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Price was 13. I usually buy my bras at the store, but every time i went in, i could only buy 1. That was all they had available at the time. I am able to buy as many as i want. As for the bra itself, i love these bras. They fit me perfect. Other bras will shape me as if i have cones on. Not this bra. I feel i get the best support with these as well. The straps are very comfortable too.

-Z. Glenda

Women’s active lifestyle this wire-free sports bra stays comfortable at work, at play and every day the cups feature moisture wicking fabric that provides breathability and keeps you dry. -playtex women’s active lifestyle bra

  • Advantages: Hook-and-eye Back Closure.

Economical Playtex Women’s Active Lifestyle Bra (Bra) 4159

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I have been buying this bra for years. What i love about it is it provides very good support and straps and bands are comfortable. I do wish it came in smaller sizes though. Like 34b or 32b. I buy the smallest size available, 36b. The cup is right for me but i start out on the third hook when it's new. So i only have one hook to move to when the bra looses some elasticity. I always use a laundry bag in the washer, and never put them in the dryer, thinking the heat would reduce the longevity of the bra. I read some of the reviews here that state that they shrink back in the dryer if you don't wait too long between washes, which i also do, thinking less washing improves the longevity. I'll try drying to see if i can stay on the third hooks longer. Still i would rather have a smaller size, 32 or 34 so i can use the looser fit in the beginning and have more hooks to move to. I'm giving it 5 stars because it is an excellent bra for me. I have nursed six babies over my lifetime and now sag uncomfortably (i'd rather buy a thousand bras than go in for surgery). I just want to be held in nice and snug. (no floppies! ) and still have two round shapes instead of one wide flat one. The Best women's active lifestyle ( Sep 2019 ) | Playtex Women S Ia-Bra Review Advantages Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra Sport bra featuring seamless wire-free cups and wide cushioned straps. Hook-and-eye back closure .

Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra Review (4159)

I tend to be very picky about the comfort of my undergarments, and yet i am a beggar and a chooser, as i care about price. This playtex bra fit my requirements, especially when on sale! in short, soft, breathable, comfortable and support describe the product. Please continue for more details. The fit is as expected, though i am actually a between size girl, needing something between a 36c and 34d. I have been "measured". In a playtex store at a "34c, " but amazed them when i was bulging out of the c cup, and fit nicely in a d. Any woman knows that fit and size are not always equal, thus part of the difficulty in finding the right bra. This worked for me in the "36c" with the band fastened on the last clasp. Speaking of clasp, the 36 c has three hooks, which i prefer. I really like the amount of support with the lack of underwire. I breastfed 5 babies for a total of around ten years, and my milk makers show their years of use by asking for more support. The straps are soft and thick enough to deter digging into shoulders, while not being so thick that it feels like wearing a tank top bra. The support is perfect for normal work and play, though definitely not a sport bra for working alone during extensive bouncing as in aerobics or serious running. I will use a light sports bra over this and it works perfectly! . It is nice that it comes in different colors (for different prices, so be aware) but i chose only the white at this time. I did buy one to start, and liked it enough to purchase two additional bras. Overall, this is a quality product well worth the price, but with any bra, to each her own. -X. Aldana

Playtex Womens Active Lifestyle Bra

Product Dimensions
Height:1.00 inches
Length:13.00 inches
Weight:0.63 pounds
Width:8.00 inches
Playtex Women's IA
Part/Serial Number
One Size

women's active lifestyle Apparel, This wire-free sports bra stays comfortable at work, at play and every day the cups feature moisture wicking fabric that provides breathability and keeps you dry. Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra (4159-Playtex).

Playtex Womens Active Lifestyle Bra Apparel

  • As i've stated in my other bra reviews, i bought several at the same time. My absolute favorite bra is the playtex ultimate lift and support. That is the best bra i've ever owned. This one is a close second. It has lift and support and is very comfortable. I actually went back and got a few more. The difference here is in the shape it makes the boobs. It's more minimizing. If the ultimate lift and support lifts so much my buttons are going to pop open, i go to this bra. The boobs are separated and point a little toward the sides. It looks good under the clothes and there's extra lifting material on the sides of the boobs so the boobs don't do the side sag. It's a good bra.
  • I'm delighted to find a brav a very reasonable price, that fits more comfortably than any of the top many bras w/wires i have! . As i get older, i really suffer more from extreme uncomfortale-ness w/all of them! that includes after going to 2 specialty lingerie stores that ostensibly specialize in c-whatever sizes, & paying hundreds of dollars, almost no relief! . This bra isn't perfect, but comparing to bras w/wires? so much better & i'll probably donate the others to goodwill! . Online store reviewers reviews very helpful in my decision of which specific non-underwire bra to buy. Just bought a 3nd playtex 18-hr. Bra/bit different, price a tad lower, same almost 5* reviews as this 1-figure why not compare?
  • Sizing way off at least 2 inched smaller. Straps do not stay in place , bottom band rolls up . Cups awful. A brand name quality missing and false clains
  • I was so hopefull when i ordered this bra with no under wires to make. Me totally miserable. It had such good reviews & good price so i ordered. My usual ddd which fit fine. Took the pretty light lavender bra out of bag , . And put right back in the bag. Poor fit on me , but not unusual with any bra. I try. I'm very narrow shouldered , that don 't go with ddd's. If there is anyone. Else out there with same problem & solution , pass it on!
  • The fit was off. Went one size up and it still felt off. Was either too small or too big. In the end i returned all and went with warners. The material was nice and the bra was well made.

women's active lifestylePlaytex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Have tried a range of wireless bras over the year. Wacoal styles are prone to some binding and not laying flat (for me at least), warner styles are prone to having the shoulder straps come out in the back (lack of good reinforcement) and lack good support (the fabric and straps stretch out as the day wears on). After trying out this bra for over a month, bought more. . Pros: great support for a wireless bra - the fabric doesn't stretch out a bunch during the day, straps don't slowly let themselves out. Smooth-fitting comfortable design that doesn't pucker along seam areas. Good everyday bra that can easily handle low impact activities. . Cons: not so much a con as an observation - this is like the panzer tank of wireless bras - heavily constructed and durable, and not very sexy. Not horrible, but not "pretty". However, where bras are concerned, most days i'm more into solid functionality than aesthetics, and it's under clothing anyway.

Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra
Click to see NoticePlaytex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra (4159)"After visiting the online bra-fitter site and answering the questions, i took their recommendation and ordered a size different from what i had been wearing. I chose the playtex brand because i've had good luck with them before. This bra is incredibly comfortable, and i did wear it all day, from early morning until late in the evening, and i was still comfortable with it. No problems, such as straps slipping, or the back riding up. A great bra!"

(0) Question: I wear a 44c and typically it has 4 hooks but the picture only shows 3 hooks do the number of hooks vary by size?

(1) Question: Is this the m41p bra?

(2) Question: Is this the 4159 playtex bra?

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Playtex Play Outgoer Wirefree Bra

This ultra-supportive bra features the true support system to give you taller sides for coverage, full cups for shape, wide straps for everyday comfort and a smoothing back. All day dry wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry.

Playtex Play Outgoer Wirefree BraPlaytex-Play-Outgoer-Wirefree-Bra

Brand :    playtex
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    4910
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Play Outgoer Wirefree Bra available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Supportive sport bra in all day dry fabrication featuring lightly padded cups
  • True support system offers taller sides, full cups, and wide straps

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra 4049

This style is getting harder to find. Ive been wearing this style since it first came out several yrs ago. As a plus size gal (size 18-20 with 44ddd) this is the only bra style i wear. It holds me up nicely( lets face it-most of us past a certain age with a large chest that isnt fake know how they droop when not holstered properly). This is the only way mine stay perky. I wouldnt say it does a lot for the side smoothing as it seems bulgy, but does seem to smooth the back bulges. I hate underwires and personally to me this is as close as you can get to underwire without the actual wires. Like most bras however, over time they do wear out. I have several so i alternate to keep this from happening.

Addressing her request for an allover smooth look under clothes, seamless smoothing is designed to smooth side and back bulges. A new take on fusion technology provides all the wonderful benefits of spanette-like continuous-smoothing support (from right behind the cup all the way to the back of the bra) and comfortable 360 degree stretch (moves with her body so that the bra stays in place during her busy day) without any of the negatives.

Playtex Women's 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra 4049Playtex-18-Hour-Seamless-Smoothing-4049

Playtex Women's 18-hour Seamless Smoothing Bra 4049 FAQ.

I've gone from a 48 to a 38 band size, lost 115 pounds, and i have some serious droopage in the tata and side torso. Those of you who've also lost a lot of weight know what i mean, right? well, i have lived in underwire to get the support i need. My faves are wacoal and some of the avenue and lane bryant ones i still wear. However, i wanted a wirefree for the days when i was all casual and wanted comfort and still look good (not squashed in sports bras that i use to workout). . Well, dang. These are great. And so much less expensive than my beloved wacoals. . The babies are high and pert and in control with some dip between (i hate monoboob). They keep my looser side skin in nice. I can wear it all day without feeling like i'm being squashed by a giant squid tentacle. . I just ordered 2 more (black, beige). These work fine for non-impact workouts, like pilates and yoga, too. Isometrics. Weight lifting, that sort of stuff. . I love these. Cheap and effective. And no weird seams. I hate seams cause i live in yoga wear and t-shirts. :d my go-to casual bra now. 38ddd. And they stay up. Woohoo! -Notice from I. Anonymous, South Australia

Click to Show playtex women's 18-hour seamless smoothing bra 4049 Details

Cup size is a little large for me. Just received it and tried it on.

Playtex-women's-18-hour-seamless-smoothing-bra-4049 set picture

- E. PalmerI wear a 40ddd and this is the best, wire-free bra i've found. It holds me up! i hate bouncing and feeling loose, and this bra better supports me than a lot of bras, wired or wireless. I was wearing wired bras for years, thinking that's the only way to go with my size. I was so amazed with this bra. Lifts, supports, and is comfortable. In fact, i'll be buying more, because this has become my 1 bra that i've owned for more than 6 months, and it still works!

Great product. . . Have been buying the same ones for several years. Everything went well with the order too.

G. Annette, Sheffield

Brand :    playtex
Color :    Parent
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.63 pounds
Model :    4049
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Comfort strap cushioned straps relieve pressure on your shoulders
  • Banish bulges! fusion fabric smooths your sides and back
  • Seamless 2-ply cups have a moisture-wicking lining, for all-day comfort and support
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra 4049 available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Breathably Cool Cushioned Comfort Strap

Playtex 18 hour collection introduces a new cooling bra that works all day to offer lift and support while keeping you dry

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Breathably Cool Cushioned Comfort StrapPlaytex-Womens-Breathably-Cushioned-Comfort

Brand :    playtex
Color :    Parent
Model :    4.00E+78
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Breathably Cool Cushioned Comfort Strap available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Moves moisture away from your skin
  • Lace-accented straps
  • Air-cooling, moisture-wicking fiber technology
  • Ultimate support lift panels
  • Support four-way support system

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Active Lifestyle

Who has time to change bras between activities? this bra stays comfortable at work, at play and every day! , this everyday comfort bra was inspired by sports bras, so it's designed for your active lifestyle, created based on the features customers like you requested! , plush, absorbent cooling comfort cups keep you dry. , soft underband reduces chafing, wide, cushioned stay-put no-slip straps and v-back construction prevent slipping, famous 18-hour m-frame for stability and support, seamless wirefree cups look smooth under clothes.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Active LifestylePlaytex-Womens-Hour-Active-Lifestyle

Brand :    playtex
  • Molded seamless cups give you super support and shaping. (totally smooth under clothes. )
  • Softly brushed bottom band won't chafe or irritate skin.
  • Side slings contour your curves for added support without wires.
  • Extra-wide cushioned straps help relieve stress on your shoulders. (v-back design helps keep straps from slipping down. )
Price :    —
Model :    4159
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Active Lifestyle available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-Flex Wire-Free Bra

The bra was a fit. I have lost a great deal of weight recently. And needed a new one. I have always bought playtex bras. Love this one as well.

Comfortable support and a smooth silhouette, plus the playtex four-way trusupport design, all combine to deliver a beautifully classic bra. Note: hook & eyes: two on 34 b-c, 36b; three on 36c, 38b-c, 40 bc; four on 36, 38 and 40 d-dd; 42, 44, and 46 b-dd. Fabric care instructions is machine washable

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-Flex Wire-Free BraPlaytex-Womens-Seamless-Comfort-Flex-Wire-Free

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-flex Wire-free Bra (4395) FAQ.

Not the sexiest bra. But really comfortable to wear -Notice from . Paige, Tasmania

Click to Show playtex women's 18 hour seamless comfort-flex wire-free bra (4395) Details

Great product and lightning fast shipping

Playtex-women's-18-hour-seamless-comfort-flex-wire-free-bra-(4395) set picture

- . PeteComfortable all day after first washing. Provides good support. Seamless cups make knit tops look good.

Excellent i bought two more would encourage friends and family to do the same

Z. Kathlene, Poole

Brand :    playtex
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    4395
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Flexible comfort design shapes to fit your curves.
  • Hook & eyes: two on 34 b-c, 36b; three on 36c, 38b-c, 40 bc; four on 36, 38 and 40 d-dd; 42, 44, and 46 b-dd
  • Seamless 2-layer cups give you smooth support without show-through.
  • Cushioned no-slip straps help relieve stress on your shoulders. (no more painful dig-in. )
  • Soft lace-covered panels add shaping and side support.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Seamless Comfort-Flex Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra

Great comfort straps and side/back coverage. A little small on the band and the cups puckered a bit that did not come out when washed

This wire free bra includes seamless and breathable lining in back and cups

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free BraPlaytex-Womens-Sensational-Sleek-Wire-Free

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-free Bra (4803) FAQ.

I had already purchased one of these at a store and decided to get another one. I have always worn underwires and this bra does not have it, but promised complete support. Well, it is absolutely true and it is probably one of the most comfortable bras i have ever worn, no wires and more support than any wire could every provide. -Notice from . Anonymous, Missouri

Click to Show playtex women's 18 hour sensational sleek wire-free bra (4803) Details

I've been wearing bali bras for years and decided to try playtex for something different. These are more comfortable and much less expensive! i'm a 38dd and love how this bra supports and feels. It's very comfortable and the straps stay on my shoulders. Very nice.

Playtex-women's-18-hour-sensational-sleek-wire-free-bra-(4803) set picture

- M. ClaraI usually do not purchase light color bras, but i thought i should try this color and i'm glad i did, it fits perfectly, the material is soft and comfortable, would buy again. I am waiting in the mail for my second one.

No matter how many other bras i buy, this is the one i end up wanting to wear every day. I just ordered two more, so i have a total of seven, one for each day of the week. May as well wear what feels best. This is the most comfortable bra i've ever worn.

. Susan, Sheffield

Price :    —
  • Seamless, breathable lining and plush-back inderband help you feel your best all day
  • Back smoothing design eliminaes back bulge
  • Wear your sleekest styles! silky-smooth bra disappears under clothing
Brand :    playtex
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    4803
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Stylish Support

Molded lined cups support and shape the bust. Lace trim offers a feminine detail. Shoulder straps stretch and adjust.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Stylish SupportPlaytex-Womens-Hour-Stylish-Support

Brand :    playtex
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Model :    4608
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • V neckline for today's fashions
  • Breathable comfort lining is soft next to your skin
  • Beautiful floral pattern with lace trim
  • Tapered cushion "no-slip" straps stay put, relieve shoulder pressure, and help prevent strap "dig-in"
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Playtex Women's 18 Hour Stylish Support available ( Sep 2019 )

Just My Size Women's Active Lifestyle Wirefree Bra

Just my size active lifestyle wire free bra

Just My Size Women's Active Lifestyle Wirefree BraJust-My-Size-Lifestyle-Wirefree

Price :    —
  • Hidden inner side slings add extra lift and support
  • Cushioned camisole straps help ease pressure on shoulders
  • Soft cotton-rich knit stretches for flexible fit
  • Inner cooldri lining wicks moisture to keep you dry
  • Seamless 2-ply cups give you shapelier curves with less show-through
Brand :    just my size
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Model :    1220
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Just My Size Women's Active Lifestyle Wirefree Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

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Light, but supportive. Very comfortable. I purchased a few of these as it seems once you find a "perfect" fitting bra, the mfr. Takes it off the market. Why do they do that? anyway, really happy with this. It is very nice and light. Does not have a liner, which keeps things nice and cool. This was the 1st time i'd purchased this bra, and i ordered according to the size i wear and it fit perfect.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Is there any padding in the cup? i need nipple coverage.

(1) Question: What happens if the bra is put in the dryer? does it shrink?

(2) Question: How many hooks and eyes are on the c cup bras?

(3) Question: Can i order 2 bras at once. quantity will only show 1

(4) Question: One method to determine band size is to measure under the breasts where the band sits, and the other is to measure under the arm pits. which is best?

(5) Question: Will your nipples show when its cold?

(6) Question: No where on the site does it say what color i chose. how do i indicate the color?

(7) Question: I live in texas & was surprised to see taxes added - can you clarify if that was correct? i haven't submitted order yet. thank you.

(8) Question: One method to determine band size is to measure under the breasts where the band sits, and the other is to measure under the arm pits. which is best?

(9) Question: I usually where a 40d but need the band a bit looser. what size would be best? cup is fine

(10) Question: I am a 46b and i have a very hard time finding my size. any suggestions?

(11) Question: Do you know if this sports bra is designed for high, medium, or low impact workout?

(12) Question: Does playtex still make the 4159 18 hour bra? if so, where can i buy it?

(13) Question: Do you make style 4903?

(14) Question: Is there padding in the bra

(15) Question: Which style is the most supportive and comfortable

(16) Question: Is this bra lined?

(note) Question: where/how to get Playtex (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Playtex's products

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Very comfortable and breathes pretty well (unlike some other playtex bras). This must wick away moisture, because i never notice that my bra is wet (or stays wet) when i perspire while doing physical activities. I love that about this bra when it is hot or humid, or if i am hot or humid, ha, ha. I also love that it doesn't have grippy rubber on it like the traditional 18 hour bras. Those rubbery-banded bras are the worst for working out and perspiring. This bra seems to stay in place without an underwire or a rubber strip on the inside of the band. This is probably not too worth noting, but here goes. When i look down at the bra, it seems weird-shaped (? ) or something; however, it looks very natural when looking at myself in the mirror, so i just disregard that. Would recommend to someone who wants good support and comfort in a bra that deals well with activities and sweat. It's also very comfortable, because i don't every really notice it while i am wearing it, which is not something that i can say about all bras.

Bras 0694401, Clothing 0660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Everyday Bras 1104026732, Lingerie 11533341, Lingerie, Sleep & Lounge 1101392259, Women 1100447417Top Playtex Women's Active Lifestyle Bra (4159) FAQ Content

Best playtex women's active lifestyle bra (4159) in review

I've never had much luck with non-underwire bras, but this one had such great reviews, was lowed priced and they actually had the decency to show them on plus sized models that i thought i'd give them a chance. I was not disappointed and was even pleasantly surprised. It does kind of push my girls together, but i am pleased to announce that i can now bend over to pick up things, pet cats, scoop litter boxes, retie my shoelaces after the cats untie them and other things requiring me to put my head close to my kneecaps without the girls flying out of my bra and hitting me on the chin. I suppose some people may enjoy the sensation of breasts hitting them in the chin, but i, for one, do not. Also, i don't have to do some elaborately strange movements to get the girls back into place after standing back up after being slapped in the chin. Best of all, i do not look like i am covered in ligature marks after wearing it all day. There are not many things as unattractive as a woman covered with ligature marks around her torso, shoulders and breasts, in my opinion as i am not really into kinbatu (japanese tight rope bondage). I hope this helps other women who have had difficulty finding bras that don't leave them feeling that they are slaves to their own mammary glands.

T. Bullock, Alaska

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. Annette, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

I found any 18-hour brand is comfortable. I have broken many ribs and finding something that doesn't hurt is tricky. I 'should' take a 44 and i couldn't' wear it. It seemed tight. I ordered a 46 and that works much better and i can wear it all day. It's not loose so i'm not sure if it is me or the sizing is small. The cup fits without gaps or puckers, no digging with the straps. I don't want to rip it off the second i get in the house. Also, i found any bra with rings in the front hurt. There are no rings. Everything is smooth and fits nicely.

F. Shawna, Thueringen

I ve been getting these for years. I am a dd or ddd depending on the manufacturer and often pick up something cheaper or different because i want to branch out. Nevertheless, i always come back to these. They are comparatively comfortable, last for a good long time and aren t crazy expensive. My favorite part is they don t give me that bulge above my boob because my bra is too small in the cup! i love that. . I noticed someone else who had that blob-of-boob above her bra and knew i had to write a review asap! fyi, that never looks good. It s like muffin-top on your chest. . These bras run a bit small around the body/ribs but they do grow a bit over time. (i get new ones for work, then use my older, less lifting ones at home because they are way more comfy. ) the cup size seems on point to me. . As a really positive side-note, playtex is amazing. I had purchased several versions of the 18 hours and one had issues. It had little threads of elastic coming out, like a sweater unraveling. I called playtex and they asked for information from the bra. As it turns out, they are manufactured in more than one place, outside of the u. S. They immediately sent me one from a different manufacturer of playtex bras. No hassle, no charge. . The only issue that caused me not to rate them perfectly is that the band was a little too small. I kept the three i bought, but will go up a size next time.

Q. Julie, Trafford says

I've always stayed away from playtex . Opting for the more eye-pleasing styles . But sure wish i'd tried them sooner! though this bra isn't the most eye catching, it supports (with zero padding) and is so comfy, you can sleep in it (not that you would but that's one of my comfy tests). I'm on a search for more playtex styles to add to my collection. . Please note for reviewers that complain about any bras fit . It's subjective to the reviewer and many of us do not know our correct size unless we've been measured. I wore a way too small cup for decades and many people never guessed i wore a dd unpadded cup. Do yourself a favor and get measured . Your bras will fit better and be more comfy if you do. And . If they say you're a 38 but you want to be a 36, don't . Just buy the 38 and you'll love your bra better. :)

S. Janice, Gateshead

In general i like this bra. But the problem i have all the time is that the adjusters on the shoulder straps slip all the time. That leads to a lot of readjusting throughout the day. I have 3 of these bras, and they all do the same thing. I like the material and design otherwise, so i continue to wear them - but not without frustration from those slipping straps.

E. Kelly, Centre says

I think i reviewed this bra when i bought it about a year ago. I just bought 3 more. I am in my late 60's and wear a 40dd. I refuse to wear an underwire any more. I thought i needed a bra with stretchy cups to avoid the vertical wrinkles which show though clothes. This bra does not have stretchy cups. Cups are well-shaped with fabric slings inside. No wrinkles! playtex has also done an admirable job in eliminating the usual scratchy seams. This bra is actually very comfortable on the inside! what would make it perfect? gel straps, especially wider, attractive satin straps, since straps always seem to show. Straps which could be made even longer when desired. Padding and wider straps which cover the collar bones and shoulder bones even when the staps are fully extended. The bra brand, style number and size (playtex 4159 40dd) printed on the inside, so the uncomfortable fabric label could be eliminated. However, since i doubt the perfect bra will ever be manufactured, i will continue to buy and be grateful for this one.

P. Clara, Wirral

I had no idea this was a "sports bra" when i bought one earlier this year in a store. It sure doesn't seem like what i thought a sports bra would be. I liked it so much though that i looked to see if it was available on online store, and it was! in more colours! this bra has good support for a dd size and yet is not overly tight on the shoulders or fatiguing to wear all day. In fact, it has excellent, wide straps which, unlike most bras, don't hurt my shoulders. Of course, everyone is built differently. For me, this is the most comfortable bra i've bought in many years and i'm buying several more to make sure i don't run out if they suddenly discontinue them, as bra manufacturers seem to have a habit of doing.

W. Laura, Rotherham says

I hate purchasing bras. I am so picky and it's generally impossible to please me, but that being said, this is a good bra. I was worried when i initially tried this bra on upon arrival as it felt a little tight and scratchy in places. The straps also, while advertised as adjustable, really aren't. However, after washing this bra in cold water and allowing to line dry, i must say i'm pleased with this item. The fabric is incredibly soft, the foam cup isn't too stiff, but moves with my body in a naturally appearing way, and all scratchy spots have smoothed out. . Cons. I have two main complaints: 1. ) the straps aren't very adjustable and thus a little too short, but with some stretching this was resolved. 2. ) the cut of the cup by the armpit is rather intrusive and almost cuts in. I'm hoping that through enough stretching and wear this will resolve itself. Due to how comfortable the fabric is, this intrusion isn't as uncomfortable as with other bras that have this design flaw. . Pros. The fabric is awesome in that it's super soft and breaths. The cut allows for wearing modest tank tops and the design smooths without being restrictive.

. Suzanne, City of London

I ordered this playtex bra and the just my size women's satin stretch wire free bra at the same time and crossed my fingers that at least one of them would fit well. I can't remember ever buying a playtex bra before, so i really wasn't sure what to expect, but i think i'm in love. . I put it on the second the package arrived (yes, i changed in the bathroom at work). At first, i felt like the traps were maybe twisted; right where the ring connector was on my back, it was irritating and itchy, but after about two minutes, i couldn't feel it at all. Best of all, after wearing this bra all day, i wasn't dying to rip it off by the time i got home. That's a first for me! seriously, with the amount of support i need in a bra, even the most comfortable ones begin to wear out their welcome after several hours, but not so with this one. It's incredibly comfortable, provides a good shape under my work clothes, doesn't leave me sweating, and has awesome support. Why am i just now discovering playtex? ! ? someone really should have clued me in ages ago. . Unfortunately, i only bought one, just to make sure it fit well. I contemplated some other playtex styles, but after reading through the various reviews, it looks like this one is my soulmate. So of course, i just place another order!

V. Nielsen, Tasmania says

I've been struggling to find a few inexpensive bras in my size to wear around the house or out to run errands in order to take pressure off my more expensive bras. I had reservations, but it was cheap enough, so i went ahead and bought it. Absolutely no regrets, this is a very comfortable bra. The fit is similar to a sports bra, but there's more shape so you don't get too much of a uni-boob effect. The straps and band are all comfortable, though the band does flip up when i lay down and stand back up. . I wish there were a version of this bra with thicker cup padding, not a full on hard padded bra, but just a bit more would be nice, i feel like my nips are on display so i'll need to wear silicone nipple covers with this bra. That said, it's still pretty great and i intend to buy a couple more of them!

D. Smith, Pays de la Loire

Update: 7/10/17 purchased 4 more of these bras the other day, 2 black and two white. I still love them and the price is always right. This time the white bras were only $12. Definitely cannot beat that. . I absolutely love this bra. I first discovered it at kohl's, and was instantly hooked. I hate, no i despise underwire bras, and even though i am a 38dd, i still will not wear underwire, so i have to find a bra that will hold me up and be comfortable. This bra does just that. Usually i would purchase about 4 bras every six months from kohl's when they would have their sales, and the bras would be about $18. 00. The other day i went to make my semi annual pilgrimage to the store, and they had them priced at $35 and buy another for half off. Well that certainly was not going to work. So i check online store, and the exact same bras were only $17. 99 each, so i purchased two black and two white. I wear them for normal daily activity. Even though they look like sports bras, i would only recommend wearing these for light exercises, like yoga or walking, because they aren't really designed for running or intense cardio workouts. These bras a comfortable, stylish, will last about 6-8 months with wearing about 3 days a week. I do recommend washing them on cold and hang drying them so they don't stretch out.

B. Megan, Stockton-on-Tees says

I have this bra in other colors. I love it. It fits well and supports well. It also breathes. I cannot stand heat. Cotton is perfect and i've aged past underwires. But, not too old for lift! i will continue to order this style as long as they continue to manufacture it. I'll keep buying it here but will watch the prices of each color everytime i log in. They change and i will not pay ridiculously high prices for bras.

K. Broyles, Leeds says

I have had bad luck with bras all of my life, so buying one online was really a stretch for me. Bras always made my breasts feel way too heavy, made me feel hot (sometimes sweaty) and made huge indentations in my shoulders (even the ones with the extra padding to prevent that). I couldn't wait to get out of my bra when i got home. I figured i was just cursed. I was finally fed up with all of the strap and bra tugging and did some online research. I found this bra with good reviews but not convinced, i visited the playtex website and i'm so glad i did. I found that . Has a great site for measuring yourself to see if you're wearing the right bra. It even addresses what specific problems you have and how to fix it (i. E. Bra straps slide down a lot- your size is wrong, or "mushroom" bumps at the top of your bra, the straps may be too tight). I found that apparently the size i always thought i wore was wrong. I had measured myself before to find the right fit, but it was apparently not a good measure because i have never had a bra fit the way i wanted it to or thought it should. The size i was given on . Was very different from the size i've been wearing. I was hesitant to order a different size, but finally decided to go ahead because the ones i had clearly were not working. I chose to buy playtex because that was the sizing site i used. This particular bra had good reviews for people with ample breasts. I love it! for the first time ever, i don't find myself tugging at the back to pull the bra down or constantly trying to find lost straps from where they fell into my sleeve. This bra is comfortable, breathable, and does the job. And, it looks good under a variety of different types of shirts. It's smooth, no lines, and looks natural, not pointy. It's not restrictive. It was listed as an "active lifestyle" bra so i sort of thought it would be like a sports bra, but i am happy to see it's not. I wear it with work outfits and at home in leisurely clothes and it's equally flattering and fitting for both. And, shocker of all shockers, i don't even remember to yank it off as soon as i get home because it's so comfortable i forget i'm wearing it. :) i'm going to order more.

. Jessica, Sutton

This bra is marginally more comfortable than the playtex 18 hour ultimate lift and support bra which gives a better shape due to it's extra stitching. It does, however, give better cooling. So, the other looks better for every day wear and this one is better for working out. Both are more comfortable than traditional sports bras and where regular bras fall short. Ie. It is very hard to find a wired bra that fits comfortably, doesn't shift around, wicks away moisture, has wide/comfort straps and is smoothing all around. I don't know why manufacturers can give us one or two of these features only per style. Playtex is my compromise. The only downside is without the wire, the shape is not optimal.

J. Jacqueline, New Hampshire says

Believe it or not i purchased this for my wife who complained for years of bras not fitting right. We found that when you use the sizing chart correctly, and have someone else available to help with measuring, you can get the correct fit. Essentially my wife found out that a smaller size distributed the load better and was much more comfortable. Wide straps, wide lower bands, and the correct size are the key.

O. Morgan, Ealing

I love these bras and always buy more. They're the most comfortable bras and provide excellent support. The bra straps don't hurt your shoulders a bit, there are no seems under your shirts, and they are made with a very breathable material. I gave 4 stars due to the coloring of this specific one i bought. I bought it in 'light beige' and it is more of an ugly yellowish color than a beige, which was very disappointing since it doesn't 'blend in' at all against my skin. Regardless, i will still add it to the collection of these great bras!

I. Cecilia, Hertfordshire says

5 minutes after putting this fabulous bra on i ordered another one! if you are top heavy you know how impossible it is to get a perfect, comfortable fit in a bra. You dread wearing mos bras as by in of day you are miserable. This one is so comfortable in so many ways that you barely know you have it on. No dreaded straps digging into your shoulders and a smooth, supportive great fit. Love it!

Y. Jackson, Alaska

The fit and feel is excellent. However, the straps on it are to short. I've worn the same size for over 30 years. This is not the problem of just this bra, it's the problem on all bra's for the last 15 or so years. I have to add some elastic to lengthen them with every bra i buy now regardless of the manufacturer. I believe it to be a way the company's save a little money. That's just my opinion. We wouldn't have so much "dig-in" and pain on the shoulders if they'd just make the straps a little longer, say 3" to allow for adjustments. Please !

C. Gilmore, Kensington and Chelsea says

*pictures to show light beige color and material. There is a lot of the breathable material around the inside of the cups, the waistband, and in the shoulders. *. . These are my favorite playtex bras. They are made out of polyester and nylon (but they feel and absorb like cotton) and are made with an "active" (aka sweats a lot. Lol) lifestyle in mind. I live in florida and live an "active" lifestyle (lol) and these do a great job of keeping my shirts dry. I have been wearing this particular style of bra for years now and they hold up well to repeated washings as well. I'm very happy with these. Thanks for a great product at an affordable price! . . Eta- i just bought 5 more of these because i like them so much. I don't even own any other kinds anymore!

U. Whiteman, Missouri

In the last few years i have tried at least 8 different bras with no luck in the fittings. Finally. I bought two of playtex bras 42 b and they were made very well however i had to return them as. They were just a little big in the cup and on the sides. I came back and i ordered 3 more bras in a size 40 b and the fit just perfect, thank the good lord. I am back to order 4 more (just incase the company) stops making them. I hope they always have these in stock. As they are a women's dream. I did not want to get discouraged with the first order so i reordered and i am soooo happy i did. Finally a bra that makes you feel good all over. If your girls are not happy neither is your whole body. No, i do not work for the company. I have been a buyer with online store for several years and i love the great service i. Have with them as a customer. Thank you online store for carrying playtex bras. I hope this review will help other gals, that are truly looking for a good bra!

Top /playtex womens active lifestyle bra Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

M. Erin, Milton Keynes says

I have to put a star but seriously it doesn t deserve any. It is wraping, not holding or supporting. The shape is ugly: it is like your boobs are flatten and the cups are pointing towards under your arms. The two boobs are mostly free to wobble towards each other into a single body pillow. The bra kinda gives up on you as the band under tends to roll outwardly through the day.

J. Miller, Oregon

I like these bras but they do run small. Order the next size up (38 instead of 36) but cup size is fine. The construction of the bra is just ok. Unfortunately, i didn't realize they were a bit uncomfortable until i had worn them a day or two. I probably should have returned them for a larger size but didn't want to go through the hassle. If you want a latex free bra, this is a decent choice. Just be aware of the size issue.

O. Anderson, Tasmania says

Pretty nice bra as conventional styles go, however i would prefer no metallic rings, and other slides (? ) on the straps which tend to rub and irritate my skin.

C. Mays, Corse

I mean, it's a playtex bra. It's fine, fits okay, looks decent under tighter shirts. It looks exactly like the picture: practical, ordinary, not at all sexy. Just your everyday, don't-let-a-man-see-it bra.

N. Audrey, Havering says

I ordered b cup. Unfortunately seemed like a d cup. Really large

Z. Pearson, Alaska

Bra fits great and comfortable but. Yes there is a but. There is no padding what so ever. If you are cold or excited the world will know it! i would only where this here at home under a sweatshirt. I can not imagine wearing this to a gym.

. Bertie, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

While the bra does fit, and is comfier than an underwire bra, it has a bit more space than i expected in the cups. I am usually in flux between a b and a c, so it was less great than i was hoping.

. Teresa, Knowsley

Although i bought the same size i always wear, it did not fit and did not close in the back. I was planning on buying a couple more in other colors, but have to buy other bras now. Disappointed

D. Paige, Hamburg says

I thought i hit a home run with this bra, but the sizing is definitely off. It's too tight around me and over my shoulders, and no matter how much i loosen the straps it pinches beneath my arms. I was hoping it would loosen up a bit with wear and washing, but it has not, now i'm just stuck with this bra.

. Reed, Auvergne

Used to love this model of bra but the sizing around the body torso has changed. The same size is much tighter; almost too tight. Hope it stretches in time as it could get uncomfortable. Always wore 40 c or d. It's the 40 that is not the same. I place my older bras next to the new ones ands it's a 2-3 inches shorter around the torso. I ordered 8 that i can't now return. Not happy.

L. Kimberly, Suffolk says

When i first got this it was extremely comfortable and i loved it. However after wearing it about a dozen times it started hurting my back horribly. Great when it's new but after it brakes in even having it on for 5 min is excruciating. I don't typically get back pain from wearing a bra. Wouldn't recommend an extra star since i did love it a lot before it broke in.

. Isabel, Basse-Normandie

Eh. It's alright. Not amazing, not horrible. A good 'need to run out and should probably put one on' kinda bra.

. Anonymous, Mississippi says

For me it was not enough support and it seemed to point my girls in opposite directions. Weird. Was comfortable though i have to say that!

R. Glenda, Dudley

This would be the best bra with a tiny bit more support. An added plastic "wire" or just add underwire might be a nice addition. It's great though - it's made from nice breathable design. I highly recommend this bra for women who don't have much and don't need crazy support.

P. Allen, Montana says

If you were looking for something with strong support this is not the broth for you! this is better used as a sleep bra versus a sports bra or definitely not any sort of daily 18-hour support bra during the day the description on the website did not exactly match what arrived. It was very flimsy though the color was good and material soft. I see the structure they re trying to go for but the cup size just doesn t do what it supposed to do because unfortunately, and we need to be realistic here, if you are larger than a regular c you re going to need some sort of underwire or stronger support to maintain a proper hold. Champion sports bras are stronger. Again if you re looking for a sleep bra this is soft enough and comfortable enough that it would not disturb your sleep.

V. Stacey, Hessen

I have large breasts, that are natural. This bra as you go up in size seems to assume a person has these perky dd to ddd which isn't the case. I am left with empty fabric on top because my boobs are ddd and so thus bottom heavy. I loved these things when i was a c to d but the bigger i have gotten the worse the support. Depressing.

Q. Guest, Kent says

This is a lovely bra, but i should have stuck to the old method of measuring. Instead, i followed instructions and measured around chest right under my. Arms (34") for band size. Cup size is great (no change in how to measure), . But band size a bit snug on widest setting! woe is me: such trouble to. Return, but even more to buy extender and remodel it! btw: if you know size. Of bra in the model you want, this is a great way to buy platex bras. Price was nice. And shipping fast!

. Wilson, New Hampshire

I purchased a 36d which is my normal size as a low impact workout bra since racerback/cross backs hurt my neck and back horribly. This provides no support and isn't lined. My nipples showed right through a thick tank top. Sadly i am returning this

K. Lorenz, Washington says

Buyer beware of the thin material! your nipples will be visible. I even tried silicone pasties to see if they would help not show through but that was a an awful experience. Bra is comfortable and i love the wide straps but it shoves your boobs together and shows your nipples. I don't think i could wear this bra for 18 hours and be comfortable.

. Clara, Champagne-Ardenne

All my other bras are 40b, i ordered a 40b this is way bigger than a 40b. I use the very last row to close it and it still isn't tight enough, and the cups are too big. My poor boobs look even more dismal than normal. Also do not forget this is not lined at all so your nipples will show through. Otherwise if it fit properly i would say it is a very comfortable bra.

Y. Dorothy, North Carolina says

Fit and design did not work for me. No liner in the bra, will be exposed. Returned item and 3 weeks later no refund or status. I cannot get a hold of anybody to get an update of my return.

E. Cathy, District of Columbia

Pro: this bra is certainly comfortable. I do not usually wear playtex because the material feels scratchy, but not this bra. That's all i can say that was good. Cons: no separation of the cups + heavier material that does not breathe sweaty uniboob. Very little support will leave you sagging. The neckline comes up too high on the chest, so the sides of the straps will show if you wear a v-neck top. I would not recommend this bra.

H. Zelda, Nevada says

I measured, 41 in band size. I ordered 44. It's marked 44. I measured the bra band and it's 37 in. Even with taking some stretch into consideration, a 7 inch difference does not make sense. I ordered 2 bras from two brands and had the same issue. Someone needs to check their math. Returning.

T. Alice, Minnesota

The cup size fit as expected, compared to the other two bras i purchased from other manufacturers at the same time, but the band size just didn't quite make it. On the loosest hooks my daughter (for whom the bras had been purchased) couldn't breathe at all, and i could barely fasten the bra for her. She couldn't do it herself at all.

A. Josephine, Manitoba says

This bra is billed for active lifestyles. Pros include that it wicks moisture and is relatively lightweight, which helps make it cooler to wear. The fabric is soft and it is well-constructed. It seems to fit true to size. The band and straps are comfortable and stay in place. . The downside is that it does not provide very much compression or support in the cup area of the bra. I wish the fabric in the cups was less stretchy so it would provide more support. I thought this bra might work as a sports bra, but it doesn't provide anywhere near enough support for that. It is also pretty dowdy looking. The coverage goes so high that you cannot wear a v-neck or anything except a high-necked shirt with it.

S. Whiteman, Iowa

The band on this bra is accurate but i believe the cup size to be at least two sizes too small. . The fabric is definitely breathable and will be a great fit for someone who moves alot during the day. I could see even working out in this bra because the band is that supportive. I will try again in a different cuz size. . I ordered for my sister who is a 46ddd but may need a g in this bra, which isn't available in this style.

I. Hannah, Kensington and Chelsea says

While the bra seems well made it is far smaller than it claims to me. I measured mine. It barely measured 32 inches while it is labeled as 38. I'm very disappointed in this.

F. Julia, Kentucky

I seriously wish that bras had super adjustable velcro straps! it would definitely be more comfortable for those of us without perky breasts by being able to lift the straps more than we can now. I use safety pins to adjust it to the max now and still have to hike it up all day long.

G. Courtney, Harrow says

Another reviewer had mentioned that it had a slight cone shape and i saw other good reviews, purchased it but honestly i can't understand how it would fit most people's breasts because sure enough it did have a more cone shape vs round.

X. Benton, Luton

Trying to find a wireless bra after years of wearing underwires. This one is the best i've found so far but the band still rolls up on me. It does have pretty good support, washes well, and is comfortable except for the band rolling up.

B. Mahood, Queensland says

It is stamped with the size but compared to one i already own it's made at least two sizes bigger. I opened and washed assuming it was like my other. Wrong! i'm stuck with it. Don't make the same mistake!

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