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Price was 23. The velcro on these shoes is awesome. Other shoes that i've purchased for my son give away after a little bit, but these shoes take a beating and hold up exceptionally well. My son is that kid that never stops moving. Constantly running and jumping everywhere. When i see pictures of him at daycare, he's just a blur because he's jumping non stop. Hoping to have an nba player soon! but good shoes! fantastic! my son loves them and always wants to put them on!

-W. Anonymous

Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker Toddler/little Slip Back Into An Era Of Retro Styling In The Saucony Baby Jazz. Many Different Colors And An Easy, On/off Alternative Closure, You Can Find A Saucony Jazz For Every Wearing Occasion! -Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker Toddler/little Kid

  1. Extra: Two-tone Midsole. Triangular Lugs Provides Traction And Flexibility.
  2. Extra: Hook-and-loop Closure.

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My 3. 5 year old picked these out bc they're red. He's pretty opinionated about anything that he wears - mind you, he rarely hesitates to put underwear on his head to get a reaction - and i was a little nervous about the velcro. He loves these shoes, tho. The 10. 5 fit nearly perfectly, which in parent speak is never a good thing. So those went back and thanks to online store's quick delivery the size 11's arrived 2 days later and will hopefully get us thru a few more months than the smaller size. Best jazz hook loop sneaker toddlerlittle | Saucony-Shoes Review ( Sep 2019 ) Extra Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid) Low-profile sneaker featuring signature wavy overlay at quarterpanel and contrasting mesh sock liner. Two-tone midsole. triangular lugs provides traction and flexibility. Hook-and-loop closure. Suede and nylon upper. Non-marking rubber outsole .

Saucony jazz hook & loop sneaker toddler/little kid Review (strst35410a blue)

I've bought two pairs for my daughter. Her feet are not especially slender, and they aren't extra wide like my son's feet, so the strap fits over her foot fine. Also, she gets a lot of wear out of them and they fit her feet well. They aren't difficult to put on her feet, like some toddler shoes can be. The bottoms grip the ground well, but not too well. She usually picks these over her t-strap shoes. I'm about to purchase her third pair because she has finally outgrown her current pair, not because they are too worn, and she has been wearing this pair for several months, almost daily, including outside free play. -P. Cathy

Saucony Jazz Sneaker Toddler Little

  1. Class: Shoes
  2. Brand: Saucony
  3. ClothingSize: *
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Creator: MainApps
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Weight:0.31 pounds
  7. Manufacturer: Saucony
  8. Recommended Max-Age: 144
  9. Suggested Min-Age: 3
  10. Model: Baby Jazz H&L - K
  11. MPN: STRST35410A-blue
  12. Total Items: 1
  13. Quantity: 1
  14. Part/Serial Number: STRST35410A-blue
  15. Type: Shoes
  16. Category: SHOES
  17. Size: US

jazz hook & loop sneaker toddler/little Shoes, Slip back into an era of retro styling in the saucony baby jazz. with many different colors and an easy, on/off alternative closure, you can find a saucony jazz for every wearing occasion! Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker Toddler/little Kid (Baby Jazz H&L - K-Saucony).

Saucony Jazz Sneaker Toddler Little Shoes

  • This is our second pair of these shoes for our little boy. The original ones were still in fairly good shape, but he just outgrew them. In my experience, these shoes have held up much better than the nike's we have gotten for him previously. When he outgrows these, we will probably order another pair. Update: we purchased a pair of puma's at the same time as these, and they have already started to fall apart. These shoes still look great and have no issues, and i think he has worn these more than the puma's.
  • Love these shoes for our toddler. Had gotten some discounted off another site over a year ago and was looking for these same shoes. My daughter lives in tennis shoes. She has been wearing this shoe since she was 14 months old - she learned to walk at 9 months and stayed in robeez until we purchased these. They seem comfortable, they are practical and she never trips in them or complains when wearing them. Online store prices compared to zappos but with free 2 day shipping prime. Will get these shoes until she learns how to tie laces. Also i never bother with half sizes for her in these- seems to work fine.
  • Ordered these for my very active 3 year old. I received these late september 30th. He wears these everyday it's now october 26. The front toe wrap on one of the shoes did come unglued but nothing a little superglue won't fix. I've washed twice (because of course 3 year olds have accidents) and the blue suede has kept its blue. I'm giving it 3 stars because i expected at least a couple months before something became unglued.
  • My daughter wears a size 7 shoe. I ordered a size 7. 5 so they would fit longer, and also because her feet are wide. I can barely close the strap on the top. And i'm not sure that ordering an even larger size would've made much of a difference. They are somewhat expensive for children's shoes so i'm disappointed they won't work for us. I do think they are a good shoe, just not for a child with wide feet. I did not see that info in the reviews, so hopefully this helps someone else.
  • The shoe looks adorable, but boy is it stiff. It's hard to get baby's feet inside and it's pretty narrow for a toddler shoe. Also, the tongue keeps rubbing up against the top of my daughters foot, causing irritation, so now she tries to get them off any chance she can get. Disappointed.

jazz hook loop sneaker toddlerlittle Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker (Toddler/Little Kid) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I have a 4 year old with autism who has a hard time with shoes. First of all these are very easy to get on and off. They are incredibly cute on and lightweight. They are also very smooth on the inside without a lot of seams of scratchy places. We will be buying more!

Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker Toddler/little Kid
Click to see NoticeSaucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker Toddler/little Kid (strst35410a blue)"Bought this in a size 6 for my now 17 mo. Old toddler. Wore it for the first time out yesterday and he did really well in them. He's been walking since 13 months, but still trips over his own feet once in a while. He seems to walk better in these than the pair of stride rites he was wearing previously. Looks to give solid support and not too stiff, and the shoe itself doesnt get in the way so he trips over himself. And the gray/lime color combo is pretty stylish too. Would buy another pair once he outgrows this one in a heartbeat!"

(0) Question: Non marking soles

(1) Question: Are these true to size?

(2) Question: Which size should i select for a 4yo boy. from 1 to 4 years or from 4 to 8 years? please your help.

Saucony Jazz Lite A/C Sneaker Little Kid

The saucony jazz lite a/c sneaker features a durable and breathable suede and mesh upper. The alternative closure ensures effortless on/off and adjustability. This laid back sneaker has been crafted with a special lining with antimicrobial treatment that helps lessen the risk of odor causing bacteria.

Saucony Jazz Lite A/C Sneaker Little KidSaucony-Jazz-Lite-Sneaker-Little

Brand :    saucony
Weight :    0.29 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Suede and mesh upper for durability and breathability
  • Alternative closure for easy on/off and adjustibility
  • Eva midsole delivers on lightweight & cushioning
  • Antimicrobial treatment lining to minimize the risk of odor causing bacteria
  • Non marking rubber outsole with rubber toe wrap for durability
Price :    —
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Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe Toddler/Little Kid

This attractive sneaker from sperry features dual hook-and-loop straps and heel bumpers for durability.

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe Toddler/Little KidSperry-Halyard-Hook-Toddler-LittleYour little one will be styling in this casual loafer from sperry top-sider. The halyard loafer features a soft canvas upper with a high-walled rubber sole for a look that is so grown up. Velcro hook-and-loop closures cinch for the perfect fit, and the padded topline ensures a comfortable step.

Brand :    sperry
Color :    White
Size :    8.5 Toddler
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    Halyard H&L - K
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Saucony Women's Baby Jazz Hl Sneaker

Parents and child both will love easy-ons and adjustable comfort with the handy hook and loop system. Promote first steps with a rubber outsole and triangular lugs for traction and a comfy fit. Your kid will be instantly cool in fun colors that make the baby jazz the ultimate first-ever shoe.

Saucony Women's Baby Jazz Hl SneakerSaucony-Womens-Baby-Jazz-Sneaker

Brand :    saucony
Weight :    0.25 pounds
  • Take down pattern
  • Light weight eva midsole for cushioning
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for durability
  • Suede and mesh upper for durability and breathability
  • Alternative closure for easy on/off
Price :    —
Model :    ST58822
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Saucony Originals Women's Bullet Sneaker

Classic sneaker with padded comfort in a sleek low profile silhouette

Saucony Originals Women's Bullet SneakerSaucony-Originals-Womens-Bullet-SneakerSaucony took the original bullet, a 1985 track shoe with spikes and all, and made it street legal. With a super-low profile, these nylon/suede shoes with a rubber outsole maintain the original sleek silhouette.

Brand :    saucony
Color :    Blue/Orange
Size :    US
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    BULLET-W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Low-profile sneaker with slim silhouette and glossy logo overlays at quarterpanels
  • Padded tongue and collar
Price :    —
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PUMA Kids' Suede 2 Straps Sneaker

Definitely one of the most well-known and popular of all puma shoes, this design rightly deserves its place in public affection and in every hall of fame. In cultural terms the suede can be credited as the first shoe of b-boyish. These puma classics are also available in junior and kids sizes.

PUMA Kids' Suede 2 Straps SneakerPUMA-Kids-Suede-Straps-Sneaker

Price :    —
  • Suede
  • Casual athletic sneaker
Brand :    puma
Color :    Black/White
Size :    4 M US Boy
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    35627401
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

Love these shoes. This is our 3rd summer buying a pair for both my boys, but this year the next size up (from c13 to j1) seemed to be too big. So, i need an in-between size for my 7-year old.

Native was founded in vancouver, bc in 2009 to design and produce lightweight, injection-molded eva shoes. Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes, the native aesthetic captures a look that is timeless yet totally new. As easy to wear as they are to look at, native shoes are for anybody, anywhere, anytime. All native shoes are washable, odor resistant, shock absorbent, animal by-product free, and waterproof. Just the facts: made from injection-molded eva eva molds to your feet and is lightweight, washable, and odor resistant eva stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate inspired by classic, casual silhouettes our molding process produces zero-waste low-energy emissions manufacturing process animal by-product free first collection launched worldwide in spring 2010

Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneakernative-12100100-Jefferson-Slip-On-SneakerFor an old-school twist on a new-school design, it's gotta be native's jefferson slip-on. This injection-molded eva shoe sports sneaker sensibilities and a breathable perforated upper that molds to your favorite foot for premium comfort. A grippy sole promises falter-free fun this fair-weather season in native.

Native Jefferson Slip-on Sneaker (13100100) FAQ.

Fantastic shoes. My daughter wears them all the time. They are fine for playground, walking around time, sprayground/water park, dirt/woods, you name it. Effortless to slip on. If dirty, just rinse off. She says they are very comfortable and has almost worn the sole down to its end. Great purchase - highly recommend for active playful kids! -Notice from I. Susana, Utah

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Love these so much i bought them the next 2 sizes up! my son loves them too and gets excited for his shoes. They are comfortable for him, pretty easy for him to put on himself (until they start getting a little small), and they go with everything in his woredrobe. Great for when getting wet too. No blisters or irritation to his feet.

Native-jefferson-slip-on-sneaker-(13100100) set picture

- . MillerLoved these sneakers! got them for our 3y old and she has been wearing them all summer! they are comfortable, don't smell and so easy to clean! plus they are super cute. Will get them again next summer and buy a pair for her younger brother as well next time!

We love these shoes. Fit as expected and weren't too narrow as i had worried. They also glow in the dark which was a nice surprise. The only thing i'd improve is that the tread as it is not very substantial, but it is as expected from an eva shoe. My son slipped a little on a sandy stetch of sidewalk which could happen in many a brand of shoe but otherwise they are great.

U. Paige, West Virginia

Brand :    native
Color :    Torch Red
Size :    9 Toddler
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    12100100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Odor resistant, traction outsole. native shoes are offered in full sizes only and tend to run on the larger size. if you fall between sizes, we recommend sizing down to the closest whole size.
  • Waterproof slip-on featuring allover perforations, logoed vamp, and contrast toe cap. rubber rand and toe.
  • Eva footbed molds to feet with wear. whole sizes only; for 1/2 sizes, order next size up. (baby 0-12 mos), (walker 12-24 mos), (toddler 2-4 yrs), (little kid 4-8 yrs)
  • Hand-washable and shock absorbent
  • Peta approved vegan. whole sizes only; for 1/2 sizes, order next size up. (baby 0-12 mos), (walker 12-24 mos), (toddler 2-4 yrs), (little kid 4-8 yrs)
Price :    —
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PUMA Kids' Cabana Racer Mesh Velcro Sneaker

Our favorite among the rs running family, the cabana racer is back. This old school, lightweight, racing flat was first introduced in 1981 and has become popular again in the archive family. The cabana racer is a must have shoe for all stylish kids. This addition features nylon mesh with suede overlays.

PUMA Kids' Cabana Racer Mesh Velcro SneakerPUMA-Cabana-Racer-Velcro-Sneaker

Brand :    puma
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    36024529
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for PUMA Kids' Cabana Racer Mesh Velcro Sneaker available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Casual athletic sneaker
  • Cabana

Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz Lite Sneaker Toddler/Little Kid

Big-kid inspired but made just for little ones. The saucony jazz lite toddler sneaker is flexible and lightweight to support first steps and made with adjustable, easy-on closures - to support mom & dad.

Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz Lite Sneaker Toddler/Little KidSaucony-Kids-Sneaker-Toddler-Little

Brand :    saucony
Size :    US
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Suede and nylon upper
  • Lightweight rubber out sole for superior flexibility, traction and durability
  • Alternative closure for easy on/off and adjustability
Price :    —
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Crocs Kids' Classic Clog

Classic clog fully molded croslite

Crocs Kids' Classic ClogCrocs-10006C-Classic-Kids-K-Classic

Brand :    crocs
Color :    BLACK
Size :    _DELETE_
Weight :    0.13 pounds
  • Clogs runs roomy
  • Durable and comfortable. incredibly light and fun to wear
  • Classic clog featuring perforated vamp with textured trim
Price :    —
Model :    10006C-Classic Kids - K
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Crocs Kids' Classic Clog available ( Sep 2019 )

PUMA Kids' ST Runner NL Velcro Sneaker

The timeless and legendary design of the st runner never goes out of style. The st runner v2 nl features a modernized full rubber outsole that enables grip and durability whereas the heel clip looks great and optimizes stability. The classic nylon upper with leather puma formstripe features a classic style that goes with anything you wear.

PUMA Kids' ST Runner NL Velcro SneakerPUMA-Kids-Runner-Velcro-Sneaker

Brand :    puma
Color :    Blue
Size :    11 M US Boy
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    3652940
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Casual athletic sneaker
  • St runner
Price :    —
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These sneakers are a cute shade of raspberry, a "pop" with her outfits. I did take a star off because 1 they're not exactly super flexible and 2 the strap doesn't go completely to the other side on one shoe but it does on the other. My daughter doesn't have chubby feet and maybe the shoes will stretch out with more use. She's worn them only a couple times so far. Her feet are currently just over size 5 and i bought the size 6. 5 (mostly because they were cheaper than the size 6) and she doesn't seem to be tripping while walking/running. Hopefully i'll get more longevity with the bigger size. Overall, i would recommend these shoes.

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(0) Question: Where are these made?

(1) Question: Is it red or pink?

(2) Question: I traced my son's foot and measured 5. 25". what size should i order? the size chart only converts to eu & uk.

(3) Question: What is the difference between m & medium in the size options? is one wider?

(4) Question: Difference between m and medium

(5) Question: Do these run true to size? i have a 15 month old and was going to order the size 5.

(6) Question: Has anyone tried washing these?

(7) Question: Are these shoes heavy or lightweight? looking to buy a pair of shoes for my 14 month old.

(8) Question: Are these washable in the washer and drier?

(9) Question: I'm getting a pair for a 5yr old, size 11m. noticed that the sizes are "toddler" 1-4. wondering if they'll fit?

(10) Question: How do you wash this shoe?

(11) Question: Are these easy to put on and take off on a 2 yr old

(12) Question: Does the red have a black sole? when i select red the shoe is all red, but when added to the cart, it shows up as red with a black sole.

(13) Question: My daughter's foot is 6. 8 inches. elsewhere this is shown to be a size 11. i just want to confirm this s equivalent to size 11 little kid. she is 4.

(14) Question: How to choose size for 7 years boy! little kids ? toddler?

(15) Question: What's the size for a 4 yo boy. and from what range, 1-4 yo or 4-8?

(16) Question: What is the next size up after 12 toddler?

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I ordered way too large on this shoe. My daughter is growing out of a size 7 and i got a 9. It was way too big. I love the mint color and the construction. The double velcro strap is a little more challenging than the usual double straps. They don't pull through the openings as easy when trying to get the foot in, so it's harder to squeeze the toddler's foot in. That is my only complaint. We started her off with adidas sneakers that had great padding on the heel and footbed. So, since those shoes, we haven't been willing to put her in really uncomfortable, unpadded shoes. These saucony sneakers would be acceptable compared to the adidas neo shoes. I think she would be comfy in them all day long.

Athletic 1109677216, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Girls 1102447417, Running 1101280243, Shoes 110712976Top Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker Toddler/little Kid (strst35410a blue) FAQ Content

Best saucony jazz hook & loop sneaker toddler/little kid (strst35410a blue) in review

Bought these for my daughter. I didn't notice in the picture that they are sparkly, but they are sparkly and that thrills my daughter to no end. Other reviews said that these ran small and i'm so glad i ordered a size up because they definitely run small. My daughter sometimes struggles a little to get them on as the velcro clasp doesn't open very wide. We liked the new balance toddler sneakers a lot better, but weren't able to find them in her size this time around. When she outgrows these, i'll look for new balance sneakers first and if not available, i'll come back to these.

K. Mary, Idaho

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E. Nees, New York says

These are the best shoes for an active toddler. Not only do they look great, they also offer a nice cushion and design for more active toddlers. Most shoes have flat heals to toe while these are contoured for better ability to run and play. They are also very durable. They are also light compared to other shoes. My son outgrew his last pair and uses them all the time. They look almost brand new except the liner which is the only area that shoes wear. I will continue to purchase these as my son grows.

Q. Juliana, West Sussex

Adorable, easy to get off & on but about 1/2 size off. I got my daughter size 10. 5 in both stride rite and saucony and there's quite a difference.

B. Anonymous, Midi-Pyrenees says

I love this style of shoe for my son. They go on easily, fit well and stay on! (i m a preschool teacher and so many styles of shoes frustratingly come off often). I prefer these to the jazz lite style. They seem to hold up better. Have enough space for baby feet but can be tightened enough for toddlers whose feet have thinned out.

Y. Erickson, Delaware

So far so good. Bought these for my 2 year old as he likes to do everything himself, so velcro tabs are necessary. They have held up so far (granted it's only been about 3 weeks of use). He is able to put them on and take them off by himself, and he likes and wears them. So all the necessary positives for shoes for a toddler. . Update. These have lasted a busy boy over 6 months. They are showing some wear as he wears them every day. But he loves them, can take them on and off by himself. We just bought pair 2, same color as he likes them so much.

G. Cortney, Darlington says

I love the shoe, i think the glitter makes the shoe very stiff though. And the tongue of the shoe slides while my daughter is wearing them. I would have liked to see the thicker tongue with his shoe. It's also easier for the toddler to grab and slide the shoe on. Overall i like it though, it definetly had that wow-glitter-fun-factor i was looking for! i would buy this brand again but not the glittery style. Im keeping these pair because my daughter already saw them and there is no way she would let me return them! ha!

I. Cunningham, Rhode Island

These shoes are really nice and full of style. I need to find an adult version of these to match. I got 5. 5 for my daughter and even though they're said to be boys, i think they look good on her anyways.

A. Bertie, Sheffield says

My 5yr old daughter loves it. She even gets complements from her classmates! i bought this becuase ive owned a few pairs of this brand and ive never had any issues but lots of compliments. These colors go perfect with her school uniform. They got lots of other colors to choose from. The fit i would say is true to size.

T. Bullock, Hammersmith and Fulham

I purchased these shoes for my three year old son who is really hard on his shoes. I wanted shoes that were a good price value and that my son could put on and take off by himself, run around in, and that would stand up to 3 year old kid abuse. These shoes fit the bill, and for the price i would recommend them and i would buy them again, but they'd be even better if they were even more reinforced around the toes. . *this is not a paid or subsidized review. If you find this review helpful, please click "yes" - thank you! . . Pros:. * price - these are a well made, good looking shoe for a very fair price. * easy for my son to put on and take off, but do not fall off. Velcro is holding up well so far. * the velcro tab that holds them on is big, so there's plenty of room for error in putting them on, and there's plenty of velcro to ensure a good hold. * nice looking - my son likes them which is a big deal when you're three. * stand up well to rough and tumble play. * lightweight. * good grip on the soles of the shoes. * fit is as expected, no discomfort, he wears them all day long without complaint. . Cons:. * as with all kids shoes, the toe area could be even more reinforced although he's worn them every day for a month and, as you can see in the pictures, they're not showing much wear. * very lightweight - so if you're looking for a heavier, more protective shoe for any reason, this is not the pair for you. . Overall i'd highly recommend these shoes, and would purchase them again.

V. Suzanne, Redcar and Cleveland says

Love these shoes! they were our little guys first pair of 'real' shoes, and so cute. They have a lot of grip on the bottom, but no so much that it gripped too much and he tripped (which has happened with other shoes). The velcro works great, and they are easy to clean - any mud brushes off, and they dried quickly after a puddle excursion. The only thing i haven't been thrilled with is that they got too tight quickly, but only because my little guy has fat feet - the length is still fine, his toes aren't touching the end of the shoe, but they are essentially too small for him now because i can't get the velcro over the top anymore. We've not had that issue with any other shoes in the same size/style, so that seems to be unique to saucony. Bummer, because i would have liked to get another pair for this fall!

. Edith, Georgia

I've been wanting to buy these for a couple years now and i finally did when i couldn't find any good sales on my favorite kids' sneaker brand. Well, i now have a new favorite brand in saucony. These shoes are super lightweight and flexible and look so adorable on. They are so easy for my 3 year old to put on himself. He measured a toddler 8. 5, but i got a 9 and they fit well with a bit of room to grow. I highly recommend these sneakers.

L. Alice, Bretagne says

I bought these for my color red loving little girl. Fit is as expected. She says they are very comfortable and was instantly running around. The velcro seems like it will hold well. The red is not as . Ugly as the stock photo shows - so there's that if you are having trouble deciding if red is right for you! and the price, we could really not go wrong for t-ball and outdoor play!

. Pearce, Essex says

These shoes are adorable. I bought them for my 3. 5 year old and went with the suggestion to size up, however i shouldn t have as the extra half-size ended up being too big. We re going to keep them and just have some room to grow into. . I love the velcro and the ability for my daughter to put these on by herself, however it s difficult to get the velcro out far enough to pull the tongue up and get a foot in. . These shoes lost a star because when i took them out of the box they had grease spots on them. The spots are very obvious to the plain eye but hard to capture on camera. It s disappointing to get a brand new product that is covered in grease.

D. Helen, Utah

These shoes are super cute! they run small compared to striderite. My daughter wears a 4. 5 in striderite but i had to get a 5 for these shoes. My only complaint about these shoes is the the velacro doesn't close all the way when they are on. The strap is long enough that they stay closed but it looks like the shoes are too small

J. Broyles, Shropshire says

I like the shoes, my son had a pair in a smaller size, but the sizing on these is off. He has two pairs of shoes in other brands that are size 8 toddler. I got these in a size 8. 5 and they were smaller than the 8s. So small, that he couldn't even get his foot into the shoes. Also, do to a shipping error, i wound up w/ two pairs. Both were smaller than his 8's, and the two size 8. 5s were not even the same length! i like the shoes - the soles are grippier than the box store cheap shoes, the velcro lasts longer, the design is nice enough, but the sizing and qc is obviously way off. . Thankfully online store is good about returns in situations as these. I may still order them again 2 sizes larger.

F. Kellie, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Great sneakers, but they definitely run small! i even sized up with the first pair, but it wasn't enough. I had to size up two sizes. They're a little big, but he'll grow into them soon enough! in the meantime, the velcro comes across far enough that it holds his foot in place so that he can still wear them while they're a little big.

S. Debra, Hounslow says

We have owned this same show 3 times over. As soon as my daughter out grows a pair, we buy another. They are easy on and off. They hold up well to a very rambunctious 3. 5 year that plays on a mostly dirt playground at daycare. And they wash well in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. They really don't wear out. She just outgrows them. I would definitely get a darker color next time because the light purple does show wear and dirt a lot more quickly than the darker pink.

C. Jacqueline, Brighton and Hove

Most of the sizing questions i had to guess at because my 16 month old was wearing the shoes, so i'm not sure if they were comfortable all day, if they had good arch support, etc. He didn't cry when they were put on, he didn't fuss over wearing them, and he seemed to be able to walk/run well. They held up through several "beatings" as my son is very hard on shoes, the quality seems sturdy, and they seem comfortable enough. He has pretty wide feet and these seemed to fit him well, so i almost reviewed that they were somewhat wide, but really, they were perfect for him. I haven't seen many kids his age with feet more narrow, so i'm thinking he's average - thus reporting these shoes as expected. I would recommend them, they're a good price for the quality of shoe. (i bought size 6 and he wears a size 6 in most shoes, wearing 2t clothing if it helps).

H. Perez, Stoke-on-Trent says

I was happy to see kids wearing saucony's again because i used to wear them and loved them. I remember mine taking a beating on the playground. My son is rough on shoes. We live out in the country where there are plenty of things to get into, so i thought these would be a good invesment. So far so good as far as how they are holding up, but when we first purchased them, they were a little snug. I was worried i should have gone up a half size. He generally wears a size 6, and i thought something was odd because all his other shoes fit fine. With time, they have stretched to slid on more comfortably. Personally i think they are very cute shoes, but i just wish they'd sized these better. I don't want my son's feet to hurt while we wait on them to break in.

M. Emily, Torbay

These shoes are fantastic! so easy to put on and take off and he can wear them all day with no complaints. He has had a few different brands of shoes and boots in the past and after awhile he has started to whine and point at his feet letting us know they hurt or are uncomfortable. He has never done that with these once. In fact, this pair was a replacement pair we bought for an identical set that was lost at some point on a trip. We even paid to have them expedited because it is worth it. I even bought myself a pair of matching sauconys and they are my favorite daily shoe as well! . The traction on these are great as well. He has run around in water, mud, sand, and snow in these and never had a spill i can attribute to the shoes losing grip as he is running. And they are really lightweight which was great when he just started learning to walk. I definitely recommend these shoes for your toddler!

Top /saucony jazz sneaker toddler little Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

G. Helen, Maine says

As other reviews noted. Great looking shoe-fits well but definitely decided to go up an entire shoe size due to themrunning small. We maybe could have been ok with going up 1/2 a size but the full size was a safer bet and good for longer wear. My son is typically a 7. 5 and we bought an ended up with an 8. 5. Also the hook velcro closure is great but sorta short to cover all the velcro on the actual shoe

P. Pearson, Milton Keynes

I had high hopes for these shoes. I wear sauconys regularly, so i knew the quality would be good for my 4yr old. However, the velcro on these shoes only went over half of his foot. His feet aren't large and the length of the shoe fit perfectly. On the upside, he said they were comfortable and he was able to put them on and take them off with no problems. The quality is also a plus, and even though they don't velcro all the way across, the velcro lasted until he outgrew the shoes.

M. Anderson, West Virginia says

These are adorable but fit about a half size smaller. The sneaker is also on the narrow side. Velcro tabs don't easily slide open to allow access. Its a bit of a struggle to get these on when compared to the stride rite sneakers with similar velcro closure.

J. Lewis, Nottingham

It's cute shoes but sizing is misleading, too small compared to other brands or in general toddlers shoes. My kid wears normal toddler sneakers, asics, i purchased a size bigger but still fits very tight, the velcros barely touch each other, since we used it outside, i can't return them.

O. Florence, Nebraska says

Saycony is a great brand- light weight, cute, and durable but this dealer sent me a used shoe. It had grass stains on the front of the shoe and could tell the sole of the shoe was cleaned instead of it being brand new.

A. Sarah, Brandenburg

These are ok. I feel like i have to smoosh my sons feet into them and i bought them a size bigger then he currently wears in other shoes. I do make him wear them with socks (which is why i bought the larger size. ) but i still worry they his little toes are a little crunched up in there so he doesn't ever wear them long periods of time.

. Rose, Dudley says

My daughter loved these shoes. They run on the wide side, especially in the heel, and are almost too big for her, but they work fine with thicker socks. My biggest complaint is that the insoles come out really easily, usually in the first day or two of wear. This is problematic for us because she is in daycare and taking her shoes on and off during the day. We have had these shoes a week and she already lost one insole and refuses to wear them without it. We won't buy these again.

H. Candy, Salford

This is a great looking, durable shoe, but beware, sizes run small! definitely size up at least a half to one full size. If your kid has wide feet like mine does, it may not be the best option for an all day shoe, but the velcro straps are adjustable and very sturdy. It will just start looking a little silly if you loosen them too much! i'd rate these higher if they were true to size and a little more flexible. The tread is nice, but not flexible enough to be a comfortable running shoe. My daughter uses these as her walking shoes.

W. Janice, Wisconsin says

These are super adorable no doubt but we quickly realized they honestly just have suuuuuuuch stiff soles! forces your kids to walk unnaturally blocky. Better off with something that flexes like nike frees etc. - our son immediately wanted to run in those. Fashion over function just isn't worth it. Bummer

. Moore, Redbridge

So cute and very well made! great for any little kid that's runs around. But they are a bit narrow. I didn't think she had wide feet, but my daughter says they hurt when i try to strap them down and keeps rubbing her pinky toe. Really disappointed because it's $40 down the drain. If your little one has narrow feet, these will be perfect!

R. Carmen, Louisiana says

Cute shoe but fabric is not conducive for an active little boy. I have twins. One has this shoe, the other has another saucony shoe made of faux leather. This shoe started getting dirty and worn almost immediately. The faux leather one was "like new" for much longer.

L. Diana, Ohio

While the shoe looked great, it started coming apart after 1 month of light (relatively, as mostly used indoors due to cold weather) use.

U. Palmer, Saarland says

My daughter normally wears puma shoes and wore a size 4. I thought i'd order a size up so she could grow into them, and ordered a 5. 5. When we got them, her foot couldnt even fit in the shoe! i sent them back and got a 6. 5 and now her foot could go in, but the large velcro strap won't even come close to reaching the other side, so it looks funny. . Perhaps my 2 year old has chubby feet or something. I dont know. The sizing is weird and they didn't work for us. . I will say the color and quality is very nice though.

K. Rowe, Pennsylvania

Very cute shoes, but they didn't fit my daughter. The size was correct. It wasn't that they weren't long enough. It was that the velcro strap didn't leave enough velcro space to fasten these closed once she got them on. For a tiny girl, she does seem to have a slightly chubby foot but there was no way to even close these over her foot, so i don't know if the width was off, but we ordered the size 10 with normal width and the width seemed very narrow. . If your kids has a really thin foot, these are really pretty shoes and look just as nice in person as they do on screen

X. Hannah, Waltham Forest says

The toe guard came off two days in use. In the 1. 5 months of wear they have continued to fall apart. I didn't necessarily expect them to last forever but they are much more cheaply made then saucony that i have purchased prior. Overall very disappointed but the style is cute and my son likes them - hence two stars instead of one.

V. Perez, Bath and North East Somerset

These shoes are adorable but unfortunately not well designed for infant/toddlers. My 18 mo old son doesn't have overly wide or chunky feel but most his age do need more room across the top of shoes. The velcro on these only reaches part way across the shoe.

B. Cassella, Southend-on-Sea says

This shoe is very cute, and we wanted to like it. However, the shoe is soooooo stiff that my daughter absolutely hates putting them on. Once they are on, they fit well. I have tried to work the opening of the shoe for several days to "break it in" so my daughter can put them on without hurting her fingers, but the stiffness is incredible and persistent. I will never buy this brand of shoe again.

Y. Finch, Schleswig-Holstein

Good toddler shoes, the only complaint is that the velcro top clasp isn't long enough. When our son has the shoes on, over half of the bottom "sticky" velcro is exposed, allowing his shoes to catch on rugs and pickup lint and other stuff. He likes wearing the shoes though and they must be comfortable because he doesnt like to take them off.

. Patton, Alaska says

The shoes that i receive are worn and have a dirty sole!

F. Barbara, Hartlepool

The shoe fits. The strap however is way too short and doesn t feet all the way around to the other end to velcro it shut! my daughter has tiny feet and the strap is too short. How do you make a shoe with not proportional pieces?

. Lisa, Reading says

Wished i would have read the other reviews - the shoes are far too small, much smaller than a size 5 in a stride rite or momo baby shoe - closer to a size 3.

Q. Jacqueline, West Sussex

Way too small. At least 1 to 3 sizes smaller than others. We re used to imperfect fits but these are unusable. I would say order at least 2 - 3 sizes up.

C. Meredith, Colorado says

These shoes were adorable, i just wish they fit as good as they looked. The fabric was hard and would not bend. I bought a size up for my daughter. I was able to get one on her foot. She wore it for a few minutes while i tried on a different shoe on her other foot. When i took this shoe off, the tops of her foot were a deep purple. Almost resembling a bruise. These had to go!

S. Donna, Leeds

This shoe is not what is pictured in the photo! see my photo. Not sure if this is a new style or not but i kinda wanted the one that was pictured! . . These new shoes keep falling off! . . Has a weird flip top opening rather than the closing on the side. Very different from what i expected. . Yes also is very stiff, but it will get better with wear so not really a concern. Overall i love them for my little guy.

E. Pamela, Northamptonshire says

Unfortunately these shoes don't fare well at daycare. Within the first week part of the front rubber end fell off, a few days later i noticed the fabric on one of the sides has a hole in it. Lengthwise the shoe fits, the width is a little small. My son has narrow feet so it's not that he has a wide foot, the shoe is just a tad narrow, we do not have problems looping the top fastener but half of it is definitely exposed.

D. Melissa, Centre

My son really likes how these shoes feel. Neither of us likes how poor they traction is. On wet sidewalks these have no sticking power, and that's a problem in western washington. We gave up on them after a few hard falls and he's wearing his very awesome columbia snow boots instead.

Z. Wade, Bayern says

These are really cute and my daughter loves them and her feet are pretty long and thin. The one issue and probably why they are so inexpensive, the velcro strap is about half an inch too short. This allows the sticky part of the velcro to remain exposed to all kinds of debris.

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