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Price was 26. Great shoe for the price. It did fit slightly small on the right one, but i think it is because of the break in period. It is starting to mold to my feet everytime i use them. Quality and make is great. I love new balance!

-B. Carmen

Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Take On Technical Trails Or Road Runs The Versatile 510v3 Featuring An All-terrain Outsole, Comfortable Full Length Imeva Midsole And An Upper Strategic Overlays For Secure Fit And -New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoe

  1. Advantages: Weight: 348 Grams (12. 2 Oz).
  2. Advantages: At Tread Outsole. Pu Sockliner. Injection Molded Eva (ethyl Vinyl Acetate).

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Right out of box - super comfortable & looks great the trail soles, even though i dont hike - feel great even on sidewalks for walking during lunch at work hard to descibe, like being more stable and gripping than normal soles. Never done a trial shoe? try this one, you will be pleased. I also like nb for its wide size option Best mens trail running | New Balance Athletic Shoe-Shoes Review ( Sep 2019 ) Advantages New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe Im ethylene vinyl acetate midsole. Weight: 348 grams (12. 2 oz). At tread outsole. pu sockliner. injection molded eva (ethyl vinyl acetate). 12 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 12 mm drop are approximate. Nb ultra soft comfort insert .

New balance men's 510v3 trail running shoe Review (mt510v3 trail shoe m)

I wear size 13, and always have. Lately, and others are speaking up about this, we in the us are experiencing clothing smaller than advertised, especially footware. I have a nice, just broke in pair of new balance shoes on my floor, that are suppose to be 13, s, but feel like 12. 5, s. I really can, t wear them for anything other than yard work. Ok, i ordered these size 14 and they fit my size 13 feet comfortably. Bottom line, if your ordering these shoes, probably any nb footware, go one size up, you should be happy. -. Neva

New Balance 510v3 Trail Running

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: New Balance
  3. Color: Black/Grey/Lava
  4. Creator: New Balance
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:8.13 inches
    Length:13.13 inches
    Weight:0.63 pounds
    Width:5.13 inches
  6. Manufacturer: New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
  7. Model: MT510V3 Trail Shoe-M
  8. MPN: MT510V3 Trail Shoe-M
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: MT510V3 Trail Shoe-M
  12. Type: Shoes
  13. Category: SHOES
  14. Size: 14 M US

men's 510v3 trail running Shoes, Take on technical trails or road runs with the versatile 510v3 featuring an all-terrain outsole, comfortable full length imeva midsole and an upper with strategic overlays for secure fit and protection. New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe (MT510V3 Trail Shoe-M-New Balance).

New Balance 510v3 Trail Running Shoes

  • Husband approved. He has wide feet and has trouble finding comfortable shoes. The wide size fit great. They are lightweight and my husband said they make a difference in the comfort of his feet and back (he s on his feet a lot). Quality and look great
  • These new balance trail running shoes are excellent. Comfortable fit. Nice springy sole. Great leather protection from branches/roots. New balance provides wider shoes making room for my toes and thick socks. . The reason i gave only four stars is that it took me two tries to get the right size. I have a size 9. 5 foot and i normally buy size 11 running shoes. However, on the second try i had to bump up to a size 11. 5 because these shoes run a bit small. . The good news is that returning the original shoes was totally easy. I didn't even have to pay return shipping! the bad news is that i had to pay full price for the replacement shoes, darn. I had gotten the original shoes for 30% off during the prime day sale.
  • New balance shoes used to last about 2 years 10 years ago, but now don't expect them to last more than 2 months. These are really flimsy and are made of a "cheap plastic" that will probably tear in no time. . I wish new balance would think about quality once again.
  • I may have to send back. They are just slightly uncomfortable, size-wise. I have always worn 8. 5 in new balance. This is a more modern design, you know how they are making shoes now with less material and lighter weight. And these are a bit tight across the front of the foot. It's a shame. I finally found a color that is acceptable to a 'more senior' man.
  • I purchased these in november of 2016 but just started using this month. April 2nd to be exact. Obviously cannot return now. In 15 days, i may have only wore for 10 days due to snow. Yes i m in chicago. We had snow in april. In those 10 days the treads which are black on this shoe are starting to separate from the grey colored part. I wore them to work and i work in an office building. I didn t use them for running or anything excessive. Waste of money to buy shoes that start to break down after 10 days of use. New balance is the only brand i can afford that makes good shoes for 4e wide feet. I just lost $60 on shoes. I m going to try and glue them but don t see them passing this month. Very disappointed in new balance. These shoes should have lasted at minimum a full year.

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I bought a pair of these several years ago under a different number. They were wonderful. When i wanted to purchase a spare pair i asked new balance what the new number was by email and when they gave me the new number evidently they noticed i was a woman wanting a number on a man's shoe. They gave me the number for a woman's shoe not comparable. I purchased 2 pair of the new number they gave me. They were not trail running shoes and they have not held up. I have special needs feet that required the same trail running shoe i had before. I searched all available new balance shoes on online store last week and found a comparable shoe to the original ones i had. Same style outer and same sole. I still have the original shoes and they have not changed radically in appearance or sole wear. They soles haven't worn at all. These are wonderful shoes even if you are not trail running. They are rugged and hold up great and are good everyday shoes even if you are just walking and have special feet.

New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe
Click to see NoticeNew Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe (Shoes)"These shoes are a great value. I have been wearing the same new balance model number in grey for 2 years, walking and hiking in the colorado flatirons. My original pair is still in my casual wear rotation, and i recently added the light blue with grey variation (they look fantastic). My usual size is 10. 5 in nb and saucony, and that s what i purchased for my original pair. Snug fit, but comfy and well cushioned. For my newer pair i ordered 11, and i am very pleased a little more room for my feet to expand. I can use a thinner footbed insert and sock for my 10. 5 or wear a thicker sock for the 11, and they both fit me well and have awesome shock absorption. The sole is not as aggressive as many trail shoes, but they work well for me on dry 5+ mile hikes in the mountains over sharp rocks and boulders with 1500+ feet of elevation gain. Love em!"

(0) Question: After walking on a wet surface, do the shoes squeek with each step when walking on tile?

(1) Question: Are these shoes for flat feet? are they flexible? my doctor says that it should not be flexible because i have flat feet.

(2) Question: What is the shoe last that these are made on? a shoe last is the mold that a shoe is made on.

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  • At tread outsole
  • Nb response 2. 0 performance insert
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  • Nb response 1. 0 performance insert
  • At tread outsole
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Size :    US Men
Weight :    0.81 pounds
Model :    P000475421
Quantity :    1
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  • Nb ultra soft comfort inset
  • Cush+ midsole
  • At tread outsole
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Built for utility, born for the trail. The trail 510v4 sports supportive upper elements, toe protect, all-terrain tread, abzorb cushioning and an nb ultra soft comfort insert to provide all-day comfort for whatever obstacles lay in your path.

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Brand :    new balance
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Price :    —
  • Toe protect
  • At tread outsole
  • Nb ultra soft comfort insert
  • Abzorb heel
  • Acteva midsole

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The F.A.Q. for New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe (Shoes)

First let me address the fit. As others here have said, these run a bit small. For instance i wear a size 10. 5 m, based on other reviews i ordered a size 11, and am i glad i did. The 11's fit me well, the width is good, but the toe area is about what i would expect n a 10. 5, not size 11. So as others have said, order a 1/2 size big and you'll be ok. I have other nb shoes that fit at 10. 5, but these seem to run small. . Now as for comfort, i waited till after a couple several mile hikes before reviewing, but these shoes are in fact very comfortable and lightweight, and for nb a very good value shoe. I wear them on hikes through the woods where i walk on everything from sand, to tall grass, to clay, and these shoes did great. The only reason i knocked a start off was for the size issue, but if you know going in to order a 1. 2 size up, you're good. Would recommend.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Do these v3 fit the same as the v2? the v2 fit me perfect but can't find them anymore in my size.

(1) Question: Are these shoes heavier than running shoes, but lighter than walking shoes?

(2) Question: I see a lot of recommendations to order a size up. is this also true if you are ordering a wide sized shoe?

(3) Question: Do the soles leave marks? i am thinking of playing some tennis in these (i'm assuming the soles are more robust than street running shoes).

(4) Question: Is sneaks fit for supinators

(5) Question: Are these true to size?

(6) Question: How are they designed for the runner ? arch support ? flexibility or support , runners or sprinter. s do they deal with pronation ?

(7) Question: Slip resistance?

(8) Question: Are these shoes slip resistant?

(9) Question: Do they drain water? are they hot? i want a shoe that breaths because my feet get very hot. usually the non-waterproof are better at this.

(10) Question: Color says brown but they look dark grey. which is it?

(11) Question: What does 4e means?

(12) Question: How much does the shoe weigh?

(13) Question: What does the "drop" mean?

(14) Question: Some reviews say to size up a half size. they don t have 13. 5. i m getting them in a 4e wide. by it being wide, would it fit a little bigger?

(15) Question: Does this have a support arch inside?

(16) Question: Are these 508 new balance sneakers good for planta fasiitis

(note) Question: where/how to get New Balance (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar New Balance's products

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Pro's: good looking shoes, light weight, comfortable soles. Con's: not true 4e, and a little short too. 9. 5 4e is more like 9 2e. Sole insert has no arch support and to thick in toe area and looked like they would make your feet to warm. I replaced the insoles with one's that are thinner with arch support and the shoes fit much better. Online store sells them! so if you are a 9. 5 2e , like myself and you upgrade the insoles these will be comfortable shoes.

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Best new balance men's 510v3 trail running shoe (shoes) in review

These are made as well as any other new balance product. The fit much tighter that the newbalance sneakers of the same size they are replacing. It makes them very uncomfortable. Consider going up a size?

A. Ross, Australian Capital Territory

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N. Gilmore, Thueringen says

Owning several versions of the new balance shoes, this model mt510ll3 runs about a quarter to half size smaller. This feels due to a more pointed toe box. It maintains excellent snug arch support when tightly laced, solid, easy stride mechanics but has a much better gripping tread than the 501 or 574 did when new. All three shoes (see image are the same size 11. 5d newest to oldest) this new shoe is just small enough to put mild pressure on my large toe which the others do not. I'd recommend ordering a half size larger than you typically do for new balance.

. Aldana, Warrington

Great fit and comfortable. I got these in 10. 5 and a size 4e. I have wide feet and new balance is one of the few companies that make them for wide feet. I like the pattern of the sole not a real aggressive tread like other trail sneakers. I never know what i'll get into when i'm out and about and these trail sneakers do the job well.

E. Rebecca, Auvergne says

New balance has always been a great fit and quality for me out of the box. This model is slightly tight, i think due to the thick cushion. I think in time it will wear in just fine. The only other criticism i have is the brown model doesn't look brown in most light, it looks black. Under very warm light, it may look brownish, but to nearly everyone i asked it looks black. I thought they sent the wrong color, but the black ones are all black, only the brown have the orange highlights, which these do. So if you are looking for a very earthy brown, these may not be right for you. Also, the "n" on these is highly reflective, so if you are looking to wear these with business casual, you may want something with less flare on the sides. . Overall, still happy with them for my intended wardrobe.

T. Brenda, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

The reviewers were not kidding when they said this shoe runs small. Why is this so? i don't understand how new balance could allow that to happen. Still, i really like this shoe. I wear 14 2e and the 14 4e that i bought fits perfectly in width, but slightly small in length. . The cushioning on this shoe is its greatest point. I have foot/toe problems and have to be careful with my shoe purchases. Thin cushioning and small toe boxes would kill me. This shoe, while running small, still has a nice roomy toe box, and nice width if you order up a size in width. Plus, i love the way it looks! . . I am happy that there are still a couple of companies left that make shoes in wide sizes. Ever try to get a basketball shoe in size w? good luck.

. Kathlene, Telford and Wrekin says

Overall a very good shoe for the price, considering that i wear a size 14d. I have been wearing air nike, assics gel or spira (the ones with the 3 springs). The listing says they run small and do. I ordered the 14eee and they are comparable to other shoes i buy in a 14d. Length not an issue. I only gave 4 stars because they are the same price as the last pair of spirs's i bought on sale, but do not have the bounce and cushion of a spira or air nike.

I. Barbara, Connecticut

I love my new balance shoes. Growing up, i just though that it was normal for my ring and pinky toes to be numb while wearing shoes. It was not until i met my husband and he told me to try some new balance extra wide shoes. It was seriously life changing. I finally realized i have super wide feet. Plus i can always find something i like that will actually fit in this brand! i should have ordered a 1/2 size bigger than i did this time, but that was my fault. They still rock! new balance has a customer for life in me!

. Jennifer, Nevada says

Why is so hard to find great shoes like these new balance in colors that complement the design! these shoes are fantastic in fit, design and color combination. Perfect running shoe! . . New balance needs to get away from bland, depressing grey and off beat colors that tend to bury design features of its shoes and bring back more styles like this one where the colors and design complement to make it just a really great shoe!

G. Claudia, West Berkshire

These shoes feel great i have not put time on them but right away they fit perfect and feel amazing. I may actually start running with these as i have battled plantar fasciitis and just recently morton's neuroma and i think due to ill fitting shoes. These come in 4e and i have a wide foot. These still are just wide enough to where i do not feel pressure squeezing my feet together like all shoes seem to do nowadays.

. McCarthy, Derby says

So far these shoes have exceeded my expectations. I bought these as a cheap replacement for my previous pair of high dollar new balance shoes. I have only ran a few times in these so far, and the break-in process was painless. The only complaint is that they run extremely small. I have always purchased size 13 in new balance, but these i had to return for a 14 which fits me perfectly.

Y. Josephine, Redbridge

I do not know how people can be saying that these shoes "run a size smaller than stated", i have bought these shoes both in a store and now through online store and the shoes fit perfectly. I wear a size 11 shoe and these fit just like almost all other size 11 shoes fit in other brands. I really like these shoes, but the thing that i really like is the insole that comes with this model. It is not the usual flimsy foam insole that usually comes with shoes these days. This insole has some good thickness to it and has padding for the heel and does not compress down to a wafer after a few months of use. The insole is so good that i took them out of my old pair and put them in another pair of my shoes, and even after 6 months of daily use, the insoles are still in great shape and comfortable.

V. Nielsen, Nova Scotia says

While this pair fits as hoped, it took three tries to get there. The first two pairs of nb's (one the 510 model and another) were too small. My initial two orders were based on older pairs of nb's that were size 11. After ordering two new pairs of size 11 and returning them, the third and final pair was ordered a half-size larger (11. 5 vice 11) and finally felt comfortable. Either my feet are growing or nb is producing smaller sized shoes, so buyers beware that nb's newer shoes may run small. Other than the fit, i like the new 510v3's flat laces which break from nb's traditional round ones that never stayed tied. While the flat laces may be old school, it apparent that flat laces are designed that way for good reason - they remain tied. I am beginning to favor practical design over cool. Overall, once i found my correct nb size, the shoes are very comfortable. In fact, my last pair of nb's were designated "walking" shoes and did not have the heal and arch support of these "trail running shoes". While i am not sure why one should be designed different than another, i am never going back to nb walkers.

H. Eleanor, Alaska says

I've been buying new balance for a few years now due to fact that i need a wide sneaker. They're the only manufacturer that carries wide widths in almost every style. Very comfortable, great support, i use these for everyday casual wear. I own about 6 different styles with the all black mid626k2 logging the most miles as a work shoe. I walk an average 25, 000 steps a day in these at work. Can't say enough good things about this sneaker and new balance in general. Never received a bad shoe from them.

F. Edith, Luton

What can i say new balance knows how to make some nice fitting and durable shoes. I got these in the mail the day before i went on a family trip that involved a lot of walking. Never got any blisters. Feet never felt better. The first day walked about 16 miles on concrete. Pretty awesome. I would highly recommend.

S. Lynette, Derbyshire says

I brought the shoes to work in because i do alot of walking. Didn't know i would get so many compliments on the looks then i say how easy i got them on online store and my co workers were amazed. Update; i really like these but both shoes are now coming a loose at the tip. I never had this problem with new balance. Only a few months old. Pics below next to a pair over a year old and worn and half size smaller.

W. Finch, West Virginia

My high school aged son really likes these shoes. I ordered him a size 12 4e which fits him well. I think these shoes might run a tad small because a 12 is sometimes too long for him. Finding wide shoes in stores is hard plus the styles available leave much to be desired. The color and styling of these shoes are great. For the price, these shoes are a good buy, and i'll order them again.

. Guest, Wisconsin says

I bought these for my husband in size 11, which is his usual size he really likes everything about them; the way they look and fit, super comfortable too. He's very picky about his shoes, and nb are usually his go to; these did not disappoint!

D. Paige, Haute-Normandie

Most of my shoes are size 11. After reading the feedbacks and sizing concerns ordered size 11. 5 and it's still barely comfortable. 34% of the feedbacks say: small or too small. Probably size 12 would be the one i need of this model. I can use it with very thin socks and hope it will loosen up. Otherwise, the quality is very good.

O. Weber, Kirklees says

For some reason, when i order new balance on-line from online store, the trail running shoes always are visibly smaller and not as wide. For example, a store-bought new balance size 12 4e trail shoe is both a little too long (for me) and a little too wide (but smaller sizes/widths are not quite loose enough). If i were to attach a picture to this review, the on-line 12 4e appears to be the equivalent of a store-bought 11-11 1/2 2e. The short story (pun intended): on-line ordering, you might want to go at least one full size over what you might purchase personally in a store.

. Guest, Gloucestershire

I've tried 410v4's, mw669v1's, 510v3's and ml574's. . These felt superior to the 410v4's, and slightly under the 910v3's. The mw669v1's were my favorite, until the inner heel padding area completely tore apart after approximately two months of use at my job (lots of foot work). . Unfortunately, these shared a similar story to the mw669v1's. The inner heel padding area is heavily worn -but i didn't get to a point where the heels were spitting the inner padding up at me in the 5 months i had worn them, so i'd say they could give me another month of use at the least before they decide to do that, so they lasted me approximately three times longer than the mw669v1's did. That life expectancy is acceptable enough for me, at its price point, to have considered buying a replacement pair, but they just didn't hit the sweet spot that the 910v3's did for me. If not for the inner heels on these shoes, i'd possibly be able to get a full year of constant use out of them. I don't have any fond memories of discomfort in this model. :/

K. Hakala, Sandwell says

I have always worn nb shoes. They have always been worth the money spent. I am extremely flat footed and it is hard finding the extra wide sizes i need that are never available at the stores. I usually have to buy a larger size at least by half so my circulation does not get cut off or blisters from width being to narrow. To be able to wear a proper sized and fitted shoe is great. The inner sole feels like it was made for my flat feet. Good shoes, great fit, decent price and my flat feet not rubbing on the sides. Priceless!

. Franklin, South Australia

I love these shoes. They are a high-quality item and because of this, there is a break in period with these shoes. Most new shoes, including other new balance that i have, are comfy right away because they are cheaply made with more flexible softer materials. These shoes are much stiffer and built to last, so don't judge them right away, let them break in and they are great. I put my custom insoles in them right away, they fit great. I wear them salt-water fishing, on rocky shorelines and rocky jetty's so they take a lot of abuse and they are holding up great. I have had them for about 4 months now. They have been soaked in salt water, rinsed with fresh and dried dozens of times, still, they look like new. I went to the new balance outlet store right by the house and tried them on, but ultimately i bought them on online store because they were half the price and i like money.

J. Wanda, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Pretty good. Not quite as good as the v2's. . I purchased a pair of the predecessor to these, the 510v2, 4 years ago and they were amazing. Lasted me up until this winter. I figured i had to go with what worked and get another pair of new balance trail running shoes. I don't actually run myself, by the tread is great and the support level is awesome for walking-all-day shoes. These shoes are almost as perfect as the last pair i had, my only real complain is the insole. It's not exactly cheap, but it's just standard. The previous 510v2 had a non-removable, sewn in memory gel insole that was like walking on clouds, literally the best insole i've ever owned period - they were still gel-like and comfortable 4 years later! the insole in these shoes is very average, comfortable but nothing to write home about. As for the rest of the shoe, it's pretty sturdy and well made, not thin or lacking in any areas like department store shoes. Overall, a solid 4 star shoe, would buy again. A size note as well - i usually wear a slightly wide shoe, 2e, and all that was available were 4e, but they fit very well, almost exactly like a 2e.

M. Cortney, Hillingdon

Never bought shoes online but when i've put these on it felt like it just came out of the factory. Compared to the cheaply made sketchers shoes. That got destroy within a week. So i hope these don't do the same thing with my old shoes. . Note: that second photo was my old shoes that has a hole in my heel. So i don't recommend you use sketchers because they fall apart so easy within a month of use. And i had to reglue the soles and wore them for a whole year.

Q. Mahood, City of Bristol says

I love the shoes; they look great and work fine. The only thing i find is that they are a little tight, and hurt a little in my toes after a few hours of use. Surprisingly, because it is the same size of all the shoes that i use and fit perfectly, including others from same manufacturer. Not sure how do they arrive at their size numbers; but they obviously don't use any universal standard. Other than that; shoes are great and were delivered at expected times and at a relatively good price for their quality.

Top /new balance 510v3 trail running Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Shawna, California says

I normally wear a 7/7. 5 but i ordered an 8 just in case. And guess what? ! they were too small. At first i thought the shoe fit well, it just had some extra padding and it ll stretch out but it did not! i didn t realize this til it was too late because i waited to use them and the return window passed. After wearing them for one day my toes got so bruised i couldn t walk comfortably for a week. I lost 3 toe nails from wearing these shoes for a day. I compared them to my other pair of new balances (size 7) and they look like the same exact size! it doesn t make sense. Now i m stuck with a pair of shoes i ll never be able to wear. Huge waste of money. I would recommend buy 1-2 sizes up if you re even considering it.

Z. Edna, Yukon Territory

The is something wrong with the vietnamese-produced new balance shoes. I consistently wear a 12d new balance and it fits right when they are american made, chinese, or indonesian. For some reason these are way off. Be prepared to have to try a few sizes to get it right.

V. June, Warwickshire says

Fits way too small and narrow. All of my shoes are a 10-1/2 d which is the size i ordered. I've wore new balance shoes in the past without any problems. As of the date of this review i did a search of reviews on the work "small" and about 322 reviews came up in the search. Nothing to do with online store, but new balance needs to revisit the sizing of this shoe. Rather than take a chance of the shoe not fitting i just requested a refund. Online store is cheaper than most if not all of the competition. Unfortunately in todays word we can't just can try a pair of shows on at the local retailer without paying an inflated price.

S. Taylor, Slough

I've worn new balance trail runners for years and always have gotten the same size (8. 5 4e). After reading reviews, i was slightly concerned that the shoes would be too narrow, but decided to give them a try anyway. Unfortunately, all the reviews that you see about these shoes being too narrow/too small are spot on, especially for a shoe that's supposed to be "extra wide". Not only were they too small, they weren't even consistent with each other, with the right shoe being noticeably tighter than the left. I liked the appearance but was very disappointed with the poor sizing and quality control. I'll probably give nb another try, but i wouldn't buy this model again. Sent back to online store for refund. If you want to try your luck on these, make sure you have the option of free returns!

E. Guest, St. Helens says

I ordered these sneakers ahead of time and i just put them on the other day and they're 1/2 inch shorter than they're supposed to be. I always buy new balance 10. 5 4e sneakers and they always fit for some reason these are 1/2 inch shorter . I even measure them against my old sneakers and there are 1/2 inch shorter and i can't send them back now because i've had them too long even though they're brand new. So beware try them on when you get them or order a half-inch bigger

T. Nicole, Gateshead

Sad. I've been wearing nb for about 20 years, and they've always been consistent until now. These are at least 1/2 size too small. And they've changed the materials. These are ridiculously bouncy. Part of the problem is a fat insole, but even switching those out to the previous pair's doesn't entirely solve the size problem. I probably have to shift to another brand. I'll try one more pair after this. Nb needs to better manage its outsourcing.

D. Angelica, Massachusetts says

You get what you pay for, fit as expected as with all new balance shoes i've purchased in the past, fair quality (won't last too long) but not comfortable and lacks sufficient cushioning for off road running or walking (and it's a trail running shoe? ). Cheaper shoes aren't really that cheap anymore so i'll probably be moving up in quality, comfort and price on my next shoe.

C. Shirley, Newcastle upon Tyne

I really wanted to like this shoe. I liked the looks and the color. It felt like it would be comfortable. But, it was all let down by the sizing. This model is way too small. I always wore a 9 in new balance, but given the other reviews here, i made sure to try on a 9. 5 at the store. Fit was ok. I ordered 9. 5 on online store to get a different color, but the fit was still too small. The 9. 5 might have been bearable after breaking in, but for the price, it should be perfect from the start. I returned them. A 10 would probably be ok, but given the inconsistency, i didn't risk re-ordering. . Come on, new balance! you're a shoe maker. You should have this figured out by now. Is this a result of your move to overseas manufacturing? !

W. Lynette, Western Australia says

For a person who normally wears a 12 ee, this 4e is tight. I have a pair of 413s ee that fit better than these. Less ankle support, and even though there is a wider base it feels like there isn't. I bought these to do light hikes in on the side of the mountain that isn't so steep. I still find myself close to rolling my ankles for footing. I never tried these on in store so i can't blame them for that but i would've thought the 4e would have given me more of a sure footing than the 2e. Not the case. Try them in store before you buy.

B. Lara, Herefordshire

I purchased these in 10. 5 to replace another pair of nb trail runner shoes i had. These fit well length-wise, but are noticeably narrower than my last pair. I have used them for about 3 weeks and they are getting broken in and are a bit more comfortable. I will probably not buy this particular model again due to the narrower width. . Update: after two months of use, the mesh toe material on the left shoe developed a small tear. Definitely will not buy these again.

X. Gladys, Iowa says

The quality is there, however the sneaker sizing is an issue. I even ordered a size larger than i wear to accommodate thicker socks, but to no avail. Firstly, the sizes offered were not sufficient, so had to order just a little larger; but even when worn with regular socks, it s too tight and unable to wear for any length of time. Certainly not for what they claim to be intended walking or rugged wear. In fairness to the shoe manufacturer, if the sizing were correct, theoretically it could be used for their intended purpose. In the end, it comes to the size; unless there s a change, order larger (much larger) than usual would be my advice!

J. Eleanor, New Jersey

Been wearing new balance for years. Bought these a half size larger based on fitment guide. Toe box was crushing my toes. Even with no laces in shoe. Returned them and went up to a full size larger then i wear. Same problem. I would have kept them if i thought i could stretch them and/or re lace them to give more room but the fir was so bad without laces that i just returned them.

N. Claudia, South Australia says

Long time nb customer and always 12 4e, but these are a bit shorter and too narrow at the toes. Now that i have read other reviews it appears that i might be ok if i go up one half size or so but i haven't decided whether or not to try that or just return them. Given the number of nb sneakers and even leather work and walking shoes i have owned with no 12 4e issue, i am inclined to return these and look for another model.

I. Elizabeth, Richmond upon Thames

I just received these shoes, put them on and they hurt. I wear an 11m and these shoes, while labeled an 11m are too short and too narrow. In the past i have worn new balance shoes in the exact same size and they have been my brand of choice. That is about to change. I've never returned any purchase to online store for refund as fast as i returned these.

U. Lewis, Nevada says

I have been wearing new balance shoe products for many years, including cross trainers and walking shoes as well as golf shoes. This was the first time that the shoes did not fit properly. I wear a 10. 5 us size in 4e. I have purchased nike as well in their wide size. The new balance usuall fit better and don't squeak on hard flooring. I ordered this pair just prior to a trip to north carolina that i knew would entail lots of walking. When they arrived i could barely get the left shoe on and the right one felt like a vise. I actually measured the shoe bottoms against the ones i was currently wearing and they were clearly shorter and the real puzzle was why the two different widths. Bothe were marked with the 10. 5 tags. I sent them back to online store the next morning. Should have believed some of the prior reviewspointing out the problem but some reviewers stated they fit just fine. Online store shipped new ones right away but i left for my vacation before they arrived. The new ones were here when i got home and a quick check shows that the 11. 0 4e will suffice but i haven't had a chance to walk around yet. I like the style and color and hope they work. I strongly recommend that online store discontinue the sales of this model. New balance needs to get the quality control team into the plant where these are made so their reputation isn't further sullied. I might not buy footwear thru online store again without 100% positive reviews as to size.

Y. Cindy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

I love these shoes. I am flat-footed and wide footed. These shoes are among the handful of options that i can use. I am giving it two stars because i am not sure if this is a knock off. I owned a pair of these that i bought directly from new balance for 1 1/2 years. However i bought this on feb 15th, 2018 on online store and the sole has already started ripping off. It's been just 3 months. And i haven't changed my level of activity.

P. Meyer, Rotherham says

Hard to say how good they are when they are too small. I ordered a half size over my other new balance shoes and they seemed to fit. Well, that was around the house. Going up and down slopes outdoors they are uncomfortable as my toe hits the end some even though there is a little clearance. I would recommend ordering a full size over normal. Leather? seems like vinyl and mesh to me. Donating them to charity.

K. Denise, Tennessee

Every shoe i have bought for my husband has been a 9 1/2w. This sneaker was too small, but we were on vacation and he put them on and wore them. We were going on a fishing boat and did not want to be late so he never told me. He got a badly bruised toenail out of it. If we were home i would of just returned them. They are made fine, other than the size.

H. Mathis, City of London says

Disappointed. I am so very, very disappointed. I ordered this as a gift for my husband who has an older size 9. 5 same brand and the all terrain style which fits a little close so i ordered him a 10 but it fits smaller than his old 9. 5. It's the second time this has happened as earlier this year i ordered the same shoe but in a 9. 5 and it fit much smaller than his old pair, more like an 8. 5. What do i do now after spending twice on shoes that don't fit. We don't live in the us so returning them is not possible and we have to give them away. The shoe looks very nice and sturdy but you must fix the sizing problem for people ordering online.

R. Rhonda, Solihull

After working thirty years behind a desk in a cubicle for a major us corporation i was laid-off in october 2015 as it was cheaper for them to hire a newbie for a lot less money. In september 2016, i eventually ended up working in a warehouse, four days a week where i was on my feet for nine hours and forty-four minutes every day, standing, with or without an "ergo mat", or walking on a polished concrete floor. At the recommendation of a good friend, i purchased these shoes for working in the warehouse. After reading several reviews in online store that mentioned one should order this model a size larger than one would normally wear, i ordered a pair of size 14 d shoes. After the shoes arrived, i tried them on at home where they felt wonderful. The next day, i reported for work in the shoes and within one hour of wearing them my feet began to ache, especially the ball, arch and heel of my left foot. I decided that i should "tough it out" and break in the shoes over a few day's time. After wearing the shoes only at work for five days, and while taking ibuprofen every day for the severe pain in my left foot, i gave up wearing them. As a result of my foolishness in wearing these shoes, i now (may 2018) have a very large bunion on my left foot and experience pain some pain while at work and pain while barefoot or in my stocking feet at home. I tried four different manufacturers and styles of shoes and inserts within a month after purchasing these shoes before i found a pair that, matched with a very comfortable pair of socks and gel inserts, make the everyday work week foot pain bearable. If i had to purchase these shoes again, i would order them two sizes larger and one size wider . These shoes may be wonderful for someone else for everyday wear but i can't recommend them when one is on one's feet, especially if one is stationary, for over nine hours on polished concrete floors. I'm going to donate my shoes to goodwill or similar organization.

Q. Marguerite, Sutton says

I love new balance shoes. I have been wear them since i was a little kid. Currently, i have about 9 or 10 pairs of different nb shoes. For the last 17yrs or 18yrs, i have worn a size 11 regular, so i was surprised at how snugly these fit. I assumed that since they were size 11 nb, and since i have several pairs of nb already, i didn't need to try them on, and so only put them on for the first time the morning of an 8hr hiking trip up a mountain. Not a good idea! my poor toes were crunched up in the front of the shoe the whole time. The "big toe test" revealed that my big toe was close to the front of the shoe. However, since i was already camping and had no way of getting another pair of hiking shoes, i had to wear them. Thankfuly my feet were ok after i took them off at the end. This was actually the first time i had ever bought shoes online before, and thanks to this, i probably never will again either!

. Olga, Barking and Dagenham

The 510v2 was the perfect fit for my size 11. 5 wide foot. The most comfortable pair of shoes i've ever owned. Too bad the company changed the toe box when they made 510v3. The updated version isn't an improvement. On the outer edge (where the pinky toe is), they replaced the mesh fabric with a more sturdy fake leather with detailed stitching. May be more durable for some folks, but for me it constricts my toes and narrows the box. Had to return. For other folks in the same predicament, take a look at 410v5. It fits more like the 510v2 did.

A. Anonymous, Buckinghamshire says

Decent size as expected. , but you failed to send me shoes with useable insoles. The insoles that came in the shoe are hard plastic with a large heel and a crazy arch support. Hard plastic shell in an insole? the insoles are nothing like pictured on the product page. The insoles are absolutely nothing like the insoles in my old pair of new balance 510v2 shoes. The shoes are being returned. The shoes are not wearable with the delivered insoles, they are only marginally wearable without the insoles.

F. Broyles, Maryland

My favorite shoes used to be nb 510 v1 or v2, but they wore out. They were the best. Soft, flexible, plenty of room for my toes. The best. Now i bought these v3 and they are nothing like the previous models. They are very stiff and very tight. I wear a 10, but had to go to a 10. 5 and they were still way too tight in width. Too tight and too stiff to run in, on track or trail. I would not use these on trails. Oh, and the insole insert was too long, wrong size, buckled from front to rear. I expected a nice, flexible, comfortable all around outdoor shoe, and these were not that.

M. Suzanne, Maine says

I've been wearing new balance shoes for 30 years. They are usually very consistent. I also, normally, just buy the ones made in the us. My experience (and it is just my own i'm speaking of) is that the usa made ones last longer. I really, really needed a new pair of shoes. I needed something cheaper as well because of financial concerns. I should have waited. I'm not happy with these. The first weekend and they already have little pieces falling off. I will still buy new balance shoes since we have a long history together, but i feel my issue with the imports hasn't been resolved but gotten worse.

L. Kristen, Manitoba

They look ok. They are a little small, i purchased a size 12 because i have a nike pair that are that size but this feel little tight on my feet. I hope they stretch. The bad thing is that the soles are quite slippery, at least 1 star less for that

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