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Price was 14. This is a typical high quality hanes underwear product. I honestly couldn't figure out what or how the freshiq feature comes into play, but they're nice undershirts in any case.

-F. Lorenz

Men’s 6-pack V-neck The Hanes Mens White 6-pack V-neck T-shirt In The Lightweight Breathable Comfort Of 100% Cotton Makes A Great First Layer. -Hanes Men’s White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts

  1. Featured: Pack Of 6.
  2. Featured: Short Sleeve.

Modest Hanes Men’s White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts (Shirt) 777vp6

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I bought these for working out. I m a female size 8 and wear a medium in women s tops. This size medium is a comfortable loose fit. I could probably fit a small but i prefer extra room when working out. I m not trying to make a fashion statement. They re thin and soft. Best men's 6-pack v-neck | -Shirt Review ( Sep 2019 ) Featured Hanes Men's White 6-Pack V-Neck T-Shirts White. Pack of 6. Short sleeve. Ribbed v-neck. Tagless .

Hanes men's white 6-pack v-neck t-shirts Review (Hanes)

I have worn these for years. The quality of these is slightly less than in the past. Where the "v" is, there is a pucker that should not be there. I see it as a decline in quality control. Too bad. I will have to look for replacements, as i am kind of a noodge about little things like this. Still, a nice undershirt. If you're not as fussy as i, you will like these very much. -C. Betty

Hanes White 6 Pack V Neck T Shirts

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Hanes
  • Color: White
  • Model: 777VP6
  • Quantity: 6
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: SHIRT

men's 6-pack v-neck Apparel, The hanes mens white 6-pack v-neck t-shirt in the lightweight breathable comfort of 100% cotton makes a great first layer. Hanes Men's White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts (777VP6-Hanes).

Hanes White 6 Pack V Neck T Shirts Apparel

  • They do shrink, as they are cotton, so for me, i wanted a sleep shirt. I will order larger next time. Great for hot flashes to have a number of them on hand. Only 4 stars because, even after washing, they really aren't the soft comfy cotton, i prefer. Idk why cotton differs so much is softness. I suppose it is the quality or the weave, or thread count like a sheet? i really want a soft soft cotton.
  • Great shirt, but seem to be getting thinner than previous purchases. A staple product that i've been buying for many years. I wait until the 6 packs go on sale for less than $14 and buy them. . I wear one of these 4 days a week, every week, all year - always.
  • Very disappointed by the product. I normally wear alfani undershirts. So, figured give hanes a try. Every hanes product that ive purchased in a physical store has been a quality one. This time around i ordered through online store and lo and behold, i get a cheap knock-off product delivered to me. . I ordered my normal regular size which is a large. The shirts were way too big, x-large maybe even xx, it says on the shirts its a large. Put it through first wash and wear it, the shirt shrunk at least two sizes. They still dont conform to my body right, look messy and untidy and look very cheap. There are six shirts in the package, i'll probably wear them two or three times and throw them out.
  • Long and soft are the 2 things these shirts have going for them. The downside is how stupidly thin they are compared to the same brand and style from my local stores. It's the difference between wearing them as undershirts only like these i purchased on online store or the ones thick enough to be regular shirts that i purchased from target. I won't buy these here again.
  • These shirts are extremely rough and itchy. If you have sensitive skin, then you will not be able to wear these. They are also thin, so it's definitely an undershirt only type of shirt.

men's 6-pack v-neckHanes Men's White 6-Pack V-Neck T-Shirts (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Love haines underwear. Middle of the road fit and value. I ordered a size larger than recommended as they due shrink somewhat. I personally like the fact that they are not too long like some others. Use them for night shirts.

Hanes Men's White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts
Click to see NoticeHanes Men's White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts"Good deal for a refresh on undershirts. Good quality and good price."

(0) Question: T-shirt length?

(1) Question: How to clean it? mine are getting black stains in the arm pits

(2) Question: Where are these made?

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Hanes Men's Boxer Briefs 5-Pack

Soft and elastic to feel and fit well. Just changed to these longer briefs from the classic boxer style. Won't go back. These hug and fit nicely.

The hanes mens stretch dyed boxer brief features a super comfy waistband, a functional fly, and comes in a five-pack of assorted solid and heather tones.

Hanes Men's Boxer Briefs 5-PackHanes-Mens-Boxer-Briefs-5-Pack

Hanes Men's Boxer Briefs 5-pack (Underwear) FAQ.

These briefs are comfortable to wear and holds up when washing many times. I like them and would order some more in the future. -Notice from P. Harrison, West Virginia

Click to Show hanes men's boxer briefs 5-pack (underwear) Details

Husbands fav! glad to have found them here bc when he needs new ones i love the quick click and they are here in a few days! works great for me.

Hanes-men's-boxer-briefs-5-pack-(underwear) set picture

- S. HaywardI purchased these for one of my husband's christmas gifts. The quality and fit are as expected from hanes. I paid around $12 for a 5 pack. That's better than any store price i've found. Any other place charges between $14 and $19 for the same quantity. Very pleased with my purchase!

These are the longer leg version so i decided to try them out with their clone, but in the normal leg length as well. I will say i don't have a favorite of the two as they both feel really nice, but it doesn't matter as they are both great stuff.

T. Delgado, Slough

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Parent
  • Pack of 5
  • Stretch dyed
  • Functional fly
  • Blue
  • Boxer briefs
Price :    —
Model :    76925A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Boxer Briefs 5-Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's Ultimate FreshIQ Full-Cut Briefs 7-Pack

The hanes mens black and gray full cut briefs features an elastic waistband for custom fit, a seamless seat and tagless design for comfort, as well as an open fly.

Hanes Men's Ultimate FreshIQ Full-Cut Briefs 7-PackHanes-Ultimate-FreshIQ-Full-Cut-Briefs

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Blue Assorted
Size :    Medium
Model :    7764L7
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Ultimate FreshIQ Full-Cut Briefs 7-Pack available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Premium comfortsoft cotton fabric is super soft
  • Full-cut for comfort
  • Comfortflex waistband that keeps it shape
  • Tagless for itch-free comfort
  • Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day

Hanes Men's FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt 6 Pack 12 Pack

Red label tag less comfort soft crewneck undershirt

Hanes Men's FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt 6 Pack 12 PackHanes-Mens-FreshIQ-Crew-T-Shirt

Brand :    hanes
Color :    White
Size :    One Size
Model :    2135P6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt 6 Pack 12 Pack available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Roomy armholes allow free movement. generous length stays tucked
  • Soft cotton knit
  • Six crew-neck t-shirts with tagless collar and short sleeves
  • Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day

Hanes Men's 3-Pack V-Neck T-Shirt

Hanes men's v-neck t-shirt is the ultimate for classic comfort

Hanes Men's 3-Pack V-Neck T-ShirtHanes-Mens-3-Pack-V-Neck-T-Shirt

Brand :    hanes
Color :    White
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.10 pounds
Model :    777
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Reinforced neck-band resists wear and tear. longer hem stays neatly tucked. preshrunk for lasting fit
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
  • 100 percent ring-spun cotton pampers your skin
  • Generous cut gives you room to move freely
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's 3-Pack V-Neck T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Men's 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt

New reinvented tee fruit of the loom men's 6 pack white v-necks

Fruit of Loom Men's 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-ShirtFruit-Loom-6-Pack-Stay-Tucked-T-Shirt

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • No ride-up, stay-tucked design
  • Soft covered seams on neck and shoulders
  • Pack of short-sleeve t-shirts with each featuring v-neckline, no-show collar, and tagless neck label for comfort
Price :    —
Model :    6P2626V
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Men's 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's Red Label '7 Pack' ComfortSoft V-Neck T-Shirt

Tag less cotton t-shirts with short sleeves and v-neckline featuring premium comfort soft cotton fabric

Hanes Men's Red Label '7 Pack' ComfortSoft V-Neck T-ShirtHanes-Label-ComfortSoft-V-Neck-T-Shirt

Price :    —
  • Roomy armholes allow for freedom of movement
  • Full cut for added ease
  • Comfort soft fabric feels great against your skin
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
  • Preshrunk for perfect fit after wash
Brand :    hanes
Color :    -White-White
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    777VG7
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Red Label '7 Pack' ComfortSoft V-Neck T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's FreshIQ Comfort Soft Boxer Briefs - 5 Pack 10 Pack Colors May Vary

These are all my husband will wear! he has tried other brands but he likes these the best. They hold up well too! we just bought him new ones and the last time we bought them was about 4 years ago!

Hanes men's tag less no ride up boxer briefs with comfort soft waistband. Boxers comes in assorted colors, colors may vary from each pack

Hanes Men's FreshIQ Comfort Soft Boxer Briefs - 5 Pack 10 Pack Colors May VaryHanes-FreshIQ-Comfort-Boxer-Briefs

Hanes Freshiq Comfort Boxer Briefs (Underwear) FAQ.

Well made, but a little scratchy around the waistline. Will probably soften up some with a few laundry cycles. Smaller than i thought, based on the reviews i read. But, they fit alright, maybe i am just used to the baggy old ones :) -Notice from . Sherry, Lorraine

Click to Show hanes freshiq comfort boxer briefs (underwear) Details

Arrived in great shape and a variety of colors. Fit the person they were purchased for perfectly. Love the taggless, comfortable factor of these boxer briefs!

Hanes-freshiq-comfort-boxer-briefs-(underwear) set picture

- C. GuestI can't even see them when i put them on. The camo is that good. I once accidentally put two pairs on not knowing the first was on. Lucky i have some training with camo and was able to see my mistake before throwing my board shorts on.

A little tight but they are loosening up. Need a few washes.

Z. Emily, California

Price :    —
  • Boxer briefs each featuring a functional fly and covered elastic waistband with logo patch
  • Leg bands to keep boxer briefs in place
  • Assorted colors. colors may vary.
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
  • Covered elastic waistband ensures consistent cotton fabric comfort throughout
Brand :    hanes
Color :    Multicoloured
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.85 pounds
Model :    7460Z5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's FreshIQ Comfort Soft Boxer Briefs - 5 Pack 10 Pack Colors May Vary available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Briefs, 7-Pack

Red label tag less comfort flex waistband brief

Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Briefs, 7-PackHanes-Mens-ComfortSoft-Briefs-7-Pack

Price :    —
  • Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day
  • Comfort flex waist and moves with you and keeps its shape wash after wash
  • Soft cotton knit
  • Pack of cotton briefs with each featuring comfortflex elastic waistband with repeating logo
  • Money back comfort guarantee
Brand :    hanes
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    2252P7
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Briefs, 7-Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Red Label Men's Hanes 9-Pack Brief

Hanes men's tag less no ride up briefs with comfort flex waistband in a convenient 9-pack bundle.

Hanes Red Label Men's Hanes 9-Pack BriefHanes-Label-Mens-9-Pack-Brief

Brand :    hanes
Color :    White
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
  • Preshrunk cotton for dependable fit wash after wash
  • No ride up leg bands provide all day comfort, guaranteed
  • Soft, stretchable comfort flex waistband moves with you and keeps its shape wash after wash
Price :    —
Model :    225209
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Red Label Men's Hanes 9-Pack Brief available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's 4-Pack FreshIQ Comfort Blend V-Neck T-Shirt

Hanes men's 4 pack comfort blend tag less v-neck t-shirts

Hanes Men's 4-Pack FreshIQ Comfort Blend V-Neck T-ShirtHanes-4-Pack-FreshIQ-Comfort-T-Shirt

Brand :    hanes
Model :    CBT2W4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's 4-Pack FreshIQ Comfort Blend V-Neck T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Super soft comfort blend design
  • Quick drying technology
  • Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day
  • Generous length for a stay-tucked hem
  • Lay flat collar

Hanes Men's Tagless Comfortsoft Crewneck T-shirt Pack of 5

Hanes comfortsoft men's 5 pack crew neck t-shirts

Hanes Men's Tagless Comfortsoft Crewneck T-shirt Pack of 5Hanes-Tagless-Comfortsoft-Crewneck-T-shirt

Price :    —
  • Made with 5. 2-oz. super soft cotton
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
  • Lay flat collar
  • Pack of 5 comfortsoft heavyweight short-sleeve t-shirts with each featuring crew neckline and tagless neck label for comfort
  • Double-needle stitched sleeves.
Brand :    hanes
Model :    5280
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Tagless Comfortsoft Crewneck T-shirt Pack of 5 available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts Price : 14, was : 0 as 2018-02-04
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Great Britain
World Wide
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Top hanes men's white 6-pack v-neck t-shirts Content

The F.A.Q. for Hanes Men's White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts

Made well and fits good. The material is a little thinner than i expected.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: I'm a slim buid would the small medium fit me properly

(1) Question: Are they preshrunk cotton

(2) Question: Where are these made?

(3) Question: Do they have any kind of transparency? looking to wear them alone with no dress suit on top

(4) Question: Is this a slim fit undershirt?

(5) Question: Should i order x-large if my husband wears x-large for shirts? i see they are 100 % cotton.

(6) Question: How do you pick the size ? it is not giving me that option

(7) Question: Slim fit shirt undershirt?

(8) Question: I'm 6'7" and 220. what size should i buy?

(9) Question: Made in china

(10) Question: The picture of the bag says large but the description says medium. what size are the t-shirts?

(11) Question: Hi is the medium size t shirt true to u. s sizing?

(12) Question: I'm looking for the deep v version, is that what these are? reviews have conflicting info

(13) Question: Are these comfortsoft shirts?

(14) Question: Is freshiq the equivalent of xtemp (both by hanes)?

(15) Question: I'm a woman and need these for work. would a bra show through these?

(16) Question: I would like to wear them with jeans but i would like fo know if they are too long? like, is this shirt an undershirt for underneath a dress shirt?

(note) Question: where/how to get Hanes (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Hanes's products

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Good shirt. A wee bit see through, but i expected that is they're made to be undershirts. I specifically got them so i could wear them under sweaters and button up shirts and have nothing showing underneath. It's a deep v. This way i don't have to wash my button ups and sweaters as often. . Less laundry happier life

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Best hanes men's white 6-pack v-neck t-shirts in review

Hanes is my go-to for undershirts. Absorbent and comfortable. And the v neck will show off your manly chest.

Q. Powell, Redcar and Cleveland

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B. Anonymous, Delaware says

I guess "soft" means the fabric is thinner than the last v necks i bought. These are comfortable and they didn't shrink much when washed. We will see if they are as durable as the 6 i bought about a year ago which were heavier and a little stiff. Those have been through about 50 washes each and wear like iron. For the price you can't beat these shirts (about 15 bucks! ). I'll update this review in about 6 months.

K. Nancy, Swindon

Very nice basic t-shirts. I ordered a six pack a few months ago and i was so please with the quality and fit of these that i just ordered another 6 pack. *these are best for under your clothes but i live in the caribbean and i find it perfectly light enough to be worn by itself*

. Pearson, New Mexico says

This is exactly what i expected for the price. The price is competitive and a bit better than at the store. After the first wash the cotton was still good and soft. However i can not say what will happen after 6 mos. The shirts are comparatively thin when matched against a high end brand such as calvin k. Or hugo boss but it is fine for daily wear.

. Mable, Kensington and Chelsea

A perfect large. Fit me well at 178 lbs and 5'10". Lightweight t with good stitching, no loose threads after washing a few times. Just like the v-neck hanes i bought 5 years ago. No complaints.

. Paula, Georgia says

Fit as expected , my husband really likes it i bought this as a gift to my husband and he really loves it the quality is really good . Start now i'm gonna buy here in online store this kind of inner shirt it's a really amazing product . My husband is 5"11 in height and i bought him medium size because he gonna wear this for work as inner shirt .

J. Broyles, Maine

My boyfriend loves these. He used to buy more expensive ones from polo and these are just as good. He wears them every day for work as an undershirt and these are lasting a lot longer than the polo ones. Great value!

R. Edna, North Dakota says

I wear these as undershirts for work and by themselves for working around the house. Been buying these for he last 4 years because they are so comfortable and are priced very well.

Z. Irene, Nottinghamshire

I bought a size larger than i needed, cos this material tends to shrink a bit after washing. The material is smooth and soft, and the tshirt is comfortable to wear. Its thinner than a previous set i bought, so it's definitely more suitable for warmer weather. . If the item shrinks no more than i expect, then i would upgrade to 5 stars

Y. Reed, Bradford says

Super-soft material, nice deep "v" neck means it doesn't show through an unbuttoned overshirt.

O. Taylor, Berlin

Thinner than jockeys but for a small fraction of the their cost. Large - the fit is good for me - cotton has more stretch than jockeys. I would buy these hanes again.

V. Shawna, Herefordshire says

Nice soft undershirts. These are long enough to be tucked in formal pants (which was my primary concern). They fit me just slightly loose, which i like, so i'd say they fit as expected.

. Veronica, Utah says

Somewhat large out of the bag, but they will shrink when put into the wash. They fit me fine after that. These are decent quality undershirts and holds up very well. I wear a pair every day for work. I would advise not wear them as a normal shirt. They are a little on the thin side so spring the extra money for a better quality shirt if that's your intention.

X. Isabel, Sandwell

I ordered l size for my husband. He is 5'8", 170lb. It is loose and somewhat large. Since he is using underwear for sleeping time, he likes it very much.

P. Joanna, South Tyneside says

I was a bit concerned with a few of the reviews, but these fit perfectly with a wide enough collar opening so that the t shirt doesn't show beneath an open-collared sport shirt. The fabric is a bit thinner than earlier samples, but i like a thinner shirt under shirt. Yes, i would buy these again.

N. Peggy, Delaware

High quality, very comfy and they're from hanes! great for a plain tee or for wearing under the polyester shirt that my restaurant makes me wear! light weight & clean easy. Shrink a very small amount, but still acceptable!

E. Elizabeth, North Yorkshire says

These tee-shirts are soft and comfortable and the lack of bothersome tags at the back of the neck is welcome. Although the sorts were a tiny bit snug, they were still comfortable and did not shrink (s i feared). So i plan to order some more.

M. Sheila, Manitoba

This will shrink a little, i counted on that and got a perfect fit. The 6 pack was a huge bargan too.

L. Claudia, Picardie says

It was time to replace my fruit of the loom undershirts that after many wearings and washings had shrunk and had the usual underarm stains, so i thought i'd try these. Some other reviewers thought they were very thin material, and although they might be a little thin, they are substantial enough. They were nice and long, extending probably 10 inches or so below my waist line. After having been washed one time, however, they shrunk probably two inches all around, so they are approaching the size of my previous shirts. Still big enough to avoid pulling out of the underpants with normal moving around. All in all i'm satisfied. I expect they will not shrink much more and they appear to be at least as good quality as others i have had.

S. Donna, Lorraine

Great cheap shirts. They do not fit tight a little lose but since i use them as under shirts for my dress shirts not a big deal. These are only meant as under shirts, if you want to wear them as regular shirts do not get these unless you like a lose look.

U. Emma, Lancashire says

What can i say? just like what you get at the mall but delivered to your house. Thought they were slightly larger than old ones but may shrink a little over time. Would certainly buy again.

Top /hanes white 6 pack v neck t shirts Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

C. Garner, Croydon says

I couldn't remember where i purchased these ts originally but wanted the exact same ones i already had because they lasted better than other brands and the fit was perfect. . The problem. Even though these are identical in name (i can still read the printed label in the original shirts) that's where the similarities end. These shrunk in the very first wash so much that they are a bit tight; not at all like the originals. . I continue to wear the new ones but i know every time i put them on. Today i am making another purchase of white, v-neck ts and i will not be purchasing these.

J. Cindy, Bath and North East Somerset

The main purpose of this type of t-shirt is to be able to wear an undershirt without it showing at the neck with a button-up shirt. The neck on this t-shirt is not deep enough, it shows if two buttons on the shirt are left unbuttoned, which is kind of a standard.

G. Betty, Prince Edward Island says

If you are not a lumberjack or linebacker, or less than 6' and 200 pounds, you are going to swim in a size small. I could tell upon removing these from the package they were way too large for my husband. My husband is by my measure a pretty average-sized guy at 5'10" and 160 pounds. Realized we'd ordered the slim fit ones last time, which are shorter and, well, slimmer. He does generally take the size small in slim fit for anything sized for the us, but this "small" is a lot over the top. They should offer a xs and xxs in this case, but i guess marketing studies say that men don't like ordering xs stuff, and us ladies don't like ordering xl stuff, so we just have this ridiculous and unrealistic array of sizes. Ugh!

N. Pearce, Tennessee

Lasted approx 4 months, and after some infrequent wear each, they have repeatedly shrunk to the point where they are getting too tight. Tight and scratchy. Now they go in the trash and i'm on the hunt for something better. Stay away - while they're still white, the mediums i bought (which originally fit/felt great) have shrunk into a tight-fitting less than medium crap.

S. Guest, East Riding of Yorkshire says

Not very good quality. The tees i buy at costco are better. Save your money and buy something else. The good: cheap price and free shipping with prime. The bad: poor quality fabric doesn't hold its shape. V-neck too deep, sleeve too short, fabric rough not smooth at all.

H. McCarthy, Oregon

Fit as expected. For the price paid, it's an acceptable undershirt. But you can easily see and feel that the fabric is not of the highest caliber (quality) but rather on the thin / flimsy side. They have gone only a couple of times through the laundry so far, but i have a feeling that they are not going to last me as long as some other better quality undershirts i own and wear for several years now. At the end you pay for what you get!

W. Jarvis, North Dakota says

These are the worst cotton shirts i've ever worn: they are thin, scratchy, with a yellow tint that turns grey when washed. I bought them because the reviews said they were thin, which means i would save dye when i tie dyed them. I thought the people who said they were scratchy were exaggerating, and wow was i mistaken. These feel like what i imagine it might feel like to wear a plastic burplap bag as a garment. I was experimenting with a new dye method so i used these as practice shirts, which is a shame because the actual dye job came out great, but these are unwearable. Complete trash. I think i will cut them up to use as kitchen towels because they are too rough to use as napkins. From now on i will only buy kirkland (costco brand) 100% cotton shirts because they are thick, soft and durable. It's so weird that these are terrible because i bought hanes size 4t shirts for my son and those are nice and soft.

A. Neva, Tower Hamlets

Second time buying these, a year ago the quality was great for the price and they fit perfectly. This time they're huge! tags still say medium but it's a dress. The quality of the fabric is also rougher. Looks like hanes decided to cheap out for some reason.

. Alberta, Georgia says

These t-shirts are absolutely horrible! they are too big, really thin, and poorly made. We compared them to older hanes t-shirts my husband has and are simply shocked at how shabby the new ones are in comparison. We cannot recommend that anyone buy these hanes t-shirts. In fact, we will not buy anything else from hanes from hereon in.

M. Kristen, Colorado

According to hanes website a medium fits chest size 38-40in. I bought the medium size. My chest is 42in. Out of the package, this fits loose. The fabric is super thin. Let's see how many washes this tee survives.

L. Zelda, Birmingham says

The texture of these undershirts is pretty rough brand new. After one wash these shrunk and became more rough. Since it was a six-pack, for a few i tried washing on cold and hang drying - they also shrunk and the texture became more rough. They seems are even coming apart now after only a few wears. I'd say these are about rag-quality and should be avoided if you want to wear them.

O. Erickson, Norfolk

These are ok, but i don't like them for undershirts because they are too loose fitting. I believe they have a slim fit option and those fit better to stay snug under a polo or other shirt. The tagless is a good option to use, but just not a good fit and a little larger than expected.

B. Pearson, Warrington says

One shirt had knife cuts in it when pulled from the package. The material is painfully thin, when i pulled one on , the shirt ripped. The others feel like they will last no more than 2-3 washings. Terrible product.

R. June, Ohio

This isn't the hanes brand i know and love. They are short and made out of a very light, scratchy, generally awful material. Barely held up after the 1st wash. . I wonder if hane's makes these specifically for online store? i've never seen a shirt of there's this bad.

K. Matherly, Brandenburg says

Many of them were damaged in our pack that we bought. Not holes, but weird threading patterns in certain areas of the shirt. If you've ever put an iron that's too hot on silk and damaged it- that's what it looked like in a lot of areas on the shirts.

Z. Jackson, Delaware

These work for what i am using them for. Unfortunately, one of the shirts came with a tear/ run in the front of the shirt.

Q. Yvette, Virginia says

Worst undershirts i've ever bought. The fabric is very scratchy, thin, and loosely knit. It was also larger than expected. All these things got a little bit better after a few washes, but these are still bad compared to other hanes, old navy, etc. I've bought before. Also, the v-neck is oddly low-cut and sorta droopy. I think i'll stick to buying undershirts in physical stores where i can see and feel it first.

U. Veronica, Kansas

I was trying to replace hanes v-neck shirts i bought 3 years ago. Both the sizing and the quality of cotton seemed to have changed. I'm a 41 in chest, the large was way to large and the medium was skin tight. But the worst part is that the cotton is cheaper and scratchier than it used to me. I compared tags and it is now made/sourced in a different country. I turned these into car wash rags and bought private label pima cotton v necks from my local club store and they are 100x better.

. Suzanne, Sunderland says

I have some hanes t-shirts that have seen their better day. Thought i would buy more on online store instead of a local store. Received the package and was disappointed with the weight of the t-shirts. Pretty thin. My older versions were a bit thicker. These will do for now but i don't expect them to last very long after numerous washings. Maybe i'll be surprised. For my picture, old t-shirt on the left and new t-shirt on the right

T. Weber, Kentucky

The shirts are too thin and the sizing is incorrect. The medium according to the chart is for 32-34 but on the package a medium is for 38-40 so it's far too big for all the recipients that i purchased this item for. I have to return them all.

E. Margaret, Hammersmith and Fulham says

These would be great if i ordered a smaller size. I fit perfectly into mediums but thanks to america's ever-growing waist lines, these are too big to effectively be under shirts. I'd order again but a size smaller. Super cheap, so it's not a big deal.

I. Judith, Washington

I wear these shirts year round. I was disappointed in the quality this time. The cotton is not like it used to be. The texture is tougher and the material is thinner than it used to be. This was disappointing but the cut is still the same.

V. Teresa, Idaho says

I use these as undershirts beneath button up shirts at work. Arrived and out of the box seemed very large but shrunk to true-to-size and remained that way after one wash and dry cycle. After a few weeks of wearing these in i've got no material complaints. They are an undershirt, they fit and haven't totally fallen apart. I will note that costco make a similar kirkland v-neck from time to time that felt much softer and more pleasant after the same amount of use. I'll likely try that as my next round of undershirt.

D. Delgado, City of Bristol

I expected a better quality of cotton. It was somewhat coarse and scratchy even after washing. Not the same quality i have been accustomed to. I am going to give them several more washings to see if the material will soften up. It does not feel at all like pima cotton.

. Cassella, Tennessee says

Wayyyyy too large. I am a medium t-shirt guy, always. Even the suggested size matched to medium. Fits like a blimp. Goes down to my knees (almost). Do not buy if you plan on wearing them as an undershirt for an untucked shirt like i did

X. Glenda, Haute-Normandie

These hanes shirts have definitely changed over time. They have definitely gotten thinner and feel cheaper, but more importantly, they fit like the human form wasn't remotely considered in their design. I get that they won't be the best quality for the price and i'm cool with that, but it's gotten to the point where i just can't wear these shirts.

P. Kellie, Centre says

I have been a hanes customer for years. In fact the t-shirts i am replacing with these new ones are hanes. The difference in quality was apparent upon opening the package. I decided not to let the appearance drive my review. Instead, i waited until after i had a chance to wear them to formulate an opinion. The quality of the fabric is clearly lower, and feels more abrasive against my skin than my older ones. While the older t-shirts lasted several years these clearly won't especially since i found one already falling apart after one wear and wash. I've included photos of the new t-shirts and one comparing the old one to the new.

Y. Nielsen, Kingston upon Thames

I've purchased hanes undershirts for years, but don't care for these at all. They're small, rough and flimsy. This seems to be a step down from their "higher" level of undershirt. Shame on me for not reading the label more closely.

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