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Price was 12. This review is for the kiwi military shoe care kit, with black shoe polish. This is a nice little kit, perfect for a few pairs of black leather shoes. The kit comes in a thin plastic zippered case, which i would say is my only complaint and only reason i'm giving it 4 stars- it's very flimsy, and came ripped upon receiving it. The kit comes with 1 large polishing brush, 1 small applicator brush, 1 cotton cloth, and 2 cans of kiwi black shoe polish. The brushes are very nice horse hair. The small brush applies the polish well, and the large brush removes the polish without a problem. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking for a basic shoe polish kit. The only thing i was disappointed on was the case- it could have been made much sturdier.

-R. Ophelia

Deluxe shine kit kiwi shoe shine kit provides all the tools you need to give your shoes long lasting shine and protection! kiwi shoe polish the world s no. 1 classic shoe polish contains natural carnauba -kiwi deluxe shine kit m-26

  • Featured: Comes With A Pack Of Shoe Polishes, Brush, Cloth, And Dauber.
  • Featured: Packed In A Smaller Bag For Travel.

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I didn't realize this only came with black polish. Other than that it is very useful. The Best deluxe shine kit ( Sep 2019 ) | Kiwi-Health Personal Care Review Featured KIWI Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 Keep shoes and boots clean and polished.. Comes with a pack of shoe polishes, brush, cloth, and dauber.. Packed in a smaller bag for travel.. Perfect gift for miltary personnel. .

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 Review (10106)

Kiwi has always made good shoe care products. The brush and applicator are horse hair and are quality made. -. Perez

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M 26

  1. Class: Health And Beauty
  2. Brand: Kiwi
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0757965197558
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.50 inches
    Length:2.88 inches
    Weight:0.63 pounds
    Width:8.13 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Kiwi
  7. Model: 135-011
  8. MPN: 10106
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 10106
  12. Type: Health And Beauty
  14. PublicationDate: 2012-04-26
  15. Size: 2.5 Ounces, 2 Pack
  16. UPC: 797978225206

deluxe shine kit Health And Beauty, Kiwi shoe shine kit provides all the tools you need to give your shoes long lasting shine and protection! kiwi shoe polish the world s no. 1 classic shoe polish contains natural carnauba wax to help provide your leather shoes with shine, nourishment and protection, while also giving them increased water resistance. kit contains: 2 tins black shoe polish (1. 125 oz each), 1 shine brush, 1 dauber, 1 shine cloth Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 (135-011-Kiwi).

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M 26 Health And Beauty

  • My 5. 11's were turning grey where the toes were scuffing. This fixed it.
  • As a professional, i found this kit to be of the same high quality as the one i was issued in the marine corps during boot camp back in 1985. I didn't have the zippered chinese made fabric and plastic case it's held in, mine was issued loose and held in a tube sock. Otherwise, the other components appear to have been made in the usa. Kiwi is the best for shoe care products in my opinion and i have stuck with them since i could pick up a dauber for application. My dad had an awesome shoeshine kit packed with kiwi products and he was a korea and vietnam era veteran. He taught me well. I had very little issues with hair falling out of any of the brushes and the buffing fabric works excellently in polishing my dress shoes. For traveling this is the best travel companion. It does the job spot on and with a little talent you can make a presentation look perfect with your shoes.
  • The cloth and brushes are fine, but i got terrible results with this polish - just dull, streaky, waxy buildup on my boots. A local shoe repairman told me to use a cream polish such as kelly brand in the future. In the meantime, i'm going to have to pay him a lot of money to strip off the kiwi and make my boots presentable again.
  • For the price this is great. However, it does not give your shoes the shiny look you may be looking for, it just cleans it up and makes it a darker black. The brushes are well built, but the bag it comes in is not. It seems as if the bag would break any minute. You will probably have to buy an additional product to make your shoes shiny.
  • Nice brushes and everything you need. Just wish it came with instructions because i didn't know the proper way to polish my boots.

deluxe shine kitKIWI Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

My shoes look amazing now. They have a spot where is less black then the rest and now i can cover it and looks like new.

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26
Click to see NoticeKiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 (10106)"I have been using this kit for several months on my black leather combat boots. I'm sure that there are much more extensive kits that you can buy elsewhere, but this was good enough for me given its low price. The polish is name brand and works great for me. The brushes work fine for me and i have not had a problem with bristles falling out. The carry bag is cheap feeling, but does its job. The cloth could also be better, but i'm sure i could find a better cloth for cheap at a variety of stores. . Given this kit's relatively low price, every aspect meets or exceeds my expectations."

(0) Question: What color polish is in this kit?

(1) Question: Is this the kit joe pesci used in goodfellas?

(2) Question: Could i use this on patent leather?

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JobSite Shoe Care Shine Kit - Travel Bag - Includes: Shine Brush, Shoe Polish, Polish Sponges, Shoe Horn, Shine Cloth

What is jobsite shoe care shine kit? jobsite shoe care kit is a variety pack of shoe care products necessary for maintaining the polish and taking care of quality shoes and boots. It comes in a travel bag perfect for people on the go. What are the benefits of using jobsite shoe care shine kit? - trusted jobsite polish restores the brilliant shine of your shoes and boots. - jobsite shoe care shine kit comes with the essentials needed to care for your quality shoes and boots. - shine kit is ideal for people who travel. Jobsite shoe care shine kit features and contents. - convenient travel bag, dimensions 2. 9 x 8. 1 x 3. 5 inches - trusted jobsite brand polishes in both black and brown - 2 applicator dauber sponges for applying the polish - shoe shine brush and shine cloth to bring to a high shine - shoe horn for your convenience manufacturer guarantee! 100% money back - satisfaction guaranteed! scroll back to the top now and click add to cart to find the convenience you've been looking for!

JobSite Shoe Care Shine Kit - Travel Bag - Includes: Shine Brush, Shoe Polish, Polish Sponges, Shoe Horn, Shine ClothJobSite-Shoe-Care-Shine-Kit

Price :    $11.97
  • Shine cloth & shoe shine brush help bring shoes & boots to a high shine
  • Black & brown boot polish
  • Comes in a compact, convenient travel bag. bonus shoe horn for your comfort & convenience.
  • 100% manufacturer money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Two dauber sponge applicators make applying polish quick & easy without a mess
Brand :    jobsite
Model :    54070
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for JobSite Shoe Care Shine Kit - Travel Bag - Includes: Shine Brush, Shoe Polish, Polish Sponges, Shoe Horn, Shine Cloth available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Wax Shoe Polish, Giant Size 2.5 oz, Brown

Kiwi shoe polish shines, nourishes and protects.

Kiwi Wax Shoe Polish, Giant Size 2.5 oz, BrownKiwi-Shoe-Polish-Giant-Brown

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Brown
Size :    2.5 oz
Weight :    0.20 pounds
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Blend of waxes protect and nourish leather
  • Available in tan, mid tan, cordovan, brown, black and neutral
  • Giant size
  • Produces a long lasting glossy shine
Price :    $2.06 (was $7.69)
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (Health And Beauty product review) for Kiwi Wax Shoe Polish, Giant Size 2.5 oz, Brown available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Shoe Polish Paste, Brown, 1-1/8 Ounces, 3-pack

Kiwi shoe polish paste is a high gloss, brown shoe polish with a premium wax formula that guarantees a strong and deep shine, removing scuffs and filling scratches effectively.

Kiwi Shoe Polish Paste, Brown, 1-1/8 Ounces, 3-packKiwi-Polish-Paste-Ounces-3-pack

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Brown
Size :    1.125 oz 3-Pack
Weight :    0.12 pounds
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Home :    Best Home (Home product review) for Kiwi Shoe Polish Paste, Brown, 1-1/8 Ounces, 3-pack available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $3.72 (was $8.31)
  • Restores color to badly damaged and scuffed shoes.
  • Long lasting, protective finish.
  • Instant deep shine. premium multi-wax formula nourishes and protects leather.

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26

The complete shoe care kit. Made in usa. Complete with 2 tins of black polish (each 1 1/8 ounce). 1 dauber applicator. Horsehair shine brush. 1 shine cloth 18. 5" x 4" (inches). Kiwi military complete shoe care kit. This product is gsa compliant.

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26Kiwi-Deluxe-Shine-Kit-M-26

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Black
Model :    10106
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Contains: 2 1. 125 cans of black paste polish, 1 dauber, 1 shoe shine brush, 1 cloth
  • Perfect for military personnel
Price :    $17.00
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (Health And Beauty product review) for Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Polish Paste Tan

Kiwi shoe polish helps provide your leather shoes with shine, nourishment, protection and increased water resistance.

Kiwi Polish Paste TanKiwi-0782-0962-Polish-Paste-Tan

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Tan
Size :    000 N
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    0782-0962
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Superior stain and scuff coverage
  • For leather boots and shoes
  • For a long-lasting, high gloss shine and protection
Price :    $1.75 (was $6.59)
Grocery :    Best Home (Grocery product review) for Kiwi Polish Paste Tan available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Shoe Shine Flannel Cloths Leather Shoes

Kiwi shine cloths are soft and durable. They are perfect for bringing up a brilliant shine after polishing and spit shines.

Kiwi Shoe Shine Flannel Cloths Leather ShoesKiwi-Shine-Flannel-Cloths-Leather

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    White
Size :    13.5 In x 7 In x 2 Cloths
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    031600192000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for Kiwi Shoe Shine Flannel Cloths Leather Shoes available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $4.00 (was $6.82)
  • Flannel shoe shine cloths.
  • For all leather products.
  • Convenient shine cloth is finished on two sides for easy use.

Kiwi Mid Tan Shoe Polish 32g 1-1/8 Oz.

Kiwi mid-tan shoe polish, 1 - 1/8 oz

Kiwi Mid Tan Shoe Polish 32g 1-1/8 Oz.Kiwi-Mid-Tan-Shoe-Polish

Brand :    ace
Color :    MID-TAN
Model :    10154
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (ace product review) for Kiwi Mid Tan Shoe Polish 32g 1-1/8 Oz. available ( Sep 2019 )

KIWI Express Shine Instant Shine Sponge Black 1 ct

Kiwi express shine sponge is a convenient sponge that provides a quick and easy way to deliver a great shine time after time.

KIWI Express Shine Instant Shine Sponge Black 1 ctExpress-Shine-Instant-Sponge-Black

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Black
Size :    1-Pack
Weight :    0.16 pounds
  • Shine liquid for a fresh shine every time
  • No mess, no buffing
  • The silicone impregnated sponge is contained in a durable, easy to use travel pack and is ideal for using in the home, office or when traveling.
  • For use on leather shoes; not suitable for use on suede, nubuck, or fabric
  • Kiwi shine sponge gives an instant shine to leather, vinyl shoes and accessories including bags, luggage, briefcases, and any color.
Price :    $2.90 (was $3.65)
Model :    184-001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (Health And Beauty product review) for KIWI Express Shine Instant Shine Sponge Black 1 ct available ( Sep 2019 )

Shoe Shine Kit PU Leather Sleek Elegant Case, 7-Piece Travel Shoe Shine Brush kit

Specifications: package dimension: 24*7*7cm package weight: 400g package is pu leather compact case inside kit: 2 shoe polish ( 1 black, 1 transparent ), 1 brush to clean shoes, 1 brush to apply polish, 1 brush to buff shoes after polish has dried, 1 shine cloth, and 1 metal shoe horn. How to shine and care for your shoes. 1. Remove the laces from your shoes before starting to polish them. 2. Clean the dirt and debris from your shoes. Debris can be embedded in leather if it is not cleaned off prior to polishing. For best results, it is recommended to clean your shoes with a cleaning wipe or damp rag and allow them to dry before applying polish. 3. If your shoes are dry & cracked, apply a leather conditioner (not included). Just as your own skin can crack and become dry, so can leather. Apply the conditioner with a clean cotton cloth and allow the shoes to completely dry before proceeding to the next step. 4. Apply polish evenly to the entire body of the shoe. A thin layer of polish will do it, but you need to make sure that it is evenly applied to avoid spotting on the leather. Let the polish dry before proceeding to the next step. Shoe polish should be applied with a clean cotton rag or the foam applicator. Use the smaller brush to rub polish deep into the area between the heel & shoe uppers. 5. Buff your shoes until they shine: first use the large brush; then use the buffing cloth in a brisk side to side motion for the final shine.

Shoe Shine Kit PU Leather Sleek Elegant Case, 7-Piece Travel Shoe Shine Brush kitShine-Leather-Elegant-7-Piece-Travel

Price :    $14.99 (was $29.99)
  • All inclusive shoe shine bundle: you'll never find yourself missing a shoe shine accessory ever again - this shoe shine travel bundle was specially and thoughtfully put together to include every piece of gear you could need to keep your leather shoes clean and polished to a mirror sheen!
  • Excellent quality & design: the best quality accessories in shoe shine kits. each piece designed and crafted to ensure practicality, durability, and function. ( the contents are already listed above )
  • Lifetime warranty & money back guarantee: we have absolute faith in our premium shoe shine travel kit. after all, we use it ourselves daily! if, however, you do not find the product you receive to be up to your quality standards, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Stay sharp looking wherever you go : shoe shine travel kit is lightweight, portable and comes with a convenient, elegant travel case. with this set, you can be sure that your shoes will remain sharp-looking and perfectly polished no matter where you are!
  • Perfect gift idea: if you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a smart-looking friend or family member, look no further! this compact leather shoe shine kit is perfect for every smart dressed or uniformed professional, such as traveling business executives or armed services members. it even comes pre-packed in a semi-glossy easy gift wrapping box!
Brand :    make it funwan
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for Shoe Shine Kit PU Leather Sleek Elegant Case, 7-Piece Travel Shoe Shine Brush kit available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Saddle Soap, 3.125 Ounce

Kiwi saddle soap is a traditional blend of ingredients which cleans, softens and preserves smooth leather. It contains a fine soap to thoroughly clean away dirt and grime, even salt stains.

Kiwi Saddle Soap, 3.125 OunceKiwi-Saddle-Soap-3-125-Ounce

Brand :    kiwi
Size :    1
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    031600109114
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (Health And Beauty product review) for Kiwi Saddle Soap, 3.125 Ounce available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $3.00 (was $7.00)
  • Cleans away dirt, grim and salt stains
  • Features a traditional blend of ingredients which cleans, softens and preserves smooth leather
  • Formulated with a quality wax for added protection
  • Manufacturer has updated packaging; tin may vary

Kiwi Select Shoe Care Kit

The kiwi select shoe care comes complete with one 1 oz. Tin of kiwi select premium paste in black, one 1 oz. Tin of kiwi select premium paste in brown, 2 sponge daubers for easy application of shoe polish, 1 premium kiwi shoe shine brush with 100% horsehair bristles, and 1 soft and durable shine cloth for the final touch. In reusable convenient carry tote.

Kiwi Select Shoe Care KitKiwi-Select-Shoe-Care-Kit

Brand :    pro active sports
Color :    Multi-color
Size :    7" x 3.5" x 3"
  • 2 easy to use daubers
  • 2 tins of kiwi select premium paste in black and brown
  • 1 soft & durable shine cloth
  • 100% horsehair brush
Price :    $13.97 (was $14.69)
Model :    DKK001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Shoes :    Best Shoe Accessory (Shoes product review) for Kiwi Select Shoe Care Kit available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish, 1-1/8 oz

Kiwi shoe polish - the world's no. 1 classic shoe polish - contains natural carnauba wax

Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish, 1-1/8 ozKiwi-Neutral-Shoe-Polish-1-1

Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Neutral
Size :    1-Pack
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    10114
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Grocery :    Best Home (Grocery product review) for Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish, 1-1/8 oz available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $1.98 (was $4.40)
  • For a long-lasting
  • Superior stain and scuff coverage
  • For leather boots and shoes
  • High gloss shine and protection

Kiwi Shoe Polish- 32g Mid Tan

For damaged and scuffed leather shoes. water resistant. not for canvas, fabric or suede.

Kiwi Shoe Polish- 32g Mid TanKiwi-Shoe-Polish-32g-Mid

Price :    $8.25
  • Available in multiple colors - find the right one for your shoes
  • Easy-to-use product safely cleans and shines shoes
  • Apply to smooth leather including boots, shoes, saddles and more
  • Perfect for any shoes which are scuffed or scratched
  • Produces a long lasting glossy shine
Brand :    kiwi
Color :    Mid-tan
Size :    Small 1.125 oz (32g)
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Kiwi Shoe Polish- 32g Mid Tan available ( Sep 2019 )

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 (10106) Price : 12, was : 12 as 2018-01-29
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My husband asked for a shoe shine kit for christmas, and he has been very impressed with this kit. Small enough to travel with which is great for conferences or business trips. Also, the kit really seems to have quality products. His shoes look just as nice as when he takes them to a shoe shine!

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(0) Question: Can this be used on black boots with brown and white sticthing

(1) Question: Does the kit contain a black and brown polish?

(2) Question: Will this kit work with leather black dress shoes?

(3) Question: How do you open?

(4) Question: What kind of colors of shoes polish does the bag will bring?

(5) Question: Can this kit be used on nappa leather?

(6) Question: Does it work for black leather belts?

(7) Question: Hi, what is the size of the brush?

(8) Question: Hi, what is the size of the brush?

(9) Question: I have black dressup shoes they are 5 years old and the shoes shude ba all black but they are black with grey naw. does this kit come with black paint

(10) Question: Good for sneakers?

(11) Question: Will this work for black leather combat boots?

(12) Question: My son is in military high school will it work for their black hard bottom military shoes. something to keep the shine and protect from the rain.

(13) Question: Why can't this item be shipped to alaska? shipping states that it can "be shipped within the u. s. and to apo/fpo addresses. "

(14) Question: Why would you list the whole kit in subscribe save- but not black polish in a can?

(15) Question: What kind of kiwi do i use for coloring my brown shoes go to black?

(16) Question: Can this be used on grey shoes?

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Really good value for what you get. As a first time user of shoe polish, this kit was great for me and easy to use. I've been staring at my shoes too long today admiring the polish! . . Only downside why i gave it 4 stars is the shine brush (the bigger one) sheds a lot of hair the first time i used it. Highly recommend doing it outdoors or with a cloth laid down to clean up afterwards. . I haven't tried the cloth yet but it feels thick and soft, i'm sure it would work great if i needed to polish and shine my shoes even more, though i don't feel the need for it after using the shine brush anyway.

Clothing 1101585621, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Military 1100243821, Uniforms, Work & Safety 1104416857Top Kiwi Deluxe Shine Kit M-26 (10106) FAQ Content

Best kiwi deluxe shine kit m-26 (10106) in review

Purchase date: 31dec15. Purchase price: $9. 54. . Search via youtube "kiwi how to polish your leather shoes" video which is 1 minute and 50 seconds long for the simple steps you need to shine shoes. By following the instructions on the video i was able to get work boots and dress shoes up to tip top shape (pictures attached) :). Great price, simple, and easy to use! i keep a brush at work so when i arrive i can do a quick brush and (poof! ) back to new again. Clean appearance at all times. No bristles have fallen out on either brush for me - no complaints. . Please note: i did not receive any type of incentive to write this review. This review is my honest opinion after doing much research and purchasing this product for use. Prior to purchasing any product i conduct thorough research. "was this review helpful to you? " if it was please select "yes" below. Thank you! :)

T. Pearson, Staffordshire

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I. Amanda, Surrey says

Kiwi is my favorite brand for shoe care items. From shining actual military boots to polishing my dress shoes, i haven't found a better quality shoe shine. This pack is extremely useful for those who are new to polishing shoes themselves since it comes with everything a beginner really needs to learn. The first kit i ever bought actually came with two different color polishes but only one dauber and i found out the hard way that you shouldn't try using the same dauber for two different colors if you don't want to turn brown shoes black! . . Remember that these are new horsehair bushes, so you may lose a few hairs the first time you use the dauber.

Y. Marguerite, Schleswig-Holstein

A good shine kit, this product has helped keep my dress shoes looking sharp.

W. Megan, Auvergne says

I decided it was kind of ridiculous to take my shoes to the cobbler every time i needed them shined, so i decided to learn how to do it myself. Came across this kit and it got largely positive reviews. . As most people have said, it's a basic kit and great for beginners. Obviously the people who will go for this, like myself, aren't shoe-shining aficionados. Which is okay. The bag is cheap, but the brushes and polish are good quality (which is what matters, the bag only has to keep the stuff together in one place for storage). . I also read a tutorial on spit-shining, and decided to go the extra mile when restoring my three pairs of neglected dress shoes. Kind of gross, but this polish works very well with that technique as well.

P. Denise, Warwickshire

Kiwi is and always has been high quality polish. Horsehair brush with kit a positive too.

E. Wanda, Sachsen says

This is the classic kiwi shoe shine set with two black wax pucks. Those in the military will be very familiar with this setup. . I bought this to keep in the desk drawer at work to keep the black shoes shiny. . It comes with:. -2 small cans of black kiwi wax. -applicator (dauber). -shine brush. -lint free cotton cloth. . I would recommend adding a bottle of kiwi heal and edge dressing as well as a bottle of kiwi black leather dye to the kit to complete it. . If you are serious about spit shining your shoes, add a lighter, an old clean t-shirt and either some kiwi parade gloss or kiwi neutral polish.

S. Anonymous, Gloucestershire

When i was in high school, my grandmother gave me my granddad's kiwi shoe shine kit so i could put a shine on my dress shoes and the black combat boots that i use to wear all the time. That old kit essentially contained everything that this one does. The brushes look and feel the same and the only real difference is that the cans of polish were bigger and the bag that holds everything in was a little better. The bag is decent and will do what it needs to and i would trust it for traveling. It kind of reminds me of those bags that bed sheets come in. You know, the plastic vinyl ones with the cloth sewn zipper. Ok, but granddad's was more heavy duty. The brushes look and feel the same however and i am sure that they will last for quite some time given the proper care. They are wooden handles with 100% horsehair. The polishing cloth is nice and it does a fine job of helping you put a great shine on your shoes. I actually prefer using the bigger brush however. . The kit comes with two cans of polish. Both were wrapped in plastic and it's a good thing too because one of the cans was either damaged in the manufacturing or shipping process. My guess is that it was probably dented in the manufacturing process because i didn't notice any damage to the bag or the other items inside. The dent in the can caused some of the oils in the polish to run out and get all over the can and plastic wrapper. The polish is still usable and i rewrapped it in a plastic bag. I just keep it out of the bag and sitting flat so an additional mess doesn't happen. . This kit is a pretty good deal. Buying these items separately is a bit more expensive so i think your getting a better deal by getting the brushes, two cans of polish, a "shoe shine rag", and. A cheap bag. After shining up some dress shoes of mine for work, i dug my old combat boots out of the closet and decided to shine them up too. Yeah. I still have them. That certainly brought back some memories! good kit that i recommend.

. Hannah, West Sussex says

Kiwi is the leader in shoe/boot shinning and this kit is no different. Even if you are just thinking about shinning your boots occasionally you won't be spending much, and on top of that you have a kit that will last you a good long while. There isn't much to say about the quality of the items, they are top class excluding the plastic bag they come with which is scrap worthy. . The kit comes with everything you need, a price that is just right, and the motivation to keep your boots looking sharp. . 5 shined stars out of 5!

B. Margaret, Swindon

Comes with everything you need to shine shoes. Also comes with instructions and tips to get the best shine out of your shoes.

Q. Nielsen, Montana says

The shine cloth is a bit small & it's pretty thin but i know anything can be used in place of it, such as a sock or small soft towel. Pretty pleased with all the other items included. It's a christmas present so it hasn't used it yet but everything looks good after having inspected it. Brushes are great, this is an overall really good deal for such a package. Love that it comes with carry bag to keep everything together!

U. Monique, Lancashire

Works great. I would recommend grabbing some more cloths. The one in the kit is kinda small and will be used up quickly.

Z. June, Stoke-on-Trent says

Got this for my son's rotc shoes and he loves it. It's small enough that it can be packed for travel. I recommend getting a second shoe shine cloth because they don't make those like they used to.

. Benton, Alsace says

Great product. I've never used something like this before (only the kiwi shine sponges), but the directions were clear and easy to follow and actually polishing the shoes was simple even with being multiple steps. I bought a brown polish separately and switched between brown and black with no noticable carryover, but i did clean the dauber on a paper towel in between. The biggest negative of this product is the smell. If you've smelled mineral spirits, that's basically what this polish smells like. It's very overpowering, but i didn't notice it lingering. Also, while it's not simple to remove from skin, all it took was some elbow grease. I would definitely recommend this to others

G. Sheila, Blackpool

Easy to use, particular if you've never shined shoes before. Easy to understand instructions come with the kit.

A. Lara, Midi-Pyrenees says

I bought this for my brother, who mentioned he needed a basic shoe-shine kit. It was a great stocking stuffer and fit his needs perfectly. If you are looking for a basic, travel friendly starter kit, this is your product!

D. Williams, Iowa

Great kit in a handy pouch. Great price considering all that you get. Purchased separately, you would pay more.

V. Theola, New Brunswick says

Its kiwi. You expect the best, you get the best. A very affordable shoe polish that always works great! i usually get this at a walmart, but i loved being able to order this online.

M. Jarvis, Pennsylvania

This is a real shoeshine kit. I was used to the polishing brushes. But this one is a real kit for a pro clean. Beware of high fumes from the polish which give a cheap high but awesome clean.

L. Carrie, Saskatchewan says

A perfect little kit for shining your shows on the go or at the office. Keep this little kit in my desk so i can shine my shoes when i feel the urge.

F. Mable, Hawaii

Was on online store and don't recall how i came across the product but since i was working at a place that required strict business attire i needed something to give my dress shoes a "tune up". I have to say for the amount of money i paid i got a fantastic value. I apply this stuff maybe twice a week and just use a very small amount and it keeps them looking pristine at all times. This stuff definitely was worth my money and i can easily see myself being a long time customer.

C. Medina, Telford and Wrekin says

Has everything i need for polishing shoes. Good price point as well. I recommend it!

Top /kiwi deluxe shine kit m 26 Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

M. Donna, Staffordshire says

The brushes and cloth seem like they are of good quality. The shoe polish tins were leaking a brown oil inside the bag, and the zipper on the bag broke the first time i unzipped it. Also be aware: online store does not accept returns on this item. When i attempted a return, i got the message "this item can t be returned since it requires special transportation and handling which we can t provide. " (although they didn't have any problem shipping it to me. )

P. Meghan, Peterborough

Purchased this kit to keep my boots nice and presentable. There's a similar kit at work that i have been using so haven't opened this kit myself until now. Whether for my redback boots or 5. 11s, they do a good job at keeping them acceptable in the station and out in the field. . My only issue with this product is that when i opened it i found that one of the tins have leaked, it appears to have melted out of the tin and luckily was isolated to the plastic bag it came in. I opened the second tin to see if it was an isolated incident but the other tin looks like there is some kind of grease accumulated on the sides. I have tried to look for a contact seller option prior to writing this review but cannot find it anywhere. The bag was kept in my closet so it definitely did not stay near a heat source.

U. Denise, Mississippi says

The large brush is too small. Good kit comes with everything you need but i would recommend the buffer bit, great shine and a time saver. If i were traveling i would probably take kiwi kit with me as it wouldn't require power tools or electricity.

N. Eva, Haute-Normandie

I received this today and i only used it one. The big brush began to fall apart as you'll can see on the pictures.

D. Wayt, Calderdale says

I threw it out, came thru looking like it had been cooked. Couldn't polish shoes just blotches! brushes were ruined from the burnt polish!

E. Meredith, Yukon Territory

Thought it was weird to have 2 cans of black polish, and not 1 black 1 brown

I. Anonymous, Kirklees says

It's ok. hard to use and shoes are not that shinny

C. Lisa, Devon

Very cheap. Couldnt get it to buff and shine level. Will never buy again. The brushes are cheaply mde. Sprinkles all over when using.

X. Maria, Herefordshire says

It's ok i don't see a point to the applicator brush but so far the cleaning brush it holding up and has not lost a lot of hair.

F. Guest, South Australia

The kit seems to have went down in quality from the one this replaced. The brush isn't the same and doesntdoesn't include the same thing. The polish still brings a nice shine to my shoes.

Z. Rowe, Vermont says

The polish itself worked well, albeit not as well as some claimed. The brushes come apart rather easily and left hairs all over my shoes. The rag is just garbage. It came apart like tissue paper. I would recommend throwing it away unused. Buy a better shine kit and use kiwi polish with it for the best results.

H. Kristen, Leicester

I wish it came with one brush (two is overkill imo) and a fine cleaning cloth (think like the material compression shorts are made of). Without the fine cloth, it's really hard to get a good shine. Good polish and kit overall.

R. Taylor, North Somerset says

Good quality products in the case but as it is a kit the bag should have been done with better quality as one would hope it to be around a long time.

S. Russell, Gloucestershire

The brushes were frayed and felt really dry.

. Carrie, Walsall says

Good kit. Brushes are good and all but the polish that came in it was leaked out and all over the place

W. Cassella, Maryland

It's a shoe shine kit - went to wal-mart a few times they didn't have any so i came here. Nuff said

Y. Julia, Massachusetts says

The bristles fall out easily. Didn't try the small application brush. Love the shoe wax!

. Jarvis, New Hampshire

The polish is fine but the larger brush in this kit just shot bristles everywhere. Kind of a pain that i have to pick up a new brush before i can really use this.

O. Valdez, Liverpool says

This product is terrible and for some reason online store won't let me return it. The polish is a disgusting consistency and the brushes will destroy the leather of your shoes/boots. I effectively threw $12 into the trash by purchasing this item.

V. Cunningham, Ohio

It was a good product, but i have certainly had better. Overall it worked fine except i found the carrying case to be messy and the brush seems like it will dry out quickly leaving a crusty residue that has to be cleaned off.

T. Pamela, Harrow says

Only good for travel and emergency the brush hairs are horrible on this product

Q. Juliana, Birmingham

My kit arrived with pieces missing. That's some pretty poor qa to ship out a shoe shine kit with piece of it missing. Like how do you miss packing a brush? they're not small.

. Candy, Hamburg says

It's a good, cheap kit but i'm not impressed with the level of "shine" when working on my boots. I also don't understand how you clean the brushes: both of which will get the polish on them during use. I followed instructions online, because this kit came with none, but still i'm unable to get a "military" shine on my black boots.

L. Sandra, Havering

Haven't enjoyed boot shining since boot camp but this is a good product. It will do the job.

J. Claudia, Worcestershire says

It gets the job done after awhile, the only thing i was legitimately disappointed in was the fact that this kit is no made in the usa, even though the description states that it is, other then that i have no complaints.

A. Elanor, Doncaster

Not bad, nothing realy spectacular. I would have been much happier if they would have included a black and brown polish instead of 2 black vans.

G. Marguerite, Southampton says

So frustrating. I received this in the mail and somehow they forgot to out the "1 kiwi dauber" in the product! that is the brush in the package that allows you to take the shoe polish out and apply it to your shoe. So frustrating, so tired of having to deal with returns!

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