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Price was 8. Update: i'm looking at my original review some time later and think i was a little . . . Er, crabby when i wrote it. But i'm leaving it (slightly edited) because it actually does have some good points for women to get a good fit. I just received a new one and will order a few more next month. Age comes along and i need the support of this type of bra even more than i did 40 years ago. But they're still excellent quality bras with great support for larger breasted women. I have several of the other playtex styles and i like them and they're "prettier, " but this particular style is the best one for my needs, so this is always my go-to bra. . I've been wearing playtex for years and years (over four decades). Its the best made bra out there (yes, i've cheated a few times and tried different brands from time to time, but i always come back to playtex). Most of the complaints i see on this board seem to be from women who just don't know how to fit a bra or wash it properly. . I suggest you go to a professional and get yourself fitted properly; and while you're there make sure they show you how to put a bra on properly. That's why you get that cone shape, you're not putting your breast in the cup correctly. Your bra is on wrong! or its an improper fit. Go to playtex and watch their video on how to fit yourself properly so you can buy a bra that fits instead of blaming playtex. . If you're even a b or c cup(and really probably an a or aa cup), you don't just don a bra and wear it out and think its going to look great. You have to take a minute or less to put it on properly. Mine have no cone shape when i bend forward and place my breasts into the bra properly. The straps are comfortable, and no stretch around the band after i've worn them for four or five years. They give me great support without that awful underwire that i have a personal distaste for since i had to wear them in the early 70s and boy were they uncomfortable back then! . . I wear my bras under tees, under sweaters. They look great and they keep me supported for years, which is especially important for a 42ddd. They've never ridden up in the back, even as they age (one of the only brands that won't eventually ride up on me). I purchase the size i need. If you want a bra that pushes your breasts up so you can let the world enjoy them, get that style of bra (playtex has them), don't just buy a smaller bra, thinking it will do the job. It won't. It will just look like you're wearing a bra that's too small. . If you're 37" wide below or above your breast, that doesn't mean you wear a 37" band. You have to add your cup size to it, which varies from a few inches to over six inches, depending on your cup size. Please watch the video and spend just a couple of minutes finding the proper fit. You'll feel much better in bra that fits. . So follow the simple directions and enjoy your new, wonderful playtex bra for a long time! you just need a tape measure and a tiny bit of research.

-Q. Suzanne

Women’s 18 hour original comfort strap bra delivers comfort and has pretty deluster cups lace accents. soft shoulder cushioning provides relief from strap dig-in and lasts wash after wash fabric details: cups band interlining -playtex women’s 18 hour original comfort strap bra 4693

  • Attributes: Exclusive Spanette Fabric For Support And Comfort.
  • Attributes: Hook-and-eye Closures At Back.

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It's always hard buying clothes over the net because even though you think you ordered the correct size, you're still not sure if it'll fit. I've bought playtex bras for years and i usually get them at walmart. They didn't have the right color or size or style. So i looked on here. Found the right size and color. But had to go with another style. I'm glad i did. It's more comfortable and a better fit. I'm so happy that i ordered another one today. :-) The Best womens hour original comfort strap ( Sep 2019 ) | Playtex Women S Ia-Bra Review Attributes Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra #4693 Full-coverage bra with lace detailing featuring padded cushion straps and floral-patterned cups. Exclusive spanette fabric for support and comfort. Hook-and-eye closures at back. Molded two-section cups give you gorgeous natural shaping. .

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra 4693 Review (4693)

I bought 3 of these in pink. A bit snug initially at the ribcage and band. Had to stretch the material out a bit. But otherwise, a great bra which really lifts and seperates. Has wider sturdier straps, which dont dig in. Perfect for us over 40 with larger breasts. A bra that is meant to be pretty and functional as well. Only thing i would like to see, is matching panties in the same colors and fabric choices. -Z. Rowe

Playtex Womens Original Comfort 4693

Product Dimensions
Height:1.50 inches
Length:8.00 inches
Weight:0.1 pounds
Width:5.00 inches
Playtex Women's IA
Part/Serial Number
One Size

women's 18 hour original comfort strap bra Apparel, Delivers comfort and has pretty deluster cups with lace accents. soft shoulder cushioning provides relief from strap dig-in and lasts wash after wash fabric details: cups band interlining strap: 100% polyester, frames 90% nylon/10% spandex, band lining 50 % cotton/50 % polyester, back band facing 84% natural rubber latex/16% nylon Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra 4693 (4693-Playtex).

Playtex Womens Original Comfort 4693 Apparel

  • For large-breasted women, this is perhaps the best support bra without a wire that you can find. It's not a minimizer bra so rather than flatten the chest, it enhances a woman's figure. Oh, and did i mention, it's one of the most comfortable bras i've ever worn.
  • I found this bra to be very supportive. The straps are very comfortable. The price is great. When wearing it there are times when it creates a uniboob though. I don't like the seams right in the center of the cups which shows in some blouses and shirts when worn. The bra also has a funny smell that lingers even after several washes. Overall it's a great bra that i'll buy again and again.
  • Had to give it a 3 because it was both a 1 and a 5 ! . . I bought two playtex bras. Same size and different styles. . This one felt ok after putting it on and, yes as another reviewer or two has said, the girls were a little pointy/cone-shaped, but that was no biggie. (i like madonna. ) the band seemed a little snug, but wearable. The straps were very comfortable. . However. . As the day wore on and i sat down, i felt like a python had wrapped itself around my rib cage below the girls and was suffocating me. No matter how much i tried to adjust it, it was soooo constricting, . Then, i noticed an irritation on my back. Come to find out, the bra has two size tags and were pressing into my back, so i had to make sure they were flat as i had a red mark where the tags pressed in. . Second day, same thing. Ok standing but very constricting sitting. Was afraid the circulation would be cut off and the girls would turn blue and fall off ; -) ok, that's exaggerating a little but it was tight upon sitting. I thought maybe they measured the band wrong. Nope. It was actually about a half inch longer than the other style which i love and fits well. . Soooo. . I am needing to return this and will order another of the other style. Too bad, because the girls themselves were very happy, well supported and shoulders were happy. Maybe i should try the next band size up on this style? . . Update: wow! can not believe how easy it was to return this item. Thanks, online store!
  • It's a little snug, but i know they always stretch, but the inside of the back strap is rough. I'm hoping that after a few washings it will soften up. I'm going to keep it because the color is so pretty and the support is good.
  • This bra was great as far as support; however, i broke out in terrible rashes under my breast. So bad that i had to go to dermatologist. I am using a $100 medication to try to remedy the problem. I ordered a larger size thinking maybe the other one was to exact but the rash is awful. I am not sure if its the bottom part that rubs against breast or what. I am being tested for some type of allergen in the material. This is my first review and i am only writing to warn others who may have super sensitive skin such as myself. I had ever had such rash before.

womens hour original comfort strap Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra #4693 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This bra is pretty. It seems to run a tad small. I bought the next size up and it fit perfectly. The shoulders are nicely padded and stay put. In fact, if the cups were made like the shoulders, i would rate this bra a 5. The shoulders are also very comfortable. I don't even think of them. The cup material is on the thin side. I wear pads for modesty. The cups are cut high and do not go well with tank tops. A lot of the bra wears above the tank top. The bra also peeks out of the top of some of my dresses. Not too much and it is pretty so i don't mind that so much. The side of the bra seems to cut in just a bit, esp at first. The sides are really the only area i feel any discomfort after several hours. The bra does not itch. The cups are kind of funny, a little pointy. Think old fashioned. Makes me laugh. Still overall, a pretty bra for an excellent price. You can buy several for the price. I hand wash and dry them, but you could probably be just fine putting them in a little mesh bag and use your washer. I plan to buy more of these bras and i would recommend them. I will look for a different bra to wear with my summer tank tops.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra 4693
Click to see NoticePlaytex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra 4693"More comfortable than it looks like it would be. Appreciate the support it gives sans underwire, plus that it has a wide back area. Does pop the ladies up a bit higher than i'm used to, not sure how i feel about that exactly. Personally i am a fan of the rocket tits look, . Which it definitely does. And it makes them look quite a bit smaller, . I am a 40 dd so i don't mind a bit of visual shrinkage. Over all a good bra for the price."

(0) Question: Hello. what is the difference between 40d & 40d us? please let me know. thanks

(1) Question: I am a size 36b & if i got a 36b would that fit me

(2) Question: How can i see more than one critical review?

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-Flex Wire-Free Bra

Comfortable support and a smooth silhouette, plus the playtex four-way trusupport design, all combine to deliver a beautifully classic bra. Note: hook & eyes: two on 34 b-c, 36b; three on 36c, 38b-c, 40 bc; four on 36, 38 and 40 d-dd; 42, 44, and 46 b-dd. Fabric care instructions is machine washable

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-Flex Wire-Free BraPlaytex-Womens-Seamless-Comfort-Flex-Wire-Free

Price :    —
  • Cushioned no-slip straps help relieve stress on your shoulders. (no more painful dig-in. )
  • Seamless 2-layer cups give you smooth support without show-through.
  • Hook & eyes: two on 34 b-c, 36b; three on 36c, 38b-c, 40 bc; four on 36, 38 and 40 d-dd; 42, 44, and 46 b-dd
  • Soft lace-covered panels add shaping and side support.
  • Flexible comfort design shapes to fit your curves.
Brand :    playtex
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    4395
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-Flex Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra

This wire free bra includes seamless and breathable lining in back and cups

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free BraPlaytex-Womens-Sensational-Sleek-Wire-Free

Brand :    playtex
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    4803
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Triple back hook-and-eye closure
  • Seamless full-coverage bra in back-smoothing design featuring satin trim at neckline and wide adjustable straps
  • Sheerness: opaque
  • Back smoothing design eliminates back bulge. seamless, breathable lining in back and cups. soft fabrics against the skin for a silky smooth feel.
  • Bra cup style: full figure, full coverage
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali passion for comfort minimizer underwire bra

Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire BraBali-Passion-Comfort-Minimizer-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    *
Size :    42
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    3385
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Bra is tagless for maximum comfort ; arched center panel is great for high tummies
  • Triple back hook-and-eye closure ; back: 76% nylon, 24% spandex. cup lining: 94% polyester, 6% spandex.
  • Minimizes up to 1. 5 inches
  • Adjustable straps
  • Silky-smooth lining with lightly cushioned straps
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire-Free Bra

The playtex 18 hour collection introduces a unique uplifting bra that works all day to offer ultimate lift and support. The comfortable wire free design lifts and supports from the bottom to provide a great natural shape.

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire-Free BraPlaytex-18-Hour-Ultimate-Support-Wire-Free

Brand :    playtex
Color :    Parent
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    4745
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

WingsLove Women's Full Coverage Non Padded Comfort Strap Minimizer Wire-Free Bra

Wingslove women's wireless full figure comfortable bra- it is especially designed for the women with full figure. The stretchy and dry fit fabric provide you a comfortable feelings all day. Seamless and wirefree cup design, leave you no stress. Full coverage bra cup greatly cover your breast. Wide band offers you a smooth back. The adjustable wide bra straps pamper your shoulder by relieving the stress. The panels in cups give beautiful, natural-looking shaping. Floral jacquard pattern with lace decorated show your elegant femininity, making you more gorgeous. The light weight and ultra thin fabric make you feeling nothing, we suggest you don't wear tight clothes to fit these bras.

WingsLove Women's Full Coverage Non Padded Comfort Strap Minimizer Wire-Free BraWingsLove-Coverage-Comfort-Minimizer-Wire-Free

Brand :    wingslove
Order click here :    -
  • Wide adjustable cushioned straps, no digging on your skin. relieve pressure on your shoulders.
  • Jacquard floral pattern decorated with lace outstands your gorgeous and elagant femininity.
  • 5 classic colors: black, nude, purple, toffee and rose red. easily match with your different clothing. mutile size options: 36b-48g. find your own size effortlessly.
  • The light weight and ultra thin fabric make you feeling nothing, we suggest you don't wear tight clothes to fit these bras. skin-friendly and breathable.
  • Full coverage bra cup can greatly cover your breats, show your nature curve. wirefree design without any padded leave no stress on your breasts, set you free all the day.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for WingsLove Women's Full Coverage Non Padded Comfort Strap Minimizer Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wire Free Bra

Delivers comfort and has pretty deluster cups with lace accents. Soft shoulder cushioning provides relief from strap dig-in and lasts wash after wash.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wire Free BraPlaytex-Womens-Original-Comfort-Strap

Brand :    playtex
Model :    4693
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Full-coverage bra with lace detailing featuring padded cushion straps and floral-patterned cups
  • Exclusive spanette fabric for support and comfort
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Wire Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Bali Women's Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire Bra

America's favorite minimizer, this satin tracings bra is a modern classic. It combines contemporary styling with the comfort of stretch satin and cushioned straps for a great looking, great wearing bra, that can reduce the bustline by up to 1. 25 inches.

Bali Women's Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire BraBali-Womens-Tracings-Minimizer-Underwire

Brand :    bali designs
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.17 pounds
Model :    3562
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Body: 73 percentage nylon, 27 percentage spandex. cups: 100 percentage nylon
  • Imported
  • Minimizes while creating an enhanced shape for a flattering silhouette
  • Can reduce the bustline by up to 1. 75 inches
  • Cushioned straps help to alleviate aching grooved shoulders
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Bali Women's Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's Comfort Lace Wire-Free Bra

Playtex 18 hour comfort lace wirefree

Playtex Women's Comfort Lace Wire-Free BraPlaytex-Womens-Comfort-Lace-Wire-Free

Brand :    playtex
Color :    *
Size :    plus-size
Weight :    0.32 pounds
  • Wire-free bra with no-slip straps featuring embroidered front and scalloped edging
  • Airform fabric straps, lining and back for comfort
  • Four hook-and-eye rows at back
Price :    —
Model :    4088
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's Comfort Lace Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Glamorise Women's MagicLift Active Support Bra 1005

This active magic lift bra is perfect for the woman on the go. Cotton blend cups keep you cool and comfortable.

Glamorise Women's MagicLift Active Support Bra 1005Glamorise-Womens-MagicLift-Support-1005

Brand :    glamorise
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.27 pounds
Model :    1005
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Magic lift cushioned inner-bust band for uplift, bust definition, and support
  • Stretch back with adjustable hook-and-eye closure
  • Bra featuring moisture-wicking cotton-blend cups and cushioned adjustable straps
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Glamorise Women's MagicLift Active Support Bra 1005 available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Soft Cup Wirefree Bra

Playtex 18 hour classic soft cup wirefree

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Soft Cup Wirefree BraPlaytex-Womens-Hour-Soft-Wirefree

Price :    —
  • Our signature "m" frame adjusts to your shape for a custom fit
  • Exclusive spanette fabric stretches to comfortably support your every move
  • Feminine floral lace accents and trim
Brand :    playtex
Model :    27
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Soft Cup Wirefree Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra Flex Back 4695B

Wire-free bra features lay-flat front closure with larger hooks for fastening ease. Padded cushion straps help relieve shoulder pressure and strap dig-in. Microfiber jacquard cups provide a smooth look under clothes.

Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra Flex Back 4695BPlaytex-Womens-Front-Close-Flex-4695B

Brand :    playtex
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.30 pounds
  • Crisscross elastic back for a custom fit
  • Padded adjustable straps for cushioning
  • Wire-free m-frame for adjustable fit and support
  • Bra with floral-pattern microfiber cups featuring hook-and-eye front closure and breathable mesh paneling
Price :    —
Model :    4695B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra Flex Back 4695B available ( Sep 2019 )

Just My Size Women's Satin Stretch Wire-Free Bra

Just my size satin stretch wire free bra

Just My Size Women's Satin Stretch Wire-Free BraJust-My-Size-Stretch-Wire-Free

Brand :    just my size
Color :    Black
Size :    48D
Model :    1960
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Just My Size Women's Satin Stretch Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Wire-free satin bra featuring wide adjustable straps and seamed cups
  • Three hook-and-eye back closure

Glamorise Women's Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra 1000

Our most popular magic lift style offers a cushioned inner-bust band for uplift, separation, support and comfort.

Glamorise Women's Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra 1000Glamorise-Womens-Full-Figure-Support-1000

Brand :    glamorise
Model :    1000
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Glamorise Women's Plus Size Magic Lift Full-Figure Support Bra 1000 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Patented magiclift no-wire design
  • Full-support bra featuring lace insets at cups and scalloped edging
  • Cushioned inner-bust band for support without a wire
  • Wide-set adjustable shoulder straps

Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra

This wire-free sports bra stays comfortable at work, at play and every day the cups feature moisture wicking fabric that provides breathability and keeps you dry.

Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle BraPlaytex-Womens-Active-Lifestyle-Bra

Brand :    playtex
Color :    Parent
Size :    36D
Weight :    0.28 pounds
  • Hook-and-eye back closure
  • Sport bra featuring seamless wire-free cups and wide cushioned straps
Price :    —
Model :    4159
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra 4693 Price : 8, was : 0 as 2018-01-29
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The F.A.Q. for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra 4693

It fits very well. Gives me great posture, doesn't dig into my shoulders and brings my boobs up where they belong! i wear a 40dd. I don't know why, but the 40 is tight. The dd is fine. I am hoping it will stretch through time.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Size 42c shows only a 2 hook on the back, does that sound right? i thought it would be at least a 3 hook, possibly a 4 hook closing on the back.

(1) Question: Would a 48ddd be the same cup as a 48g

(2) Question: I believe this is the model i am looking for. is this a front hook bra?

(3) Question: Some sizes are listed as size or size + us. i'm sure the cup size is the same but which one has the longer band width under the bra?

(4) Question: How many hooks are in the closing?

(5) Question: What is the fabric of the cups inside?

(6) Question: The shoulder straps are not adjustable?

(7) Question: Is it padded?

(8) Question: Why dont you have this bra in my size in the colors i want

(9) Question: The description says its cotton, but i received this bra today and there isn't a threading cotton in it and only polyester. did i get the wrong item? .

(10) Question: In another bra, i wear a 32ddd. what size would i buy in the comfort strap?

(11) Question: Do you have size 32b or 32e or 32d in this bra?

(12) Question: Does this pack contain 2 bras?

(13) Question: How do you measure to get the correct size for under the arm coverage

(14) Question: What are the material percentages of the fabric?

(15) Question: I ordered 3 of them, why the weight is more than 0. 75 lbs?

(16) Question: Does this have underwire?

(note) Question: where/how to get Playtex (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Playtex's products

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I really do love these the shoulder support makes a difference. As i have major shoulder pain. Only thing i dislike on both this one and the black one are the way they come to an artificial point. Otherwise, very comfortable.

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Best playtex women's 18 hour original comfort strap bra 4693 in review

This has been my first underwire-free bra and i do have to say that i was surprised how supportive it is! i work 12 hour shifts as a nurse so i was looking for a bra that would hold my 38ddds down without them falling out of my bra everytime i bend over. This bra has proved to withstand those long days as well as being quite comfortable! the only downside i would add is that it gives my large breasts somewhat of a pointy look, almost as if i'm a pin up girl. . I used the sizing chart provided and i found the bra to fit snug but comfortable around the band. I highly recommend this product.

J. Broyles, Louisiana

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. Guest, Bretagne says

I've been buying these for years- have a couple that are probably 20 years old. The newer ones have a slightly less comparable fabric. Will not hold up as well. Also the method of attaching the straps has changed which causes slight discomfort for me. But i am very difficult to fit and these are still the best for that. All in all, these are still my pick.

. Allen, Cheshire

Seemingly designed for a full-figured woman, this bra covers it all. The "playtex women's 18 hour original comfort strap v-neck front bra is a unique design that isn't easily exposed when you are wearing low cut tops. The cup has an extra wide cup space for the "girls" who refuse to stay put. The exterior is complete with extra wide shoulder and back straps. You will totally feel like "playtex has your back. " you won't have any problem with your straps sliding down because the extra wide shoulder straps will harness your body. I took off points here just because sometimes i have to physically hide the straps because they want to be seen. (be mindful of wearing this bra with spaghetti straps. ) i bought this about 6 months ago when i was in need of a bra. Tired of purchasing bras from the usually department store, i bought this bra because i was going out of town and needed a good bra quick. This 18 hour bra in black is the perfect under garment for your flexible wardrobe because of its neutrality. The fabric they used for this bra has nice feminine design on the front. I bought this bra all in all, this is a good solid bra that works well to support. After all isn't that the point?

A. Cassella, Midi-Pyrenees says

I bought a size up from my regular brand because i knew these run smaller. Should have gone up two band sizes. The cups are fine. Quality seems okay and it is comfortable to wear all day. I will order again, just a different size.

R. Connie, Vermont

Just ordered 2 more since my last review about a year or so ago. I keep finding myself going back to this. It held my girls up, and i don't get that uniboob look. The straps can be adjusted to shorter lengths unlike other bras. This wireless bra feels more comfortable since there aren't wires digging into my rib cage. Most stores don't carry my size, and the ones that do, have very uncomfortable bras. Also, i am not willing to fork over $50+ on one bra. . However, there are a few things to note. The seams on the front of the cups show while wearing a top with thin fabric. The sizes were a little bit loose, but it's not a huge problem. It gave my breasts a rounded cone shape. The cut of it was a tad high so it might peek out if wearing certain necklines. . Overall, i will most certainly buy this again and would love more colors to choose from. The band might be a bit snug so order a band size up if you must.

P. Jackson, Hawaii says

Very comfortable, my wife wears all day at work with no strap discomfort, under cup chaffing or itches from hooks on strap. A winner all round for my wife. So guys, don't be backward in coming forward if your lady needs new underwear, i just asked my wife and she told me her size and what she wanted for comfort. Gets you in her good books. Was no shrinking after washing and drying several times and she likes the neutral color so am sure i will be ordering her more in various colors. No brainer to keep your significant other happy.

L. Jarvis, Tennessee

I have worn these bras for a long time. When one is a 42g, there isn't much choice in non-underwire bras. These have always done the trick, providing adequate support while remaining comfortable. I rarely experience any discomfort and i typically wear them for 16 hours a day. Frequently, after a great deal of use, the hooks deform (in the washer? dryer? ) and function less effectively as well as irritate and scratch. This is not a big deal. However, the last time i purchased two bras and on one of them, one of the hooks deformed after the first or second wearing, before being laundered. The second bra of that purchase broke before i ever got to wear it even once. The plastic ring that attaches the bra strap to the back of the bra broke as i put the bra on for the first time. There is no way to repair it. Even if i were to cannibalize an old bra, i would have to too much unstitching and restitching to make it worthwhile. Still, i ordered two more to replace those two. As i said above, there just aren't many options. (in all fairness, these are the only two that i have ever bought that self-destructed soon after purchasing, and i have bought many of these over the years. )

F. Valencia, Gateshead says

Definitely gives me the support i need , & very comfortable ! plus my posture improves when wearing it . I'm 69 yrs old & have put on some extra weight :-( so therefore need all the help i can get ! 36 dd & thick -waisted , my clothes fit better & my confidence gets a boost also . Purchased two & will undoubtedly purchase more .

S. Beale, South Dakota

I've been wearing playtex 18 hrs. For over 33 years. Although the quality isn't as great as they use to be, but, what is, they have always kept me perky. I can say they are reliable, wear and tear wise , doesn't last as long as before because the elastic material use for the sides and back tends to break down after 6-7 months ( that's with wearing each bra abt. 2x's a week). I don't use fabric softener on them and i always hang them to dry.

B. Florence, Plymouth says

Perfect fit! band size perfect, cup size fit like a glove. Only thing to prevent it from getting 5 stars is that the straps dig into my shoulders. Nothing new for me, but would like one day to get a bra that didn't chew my shoulders up.

Y. Patton, South Tyneside

I do not know why i ever get any bra but the 18 hour line of playtex. They fit well and give pretty good coverage. I just wish they was a little bit more coverage on the back of the arms for my "back fat". But, i have this trouble with any bra. I have lost quite a bit of weight but doesn't seem to matter back there. I wear a 42dd, down from a 44ddd. I have never been smaller than a 40dd so i am used to full-figure bras. Can't go wrong with this one.

W. Angelica, Portsmouth says

If you are very large breasted this style of playtex bra will give you the best support and lift you can find once you determine the correct fit. This style goes up to a g cup. You may need to try two sizes before you get the right fit, but it is worth it. These bras are strong, good quality and well made and include padding in the shoulder strap. There is nothing skimpy about them. You get good coverage for everyday wear. Nothing should be sticking out the sides or under the band. If the bra cups are too small and the band is very tight, go up one cup larger in the same size and that should work. It did for me. Perfect fit.

. Meghan, Pays de la Loire says

It was a little bit too tight so i'll order a bra extender. The cups fit okay. In the mean time i ordered 3 more they're coming tomorrow but i ordered the next size up. Hopefully i ll lose a little bit of weight thou. This is the first bra that lifted them up. I thought i had lost my girly figure but when i walked by the mirror and saw how a real bra is supposed to fit i said, "hey i didn't lose my figure. I just had bad bras all these years". So now i know how a bra is supposed to fit. Last week i bought 5 bras from target the name started with a m. I thought those were right for me so i put one on and after taking 6 steps both of them left the bra. I had my hands in my bra more than a man got his hand in his pants. With this playtex bra, i didn't need to put my hand in my bra to fix any popped out hooters because none popped out. They just dont pop out of place with this bra. Im so happy that i found the right bra. I even asked my 14 year old do her non playtex bras fit her right that i bought from sears last week, i was hoping she'd say no so i can take them back and buy her playtex. But she said they fit good. I guess her's aren't big enough to not be fitting good. Oh well good for her. I like the price too and can't wait to return my corny bras to target i might as well not wore a bra at all dealing with the target bras. What a waste of an hour it took me trying all those bras on. I could have been relaxing. Well now i want to buy different styles of playtex so i can know if they're good fitting too. I hope so but if not then at least i have this model. Thank you 4 and 5 star reviews, online store and most of all playtex. A creation well done.

. Joanna, Wirral

Perfect as usual. I have been wearing playtex 18 hour bras for years. Not purchased from online store, but with this purchase, i find that the quality and fit are the same. What i don't understand is the price difference between and black and white bra?

. Morgan, Louisiana says

I will admit, it would take something with the strength of hercules to hold my boobs up at all. I'd forgotten what it even felt like to fit into anything without an underwire, but this was pretty much what i expected, having recently grown (flabbed) out of the ddd cup range. (depending on what manufacturer and what model: when i go to dillard's outlet i can sometimes fit into their cabernet broomhilda one at the 38ddd range and sometimes the exact same model, i will have to get a 38g in - it depends on which colour i'm trying on, evidently). I'm beyond expecting anything to hold them up, in place where they belong, meaning above my kneecaps, for more than a couple of hours or so, short of an actual whalebone coret. Yes, i'm in the "heavily wired, push-up, minimizer" category.

G. Glenda, California

I am using my husband account coz his on prime. Might as well take advantage of the free 2 day shipping. Now for the review. This is my new favorite daily working bra. It is 18 hour original comfort indeed. I recommend it to every one who are bother when there bra strap is falling off and kinda hurt there shoulder. With this one you won't even feel the strap. The only cons is that the tip is a bit pointy which leave a space and it kinda show the fold when your wearing a shirt but i don't mind it so i keep it besides as i said its comfortable to ware.

D. Wilson, Rhode Island says

I appreciate the quality and fit of the playtex women's 18 hour original comfort strap bra. I have bought this product for years and will continue to in the future. I frequently recommend this product to friends and family members.

. Emily, Hounslow

Somebody posted a picture of madonna with her pointy. Er. Girls and they were right! this bra looks like those which were worn in the days of black and white or newly (techni? )color movies. But i ll overlook that in favor of the awesome fitting it gives. It holds everything in place and doesn t slip or slide. Even with its pointiness, i think it s worth it.

X. Sandra, Berlin says

I'm always a playtex fan and feel they're worth the expense. This bra provides excellent support and is true to size. I have tried many brands and styles over the years and keep coming back to this bra as the only one i will purchase. It is an excellent value and provides support for those of us who are well endowed. As part of my continued efforts to stay and look young, i have purchased vitamiss youth anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & anti-aging supplement. As a woman of a certain age, i have started to become concerned with the health of my skin. These are a great addition to my skin care regimen. I also use a hair product from vitamiss, and my skin looks much more clear, fresh, and young!

O. Lisa, Croydon

I prefer this style as it is one of the more comfortable bras on the market. If you are looking for a lacy, more decorative style, then this bra is not for you as it trades fashion for comfort and support. Previously, i purchased my bras from another online retailer, but after a company and website restructure i needed to find a more reliable source. I was pleased to find that online store carried my size and that delivery was up to their usual high standards. The bra itself is very comfortable, with a wide band that really does minimize shifting. The shoulder straps are very wide and reduce digging. The bra fastens in the back, but playtex also offers a similar bra in a front closing style. Very satisfied.

N. Theola, Oldham says

I've been buying this model bra for so many years, i've lost count. I've tried other brands & other types of bras and always go back to this brand & model number. One thing i noticed when i received this bra was that it wasn't as tight as it usually is. Because these bras last a very long time with countless washings, i like the band to be slightly tight in beginning. This way, as the band stretches with age, it remains comfortable. Made me realize it's time to be measured again for a bra. Yes, i need a smaller band & cup size. I would highly recommend this bra for comfort, support, cost, & looks.

. Harrison, North East Lincolnshire

This bra is full-coverage. Meaning there is a lot of fabric here! it holds it's shape well and looks good under almost everything. It also tends to smooth out any lumps and bumps as a back smoother but does not provide any extra back/side support of your breasts (so pull them up and scoop it all in yourself). The straps are wide and pretty comfortable. Although this is not an underwire bra, the support is pretty good and the bottom strap does resist rolling up on you. The ribcage measurement was a little small and the cup size (especially since the fabric is somewhat stiffer and non-elastic) was a little too large, leaving extra space in the cups. I

K. Kelly, Calderdale says

This is my most favorite bra. The support is 100% on with the shoulder straps, back band, and sides. I have perfect coverage, absolutely no spillage, pinching, or bulking anywhere. Please don't ever stop making this!

H. Annette, Cornwall

Unbelievable that i could find a popular brand bra in my size. Not in any stores around me. Found it on online store smile and really really happy with the fit. I wear a 38g and cannot find a bra under $60 in any store around me. This is a great bra and it's pretty too. I love it.

Top /playtex womens original comfort 4693 Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Maria, Vermont says

There isn't a lot of give to this bra so unless the cups fit perfectly, it bunches. The straps don't lengthen enough so it tugs up on me. I love the color and fabricplaytex women's 18 hour original comfort strap wirefree bra, sailor blue, 44c but wish the fit was better.

L. Wade, Ealing

Smaller than expected. The size i ordered fits me in other brands of similar design, but this one was too small. I had to return this item. Pleasant design. Good quality materials. But too small. Not true to size.

. Cunningham, Brandenburg says

This was my third time buying this style bras. I should have gotten a cross your heart bra. The bra i received fits a bit snug, yet it fits; i think these bras run small, no matter what size you wear. I won't buy this style again.

V. Morgan, Australian Capital Territory

The cut of this bra is simply strange. While it fits my size, it is a bit uncomfortable at the bottom around the rib cage at the front. It does stay in place across the back and at the straps. The way it sits, however, makes me feel a little like one of those 50's pin-ups because the shape of the cup is a bit pointy and 'jutty. ' i asked some of the women i work with how noticeable it was, and some thought not a problem others said maybe. So, i won't be buying another, but will have this one until it no longer suits.

J. Russell, North Tyneside says

The straps seemed a little short. The band length was good. . The thing that made me return this was the "viking boobs" style. Far too pointy to fit me properly; wrinkles on your boobs is not a stylish look.

K. Carolyn, Haringey

I measured myself carefully and bought the right size. A different bra i ordered the same day fits me well but this one is too tight. Also, the scratchy plastic lace trim on the straps was unbearable and cut into my skin. I will have to return this one. I wore it only once, for 1hour, and that was 1 hour too long.

M. Arnett, Wokingham says

For years i was always able to pick up my size and it fit. I think they changed the way they make these. If i go my the way you are to measure then my size would be a 38d. Since some people said it was too small or too large, i went with a 40d. The band size fit then, but the cup size was too large. So do you call it too large or too small, because the 38 should remain constant and that part is too small, but ordering a larger size makes the cup too big. My next guess would be to keep the larger band size and reduce the cup size, but if you go by how you are to measure for a bra then these are off. I didn't wan't to keep purchasing and exchanging, and causing more postage expense than the bra costs, so i returned them and will have to go to a store to try one on.

H. Brenda, Harrow

I have to say that you get what you pay for. I have used the playtex brand bras before, and have never had this problem. I ordered three of these bras. The first time through the wash, one of the bras's interior came out with all of these huge balls of some slightly sticky fabric-like substance that looked like the remnants of a cheap interfacing inner layer. They were floating around between the outer layer and the inner lining. It only happened with one bra, not the other two, and they all went through the same wash cycle according to wash instructions. As a person who is familiar with sewing, i suspect that this was a case of someone using a cheaper or inappropriate-to-washing-instructions lining during construction, while the other two were obviously made with a different (more durable) one. The one bra is completely unwearable.

T. Meghan, Sunderland says

This will definitely lift and hold you in place if you have larger breasts but it feels like you're wearing a contraption. The material is so stiff that it gets pretty uncomfortable during the day. It kind of makes your boobs look pointy but smooshes them together in the middle allowing for zero separation. It wouldn't look good under a v-neck or lower cut top. There has to be a better option out there for us busty girls, but i haven't found it yet.

I. Wayt, Alaska

The bra has limited give (elasticity) in the circumferential straps causing an overly tight fit and, thus, the somewhat small fit.

N. Cageen, Alabama says

I can see why people like this bra-great support with no wires. Personally, i found the band a little tight and the cups a tick large, so i'd probably go with a "sister size" next time-bigger band, smaller cups.

W. Veronica, Illinois

I'm in my 60's and haven't worn a strong support bra in quite a while so it feels very tight, but i have been wearing it. It does hold in all the bulges and lifts well, but i can't wait to get out of it at the end of the day. Haven't felt like this in years. It's a nice light color, as i don't care for darker tans or khaki's.

X. Broyles, Auvergne says

I received the bra in a timely fashion. The bra is beautiful. I'm sure it is my size, all i wear is playtex. When i took it out of the case it reeked a strong rubbery smell. The package, itself, is not sealed, just a snap on case so the person who packed the bra should have smelled it-it was strong. After 2 washes, the smell is still as strong as when i first received it. Beautiful to look at but can't wear it:-(

C. Margaret, Darlington

I measured with a tape measure & according to the sizing directions i should wear a 44d, but i van just barely get this bra fastened in the loosest hooks. Then the straps at their loosest are too short for the band to sit where it should. I even used an extender i had purchased hoping to make another too small bra fit, but that just made it finally feel like i wasn't being pinched. But then after all this struggling the cups seemed a little too big and there was so much material in the whole front of the bra i felt like i was wearing a nun's habit! i used to wear this same bra when i was younger & slimmer and never felt like i was completely encased like this. Maybe this style is just no longer right for me. (i have copied this review from another one i just made for the slightly different bra from the same line and brand, since the situation was exactly the same for both bras) the quality is there, just can't get them to fit!

. Claudia, Minnesota says

It does not have a lot of give to it, and the straps are somewhat constraining. I have gotten these bras in the past, and they were comfortable, as well as supportive, upon putting them on, i don't know if they are constructing them a different way now, but they don't seem to fit the same anymore. Maybe it will loosen up some after a few washes.

G. Ophelia, Indiana

I am attaching pictures to assist with this review. The first picture should show the band under the bra as you see it in the product photo. To achieve this i am lifting up the "lady". The only feasible way i could imagine my ladies doing this without assistance (36ddd) was to put the shoulder straps on the shortest length and the back buckles on the most comfortable by snuggest fit. Well, that did not work. Picture number two is me wearing the bra on the most comfortable and appropriate settings (middle brackets) 1/4 way lose strap. Bottom band is all gone! hence the cup portion of the bra rolls over the band. Picture 3 shoes a full view. Picture 4 shows how pointed your ladies become, like a bullet really! not sure if this is something i do or don't like. Picture 5 shows the lack of cleavage separation your receive from this bra (in this size). This i don't like. Picture 6 shows the net like material that i find scratchy and uncomfortable. Picture 7 shows the underarm view with more scratchy material and how high it comes up, right to the top and feels scratchy. So, these photos show you views but to tell you feel. It does life my (nursing for 12 yrs straight) floppy ladies! the are right up there! i like that! not sure about the pointing out though. I love this color. But i think it kind of stops there. This bra has a lot going on texture wise and a lot of separate sewn together parts. This must be why i can feel this bra everywhere! i know it's hard to find a bra your so comfortable in your forget it's on but this one is sending me sensory reminders in numerous areas all at once. However, it does stay put! i gave it a pretty fair star rating i think. I could wear this bra and be confident it will stay put and give me a nice lift, oh and i feel it is slightly side sliming which in my ladies case is great. But also i will be irritated all day "feeling" it all over me and i am wondering if after a day's wear will my underarms become raw? it's going to be a toss up on keeping it or returning it. I will update! . * update: extra pictures added with cotton dress on. The bra actually hasn't bothered much sensory wise nearly what i thought it would. However, as other reviewers have mentioned. I really don't know how i feel about the pointed torpedoe look!

E. Sheila, Arizona says

The bra ran a little small. I am a 44dd, i had to buy a bra extender because it was too small otherwise. I put it on the middle row of clasps on the bra extender. Also after four or more hours the seams on the inside of the bra start to really dig into your skin.

U. Heidi, Champagne-Ardenne

Was not expecting the kind of problem i had: this bra gave me a yeast infection under my breasts. It must be something about the wide band and lack of airflow. How do i know it was this bra and not another? i wore it and when i took it off, i had painful, stingy areas at the lower band areas. I treated the infection and washed the bra and wore it again, not yet associating the problem with the bra. But when i took it off, same problem. . This might be a testament as to how good a fit it is, but i just can't wear it again. The itching was insane for days afterwards. I ordered a band size up from my usual size after the first one i ordered was too small (the 40 fit like a 38). . On the plus side, it was a good fit with great support. The straps are padded. Not a great bra to wear under any shirt that might accidentally show the straps because they are pretty wide and look silly with a tank top. . I can't return it because i've washed and worn it several times, but i am totally done with it. Oh well! least it wasn't expensive.

P. Alba, Manchester says

(wife here) i ordered a 36d, and the band runs a little small -. It fit more like a 34. The cups were also baggy at the top, and pointy. Overall construction was good, but the fit was not right for me. I ordered a different full coverage 36d playtex bra that fits great.

S. Rose, Massachusetts

The circumference is okay but the cups don't fit as well as the 42c bra of the same style. I was hoping that the change from 42 to 44 might be a little more comfortable. The sides are so wide they come up under my arms too high and have rubbed a sore on the back of my underarm. If the construction could narrow down just a little bit and use just three hooks, it might taper enough to be okay. A "c" cup doesn't really need four hooks. Also there isn't much extra strap with which to make adjustments. I let them out as far as they would go to adjust the position under my arm but it wasn't enough. Plus letting them out any further probably wouldn't give me the support i enjoy. This bra the way it is might be perfect for a taller woman but i'm just 5'3" and chubby.

. Annette, New Mexico says

Ok, just got my bras. True to size (i had to move up in size because life happens, hence the need for a new bra. Was scared to buy a new size/ brand online, but i did). Happy i was able to get a 46 g. Totally missed that this bra doesn't have underwires (my bad) or any sort of padding. The support from the structure of the straps is fierce, so i may be okay without the underwire. Only time will tell. But the lack of pads was almost a deal-breaker. Without that extra lining, it just seems like a glorified sports bra. If these weren't so cheap to buy in the first place, the lack of cup lining would have been enough reason for me to send them back. . So, at the moment i give 1 star for being true to size, 2 stars for price, and 1 star for shoulder and bust support. I'm subtracting a star because i really do believe that a good support bra should have some sort of cup lining or padding to prevent the hard nipple showage that comes with bustiness. . 24 hours later. . Ok, so this bra offers some solid support, no bounce factor at all. And, i know some don't like the cone shape the cups can tend to give, but for me, it offered quite a flattering look. I want to give it an extra star for this and support, but i'm subtracting that star due to the lack of air perfusion. I live in the south, right on the gulf coast. The summers are humid, and i put plenty of baby powder under and between the gals to keep them smelling fresh and clean when i'm out and about. This works in my other bras (not this brand). But, i couldn't even last 7 hours in this bra before the stank started to rise from my cleavage. The fabric is dense and lets neither air through nor sweat evaporate. . So, yeah, 3 stars!

A. Edna, Leicestershire

The bra was not what i expected. I had read the description and thought the cup had some filling in it. It didn't. The bra is very well made, just not for the likes me. It fine everyplace but the cup. The wide comfort strap would have been a blessing if i had only filled out the cup.

Y. Miller, Arkansas says

Oddly, i received a different brand of bra, one i had seen in catalogs. So i tried it and decided to keep it, though it is very different from this playtex bra. I think the playtex version is better, and i will order it again sometime. This switch is a first in my experience with online store.

F. Guest, Utah

This is a well priced bra with comfortable straps ok 3 stars i can see this item working for some women. Lets face it i'm a big woman with big boobs. Its not easy to find a bra that fits and that is comfortable. This bra is a quandary, i would not call this a 18 hour bra. On one hand once you get it on, the straps are comfortable, and remain comfortable throughout the day. The fabric covering the breasts is durable but i felt the cup itself was oddly fitting. I wore the bra for 8 hours and had to make a few trips to the ladies room because i felt the back hiking up and my boobs sagging i would not buy this product again, but i do feel these are great bras for people smaller in size than i. .

R. Kellie, Croydon says

I recently bought three different styles, but all highly rated playtex bras all at same time to choose a favorite and this one doesn't make the cut. First, it is a very solidly built and full sized bra. It covers a lot of real estate. Not a problem except if you have a short upper body, which i do. The substantial sized band extended far enough towards my waist that my "puffy-ness" was made very uncomfortable. Felt like i was wearing a compression vest. I am typically a size l in blouses and a dd cup. I can understand the high ratings, it is very supportive, well made, the cups are a bit pointy but "pieced" cups are what give your girls wonderful shape and help avoid the water balloon look. Just not the right bra for a short upper body that has a bit of extra flesh in the upper tummy.

D. Glenda, Yukon Territory

Out of the three bras i chanced ordering online, this one fit the best, but it was still too small in the cups. The band fit would've been too small had i ordered my actual measurement. I am 34" under the bust, and i ordered this in a 38 and that fit, but on the last set of hooks. Not having an underwire would've been nice, but with really large boobs, they just hang and the bottom band gets folded over. I almost kept it because it fit better than the other two, but the shape it made my boobs was just awful. Very conical in shape, and not natural looking at all. It made me feel self-conscious even though i was in my own house. I bought online because local stores don't seem to carry size i, and if they do, they are just awful looking, and painful. I can't afford a bra in my size i guess. I was really hoping it would work out. I wish i could find the replacement bra for the style i loved that playtex discontinued. If only i could read the style on it, but it faded years ago.

O. Denise, Tasmania says

These are the worst bras i have ever tried on. And sadly, we can't return them. I am sticking with just my size for now on. The strap is the main problem and it doesn't look like my regular bra size at all. Never buying again!

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