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Price was 4. These tights are great! i'm required to where hosery to work everyday and panty hose were not cutting it anymore. These are much more comfortable and i can already tell there are going to last much longer and save me a lot of money not having to buy hose every week!

-P. Nees

Discount Women’s Leggswear Silky L’eggs Leggs Casual Tights 03100, L, Black. Indulges Legs In Silky Softness-and Warms Them In Cool Weather! Opaque Tights Are Great For Work Or Play. Exceptional Quality At A Value. -L’eggs Women’s Leggswear Silky Tights.

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Love the opaqueness. I love the feel, the comfort. And i esp love that they are not control top. So comfy. Best women's leggswear silky | L Eggs Women S Hosiery-Sockshosiery Review ( Sep 2019 ) Feature L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights Soft microfiber tights with s .

L'eggs women's leggswear silky tights Review (L Eggs)

Great basic tights. Nothing special to them. Just well made and stay straight. Mostly maintain their elastic all day. -M. Juliana

Leggs Womens Leggswear Silky Tights

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: L'eggs
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:13.00 inches
    Weight:0.14 pounds
    Width:8.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: L'eggs Women's Hosiery
  • Model: 3100
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: SOCKSHOSIERY

women's leggswear silky Apparel, L'eggs leggs casual tights 03100, l, black. indulges legs in silky softness-and warms them in cool weather! opaque tights are great for work or play. exceptional quality at a value. goes great with flats or heels. L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights (3100-L Eggs).

Leggs Womens Leggswear Silky Tights Apparel

  • Great tights and the fit was right on. I will order more.
  • These are so very soft but fit too big.
  • I ordered based on the size chart and i double checked the size chart on the item when i received it. Everything checked out. When i tried to put them on, however, i could barely get them on and when i did they were uncomfortably tight on my thighs. Not worth sending them back.
  • Wayyyyy to short! i am a extra small in leggings and ordered the small. Too short.
  • The fabric is a very odd texture and is not opaque for me. Also, the waistband offers no support, simply digging in at your waist and creating odd lumps.

women's leggswear silkyL'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Great product that delivers. Silky smooth on your legs, great weight for fall or spring. Would repurchase.

L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights
Click to see NoticeL'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights (L Eggs)"I bought the black, size a and they fit just as expected - i'm 5'5". They seem pretty durable. I've worn them twice without any problems."

(0) Question: I wear a size 4 in jeans, what size should i get?

(1) Question: Do these have a cotton crotch?

(2) Question: With no leg bands, does crotch constantly slip down? also, are they strong enough to last longer than 1 wearing, or thin like pantyhose?

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Honenna Women s Reinforced Toe Semi Sheer Opaque Tights Panty Hose

Choose your size on the picture how to make pantyhose last long? 1, choose the right size from our size chart. 2, wash your pantyhose before you wear them. Fill the sink and add a little liquid starch to the water. After they're thoroughly dry, put them into a plastic bag and into the freezer overnight. 3, prevent snags as you put the hose on. Wear a pair of cotton gloves or apply a good hand lotion before handling your hosiery. Don't put lotion on your legs, the dampness can make your hose stick and pull. 3, put hose on properly to reduce pulling and tugging. Scrunch one leg of the pantyhose into your hands and put them on toe first. Release a little bit at a time as you move up your leg. When you get just above your knee, do the same thing with the other leg. Gently work each leg the rest of the way into the hose and then pull up the panty. 4, check your shoes for rough patches that can snag your hose. 5, take off your hose when you get home and wash them out immediately. Rotating your pairs will give them extra life. How to repair pantyhose runs 1, stop runs with clear nail polish. Apply it to small holes and snags to keep runs from developing nail polish 2, if nail polish is not available, use hair spray. Spray on the area around the run, let dry, and repeat, depending on the size of the run.

Honenna Women s Reinforced Toe Semi Sheer Opaque Tights Panty HoseHonenna-Womens-Reinforced-Opaque-Tights

Brand :    honenna
Weight :    0.14 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Honenna Women s Reinforced Toe Semi Sheer Opaque Tights Panty Hose available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Natural tones make them almost invisible
  • Cotton gusset
  • Utmost comfort , high elasticity and optimal fit
  • 40 denier semi- opaque pantyhose
  • Hand wash

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top Tights

No nonsense super opaque tights feature a mid-rise wide waistband that sits comfortably just below the naval and the control top offers you added support. A super opaque shaped-to-fit leg ensures uniform color from the toe up

No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top TightsNo-Nonsense-Womens-Opaque-Control-Top

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    BC2295
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Super Opaque Control-Top Tights available ( Sep 2019 )

L'eggs Women's Sheer Energy Sheer Toe Pantyhose

Micro toning action gently hugs legs, creating a vibrant, toned feeling

L'eggs Women's Sheer Energy Sheer Toe PantyhoseLeggs-Womens-Sheer-Energy-Pantyhose

Brand :    l'eggs
Color :    Off Black
Size :    A
Model :    60800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Sheer toe
  • Sheer panty for a lightweight, breathable feeling
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for L'eggs Women's Sheer Energy Sheer Toe Pantyhose available ( Sep 2019 )

No Nonsense Women's Great Shapes High Waist Tight

No nonsense great shapes high waist tight is constructed of a 90 denier nylon leg for super opaque coverage and chic smooth legs. The shaping panty smooth's from below bust to thighs for total core shaping.

No Nonsense Women's Great Shapes High Waist TightNo-Nonsense-Womens-Great-Shapes

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    T6858
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Great Shapes High Waist Tight available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Chic smooth legs
  • Shaping panty smooths from below bust to thighs
  • 90 denier
  • 1 pack
  • Super opaque leg for most complete coverage

Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight

Hue super opaque non control top tight features soft, great opaque coverage with a sheer to waist panty. Available in all the seasons must have colors.

Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist TightWomens-Super-Opaque-Sheer-Waist

Price :    —
  • Non control top
  • Sheer to waist panty
  • Opaque tights
Brand :    hue
Model :    U11923
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Hue Women's Super Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

L'eggs Women's Leggswear Seasonless Tight

L'eggs leggswear season less tight

L'eggs Women's Leggswear Seasonless TightLeggs-Womens-Leggswear-Seasonless-Tight

Brand :    l'eggs
Model :    1313
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Control top
  • Season less tight
  • Perfect balance between sheer and opaque
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for L'eggs Women's Leggswear Seasonless Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Hanes Matte Opaque Tights Control Top

Hanes silk reflections matte opaque tights with control top. style 0b406

Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Hanes Matte Opaque Tights Control TopHanes-Reflections-Womens-Opaque-Control

Price :    —
  • Control top panty
  • This opaque tight from hanes offers the perfect matte finish for casual styling.
Brand :    hanes
Weight :    0.14 pounds
Model :    0B406
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Hanes Matte Opaque Tights Control Top available ( Sep 2019 )

No Nonsense Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight

No nonsense opaque sheer to waist tights offer a modern, tapered leg for better fit and more comfort. The mid-rise waistband sits comfortably below the naval and doesn't roll down. Opaque leg for coverage but with no control in the panty for maximum comfort

No Nonsense Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist TightNo-Nonsense-Womens-Opaque-Sheer

Brand :    no nonsense
Model :    BC2294
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • One pack, opaque tight
  • Unique knitting technology for perfect fit
  • 40 denier, medium coverage
  • Stay-in-place waistband fits just below the natural waist
  • Sheer to waist
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for No Nonsense Women's Opaque Sheer To Waist Tight available ( Sep 2019 )

L'eggs Women's Energy 3 Pack All Sheer Panty Hose

Micro toning action gently hugs legs, creating a vibrant, toned feeling

L'eggs Women's Energy 3 Pack All Sheer Panty HoseLeggs-Womens-Energy-Sheer-Panty

Brand :    l'eggs
  • Sheer toe
  • Sheer panty for a lightweight, breathable feeling
Price :    —
Model :    60807
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for L'eggs Women's Energy 3 Pack All Sheer Panty Hose available ( Sep 2019 )

L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights (L Eggs) Price : 4, was : 0 as 2018-02-14
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The F.A.Q. for L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights (L Eggs)

The only pantyhose that don't make my legs itch like crazy! very silky and soft, super pleasant to the touch and not too tight. These tights are very thin though, so don't expect to be warm in the winter or late fall wearing these.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: Is the size "small" and size "a" the same?

(1) Question: Are these truly silky tights. will they glide over a wool skirt or will the tights grab/cling to your skirt like cotton-blend tights?

(2) Question: What is a queen size ?

(3) Question: What denier is this ?

(4) Question: I am 5'5" and plan to wear these under bootcut/skinny jeans. do they work for that? also, how many come in a pack?

(5) Question: What is the difference between size medium and size b?

(6) Question: I have a dressy black skirt that comes just below the knees and will be wearing short black boots (booties). will these work well with these?

(7) Question: I'm 5'3 and 116lbs, which size do you recommend?

(8) Question: I am 5'9 and 140 lbs. should i get size medium or large?

(9) Question: Is the 12 for $12 good quality tights?

(10) Question: Do these tights have a "control top" or lines around the legs near the top? i don't want any lines around the thighs as i'm wearing it with a bodysuit

(11) Question: I wear a size 14 in jeans and my weight is 180 pounds, what size do i get?

(12) Question: Is this a 2-pack?

(13) Question: Is the 12 for $12 good quality tights?

(14) Question: What size is recommended for a 5'1 height, petite girl?

(15) Question: Is this opaque?

(16) Question: Which size do you recommend for a 152 cm teenager?

(note) Question: where/how to get L Eggs (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar L Eggs's products

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Fit as expected. just what i needed.

Clothing 0660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Socks & Hosiery 6884401, Tights 6394401, Women 1100447417Top L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights (L Eggs) FAQ Content

Best l'eggs women's leggswear silky tights (l eggs) in review

These were amazing! exactly what i was looking for and it doesn't have that awkward short-looking (like an actual pair of shorts) part by your private area like other tights do. I attached of photo to show that i was able to use it with a one piece body suit and it looked great! it fit exactly as expected and the material was not cheap, it was just like any other pair of tights you can buy from a convenience store.

J. Gloria, Hillingdon

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V. Edna, Newfoundland and Labrador says

For a silky tight this is the one. If you want a knit, buy manzi. Fit perfectly and washed by hand and air dried nicely.

K. Walsh, Thueringen

Excellent value and good quality! recommend without reservation.

A. Imelda, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Great for work! definitely recommend.

L. Wimbish, Lincolnshire

Great stockings, the material is thicker than pantyhose. The black is opaque, even when knee is bent

Y. Eva, Halton says

Perfect and actually lasted a day without snagging

Z. April, Kirklees

I've ordered these tights several times - usually annually - and i love them. They are durable and that perfect mix between opaque and sheer - thin enough to be winter nylons but warmer. Moreover, the toe box does not rip as quickly as other tights i've tried.

Q. Nicole, Barnsley says

I am 5'2 and usually a size 2 in pants and these tights are the perfect fit. They are comfortable, and provides suction in the lower belly area (which i always appreciate when i pair it with a tight dress). Overall, they're cute and a great fit!

B. Beale, Niedersachsen

I ordered a small as i usually do. These are a little loose, not fitted as i hoped but they will do.

D. Yvette, East Sussex says

I usually wear size small in pants and shirts. I bought a medium for a not so tight feel and it fits well. I love the material and for the price, it's really good. Stretchy and durable. No fear of ripping or tearing. I have recommended this for my sisters.

X. Watson, Kensington and Chelsea

Great pair of thick, not too sheer, tights that's office appropriate. Fit as expected, not stretched out too much and not too baggy.

T. Pearce, West Virginia says

Good tights for the money. They fit as expected (i'm 135lb and 5'9" and a medium/b fit perfectly) and are comfortable and super silky to the touch. If you have very pale legs like i do these aren't 100% opaque, but they're pretty close. My one issue is that the pair a received had a small hole in the crotch- smaller than a fingernail and easily fixed with some nail polish, but not the best thing to find in a new pair of tights.

I. Meyer, Nebraska says

I like the opaqueness of these tights and they are large enough to fit comfortably yet fit well without sagging. Will buy again.

U. Alma, Northern Territory

These are so soft and comfortable. I like them because of the soft waistband! if you're looking for something with a control top, these aren't the tights for you. However, if you want something less constricting and more comfortable, these are your tights! . . Sizing info: i'm 5'5" and 145 lbs (27" waist, 41" hips) and i got medium.

E. Guest, Schleswig-Holstein says

One of my favorites. They re not too tight, they re comfortable and feel great.

H. Carrie, Florida

They fit as expected, don't bag or sag. They are a heavy enough denier that they are not prone to runs, and yet soft and sheer enough to feel great.

N. Perez, Durham says

Maybe i shouldn't expect tights to ever last longer than a couple of wears. They fit fine and felt great, but they got knicked on my 2nd time wearing them. I don't think i do anything or move a certain way that causes this to happen, but it is what it is. I'll probably buy some more at some point.

Top /leggs womens leggswear silky tights Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Patricia, Missouri says

They feel good except they tend to slide down as i'm moving throughout the day that's very uncomfortable for me especially at work when i don't have time to fix it unless i go to the bathroom.

E. Taylor, Virginia

It had a hole in it when it got here

V. Walsh, Arkansas says

Sadly, only one of the three pair i bought fit properly and went on without a snag. The other two either had rips already or ripped while being put on.

B. Florence, Yukon Territory

Came with a snag on the lower part. It's one of those that if you cut it off, you know you're going to get a hole there. I didn't expect super high quality for this price, but annoying to have the same issue with new tights that i was replacing my old ones for.

Z. Nellie, Wyoming says

Was not sent the nylons had ordered of 66% nylon 34% spandex (as this product was described on the website) as ny lingerie apparently ran out of my size (size b) and sent a lesser quality product of 96% nylon and 4% spandex which is less comfortable, offers less support and is far cheaper and still charged the same amount as the higher quality nylon originally ordered. When placed this order, was informed ny lingerie would ship this item in 3-5 business days but i did not actually receive this item until almost 2 weeks later and then discovered the switch in the product they had sent, apparently hoping i would not notice the difference. Their solution was for me to pack it back up and drive it to the post office and return it to them! . One of the reasons i shop online is for the convenience and not to have to pay for packing materials and gas to undo what this company never should have done in the first place! online store was willing to back up this purchase with a credit when this seller proved to be unwilling to send the correct replacement nylon as originally ordered.

T. Candy, West Sussex

Ordered three pairs, first pair ripped the first time i wore them, the second had a run within 20 minutes of leaving the house. I work in an office, so my uses should just be normal wear and tear. Super disappointed.

K. Melissa, Medway says

Ok for cheap tights. However, they fell down over the course of the day. Just pay the little extra and get hue brand tights, they are much better, last much longer and are a better value.

D. Guest, Hartlepool

After i handwashed it, i left it on my bathtub to dry out. The next day after i pull it off, i notice there were quite amount of dark brown pigment left in my bathtub. I thought i had already screezed off the pigment when i wash it. It just had way too much! i don't feel safe to put it on my skin again

R. Peggy, Oklahoma says

I literally just bought these and they're already ripped. Low quality i guess. Oh well.

C. Broyles, Kent

I don't like them because they are not tight enough and go down. Im 5"2 - 110 oedered small. Too loose on me, but if i ordered xs they wouldn't stay on it's place they will slides down.

A. Nees, Waltham Forest says

I managed to get through the winter with these but ended up with holes even after one wear.

N. Dorine, Rhode Island

The material is thin and not as stretchy as i would like

. Pearson, Solihull says

These tights were not good quality. Started unraveling after 1 use. Looked streaky when worn again. Pulls and tears.

. Cunningham, Southend-on-Sea

I purchased these tights based on their stellar reviews but was rather disappointed when i opened the package. Though the description said they were of high quality, mine were 96% nylon and 4% spandex instead of the 66% nylon and 34% spandex that i'd ordered. Unfortunately, even though they fit, this made them quite thin and they quickly wore out within a couple wears. I have purchased hanes brands before and have always had a wonderful experience with them so the fault here could possibly lie with this seller. If you're looking for this brand, i'd recommend purchasing them from their actual website.

O. Sharon, South Gloucestershire says

These are. Decent. The material is kind of thin and feels very artificial, not soft like i want my tights. They re pretty opaque though so i m fine with them, just not nice enough to wear to the office.

U. Anonymous, Midi-Pyrenees

This is a terrible product, not stretchy at all and very uncomfortable. They lasted 1 wear before getting multiple snags and even ripping a hole (i work in an office and have no idea how they ripped) while i have other tights that have lasted for months. Do not buy these

Q. Morgan, Alberta says

Came with a hole. I won t return them just bc they were so cheap and i dont wanna go through the trouble but they look like that had been returned by somebody already. They are nice though too bad

. Smith, California

I was hoping for some elasticity but these are loose on me (5'9", 145 lbs - bought m). They have been slipping down all day, have no real grip to them and they are a little thinner than i like for tights. They haven't bagged at the knee but their inability to stay up is disappointing.

M. Patton, Colorado says

Way too small for the size and rips easily.

W. Anonymous, Leicester

Fits smaller than i expected for the size. Was a little disappointed. I am a curvy woman and usually fit true to size in anything i wear, but these were made smaller than the size advertised. I kept them because they work in a pinch (pun intended. )

S. Gina, Bourgogne says

Worn it and within a couple of days many rips! not recommended.

J. Janice, Middlesbrough

I knew the price was a bit to cheap. They were size l instead of q plus and they were definitely size l when i tried them on. They also came in weird packaging for leggs which should have tipped me off.

H. Connie, Hawaii says

The size was decent and the quality was great. The length past the hips are little short.

. Rhonda, Rheinland-Pfalz

A bit thinner than i expected and there was no real control top. If fitted comfortably but too loose for me.

X. Paige, Warwickshire says

Horrible waste of money, so disappointed. For tights they are very thin (as thin as pantyhose) not warm at all. Worst part is they have no control of any kind (not control top and no spandex) and they stretched out so badly before i got to work that i had elephant knees and ankles. Save your money and spend a little more to buy a worthy pair of tights, not these awful knock-offs, that are going in the garbage as soon as i get home. . I am glad i only bought 3 pairs, but even that was waste.

Y. Ross, Florida

Surprised by how short these are. I'm barely 5'2 and 120 pounds and ordered the size a small. Have to really work to get them all the way up, just not enough material. Good color but i just need more length.

F. Guest, Kentucky says

Sizing runs very small. Top/panty part is not as stretchy and giving to allow for different body types (to accommodate short or long torsos).

L. Theola, Ontario

Normally, these tights are awesome. However, when purchased through seller "ny lingerie", i have my doubts on the authenticity of the product. In winter i wear tights on an almost daily basis, l'eggs tights to be exact. Every single other pair of l'eggs tights that i own (at least 8 other pairs) all have a tag inside that reads "tights". These did not. These had "made in indonesia" on the tag. They also were not nearly as thick as my other l'eggs tights. It is my belief that these are pantyhose made by another manufacturer trying to be passed off as l'eggs tights. I have purchased these tights from other sellers on online store and had no issues, my issue is solely with ny lingerie's l'eggs tights.

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