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Price was 213. This set has been wonderful. Lightweight cases allow more to be packed inside! bought in march 2018, these have gone through 3 international airports (2 twice), 4 domestic airports (2 of these twice), and on several road trips. Only a few smudges to show for airport baggage experiences. We were shopping for only 2 sizes: carry-on plus a larger one. This set of 3 has offered more options and is definitely worth the price! we also have the dark green set. Both colors stand out on baggage carousels. The "spinner" wheels make walking through airports and hotels a breeze! as always, online store prime shipping is fast! recommend without reservation.

-P. Alma

Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 20′, 24′ & 28′ Tsa Alex Features 4 Wheels Four Multidirectional Smooth And Silent 360 Double Wheels For Very High Ride Comfort Handles Top And Side Carrying Handles Interior Functional Elastic Cross Ribbons -Hauptstadtkoffer Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 20′, 24′ & 28′ Tsa Alex Pink

  1. Add-on: Material: Abs + Polycarbonate / Hard-side Glossy, Is Different With Other Suitcase . After Prefessional Team’s Research, Made With Top Synthesis Thehnology, All These Make Our Products More Durable, More Firm And More Glossy.
  2. Add-on: Update Style Of Alex. Four Multidirectional Smooth And Silent Double Wheels, Stronger Bearing Capacity? More Efficient Mechanical Design, With Our Professionally Bags Team 3 Years Development.

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These have held up well on several extended trips. They feel flimsy because they are flexible, but polycarbonate is inherently tought, and they seem to hold up well. We are glad we ordered the yellow because we can instantly spot them no matter how many other suitcases are around. Just don't depend on the zipper locks to protect the contents. They are truly flimsy and could be broken in seconds by anyone with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver. Best luggages sets glossy suitcase | -Luggage Review ( Sep 2019 ) Add-on HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable (20', 24' & 28') TSA (Alex Pink) Famous gremany brand hauptstadtkoffer, efficient space use with german experts elaborately designed . can be stored nested, one into another. Material: abs + polycarbonate / hard-side glossy, is different with other suitcase . after prefessional team's research, made with top synthesis thehnology, all these make our products more durable, more firm and more glossy.. Update style of alex. four multidirectional smooth and silent double wheels, stronger bearing capacity? more efficient mechanical design, with our professionally bags team 3 years development.. Tsa combination lock with resettable code for secure travel to the usa , can be opened and locked again only by us airport security. Three different size: 1 cabin luggage 42 liter (21. 5 x 13. 5 x 7. 5 + 1. 5 inches) + 1 suitcase 74 liter (25. 6 x 16. 1 x 10. 2 + 1. 5 inches) + 1 suitcase 119 liter (29. 5 x 19. 7 x 11. 8 + 1. 5 inches) .

Hauptstadtkoffer luggages sets glossy suitcase sets hardside spinner trolley expandable 20', 24' & 28' tsa alex pink Review (82780032)

Update-. Just got back from 3 week trip, large bag went thru 12 flights in 15 airports - pretty scuffed up, but still in tact, impressed ! , it had some rough handling, wheels and basic integrity seem good, have to remove scuffs. Easy to spot this color on carousel. . If they hold up a well as they look, will be a good purchase. So far very impressed. -C. Audrey

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggages Suitcase Hardside Expandable

  1. Class: Luggage
  2. Brand: Hauptstadtkoffer
  3. Color: Alex Pink
  4. EAN: 4260420785826
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:29.53 inches
    Length:11.81 inches
    Weight:27.78 pounds
    Width:19.69 inches
  6. Model: HK-8278TSA-M-82780032
  7. MPN: 82780032
  8. Quantity: 1
  9. Part/Serial Number: 82780032
  10. Type: Luggage
  11. Category: LUGGAGE
  12. Size: One Size

luggages sets glossy suitcase sets hardside spinner trolley expandable 20', 24' & 28' tsa alex Luggage, Features 4 wheels four multidirectional smooth and silent 360 double wheels for very high ride comfort handles top and side carrying handles interior functional elastic cross ribbons to secure the packed clothes full-lined interior flexible divider pad with separate mesh pocket material pc + abs glossy surface telescope handle telescope wheel handle of anodized aluminum with an ergonomic grip lock tsa combination lock with resettable code for secure travel to the usa can be opened and locked again only by us airport security delivery cabin luggage 20" dimensions in inch (hxwxd): about 21. 5 x 13. 5 x 7. 5 inches (extensible up to 21. 5 x 13. 5 x 9 inches) dimensions with handles and wheels weight: 7. 1 pound volume: max. 42 liter luggage 24" dimensions in inch (hxwxd): about 25. 6 x 16. 1 x 10. 2 inches (extensible 15% more volume) dimensions with handles and wheels weight: 9. 3 pound volume: max. 74 liter luggage 28" dimensions in inch (hxwxd): about 29. 5 x 19. 7 x 11. 8 inches (extensible 15% more volume) dimensions with handles and wheels weight: 11. 5 pound volume: max. 119 liter Hauptstadtkoffer Luggages Suitcase Hardside Expandable (HK-8278TSA-M-82780032-Hauptstadtkoffer).

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggages Suitcase Hardside Expandable Luggage

  • Wow! this set is all that and then some. Attractive durable and well designed. You cannot go wrong with this set. My son travels a lot and these have held up very well. He is a clothes horse with a tendency for over packing and this set held up under those circumstances. He has used them twice since i purchased them and i am amazed at how well they performed under that kind of pressure. The blue color is an excellent choice. The color is not too flashy but it stands out nicely on the luggage carousel which allows you to easily locate your luggage. So far this set has returned home with out a scratch, dent or zipper issue!
  • This arrived in time for a trip, used the two larger pieces and soooo happy! i really like the tsa lock, it is perfect. Packing was a breeze and everything stayed in place with the help of the interior straps and flap. The wheels on this make walking with he luggage a dream. The handles are designed to come up to the same level - so the small piece has a handle that extends longer than the large piece, that way they are on the same level when walking two pieces of luggage. So nice, well thought out. I got the red, and it is a deep bright red, easy to spot on the luggage return. Best part, all three nest when not in use, so only takes up the foot print of the large piece.
  • I'm downgrading my rating from three stars to two stars. After just one year the handle on the carry-on case bent and could no long be used to pull the case along behind me, nor could the handle be pushed down into it non-use possition. It wasn't in my possession at the time, so i don't know how this occured. Finally a flight attendent helped me break it off entirely so i could at least fit it into an overhead compartment. This resulted in continuing problems throughout my trip. Obviously, i will not be using this case again. So now i am down to the medium and extra large cases. . I'm not certain exactly what i expected. Pros: large interior. I used the middle one on a road trip and i didn't require an overnight bag. I was able to pack everything i needed with room to spare. The rollers work well. Storage is easy since they nest one inside the other. The largest case is big enough to carry a body. Will easily handle formal wear. The price was right. Cons: the suitcases are heavier than fabric cases so will impact the weight allowance when flying. Unlike other hinged cases, they must be laid flat on a bed. You can't set them on a hotel luggage rack and open just one side. The other side falls on your hands. I will be better able to evaluate them after traveling by air and cruise ship.
  • So it arrived. I excitedly broke open the box and there it was - in all it's bright yellow glory! then i went to pull it from the box and - hey! why does the side mash in like that? i mean, it's *supposed* to be a hard shell abs plastic. . Well, the plastic is rather thin. . Other than that, it's pretty nice. These are decent suitcases. But that shell is not what i was expecting. Not at all. Little to no protection for having spent such a large sum of money - i would have gladly paid the extra $10-20 it would have taken to give me at least *some* protection. This would have been a 5 start review except for that one fact - which is precisely the reason i purchased this particular luggage set. . Not real pleased with this one. But if you don't need protection, buy it. It's really nice other than that.
  • Color is not as vibrant as indicated in the picture and when i opened the box all four corners of the the largest suit case were scratched up like it had been used already.

luggages sets glossy suitcase HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable (20', 24' & 28') TSA (Alex Pink) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

We were wary because these aren't too pricey, but they are sturdy, beautiful, and got us to africa and back with only minor scratches. We love our new luggage!

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable 20', 24' & 28' Tsa Alex Pink
Click to see NoticeHauptstadtkoffer Luggages Suitcase Hardside Expandable (82780032)"Ordered 2 sets of these luggage sets and i'm pleased with the construction. I like that you can order from multiple colors which should make it easier to find my bags on the baggage claim conveyor among all the black bags. It looks like the wheels can be easily replaced if they're broken. There is an allen screw holding the wheel assembly to the luggage. I will update my review after i've used the luggage but so far i'm pleased with them."

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(1) Question: Are these water resistant?

(2) Question: Does this set come with a warranty

Merax 3 Piece P.E.T Luggage Set Eco-friendly Light Weight Spinner Suitcase Rose

Merax 3 piece p. E. T luggage set lightweight spinner suitcase most of the hardshell luggage on the market is usually made of pp, pc and abs. Some material is fragile and is not resistant to low temperature. Sometimes the luggage will be easily broken during check-in at the airport. While some material luggage looks nice in appearance, it might be easily be scratched. Most luggage is also ages quickly and will become brittle in the sunshine. Our merax luggage made of pet material is a global innovation. It is not only nontoxic and tasteless, but also looks beautiful and decent. It can resist to low temperature of -4 h, and the high temperature up to 158 h. Even the a truck cannot crush the pet luggage, which shows its good quality and function. The features of anti-uv radiation and anti-aging ensure you to use the pet luggage for over 50 years. Why we choose pet luggage? 1. Strong resistance to stress we have done an interesting test: 2-ton cargo truck rolled over on the pet luggage, the luggage will not be damaged and still restitution. Compare with other materials on the market, pet material has greater resistance to stress, better recovery. 2. Fda certification of green materials after a authoritative third-party sgs of rigorous testing, pet material reached a the united states fda's food-grade material standards, right the human body non-toxic harmless, so the this material can be called the real green environmental protection material. 3. Merax pet luggage can pass all kinds of testing in 5 h environment extremely light weight luggage, it can help you to bring more and take easy. 20 inch luggage: 6. 16 lbs 24 inch luggage: 8. 07 lbs 28 inch luggage: 10. 08 lbs 20 times dropping test for the pet material 1000 times 50 lbs jerking test for the handle

Merax 3 Piece P.E.T Luggage Set Eco-friendly Light Weight Spinner Suitcase RoseMerax-Luggage-Eco-friendly-Spinner-Suitcase

Brand :    merax
Color :    Rose
Size :    One_Size
  • Rigorous quality assurance testing wheel and handle testing ensures luggage can withstand 50lbs of force from being dropped, roll for 20 mile with 50lbs of pressure, can withstand temperatures as low as 5 degrees f.
  • New industry leading material eco-friendly pet material build; meets fda's food-grade material standards; strong resistance to stress, non-toxic, resistant to low and high temperatures, a groundbreaking innovative material in the hard luggage industry
  • Strong resistance 2-ton cargo truck rolled over test; pet material will not be damaged under intense pressure and can restore to its original state
  • Shipment includes one set (3 pieces); luggage placement will be inside each other for storage saving purposes and your convenience. luggage only sold as one set, cannot be sold separately.
  • World wide 5-year warranty formulated materials feature anti-uv radiation and anti-wear integration to ensure luggage usage for years to come.
Price :    $119.99
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Luggage :    Best Luggage (Luggage product review) for Merax 3 Piece P.E.T Luggage Set Eco-friendly Light Weight Spinner Suitcase Rose available ( Sep 2019 )

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3 Piece Set Teal

Transport your travel essentials effortlessly and stylishly. This extremely lightweight and durable spinner features 100 percentage polycarbonate construction with sharp molded details. Made to absorb impact by flexing while under stress then popping back to its original shape, eliminating dents and dings while protecting its contents. An elegant brushed pattern hides any potential scratches or scuffs from your journeys. The fully-lined interior has cross-straps, a privacy curtain with its own zippered organizational pockets. Tsa approved combination lock for security and peace of mind.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3 Piece Set TealSamsonite-Winfield-Fashion-Hardside-Piece

Brand :    samsonite
Color :    Teal
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.35 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 20 - 23. 2 x 13. 5 x 9. 5, 24 - 27. 1 x 17 x 11. 4, 28 - 31. 4 x 20. 4 x 13. 39, body dimensions & weights: 20 - 20 x 13. 5 x 9. 5, 6. 7 lbs. , 24 - 24 x 16. 25 x 11. 5, 9. 3 lbs. , 28- 28 x 19. 75 x 12. 5, 11. 13 lbs. , weight: 26. 67 lbs.
  • Side mounted tsa lock
  • Full-zip interior divider with organization pockets
  • Squared full-capacity design
  • 3 pc sets contains 1 ea: 20/24/28 spinner
Price :    $299.98
Model :    56847
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Luggage :    Best Luggage (Luggage product review) for Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3 Piece Set Teal available ( Sep 2019 )

Samsonite Omni Pc 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28, Silver

Introducing a line built to take the harshest travel elements! omni pc combines scratch-resistant textures with the lightest 100% polycarbonate construction, ensuring your luggage looks as great on the 100th trip as it does on the first. This lightweight line offers heavyweight protection riding on effortless 360 degree spinner wheels. Don't pull your case: let omni pc roll comfortably beside you on your journey. Design includes expansion for added packing capacity when needed. Tsa locks ensure your belongings arrive safely to your destination. Extremely light and visually impactful, this collection takes 100% polycarbonate design to the next level.

Samsonite Omni Pc 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28, SilverSamsonite-Omni-Piece-Spinner-Silver

Brand :    samsonite
Color :    Silver
Size :    One Size
Model :    68311-1776
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Full-zip interior, divider and cross-straps for increased packing organization. side-mounted tsa lock ensures security while traveling
  • Micro-diamond texture is extremely scratch-resistant, keeping cases beautiful after a trip
  • 28. 5x20. 5x13. 5
  • Re-engineered lightweight spinner wheels for effortless mobility
  • Consumer preferred expansion on all sides
Price :    $235.20 (was $280.12)
Luggage :    Best Luggage (Luggage product review) for Samsonite Omni Pc 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28, Silver available ( Sep 2019 )

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggages Suitcase Hardside Expandable (82780032) Price : 213, was : 0 as 2018-10-15
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Great Britain
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We were looking for luggage to replace ours which were almost destroied by the cruise line and airlines. We were looking for a hardsider that would stand up better to the wear and tear of the luggage handlers and srill look good. And so far this lugage has surpassed all our expectations. Great looks and the strength to hold up with the riggers of travel. Thank you so much, just what we wantted.

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(1) Question: Does the tote stack onto the upright roller bags?

(2) Question: Does this set have the carry on with the laptop compartment?

(3) Question: Does it scratch easily?

(4) Question: Will you send all of them in one suitcase?

(5) Question: Do all 3 pieces have 2 handles? i've seen on some other sets that the smallest piece only has one handle.

(6) Question: How orange is the mustard/orange? more schoolbus yellow, or tennessee orange, or halloween orange?

(7) Question: What is the weight of the empty suitcase?

(8) Question: When you ship it, doe sit arrive one inside of each other, as if its one piece? thanks

(9) Question: What ia the warranity?

(10) Question: Weight for each luggage

(11) Question: This may have been asked before but are these expandable?

(12) Question: What is the weight of each piece please?

(13) Question: Why does it have "light-duty" rollers?

(14) Question: Is the green (not apple green or dark green) the color as pictured? also, is the green glossy or matte?

(15) Question: What's the difference between the "purple" and the "alex purple"?

(16) Question: Can i buy an extra set of wheels

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So far so good. I ve put a few transpacific multi layover flights on these and they have held up pretty well. The zippers are pretty strong. I really stuffed the medium size one with clothes last trip and it held together. The suitcase took a pretty good hit during the trip and nothing inside was damaged and the case didn t crack.

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Best hauptstadtkoffer luggages suitcase hardside expandable (82780032) in review

I plan to revise this review after my europe trip. So far the pieces that just arrived are gorgeous! don't forget to remove the plastic film. It looks bad and scuffed until you remove the film. The large is a very nice size for big long trips. And for the size, it is incredibly light. I'll take pictures when i return. I'll try to show any and all wear marks. I did buy the white set. The handle seems to be a little wonkly but we'll see how it holds up on this trip. The wheels are very nice and truly multi-directional. The wheels and the handles are the 2 areas that break on most my luggage. We'll see how this holds up. Stay tuned.

R. Lara, Kansas

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S. Bullock, Bournemouth says

Bought these after missing out on black friday samsonite deals. Glad i got these instead. While the white marks up easy (lost a star there), they are durable and you get three suitcases for less than 200. Took these on a trip to australia and new zealand, 4 international flights in all and they withstood everything.

X. Anonymous, Hamburg

This product appears to be well made, was packaged well upon arrival, and looks identical to the picture and design. Overall quality seems on par with the price. The product does come with a plastic protective layer to avoid scratching (smart idea), which you have to peal off of both sides to get to the actual color. The black interior finish is nice as well, and compliments the luggage. These just arrived, so i'll update this post with additional feedback post my trips throughout july.

K. Evelyn, Victoria says

This luggage is great for flying! it really stands up to the abuse of being thrown around by airport personnel without extra weight, and it is very easy to transport from place to place on the sturdy wheels. I would definitely recommend this luggage.

H. Julia, Colorado

Great customer service and a nice set of luggage. . My wife and i each bought a set for a trip we were taking to europe. Both sets held up well for our two week trip and still look pretty new. I did have one issue with my carry on size case. The handle somehow got bent, which i'm not sure if it was from use or a defect. I spoke with the seller and they sent me a whole new carry on case. Can't beat that for customer service!

Y. Melissa, Northamptonshire says

Received the luggage in record time in perfect condition, every zipper worked, the locks were simple to set, yes, the plastic was a real pain to peel off, however i expected that in reading previous reviews and set aside the time and worked up the patience to do it, took 2 hours for 3 pieces! . . I ordered the luggage in champagne, it is stylish, classic, works for both male and female, and is easily spotted on the carousel. I have used it on one trip so far, just the carry on and largest bag. They weathered the trip fairly well. No broken zippers, no cracks, no problems, the light color does show the battering the bag took at the hands of the airline bag handlers! many scuffs and some nasty black marks, i am hoping to find a way to clean some of the black off, but the bag itself survived nicely. . My favorite feature was the small size of the carry on bag. I was on flights that were booked to capacity and they were taking away peoples carry ons to be checked due to lack of space, they never even gave mine a glance as they pulled the larger more cumbersome pieces away from passengers. I was able to pack everything i needed for a 12 day stay and be under the size and weight limits with no problem, and i am not a light packer, i had 5 pairs of shoes alone! . . The wheels worked great, escalators, paver stone walkways, carpet, rolled along like a champ. I am extremely pleased with the bags, alot of style and features for the $ ! only downside was the scuffing, but that's to be expected with a light color hard side glossy bag! i highly recommend them!

T. Tracey, Nottinghamshire

I am so happy with these suitcases. These are sturdy and well built, with solid components to them. The luggage set looks great and exactly like the pictures online. These actually were a lot bigger than i was thinking they would be! . This 3 piece extra strong luggage set is top of the line quality. The luggage set looks luxurious from the outside and inside and i was impressed right away. The luggage is really designed to make packing and traveling easier with several features i found convenient. Now i want to go over the structure of the bags since all three are the same ( minus size) this description applies to all of them. The bags have a hard outter shell that i feel protects my items in the suitcase better. The bags have a nice quality zipper that glides smoothly and doesnt snag or catch. As it goes. The bags have two handles one if metal and telescopic so you can pull it out to make transporting the luggage easier. The bags each have wheels so with the handle you can pull the bags along with you, that way you dont need to lift them too often. The wheels glide easily in any direction and i have not had any problem pulling the bags. Inside the bags are impressively roomy with deviders in place on eash side to help keep belongings in place and not sliding around. This also creates more space. I can easily put enough clothes for 2 adults for 5 days in the medium suitcase. One side has an elastic holder and the other sort of a divider pocket. Another neat feature on these bags is the outside does have a combination lock. While this is not approved for airport security its still a nice option to have while traveling and protecting your belongings. When i am not traveling or using the bags i love that they all stack into each other, makes for easy storage. My husband travels a lot for business and i love that this set looks so professional and classy for him. These bags are amazing and will be put to good use this year as we have alot of family trips planned. I would definetly recommend this luggage set and i honestly believe its one of the nicest sets i have found quality wise. . I love the nice green color, super pretty in person, it isn't overtly bright. It is super easy to spot in the luggage line up after the plane lands!

. Whiteman, City of Kingston upon Hull says

Wow! this set :b00xjj7z1g hauptstadtkoffer luggages sets glossy suitcase sets hardside spinner trolley expandable (20", 24" & 28") tsa burgundy is the best luggage i've ever owned! tsa lock is easy to set and use. A recent trip confirmed their toughness, ability to pack a lot and they are so lightweight! the rollers are the best i've used on all surfaces. Expansion feature is significant unlike other brands token 1/2" - 1". I'm very satisfied with this product and would highly recommend to all travelers. Bright & unique colors make this set stand out on the luggage conveyor.

. Elida, Arkansas

These three pieces traveled all over scotland and up and down endless flights of stairs in b&bs. Wonderful, delightful luggage in a can't miss color. No doubt that it's mine when this is on the luggage carousel.

G. Hadley, Sheffield says

Have travelled a couple of times now with all 3 pieces and they do just fine. The glossy exterior does get a little scuffed up around the sides, but hey - that's going to happen. The handles are solid, wheels are good, and every piece (even the largest) is super lightweight. Also love the fact that all three nest inside one another for better storage. Time will tell how well they hold up, but for now they're a great deal for a lot of luggage!

D. Mary, Buckinghamshire

The quality of the suitcases is great. They roll easily even on the cement outside the terminal. The inside flap holds miscellaneous stuff for a trip, and the straps hold clothing in place. They nest one inside the other beautifully and had minimal visible damage after our first flight with them. The biggest complaint i have is that they are so darn heavy. The large one weighs over 10 pounds, which is crucial when you can only check in 50 pounds to begin with.

Q. Gloria, Telford and Wrekin says

Having spent a lot of money on luggage and seeing beautiful luggage scuffed and scratched the first time it's checked in, i opted for something functional and reasonably priced. This hauptstadtkoffer luggage is a great buy for the money. The hardcase protection is almost a must nowadays, as airlines and baggage handlers are pushed to the max. The stretchy straps on the inside protect clothes and the covered section inside protects smaller objects, such as toiletries, hair care, skincare, cosmetics, etc. The interior zippered section is great for holding smaller objects or items that might not withhold a lot of shifting. The combination lock is tsa-approved and holds the zipper in place, preventing the handles from being pulled off by conveyor belts. I bought the white luggage, but i should have bought a different color, since the white luggage makes me feel like i'm a stormtrooper in a star wars movie.

J. Walsh, Kingston upon Thames says

Solid yet light, beautiful suitcases that roll smoothly and do not tip over! largest one held up well on boston to tel-aviv direct flight-minimal scratches. Carry-on size worked out well too. We'll see how these hold up on future flights, but so far i'm impressed!

. Betty, West Sussex

Hauptstadtkoffer luggage set-this 3 piece set arrived within 2 days. Thanks online store prime! i have to say wow! i am pleasantly surprised by the quality. This particular set is in white with a shiny finish featuring a vertical grooved pattern. I'm hoping the pattern will prevent denting. There is a protective clear plastic wrap encasing the set. Attached labels & instructions are provided on how to reset the generic 000 lock code. This luggage genuinely exceeds my expectations. I first seen the non-prime hauptstadtkoffer luggage set on online store and the 4 differences were it had a (1) matte finish, (2) luggage front had the company name on a silver metal plate (classy touch) & 3rd-it was priced approximately $70. 00 more (or so). My main concern was the company didn't guarantee the 2 day shipping. However, this set is gorgeous, featuring expander zippers, 360 spinner wheels that keep spinning (quietly), zipper pockets/compartment on the l side & an elastic x strap securing the (r) compartment for larger items. The handles flow easily up and down & the set is easy to maneuver, but still feels sturdy. I purchased online store fabric packing cubes in the same color pattern, white mesh with a black zipper. It compresses your clothing & frees up valuable space. As i visualize the airline terminal staff tossing my luggage into the back of a transport vehicle & loading tons of luggage on the conveyer belt, i have a feeling these 3 pieces will survive the airport onslaught. Love this my new luggage.

E. Mable, Oklahoma says

Use on my son's trip to europe. Wheels work perfectly (even with an enthusiastic 19yo male dragging them everywhere for 3 weeks). Got scraped a bit by handling but the blue is very eye catching and stood out well come time to find them at baggage claim. No size issues (we used the medium and small bags for international flights). The expandable zippers worked well and gave him plenty of room to add souvenirs on the trip home.

V. Diana, Wakefield

The luggage is great. . Very sturdy and fairly lightweight, and looks great. One of the bags was damaged during shipping and their customer service to resolve the issue was excellent. I emailed them several times discussing options and always received a response the same day. Many times within minutes. I can't wait to use them!

L. Colleen, Richmond upon Thames says

I love the look. Has an air of sophistication about them. They are as expected and as advertised. I bought the yellow, nice and bright, easy to spot on the carousel. The thin protective film that was on it was easily removed once i unpacked it from its carton box. I havnt given it five stars because i am waiting to travel internationally with them for the christmas holiday to see how they hold up in terms of scratches.

M. Maria, Washington

My husband and i purchased these last summer for a trip to egypt. I have used the smaller ones for a few additional trips since, and there are the best suitcases i have ever had. They are light, which is important for us, as we always bring back gifts and memorabilia, so having a suitcase that weighs close to nothing makes a big difference. They are also very durable, even though the are so light. . I have also found that they handle very well in transit. I often have to switch planes, and the carry-on is super easy to roll around. Plus, the different colors are fun and five you a lot of flexibility to choose what you like. We went with the champagne colored ones, who look classy and are easily recognizable on the baggage area at the airport. . My most favorite features are the locks for which you can set your own codes and the fact that they are stackable, so you really only need space for the largest, as you can fit the smaller ones neatly in the larger one. . Overall, great product for a fair price!

O. Carolyn, Georgia says

I recently purchased this luggage for a two week european trip. I ended taking the larger suitcase and the smaller carryon. I found the luggage spacious and very easy to pack. It held up really well and was very easy to roll and control the cases - both at once. Fairly easy to handle on the trains as well; however, the larger case did not fit easily in the overhead on the new high-speed trains we took. . I would definitely recommend luggage covers if you purchase this as they will save the very nice glossy exterior of your case. One of the covers on our cases was removed by tsa and while the case is not too scratched, it looks more used than the one that remained covered. I thought these case covers would be a big hassle but they were very easy to use and are worth the extra $ to protect the outside of your cases. They also really helped in the snow and ice. I love the orange color; it definitely makes a statement, is attractive and makes your bag easy to spot. Finally, the luggage set of three fit and store well all inside the larger case. . Tip: if you are considering a longer trip, i'd also recommend you check out zipper packing cubes/organizers. They really helped maximize the space and kept me organized on short stays.

. Susana, Arizona

I was amazed at how much they held. I was planning a 2 week trip and thought i would be using the large and medium suitcases but just needed the medium and small, and still had plenty of room left over. I did not have to even expand them-even after all the souvenirs i bought! after my first trip they did come back with some marks on them (airplane handlers are pretty rough on luggage), but i was able to use a little cleaner on them and they looked just like new. The best part is, i know my luggage as soon as it hits the baggage carousel.

N. Nicole, Halton says

 i ordered the hauptstadtkoffer-alex set of 3 prior to a long trip to europe. They are extremely durable and so easy to maneuver. The wheels are solid and worked well on any surface, even old cobblestone streets. I will be ordering another set.

I. Ruff, Tameside

May reconsider. Did take the largest on a trip and it survived the mythical samsonite gorilla in the luggage area of the airport and transport. So far. Waiting to see how they hold up.

B. Wilson, Maryland says

The color is beautiful, reminds me of a deeper tiffany blue. I just got these so i cannot attest to how they hold up to travel but i ll update that when i use them. As far as the initial thoughts: i really like the flap that can be attached to hold clothes on the left side. It has a mesh pocket as well. There are elastic straps on the right side as well. Having the side handle is what sold me on this set and just lifting the larger 2 empty i can tell i m glad i opted for this set. That extra handle is goin to be essential in loading/unloading into cars etc. The lock works great. Easy to set. It is very smooth when rolling and i feel the extended handle is sturdy as well. They store perfectly inside one another. The outer shell does give but it does not feel flimsy. The zippers feel sturdy. I m excited to take a trip!

Top /hauptstadtkoffer luggages suitcase hardside expandable Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

G. Betty, Hillingdon says

For those of you looking for suitcase sets, let me be clear. The most important thing on them is the wheels, and sooner or later the original wheels will break. Never fails. If you get ones with the single solid center wheel between a fork type assembly, when it breaks(and it will) you replace it with rollerblade type wheels which roll effortlessly because they have real bearings and are very durable because of the hard polymer material. This is easy to do and there are many vendors on online store that cater to exactly this purpose and provide all sizes of these types of replacement wheels. I purchased the blue case because it had this type of wheel in the image, but when it arrived it had the plastic center mount split wheel. When these break there is no way to easy way to replace or improve them. Had i known this about the wheels, i would not have purchased this set. I will be returning these as soon as possible.

O. Anonymous, Nebraska

This is the first hard shell luggage i've purchased, though i've been wanting some for years. I have learned that i will be traveling quite a bit next year, so decided to fork over some money on nice luggage that i was hoping would last. This brand seemed to have good reviews, so i decided to purchase. Here's what i can say. . Don't purchase glossy finish luggage. I made a big ole mistake here. After removing from the box, i could see that there is a protective plastic coating on the luggage that is to be removed before use. This protective barrier was scratched and scuffed already. However, upon looking at the shell of the luggage, i realized the same issue that other customers have mentioned - this was going to be damaged immediately. This luggage that to me cost a lot of money would be scratched and scuffed and ugly after one trip! what's the point of spending this kind of money for pieces that won't cosmetically hold up. They're also pretty darn heavy. Also, the plastic shell doesn't seem as sturdy as some other brands that i'd been previously admiring at local stores (but i wanted a set of 3 that matched). . I contacted the seller requesting a return/refund, and they said that they are too heavy and expensive to ship back. I then receive an email with a return confirmation, but if i pay the shipping back. These suckers are heavy and would likely cost me $100 to return ship! furthermore, the email subject contains asian characters. This makes me wonder if there's some overseas company shipping from a warehouse in tx. Are these even legit hauptstadtkoffer luggage pieces, or cheap knockoffs? there is nothing about the pieced i received that would lead me to want to put my belongings in for travel. Am i know stuck with some crap that i just wasted my hard earned money on? my next step is to contact my credit card company to work on disputing charges, and reach out to online store directly to see if they can step in. I would not recommend these pieces to anyone.

U. Janice, Connecticut says

The luggage has nice visual appeal and is very functional. The tsa lock is great as well. It rolls well and at first glance, seems like it's of good build quality. However, after only one flight, the green plastic on the largest suitcase has come undone (see photo) from the black wheel base and continues to crack more and more since it now does not have anything to keep it in place. Luckily they offer free returns though. We'll have to look around and see if there are any alternatives. We might also just decide to order another set and give this company another try. May have just been defective. See attached photos. I'm interested to see what the company's response will be to this review and my issues with it's product.

T. Edna, Portsmouth

I'm disappointed that what i thought was german luggage turned out to be made in china. Here's hoping that it lasts longer than the last three sets of made-in-china luggage i've had.

K. Valdez, Hartlepool says

I ve traveled with them about a half a dozen times already. I do like them however, the middle suitcase i ve only used once and the handle already doesn t work. Really want to know what i can do about this cause i want to like this luggage

Q. Erickson, Peterborough

We've had a terrible time with this luggage. On two trips now traveling with a nine month old, the large bag proved to be unsafe as the wheels consistently caught on train doors, escalators, elevator doors. Each time, i had to brace myself and my baby or jerk the bag up quickly (again, with a 22 lb baby strapped to me) to keep us from falling, to keep others from tripping over us (at the top of an escalator, for instance) or to prevent getting stuck in automated doorways. I'm not sure what i was expecting at this price point, but certainly didn't expect the wheels to be so poorly constructed enough to literally trip us up at every turn. I've evidently missed the return window (we just got back from our second trip using this bag), but buyer beware. Really regret this purchase.

D. Carol, City of London says

Received used product. Suitcases had scuff marks and the lock combinations had been changed from the factory preset. Reset button for the combination was broken and i was unable to change the combination. I am returning and will reorder hoping to get new suitcases next time.

A. Walsh, Victoria

The only thing i like about it is how easy they are to maneuver. If feels like their self propeled. Lol. I got the orange which is disgustingly ugly. Not at all like the picture. They came scuffed and used. I will be returning them.

V. Julie, Arizona says

The luggage seems to be durable so far. It is easy to pull along during travel. My only complaint is that the outside gets scratched easily. I'm not sure if its just the white color or if all will scratch easily. Mostly satisfied. I just wonder how i will feel after a couple of years of use. I will update this review after more use.

I. Palmer, South Gloucestershire

Used twice and they are falling apart! don't waste your money

R. Anonymous, Herefordshire says

I was really excited to purchase this luggage set after reading all the good reviews about how durable it was. I don't know if the other reviewers checked their bags for flights, but i did. I have used the 24" twice to fly cross country and once on a cross country road trip and the gorgeous gloss that was present is now reduced greatly because the several large scratches and dings all over it. My new suitcase, which has been in my possession for a little over a month, now looks like it's something i have had for years. I am very disappointed to say the least. I have also had some damage to the contents inside the suitcase during my travels, mainly my toiletry items and makeup. I do have to say that i like the design of the bag otherwise. The mesh pocket that serves as compartment divider works well and is very useful. I can fit a full week and a half of clothes and items for one person in the 24" bag. I just wish it had held up with use.

. Alba, Wakefield

I really wanted to like this set. Used the large and the medium cases for a trip to europe. The medium cracked dead center. Noticed it when taking it off the baggage carousel for the very 1st time. Online store return expired yesterday couldn't do much as i was out of the country and the original packaging was at may home.

. Allen, New Hampshire says

I travel extensively in the us - 90, 000 miles/year. Wheels have begun to lock up and will not turn freely, zippers are breaking off and are now missing; the expansion seams now have the threading pulling out; if you travel a couple times a year these would more than likely be fine, but 100+ flights in the past year, this product is not durable enough to handle.

P. Nicole, Thurrock

We've only used these once. They scratch so very easily. Just lying them on top of each other in the my car made noticeable scratches. The protective plastic that these ship in is ridiculously hard to remove. It leaves plastic sticking out under all the handles and exterior fixtures. So very frustrating. Beyond that they roll well, and provide ample storage.

. Shayna, Australian Capital Territory says

Rather disappointing on a number of counts - cons:. 1. Like another commentor said i don't see the marvelous german engineering, similar but not better than other brands i see at big box retailers. 2. The middle suitcase has numerous scuff marks all over the back, like it had been used. They did a nice job of cleaning and fresh bagging, but obviously used somewhere at some point. Big suitcase has some very light scuffs too. 3. The wheels are adequate, certainly no better than many other brands at big box retailers that roll effortlessly. 4. Color was not even close to pictured. This orange color on the website looks like a neat metallic burnt pumpkin color. The color i got was like a bright orange crayon - very disappointing. I'm almost afraid to try another color for fear of hoping for metallic and receiving bright yet flat. 5. Measurements. Now this is most disappointing. U. S. Major airlines have been touting 22 x 14 x 9 for carry-ons for 2 years plus. I believe international flights have an even more stringent size. The measurements given in the description are off. In addition, all 3 pieces of luggage come with nice tags touting their qualifications, on these tags the measurements the manufacturer gives are 21. 7 x 13. 8 x 7. 9. Ridiculous. Maybe the 7. 9 is the closest, if you give it a squeeze. Unfortunately there is no way to compress the other sides the handles are on. The height is about 22. 75 and the width at least 14. 5 or more. Sad that none of these luggage manufacturers are willing to give accurate measurements including wheels and handles. Being hard shell, you're not squeezing this baby down. Pros:. 1. For the price, you probably can't beat it at the big box retailers. Probably gonna pay $210 minimum for a three piece, . 2. Free shipping is an amazing feature - why not give it a shot? you can return it for free if you find something you like better. 3. Quality is good, not great, but a nice set for the price.

N. Delgado, Lincolnshire

Purchased these suitcases last april 2017. Used them for 3 international trips thus far and one of the wheels on the large suitcase broke and created a crack in the plastic along the entire length of the bottom. Very disappointed that the suitcase was unable to hold up after just three international trips. Luggage makers should know that airport luggage carriers are not gentle on luggage and thus need to create a tough and durable product.

S. Claudia, North Lincolnshire says

The wheels on the luggage get stuck on every inconsistency on the ground it rolls over. The photo shown is not the photo of the bags i purchases which had a single wheel not the double wheel shown in the current picture. I love the yellow it's my favorite color and you know which bag is yours! i have 3m miles on aa & am well traveled. These are the worst bags for rolling i have ever had. Also they sent the wrong bag. I would have returned but had sent to a hotel since my old (10yr old bag) broke at the zipper and i needed to be able to go home.

Y. Neva, City of Bristol

Abs / polycarbonate is a fancy term for plastic. I knew this going in, just expected the plastic to be a little thicker - no a lot thicker.

C. Kristen, East Sussex says

When i set the combination the reset button stuck down rendering the lock useless. Since i have no lock i regard the suitcase as useless.

B. Reed, Brighton and Hove

Took a trip to europe with all 3 pieces. Baggage was taken from tallahassee to atlanta then amsterdam. Made it just fine. Return trip, not so lucky. Switzerland to amsterdam to atlanta then back to tallahassee no so much. The large piece was dented in on the top corner, opposite corner with the wheel was cracked wide open. Not sure how durable they are.

Z. Alma, Auvergne says

Nice set of luggage but they put a thin film of plastic on the outside to protect in shipping. Still trying to get it off.

J. Anonymous, Southwark

I'm very dissatisfied the luggage is all scratched and it looks like it was a return

E. Nielsen, Berlin says

I was very surprised when i received this luggage! i expected it to be nice and hoped it would be light weight. It was both! we chose the champagne color and it is beautiful and very suited for male or female. We are headed out on a trip the end of this week and we look forward to see how well it travels and hope it will be as scratch resistant, as advertised. These bags are very roomy and the wheels handle like a dream! i would possibly recommend this item. . We just returned from a trip from out of the country. I still don't disagree the luggage is nice, but am really disappointed that the outer hard coat in some places has chipped of after one trip. Under normal wear and tear, it will probably be fine, but if you travel in the air a lot, i am not so sure. I know there is a warranty but am not certain if this would be covered.

. Sandra, Stoke-on-Trent

Received the orange set today and am exchanging for a new color. The orange is bright construction-cone-pumpkin orange, not a light burnt orange as the picture suggests. If you want to cordon off your own section of the airport, this is perfect for you. I'm hoping the next delivery will be a bit more subtle.

W. Rita, Southampton says

I would return this luggage if i could. We took it on one trip and it looks like it has been through a war zone. The finish is marred on all sides. The security closure actually broke off the face of one piece of the luggage. So many cheaper options would have been a better purchase. The return window has expired and i'm disgusted! $200. 00 gone, gone, gone!

. Ruby, North Yorkshire

I am so so disappointed - i purchased these pieces for an upcoming trip . It arrived in a timely manner however it was in horrible condition -. . Every piece was dull and scratched, all protective plastic had been removed - clearly a returned item that was re sold. I am so disappointed - i have to leave in a few days and now i have to return these pieces and purchase new luggage i never write reviews but iam so disappointed

H. McCarthy, Utah says

The middle size suitcase ended up breaking at the zipper during my trip to europe. Had to tie scarves and belts around it during travel to keep it closed until i could get to london to purchase a new suitcase. Had to leave it in hotel. Had much trip left. First time using it - day number 3. Not a happy traveler.

F. Julia, Sachsen-Anhalt

The set looks handsome checking into a hotel, kind of classy. It does have a litteral weakness though. The side handle is attached to only the plastic side wall, not the inner frame. So when my friend helped me with my bags after i returned home from a long trip, he carried the very heavy big bag by only the side handle, and the plastic side bulged out as if it was going to rip out. It didn't, but i was sure it was seconds from destruction. It got beat up, (by me, it tumbled down an airport escalator, the whole way! ) and really showed big scratches in the paint. There is black underneath that brown 'finish'. So i would reccomend buying black, it won't show damage as much. The middle and small bag still look perfect. They didn't go on that trip. (duh. )

M. Zelda, York says

These are probably good suitcases, but i am disgusted by the amount of work it took to remove the "protective" lining that comes on them. Someone at the company had the brilliant idea of wrapping the entire outside of these suitcases with some kind of shrink wrap before putting on the exterior hardware. The result is that you must peel off all this saran wrap type plastic from around all the hardware. And it does not just want to come off: it shreds and stretches around each handle, bumper, wheel and lock. When it does come off it sticks tenaciously to the already-peeled areas with static cling. It took me approximately 1. 5 hours (using a pair of tweezers) to peel it off a nesting set of three pieces, and there are little shreds of it still poking out around every nook and cranny on the exterior. The wrap is useless to stop even scratching from a fingernail, and with nested sets the two inside pieces of luggage are protected anyway. So why not just put the outer piece of luggage in a plastic bag and let it go at that? besides, if you fly any non-luxury airline the baggage handlers are going to beat the living daylights out of the luggage the first time out, anyway. (scratches between the handle and lock in one photo are from the tips of plastic tweezers i used trying to dig the lining out. )

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