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Price was 16. I was a jeans girl, and then i became a leggings girl, but i missed wearing jeans so these denim leggings were the perfect compromise! i tried a few brands before these but they didn't seem to fit as well as these do. I now have 6 pairs of these and i love them! they're super comfortable and give me the look of wearing jeans that i missed! these are my new go-to pants instead of jeans or leggings!

-. Brendon

Classic Denim No Nonsense, We Are Shaping What S Possible In The Legwear Category By Creating Stylish, High-quality Leggings, Tights, Pantyhose And Socks Through New Technologies And Materials That -Classic Denim Leggings

  1. Items: No-show Coverage Hides Your Panty Lines So You Can Wear These Denim Leggings With Confidence.
  2. Items: Stretches Without Getting Baggy.

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I love these jeggings! first, let me start by saying that i am e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y skin sensitive, and i hate wearing anything tight. Ever. However, i know some looks call for a slim look on the legs, so i thought about trying jeggings as opposed to skinny jeans (which i have, but hate wearing). . I'm so glad i ordered these, because i get everything i wanted, and nothing i don't! as far as fit, i'm 5'9" and about a size 16. I knew i didn't want these tight, so i ordered the xxl, fully aware that i would have lots of room. And i do! they're not baggy, just not skin-tight, which is what i wanted. Had i ordered the xl, they would have been a perfect fit, therefore a bit tight, so this worked for me. If you want a nice, tight fit, order your size. Seriously, they're pretty generous, so you really don't have to worry about them being too tight. . The waist is quite big, of course, but i just rolled it down and it's fine. Length is actually good, and i have a 34" inseam, so i'm happy. . I'm now off to purchase these in another color! oh, and i washed them and popped them in the dryer and there was no shrinkage, and they feel nice and soft. These are definite winners! Best classic denim | No Nonsense Women S Hosiery-Pants Review ( Sep 2019 ) Items Classic Denim Leggings Total comfort legging with the look of denim in your favorite washes. No-show coverage hides your panty lines so you can wear these denim leggings with confidence.. Stretches without getting baggy. Faux front pockets and fly, real back pockets. Every day wardrobe essential .

Classic denim leggings Review (No Nonsense)

They're a little large in the waist & hips (not loose, but for leggings? i thought "snug" would be the operative word), so at 5'9", about 150lbs, the large is a little too large. Eh, they look good & are super comfortable, so a slight difference in the way they're cut vs. A manufacturer would definitely not put me off. Yes on these! -. Carol

No Nonsense Nl2045 Classic Leggings

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: No Nonsense
  3. Manufacturer: No Nonsense Women's Hosiery
  4. Model: NL2045
  5. Quantity: 1
  6. Type: Apparel
  7. Category: PANTS

classic denim Apparel, No nonsense, we are shaping what s possible in the legwear category by creating stylish, high-quality leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks through new technologies and materials that combine both strength and comfort. we have a proven legacy as an advocate for working - woman, and all women today. we do this by encouraging women to remove the nonsense in their lives to make way for something greater. Classic Denim Leggings (NL2045-No Nonsense).

No Nonsense Nl2045 Classic Leggings Apparel

  • This is the first pair of jeggings i've purchased, and i love them! they look and feel like real denim jeans! i'm not a fan of 'skinny' jeans, but i decided to give them a go (because i can't find anything similar in boot cut or flare without a hefty price tag). I've seen pairs of jeggings at walmart that looked. Well. Not good lol. I've also seen other people wearing jeggings and you can totally tell that they are, in fact, jeggings. They look kinda cheap? but not these, they look amazing. I've never felt more confident in any other pair of pants (is it technically 'bottoms'? ). I'm very happy with my purchase. I will give you a break down of my body shape and weight. Something that i absolutely hate! i have fluctuated up in down weight wise my whole life. I have some extra skin as a reminder. But, here goes. I am roughly 5'8" and weigh 240. I am sort of awkwardly proportioned. According to me lol. I carry most of my fat in my belly. I have a hard time finding real jeans that actually fit me properly, because my legs aren't that big. My natural waist is 44, my hips are 54, and my lower hip measurement is 34. So when i try on jeans in a size i can get up high enough with my tum tum, the legs always look baggy and weird. Anyway, i think it's important to remember that i could be standing next to someone that is the same height and weight, and we will not necessarily be the same size. My weight is in my belly, but some are fortunate enough to have there's evenly distributed. I ordered an xl, because i fit in to a xl in yoga pants, and leggings. They fit me perfectly. The length, feel, and fit was amazing. They aren't as thin as leggings, but they aren't as thick as some denim jeans. They structure to them, so they don't highlight every bulge. I hope this helps someone.
  • I've recently discovered leggings, and these look just like jeans only the look better on me. I have them in just about every color they make.
  • I'm just shy of 5'9" and 138 lbs, ordered the medium per size chart/customer reviews. Everything from the hips down is very snug. I mean i'm gonna go with "snug" as good for leggings since it will inevitably stretch out a little as you wear it, but it is a little difficult to bend my knees in these. I washed and then line dried to avoid shrinkage as well. All that would be fine but the waist band was way too big for me and makes it impossible to wear these without alterations. I'll give altering the waistband a try.
  • It's alright. Nothing to get crazy over. I ordered two in two different colors, and they sent the same color twice. Not happy about that. It fits as expected though.
  • How do these have good reviews? ! ? ! ? i would give negative stars if i could lol and i hate giving negative reviews. They looked cute and fit as expected. That was until i noticed a big hole in the back. These are so cheaply made it's not even funny. They feel super thin. I've never been so disappointed with a pair of jeggings in my life. Save your $! i listened to all the good reviews and i was highly disappointed. Thankfully i'm getting my money back.

classic denimClassic Denim Leggings (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I would recommend ordering a size down. Very comfy on, just a little loose in the waist. Nice soft cotton material and they look like real jeans. To those that complained about them not being 'denim' - they aren't - they are jeggings. But the material is slightly thicker and more jean-like than regular cotton leggings. Nice length also- i'm 5/6 and these could fit someone taller in length. Although they fit me when i got them, i expected them to shrink a little. They do not shrink, even on high heat - so if you get them and they're too big, they're going to stay too big and even stretch a little. Send them back for a smaller size. Great otherwise. :. . Update: because i love the light color so much i decided to order the dark color in a m since my first pair - large- were a little too big. The medium is way too small - i can't even pull them up! i'm not sure if the darker colors runs smaller or what - they should fit perfectly since the large is loose and too big on the waist. The dark also seem like a little different fabric. I'll be returning them and trying the large but the medium is so small on me i'm not sure a large will work. Disappointed.

Classic Denim Leggings
Click to see NoticeClassic Denim Leggings (No Nonsense)"Comfy and perfect for weekend-around-the-house wear. A bit lighter weight than i expected. Also, the fabric has a definite synthetic feel, in spite of the cotton content. Still, i'd buy these again."

(0) Question: Do all the "no nonsense" brand leggings (denim, twill & blackout style) fit the same? i am 5'3, 36" waist, and 144lbs, any size recommendations?

(1) Question: Is the material thin ?

(2) Question: What is difference between classic denim and denim leggings

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No nonsense Women's Classic Denim Capri Leggings With Pockets

No nonsense, we are shaping what s possible in the legwear category by creating stylish, high - quality leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks through new technologies and materials that combine both strength and comfort. We have a proven legacy as an advocate for working - woman, and all women today. We do this by encouraging women to remove the nonsense in their lives to make way for something greater.

No nonsense Women's Classic Denim Capri Leggings With PocketsNo-nonsense-Classic-Leggings-Pockets

Brand :    no nonsense
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for No nonsense Women's Classic Denim Capri Leggings With Pockets available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • With the "woven" look of denim and the total comfort of leggings, these capri jeggings feature stretch fabric with authentic jean styling touches like faux front pockets and fly and real back pockets.
  • Dress up or down in all-day comfort with a slim, flattering fit that stretches without stretching out, featuring a 24-inch inseam.
  • Feel confident in this classic indigo colored denim capri that features a body hugging fit with no-show coverage that hides panty lines and has a length that hits mid-calf for a flattering look.
  • Match these leggings with a classic button down, modern cut jacket, and ballet flats for a smart and stylish ensemble.
  • These classic denim capri leggings with pockets are made with 55% cotton, 40% polyester, and 5% spandex. machine wash cold, with like colors. only non-chlorine bleach when needed. tumble dry low. cool iron if needed.

No Nonsense Women's Twill Leggings

No nonsense twill legging pairs well with work, play and night outfits. Constructed of a cotton/polyester blend for durability and comfort, this legging is a work pant appropriate. Designed with seam detailing for a slimming effect and no pockets for no show coverage.

No Nonsense Women's Twill LeggingsNo-Nonsense-Womens-Twill-Leggings

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    NL2038
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Twill Leggings available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Seam detail provides slimming effect for a flattering fit
  • Style meets comfort and value
  • Every day wardrobe essential
  • No show coverage
  • Ready to wear for work, school or play

No nonsense Women's Shaper Denim Leggings With Pockets

No nonsense great shapes denim shaper legging offers the look of everyday jean with the functionality of shape wear and the comfort of a legging. Constructed with a tummy shaping panel for a slimmer look, these leggings flatten your tummy for a slimmer look. Featuring faux front pockets and fly and real back pockets. Small (size 4-6), medium (size 8-10), large (size 12-14, x-large (size 16-18) xx-large (size 20-22)

No nonsense Women's Shaper Denim Leggings With PocketsNo-nonsense-Womens-Leggings-Pockets

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    NN2000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • No-show coverage
  • Faux front pockets and fly, real back pockets
  • Get the look of a denim with the functionality of shape wear and comfort of a legging
  • Denim with spandex for a great fit. retains shape and color
  • Power net panel slims and shapes tummy for a slimmer look
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for No nonsense Women's Shaper Denim Leggings With Pockets available ( Sep 2019 )

No nonsense Women's Denim Leggings With Pockets

Absolutely fantastic, these are so comfortable. Im 5'7" the length is perfect to wear down or to roll up. Ankle cut looks great with my tieks. Waist does roll a little due to narrow waist band. I immediately ordered two more pair and now my teen daughter wants a couple pairs as well. I ordered the black and dark denim.

No nonsense, we are shaping what s possible in the legwear category by creating stylish, high-quality leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks through new technologies and materials that combine both strength and comfort. We have a proven legacy as an advocate for working - woman, and all women today. We do this by encouraging women to remove the nonsense in their lives to make way for something greater.

No nonsense Women's Denim Leggings With PocketsNo-nonsense-Womens-Leggings-Pockets

No Nonsense Women's Denim Legging (Pants) FAQ.

I cannot tell you how long i've been looking for a decent denim legging/jegging. I'm 6' tall and generally a size 18 and i have tried soooo many brands and sellers, even just for leggings to wear under a tunic, but always kinda hoped for comfy-but-sturdy jeggings that i could just wear normally and i found them! 3. . These are fantastic. They're comfortable. They're well-made. They're not see-through. They're long! (even on me! ) they feel like the perfect blend of legging and pants and i bought another pair just because i love them so much! . . I only wish i could buy them in black too, but they're out of my size (xx-large) in black right now. (hint, hint, seller! lol) -Notice from . Guest, Sefton

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So comfortable and nice looking. Definitely not made of a denim material, but they look exactly like them, you have to get really up close to tell that they aren't denim. Also not at all see through or flimsy. They should last for a while.

No-nonsense-women's-denim-legging-(pants) set picture

- L. MorganVery comfy but very long and a little big. I washed them hoping maybe they'd shrink s little but no such luck. I ordered the next size down to see if they fit better but will keep these as they aren't so big as to be uncomfortable.

I love these so much i bought more. Someone gave me a pair of these while i was pregnant, but there was no brand name on the label, just a size. Found these by accident on online store and ordered them immediately. Ordered a large, i'm 5'5" 200lbs. My butt looks amazing in these too.

E. Tracey, Mississippi

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    NG1720
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for No nonsense Women's Denim Leggings With Pockets available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • With the look of denim and the total comfort of leggings, these jeggings feature authentic jean styling with faux front pockets, faux fly, and real back pockets.
  • With gold topstitching on the pockets, side seam, and leg openings, you'll look great in these denim leggings, wearing them with confidence thanks to no-show coverage that hides panty lines.
  • Dress up or down in all-day comfort with a 29. 5-inch inseam and a slim, flattering fit that stretches but retains its shape.
  • Slip these leggings on with a classic button down, modern cut jacket and ballet flats for a polished look.

No Nonsense Women's Blackout Legging

No nonsense, we are shaping what s possible in the legwear category by creating stylish, high - quality leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks through new technologies and materials that combine both strength and comfort. We have a proven legacy as an advocate for working - woman, and all women today. We do this by encouraging women to remove the nonsense in their lives to make way for something greater.

No Nonsense Women's Blackout LeggingNo-Nonsense-Womens-Blackout-Legging

Price :    —
  • Sleek and on trend, these completely opaque black leggings feature soft, non-binding waste band that flatters without confining.
  • Confidence comes naturally with its slim fit, body hugging design with high quality fabric for no-show through coverage that conceals panty lines.
  • These leggings are made with stay black fabric that is a 95% polyester and 5% spandex for just the right amount of stretch. machine wash cold with like colors, gentle cycle. only non-chlorine bleach when needed. lay flat to dry. cool iron if needed.
  • Pair these stylish leggings with a denim tunic and pumps for a look that works for day or night.
  • Easily care for these 29. 75-inch inseam leggings-keeping their shape and color, they won't get baggy at the knees, no matter how many washes they go through.
Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    NL6411
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Blackout Legging available ( Sep 2019 )

Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging

I was worried these wouldn t fit as this style usually doesn t suit my shape. These are perfect. I m a 12/14 with a smaller waist and a bigger booty and these are just great. Tight without being constricting. I was worried when i saw them, they looked so small. But they have a lot of stretch. Also they stay fitted throughout the day. No bagging at the knees or stretching out in other areas. I ve worn them two days in a row and washed once. I washed in cold and hung to dry. Also these are a more substantial jean like fabric. Not thick, but also not too thin like some regular leggings that show skin. I love them and the price is great. I m ordering a second pair today. Also, i m 5 7 and the regular were perfect length.

An online store brand - a classic skinny legging, shaped from smooth, stretch fabric, creates a put-together look that's equally lounge-worthy

Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch JeggingDaily-Ritual-Womens-Stretch-Jegging

Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging (Pants) FAQ.

I took a huge risk purchasing these. My body is so curvy & in all the wrong places, it s a nightmare finding jeans or jeggings that fit me. I loved these and i will be purchasing them in every single color i find. They are not tight, i can move around, they look like jeans. I am in love with these babies! -Notice from . Olga, City of Kingston upon Hull

Click to Show daily ritual women's skinny stretch jegging (pants) Details

They're thick, sturdy-feeling, fit without binding, bend when i do, and look downright dressy. They're what i've always wished i could buy when i buy leggings. The inseams on the long length are about 32", which is perfect for me with a narrow leg (on trousers, i wear a 34" inseam). The rise is long enough that they sit just at my waist. And stay there when i sit, bend, or reach. My only regret is that i didn't discover these until the gray ones were out of stock in my size.

Daily-ritual-women's-skinny-stretch-jegging-(pants) set picture

- M. CarolI'll admit, when jeggings first came out i thought they were stupid and would tell anyone who would listen. Then when i became pregnant a couple years ago, and my regular pants stopped fitting but i wasn't quite big enough for maternity, jeggings became my best friend. I've been sold ever since. But that's neither here nor there and i'm sure you don't care. So let's move on. I'm 5'7" and my measurements are 38" hip, 29. 5" waist and based on other reviews i ordered a small regular and small long (thanks prime wardrobe! ). The regular was ankle length on me, and since i do not anticipate wading through minor flood water, this was not the look i was going for. The long was perfect. Full length with very little bunching. Now the long was slightly bigger in the waist than the regular, but hooray for belt loops because i'll need one. All in all i'm a fan and i might order the other colors too because why not?

I'd give them five stars if the front pockets weren't fake, but i'm sure they make a prettier line that way, and the bit of stretch in the back pockets makes things tend to stay in there, not fall out into the sofa cushions like the back pockets of ordinary jeans. I love the comfort and flexibility, and i really love the way they look on me - yes, even fat old ladies like to feel pretty. They have enough substance that i will wear them with a regular t-shirt and not feel too exposed, but they do show off my shapely legs, which are still pretty good for an old broad. Somehow all of my old black leggings have vanished from my wardrobe, so i needed these.

F. Anonymous, Sunderland

Brand :    daily ritual
  • Available in three lengths: short, regular, and tall
  • Faux front pockets, belt loops, and functional back pockets
  • Start every outfit with daily ritual's range of elevated basics
  • Model is 5'11" and wearing size small, regular
  • A classic skinny legging, shaped from smooth, stretch fabric, creates a put-together look that's equally lounge-worthy
Price :    —
Model :    MSP18-08213
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging available ( Sep 2019 )

Women's Plus Size High Waisted Stretchy Pull-On Skinny Denim Jeans & Bermuda Shorts

Women's skinny fit premium stretch jegging with easy pull-on design offers plenty of stretch and a curvy figure-flattering silhouette.

Women's Plus Size High Waisted Stretchy Pull-On Skinny Denim Jeans & Bermuda ShortsWomens-Waisted-Stretchy-Skinny-Bermuda

Brand :    jvini
  • Most comfortable elastic stretchy waist for added comfort providing all around ease & roominess; never too tight or restrictive
  • This jean is done in a flattering skinny leg and timeless wash for style to love season after season
  • Ultra soft and stretchy cotton blend denim fabric with shape retention ability, adapts well to the body
  • A natural rise; you'll love wearing this denim pants. s(2-4); m(6-8); l(8-10); xl(12-14); 1x(14-16); 2x(16-18); 3x(18-20); please note that sizing will vary between brands. please refer to our size chart on the left side for guidance
  • Easy pull on styling with faux zipper fly; classic functional pockets; flattering skinny fit; slims and flatters your waistline
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Women's Plus Size High Waisted Stretchy Pull-On Skinny Denim Jeans & Bermuda Shorts available ( Sep 2019 )

Riders Lee Indigo Women's Denim Pull On 5 Pocket Legging

Look good and feel great in these pull on denim leggings. The stretch denim creates a terrific fit and all day comfort. The faux button/zip front closure and faux front pockets create a smooth finish without any added bulk. The back patch pockets are perfect for carrying any necessities. Pair them with your favorite boot for a polished put together look.

Riders Lee Indigo Women's Denim Pull On 5 Pocket LeggingRiders-Lee-Indigo-Womens-Legging

Price :    —
  • Pull on style
  • Mid rise
  • Faux button/zip front closure
  • Stretch denim
Brand :    riders by lee indigo
Model :    ZFC3L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Riders Lee Indigo Women's Denim Pull On 5 Pocket Legging available ( Sep 2019 )

No Nonsense Women's Cotton Legging

No nonsense, we are shaping what s possible in the legwear category by creating stylish, high-quality leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks through new technologies and materials that combine both strength and comfort. We have a proven legacy as an advocate for working - woman, and all women today. We do this by encouraging women to remove the nonsense in their lives to make way for something greater.

No Nonsense Women's Cotton LeggingNo-Nonsense-Womens-Cotton-Legging

Brand :    no nonsense
Color :    Red
  • Featuring a 29-inch inseam, flatter your figure with its soft high-quality fabric and slim fit, giving you confidence with no-show coverage.
  • These leggings are made with a 57% cotton 38% polyester 5% spandex blend. wash once before wearing. machine wash cold, separately. only non-chlorine bleach when needed. tumble dry low. cool iron if needed.
  • Stylish and trend right for everyday wear, these versatile cotton leggings let you step out comfortably with smart temp fabric that adjusts with your body temperature.
  • Wear this wardrobe essential with a brightly colored tunic and a ballet flats on any casual occasion.
  • Easy to wear and easy to care for, the leggings keep their shape and color after washing, and won't get baggy knees.
Price :    —
Model :    NG1702
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Cotton Legging available ( Sep 2019 )

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I'm 5'5", weight 190 lbs. , and i could live in these jeggings because they are so comfortable! the only odd thing is that you have to wash them before you wear them and they really do bleed blue terribly, so make sure you wash them with other dark colors.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Are they ankle length?

(1) Question: These are the same no nonsence brand that makes the leggs nylons? because those are the pants i am looking for.

(2) Question: Can i wear these during my pregnancy?

(3) Question: I m 5 ft. tall. will these be too long?

(4) Question: What is the measuement of the inseam?

(5) Question: Could you do yoga with these?

(6) Question: Does the online store size chart apply to these?

(7) Question: Is the size chart accurate? i'm 5ft with 38 inch hips area and idk what size to get

(8) Question: What is the length of the front rise on the size large from the top of the waist to the center of the crotch? thanks.

(9) Question: What are the best brand/style jeggings for odd-in-between body shapes? i'm 5'2, 139lbs, and all my fat is in my mid-section! help anyone?

(10) Question: Has anyone noticed a chemical smell on these leggings that is hard to wash out?

(11) Question: What size for 5 6 - 145 pounds?

(12) Question: What is the inseam length for a small size?

(13) Question: Whats the inseam?

(14) Question: How do i get the "chemical" smell out? i've washed them 2x already and it's still very noticable.

(15) Question: Can you actually use the pockets in the front?

(16) Question: Is an xxl the same as a 2x?

(note) Question: where/how to get No Nonsense (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar No Nonsense's products

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Love love love love love love love - period. They look like real jeans, fit very well, without fitting too tight to the skin as a stocking would, which some do. So comfortable and light, yet look and feel like jeans - great product!

Clothing 0660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Jeans 8818401, Women 1100447417Top Classic Denim Leggings (No Nonsense) FAQ Content

Best classic denim leggings (no nonsense) in review

A five-star review might be premature since i've laundered these jeggings only once and don't know how they stand up to repeated washing. (though the tag recommends washing before wearing because of the possibility of dye transfer, i lived dangerously and wore them fresh off the rack. ) these are really comfy pants that anyone would mistake for jeans. They're a true-blue denim color. The only con is the lack of belt loops and front pockets. However, the absence of belt loops does make for a smoother look if you wear the pants with a tight top. I highly recommend these as an affordable, lighter-weight alternative to jeans.

Q. Rebecca, Luton

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D. Pearce, Australian Capital Territory says

Love these so soft and comfy and look like jeans not leggings. They do run large. I am an apple type body with a thick waist and tummy. I didn't want a snug fit and was trying to chose between a medium and large. I got the large and way too big on waist and hips but since i am wearing with a tunic, doesn't really matter. Legs are fine (not tight or loose). At 5ft the length is fine. First time wearing and i cuffed with sandals - very cute. I also tried on with boots and they will be cute to wear into late fall. I am going to order a second pair in medium.

E. Whiteman, Missouri

I would buy them in every color. These are my first pair ever. I was worried about looking like 10lbs of blubber in a 5lbs bag. These look greatest

J. Margaret, Wolverhampton says

These fit me perfectly, except of course too long as i am very short with exceptionally short legs (26" inseam), but since they are leggings, i just tuck the extra length under. I am 5' tall, 100 lbs, so not skinny (i have wide calves), ordered a small which hits about 1" below the belly button and overall perfect fit. They feel like thin, comfortable jeans, very light and packable.

I. Cecilia, Alberta

Medium is a great fit for me - i have a 32" waist and am 5'6", 130 lbs. . They're nice and thick - no question of whether i can wear them as pants. Yes! they're pants. Elastic waist with faux snap. Back pockets are deep enough for my phone. These are exactly the stretchy jeans i've been looking for! i ordered 2 more pairs. . I wouldn't mind an extra inch of length. I have long legs and they're on the short side (but fine).

W. Valencia, Utah says

I'm never sure what size to order so i ordered an extra large and it is an extra large so don't order up. There were comfy fit don't be great for just running around town not bad looking not great

O. Donna, Midi-Pyrenees

I really like the color/look of these, they look like real jeans. They are also a good length for tall girls. They're comfy, however, they get pretty loose when you wear them all day. I have a different pair of no nonsense jeggings that fit better, but look less like real jeans. I might try another pair of these and size down. . For reference, i'm 5'9, 165 lbs and ordered a large. . Edit: i ended up buying the other color in a medium, and they fit much better.

U. Veronica, Cambridgeshire says

These are my favorite go to leggings. Nice weight and don't pick up lint and pet hair.

Y. Betty, Greenwich

I was a little nervous as you just never know how jeggings will fit. But, i need to purchase another pair of these in a different color. They are so comfy. Great quality and a nice fit. Definitely not like the cheap ones you see in the store.

B. Bethany, Rhode Island says

Fit great. Just the right amount of stretch. The fabric has the appearance of denim and not as thin as other jeans look leggings. Bought a second pair and both of my daughters have a couple pairs.

P. Garner, Poole

So many seem to complain about trivial things, they don t fit right, too big, too small, have a chemical smell. The pair i received fits perfect! i m 5 4 1/2, normally wear a size 8 and a size medium fits perfect! they not only look great, they fit wonderfully! very comfortable. . The color isn t as light as what is pictured but i wanted the medium washed, not the light wash anyways. The length is great. I like to roll my jeans up a bit especially when wearing booties or sandals. . No they are not jeans, they are jeggings, they look like jeans but fit just like your favorite leggings. The material is lightweight but not see through. Not denim. Perfect for this time of year (spring), summer and fall. I live in the southeast so i probably can get away with wearing them during most of the winter. . I received them yesterday and i m wearing them to my chemo infusion appointment. I like to wear leggings to those treatments since i m sitting in a recliner for 3 to 3 1/2 hours and they are perfect for that! they are high waisted which is perfect. . So far i m loving these jeggings and will be buying more!

K. Walsh, Warwickshire says

Can't even express how soft and perfectly denim leggings like they are! amazing feel. Coming from someone who is brand-conscious. I'm 5'3" size 12-14 and bought l and fit great!

S. Peggy, Mississippi says

Looks amazing, fits and feels amazing too. Just wish i got this product a little smaller. I'm normally a medium but purchased a large. For future buyers: stick to your size and dont try to think that you should order a little larger to be on the safe side. It is already made to be bigger n stretchier trust me. Buy your original size in leggings.

H. Rowe, New York

I am 5'9 141lbs and have long legs. So sometimes it's hard to find jeans long enough for my legs. I decided to try these and see how they would look. I am shocked how much i love these. I have a pretty curvy bottom and these stretch and fit my bum nice, without being overly tight on it. I ordered a medium and adore the fit. I am going to order another pair in the light color.

F. Nees, Kent says

Without question i totally love these jeans. I have a pair of dark blue and light blue. I am trying to find more tunic tops to wear with them. I'm of the opinion that i only wear these with my butt covered. My opinion of course. I have washed them and they are still wonderful! will be buying more!

C. Carmen, Connecticut

These are so comfortable. I ordered them for a trip because i didn't want to wear anything binding and these were perfect. I had to roll them up at the bottom, but they looked fine. I love the dark color and the pockets in the back. I will definitely order more. I thought they stretched out as the day progressed, but not enough to worry about!

. Aldana, North Tyneside says

I really like these leggings. However, the no nonsense women's denim leggings with pockets are a bit heavier in material and are my number 1 favorite. These leggings are thinner and will be good for the warmer weather. I will try to update in the future to see how they hold up.

T. Paige, Wirral

I bought the xl according to the size chart and it was waaaay too big so i returned and ordered the large. It's also a bit big. . Very soft and stretchy. Which is super comfortable, but it means i'm pulling them back up all the time lol. . No complaints for the price - would order again in a heartbeat - i'll just probably order a medium in future*. . *full disclosure i don't really have a butt or hips which may change the way the sizes fit on me compared to ladies with lovely curves!

. Barbara, Sandwell says

Cute and comfortable. Fit as expected. I'm 5'7" and weigh around 150 and i got large.

M. Teresa, Southampton

Nice denim fabric soft, love it. I bought a large which is my true size. I'm 5'4 and weigh 207lbs

L. Tracey, Arizona says

These weren't what i was expecting. I thought they would be more like skinny jeans but they are a knit. I have other jean leggings that wear and feel like regular jeans. But i absolutely love these leggings. They are comfortable and look good on. I went up a size but i didn't need to. I would say they are true to size so don't size up. I purchased several colors. The price is great too! if you're looking for casual, comfortable and good looking jean like leggings, these are perfect.

Top /no nonsense nl2045 classic leggings Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Sally, Missouri says

These are ok. They aren't as flattering as the jeggings at walmart for $13 right now, and they're a little scratchy and have a little room in the crotch. But they're a nice thickness, true to size, stretchy but sturdy, and as advertised.

D. Suzanne, Northamptonshire

No pockets. (come one women's clothing manufacturers! we want pockets! ) size is large. (i normally wear a 16w but should have gotten a 14w in these. I have to wash them in very hot water and can only wear them once before washing again. ) i only wear them when i'm behind on laundry.

. Angelica, Redcar and Cleveland says

I don't love these. They look cheap. The fabric does not look like denim, and they are extremely awkward in the hips and pelvis. You have to break the packaging to see them and there is no way to put them back to return them.

O. Zelda, Swindon

I don't understand why these products can't be consistent. The dark wash fits perfect, and looks just like actual jeans, they are flattering and sort of hold you in nicely. These are the same size i ordered in the dark wash and they are baggy and the material is not the same feel. Also, they are longer. I won't bother returning them, i'll wear them around the house.

Y. Patton, Australian Capital Territory says

These pants are cute. Sizing is correct. But they smell like moth balls or some chemical. Instructions say wash before wearing, so i did, but they still smell. And the fabric is stiff, even after washing. Since they have been washed i guess i can't return them. Disappointed as i thought this brand was one that could be relied upon.

J. Alice, Rhode Island

The leggings fit as expected, . However, i had to wash them three times to get the musty chemical smell out of them. That was unexpected! maybe the manufacturer can explain what and why the odor was in the fabric and why it was so strong.

. Gladys, Bury says

Not very comfortable if you have a curvy butt. I have to keep pulling them up on my back side because they don t stay up and over. I have leggings from another brand that fit wonderful which means it s not just that i have a big butt! or let s just say i do have a big butt and these leggings do not accommodate that matter!

. Jacqueline, Bournemouth

These leggings stink, even after being washed twice. They have a very strong chemical smell, stronger than i've ever smelled on new clothing. I used a name-brand scented laundry detergent, added scented crystals, plus scented name-brand fabric softener dryer sheet, and even though the scent is not nearly as pungent as when i received the leggings, it is still too strong for me to want to wear them. This is unfortunate since they actually fit me (5'7" 180lbs).

T. Heidi, Islington says

I love the look of these but they wear out super quickly and i'm highly disappointed in the overall quality. I would advise washing them only on gentle cycle and air drying. Treat them like you would hose. Mine have holes at the edges of the back pockets after only 2 weeks of wear.

U. Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

The medium fit everywhere except for the waist. It stuck out with about 4+ inches to spare. A big gap. The rest was true to size so i don't get that ! other than this, it seemed like a nice product and the color that i wanted. Had to send it back. This is my first try of no nonsense leggings; the hue brand seems to be a better fit. For me, anyway.

M. Cathy, Alaska says

Initially, these were great. They fit as expected and looked good for the price. But they didn't last beyond about 6 wearings. The crotch (not even the thighs. ? i'm not a flamingo, so i would have expected the thighs to rub and wear out first. So weird! ) fabric came unraveled and they were no longer wearable. :-(

H. Hayward, Blackpool

I am 5'10" and range between a medium and large. I went with large and regret it. There is too much room in the knees and crotch and its baggy. Though a bit short they are nice quality but run large

V. Joanna, Indiana says

I wear ladies size 10-12 jeans. I ordered large because most of my leggings are large. They were too big, so i returned them for medium. . No matter the underwear they give me camel-toe. The pockets flatten my rear and leggings usually have the opposite effect on me. They fit weird and the material is scratchy.

S. Williams, Darlington

The fit is great everywhere but in the waist. Will have to get it taken in.

B. Rose, Gloucestershire says

Two weeks of light use and they re splitting at the inner thigh seam! these used to last a couple of months! these were always washed on a gentle cycle and hung to dry. Don t bother, these are garbage.

. Nicole, North Carolina

I bought these before in a medium and they were a bit too tight so this time i ordered the next size up, large, and they were like 5 sizes bigger, so loose there is no way they would have stayed on. What the heck? their soooo comfy so i ll try again but sizing is frustrating.

I. Weber, Wisconsin says

As other reviewers have stated, the fit and comfort is great, if a bit long (perfect for cuffing). However, the color is inconsistent. I have gotten two pairs of indigo jeans when i ordered light denim. Love my white pair, but these will have to go back.

W. Olga, Southend-on-Sea

I purchased this item last fall and fell in love with the pants. The fit, xl, was perfect and the quality and looks were superb. While looking over my old orders this month, i saw them and decided to buy another pair. I clicked, order again, and waited. What i received was in no way the same pants. The material was thin and cheap, light blue color appeared to be stamped on the fabric and the size was for a child! i have no idea what has happened, but as bad as i would like another pair of the described product, i just can't take the chance of receiving these mock, nononsense, wannabees again. What a shame.

F. Barbara, Limousin says

I really liked these at first but after owning them for a little over a month holes started to appear where the pockets were sewn in. This is especially disappointing since i rarely used the pockets, meaning the fabric is so thin that having those stitched on caused weak points and the very act of pulling the pants on and off must have caused the holes to form.

N. Sarah, Worcestershire

I buy a lot of leggings because i have arthritis and i can move easier in them. I have never had a pair fall apart like these did. So i will not buy them again.

C. Fabian, Georgia says

I would rate these leggings higher but they have the most horrible chemical smell. Like they were soaked in some sort of poison! i'm not kidding! other than that they fil well. I bought the dark denim and they do not have that smell and i really like them. These are going back. I don't care to get cancer from wearing a chemical soaked jean. It even gets on your skin when after you touch them. Stay away from these jeans unless you purchase the dark denim ones.

R. Whiteman, Sachsen-Anhalt

These are great jeans/jeggings. The only negative is that i found the waistband to fit slightly smaller than expected. If i go larger, then the legs would fit too big. The legs feel like a comfortable pair of jeggings. They are not to thin, so you do not need to worry about your undergarments showing through while wearing them. I plan to buy some capris for summer. Despite the waistband being slightly smaller than i would like, they are still the best jeggings i have found.

E. Cecilia, Waltham Forest says

It was baggy around the knees unlike other version of this brand's leggings. The color/finish looked more light blue heavy cotton than jean denim. The other no nonsense leggings were much better quality and look much more expensive than they cost.

X. Wanda, Tennessee

This was my 6th or 7th repurchase of this brand of denim leggings because i loved them so much. I'm really sad to see that they have changed the fabric and the cut. Both of which make them unwearable for me. . The original leggings were woven just like denim but with really soft stretchy material so when you cuffed them they still looked just like real denim and they were so comfortable. The new leggings are a printed denim image and are a dark and really uncomfortable material on the inside. . But i think the things that bothered me the most were that the waist band is considerably less stretchy and the cut of the leggings are such that the waist band goes much lower in the back but if you try to pull it up you get major camel toe. I liked to wear these as my natural waist and that is definitely not possible now unless i want a constant atomic wedgie. . I'm so disappointed. These were my absolute favorite pants. I hope they change them back!

. Ross, Oxfordshire says

These were weirdly baggy, while still awkwardly hugging the crotch-area. Not sure how they accomplished that. I'm keeping them, because i like the light denim-y color, and because i've already worn them. They stretch out quite a bit while you're in them, which leaves them even baggier in some areas, and they are relatively thin, though not at all see-through. I bought another style (from the same brand) that i love, that fit like legit jeggings (ie: tight but soft and not constricting). These are soft, and relaxed, and worth a try. But probably you should size down, and keep in mind that if you buy them and try them on, and they seem at all loose-fitting: they will only get bigger, so you should probably return them. I just washed them and stuck them in the dryer, so we'll see if that helps.

A. Kellie, City of Kingston upon Hull

They fit as expected though when worn with silk underwear, they tend to slip down a bit. They are very flattering, making the legs look slim, and are very comfortable .

P. Widmer, Mississippi says

I have purchased no nonsense legging from stores before and had expected the same product. These are not the same. They fit close to the same in the waist (somewhat smaller) but much longer and larger in the hip and thigh areas. They are ok, but i will not purchase anymore of them.

G. Wells, Milton Keynes

I'm 5'10" and 170lbs and these pants are wonderful! i love the way the fit, feel, and look. I bought a different kind and they keep sliding down, but not these. These have a looser fit-just the way i like them. Not skin tight but still snug. I would definitely recommend them and am looking at getting another pr. Since they aren't expensive. I bought a large. The extra large i tried first were way too big-the waist had a few extra inches too much. Update: after wearing a couple times a week (at most) for a month the seam is coming apart on the inside thigh. They aren't expensive pants unless they're only good for a month, then they are ridiculously priced!

K. Connie, Sachsen says

I ordered the dark blue, and was afraid of the color transfer, and so i washed by hand using woolite to see how much it ran. It ran like crazy! my sink looked like ink. Even the sink itself was getting color adhering to it. I was totally afraid of wearing them. I probably should have returned them, but since i washed them i didn't think i could. I was so upset i tossed them out. I felt it was a close call - i was about to put them in my machine with other clothes - it could have been a disaster. . To be fair, the label says to wash separately before wearing, but i don't think most people follow the directions, as we would all be doing a zillion washes if everything that said to wash separately. Was.

. Megan, Mississippi

These leggings we're very cheaply made and started to fall apart after four or five washings! waistband is tearing off, pockets are tearing and the crock is coming apart. Don't buy these cheap pants! i guess they are cheap for a reason!

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