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Price was 22. I bought this set before making my second move abroad, as i learned some hard lessons about packing a wardrobe overseas on my first move! i loosely followed the recommended packing guidelines and found out how outstanding these shacke pak cubes are; in fact, i would call them a must have for the frequent or international traveler! . I am 6' 2" wear a m shirt and 33/34 jeans. In the xl cube i was able to pack 4 pairs of jeans, 2 sweaters, 8 pairs of underwear, 2 sets of running compression pants, and 2 pairs of basketball socks. In the large cube i fit 2 pairs of jeans, 4 athletic shirts, 5 pairs of socks, and 2 pairs of basketball shorts. In the medium cube i tucked away 14 t-shirts and 2 pairs of socks! in the small cube i packed 8 pairs of socks and 5 pairs of underwear. All of this fit into my red oxx carry-on bag, and the dimensions of the bag came out to a nice 20x14x12! the bag is canvas and flexible, so even if it is a bit bulky i've always been able to squeeze it into the carry-on dimensions, including for low-cost carriers like ryanair and easyjet. If you are packing a hard shell bag with wheels, then you probably won't be able to fit all four cubes into your carry-on. Shacke pak advertises the cubes as being good for a 10-day-trip; however, as i have packed mine, i can easily get 14 days+ out of the cubes!

-H. Cortney

Pak – 4 set packing cubes – travel organizers laundry pack more clothes in a small space for your next trip one of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is fitting everything you want to bring you into your luggage. our -shacke pak – 4 set packing cubes – travel organizers laundry bag

  • Attributes: X Design With Double Stitching – Creates A Strong Reinforced Lid To Hold Your Clothes In Place And Prevents The Bag Material In The Middle To Fold Upwards.
  • Attributes: 4 Inch Deep Design Allows You To Fit All The Clothes You Need Into Our Bags.

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*some new information. After some research amongst the competition, i bought this bag (cube? ! ) set with the hope of better organizing my luggage. It indeed helps. I've been using the product for almost 5 months, and having family and friends overseas i get to travel a lot, and i've used the "pak" a minimum of 10 times. . Pros:. The material has a great feel, the nylon doesn't feel cheap. The color is nice, very discrete but looks good. When i bought it the only option was black and blue. Really neat, the 4 bags have reasonable sizes, and when collapsed they can be stored easily as they take the size of a deodorant tube. Zippers are very sturdy, they seem strong and there are small strings to help pull them. *customer service sent me a new set after realizing that mine was defective. Great support! . . Neutral:. It is a little bit more expensive than the competitors but you get what you pay for. . Cons:. The edge of 3 out of 4 cubes frayed during normal use, no sharp objects nor extra stretch used - customer support replaced it! . . *pictures of the loose stitches; white background for contrast The Best pak set packing cubes travel organizers ( Sep 2019 ) | -Luggage Review Attributes Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag 4 packing cubes - extra large( 17. 5. X design with double stitching - creates a strong reinforced lid to hold your clothes in place and prevents the bag material in the middle to fold upwards.. 4 inch deep design allows you to fit all the clothes you need into our bags. Laundry bag included to help separate your dirty clothes at the end of the trip .

Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers With Laundry Bag Review (Shacke)

I can't say enough about these. They have changed mine and my husbands entire travel experience. I am now organized, don't scramble, and never have to wonder where my stuff is. I bought my hubby a pair (he travels a ton and he scoffed at it like no bodys business. Then, he came home from his first ti and gave me the biggest hug. He often has to change hotels and i can't even tell you the things he has lost on this process. With these, everything stays in a pouch, and then goes in the dirty clothes when they are finished. Quality is exceptional. I bought myself one as well as my mother. I had the opportunity to use mine last month for a week in ny. Now we all know how small ny hotels are. So having my clothes in their own "drawers" that i could put anywhere was a life saver. I will never travel without them. Quality a 10! -S. Pete

Shacke Pak Packing Organizers Laundry


pak - 4 set packing cubes - travel organizers laundry Apparel, Pack more clothes in a small space for your next trip one of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is fitting everything you want to bring with you into your luggage. our packing cube system fixes that issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our space saving bags. it allows you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. your clothes will stay more wrinkled free and not get crushed during your travels. we've included a laundry bag with your cube set so that you can separate your dirty clothing from your fresh clothes on your journey back home. shacke pak is made with a high quality durable water resistant nylon material built to withstand the wear and tears of travel. it is reinforced with a x-design web stitching made specifically to prevent the fabric from folding in the middle, allowing for a more secure packing experience. our bags are 4 inch deep giving you enough space to pack more clothing. finally, we've used ykk zippers on all our cubes. ykk zippers are the world's largest high quality manufacturer of zipper and are known for their smooth sturdy zippers. shacke pak overview: - 4 packing cubes -extra large( 17. 5" x 12. 75" x 4") large (13. 75" x 12. 75" x 4") medium (13. 75x9. 75x4) small (11" x 6. 75" x 4") - laundry bag for storing dirty clothes at the end of your travels Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers Laundry Bag (-Shacke).

Shacke Pak Packing Organizers Laundry Apparel

  • I decided to buy these because i saw a few posts recommending them on travel blogs. I honestly didn't think they would make any difference, but after spending the last 3 weeks living out of a backpack in europe - i won't be traveling without packing cubes ever again if i can help it. . I used the big bag for things i didn't access much (jeans, slacks) and left that in the backpack most of the time. The medium sized bags got used for shirts/shorts and the small bag for underwear and socks. It takes all of 10 seconds to pull out the bags and shove them into a hotel drawer, or grab what you need and toss them back into the bag. Packing up before moving out of the hotel room. 10 more seconds. No wondering if you've got everything or trying to find that other sock in the bottom of the suitcase. Best buy ever. . The bags themselves - loved em. Excellent zippers, light weight lots of ventilation for the closed in the bags. Seriously wonderful purchase.
  • Love! however, the large and xl are very big. Next time i will buy just the medium and small pack instead. Shacke is a very good brand though, so whatever sizes you order, stick with them. I was very happy. . Not sure if this helps, but i bought these for a backpacking through europe. I have an osprey farpoint 40 and i could only fit either 2 mediums or 1 medium and 2 smalls. The large could kind of fit but it was bulky and not practice for what i needed to pack. Maybe the large would be good for jeans and jackets?
  • The cubes are good, but the "gentleman's blue" color pictured isn't at all like the color pictured. We got the gentleman's blue and the aqua teal, and the gentleman's blue just looks like a slightly darker and uglier aqua teal, not like the nice royal blue pictured. Happy with the cubes, but the color in the picture is very misleading.
  • These did not help save space. They did help keep everything organized. I could live without them though. I would not recommend unless you were maybe going on a long trip and wanted to keep things together. For a week long trip they were not very necessary. . The quality is also very good. These do not feel cheap at all. Seem like they can go though a lot. I plan on using these for my camping trips since that is where they came most handy to keep things organized and easy to find.
  • I loved these when we bought them last year and my kid used them at summer camp. Then we carefully hand-washed and air-dried them completely. So far, so good. What a nasty surprise, then, when i pulled them out of storage last night for this year's camp packing to realize that there is a coating on the inside that has deteriorated into a sticky, gummy mess that will get all over every inch of clothing and everything else. I can't recommend them at all. Such a waste of money!

pak set packing cubes travel organizers Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers with Laundry Bag (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This product gets a 5-star from me! . . My 1yr old son, husband and i were making a 2wk international trip, and as you can imagine we had a lot of items between us. . I purchased 2 sets of the 4 pack, for a total of 8. As per the attached pictures, i used 7 of the cubes, and all 7 fit in one regular sized suitcase. I saved the last "medium" size as a day pack which i could just throw in a tote. The convenience of everyone having their own pack can't be beat. . I can't think of any con to this product really. It's sturdy, nice strong zippers, convenient handle, easy to clean, convenient viewing mesh. Yeah i nothing bad to say about it. For the price, i certainly got my money's worth. Oh and the laundry bags also came in handy! . . The only possible improvement i could suggest, would be a label in the middle section of each pack, where you can scribble down name or contents. Not essential per se, but it would be nice. As i did the packing, i knew by sight which pack held what, but my husband didn't.

Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers Laundry Bag
Click to see NoticeShacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers Laundry Bag (Luggage)"If you have trouble getting all your stuff to sit right in any bag you pack, buy these things. They have saved me a million times over. You can roll up (or fold) your clothes and place them in the packing cubes, then toss the packing cubes into your bag. They stack nicely and keep everything together and tidy. No more wondering "where did i put that darn sock? " it's literally with all the other socks in one convenient packing cube. I will certainly be buying more of these. Now that i've used them several times, i can't imagine going on any trips without them. This particular brand is awesome as well. I've tried some from the container store (which were great too, but a little pricey) and they didn't hold a candle to the shacke paks. These are sturdy and made of heavy duty material, but they have the mesh on top of each cube so your clothes don't smell musty and can keep the fresh detergent scent you washed them with. Each pack is water resistant nylon and is 4 inches in depth so you can fit a good amount of clothing or other items. This package also comes with a handy bag to hold all your dirty laundry. It's a drawstring and works well for delicates or small amounts of clothing you want to keep away from your freshly washed/packed items. You can use this laundry bag as a storage component for the cubes when they are empty as well."

(0) Question: What is the exact measurement for the different size cubes?

(1) Question: What is the size of the laundry bag & is it also made in part (or total) of mesh material?

(2) Question: Do these cubes go inside your sturdy suitcase?

Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, 46-Liter

When you are looking for a flexible and willing travel partner, you ll appreciate osprey s porter 46. This rugged duffel bag also has technical pack suspension built-in. When you need to cover some ground, unzip the backpanel and deploy the padded mesh shoulder harness and hipbelt suspension to carry it comfortably on your back. A large front panel pocket contains padded laptop and tablet sleeves and an internal zip pocket for small items. The zippers accessing both compartments are lockable for additional security. Stash items you want to keep nearby in the top zippered pocket or the vertical zippered pocket on the front panel. No matter how much you fill this duffel, straightjacket compression straps stabilize the load when you re moving. If you need more carrying capacity or want the option of a satellite pack for short trips, reinforced cord loops allow you to attach an osprey daylite daypack (sold separately) to create a small pack/large duffel bag carrying system for the ultimate in gear transport flexibility.

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4 Set Packing Cubes,Travel Luggage Packing Organizers Laundry Bag Or Toiletry Bag

Bagail packing cubesone of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is fitting everything you want to bring with you into your luggage. Our packing cube system fixes that issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our space saving bags. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. Your clothes will stay more wrinkled free and not get crushed during your travels. We've included a laundry bag with your cube set so that you can separate your dirty clothing from your fresh clothes on your journey back home. Details & features double zipper pulls make opening/closing simple and fast. Two-way zippered opening for maximum compression. Mesh top panel for easy identification of contents, and ventilation. Interior seams fully finished for durability. Soft mesh won't damage delicate fabrics. Webbing handle for convenience when carried by itself. A variety of sizes means it can fit in any size daypack, backpack, or suitcase. Extra large( 17. 5" x 12. 75" x 4") large (13. 75" x 12. 75" x 4") medium (13. 75x9. 75x4) small (11" x 6. 75" x 4")

4 Set Packing Cubes,Travel Luggage Packing Organizers Laundry Bag Or Toiletry BagPacking-Luggage-Organizers-Laundry-Toiletry

Price :    —
  • Hight quality: made of high-quality nylon
  • Avoid overweight charges - your 4 piece set fits like a glove into most airline carry-on suitcases, tote, weekender, backpacks and duffel bags. great way to keep organized for family breaks, business travel, backpacking, camping, hiking, rv, cruise holidays & saddlebags. take 1 cube with you as a carry-on item to reduce weight on checked-in luggage.
  • 4 packing cubes with laundry bag- extra large( 17. 5" x 12. 75" x 4") large (13. 75" x 12. 75" x 4") medium (13. 75x9. 75x4) small (11" x 6. 75" x 4"); 4 packing cubes with toiletry bag-extra large( 17. 5" x 12. 75" x 4") medium (13. 75x9. 75x4) small (11" x 6. 75" x 4") slim (13. 7"x5"x4")
  • Valued &convenient:mesh top panel for easy identification of contents, and ventilationthese cubes will go the distance. no broken zippers, no weak stitching. bagail packing cubes will become your most valued and reliable travel buddy!
  • Extra benifit of the laundry bag or the toiletry bag:laundry bag included to help separate your dirty clothes at the end of the trip. toiletry bag has a large capacity to carry almost all your toiletries needed for a small trip.
Brand :    bagail
Model :    bag002
Quantity :    5
Order click here :    -
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Coleman Camper's Toilet Paper

Take a basic indoor comfort outdoors when you pack coleman camper's toilet paper. The compact roll helps to minimize pack bulk. Each easy-to-use case doubles as a dispenser and contains at least 65 squares of soft, premium 2-ply tissue. The toilet paper is biodegradable and safe for septic systems. Each package includes three rolls.

Coleman Camper's Toilet PaperColeman-2000014874-Campers-Toilet-Paper

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  • 3 rolls per package
  • Compact roll helps to minimize pack bulk
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YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4 Waterproof Nylon With Zipper For Men & Women Black

Lifetime guarantee: yamiu strive to provide you with the high quality shoe storage bags at affordable prices with lifetime guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our customer service will be more than happy to assist you. About yamiu shoe bags: yamiu travel shoe bags / golf shoe bags is good design for home and travel use. Keep your shoes separated from clothes in the luggage during the trip. Also great for keeping your favorite shoes from getting dusty in the closet! durable & easy to clean: superior nylon fabric: made up of high quality nylon. Waterproof function. Lightweight and does a perfect job of packing shoes and keeping everything else clean. Smooth feeling & very easy to clean & quick dry. Right sizes for choices: set of 4. 2 standard sizes(9"l x 4. 7"w x 9. 8"h), fit for shoes under size 10, like lady high-heeled shoes, heels, lady casual shoes, sneakers, etc. 2 x-large sizes: (9"l x 4. 7"w x 12. 2"h), large enough for shoes between size 10 to size 14. Like basketball shoes, golf shoes, etc. Not like other shoe bags will be too big or too small, 2 perfect right choices for you or for your family to choose according to your needs. Specialized custom-made zipper: strong zipper, specialized custom-made zipper with high quality smooth zipper teeth, zips up smoothly. The center zipper design makes it easy to get items in and out. Must have for everyday use and travel: yamiu travel shoe bags is not only prefect for travel but also home use, keeping items separated and organized. Can also be used as makeup bag, toiletries bags and for other uses. Notes: 1. All sizes are manually measured. The margin of error is 1 inch. 2. Due to different camera, light environment and display, the physical color will be a little different from pictures.

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4 Waterproof Nylon With Zipper For Men & Women BlackYAMIU-Travel-Waterproof-Nylon-Zipper

Brand :    yamiu
Color :    Zipper (4-pack)
Size :    Zipper
Weight :    1.60 pounds
  • High quality & lifetime warranty quality guaranteed. unconditional lifetime warranty for any shoe bags with quality issues.
  • Great for travelling good design for home and travel use. great for travelling, carrying shoes to & from the gym, or for keeping your shoes dust free in the closet. ( can also be used as makeup bag, toiletries bags and for other uses. )
  • 2 perfect sizes of choices set of 4, 2 standard sizes +2 x-large sizes perfect size for both lady shoes and man shoes. standard size: (9"l x 4. 7"w x 9. 8"h), fit for shoes under size 10. x-large size: (9"l x 4. 7"w x 12. 2"h), large enough for men shoes between size 10 to size 14. also can store 2 pairs of kid shoes, great kids shoe storage bags.
  • Strong zipper specialized custom-made zipper with high quality smooth zipper teeth, zips up smoothly and durable . the center zipper design makes it easy to get items in and out.
  • Waterproof material nylon fabric. waterproof function. lightweight and does a perfect job of packing shoes and keeping everything else clean. great shoe bags for dancing, playing basketball, tennis, golf, for gym and so on.
Price :    $11.88
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Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle 2 Filters - BPA Free - Twin Pack, Blue Orange

Brita 20 ounce sport water filter bottle helps reduce the taste and odor of chlorine making tap water taste great anywhere. The filter inside this bpa free bottle filters as you drink, so you can always have great tasting water without the waste and high cost of bottled water. One water filter can replace up to 300 standard 16. 9 ounce water bottles, keep you hydrated, save you money, and reduce plastic waste. The soft-squeeze plastic, built-in carrying loop and easy-sip spout make this water bottle easy to carry and use while you are at the gym, on a bike, or on the go. For optimum performance, filter should be replaced every 40 gallons or very two months, whichever comes first. Use brita for better tap water, a better world, and better value.

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Experience instant smoothness on-the-go with our venus snap with embrace razor. With 5 curve-hugging blades, a mini-handle, and a portable compact you ll be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere.

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Shacke Pak - 4 Set Packing Cubes - Travel Organizers Laundry Bag (Luggage) Price : 22, was : 0 as 2018-04-28
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I ordered shacke pak and evatex brands. Both look well made and sturdy. However, these packs are larger than the evatex. I will use both and compare. These are 4" deep, most are about 3". Based on the size, i prefer these over the evatex. There are no exposed cut ends in the material, as the seams are bound by a black material. Only time will tell if they are durable.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: When will the pink set be back in stock? are there any other colors available besides blue?

(1) Question: Is the medium and small easier to use if abroad than the large xl?

(2) Question: Is the laundry bag big? how many days of dirty clothes would it fit?

(3) Question: Do these keep a "plastic" odor? i'm sensitive to sizing in new products and would need to wash them by hand. any experiences on cleaning these?

(4) Question: Are these machine washable?

(5) Question: Are these machine washable?

(6) Question: What are the washing instruction?

(7) Question: Will all three fit in carryon luggage?

(8) Question: How would you use the extra large as i've seen most cubes standing upright not lying flat in demonstrations? hope this makes sense

(9) Question: When will more colors become available?

(10) Question: For long trips, what is the small best suited for?

(11) Question: How does airport security handle packing bags? i will have them in my carry on.

(12) Question: What is the weight of these bags?

(13) Question: What is that bag in the featured bottom image that the packs are tucked into on the front?

(14) Question: When will pink be back in stock? i have a trip at the end of the month, and was really hoping to get these in pink in time for my trip.

(15) Question: Are these organizers foldable?

(16) Question: I can visualize t-shirts rolled inside these enclosures. but how many dress shirts can one fold up inside the largest bag? thanks!

(note) Question: where/how to get Shacke (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Shacke's products

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I just finished packing for our 7 day vacation to california and wow let me say these are amazing. I only bought one set and am flying out with my 16 month old and decided i was sick of paying for a checked bag and dragging a carry on. Traveling with babies demands quite a bit of stuff and it usually over fills my bag, however i starting looking into organization for travel and stumbled across this one. I loved the color and the price, warranty and the amount of reviews was a huge draw. My husband who doesn't travel as much as me thought it was a waste of money and thought we should return them. However i packed both with and without and let me tell you i got everything in them with room to spare unlike when i just put in the suitcase. In my baby's bag:. Extra small size bag:. 5 pjs tops and bottoms. 4 pairs of socks. 2 swimsuits sunguard and shorts. Small size bag:. 12 outfits total. 2 shirts. 7 t shirts. 1 sharkoutfit. 5 shorts. 3 jeans. 1 sweater. 1 blanket. Now the diapers and the wipes take up more than half the space in the suitcase these adjusted themselves perfectly so it was easy to close. Medium size bag:. 7 bras. 7 underwear. 1 military jacket size m. Large size bag:. 5 shorts. 5 tank tops. 1 jeans. 3 sweaters. 1 beach cover-up. 2 swimsuits. 1 sundress. 2 rompers. 1 pj with robe. Amazing bag so excited for this trip this packing was a breeze. *crown royal bag is for the shoes.

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Best shacke pak - 4 set packing cubes - travel organizers laundry bag (luggage) in review

Why oh why did i never use packing cubes before? so many trips wasted on a suitcase of unorganized clothes toppled over one another by the end of the trip. What a difference these make! i traveled back to my home state a couple months ago with my one year old to visit grandma and grandpa. I packed our clothes together and to describe the crap shoot in my bag during our trip makes me cringe. I couldn't find anything and my bag was one big ole' mess with all our clothes intertwined within one another. From that moment, i knew there must be an easier way to separate our clothes and keep them folded neatly, without needing to bring a separate bag. I researched a bunch of different packing cubes and settled on these organizing packs because of the great reviews. They did not disappoint! i bought them in pink and the color was more of a fucsia which i actually prefer. Packaging was great, no funky odor upon opening, and they seem sturdy and well made. I also appreciate that they come with a drawstring pouch to store the packs in when not in use. I'm not sure how some people have cubes where the netting came apart. My only guess is that perhaps they are overfilling them too much- thus putting too much strain on the netting? i have no doubt i will get lots of use out of these for a very long time! thank you shacke pak for making packing and organizing a breeze on this current trip back to my home state. I have attached a picture showing the four bags in my suitcase. I used the two bigger ones for my clothes, and the two smaller ones for my son's clothes.

Z. Barbara, Pays de la Loire

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. Crawford, Torbay says

I ordered the shacke pak after first ordering the ebags brand. Both sets arrived within a day of each other and i like both for different reasons. The shacke pak appears to be made of better quality materials but that is not to say the ebags are cheap quality. They feel great. The shacke pak is made of slightly heavier material but i don't know if that makes them any more durable, as i haven't used either one yet. If you're traveling ultralight, the extra weight may not be desired, but it's minimal. I prefer the design of the shacke pak and the darker, conservative colors will be perfect for my husband. I, on the other hand, love the bright colors of the ebags which i purchased in aquamarine and the pink. The shacke pak appears 'richer' and a bit more 'high end'. They appear very 'businessman-like' while the colors of the ebag make them a bit more playful. . Zippers seems to work very well on both brands with the shacke pak feeling a bit more fluid. They don't get caught on side materials and such whatsoever. The ebags brand only slowed a bit on one bag over the seams but didn't get stuck or slow even enough to be considered bothersome. . The makers of shacke pak sent an email and you have access to their site with helpful packing tips and a place to register your product, as they have a lifetime warrantee. They offer a free small cube for registering (for a limited time). You do not need to leave feedback to qualify for the free cube. The price of the shacke pak is certainly better unless you use coupon codes and things with ebags, which i did. . First impression make me think the shacke pak is a better quality set of packing cubes. But my intent is to keep both brands, the shacke pak for my husband and the ebags for myself. 'thumbs up' to both brands with first impression preferences leaning to the shacke pak.

L. Moore, Hampshire

So far so good. I have managed to pack for myself and my son for a 2 week trip in one medium size checked in suitcase with the 4 pack set.

F. Emily, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

I don't know what i did in life without these. You know how you try to do whatever tricks you can so your stuff doesn't wrinkle, and then your suitcase goes from being flat on your floor to being rolled all around, thrown into an airplane, thrown on the baggage carousel and when you open the bag, all the stuff has shifted and wrinkled? these keep that from happening to your clothes. I had no idea whether these had plastic in them to keep their rectangular shape; they don't. So at first, i was disappointed. Until i realized that no plastic meant i wasn't adding any weight to my luggage, and the reason they didn't look all nice and rectangular at first was because i still had way more room to pack clothes into them. The ended up looking like the perfect rectangles you see in the picture when you fill them all the way, and they make you use your space wiser, which means more room for shoes! i got to bring 3 extra pairs of shoes i didn't need because i was using my space smarter. When i opened my bag, all my clothes were still nice and neat and not wrinkled. My underwear and socks weren't strewn about my bag. It looked like martha stewart packed for me. My husband's stuff looked so pitiful in his bag that i almost felt bad for him, until i remembered that he made fun of me for buying a lot of things he thought were unnecessary for our trip. As i wore my clothes on the trip, i used these for all the dirty clothes, and then separated out my few clean clothes into the laundry bag that comes with the set. I went away for a week, and this set of 4 was perfect for a week's worth of clothes, including sweaters, 5 pairs of jeans, three pairs of dress pants, at least 4 dress shirts and probably 9 t-shirts and 4 pairs of pajama pants. I have no idea how many pair of underwear, dress socks, athletic socks, and peds i had in the littlest bag. The only clothes i had that were not in these bags were my hoodie, jacket and shoes.

. Wayt, Bolton

I have only used these on one trip but so far they have been useful. You can pack a lot in the two bigger ones. We used them for kids clothes and could fit an entire american-sized load of laundry in the two of them together. The smallest one is basically the same size as a good-sized toiletry bag. We live abroad and travel home to the states once or twice a year. We usually stay for 2. 5-3. 5 weeks and we tend to visit multiple climates and to buy most of our children's clothing in the us. I bought these bags so that we can separate between the cold weather clothes and the warm weather clothes on the way there and so we can pack up all of the too-big children's clothes that we buy as we go along instead of waiting until the end of the trip and then having a massive packing project. It seems as though these will be good for those purposes, although one set is not enough.

O. Annette, Thurrock says

I hate packing and unpacking for travel period. I have read books on packing and rolled my clothes and have tried to eliminate and color coordinate, but usually take too much and haul too many bags. I saw these packing cubes and was willing to try anything to help my vacations. I ordered these shacke paks after carefully reading all for sale on online store. I could have not been more pleased with a product and this is probably in my top 10 products ever! i started packing a week ahead and laid out my luggage and the packs. I was planning a two week trip, with 2 different destinations, so i knew i had to pack and unpack my luggage many times. Also i had to change planes and wanted to have small carry on bags. I started rolling my clothes, which helps with wrinkles and space. Found i could put the larger pak in the bottom of a carry-on and then a medium pak on top of that, with room for my hanging toiletry case. I packed pants, capris, sweats in the bigger sak and sweaters, shirts, sweatshirt in the medium pak. Had room for several pair of shoes, flip-flops on top of paks before i zipped carry-on. My matching luggage shoulderbag had the smaller pak with bathing suit, bathing suit cover up, pjs and bras and panties. Used this bag for kindle, and makeup bag, jewelry and medicine. I had the easiest vacation because i only unpacked the suitcases by removing the cubes and putting on the dresser tops. Unzipped the cubes but only removed the clothes i wore. I did hang a few of the shirts. If i washed clothes i refolded by rerolling it. It was great! i am not usually this organized, but the paks took the stress out of traveling. I did initially do the pack and remove almost half the clothes. I also wore the heavier jeans, shirt and sweater on the plane, with biggest shoes. Folded a jacket into the shoulderbag. One problem though. Didn't realize that the cubes could hold so much and that the suitcase was heavy! needed help stowing in in the overhead. Love the shacke paks!

Q. Elanor, Nevada

I have used the packing cubes on a short trip to the southern part of the stat where i stayed for 3 days. To test the cubes, i packed as if i was staying for 2 weeks. I packed all of my clothing in the bags and took the 5 bag as a dirty clothes container. With all cubes packed, i was able to fully pack an ospry porter 46 backpack. It worked very well and i was able to take enough clothes that would be needed for a later trip of 2 weeks. So my short trip was a test of the cubes and they proved to be very good at not only sorting my clothes, but helping me compact them for maximum storage in a minimal space. I believe that i can do even better with a little practice and selection of clothing. I am very happy with the purchase and feel it will served me well. I have recommended the cubes to my children and they have also purchased the packing cubes. That is why i listed 5 stars.

W. Matherly, New Jersey says

We purchased this set for my daughter, who was going on a trip overseas. At first, she had all her items rolled and what seemed to be very nearly packed in her large, rolling suitcase. When this set arrived, we placed the items in the paks. The paks are made of very nice material, not a cheap-looking plastic, and the color (deep purple) is beautiful! the zippers are sturdy, and we felt comfortable stuffing the paks and zipping them up. Wowwww! the extra room in the suitcase was amazing! i kept thinking that we missed something. One set was good for 3 weeks of clothing, which included: 3 jeans, 1 capri jeans, 3 shorts, 8 shirts, 4 nightshirts, 2 pajama bottoms, and we used the small pak for her socks and lingerie. Wish i had taken a picture! she used a caboodles multi-pocketed cosmetic bag for her toiletries, and a clear bag for her medicine. She has so much extra room for souvenirs, and really could have left her carry-on; however, we were concerned about the 50 lb weight limit and sent along the carry-on as a back-up to move items over. I plan on buying 2 more sets for me and my husband! i love the way you open the luggage and items are snug tight and stay rolled up. Thanks for a great item!

P. Eleanor, Redbridge

I am officially sold on packing cubes! these things are amazing! i can believe i've been packing without them my whole life. . Shake pak cubes are great quality and come in fun colors. I appreciate the mesh lining that allows you to peek inside. They're also a great value; for essentially the same price as competitors, you get 4 bags (vs 3) and a laundry /shoe bag. Not to mention the website. If you haven't been to the shacke pak website yet, check it out! they have great resources, such as example packing lists, tutorials on how to pack with the cubes, and some youtube mentions. . I packed my clothes, shoes, and toiletry bag for a 10 day trip to europe (full contents listed below). I packed them as i normally would first, and then packed them in the packing cubes. There was so much more room after packing in the cubes! . . Items i fit in the cubes and bag:. 2 jackets, 1 jean vest, 4 pants/capris, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 romper, 4 dresses, 1 maxi skirt, 7 tank tops, 4 shirts, 3 camisoles, 3 pajama sets, 15 undies, 6 pairs of socks, and 4 pairs of shoes. . Why are you still reading? go buy these cubes!

C. Maria, Leeds says

We are doing a 32 day trip with 3 hotel changes and then a 22 day cruise. I was freaking out as to how to organize my packing so i investigated packing cubes. After reading all the reviews on 8 different types of cubes i decided to order shacke pak. Yesterday my husband and i did a trial run and for the first time ever he wasn't complaining because i "packed too much". I figure i can save about 30% more space and feel very organized. I used a cube for each of the 3 hotel stays and can't wait to not have to "dig around" looking for my jammies. I think the shacke pak is going to make my travels much more pleasurable when it comes to moving around and i feel confident that i will have no luggage overweight charges as i can just take a pack out and slip it into my carry on bag. Looking forward to happy travels!

Y. Candy, Niedersachsen

I am a pretty big guy. I wear xl-tall shirts and 38x32 pants. On trips i prefer to live out of my suitcase. I can fold my shirts into 11x11-inch squares and pants into 13x14-inch rectangle. Obviously these could be folded into smaller squares but then the squares become thicker and fewer fit into a packing cube. I generally don t roll clothes because that is a pain and the rolls tend to expand over time meaning that you can t fit clothes back. . The shacke-pak system works well for me. Three of the four sizes are at least 13 in one dimension which fit all my folded clothes sizes. The extra-large size is for pants and a couple of shirts. The large size is for shirts, the medium size for underwear, and the small for socks. The best part of the system is that it gives you easy access to the bottom of your suitcase. Simply remove the shacke-paks containing the clean clothes, get whatever you need from the bottom, and then put the shacke-paks back. Typically i have dirty cloths and jackets at the bottom of the suitcase. . I have not figured out how to use the included storage bag yet. Stuffing dirty clothes into it does not seem space-efficient. Plastic bags do a better job of holding shoes. The bag does make a useful place for storing the packs when you aren t travelling. . Compared with other packs, 3 of the 4 shacke-paks are larger at 13 inches in at least one dimension and 4 inches thick. If you need more than 4 of clothes, the extra width of these packs will bulge out to hold what you need. The packs are solidly constructed and seem to me made of heaver material than other systems such as the pak-it system. . Overall, the shacke-pak system works great if you are packing suitcases with clothes for a variety of occasions. For backpacking trips where you wear mainly t-shirts and shorts, you might want to opt for smaller, lighter packs such as the ones from eagle creek.

K. Denise, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

I love these bags. I don't need to over stuff them because i have a large suitcase i travel with. They are excellant for organizing your clothing. Undies and sleepware in one, socks in the smallest. Tops in the medium sized cube, and bottoms in the largest. I live out of my suitcase (never use drawers) and it is a real help to be able to grab the appropriate cube for just what i need. I never overstuff them so i'm sure the seams will not be a problem. (for those who are overpacking their cubes and complaining about seams, just buy another set. They are not that expensive. ). . For the next version:. What i would like is a little color code tag or panel on them that is different on each cube. That would make it even easier to differntiate the cubes while they are inside the suitcase. (i have two sets and use both colors when i pack to help me grab the cube of interest even though i've never packed more than 4 cubes. ) or alternately, sell a set of multicolored cubes. That way there is no question i'm tugging the pink cube with tops versus the orange cube with pants out of my suitcase, for example. Also, i don't know if this is possible, but i would love to have a "window" to show me what is inside too. The mesh is difficult to see through. With the color code or multicolored cubes; however, i wouldn't need a window. . Thanks again for a great product!

A. Tracey, Leicestershire says

These arrived today so i haven't used them yet and will update this review in october after i've taken 3 one week trips with them. I love the orange color and they look well made and the zippers seem to be high quality. I always thought packing cubes were worthless until i took a 14 day bus tour last year with a change of hotels every other day. Rifling through my suitcase every night made a mess of my clothes (and i wasn't about to completely unpack every other day! ) and drove me crazy because i'm an organized person but my organizational skills were suspended during this bus trip. (i'm used to cruises where you unpack once. ) i was using compression space bags for packing (which produced wrinkles) but i think the cubes will be better because you can unzip the top completely and just lay the cube in a drawer and your unpacking is done! the "laundry bag" would never accommodate all my dirty clothes so i may use it as a shoe bag. . Update: 10/11/17 - i'm a firm believer and true lover of packing cubes now. I feel i can pack more in my suitcase, everything is organized and it's a breeze to unpack in the hotel. I wish i'd bought these long ago. I washed these on gentle (zipped) and hung them to dry and they look great. They weren't dirty but who knows about the hotel drawers? that's why i love keeping my clothes inside the cubes.

D. Jacqueline, Western Australia

My wife has used packing cubes in the past, but she takes organization to an extreme, so i never really thought to use them. Going on a ten-day trip to europe that would involve a lot of train travel convinced me to try them. . These held underwear, undershirts, shirts, socks for the entire trip, plus eight pairs of jeans. The smallest one held a pair of jeans, a button-down shirt, underwear, and an undershirt, and collapsed them down so tightly that complete outfit fit into my small carry-on bag, along with a lot of other electronics and toiletries. I'm 6'2" and 210, so i'm not packing small clothes, either. . The real benefit was that my clothes didn't wrinkle at all while packed in the cubes. Even one of my companions asked me how i kept my shirts so crisp. These things hold a ton, made packing a breeze, and allowed me to go the entire time without once steaming or ironing a thing. I'm completely converted.

R. Neva, Manitoba says

I had a friend recommend packing cubes when she heard my husband, two year old, and i were going to europe for two weeks and staying at 6 different hotels. I looked at a variety of options when typing in "packing cube" and finally decided on the shacke pak brand and bago brand. . I chose the shacke pak brand because i liked that it offered four different sizes and it being my first time purchasing these i wasn't exactly sure what sizes to get. I also liked that with shacke pak it came with a laundry bag, which definitely came in handy, because there were times we got rained on all day and with our full packed trip and we didn't have time to find a washer and dryer, so it was nice to separate some of our dirty clothes in the laundry bag. I also really liked the biggest size that it came with and was able to pack almost all of my clothes in just the biggest size for a two week trip! . . The reason i chose the bago brand was because i liked that you had the option to choose all of one color or two different colors. I also liked that it came with 6 organizer bags which i used to put our liquids in, incase they leaked. The organizer bags are a lot thicker than your regular ziplock bag, which is what i have usually used, so these will last a lot longer, and there are multiple sizes, so i could separate our toothbrushes and paste in one and soaps and lotions, etc. In another. I also used them to put chargers and adapters in, so they were all together. . Overall, between the two brands, as far as durability goes, i honestly didn't notice much of a difference. They are both really thin and light, so they don't take up any extra room in your suitcase! we had them packed full, (especially on our way home) and we didn't have any problems with them! they served their purpose and if or when i need more i will definitely purchase again! shake pak was a little more expensive than bago. I believe i paid $21. 99 for bago and $29. 99 for shacke pak. I really like the biggest size that came with shacke pak, the bago ones i purchased only offered two sizes that were the two middle sizes offered from this shacke pak purchase. . Also, i should mention, i purchased brands different from what my friend recommended because these were half the price and honestly, i loved both of them and thought they were very durable. I can't say enough good things about packing bags and i don't know how i ever lived without them! we took one big suitcase, because with a toddler, we needed one person to have free hands when traveling between hotels. In our big suitcase, we packed all four of the bago bags, and then the 3 biggest shacke pak bags. So, that's 7 packing bags, stuffed clear full in one big suitcase for a two week trip across europe. We each used two bags, and then used one bag for liquids and accessories like chargers. And on our way home, we had the laundry bag half way full, with the 7 bags clear full and we were still able to zip our suitcase up! also, each bag comes with a handle, and we packed them so the handles were on top, so we could grab our bag out of the suitcase by the handle! . . On our way across europe we picked up many souvenirs that we rolled up with our clothes, so we were able to fit even more stuff in our suitcase! these were so convenient too, because each of us had a different color, so when we needed something, rather than making a mess of the whole suitcase trying to find it, we would grab the color of bag for that person! prior to this, i would end up repacking the suitcase every time we moved locations, so, if you are debating whether or not to get packing bags, i would recommend you make the purchase! these are a time saver and space saver! it is so convenient to just grab your bag and put it in the dresser at the hotel, rather than all of your clothes, and they beat repacking your suitcase every time you move locations, or even just when you're leaving to go home. . Overall, the shacke pak brand was great, we liked the variety of sizes (especially the biggest size) and that it came with a laundry bag. Lastly, if you haven't purchased or used packing bags before, i would highly recommend them! they are amazing!

N. Alexia, St. Helens

Came across these randomly before a trip. Bought these to try fit my stuff for a 9 day trip across 5 states. Weather mid 50s-60s so layers were needed. Was impressed by how easily i could fit in 10 outfits , a pair of sneakers, a puffer vest in my hand carry and avoid hauling heavy luggage at check in & baggage claim. The smallest pack i used for makeup & travel size toiletries and stashed it in my shoulder backpack. I did do laundry so repacked everything almost same way for return. I do think it might be difficult to repack dirty laundry & clean clothes mixed and then fit snugly. Used the laundry bag for just a few light items like socks etc.

. Jennifer, Michigan says

I have used these for domestic and international travel. I find it makes it much more difficult for tsa inspectors to completely jumble up your luggage and destroy items in their careless inspection since it forces them to tackle one bundle at a time. They are also forced to keep your bundles together so even if they unpack one, they need to put the items back into the shacke pak so your clothing arrives at its destination looking like it did when you originally packed it. I have previously had problems with broken jewelry the past so it it great to have more control over how my possessions are handled. I also love the great aqua color since it coordinates with my toiletry and shoe bags. . By the way, i had the e-bag version too. I ordered them several years ago. They are essentially a vey similar product; however, i prefer the quality and color selection of the shacke pak packing cubes.

X. Mathis, South Australia

These cubes work great and are very well constructed and they seem like they will hold up for a long time. We just got back from a 18 day trip to france, moving hotels every 2-3 days. I did lots of planning around how to pack efficiently for a long trip by reviewing you tube videos, comments on cubes and other packing aids from other owners, and basically obsessed over how to pack neatly and efficiently for such a long trip. After debating, i decided to purchase both a pack-it garment folder from eagle creek and this set of cubes. We ended only using only the two smallest cubes from this set because the larger cubes would not fit into a 22 inch suitcase along with the pack it folder. The cubes were used for socks and underwear along with t-shirts and pjs, and the rest of the cloths in the pack it folder which kept our cloths wrinkle free. We loved both and made packing a breeze. In short, i wish this cube set had smaller cubes in it - i would be able to use them more frequently if they were not so large. Determine what size of suitcase you will be traveling with to determine the size of cubes to order. I highly recommend investing in packing items like these for long trips!

. Heidi, Hamburg says

I admit i'm an organized person; maybe that's why i really like these packing cubes. When you open the suitcase for our trip to ireland, you see 4 green cubes. (i'm sure the airport security people will be impressed. ) each cube holds a lot of clothes. A medium cubes held 2 pair of pants and 4 long sleeve shirts. The large cube held a size 44 jeans and khakis, and 4 xl shirts. . On a prior trip, the airport lost my husband's suitcase. Since that time. We pack half my clothes and half my husbands clothes in each suitcase. With the packing cubes, we each have our own cube worth of clothes. . My only concern is how badly the clothes will be wrinkled, but i'm not sure if it will be worse than rolling the clothes. After ur trip, i'm going to buy another set of packing cubes.

. Mays, Montana

Wow - i've purchased travel bags before, but these are reasonably priced, well constructed, and even comes in multiple colors that i enjoy. They include an instructional card (with great tips, btw, on how to pack for various length trips), and information on their you tube videos to guide you to pack for a short, medium, longer (10+) day trip using these bags. . They're not the compression things that use a vacuum to suck the air out, but you can pack them (see the videos - brilliant! ) and push them down a bit without making your clothes a wrinkly mess. . Best off all, when you get to the hotel, you can put your cubes in the drawers or keep them in your bag, and find what you need when you need it. This is amazing when you have multiple travelers. (where's my x, mommy? ). . We have used cubes before (another brand), but they were so pricey that we could only afford a few. Now, we all have our color(s), and we can pack accordingly. . One great thing is something that's happening with us in 15 days on our 10-day vacation. We have to switch hotels (3) days before our flight home. The plan is that we each have a cube with our clothes for those (3) days, and the rest will stay packed in the under-the-plane luggage. No digging through for the right top and pants, clean undies or socks. We'll be ready to go. Grab yours, put it on top, throw it in the on-board luggage, and that's all we'll need. Sweet! . . Their customer service department for shacke pak is really nice. I encourage you to try this product, especially with online store's great return policy. . If you have any questions (about this or disney, because we're off to disney again! ), please feel free to ask me. Also, if my review helped you in any way, please click the helpful (thumbs up) thingie for me. Thanks!

M. Nees, Bretagne says

I used to be one of those frequent travelers who just threw everything in a semi-folded state in my suitcase. When i first heard about packing cubes i thought it was ridiculous to pay for bags to put in my suitcase. After seeing these bags i thought they looked pretty good so i would see what the fuss was about. After the first trip i was sold, and upset at myself for not buying them sooner. . They make travel such a breeze! sometimes i'll organize whole outfits into one cube, but i have found that i like to organize all my shirts in one, shorts/pants in another, etc. So depending on what i'm looking for i know exactly what bag to grab. After a week of travelling my suitcase is as organized as the day i packed. I've lent these to friends who didn't believe the hype either and they went out and immediately bought their own set after using it. Words can't describe how amazing and useful these packing cubes are. On my last trip to asia i managed to fit 8 pairs of shoes (heels, flats, sneakers) in the large cube, and still had room! i plan to buy more in smaller sizes.

V. Guest, Texas

Normally i am pretty quick with reviews. I either like the product or i don't. I have now had the shacke pak for a little over two weeks and have really started to put them through their paces. A little about me. I travel somewhere around 100, 000 miles per year. That's over 100 flights, a ton of car rentals, in and out of hotels. I wear luggage out! a computer bag typically lasts me 6 to 9 months. Even really expensive carry-on suitcases and packing cubes wear out after two years. I have been using another very well respected and recognized name (eagle creek) for the past 4 years, but they are now reaching the end of their life. So, i started looking for a replacement. I naturally went right for the eagle creek, but, saw some reviews on the shacke pak and felt like i wanted to give them a try. Because i have had so much experience with travel items, i can tell within a week how a bag or travel item is going to do. My new shacke pak . I have a solid feeling that it is going to be with me a long time! this past week, i took the three smallest cubes with me on a four day trip to the midwest. I went carry-on, so they were stuffed to limits. I have to say. They stuff well! . . Having use packing folders for the past few years, i was not expecting them to hold as much or condense as much as what i could get into my eagle creek packing folder. I also was convinced that i would not like the cube as much as the folding pack. I was wrong. They held just as much and they held everything well. The dimensions of each packing cube are just about perfect. There are four cubes in the pack, small, medium, large and extra-large. My carry-on is on the smaller size, so i skipped using the extra-large. In the large, i put in two dress pants, three dress shirts, and a polo. I saved the medium for my laundry as i used clothes (each night in a new hotel means i had to pack laundry into the same bag and i did not want my dirty clothes touching clean clothes). In the small, i put 4 pairs of socks, a t-shirt, four pair of underwear and pair of shorts and a work-out shirt. All fit nice. I tossed the packing cubes in my bag and still had room for my suit coat to lay across the top and my winter jacket shoved in too. All fit! best part. Wrinkles were minimal. Zippers and stitching are top quality. The mesh 'window' is nice. I like that the 'window' is small and a majority of the bag is the stronger and heavy-duty material. That helps it hold it's shape better in my bag and also makes packing items in the pak easier. I got the black and blue. Really like the look. . So what does this all really mean? it means if you want advice from someone who has over a million flight miles, a hundred nights in a hotel a year, and who has seen almost every inch of the globe and knows how to pack. Buy these cubes! i am super picky about the organization of my things when i travel. I go carry on (i can go ten days in a carry-on bag) so getting everything i need into a small bag, in a way that i can get to my clothes easily without having to unpack and repack everyday is important to me. I am the person who will spend two weeks moving items from one pocket in a suitcase to another just to maximize space and convenience. I can tell you, i have gone through dozens of suitcases, half a dozen folders and cubes, more than a few dozen briefcases and computer bags. The shacke pak is one of the best investments i have made in travel products. I will be purchasing a set for each member of my team as i know they will appreciate them as much as i do! . . I have a new name for packing cubes. Shacke pak. Better quality, better price, and more effective than the other big named cubes and folders. . Fyi - - i researched the company and the product for many weeks leading up to the purchase. If you do your homework, you will find the heavy duty travelers (those who really know and use travel products extensively) all have great things to say about the company and the shacke pak.

T. Teresa, City of Bristol says

Update 7/21/2015: i like these packing cubes so much i went back for a second set of them so that i can share them with my wife. We have traveled a lot in the past 3 months and these cubes are great! . . I travel frequently and in the past have just thrown things in my suitcase, stuffing extra things in all the corners. I have gotten quite good at packing quickly, but on the other end, things get messy when i am living out of the suitcase. Need to find a fresh pair of socks that are buried under the neatly folded fresh shirts? it's always been a pain that involves multiple re-foldings and re-packings during a trip. The revelation of packing cubes as a product category was great, and the i bought the shacke pak to try out the idea. . I was able to fit all 4 cubes in a rolling suitcase (24"x16"x9) which is not a carry-on size. As an example only - don't lecture me on what i pack! :-), i was able to pack the largest cube with six shirts (2 long sleeve, 2 short sleeve and 2 polos) along with 1 pair of jeans and 2 pairs of trousers. It closed easily. The next largest easily held 6 t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, a men's swim suit and a pair of gym shorts. The medium held 7 pairs of underwear and socks with loads of space leftover. The smallest held all the little odds and ends that i carry on every trip. I have separate toilet kit. There was still room for an extra pair of shoes and a light jacket. If i was packing for a cold weather trip i would either need a bigger suitcase and more cubes; or fewer clothes and do more laundry! . . When using a carry-on rolling suitcase i am able to fit the three smallest cubes (packed differently of course! ). These three smaller cubes also fit nicely in my north face overhaul 40 soft suitcase/backpack. . The real benefit comes when living out of the suitcase. It is easy to get anything in one of the packs without messing up the rest of the stuff i have packed. The mesh panels are sturdy and allow me to easily see what is in each cube. . The quality of the cubes is great. All the seams are well sown into a nylon binding tape, and don't look like there will ever be any threads unraveling and getting stuck in the zippers. They don't add much weight at all to my suitcase, and look like they will last a long time with normal use. I like the fact that each has a separate handle. I have not had the problem reported with the zipper pulls, but after inspecting them closely they seem of good quality and of appropriate strength for this product. I was pleased that the entire top is mesh, with the "x" shape of nylon well sown over the mesh to provide structural integrity. If the top was all mesh it would stretch and wear out quickly, but i think the nylon reinforcement with greatly lengthen its life.

J. Betty, Reading

Pros:. - quality build. - excellent zipper quality and durability. - strong seams. - lightweight. - open netting design allows for visibility of contents and easy compression. - attractive but simple colors and design. - comfortable zipper pulls. - comes with sack to carry all the packing cubes and can alternatively be used as a travel laundry bag. - 4 packing cubes for the price of many competitors offering 3. - excellent customer service. . Cons:. - nothing major at the moment, but i am starting to notice after a few months of use that some of the seams appear to be stretching a little too far and am concerned that it may tear after a while. - the plastic spring cord lock used on the sack that carries all the packing cubes (i used the sack as a "dirty laundry bag") broke after a month. . Personal experience:. . Ask me a year ago whether i would ever have packing cubes and i would have scoffed at you and declared that it was illogical to try to save packing space by using packing cubes that forced the cube shape. Now. I'm a believer! . . Packing cubes have changed the way i packed forever. Not only does it organize everything i pack (underwear, socks, pajamas go in one; shirts and pants go in another, etc), it allows me to pack 2-3 times more than i used to be able to because you are able to squeeze everything into a packing cube and then zip it up. Packing cubes don't add any appreciable weight to your luggage because they are so lightweight anyway. And for longer trips, i simply take out my packing cubes from my duffel bag/suitcase and they serve as drawers for all my travel items. . In terms of shacke pak specifically, i referenced in my "pros" why i think shacke pak is generally superior to other brands. In particular, i received one packing cube that had an issue with the zipper that resulted in the zipper handle breaking pre-maturely. I contacted shacke pak and customer service immediately sent me a replacement packing cube without any hassle. I am very pleased with the customer service and it has given me some measure of confidence that they will continue to take care of their customers in the future. . *update: i also own two sets of ebags packing cubes (you can read my other reviews) and have had the opportunity to compare them directly to shacke pak. In all honesty, both brands make exceptional packing cubes and you really wouldn't be disappointed either way. But to be nit picky, i will share a few of my observations:. - shacke pak uses a material with a matte finish compared to the more shiny honeycomb design of ebags. The shacke pak material stretches ever so slightly, whereas the ebags material has very little give. As a result, it appears that the material ebags uses is slightly more durable, but shacke pak looks slightly more premium. - shacke pak uses hidden stitching beneath the zippers, whereas ebags uses a double stitched design in most places. After owning the shacke pak packing cubes for about a year, i am noticing that the hidden stitching under the zipper pulls a little more and actually becomes visible when i pack the cubes tightly. This concerns me slightly and makes me question the long term durability whereas ebags' double stitched design seems to hold strong regardless of how tightly i pack the cubes. - the depth of shacke pak packing cubes is . 75" to 1" more, so you can pack more. - the zipper pull handle (not the zipper itself) on one of my packing cubes from shacke pak fell off after one month. I contacted shacke pak and they immediately sent me an entire new packing cube. Shacke pak demonstrated excellent customer service, but at the same time i am a little concerned that something like that happened so quickly in the first place. Since then, i have had no issues with my two sets of packing cubes from shacke pak. I have had no issues with ebags in terms of the zippers or zipper handles in the 6 months that i have owned them. - shacke pak packing cubes gives you 4 for the price of approximately 3 from ebags. Also, shacke pak includes a pouch with the packing cubes that can be conveniently used as a dirty laundry bag when you're travelling. You seem to get a little more for your money with shacke pak. - zipper quality for both is excellent, as they both use ykk zippers. - overall: you can't go wrong with either and each brand has slight advantages over the other in a few areas. I personally think ebags is slightly more durable, but that shacke pak is slightly more attractive and gives you a little more for your money. . Conclusion:. . If you are looking for a high quality and durable set of packing cubes for travelling, you really can't go wrong with the shacke pak set. The price is reasonable and you get 4 packing cubes for the price of what most competitors charge for 3. I have not had any real issues with quality or durability (i travel and use these a lot, but i will update my review in the future), and shacke pak has already demonstrated to me that they have excellent customer service. I also think the shacke pak packing cube set provides one of the most stylish designs compared to the others out there. . *i have included a picture of one my packing cubes when it is packed tightly showing what i mean about the hidden stitching being stretched and visible. This concerns me a bit.

Top /shacke pak packing organizers laundry Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

L. Bertie, Swindon says

I purchased the shacke pak based on reviews and the ability to organize my packing. Overall, the product did help organize my packing, but there were questions of durability. On the first use, i noticed that the webbing material on the front was starting to rip from the front. This is only happening on one, so maybe i just received a defective one. I did try to contact customer service, but did not receive a response yet. In fairness, it's only been a week, but i would have expected at least a note back. . If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the ebags product, this seems to be a good alternative. I will probably be purchasing the ebags version as i like the cube concept and i want a product that lasts.

A. Yvette, Bromley

Received the packing cubes a couple of days before my trip to the mediterranean. As i was packing, one of the medium size cubes started coming apart as i zipped it closed, and it was not even full. Other than the poor quality of one of the cubes, i do think the cubes helped me pack more items and keep them organized during my 9 day trip. If i had time i would have exchanged them, so disappointed that i have to have one repaired.

Z. Laura, New York says

I bought this and another cube set from bagail to use fir our upcoming trip. Here is my first impression of the shacke pak. The colors and the materials are very nice. However, the pack that i received have so much little hair in them, not sure if this was manufactured in a hair salon or what? i had a higher expectation for the shacke pak as it was a little more expensive than the bagail. A bit dissapointing! the bagail pack does not have this problem. The materials quality is the same as the shacke pak. I will give an update on the functionality of both after the long weekend!

U. Noguera, Suffolk

Got the packing cubes two month ago, at first it looked great, good quality and strong material, i've registered my warranty online and it was very easy. After using it the first time for a short vacation i've noticed a tear on the laundry bag that came with the cubes, all i did is put some laundry in it, the tear will get bigger if i will continue using it. I've contact shacke pak through the warranty claim form in their website and also e-mail the consumer service, never heard from them - not an e-mail not a phone call. This is by far the poorest costumer service that i've experienced from a company. What good comes from the "lifetime warranty" that they offer if the company never replies for the claims. Highly not recommended!

D. Alberta, Aquitaine says

Overall a nice set but the large cube was bigger than the bottom of my standard rollaboard. So i returned as there are better sets available for my needs.

I. Anonymous, Hackney

I bought these thinking they would really help maximize the space in my suitcase. I packed all my things without using the cubes, and then i tried packing all my things using the cubes. I had an easier time getting everything to fit without them. I mean, i guess they could work well for organizing your clothes, but i don't think they really save you that much space if any.

. Rebecca, Doncaster says

I was really excited about these packing cubes as i purchased a set of three (sharper image) from tj max for $12. 00 to test out for my husband's international trip. We both loved them! to invest in some higher quality, i read reviews and decided to give these a shot. Packed a few clothes in one (not even close to an over-pack) and the zipper pull immediately broke! so disappointed. Not sure if i received a faulty package thereofre, i will return these and order another pack. If the same thing happens. I'll leave a one star.

M. Sharon, Middlesbrough

All but the extra small and small cubes were too big. I'd like it if they gave an a la carte option to buy specific sizes one at a time. I'm returning all 4 because i only could have used 2. The cubes themselves are nice - just too big and not enough choices in size and quantity. Only option is to buy a pack of 4. If they gave me an option to buy as many extra smalls and small as i wanted, i would definitely order them.

C. Meyer, Walsall says

The sizes were ok. I would have loved it if i can compress the clothes all folded and stacked nicely. I think the sizes were off to where you can stack folded jeans on one side and then a bunch of air and crumpled shirts on the other. I'm just not a big fan of these anymore. Maybe next time, i'll just order the smalls to where i can pack folded clothes vertically. I wouldn't order these again.

F. Guest, Stoke-on-Trent

Mine started ripping at the zippers. I bought these to help compress clothes as they were stated to have compression capabilities. So i would roll clothing tight and place in a little over filled at first b/c then i smashed down and zipped to create nice compression. Well that has caused them to tear at the zipper seams after a few uses. So now i have big hold on the side of a couple of them. If i were going to pack them lose (without overpacking and compressing) then why would i need them in the first place except organization. I bought them to compress clothes very tightly to conserve space.

Y. Matherly, Poitou-Charentes says

I would not recommend these cubes. Not sure if i was unlucky and got a bad shipment but these cubes were ripped upon arrival. They arrived last night and as i started to pack for my trip, i noticed that there were several rips along the mesh. For a product that is so highly rated and expensive (these cubes aren t cheap! ) i expected more and am very disappointed by the quality.

. Gina, Arkansas

It is only now that i have the chance to use this set as i'm leaving for a trip tomorrow. Just when i'm stuffing the biggest among the cubes, i noticed an opening above the zipper area. And i was surprised to see that it ripped. The cube isn't even so stuffed for it to rip. Also, i haven't been careless in stuffing my clothes so there couldn't be any fault on my part why it ripped. I don't have any time to return this product since i'm traveling soon.

. Wade, West Berkshire says

Maybe i'm trying to use too many at a time? i usually travel with just a carry on and only 2 of these will fit. Might work better for larger bag. I like it to keep shoes clean and the smallest to through all my last minute hygiene/cosmetics/etc. In at the last minute. I like that it came with a laundry bag and has an easy warranty to set up.

J. Monique, Bourgogne

It was not sturdy and smaller than the size given

. Anonymous, Alaska says

After several washes in cold water the inside started to peel away. They are now unusable because the inside has fallen apart with some of the fabric.

. Bethany, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Love the packing cubes and the different sizes. Had an issue with the zipper pulls coming off 2 cubes, but the zippers still work fine. They ask you to register them on their website and you will get a free gift. Did that. No gift :(. Emailed them. Never got a response.

G. Stacey, Blackpool says

One of the zippers broke on my wife's set while we were at the beginning of the trip. The rest of the trip she had clothes spilling out all over the bag evertime we moved from hotel to hotel. Dissapointing quality for the premium price

. Edna, Florida

09/25/17. Poor construction. We just returned from our trip using these cubes. We did not over stuff them, and we went easy on their use. Mesh ripped apart at the seem on one bag. I lost two zipper pulls. My wife lost a zipper pull. These are poor quality and not worth the few dollars saved - we regret the purchase. Vendor: we would not be interested in a new set. Can we just return these for a refund? we purchased two sets and only took a few cubes on the trip so we have several that were never used.

B. Teresa, Virginia says

Although i will say i like the product in general. The zipper in the big cube pulled away and broke right when i unzipped it for the first time-before i could even use it!

W. Connie, Sefton

It was ok. wish the quality would of been better

N. Kristen, Surrey says

I ordered four sets to be given as presents/stocking stuffers in anticipation of upcoming travels. All sets ordered were in dark colors. They arrived past the anticipated two days shipping time but, given, the holidays, that was ok. I have been doing laundry for well over three decades and don't remember the last time i had a mishap. I hand washed these in cold water, per tag directions, without detergent, in an attempt to get rid of the plastic smell. I wash just about everything that's new and likely to come intact with the kids clothes/bodies. Regrettably, whatever internal film or coating that is present in these shacke packing cubes seems to have disintegrated, leaving a sticking film over wet nylon that was easily removed when wet but made a huge mess inside the laundry sink. After drying, the coating seems to be adherent to the nylon and does not scrape off easily. The appearance of the dried coating is web-like and leaving the cube's internal fabric non-uniform and a bit splotchy in color. I'm dubious of actually using these due to the possibility of the coating further flaking off and transferring on to packed clothing. . On a more positive note, the actual construct of nylon fiber and zippers seem sturdy and strong; likely to withstand repeated use. Just no washing, i guess. . These will most likely be returned :(

O. Elanor, Pennsylvania

I was really excited to get these because i like to pack efficiently. I watched the videos online and read their packing tips and instructions, but these did not work for me. I packed and repacked with them and without, and consistently had better results packing my carry-on without them. I only travel with a carry-on, so maybe they work better with full size suitcases. They are very well made and seemed like they would last a long time. I returned them.

T. Sally, Lancashire says

Works great as a packing cube. However, a brief soak in water (hand washed) due to a slight spill in my luggage resulted in a lot of sticky residue coming off each, which took a lot of scrubbing to get rid of. Not sure if this was a defect in the product, as what spilled was not sticky, or whether it will happen after any first wash.

R. Guest, Nevada

Meh. They're good for keeping stuff together, i guess, but i was already doing that with ziploc bags for a whole lot cheaper. . Not bad, as such, but not as helpful as i had hoped. . They do seem to be well constructed, though, so there's that.

. McCarthy, Niedersachsen says

I am a neat freak when it comes to packing, especially since i like to try and fit everything inside of a single carry-on bag on short trips. . I have purchased single packing cubes of other brands but was looking for a complete set - these seemed to fit the bill. Overall they are ok, to me the the material & webbing quality is not quite as high as competing versions, though these are cheaper. The bags do "fit" together so you can stack them on top of each other in a suitcase and be ok if its just a large open space. The sizes are a bit odd - the xl doesn't quite fit in my bag, but the l doesn't hold enough clothes, so i have to mix and match a bit. I do like the carry handles on them, they were useful. . My wife and i have used these cubes on several trips and they have held up well, though they were not subjected to anything out of the ordinary. I think a couple of the zipper pulls (not the zippers themselves) have come off randomly, but that doesn't bother me enough to contact the company for a replacement or anything. . Overall i think these bags are ok - they work fine when filled with soft items (that is, not electrical cables or computer chargers, i never tried using it to carry those) and hold enough clothes for our use. If they were to get damaged/lost/stolen i would take a look at the other offerings before replacing - however i would still consider these. . Additionally, if you register your products upon receipt, the company provides an additional medium cube (i believe, maybe small cube? ) for free - that did not influence my review.

K. Betty, Sutton

These cubes appeared to be fine, i just found them way too large to use in my carryon. Ended up buying a smaller assortment of sizes from another manufacturer.

P. Ophelia, Cumbria says

My husband and i both bought a set of these for our backpacks on a two week european vacation. I'm not sure if they really made a difference. I felt like they kept me organized because i kept different types of garments in corresponding cubes. However, my husband felt like they actually took up more space in his backpack than if he hadn't used them at all. . I used them again on a trip to california in a suitcase and felt like i could have done without them. The do help organize, but i don't think they give you any additional space at all. There is no compression involved, so they are really just good for organizing your garments.

Q. Amanda, Arizona

If i could give it less then one i would. I only received 3 of the 4 packs. I didn't return them because i had a trip to chicago planned two days before i received them. On the way home one of the zippers broke. Very dissatisfied with this product i should have returned them

V. June, Islington says

Looks like you get what you pay for with this product. They should work for trips, though the material seems cheap, and the stitching looks like it won't last. I returned the 2nd set. I should have saved my money and bought stuff from blue ridge overland gear.

S. Widmer, North Carolina

I just used these cubes for a trip to europe and unfortunately two of them did not hold up. In the smallest cube i had underwear and it was lightly packed and the next size had shirts. On both cubes the mesh tore away so now they have holes in them. They did not hold up at all.

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