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Price was 16. I wish they would use numbers for sizing. The underwear is just a touch small its ok just not quit like it should be. I ordered large because my size falls into the sizing on there chart. The next jump up on there chart would be to big for me. The good news is they did not shrink when washed and i, m sure the elastic will streak a bit after few more washings. The quality is par with other name brands that i have purchased in the past.

-K. Walsh

Men’s 7-pack Full-cut The Hanes Mens Black And Gray Full Cut Briefs Features An Elastic Waistband For Custom Fit, A Seamless Seat And Tagless Design For Comfort, As Well As An Open Fly. -Hanes Ultimate Men’s 7-pack Full-cut Briefs

  1. Items: Fresh Iq Advanced Odor Protection Technology Attacks Odor-causing Bacteria In Your Clothing To Help You Feel Fresh All Day.
  2. Items: Tagless For Itch-free Comfort.

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Nicely made. Went by other reviwers' comments, and ordered a larger size. Big mistake! these seemed to be sized as should be. I'm hoping washing in hot water will shrink them a bit. Very surprised by others' comments regarding size. I depend heavily on what other viewers have to say, but am puzzled by their comments this time. They are sized correctly as far as i can see. I give them 5 stars since mistake was mine. Best men's 7-pack full-cut | Hanes Men S Underwear-Underwear Review ( Sep 2019 ) Items Hanes Ultimate Men's 7-Pack Full-Cut Briefs Premium comfortsoft cotton fabric is super soft. Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day. Tagless for itch-free comfort. Comfortflex waistband that keeps it shape. Full-cut for comfort. Cotton/polyester .

Hanes ultimate men's 7-pack full-cut briefs Review (Hanes Ultimate)

I don't have a lot to say about this product because, frankly, it gives me the willies to have you reading this while imagining me in my underwear. That being said, these are soft, comfortable, good elastic around the top, properly sized, and i like the fact that they come in various shades of grey and black - allowing me to make believe that my skivvy drawer actually belongs to batman. Seriously, a good product at a good price. Now stop thinking of me in my briefs. Seriously, cut it out. -A. Heidi

Hanes Ultimate 7 Pack Full Cut Briefs

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Hanes Ultimate
  3. Color: Black/ Grey
  4. Manufacturer: Hanes Men's Underwear
  5. Model: 7764L7
  6. Total Items: 7
  7. Quantity: 7
  8. Type: Apparel
  9. Category: UNDERWEAR

men's 7-pack full-cut Apparel, The hanes mens black and gray full cut briefs features an elastic waistband for custom fit, a seamless seat and tagless design for comfort, as well as an open fly. Hanes Ultimate Men's 7-pack Full-cut Briefs (7764L7-Hanes Ultimate).

Hanes Ultimate 7 Pack Full Cut Briefs Apparel

  • Received the correct size and they fit as expected. Order the size you're normally used to. The leg holes are a little flimsy, so the fit isn't perfect, but for the price, they're a good buy. -. I read several reviews regarding these briefs before making my purchase and most of them said they tended to run smaller than normal, so i ordered the next size up from what i normally wear and they are way too big. I do like the underwear, so i'm returning them for the correct size.
  • My husband wears underwear until the briefs are ripped to shreds. It must be a man thing. Lol i bought him a new package of these briefs, and he didn't even notice how not ripped they were, or how not stretched out and faded they were. . My husband is a slim 5' 9"-162 pounds, and he likes his underwear to be a little on the loose side, so he wears the extra large. They are a little loose around the thighs, but they fit perfectly at the waist, so extra large isn't huge. . They can be washed and dried over and over, and they hold up extremely well. They are all cotton and very comfy to wear. The price is excellent. No complaints at all.
  • Hanes men's briefs are declining in quality over time. I've purchased this exact same item from online store in previous years without any problems, but my most recent purchases had a terrible fit right out of the package. . The problem with fit is not about size, but about the cut of the briefs. The leg holes are too big, which leaves an uncomfortable gap between the testicles and the legs. Also, the "high rise" of the briefs is so high that the waist band sits over my belly button, way above the hips. . I do not recommend these at all. I will be looking for another brand to wear instead.
  • Gigantic leg openings with a long narrow crotch - almost as if they were designed for a woman. This is the exact reason why i switched over from fotl, which used to fit perfectly till they 're-sized' them. Hanes are pretty much just as unwearable. Do underwear manufacturers not see how this is a problem? they offer very little support if any, which is the exact reason why one would wear briefs. They do not form a pocket and since the leg openings are so huge, my balls are either spilling out or my scrotum sticks to the side of my legs. I am constantly having to fix myself and if i pull up the back so it keeps my front parts in place my buttcheeks hang out the back! ridiculous!
  • This review is based on a comparison. I have happily worn dockers briefs for years, but when it came time for new duds, i didn't see the color options i wanted from dockers and decided to try these hanes briefs. I like blue. They just seem less substantial and are not nearly as comfortable. I think the value for purchase price is very good, i just should have purchased the quality i was accustomed to. You'll probably love these unless you have been wearing dockers for several years.

men's 7-pack full-cutHanes Ultimate Men's 7-Pack Full-Cut Briefs (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The waist band keeps its shape even after multiple washes. I wash underwear in hot water, sometimes on the sanitize setting, with no noticeable fading. I purchased the hanes 7 pack two years ago, liked them enough to order them again. In the two years there was never a hole, tear, or break in the seams. When held up to the light i could see the seat was starting to wear thin. I have a 38" waist and found them to be very comfortable over the entire two years of wash and wear.

Hanes Ultimate Men's 7-pack Full-cut Briefs
Click to see NoticeHanes Ultimate Men's 7-pack Full-cut Briefs (Underwear)"After ordering and before arrival i'd thought the legs would be tight. However that was not the case. They fit as well as those i currently own. To that extent they are awesome. . Like many products over the years companies have changed the quality of their goods to keep cost down. Their "classic" as its called would not be my 1st choice however for the price is still a good buy. As an after thought i wish they offered a better quality i may have purchased it instead. . Overall i am well pleased with the product as it was described and upon its arrival. I would recommend."

(0) Question: So if my husband wears 34/36 what size should i buy?

(1) Question: What does " full cut" mean?

(2) Question: Is the waste band strechable

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Hanes Men's FreshIQ Brief Multi-Pack

Red label tag less comfort flex waistband brief

Hanes Men's FreshIQ Brief Multi-PackHanes-Mens-FreshIQ-Brief-Multi-Pack

Price :    —
  • Pack of cotton briefs with each featuring comfortflex elastic waistband with repeating logo
  • Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day
  • Money back comfort guarantee
  • Comfort flex waist and moves with you and keeps its shape wash after wash
  • Soft cotton knit
Brand :    hanes
Color :    White
Model :    2252P7
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's FreshIQ Brief Multi-Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's White 6-Pack V-Neck T-Shirts

Fit as expected , my husband really likes it i bought this as a gift to my husband and he really loves it the quality is really good . Start now i'm gonna buy here in online store this kind of inner shirt it's a really amazing product . My husband is 5"11 in height and i bought him medium size because he gonna wear this for work as inner shirt .

The hanes mens white 6-pack v-neck t-shirt in the lightweight breathable comfort of 100% cotton makes a great first layer.

Hanes Men's White 6-Pack V-Neck T-ShirtsHanes-White-6-Pack-V-Neck-T-Shirts

Hanes Men's White 6-pack V-neck T-shirts FAQ.

I wear these as undershirts for work and by themselves for working around the house. Been buying these for he last 4 years because they are so comfortable and are priced very well. -Notice from R. Edna, North Dakota

Click to Show hanes men's white 6-pack v-neck t-shirts Details

Love haines underwear. Middle of the road fit and value. I ordered a size larger than recommended as they due shrink somewhat. I personally like the fact that they are not too long like some others. Use them for night shirts.

Hanes-men's-white-6-pack-v-neck-t-shirts set picture

- Y. ReedSuper-soft material, nice deep "v" neck means it doesn't show through an unbuttoned overshirt.

A perfect large. Fit me well at 178 lbs and 5'10". Lightweight t with good stitching, no loose threads after washing a few times. Just like the v-neck hanes i bought 5 years ago. No complaints.

. Mable, Kensington and Chelsea

Brand :    hanes
Color :    White
Model :    777VP6
Quantity :    6
Order click here :    -
  • White
  • Tagless
  • Short sleeve
  • Pack of 6
  • Ribbed v-neck
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's White 6-Pack V-Neck T-Shirts available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Mens Active Crew 6-Pack 185/6

Enjoy a softer step with these cushion crew socks. Extra-thick cushion shields your foot from impact. Comfortable stay-up top. Reinforced heel and toe.

Hanes Mens Active Crew 6-Pack 185/6Hanes-Mens-Active-6-Pack-185

Price :    —
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Comfortable stay-up top
  • Extra-thick cushion shields your foot from impact
Brand :    hanes
Model :    185/6
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Hanes Mens Active Crew 6-Pack 185/6 available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

I've been ordering these regularly. This particular batch tends to shred lose threads from the inside, an effect i haven't noticed in previous orders. The fit and feel remain good - whether there's an impact on durability / product lifetime remains to be seen.

Premium comfortable cotton crew length socks feature aquafx technology to keep feet dry. Full cushion sole provides extra comfort and foot protection. Reinforced comfort toe for long lasting wear which makes this a favorite gold toe style.

Gold Toe Men s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic SockGold-Toe-6-Pack-Cotton-Athletic

Gold Toe Men S 6-pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock (Sockshosiery) FAQ.

These are some of my favorite, most comfortable socks. They fit great and dont ride down on my calves. I found that once they start to get old, they have a tendency to ride down, which is a good indication that a new set should be ordered! -Notice from T. Lindsey, Rhone-Alpes

Click to Show gold toe men s 6-pack cotton crew athletic sock (sockshosiery) Details

I really like these socks. They're not too thin or too thick, just right. And the fit is perfect. I already owned several pair of the sshort version for summer. I liked them so much, i stocked up on these longer ones for winter. I bought 12 pair and the price was great, too.

Gold-toe-men-s-6-pack-cotton-crew-athletic-sock-(sockshosiery) set picture

- E. SusanI am someone who wears socks all the time. I am almost never in bare feet, so my socks get worn down fairly quickly. I have been very pleased with these socks. I have never gotten a hole in the toe area, and the only times i have gotten holes is when the socks catch on something, or i have worn them for a very long time. I have purchased at least 4-5 packages of socks, and will continue to use these socks as my socks of choice. They are strong, they last, and are very comfortable. Also, they fit very well. I highly recommend them.

I have a small foot size 7. 5- 8. What i do is wash and dry them before i wear them and they will stretch to fit your foot. I can tell that if i was a size 10 they still would fit. Kindof "form" fitting. They work. And i will buy them again. Actually, this is my 3rd set.

O. Ruby, East Riding of Yorkshire

Price :    —
  • Big and tall extended size
  • 6 pair pack with long lasting reinforced toe and full cushioned foot
  • Aquafx moisture control keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Made with super soft cotton
  • Smooth comfort toe seam
Brand :    gold toe
Color :    Parent
Size :    10-13
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    656S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's 10-Pack Crew Socks

Crew socks that keep your feet comfortable all day long

Hanes Men's 10-Pack Crew SocksHanes-Mens-10-Pack-Crew-Socks

Brand :    hanes ultimate
Model :    184V12
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's 10-Pack Crew Socks available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Full cushioned bottom for added comfort
  • Soft cotton blend crew sock with a touch of spandex for better fit
  • Convenient 10 pack
  • Reinforced toe and heel for extra durability

Fruit of Loom Men's Assorted Fashion Brief Pack of 6

Fruit of the loom men's 6 pack assorted color fashion briefs

Fruit of Loom Men's Assorted Fashion Brief Pack of 6Fruit-Loom-Assorted-Fashion-Brief

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    6P4610
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Men's Assorted Fashion Brief Pack of 6 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Mid-rise style and comfort
  • Plush-backed waistband
  • Naturally soft cotton

Hanes Men's Tagless No-Ride-Up Briefs ComfortSoft Waistband, 6-Pack

Hanes men's tag less no ride up briefs with comfort soft waistband

Hanes Men's Tagless No-Ride-Up Briefs ComfortSoft Waistband, 6-PackHanes-Tagless-No-Ride-Up-ComfortSoft-Waistband

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted
Size :    Large
Weight :    0.78 pounds
Model :    7820N6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Tag-free designs for itch-free comfort
  • This is an assortment, colors may vary from the image
  • Six-pack of assorted briefs with each featuring mid-rise styling and fabric-covered comfort waistband
  • Fresh iq advanced odor protection technology attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing to help you feel fresh all day
  • Note: customer can receive any assortment of colors
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Tagless No-Ride-Up Briefs ComfortSoft Waistband, 6-Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's 7-Pack Classic Tagless Briefs

With a 7-pack of hanes men's classic tagless briefs in your drawer, every day will be hanes day. Super-soft ring spun fabric, a full cut design and a plush, comfort flex waistband ensure you experience the ultimate in comfort from the very first moment you put on these mens briefs.

Hanes Men's 7-Pack Classic Tagless BriefsHanes-7-Pack-Classic-Tagless-Briefs

Brand :    hanes
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's 7-Pack Classic Tagless Briefs available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Comfort flex waistband
  • Pack of 7
  • No ride-up design
  • Ring spun fabric
  • Assorted blues

Hanes Men's 6-Pack X-Temp Mid Rise Briefs

The hanes men's x-temp comfort cool briefs 6-pack are a great addition to any wardrobe. Hanes x-temp technology is designed to adapt to your temperature and activity to keep you cool and dry for all day comfort. And now with freshiq advanced odor protection technology that attacks odor-causing bacteria in your clothing, these briefs are even better than before. They feature a soft comfort flex waistband that won't pinch or bind and they're tagless so you do not have to deal with scratchy labels.

Hanes Men's 6-Pack X-Temp Mid Rise BriefsHanes-Mens-6-Pack-X-Temp-Briefs

Brand :    hanes
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort and colors and prints may vary
  • X-temp technology is designed to adapt to your temperature and activity to keep you cool and dry
  • Moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry
  • Now with freshiq advanced odor protection technology that helps keep odors at bay
Price :    —
Model :    MXB6A6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's 6-Pack X-Temp Mid Rise Briefs available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's 4-Pack ComfortBlend Dyed Briefs

Hanes briefs with super soft quick-drying comfort blend fabric that shrinks less and keeps its shape.

Hanes Men's 4-Pack ComfortBlend Dyed BriefsHanes-Mens-4-Pack-ComfortBlend-Briefs

Price :    —
  • Traditional fly
  • Comfort flex waistband keeps its shape wash after wash
  • Super soft, cotton rich comfort blend fabric dries fast and resists shrinkage
  • Assorted colors. colors may vary
  • Tag-free design for itch-free comfort
Brand :    hanes
Model :    7500M4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's 4-Pack ComfortBlend Dyed Briefs available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Ultimate Men's 7-pack Full-cut Briefs (Underwear) Price : 16, was : 0 as 2018-07-02
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The F.A.Q. for Hanes Ultimate Men's 7-pack Full-cut Briefs (Underwear)

I purchased these with the intent of using them with a small packer but i was silly and forgot that when men's products refer to waist sizes that it means where the product will actually fall on the hips and not the smallest part of your waist. That's why i put down that it's a tad small (i bought a size small and the smallest part of my waist is 31" but where the product actually falls is 33-34" on me). Also, the waistband doesn't have too much give but that just means it's sturdy. Unfortunately, they're not too soft and they're actually a little sheer, but i don't mind it myself. Overall, if i were to lose all of my purchase somehow, i would definitely buy again but in a size larger.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: I am a 38 waist will these shrink. should i go up a size?

(1) Question: What size waist is medium?

(2) Question: Are these briefs mid rise or high rise?

(3) Question: How does s, m, large, xl, etc relate to wasite size. ie is l. aobut a 36. or xl a 38, etc?

(4) Question: What kind of packaging does it come in? like a box?

(5) Question: Why is there no xxl size?

(6) Question: Does the elastic around the leg opening hold up (and keep things in)?

(7) Question: Is this a cheap knockoff like most products on online store?

(8) Question: Are they tagless?

(9) Question: Goes back and forth on reviews. so, do they shrink when washed and dried? thanks mike

(10) Question: Is there a fly?

(11) Question: What sizes do the medium and large fit?

(12) Question: Is this style 7764w7 the same as style 120442?

(13) Question: Do they stay in place in the crotch all day long

(14) Question: How do i specify waist size numerically? i need a size 34, but 'medium' was too small. i'm afraid large woulsd be too big!

(15) Question: Has hanes recently upsized the fit of their briefs by making them fuller cut in the rear? last pkg gaped in the butt for my fit and athletic hubby.

(16) Question: Are these good to exercise in?

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Really nice underwear. I'm a 38 and i bought xl. Just right. I admit i don't dote on underwear. I've always been a white jockey shorts guy because i am not showing off to anybody. But in the last 6 months i have tried some different styles. Boxers, eh, i love them to sleep in but they aren't what i want most of the time or at the gym in gym shorts. I tried some all wool little skimpy thin thing that cost plenty but is least of all. I always want to pull them up, at least to cover . Well, my hair line. I'll never buy more. So how did i come to buy these. Well, i have a lot of colored stuff i figure i can wash together now. Am i wrong? either way i like the fit and feel of these.

Briefs 2175401, Clothing 8560401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Men 1101447417, Underwear 6075401Top Hanes Ultimate Men's 7-pack Full-cut Briefs (Underwear) FAQ Content

Best hanes ultimate men's 7-pack full-cut briefs (underwear) in review

It seems to have become very slightly smaller overall than the same shape hane's briefs i used before (4-5 years ago). The quality is the same as before, but the color of the brief is blue tone, so i like it more than the previous 'black + gray 'series. (personal taste difference). (the important point is )these are 'cheap and practical' briefs, not for sports or fashion accessories! . In my case, i purchased a size bigger ones for 'easy wear' at home. It is a good idea to purchase a 'small quantity' of briefs first, then try on them and purchase a 'large quantity' of briefs. Because the shape of the lower body (ratio of hip and leg) is different for each person.

D. Cageen, Torbay

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. Claudia, Doncaster says

I never thought i would be so happy to get underwear in my life. I had purchased a pack of these from a big box store a couple of years ago and loved them so much. Well, times moved on and unfortunately, that big box store no longer carried this particular cut. I was so happy to find them here so i immediately ordered some. So happy. . They fit great, no pulling or tugging at all. Often feels as if i am not wearing any at all. They can withstand many washings so they will last you a good long while. The waistband does not cut off circulation like some other cuts do. They are stretchy, yet snug at the same time so they rarely slip out of place. They have plenty of room up front for your bits and breathe quite well. . I would definitely get these again. I sincerely hope they never stop making this cut.

M. Kellie, Luton

I feel these run somewhat small and had to order another package in a larger size for my average size 17 year-old. He likes the colors and they are a nice change from the tighty whiteys. I haven't laundered them yet but will later today. If they don't launder satisfactorily i will update this review. . I do highly recommend hanes underwear. It's a good reliable brand and has served my guys well since they were little boys.

Y. Helen, Manitoba says

Very comfortable and are holding up quite well after many washings. I am very happy with this product.

O. Jacqueline, Manchester

I am a briefs guy, white briefs in particular. I've bought and worn many brands over many years. Therefore, i consider myself an expert. This may be the only area of my expertise. Well, now, to the subject at hand. . I admit i was skeptical when i bought these hanes briefs. I think it was the brand. Somehow buried in my underwear memory, perhaps from my teen years, was a recollection of a bad experience with hanes briefs. But i tossed that aside and bravely ordered the hanes ultimate freshiq full-cut briefs. . I've worn them for 7 or 8 months now. The medium size is slightly on the small size, but not uncomfortably so. The cotton is soft and seems to be holding up well. But the really good news here is the fly. . I've often lamented that designers of men's briefs do not appear to understand the male anatomy. I concluded this from the usually-non-functional fly of most briefs. (this is a family-friendly review; so i won't go into more detail. ) suffice it to say that hanes has finally *nailed* the fly design with these briefs. You can actually use the fly! this is a major advance in briefs technology.

J. Isabel, Cumbria says

Fantastico! nothing makes me more happy then talking about my underwear to complete strangers on the interwebs. . These fit great, and protect me bottom? that sounds way too good to be true but read on! . While also ensuring nobody can see my unmentionables, they also come in several super fashionable yet conservative colors! outstanding. Oh what marvels this civilized race has developed! without underwear what savages would we still be? . . I have yet to put them through the chipotle-away test, but believe me that's coming. It's taco week for me. And unless something unexpected happens, like the chemistry involved in the fabric of these has a bad reaction with the chemistry of the biologically processed chipotle, uhm. What was i talking about again? . . Underwear-n! now you are playing with power!

E. Alberta, Cornwall

These are so comfortable that i now where these every day. My previous ones have been tossed into the trash. I was a little worried that one color, the heather, had polyester in it. I don't like polyester but i did not notice the difference. Good set of basic colors.

V. Benton, Vermont says

My only complaint about these things is the advertising. Do we really need to have "hanes" posted on our underwear? i get the designer calvin klein thing, but hanes is not exactly an elite brand. Just gimme plain old underwear! quality over the years has definitely gone down, and lucky to get a years worth of use out of these before they fall apart. I guess i like them well enough that i bought another package. Overall i like this particular fit.

G. McCarthy, Limousin

I couldn't see myself spending mega-bucks for underpants, but i'm a senior and i'm not concerned so much about a little "sweat and stink" as other high-priced products advertise, my dating days are over and i'm no longer out to "impress", my days of commando boxers and the pride of the "bulge" are over. I'll be so relieved when designers and well known purveyors of men's clothing recognize that even men have sensitive skin issues and have made the decision to remove irritating tags from their products, can't tell you how many t-shirts, undies and shirts i've destroyed over the years removing tags, i am still seeking shirts with breast pockets so the "murse" isn't a necessary "accessory", but i digress. I only give these a 4 star since i question the durability of the material, only time will tell. These are utile and comfortable at an affordable price, what more could i ask for

. Donna, Merton says

These are good underwear for the price. They seem a bit baggy, but they are all cotton, (well 79%). And will probably shrink up a bit after a wash or 2, so will probably be all right. I like that they are simple generic underwear, with no itchy tag, made of soft cotton and the wide elastic waist band and in blue's. This type of underwear used to only come in white and you had to pay extra for color and niceties. Reasonably priced good underwear.

C. Carmen, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

After a thorough search i finally found comfortable underwear. I'm 50+ years old and very traditional when it comes to underwear. I've tried major name brands but their version of a full cut brief has changed. The last few brands i've tried sit lower and feel like bikini briefs. I always use the same size but i found these other brands tight around the legs and thin fabric. Finally, hanes came around. These are true full cut briefs and sit more at the waist and feel comfortable around the legs. I don't really notice the waistband since it does not bind.

U. Wayt, Iowa says

Better than going commando. White briefs discolor over time, colored briefs can be a bit too wild. Black and grey are great for business professional who tends to go to meetings wearing only his underwear. Not a buisness professional? well, fake it 'til you make it.

S. Barbara, Milton Keynes says

Full cut as noted, means they are at the top of the thigh, nothing on the thigh, and not a bikini or something with a tight small sack around the scrotum/genitalia. I am a 35" waist and the medium fits fine, but if anything towards a little higher than loose. After about 6 months of use and washing on ecowarm setting (tepid? ) and regular dryer temp, the elastic on the thigh and waste have held up. Overall i'm happy.

T. Franklin, Herefordshire

My husband loves these and it's the only brand he likes. Evidently the light grey now has some polyester in it. This is odd to me. In some women's clothing, grey t-shirts have poly in them? but the undies always fit, last forever and when i can hold them to the light and see through them, they get tossed and buy new ones.

Q. Marguerite, North Carolina says

Love them. They come in 3 shades: light gray, dark gray, and black. The stretch band is strong but not bothersome; the material seems quite good. There's no physical label to chafe you-the information is printed onto the back of each unit. I liked these so much i re-ordered to get more of them and am considering ordering them a third time. I think the price is a good one too.

. Kimberly, Northumberland

These are the most comfortable underwear i have ever had! it is a combination of the fabric and the waist band; everything has a soft feel and lots of stretch so they conform to your needs. I instantly ordered a second package and took all of my white, regular cotton units, out of my drawer. A note: all in the package were 100$ cotton except the gray pair; they are 75% cotton & 25% polyester. I would like to buy a package of all-gray if possible. ?

L. Maria, Kansas says

Great underwear, only reason why they lost 1 star from me was because of the elastic band holding it together, ordered the same size i've always used forever, as i don't grow in waist sizes who knows why (ツ) / , anyho the elastic band felt very constricting when compare with the other fruit company i've always used. . They should work on the elastic bands a bit more, that's why i've given them 4 stars

Z. Erin, Florida

Purchased for my husband. He is brand specific and so i ordered the exact same brand and size as i always have before, but these ones he says are looser in the crotch area. He said completely the same everywhere else, but he feels "free" and occasionally he has some peek-a-boo action going on.

F. Wilson, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I used to buy the dockers until they changed their sizing and lowered their quality. These are perfect for me. Comfortable to wear around the house, and supportive enough for tennis matches. At first i didn't believe the sizing guide: i'm a 34, and bought a large. When i realized they were too big, i followed the chart and got a medium, which fits perfectly.

P. Cecilia, Barnsley

The only underwear i'll buy i have the gray collection and the blue's collection. The fit and the quality are perfect well worth the few extra bucks compared to the lower end hanes out there. They don't ride up and most importantly they don't pinch the boys or cause any discomfort. I switched to the ultimate brand a few years ago and couldn't be more happy.

R. Gina, Ile-de-France says

I know i sound like a woman when i say this (so i've swallowed my pride and publish this only for the benefit of others) but these are really soft and comfortable and fit better than any other briefs i've ever worn. I typically purchased what seemed to be the best bargain and didn't consider the possibility of a genuine difference in comfort. These are roughly twice the cost of the hanes "basic" briefs, but even so they are only about $2. 00 a pair - so they aren't expensive (and nowhere near what women have to pay for their "stuff. ") by the way, these come in either various shades of blue and various shades of gray/charcoal. They are the same fabric (i have both) but the gray/charcoal cost is currently substantially less than the blue pack. So unless you plan on walking around town in your underwear, save your money and get the dark colors.

Top /hanes ultimate 7 pack full cut briefs Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

G. Newell, Enfield says

. Some of them in the package are 25% polyester. Front of package says "100% cotton", but details on the back on an added tag glued to package and the tag on the heather briefs says "75% cotton/25%polyester". Disappointing! they fit fine and are comfortable, but i wish the label was accurate as i prefer not to wear polyester.

V. Susan, Connecticut

The. Worst. . Leg openings start out normal and within an hour of putting them on they are stretched out like a hoop skirt. I usually use that as a sign that my briefs have reached the end of their useful life and waste no time in sending them to the place where old underwear goes.

B. Rowe, North Somerset says

The sizing of the waist is fine, and the lack of a sewed in label is great. I found that i cannot wear these because the "pouche" does not hold. You into the underwear. I wore 3 pairs thinking it was just one but they are ill fitting. The price point is great, but if you cannot wear them, what is the point.

O. Olga, Bromley

I don't know what happened, but what used to be my favorite brief due to the snug, but confident fit around the legs and no-roll waistband, fell from grace. Expecting the new batch to fit more snugly than the washed-out ones they replaced, i was disappointed to discover that they were in some cases worse than the old ones these were to replace. It was as though some of them have no leg elastic at all sewn into the leg openings. Further, the waistband on some of them roll, making them even more uncomfortable. I'm done with hanes briefs.

L. Elanor, Barnsley says

Fit as expected. Only problem is the sewing. All came looking like that. Way to go hanes.

J. Williams, Arkansas

I'm certain these briefs (size 28-30) are meant for girls who like wearing men's underwear. The seat fits like girl's lingerie and the cup allows no room for the male package. Absolutely no room. Compared to other brands, hanes completely misses the mark in sizing. I figured size medium would work, since small was too small; but, medium is just as bad, though in the opposite way-far too much room and horrible quality (leg holes different sizes, sides are different lengths, waistband isn't sown uniformly, and the stitching looks like it's about to come apart). On the positive side: the colors are great; though i wish underwear companies would realize men don't want the company name printed where it can be seen. Secondly, they're not bad for washing windows.

W. Clara, Australian Capital Territory says

I've been purchasing this same underwear (medium size) for quite a while. I've noticed a gradual decline in the quality over the past 6 months to a year. This purchase was absolutely the worst. Three of the underwear were too small. Four of them fit ok but all felt different when putting them on. The quality control for this style of hanes underwear has diminished greatly to the point where it's almost non existent. I loved them for the longest time, but now i've got to start shopping around for something new. My guess is new management decided that it's not broken, so let's fix it. Big mistake! or else they moved their operation someplace with cheap production cost and no quality control.

. Franklin, Calderdale

Last briefs i had were made by dockers. They were five star. I guess dockers doesn't make briefs any longer. With these briefs, the material is thin - like they wanted to make a good brief, but decided to make more money or something - so they skimped on the amount of material they used. Just ok, but not great.

C. Teresa, Colorado says

The fit of these underwear is excellent, great waist size and height. The elastic they used around the legs is horrible! within a half hour of wearing, they are so stretched out that they are rendered useless. Imagine completely cutting the elastic off of each of the leg holes and that is exactly what these feel like. I travel for a living and was unable to wear them right away and i missed my return window, so now i am stuck with $20 worth of utterly useless underwear. Don't make the same mistake i did, avoid these. In my 37 years on earth they are the worst briefs i have ever worn.

S. Claudia, Redbridge

Incorrect product and style received. I feel that i have been ripped off on this one. I would not bother buy again after getting 5 pcs out of the advertised 7 pcs and different product style.

Z. Brendon, Kensington and Chelsea says

Wow, you'd think a company that sells underwear for living could make a better product. It's underwear for cryin out loud! all the other reviews that talk about the leg elastic giving out after 1 wash aren't exaggerating like i thought they were. One & done baby. Leg hole elastic is gone after one wash & even worse, the fly doesn't stay closed to keep the junk where it's supposed to be. I'm going back to the other brand for good.

F. Nellie, Montana

At first, i loved these. The fabric appeared to be of an excellent quality quality, and the fit was incredible. I purchased these items in december of 2015. . By july of 2017, the elastic on the underwear appeared to lose its elasticity. It was all stretched out to the point where the underwear probably would have been good for someone with a waist of 4-6 inches more than what i was. For me, this made them totally unusable. The fabric held up nicely though. There were no holes or anything. . I suppose that if you think that a year and a half or so of use for 9 dollars and change is ok, then these are great. I just expected them to last a lot longer, hence the 2 star rating. . Personally, i'm not sure that i would buy these again. I used to love hanes though.

P. Cortney, New Mexico says

I love these underwear, when they have elastic in both legs. The only problem is that almost every pair the left leg opening has very little elastic. So, while the right leg is nice and snug with good elastic, the left leg is flapping wide open with no support at all. I opened a couple packs and washed them only to then realize the left leg problem. At least 5-6 of the 7 pairs are like this. I'm not imagining it either. I asked my wife to look at them. She just howls at how they fit. The right is nice and snug and the left is left open to let it all out. They're very disappointing to say the least. I hate to risk opening any other packs only to find i can wear just a couple of them. The manufacturer has to know of this problem. And, for you naysayers, i measured the circumference of both of my thighs because i too thought maybe my left leg is smaller. They are amazingly the exact same size within a 1/2 inch.

Q. Cassella, Suffolk

Purchased less than a year ago. The quality is completely gone. These were paper thin when i purchased; so there was a concern. At this juncture, almost all pairs have either partially ripped away from the waist band, the waist band elastic has failed, or both. (no, i didn't gain a lot of weight). Won't be buying from hanes again.

M. Glenda, Rotherham says

They don't last! . They were a little big when i purchased them 2 years ago; but over time they expanded so much that they're now 2 sizes too large, and don't fit at all. The entire fabric expanded, not just the elastic. In contrast, costco brand briefs that i purchased 4 years ago still fit just as well as they did 4 and 2 years ago. . They don't produce these briefs in all sizes between 28-44. If you are size 31, 35, 39, or 43 then they don't produce them in your size. You will have to do with some thing that is a little big or a little small

E. Anonymous, Hertfordshire

When i purchased these i did not realize they were made in viet nam. I bought two packages a size apart. The smaller size was a bit snug and fit differently than i am used to. The next size up fit loosely and fit differently than i am used to. I used them anyway. It was not long before little holes began to appear. I would not buy them again. Two stars is being generous. . I did searches for american made underwear. About all i could find was duluth at about $19 a pop. Even so, i may end up going that that route.

I. Widmer, Aquitaine says

One star is undeservedly generous. Negative stars would be more like it. These are the worst fitting shorts i have ever worn. There is next to no support, the leg holes have no elastic and you are left hanging, literally! i have ordered a different brand today. These worked fine until they were washed. Then all bets were off. I failed to return them in time as i was trying to make them work. Nothing will make them work. Hanes has seen the last of me!

. Anderson, Hillingdon

After reading reviews and "settling" on these, i learned that all brands are thin and poorly made these days. The hanes were a good deal (price and quantity only) and do fit, but my gripe is the waistband folds over as soon as you sit or bend and then feels like your wearing a rubber band. I'm sure some of you understand this complaint. Only two things are a deal breaker for me. The waistband rolling over and the leg holes too small. These hanes have both undesirable features and for that have made it to the junk pile.

N. Zelda, Utah says

I am confused! i bought these briefs from you twice. Hanes men's 7 pack ultimate freshiq full-cut pre-shrunk briefs - colors may vary, assorted blues, medium. . I can find one order dated dec. 10, 2017. I think the other was earlier, but i can't find it. . The earlier order fit perfectly, even after many washing cycles. I'm still wearing them. The second order, which was placed under "buy it again" was a bit tight to begin with, but after a few washings, are now unwearable. Very tight and uncomfortable! what has changed? different knit stock? different patterns? they were supposed to be the same product, but clearly are not. . I am very disappointed, because i really like the first set of hanes briefs. . Paul serbu, vonore tn.

H. Guest, Maine

The elastic in the legs is not there. I think they forgot they have to sew some in so the briefs will hold everything in. My husband said they are the worst briefs he has ever worn. Hanes needs to take notie and make a better product. Certainly would not buy any hanes products again.

. Neva, Herefordshire says

These are my go-to briefs normally. Ordered two packs recently, washed them gently in cold water, and didn't wear them for a few months due to hot weather. Once things started to cool down, went to my drawer for a pair, and noticed that the elastic had turned to dust in every single pair. Not sure what's going on here. Going to take a break for a while and stick with hanes boxers. Hoping this was just a fluke and a not indicative of poor overall materials now.

D. Anonymous, South Gloucestershire

What has happened to hanes? was there even a male on the design team? certainly not on the test team! waist fits perfectly, the material is good. The workmanship is acceptable. I have well developed upper legs and thighs, yet leg openings are very loose and compromise the function of the pouch, making them very uncomfortable to walk in, and especially when working out at the gym. I can't wear shorts with these as it is highly likely i will flash someone. I was informed of this by someone else. There is no reason for the legs to be so loose. After another washing or two i will throw these away.

U. Allen, Connecticut says

I'm 63 years old - i have never in my life complained about underwear but today that changes. I got the black and gray hanes ultmate freshiq full-cut briefs as a gift. The black and dark gray ones are sewn together differently than the light gray ones. What i mean specifically is that the fly opening is sewn lower on the black and dark gray than the lighter gray ones are - it's visibly obvious if you compare them side by side. The reason that matters is my privates don't stay in. The fly is flimsy and it opens easily with the slightest movement (bending over to reach for something - even walking). The light gray ones don't do that. They should all sewn the same. I had to sew the fly closed to keep the fly closed. I am not overly endowed - this is a design defect in these underwear.

T. Kellie, Hawaii

Sadly, these are not comfortable briefs. They are advertised as "full cut" but i would not describe them as such. The main drawback is that the legs are cut way too high, and the elastics around the leg holes are waaay too loose. The net result is zero support in the critical area, and worse, my family jewels slip out on either side of the crotch fabric and hang between the elastic and my thigh. This is ridiculously uncomfortable! i can't imagine any man could find these briefs pleasant to wear - a big disappointment. . Otherwise, the briefs are nicely made of very sturdy-feeling material. If not, i would rank them at just one star - what a pity they just don't fit! . . If any man out there can recommend a full-cut brand with tight elastic around the legs that keep everything under control, i'm all ears!

. Broyles, Richmond upon Thames says

They fit well. But over time the price of hanes underwear seems to keep going up while the quality keeps going down. I mean, they're underwear and they do the job that underwear is supposed to do, but they are thinner material and wear out faster than they used to. They are just thin and get random holes in them. They also don't retain their shape as well as they used to. In addition, the material at the legs now tends to wear thin - exposing the elastic - causing angry-looking red marks on my son's skin. . These were purchased for my son, but i've bought larger hanes for my husband in the past. My husband got so fed up with the lower quality that he told me not to bother getting any for him. He says he's changing from briefs to boxers. He's threatened to to go commando if the boxers end up being cheap quality. Come on. None of us want that! please, please, please go back to making a quality product, so that our 47 year old husbands will not boycott underwear!

. Meredith, Southampton

Pretty much as i would expect hanes quality to be. For what it's worth, a better quality hanes than the hanes you get at walmart. Here's an update to my review: these do not have elastic around the legs. If i had known, i would not have purchased them.

R. Stacey, Wakefield says

I had to return the large size and exchange for medium, which fit better. However, after the first wash they lost their elasticity in the legs, allowing the family jewels to hang out much of the time. There was no pouch. Quite unsatisfactory. The elastic waste was strong but it tended to roll. In spite of the good price, i would not recommend these briefs.

. Paula, Montana

Hanes has egregiously cut the width of the elastic waist band. It is much smaller than earlier versions and does not hold as snug. Now after nine months of normal use and washing, the skinny elastic band has stretched out, making these briefs virtually unwearable. Hanes' misguided and short sighted effort to lower the manufacturing costs of this product has caused it to permanently lose a previously loyal customer.

A. Mahood, Nebraska says

As others mentioned in their reviews - and i was too stupid to take notice - these are way too small for the size they claim to be. So i bought a pack of mediums, and found out that the actual size is probably even smaller than what we would call "small". . I threw the lot away. The trash heap is where this product belongs. . Ohh, and please take seriously the product's name ". Full-cut pre shrunk . "! . They cut them extra small, then go and shrink them further. This product is such a loser.

K. Jacqueline, Warwickshire

This is so ridiculous, if i didn't have the picture to prove it, i wouldn't believe it myself. Two out of the seven pairs are a different size! the two light blue ones that you can see are bigger than the other dark blue and gray ones. Check out the pic! honestly, at this point maybe i should just go commando. But, as kramer would say, my boys need a home. This is not the first time i ordered a pack of hanes underwear and there was variation between the sizes within a single pack. It seems to be they can't make all colors the same size. Those were black and gray instead. But there's no way i'm going to plain white. Forget that. I'll go commando first. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe it's time to consider fruit of the loom. Or this could be right for you if 5 out of 7 is good enough!

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