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Price was 34. Can't believe how well these fit. I've worn custom made orthotics for decades and couldn't believe when my podiatrist said i could order them on online store. They were easy to adjust to so must have been similar to my custom ones which cost many times more than these did. So far they're doing good. Will be interesting to see how well they hold up. And of course being from seattle the bright green color is perfect. Got them in 2 days and they were just as described.

-A. Florence

Green full length the green offer affordable, professional-grade orthotic support, performance and comfort for anyone who wants their footwear to fit and feel better. -superfeet green full length insole

  • Included: Biomechanical Shape.
  • Included: Odor-control Coating – All Natural Coating That Eliminates Odor-causing Bacteria Closed-cell Foam Supports And Cushions The Foot For Long Lasting Comfort.

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This is my second pair. I used these in my military boots when i was in the service. For over a decade it provided comfort through all kind of terrain. I would be on my feet for over 12 hours a day carrying a pack and still my feet felt great. This also helped with my knees, hip, and back. Great insoles. After a foot injury, i was surprise my surgeon suggested i purchase these insole while my custom orthotics came in. I went from a cam boot to sneakers with these insoles and i can walk. Great product. The Best green full length ( Sep 2019 ) | Superfeet-Shoe Accessory Review Included Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole Deep heel cup - superfeets widest and deepest heel cup that offers maximum support and positions the soft tissue to help with natural shock absorption. Biomechanical shape. Odor-control coating - all natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort. Stabilizer cap - the base of the insole that supports the rear foot and provides structure and stability to the foam layer. For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis .

Superfeet Green Full Length Insole Review (performance)

I wear a size 8 running shoe. I bought a specific pair of shoes for the color for a special event; however, i overpronate on my left and supinate on my right and needed much more supportive insoles than those shoes provided. These insoles are great! my feet feel supported. Good arch support and keeps the weight evenly distributed on throughout my feet (heel, arch, toe mound, and side to side) which keeps my feet, knees, and hips from hurting when i run. The price is great when compared to custom orthotics. Sure, it's more expensive than dr. Scholls in the pharmacy at walmart, but this is a type of product that price reflects the quality. -S. Carolyn

Superfeet Green Full Length Insole

Product Dimensions
Height:2.00 inches
Length:14.00 inches
Weight:0.69 pounds
Width:4.00 inches
Part/Serial Number

green full length Shoes, The green offer affordable, professional-grade orthotic support, performance and comfort for anyone who wants their footwear to fit and feel better. Superfeet Green Full Length Insole (PERFORMANCE-Superfeet).

Superfeet Green Full Length Insole Shoes

  • I have only had them in my work boots for about four days, but these superfeet green premium insoles are awesome! you see at 65 i have a no cartilage left in my left ankle (as diagnosed by a top podiatrist here in the jacksonville, fl area) and i have neuropathy in 80% of my right foot and i'm on my feet at a big box store for 9 hours a day! my previous insoles worked well for almost two years but needed replacing. These superfeet reduced the amount of pain i was feeling by a significant amount! i am amazed!
  • I stand wearing lead apron working in the cath lab, so my feet take a beating. Some days my feet hurt so bad i'm ready to quit on the spot. When i tried super green ensoles it changed my life. I also own a pair of orange ensoles. They are ok but green is better for me. Saving lives is what i love to do. Super green ensoles allow me to keep doing what i love.
  • I received little improvement from wearing these. They felt weird, but when i got used to them there was still no difference in my heel pain from plantar fasciitis. Dr. Scholl's for walks and those gel arch puffs for work work better for me. Nothing has made it go away and i'm giving up and going to the podiatrist.
  • My husband loves these but they don't work for my feet. The arch support hits under my heel & not where it should be, i did get the right size but can't return them because i cut to fit my shoe. I'm out over $40 . Dr. Scholl's runners inserts are much better and have good arch support and cushioning in the ball of foot and heel i will stick with those. I couldn't even keep these on more than half an hour before my heel started hurting so bad i had to rip them out and put my old dr. Scholl's ones in.
  • I used to love adding these to my running shoes. I have high arches and, as such, it isn't easy for me to find lightweight/neutral running shoes and i hate running in heavier, more structured/supportive shoes. These used to be the solution. However, this is the second pair i order through online store and not from an actual running store, and they don't feel the same. Not much support to my arches. Don't know if they've changed the design, or perhaps the superfeet sold through online store aren't genuine superfeet products? or maybe my arches have gotten higher? this last scenario is probably very unlikely. So, either it's a quality/production issue or a matter of counterfeit product. Will have to get a pair for my local running store and compare notes.

green full lengthSuperfeet GREEN Full Length Insole (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I've been a faithful superfeet user for many years. I use them in all my shoes - dress, causal and running. Because i run ultra-marathons, they take punishment beyond what a normal athlete would be able to dole out (see picture). Despite the thin-looking appearance, they have served me much better than any custom insole ever has (and i've had several! ). For me, i found that the arch support is just enough. It takes a couple minutes to cut each one to size but all you have to do is take out the manufacturer's insert and trace around it. Not rocket science :-)

Superfeet Green Full Length Insole
Click to see NoticeSuperfeet Green Full Length Insole (performance)"Arch does not hit in the right place. I needed a bigger size, not to fit my shoe but to correctly fit my arch. Do to the arch being in the wrong place it caused my toes to cramp while walking long distances. Superfeet needs to give more details about correct fit. I went to a store that sold/ fit superfeet and was fitted into a larger size that needed to be cut down to fit my shoes and they are working out much better."

(0) Question: I have very flat feet and my feet start hurting within 15 minutes of walking. are these insoles worth it and will they help or should i get orthotics

(1) Question: I work on my feet all day so alot of walking and standing for six days a week. will this help me and how long do this last?

(2) Question: How high are the green superfeet on the heel? thanks

Superfeet CARBON, Sport Shoe Carbon Fiber Performance Thin Insoles, Unisex, Gray

The superfeet carbon insole is the result of years of research and field testing. This insole is for the dedicated athlete who demands high performance results. Superfeet's revolutionary insole achieves a new level of lightweight performance by combining a carbon fiber-reinforced stabilizer cap with a durable, ultralight foam layer. The carbon's distinct biomechanical shape and low-volume design can help improve the fit and feel of tight-fitting athletic footwear like cleats and lightweight shoes. Product features: heel cup: the structured heel cup helps stabilize and support the foot and positions the heel to naturally absorb impact biomechanical shape: the low-profile shape helps stabilize and support the foot, which can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees foam perforations: perforations under the midfoot and forefoot reduce weight and improve breathability antimicrobial coating: all natural coating that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria size "f": fits mens 11. 5 - 13 32012 , superfeet carbon insoles - size f , insoles , orthotics , arch support , footwear , shoe support , foot support

Superfeet CARBON, Sport Shoe Carbon Fiber Performance Thin Insoles, Unisex, GraySuperfeet-CARBON-Carbon-Performance-Insoles

Brand :    superfeet
Model :    32000 CARBON
Quantity :    1
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Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for Superfeet CARBON, Sport Shoe Carbon Fiber Performance Thin Insoles, Unisex, Gray available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Lightweight, durable closed-cell foam delivers long lasting comfort for tight-fitting athletic footwear
  • The thinnest super feet insole
  • Made in the usa; versatile shape that offers high performance support
  • Relief for common foot pain in tight fitting footwear
  • Synthetic material

Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort

Designed specifically for hiking, trailblazer comfort max insoles stabilize your feet on uneven ground. The superfeet shape securely supports your foot in the boot, minimizing fatigue and reducing shifting that can lead to hot spots and blisters. Shock-absorbing aerospringtm dual comfort foam enhances comfort, even on the roughest terrain.

Superfeet Trailblazer ComfortSuperfeet-FL445300-Trailblazer-Comfort

Brand :    superfeet
Model :    FL445300
Order click here :    -
  • Evolyte carbon fiber stabilizer cap provides weight-defying support for the trail
  • Reduces fatigue and provides reliable stability for the rigors of a good hike
  • Superfeet shape minimizes shifting, hotspots and sore toes on uneven ground
  • Heel cup helps prevent heel slip and toes hitting the front of the boot
  • Impact pad disperses impact on ascent and descent
Price :    —
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Superfeet EASYFIT Men's Comfort Dress Shoe Orthotic Insert

Superfeet deluxe mens dress fit three quarter are high performance insoles that are ready to go to work. With a plush microsuede top high density foam layer and biomechanically supportive shape the delux is one of our most comfortable insoles for tighter fitting business dress and casual shoes. Mens delux can help you avoid heel pain and tired sore feet so you can work without distraction.

Superfeet EASYFIT Men's Comfort Dress Shoe Orthotic InsertSuperfeet-EASYFIT-Mens-Comfort-Orthotic

Price :    —
  • For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Fits all types of business, dress & designer footwear
  • Improve the fit of the footwear without crowding the ball of the foot
  • With natural nxt anti-bacteria coating, latex-free & vegan
  • Medium-arched ¾ length insole for intermediate support
Brand :    superfeet
Model :    Superfeet Delux Men's Insoles-M
Quantity :    1
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Shoes :    Best Health Personal Care (Shoes product review) for Superfeet EASYFIT Men's Comfort Dress Shoe Orthotic Insert available ( Sep 2019 )

Superfeet Trim-To-Fit Insoles Low Profile

Sizes: a (fits women's shoe sizes 6-7), b (women's 7. 5-8. 5, men's 5-6), c (women's 9-10, men's 6. 5-7. 5), d (women's 10. 5-11. 5, men's 8-9), e (women's 12-13, men's 9. 5-10. 5), f (men's 11-12), g (men's 12. 5-13. 5), h (men's 14-15). Fit profile: medium-profile insole with the shape that can fit into most footwear while providing intermediate support. Fits best in: most types of low and medium- volume footwear, even some without removable factory insoles. For tight fitting low interior volume boots and shoes. 3 component build-up:. Deep heel cup absorbs and evenly redistributes inertia shock and controls heel deflection. Extremely stable to help control foot positioning. Low profile design fits best in lower volume footwear. Not designed for gore-tex footwear, use 17980 instead.

Superfeet Trim-To-Fit Insoles Low ProfileSuperfeet-Trim-To-Fit-Insoles-Low-Profile

Brand :    superfeet
  • 3/4 length polypropylene stabilizer cup.
  • Unmatched in performance and comfort levels compared to other insoles.
  • The most stable footbed design with biomechanical principles.
  • New holofiber top cover.
  • High-density trocellen foam full length footbed.
Price :    —
Model :    ACTIVE
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Superfeet Trim-To-Fit Insoles Low Profile available ( Sep 2019 )

Active Green - Size f

Superfeet performance green insoles are at the top of the line. The ideal footbed for ski and snowboard boots, hiking boots and running shoes. As a rule, the superfeet performance green offers you the most benefits. That's because superfeet was able to build the most features into it to provide maximum balance, support and shock absorption. It's their most popular footbed. 1) rear-foot control point only superfeet synergizer insoles provides this feature to control over-pronation, thus helping keep your foot correctly aligned. Result: less stress on muscles and joints. 2) mid-foot control point another superfeet original. This area stabilizes the mid-foot. Combined with rear-foot control point, this enables you to use your skeletal strength to your advantage. Result: a very stable foot, creating less muscle fatigue and more endurance. 3) patented support bridge this feature activates all the control points for better balance and alignment during the stride. An essential feature exclusive to superfeet. 4) long-wearing trocellen tm foam we use only high-quality, durable closed-cell foam. Result: long-lasting comfort for your pursuits. 5) natural shock absorption system only superfeet synergizer insoles use this three-part system to naturally soften heel shock. This includes: (a) deep heel pocket to center fat pad (b) slight rocker bottom to allow for some foot roll (c) soft flange to allow for some soft tissue expansion. Result: a soft landing every time. 6) new holofiber top cover only from superfeet significantly increases oxygenated blood flow thereby improving circulation and muscle energy. Superfeet sizing chart. Men's: 5. 5-7 (c), 7. 5-9 (d), 9. 5-11 (e), 11. 5-13 (f), 13. 5-15 (g), 15. 5-17 (h). Women's: 4. 5-6 (b), 6. 5-8 (c), 8. 5-10 (d), 10. 5-12 (e). Kid's: 11. 5-13 (j), 13. 5-2 (a), 2. 5-4 (b). 1412 , superfeet active green size f

Active Green - Size fSuperfeet-1412-Active-Green-Size

Brand :    superfeet
Model :    1412
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Apparel :    Best Apparel (Apparel product review) for Active Green - Size f available ( Sep 2019 )

Superfeet wideGREEN, High Arch Orthotic Insoles Wide Feet, Unisex, Green

Superfeet wide green insoles offer affordable, professional-grade orthotic arch support and comfort for anyone with wide feet (size 3e to 6e).

Superfeet wideGREEN, High Arch Orthotic Insoles Wide Feet, Unisex, GreenSuperfeet-wideGREEN-Orthotic-Wide-Green

Price :    —
  • Fits most 3e to 6e footwear with factory insoles you can remove
  • High-arched extra wide insole for maximum support
  • If you wear extra wide shoes, these insoles are right for you
  • For common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis. closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort
Brand :    superfeet
Model :    Wide Green Premium-U
Quantity :    1
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Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Superfeet wideGREEN, High Arch Orthotic Insoles Wide Feet, Unisex, Green available ( Sep 2019 )

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I bought these at the recommendation of a physical therapist who was treating me for it band pain. I have high arches and have tried custom insoles, which actually injured one of my feet. I was skeptical, but i can notice a big difference in the stability of my feet with these. For example, when doing one legged squats my foot stays flat when i wear the shoes with insoles, but tries to roll inwards in shoes without them. I put them in my running shoes and i think they help me run without letting my knee collapse inwards, which causes the itb pain. I didn't even have to cut them, they fit perfectly in my 9. 5 nike frees. Best of all, paired with an itb strap, i am running longer and pain-free, which is priceless.

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(0) Question: Do i need to size up on my shoe size if i plan on using these?

(1) Question: Is there a warranty?

(2) Question: I have owned for a few days and my feet hurt worse on a short walk. worse heel pain. bought for pf. how long is the break in period usually?

(3) Question: Do these last a long time? i have some that are gel and they flattened out after about a year.

(4) Question: There are 2 "size c" options on the sizing chart - what is the difference? also, am i able to choose my width?

(5) Question: Are these insoles just for walking or standing, or can i use them for running and jogging?

(6) Question: Can you wear these in boots with a bit of a heel?

(7) Question: I'm new to insoles. do you buy some for each pair of shoes - or move them to whichever you are wearing? and how forgiving are they size-wise?

(8) Question: Can you put them in sneakers?

(9) Question: I have some pain on the ball of foot behind the second toe. it's aggrevated by walking on hard surface. is the green one good for normal arch?

(10) Question: Whats the difference between the green and orange? (they both say "high & high" for arch and volume. )

(11) Question: Do these help with supination or only pronation?

(12) Question: I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. i am concerned with the "lack" of cushioning. any comments or suggestions?

(13) Question: Do these help planter fascitis and flat feet

(14) Question: Do you need to replace everytime you replace shoes? i need to replace my nb cross trainers every six months

(15) Question: The pair of dr scholls i have fell apart after 3 months of walking 3 miles every other day. will these last longer?

(16) Question: How long before they need to be replaced?

(note) Question: where/how to get Superfeet (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Superfeet's products

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These insoles are really good in my opinion i've been using them for the past 2 years and they hold up well. Upon first trying them you may feel discomfort for the first couple of weeks but once your feet adjusts to the soles and the soles mold to your feet they feel and make you feel good while walking. Since i have flat feet i noticed that my feet no longer hurt as much and my lower back problems have subsided significantly so i'm glad i bought these insoles. My only complaint is that they don't last as long as they have advertised but maybe its because the 500 miles came first rather than the 12 months. I have to replace them every 6 months or so because i've actually worn down the sole till theres a hole in them since i do a lot of walking at my job but if your job isn't as labor intensive as mine then i don't see why the wont last a year, so i say give them a try you won't be disappointed.

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Got these for my athlete son who always complains of achilles pain and was hurting to the point where he was no longer enjoying his sport. They take a couple of weeks to get used to, during which they are kind of uncomfortable, but we knew that from other people who had tried them. After that, however, they were awesome. My son says his achilles don't hurt him hardly at all anymore and refuses to wear shoes without them. I had to buy a second pair for his basketball sneakers. I tried a pair myself because everyone swears by them, but i am having a harder time getting used to them and i find they hurt. I give them a 5 star because they work. Just be warned, for some people the transition is difficult.

O. Edith, New York

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D. Cecilia, Indiana says

Purchased these, feel great on my feet after a couple days. Initially didn't even have to trim them, they just fit into my size 11. 5 nikes (this particular pair fits more like a 10. 5 though, for the record). Did trim them after a day when i noticed an audible squeak. Trimming them didn't fix the squeak and now i just live with it, my girlfriend says it sounds kind of like i have a duck following me. The internet suggests putting packing tape on the bottoms or scuffing up the plastic with some sandpaper to reduce squeaking. So comfortable that i forgot to take these shoes off after my workout and i'm wearing them right now.

U. Cindy, North Carolina

Below is my initial review. I have now been wearing these for a week, and the debilitating foot pain is about 90% resolved. Miracle! i can hardly believe it. I'm over the moon. . -. I'll update after having a chance to wear these more, but having received them a few hours ago, i'm too elated not to write something now. I have very flexible feet, ankle instability (instability of all joints, actually, due to ehlers-danlos syndrome) and naturally high arches which are collapsing thanks to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in both feet. I'm disabled and for the last few months have struggled to be able to even get around the house and do very brief errands because of brutal, punishing arch and tendon/ medial ankle pain. It's impacted my sleep and every aspect of my functioning. I've been trying to get the situation under control for over a year (custom orthotics, pt, hi-rice, etc etc) and out of true desperation have purchased numerous pairs of high end sneakers and other shoes and all kinds of other insoles hoping to find something, anything, to help so i didnt feel like i was making an already severe problem even worse with every painful step or every minute on my feet. These came tonight. I popped them in my shoes, i stood up and i just. Nearly cried with relief. My ankles are in a neutral position. My tissues are still tortured and sore from ages of accumulated micro-trauma and will take time to settle down, but i can actually stand and walk and feel reasonably supported in not only my feet but knees as well, for the first time in about 5 years. I am not expecting a miracle, but i am astounded to finally have real, warranted hope for improvement, because it was immediately evident the moment i laced uo my sneaks that the difference between these and every other insert or device i have tried is absolutely night and day. Thank you, superfeet.

. Claudia, Bury says

My personal review of the superfeet green premium insoles. As a 22 year old who has started to get pain in my feet after working out with converse shoes so much i decided to try these superfeet green insoles. The first day i bought these i went on a 10 mile hike in the santa monica mountains, and my god do these make a difference! during the first 2 hours my feet felt just as good as when i first started the hike, walking up, around, and on top of rocks is going cause some serious muscle pain, but i didn't experience any of that. . However by the end of the 5 hour hike my feet were pretty much done, it probably doesn't matter if you have insole's or not. I can't stand the converse insole, it's terrible for the foot, especially if you're using it all day, but unfortunately it's my favorite shoe, luckily these insoles make the shoe wearable throughout the entire day. It's a definite game changer for anyone who's consistently walking around. If you have shoes that have good insole support though i wouldn't recommend these though, i. E. Adidas superstar, kobe 11, and so fourth, but if you have any type of converse or shoe with bad insole support do yourself a favor and make the purchase. It's a different world wearing good insoles on shoes that need it.

M. Janice, Sandwell

I wear a women's size 11. I have this product in 3 different pairs & they are very comfortable. I originally had a d & the fit was a little too short for my shoes, so i bought the e's. My pt therapist & other rehab that i have been to, every single one said not to go to the 'better feet' store & to use these. In addition, i did some research & i spoke with my foot & ankle surgeon said that you should feel the arch support towards the heel of your foot. It may sound crazy but for me it works well. This is another reason i bought e's as it fits just as my doctor had said. . I have found this product in a few stores & i sized them first, then i came home & did some price comparison on line & found online store, like the last pair i bought, i waited here & they went on sale & i saved $7 + tax + free shipping. This may not be the case in your neck of the woods. . I recommend & i will always purchase this item.

I. Nicole, Alabama says

I've tried all sorts of insoles over the years, but i always come back to superfeet green. If you have wide feet and a medium to high arch, this is the best support you can get short of a custom orthotic. . The important thing to understand about insoles (and just about anything else made of foam, including pillows, mattresses and sofas) is that there's an inverse relationship between softness and support. As a rule, the softer something is, the less supportive it is. For products that have to support the weight of any part of our anatomy, softness only provides brief relief: highly compressible foams tend to keep compressing until they flatten out, at which point they have no support. This is why the cheapo insoles that come with shoes are almost always soft they just need to feel good enough for a short walk around the shoe store to persuade you that they're comfortable. . Unfortunately, we tend to associate "comfort" with softness, so i'd wager most people will find superfeet greens uncomfortable, at least at first. But give them time! depending on how much you walk and stand in your daily life, it could take days or even weeks for the super-firm foam of these insoles to mold to the unique anatomy of your feet. But eventually they will, and after that these are legitimately life-changing. I put them in as many shoes as i can afford to, but given the possible health consequences of improper or insufficient foot support (and the nightmarish costs of any medical care), can anyone really afford not to invest in $30 insoles? . . One final tip: the package says to replace them every 6 months. That's a con to try to increase superfeet's revenue, and totally unnecessary. The materials used in these will continue to provide support for years. I walk about 25 miles a week on average and i've never worn out a pair of these insoles. You're much more likely to wear out your shoes, and when that happens you can just pop your insoles into your new shoes and be on your way.

C. Morgan, Worcestershire

Local store recommended these for high arch feet. I have a bad case of planters and went through therapy. Comfortable right out of the box and you can feel the support. Purchased on online store and saved $10. 00 from what the large sporting goods store was charging. It did not specify on the box but yes you remove your existing insoles and replace them with these. Don't just pop them in your sneakers without first removing the factory insoles.

R. Monique, Victoria says

Definitely do what some have suggested and if you are at the higher end on the suggested shoe size range, then size up. The arch will lie too far back if you don't. I cut the inserts about half a centimeter wider than the removable inserts for my rain boots and they fit great! it's also a perfect solution to make your shoes slightly more snug, especially if you are a half size and the shoes only come in full sizes.

F. Judith, Solihull

I have high arches and have pain on the ball of my foot so i added some metatarsal pads to these green superfeet and now it's perfect for me!

T. Wells, Stoke-on-Trent says

I wear a women's us9 and trimmed to length, size c was perfect in my shoes. . They were a little uncomfortable for the first couple days, but my feet adjusted pretty quickly and it never rose to the level of pain. . I bought these initially to help with plantar fascia pain with running. They're not going to replace rest, ice, and stretching, but they've certainly helped me when those things weren't quite cutting it. After a couple weeks of use with these in my running and walking shoes, i don't have any pain on days that i wear them. I can now go longer in flat shoes or barefoot before the pain returns, so i think that they're really helping. . I like them enough to buy a second pair so i don't have to switch them when i change shoes.

Z. Connie, Darlington

These inserts were actually shorter than the inserts in my size 12 timberland boots. They are advertised as size men's 11. 5 - 13. . If they were any shorter i would have sent them back. I trimmed a small amount off the curves on the sides. Despite being a little shorter they fit just fine and are extremely comfortable. I love the arch support and like how stiff they are on the heel. Great product that will hopefully last 1 year or 500 miles of walking as advertised.

K. Mable, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

Try these for at least a week, if nothing else. . Last year i went to edc in vegas, stood/danced for about 30 hours over the course of 3 days. When i finally got home, i found that i had lost sensation at the tip of both big toes and had noticeable back pain. . So this year i decided to try these. Wow. My back and feet never 'broke a sweat. ' it was kind of unbelievable that i didn't feel any pain. In fact, i'm considering getting a few more pairs for my other shoes. As a test, the following weekend i went without them to a festival where after about 1-2 hours of standing i had to start stretching and sit down and my back was very very unhappy. . Bottom line is if this worked in the blistering vegas desert where i pounded the pavement for extremely unusual stretches of time, this'll work pretty much anywhere. I will suggest that you wear them for a few days before really committing, because it changed my gait slightly and it took a few days of getting used to it.

B. Sandra, Bracknell Forest says

Trimmed for a perfect fit. Simply remove the current insole, use it as a pattern, trim with common scissors. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet. These feel better than the $390 custom orthotics i wasted money on plus the $600 in fees the podiatrist charged. Have only walked on them for 5 days but the constant pain has eased up some already. I am back to walking everyday with my rottie ! these insoles have very good arch support, and nice cushioning for the heel and metatarsal area. Will be ordering several more pairs for all my shoes. I have been telling everyone about these.

. Betty, Halton

Buy these, now. I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis in both feet for over 7 months now and have had multiple cortisone shots in each foot. If you are having significant heel pain, these will solve your problem over time. I have read some reviews that say if you are flat footed, you should buy superfeet blue. I tried that and it did not work for me. The arch support in the blue is lower than the green and it just didn't alleviate the pressure on my heel enough. The green took a little to get used to but it has been pretty much the only thing that has provided me relief. I have tried heel inserts, cortisone shots, night splints and whatever else i read on the internet. While these are expensive, it's a small price to pay to be able to walk again without wincing in pain and/or even thinking about your heel pain. Pf sucks.

N. Annette, Slough says

I love my super feet green insoles. I used to have a lot of trouble with my feet killing me after teaching phys. Ed. All day. I would get in my car to drive home and i could hardly walk getting back inside my house. I went to fleet feet store and they turned me on to these awesome insoles. I have high arches and suffer from plantar fasciitis. After putting these insoles in all my shoes i could work all day and come home and work out without having my feet kill me every step i took! . I am so glad that i found these insoles, now i can hike and work out without pain. I ordered a d which fits women's 7. 5-9 u. S. Shoes. This product has a high-arched insole for maximum support. It has a deep heel cup that offers maximum support. This product not only makes my feet feel better but it also reduces stress on the knees and ankles! it does this because the biomechanical shape and design supports and aligns the bones of the foot. I can definately recommend these insoles to people who have foot issues . These have been lifesavers for me! . I recommend these to others and will re- purchase these in the future.

P. Lisa, Hounslow

I found it weird at first how big they were but you're suppose to cut them to fit, which happened to work out perfect. They take up room in the shoes as most insoles would and take a day or two to get use to them but you will love them afterwards. I happen to have stretch sketches that helped some of the getting use to in size. Just give them a couple days. After 2 days, my feet pain were gone and i'm on my feet all day! i use copper socks and these everyday and they've made a world of difference. These have lasted and give me no problems so the money is definitely worth it. I use to soak my feet, massage, use epsom salt, sit down a lot, etc. All gone

H. Nancy, Trafford says

These took a few weeks to break in fully. During those weeks i was pretty disappointed with the product. I am not anymore. After i cut them down to size they have been a great ally during my 50-60 hours on my feet every week. I am a chef and i have used many other insoles. These are the most expensive ones that i've ever used, and i'm glad i made the move. These things will outlast my shoes, and after the initial break-in period they provide the perfect amount of arch support and the perfect balance between hard and soft. I would absolutely recommend.

Y. Candy, Manchester

Needed something to make my wide array of flat soled converse shoes actually wearable for any period of time. On the first wear they seem hard and like they wont be comfortable, i was disappointed initially but after a day or two they break in, form to your feet and feel great. Perfect if you have high arches and need that support. I can now wear "flat sole" shoes day after day for 8-12 hours at a time with zero foot pain or issues. I've used them for a year now and they still feel fantastic. I did have to trim a little off the top edges to customize the fit for the particular shoe, but thats to be expected.

. Hakala, Wakefield says

Great product. I have flat feet along with several other issues and these are great (have ordered 4 sets to date). I can wear superfeet all day with no issues. I also have a pair of custom made foot supports that cost over $200, and while i am sure there are some differences, for the cost difference, my feet are just as "happy" at the end of the day with these as the custom built. Have tried a couple of other products over the years and they didn't measure up to superfeet. These were recommended by my foot doc a couple of years ago for aching arches and feet as an option to the high cost for custom's (since my insurance wouldn't cover) . When buying be sure you get the proper product as they have several colors for specific foot issues unlike a lot of the other retail options available where one "fits" all.

. Reed, Peterborough

I'm a bartender at a high volume waterfront restaurant. I'm on my feet for 8 to 10 hours a day on average. I previously used "dr. " scholl's gel work insoles until i bought these superfeet greens. There is no comparison, for someone with high arches the support level of the greens is unmatched even after hours of standing. I highly recommend these to all my fellow service industry workers. . Side note: i also bought the superfeet orange, love them too, they are similar to the greens but have a much softer foam on the front of your foot. I prefer the greens for work (walking) and the orange for high impact (running). Hope that helps.

J. Rowe, Sachsen says

I'm writing this review on behalf of my husband who has plantar fasciitis, which if you have ever experienced it is an incredibly painful foot condition. My husband literally walks miles during his work day and he was in severe pain. His physical therapist recommended these insoles. While they are not miracle workers and do not remove all of the pain (that would be an unrealistic expectation of any insole) they certainly have reduced his pain. He noticed an improvement immediately. He gives them a thumbs up.

Top /superfeet green full length insole Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. Barbara, Medway says

Obviously feet and fit are a subjective thing. I have high arches so i find most shoes that i want to wear to play tennis or workout just don't have enough support so i spend a lot of time brand shopping to find a shoe that feels like it has some extra cushioning. Oddly enough my husband has flat feet and there are many more options for someone with little arch as opposed to someone with a high arch without going into custom orthotics. . I actually don't have any problems with my feet, i am just looking for a little extra support. These were so highly rated i decided to try them. I wear a 8. 0 in a tennis shoe and a 7. 5 street shoes. Like regular cut down orthotics, i found these tts. . I put them in 2 pairs of nike tennis shoes and the orthotics brought my foot too high up in the shoe. Not even close. They were slightly closer in an older pair of adidas barricades but frankly both of the original insoles that came with them felt better. I finally put them in a new pair of babolat propulse 4 and for some reason those were low enough to accommodate this orthotic. It took me a couple of wearings to get used to them. As for the actual comfortability i would rate it as average as well. My foot doesn't feel cradled and it's not super comfortable where i think i would put them in every shoe. . I'm going to continue to wear them and see what happens but no magic high arch support for me. I ended up buying a cheap 5 dollar pair from a 'mart store and those fit in my nikes.

P. Brendon, Hawaii

These insoles feel as though there is no cushing effect what so ever. The insoles that came with my work boots have a lot more support for walking and standing and they are 6 months old. There is some arch support as well as support to keep your heals where they should be, but thats it. I had high expectations after reading a lot of the reviews for this product. Sadly these insoles did not work for me.

D. Annette, New Mexico says

Used for about a month, noticed a slight difference, however when i replaced the shoe insert with these, two weeks later the inside of the heel of my sneaker wore down. So some comfort but now i need to buy a new pair of sneakers

O. Wayt, Texas

I spend a lot of hours on my feet each day. As such, i often come home with sore feet, knees, back-you name it. So i researched some products to help alleviate some of the problem. I have medium to high arches, and this product advertises that it is made for folks with medium to high arches. No. These do not come anywhere close to supporting my arches. When i put them in place on my foot, there is a ton of space between the "arch support" and my actual arches. Terrible waste of money in this case. They are certainly better than the factory footbeds that came with my premium priced nike's, but they do not perform as advertised. So if you have medium to high arches and expect a product to help with that-look elsewhere.

. Joanne, Wakefield says

The seller description stated that this would fit a size 10. 5 men's shoe. The insert takes up far too much space, for the size 10. 5 men's shoes i purchased these insoles for. I could barely lace up the shoe and it was far too tight and uncomfortable. Furthermore, the insole itself was surprisingly hard. It made the shoes even less comfortable. Worst of all, when i tried to return them, i was notified that the seller does not accept returns or refunds. This reflects poorly on both the seller and online store. Extremely disappointed.

Q. Sally, Bourgogne

Very expensive for the materials used. Plus, they squeak like crazy. . I put these into a new pair of new balance walking shoes, replacing the factory insoles. The provide better support but they almost double the cost of the shoes. . Pros:. - good support. - decent cushioning, at least at first. . Cons:. - very expensive for two pieces of material glued together. - the plastic on the bottom squeaks a lot in the shoes. Coat the bottoms with vaseline before using! . - the frontmost part flattens to paper-thin within 100 miles of walking (about 10 days for me)

L. Elizabeth, Yukon Territory says

These very expensive insoles are just ok. I also reviewed the blue ones since people were commenting that greens were for high arches. I do not find that to be true at all. . I have moderate arches using the water test. I am looking (still) for arch support as are so many others. We can go to the moon but still not get good arch support. What is up with that? . . The greens which i currently have would fit more or less if the arch were farther up the insole towards the toe. It is situated pretty far back towards the heel so the support only fits part of the arch. There seems to be a standardized foot that is used by superfeet as a pattern and it doesn't resemble mine very much. . I also have the powersteps and the sole. The powersteps are pretty comfortable and pretty supportive. The soles are thick and reasonably supportive but barely fit in shoes because they are too thick. Buy everything online because local retailers were selling the soles for double the online price! . . I am at a loss to understand why the superfeet cost almost as much as a pair of shoes. They have some support but they do not really fit well and there seems to be little to no information on the superfeet website as to how to get them to work. Or not. Perhaps they really only fit a subsection of feet and mine are not included. . I am seriously miffed at spending lots of cash and still end up looking for insoles.

. Audrey, Montana

(after contacting online store, i was able to return. Thank you! ). The greens arch support is too high for my feet even though it says it fits normal to high arches. The arch support is close to the heel, making it feel like i m standing on a bar. My toes felt numb after standing a few minutes. I wanted lots of support for my pf. I wish i d ordered blue as they seem like they might work if the arch wasn t so high. The area from the back of the heel to mid-foot is solid plastic, which is actually great for pf. I didn t find the lack of cush to be a problem, just the placement and height of the arch support.

C. Laura, Australian Capital Territory says

I realize i'm giving this product fewer stars than most reviewers here. I give reviews based on the value of the product. How well the product delivers on it's intended use relative to it's cost. And for me these are priced way too high. I bought these because i had the beginnings of plantar fasciitis. I've had it in the past. The raised arch on these is in a small area just ahead of the heal bone. It doesn't cover the entire arch. Which was disappointing to me. And, the amount of arch was different between each foot. It was almost non-existent on the left foot. Kind of odd. Otherwise the quality of these seems good. But for $36 these should have provided more support in the arch area.

. Sherry, Colorado

I'll keep this review up-to-date as the week goes on, if any changes occur. . I've got incredibly flat feet and suffer from plantar fasciitis. As such, i've been going through endless quantities of insoles, both through "professional" orthotic companies as well as over-the-counter options. I stand up most of the day on concrete, in workboots. Its a tough combination when considering the feet i have. So, i've been rather desperate for relief in recent years. Having read the seemingly countless reviews, and listening to some coworkers, i gave these a shot. . Day 1:. - initially i replaced the insoles in my relatively new timberland boots with the superfeet green's, and then placed the factory insole over them. This was an odd feel, and i figured it'd be worth a few hours of testing to confirm its effectiveness. Before lunch, i removed the factory insoles, leaving just the green's. Sadly, this was also no benefit. My feet actually ached more, subsequently. I intend to attempt a few more days of testing, in hopes that maybe my feet were just adapting to the new insoles.

I. Moore, Merton says

Unfortunately, these insoles didn't provide me the support or comfort that i was anticipating. My physical therapist was the one who actually recommended them to me. I am very disappointed to learn that they do not refund your money and only return them if they are new/unworn. How can you know if they are good for you unless you wear them? i usually take the time to read the return policy. Had i, i wouldn't have purchased these. But because they were highly recommended by my therapist i didn't expect not to be satisfied. I further didn't expect if i wasn't satisfied i wouldn't be able to have my money refunded. I presumed a product so highly recommended would stand behind there product. I guess not.

. Carmen, Southampton

The hard plastic heel support was uncomfortable to my feet, especially in the arch area (i have high arches). I knew as soon as i put my foot in my shoe that this product would not work for me. Then i discovered that it is nonreturnable. Any ideas on what to do with bright green $35 shoeprints? . . Update - online store agreed to credit me for this purchase. Thanks online store.

F. McCarthy, Coventry says

These looked and felt different from previous versions. I bought another pair from a local running center and compared them to those i bought from this seller on online store. The pictures tell the tail. I'm frankly disappointed with online store.

E. Ophelia, Mississippi

They felt great when i put them in my boots and they fit perfect but they did not hold up at all. Not too happy about that seeing as they are not cheap. Ended up taking them out and throwing them away after just 3 months. Wanted to love these as much as my wife does but i can't when they failed me so quick.

K. Nielsen, Knowsley says

I suffer from multiple issues with my left foot and rely on inserts to keep me pain-free whilst walking. At the recommendation of a friend, i bought the inserts to check them out for comfort. They went into my shoes okay, but after extended use i found my feet were in more pain than i have ever had before using dr. Scholles inserts. While i understand the reason, i don't like the company doesn't stand behind their products and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. I'm extremely dissatisfied and will not be purchasing products from this company again. Superfeet does not equate to happy feet.

. Cageen, Ohio

These held up fine. The arch support stayed strong, and the actual material did not have much wear even after i took these to selection. But after the marathon, i did not have feeling in my toes for two months. For regular everyday use these are fine. But don't buy these if you're looking for some gel comfort.

X. Sarah, Newham says

I ordered 2 pairs , 1 is fake 1 is authentic, neither fit , it says free returns, but you cant return them!

U. Angelica, Saskatchewan

These are stiff with no cushioning. Although they are supposed to be high arch, they do not support, or touch my arch. After wearing them for about an hour, my feet (the left with plantar faciititus, and a normal right), both hurt. The right feels okay after i take them off, the left continues to hurt for several hours. I've been trying them for about 10 days, and i'm giving up. Back to sas, and dr. Scholl, neither of which have ever made my feet worse. /

S. Melissa, Nova Scotia says

They are decent. A bit overpriced i think. I have to be on my feet at work for 8 hours straight doing retail and it does relieve some of the pain. However they do lift your heals like half an inch, so you need to have shoes with a high enough back. I bought a new pair of shoes that i wanted to wear these with, but my heel sticks up way to far and that is quite unsatisfying. So i have to put them in my ratty old shoes for work.

G. Ruby, Sunderland

Caution: this item is not returnable. . Sorry, superfeet. I didn't care for these inserts. I felt no relief with my plantar fasciitis pain or bone spur pain. I thought these had little metal points, but no. That's just the silver color from the thin foam. Item arrived crushed and plastic piece was already off one insole. Online store was amazing with the situation and processed the return for me and i donated the insoles to a co-worker who told me, "they're just alright. " i don't understand the positive reviews when this insert is less than 1/4" thick and costs so much for no type of support. :(

Z. Suzanne, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Well, per my podiatrist, i bought two pairs of these, first in a store to get advice about size and fit, and then the second pair online here at online store. I'm a size 11, so i'm lucky, these fit my shoes and feet perfectly. No trimming or cutting or adjusting required. The break-in adjustment period was long for me, more than a couple weeks. They changed my walk and my stride, put pressures on the high arches of my feet that i've had all my life, but which never caused any foot pain til 6 months ago out of the blue. My arches were sore for a couple weeks while i broke them in, and that's not the pain i bought them for, but rather some heel pain (retrocalcaneal). My podiatrist has since adjusted the superfeet three times by adding custom padding. While he says they solve the problem for a lot of people and he initially thought they would for me too, i'm now going to have to have a custom orthotic at increased cost. So, i don't know what i'm going to do. I think one pair i can actually return to the bricks and mortar store even after more than a month under the warranty and still get my money back. I'm not convinced the custom orthotic is going to solve my pain problem either. So, i can't exactly find fault with the product, but not sure that i'd recommend them either. But i definitely wouldn't recommend self-diagnosing your problem and buying these based just on your own research. . If you're having a problem, see a podiatrist if you have insurance and get professional advice. If you can't afford that, i'd recommend the dr. Scholl's orthotics where you can get a computerized scan of your foot and get a recommendation for a specific size and style of otc orthotic based upon the computerized analysis. These things are just another cushioning insole like gel feet or similar products. They really mess with your feet and have the potential to help or harm. This is my experience after wearing these daily for over two and one-half months exclusively in very comfortable brooks running shoes and brooks addiction walker walking shoes. Good luck! . . Update: well i've had custom orthotics for about a week now and they really are far superior to these superfeet. If your podiatrist recommends custom orthotics, they do work and are better with a custom fit than these over the counter products. More comfortable and am now pain free. I also wore the superfeet for about another month, but adjusted them by removing some of the padding that hurt my foot. It was too much padding. If they are not comfortable after a few days or a week, something is wrong.

V. Bethany, Islington

As other reviewers have said, these are comfortable and well shaped. . The reason i give them a 3 star rating is because of the hard plastic base and the price. There is a warning label inside the package that states the company is not responsible for shoes damaged by the plastic lining. This is probably most specific to waterproof footwear, where the hard plastic can wear through the liner and goretex, letting water in. . For the price point, i have not seen many (none that i can recall actually) that use hard plastic in the sole. I wanted to use these in my redwing boots, but do not want to risk liner damage, so will use them in the walking/running shoes i replace every 1-2 years instead. . If you have expensive shoes, can you afford an expensive insole? yes. Are these budget insoles? not in my opinion since many others in the online store search are nearly half this price. I feel for almost $40 i should have a good product with no damage disclaimers. . For footwear i plan to last a long time i would look elsewhere. I decided on a sole dean karnazes insole, but have had very good luck with polysorb in my boots as well.

J. Erin, East Riding of Yorkshire says

I thought i was ordering this product from "superfeet", product showed thousands of reviews, and listing did not say item was not returnable. When i received it, it was very uncomfortable and hard, did not fit my heel or my shoe at all. When i tried to return the product it said it was not returnable. Only then did i see that a company called "gearben deii" was who sent the inserts and they only had 4 reviews. Thankfully online store was able to return. I've never had that happen before, so beware when ordering, that they are very hard and not returnable!

. Hayward, Bromley

I received a fake pair of superfeet. Total knockoffs! the box looked identical to real product. Even the insoles were very close. However there are differences. In the images the genuine product is on the left and the fake on the right. . Although it was bought through prime, the knock off order said sold by: andrea gudrun riedner. . The biggest clue was that the fakes are about half inch longer and much wider than genuine product. Also the grain line of the fabric covering the fakes runs from side to side and the real run top to bottom. The brand lettering is bigger and heavier on the fakes. Finally and most importantly the fakes are thinner and flimsier and bend alot more easily. . If i hadnt worn superfeet for years i would never have known. . This is why i don't make major purchases on online store.

W. Adrienne, Bremen says

These insoles are paper thin, except for a small piece of plastic around the heel area. There is no arch support at all. I purchased the women s 6-8, and they were too big to fit into an 8. 5 women s shoe. I didn t cut them beforehand, so that i d be able to return them if they didn t work out. Joke was on me though, because these aren t returnable anyway, even though the purchase screen clearly states they re eligible for free returns. Not true, and i m stuck with $50 insoles that aren t the correct size and have no arch support.

B. Gilmore, Mississippi

As a flat footed person i purchased these because they consistently came up as the number one insole for flat feet. When i put them into my shoe they took up a lot of space, making my feet sit higher and my shoes tight. I figured i would get used to this. . After wearing these all day and finally taking them off my feet, legs, and back are all in pain. I thought it was just an adjustment my body would get use to but after several months i had to stop wearing these. . They are incredibly hard. No padding at all. After wearing these i have suffered from lower back pain. When i don't wear them i feel better and when i give them another chance, my back begins to hurt again. . These are always at the top of the list but they have caused me pain.

A. Susan, Alabama says

Not my favorite. I had this in a new pair of shoes, after one day of wearing these, my big toe went numb and stayed numb for two weeks. I took them out after the first day. They are very hard and have no "cush" to them. I wouldn't reccomend these for the shoes i was wearing (anhu women's jackie pro)

. Donna, New Jersey

I had a pair of green insoles that i loved and wore frequently with some good hiking boots. After scheduling a trip into the john muir wilderness, i decided to replace the old insoles with a fresh pair. I couldn't remember the original size i bought, so followed the sizing guidelines online. When they arrived, they seemed snug in the boots and i had to trim the toes per the instructions to fit them. On the first day of my trek, the new insoles ended up squeezing and shredding my feet in my well-worn boots. I limped my way through 40 miles and the range of light, and am hoping to only lose 2 toenails. I was hoping i could replace them with a size down. But doesn't look possible on online store. I knew i should have bought them at rei. Beware the sizing instructions for these things. Better size down and have breathing room in your boots than follow the guide.

M. Taylor, Somerset says

I got the extra small size for women's shoe sizes 4. 5 - 6. I wear about a 5. 5 shoe. Sometimes a 6. These are very long. My heel sits on the foot arch. I could not use them. I thought about cutting the toe end off shorter. But the pitch of it makes my foot go down with the heel on the arch regardless. It would appear that this product is not really made for small feet. Can't use them.

Y. Kathlene, Waltham Forest

In comparing these to the "powerstep protech" insoles i grabbed last year-i'd say they are about the same or maybe score slightly lower in my opinion. The quality is good and they were a good addition to my everyday slip-on boots for work, but i think the powerstep insoles were better for the price. They certainly offer good support and comfort, but the powerstep protechs were honestly just better for my feet. I paid $31 for the powerstep and $37 for the superfeet and i know which ones i'll order again and which ones i wont.

N. Valencia, Richmond upon Thames says

I ordered these as i have been told that they are the best, especially if you need arch support. I waited until the price dropped and got a very good price. They arrived all safe and sound and packaged securely and they appeared to be nice. I put them in my shoes and they arch support hits me nowhere near the arch on my foot. They fit in the shoes width and length no problem, but they raised my foot up too high inside the shoes. Every step caused my heel to come up and then back down, rubbing on the inside of the shoe. I will be sending them back as they are not aligned with my arch. . Eta :even though the listing says it is returnable, it is not! this is wrong. Don't buy it.

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