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Price was 16. I don't know why the same model and size pant should fit differently, but this black pair of levi men's 550 relaxed fit jean (36x32) fit much more snugly than the stonewashed blue pair of levi men's 550 relaxed fit jeans (36x32) i purchased at the same time at online store. Curiously, the pants came in different packages on different days. . This is my size, and my go to brand of jeans. Rather than run to the local sears (the only convenient source for black levis in my size), i thought i'd try online store. Don't get me wrong, i can wear these, but i'd say they're running about a half inch narrower at the waist. Call it a size 35 1/2. The stonewash blue jeans fit absolutely perfectly however.

-A. Rita

Men’s 550 relaxed-fit more room in the seat and thigh creates an everyday laid-back look in the levi’s 550 relaxed fit jean -levi’s men’s 550 relaxed-fit jean

  • Items: Sits At Waist.

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I have looked everywhere for jeans with a 35" waist, but only once did i find some tucked in with the 34" and 36" sizes. 34 is a bit snug for me, and 36 almost falls off. I was complaining about this at a family gathering, when it occurred to me to try online store. There they were: perfect 35x30, relaxed fit, stone-washed jeans, just what i wanted. . They fit great, and feel so soft, right out of the package. . If you, like me, need an extra inch or so, this is a great way to get it. The Best mens relaxedfit ( Sep 2019 ) | Levi S-Pants Review Items Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-Fit Jean Durability and a relaxed fit with all-around style.. Sits at waist .

Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-fit Jean Review (220604)

It is nice to be able to get (closer) to the length needed by ordering online. The store doesn't usually carry the shorter length pants. These levis are exactly what we needed and slightly cheaper than the store and due to a sudden need to replace them, it kept us from having to go to the store during black friday weekend! great deal! -S. Jacqueline

Levis Mens 550 Relaxed Fit Jean

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Levi's
  • ClothingSize: Varies
  • Color: Parent
  • Product Dimensions:
    Weight:1.80 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Levi's
  • Model: 00550
  • MPN: 220604
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 220604
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: PANTS
  • Size: Varies

men's 550 relaxed-fit Apparel, More room in the seat and thigh creates an everyday laid-back look in the levi's 550 relaxed fit jean Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-fit Jean (00550-Levi S).

Levis Mens 550 Relaxed Fit Jean Apparel

  • I wore 501s in my twenties, then levis kind of went away for a while, or at least i couldn't find them easily. A few years ago i saw them again and tried them on. I took a bit of work to find the right style for my now middle-aged butt and legs, but the 550s fit perfectly and were available in multiple colors. I wear shorts all summer, but when the colder weather sets in, i generally wear one of several pairs of 550s. I think what i like best about them is 'historical consistency'. At my age, i'm not searching for a new look-i like the look i have and it's nice to know i can simply order a pair on online store and that they look and fit like their supposed to.
  • Other than the waist being too small these are the same 550s i've been wearing for years. I usually buy my jeans at macy's partly because they vary slightly in size, so this is nothing new. Since you really don't know what you're going to get, and returns are a pain, i won't be buying my jeans at online store anymore.
  • While other aspects of the fit are fine, one dimension that i would never expect to be an issue is the distance between the two front belt loops. Unfortunately, levis has reduced this dimension to the point where some belts with loop and buckle simply don't fit properly. On previous versions of this same levi cut there were anywhere from 4. 25 to 5+ inches of space. Now you are lucky if you get 3. 5 inches. Levis customer service has stated that the official distance is now 3 to 3. 5 inches. It don't know why they made this change, but they should list it on their website along with other dimensions.
  • I bought these jeans and after a month 2 of the beltloops broke. Had them replaced and again the beltloops started to detach. I ended up buying fabric glue and iron on patches to reinforce the loops from completly coming off. I've owned levi's all my life and never had a problem with them until now. I'm not sure if the quality if levi jean's have gone down on the last year or what. Not happy with these at all. Ened up ordering some from kohl's and they seem to be doing ok so far.
  • I have bought levi's for most of my life and they have become a cheap product and i am going to start looking for an alternative. The fabric has gotten thiner and the belt loops rip too easily. Very disappointed in every pair i have bought for the past few years.

mens relaxedfit Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-Fit Jean (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Typically ordering fitted clothing from any online store can be tricky. Honestly, i was very hesitant to order measured clothing because i am a tall big guy. However, i knew what size i typically wear. I feared that the size ordered would differ in actual size once arrived. This was not the case. The levis i ordered were just like the ones in the store and even lower in cost than my preferred department store. I was so pleased with the fitting, quality and savings (free shipping via online store prime members) that i ordered another identical pair a week later. Saved me a trip to the shopping mall and perhaps a few bucks on gas. If you know your size, order that size is my suggestion. H. . Hopefully, i will be motivated to continue to lose weight and move down another size in future. When i do, i will be ordering again from online store!

Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-fit Jean
Click to see NoticeLevi's Men's 550 Relaxed-fit Jean (220604)"Delivered promptly (thanks online store) and fit perfect. If you know your size, there's literally no reason not to order online. . As a side story. . . . . . I had a horrific experience at a clothing store (k hls) recently trying to buy jeans. I spent nearly 1. 5 hours surfing through every single pair they had because they were so mixed up that none of the sizes were in their proper locations. Naturally i'd have left right away, but i really needed jeans immediately. I pulled the store manager aside and politely explained that i won't be coming back, but she should definitely do something about their blue jean section because it was painful to experience. She said "yea, its a mess, we're aware of it", as if to position it like our clients should expected our jeans department to be a train wreck. . I explained to her that people "shop" for shirts and shoes, but we don't "shop" for jeans. We find our size and we purchase them. Going forward, all of my jeans purchases will be made through online store. Com. And for the record, thank you levi's for continuing to put out a industry leading quality product. - end rant - (lol)"

(0) Question: What is front rise on these jeans?

(1) Question: Where can i find a pair of 550 style ?

(2) Question: Button fly or zip? my son doesn't like buttons.

Levi's Men's 560 Comfort-Fit Jean

The comfortable relaxed fit. The 560 comfort fit jeans sits below the waist with a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh and a slightly tapered leg.

Levi's Men's 560 Comfort-Fit JeanLevis-Mens-560-Comfort-Fit-JeanMore than 140 years after inventing the blue jean, one thing is clear: levi s clothes are loved by the people who wear them - from presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to the everyman. 'live in levi s asserts with confidence and pride that levi s clothes are indeed for everybody who s not just anybody.

Brand :    levi's
Size :    big-tall
  • Zip fly with button
  • Actual coloration may vary from garment to garment due to specific wash process
  • Comfort-fit jean in regular rise featuring five-pocket styling and slightly tapered leg
  • Arcuate stitching at back pockets
Price :    —
Model :    B&T 560
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Levi's Men's 560 Comfort-Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jean

These have stretch. Haven't lost that through normal "throw every thing in together" wash and dry's. They're comfortable, tend to get/ look dirty easy. But wash out to clean. Definitely need a belt with these. My bad.

The comfortable straight fit. The 559 relaxed straight jeans sit below the waist and are loose in the hip and thigh with a straight leg.

Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Fit JeanLevis-Mens-559-Relaxed-StraightMore than 140 years after inventing the blue jean, one thing is clear: levi s clothes are loved by the people who wear them - from presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to the everyman. 'live in levi s asserts with confidence and pride that levi s clothes are indeed for everybody who s not just anybody.

Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jean (005590422 060) FAQ.

These are really great jeans. I like the fit. The legs are wider than most jeans sold nowadays though. Me thinks the skinny jeans revolution is terrible. I hate skinny jeans! however, due to the fact that the legs on these jeans are a little wider than many jeans sold nowadays, i feel that these jeans fit great. Very comfortable in my opinion. Good crotch! my only knock on these jeans is the price. I paid $39. 99 for my jeans from online store. I feel that the online store price is too high. While they would have probably cost more from a brick and mortar store, i shop at online store to save money. I feel i should have been able to save more money from buying these jeans on online store. The negative aspects regarding buying online remain the same. You have to wait to receive your order, product may not be exactly as described, or the product might not fit the way you like, are all detriments to buying online. Give those drawbacks, one should be able to save a good amount of money on a product when compared to offline purchased in my opinion. I just feel that these jeans should be cheaper on online store. However, i would most certainly purchase these jeans again in the future. -Notice from . Carol, Brighton and Hove

Click to Show levi's men's 559 relaxed straight fit jean (005590422 060) Details

Love these jeans! i am 5'10" tall, definitely not all muscle (sorry ladies). Depending on the brand i wear a size 36-38 waist and 29/30 length in most cases. 36 waist and 30 length fit me perfectly. These jeans seem to have a touch of elastic feel to them around the hips. Not sure if that's for real or just how they fit me. . One thing i've learned over the years is how to wash jeans to make them last. I now wash my levi's separate from other clothes, make sure the zippers are up and buttoned, using the delicate cycle, and i hang dry them over night. A lot of folks do not know that the zippers from other clothing in the wash is what destroys denim. If you treat them right they will last for ever! . . My only complaint is with one pair, the cover to the front zipper button came off. Not sure why, but it has not happened to my other pair (i have 2 pairs of these jeans).

Levi's-men's-559-relaxed-straight-fit-jean-(005590422-060) set picture

- F. AnonymousMy husband is hard on his pants - holes in back pockets, stretches through the knees, frayed at the bottoms, etc. We sometimes buy jeans in local stores for convenience, but if i'm looking for a quality pair that won't start falling apart within a year, i turn to levi's. These are a nice dark color that you can dress up and the relaxed cut is flattering for most men.

You know i like my chicken fried. Cold beer on a friday night. A pair of jeans that fit just right. And the radio up. . Yes, these are a pair of jeans that fit just right. I like the 559s the best

Q. Whiteman, Kentucky

Price :    —
  • Zip fly with button
  • Straight fit midweight denim
  • Leg opening: 18"
  • Straight-leg jean with relaxed fit through the seat and thigh featuring signature arcuate stitching at back pockets
Brand :    levi's
Color :    Parent
Size :    varies
Model :    559
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jean

The original zip fly, first created in 1967, levi's 505 regular fit jeans are on of the most popular straight fits. Beloved for their classic straight leg style, they are cut to sit at the waist, comfortable throughout the seat and thigh and straight down to the ankle. Great for all body types.

Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit JeanLevis-Mens-505-Regular-Jean

Brand :    levi's
Color :    Parent
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    00505-1374
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Lee Men's Premium Select Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Jean

Denim at kohl's - these men's lee relaxed-fit jeans feature a straight leg design. Find more great lee denim jeans at kohl's.

Lee Men's Premium Select Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg JeanMens-Premium-Select-Relaxed-Fit-Straight-Leg

Brand :    lee
Model :    20065
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Lee Men's Premium Select Relaxed-Fit Straight-Leg Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Levi's Men's Leather Reversible Belt With Big & Tall Sizes

Levis 40mm reversible belt with gunmetal buckle

Levi's Men's Leather Reversible Belt With Big & Tall SizesLevis-Mens-Leather-Reversible-Sizes

Brand :    levi's
Color :    Parent
Model :    11LV2223
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • For a proper fit, order belt one full size larger than pant size
  • Strap width: 40 mm
  • Reversible leather belt with gunmetal buckle
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Levi's Men's Leather Reversible Belt With Big & Tall Sizes available ( Sep 2019 )

Levi's Men's 501 Original-Fit Jean

I bought these for a friend. Fit as expected, good quality material and authentic design. . They are very well constructed with no lose threads or discoloration. Be mindful when you wash them to turn them inside out and wash with alike colors.

Since we invented it in 1873, the 501 jean has been a blank canvas for self-expression. The iconic straight fit with signature button fly, the 501 jean sits at the waist and is regular through the thigh with a straight leg. Message from the manufacturer: you asked. We listened. Based on customer feedback, we've remastered our 501 jean. The construction of the front fly was modified in 2013 to help prevent tearing in this area.

Levi's Men's 501 Original-Fit JeanLevis-Mens-501-Original-Fit-JeanMore than 140 years after inventing the blue jean, one thing is clear: levi s clothes are loved by the people who wear them - from presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to the everyman. 'live in levi s asserts with confidence and pride that levi s clothes are indeed for everybody who s not just anybody.

Levi's Men's 501 Original-fit Jean (00501l34 0638) FAQ.

I should have ordered 33/30. 32 was too long. Tried to work a swap with you guys on the web but i could never find the return label after entering the size i wanted. As a result i have to spend $20 shorting the jeans. Also, you didn't have my color -medium stone wash only light. The rest of the jeans fit perfectly. You have to make a swap easier to do. -Notice from Z. Theola, Aquitaine

Click to Show levi's men's 501 original-fit jean (00501l34 0638) Details

Levi's from the first day in jr. Middle school. Not much else to say. It's levi. I'm having some thoughts with the company's potical stand

Levi's-men's-501-original-fit-jean-(00501l34-0638) set picture

- R. DebraHigh-quality denim. I did not realize i was getting the button fly. Decided to try it. Won't do that again. Otherwise, good quality and good fit.

I bought a pair from kohl's the same size and they fit perfectly. The ones i received from online store were the same size but the fit is smaller?

M. Powell, Oklahoma

Brand :    levi's
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Modified construction of the front fly to prevent tearing
  • Straight-leg jean featuring five-pocket styling with signature arcuate stitching on rear pocket
  • Leg opening: 16" sits at waist - 11. 25 inches rise
Price :    —
Model :    00501
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Levi's Men's 501 Original-Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Levi's Men's Big Tall 550 Relaxed Fit Jean

After the '70s were over, things got more relaxed, including levi's jeans. In 1985, they introduced the 550 relaxed fit jean. It had the same quality and craftsmanship as the original 501 style, but with more room in the seat and thigh. Today, it's the comfortable classic for guys who want a relaxed look. This pair has just the right amount of stretch in it for all-day comfort.

Levi's Men's Big Tall 550 Relaxed Fit JeanLevis-Mens-Tall-Relaxed-Jean

Brand :    levi's
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Levi's Men's Big Tall 550 Relaxed Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Wrangler Men's Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit Jean

This wrangler straight leg jeans is guaranteed authentic. it's crafted with 100% cotton.

Wrangler Men's Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit JeanWrangler-Mens-Authentics-Classic-Relaxed

Brand :    wrangler
Model :    ZM200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Wrangler Men's Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Signature Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans

Signature by levi strauss & co. Gold label relaxed fit men s jeans offer quality craftsmanship and authentic style backed by over 160 years of denim heritage and expertise. Crafted from premium, durable denim that flexes and moves with you for all day comfort, these relaxed fit jeans offer a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh and are cut straight from the knee to ankle. Quality you trust from levi strauss & co. , established 1853. Please note that product packaging color may vary.

Signature Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men's Relaxed Fit JeansSignature-Levi-Strauss-Gold-Label

Brand :    signature by levi strauss & co. gold label
Order click here :    -
  • Premium quality, durable flex denim
  • New brand logo and packaging!
  • Quality is our signature
  • Authentic style and all-day comfort
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Signature Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans available ( Sep 2019 )

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Had an old pair the same size for years. They finally became unwearable. Was pleasantly surprised that they were still available. Ordered the same style and size, fit just like the old ones. Only difference was wife likes them darker, rather than lighter (stone washed). I don't get it but. I find the relax fit easier to move around in, bending, kneeling, crawling under a car or stove. Especially when working around the house. I would choose another "fit" for "dress" jeans. But, this is what i was looking for.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Are these light material denim? more breathable?

(1) Question: What is the weight of the 550 lost fade jeans? in ounces, please

(2) Question: Is native cali same as black color?

(3) Question: Jcpenneys, kohls, and macys have these jeans but the zipper is too big, would you please take a picture of the zipper before i buy these.

(4) Question: Whats the difference between 5;

(5) Question: What does they made from? i only use us, mexico product

(6) Question: What kind of zipper are on these?

(7) Question: The rinse is it blue or black

(8) Question: Does the fly have a zipper?

(9) Question: Do these have the same weight and feel as 501s / 505s? medium stonewash is the same color more or less for all three?

(10) Question: Has anyone ordered the black 550s and found them to be much smaller than the other colours with the same measurements?

(11) Question: Is "rooster" a dark wash? thank you!

(12) Question: What does it made from? i only use us, mexico products

(13) Question: Is fonzie a medium or dark rinse? thank you.

(14) Question: Are these straight leg or stovepipe?

(15) Question: Do they stretch at all? also, do they shrink?

(16) Question: I am size 40 waist. should i get a bigger size ? (like do they fit tight)

(note) Question: where/how to get Levi S (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Levi S's products

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Well, i don't wear them, i got them for my son. The cut is perfect for his tall 6'4" frame - the waistline is not too low cut like many other jeans. They give him a cute butt, so he's happy. My only complaint is that they're not in real, heavier denim - but these are ok.

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Best levi's men's 550 relaxed-fit jean (220604) in review

First, i am very satisfied with the product. Yes they are levis, they are blue and they are well stitched. So a five star rating. But i have to note a couple of things. I bought about 5 pairs of these, all the same size and style. But they don't all seem to be made with the same material. The colors are all just about the same, but they seem to have been made with slightly different material. Also, the belt loops are not always in the exact same places from one pair to the next. I still gave them 5 stars, because even though each pair seems to be slightly different, they all have the same quality.

M. Dorothy, Rutland

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. Margaret, Herefordshire says

I bought 3 pairs of these in a month, at different times, and they are all fine. No defects like a lot of people have experienced and no poor fittings. Exactly like i have bought in a store. . No great deal here, about the same price as everywhere else. I can get them cheaper at my local va hospital canteen, but they can't seem to keep them in stock in all sizes for very long. I did try to buy these by purchasing a coupon from macy's to benefit a charity, but when i went to the register to check out with 5 pairs i was informed that macy's considers levi's a "licensed product" and not eligible for discounts. . So, nice to save a lot of hassle and just order them through online store.

N. Cecilia, Thueringen

The only complaint that i have with levi's is that they are no longer made in the usa, but then what is. . The fit was as i expected, but they are sized smaller than they actually are, but i had to discover that. . They have been consistent in size over the years, for me that is. . You have to try them on before you buy them sight unseen. . My levi action slacks are 2 sizes larger than levi's jeans in the 550 relax, and i did find them a little inconsistent in size. . I once wore the action slacks from levi, now discontinued, which were great for holding the crease, the durability was outstanding. . I personally love levi jeans, but i once would have boycotted them for leaving the usa, but that's a whole other story isn't it.

Q. Annette, Corse says

Like these jeans but they fit a bit snug. More so than store bought versions of the same size jeans, especially considering the "relaxed fit" billing. My wife had already washed them so returning is now not an option. Hope they stretch to fit better over time. Otherwise, great quality and the price is the best i've seen.

I. Nancy, New South Wales

I just ordered these levi's men's 550 relaxed fit medium stonewash jeans before the labor day weekend and they've already arrived. Amazing. When i shop for jeans at a brick and mortar store, i typically have to try on five pair before finding some that fit reasonably well. I don't know if i just got lucky or what. But these fit perfectly with no try-ons. Very happy with this purchase!  levi's men's 550 relaxed fit jean, medium stonewash, 34x30

K. Colleen, Bretagne says

I don't know why when i order levi's the size is always different. These are the same size as another pair and are quite long. I'm not sending these back, but i often do. I have jeans that are 34x36, 36x34 and 36x36 that fit the same. Thanks to online store return policy, i can end up with the right size. I still like levi jeans and the quality is great.

Y. Mays, Haute-Normandie

I read the reviews and so only bought one pair to see if my "picky guy" likes them. Husband said they do not fit like the old fashioned ones he wore to work years ago. However, being that he has a little bit of a tummy, he liked the one area being slightly tighter. They are made to help keep that tummy looking a little flatter. They do not fit "relaxed" as in the title, so in the future we will be looking for a new brand of jeans so mr. Picky will be completely happy with them.

U. Rochelle, Queensland says

I have waited for these to go down in price for over a year. I finally snatched them when the price was right. Good thing i did. These fit just right.

T. Barbara, Nebraska

It's been a long time since i could find size 35 waist jeans but online store had them in stock. The price was as good or better than what i could get in the local stores and i didn't have to buy multiple pairs or get store credit to get the deal. The jeans arrived promptly, fit fine and had perfect quality.

. Hurst, Bedfordshire says

What's with the belt loops? i know that some like to wear these without a belt but i like the "neat" look. There are not enough belt loops to properly secure the end of my belt. One more loop just beyond the zipper would allow for the neat storage of belts. Love the heft and weight of the material. Quality material. Just those darn lack of enough loops, screws up a quality pair of jeans!

G. Gloria, Florida

These are the real thing. Perfect, fresh and exactly what you expect from levis. I know my sizes exactly, so when i bought these jeans i already had two happily worn out examples in my closet to compare them to. The fit and finish is exact. And the price is awesome! highly recommend this seller. I originally purchased a too small size, and they sent the replacements ahead of my return and i had them in no time. They picked up my previous pair and that was that!

. Sarah, Lambeth says

A pair of levi's men's 550 relaxed fit jeans is what my significant other wears most days. The medium stonewash is his favorite shade. I have ordered these jeans for him many times over the years from various sources. Fit is consistent, but the weight of the fabric has changed. I don't think the denim is quite as heavy as it used to be. It would be nice to be able to choose between light, medium, and heavy weight denim, but i guess that's asking too much from the manufacturer!

C. Noguera, Gateshead says

Levis 550's sit at the natural waist and do much to make those of us no longer built like stick figures still look good. Not a fat boy jean but more of a classic cut that does what clothes used to do, which is to showcase ones strengths while deemphasizing our shortcomings. The only thing i don't like is the size printed on the label. People standing behind me in line don't need to know my pants size.

B. Williams, Bury

I've been wearing 550s for many years so i was concerned when i read the reviews complaining of deteriorating quality. I ordered 2. When they arrived i actually weighed them and a pair from years ago. They were identical. So at least in my case the fabric weight has not changed. They also feel the same. The only defect was a sticky zipper on one of the two pairs.

E. Sally, Bath and North East Somerset says

Excellent quality and fit. Precisely as described and a great value. Packaged and shipped as promised . Arrived on time in perfect condition. Highly recommend both the product and the seller.

P. Veronica, Connecticut

I bought the "rigid" color. Rigid comes in a very dark inky blue. For all purposes black. After a couple of washings the color is still quite dark but after a year of washes the color gradually goes from a dark blue to a bright blue with lots of white. . Fit: 31 30. I have a slim/skinny build with muscular legs. However, i like my jeans to fit very closely from top to bottom and these seem to be the only levi's that do that. . I cannot recommend wearing a belt with these jeans as they only have five loops; the belt ends up riding over the top of the jeans. You'll need to buy jeans in precisely your waist size. Which brings me to the point the levi just doesn't do sizing except by "ship and try" method.

D. Imelda, Oxfordshire says

This are classic levi's jeans. After getting the wrong size (labeled wrong on bag) twice from online store, i finally got the pair i ordered. These have a slight stretch to them which is nice for bending. . Con: it might just be my pair, but the zipper has a mind of its own. When my hands are in my pockets the zipper slides down. I've never had this issue before.

J. Peggy, New Brunswick

It would be great if levis can sell a 32 inch waist and 31 inch length jeans. But i get either a 30 inch or 32 inch length in the 32 inch waist category. So i order a 30 inch length variant. Just to make sure that the trousers don't go up too high, i just wear it a tad bit below my belly button level and there are no regrets. This should not be a showstopper for me. I have tried around 5 to 6 different types of jeans brands till date and i like the relaxed fit model of levis the best. It's not because i am a levis fan or so. Just that their models are very comfortable and fit my anatomy. If given a chance to select jeans other than levis then i'd prefer getting one stitched in india by buying the cloth. Yes you got it right. In india we still have tailors and there are many who really do their job very well. But when it comes to an affordable model that's ready made then i'll not look for any other brand.

V. Connie, Poole says

My husband has an old pair of 550 relaxed that he has nearly worn out. These new ones fit fine in the waist and rise, but they are a little roomier in the thighs. He stil likes them though.

Z. Guest, Bayern

Love the availability of so many different waist/length combos so it was easy to get the one that i know will fit me. And it has the normal waist height for those of us who hate low-waist-cut jeans that always feel like they re falling down.

. Cindy, Alaska says

I purchase alll my husband's clothing and i have a keen eye for quality. I purchased the stone washed jeans and the black ones, just for a change, and promptly returned them for the reliable black version. The other color did not compare in texture to the black 550's. I don't understand the reason, but they are thicker by far. I wash them inside out and the color stays true much longer than it takes to see visible wear and tear on the jeans. I purchased these not too long ago at a high end department store and they were exactly alike. I also got them for far less than the department store jeans. Buy them!

W. Kristen, Westminster

So glad online store has started carrying these at a good price! i have grown weary of being forced to pay too much or play the sale-of-the-week game at the department store at the mall. . I've been wearing this type of jeans for the last probably 10 years. They fit comfortably and last a good length of time. Not sure what else to say about a pair of jeans!

Top /levis mens 550 relaxed fit jean Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

X. Carol, Reading says

Been buying these for decades. Material quality has gone downhill more recently. They just don't stay new-looking as long as they used to. . For me, it's mostly been the bottom cuff that starts to disintegrate after just a few months. After 6-9 months you'd think i'd been dragging them on concrete. I wash them in a front-load washer with cold water and dry them on low heat so it's not like i'm not taking good care of them. . Time to move on to a new brand.

P. Benton, Suffolk

I had to return two pairs of these jeans in this color (dark indigo) because waist sizing is too small. Husband always wears levis in size 32x32 and this style of jeans bought at the same time in a different color (medium stonewash) fit him perfect. We noticed that the dark indigo is made in bangladesh, but the medium stonewash is made in mexico. There appears to be a quality problem with the sizing of jeans made in bangladesh. In reality, the jeans made in bangladesh seem to be a 31x32 instead of 32x32, although the labels on the jeans themselves all say 32x32. Considering whether or not to try to order 33x32 in dark indigo to see if these fit, but haven't decided yet whether to bother. The quality of the material and stitching of the jeans seems to be the normal good quality of levis jeans, just the sizing is bad.

V. Shawna, Manitoba says

Unlike my old 550's, these are baggier and the tapered legs are more like "boot cut" jeans. Maybe it is because these are imported, and my old ones were made in the usa? other than that, the material seems good and the stitching seems the same. Just disappointed that they are baggier and the taper isn't the same.

A. Sherry, Oregon

First off, they use vanity sizing, so if your waist measures 40", you should probably get the 38". . Next, all the 550s are very low quality. I've lost 3 belt loops on one pair alone, and that's in less than 2 years of 2 times a week usage. Holes form in places that get no wear at all, like the upper thigh or just above the bottom cuffs. . These are not the levi's of 20 years ago that lasted for a decade or more. The denim is thin and weak. . Lastly, i'll probably buy a couple more pair of these junkers just because it's so hard to find jeans that fit. But as soon as i find a high quality alternative, i'm done with levis.

. Pamela, Niedersachsen says

Advertised as 36x29 size, tags say 36x29 but they are actually 36x31. I compared them to 8 other pairs and the legs are way longer than any of them. They look nice but i have no clue why levis has gotten so sloppy with their jeans in the past few years. Maybe trump will get them being made in the usa again and quality will go up.

O. Nancy, Bexley

Not much to say about them, they're levi's. If you're buying this size, you have worn them before. As with all levi's now, it's a crap shoot which country you'll get them from and how they'll fit because they were made in that country. So far egypt is my best fit and these were not those but, once you break them in - they fit like most of the others in the drawer. I do wish the larger waist sizes would come in a lighter color. Note: twice now, the picture does not accurately reflect the color of jeans received. They were much darker and that bothers me.

I. Shirley, Slough says

Way to small. Short and below the waist. Also way too tight. I have no complaints about the quality of levis, but it certainly is not the same as it used to be. I just hate the fact that all their jeans fit like shhhh now days. Can we get some normal fitting jeans please? i have tried 569, which fit like low rise bootcut for curvy women, 550, these ones that are the same but tighter in the legs and not bootcut, and 541, which are basically skinny jeans they identify as more roomy. I exchanged each one and will keep trying. My next pair is 505 and i suspect they may be the most decent ones for what i am looking for. I am willing to keep trying considering that i have tried wranglers that are even worse, carhartts that are ugly all around but fit good, and everything in between from condor tacticool pants, dickies, and riggs workwears too. . I am only 5'11" and 170 with no gut, and need some crotch room and thigh room. I never thought it would be so hard to find these things. I also wear at the waist, because i carry everyday. I hate low rise junk because my junk hits the seem and it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I wonder how anyone is able to wear low rise without wearing a thong. . All i want is some nice jeans with room to breathe and not 20" wide at my feet! come back levi's. Baby come back.

W. Alexia, Florida

It seems lately that levis has trouble controlling sizes. I have a pair of these in 31 waste that fit well, but others in 32 waist that are tighter than the 31 wasted ones. Seems like the sizing these days is all over the map. Also, the last two pairs of these i purchased (got those at jc pennys) ended up with a rip in the crotch after maybe 4 months of use (not at the seam, but in the fabric itself. Likely a fabric defect. Overall these are great jeans if levis could get their quality control back on track. I saw where the ceo said you should never wash your jeans, maybe that is because they are now building low quality crap and the more you wash, the more they wear out.

. Mable, Tasmania says

The first time i wore them the rear most belt loop became detached. I wasn't happy but i sewed it back on. After one laundering i bent over to tie my shoe (for the record these were fairly loose fitting on me) and the jeans tore from the seam below the zipper inward from seam down the middle of the leg for a tear of about 4 inches. As i further examined them i could see that both back pockets were starting to tear a hole in the seat of the jeans where the pockets are stitched to the seat.

S. Donna, Georgia

I am very disappointed in the jeans i received. I love levi'so but the last 2 pair i received from online store were defective, in the same place. The right rear pocket tore right on theach inside corner, wear they attach to the pants. Then i went to pull them up by the belt loop, i didn't have my belt on yet and they are loose around the waste, and the belt loop tore free from the bottom, where they attach to the pants. Granted i have had these for a few months but i live in so california, and i wear shorts most of the time. I only wear pants if i have to. I don't know if it was a shipment that online store received but two pair, torn in the exact same place? i don't believe in coincidence.

H. Melissa, Wiltshire says

I've been wearing these for years. Last time i bought 38s and they fit fine. Recently i put on a few extra pounds and they started to feel a bit snug, not terrible but a little uncomfortable especially right out of the wash. Anyway i decided to take a step up and get some 40s this time around to give myself some breathing room. I just got the new pair and they actually felt smaller then the 38s. And when i held them up side by side the old 38s were wider in the waist. So i got out the tape measure and it seems that the old ones, which were suppose to be 38, were actually 40" and the new ones which are suppose to be 40 are only 39". You'd think with a product that is sized in 2" increments the margin of error would be less then +/- 2". I returned them for some 42s we'll see how those fit in a couple days.

J. Linda, Salford

This is the second pair of levis i purchased that no longer fit right in the backside. So levi's took a winning fit and changed it so i'm constantly pulling up the backside of my pants. Brilliant. I'm uncomfortable no matter if i get up from a chair, get into my car, or shift positions. I guess they retooled their design so they could save a buck but that is that last buck they will get from me. I've been a loyal customer for over 30 years. If you know of a brand of blue jeans that actually fit please leave a suggestion.

D. Gloria, Herefordshire says

I'm generously awarding 3 stars because this well-known brand of jeans is of good quality, and online store's price is excellent. Unfortunately, levi's sizing is unreliable and the same size that has fit me well for a while is too small to wear as delivered here-so i've had to return the item. (note that this isn't a one-time fluke: i have in my wardrobe along with several levis that fit well another that is also too small. All the samples that i've mentioned are the same levi's model, labeled with the exact same size. )

. Angela, Wandsworth

I ordered a few pairs of these jeans a few months back in a size 30x32 and they fit flawless for "cheap" work pants. I recently ordered another pair since i'm really starting to wear the old ones out. The pair i ordered matched identically to the ones i had before and they fit more like a 32x34. As much as i didn't want to go along with the 1 star bandwagon, i feel it is highly necessary. Levi's are not true to fit and are made with extremely low craftsmanship. If i pulled something similar at my job i'd get fired. I swear the jeans seem like they are made by children in a factory raking in $0. 15 an hour. Worst way to spend $40 is on levi jeans.

F. Aldana, Hawaii says

So. Bought a new pair of jeans, just like the ones in the closet. Seem well made, waist fit great, the length- 2 inches longer then my old ones. All made in indonesia. Now to decide- reorder a shorter pair or same size and see what i get? . . I've worn enough levis in my life to know that no 2 pairs are the same, but a 2 inch variation in length is excessive! come on levi, you can do better! sizing should not be a guessing game.

G. Bethany, Wisconsin

I truly think levi quality is a thing of the past. Belt loop stitching at the waste unravels after two washings, and don't even get me stated on the stitching around the back pockets. I'm told i can send the levi's back for a replacement. I really don't want to waste the postage and receive a replacement that will fail in very short period. I started questioning levi quality 8 months ago, bought 4 new pair and watched them self destruct in less than two months. I'm a 54 year old die-hard levi fan and have just purchased my first pair of wranglers - lets see how wrangler performs. I'm saddened to see what has happened to the levi brand.

Z. Kelly, Washington says

I have heard in the past that jeans are a popular item for knock-off manufacturers, and so i believe i've been had. I have only worn them one day and they are so uncomfortable. They are suppose to be "relaxed fit" but fit like skinny jeans. My other pants this size fit comfortably, so it's not me! also, the material is very thin. After reading other negative reviews, i can see that this material won't last very long, as i suspected. I'm going to go to a levis outlet store and see if all of their quality is this bad. If they are not knock-offs, they must be factory seconds. These are nothing like other 550 relaxed fit levis i've had, and i've been wearing them my whole life.

T. Veronica, Lincolnshire

I ordered the same size that i've ordered and worn at least four other times. The older pairs still fit fine, but the new ones, after a couple of washes, are noticeably tighter.

R. Valencia, Nevada says

Levi's seems to be having quality issues. I have had these for just over two year. I don't wear them every day. Two pairs purchased two/three months apart now are having the belt loops fall off of the jeans. Because they are over two years old levi's won't do anything about it. . I think if you buy this product you just have to realize that the jeans you are getting these days are made with profit in mind over quality and durability. Can't say that i really trust this brand anymore.

M. Alba, Wokingham

The quality of levi's jeans has been decreasing through the years. The fabric is getting thinner and they do not last as much as they used to years ago. . But in particular, i am giving these jeans 3 stars because they are not equal to the american 32" waist levi's, they are about a 1/4" narrower, so if your jeans bought at department stores fit too just, you better go with the next waist size, otherwise you will face some discomfort (which is not why you want to buy relaxed fit jeans in the first place)! . . I hope this review is helpful. I bought the 550 relaxed fit black jeans size 32x30. On the bright side the length was okay. . Update: the waist was too short or small when i bought it. It keeps getting smaller with every wash. I will put them on a trash bag and dropping them at a salvation army. Maybe, they will fit someone. Bad levi's, very bad. Expensive product with low quality control.

E. Eleanor, Derby says

Since it's hard for me to find jeans with a 29 inseam in stores (yes, i have short legs), i ordered two pairs of these levi's 550 size 34x29 about 4 months ago. I love those jeans, because they are the right size. A pair i ordered just recently say 34x29 on the patch on the jeans, but they are at least 2 inches longer than my previous purchase. What gives? how hard is it to keep your product the same size? were they just mislabelled at the factory? . . I stupidly washed the jeans, figuring maybe the other pairs had just shrunk a little and that these might also. Nope. When i line them up, the new ones are still 2" longer. Since the whole point of buying these jeans online was to get the correct size, this was a complete waste of money, since i can't return them now. . Update: i'm changing my rating to 2 stars because it turns out i will be able to return the jeans, and customer service was very helpful.

K. Franklin, York

What happened to levi's jeans? i have a pair that ripped near the back pocket less than 2 months after i bought them. I spoke with my co-workers and they said they have had the same thing happen. Levi's used to last years but it appears their quality is not as good as they used to be. If the 2 new pair i bought experience a similar fate, i wont be buying their jeans again.

. Broyles, Illinois says

Don't know what the deal is with these. I have been buying these for years and every year they get a little crappier. I measure crappyness by life. I expect to get a year out of a pair of these - yes wearing them regularly, yes being hard on them. Used to get more like 1. 5 to 2 years but that is steadily shrinking. . I had a pair that was dead within 6 months. . Just bought some more of them hoping i got a bad batch the last time. Hopefully i just got duds last time.

. Annette, Rhone-Alpes

I had tried to find what i needed in the local stores, so i knew what size fit well with this particular pair. So no surprise there. But its levi's. So quality is what i expect and it's what i got. . Revision:. . These things fell apart only a few months later with just normal use. Both back pockets have holes near the corners (even the pocket i never have ever used even once) and nearly all the edges are frayed. I have never seen a levi jean fall apart like this. Poorly constructed makes me think this was a rip off pair i bought

Q. Crawford, Ohio says

I've been wearing levis for as long as i can remember and that all stops with this last pair of jeans. The a-holes at levis thought they would be smart and make the thickness thinner (at least by half) and still charge the same price. Although i like the cut of these jeans i don't see myself buying another pair of anything levis. Think i'm kidding, take an old pair of levis if you have them and compare. I did and there's no comparison. The denim of levis new jeans is comparable to the $12-14 pair of jeans you can buy from old navy. If you like levis for previous years, don't be fooled by these. They are nowhere near the same. I would return these. Because $40 is about $28 too much for this quality but i needed a pair to replace another pair for trip and didn't have time to find an alternate brand. . The previous pair these are replacing are the same style of levis. The knees gave out way too soon and i should have learned my lesson then. No more though. You can actually get a style similar to this cut at costco for around $20 and the denim is much thicker and better quality. . Now these jeans will work for you if you treat them like dress slacks, never using them for outdoor activities, kneeling, or anything else that could cause the slightest friction. The old style levis used to last me 2-4 years minimum. At best these will last a year (same as the cheapos from old navy) so why pay the premium?

U. Candy, North Yorkshire

Well if you want the jeans in the picture good luck because what came look like i should be shucking around the farmhouse late at night with a canvas sack over my head and a pitchfork looking for my latest victim. They aren't lightweight as advertised nor are they the color shown (did i say that already). In short order, they are thick heavy jeans. If that's what you want grab 'em. I'm looking for a pair to replace my ultra comfortable wranglers that have since gone to jean heaven. These are not them.

N. Clara, Sachsen says

These were the first pair of levis i bought in 10 years because my old ones just ripped. I figured buying levis again would get me another 10 years, and i bought these as a test to see if i should get several different colors. I don't know if i got a dud or something, but there was a loose rivet in one pocket, and that same pocket had some damage to the jean which looks like it will develop into a hole sooner than later. The plastic package the pair came in was not damaged. I'm wary of investing in more pairs because i don't know if the jeans are simply a cheaper material than they used to be, or if it's just this particular pair i got. I don't want to risk getting another dud. The fit was just right though.

L. Meghan, West Berkshire

Update 5/25/17. Online store only giving me 80% of the cost of the levis. Never buying them again if quality issue costs me after a few wears. . Belt loop ripped leaving a hole in the pants after very few wears. I have been buying these for my husband for over 30 years and usually last for many years before i have to buy him another 2 pairs. These lasted just a few wears. Plan to write the company to complain. Seriously thinking about buying him lee jeans.

C. Lisa, Sunderland says

One big selling point of levi's jeans used to be durability - it was possible to wear a pair for years. These pairs and others received as gifts last year all started to fall apart after just a few uses. The quality of construction of these jeans is poor, to say the least. The old jeans may have cost more upfront, but the value proposition was significantly higher considering their durability.

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