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Price was 94. I ordered the men's red and black polar and i'm a woman. I liked the color better-the only difference (i spoke to a polar rep regarding this btw) is that the strap is slightly wider and has more holes for a larger wrist. I have 6. 5" wrists and this fits beautifully with plenty of room to make tighter if i wanted to without having any strap overhang. Great fit! . . I wanted a basic watch to calculate my calories accurately. I also wanted a watch that could record my workouts to see hr and calorie progression. This does just that-it has room to store your last 99 workouts (and if you wanted to pay to buy the polar device, you could transfer the files to your computer-but it was more than the watch and i'm not that ocd. ) it tells you your average and max heart rate, time of your workout, wether you were in fat or fitness burn and for how long and spent calories. But that's all this does! no pedometer, no gps. That's for a much pricier model. Don't be discouraged by the black face and greenish led readout. You can see it clear as day in a lit room, somewhat faded in the outside light and enough in the dark. It does have a backlight if you need to see it in dark situations. The strap fits beautifully and is adjustable. It's easy to put on and doesn't rub the skin. The clip attachment for the chest monitor is fine-mine has snapped off twice. And this is when it rolled up my sports bra or was slightly too tight. You will know immediately if it does fall off as your monitor on your watch will tell you to check your hrm. It doesn't bulge through your shirt-very discreet. . My cons:. . The buttons are flimsy. If they touch your wrist at any pressure they will activate. This could do something simple like activate your monitor before you're ready or something annoying like stop your monitor so you have to reset it and not have one reading for the workout. This happens when you get sweaty-or if the watch is too tight-be careful to make sure you are still on the setting you want to be on whilst working out. . The backlight could last longer-flashes on for a second. . The beep is pointless-it is so inaudible that you cannot hear it in a quiet room let alone with headphones on or in a gym environment. Don't count on it-in fact don't even count it as a feature. . Bottom line: perfect for me if the buttons weren't so finicky. But i've learned the tricks and i haven't had too many issues-but do be warned. This watch is waterproof (not sure how deep). But you get what you pay for-again-the basics. The only real difference between this and the ft4 (cheaper model but looks the same) is that the latter only calculates 10 workouts for your records. Worth the few extra bucks to get that data. Look, i had a timex that was so problematic and hard to use and uncomfortable that i trashed it. Polar are the top guys in the hrm field-i would recommend this watch for sure!

-N. Elizabeth

Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor, The Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Is An Essential Tool For Those Who Want To Lose Weight And Improve Their Health And Fitness. Its Unique Energy Pointer Feature Lets You Know Whether You -Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor, Black/silver

  1. Benefit: Energy Pointer Feature Tells You If The Main Effect Of Your Training Is Fitness Improvement Or Fat Burning.
  2. Benefit: Smart Calorie Feature Uses Your Personal Data To Provide Accurate Calories Burned.

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So, i got this to train at my target heart rate and this is indeed damn good as a heart rate monitor. I researched a lot of hrms and settled on this one. When running, i don't want a phone or a ipod or any other gizmo with me as i run on residential streets and being distracted will likely get me injured or killed. Put the strap on your chest and i just use a bit of water on the skin and under the chest sensor to get it started. Within a few minutes of running, i start generating enough perspiration that this thing has no issues with wetness or anything. Keeps the heart rate very accurately. The watch on the other hand is so-so. It looks really cool with its snake skin texture and the cool red strip but the display is pretty underwhelming so i don't use it as my primary watch. The problem is that if it is even slightly dark, you would not be able to see the display. That being said, i did not buy it as a stand alone watch. I come to the locker room, take my regular casio watch out (wife gifted that one and it even has the led so i can light it up for a second in the dark to see time) and put this on and go running. When i come back, i take a shower and swap the watches. I just use a wet napkin to wipe the underside of the strap. The instructions say to wash it, but i live in seattle and if i washed it, it would likely not dry before my next run. I will likely wash it every once in a while. Best heart rate monitor | Polar Electro-Sporting Goods Review ( Sep 2019 ) Benefit Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, Black/Silver Continuous, accurate heart rate provides clear workout guidance. Energy pointer feature tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning. Smart calorie feature uses your personal data to provide accurate calories burned. Includes heart rate chest strap made of soft fabric material that adapts to your body shape; requires and includes chest strap for accurate heart rate. Connects with compatible gym equipment using gym link and water resistant (30m) .

Polar ft7 heart rate monitor, black/silver Review (90054888)

I just purchased this, but here are my initial thoughts. I previously owned a polar ft4 which after almost 3 years suddenly refused to show any display on the watch despite a fresh battery. The first thing i noticed when taking this out of the box is that its smaller- the band is shorter, and the watch face is not as large as my grey/black ft4. Its definitely sized for a woman whereas my older one was sized for a man. The dark blue and lilac stripe are a surprisingly pretty combination and i'm glad i chose this color combo- its very nice. . The set up for this watch was about the same as the set up of my ft4. Simple intuitive controls and i had no need to reference the instructions to turn it on or set it up. That brings me to the instructions. The tiny booklet included has some diagrams of the different buttons and is very basic- i did not see anywhere in them that you need to hold any button for a few seconds in order to turn it on the first time. I just did what i did with my old one and it worked. If you need detailed help, you might try the website for more information. . I have not used it on a workout yet but i'm expecting similar performance to the ft4 and should any issues arise, i'll update my review here. I don't anticipate any issues though, and first impressions are good. I'm still on the fence about buying the upload accessory to transfer the data from it to the website, as it seems a bit frivolous, but i'm considering it just the same. . Edit: okay, i've used it twice at the gym. The first thing i noticed when actually using it was the chest strap computer is rather difficult to snap into place- my ft4 i could snap in one-handed but not this one. The pieces are more fitted towards each other and have to be lined up exactly. Otherwise, its pretty much the same as my old one. One button to start it/pause it/continue, and scanning through the workout records is super easy. Assuming it lasts a good long time and doesn't die on me, i can say i am very happy with this purchase and glad i chose this model as my replacement. I'm still not sure about getting the upload accessory, in which case i may as well have stuck with the ft4, but i really wanted a prettier model. -X. Sarah

Polar Heart Monitor Black Silver

  1. Class: Sports
  2. Brand: Polar
  3. Color: Black/Silver
  4. EAN: 0725882022604
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.70 inches
    Length:5.30 inches
    Weight:2.00 pounds
    Width:5.20 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Polar Electro, Inc.
  7. Model: 90054888
  8. MPN: 90054888
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 90054888
  12. Type: Sports
  13. Category: SPORTING GOODS
  14. Size: N/A
  15. UPC: 725882022604

ft7 heart rate monitor, Sports, The ft7 heart rate monitor is an essential tool for those who want to lose weight and improve their health and fitness. its unique energy pointer feature lets you know whether you are burning fat or improving your fitness during your workout and it tracks exactly how many calories you've burned with smart cal. records and stores 99 training files and provides a weekly training history so you can track your progress. plus, it connects to polar's free training site, polarpersonaltrainer. com, with the optional flow link data transfer device (not included). includes comfortable fabric chest strap (adjustable size m-xxl). operational instruction: getting started with a polar heart rate monitor is easy. first, make sure you thoroughly wet the electrodes on back of the heart rate chest strap with water and snap the transmitter into place. then place the strap on your chest prior to starting the watch. tip: it is best to stand away from others when starting the watch. when you are finished with your workout detach transmitter, rinse the strap with water and hang dry. Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor, Black/silver (90054888-Polar).

Polar Heart Monitor Black Silver Sports

  • We already have one and it was time for me to get one. After seeing what some friends use and doing some research- it is not exactly perfect, but it really works well. I took it on its maiden voyage yesterday and the initial setup was simple enough and i never even opened the instructions as it is decently intuitive. After spending the 5-minutes setting it up and testing it out at home, off to the gym i went. Two good things- first was that our precor elliptical machines at our gym pickup on the heart rate sensor so it always shows on the screen on the machine. I really like that as it allowed me to display the calories on the watch in full screen. With that, the calorie count is accurate as i used two different elliptical machines and the calorie counts were within a +/-5% of the ft7. Again that is great. . At first i thought the display looked a bit dark, but once i went into a normal area with decent lighting- it was great. There are two things that i would suggest to be different. First is i wish the edges of the buttons had a softer radius. For me it would give a richer and smoother feel. The other is that the battery in the watch is different than the one in the sensor. I did buy spare batteries for the sensor as they are the ones that wear out first, but for me i wish they would have made them the same. Prevents having to buy two different ones. For the batteries, i bought philips brand on online store and they worked out to be about $1 each and were dated out to around 2018. Much better than the $3-4 each locally. . I really look forward to watching my heart rate much closer and coordinating that with calories burned. I am a big fan of datalogging and feedback- comes from my engineering side. So to get feedback like this, i can really use it to my advantage to help me get unstuck from my current weight plateau. Although i do not have a lot left to lose, i have been stuck at the same point for almost 7-weeks and this will definitely give me an inside track to what i need to change.
  • So far i love this hr monitor! too be honest, i only purchased a polar because my trainer recommended it. I am so glad he did! it is so useful to have because it not only allows me to see how i'm performing but it also motivates me to continue going. I'm always trying to push my hr and see just how well i can do. I've lost 110+ pounds so far and this has helped keep me heading down that track! i love that it includes a counter that measures the amount of calories burned too!
  • This is a simple hr monitor. It does the job of tracking my heart rate during the day mostly to track my current case of atrial flutter until we can resolve it. I've used polar units many years ago. Be aware, as others have indicated, it tends to drop the signal if your arm moves too far away. It sometimes happens if my hand is just down at my waist- even with fresh batteries. If you loose the signal all that's required is to hit the button to pause, stop, and then push the start button again. A five second restart. The new chest band is lighter weight and is more comfortable than the older thicker units of the past. It's nice that you can replace your own batteries in the watch and chest band. It does what it's supposed to do for a unit in the $70 range. The chest band makes for more accurate readings than what i've experienced with wrist only inexpensive units. I can't speak for f bit wrist only units at twice the price.
  • This is my 2nd polar heart rate monitor. My first one was a ft4 and after about 8 months the transmitter started to have problems where it would not constantly read my heart rate properly. It would sporadically not show a reading or it would get stuck on a high or low reading. So, at that time i decided to by another one. After reading reviews on the ft7, i noticed that a large number of people experienced the ft 4 problem in the ft7 but they experienced it within a month of purchase and use. But, despite the reviews, i bought the ft7, hoping i would not have problems. Well, the first time i used it i started having the same problems as the ft4, and the same problems that everyone reviewed on the ft7. I've been using the ft7 for about a month and it only works half the time. I am very disappointed and i do not trust the product.
  • I have used hrms for 20 years. I bought this ft7 for the functions and those are 5 stars. It works great. The athletic training machines i use pick up the signal from the heart strap, which makes cardio-based monitoring and training much easier than have to hold the hand sensors. . The big problem is the color of the face. I didn't notice that the black/red has a black background on the face. Indoors, you can tilt your wrist to overcome reflections; outdoors it mostly impossible to read. You can tell by the online picture that there is not a lot of contrast with the black background face. I will be exchanging this black/red color and getting the black/silver that has a silver face background. . One other note, not positive or negative. The hrms of the past had slightly bigger bodies. This unit's face just looks a bit small on my wrist, thus, the display info is a bit small.

heart rate monitor Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, Black/Silver (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The ft7 was super easy to set up, and it is a great heart rate monitor. It takes a couple of seconds to find your heart rate when you switch from watch mode to workout mode, but i've not had that take more than 10 seconds. This thing is totally waterproof. I've taken it in the shower and i've gone swimming with it. The actual chest strap monitor also says it's water resistant, but i haven't tried using it in the water yet. The font is plenty big enough to see while jostling around during a workout. While in workout mode, you can view the time by bringing the watch close to the monitor on your chest, which is great when i'm running and don't want to use my other hand to push the button. I really like that this monitor watch gives you a target zone for fitness or fat burning. I'm sure it might not be totally accurate for every body type, but it's nice to have a rough estimate of where i need to be during my workout.

Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor, Black/silver
Click to see NoticePolar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor, Black/silver (90054888)"I absolutely love my polar watch. I literally forget i am wearing the band every day, and it's never visible under my shirt (something i was concerned about before getting it). I have repeatedly manually determined my pulse in order to check the accuracy of this watch, and it is spot on every single time! it seriously pushes me to work harder, i love seeing my calories burned with each workout! it's also very accurate about how much of my workout was cardio vs fitness. I won't even go to the gym without this thing now!"

(0) Question: Do i have to have the chest strap on if i only want to track calories burned?

(1) Question: I am a women and have small wrists. will it fit?

(2) Question: I have tried to use the hrm twice now and both times the transmitter loses signal of my heart rate within a min or two. what's the deal?

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Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor Heart Rate Black - Compatible iPhone Android Phone

Reach your fitness goals with the a300. More than your average fitness tracker, a300 monitors steps, calories, activity, sleep duration and sleep quality. Customize your workout with its built-in training programs. Vibrating inactivity alerts help you keep moving throughout the day. Includes the h7 bluetooth smart heart rate sensor for continuous, accurate heart rate. Fully waterproof for swimming. Colorful, interchangeable wristbands let you match your mood and style (six color wristband options are sold separately, not included. ) connects to polar flow mobile app and web service where you can sync, share and plan your workouts. Flow app compatible with the latest ios and android devices. Powerful, rechargeable battery lasts up to four weeks. Conveniently charges with simple plug and play usb.

Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor Heart Rate Black - Compatible iPhone Android PhonePolar-Fitness-Tracker-Activity-Monitor

Price :    $116.95
  • Advanced technology: vibrating inactivity alerts help you keep moving throughout the day
  • Activity tracker: waterproof fitness monitor motivates you to reach your daily goal by tracking your steps, distance, and calories burned 24/7
  • Customize: design your a300 fitness tracker to fit your style with interchangeable wrist bands in different colors
  • Compatible: compatible with h7 heart rate sensor for continuous, accurate heart rate
  • Sleep tracker: automatically tracks your sleep time, quality of sleep, and sleep patterns
Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Size :    Universal Fit
Weight :    0..5 pounds
Model :    90051951
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (polar product review) for Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor Heart Rate Black - Compatible iPhone Android Phone available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - Black/Silver

-the energypointer tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning   -displays calories burned   -comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk   -suitable for swimming     manual target zone - bpm (upper limit)   -this feature enables you to define the target zone as you want and is suitable for your training. You can set the target zone for your training as beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (hrr%).     polar energypointer   -energypointer is an easy-to-use feature which tells you during a training session if the main effect of your training is fat burning or fitness improvement. Energypointer visually indicates the center point between these two training effects, so when you are below that point, you are improving fat burning, and above that point, you are improving your aerobic fitness.     polar owncode (5khz) - coded transmission   -coded heart rate transmission automatically locks in a code to transmit your heart rate to the training computer. The training computer picks up your heart rate from your transmitter only. Coding prevents interference from other training computers.     polar owncal - smart calories   -the most accurate calorie counter on the market calculates the number of calories burned. Calculation is based on your individual data: your weight, height, age, gender and the intensity of physical activity. Smart calories are available in heart rate monitors and activity trackers.     heart rate - bpm / %   -heart rate is the measurement of the work your heart does. Heart rate can be expressed as the number of beats per minute or as percentage of your maximum heart rate. Heart rate can also be expressed as a percentage of your heart rate reserve, meaning the difference between your resting hea

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - Black/SilverPolar-FT7-Heart-Rate-Monitor

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    90051054
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Fitness & exercise product
  • Adult unisex fit product
  • Official polar product
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor - Black/Silver available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

Designed for basic fitness training, the ft1 heart rate monitor shows your heart rate on a large, easy-to-read display. Heart rate target zones help to improve your fitness level, one-button functionality makes operation a cinch, and coded heart rate transmission eliminates all crosstalk. Body measurement features: average and maximum heart rate of training, heart rate - bpm, hr-based target zones with visual and audible alarm, manual target zone - bpm, polar owncode (5khz) - coded transmission recording features: training files (with summaries) - 1 training features: hearttouch - button-free operation of wrist unit watch features: backlight, date and weekday indicator, display text in english, time of day (12/24h), water-resistant - 50m transmitter belt: polar t31 coded transmitter belt

Polar Ft1 Heart Rate MonitorPolar-Ft1-Heart-Rate-Monitor

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    4001914-PARENT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Recording features: training files (with summaries) - 1
  • Body measurement features: average and maximum heart rate of training, heart rate - bpm, hr-based target zones with visual and audible alarm, manual target zone - bpm, polar owncode (5khz) - coded transmission
  • Transmitter belt: polar t31 coded transmitter belt
  • Watch features: backlight, date and weekday indicator, display text in english, time of day (12/24h), water-resistant - 50m
  • Training features: hearttouch - button-free operation of wrist unit
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar T31 Non-Coded Transmitter Belt Set

At the heart of your training is the polar t31 coded transmitter. Its purpose is simple: to transmit your heart rate to your wrist unit. Slim and light, the ecg (electrocardiogram) accurate transmitter is fully water resistant and designed for all weather conditions. Compatible heart rate monitors include, but are not limited to: ft1, ft2, ft4, ft7, ft40, ft60, ft80, rs100, rs300x, rs400, rcx5.

Polar T31 Non-Coded Transmitter Belt SetPolar-T31-Non-Coded-Transmitter-BeltThe slim, light and waterproof t31 non-coded transmitter and belt set transmits accurate heart rate data to your compatible polar heart rate monitor. It's fully water resistant, designed for all weather conditions and provides up to 2500 hours of training usage. In addition, it is compatible with most gym equipment. Note: the t31 non-coded transmitter does not prevent cross-talk/interference from other heart rate monitors and electrical devices. For coded heart rate transmission we recommend the t31 coded transmitter or the h1 heart rate sensor. Please refer to user manual for more information. Note: getting started with your t31 transmitter is easy. For best results, thoroughly moisten the back electrode areas of the transmitter with water and adjust the strap length to fit snug, but comfortable. Check that the moist electrode areas are firmly against your skin and that the polar logo is in the upright position. Tip: when you are finished with your workout, remove the transmitter, rinse with water and dry with a soft towel. Never store the transmitter wet, in a damp environment or in any kind of non-breathable material, such as a plastic bag or sports bag. Sweat and moisture may keep the electrodes wet and the heart rate sensor activated. This will shorten the battery life. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Brand :    polar
Color :    Regular
Weight :    0.35 pounds
  • Non-coded heart rate transmitter belt includes medium strap that fits 25 to 54 inch chest size
  • Non user replaceable battery
  • Non coded version (doesn't prevent crosstalk). coded and non coded version both comes with similar user manual.
  • Slim, lightweight, and completely waterproof
  • Transmits hr data to polar heart rate monitors using 5khz transmission and compatible gym equipment
Price :    $28.00 (was $32.99)
Model :    92053123
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (polar product review) for Polar T31 Non-Coded Transmitter Belt Set available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor, Black

If timing really is everything, imagine how essential knowing your heart rate is? stay on track with the polar'reg; ft1 heart rate monitor. Compact, convenient, and easy to use, with digital displays of your vital workout data. Not only will you stay on target, youll never miss a beat again.

Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor, BlackPolar-Heart-Rate-Monitor-Black

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    90051026
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display
  • Helps improve your fitness with manual heart rate target zone
  • Simple one-button start and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
  • Displays a summary of your latest workout
  • Safely exercise within your target zone
Price :    $109.99 (was $127.00)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor, Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Women's polar ft4 heart rate monitor : reach goals quicker and easier with your polar ft4 heart rate monitor. Track heart rate in target zones, personal improvements, calories, and a whole lot more. Graphically displays your target zone for easier viewing. Dual time zone, 8 languages, comfy heart rate strap.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate MonitorPolar-FT4-Heart-Rate-Monitor

Price :    —
  • User replaceable battery and water resistant (30m)
  • Smart calorie feature uses your personal data to provide accurate calories burned
  • Measures only heart rate and not foot steps
  • Includes heart rate chest strap made of soft fabric material that adapts to your body shape; requires and includes chest strap for accurate heart rate
  • Provides continuous, accurate heart rate to keep your fitness training simple
Brand :    polar
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap - iPhone & Android Compatible

Polar h10 heart rate monitor, bluetooth hrm chest strap - iphone & android compatible

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap - iPhone & Android CompatiblePolar-Heart-Monitor-Bluetooth-Chest

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Size :    M-XXL: 26-36 inches
Weight :    0..25 pounds
  • Gopro compatible: pair your h10 polar heart rate sensor directly to the gopro hero 5 compatibility camera and overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video.
  • Updateable firmware: heart rate monitor contains firmware updates that enhance the functionality.
  • Built-in memory: heart rate monitor stores 1 heart rate training session. perfect for sports and activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use.
  • Comfortable fit: revised heart rate chest strap design provides the comfort and security needed when exercising.
  • Enhanced battery life: 400 hours of operation time on a user replaceable battery. operating temperature - 10 c to +50 c / 14 f to 122 f
Price :    $79.99
Model :    92061852
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap - iPhone & Android Compatible available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

Now you can train as you want and reach your fitness targets with the ft60's personalized training program. It sets new targets by adapting to your personal training habits.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate MonitorPolar-FT60-Heart-Rate-Monitor

Brand :    polar
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Star training program a personal training program on your wrist.
  • Smart calories lets you know exactly how many calories you've burned.
  • Fitness test tells you exactly how your fitness is developing.
  • Ownzone guides you to train at the right intensity.
Price :    —
Model :    90051006-P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar H7 Transmitter Strap Med/XL

*now in easy to open convenient bulk packaging* when you exercise you don't always have to push your body to failure to get the most out of your training session. The polar h7 heart rate sensor allows you to listen to your heart to train at the right intensity, and stay in your target heart rate zone to get the maximum benefit from your heart rate training. The polar h7 heart rate sensor connects to your smart device (iphone 4s or higher, ipod touch 5th generation or higher, ipad 3rd generation or higher, ipad mini and android devices using os 4. 3 or later) using bluetooth smart, keeping the battery drain low on both devices. The h7's soft fabric chest strap seamlessly adapts to your body shape, bringing full freedom of movement to your training. The polar h7 heart rate sensor provides live heart rate data on the polar beat application. When used together you can gain access to even more of the app's features, including smart calorie tracking, sport zones for finding the right intensity for your workout, and deeper analysis of your workout's training benefit. Polar h7 heart rate sensor is part of a complete system. When used with a compatible smart phone, it will require an application supporting heart rate functionality for bluetooth 4. 0 low energy. H7 can also communicate with polar compatible fitness equipment & polar 5khz training computers.

Polar H7 Transmitter Strap Med/XLPolar-H7-Transmitter-Strap-Med

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Size :    Med/XL
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    92044305B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (polar product review) for Polar H7 Transmitter Strap Med/XL available ( Sep 2019 )

TWINS Muay Thai Jump Rope BLUE

Skipping rope; mma; thai boxing; muay thai; fitness

TWINS Muay Thai Jump Rope BLUETWINS-Muay-Thai-Jump-Rope

Brand :    twins
Color :    Blue
Size :    With ball bearing: Tube length: 8' 4" plus 5" handle.
  • With ball bearing.
  • Tube length: 8' 4" plus 5" handle.
  • Imported from thailand.
  • Sr-2 from twins special.
Price :    $25.30
Model :    SR-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Sports :    Best Home (twins product review) for TWINS Muay Thai Jump Rope BLUE available ( Sep 2019 )

Polar Power Systems FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, Exercise Training Watch, Black/Silver 92018

Polar ft7 heart rate monitor watch offers all the features of the ft4 plus energy pointer. Energy pointer visually indicates when you are in your fat-burning range or aerobic fitness range. A weekly training summary provides feedback for your workouts and keeps up to 99 files in memory. Coded to avoid frequency interruptions. Provides automatic target zone to help maintain the intensity, but can be changed by the user. Audible alarm alerts the user when out of their zone. Counts and displays caloric expenditure. Tracks totals for session, training hours, and in-zone training. Button-free heart touch function. Since 1986, power systems' passion for fitness has been fueled by our customers. Power systems is committed to ensuring people have the tools to lead active lives with professional-grade products, cutting-edge educational materials, and elite customer service. Power your potential" is the philosophy that guides everything power systems stands for.

Polar Power Systems FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, Exercise Training Watch, Black/Silver 92018Polar-Systems-Exercise-Training-92018The polar ft7 is a rugged watch and data-tracking heart rate monitor, combined in one attractive package. An innovative energypointer feature graphically displays real-time information during your workout, letting you know if you're burning fat or improving aerobic fitness. The ft7 comes complete with comfortable fabric transmitter and coded heart rate transmission, to avoid electronic cross-talk. An easy-to-read energypointer feature tells you if you're burning fat (left of center line) or building fitness (right of center line). What's in the box? polar ft7 training computer polar wearlink+ transmitter ft7 getting started guide smart coaching features energy pointer: if you want to improve your fitness or burn fat, energypointer is an easy-to-use feature that visually shows the main effect of your training, so you can focus on what you want to achieve. Owncal: owncal is one of the most accurate calorie counters on the market. It calculates the number of calories expended during a training session based on your weight, height, age, gender, individual maximum heart rate (hrmax), and how hard you re training. Training load: the web-based training load helps you strike a balance between rest and training, showing your daily cumulative training load, and advising when rest days are needed and when it s best to train harder in order to maintai performance improvement. Features body measurement average and maximum heart rate of training heart rate as bpm or percentage of max hrmax (user-set) manual target zone as bpm data transfer compatible with intel-based mac, pc, and polarpersonaltrainer. Com web-based functionality training analyzing training diary training load training programs recording totals 99 training files with summaries weekly history training graphical target zone indicator hearttouch button-free operation of wrist unit watch backlight date and weekday indicator displays text in english, german, finnish, swedish, french, portuguese, spanish, and italian dual time zone keylock low battery indicator time of day (12/24h) with alarm and snooze user-replaceable battery water resistant to 30 meters warranty polar timing products include a limited two-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. About polar established in 1977, polar products help you understand and maximize your training. The company's combination of expertise in sports, physiology, and electronics results in an innovative product line of fitness tools for athletes of all ability levels to achieve desired results.

Brand :    polar
Color :    Black / Silver
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.10 pounds
  • Tracks totals for session, training hours, in-zone training and provides weekly training summary
  • Adjustable, audible alarm alerts the user when out of their zone
  • Fitness training watch for walking, running, biking, circuit, hiit and other cardio workouts
  • Button-free heart touch function
  • Counts and displays caloric expenditure
Price :    $62.99 (was $79.00)
Model :    92018
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Polar T31 Coded Heart Rate Transmitter Belt Set

At the heart of your training is the polar t31 coded transmitter. Its purpose is simple: to transmit your heart rate to your wrist unit. Slim and light, the ecg (electrocardiogram) accurate transmitter is fully water resistant and designed for all weather conditions. Compatible heart rate monitors include, but are not limited to: ft1, ft2, ft4, ft7, ft40, ft60, ft80, rs100, rs300x, rs400, rcx5.

Polar T31 Coded Heart Rate Transmitter Belt SetPolar-Coded-Heart-Rate-TransmitterSlim, lightweight, and water-resistant, the polar t31 coded transmitter and belt set accurately transmits your heart rate data to your polar wrist-top computer. As a result, it's easy to monitor your heart rate during training runs. This version of the t31 coded, meaning it prevents crosstalk from other electronic devices to ensure complete accuracy (polar also sells a non-coded t31). It's also built to last, with a design that holds up to 2, 500 hours of training usage. The transmitter belt-which works with all current polar wrist-top computers except the cs600 and rs800-includes a sealed transmitter and elastic strap. About polar the first ekg accurate wireless heart rate monitor was invented by polar back in 1977 as a training tool for the finnish national cross country ski team. The concept of "intensity training" by heart rate swept the athletic world in the eighties. By the 1990s, individuals were looking to heart rate monitors not only for performance training needs, but also for achieving everyday fitness goals. Today, the same concept of heart rate training is being used by world-class athletes as well as everyday people trying to lose weight. Polar is the leading brand among consumers, coaches, and personal trainers worldwide and the company is committed to not only producing the best products, but also being the leading educator on the benefits of heart rate based exercise. Getting started getting started with your t31 coded transmitter is easy.  for best results, thoroughly moisten the back electrode areas of the transmitter with water and adjust the strap length to fit snug, but comfortable. Check that the moist electrode areas are firmly against your skin and that the polar logo is in the upright position. Tip: when you are finished with your workout, remove the transmitter, rinse with water and dry with a soft towel.  never store the transmitter wet, in a damp environment or in any kind of non-breathable material, such as a plastic bag or sports bag. Sweat and moisture may keep the electrodes wet and the heart rate sensor activated. This will shorten the battery life. Keep in a cool and dry place. Tip: when you are finished with your workout, remove the transmitter, rinse with water and dry with a soft towel.  never store the transmitter wet, in a damp environment or in any kind of non-breathable material, such as a plastic bag or sports bag. Sweat and moisture may keep the electrodes wet and the heart rate sensor activated. This will shorten the battery life. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Price :    $28.49 (was $37.95)
  • Fits 25 to 54 inch chest size
  • Transmits heart rate data to polar heart rate monitors using 5khz transmission and compatible gym equipment. compatible heart rate monitors include, but are not limited to: ft1, ft2, ft4, ft7, ft40, ft60, ft80, rs100, rs300x, rs400, rcx5
  • Compatible products:elastic straps. individually coded to pick up your heart rate monitor and not others nearby. this eliminates cross-talk with other electronic devices in the same area.
  • Average battery lifetime is 2500 hours of use. non user replaceable battery
  • Slim, lightweight, and waterproof design
Brand :    polar
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    92053125
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor

The a300 tracks your moves 24/7. It shows your steps, distance, and burned calories. Let the a300 guide you and show you different ways to reach your daily goal.

Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Activity MonitorPolar-Fitness-Tracker-Activity-Monitor

Brand :    polar
Size :    One Size
Model :    90054229-Parent
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Activity Monitor available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Sleep tracker: automatically tracks your sleep time, quality of sleep, and sleep patterns
  • Customize: design your a300 fitness tracker to fit your style with interchangeable wrist bands in different colors
  • Advanced technology: vibrating inactivity alerts help you keep moving throughout the day
  • Compatible: compatible with h7 heart rate sensor for continuous, accurate heart rate
  • Activity tracker: waterproof fitness monitor motivates you to reach your daily goal by tracking your steps, distance, and calories burned 24/7

QGHXO Band For Polar FT4/FT7, Soft Adjustable Silicone Replacement Wrist Watch Band For Polar FT4/FT7 Watch Black

Note: designed to fit most small wrists (5. 5"-7. 5"). Not recommended for large wrist! compatibility polar ft7/ft4 replacement bands make our polar watch nice and different. It is a soft rubber material that is flexible. The colors matche exactly with the polar wristband and the design makes the polar into more of a fashion accessory. Now, it's super colorful and wearable all the time. Feature: material: silicone. Length: 140mm-190mm. Replacement band perfect fit for polar ft4/ft7 watch. The strap length can be adjusted according to your wrist. Durable, stylish and comfortable. Different colors, nice to have a change. Packing content: soft adjustable silicone replacement wrist watch band for polar ft4/ft7 watch (no tracker)

QGHXO Band For Polar FT4/FT7, Soft Adjustable Silicone Replacement Wrist Watch Band For Polar FT4/FT7 Watch BlackQGHXO-Polar-Adjustable-Silicone-Replacement

Price :    $7.49
  • Specially designed to fit polar ft7 and polar ft4. polar device not included
  • Rubber material is so easy to clean and very malleable. great to wear
  • Designed to fit most small wrists (5. 5"-7. 5"). (not recommended for large wrist)
  • Note: replacement bands only, not include the tracker
  • The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist
Brand :    qghxo
Color :    Black
Model :    POLAR-FT-04BK
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (qghxo product review) for QGHXO Band For Polar FT4/FT7, Soft Adjustable Silicone Replacement Wrist Watch Band For Polar FT4/FT7 Watch Black available ( Sep 2019 )

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I've always wanted to know my calories burned, accurately. You see calories burned on the workout machines, or on apps and websites where you log your activity, and my activity tracker tells me calories burned, but they are all different numbers so you know they are not accurate. I've been wanting a polar for quite some time! i went with the ft7 because it was pretty affordable and had colors i liked. . It is comfortable for everyday wear as a watch, with a large display and is back-lit with the push of a button. It includes the chest strap with receiver to track your heart rate. If your chest strap is not staying in place or reading accurately, be sure you wet it down on the rubbery plastic part that goes across your chest. I just dip my fingers in water and rub them over that and it stays in place and i get accurate readings. . The polar ft7 is very easy to use. Start your workout with a couple of touches of a button. Switch through metrics with the push of a button as well. I usually keep mine set to show my calories burned, and switch to view my heart rate occasionally during my workout. . It stores your workouts so you can go back and look at past workouts, weekly metrics, and more. I love being able to go back to my other workouts and compare my progress. . If you're looking for a good heart rate monitor and don't want to spend a whole lot of money, the ft7 is a good one to get!

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(0) Question: Does is matter that when i add this to my cart, it states mens? i'm a girl but i would like the black and red thanks

(1) Question: Can i press a button to light the display in a dark spin class?

(2) Question: For man

(3) Question: Is the display visible enough to show heart rate while spinning with a class in a dark room?

(4) Question: Is this monitor android compatible because i don't have an i-phone

(5) Question: Will the polar ft7 record and display minute by minute heart rate data. so, if i run for 60 minutes, can i graph my hr for each minute over the 60?

(6) Question: What is the replacement cr battery number?

(7) Question: Does it have traditional watch features too like a clock, alarm, calendar, countdown timer, etc. ?

(8) Question: I want know if during exercises the display show calories burn?

(9) Question: I'm sure it's listed in the description somewhere but i can't find it. is the chest strap fabric or rubber?

(10) Question: What is the difference between the polar f4 and the f7?

(11) Question: I am a large woman and would like to know if the chest strap on this would even fit me or be unbearably tight? need about 58 inches.

(12) Question: Hello, does the settings require height, weight, and age? i'm also for wondering if any of the other models have a setting for resting heart rate?

(13) Question: Is polar ft7 ant+

(14) Question: This product conecting with iphone 4s, and appps like runkeeper? ! or only model h7? !

(15) Question: Is there a heart rate monitor strap with the watch

(16) Question: After i finish from my cardio that watch will tel how much time was spent in "fat burning" and "fitness" zones or not becuse polar ft60 tell all detal

(note) Question: where/how to get Polar (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Polar's products

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I absolutely love this heart rate monitor! a bit of background: many years ago, i began with the polar ft1, & that served me well, & i continue to consider the ft1 a great hrm. About 3 years ago, i decided to "upgrade" to the ft7 (which still works, btw); then recently, i just wanted to make sure my ft7 is in great condition, so i bought this 2nd ft7. If any of you are "on the fence" about using an hrm, i very much encourage you to take the plunge. First of all, it will encourage you to work out, & to work out at the most effective intensity; secondly, it will make your workouts easier! : most people tend to drive themselves a lot harder in their workouts than is beneficial (i still do that! ), & for this, an hrm lets you relax-knowing that your workout intensity remains in the zone that has the greatest fitness benefit - exactly for you. Polar's ft7 has been around a long time, which is why that company attempts to steer you to one of their more recent devices. I disagree with that because, in my opinion, the ft7 was the high-water mark of polar's development, and until they come out with something dazzling, why try to improve upon excellence? (plus, it would only cost you more-with questionable benefit). I will close for now with 4 brief tips: as you can see by the other reviews, limited battery-life is a primary complaint that people have about heart rate monitors. I recommend that you attach the transmitter just before your workout; then when you're done, detach the transmitter from the elastic strap & dry the transmitter thoroughly with a paper towel - a wet transmitter continues to use the battery; secondly, polar has made the 2 batteries on the ft7 replaceable for good reason! : be prepared to replace them so your ft7 will provide a long, productive life; thirdly, for most people, the transmitter's signal works fine when there's a damp contact with your skin; but seein's how i always tend to maximize everything, i like to increase the wetness of the contact by adding the inexpensive spectra 360 electrode gel - parker laboratories - 8. 5 oz tube - (pack of 3) "spectra gel. " and 4thly, as noted in other comments, the ft7's strap can inconveniently unhook at times. Here's an easy solution: i just added a few stitches-attaching the ends, & now i put it on over my head; works perfectly ! :) just restitch if it eventually loosens a bit. . My main workouts consist of just starting to jog on whatever street i happen to find myself . But note also that if you are wearing the ft7 transmitter at a gym, the machines there will automatically & accurately display your heart rate! totally cool! . Well, that's all i can think of at the moment; i'll add an update if i think of one. If you have a question or comment, please leave it in the comments section & i will be happy to respond! cheers! chuck

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Best polar ft7 heart rate monitor, black/silver (90054888) in review

I've both the ft4 & ft7. I'm very pleased w. / both. The ft7 has more options than ft4. Ft7 counts calories, monitors heart rate, gives cardio/exercise length of time, gives both high & low heart rate during timed period, fat burned, fitness level and gives weekly cardio averages. There is a man & woman ft7 (& ft4). Gender is not acknowledged on packaging. Woman's is smaller than man's. The woman's, designated by color, is navy blue, red and green choices. The cardio monitor strap needs periodic wiping, and washing. No big deal. I wore for most of one day (day i didn't do any cardio) to see how many calories i burned during a 'normal' day: 545 calories! for a half hour cardio workout, i average 120 calories burned w. / heart rate average at 112 (row machine). For an hour cardio workout, i average 300 calories burned w/. Heart rate average at 130 (spinning machine). I'm 70 years old, have been using ft7 for 3 months and am appreciative for ft7 assisting with my exercising. Also, i've used during strength training. Thank you polar. Note: the ft4 gives cardio length of time, calories, average and maximum heart rate and time spent in heart rate zone.

R. Betty, Louisiana

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B. Harrison, Buckinghamshire says

If you are going to get one of these monitors this is the one to get. Most of the other so called "monitors" are not reliable. I use this in cardio rehab. And my numbers are spot on with the sensors i wear that are tuned to the hospital. Computer. Other members in the classes use some different brands and they are. Often way off or not reading at all. Fitbit is an example. The polar monitors are often. Synced with the exercise machines to give you your heart rate right on the machine panel. No regrets if you get one of these monitors.

V. Hannah, East Riding of Yorkshire

Comfortable & easy to use! photo for size reference. I had assumed the watch to be much larger, but it's a very good size.

D. Reed, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I love this monitor! chose this over the fitbits because i didn't care about track steps, just heart rate while i exercise. All i have to do is start the watch when i go to exercise and i get my heart rate. Also keeps track of calories while you are exercising. Knowing the heart rate and calories while i exercise helps me make sure i reach high goals! the chest strap isn't bad at all. Feels like it's just your bra.

C. Emily, Camden

I have had my polar ft7 for about a month and it's definitely stepped up my workout game. Also, this thing made me realize how inaccurate the calorie burn on the machines are (womp womp). Very comfortable chest strap that adjusts that i think can be washed. I haven't yet (i know, eew). It stays on well even through all of my jumping and sweating. Easy readout on the watch. Switches from heart rate, to what "zone" you are in, to calorie burn, to time (which also has seconds). I like that it has a minimum and maximum heart rate function. This helps me see how intense i'm bringing it to my workout. Also stores past workouts so you can track your progress. Very easy to "program" and move through. Best part? now i know what i feel like when my heart rate is around 75%, 80%, etc. And that has helped push me in my workouts. Good heart rate monitor!

F. Whiteman, East Sussex says

Extremely accurate hr monitor. Chest band syncs well with the ft7. They've improved the battery covers so that they're easier to take off and replace the battery. . I wear this at the gym or when i want to know my heart rate while cycling or hiking. . I have a fitbit hr, which either can't read my hr or does a lousy job of it (wildly inaccurate). Dump the jewelry and get a real hr monitor to find out how hard you're working and how many calories you've burned. . The ft 7 is a workhorse. I bought this one to replace my old ft7 that has disappeared into a black hole somewhere in my house. If i ever find it, then i'll have two working ft7s. . A fitbit will last, at best, just over a year. The only features that work on the fitbit are the clock and the caller id for my phone. Useless as a device to measure hr and calories. The ft7 is far superior as a measurement of exertion, time spent exercising, and calories expended. And the ft7 won't end up as electronic waste after 15 months. . And the price is competitive- you buy some batteries and maybe an extra soft strap (so you always have a clean, dry strap), and that's all you spend. Unless you soak your ft7 a lot, it should last a good long time.

M. Bertie, Pays de la Loire

I bought this a couple of months ago. I needed a heart rate monitor. I'm 70 years old, and since my maximum hr is lower than a younger person, i needed something that would give me feedback when i was on my nordictrack. Reviews i read said the polar products were very responsive, quick and accurate. The ft7 has more functions than i care about. The ft1 would have been a better choice, at about $20 less expensive. There are 2 parts to this product, a wrist strap that has a large read-out. The other is a strap that goes around the chest, that holds the sending unit. Apparently the chest strap is a one-size fits all, but it is adjustable, and it does stretch a bit. Polar does offer the chest strap by itself, the h7, that will bluetooth connect to a phone. Or other portable bluetooth device. I prefer ft product because of the wrist strap.

. Cecilia, Florida says

This monitor works well, and is very accurate. I use it mostly for bike riding, and walking. It have not been used for swimming. There are two problems that i have encountered. . One is the dropping out of the pulse reading early in the exercise session. It has to do with the conductivity of the chest pickup because of lack of moisture. I solved this problem by using a conductive electrode gel. I also tried a pinch of salt in water. Either one of these solutions eliminated the problem. . A second problem is the location of the stop button. It is located on the lower left of the watch. When wearing long sleeves or a jacket, the button was activated and paused the recording of a workout. I didn't notice it immediately, and some of the data were not recorded and therefore lost. I just make sure either the sleeve is slightly rolled up, or completely covering the watch. . The data that is gathered is accurate and useful. Apparently there is an app that you can buy to download the data to a pc. I just look at the data after each workout and type it into a spreadsheet. It gives me a history of how the workouts are progressing. . Outside of these two problems, i"m happy with this heart rate monitor.

G. Beale, Wisconsin

My boyfriend got a more advanced polar heart rate monitor that has more options because he is a fitness instructor, but for someone like me who just works out regularly for fun, i highly recommend this model if you are thinking about getting one. I use it just for the basics : to check my heart rate, time, and calories burned while working out, and at the end of the work out i check what my max heart rate was and where my heart rate was for most of the work out was. It honestly improved my workouts instantly because now knowing my max heart rate, i can adjust my physical output accordingly. Without it, if i feel "out of breath" i would just slow down, but with the monitor, i know if i really do have more in me to give, or if i do actually need to slow down. . Also, i wear it on hikes now and it's really fun to see how many calories i burned or where my max heart rate was- many times it's a lot more than i expected!

. Donna, New Brunswick says

I use this for cycling. At 50, heart rate is more important than your speedometer. I can target my heart rate of about 145 and adjust if i get too close to my old man max of about 170. Its amazing how much better i recover and enjoy my ride if i can keep an eye on these zones. As for the device, it simple and easy to use with a big display for heart rate. I was not interested in other features in more expensive models. You can plug the duration and cals burned into a computer spreadsheet if you want or polar has some things you can use. Not needed for my purposes. I have used a combination hr speedometer for my bike in the past but didn t like toggling through menus. It seems to be unbothered by the rain. My only complaint at this point is the automatic watch function doesn t always work consistently. You are supposed to move the watch to your chest to get a quick glimpse of the time of day but this doesn t always happen if i wear too many jerseys/ jackets. Doesn t seem to affect the hr readout though. Good buy for a cyclist.

H. Elanor, Northern Territory

Step counters do me no good as most of my workouts are weights and calisthenics (jillian michaels junkie here). This has proven very helpful in monitoring my progress and helps me really figure out when i'm not pushing hard enough and when i'm pushing too hard. I thought the chest strap would be annoying, particularly on mat work, but i actually don't even notice it. The watch is easy to set up and use. I've been using it for about 6 weeks, once or twice per day, and have had zero problems. I also learned that yard work, in fact, it a very good workout. :)

A. Anonymous, Norfolk says

I have gained about 30lbs starting from thanksgiving to a new year. I needed to burn my fat and decide to purchase this heart rate monitor after searching around. You need to strap a chest band which has a heart monitor. The heart monitor has silicon on one side that will stick to your skin, which feels sorta uncomfortable when you start to sweat. But it does stay on and measure your heart rate. They watch is simple to use, it records your heart rate. Looks fancy and yells for more exercise. I've used this product for about 8month now. So far i like the design and accuracy of the heart rate monitor.

U. Zelda, Cheshire says

What i really wanted was just a heart rate monitor only; no other features, but i purchased this for the color. I like lavender and pink, plus it will be less likely to get lost in my "sea" of black mountain biking items. My husband helped me set up the weight, height, date of birth etc. On the watch. The buttons are not user friendly, so i hope i don't have to do that again for a long time. The price was right for all the features, but again, i wish it only showed heart rate; i don't need all the other stuff. I've used it twice now for my mountain bike rides and the heart rate is easy to read while riding. It's girly looking, so that's a plus. I also like the fact that the watch band has a lot of holes, so you can pick the right tightness, without only having a few selections.

E. April, Kirklees

I love this heart rate monitor. Nothing fancy. Very accurate. It saves your workouts. Tells you your heart rate, and then after the work out it gives you a summary. It tells you max heart rate, calories burned, average heart rate, time spent in "fitness" and "fat burn. " i feel like i'm in charge of my workouts now. I wanted something simple that didn't have a gps. This is great. Love the color, too.

Z. Lara, Wokingham says

This product is fantastic. I was advised that working out can become dangerous if one over-does it. I did not know how to tell. This watch monitors your heart beat and lets you know when you have done enough. I am a 58 year old male and should limit my peak pulse rate to. 138. I had no idea what this required exercise wise. Now i do. The watch was easy to program, it came with a quick start guide, and the detailed manual was easily downloaded on polar's website. It was neat to see how many calories i burned but it was really sufficient for me that it properly monitors my heart rate. There are some on-line programs that are available but they do not provide the necessary connector to do this along with the watch. This part is sold separately. This would normally be sufficient for me to deduct a star but this watch worked so well i don't feel the need to do so. By the way, it is also a good watch.

. Rebecca, Ontario

Love this watch. I use it while i do any of my beach body workouts. That includes insanity max 30, 22 minute hard corps, any workouts on beachbody on demand. I feel like if i know how many calories i want to burn i can target that number with this watch and go for it. I went with this watch over a fitbit because i hate running. I'm more of a home workout junkie, and i don't care how many "steps" i take, i want to know my calorie burn.

. Pamela, Calderdale says

I like this hrm and feel it is accurate. I did have to figure out the right placement on my chest because i noticed it wasnt correctly reading my hr when my sports bra would interfere with the monitor. After about two uses i fixed the placement issue and have not had any other concerns. I did purchase the gel along with this product and i feel it is necessary in order for the hrm to work properly. I did try to use it without the gel and i did not get accurate readings. I wont use it without the gel. . This is my first and only use of a hrm so i cannot compare it to any others on the market. I bought this one because i want to monitor my hr and calorie burn to stay fit and maintain my weight. It does the job i need it to and i would recommend this item.

P. Juliana, Tennessee

This is my 3rd hrm, and my first polar. It is simple, effective, and easy to use. I do not download session data, or want gps and power meter data, so cannot comment on ease or utility of that. One thing i appreciate is that unlike other hrms i've had, this one does not easily lose the signal or require you to reactivate it periodically to get a reading. I use it primarily for biking, and don't want to have to (a) take a hand off the bars and (b) try to hit a small button on a watch while i'm in a paceline. The graphics are big enough to see without straining. If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive, covers-the-basic-functions and easy-to-use hrm, this one works.

I. Cathy, Bexley says

I love this product! alot of people wants to know what's the difference between the ft4 and the ft7 the ft7 tells you how much of the workout was fat burning or fitness. This piece of information is crucial for someone who's serious about loosing weight. It also helps you figure out your workout that are actually better for your weight loss goals. The color is awesome i'm a girly girl so pink in lilac is cute.

W. Bullock, Haute-Normandie

Polar ft7 heart rate monitor, black/silver. . The most important reason is the replaceable but inexpensive cr 2025 battery. The battery in the t31 is non-replaceable. . I like to keep track of my heart rate throughout the day. Rated at 1500 hours, even if i were to wear the h1 sensor 24/7, i would get about 2 months per battery. . The ft7 monitor requires a cr 1632. The cr 1632 is rated at 330 hours (11 months x 1 hour per day), so it would require replacement about every 2 weeks if the monitor was to be worn most of the time. Fortunately, the cr1632s are available on online store at a very good price. . For those who need more than a simple heart rate monitor, the ft7 offers lots of additional measurements. The included getting started documentation makes accessing those options simple.

. Aldana, Wigan says

Best heart rate monitor/fitness watch i have ever used. This is infinitely better and more useful than a fitbit in my opinion. It shows which target zone you're in based on your user info, like weight, height, age. And stores all your workouts in the watch. Unfortunately this isn't bluetooth compatible so it won't sync up to your phone unless you get a special connector i believe. But i don't really need it since i can just look it up with my watch all the time. It has all the things/features you need for a basic/beginner/intermediate fitness watch. Not too much, not too little. . The only downfall to this watch is that it is a little bit bulky and i have small wrists. But other than that, it's great! the tracking really motivates me to workout more.

. Anonymous, Northamptonshire

I have fell in love with the polar hrm's from previously having a ft4. But decided i wanted the added benefits the ft7 offers so i upgraded. The ft7 does everything the ft4 does but has many more options. Instead of the storage of 10 workouts the ft4 has, the ft7 allows storage for up to 99 workouts and allows you to transfer to external device if you buy the extra polar flow link. . This device also allows you to pinpoint exactly where your workout is going from fat burning to just improving fitness, while also allowing you to set a certain range that you want your heart rate to stay in. If you go above or below that range, your device beeps. You can also see how long you have stayed in your fat burn zone or fitness zone depending on what you are trying to accomplish. . The only thing i don't like about both models is that you can't see your heart rate and exercise duration on the same screen. But not too big of a deal considering all the other options available on the ft7. . I also like the variety of designs you can choose from for the ft7. Other than that i haven't had a single issue.

Y. Shayna, Lambeth says

Ft7 hrm is what i have been looking for a long time. The device is gold/black color, and i love it. Why? the watch is of standard size for a man and provides information for calories and heart rate. My main interest is heart rate. I place the strap by wetting he sensor to be in contact with chest skin and just go, either at the treadmill, trail, doing exercises , or just walking all of this assuming you already have set up your watch for the time , and heart rate upper values . To ensure its accuracy once in while i crosscheck it with a standard portable heart rate monitor and it is precise of the same value. . My main objective to purchase this device is to constantly review my heart rate; i have bradycardia (hr 60) because i did too many sports in my life, but the doc says you have bradycardia (slow heart rate). The beauty of this watch is the ability to transfer all your watch data (hr, calories, etc. ) to your pc, but you need to purchase an electronic device called flow link( $34 in online store), which has a round base where you place the watch face down, and flow link has a cable with a usb port to connect it to your pc. But first you must download to your pc polar trainer software named web sync 2. 3. Once it is downloaded you register at polartraining. Com with your name, password and add your ft7 model number (found above the watch battery). You are all set now and in their website click transfer data, which takes you to your desktop and in the taskbar there is red heart. Click it , this turns green, and data transfer is complete an it takes to polar website and there you have all your data by date/time and values. For example in my case it gives hr avg and hr max for the last 8 months (the values you get them in a table. Next what i will do is i take those values and place them in my excel spreadsheet and get plotting over time. I know my doc would love to see this information. Any questions please just write your comments. Just to let you know i did plenty investigation on heart rate monitors, and those devices in the market are not only big, inconvenient, but specially $. The cardiac event monitor which is big device runs into the several thousand of dollars. You don't need that inconvenience. Polar did a great job. Joseph. Joseph

J. Cassella, Stockport

It meets my needs, but this is definitely a lower-tech option compared to other devices out there. Pros:. -heart rate monitor strap is discreet and comfortable - does not get in the way of working out. -readings seem to be accurate, and knowing my heart rate in the moment has helped me tailor my exercise plan to better meet my goals. -easy to navigate the menus. . Cons:. -display is archaic and basic compared to newer, higher-tech models. -i wish i could see the time and the heart rate at the same time. -the date format lists the day, then the month - which takes some getting used to. . Overall, it's a great basic heart rate monitor.

K. Veronica, Delaware says

As a watch is so comfortable and easyy to read. . As a fitness gear is great, it tracks the time and calories burned. When you stop the session the watch gives you the results and tells you much time of your workout session was fitness improvement and how much time of the session you were burning fat. . It's more than just the basic data, it's very useful if you are planning on maintaining certain level of fitness or being constant with a certain level of intensity in your workouts. . You can easily compare how you have been doing on your weekly workouts on the "week summaries" and you can also check the data for each individual workout session. . I only worry for the chest strap, i never read that it stretched over wearing it and mine has been stretching out. It's adjustable so it doesn't bother me at all, but it worries me little since i've had it for 2 months now and using it like one or two times a week. . I'm still giving it 5 stars because it is spectacular and has really functioned wonderfully so far.

Top /polar heart monitor black silver Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

K. Julia, Franche-Comte says

I'd thought the chest strap monitors were more reliable than the wrist, but my $200 mio alpha lasted eleven months. Received the polar ft7 jan 12, 2015 & used for the first day on the 13th. I threw it away today, march 2. Interestingly, though i'd ordered the small strap (i'm 5'2" and only about 105-110), this strap seemed looser than the first polar i'd gotten. It'd started losing the connection a week ago, like for a long time. Then today it cut out & refused to reconnect. Also calibrated a 100 minute hiit workout as around 350 calorie burn, when that level of intensity is reliably at least 600. . I think it's about time for me to end my roughly 2-year fixation with fitness tracking gadgets.

C. Guest, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

Just got my ft7 two days ago. I only bought it for the heart rate monitor feature and seems to work well. The main issue i have is the buttons on the watch are very small and at time, difficult to press which makes the menu selection / scrolling harder than it should be. The watch face is small and makes reading the info harder as well. Probably will return for another type.

. Nellie, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I tried 2 units. First worked for one day and the next day no signal. . Online store has a generous return and exchange policy and quickly sent me a replacement unit. . This unit so called worked - watch was receiving signal. There was no indication of "no signal/signal lost". However, watch was reading zero. Thank god, i did not trust the monitor and am still live and kicking. The unit was telling me that my heart was not beating. . I read all the great reviews. One girl had a video of awesome deal at $71. I must have gotten a super awesome deal at $48. That is still a lousy deal if the unit gives me wrong reading. . I don't know if polar is not doing a thorough testing or i just got lucky to get two non-functional units. . Sarwan

. Guest, Durham

I wanted a fitness monitor that did not need to sync with bluetooth. I bought this and as best as i could tell by comparison with my pedometer that counts calories by the steps taken, it was accurate enough and it also counted all calories burned with every action done. I have 3 major problems with this polar ft7: the setup is hard, then it's hard to reset the training for another day, and finally, the blasted sensor strap you have to wear when using the monitor chafes. I didn't read any of the other reviews so i don't know if anyone else had this problem. I had to quit using the monitor. It took about 3 days for the redness to go away. I did exactly what the instructions said. Being a woman, i believe it had something to do with where the sensor had to be placed. This may work fine for a man, but i wouldn't recommend it for women.

I. Diana, Blackpool says

This ft7 is my third polar watch to own. I loved my previous ft4 watches and wore them for years until i lost one and the other one finally gave out. This watch has never been able to connect with the band it came with but it would connect to my old bands (which is why i didn't return it). I'm big time regretting that decision as this one no longer stays connected to any of my bands. It is super frustrating to check my watch during my workout and see that it had disconnected from the band several moments prior. This watch is a disappointment and i just want my ft4's back.

Z. Florence, Hawaii

I bought the black/red one. I do say the functionality of it is great. I did think there was a stopwatch functionality on it, but i can't remember where i read it. That was one of the key features i was looking for. But in any case, it calculates heart rate, calories burned, times your workout, and keeps logs of those stats for reference. . What i don't like about it is that it has a black matrix. It is different from the rest in that case. I thought it would look pretty cool, but after using it a few times, the black makes the light letters and numbers seem very dim and thin-fonted. I found myself having to move the watch closer to my face (not exaggeratedly close). I am 28 and have 20-20 vision. Due to this dark matrix, the backlight does not shine as bright as it could, as once again, it is dimmed by the dark matrix. I am sure, however, that if the screen were a bit bigger, then maybe this would not pose an issue. . The band is comfortable for me. I am 40" around just under the pectoral, and i had to adjust the band all the way out for a snug-but-not-cinched fit. It says one size fits all, but i don't know. For a bigger gentleman or woman, it might pose a problem. You would have to talk to polar about their chest bands. . The calorie measurement is pretty accurate, though, and i assume that the colors are meaningless for its functionality. This is more of a subjective review of the black one's superficial quality. I cannot rate it 2 stars because it excels at what it does.

T. Theola, South Dakota says

I bought this polar ft7 after reading tons of reviews. Everyone said this was the best. I was worried about the chest strap slipping, but no. Everyone i asked said it stays put just fine, even during intense exercise. First day i got it, i followed directions on how to put it on. Wet the strap area, and put it on tightly. I'm pretty small. 4'11" and 115 lbs. Not tiny tiny, but i'm still fairly small person. It was on as tight as it could possibly be. During the first day of exercise, it didn't slip, but i was so surprised by the calorie reading! it was dramatically different from what i thought i was burning. I asked a few people in my fitness circle, and they all said the same thing happened to them in the beginning. Like it's getting to know you before giving accurate readings. Strike one. Then second, third, fourth, etc time i used it, it would slip immediately after a jump. I do wear body lotion so i thought this was the issue. I then cleaned my chest area before putting it on, wetting it just like it states in the instructions. Still slipped. Then i thought maybe it was the sports bra i was wearing. Tried multiple ones. Ones that went over the strap and others that hit way above the strap. Still slipped! now i'm irritated bc i spent $70 on something that had rave reviews, and i can't even get mine to stay put. And it was in no way comfortable like everyone said. People told me you dont even notice the strap being there. You do. Or at least i did. It was then suggested to me to buy a replacement strap in a smaller size. That's another $20-$25. Do i chance it not working again? undecided as of now, but i will say when it did stay put it seemed to be working fine with the watch. The watch was fairly easy to navigate but instructions could be a little more detailed. I might try with atletic tape next to see if that will help. Update coming soon!

. Smith, Oldham

First off - i bought the watch as i needed some reference, not necessarily to get a 99. 999% accuracy, which this watch does not provide. The watch gives a few nice readouts such as max heart rate (based on one's age), hr zone (fitness or fat burn), calories, time elapsed and time of day. What's missing is a reliable calculation of distance (but that would be too much to ask of this kind of watch). The back-light is a joke, it's useless; i sometimes like to run when it's dark and cool, and i can tell you, you cannot read the display at all. Polar uses a negative display when the back light is used, and i could not make out the display from those blurry characters. I barely could start the session but eventually did only because i remembered the sequence of the buttons to push, but i knew i actually started it only after i finished running. Not sure how accurate the readings are, but i am ok with that at least it gives me some ballpark of where i am and i can feel if i am within my range. Not sure it is consistent either as i can tell that on some days, i feel i work harder and yet the hr readings are lower than i feel they should be, but i don't have a better reference to compare to. . I went for a chest-strap because i did not want to spend more money and try the strapless ones which, from what i read, are not necessarily more reliable and some are even worse. But this whole ritual of the 'strapping up', and it's got to be tight or else it would slip (and i do find myself reaching my hand to the back to adjust it while running - just a feeling but it doesn't actually slip), it is just another thing you need to do (moisten it, put the sensor, wear it) and it takes getting used to, it is what it is. . Lastly, i don't recommend relying on this to log your running sessions. I've tried to manually update my account on polar after a running session, and it took a lot of time to do. They did not make it user friendly at all (perhaps to motivate users to buy the usb adapter and do it automatically). There are some data fields, not sure of their purpose, but the watch doesn't provide this kind of data. Plus when i added additional fields - such as distance (from my iphone-nike), the values i previously entered got changed to some default, to a point that it became so annoying. I had to repeat that 3 times and after about 20min i just gave up.

B. Debra, New Hampshire says

This is really an awesome device, when it works. But after a couple of months the belt can't read your heart rate which sucks. I've sent it back twice and they've replace the product pretty fast, so great customer service! . I just wish they could pinpoint the issue with the actual heart monitor so that this device can be the best because it has the potential to be

J. Sally, Leicester

The heart rate monitor worked properly for about 4-5 times. Then the readings where erratic, all over the place. I replaced the battery and the problem was still there. Eventually i gave up and stopped using it. Very nice if it would work, but it doesn't on the long run. Shame

N. Lisa, Dudley says

My main complaint with this polar monitor is that it's incredibly hard to read in the dark, even when the light is activated. I bought the red/black version, which other reviewers have said isn't a good version because of the display's poor contrast. If you don't run at night as i do, perhaps this won't be a problem for you. I love polar watches generally, have owned different versions since the 1990s, and really this ft7 has been my only disappointment ever with polar. I recently upgraded to the polar m400 which i love and have no complaints about at all. This one, the ft7, though, for me just didn't work because of the lighting/display issue.

D. Alexia, Thueringen

I loved the older version of this, and used it for almost 5 years. When it started dying on me, i decided to order this one - it seemed like the same thing, only updated. It worked great for about 3 months, and then it started not working. In the middle of a workout, it would just stop being able to read my heart rate. I discovered that if i stopped the "workout session" and restarted it, it would start working again, and i would have to do that once or twice during a workout. And then, after a week or two of that, i was having to restart the monitor every 2-3 minutes. It's completely useless now, and i'm past my "customer support window". Very disappointing.

H. Peggy, Massachusetts says

Update review: lasted 6 months before it stopped working! kept saying my heart rate was zero! that means zero calories burned. Was so distracting i couldn't focus on my work out. Upsetting i only burned "50 calories" after doing instanity max cardio or something. Sucks. I was addicted to this thing and i went through withdrawals not being able to use it anymore. . Original review:"my favorite thing about this is it really helps motivate me to work out more. I like that i've logged over 45, 000 calories on it. I like i can tell i worked out 40 hours last month. I just like trying to get those numbers higher than before and challenge myself. . I do not try to understand "training load". For the most part this works really well. It has been a good purchase for me. However, if i forget to hit start i find myself getting so upset, as if the workout doesn't count at all. So make sure you hit start! "

X. Shirley, Nordrhein-Westfalen

I was excited about this heart monitor as i am need of an exercise program and the wanted to use my heart rate to determine the proper level to burn fat before i went into the aerobic level. Unfortunately the monitor was small and even though i ordered an extra large wrist band it was way too small for my wrist. This would cause problems for my already injury plagued wrist. I returned it and was promptly given a refund. The monitor was also so small that it was fairly hard to read to begin with

V. Dorothy, Delaware says

I couldn't decide whether to give this watch a 2 or a 3 star. It does exactly what i want it to when it's on. But, the fact that you can't turn the watch off baffles me. The first time i tried it for an open water swim, it worked and was awesome. My triathlon was a week later and when i got the watch out, it wouldn't turn on. The battery had died already in less than 1 week. There was nothing in the instructions or on the website that stated i needed to remove the battery every time i needed to use it. And if there was, i'm not sure i would have bought it because that's ludicrous and it's an unnecessary task. Could you not just give an option to turn the watch off? it wouldn't be as annoying if every time i put the battery back in, i didn't have to put my stats in all over again. That takes time and it's frustrating. Thankfully, i only swim once a week or i'd be sending this thing back. . Update: originally i gave this watch a 2 but i changed it to a 1 because i can only get one use out of it everytime i use it. I thought if i took the battery out of the watch before using it, it wouldn't die on me. Well, i haven't used the watch in a month and a half. The battery was out. When i put the battery back in this morning to use it, it wouldn't turn on. This watch sucks! how is mine the only one that this happens to? i will be calling customer service because batteries are not cheap and i don't want to have to buy one every time i use this.

L. Finch, Languedoc-Roussillon

I'm returning this for warranty service the second (actually third) time. In all instances the problem appears to be a problem with the heart rate monitor. It stops working, and a notice displays on the wrist band, "check heart rate monitor". The occurrences of this begins infrequently, then becomes more frequent. I can usually stop and restart the monitoring, and then encounter the message after ten minutes. (of course, once you stop and restart you lose the accumulating data). I've tried replacing the batteries in both the wrist band and monitor. The first time i returned it for this problem they sent the unit back having determined that the wrist unit was bad. It immediately had the same monitor failure. I sent it back again and they re-diagnosed it to be a failure of the heart rate monitor. The "repaired" set up started failing the same way again six months later. At this point i can only conclude that this is a lemon or this product has a serious reliability issue.

S. Courtney, Colorado says

I chose this monitor because it was highly rated by consumer reports and the price was more reasonable than competing products. After seven months, i am disappointed. The monitor worked well for a while, but the chest strap that came with it is remarkably shoddy. After about five months, it began coming apart where a flexible rubbery material covers two metal snaps. (the snaps connect the strap to a small electronic box that transmits heart rate to the watch) today, after seven months, this rubbery conductive material has all crumbled and fallen off, and the strap has stopped working, which means the monitor watch has stopped working. Now i get to buy a new strap for $35. Very disappointing lack of quality. A second issue for me: the watch is not very intuitive to use, so i have to keep returning to the instructions if i don't use it for a while. Not a deal-breaker, but annoying.

W. Lynette, Niedersachsen

I really had high hopes for this product but, so disappointed. I got the ft7 for last xmas and it has never worked well. One time it will work and then it won't. It won't record the heart rate on a consistent basis. The problem appears to be in the transmitter or, most likely, the sensors in the strap. I used and took care of the strap as recommended by polar. I contacted polar about the issue and their advise is to follow the maintenance procedures, which i already did, or purchase a new strap. I have also replaced the battery in both the transmitter and the watch but, it made no difference. It is too bad that a company makes a product that could really be good but, according to many people, has a huge flaw in the heart rate sensor strap. This company does not show any desire to correct this problem or provide adequate customer support. They seem to want to save a few dollars now by not providing good support instead of giving good customer satisfaction with the possibility of making a lot more money in the future with happy return customers. I personally will not buy their products again.

F. Widmer, Missouri says

I purchased this watch and it was great in the beginning but after about 6 months the battery died and the monitor kept saying 00 or saying a crazy high number like 210 when i was walking. I replaced the batteries on the watch and monitor just in case. The watch now works, but the monitor keeps saying 00, or holds the hr only when my arm is right next to my chest. I will now have to buy a replacement belt, which isn't cheap.

P. Susana, Arkansas

Very small face, and the buttons are nearly impossible to actuate. The smaller numbers and data are very light and become nearly unreadable in the sun light. The band is way too rigid. To it's attribute, the heart rate numbers are large and clear even in sun. This is one of those products to be wary of, as the seller's notes don't make it perfectly clear, that if you want to actually track, download and save your data past 100 sessions, you need to buy another item to get the full benefit. So there goes another $50. 00 to get polar link. You might as well get the a370 or the m400 withy the h7 or h10 h/r monitor. Less frustrating, and for only a few more bucks, you get the entire package. Don't misunderstand, polar makes superior products. More packed with useful info. Than other brands. I just didn't ask the right questions or do adequate home work. Generally, polar is a solid purchase.

O. Angelica, Kent says

Dont buy. I dont know why but the heart rate monitor doesnt works. I bought it twice because i dont like giving bad reviews. Both same problem: money down the drain! i have been using polar watches since 2007 so i know exactly hoy to use them. Last two i got it is just a continuous struggle with the heart rate monitor doesnt matter if strap is soakly wet, mildly wet or completelt dry. It just doesnt works. I changes both batteries: watch and strap to find out if this was the problem and it wasnt.

E. Janice, Bracknell Forest

The multiple buttons are confusing. This is a constant heart rate monitor, but the heart rate is only shown when you press a button to refresh the reading from the chest strap. It is not a constant reading on the watch. The material of the watch is highly uncomfortable. The chest strap it links with has to be on tightly, so it may be a comfortable material, but not a comfortable fit, especially for exercise. If you are busty (i'm a 38f), the strap won't pick up your heart rate. I returned it for that reason.

R. Sharon, Northern Territory says

At first i really liked the fact that the polar ft7 gave me far more reasonable heart rate data than i get from my samsung gearfit 2. Later i noticed that during a stationary bike session where my heart rate was around 110, it suddenly dropped to 85 on the watch while the monitor on the machine continued to read around 110. At the conclusion of the ride i found that my average hr per the polar was, surprise, 85. I doubt it. Days later on a walk, my heart rate was consistently showing around 100 bpm. On an uphill segment i looked to see how much my rate had increased. It showed 34 bpm. That's considerably less than my resting heart rate. A few minutes later i looked again to see that my heart rate was reading 0. I'm pretty sure i wasn't dead. At the conclusion of the walk, map my walk and my timex ironman stopwatch both showed that i completed the route in 29 minutes. The polar had only recorded a 24 minute session. I packed it up and returned it. I replaced it with a whaoo tickr that seems to have worked flawlessly so far. Based on my experience, the polar does work far better than the wrist based optical monitor and includes the wrist based display for real time monitoring that the wahoo does not.

M. Garner, Waltham Forest

When it works, it's great. But the hr monitor randomly stops working, and i can't determine why. I've only had it a couple months. Polar offers not- helpful advice like "check the batteries", and "make sure you clean it after each use". Yeah, both go without saying. Maybe my unit is defective. I will certainly never buy polar again, and i can't recommend it to others. Maybe it's something else, like does it work less well when you sweat profusely? if so, polar should mention that when you contact them. I've read other owners have had the same problem. I'm going to send mine back, and ask for a refund.

. Wimbish, California says

Stopped working after 2 uses in 2 weeks. Remember the polar chest-straps that were one nice piece of rugged plastic with the sensor built-in? this is not one of them. The wrist unit suddenly receives no heartbeat info from the chest-strap. Changed the chest-strap battery - still ng. 2 weeks, no abuse, no water on either unit - nothing. Will return. Probably will get something else. Totally disappointing. . Update: returned via kohl's on 1/21. As of 1/28, online store hasn't seen it, and kohl's can't tell me how to track it. Kohl's says it's still in a trailer on their dock, waiting for a truck. Very frustrating. Will not return anything via kohl's again.

Y. Franklin, Oxfordshire

Ok, the actual heart rate monitor is great! accurate when i count my pulse vs looking at the monitor. Its very helpful to keep me in fat burning mode for long cardio, or knowing when i'm pushing myself when i'm doing a hitt workout. But the band that goes around the chest, it is very irritating. Right where you hook the strap up, its rough and literally leaves a red mark on my skin. It hurts! i have to wrap it up with soft cloth, and hope it stays during my workout just to be able to use this thing. That's worth minus 2 stars right there. A band that goes around a more sensitive area like the lower chest that leaves sore spots due to a rough seam, not good.

. Walsh, North Carolina says

I have owned the ft4 for roughly 3 years and now own the ft7 for one week and not satisfied. . My thoughts? . . I was excited to see that the ft7 shows you when you re in the fat burn zone and fitness zone so i can make my work outs even more effective. . According to the karvonen formula in order for me to lose weight i should work out between 60-70% of my target heart rate (hr), which would make my hr between 146-157, however, the ft7 calculated my fat burn zone to be 123 and i can t change it in the settings. It allows you to change your upper or max hr but not the fat burn hr which is really upsetting to me. . At least with my ft4 i am able to change my settings to work within whatever hr zones i prefer. . So basically, when i go to the gym and i am just talking to a friend, i am in my fat zone doing absolutely nothing but if i even begin to jog/run slowly it has already gone into the fitness zone or an effect zone (not sure what that means). So overall, i should have stuck with my ft4.

A. Gloria, Arkansas

I bought this to help train when i swim. The watch/training band has a nearly unreadable screen, i don't think the back-light even worked. The heart rate monitor wouldn't stay in place when i swam and i don't think it was able to reliably connect to the watch while in the water. . The data i was able to sync to and view (via their proprietary web site) didn't provide nearly the level of detail i would like. It just stored the max and min heart rates and calculated an average. I would have preferred to see a graph of my heart rate over time. I don't see why it couldn't store the heart rate at 10 second intervals and easily provided the data for a spreadsheet. Instead i had to purchase the flowlink to get the data onto my computer. . I will probably return these devices.

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    1. Bought these for my husband while sitting in the waiting room of the er the night he cut his hand with a table saw (long recovery, but is going to be fine). It seemed to reason that tying his shoes was going to be difficult for a while following that incident. These work great once installed! my hus... go to https://fihus.com/shoelaces-adults-silicone-strings-sneakers-61072r1qhhb/#shoelaces-adults-silicone-strings-sneakers
    2. Special: Strong Grip Design - Thanks To Their Strong Grip Design, Diagonal One No Tie Shoelaces Bear Amazing Tension And Hardly Pop Up. Easy To Mount And A Pleasure To Use, The No Tie Elastic Shoe Laces Are A Great Choice For Runners, Cyclists, Hikers, Walkers, Gym Goers, And Athletes.
    3. Special: No Sense Of Tightening - Made From Stretchy Material, The Running Elastic Laces Provide A Flexible Fit For Converse, Snickers, And Casual Footwear. It Makes The Tieless Shoelaces Perfect For Running, Fitness, Working Out, Walking, Cycling, Gym, And Other Activities.
    Bestseller Shoelaces Adults Silicone Strings Sneakers (Sporting Goods)
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    Hanes Youth Ecosmart Pullover Hood (Sporting Goods)

    Hanes Youth Ecosmart Pullover Hood (Sporting Goods) 1364

    Get Discount Hanes Youth Ecosmart Pullover Hood (Sporting Goods), Youth Ecosmart Pullover About Hanes Hanesbrands Is A Socially Responsible Manufacturer And Marketer Of Leading Everyday Basic Apparel Under Some Of The World's Strongest Apparel Brands In The Americas, Europe -Hanes Youth Ecosmart Pullover Hood
    1. Featured: Range Of Movement: No One Likes Clothing That's Limiting And Restrictive So Hanes Brings You Apparal That Offers A Full Range Of Movement And Flexibility In Your Threads. So From Yoga To Lounging, Your Clothes Are The Perfect Fit.
    2. Featured: Stay In Style: You Want To Look Good And Feel Good In Your Clothes, So Hanes Designs Clothing That Flatters And Fits So Even When You're In Your Sweatpants, You Look Like A Million Bucks.
    3. Used for a costume. my son said it's super soft! https://fihus.com/hanes-youth-ecosmart-pullover-hood-136400bw7w1c/#hanes-youth-ecosmart-pullover-hood
    Deals Hanes Youth Ecosmart Pullover Hood (Sporting Goods) P473

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