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Price was 8. Cute. Well-made. Granddaughter likes them a lot and this grandma got some more brownie points for ordering them. That's always a yippee moment.

-O. Parker

Big Girls’ Brief Pack Hanes 9-pack Brief – Butterfly Floral Fun Prints And Colors. Colors May Vary. Let Us Pick For You. -Hanes Big Girls’ Brief Pack 9

  1. Featured: Tag Less.
  2. Featured: Colors And Prints May Vary From The Ones Pictured On Site For The Assorted Colors.

Bargain Hanes Big Girls’ Brief Pack 9 (Books 1973 And Later) 721827biggirls

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Soft fabric. The wider waistband makes this style comfier than some others. Best big girls' brief pack | Hanes Underwear Hanesbrands-Books 1973 And Later Review ( Aug 2019 ) Featured Hanes Big Girls' Brief (Pack of 9) No ride up. Tag less. Colors and prints may vary from the ones pictured on site for the assorted colors .

Hanes big girls' brief pack of 9 Review (p913br)

Our daughters have sensory issues so little things like clothes, undergarments and the like are a big deal. The hanes big girls' briefs have been a very good addition to our daughter's wardrobe. They fit as expected, they don't cut in at the waist band, there are no annoying tags and she finds them super comfy! the elastic doesn't "cut into" her legs like some undies she has complained about and since everything bothers her, a standard brief that offers full coverage is perfect! i know they are just briefs but if you have a child with sensory issues then you know how critical the thoughtful details can be! -R. Shayna

Hanes Big Girls Brief Pack

  1. Class: Paperback
  2. Brand: Hanes
  3. ClothingSize: *
  4. Color: *
  5. Manufacturer: Hanes Underwear - Hanesbrands
  6. Model: 721827Biggirls
  7. MPN: P913BR
  8. Total Items: 9
  9. Quantity: 9
  10. Part/Serial Number: P913BR
  11. Type: Apparel
  12. Category: BOOKS 1973 AND LATER
  13. Size: One Size

big girls' brief pack Apparel, Hanes 9-pack brief - butterfly floral fun prints and colors. colors may vary. let us pick for you. Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack 9 (721827Biggirls-Hanes).

Hanes Big Girls Brief Pack Apparel

  • Thank you for making these briefs for young girls. Not every female wants underwear hanging off her hips. Be continue to provide these briefs.
  • My grand-daughter loves them, the fit is perfect.
  • The colors in the package i received are drastically different than shown in the product image. (the image shows three white, four different light/bright colors, and two fun prints. My package has two white, two dark fuschia, two turquoise with fuschia waistbands (ugh! ), and two awful prints. ) i understand they may vary, but they are not even in the same color family. This seems like a bait and switch by the seller, and it worked! it's not worth sending back, so i guess we will just use them.
  • The advertising picture shows butterflies, watermelons etc. However when the package arrived that is not what i received. . Not to happy.
  • A little tight and they are not what shows in the picture.

big girls' brief packHanes Big Girls' Brief (Pack of 9) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

My daughter loves things that sit at her natural waist (much to my mom's delight and my chagrin). Previously, she had underwear that sat more at the hips and was constantly trying to hike them up. So i bought these to counter that movement. The colors are good as they included a variety of bright colors and a couple of whites. The material is about what i would expect for kids underwear: not super long lasting, but also not rough. . My daughter is typically wearing size 6-7 clothes, just over 4 ft tall and around 45 lbs, so on the thinner but taller side of things and the size 6 fit her well. I did not notice any shrinking after washing, but we typically wash cold water and low heat in the drier.

Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack 9
Click to see NoticeHanes Big Girls' Brief Pack 9 (p913br)"These are great. Soft and fit well. At first they looked a little big, but they fit my daughter perfectly and she loves them."

(0) Question: Is this product latex free?

(1) Question: When my daughter outgrows these in 16, what is the next size up?

(2) Question: Will these fit boys? my 12 year old son wants me to buy him girls panties and i don't mind as long as hes got underwear

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Hanes Big Girls' Tagless Cotton Briefs 12-Pack

When you think of comfort, think of hanes tag less cotton brief. Made from 100 percent comfort soft cotton, these brief panties are even softer than before. The elastic waistband stays perfectly in place and will not dig into her waist or leave marks behind. The leg bands are also constructed with a soft elastic fabric that won't ride up or slip down, leaving her feeling comfortable all day long. The inner is tag less and the seams are cover stitched to prevent discomfort while she moves throughout the day. These cute panties are available in assorted colors so she can match them with her outfit of choice. Colors may vary.

Hanes Big Girls' Tagless Cotton Briefs 12-PackHanes-Tagless-Cotton-Briefs-12-Pack

Brand :    hanes
Model :    GP12BR
Order click here :    -
  • No ride-up
  • Tag less, no more scratchy label
  • Assortment colors can vary
  • Pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton for a superb fit, wash after wash
  • Soft, comfortable underwear that feels good all day, every day
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Big Girls' Tagless Cotton Briefs 12-Pack available ( Aug 2019 )

Hanes Girls' 5-Pack Camis - Colors May Vary

I bought a m pack of these for my 8 year old nice and can say that the quality is great. I have now purchased two more packs. One for my 12 year old niece and one for my 13 year old nice, both in size l. I am impressed with the high quality.

Material: 100% cotton. Available in a convenient 5-pack. Tag free. Pre-shrunk cotton. Great for layering under a sweater or blouse

Hanes Girls' 5-Pack Camis - Colors May VaryHanes-Girls-5-Pack-Camis-Colors

Hanes Girls' 5-pack Camis - Colors May Vary (gcemw5) FAQ.

The quality is good but the size is not correct, i bought sizes small for my 6 years old but did fit my 3. 5 years old. I got the item of 4 lake while should pakenofbfive, however, online store sent me the 5 pake and left the 4 pake as a complimentary. Thanks online store :) -Notice from . Carrie, Nova Scotia

Click to Show hanes girls' 5-pack camis - colors may vary (gcemw5) Details

The fit was good but the fabric is a little bit itchy since it's not a hundred percent cotton. The packaging makes it look like it's cottony soft, but when you put it on you could feel like there's some polyester or something in it other than cotton.

Hanes-girls'-5-pack-camis---colors-may-vary-(gcemw5) set picture

- M. WalshSo yes the chart is wrong if you get the medium it's actually size 7/8. . Anyway, i got these for my 8 year old daughter. They fit a little loose, not tight at all but they're undershirts so i really like the fit. For reference, she weighs 50 lbs and is around 48 inches tall. And i got the medium. The length is also good. They're not the best quality out there but for the price i think they're good enough for an undershirt and they didn't shrink after washing/drying them.

Soft cotton, loved the way they fit. Since my girl is skinny if i go size that fits her they aren't long enough and if go bigger they just look so weird on her. Finally got something that fits her that is tagless and soft.

K. Anonymous, Oregon

Brand :    hanes
Weight :    0.48 pounds
Model :    GCEMW5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Five-pack of spaghetti-strap camisoles in assorted colors
  • Colors may vary (combination or all white)
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' 5-Pack Camis - Colors May Vary available ( Aug 2019 )

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew Socks

Very stretchy material, making them lightweight and comfortable. Though it makes me iffy about how long they will last. No cushion support for heel or toes.

The hanes crew sock is a great buy for your kid. It features extra durable with reinforced grey heel and toe and ez sort sock matching to aid with laundry sorting.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew SocksHanes-Girls-10-Pack-Socks

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew Socks (Accessory) FAQ.

Nice quality set for a good price. Love that my kids actually enjoy getting things like socks and undies for christmas. -Notice from D. Smith, West Sussex

Click to Show hanes girls' 10 pack crew socks (accessory) Details

Great for the little cowgirl and her boots!

Hanes-girls'-10-pack-crew-socks-(accessory) set picture

- W. GilmoreI like the socks for my daughter, however they were much thinner than i thought they would be. I thought they would be thicker and more cotton like the way crew socks typically are.

Fit my older grade school kid great! she has size 4. 5 big kids shoes (which is the same as 6. 5 womens). So, if you have an older kid or small lady feet, these will work perfect for you. Its a thinner fabric, and fit up to her knee almost. Of course, she is a lot shorter than most adult women, so it won't be nearly that high if you are an adult wearing kids socks.

O. Isabel, Northumberland

Brand :    hanes
Weight :    0.68 pounds
Model :    G41/10
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew Socks available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Great color assortments: half solid/half color heel/toe
  • Flat knit styling
  • Cushioned foot for added comfort

Hanes Girls No Ride Up Cotton Low Rise Briefs

An unhappy princess makes for an unhappy kingdom. Ban wedgies with these no ride up low rise briefs.

Hanes Girls No Ride Up Cotton Low Rise BriefsHanes-Girls -Ride-Cotton-Briefs

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Colors
Model :    P913LR
Quantity :    9
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls No Ride Up Cotton Low Rise Briefs available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Assorted 9-pack can include solids, prints or a combination of both.
  • Soft, fabric covered leg bands won t pinch skin.
  • No ride up, guaranteed.
  • Tag-free comfort.
  • Low rise briefs offer full coverage so won t "peek" above pants.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks

A perfect fit and bright colors make these a winner.

The hanes ankle sock is a great buy for your kid. It features extra durable with reinforced grey heel and toe and ez sort sock matching to aid with laundry sorting.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle SocksHanes-Girls-10-Ankle-Socks

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks (Accessory) FAQ.

Good quality socks. Great value ! grand daughter loves them. Also she loves the colors of them. Well wrapped, fast shipping. Recommended to all. -Notice from B. Suzanne, Newham

Click to Show hanes girls' 10 pack ankle socks (accessory) Details

Very cute socks for my 8 year old!

Hanes-girls'-10-pack-ankle-socks-(accessory) set picture

- T. CageenThese were exactly what i expected! great value and the quality is not bad.

My 3 girls say they are comfy and stay in place with sneakers and boots.

X. Guest, Bayern

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Fashion
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.57 pounds
  • Cushioned foot for added comfort
  • Flat knit styling
  • Great color assortments: half solid/half color heel/toe
Price :    —
Model :    G40/10
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks available ( Aug 2019 )

Hanes Big Girls' Cotton Brief 6-Pack

When you think of comfort, think of hanes tag less cotton brief. Made from 100 percent comfort soft cotton, these brief panties are even softer than before.

Hanes Big Girls' Cotton Brief 6-PackHanes-Girls-Cotton-Brief-6-Pack

Brand :    hanes
Model :    D30LAS
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Big Girls' Cotton Brief 6-Pack available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton for a superb fit, wash after wash
  • Soft, comfortable underwear that feels good all day, every day
  • Tag less, no more scratchy label
  • Assorted 6-pack can include solids, prints or a combination of both

Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack Of 12

Our girls' brief is designed with breathable 100 percent cotton fabric, a plush, ravel-free waistband, and soft fabric covered legs. The waistband sits just below the belly button and has a lower cut leg for a more classic fitting panty. This assortment includes a combination of super cute prints and fashionable solids so you are covered for whatever you need. And since there are no irritating tags, this brief is not only cute, but the ultimate in comfort

Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack Of 12Fruit-Loom-Little-Assorted-Briefs

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Assorted
Model :    12GBRIA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack Of 12 available ( Aug 2019 )

Hanes Girls' 18-Pack Brief Bundle, Assorted

Briefs with a splash of fun for tweens and teens. available in a convenient 18-pack bundle

Hanes Girls' 18-Pack Brief Bundle, AssortedHanes-Girls-18-Pack-Bundle-Assorted

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Multi
Model :    P9BRB2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' 18-Pack Brief Bundle, Assorted available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
  • 100 percent ultra-soft cotton for all-day, breathable comfort
  • Assorted 18-pack can include solids, prints or a combination of both
  • Classic brief cut gives her full coverage, front and back
  • No ride up fabric-covered leg-bands

Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-Pack

Hanes 9-pack hipster - bright assortedthe sporty girl prefers comfortable, athletically-influenced looks that keep pace throughout the school day, onto the soccer field, the track or the basketball court. Sport underwear is constructed of comfortable and soft pre-shrunk 100% cotton. We have designed them with a lower rise waistline and wider waistband that is designed to hold its shape comfortable, covered legbands that will not ride up. Colors may vary. Let us pick for you.

Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-PackHanes-Girls-Hipster-Panty-9-Pack

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Colors
Model :    721824girls
Quantity :    9
Order click here :    -
  • Pack of assorted underwear with elastic waistbands and tag-free labeling
  • Specific colors and prints may vary from those seen in image.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-Pack available ( Aug 2019 )

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The F.A.Q. for Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack 9 (p913br)

Only at online store. Really good for those moms like me that are looking decents brief for her little girls.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 6 Q&A on

(0) Question: How to choose the size? for three years old girl

(1) Question: Are those panties for girl or adult?

(2) Question: Does these pennies have a wide crotch area?

(note) Question: where/how to get Hanes (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Hanes's products

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These hanes girls brief are perfect and always dependable. The girls are comfortable, the brief doesn't ride up, they wash well and when the girls bend over we don't see "plumber's crack". Little girls don't need bikini underwear! . They need coverage and comfort which these panties offer. Thank you hanes for a dependable excellent product.

Clothing 4660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Girls 1102447417, Underwear 8245401Top Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack 9 (p913br) FAQ Content

Best hanes big girls' brief pack 9 (p913br) in review

Attractive designs, fits well and washes nicely.

G. Elida, Bury

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  • Additional: Tagless.
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S. Joanna, Massachusetts says

This was a great buy for the price. My daughter has worn hanes underwear before and they always fit well and hold up through many washings. These fit her perfectly, and not too tight around the legs or waist. The colors are not at all like the picture. They were mostly pink/purple/salmon/orange colors and patterns, but they were fine and my daughter likes them. I don't think there was a white one in the pack though. They will work ok because i usually have my daughter wear some bike/cartwheel shorts under her dresses and skirts that don't already have them built in, or leggings, so the bright colors of the underwear get concealed anyway.

N. Mary, Medway

After trying different styles and brands (no kidding) these fit perfectly. We are going to stick with this style and brand for long time.

A. Patton, Calderdale says

I washed & dried to get a little shrinkage. They fit just right. Hanes is a good brand. The colors & print are very pretty. They didn't fade. This is an advantage, no fading. The package of 9 is very welcome. We are very pleased. With the briefs & granddaughter likes them. Works out great for a school age girl.

E. Carrie, Ohio

They are a little bigger but then again as my daughter grows she is one to have a hard time fitting in clothes. She wears 8 in pants so i ordered the size 8 and they were a little bigger but she can grow in them but great price for the quantity !

P. Nicole, Hawaii says

Quality made underwear. At the price for a pack of 9 you cannot got wrong.

X. Guest, Brighton and Hove

Purchased for 3+ yo. We have tried countless undies for our children for the 2-4 yo age range. All do not provide good coverage of their tushies. These do. And they fit fairly well too. The material is a little on the light weight side, but for the time they will be used, should be fine. The fit is to size. These are the best undies i have found for children. I have others i like, but none come close to providing the amount bottom coverage as these do.

F. Dorothy, Iowa says

I said finally, because i have been looking for girls brief at different retailers without any luck. Seems like nowadays girls just want to wear boy shorts, hipsters and bikinis. My daughter is a little more than a little over weight and i don't want her to use the styles i mentioned because i don't want her body to start deforming! yes, i said deforming, because i have seen how my body deformed by using those tiny underwear. I highly recommend this brief if you have the same concern. I ordered a size 12 and fit my daughter perfectly, i thought about going to size 14 but i guess those will be too big for her. So far, they haven't shrink, and even if they do i guess at this price i would just order more.

V. Whiteman, Lincolnshire

This is a great set of underwear for my 4 year old. She's pretty average size, and her size 4 panties were getting a little small. I got the size 6 thinking they would be huge on her but they're not. There's room to grow, but they're not too big for her to wear right now. High quality and the patterns are cute!

T. Tracey, Havering says

I love these panties. They fit well, the crotch is wider than most undies- that's a really good thing. I love that they are all cotton, and the covered elastic is a really big deal for me. !

U. Carolyn, North Tyneside

These fit my daughter as expected. If you aren't picky about the patterns (we are not), these are the deal for you!

M. Widmer, Utah says

I'd have preferred fewer tidy whities in the pile, but they fit my spawn as she wished them to fit, and they seem reasonably well made. I am pleased that they have no decals to come peeling off in the wash later.

H. Alba, Rhode Island says

She loves these and they fit her just right. My daughter like different and these come in an assortment that she really was excited about.

D. Valencia, North Lincolnshire

My daughter needed some new panties and these were a great price i cannot believe how expensive panties are these days plus i also love the fact that they're not suggested in anyway as it is insane to me how little girls underwear can be so provocative these days i see no reason for that.

. Williams, Surrey says

These are some very comfortable 100% cotton underwear that fit well. They are tagless, constructed well and do not ride up. They are extremely soft and wash well and the colours remain bright. The package also came with a good mix of solid and pattern underwear. I will definitely be stocking up on these briefs at such a great price.

I. Edna, Torbay

My 5 year old granddaughter loved the briefs, especially the bright colors. I ordered size 6 which fit perfectly.

. Isabel, Arizona says

My daughter really do love them. They fit her comfortably and the underwear looks nice on her. I would recommend this 9 pair deal to anyone who needs them for their daughter. I just could not order these when my daughter needed them so badly. I got her a size 14 and she is only 9 years old. I love the assorted colors-one color is too boring. Great price too for these big girl underwear!

Q. Aldana, Missouri

They are good but i'm starting to think i have to go down a size when i get her regular briefs like these and up a size when i get bikini cut. My daughter is a size 16, these are a tad big in 16. Save for laters. :)

C. Emma, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

My daughter likes them a great deal and feels they are soft and comfortable. For the price, this was a fair purchase. We both like the way they fit her and the colors and patterns are nice. I was disappointed that the fabric was flawed on two pairs. We didn't return them or ask for an exchange. My daughter was too excited to wear them and the underpants were needed. I would buy them again because my daughter likes them so much and has expressed a few times how comfortable they are. "way way more comfy to wear than a bikini kind mom. " :)

Top /hanes big girls brief pack Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

A. Aldana, Bournemouth says

Bought size 8 for my 7 year old daughter, quite a bit baggy (even for 8 year old child, as my gal is a big 7yo). Quality seems not very good, as there were elastic threads hanging off the panties after a couple of washes. Do not think they will last long.

. Tracey, Limousin

These were falsely shown as big girls' briefs. They were for very tiny girls. I gave them away because it made me so mad. Your person that pulled these for shipment probably laughed when they sent it to me.

G. Garner, Iowa says

I want to give zero star , but must choose one by systems control. Very bad quality, material is very hard, it should not use to kids

Q. Elida, Minnesota

Wrong colors! i was mailed variations of pink, rather than the colors identified in the description, definitely not the preferred combination of colors.

. Paula, Middlesbrough says

Good quality, but too big and awful design

. Arnett, Oklahoma

I bought a size bigger than my daughter normally wears and these were to small.

U. Erin, Solihull says

The material is good, the elastic well coverd but they are just too big as compared to the body that goes in a girls size 16 legging. . I did wash them to see if they would shrink ( being all cotton) but nope. I would suggest ordering a size smaller than you think you will need. Then they will be great.

P. Crawford, Ohio

I purchased size 8 for my daughter as she had some before in the same size and brand so i knew they would fit. Only to find that they were a bit larger. My daughter is 7, very small. But these don't fit like the ones she had before in the same hanes brand. I guess she will eventually grow into them.

L. Hayward, California says

Patterns are colors are just ok. My daughter does not like plain white underwear, so she wears those less often. These briefs are a lot like the disney brand that you see in department stores for girls' sizes 2t-8. This is an example of briefs and are not really full-cut briefs. You also have to be aware that these will shrink a lot, so i would recommend sizing up. My tall, slim daughter wears girls' clothing in size 7 now, but since these shrink so much they fit her fine. I did follow washing instructions exactly, so that is not the issue. The fabric is also very thin.

I. Erickson, Norfolk

Not the pictured print, total rip-off- you can buy these at target for $10 less.

C. Nees, Mississippi says

They went over her belly button. She does not like that considering all her jeans are low ridding her undies hang out.

Y. Anderson, Western Australia

They're cute, but my daughter hated them because they came up so high on her waist. I don't think they were the wrong size because they did fit. They were just ridiculously long!

F. Jennifer, Wirral says

I've bought hanes panties for my granddaughter to have at my house since she was in a size 4. Now she's in a 14. They hold up as you would expect. Eventually the sewing on the elastic around the waist comes undone. My main complaint is i've gotten the same colors and prints in every package i bought. Stripes and bold solid colors. They are advertised as no ride up briefs and that seems to be true.

O. Colleen, East Sussex

I picked this underwear because it was in lighter colors which i couldn't find in stores. All the hanes underwear i selected arrived in dark purples, dark blues and dark pinks. If those aren't the colors, then don't show them as that.

E. Debra, Louisiana says

Colored washed out after the very first wash, cheap fabric. You get what you paid for, i guess. Next time will pay more for better quality

W. Imelda, South Carolina

Didn t get the color choice i selected but a diff one

. Sandra, Oregon says

The material isnt good they tear easily

H. Anonymous, Cheshire

The fabric is good, but it's too large, do not fit my little girl, normal size 8. It's more like a size 12

M. Pete, Croydon says

My daughter is thin and tall, she usually use size 7-8, these briefs runs really large, it looks like size 10. Runs really large. The quality is not the best.

X. Paige, Dudley

I usually buy hanes hipsters, but i thought i'd give these a try. They were enormous granny panties that i put away for next year. I also ordered the hanes hipsters also in a size 8. They fit perfectly and don't ride up.

J. Angelica, Coventry says

Bought these for my daughter. She prefers these over most other styles and getting 9 pair in a pack was a pretty good deal. Often in stores the packs have fewer. My only complaint is that the elastic waistband is thin and is sewn to the thin cotton fabric without much reinforcement. The result: when kids pull them on in a hurry by tugging on the waistband, it often tears away from the fabric in places (especially after a few washes). Should be sturdier since it is a kids' product.

R. Alma, Hillingdon

This was a good deal for fast growing girls. We've had them a while and i've noticed loose stitching on the elastic around the waist and legs. I've trashed a few pairs. Pattern and color just ok. Nothing overly exciting. Just a fyi for potential buyers.

B. Cageen, Brent says

My daughter loved them, beautiful variety of colors and very soft. But way too small. Fortunately she has a little sister that will fit in them within a year or so. Would have received 5 stars if they fit as expected.

T. Sarah, Bexley

Beware of the unethical seller "under moments/active freedom". What you receive is nothing like the description or as pictured. Literally, nothing. We were sent all dark, dark pink fuchsia - almost red. Not an assortment, not one white or floral or other color. Daughter hates them, as do i.

. Valencia, North East Lincolnshire says

According to the chart, size 16 should fit me, but it's huge. The elastic is very weak and the leg openings gap after the first washing. This was also a problem in the previous ones i ordered. And the colors i received were terrible - not even close to the assortment i ordered. I don't even want to wear them. Yuck.

D. Maria, Oregon

Very disappointed in the size being way to big.

V. Kimberly, Hamburg says

I dont know if its the briefs style, but they were very baggy. Good quality

K. Josephine, Worcestershire

I had expected delivered to me with prints but it came with stripes. Not happy with it.

. Isabel, Knowsley says

Be aware! i just received the hanes briefs for my daughter, and the print and colors are nothing like the cute ones shown. I now see in small print that it does say the prints may vary from what is shown, but it is false advertising since you can choose the prints at the top of the page by pressing the different options.

S. Evelyn, Thurrock

Con: i bought this product based on the picture representation on the website. The website showed 3 white pair, 3 solid pastels, and 3 pastels with designs. The item i received included zero white ones, some dark orange and other dark solids, and 4 pair with very goofy designs. It would not be cost effective to return them. Pro: the fit is good.

Z. Joanne, Sheffield says

I checked twice, but these panties too large. sad.

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