Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (Adult Costume) 1561

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Price was 9. This is okay except i will have to put cotton or something under the bridge of the nose to make it sit away from the face just a little. Its very hard and rough so it wouldn't take much for your face to have an abrasion.

-O. Julie

Unisex sparkle masquerade venetian mask mardi gras masquerade in style mardi gras black masks! the black half mask is a great addition to any mardi gras party, halloween costume or masquerade ball. celebrate in a secretive and stylish -luxury mask unisex sparkle masquerade venetian mask mardi gras costume

  • Supplementary: Perfect Item To Giveaway At Door.
  • Supplementary: Top Grade Quality.

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Daughter used this as a catwoman masquerade mask for daddy/daughter dance. Very pretty mask with intricate details. The Best unisex sparkle masquerade venetian ( Sep 2019 ) | -Adult Costume Review Supplementary Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume New packaging designed to protect mask during shipping after consumer feedback. Perfect item to giveaway at door. Top grade quality. Mardi grass, prom, halloween, masquerade ball .

Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume Review (Luxury Mask)

I loved this mask but my husband said it was too feminine for him to be seen in public in. It was for a work event for him, so we ordered a second option which you like better. This is a very beautiful mask but it's a little sparkly and could be a little feminine. I really liked it though. :-) -D. Anonymous

Luxury Mask Sparkle Masquerade Venetian

  • Brand: Luxury Mask
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: ADULT COSTUME

unisex sparkle masquerade venetian mask mardi gras Apparel, Masquerade in style with mardi gras black masks! the black half mask is a great addition to any mardi gras party, halloween costume or masquerade ball. celebrate in a secretive and stylish fashion with the black half mask. half face mask. black mask with black accents. black ribbon tie for easy wear. one size fits most. cloth covered plastic lays smooth on your face. 6 1/2" across the face and 3 1/4" tall. having a masquerade balls these black half masks are the perfect party favor! make sure no guest is without a masquerade mask. give away a black plastic half mask at the door to get the masquerade party or masquerade theme dance going Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (-Luxury Mask).

Luxury Mask Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Apparel

  • I (a dude) got this as a back-up to the more ornate "long nose adult venetian mask", in case the latter didn't fit. I'm glad i did; this one was much more comfortable. The masquerade lasted for several hours and i was able to wear it the whole time. The ribbon ties can be tied tight enough, and the size was large enough so it wasn't constricting and small enough so it wasn't slipping all evening. The eyes are large enough that they didn't constrict my peripheral vision. . The mask is labeled "unisex", and it works fine as a men's mask. There is a subtle glitter effect but it is offset by the rest of the mask, which is solid and matte. I got several compliments and nobody questioned whether it was for men. Overall, not the fanciest mask around, but doesn't look cheap and is comfortable enough to wear for an evening.
  • Very comfortable. Good for shooting scenes over 4 hours long.
  • Good design but i had a hard time keeping it up because the ribbon kept loosing up.
  • Fits perfectly as a whole, sturdy and really comfortable frame except for the eye part. Wished they were a little more round. Other than that they work well.
  • Eye holes didn't fit right - i've got large eyes! also difficult to tie on with the ribbons provided. Had to return :(

unisex sparkle masquerade venetian Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This mask was surprisingly high quality. . It is a full paper mache mask with flat black coating and black glitter accents. . It came with some small blemishes, which stood out white, but were easily covered up by a black grease pen (common to any makeup kit). A sharpie marker could also work. . Held up to a night vigorous dancing without sweat becoming a problem. . Highly recommended.

Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume
Click to see NoticeLuxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (Adult Costume)"Love it! wore it to a halloween party. Worked great with the hat i had chosen to wear."

(0) Question: "top grade quality" of what? plastic? faux leather? does it tie or is there an elastic band?

(1) Question: Can they be used for birthdays?

(2) Question: Is the color in purple?

Mardi Gras Black Opera Party Mask, Costume Accessory, Stones

Traditional carnival masks that can be worn by both male and females. Hang on the wall as a decoration as well. Celebrate in a secretive and stylish fashion with the black half mask. Black masquerade costume eye mask can bring you attention for its alluring and fascinating design symbolizing mystery and secret. A venetian accessory is the most popular women's signature laser cut mask and a classic masquerade mask for men. This unisex eye wear also works as an elegant opera mask for a halloween costume. A century old tradition of venice, italy, where the venetian masquerade masks are worn during the street fashion carnival of venice. Notice: the "super z outlet" seller is the only authorized seller, we do not sell wholesale so there should be no other sellers; any other sellers are illegally selling their own products using our registered trademarked company name. In this listing, purchasing from any seller other than "super z outlet" will result in a potentially faulty product that may be unsafe and cause injury. Please be sure to purchase this product from the "super z outlet" seller to avoid any problems with your product and to ensure both your safety and satisfaction. Manufacturer's warranty included only when purchased from super z outlet.

Mardi Gras Black Opera Party Mask, Costume Accessory, StonesMardi-Black-Costume-Accessory-Stones

Brand :    super z outlet
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    3237161
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Mardi Gras Black Opera Party Mask, Costume Accessory, Stones available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $7.99
  • Italian mask inspired design that invokes a mysterious, elegant and sexy aesthetic appeal. light weight with unique scroll frame twirled vine patterns spread throughout. embellished with beautiful clear shiny rhinestones intricately embedded across the entire papier mache mask.
  • Make that elegant dinner party or a masquerade wedding or ball that people will talk about! a dark colored mask with crystal gem accents featuring a black ribbon tie for easy wear. now you can masquerade in fashion with mardi gras masks!
  • Each order includes 1 black laser cut mardi gras mask. made of flexible metal black papier mache with ribbon attached on the sides for tying. one size fits most unisex mask.
  • Give away these party masks to guests at the door as they enter the venue masquerade party or masquerade theme dance as a party favor. perfect for a venetian, mardi grass, opera, the prom, halloween decor, masquerade ball and much more! when not being worn as an opera mask, they can be used as a beautiful decoration wall art piece, behind glass or mantle. can also be used as theater props and school plays.
  • Mask is shaped using laser cutting technology for the most precise and cleanly effecient shape for maximum comfort. black masquerade costume eye mask brings attention for its alluring and fascinating design pattern symbolizing mystery and secret. authentic venetian mask for traditional carnival, a pageant and street fair celebration head wear fashion attire.

Masquerade party mask Venetian of realistic silicone masquerade half face Mask

Item features: lace rhinestone leather mask come with a lace to keep the mask in position build intrigue around your hidden identity with this elegant lace mask perfect for masquerades, balls, costume parties, carnivals, mardi gras and more item description: measurement:one size item color:as the pictures

Masquerade party mask Venetian of realistic silicone masquerade half face MaskMasquerade-Venetian-realistic-silicone-masquerade

Brand :    anomasu
Size :    middle
  • Build intrigue around your hidden identity with this elegant lace mask
  • Size: one size fits all, includes adjustable ribbon straps for an all-day comfortable fit, suitable for any adult
  • Perfect for halloween/christmas carnivals, masquerade, mardi gras, party ball prom, costume for cosplay party, stage, bar, nightclub, birthday party, interest flirt, pole dancing props mask dance and belly dance party.
  • The mask made of leather and plastic, beautiful mask decorated with beads, glitter, lace, feather or flower, very delicate.
  • This venetian styled mask is a stunning accessory and unique gift for friends and family
Price :    —
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Adult Costume (Apparel product review) for Masquerade party mask Venetian of realistic silicone masquerade half face Mask available ( Sep 2019 )

Luxury Mask Venetian Party Mask

Was comfortable fit. Wished had better detail on the coloring of the mask - expected solid black; it was mottled black and silver. Made from solid material; not flimsy at all. That was a plus. Arrived on time and in great shape.

Assorted top grade colorful masks for all party occasions. Mardi grass, prom, masquerade parties, and ball.

Luxury Mask Venetian Party MaskLuxury-Mask-Venetian-Party

Luxury Mask Venetian Party Mask (Adult Costume) FAQ.

We used this mask in a commedia dell'arte show for the character of columbia. It was very comfortable for the actor. The eye holes were slightly too small and that became problem with shadows covering a large amount of her eyes. -Notice from A. Juliana, Hounslow

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Used for a party were the guest were dressed in white and birthday guest in black. Simple yet stylish )

Luxury-mask-venetian-party-mask-(adult-costume) set picture

- P. MeredithWorked perfectly as a wesley mask. Fit his face well.

Bought this for a masquerade. I was worried about the ribbon ties not being as secure as an elastic but it worked great. Very cool, just enough 'antiquing' on the mask to make it interesting. Very phantom.

W. Alba, British Columbia

Brand :    luxury mask
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Adult Costume (Apparel product review) for Luxury Mask Venetian Party Mask available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • From luxury mask
  • Mardi grass, prom, halloween, masquerade ball
  • Top grade quality
  • Stand out with this cool look

Coxeer Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Mask

Perfect for masquerades, balls, costume parties, carnivals, mardi gras and more

Coxeer Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom MaskCoxeer-Masquerade-Rhinestone-Venetian-Evening

Brand :    coxeer
Size :    One Size
Order click here :    -
  • Filigree metals are soft and bendable so they can be easily adjusted to face.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, universal-fitting design.
  • Flexible filigree metal with sparkling rhinestones .
  • Type: princess , queen, crown.
  • Perfect for halloween christmas carnivals, masquerade, mardi gras, party ball prom , costume cosplay party , fashion shows , wedding, mask events ,  night club and so on.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Adult Costume (Apparel product review) for Coxeer Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Mask available ( Sep 2019 )

Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (Adult Costume) Price : 9, was : 0 as 2018-02-26
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Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (Adult Costume)

This is a heavy duty mask, not a cheap plastic one. I liked it

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Can you expedite this?

(1) Question: Do they sell this style in a pack of 24

(2) Question: Does the seller sell this in bulk

(note) Question: where/how to get Luxury Mask (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Luxury Mask's products

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I bought the plain black one to use as a base to make a triceratops mask for a masquerade auction. The mask pushes a little bit on the nose, making it a little uncomfortable to breath out of your nose. And it pushes on the eyes a little bit. But the mask itself was strong and nicely made. I cut off the tie straps that were attached and added elastic. It worked for what i needed it for.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Costumes & Accessories 1105616857, Masks 11022749141, Women 11031749141Top Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume (Adult Costume) FAQ Content

Best luxury mask unisex sparkle masquerade venetian mask mardi gras costume (adult costume) in review

This is a nice, sturdy and well fitting mask.

M. Rhonda, Prince Edward Island

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A. Monique, Tasmania says

This says its unisex, and i bought for my husband to wear to our daughters 16th birthday masquerade ball party, but it had to much sparkle for him and i thought it looked to feminine for him. My mom ended up using it as she wanted something that was nice, but more plain.

W. Candy, Florida

Pros:. - good-looking mask. - comfortable fit. - high quality & durable. - exceptional customer service. . Cons:. - quite a lot of glitter-shedding. . I needed a mask for a masquerade ball. I had procrastinated rather badly though, and on wednesday at 2:00 am ordered this mask for the party on friday at 6:00 pm. Expedited shipping estimated that my mask would get there between friday evening and monday morning, so i shot an email to red sky trading to see what they could do. Steph graciously pulled some strings for me, making sure that my mask went out that day. Lo and behold, my mask was there and ready on friday at 4:30 pm as i left for the party! . On a guy, the mask is tasteful without being too feminine (and goes well with a tux, to boot). The only (possibly unavoidable) issue i have is that the mask likes to shed its glitter, which it fortunately doesn't have too much of. Keep it in a box or bag so your carpet doesn't start sparkling and you'll be fine.

T. Broyles, Stockton-on-Tees says

I like the mask. I think it looks great, however it is kind of bothersome around the eye holes since its a little small for my eyes and it kind of feels like its pushing my eyelids down, plus you have to tie it (instead of elastic) so it has to push against your face in order to stay on. But i still like it and may wear it again to another masquerade ball.

X. Ophelia, Washington

Simple and sophisticated. . The mask is better than i thought it would be for the price. It is elegant enough for any level (formal or informal) of costume ball, and it doesn't scream "look at this gaudy thing". . Very nice.

F. Guest, Centre says

I love this mask. Its very masculine and looks great on a man in a suit. Reminds me of phantom of the opera. I love mask. This one is ornate and is a better quality than i thought it would be. Fit as expected. Nice product. I paid full price for this product.

U. Courtney, Tower Hamlets

Much higher quality than i had expected. The mask is lightweight, and quite beautiful. I would have appreciated an elastic strap instead of ribbon or double ribbon as the mask likes to slip off my face (i have a very small nose); to correct this i have padded the interior of the nose with some moleskin and it has helped significantly.

R. Noguera, Kentucky says

I love it. The product is what i expected to be. Great!

S. Joanna, Wyoming

This mask fits perfectly, i don't know why it says 100% plastic as mine was made out of a papermache type material. Once i started sweating it became itchy, and woke up with acne where the mask had rubbed.

Z. Joanne, Massachusetts says

Masked are never going to be comfortable. This one fit my boyfriend who is 6'4 and he did wear it most of the time during the party. It is sturdy and didn't have any poky things.

L. Wade, Blackburn with Darwen

Perfect mask, very comfortable. You can have this mask on your face for a long time.

P. Cathy, Islington says

Typical situation: masquerade party, everyone's getting one, don't want to be that guy, so to online store i came. After browsing most of the masks, this one caught my eye due to the pictures and the price. The mask arrived nicely packaged with no shipping damage so good start! . . Quality: the feel of the mask if very smooth and feels of high quality especially for what you pay. The color of the white silver was very accurate and looked very sleek and "hip", for lack of a better term. The mechanism for tying is two silk ribbons that are somewhat annoying to tie yourself because they are a little wide but i'm also not very gifted at tying knots behind my head so it's not all the masks fault. . Fit: the mask fits very well and stays up. The bridge of my nose is not very prominent but the mask still stayed in place when tied. The eye holes are also large enough so that the presence of black ridges in your periphery are minimized. . The one annoying thing was when pictures were being taken. The act of smiling was fairly uncomfortable as the mask would ride up slightly on my cheeks and once i let the smile go, it would slump down a little, meaning i would have to re-tie the mask after every 5 times i smiled. However, if you're okay with that or you just want to duck-face for every picture, then this mask is a very good choice.

. Bullock, Idaho says

Wore this to a masquerade event and kept it on for a solid four hours. It' say good-looking mask that is simple and comfortable. It was a little snug on my nostrils, but i got used to it quickly. The ribbon is a perfect way to keep the mask snugly, but comfortably attached.

G. Mathis, Rhone-Alpes

Arrived in a sturdy box; well-protected from getting crushed or chipped. Material is firm; definitely not a flimsy plastic. Contour and shape fits right on the face. Not sure if comfortable with prolonged use. The length of the ribbon ties are just right (head measures 20. 5 inches above the ear tips). Bought the silver and appearance looks elegant. Design is just as pictured. Have glitters though.

V. Bethany, Suffolk says

Arrived on time for our dance and fit well. It was a little tight on my nose so i just slipped into the bathroom and placed 2 small pieces of toilet paper under the mask on my cheeks and that fixed the discomfort!

Q. Josephine, New Brunswick

Eye holes are perfect size, the make is durable, and i wore it for 5 hours comfortably. It is kinda weird having the glitter right next to the eye holes, you see sparkles right around the edges of your vision and it can be a bit disorienting at first

J. Meyer, Barnet says

I cought this mask for a masquerade party in midsummer. It was sparkly enough to not look like a dull black when partying outside under intermittent lights, the silk tie was short enough that it blended in with my naturally dark hair and when the package arrived it was the right size for the product and well protected. . It was a welcome addition to my costume with the nice addition that it did not interfere with my ability to use my mouth for eating, drinking, etc. Etc.

I. Morgan, Ealing

Cool for a costume party! looks very classy.

E. Anonymous, Wiltshire says

Ordered this for prom. It looks amazing and i love the sleek black look. It was a little tight on my face (however i have a fatter face than most individuals) but i love the presentation. The only thing i worry about is the straps. They seem a little flimsy.

C. Finch, Redcar and Cleveland

Fitted well enough, despite it being quite a hard material mask. You can't bend it though. Overall, it was a perfect party accessory.

Top /luxury mask sparkle masquerade venetian Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

L. Mable, Alabama says

It was a simple mask. Not really high quality or fancy but still fun. A little small around the nose.

S. Kellie, Newfoundland and Labrador

I bought this mask for my son, kevin, for his junior prom, which had a masquerade theme. Here, because it is more meaningful coming from him, is his review:. I got this mask, which looked rather girly in the picture, to wear to the prom. Even though i took it off pretty much right away once i got into the dance, i had one of the highest quality masks there. The design was not as feminine as it appears in the picture online, so it is gender neutral, which was a selling point for me because i didn't want to wear a "girly mask". It is a fairly durable construction, and the subtle design on the face of the mask attracts some attention without being distracting. I can't say it any better than westley, "they're terribly comfortable, i think everyone will be wearing them in the future. ". However, the one negative aspect of this mask was that the ribbon attached for securing the mask is not terribly secure, especially for something like a high school dance. However, i (read: my mom) switched it out for elastic covered with felt, which made the mask much more secure.

. Theresa, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

It's "sturdy" plastic, but seems brittle. Mine has not broke, but it seems if i dropped it, it would probably shatter. Looks from in the light, and even better in a darker room. You could easily paint or decorate it to make it more elaborate. Probably the best you can get for this price.

O. Franklin, York

The mask arrived broken into about four pieces. And i'm not surprised it did because it's a hard plastic, thick mask that was put in a regular, large envelope with no padding whatsoever. Very disappointed.

X. Isabel, Harrow says

Broke mine with very little pressure

W. Alba, Wiltshire

Should be shipped in a box. Mine arrived with two cracks, i glued and taped together. Other wise it works.

E. Miller, St. Helens says

Arrived broken in two, probably because it was shipped in a barely padded envelope. But i needed it for a party, so i super glued it back together. The glue held all night and it was fairly comfortable. So besides shipping breakage problem, a good mask.

I. Elanor, Luton

It looks like not bad, but i don't fit this mask, it make my skin itch and i cannot put on it well.

K. Guest, Kansas says

This mask is not fitting for a males face at all. I expected it to be larger is size as it was posted as a males mask but it did not fit my boyfriend at all. I would say that this is more of a female sized mask because it is very small and dainty. Certainly not unisex. I'm disappointed.

. Terry, Calderdale

It fit just fine holding it up to my face, however when i tried to tie the ribbon behind my head it broke. The ribbons are secured to the maskwith glue!

M. Russell, Connecticut says

Decent for the price, but one of the two i ordered came broken in half.

N. Donna, Texas

This is a pretty bad mask that i bought a few years ago. It's popular for some reason, as you will see many people wearing it at masquerades (good seo i suppose). This mask in particular was uncomfortable and the strap's glue came off on one side the first, and only, night that i wore it. A few years later i found it in its sorry state in a box and it looked like some of the lace was starting to come off the front of it too. Now it hangs on my smoke detector as a reminder of whatever.

. Suzanne, Colorado says

I ordered a white silver mask. What i received was a silver, silver mask. I am not complaining too much considering it is a very well made mask and it is very attractive. However i just wanted to let you know the item i received was an incorrect one. I do not want to spend the time or money returning it especially considering i need it asap and do not wish to wait for a new one to arrive. So i guess the best option for me is to be happy with what i received. Regardless getting the wrong item is an experience that make this seller lose points. Whatever mask you recieve will be a great mask just dont expect to get the correct one. One more thing. The shipping was fast. Gotta give props to the seller for that.

T. Anonymous, Berlin

Bought this for my daughter boyfriend it says unisex but when i recieved it, it is covered in sparkles no man i know would wear this

Q. Mays, South Tyneside says

The glitter came off in multiple places and it was broke when i recieved it but was able to add some more glitter to it and super glue the broken pieces

A. Allen, Tasmania

Very uncomfortable and hard, it's plastic. Quite annoying. Wouldn't purchase again

C. Harrison, Redbridge says

My nose was really pinched in this mask. Found myself adjusting it all night. Eventually removed it due to discomfort.

R. Kimberly, Hawaii

Mask didn't fit as well as i hoped. It sits farther down on my face than i would like. It also arrived cracked in the middle due to poor packaging.

J. Sheila, Michigan says

Really bummed out! this is a hard curved mask that isn't flexible, but it came packed in a flat bag and was totally broken when i opened it up. The packaging job was very very poor, and due to the material it's made of, it can easily snap. I bought this specifically because it said "fabric covered plastic" but it is more of a porous plaster type material with decorations on it, not plastic. I was really excited to find this one because of all the amazing reviews, so i'm pretty baffled that it snapped so easily in transit. I put it back together to try it on at least, and it fits nicely and i do like the design. However, it also has a pretty strong odor that would bother someone sensitive to chemical smells.

Z. Rebecca, Limousin

Maybe i was expecting something else. But the mask came as described. Its actually a hard surface and really tough on the face. Cant wear this too long.

H. Florence, Leicestershire says

I ordered this product not once, but twice hopeing that the first delivery was just a mistake in packaging. An yes twice the package came exactly the same. Broken! the package was just an envelope with no padding or protection for the mask whatsoever! why on earth would you put a flimsy envelope to package a fragile mask? ! common sense says put it in a dang box! i needed at least one of these masks okay for an event i have to go to. Now ot looks like i'm f* even though i ordered these way in adavance to the event. If it didn't arrive broken i would've been happy with the quality of the purchased items. The mask is made of a white plastic material with white ribbon attached to the inside edges with a padding material to protect your face from irritation of the ribbon. I wish i could give this item no stars.

V. Beale, Auvergne

I m a 50 year old male , weigh 205lbs and i got to say this mask is a small fit that makes me look more feminine. This is not a flexible mask , it does not bend for a comfortable wear around your face , also the mask presses up against my eyelids that s not only uncomfortable , but it makes me look old and pathetic i was looking for something more like a classy mysterious zorro mask and i guess i came to the wrong place , and it s not even worth it to send the item back if i have to haggle with the seller - and then pay for return shipping. I would not recommend these mask for any reason considering they are a cheap uncomfortable one time use only mask that may break on you at anytime. Plus they don t fit enough said. . Other thoughts: this mask is shipped in a good thick box with a plastic wrap. . More than likely people are saying they get a broken mask during delivery because they simple do not like the mask either , that way - they won t have to pay anything to ship the mask back for a full refund. How do you like them apples.

. Mahood, New Hampshire says

Small for my face and not very comfortable, but it's made of good sturdy material.

Y. Kristen, Devon

I ordered the all red mask and received it today. Broken

. Gilmore, Knowsley says

Hardened plastic with a very uncomfortable feeling on the face. No flexibility and scratches the face if not ride up on your eyes. Trashed it after 4 uses

P. Jessica, North Carolina

Was as pictured, but it states unisex and i just don't feel like the mask works for a large man. It's for small faces.

F. Bethany, Minnesota says

Mask is uncomfortable . Has a ribbon instead of a rubber band to hold it in place. Very hard material. Mask is not flexible, brought for my husband but he didn't like it

D. Meyer, Hackney

Feels like plaster. Horribly constructed. Unbendable so unable to shape to face.

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