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Price was 5. I m 6 4 with a 34 waist. According to the chart i ordered medium size, thinking they d be too short and i d have to return them. Much to my delight, the length is perfect for my gangly legs. If you re skinny and under 6 feet these pants will probably be way to long for you. But if you have height and are sveldt then they re perfect for you. Very comfortable as well. I ll buy more definitely

-W. Anonymous

Men’s Ecosmart Fleece The Hanes Men’s Comfort Blend Ecosmart Sweatpants Are Made Different Front And Back Measurements, So They Actually Fit. They’re Also Made Up To 5 Percent Recycled Polyester From -Hanes Men’s Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant

  1. Spotlight: Patented Low-pill Fabric.
  2. Spotlight: Elastic Cuffs Stay In Place.

Economical Hanes Men’s Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant (Pants) P650

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I accidentally bought pocketless. That small snafu aside, these are quite comfortable sweat pants. At first blush, it appeared that the ankle elastic was quite slack and looked as if they'd slide down onto your feet. Several washes and wears later and the elastic does its job just fine. No guesswork with size. Best men's ecosmart fleece | Hanes Branded Printwear-Pants Review ( Sep 2019 ) Spotlight Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant Made with a portion of recycled polyester. Patented low-pill fabric. Elastic cuffs stay in place. No bunchy pockets. All the comfort of hanes with our famous tag-free label. Covered elastic waist allows flexible ease of movement .

Hanes men's ecosmart fleece sweatpant Review (p650)

These do run somewhat large in the 'girth' of the legs and the length. However, with the elastic leg it's okay. They're mainly used to wear as lounge pants around the house for my husband. Definitely not a good enough fit to where out and about. To give an idea of the fit. I ordered a large for my husband who is 200 lbs and weight lifts. When buying jeans i buy him 34x32. The waist on these fit him well, but the legs are wide throughout and they're long. Overall, i'd go a size smaller next time. -. Newell

Hanes Mens Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Hanes
  • Color: Multicoloured
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.00 inches
    Length:11.00 inches
    Weight:0.81 pounds
    Width:10.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Hanes Branded Printwear
  • Model: P650
  • MPN: P650
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: P650
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: PANTS

men's ecosmart fleece Apparel, The hanes men's comfort blend ecosmart sweatpants are made with different front and back measurements, so they actually fit. they're also made with up to 5 percent recycled polyester from plastic bottles, so you can look good and feel good. Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant (P650-Hanes).

Hanes Mens Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant Apparel

  • Lovely! ordered these for my mom(she is very picky) and she loves them! they fit perfectly and she said they feel nice. She likes them super loose so she can pull them up kinda far. These work well for her and i am definitely buying her more! :) happy mother happy life haha
  • I wear them to sleep in on camping trips, and under my bib overalls when its really cold out. They are warm, and comfy. The elastic cuffs at the bottom of the legs take some getting used to, but are warmer in my opinion. These stand no chance to any kind of breeze blowing, but if you wear anything over them that is wind resistant, they are very warm. I'll probably end up getting a few more pairs.
  • Based on past experience with sweats, i got the extra large. However, this pair was gigantic. Thankfully, the elastic in the waist holds them up but i have to roll up the legs they are so long and i'm not short. The amount of room in the legs would accommodate the hulk. . I like the quality and will get the smaller size soon. But it looks to me the sizing is actually one size bigger than listed, e. G. The xl is really a 2xl. . Other than that, they are nicely made.
  • These pants were huge on me. The legs were so large, i felt like i could parachute out of a plane in them.
  • I am a small 5 6 120lbs woman, i wear women s xs clothing so i ordered a pair of small sweatpants because i wanted them baggy. The pants come up to the underwire on my bra and are tight from waste to mid thigh. . I passed them on to my stringbean boyfriend who is 5 6 and 117lbs. They are tight in him as well, which is a first, but the rise would still accommodate a buttcrack that extended up to his armpits. . Slenderman, if you re out there, these sweats are for you.

men's ecosmart fleeceHanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The 4 stars were only because i do not give 5 for just about anything, so that is the best most will get from me. These fit perfectly, they feel very well made and no big box store will match this from price to the online store shipping. I've ordered two more pair, that is how satisfied i am with the purchase.

Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant
Click to see NoticeHanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant (p650)"This was a gift that was to go with his matching sweat shirts and my husband was very happy because he works outdoors and in his non-heated studio. Thanks for a great product!"

(0) Question: Are the red ones as pinkish as they look in the pic or are they normal red?

(1) Question: Do they have pockets

(2) Question: 5'2 and 140 man what size should i get

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Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatshirt

Great shirt. Great price. Washes well. I have three; i'm thinking about buying more.

Now this medium weight 7. 8-o fleece sweatshirt is even better, because it is made with up to 5 percent polyester created from recycled plastic.

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece SweatshirtHanes-Mens-EcoSmart-Fleece-Sweatshirt

Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatshirt (p1607) FAQ.

Can never go wrong with hanes. The most comfy sweatshirts for a price that doesnt break the bank! -Notice from X. Anonymous, Sunderland

Click to Show hanes men's ecosmart fleece sweatshirt (p1607) Details

For $8 you simply can't go wrong. They are soft, and warm and inexpensive.

Hanes-men's-ecosmart-fleece-sweatshirt-(p1607) set picture

- N. ShawnaFit perfect! my wife buys the men's small because it fits her perfect! ; )

Very soft. Kept me warm in my 80's costume in my frigid office building

K. Mahood, Queensland

Brand :    hanes
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Model :    OP160
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Machine wash it again and again without hesitation because it's pill-resistant
  • Ribbed waistband and cuffs
  • Soft, durable fleece with double-needle cover-seamed neck and armholes stays strong when you work or play hard
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sweater (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatshirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Men's Elastic Bottom Sweatpant

America's best-selling fleece pants have a very specific job to do, and our pants take that job very seriously. That's why fruit of the loom's medium weight fleece pants stay soft and durable, wash after wash. Our pant comes with an elastic quick cord that adjusts for a customized fit, a relaxed banded bottom that stays in place, and generous pockets.

Fruit of Loom Men's Elastic Bottom SweatpantFruit-Loom-Elastic-Bottom-Sweatpant

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    True Red
  • Stays super soft wash after wash
  • Deeper pockets and wider waistband
  • Feels great, fits great!
  • Reinforced seams for durabilit
  • Machine washable
Price :    —
Model :    82JZRMP
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Men's Elastic Bottom Sweatpant available ( Sep 2019 )

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Sweatpant

My husband loves these. I was going to buy hanes but my husband wanted pockets and elastic around the ankles. These had both, were a little nicer, and just cost a tiny bit more.

The champion closed bottom jersey pant is jersey at its best - the ultimate in comfort and durability

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey SweatpantChampion-Closed-Bottom-Weight-Sweatpant

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Sweatpant (p7310) FAQ.

I've looked everywhere, including the champion website, for this product with no success until i checked online store, of course! they're my husband's favorite relaxing attire. Was so happy to find them i ordered the style in all colors. He's relieved because they're so comfortable and light weight; he much prefers the fabric to the nylon products that are more common. -Notice from D. Shirley, South Carolina

Click to Show champion men's closed bottom light weight jersey sweatpant (p7310) Details

I had a pair of these closed bottom light weight jersey sweat pants that someone gave me as a gift. I love is so much, i purchased 2 more so that i can wear them everyday around the house. The quality was as the original pair that i received.

Champion-men's-closed-bottom-light-weight-jersey-sweatpant-(p7310) set picture

- E. PeggyThese sweatpants fit as expected and are comfortable. I wear them around the house. They are loose fitting but not baggy. At this price they are a good deal for loungewear.

Just a little long on me and i wear a 30" inseam, so to be expected, with shoes on no problem at all, barefoot would roll up as i do. Big and roomy, heavier than expected, bought 3 different name brands , these heaviest , all cost same. These have extra pocket also. Just don't need heaviest all the time, worked out well.

. Guest, Bremen

Price :    —
  • Relaxed elastic bottom band
  • Athletic fit for comfort. internal quick cord waistband for adjustable fit
  • Lightweight, comfortable cotton jersey fabric. handy side pockets
Brand :    champion
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.91 pounds
Model :    P7310
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Sweatpant available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt

Outside, this heavyweight hanes ultimate cotton crew fleece sweatshirt is cotton-rich for breathable comfort. Inside, it's pure plush cotton for soothing softness.

Hanes Men's Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Crewneck SweatshirtHanes-Ultimate-Heavyweight-Crewneck-Sweatshirt

Brand :    hanes
Model :    OF260
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sweater (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant Pack of 2

Nice weight sweatpants. They run a little larger, but that's okay because they will shrink a bit after machine washing and drying in hot water. These pants have no pockets, which i didn't realize when i ordered them, but that's okay. I have never seen sweatpants without pockets before.

The hanes men's comfortblend ecosmart sweatpants are made with different front and back measurements, so they actually fit plus, they're made with up to 5 percent recycled polyester from plastic bottles, so you can look good and feel good.

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant Pack of 2Hanes-Mens-EcoSmart-Fleece-Sweatpant

Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant Pack 2 (Pants) FAQ.

These are very comfortable and warm sweatpants that fit just right. . One down side to them is the fact they do not have side pockets (or any pockets, for that matter! ) and that makes them difficult to use for anything except a workout at the gym (when everything else is stored in your locker) or a workout at home. . Overall, good comfort and they look to be rather durable so 5 stars for that. The lack of pockets however is a big enough drawback to knock off 1 star. . Final rating: 4 stars and i certainly recommend them if they'll suit your purpose! -Notice from L. Guest, Manchester

Click to Show hanes men's ecosmart fleece sweatpant pack 2 (pants) Details

These pants are very comfortable and fit exactly as i expected based on the sizing chart. I only have two minor issues with these pants, they don't have pockets and if you wear these before washing some of the inner lining will rub off on your feet. Other than that these are soft and warm which is all i need.

Hanes-men's-ecosmart-fleece-sweatpant-pack-2-(pants) set picture

- C. AnonymousThese sweats are super comfortable, and an excellent value, however they are funky in that they are loose through out the legs and rear, but tight inthe waistline. Also, they don't have pockets. I hate that.

Little large but will probably shrink. Great for walking the dog on a cold morning

R. Anonymous, Sheffield

Brand :    hanes
  • Constructed with low-pill high-stitch fleece in 7. 8-ounce medium weight
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Two-pack of sweatpants in contrast hues with each featuring elastic waistband and internal drawstring
Price :    —
Model :    A650
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant Pack of 2 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Men's Pocketed Open-Bottom Sweatpant

Men's pocketed open-bottom sweatpants

Fruit of Loom Men's Pocketed Open-Bottom SweatpantFruit-Loom-Pocketed-Open-Bottom-Sweatpant

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    RSF74R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Open-bottom sweatpant in cotton blend featuring elasticized waistband with drawcord and side pockets
  • Only non-chlorine bleach when needed - tumble dry low
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Men's Pocketed Open-Bottom Sweatpant available ( Sep 2019 )

Jerzees Men's Elastic-Bottom Sweatpant

Adult elastic bottom sweatpants

Jerzees Men's Elastic-Bottom SweatpantJerzees-Mens-Elastic-Bottom-Sweatpant

Brand :    jerzees
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Jerzees Men's Elastic-Bottom Sweatpant available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's Full-Zip EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie

Good quality, zipper is solid. Fits the hubby is size xl just right. Strings are a little long, but that's okay. I'm considering buying one in a smaller size for myself. Unisex style, really. I recommend!

The hanes comfortblend ecosmart full-zip hooded jacket provides medium-weight fleece comfort all year around. Feel better in this sweatshirt because hanes keeps plastic bottles of landfills by using recycled polyester.

Hanes Men's Full-Zip EcoSmart Fleece HoodieHanes-Full-Zip-EcoSmart-Fleece-Hoodie

Hanes Men's Full-zip Ecosmart Fleece Hoodie (p180) FAQ.

It's nice and light weight perfect for use in my office. It's definitely more of a cool weather hoodie because of how thin it is. Zipper is really nice and works smoothly. It's hanes so you get what you pay for, don't expect anything too amazing. -Notice from B. Lisa, Bremen

Click to Show hanes men's full-zip ecosmart fleece hoodie (p180) Details

One of the best pieces of clothes i have bought through online store. Good fit. Extremely comfortable. The zipper is a solid build quality. My go to jacket on cold days or just chilling. Warm and comfy!

Hanes-men's-full-zip-ecosmart-fleece-hoodie-(p180) set picture

- F. NeesI love this hoodie! it's my favorite light jacket to wear to the gym. I just washed it for the first time and it shrunk very little. The material is super soft. I plan on getting a couple more in various colors

This is a cheap thin hoodie. It was perect to use as a layer under my windbreaker as some added warmth on my camping trip.

E. Garner, Nova Scotia

Price :    —
  • Double-needle cover-seam neck and armholes
  • Zip-up hooded sweatshirt in 7. 8-ounce fleece made with up to 5% polyester created from recycled plastic
  • Ribbed waistband and cuffs, split kangaroo pocket
  • Pill-resistant fabric with high-stitch density for durability
Brand :    hanes
Color :    Ash,black,deep Forest,deep Red,deep Royal,light Bl
Size :    S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL
Model :    OP180
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sweater (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Full-Zip EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Just received the hoodie in the mail. Sleeve length is great, i also love the cuffs on the sleeves, very snug on my wrists which i like. The width of the hoodie in the body is also really nice (large size). What i'm not so fond of is the length of the body of the hoodie. It's a little to short, and i'm assuming it will shrink up a bit as well, so i'm afraid it won't fit very well once i wash it. But as of right now, it does fit pretty well and has good warmth!

About hanes hanesbrands is a socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday basic apparel under some of the world's strongest apparel brands in the americas, europe and asia, as well as in australia and south africa. Our iconic innerwear and activewear apparel brands found in the united states and elsewhere include include hanes, champion, playtex, bali, maidenform, jms/just my size, wonderbra and gear for sports. Outside the united states, we also have dominant national and regional brands, including dim, nur die/nur der, lovable, abanderado, shock absorber, zorba, sol y oro, rinbros, track n field and ritmo. We are the world's largest marketer of basic apparel. We sell bras, panties, shapewear, sheer hosiery, men's underwear, children's underwear, socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and other activewear. In the united states, we sell more units of intimate apparel, male underwear, socks, shapewear, hosiery and t-shirts than any other company. We take great pride in our strong reputation for ethical business practices and the success of our hanes for good corporate responsibility program for workplace practices and community and environmental improvement. The company is the only apparel producer to ever be honored by the great place to work institute for its workplace practices in central america and the caribbean. In the united states, the company has earned the forbes magazine best place to work honor. Hanes has won u. S. Environmental protection agency energy star sustained excellence recognition for seven consecutive years. Hanes has significant goals for reducing energy use, carbon emissions and water use and publicly reports its progress each year. More information about our hanes for good corporate responsibility initiatives may be found at www. Hanesforgood. Com

Hanes Men's Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded SweatshirtHanes-Pullover-EcoSmart-Fleece-Sweatshirt

Hanes Men's Pullover Ecosmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt (p170) FAQ.

I am 5'1 and 98 lbs. I usually fit a womens small or x-small. . The hoodie fit just as expected. I ordered a mens small black hoodie and the hoodie is slightly oversized (which i wanted) but not to the point of giant. There is plenty of room in the hoodie, and its length reaches a little past 1/3 my thigh. Though the outside isn't as soft, the inside is very soft and lined with fleece, making it very warm. Because of the fleece, be aware that some shirt fabrics will catch the fleece and lint/fuzzballs(? ). . Shipping is also incredibly fast. I didn't pay for expedited or two-day shipping, yet i got this hoodie in two days. The staff was also quick at responding to my emails in a timely fashion. . Get it while it's on sale right now for a good price. I'm thinking about buying other colors in the future, and i already ordered the white one. -Notice from H. Jennifer, Barnet

Click to Show hanes men's pullover ecosmart fleece hooded sweatshirt (p170) Details

Bought it as an oversized hoodie. I got an xl in the color gold. I am normally a size medium & sometimes a small. The pointed hood is kind of creepy. It fit as expected for an oversized look, but the sleeves were way too long, so i just folded them up. It's comfortable, and perfect for chilly days or cold classrooms. I added rose patches for a trendy look, which i also ordered from online store.

Hanes-men's-pullover-ecosmart-fleece-hooded-sweatshirt-(p170) set picture

- K. EdnaI'm 5'10 140lbs and this medium fits perfectly! bought this to airsoft in without ruining my more expensive clothes.

It was a perfect fit! . I very much recommend this hoodie. It is nice and soft, it had a smell at first but it will go away. I'm a female , 5'7 ft, and 127pounds and i got the medium size.

D. Olga, Delaware

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Multi
Size :    One Size
Model :    OP170
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Drawstring hoodie with kangaroo pocket featuring ribbed waistband and cuffs
  • 7. 8-ounce fleece. machine wash it again and again without hesitation because it's pill-resistant
  • Double-needle neck and armholes

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant Pockets

For the money they are a good deal.

Hanes men's ecosmart fleece sweatpants are designed to be a versatile pair of lounging or casual pants that can be worn while out running errands or on a relaxing day at home, and they're environmentally friendly with up to 5 percent of polyester created from recycled bottles.

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant PocketsHanes-Mens-EcoSmart-Fleece-Pockets

Hanes Men's Ecosmart Open Leg Fleece Pant Pockets (Pants) FAQ.

Would have been 5-star if it had fit the same way that the same product without pockets fits. But for whatever reason, they changed something and it just doesn't fit quite as well. Other than that, five-star. -Notice from P. Sally, Sunderland

Click to Show hanes men's ecosmart open leg fleece pant pockets (pants) Details

A little baggy in the legs, but i'm skinny. Very comfortable.

Hanes-men's-ecosmart-open-leg-fleece-pant-pockets-(pants) set picture

- O. JulieJust what i wanted at a good price

Excellent for the money. bought 2 more.

K. Smith, Barking and Dagenham

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Multicoloured
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    O5995
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Machine wash cold with like colors; non chlorine bleach when needed; tumble dry medium
  • Open hem pant legs for a relaxed look
  • Convenient side seam pockets
  • 50 percent cotton/50 percent polyester fleece, with up to 5 percent made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Inside draw cord for secure fit
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's EcoSmart Open Leg Fleece Pant Pockets available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant (p650) Price : 5, was : 0 as 2018-05-20
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Great Britain
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Top hanes men's ecosmart fleece sweatpant (p650) Content

The F.A.Q. for Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant (p650)

I am 5'5" tall and weigh about 115lbs. These fit me perfectly! all the women's clothes i order are no fits! these are men's and they are beautifully made. The fabric is wonderful . They are excellent! don't be fooled by the price! they are really, really nice!

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: Do these have a cord in waist to tie?

(1) Question: I am 6'2" and weigh around 170 pounds. what pants size would fit best? a medium or large?

(2) Question: Do these have a seam going down the outside of the leg?

(3) Question: I'm 5'6 225 what size for me?

(4) Question: Does it have elastic bands at the bottom near the ankle?

(5) Question: I am 5 11 what size should i order?

(6) Question: What's the inseam measurement on the xxl and xxxl sizes?

(7) Question: I'm 5"10 168 lbs 36" 34" what size should i get?

(8) Question: Open or closed bottom?

(9) Question: Do these have a drawstring?

(10) Question: Does it have a drawstring

(11) Question: I'm a fat $ &. i weigh 330 lbs. my pant size is 50. should i buy a 3x?

(12) Question: Do these have side pockets or not? a lot of different answers here. maybe hanes could answer?

(13) Question: Do these have strings to tie in front?

(14) Question: I'm 5'11, 200lbs normally wear either a size 36 or 38. what size would be best for me?

(15) Question: Do these have pockets

(16) Question: What is the waist and length dimension for the medium size

(note) Question: where/how to get Hanes (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Hanes's products

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I am a 5'1" woman and i ordered a large expecting these pants to be like blankets for my legs. I was pleasantly surprised when they went over my feet and became a pant sock combo perfect for warmth.

Bestsellers, PantsTop Hanes Men's Ecosmart Fleece Sweatpant (p650) FAQ Content

Best hanes men's ecosmart fleece sweatpant (p650) in review

Bought these sweatpants for my elderly alzheimer's father as he needed something soft with no zippers. My son wears these and we had gotten them previously at target, but they didn't carry them any longer. So was happy to find these! washes great. No pilling. No shrinkage. This is my second pair.

. Jacqueline, Devon

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R. Yvette, North East Lincolnshire says

I bought a pair a while ago and liked it so much i bought another pair so i can wear them more often in between laundry. The first came with pockets. The second without pockets. Xd to be honest even with that, these pants are still pretty great. Haven't worn my second non-pocketed pair yet but it seems the same size and shape as the pocketed one. These pants are comfortable and loose and i wear my black ones i got at home and out, and i'm a girl so they work for both men and women.

M. Ruby, Rochdale

I hate the fit of most women's sweats - trying to keep us all looking sexy, i guess, but i want comfort! these are nice, thick, warm, comfy and well made. Love them! wish they came in purple.

F. Theresa, Kentucky says

These are the most comfortable pant i have ever tried - in any style of pant! the inside fleece lining is super soft. (the outside is normal cotton, sweatpant material). They were baggy but sweats should be comfortable. There was only one thing. I read a lot of reviews that complained of the bottom of the pant being loose but i didn't understand what all the fuss was about. I only wear my sweat pants in the house, so they don't have to be perfectly tailored. But now i understand. The bottoms get so loose that they fall over the foot, making it hard to walk around. Mine are still new so i am going to try to shrink them in the wash, see if that brings up the leg an inch or two. If so, they will be the perfect pant. If not, they will make a great pair of pajamas. Update: shrunk in wash and fit fine - even the bottoms!

I. Hayward, Torbay

For the price, these are great. The only thing i don't like is that the bottom of the legs fit loosely around my ankles. I buy sweatpants a couple sizes bigger than my pant size since they're for comfort at home. I got 3x this time and have a 40" waist, so obviously they're baggy, but other sweat pants will still be snug around the ankle.

V. Joanna, Hertfordshire says

I'm a 5'10" woman and about 205 lbs, and i ordered a large. They're a little baggy but that's what i wanted, as well as length-these are actually long enough! i got the black, which did not have pockets, so beware if you order that color. It seems only certain color options have pockets, i guess. Anyway, they're great, and nice and warm!

D. Noguera, Durham

Good fit even after washing in hot water to force shrinking. I have a 30 inch inseam and 34 waist and got a medium size. Note that these sweatpants are very thick so not good for warm climates. Good quality and great price.

. Valdez, New Brunswick says

Love these sweats. For years i was buying the hanes premium sweats from target for $7. 99 but they stopped making them! not sure why! i was so mad! but thankfully i found these! i live in sweats, i have a lot of health issues, chronic pain, so i want to be comfortable. These feel just like the ones at target, the only thing is different are they have no pockets. They are not to thick or thin, good for any time of the year. I got a medium. I am almost 5 6 at 180 and fit, they did not shrink much at all.

P. Adrienne, Rhone-Alpes

I coach sports and wear quite a lot of sweat pants. I would describe these as lightweight fleece. No pockets, medium-narrow fit through the hips, as i would expect in men's pants. Nice and soft on the inside. Adequate length. I like that the elastic at the top isn't too bulky. . Overall an excellent value for simple sweats. Would buy again.

J. Nicole, New Hampshire says

These are the most comfortable sweat pants i have found. They did shrink a little in the wash so the length isn't as long as when i first bought them, but the fit is the same everywhere else.

T. Campbell, Hammersmith and Fulham

For under $10 i wasn t expecting much - the navy blue pair was $8 and the black pair was $9. 48. These don t have pockets and the material is on the thin side. Purchased 2 pairs (large 36-38) for my husband who has a 38 waist and i should ve gone down at least one size, the legs are wide and baggy and the waist could easily accommodate a man with a 40-44 waist.

G. Alice, Middlesbrough says

It was larger than i had anticipated. I ordered a 2xl (for waist 44in) but i guess an xl would have been ok too. Anyway, i just wear it at home. It is super comfortable and warm. I have worn these outside with 5 fahrenheit without any problems. I would have given it 5 stars if it had pockets. Sometimes when you have to step out briefly a quick chore, you miss having a pocket.

C. Cassella, North Lincolnshire says

I decided to join in the "wear your jammies to the grocery store league. " these bottoms are well-made, cute, fit as expected and very comfortable. No one threw me out of the store!

A. Lindsey, Coventry

Comfortable. Washed well, didn't seem to shrink or pill. Great price. Only thing that keeps them from being perfect is the lack of pockets. Not a reason to give less than five stars just inconvenient.

U. Mathis, Arizona says

Says fleece in description but is 80% cotton and 20%poly. I might prefer the cotton blend actually

Q. Harrison, Gloucestershire

As as advertised! quality exceeded my expectations. What is pictured is exactly what i recieved! it really was an incredible buy. Flawless transaction. Fast shipping! good price! great product! package was secured against potential damage in the mail. Seller's description of item is nothing short of. Accurate. I am thoroughly satisfied. Budget friendly store. Highly recommended. Many thanks. My best. ! quality exceeded my expectations. What is pictured is exactly what i recieved! it really was an incredible buy. Flawless fit. Fast shipping! good price! great product! package was secured against potential damage in the mail. Seller's description of item is nothing short of. Accurate. I am thoroughly satisfied. Budget friendly store. Highly recommended. Many thanks

Z. Donna, Darlington says

These "sweatpants" are pocketless. They have the elastic bands & a pull string. The (l) is a perfect fit for me. These sweatpants from n. Y. Lingerie ia a decent average product. - the shipping issue i have is not w/ny'lingerie but online store. Online store's broad 2 days to 2 weeks "free-shipping" anyone can give that time spread and be safe. - "also", many people i know personally have complained about online store's s&h info page being "one to two days behind. Which is "a day late and a dollar short" for people receiving a pkg. To make plans receiving them. It is 11/10/2017, the day i went to my local post-office to pick up the pkg online store's shipping/info page(s), still says "shipping" then saying "on-the-way" for arrival(s). Should say "delivered". That is my point w/online store's info pages. A day late and a dollar short. Lol. Not good for pkg-deliveries "at all". . Peace out ; -). .

. Lara, City of London

I purchase mens sweat pants because i do not the fit of women's. They are comfortable, better material and serve its purpose for walking around the house. I have just become too lazy to go to the store because they can be delivered to my house. I would recommend purchasing from this vendor again.

. Arnett, St. Helens says

My son needed these pants for a halloween costume. I used the size chart to determine the correct size and my son was very happy with the fit. The color as as shown on the web site. The quality was fine. Just what i expect from the hanse brand.

S. Tracey, Saskatchewan

My pants are 48" waist. So i order 3xl based on their size chart. I am swimming in these. So i would suggest ordering 1 or 2 sizes smaller than what they recommend. I am going to order smaller size, will update, when i get them on, how well they fit.

K. Sheila, Centre says

These are a nice, very basic pair of sweatpants. There are no pockets, however. I ordered the men's small, which fit me very well as a woman, size 12. The only problem is the pants were a little short. I guess hanes assumes that a man who wears a small is also short, which definitely is not always the case. Certainly wasn't the case for this gal!

B. Pearce, Languedoc-Roussillon

I'm a lady and bought these for myself and i sized up to go over my hips. They didn't have ladies versions. Would have loved if they had the actual size of the pants (as in the waist area is exactly so many inches, vs. This is sized to fit people who's waist are x. ) they are giant! when i walk around the house the legs slide over my feet and become a trip hazard. I bought these to wear over my workout outfit in the morning until i start my workout so i don't go cold. So i needed largeish. I should have bought m or l. Oh well. They are otherwise great. Thick and warm. Good old school sweats that i remember from my childhood instead of the current ones that are super thin and look like it's hammer-time.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

A. Broyles, Plymouth says

Don t understand why they dont have pockets. I would like to apologize to women everywhere for the bs you all go through buying pants without pockets. I took them for granted all these years. I will be thankful for every pair of pants i have that come with pockets for the rest of my life. It s 2018, all pants deserve pockets

H. Patton, Telford and Wrekin

I bought a large and these pants were very, very large; you could maybe fit two people in them.

V. Nicole, Ohio says

No pockets. I searched online store for sweatpants with pockets. This was one of the first shown & without reading everything i purchased. My fault. The pants seem good. Soft. My biggest concern with the order was that it took 2 weeks to arrive.

. Hayward, Milton Keynes

Description if you bother to click 'more' says 'no baggy pockets'. Should say 'no pockets - period'. I have three pair of older retail purchased and clearly labeled 'hanes ecosmart' sweatpants and they all do have pockets. I guess these should be labeled 'more eco' ? at least more eco for the maker - less material, less work. And less utility for the buyer. Sigh.

F. Carol, Leicester says

Way to large. I was not happy with the size as i can fit 3 of me in one pair. Wanted to exchange but i m not paying to ship it back . I was unaware of that policy as i thought returns are free

W. Rochelle, Hammersmith and Fulham

I bought a small in these, assuming they'd be a "bit" long on a 5'1" person, and jesus christ. . They go all the way up my hips and can completely cover my stomach + half my chest while still needing to be rolled at the ankles? additionally, they're about four times as wide as my legs, and i'm a healthy weight for my height. . If you really want something to be swallowed in or need huge pajamas, this is it for you, but if you want actual fitting pants? nah. Find nice joggers.

J. Anonymous, Staffordshire says

I purchased these sweats to be sure they fit and were comfy, and they were perfect. So i reordered. Two more. They arrived today. Exactly the same only no pockets. What kind of monster would even make sweatpants without pockets, let alone try to sell them? who prefers no pockets? real people? pffft. Realy people like pockets, for phones, keys, wallets, bits of garbage to be thrown, kids stuff, you get the idea. No one wears sweat pants for fashion. Its all about comfort and utility. I am annoyed.

P. Smith, Florida

These pants are made for someone nearly six foot tall! my husband is 5 ft 9 in and the pants were several inches long. No pockets and material is lighter than other pants we have ordered. Sent them back.

E. Wells, Newham says

These sweatpants, do not have pockets and do not have a draw string that is very good, it has a single string that is connected so you can easily tighten them. The hoodie i got is very nice but i would not recommend these sweatpants, they are just not as good as i hoped, and not functional. These are probably only good for sleeping in, and nothing else.

I. Jarvis, Maryland

Like a couple of other reviews mentions the sizes run large. I've always order xxl sweatpants, rather it be fruit of the loom, gildan, champion and etc, and they have always fit just right. (not too baggy, not too tight) was excited when i got these. Tried them and was disappointed to say the least. Even with the drawstring as tight as i could get it, there still was a lot of slack around the waist area, and the width around the legs and ankles run too wide(if that makes any sense). I tried these on and looked in the mirror and it looked like i had on a pair of red bell bottoms. I kept looking at the tag thinking to myself these cant be xxl, they are way too big. So just a word of warning to future buyers, the sizes run big. If you wear a xxl (like myself) you might want to try xl(unless you want to look like mc hammer in his parachute pants). With the temperatures like they are now(below freezing) these are strictly worn around and inside the house.

C. Lisa, Maryland says

If you ever watched family matters and thought that urkle was fashion foreward, these are the trousers for you. I instally felt like a mid 40s single lady with no kids, which i thought would be glorious, but in fact it was quite lame. Alson no pockets, which is the main reason i want to light these pantaloons on fire.

. Paige, Ontario

These sweats have no pockets. That seems very strange to me. There is also no seam running down the leg as a result of the lack of pockets and i guess that is a good thing from a design standpoint.

D. Betty, Rhode Island says

I should always follow the adage, you get what you pay for , because for the price, all you re getting is some very large polishing cloths. I like hanes products and have bought t-shirts & underwear with their brand but they blew it with these sweatpants. Very large and no pockets, you can immediately tell they were made on the cheap.

. Rowe, Aquitaine

I have a 35 inch waist. These sweatpants are so tight at the waist that they actually are painful. The elastic-banded leg openings on the other hand are way too loose. One would need an elephant's ankles to have them fit snugly. Very disappointing when compare to equivalent jerzees.

M. Gloria, Maine says

The fabric is good quality but the leg width is enormous! and this is a size medium!

Z. Beale, Calderdale

I felt kind of decieved as the picture looks like the guys is about to put his hand in a pocket. Its my own fault for not looking close enough i guess but i still feel tricked in some way.

. Barbara, Montana says

Overall these are fine sweats that will do the trick, and very cheap for some colors. I was surprised to see there aren't pockets, which reduces the value for me quite a bit. I usually wear a medium and the medium was quite bit on me. So if you know what you're getting they're great.

N. Matherly, New York

These are very soft and nice. I washed them before i put them on as i always do. No shrinkage which was great but, when i put them on i realized they had no pockets! who makes sweats with no pockets now a days? can't return them cause they have been washed. So, before you buy these know that they have no pockets. Wish i could return these. I knoe now to really look at my purchases before i wash them. Really bummed about the no pocket thing.

K. Powell, Derbyshire says

Consistent, the pants are good, comfortable, and durable, but the draw strings are so thin they break after the first few times the pants are worn. I have a collection of good athletic pants that are unusable because of broken draw strings. Christmas -

. Dorothy, Oregon

Who doesn't put pockets in sweatpants? evidently, hanes doesn't. The color & fit were fine, but no pockets is a deal buster for me. Never even thought to look at product description, since all sweatpants should come with pockets. Now use as winter pajamas.

R. Angelica, Australian Capital Territory says

Returned. Waist was small and upper leg was huge, you could fit 3 people into the legs!

. Theola, Alberta

I bought these to wear for light exercise and just lounging around the house . They fit quite well and they are a loose fit which i like . The downside of these are 2 . One is the flimsy drawstring and the second is that these have no pockets , which was a surprise . Now i have to fashion out my own by hand . I bought 4 pairs , 2 in black and 2 in royal blue . The elastic on the leg cuffs is very flimsy as well .

X. Shirley, Hawaii says

If you're big you will love these pants, im tall and thin i look like im wearing a parachute for pants with these on, you could easily fit 5 of my legs in one pant leg, and i'm a cyclist.

O. Meghan, Isle of Wight

My fault for not reading sweats do not have pockets. So, if you need pockets might want to buy another type of sweatpant. They run big, if you like a comfy xl order a large. . Despite being a bit oversized they are good quality and comfortable as heck. Great sweats for relaxing around the house. If they fit smaller would still wear them on errands.

B. Susana, Sachsen says

Pants seemed too long compared to other name brand pants that i have. Elastic in the bottom part of the leg was weak like it had been stretched out. I think these maybe factory seconds ?

Q. April, Manchester

First off, they don't have pockets. I figured i could live with that, though. They fit a little small and the legs are a little long (i bought a size l in black) but i can live with that, too. What i really don't like about these pants is the fleece inside. It keeps coming out every time i put them on and take them back off. I kept finding little black fuzz balls on my carpet and at first i thought my cat had torn up one of her furry toys or something, then i realized it was the fleece coming out of these things! i've washed and dryed them a few times hoping the "loose stuff" would all come off eventually. I even washed and dryed them inside out the last time, but it's the same thing. I've never had a pair of sweatpants do this before.

Y. Sharon, Newcastle upon Tyne says

The ankles hike up because there's not enough elastic around the ankles. They're cumbersome because they're big. They weren't supposed to have a drawstring but they do. I don't think they're very comfortable. The best thing about them is that they're soft inside, but that won't last after they're washed.

S. Nielsen, Swindon

The waist string broke first time trying them on. Luckily i dont really need the wast string but it would be nice if it did not break. . That being said the pants fit as expected and are comfortable. Probably shop around next time i make a sweatpant purchase.

T. Noguera, Idaho says

These are your ordinary sweatpants. Nothing too special about them. They do fit but the fabric tends to fall off the clothing at times causing red flakes to appear all over my carpet. But hey, i only paid $8 for this pair. If you want quality sweatpants, ditch the fleece and go for a nike/adidas/ua clothing.

G. Tracey, Vermont

Thought the lack of pockets wouldn't bother me. I was wrong

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