Genuine-Sheepskin-Insoles-Premium

Price :    —
  • Retains heat, ultra soft, light weight
  • Natural sheepskin insoles
  • Absorbs and disperses moisture
  • Suitable replacement for ugg, slippers, sneakers, winter boots, rubber boots, mocсasin
  • Perfect fit
Brand :    lambaa
Color :    Vv
Weight :    0.14 pounds
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Boot (Shoes product review) for LAMBAA Genuine Sheepskin Women's Insoles, Super Warm Cozy Premium Thick Wool Fleece Insoles All Shoes available ( Sep 2019 )

Women's Overland Sheepskin Insoles

Slip these premium insoles into any enclosed footwear and your feet have a whole new life - warm in winter, cool in summer, and coddled in soft comfort all year round. The foam arch adds extra support for a comfort step. And sheepskin naturally wicks moisture, keeping feet happy and dry. Made in china.

Women's Overland Sheepskin InsolesOverland-Sheepskin-Co-Womens-Insoles

Brand :    overland sheepskin co
  • Whole sizes only; half sizes please order next size down
  • The foam arch adds extra support for a comfort step
  • Sheepskin naturally wicks moisture, keeping feet happy and dry. made in china
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer, they coddle in soft comfort all year round
  • Slip these premium insoles into any enclosed footwear and your feet have a whole new life
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Women's Overland Sheepskin Insoles available ( Sep 2019 )

UGG Men's Sheepskin Insole

Step into any shoe and experience our signature ugg feel. Plush sheepskin and dual-density foam come together to deliver cushioning where you want it and support where you need it.

UGG Men's Sheepskin InsoleUGG-1011350-Mens-Sheepskin-Insole

Price :    —
  • Plush, moisture-wicking 17mm sheepskin
  • Plush sheepskin and dual-density foam
Brand :    ugg
Color :    white
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    1011350
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for UGG Men's Sheepskin Insole available ( Sep 2019 )


I have used the product before but ran out and got something on one of my uggs that i couldn't get out with just water. The products in this kit removed the stain and made my uggs look brand new in addition to protecting them from future spills/stains.

This care kit includes everything you need to clean and protect your ugg twin-faced sheepskin boots and slippers. This kit includes ugg sheepskin cleaner (also known as cleaner & conditioner 4 fl. Oz), ugg sheepskin protector ( also known as water & stain repellent 4 fl. Oz), a freshener, a brush, and a stone to revive the natural luster of your twin-faced sheepskin boots. This care kit is recommended for use only on twin-faced sheepskin boots and slippers within the classic, ultra and ultimate collections.


Ugg Australia Women's Sheepskin Care Kit, Applicable , One Size (510) FAQ.

The product itself is wonderful! it works just as it says it does and my uggs are looking new again. However, when the product arrived the package itself was all torn up around the edges and looked like it had been opened previously. The bottles were also covered in some sort of sticky/sandy substance that i had to wash off all the bottles and my hands. I do not know what they did to this package before they shipped it to me, but it looked used and mishandled. The missing fifth star is only for that issue, otherwise the product is great. -Notice from Y. Carolyn, East Sussex

Click to Show ugg australia women's sheepskin care kit, applicable , one size (510) Details

This stuff saved my uggs i was ready to throw them out! luckily i found this stuff and it saved me a couple of hundred dollars :-)

Ugg-australia-women's-sheepskin-care-kit,-applicable-,-one-size-(510) set picture

- Z. AdrienneOne bottle leaks but no big deal. Good product, highly recommended

Great product, recommend seller! satisfied buyer! thank-you!

O. Kristen, Poitou-Charentes

Brand :    ugg
Color :    Not Applicable
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    510
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Shoes (Home product review) for UGG AUSTRALIA WOMEN's SHEEPSKIN CARE KIT, NOT APPLICABLE , ONE SIZE available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $15.90
  • A freshener, a brush, and a stone to revive the natural luster of your twin-faced sheepskin boots.
  • Kit includes ugg sheepskin cleaner (also known as cleaner & conditioner 4 fl. oz)
  • This care kit is recommended for use only on twin-faced sheepskin boots and slippers within the classic, ultra and ultimate collections.
  • Ugg sheepskin protector ( also known as water & stain repellent 4 fl. oz)

UGG Unisex Sheepskin Care Kit

Everything you need to take care of your beloved ugg australia sheepskin items. 4 oz. Sheepskin cleaner removes stains for great looks. 4 oz. Sheepskin protector helps protect against rain, snow, dirt and stains. This is also referred to as the sheepskin water and stain repellent. 4 oz. Sheepskin freshener helps eliminate odor caused by bacteria. Sheepskin brush and stain eraser complete this must have kit. Gently rub the eraser back and forth over the area to be cleaned. Use the sheepskin brush to remove any residue.

UGG Unisex Sheepskin Care KitUGG-Unisex-Sheepskin-Care-Kit

Brand :    ugg
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for UGG Unisex Sheepskin Care Kit available ( Sep 2019 )

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I bought these to replace the worn down insoles in a pair of my uggs. These are a little different from what came in my uggs, as these have a very slight arch support. I have plantar fasciitis, so it isn't nearly enough for me, and after the wool is smooshed down after a few wears, i will add back in my superfeet insoles underneath these so i can have my arch support and my soft wool cushioning too. I plan on ordering the next size down for a different pair, as these cannot be trimmed down due to the way the wool layer is stitched to the foam layer around the very edges and trimming would cut off that stitching.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Do the insoles have some arch support?

(1) Question: I know this is weird, but can i put these in snow boots for a sock/liner alternative?

(2) Question: Can these insoles be used in the women's bailey button boots?

(3) Question: Am trying to find a fit for my merrell encore ice shoes. they are a 7 1/2. do i get size 7 or size 8? can you cut these down to fit a smaller size?

(4) Question: How wide and long are they?

(5) Question: Can i use these in my merrill encore shoes?

(6) Question: What does the b(m) us mean after the size? i want to make sure i'm ordering women's.

(7) Question: Are these defective as the review above states?

(8) Question: I want to get these to put into my non-ugg brand leather boots. should i order them in my size for my boots or the size i wear in ugg boots?

(9) Question: Will they fit in men's totes boots?

(10) Question: Somehow my original ugg boots insole does not come out, is bc am i too gentle for it?

(11) Question: My uggs say w6 australia. i am assuming they were a size 6 and run big as i am a 7. what size insert to buy?

(12) Question: What does b(m) mean?

(13) Question: Do the insoles effect the fit of the boot?

(14) Question: Will these work in slippers too?

(15) Question: I need replacement sheepskin insoles to put in my ugg driving mocs that are 8-1/2 what size would you recommend?

(16) Question: Can i use these in my ugg tasman? i am unsure since the tasman does not have any insoles

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The insole of my three year old ugg classic short boots were worn out. A friend suggested these replacement insoles. After reading the reviews, i wasn't sure which size to purchase. My uggs are a w sz 8, so that's the size insole i purchased. I could not be happier with the result. Even though the original insoles could not be removed, i simply slipped the new insoles over the old. They fit perfectly and the boots feel brand new. Very high quality and actually provide better arch support than the originals. They do feel a little snug at first (just like when the boots were new), but settle in nicely after a couple of wearings. Highly recommended.

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My feet are always cold! i work outside all day in colorado and my feet freeze in my sorrel and north face omni heat boots to the point of misery so i bought these just to see. On a -2 degree day an hour into my day when my feet had gone numb in the sorrels with wool liners and thick socks i put these in my boots and ditched the thick wool socks (these are thick) and my feet not only warmed up, they stayed warm all day! -2 and snow to my knees and warm feet!

. Elizabeth, Leeds

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G. Powell, Newham says

These are genuine ugg inserts. I ordered this pair to put in winter boots and cheap moccasins because i didn't want to purchase ugg boots but i wanted the comfort of shearling under my toes, but at first these inserts did not fit in any of my shoes because i ordered my true shoe size. I have since broke down and purchased a pair of ugg boots and discovered you have to buy a size down because they run very large. So if you are planning on ordering these inserts with the intention of wearing them in shoes other than uggs buy a size down. I eventually ended up trimming my inserts and then they fit in most of my shoes perfectly.

H. Mahood, New Mexico

Great product at a great price. It makes your worn in ugg boots feel like brand new. The insoles totally revived my 2-year-old ugg boots that had all the lamb wool "worn" out of them, leaving them "woolless" in certain spots that get a lot of friction from walking, especially at the bottom. I was actually thinking off replacing the boots before i thought about this option, since the boots still look ok on the outside . The insoles are very very thick, unlike any other lambskin insole, and probably a bit thicker and denser then the original ugg boot interior. They made my boots fit very tight at first, but wore in and flattened quite a bit within the first or second day of wear. The fit of my boot feels fine now, while still feeling like walking on clouds. Otherwise, size perfectly matches with the exact footprint of my ugg boots (i used other brands for lamb skin insoles before and they were not filling out the entire width of the boot). Now, i am curious to see how they fare in the long run, i. E. How long they last until the lamb wool wears off the insoles - which i find the most troubling issue with lamb skin boots, that the wool that make them so comfortable rubbs off from wear so quickly.

A. Edna, Dorset says

Update 12/20/17 - these insoles lasted about 2 years of heavy use during the winter months. I just received another pair to replace the old ones. The wear was mostly in the heel section. I think that s pretty good for an insole product like this. . I have a pair of bear paw abby style short snow boots that i use as slippers indoor and also wear outdoors. I bought them last year and wear them a lot during the cold months. By this year the sheepskin lining in the footbed was worn down to nothing in the heel area and compressed and the rest of the foot area. I purchased a pair of these ugg liners because they seemed the most substantial over the other brands offered here. I ordered them in size 9 because my bear paws are a size 9. (my shoe size is 8 but several reviewers advised ordering a size up on the bear paws. ) they fit snugly into my boots with no spaces on the sides, top or heel. Perfect fit. And now my boots feel like brand new and are warm and cozy again. They were losing some of the warmth when the sheepskin was worn down. . I didn't remove any lining from the bear paws before putting these in, just put them on top. My feet are closer to the top of the boot, like they were when they were new. Since the boots have sheepskin lining throughout, this isn't a problem. I'm posting some pictures so you'll have a better idea just what they look like. . Update 2/7/17 - these insoles are still going strong and i wear them all day long on most days during the fall and winter, except when i'm forced to dress up. The heel bottoms are just starting to get a little flat but they should be just fine for the rest of this season. The toe and middle sections are still fluffy and the heels can still be fluffed up a little. But i'll probably replace them next year with this same brand. They're perfect for my bear paws which are still in great shape on the outside.

W. Dorothy, Haringey

I purchased these ugg insole replacements in hopes they would work to replace sheepskin insoles in my. Acorn slippers. The slippers were in great condition except for the insoles. These replacements fit perfectly in my slippers! no trimming necessary. Very pleased!

F. Carrie, Montana says

Perfect fit for my llbean wicked good slippers that had lost its inner goodness. I did not want to shell out more money to buy yet another pair of slippers when the rest of the slippers are fairly decent so i'm so glad i saw these insoles on online store. I wear a size 7 medium and so i ordered a pair of size 7 b insoles. They are now once again so comfortable on the inside. I have now requested another pair on my christmas wish list, but if i don't get one, i will just purchase it myself as i did find another pair of fairly worn out sheepskin slippers from years gone past, in my overflowing shoe closet. Once again, they are worn out on the inside, yet i do protect the inside by drying off my feet well before stepping into them after a shower. Oh well, the hazards of living in them.

Q. Annette, Quebec

Ugg! bought a new pair of boots and remembered how magical new uggs feel, and felt sadness towards my old boots. Bought two pairs of insoles and popped them in and instantly felt that marshmallow softness my toes had been missing! if only everything in life could be brought back to new as easily! also put a set into my wellies and huzzah they are now comfy as uggs but waterproof that this pnw girl needs.

. Angela, Southwark says

They're great insoles but i bought them bc i got a size 8 uggs & they're a lil big on me. I thought this would fit in & make the booties fit better but it's so fluffy it was too much for the shoe. But since i went ugg crazy recently & bought a few pairs of boots & even some slippers, i figure i'll use them if any of the original soles get too worn. But now that i've written that i doubt that will happen w/any pair of uggs, even the slippers! . You def get your money's worth when you buy an ugg product!

X. Fabian, Gloucestershire

I have a knock-off pair of boots called "bearpaw". I love my boots, but the bottoms were started to wear down, so they weren't as comfortable to wear. I looked online to see if there were any replacement insoles and that's when i found this product. They fit perfectly and it totally fixed the problem.

S. Isabel, Hartlepool says

These are the best. I discovered these insoles about 4 years ago when i was desperately trying to find a way to keep my feet warm in my sorel boots, i had thought at first that my boots were leaking because my feet got so cold in them it seemed like they had to be wet, but it was literally just the cold of the pavement coming up through the soles of the boot. I had a pair of ugg house slippers and i knew they made replacement insoles, so i thought i'd give them a try in my winter boots and oh my goodness it made all the difference. Now i buy these for any cold weather boots i by and i only buy boots with removable insoles so that i can replace them with these. . They are true to size and have fit perfectly in any brand of boot i've purchased, so long as that boot has a removable insole that can be replaced with these. Brands i have used them in thus far ugg (obviously), sorel, l. L. Bean, and kamik. . I also find them quite supportive as far as insoles go.

U. Cecilia, Midi-Pyrenees

Except that i had to use a long serrated knife to slice off the "light blue arch and heel support" foam on the bottom of these, they fit and will be warm in the zero drop travel booties i bought. Would have gotten 5 stars if they had left off the foam attachments and given them to us separately to add if we want. Then you could easily toss them. The foam was some very bad stuff.

. Dorine, Arizona says

These insoles were somewhat of a "hail mary" for me, because i was on the brink of donating a pair of winter boots that i had only worn once. The boots were too large and very uncomfortable, and i felt that they were not well insulated. I purchased them off of zulily, and they were non-refundable. After reading the positive reviews for these insoles, i decided to take a chance on them, and they are one of the best purchases i've ever made in my life. The boots not only fit perfectly now, they are so comfortable and warm. I can walk around in them all day and they keep my feet warm and dry. My feet are in between sizes, and based on the reviews i went with the smaller size, which was perfect. If i had purchased the larger size, i probably would have had to trim them a bit to get them to fit in the boots. I'm contemplating buying another pair to have on hand in case i want to add them to another set of boots. :)

L. Kellie, Kent says

I bought the insoles as replacement in well-worn ugg loafers. They are fantastic! it s like having a brand new pair of shoes. Highly recommended.

. Sheila, Redbridge

After reading reviews, i took a chance and bought two pairs of these insoles for my bear paw boots. I wear a size 9 ladies so ordered that size in the insoles. They fit perfectly into the boots, didn't crowd my feet as some folks experienced, and gave me back my cozy footwear! i had 3 or 4 pairs of bear paws sitting unloved at the back of my closet because the fuzzies were all worn out of the insole, while the rest of the boot uppers and soles were still in great shape with lots of wear left in them. I am delighted that i can now use those boots again, as this time of year, i live in my bear paws and even most of the summer i use the shorter-uppered ones as slippers in the mornings. I'm back for two more pairs of these insoles so i can resurrect two more pairs of my favorite footwear.

J. Valdez, Blackpool says

Love my uggs! i purchased my uggs 3 years ago this winter and best boot purchase i ever made! i bought shanleigh ones, they have a better grip/ better tread than regular style uggs. They also have a pretty design strip going up the back of the boot. These were by far best pair of boots ive bought. Living in maine winters are harsh. These slip on no lacing at all. I had them cleaned through local dry cleaners (sent out to a local contractor to be cleaned) when they came back i was so happy almost new looking but they came back with the insoles safety pinned together in a clear baggie, they were worn and yuck i couldnt believe i had been wearing those they were falling apart and had tons of cat and dog hair stuck into it. I needed new replacements i bought some at the fair this year, made out of alpaca "fur" but they did not have the "grip" on the bottom so they slipped all over and came out when i took my foot out. I needed the real ones, ugg has made them so they work wonderfully! no more slipping and sliding or coming out!

D. Whiteman, Limousin

I have a pair of sorel nakiska slides that are a few years old. Those slides have a removable foot bed that have been taken out and washed many times over the past years, and it was time to get some new ones. I was very surprised when i found that sorel does not supply replacement insoles for their removable insoles, specially since they do so for their boots. So i reviewed all the options and decided to try these insoles. They are very pretty and feel fantastic, but i could not use them for three reasons, none which reflect on this product directly. First, they are very thick. They did fit in the slipper with no problem but it left my food feeling smashed against the top of the slipper. Secondly, the sorel slipper feels so comfortable because of that molded foot bed, and when you put these flat insoles in, it changes the feel of the slipper to be much less comfortable. Lastly, for florida, they are too warm. These are real, the foot bed on the sorel is not, at least not totally. So as a direct replacement for the sorel, it did not work for me.

E. Florence, Stoke-on-Trent says

These r really nice insoles and are really warm, but. My goodness, they are really thick. I wasn t expecting them to be so thick. If your shoe is a size too big, put these in n the shoe will fit fine, but if your shoe already fits fine, your shoe is going to be too tight. I also have to comment on the arch support. I have never seen an insole with arch support except an custom orthotic. That arch support was a nice surprise since i have plantar fasciitis. . I didn t give this insole 5 stars because they are extremely thick which can make your shoe too tight. But if you are looking for a thick fluffy insole, this pair is for you.

C. Meghan, Wirral

I'm so pleased with these sheepskin insoles. My 3 year old ll bean "wicked good" slippers still look great on the outside, but the insole was flattened and beginning to look soiled. I did try to clean the insole, which is not removable, with poor results. I ordered the exact same size ugg insole as my ll bean slipper, and the fit is perfect. Since it sits on top of the old insole, the slipper is a bit lower at the ankle, but i haven't found that to be a problem. After a week of wear, the new insole is compressing a bit, so the increased thickness is not noticeable. In the meantime, i've been thoroughly enjoy the new fluffy, soft feel to my slippers.

I. Lewis, Illinois says

I like these insoles a lot. I put them in a few different boots to try and they fit in all of them. The insoles are very thick, just like when you buy new uggs, but they smash down as you wear them. They were so thick when i put them in my sperry rain boots, that it pushed my toe up and hurt, so i'll have to wear them down and try again. I put them in an old pair of uggs and for a few hours it felt like i was going to walk out of them, but the more i walked the better they felt, and then i didn't notice it at all. I think it's the perfect way to get ugg warmth in any shoe for pennies. Money well spent, and i'll probably get another pair so i don't have to keep swapping them out, even though it is very easy to take them in and out because the bottoms of the insoles are very hard.

K. Suzanne, Champagne-Ardenne

While i've only received these in the mail today, they seem like a good value for the price i paid. I cannot rate them based off of usage yet, but i can tell you a few details that may help someone like myself, who spent a lot of time agonizing over whether to order a sz 7 or 8 even after reading all kinds of mixed responses in the q&a. I wear a sz 7. 5 in almost every shoe & fashion boot that offers 1/2 sizes. If a boot or shoe happens to run in whole sizes only, i could go either 7 or 8 or sometimes neither depending on how the shoe is made (i do wear a sz 7 comfortably in the uggs classic short ii). The sz 7 insole i finally decided to get measures 9 13/16 in or (25 cm). That is the 3rd line back from the 10 in mark for anyone who is unsure like i was and had to ask my husband! they also measure 3. 5 in across at the widest point, which is actually pretty narrow. My foot measures exactly 3. 5 in across, but i believe in time & with wear, they will flatten and stretch both in length & width as did my cheap "fur" insoles that i bought from jcp a couple of months ago. Those are flattened trash now but were pretty thin to begin with. These fit perfectly in length and width in a pair of 7. 5 leather boots i had bought that basically had zero padding/insole to begin with. My big toe is pushing slightly against the top of each boot currently, but again, i'm sure that will decrease noticeably after a couple of wears. I will try to attach some pics i took, but i've never done it before, so we'll see.

. Marguerite, Wokingham says

These are so incredibly soft and wonderful! they fit perfectly into my size 6 uggs. My only complaint about them is that when i put them into the uggs and i wore my boots, for the first week or two, the tops of my feet hurt, i had to re-break in my uggs (stretch them out) because now there was all this extra stuff in the shoes. Not a huge deal, but it was pretty uncomfortable for a little bit. Now that they are broken back in, everything is hunky dory! they are amazing, soft, wonderful, and actually, i feel like they have more support than my original insoles.

Y. Stacey, Northamptonshire

I bought these to replace the insoles of my ugg slippers. I have the basic loafer style ugg slippers. The foot beds come out easily. The replacement insoles are sheepskin, and fit inside my size 8 slipper. I bought size 8 replacements. The only difference is that these sheepskins are affixed to a padded foam base that is thicker than the original insoles. Once i insured that i had them pushed in to the toe bed as far as they would go, i was able to walk in my slippers without them slipping off of my heel with every step. They do make my slippers a lot snigger fit, but i think that this will loosen up as they get broken in a little. They are well made and more cushy than the original insoles. I washed my old ones by hand with mild detergent and used a soft brush to brush them back to life as they dried. Now i can alternate the originals with the replacements. I'd like to try them in my 3 button bailey uggs, but the footbed are glued into these and i'm worried to pull them out. I may try in the future.

. Audrey, California says

I was thrilled to realize they sold these authentic sheepskin replacement insoles, since the inside of my boots, which i always wear barefoot, were flat as they could be. These make your boots feel brand new! if you have the cleaning and protective products, it extends the life of these boots by another year. I usually get a new pair of uggs every year, but now. It's every two years. I have about five pair, all same size and color and style. People tell me "uggs are so last year and i just say good, because they are not a devoted ugg person like me. I don't wear them to be trendy i wear them because they are the most comfortable and practical thing you can wear, almost any season. I have worn them with shorts and a t-shirt and my feet don't get hot. They are fantastic and the insoles refresh them like you wouldn't believe!

R. Eva, Brighton and Hove

These will make your feet hot and sweaty and will make your shoes fit more snug and may not fit in some shoes. But, they are so soft and warm! it has been hella cold where i am and i put them in my work boots which are steel toe nautilus. I got my shoes free from work because they were a return error and are a men's size so there was plenty of extra space in them, in fact, too much. Once i put all my insoles in them (custom and a megacomfort antifatigue on top) they fit great and were super comfy. Probably the best steel toe combo i have had ever and i've worn steel toes for over 15 years. . So i got these insoles, took the megacomforts out, slid these in over my custom orthotics, and viola! feet warm and soft all day at work. This is really important for people who are on their feet for 8+ hours a day. I'm pleasantly surprised how great these made my work day. . They did not fit in my riding boots which are one size up from my normal size so the calf would fit. So note that these will probably only work if your shoes are at least a size and a half bigger than you need. They do take up a lot of space. . There is a sticker on the bottom of these that says to remove but when you try to peel it off, it takes part of the insole with it so i just left the stickers on.

V. Linda, Arizona says

The smartest thing i've ever done. I have shearling slippers that i wear all year round. Just live in them. I wear them so much that the wool wears off the bottom of the slippers every year or two. So instead of replacing $ 75. 00 slippers, i have purchased these and inserted them into my wicked good suede slippers. Works great ! i have also used these inside mule snow booties that were not warm enough and ran a bit too large. Again, a great solution ! the uggs liners have a really great higher loft to them and feel so cozy. You could insert them into a regular mocassins, or boots, or other favorites as well. Love these. They feel wonderful !

Top /ugg accessories womens sheepskin insole Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

E. Widmer, South Dakota says

These were way too thick to place inside my ugg boots. I was so sad that they wouldn't work out and will be returning them. The length was fine, but the thickness of the sole or puffiness of the wool made it so my foot wouldnt fit inside my boot comfortably. I hope i can find another option or figure out how to wash my existing insides of my boots.

I. Jacqueline, St. Helens

I own several pairs of uggs. Bought these to replace well worn innersoles of uggs i wear around the house. At first, it was a welcome relief to have cushion and comfort back. After 4 days, they have become flat and feel like my old ones! i removed the innersole to look and found that they are fraying at the forefront and the styrofoam underneath is dented. These do not feel or look authentic. I'll be lucky if they last a month. Better to buy directly from ugg.

W. Megan, North Lincolnshire says

Item states it can be cut to size but this is false. These cannot be cut as per the fur is stitched on the very edge so if u cut to size the fur comes off the bottom cushion :( i am sad because i cut to size thinking it must be glued all together but i was wrong and now fur is detatched in spots which make it unfortable to wear

M. Lewis, Indiana

Oops, i have gotten these before, and they were nice soft sheepskin, well, not so this time! . They felt different so i did the match test. When you hold a lit match to wool it may darken but it does not melt and smell like plastic. These however did! shame! i will be going to a different brand!

. Anderson, Peterborough says

I bought these to go inside my cozy ii slippers that have worn out. $10 beats $109 for a new pair! even though, there is not a removable insole in my slippers, since they are so worn, i figured i'd just tuck these in. . Which works fine (a bit big) at first effort. But. When i walk, the replacement insoles just slide right out. I don't want to glue them in. I'm thinking of gluing in some velcro maybe? or . Buying new slippers. :(

O. Smith, Maine

Specifically recommended by ugs usa for their own slippers. They do not work at all. These are thick with moulded in support, a heel lift, and very dense sheepskin. They are for boots and any shoe that you place your foot in from the top. Definitely not for rear entry slippers. . They are beautifully made.

Y. Pete, Islington says

I have size 8 ugg slippers and ordered a size 8 insole. The new insoles do not reach to the end of the slippers even though i have pushed down on what is left of the sheepskin inside the slippers. I trimmed the heel ends of the insoles so that they don't hang over the back edge of the slippers but the toe ends still don't reach the toe end of the slippers. The new insoles are very soft and warm though.

D. Irene, Wigan

Extremely flimsy inserts. I tried them for about 30 minutes and my feet were sliding from side to side which makes for ideal conditions for twisting an ankle. Returned. Tip: if you decide to purchase, i recommend buying a half size smaller.

C. Mary, South Dakota says

These were just the same construction/appearance as another, less-expensive brand i bought but in a different size. Everything was just the same and both sets were useless. Unless you have very narrow feet and you buy just the right size, these may work for you. But both sizes did not work & i do not see how one can change the size by cutting them up as there is a seam along the edge and who knows what happens if you cut into that. Why they promote the sheepskin i don't know - these have one small area on the bottom with sheepskin, that's it. I see no reason for it except to say it has sheepskin. Which i'd prefer not to have. . I cannot recommend this product at all. I ended up cutting up a pet fleece mat i had handy & putting them in my slippers. So far, it's been working pretty well.

G. Pearson, Virginia

First and foremost, you cannot return these. . Second, they are laughably narrow. . Third, my pair have an 1/4" difference in thickness. Oh lordy, the hip pain i had from this! took me three days to figure out that these stupid things were making me stand and walk funny.

L. Sharon, Cumbria says

Either these are now fake, or the quality has seriously deteriorated. They are way less dense and thick. In just a few days, the sheepskin (if it even is sheepskin) was worn away from the sole. I've been buying these for years, and the difference is obvious.

K. Cathy, Alaska

They're thick and soft. Definitely recommend if you have uggs. . But for me, they did not work when i tried them in hunter boots. I typically wear a size 8-9 in shoes and have a size 8 hunter boots. They're still slightly big, but not big enough for me to size down to a 7. I thought i would buy these to take up the extra space, but they ended up being too big for me. My feet were uncomfortably crammed in the front, and some sort of strange vacuum/suction action was going on where it sounded like a fart with every step i took. Not cool. Had to return immediately. . If you have hunter boots that are maybe 1. 5-2 sizes too big, i would recommend these. Anything less and they're too big. That's not to say they don't run true to size - because they do. If you have a size 8 shoe, order a size 8.

V. Guest, Connecticut says

Way too small! i ordered a size 11. Box stated it was a size 11, but the insert was maybe a 5-6. See pics below.

U. Guest, Richmond upon Thames

Slightly smaller in width and length 1/16 to 1/8 than the original insoles, but a good replacement since the original insoles were completely worn out. Sticker on the bottom of one insole says genuine shearling ugg insoles. Update: now after using these replacements for a couple of days, i find they are really too small for the moccasin style slippers. Order one size larger for a better fit. For this reason i have dropped my rating from 4 to 3 stars.

B. Edith, Ealing says

The inserts arrived with no instruction on how to insert them in ugg boots or slippers. Looked online and instructions said to remove the old insert; however many boot and slipper inserts are glued in and do not pull out. Your best option is to put new insert over old insert and "wear it down" until it does not feel uncomfortably tight. It would be helpful to know this on the front end when purchasing inserts.

F. Perez, Wandsworth

They are nice except that they are unusually large in their fluffiness which, i suppose, might be good for some people. For me, the length was good but they were so fluffy that they cramped my feet inside my bearpaw slippers making them burn. Also, they have some type of sole that has a ridge in the middle which made the arch of my feet hurt. So for those reasons, i returned them.

. Valencia, Massachusetts says

The size just didn't work for me. I have size 7 bean boots (they run big). I'm usually a 7. 5-8 in shoes. I bought the 8 on this insert thinking it would work in the boots. Unfortunately it made my boots uncomfortably tight across the toe box. I probably should have bought the size 7. I didn't like them enough to bother exchanging them. Returned. Fyi there is a sticker on the bottom that had a pull tab telling you to peel here. When you peel the sticker off it pulled off some of the foamy base material !

N. Anonymous, Bexley

This insole was not an authentic from uggs. I bought one 2yrs ago with my other ugg boots n finally let it go this yr. So this time i want to do the same with this insole. This time it only lasted 10days and my feet got all smelly n sweaty. I ended up buying new uggs anyway.

J. Alba, Louisiana says

These are not like my previous inserts. Can t determine if there s been a style change or if these aren t actually ugg inserts. They are soft and plush. The problem is they are too plush. Unless your shoes are way too big, these make wearing your boots impossible.

R. Debra, North Carolina

After 30 days of wear, they are worn through. This is my second replacement ugg inserts. They are not up to original ugg quality. The first ones lasted a year and were actual ugg brand. These are imitations unfortunately.

. Denise, North East Lincolnshire says

I got these almost a year ago. I thought i'd wait to see how well they lasted before reviewing. Unfortunately, the fleece wore off the rubber of the insoles in a nonsymmetrical pattern. The heel of the right insole wore down to the rubber, and the toe region of the left insole wore down to nearly exposing the rubber. It should be noted that i used these inserts in ugg moccasin slippers, not in shoes. Thus, these were not worn around the clock not outside. They were worn as slippers around the house in the morning for a few hours and in the evening for a few hours. I expected "sheepskin" insoles that cost $15 to wear much better than these did. I also expected them to wear symmetrically. It's not that one foot is harder on shoes than the other. My daily shoes wear symmetrically, both inside and out, so there is no reason why these should have worn in a sporadic manner other than flaws in manufacturing imo. All in all, these are okay, but don't expect them to last more than a year. (it's been 10 months since i purchased these new on online store. )

A. Aldana, Iowa

I purchased these as a replacement for my worn insoles of my favorite house slippers. The toe end does not match the toe bed leaving space around the end of the toes. My toes slide over to the indented edges. I have tried a variety of ways to fix this without much success. The fleece does not feel as if it is real sheep skin. It is scratchy and has a sheen to it that is not normal for sheep fleece. I don't like wearing them anymore as they are not soft and comfortable to my feet. I almost think that this is a synthetic fiber as it feels like such.

X. Annette, Midi-Pyrenees says

Really wanted to love these. I bought them to reline an older pair of shearling slippers that i had simply worn the original wool off of. I actually bought these uggs and a pair of happy steps for another pair of slippers with the same issue. Put simply, the uggs slide backwards and out of the slipper. Most annoying. I've tried using the anti-slip rug pad material to keep them in place. Short of glue, i have no idea how to keep these in the slipper. On the other hand, the happystep brand stays right in place in either pair of slippers, seems to be of similar quality and cost less. Both brands are made in china. Not sure it is worth returning the uggs but i would not buy them again.

Z. Joanne, New Brunswick

These make your slippers not fit once inserted. The back of my slippers didn't fit over my heels anymore and the arch stuck up too high. Made my slippers very uncomfortable and had to throw these away. Didn't solve my problem and had to throw these away within a week of purchasing. What a waste!

S. Guest, Leicestershire says

Let me start by saying i wear nothing but uggs during the winter, i own 5 pairs so when the time came to replace the insoles i was happy i was able to find them. After inserting them and putting them on they didn t feel right, they didn t feel like the fluffy new uggs i was expecting. In all honesty they felt fake. I went to the mall to purchase a pair from ugg and came home to insert them and they felt perfect! just like they were supposed to! so i put them side by side and you can clearly tell the ones i bought here were fake. Buyers beware! the left side of the photo i posted is the one i purchased from online store, the right side is the one from ugg.

Q. Kellie, Southend-on-Sea

The quality is good, but they don't leave room for my feet when i put them into my leather uggs. They are too thick for many of my other winter boots as well. I will have to find a thinner insole and hope it works, otherwise i have no use for them and spent the money for nothing.

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