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Price was 9. I bought two of these and they are great! large enough to do several wrap styles. They are comfy and wear very well. The material is soft and warm. I would make the following suggestion (as many others have commented) wash this dude in the sink by itself several times as the colors bleed! i did this about 5 times then used the hose outback to thoroughly rinse this out. The material itself has not faded, which made me happy! . Overall a great product and will use it in the winter, which is creeping up on us now. Look forward to a real temperature test!

-. Edna

Military shemagh tactical 100% cotton scarf head the mato & hash military shemagh is also known as keffiyeh, ghutra, hatta, tactical scarf, or arab scarf. shemaghs are a traditional headdress of arab culture many uses such as protection -mato & hash military shemagh tactical 100% cotton scarf head wrap

  • Items: Classic Size- Military Shemaghs Measuring Approx. 43″x43″. Prefect Size For All The Classic Head And Scarf Wraps. Looking Something Bigger? Check Out Our Mato & Hash Jumbo Military Shemagh.
  • Items: Variety- Shemagh Scarfs Are Available In Multiple Color Choices And Adaptable To Any Fold For Endless Use And Styles. All Shemagh Scarfs Will Include An Instructional Folding Pamphlet.

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I bought the blackout jumbo 75"x38" variant of this. It's really important to visualize those dimensions before you order and understand that the shemagh isn't just larger so much as it is longer. It doesn't really fold over into a triangle unless you fold it in half first, and then you would have a four-layer "triangle" it's better to visualize this as a wide traditional strip scarf with a shemagh weave. If you're creative you can wear this in a face wrap fashion like the squared ones, but you'll have a lot of fabric and it will be very warm. . In terms of thickness, i would rate this "medium" weight. I have other 100% cotton shemaghs that feel a lot heavier and warmer, and plenty of blended fabric ones that are much lighter. . If you're looking for a scarf you can wear like a hood similar to kylo ren's scarf, this could be the one. The Best military shemagh tactical cotton ( Sep 2019 ) | -Apparel Review Items Mato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical 100% Cotton Scarf Head Wrap Woven cotton- mato & hash tactical scarfs are made of 100% woven cotton. breathable, strong material that provides comfort in any weather condition and will hold up in against everyday wear and tear.. Classic size- military shemaghs measuring approx. 43"x43". prefect size for all the classic head and scarf wraps. looking something bigger? check out our mato & hash jumbo military shemagh.. Variety- shemagh scarfs are available in multiple color choices and adaptable to any fold for endless use and styles. all shemagh scarfs will include an instructional folding pamphlet.. Versatile- mato & hash keffiyeh is a multi-propose scarf. keffiyehs give protection from the sun, sand, and harsh winds when hunting, hiking, climbing and fishing. not only are they for protection keffiyehs can be used as a blanket, arm sling, sweat rag, camouflage and much more!. Washable- hand wash and hang dry for best results. shemagh dye may bleed during first few washes .

Mato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical 100% Cotton Scarf Head Wrap Review (Mato Hash)

This seems to be really good quality. You can see through he cloth, darker section are easier than the lighter sections. I bought this for an upcoming snow caming trip. It feels soft in the hand, and is a good wrap for the head. I just got back from the snow campout. This morning at sunrise was 6 degrees (f). I used this to wrap it around my head and cover my face to protect from the wind. I also used it at night to protect from smoke of the camp fires. I am very glad i got this wrap. I used it one way or another all weekend long. -X. Brendon

Mato Hash Military Shemagh Tactical

Mato & Hash
Curbed Apparel 2100 - 2

military shemagh tactical 100% cotton scarf head Apparel, The mato & hash military shemagh is also known as keffiyeh, ghutra, hatta, tactical scarf, or arab scarf. shemaghs are a traditional headdress of arab culture with many uses such as protection from the sun, sand, wind, and harsh winter weather. keffiyehs are not only for fashion and protection, they have endless uses, from an emergency arm sling, blanket, towel, sweat rag, and much more. the mato and hash shemagh scarf is made of 100% woven cotton. durability and strength to last the all-day wear and tear while still giving you a lightweight breathable feel. mato & hash military shemaghs measure approx. 43"x43" and adapt to many different style folds. not sure of how to do the different style folds? no need to worry! all mato & hash shemaghs come with an instructional pamphlet showing you all the different style folds. shemagh tactical scarfs are washable, for best results hand wash, and air dry. Mato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical 100% Cotton Scarf Head Wrap (Curbed Apparel 2100 - 2-Mato Hash).

Mato Hash Military Shemagh Tactical Apparel

  • We purchased a few kaffiyas in israel and really liked them. Unfortunately, someone left one of them draped over a light fixture just long enough to melt part of it (luckily there was no fire). The mato and hash that we bought to replace it was very similar to the first but not quite as soft. It was not as thick and didn't have the edging around the outside with the little white balls on the corners.
  • Good quality, but the dimensions are slightly off, it says 43" x 43" but mine isn't square, it's more like 43" x 40" which is annoying to use as a headwrap or scarf. But otherwise the material it's made from is very comfortable, and i can imagine once it breaks in and gets softer it'll be excellent. Bottom line it was exactly what i was looking for minus the dimensional error part. It's a thicker shemagh so, perfect was a winter scarf, or headwrap and again soft. . Regardless i'm happy with it.
  • I ordered four of these - three as gifts. They looked fine in the package with "new olive drab" coloring. I opened one package and hand-washed it, with the water turning very dark brown (almost black) with each of three washings/rinsings by hand in the sink. After drying it was extremely thin compared to former shemagh's i've owned. I plan to try to return the three in unopened packages. Perhaps they are fine for some consumers at that low price, but i've since ordered replacements from another seller which charges more but looks to be better quality and are a couple of inches larger all around at 44" all sides.
  • This product had a defect in it and i didn't reorder another , because seller had not contacted me.
  • This item was so thin that when i took it out of the package my fingers went right threw the material. Not worth the money.

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I was expecting something of poor quality and specs. Misleading, for ex: wrong sizing, color just at one side, etc. What i can tell you is that this shemagh is of high value, for only $9 i receive a 42" x 42" size , acurate o. D. Color, good weaving. Not perfect but for the price, you cant beat it. I will use it for camping/hiking ! great piece of kit, smells weird out of the package but who cares i can rinse it!

Mato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical 100% Cotton Scarf Head Wrap
Click to see NoticeMato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical 100% Cotton Scarf Head Wrap (Mato Hash)"I like this mato & hash military shemagh. It is 100% cotton, which is necessary if you want to use this as a hot-weather accessory. You want something that is sweat-absorbent, like cotton. I was looking for a spring/summer scarf (for guys) and this one fits the bill perfectly. When it is slightly windy, this scarf works perfectly. I live in the northeast us and although i have not worn it in the winter, i would prefer wearing a warmer woolen scarf during snowy weather. And winter weather is not the purpose of this scarf, i feel. . The design is "woven" into the fabric: what i mean by that is that the black strands are woven into the base color shemagh. The design is not "block-printed" onto the shemagh. . The first thing you have to do with this is to hand wash it in cold water and then hanging it to air dry. The dye/color will bleed. It did not leave stains on the shemagh after bleeding, which is good. It was just extra color that had to be washed off. If you don't do this and wear it and you sweat/shemagh gets wet with rain, it won't be a pretty sight. I would recommend hand washing it. I have not tried it in the washer/dryer. I do not think it will shrink, but it feels ok to just hand wash. I don't get it too dirty that i feel like it needs to go through a full machine wash cycle. . I wear it as a scarf. It is large enough to wear as a headdress, which i sometimes do at home. Considering that i live in a major us city, i do not think it is a smart idea to cover my head and face, as some other reviewers have mentioned. . The shemagh is perfect in size. I have attached a photo where the shemagh is folded in half (it is almost exactly square) and i have placed a 13" macbook pro next to it for reference."

(0) Question: Does anyone know where these are made? i absolutely refuse to buy one made by china, as they are destroying traditional, authentic businesses.

(1) Question: What are the true measurements without the tassels? thank you

(2) Question: The description says it is 12 x 9 x 1 inches. not sure how that is possible?

Military Shemagh Arab Tactical Desert Keffiyeh Scarf, 100% Cotton Head Wrap Neck Cover

Made from 100% lightweight cotton. High quality stitched material. Arabian pattern design. Designed to protect head & neck from sun, sand & wind. Tassles attached to ends of shemagh scarf. Folded & wrapped in various styles around the head. Dries quickly & keep the head warm. Worn across the forehead or neck. Used by military soldiers in afghanistan, iraq & worldwide. Can also be used as a neck warmer or hand towel. Extremely fashionable & popular. A keffiyeh is also known as a shmagh, shemagh or yashmag, a ghutra or a hatta, and is a traditional headdress of arab men, made of a square of cloth ("scarf"), folded and wrapped in various styles around the head. Works well as alternative winter headwear, particularly in areas with snow and strong winds. The shemagh, also known as the keffiyeh or arab scarf, is a simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand. It also works well as alternative winter headwear, particularly in areas with snow and strong winds. Although most are cotton, warmer, faster-drying cotton-wool blends are also available. Styles of wearing the shemagh vary, but wrapping the scarf around the head and face provides optimal protection from the elements. Shemaghs are made from 100% cotton and will shrink if not washed properly. Import. Approx dimensions: 43" x 43". Shemaghs are manufactured by army universe.

Military Shemagh Arab Tactical Desert Keffiyeh Scarf, 100% Cotton Head Wrap Neck CoverMilitary-Shemagh-Tactical-Desert-Keffiyeh

Brand :    army universe
Size :    43" x 43"
Model :    A-108
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Woven material. our shemaghs are all made and are fully woven. there is nothing printed on these head scarves. feel good when ordering because you are getting something made of the best and most durable material that can stand harsh environments while you enjoy many indoor activities or outdoor adventures. they are great for paintball, tactical games, every day wear and much more!
  • High quality classic design. you will be pleased with the quality of our shemagh scarf that come in many colos and provides that bold fashion statement and signs of solidarity. this classic shemagh design stands out with the knotted threads at the end of all the edges. choose from our wide selection of colors that can match many outfits and occasions.
  • Large size. size approx: 43 inches x 43 inches which gives you the ability to wrap this shemagh into multiple layers and many designs and ways around your head without sacrificing the shemagh look you are looking for.
  • Great for men or women and be sure to wear it with pride. whether you are wanting to display appreciation for your arabic heritage, show solidarity or simply looking for a way to add a bit of style to any outfits, our shemagh scarf is fashionable, lightweight and durable and it is the perfect choice for you!
  • Extremely comfortable soft cotton. this shemagh keffiyeh is super comfortable and lightweight. it protects from heat in the summer and keeps you warm during the cold winter days. the cotton fabric traps air between the layers and is a breathable material that will keep you comfortable at all times.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Military Shemagh Arab Tactical Desert Keffiyeh Scarf, 100% Cotton Head Wrap Neck Cover available ( Sep 2019 )

Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf

This is amazing. I've machine washed it and is still as good as when i got it. The color is very subdued which is great for blending into the forest. The color is hard to describe because it kind of changes. In one kind of light it looks brown, but in another it looks od green. I love hot it almost seems to be adaptive.

Rothco's desert shemaghs are traditional desert head-wear that are designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand. Rothco's tactical scarves are worn by military personnel worldwide and also as a fashion accessory. Rothco's shemaghs come in a wide variety of colors from olive drab to pink. Also, be sure to check out our deluxe and patterned shemaghs. The military scarf also makes for a great survival tool and is an easy add to your bug out bag. Rothco is the foremost supplier of military, tactical, outdoor, survival clothing and gear.

Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert ScarfRothco-Shemagh-Tactical-Desert-Scarf

Rothco Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf (8537) FAQ.

This shemagh is actually the right size. I bought this one to replace the one that turned out to be undersized. The quality seems to be good, and i didn't notice any bleed in the color when i hand washed, looking for discoloration. . Mine is the chocolate color and i do recommend. -Notice from A. Susan, Somerset

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When you receive it, it appears to be a little thin and cheap. After wearing it once and washing it twice, it is nice and soft. It is holding up well with no fading. I had been looking for a light weight pashmire cover to use on longer, cooler flights, but this works even better at a fraction of the cost. I also used it to wrap my head and neck during paintball. Though i didn't take a hit to any area it covered, i don't regret using it for that purpose. It kept the sun's heat off me and proved comfortable. I'll be buying another one soon.

Rothco-shemagh-tactical-desert-scarf-(8537) set picture

- G. EricksonThis has lasted me about 2. 5 years so far, of occasional use at festivals. I expect it to last me many more, although it does seem somewhat prone to tearing along the fringes. Learn to tie it 2 or 3 different ways, and you've got an incredibly versatile garment that can protect you from sun, dust, heat, and cold, and can even be fashioned into a satchel.

I have had this particular shemagh for the last few months and have used it at least a few times a week / every day since it came in. I work outside on a regular basis and i am an avid hunter. I purchased this product after reading the countless ways to use a shemagh and the practicality of an "oversized handkerchief". I have never owned a shemagh before purchasing this one and i unfortunately don't have any other ones to compare it to, but i love this one. I would recommend washing it in warm water first (i threw mine in the washer and dryer once) to soften up the fabric. It still smells like dryer sheets when i place it over my face and it is very soft. It makes a noticeable difference when wrapped around your neck and face in the cold. I have not used it in the heat yet, but i believe that it would also be beneficial to wet it down and place it around your neck to help cool off. . I wouldn't recommend it as a substitute for a good stocking cap but i think it is better than a neck gator. I use it to hunt with as well, thus why i purchased the od green one. It makes for pretty good camo as well. The shemaugh has held up well, hasn't frayed or come apart, and has not left any fuzzy material on my face or neck. . I would fully recommend this product to any hunter, outdoorsman, or person in a military / law enforcement job setting. It is low in price, has a million applications for use, and is now a standard piece of gear i carry with me every day. You will not be disappointed.

. Michele, Western Australia

Brand :    rothco
Size :    42"x42"
Model :    88537
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Worn by military personnel worldwide and is also a great fashion accessory
  • The tactical scarf also makes for a great survival item
  • 100% cotton measuring 42 x 42
  • Tactical headwear that is designed to protect the head & neck from sun & sand
  • Available in over a dozen colors
Price :    —
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The blackhawk! shemaugh is a traditional desert headwear designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand. It is currently in use with u. S. And coalition forces in iraq and afghanistan and is made of 100% cotton. Dimensions are 44 x 44 (112 cm x 112 cm).

BLACKHAWK ShemaughBLACKHAWK-33000-Shemaugh-Shemaugh

Price :    —
  • Available in olive/black or sand/black
  • Currently in use with u. s. and coalition forces in iraq and afghanistan
  • Dimensions: 44" x 44"(112 cm x 112 cm)
  • Traditional desert headwear designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand
  • 100% cotton
Brand :    blackhawk!
Model :    33000-Shemaugh
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Military Shemagh Tactical Desert 100% Cotton Keffiyeh Scarf Wrap

The shemagh, also known as the keffiyeh or arab scarf, is a simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand. It also works well as alternative winter headwear, particularly in areas with snow and strong winds. Although most are cotton, warmer, faster-drying cotton-wool blends are also available. Styles of wearing the shemagh vary, but wrapping the scarf around the head and face provides optimal protection from the elements. Material: 100% cotton, textile yarn, jacquard technology, not dyed basic imformation: specification: 43 * 43 inches weight: 180 g suitable for: 1. Wargame players, combat soldiers 2. Outdoor enthusiasts, mountaineering, cycling etc. Instructions for wearing a shemagh: - step 1 fold the shemagh into a triangle. Wrap it around the back and over the top of your head, with the folded edge across your forehead, making sure that about two-thirds of the material is on your left. The right end ought to be long enough to come to your chest. - step 2 use your left hand to pinch the shemagh about 3 or 4 inches from the folded edge and let the edge hang forward. - step 3 let go of the right end. Using your left hand, hold the edge of the shemagh next to your left cheek and hold it near your left cheekbone. After you do this, use your right hand to pull the left end of the shemagh across your face, over your nose. - step 4 continue to wrap the shemagh around your face and head until you get it back over your left shoulder. Grip the right tail and hold it to keep from pulling the shemagh off your head as you wrap. Work your hands down toward the ends as you wrap. - step 5 pull the shemagh as tight as needed to feel comfortable. At the end of the process, take both ends and, somewhere near your right temple, tie them in a knot. A square knot will secure the shemagh adequately.

Military Shemagh Tactical Desert 100% Cotton Keffiyeh Scarf WrapMilitary-Shemagh-Tactical-Desert-Keffiyeh

Brand :    aonal
Size :    One Size
Model :    B074R9KFHF
Order click here :    -
  • 100% cotton
  • Size approx: 43 inches x 43 inches.
  • Extremely soft & comfortable. lightweight.
  • A simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand.
  • Available in many colors for all different styles.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Apparel (Apparel product review) for Military Shemagh Tactical Desert 100% Cotton Keffiyeh Scarf Wrap available ( Sep 2019 )

Maddog Sports Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf

Maddog shemaghs are the perfect addition to your scenario gear. Keep your head, face, & neck protected in the heat of the battle. Features: * maddog shemagh tactical desert scarf * 40x42 inches 100% cotton * head, face, & neck protection * lightweight, breathable material

Maddog Sports Shemagh Tactical Desert ScarfMaddog -Sports-Shemagh-Tactical-Desert

Brand :    maddog
  • Head, face, & neck protection
  • Lightweight, breathable tactical scarves
  • Size: 40" x 42" 100% cotton
  • Perfect for paintball, airsoft or just around town
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (maddog product review) for Maddog Sports Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf available ( Sep 2019 )

Tapp Collections Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

Could not figure out how this thing worked so i just used it as a table cloth

The shemagh, also known as the keffiyeh or arab scarf, is a simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand. It also works well as alternative winter headwear, particularly in areas with snow and strong winds. Although most are cotton, warmer, faster-drying cotton-wool blends are also available. Styles of wearing the shemagh vary, but wrapping the scarf around the head and face provides optimal protection from the elements. Instructions for wearing a shemagh: step 1 fold the shemagh into a triangle. Wrap it around the back and over the top of your head, with the folded edge across your forehead, making sure that about two-thirds of the material is on your left. The right end ought to be long enough to come to your chest. Step 2 use your left hand to pinch the shemagh about 3 or 4 inches from the folded edge and let the edge hang forward. Step 3 let go of the right end. Using your left hand, hold the edge of the shemagh next to your left cheek and hold it near your left cheekbone. After you do this, use your right hand to pull the left end of the shemagh across your face, over your nose. Step 4 continue to wrap the shemagh around your face and head until you get it back over your left shoulder. Grip the right tail and hold it to keep from pulling the shemagh off your head as you wrap. Work your hands down toward the ends as you wrap. Step 5 pull the shemagh as tight as needed to feel comfortable. At the end of the process, take both ends and, somewhere near your right temple, tie them in a knot. A square knot will secure the shemagh adequately.

Tapp Collections Premium Shemagh Head Neck ScarfTapp-Collections-Premium-Shemagh-Scarf

Tapp Collections Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf (Accessory) FAQ.

This shemagh is absolutely awesome. The only flaw i see (should say feel) is it s a little itchy at first. Which it s telling me it has polyester in it. However, this bad boy is strong and very well made. This is my second of three shemaghs i ve ordered. Tapps is definitely a quality company. What to choose, mato & hash or tapps. Oh my lord the struggle lol. Awesome work tapps. -Notice from . Lawrence, Nevada

Click to Show tapp collections premium shemagh head neck scarf (accessory) Details

Warm, stylish, looks good! can match it with almost any outfit. On a trip to s. F. Last year, i stopped in a small store for a soda that was owned by middle easterners (i don't know the specific country. I didn't ask). The two gentlemen literally gushed over the scarf, saying it was just like in their country but that i was wearing it wrong if i were in their country. But for the u. S. , the way i was wearing it looked very nice and attractive and that it made me look "pretty". Weirdly, i felt quite proud and flattered. Perhaps it was good salesmanship on their part, but darnit, those nice words worked! . . I've also worn this scarf at burning man and in the middle of the nm desert. Does a fantastic job of keeping the heat and sun off your body.

Tapp-collections-premium-shemagh-head-neck-scarf-(accessory) set picture

- J. PeggyBeautiful i love it , it so soft. Nice size been practicing on different styles. Thank you

Great and stylish for burning man. Quality could be better, but the price makes up for it

R. Pearson, Mississippi

Brand :    tapp collections
Size :    42 " x 42" with tassels
  • Cotton; size : 42 " x 42" including tassels; weight : 4 oz
  • Tapp collections is a registered trademark (reg. no. 5, 030, 606) owned and operated by tapp collections, inc. tapp collections products are sold exclusively by tapp collections authorized retailers. any registered trademark (reg. no. 5, 030, 606) infringement will be reported to .
  • Works well as alternative winter headwear, particularly in areas with snow and strong winds.
  • * various colors * quantity discounts available *
  • A simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand.
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (tapp collections product review) for Tapp Collections Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf available ( Sep 2019 )

Mato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical 100% Cotton Scarf Head Wrap (Mato Hash) Price : 9, was : 0 as 2018-04-21
United States
Great Britain
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Dont know if it should be called saftey green. Its a light green but not as the photo of the guy wearing it shows. I contacted seller to see if i recived wrong color or what. Not to happy with it as i was hopeing for saftey green bright noticable review to change based on outcome from seller. If they get back to me. The prouduct its self besides the color is verry wel made. . *update. Seller contacted me right away. It turns out the color is the color. Its not saftey green but a close second. Increased my star rateing because of how quickly the seller contacted me.

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(0) Question: Is this product made in palestine?

(1) Question: What are the measurements of this scarf?

(2) Question: Would this be good face protection for airsoft

(3) Question: When fully opened, what are the dimensions of this scarf?

(4) Question: Can this be worn draped over the shoulders like a long scarf? not wrapped up?

(5) Question: What are the dimensions? bought one that was advertised 42"x42" but was ten inches smaller and almost useless.

(6) Question: Where are these manufactured?

(7) Question: Whats the difference between one size and single?

(8) Question: What is the actual size?

(9) Question: How long is this in inches?

(10) Question: What is the more popular color types?

(11) Question: What are the dimensions?

(12) Question: Does one package contains the three shemags?

(13) Question: Is this a more heavy weight shemagh?

(14) Question: What are the dimensions of this ?

(15) Question: Would the jumbo size be better for covering the entire head with the neck?

(16) Question: Is the desert sand color yellow like in the picture or is it more khaki/tan?

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It s a perfect fit. Some are too small others too large. Soft and sturdy at the same time with obvious quality and no sewn in tag to cheese it up. Just make sure you give it a good hand wash with a nice fragrant soap as the instructions recommend as soon as you unbag it. Wring it out well and lay in the sun for a quick dry. Will definitely buy another.

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Best mato & hash military shemagh tactical 100% cotton scarf head wrap (mato hash) in review

Great scarf with some minor quality issues. First the scarf is a great orange and black color that can be worn in a variety of styles. Included with the scarf is instructions to wear it "dust mask" style and pictures of other arrangements but without instructions. That's okay though as i found many ways to tie/wear it on youtube. Now i'm probably being very critical with what i think a quality issue is but here it is, there were many strands of string comming undone on my scarf. It was remedied easily enough by tying them down and cutting off the excess, something that's common place with most fabric products. It became an issue when i had to do it nearly 20 times. . Again, this was my first scarf of this style and i'm probably being overly critical. I loved the design, the weight of the fabric and the price (so affordable i bought 3! ). I'd like to see a little more quality control and more of a guide to wearing this type of scarf included in the packaging.

M. Megan, South Australia

You might like to see Military shemagh neck scarf desert tactical style head wrap keffiyeh checkered the shemagh, also known as the keffiyeh or arab scarf, is a simple yet efficient way to protect your face and neck from sun, wind and sand. it also works well as alternative winter -hde military shemagh neck scarf desert tactical style head wrap keffiyeh checkered scarf
  • Highlight: Sort, Comfortable, Lightweight Scarf Provides A Fashionable Style Any Time Of The Year.
  • Highlight: Protects Your Face And Neck From Snow, Wind During Winter And Sun In The Summer.
Buy Hde Military Tactical Keffiyeh Checkered (Accessory) Hde Military Tactical Keffiyeh Checkered
Or you might like to consider Military shemagh arab tactical desert keffiyeh scarf, 100% cotton head wrap neck made from 100% lightweight cotton. high quality stitched material. arabian pattern design. designed to protect head & neck from sun, sand & wind. tassles attached to ends of shemagh -military shemagh arab tactical desert keffiyeh scarf, 100% cotton head wrap neck cover
  • Feature: Woven Material. Our Shemaghs Are All Made And Are Fully Woven. There Is Nothing Printed On These Head Scarves. Feel Good When Ordering Because You Are Getting Something Made Of The Best And Most Durable Material That Can Stand Harsh Environments While You Enjoy Many Indoor Activities Or Outdoor Adventures. They Are Great For Paintball, Tactical Games, Every Day Wear And Much More!.
  • Feature: High Quality Classic Design. You Will Be Pleased With The Quality Of Our Shemagh Scarf That Come In Many Colos And Provides That Bold Fashion Statement And Signs Of Solidarity. This Classic Shemagh Design Stands Out With The Knotted Threads At The End Of All The Edges. Choose From Our Wide Selection Of Colors That Can Match Many Outfits And Occasions.
Lowest Price Military Shemagh Tactical Desert Keffiyeh (Accessory) A 108 Military Shemagh Tactical Desert Keffiyeh (Army

E. Brenda, Rutland says

There's a lot of companies selling shemagh's on online store, most of which are inferior quality, bad weaves, poor tassels, etc. It can be a hassle sorting through all the dross on here. Bought one of these 5 or so years ago, it was a toss up between this one or a rothco and i've not regretted my choice. It's still going strong so i had to get two more. Still the same quality, nice tight weave, just the right thickness, colors are true. Keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Made to last. They make great gifts too.

O. Wade, Barnet

Make sure you wash very well before wearing the first time. Otherwise if you are sweating or wearing it in the rain or any other kind of moisture your skin will get dyed the same color as what you purchased. Attached is a photo of my bathtub after the first rinse of my olive drag shemagh. I use a 5 gallon bucket that i put the scarf in and fill with hot water. Then i just grab the shemagh and pull it in and out of the water to agitate well and let it sit for about 30mins. I ll repeat this a few times then i dump the water. There is honestly enough dye on these that if you had another garment like a white shirt or something that you wanted to dye the same color as your shemagh you could just toss it in the bucket at the same time to dye it. I did this at least 5 times changing the water in my bucket each time and it was still slightly green but acceptable figuring i ll get it again in a few weeks with another regular wash after use. Absolutely do not put this in your washing machine as they are essentially cheese cloth with a woven pattern. So like some other reviews who didn't heed the label you will destroy it. Don't let the need to wash it deter you though as it s not really a negative and does not detract from the garment. It s just a necessary step in something that has not been pre-washed. . At first i was put off at how green the dye was, more a forest green than olive drab green. But after washing all the excess dye out it looks exactly like it s supposed to. I've got two of these one regular and one large and they are both of outstanding quality with no complaints. If i had to recommend a single size i would say just get the large to start out. It gives you much more coverage area, flexibility, and warmth in the cold. But depending on your intended use your mileage may vary.

B. Anonymous, Wolverhampton says

I purchased 4 of these "kah-fee-ya/she-ma" wraps: red/black, green/black, white/black, orange/black (similar to pumpkin orange, it has 8-point bucks in center which i didnt realize before purchase, the other 3 are contrasting squares in middle of design). These were all purchased from the fashion rack via online store, no affiliation and frankly had never heard of them previous to this purchase. Anyhooters, in my experience they all came individually packaged in their own clear pastic sealed wrappers with the little silicon gel diseccent thingy inside, so no stains, no extraordinary smells. As for being short (or those who think your head is too big), i initially thought the same thing when i squarely folded the scarf in half and draped it around my neck, but the included lil 1-page chart showed in its several fashion potentials that when its properly folded in pyramid/triangle fashion it all works out and even the knotted tassels seem to fall into place. I did check out a couple youtube videos on the variety of ways to wrap it and found its easier to do than i originally envisioned it would be. It is transparent/see-through on the outside border lines of the scarf, but the rest isnt, and not an issue when ya fold it for wear. As for color bleeding, yes, alot, that be true, especially the red and orange, green a bit less, white even less. I did several hand washes with cold water in the sink and there is still residual washout going on so be careful there. You will have some loose strings and if your anal you may find yourself cutting a couple of extra threads here and there. Only complaint for me is i purchased 4 at once and should have received free shipping but somehow my order was placed in 2 seperate shipments and i was charged shipping on one of them. Otherwise, a happy camper. :)

P. Veronica, Portsmouth

This is my first opportunity to do a "touch and feel" evaluation on a shemagh:. 1) the base-layer cotton material is very lightweight with a thread count/inch of around 10. I am speculating that this is by design to allow the material to be highly breathable (note that one usage is to prevent dust/sand from entering the noes/mouth). An artifact of the low thread count/inch is that the material snags somewhat easily. 2) initial inspection showed that the material had an odor that i am attributing to the dye. The odor was annoying enough that i opted to hand wash the shemagh. 3) hand washing was the correct technique. There was a great deal of dye that washed off and it would have certainly stained any other item had i washed it together with something else. I actually had to hand wash several times to remove most (but not all) of the dye. While there is still an odor, it is slight and easily tolerable. 4) keep in mind that i am a shemagh "newbie": i originally thought that the primary purpose of the shemagh was simple protection from the sun (keep the sun off the head and back of the neck). It actually does much more: acts as a mini visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and also acts as eye black to further reduce glare. B) is a multi-purpose head wear where you can optionally use the face mask, use it as a scarf only (retain heat in cold weather and wet it for evaporation in hot weather. . I'm compelled to confess that i have little knowledge of middle east culture, so i was hesitant to try a shemagh; however, i have a couple of military friends who swear by a shemagh so i opted to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. I am very happy that i overcame my initial bias and gave it a try. I am so impressed with it that i plan to purchase another in the future, although i am going to look for one made of thicker material (if it even exists).

L. Nancy, North Yorkshire says

I had one of these back in college that i bought from a street vendor in boston. I loved it, but for whatever reason started wearing it less and less, then eventually forgot about it. This week we started watching mozart in the jungle and the maestro wears one, whereupon i realized two things: 1) they never go out of style (although i'm not someone you want to come to for fashion tips), and 2) mine was of course now nowhere to be found. Heartbroken, i ended up here. . You can see for yourself there are a ton of positive reviews for this shemagh. My biggest indecision came from whether to get the jumbo or the regular. I won't keep you in suspense: i got the regular, and i'm glad i did. Seems to be the same size as my old one, and as another reviewer pointed out, i think the jumbo would have way too much fabric to wrangle (unless you'd like something that can cover your entire torso). I've included photos so you can see how adequate the regular size is. . I seem to remember my old one being thicker and heavier, but wasn't everything back then? the thread count on this one is pretty thin, but it's still plenty warm once you fold it up into layers (wore it last night to work in 3 (that's three) degree weather, so i speak with authority). Yet it's also light enough to wear while working on the computer in 65 degree temperatures. The tassels are kind of short and stubby, but i didn't buy it for tassels and i'm not a fan of fringey things getting in my way. There's no odd smell and it's so soft right out of the package, it already feels like i've worn it for years. The minute i walked through the door at work, my coworker commented on it admiringly. . I'll update if it suddenly falls apart or something, but so far i'm completely in love with this thing.

Z. Morgan, Milton Keynes

During the 'nam era we used this t-shirt scarf material or anything else we could find as a bandana. As a civilian, especially in my home state, sub-tropical as it is, such a scarf is a necessary item. This one has talent. It can be dampened with water, worn about the neck and as the water evaporates it becomes cooler. It is useful to screen out dust and keep florida's intense sun from inducing a heat stroke. Learn how to don it-and be careful where you wear it nowadays, but out and about it is very helpful in wicking away sweat or when dampened helping cool you off.

V. Lorenz, South Carolina says

This is an exceptional product. Probably the best $10ish i've spent on clothing in a long time. I've barely taken it off since i got it weeks ago. It's winter here now (mid-maine), and this provides a welcome extra measure of warmth both indoors and out. I will buy at least one more of a different color. Oh, and the little info "booklet/tag" that comes with it is very well done, listing multiple uses (some of which were surprising but reasonable) and - importantly - how to tie the traditional head wrap. Very well illustrated; i nailed the technique first time. Strongly recommended.

U. Bethany, California

Shemagh was great quality. It comes with a little instruction tag on how to tie it and gives you other great ideas and uses. Here are a few i found as well. It's a great survival tool. . I took it out fishing and used it: to lower the bbq grill grate on the public park bbq (so i didn't burn myself), cover my head in the sun, drape over the back of my neck, slingshot rocks into the lake, layed it on the grass next to our picinic blanket to give me more room to lay down, dipped it into the water and put it on my head to cool off after hiking, and even offered it to my girlfriend when her flip flop broke so she wouldn't be barefoot. The best part is, it was embarrassing for her to be seen in public with me and my blaze orange deer covered shemagh. I love this for hunting season and embarrassing my wonderful woman and plan to use it often.

K. Suzanne, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

The mato & hash shemagh is great. So few people know the benefit of using a shemagh in the woods. I"m a licensed dog tracker and i track wounded big game in very thick forest. I wear this as a scarf under my orange vest so it doesn't get caught on branches. I just pull out a piece as needed (see pic. ) it's great during a unexpected downpour just wear it over your head with a point going down your back and the water will wick off your head down your back. After a rain when your crashing through the woods on a hot track and the woods are full of wet cobwebs, bugs and loose pine needles you can pull out a piece and wipe you face off. Tracking in the cold weather and your nose is running well just pull out a piece and do i need to say more. In the summer it's keeps the ticks and forrest debris from going down your shirt. It's big enough that i can also use it as a tourniquet or a sling if needed. I plan on giving one to my dog tracker friends soon.

F. Aldana, Rotherham

This keffiyeh doesn't feel nearly as cheap as the price would imply. The quality is pretty good and it has become a staple of my autumn/spring attire. I bought it primarily for hiking in new york state and it is very comfortable and warm despite being thin enough to be breathable. It was even worn through the recent winter with temperatures down to -20*c with wind chill and served me well. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when visiting my in-laws in the hill country of central texas it also works very well in the traditional style for keeping out the dust. . It also generates a surprising number of compliments as a fashion item, and has, on more than one occasion, caused people in new york city to assume i'm french. Being english i'm not sure how to take that, but i think it's a compliment. . All in all, i love it and will buy another the second it wears out.

Q. Stacey, North Somerset says

After about 15 years of not buying one of these because i didnt want to look like a terrorist, i finally decided to buy one and give it a try. Not getting one of these sooner is one of the biggest mistakes i will ever admit to have made. This is the most versatile, useful, comfortable pieces of survivalist wardrobe i own. As for the negative reviews, mine arrived in great condition, and just barely short of advertised size. (within an inch) keep in mind, these are not printed on industrial 't-shirt' type mass-produced cotton that we americans are used to. These are traditional hand-woven style, and very authentic. They are not and will not be perfect as far as pattern continuity and weave consistency, but if the one i received is a typical sample, these are very well made and function perfectly.

R. Shawna, Gateshead says

I have owned a few shemagh's let me say without a reversion this is a quality shemagh does not run when wet like some will not shrink and its pretty strong i will not go into all the uses youtube will keep you busy for hours on the application of use really, if your a survivalist, a camper, do yard work, a prepper, your going to enjoy this one they have many colors and the fabric is outstanding, i know because one was bought for me as a gift from this company moto & hash so i ordered another it's really well made enough said. . Barry peralta. Peralta insurance specialist

J. Melissa, Cheshire

I bought this shemagh as i was told it would serve me well on my backcountry fishing trips to keep the insects at bay. The fabric seems slightly think and has an open weave. This does not bother me as i cannot ever see myself trying to use it not folded over at least once on itself. I think the openness of the weave will allow it to breathe very well while also blocking the sun and insects. I really like how the pattern is not printed on but rather woven into the shemagh itself. It was very soft and did not have any odor upon opening the package. I treated this with sawyer permethrin and it has worked very well for me in regards to keeping bugs away. The size of it is great and allows a multitude of options to wear. I will be purchasing another and not treat it with permethrin to use as a water filter, pot holder, and other camp chores. The only reason for a 4-star review is that i have yet to see how durable it will be in the long run. Buy with confidence, this one is a keeper.

N. Rebecca, West Virginia says

I really like the size of the jumbo shemagh. I purchased a solid black one for a halloween ninja costume and it worked out great. My only caveat, is that it bleeds dye horribly when washing. I hand washed it several times and rinsed it in vinegar water and no matter, it still bled lots of dye. The color is now fading around the edges. Definitely wouldn't want to use it to "filter water" in a survival situation or do anything with it involving food.

G. Sarah, Oklahoma

I bought the shimagh because my other one was starting to wear badly i ordered this one and i am happy and pleased with my purchase the cloth is a very durable and thick material and and is excellent for shielding me from the heat and the cold (i use it all the time when i am cleaning my driveway in the winter it's great) i ordered the desert sand and i was a little surprised that the color as vibrant as the picture depicted but still i am happy with my purchase for $10 it was a great buy and i will order another one again. . Ps: hand wash and let air dry if you run it through the washing machine it will bleed and frey other than that i love it

H. Tracey, New Mexico says

Shipped with a small brown stain, and threads a little bit, but for the price, i can't complain. I'm not wearing it as an accessory, anyway; i need something light that blends in with my environment and will keep the sun off my neck and face, and it does that. . I can't speak for other colors, but mine was darker than expected based on the product images featuring someone wearing it. However, the fourth (at the time of this review) image, which just features the shemagh folded into a rectangle, was a good representation of the color. Certainly for the foliage green pattern, use that image as a reference to get a feel for the saturation of the colors you're buying.

Y. Anonymous, Arkansas

I bought 4 shemaghs from 4 different companies ranging in price from $7. 50 to $19. 50, and this one by mato & hash is definitely the best value at $9. 99. It's every bit as good as the one costing nearly $10 more. My only complaint is that a tremendous amount of green dye leached out into the (cold) water the first time i hand washed it (do not machine wash). I could only imagine the mess it would have caused if i was actually wearing it the first time it got really wet. By the end of the 4th washing, the dye stopped bleeding out, so i added a bit of fabric softener, rinsed in clean water, and let it line dry (do not use heat). The result is a very soft, well made cloth that i anticipate lasting a long time. Wish it was a full 44 x 44", but most aren't in this price range.

T. Medina, Camden says

This shemagh is awesome when it came in the mail it was what i was expecting! bought 3 good color, its like having an ac i live in the desert its about 112 today soaked it in cold water put it on and off i went got back home feeling good. Cant believe i was going out in this heat with just a hat, by the time i got home i was feeling sick due to the temp. What a difference, like day and night! you know i will be buying more for this winter ! a note to all ! never put your shemagh in a dryer or you can kiss it good by ! love the material nice and soft ! cant live with out it !

A. Bullock, Kansas

Hello! i recently purchased this shemagh to add to my collection. I purchased the jumbo for use more in the winter months due to being able to quadruple layer this as apposed to only double layering! when i ordered this shemagh i was a bit skeptical about its quality. The size is abnormal and i was concerned if such a thing piece of cloth would hold up to the extra size, and i have to say that i was pleasantly surprised. The shemagh was true to size 75" by 38" and didn't have any noticeable defects, no runs, tears, holes, or other damage. I didn't notice any odd smells when i opened the shemagh for the first time and didn't receive a rash either as some reviewers have stated. . Hand wash only do not put in the dryer. Shemaghs are fragile and prone to ripping if placed in a washing machine and shrinking if placed in the dryer. I hand washed mine twice after receiving and line dried it. Quite a lot of dye ran out during the first wash, turning the water almost black. The second wash removed the rest of the extra dye and i haven't had any problems with the dye running since. . Overall i'm very happy to add this to my collection and will be purchasing a black and a woodland in the jumbo size as well. . If you would like to watch my full review and see it up close you can do so simply by going to youtube and typing "mato & hash shemagh review" and looking for the video made by zimco survival! . . Thank you for reading and please have a great day! . . Disclaimer: i did not receive this item at a discount for this review, i did pay full price and i will always post fair and honest reviews based on my personal opinions of a products quality and function.

C. Cathy, Arizona says

I purchased one of these because all the range officers at my work where these at the gun range and it looks pretty cool. After having it for a while just sitting around i started taking it with me when i would go fishing on my boat and it has come in useful many times. I ve used it as a sun shade, i ve used it to dip in the water and cool me down, i ve used it to wipe stinky fishy fingers, i ve used it on a cut finger. And if our country ever crumbles and it becomes chaotic i can wear this like the crazy military people in the movies.

W. Maria, Kentucky

I spent a lot of time sifting through online store reviews before purchasing 2 shemagh's from mato & hash (one deer hunter & one white/black). I was looking for quality and i was very skeptical of many of the cheap imitations available on online store. My efforts paid off! this is exactly what i was looking for. . Pros: this is a quality product. No issues with knotted threads and the patterns are superb. There was no harsh chemical odor as reported of other shemaghs. Additionally during my first wash of the white/black scarf the dye did not run as reported with other brands available on online store. . Con: actual color of the limited edition deer hunter is less vibrant, more of a salmon color than the orange color pictured on the site.

Top /mato hash military shemagh tactical Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

W. Valdez, Illinois says

My first shemagh. It's quite thin and came with a couple small holes. Didn't seem worth the trouble to return and i figured i could make it work anyway. You may want to choose a different brand though.

L. Jackson, York

Red shemagh bleeds dye like there's no tomorrow. Soak it in some hot water before even considering putting it anywhere near a washing machine. Otherwise quality seems ok.

. Anonymous, Pennsylvania says

Not sure what i was expecting here, but this is basically a big piece of kleenex! it's so thin you can see thru it, and the material is pretty cheap. I would look for a different company if i order another one.

. Dorothy, South Carolina

Material is great; reminds me of a blanket i had when i was a little kid. Unfortunately, mine came with a good sized hole. Lots of of shemagh options on online store and i'll probably look else where when i want another color.

P. Janice, Rutland says

I bought another scarf aside from this one and it was smelly and paper compared to this scarf. The quality is great. Only thing is i wish it was a little larger. I bought it for my father but it was a little to small to do some of the styles.

. Cunningham, Saarland

I have washed and re-washed this by hand more than 20 times every time bleeds die out very heavily. I have tried drying it to see if i can get the ink to set to no avail. I have tried ironing it to get the ink to set to no avail. I have washed in cold water and hot water. This seems like a very simple fix of just using better dies in the fabric. I would not recommend this to anyone. I have wasted too much time working on it.

I. Wanda, North Somerset says

Smells funky, and like others have said, you will want to wash it good to get excess dye off before using it.

B. Hakala, Ile-de-France

Hubby bought it because he's all day outaide. It is good quality, the only thing is that the color fades drastically. I hand washed it as stated and the color literally came off.

S. Lorenz, Southampton says

Not real impressed with this. Holes in the material, loose threads galore, and weird orange-ish crustiness in many places. I was able to wash it out and stitch up the holes and tears so it wouldn't run but i was not happy. I needed it otherwise it would have gone back.

J. Angelica, Sheffield

Do not wash with other items! the dye is not set and was bleeding red coloring all over the place! even after three washes!

C. Alma, Tennessee says

I purchased this to supplement some shemaghs that i bought in afghanistan. I was expecting a lightweight material, but this one is thick and heavy. Too heavy to take backpacking. Out of the box it had a funky smell. The dye bleeds terribly - i washed it separately about three times before the dye stopped bleeding. Do not wash this with anything else.

O. Connie, Kensington and Chelsea

For those of you that don't know just how versatile and useful a dessert scarf can be. Great for winter, keeping the sun off you in summer, many different application. My biggest complaint about this product is that it frays rather easily and had lots of lint, after 3 cold water washes and air drying, still lint and it's a bit thin.

Z. Lara, Texas says

This is a very nice shemagh. Deducted 2 stars because the olive drab color does not match the photos at all. What i received was brown, but labelled as olive drab even on the packaging. It would have been a hassle to exchange because of the third party seller, so i kept it even though i'm not fully satisfied.

T. Carrie, New York

Thickness of shemagh was about the size of a bandana. I ordered 2 and they were different sizes, one was 39" by 39", and the other one was 41" by 42". They had a little smell to them but not bad. I washed them in cold water with a little hand soap in the sink and the color was coming out. I was there a while until the color stop coming out after about 15 minutes. A little color still came out but i was happy with that. After they dried i measured them again a they shrunk even more. The 39" by 39" went down to i think 38" by 38". And the other one went down to 39" by 40". The color faded but still looks good. The only thing i don't like is the smaller one of 38" by 38" when you rap it around your neck and tie a knot for a scarf it just makes it. I've been looking at other shemaghs for a while and have been reading the reviews and the compliance are similar.

. Carmen, Richmond upon Thames says

It's looks amazing, but damage after first machine wash. Maybe next buy will wash by hand.

A. Jacqueline, Poitou-Charentes

It's ok. I love it. Only problem is that it is already pulling apart. (threads are starting to pull up). Havent really used it much so that is kind of disappointing.

K. Mahood, Midi-Pyrenees says

Not bad. Quality was a bit below my standards. Perfect for what i needed it for (one time use). However, so much lint stuck to my head, and i mean a lot. I don't have it anymore because when my wife washed it, it never came back to me. I assume my washer ate it or my wife threw it out. She said she didn't, but who knows. I would've gave 5 stars, but the lint took forever to get off my head even with water.

. Colleen, Wirral

Awesome color and design but seems poorly made. Snags very easily, i don't know what everyone else uses these for but i bought them for outdoor use. I'm not convinced this will hold up. I bought for the design and will keep it cause it looks cool but i will not buy again.

E. Lisa, Lincolnshire says

The "foliage" colored mato & hash shemagh is the 3rd one that i've bought. This one, like the others, is well made. The pattern is woven not printed. The frayed ends were already knotted when it arrived. It is a versatile item to on hand. . Con: the dye(s) used for the foiage colored scarf leaves an awful, mildew, fishy stench. I've washed the scarf 3 times and there is still a, slight, odor. The other 2 that i'd previously bought also had a smell when they first arrived but after being washed it was much better. The foliage one is a different story though. It's smell makes it hard to wrap around my face and breath through it.

. Courtney, Redbridge

Shipped well and in good packaging. Was expecting more tougher fabric for the price, but product still worked well for needed use.

Q. Suzanne, Reading says

The material is okay, the green is more of a brown, the size is large enough

F. Elanor, Buckinghamshire

Terrible waste of money. Recently purchased as few shemaghs and rothco is better, no comparison. Mato & hash had more color & size options but quality is terrible. Rothco looks great after wash & dry, this looks terrible. The stitching pattern is cheap & thin. Looks like a cheap tourist shop item. Definitely does not look authentic.

. Arnett, Thueringen says

Can't beat the price. Quality is up to par. . Pros:. - 100% cotton. - large. Comparable to more culturally authentic shemaghs. . Cons:. - wish there were tassels/frays on all four sides instead of just two. - hand wash only. - does fade after a wash or two. . I would recommend these to anyone looking for an extra fashion accessory. I've been using mine out of practicality. They keep me warm in the office, and i wear them snowboarding. I plan on buying a few more in different colors!

. Ruby, Warwickshire

Bought this because i seen it as a bargain. Once i got it and opened package i first noticed that it was the wrong color (like a dark brown/earth) item even though it was labeled as the color i ordered (olive drab). So i bought another brand and to my amazement of only spending just a couple bucks more i got the color i wanted and what feels to be better material.

X. Helen, Waltham Forest says

I opened it up. It was packaged. Looked good until i saw a brown spot on it. Thought nothing of it and noticed a brown line along the pattern. Looks like rust. Am planning to wash it and hopefully it will come out. This gets 3 stars and i'm not sure why. Took over a week to arrive on prime and is dirty but it is what it is. Buy at your own discretion.

D. Pearce, New Hampshire

I bought two of these and am returning both of them to online store. The orange one continues to bleed dye even after eight separate and thorough hand-washes. Not worth the effort to try washing the other one.

Y. Nicole, Greenwich says

Upon arrival i investigated the shemagh, only to find it (as i knew was a possibility from other reviews, but hoped wouldn't happen) was quite worn. Honestly, i don't know how any company would find it acceptable to send a "new" product in such a tattered state. It has small areas of apparent weakness and long threads sticking out. . I am likely to return my shemagh, and i definitely would not buy this product again.

M. Cecilia, Barking and Dagenham

These are great! i wear them every time i hike. Not over the head like military tho, i put them around my neck like a scarf. Can be used for many things in emergencies or just to keep the sun off your head. Light weight materials but i like that ( spring / summer ). The only downside is the black one come almost pure black and you can only see the design if you hold it up to the sky. It also shows all dust/lint/dirt very well. Dont wash the black one! . Took me a while to get all the flufs off it.

G. Megan, Hawaii says

I bought the green and foliage colors, review follows: wow, threads loose everywhere on both colors. Both: smelled bad, so i hand washed as reccomended. The green color ran out and the cloth turned brown. I'll be sending these back as soon as i can get the label printed and dropped off at ups.

V. Paige, Sutton

Low quality. Inconsistent weave with holes in it. Smells faintly of diesel fuel. Very disappointed, and i have to pay shipping to return it.

H. Mable, Corse says

The material is thin and i can see through it. Right out of the package it had already started to unravel. . Update: the store contacted me and offered to send me a replacement which is much better than the first one. I ve changed my rating due to excellent customer service.

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