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Price was 8. These are my first pair of leggings and i am now a fan! i am 5'4" and weigh 150 pounds. I purchased a black pair and i love the look and feel. They are a little long for me and the waist pulls up above my belly button, but that is something i like because it smooths out my mid-section. These are also super soft, which wasn't what i was anticipating so that is a plus. I will definitely buy this product again!

-E. Elanor

Buttery soft basic solid 45 colors best seller leggings pants carry 1000+ print stretch fabric + full length leggings: a figure flattering & ultra comfortable fit! solid color design: will match nearly anything! great for layering under dresses and tops! wear -leggings depot buttery soft basic solid 45 colors best seller leggings pants carry 1000+ print designs

  • Listed: Basic Solid Plain High Quality Full Length Leggings / Buttery Soft, Super Stretch.
  • Listed: Visit Our Link For Capri Leggings: Https:///dp/b06zzccwjw.

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These are the softest leggings i ve ever owned. I m between a size 12-14 on the bottom but in the waist i m a size 8-10 so i went with the one size (0-12) option. For being curvier in the butt, these weren t see-through at all! they re thick enough to cover everything, even if i squat or bend over. The only thing is that the waist is a little tight. Not uncomfortably tight, but less stretchy than the actual leggings. I probably wouldn t wear a fitted dress over these because of the tighter waist line but otherwise for everyday use, they re solid The Best buttery soft basic solid colors ( Sep 2019 ) | -Apparel Review Listed Leggings Depot Buttery Soft Basic Solid 45 COLORS Best Seller Leggings Pants Carry 1000+ Print Designs 92% polyester 8% spandex / high quality soft fabric. Basic solid plain high quality full length leggings / buttery soft, super stretch. Visit our link for capri leggings: https:///dp/b06zzccwjw. Visit our link for extra plus: https:///dp/b01mxehl3o. *warning* please make sure to check that the product you are purchasing is "sold by leggings depot" and not any other company. products from sellers other than "leggings depot" may not be the same fit, color, fabric or quality. we are unable to guarantee the quality of products purchased from other sellers, and will not be able to provide customer service for such purchases. .

Leggings Depot Buttery Soft Basic Solid 45 Colors Best Seller Leggings Pants Carry 1000+ Print Designs Review (Leggings Depot)

I got these to put an iron on decal on the leg and being seamless it worked out perfectly. I love the fit and the softness of them. I got 12-24 size and i am 5'4" at 180 lbs. I love these leggings and they look awesome with a flower design on the right cafe from my decal. -. Patton

Leggings Depot Buttery Colors Designs

Leggings Depot

buttery soft basic solid 45 colors best seller leggings pants carry 1000+ print Apparel, Stretch fabric + full length leggings: a figure flattering & ultra comfortable fit! solid color design: will match with nearly anything! great for layering under dresses and tops! wear casually or as yoga pants! comfort and movability! Leggings Depot Buttery Colors Designs (-Leggings Depot).

Leggings Depot Buttery Colors Designs Apparel

  • These are great! they are a little thinner than i expected but not in a bad way. I thought i ordered black but i got grey. I am 5 feet tall, so i expected to have to adjust a little, so i wear these with my boots and no problem. I will be ordering at least 3 more pair so i can work out in these bad boys. They are truly like second skin. Do wear this with long shirts or with a skirt. Do not wear these as pants people. They are too thin for that.
  • I just love these. Very soft, very stretchy, more opaque than i expected since they are so thin. I would not recommend wearing these without a long tunic or something covering your behind, simply because they really are very thin, but that's why they are so comfortable. Perfect for wearing with my favorite caftans. They are warmer than you would expect for being so thin, as well, so keep that in mind for summer. On a cool spring day they are perfect.
  • Super soft material, loved them when i pulled them out of the bag, then i put them on and they felt soft and nice. However, i could be 9 feet tall and i still think there would have been material left over in the legs. They were just full of folds of excess material around the tops of my thighs, my knees and ankles. I tried to smooth them out and spread the excess material. I wanted to keep them. But it was just too much material and way too uncomfortable and unattractive to wear. I have at least twenty pairs of leggings and never had this problem before. And i am not tiny 5'6" and 180 but most of my weight is on my upper torso and bust, i got the smaller size and they were way too big. I am returning them.
  • Everyone said these were great, they are not, they are thin, they already have 3 small holes in them the first time i am wearing them, i hand washed and line dried them, as they smell odd when you get them. They are not too tight for me, they fit fine, i am 5'4" and 180 lbs, they are not stretched at all, so they should not already have holes, these are nothing like my llr or the quality, i guess i can wear them camping in winter as an under layer. I certainly will pay the extra money and look for solid colors at the llr pop ups, because these are awful and a waste of $10. 99
  • Two main problems - color and fit. The color, which looks like a deep wine color on the screen, if closer to a dark fuschia - bright and pinkish. The fit is too loose for me, wrinkling around the ankle and on the thighs. I am not large, but i am by no means tiny - about 140 pounds and 5'6'. Medium usually fits. This doesn't.

buttery soft basic solid colors Leggings Depot Buttery Soft Basic Solid 45 COLORS Best Seller Leggings Pants Carry 1000+ Print Designs (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Omg i love these leggings i thought they be to but they just right i love them, i wanna order another color i will buy these over and over again.

Leggings Depot Buttery Soft Basic Solid 45 Colors Best Seller Leggings Pants Carry 1000+ Print Designs
Click to see NoticeLeggings Depot Buttery Colors Designs (Apparel)"Bought these pants in yellow and lime green. I am a size 6-8 in women's pants and the 0-12 one-size fits all fit perfectly. They are soft and very comfortable! so comfortable, in fact, that i ended up buying another for a friend!"

(0) Question: Are these light enough to wear in the summer?

(1) Question: I'm 5' tall and about 149 pounds what size should i get?

(2) Question: I have a 42" waist and 50" hips; will the plus size (12-24) fit? i've seen other brands show up to 24, then they say up to like 40" hip.

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Sejora Satina High Waisted Leggings - 25 Colors - Super Soft Full Length Opaque Slim

These are truly amazing! buying more now!

Function & fashion ultra smooth & super soft - the satina high waisted high quality leggings is made of the super soft satina "peachskin" fabric. They're so soft and comfortable, you won't want to take them off. High waistband creates slimming effect - the high waist elongates your torso and flattens out any unwanted rolls. The high waistband is stretchy and supportive offering the perfect balance of support and comfort. Thick & opaque - the satina high waisted non-see through leggings has you covered. Don't worry about that embarrassing see-through in even the trickiest yoga postures. Breathe easily without feeling like you need to suck-in your stomach all day because the thick and stretchy material firmly holds everything in. High quality & absorbent - the satina high waisted fit leggings is made of thick and high quality sweat wicking fabric.

Sejora Satina High Waisted Leggings - 25 Colors - Super Soft Full Length Opaque SlimSejora-Satina-High-Waisted-Leggings

Sejora Satina High Waisted Leggings (Pants) FAQ.

They are very comfortable they ran a little large but i love them -Notice from W. Teresa, Nottingham

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These leggins are everything! they fit perfectly. I will be purchasing more colors.

Sejora-satina-high-waisted-leggings-(pants) set picture

- Q. AnonymousI do like the leggings i'm a size 5 in jeans and i do feel the one size is a little too big for me.

So so so comfortable! unbelievably soft. I wish they were a deeper black though.

K. Meghan, Louisiana

Brand :    sejora
Model :    RL-Parent
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Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Sejora Satina High Waisted Leggings - 25 Colors - Super Soft Full Length Opaque Slim available ( Sep 2019 )
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  • Leggings for all sizes & body types - the satina high waisted full length leggings are for every size and body type. choose "one size" if you wear a size small-large, or "plus size" if you wear a xl-xxxl. the satina high waisted full length leggings are designed to be figure flattering and supportive for all sizes and body types.
  • High waisted waistband - the satina comfort high waistband leggings are a must have. the high waisted waistband comfortably hugs everything in for that sexy hourglass shape. you can also move freely knowing that the high waistband will keep your leggings in place and avoids any unwanted sagging.
  • Perfect for any season, setting, or occasion - the satina high waisted yoga pants & leggings are your "go to" everyday leggings. pair them with a fitted top and a blazer to wear to work, or with sneakers when you're on the run. use them as base layer leggings when layering up with boots and scarves during the fall and winter, or simply pair them with a tank top to stay cool during spring and summer.
  • Super soft peachskin fabric - the satina "peachskin" fabric is the softest material around. strut your stuff in style and while experiencing the highest level of comfort.
  • Material & care instructions - the satina high waisted yoga pants & leggings are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. hand wash cold and hang dry.

Leggings Mania Regular/Plus XS-5XL Solid Ultra Soft High Waist Always Leggings

Solid colored, full length leggings with high waist and elastic waistband. Choose from many different colors! available in three sizes: one size (regular 0-12), plus one size (12-22) and extra plus size (22-28).

Leggings Mania Regular/Plus XS-5XL Solid Ultra Soft High Waist Always LeggingsLeggings-Mania-Regular-XS-5XL-Always

Brand :    leggings mania
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Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Leggings Mania Regular/Plus XS-5XL Solid Ultra Soft High Waist Always Leggings available ( Sep 2019 )
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  • Solid colored, full length leggings with a high elastic waistline. available in regular (one size 0-12), plus one size (12-22) and plus size (3x-5x, 22-30).
  • Pictured model is wearing one size (0-12). model measurements are 32cx23x33 and height is 5' 8" (172. 7 cm).
  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex (stretchy).
  • Wash in cold water, do not bleach.

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I am 5'8" and 200lbs, and these leggings are amazing. They are not see-through at all, they go all the way to my ankle with a tiny bit of bunching, they sit comfortably up above my hips, and they are so soft. I feel like i'm wearing lula without having paid $30+ a pair. Ordering more of these right now.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: I am 5'9 and weigh 230 pounds. would these fit me?

(1) Question: I'm 5'3" 168 lb. should i get the 0-12 or the plus size? i wear a 10-12 in pants

(2) Question: It indicates that they are wash by hand. however, i am wondering-can they be washed in the machine on delicate cycle?

(3) Question: I am looking for a dark burgandy, has anyone ordered the cranberry and are the dark in color?

(4) Question: Are these silky smooth?

(5) Question: Would these be too hot to wear for summer, since they are polyester? or are they pretty breathable?

(6) Question: Are these a shiny finish or more matte?

(7) Question: I am 5'7" and about 170 lbs, with an inseam of 30, would these work?

(8) Question: I am 5 foot three 228 pounds i work 24 pants what size would i wear

(9) Question: Arer these see-thru in the sun all at all? i have a big butt and it's a real issue.

(10) Question: I'm 5'3 115 would these be a good choice?

(11) Question: Are these a nylon feel or a more microfiber feel?

(12) Question: Do these stay at the waist or do they roll or fall down thru out the day?

(13) Question: How do these compare to viv collection leggings?

(14) Question: I am a size 14/16 waist but with skinny legs. will the plus size be too baggy?

(15) Question: What is the longest these pair of leggings lasted anyone? all of mine seem to rip within a month

(16) Question: Do these easily attract pet hair?

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Ran across these buy chance and after reading reviews had to give them a shot! they are so very comfortable very soft and sexy and not see through (white is slightly see through but not indecently so). I now own 4 pairs on different colors and another pair by leggings depo with patterns. I recommend there to anyone, never had any problems with damage or the like and they have many different kinds to choose from from shorts to capris you simply can't go wrong, gifted some to my mom and she is hooked now too!

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Best leggings depot buttery colors designs (apparel) in review

Nice and opaque and so soft. I bought these for my peter pan costume, but i wear them all the time and even bought another pair. Love.

O. Nielsen, Cumbria

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. Benton, Rheinland-Pfalz says

I am so glad i found these! i have been searching for black lula roe legging. They are tough to come by then crazy expensive if you are lucky enough to find them. I found these on online store and bought a pair just to try. Omg! i think they are better than lr! very soft and comfortable and seem to be made well. I wear a 12 or 14 and opted for the plus size. They looked tiny but fit wonderful! i plan on ordering more. I can t wear them to work but i put them on the minute i get home. I wore them this weekend with an oversized sweater and booties. Love them! i am going to buy more!

F. Lindsey, Manchester

These leggings are smooth and are not as see-thru as most leggings however, i wear 16-18 in jeans and i can see through them enough to let fellow curvy ladies know it would not be recommended to wear these as pants, although i usually dress a little bit on the conservative side, take it as you will. Make sure you do not push the limits of these leggings too far or you will end up with a gaping seam if you are not careful. The elastic band, on top, is much like the elastic band some of you might remember from the 80s and 90s. It is not a yoga type pant. The color listed for black compares to a faded black pair of jeans in comparison but with the right choice of layering and wear, they are very comfortable and still cute.

C. Kelly, Sandwell says

I"m 61 years old, 5'6 height, weight 160 pounds. I purchased the 0-12 with hesitation & even tried to cancel my order. My order arrived promptly. I didn't even open the order the day it was received. When i opened my order i just knew they were going to be too small, but i was wrong. They fit extremely well. I gathered the material on each leg before pulling them up. I took extra care adjusting until i had them in place and turned around to look at myself in the mirror. The waist is somewhat high on me. They don't just barely fit, there's give and take when i walked around the house. And there's a bit of gathered material on the cuff which looks quite feminine. My main concern about the size was a new chapter in my life. The change in our bodies as we age is significant. The change in our physical appearance can be daunting. The loss of muscle mass is a given. The loss of elasticity in our breasts happens. Sizes don't change; our bodies change and take on a whole new look; a lovely relaxed look to embrace as we lock arms with dignity and pride. I wouldn't wear these leggings without a tunic that covers my behind. I'm not going to purchase another pair until i've worn these a while and they've been laundered several times. Longevity is the final test.

I. Bertie, Vermont

Soft, comfortable, flattering, and long-leg-friendly. I am 6'0 and medium build with a 34" inseam and these hit right at the top of my ankle bone-a very satisfactory and versatile length for a legging. The fit is sleek in a good way, hugging curves without being either too-tight and revealing or too- loose and baggy. I have the black color and it is dark and opaque enough to wear a more cropped shirt with if desired. No see-through sections at all. The waist is high, hitting right at my natural waistline. I'm partial to a high waist (and this is the point in the review where i out myself as a mom of 5), but if you want a lower rise these may not be the leggings for you. Overall, i am very happy with these and would consider ordering additional pairs or colors. They replaced a pair of dying big box store leggings and totally blew them out of the water in fit and quality, at the same price point!

X. Anonymous, Cornwall says

You know that feeling when you shave your legs & then get in the bed with clean, soft sheets? ahhhhh! that's what these feel like, except you don't have to shave. ; ) they're every bit as soft as lularoe leggings. I will definitely be buying more! for reference, i'm 5'7" and weigh 155 lbs and the length is perfect. They're really stretchy, not at all see-thru, and didn't fade or shrink after washing. (i washed in cold & hung them to dry. )

S. Meghan, Peterborough

These are so comfortable! i love these tights. They were white without being see through and fit perfect even though i was pregnant! i wanna order these in so many different colors!

R. Kathlene, Buckinghamshire says

These are just what i was hoping for and expecting, based on the description and the other reviews i read. They are more like thick footless tights than "leggings", which is a comment on how thick they are. They are very opaque, but not entirely opaque. But they're thicker that even my 80-denier tights, so i will sometimes wear these with dresses in the winter. The seam is just on the inside leg edge and not on the outer edge, which helps them look a little nicer than they might. . I'm a size 18t in old navy jeans, to give you a reference point. Sure, i wish these were longer, but they're fine. They're not too small for me in any sense, though i wonder if they really fit up to a size 24. I guess it depends on whose size 24 you're using as a reference. On the other end of the spectrum, i think a size 12 would find these too loose. (maybe that's a matter of personal preference, though. When i saw the unstretched size, i wondered if they'd fit me. )

L. Paige, Auvergne

I ordered 3 colors. One of them being white. Sadly, the white was too see through for me. But i kept the other 2. I am 166 lbs 5'3 with 42 inch hips and ordered the one size. They are buttery soft.

M. Wells, Texas says

My only legging reference is lularoe so i ll compare these to lula. In the pics the pattern pair are lularoe made in vietnam. The navy are legging depot. . Sizing: they are pretty close. The legging depot legging is larger with a higher rise on me. The calf and knee area was a little looser for me and would be great for larger calf s. Slim legs/calf s may be a bit too baggy. Legging depot are slightly longer. . Fabric: the fabric content of these two is the same. The legging depot feel ever much suedes or buttery soft . This pair feels just slightly more silky than the lula. . Washing: lula pair is wash cold hang dry. The legging depot are hand wash. I ll was both on gentle and hang do basically they are the same here. . Price: legging depot is the clear winner at less than half the price. . Colors: can i just say solid colors i don t have to fight for? lula ladies you know what i m talking about. . Verdict: they are close enough that i ll be buying all my solid colors from legging depot. I ll still pick up the occasional fun print from lula but these are a steal here. With free returns you might as well try them.

K. Mahood, Richmond upon Thames

I've been a pretty solid size 12 for the past several years, but recently i've started edging toward a 14. So i wasn't sure whether to buy the smaller or larger size- ergo, i bought one of each, in different colors. I can tell you that, unless you're at least a good, strong size14 or over, you should choose the smaller size. Hope that's helpful. That said, i gave the larger pair to a friend of mine and i'll be coming back for her color in the 0-12 size range. That one fits me perfectly and comfortably, with sufficient stretch at the waistband. The fabric is a good medium-weight that can go year 'round and is just heavy enough to help defeat any appearance of normal skin-surface irregularities (go ahead, walk behind me- i don't care). The fabric's finish is soft but smooth, not exhibiting much of a tendency to grab on to a longer tunic or shirt. Overall, this seems to be a highly serviceable and flattering garment. And i love the color range; think i'll explore it a little further. Pardon me while i shop.

. Juliana, Tower Hamlets says

I'm a big llr fan but $25 for a pair of leggings really adds up. Plus i'm only into solid colors anyway. I knew online store had some great llr dupes, and these are no exception. They are the best leggings i've ever owned. Better than llr. They are so soft, so comfy, and come in so many colors. And you really can't beat the price. . I expected them to look and feel cheap, but i was wrong! they look good! and i plan to buy more colors. . The only different thing is the waistband. It's a standard elastic waistband, not a "yoga waistband" like llr leggings. But that's not a big deal. I roll mine down once or twice for a lower rise fit. You'll love these!

Z. Shawna, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Ooooh myyyy these leggings are the most comfortable and best fitting i have ever tried on, ever! if you want your legs to get nice warm hugs all day, get a pair of these. I am only a few hours into wearing these for the first time, but i am mightily impressed. I should report back after the first washing. These are especially great if you have long legs. I prefer a 34"-36" inseam, and these are definitely in that range. They're bunching a little tiny bit at the ankles, just perfect. . Edit: make sure you wash them as recommended. Best if you hand wash, ok if you wash in the washer with like colors, always hang to dry. If you wash with unlike colors, you're going to get off-color lint embedded in them. Handwashing in the sink only takes a couple of minutes and they dry quickly (overnight). If you do get that embedded off-color lint, as i found, you can handwash it out! all is not lost! . . Also, when trying to get a new pair of black leggings, the color may be black, navy, or dark grey. Check it when it arrives (compare to other black clothing). I am not sure they're double checking the color at the distribution point. I've just returned a navy pair, and a friend got dark grey. Black is black, leggings depot! i love you products, but you might label them better so your pickers will know what color they're picking!

. Harrison, Nebraska

Love love love these leggings! i got them in the mail today and am back to order more! i got the black, they are nice and thick. Not at all see through. I wear size 3/4 or 5/6 jeans and these fit me perfectly. They seem like the would stretch to fit bigger sizes as well.

. Campbell, East Riding of Yorkshire says

These leggings are very thin and look like tights out of the package, however they are completely opaque. They fit like a second skin and have a very soft satin feel to them. The only aspect i dislike is the very prominent seam in the top front and back of the leggings, but i'm willing to overlook it. I bought a few pairs based on the reviews here and i was not disappointed!

Y. Monique, Wiltshire

I'd give these 1, 000 stars if i could! i realize they seem too good to be true, especially for the price, but they really do fit perfectly. They're so soft, don't pill from washing or wearing, and don't allow anything to show through (even on the rear). I loved my first pair so much that i needed more, so i bought them in 4 colors. (the colors are deep and rich and haven't faded at all! ). Then, because i wanted to share these marvelous leggings with the world, i bought a pair for my mom, who of course loves them. So much so that 2 days after her first pair, she asked me to get her 2 more! today was the first day i've seen her since they came in. She's wearing them. She loves them! *let me add, that she and i have very different bodies, yet they fit us both as if they were tailored for us! *. . These are nice enough to wear with boots or a tunic, yet comfy enough for a baggy hoodie on a lazy day. . Everything about them is perfect and you should buy them! you will be happy you did!

V. Arnett, Indiana says

So i was dragged to this lularoe party and felt obligated to buy a pair of those way overpriced leggings. These are the exact same if not better! super soft and seem a lot better quality! it does say hand wash and hang dry. However i washed and ddried them in the washer and dryer to do a deep clean before wear and they came out perfect. Can't beat the price and quality

P. Carolyn, Utah

Absolutely love these! they are incredibly soft and amazingly comfortable! i was worried the one size would be a little small as i can end up wearing anything from a medium to an xl depending on brand, cut and fabric. They fit perfectly! not baggy anywhere, not digging in at the waist, not over stretching through the tush or thighs. I am 5'3 and they cover my ankles but are not strangely long or short. I have perhaps some room to where they would fit similarly in length if i were taller, but not so much that it bunches up or looks bad with flats. They also are not see through in the slightest, so there is no worry about anything showing through the material - however they are lightweight enough that i can wear them in the heat and still be very very comfortable! . . I wash everything before wearing, and these did wonderfully in the wash. I washed on a delicate cycle to be safe, and also dried them on the delicate cycle instead of air drying and had no issues at all. No pilling, no seams coming apart, no shrinkage. I do have a shrink guard option on my dryer which i did use just in case, so i can't say for sure if they would shrink on a normal setting or not, but on low heat, delicate setting with shrink guard on they came out exactly as they went in. . I can't yet say how well they will hold up with more frequent wear as i have only worn them once for half the day, so if anything changes in that regard i will update my review. So far they are lovely though and i really hope they last! i will absolutely be ordering more in a few other colors, and already have a print pair on the way from leggings depot!

N. Lewis, Minnesota says

Amazing! comfortable and sexxxy! the fabric is heaven. So soft and stretchy. I bought these in pink and my husband nearly lost his mind when he saw and felt them. One time through the wash and dryer and they are exactly the same. Today i got my new tourquois, mocha and white. The mocha was a bit darker than i expected, but i like! i will try to attach pics. Stats 5'8" 200lbs 60yrs old.

. Yvette, Tameside

Since black lularoe leggings are impossible to find, i debated several other brands before deciding on these. The reviews were mostly good, and the price was right, so i ordered. The fabric is nice and soft, like llr, and seems to be thick enough that they are not see through. Very comfy. My only criticism is that they are a little loose in the ankles, and don't fit quite as snugly as i expect from leggings. I am 5'7", so the length was good. I do have skinny legs, but still, i don't like it when leggings don't cling at the ankles. Disclaimer, i ordered a pair of the viv capri length leggings, and those were a little loose at the calves as well. Overall, worth the great price. I hope they hold up well!

A. Ross, Cambridgeshire says

Wow. I was skeptical to buy leggings on online store (no offense) because i usually get my style&co. Ones from macy's. But these leggings are great! they are thick enough as to where i don't have to worry about my panties showing through and they are extremely soft. I can't even explain how soft the material is. Amazing. And that's coming from someone who lives in leggings. Also, it says one size fits all. I was worried about this too because i am fairly lean (around size 3) but they fit me really well! and because of the super soft stretchy material i could see how they fit larger sizes. Beware though, your underwear lines (even thongs) are visible through the material. Either go commando or wear a long shirt!

U. Kellie, South Carolina

These just might be the most amazing leggings ever. They are silky and very velvety in feel and the material is on the thicker side. I normally wear a size 10 and when i first got them i thought no way am i getting these to fit. Not only did they fit but they are extremely comfortable. I love, love, love them so much i had to buy more in purple & charcoal. I wash them on the hand wash cycle with a color care detergent. So far they have held up nicely.

D. Nees, Suffolk says

I purchased two different types of leggings depot leggings, one grey and one black, for my spouse. They fit her well as expected with the exception of the length. She is 5'3" tall and considers them a bit long for her, but as they may shrink up in length after the first washing we decided to keep them. I expect that they will work well for her around the home, but had purchased also for more dress up with boots and tops - time will tell how well that works out. The quality seems to be better than expected for the price. Note: even though i ordered two different style item numbers, except for the color i don't really see a difference between the two types, so maybe we received something other than what we ordered, i. E. Two the same.

. Barbara, Sefton

I was very skeptical about the "one size fits most" thing. These are the most comfortable pair of leggings i have ever adorned my stems with. There were minor physical imperfections (i. E. , slight runs near the thigh areas, loose threading), but for the price and comfort, i don't care. These are wonderful and i will buy more in the future.

B. Jennifer, Delaware says

These leggings are just as soft as lularoe, however, the black is not as saturated in color as my black lularoe leggings. Side by side, these leggings depot black leggings have a brownish hue that my lularoe leggings do not. I still wear them, and recommend them, but beware the black isn't a deep, saturated black if you are planning to wear it with something that it might matter. When not worn with other true black items, it isn't noticable. . The waist on these leggings is elastic, as opposed to the lularoe yoga waist leggings, and it comes up higher. The elastic is fully encased and hasn't twisted or relaxed after several washes and wears. . Other than the waist being higher, these leggings fit exactly as lularoe one size leggings do (the ones that are cut correctly). I am 5'2", 160lbs, carry all of my weight in my belly, have a 31. 5" inseam and wear an 8 in most jeans because i am lacking in the booty department. These fit me very comfortably, and they would fit someone one or two sizes bigger or smaller than me, as well. . If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to lularoe leggings, these are the way to go.

Top /leggings depot buttery colors designs Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Benton, Birmingham says

These leggings are very thin soft and comfortable, they fit well and are long enough for me and i am size 16/18 5'8". I noticed these said hand wash only so i did not wash before i wore them. It would not have mattered as the tiny holes are already on my leggings. I went to wear them for the second time and they have tiny little holes all over. Unfortunately they are in the front so i cannot wear these again without a long tunic top. I am keeping these as they were only $12. The pants are cheap so you get what you pay for. Would not purchase another pair of these since they are so thin i know they will rip.

. Lewis, Ealing

Do not purchase these leggings or any leggings from this company. They will tear open on you when least expected. Brand new out the pack and within in a few hours several holes started to form until they split completely open on me while i was in the eye doctors office. Thank god i had a large shirt on to cover my butt. I happened to be a few blocks away from a target so i went there found some leggings and put them on. I was so embarrassed. I tried another pair while at work and almost the same thing happened. Out of the five pairs i purchased 3 tore open on me. When i examined the fabric it looked like it was dry rotted. I am so disappointed in this product.

B. Elanor, Buckinghamshire says

These things are the cheapest you'll get. And if you have any little bit of cellulite and you want to keep it a secrect. Shop something else. Also. My butt is been considered large by my loving husband and these things in medium sized didn't even come close to fully them out. And they went up over my belly button.

S. Carmen, Richmond upon Thames

These would have been great tights had the not come to me with 2 large holes.

W. Audrey, Norfolk says

Just over the return date, so i can't return it, apparently. I had not worn them right away. First use and it's literally shedding at one of the seams. . I've bought several pairs of legging from legging depot that i'm completely happy with (wearing one pair now), but this pair had a different texture to begin with, and now they're shredding. I like legging depot overall, but this pair does not meet the standard i'm used to from them. Perhaps, it's just the solid gray fabric that is the issue. I don't know. I definitely wond buy this color again. . However, i will buy from legging depot again unless i have a similar experience again. One faulty product doesn't make a company bad.

P. Angelica, Herefordshire

First of all, these leggings aren t leggings. They are loose pants. Let s get that straight. Second of all, i have washed these at least a dozen times, and every time i wear them, they leave my skin stained black. I m absolutely disgusted. Do you know what kind of chemicals are in clothing dye? and your skin is the largest organ of the body? so you re basically ingesting all that poison just by wearing clothes. It doesn t just wash off either. I have to scrub and it s still there on my skin. The only thing these have going for them is their super soft feel. But it s not worth clogging my lymphatic system with garbage chemicals for minimal comfort.

E. Cathy, Reading says

These leggings are nice and soft but they are not holding up. I bought them last spring after my sister gave me a pair of lularoe leggings which are pretty pricey and require going to a "tupperware" party for purchase. So i tried a couple of pair from online store, these being one of them. On the plus side, they're soft and have good stretch. They don't sag or bunch up. On the negative side, they are starting to come apart along the middle seam where the stitches go into the fabric. I suspect they won't last much longer and i certainly won't buy another pair. It could be an outlier but i'm not taking chances.

M. Cageen, Isle of Wight

(note: my nails aren't long, i didn't have to force myself into them and i didnt roll over rocks or something). So! i tried them on immediately. They looked and felt perfect! i was so pleased that they fit like a dream, the color was great, i mean, just black so no big deal, but perfectly opaque! i was also pleased with the style, not too low not too high. And they were soft as butter, and they so are, the kind of soft that makes you want to toss all other clothes. Unfortunately though, i did not realize that the comparison to butter was actually a literal descriptor! put them on to go out the next day, *rriippp* as i finish putting them on, little hole, butt not even noticeable, whatever. Then bend over, rip gets bigger, later adjust waist, rip! this time on the buttocks area. I would have taken them off for sure then but i was out. One more big rip when i pulled them back up after going to the barthroom. I dont know if you are not meant to wear them for more than ten minutes or something. But i am sad to say, i will not risk buying another pair. P. S i put a white towel in them for the picture, y'all don't need to see that much of my skin!

H. Julie, Bournemouth says

These are so soft, i love them for that but they are like tights, very see thru. I am a 10/12 i got the regular fit amid they fit great. (one of my friends is the same and got the bigger size and returned them they were super baggy). I want to order more just because of the feel but you need a long shirt. I got the navy and the grey and you can see right through them. Also they have two different bands. The thicker band is much nicer than the thin scrunchy band, i have one of each. But the softness gets you, it's amazing that's why i gave it at least 3 stars.

L. Noguera, Cambridgeshire

Really soft but not tight enough. The elastic/legging material is loose and loses shape too quickly. They are not sheer but i still feel like they are not thick enough. I kept them, but wear them around the house

D. Williams, Florida says

Ordered 2 identical pair of leggings depot leggings except for color. Made absolutely certain they both were ld after reading previous reviews warning to be careful when ordering to be sure you choose leggings depot itmes because others had recieved another brand not even close to what they thought they were ordering. Turns out it didn't matter how careful you are. I was suspicious when they didn't arrive together. I recieved 1 pair ld and a day later a pair some other cheap junk that looked like they were made for a child. I didn't even bother to try them on since they were not what i paid for and am sending both pair back simply because that's shotty business. The ld pair were nice, very soft, just what i wanted, shame they try to cheat customers by also sending them junk.

G. Alberta, Shropshire

They are soft but quality is terrible. They are also baggy on the ankles.

. Pearson, Alberta says

These fit as expected and are buttery soft. Except for the straight pin that had been sewn into the waistband. It literally left a half inch long tear on my hand when i put these on the first time. I was able to cut the pin out and hopefully the fray-check i put over the hole will prevent future unraveling, but this isn't something i should have had to worry about with a pair of leggings. I realize not every pair will attack, but it's a big enough quality oversight that i would be very concerned about ordering these again.

R. Eva, Maryland

Full disclosure. I'm a big girl. I wear a size 16/18 and i have thighs. I love my thighs, but the downside is that it's hard to find leggings that last when you have to worry about friction causing you to gain holes in said leggings or well. Most pants made now-a-days as everything seems to be made cheaply regardless of price rang. Now, i loved the feel of these. They fit perfectly. But they didn't even last 10 days. I also suspect that they lasted that long because i wasn't as active as i normally am. I walk everywhere, so that is another reason for my bottoms not normally lasting too long. It took one day for me to get back into my normal active routine for these things to get rips and tears in the thigh area. Most leggings at least last me from 1 month to 3 on average, 4-6 if they are sadly, really good leggings. I really wish these manufacturers would realize that not every girl has a thigh gap. That includes small and or skinny girls. So they really have to factor in the friction component when they make these things. You want people to keep on buying your product, then make them last! if they did, i have bought more pairs and would have been a repeat customer when they finally did wear out. Try making your leggings last at least half the year. Geesh.

T. Alba, West Sussex says

I have several pairs of llr leggings and am definitely a fan. I purchased three popular leggings brands on online store. (viv, leggings depot, and sejora. ) this review is for black from leggings depot. I am 5'3" 120 lbs, usual size 4/6. I wear o/s leggings from llr. How are these leggings different? first, the waistband. It's not the yoga band and fits higher. I prefer the llr. These leggings are just as soft and maybe a bit thicker than llr. They are definitely bigger and are a bit baggy in places. I even washed and dried them to see if they would shrink up a bit. They did not. They are worth it for the price but definitely not an exact replica of llr. Given the choice i prefer the llr.

K. Morgan, Oxfordshire

I normally wear a large in leggings. Based on some reviews i ordered larger. They are still really small. These will be fine for around the house but i would never wear them out. The material is so thin that the cut i have on my knee could be seen through the fabric. Every little thing you can see. The material is super soft, but that's about the only good thing. The leggings that are 2 for 10 at walgreens are even better quality, and that's a really low bar.

. Dorine, Worcestershire says

Don't like these at all. The feel like cheap pajamas and not outwear. Because they are one size they are very stretchy. I give them two stars as they did keep their shape and did not sag, however, just didn't feel like outwear. And, they have that "dusty" overcast tone. Don't know quite how to describe. Just feel like cheap pjs that your aunty ran out and got after she got your name in the gift exchange.

I. Palmer, Nebraska

I would give this item negative stars if i could. The dye from the black leggings stained my new exercise ball, and stained my new chair. I can get cheap leggings elsewhere that don't destroy my new, more expensive things. The lines in the pictures are from the seam inbetween the legs of the tights. This occured after i had washed them too. So not worth it. Nothing will get the stains out. . I deeply regret this purchase.

. Colleen, New Mexico says

I am not happy at all. Literally opened the package and put them right on only to find a ginormous hole in them.

Z. Guest, South Dakota

I was very pleased with these leggings at first, fit well, long enough for me (i'm almost 5' 10"), but the first thing that happened was a red flag: as i pulled them up for the very first wear, my fingernails tore through them, right below the waistband. I was really disappointed since i had never worn them, but i figured as long as the holes didn't grow they'd be ok, since they didn't show with my tunic length top over it all. . I wore them once or twice more, really liking how soft they were, but then last week i discovered they were sprouting holes. I didn't think much of it, but from when i put them on at about 7:00 am until lunch they went from a "maybe something's going on" to "omg i have holes in my butt and thank goodness my shirt covers this! " how embarrassing. Thankfully i was wearing a long shirt that covered my butt, but after three or four wearings (about five weeks) they became unwearable. I have other leggings from several other places and this has never happened with them. I have not sat on anything out of the ordinary - just office chairs with fabric upholstery and wooden kitchen chairs that are extremely smooth and do not do this to my other leggings. I am very disappointed, because they were both very soft and quite long, not to mention a great price. . But if they wear out in a month, i might as well drop 3x's as much on the pricey ones because i know they'll last.

N. Ruby, Oklahoma says

These leggings are soft, but because they do not have a banded waist to help tuck in the lower tummy, i feel like my lower gut is just hanging out there for the world to see. It even feels bad. I'm 5'7 and 160 lbs. Normally wear a 10. Length was fine, but i can't stand how my lower belly feels in them. I need more support. Plus, the high waist felt uncomfortable to me. These also should not be worn as pants! they are basic leggings and need a short dress or very long top.

F. Carrie, West Virginia

I have several pairs of leggings from leggings depot, and for the price, they are usually the best around, but when i put on a brand new pair of grey leggings, they began getting holes immediately. The first two i noticed were hidden under the tunic i paired with them, and as i didn't have time to change before work, i kept them on, but as the day wore on, more and more holes appeared all over the thighs and hips. By the end of the day, there were too many to count. I came home and just threw them away, as it wasn't worth the effort or time for me to return them. Again, i have never had an issue like this with any of the other leggings from this company, and i hope this is not a sign of things to come.

. Broyles, Missouri says

The legging are super soft and comfy, but the color is so far off for one of the pairs i received, i'm a little sad. The brown color i purchased is exactly what i see on the screen, but the mocha color i received is in no way even close to what i see on the screen (i checked multiple computer screens). They a really ugly flesh color with pink undertones. When i wear them from far away it looks like i'm not wearing pants. However, they are soft so i'm keeping them to wear around the house. . I wouldn't buy these again to wear with a specific outfit because i don't trust the colors, but if i was looking for some comfy lounging legging and didn't care about the color, i might buy again.

A. Crawford, Thurrock

These are very soft and comfy, the color is a nice bright orange. I am 5'7" and weigh 130 lbs and they fit great. The reason for the 2 star review is the fact that i would never wear them with a t-shirt or anything less than a top of tunic length because you can see everything. Even though the fabric is soft and stretchy, it is far to thin. Looking in the mirror i could see every line of my panties. When i tried without panties, i could see every crease, crack, and fold:/ i am currently searching for something else because i am returning these.

X. Hannah, South Carolina says

Had to return them soon after receiving them as they were way too large. I wear 12-14 depending on the item. The fact that there are only 2 sizes- small and plus taught me a lesson. In my case it would either be too small or way too large as was the case here. I have returned them in less than 24 hours and am hoping to get a full refund. I can t shop here anymore for the size readon

C. Wells, Connecticut

These were very poor quality. I knew they were a great price, but it did not say that i was purchasing a 2nd quality product. One side of the left leg had a flaw in the print that continued down the leg. I'm including pictures.

. Wanda, Leicestershire says

The fabric is very soft and lightweight. I have long legs and i feel these could be longer, they don't quite cover my ankle bone. The waistband sits high - which i love - but the waistband is thin, i prefer extra wide or "foldable" bands so that they don't "cut" into my sides and make lovehandles. However i knew this when i purchased these so i don't want to count that against these leggings. . On my first wear i noticed 2 pic holes, one on each "inside knee" area. I really like the leggings so i will return these for an exchange pair. . I still recommend these for inexpensive leggings. I think they are constructed well and would last - hopefully my next pair won't have the little holes!

U. Matherly, Hawaii

These shed badly. Even after a few washes, i end up with some pilling/shedding. I ordered a large (i'm 150ish 5'6") and it was pinching my waist. After a few washes, i can't wear them anymore. Hang dry these so they don't shrink, but ultimately i'd say spend a little more on a better product.

J. Carolyn, Sandwell says

These leggings are by far the comfiest pair of leggings that i have ever owned. They are not too tight or restricting and don't have wrinkles so they fit great. They are a bit thin to the point where i can notice my underwear if i'm not careful (polka dots or lines, etc), but if i wear a longer shirt/jacket this isn't even an issue so no complaints. I want to wear them all the time and will likely be buying a second pair! . Update to my review: i have not had these all that long and noticed today that there are some holes developing around the seams. These are so comfy to wear, but while i can work with a thinner fabric and cover up my butt, it's harder to work with holes. I do all of my laundry on delicate as well just to be safe, so i'm really disappointed that this has happened :(

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