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Price was 19. I really wanted to give these pants five stars. I like the color and they fit perfectly. Unlike many other brands of pants, they come in odd inseam sizes, which is perfect for me (32 length is too long). However, i recently noticed that the fabric at the hemline is starting to wear through, probably from rubbing on my shoes. I was surprised by this, considering how many times i have worn them and the fact that i have always found haggar products to be high quality. I had one pair of haggar slacks that i wore for many years, which finally wore out holes in the seat around the pockets. So i am a little disappointed that these don't seem to be holding up so well.

-A. Joanna

Men’s Work-to-weekend No-iron Pleat-front Pant Hidden Expandable This Haggar No Iron Twill Pleat Front Pant Fills Your Needs From Work To Weekend -Haggar Men’s Work-to-weekend No-iron Pleat-front Pant Hidden Expandable Waist

  1. Advantage: No-iron Design.
  2. Advantage: Classic Fit.

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Well made, with matching seams and a smoothly running zipper. Pockets might be a little deeper for my hiking pleasure, but my belt wallet really is all i need. . Appear to be very durable - passed my rub test of rubbing a bit of fabric over a rough brick wall and seeing how much could be felt. Important info for when i fall and scrape my knees. :(. . Robert c. Ross. August 2016 Best mens worktoweekend noiron pleatfront | Haggar-Books 1973 And Later Review ( Sep 2019 ) Advantage Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend No-Iron Pleat-Front Pant with Hidden Expandable Waist Pleat-front pant with side-slant pockets featuring hidden expandable waist and button-through welt pockets at back. No-iron design. Classic fit .

Haggar men's work-to-weekend no-iron pleat-front pant with hidden expandable waist Review (Haggar)

I bought these for my guy & really like the way they fit him! they are dressy enough for a nice dinner but can be worn with a sweater or polo for a more casual look. The material doesn't wrinkle easily - there's nothing worse than looking at a well dressed man only to see wrinkles like it was balled up in a corner somewhere! the expanding waist provides a great deal of comfort especially when wearing them for long periods of time. I bought these for him before the christmas holiday last year and will look to buy more of this brand and style. Since he's lost quite a bit of weight i'll be replacing this pair and adding a few more too! -W. Julie

Haggar Weekend No Iron Pleat Front Expandable


men's work-to-weekend no-iron pleat-front pant hidden expandable Apparel, This haggar no iron twill pleat front pant fills your needs from work to weekend Haggar Weekend No Iron Pleat Front Expandable (41114957524-Haggar).

Haggar Weekend No Iron Pleat Front Expandable Apparel

  • I was really impressed. Since there is some hidden elastic in the sides (which doesn't show at all or pucker anything) the pants stary flat in the back and don't gap at all. The belt line is smooth and elegant, better than a lot of really expensive trousers. The measurements are accurate, the "stride" is generous without being droopy. These are just really great trousers. . What was absolutely the most amazing thing. I put them in the dryer on low till they are almost dry, hang them up by the cuffs on a skirt hanger (with the clips) and they look like they've been pressed. Absolutely amazing fabric.
  • These are a solid quality pair of pants. They come in enough variations that i was able to get them both with pleats and in black (both hard to find in khaki style pants) and in my size both in waist and leg. The material is heavy weight. They fit as expected. The rise is low so they will wear a little long in the leg vs. A jean style with the same inseam - which fits me better. Your results may vary. Overall they are a good value for the money.
  • Have worn pants less than half a dozen times and cuffs are beginning to fray.
  • It seems that the fit of these pants is dependent on, i dunno, the weather maybe? the first batch i ordered fit fine. The second batch though, same size, style, everything, does not fit or look the same. The waistband is a different color (inside), the fit is much different (tighter fit through the waist and thigh), and the fabric feels a little different. I won't be buying pants again online because of this.
  • I understand that some men's slacks manufacturers are making "short rise" fit slacks. I have some of hese and i can tolerate them. To a point, but these slacks provide you with a work to weeked "wedgie". This makes for a very uncomfotable feeling pair of pants. I have used haggar slacks for years, but the design and/or quality control needs some attention, particularly with this, their signature line, of slacks.

mens worktoweekend noiron pleatfront Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend No-Iron Pleat-Front Pant with Hidden Expandable Waist (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Haggar work to weekend collection w2w:the weekend wardrobe that works in the w2w collection, you are ready for anything. Fashionable, performance fabrics give you the versatility of a polished, finished look during the week and comfortable, casual ease on the weekend. The w2w collection incorporates the effortless care of wrinkle-resistant styling, with a crisp clean look that keeps you looking sharp from workweek polish to weekend fun. Work to weekend offers head-to-toe clothing options that provide easy care and maximum comfort. Perfectly coordinated tops and bottoms span casual and dressy, all in authentic haggar style. Haggar classic fit twill casual pants throw on these classic fit cotton twill pants with just about anything, and you re out the door. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you are as comfortable in these as your own skin combining classic comfort with easy care that is wrinkle resistant,  permanently creased, and machine washable. Out of the dryer or out the door, your wardrobe will work as well as it plays. You ll be ready for anything. The classic fit twill casual pants from haggar lend casual, confident style to any condition.

My husband wears this brand and style to work every day. The price was great enough to get several pairs three years ago, and this was the shelf life for all the pairs he had as they all wore out within a couple of weeks of each other. I ordered two more pairs and the fit was the same as the last order. The do wash great and keep their color very well.

Haggar Men's Work-to-weekend No-iron Pleat-front Pant Hidden Expandable Waist
Click to see NoticeHaggar Weekend No Iron Pleat Front Expandable (Books 1973 And Later)"These fit well, but i always try one sample first to check the important dimension not stated, the length from top to bottom. That determines whether i will trip over the cuffs, or maybe have them too high from the floor. I know that my size requires a total length of about 40 inches. That will require different inseam measurements for different waist measurements. Why isn't this dimension stated in the product listing? it would save me a step, since i could order several pairs without trying that first one!"

(0) Question: What does seat measurement mean and how do you determine pant leg length from the chart. i need 44 waist and 30 leg.

(1) Question: Is this pants for summer or winter?

(2) Question: Are these a dress pant? and hiw do they comoare with the lands end or llbean cotton dress pants?

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Haggar Men's Mynx Gabardine Pleat-Front Dress Pant Hidden Expandable Waist

Mynx gabardine hidden expandable-waist pleated dress pant

Haggar Men's Mynx Gabardine Pleat-Front Dress Pant Hidden Expandable WaistHaggar-Gabardine-Pleat-Front-Hidden-Expandable

Price :    —
  • Classic pleated dress pant with cuffed hem and button-through welt pockets at back
  • Hidden expandable waistband for customizable fit
  • Slanted hand pockets
Brand :    haggar
Model :    11111836245
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Cool 18 pro classic fit pleat front hidden expandable waistband pant

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Pro Classic Fit Pleat Front Expandable Waist PantHaggar-Classic-Pleat-Front-Expandable

Brand :    haggar
Color :    Grey
Size :    varies
  • Pleat front
  • Comfort 4-way stretch fabric
  • Shirt gripper, keeps shirt tucked
  • Classic fit
  • Hidden expandable waistband
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Model :    HC00248
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Haggar Men's Premium No-Iron Classic-Fit Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Pant

Premium no iron classic fit expandable waist pleat front pant

Haggar Men's Premium No-Iron Classic-Fit Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front PantHaggar-Premium-Classic-Fit-Expandable-Waist-Pleat-Front

Brand :    haggar
Color :    Parent
Size :    varies
Model :    HC10897
Quantity :    1
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  • Zip fly with button closure
  • Pleated dress pant in classic fit featuring side-seam pockets and button-through welt pockets at seat
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Haggar Men's Two-Tone Herringbone Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Dress Pant

Two-tone herringbone expandable-waist pleat-front dress pant

Haggar Men's Two-Tone Herringbone Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Dress PantHaggar-Two-Tone-Herringbone-Expandable-Waist-Pleat-Front

Price :    —
  • Double-welted button-through back pockets
  • Double-pleated dress pant with expandable waistband and cuffed hem
  • Off-seam front pockets
  • Zip fly with tab
Brand :    haggar
Size :    varies
Model :    HD00280
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Haggar Men's Premium Comfort Classic Fit Pleat Expandable Waist Pant

Premium comfort stretch classic fit pleat front hidden expandable waistband dress pant

Haggar Men's Premium Comfort Classic Fit Pleat Expandable Waist PantHaggar-Premium-Comfort-Classic-Expandable

Price :    —
  • Hidden expandable waistband
  • Pleat front
  • Classic fit
  • No iron
  • Stretch
Brand :    haggar
Model :    HD00651
Quantity :    1
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Haggar Men's Work To Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist No Iron Plain Front Pant

I love these pants. I have 12 to 14 pair accumulated over the last 4 years or so and would wear them everyday to every function if my wife would permit it. Wash, dry (just to the point of no moisture) then hang them up folded at the crease. If you do this, you'll never have to iron them again.

Work to weekend hidden expandable waist plain front pant

Haggar Men's Work To Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist No Iron Plain Front PantHaggar-Weekend-Hidden-Expandable-WaistHaggar work to weekend collection w2w:the weekend wardrobe that works in the w2w collection, you are ready for anything. Fashionable, performance fabrics give you the versatility of a polished, finished look during the week and comfortable, casual ease on the weekend. The w2w collection incorporates the effortless care of wrinkle-resistant styling, with a crisp clean look that keeps you looking sharp from workweek polish to weekend fun. Work to weekend offers head-to-toe clothing options that provide easy care and maximum comfort. Perfectly coordinated tops and bottoms span casual and dressy, all in authentic haggar style. Haggar classic fit twill casual pants throw on these classic fit cotton twill pants with just about anything, and you re out the door. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you are as comfortable in these as your own skin combining classic comfort with easy care that is wrinkle resistant,  permanently creased, and machine washable. Out of the dryer or out the door, your wardrobe will work as well as it plays. You ll be ready for anything. The classic fit twill casual pants from haggar lend casual, confident style to any condition.

Haggar Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist (4957 522) FAQ.

Material is slightly heavier than i like, but it's cold here and this time of year that helps one stay warm. The fit is good and i like the slight adjustment that the waist allows. I've ordered another pair of haggar's in a different material to see which one i like the best. The are the only manufacturer who seems to want to make a 31" inseam and my body is such that 32 is too long and 30 is too short so 31 is just right. In the past i've been buying 32 and having to take the legs up and inch. -Notice from U. Widmer, West Virginia

Click to Show haggar weekend hidden expandable waist (4957 522) Details

My husband says that while they are snug that he is very comfortable in them. And they do have a stretchable waist so they will actually give a bit if needed. He has multiple pairs of this particular type of pants and after about a year the elastic waist gets a bit loose and does not stay as snug as he actually likes them to be.

Haggar-weekend-hidden-expandable-waist-(4957-522) set picture

- L. CathyI bought 5 pair several years ago to wear to work. I wear them once and then wash them. They look as good today as when i bought them and each have been washed over 100 times. The wast expands and contracts as i do :) so they always seem to fit as my waste fluctuates. For pants i could not ask any more.

Good quality, nice material, but i can't seem to get the waist to expand.

. Franklin, Durham

Brand :    haggar
Color :    Brown
Size :    varies
Model :    41114957522
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Flat-front dress pant with hidden expandable waist featuring side-slant pockets and welted back pockets
  • Hidden expandable waistband expands up to 3 inches
  • Classic fit
  • Zip fly with button closure
Price :    —
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Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Pant

Nice lighter shade of gray, perfect bit, elastic waist makes makes the fit comfortable for big guys like me. I bent over without splitting the seam, that is fantastic in itself.

Cool 18 expandable waist pleat front heather gabardine casual pant

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front PantHaggar-Mens-Hidden-Expandable-Waist-Pleat-FrontHaggar cool18 collection cool18: high-tech cool in classic comfort the cool18 collection combines classic haggar styling with a revolutionary technology to enhance fabrics on a molecular level. The result? fabric that resists wrinkles, wicks away moisture, and resists static without sacrificing comfort. Cool18 s unique comfort technology and easy-care fabrications make the tops, shorts and slacks must-haves on and off the course, even on the warmest of days. The cool18 collection features a state-of-the-art fabric that meets haggar's most demanding standards. Haggar cool18 gabardine pants haggar gabardine pants are ideal for any situation and are crafted in a style, offering an array of core colors that are the staple to any man's closet. These ultra-comfortable go-to pants draw moisture away from your skin, and incorporate a hidden expandable waist for maximum comfort. With the haggar cool18 gabardine pants, you ll be ready for anything. Great for casual, confident style under any conditions.

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-waist Pleat-front Pant (Pants) FAQ.

Excellent - fit well, wear well, great for office and business casual events. My husband loves these. Lightweight, comfortable, look great. -Notice from Z. Adrienne, South Carolina

Click to Show haggar men's cool 18 hidden expandable-waist pleat-front pant (pants) Details

The fit and finish of these dress pants was as expected. Waist gives about two inches of expansion as needed. Color is a shade grayer or muted than what is shown in the picture. I was disappointed to not see a second inside panel with a button or clasp like what is offered on nearly every other pair of dress pants i've purchased over the past few years. If the waist button pops on these or the thread unravels you are simply out of luck until you can get it sewn back on. I've had that happen on a business trip. No fun. Overall, satisfied with the price, fit and fast shipping.

Haggar-men's-cool-18-hidden-expandable-waist-pleat-front-pant-(pants) set picture

- C. AlexiaBought these for my husband. Wonderful fit, soft/smooth material, little to no wrinkling which makes ironing a breeze. He looks good in them and is pleased with the quality of product especially for the price. He now has 4 different colors in this style. Wish they would add a light blue color.

I actually bought these pants to play golf in. I didn't really need the expandable waist feature but thought that it would come in handy when playing. However, i was pleasantly surprised with the fit and styling. I found that these are nothing less than quality dress slacks that i wear to work and play. The two things that matter most to me is whether a pair of slacks will hold a nice crease and if they can get over my rather large thighs but not be bunched up in the waist. These pants pass on both accounts. When they say that the expandable part is hidden, they aren't kidding. I would recommend these to anyone who needs or doesn't need the expandable feature.

E. Theresa, Rhode Island

Price :    —
  • Pleated dress pant featuring off-seam front pockets and welted back pockets with buttons
  • Hidden expandable waistband
  • Zip fly with button closure
Brand :    haggar
Color :    Parent
Size :    varies
Model :    41114276486
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Pleat-Front Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

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I gotten more confident about ordering clothes from online store prime because it's easy to return an item if it doesn't meet expectations. Unwrap carefully so as not to destroy the package. Then if you don't like the item, put it back in the package and follow instructions to print a return merchandise shipping label and hand the package to any ups driver. It's so much easier than buying and returning at a local retailer. Try it on at home without getting undressed in a public closet, and, no standing in line at check out or at customer service counter if you want to return it. And for many clothing items, choice of styles, sizes and colors is huge compared to local retailers. . Often online store sellers offer a better price than local retailers. But even if it's the same or a couple of bucks more than a local retailer the convenience makes it worthwhile. And you save gas, too, plus you avoid the aggravation of hunting for a parking spot.

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(0) Question: Is this pants for summer or winter?

(1) Question: What is the leg length for a 44 waist?

(2) Question: Does these pants have a metal clasp on the waist flaps

(3) Question: Are they deep pocket?

(4) Question: Has anyone else have oversized "b-i-g" button issues with the front fly waistband button?

(5) Question: Is thr lenght from the waist

(6) Question: Can you wash these in the washing machine? no dry cleaning?

(7) Question: Do these pants have back pockets?

(8) Question: Trying to order khaki 35x32, the product description keeps showing 29" insem

(9) Question: Do these have cuffs?

(10) Question: Do these have that rubber-ish stripe inside the waist to help keep shirts tucked in?

(11) Question: What does the letter l mean whe the lenght size is given

(12) Question: What is the l stand for?

(13) Question: Hello dear. i am looking for waist 36 and length 41 inches. are the length here measured by inch. cz the max i find is 34

(14) Question: Is the crease permanent or do you have to iron them for a nice crease?

(15) Question: Do they shrink a bit after wash and dry? being that they are 100% cotton and all?

(16) Question: Does it shrink at all after a few washes?

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These are really nice work pants which are pleated. They fit well and look good, but something about the button at the waist is difficult to close. Maybe the slot it fits into is too small.

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Best haggar weekend no iron pleat front expandable (books 1973 and later) in review

What a perfect fit. Love these pants - good look and feel, while perfect for casual wear or dinner dates. The button closer is a little tight, but i'm sure will loosen as the pants get broken in along the way

O. Kimberly, Bracknell Forest

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. Dorothy, Colorado says

The material is of great quality. I love the colors. Also the size is generous so when you are sitting at the desk the pants have enough room where they don't expose too much of your legs. I have size 32 legs. The expanding waist is really nice for this big lunch days, but it doesn't expand too much where they feel like they are going to come off. They come out of the dryer fairly wrinkle free and they seem to have a better crease than my dockers. Also the material is a bit thicker and heavier than my equivalent pair of dockers (but without a comfort waist). I like the variety of colors and overall i think they are a great buy and great quality for the price point especially when buying from online store. Com with free shipping. I rather order online instead of picking though someone else's pickings at the store.

Q. Kathlene, Milton Keynes

These are excellent trousers (pants, whatever you care to call them). . With the harsh winter we've had here in chicago this year (2013/14), i really struggled to keep my legs warm when out and about in normal office attire, and these things really did the job with their thick lining. . However, after only three months of intermittent use the bottom of the legs has already started to fray, which is a big disappointment.

S. Cassella, Arkansas says

These pants fit as i expected but that said i ordered them one waist size larger than my normal size given the previous buyers overall comments stated that they experience was that the pants were smaller than a given normal waist. I plan to order again using this same logic on waist size.

Z. Taylor, Texas

I have been buying this particular brand and style (haggar men's wtw pleated front) for more than 10 years and has been very pleased with the style, quality and fit. And i love the hidden expandable waist feature. This is probably the 5th or 6th time i purchase this pant, and i frequently buy a couple at a time. This time, i also purchased two - a brown and a grey one. The brown one seems to have a older style label than the grey one. I put them side by side and the grey one seems to be 1/4" to 1/3" bigger on the seat and upper thigh. I put them on and they feel and look different. I pulled out a couple my old hagger wtw pleated pant sure enough, they are about 1/4" to 1/3" slimmer than the even then new brown one. So it seems haggar has been slowly making classic fit bigger and bigger. Haggar should definitely consider making slim fit available for this style.

. Denise, Gloucestershire says

I ordered these pants with the thought that this was going to be a mistake since i couldn't try them on first. But they arrived and i tried them on and they fit perfectly. The pants have a lower waist than some, but not too low. They are very comfortable even though the 100% cotton twill is heavy. The pockets are large and deep, the elastic waistband is very firm, which is good. The last pair of expandable waistband pants that i bought by another manufacturer had much much looser elastic and they constantly wanted to get too loose and i had to pull them together and cinch my belt to hold them. These are nothing like that.

E. Harrison, Walsall

There is a lot to be said about these slacks and none of it is bad. Dress wear with a big durability factor is quite important to me as a jewellery store owner. My clothing must look professional out on the showroom floor as well as tough when i am working at the bench. And first and foremost they must fit and feel excellent. These slacks exceed all of my needs at work. The other side of the coin is maintenance, with its built in comfort fit no iron materials i am able to cut down on my laundry time from drier to hanger with no ironing how much sweeter can it get. After 10 washes with no fading that's how much sweeter it can get. Not only do they service me well at work they also stand in well for casual engagements as well as dress situations. As you can well see i am very happy with these pants.

V. Cathy, Wirral says

I bought the slacks for my husband. He is tall and built and very picky about the clothes he wears. Because of his height a pair of pants may be to short. However, with haggar pants he is very happy with the product. The price is very reasonable in comparison to other brands. The pants were true to size and looks like the photo that was advertised. The waist and length fit perfectly. After the pants were dry cleaned the pants did not shrink. I do not know if that would be true if they were washed and pressed at home. Overall, i highly recommend this product. My husband will be ordering two more pants in different colors.

C. Nees, Louisiana

A superior garment from haggar menswear. The fitting is as. Promised and the comfort of the hidden elastic waist band is an added. Comfort to it's impressive cut and. Length. Haggar remains one of my favourite menswear line of clothing which dominate my wardrobe. Both jackets and trousers. Please keep them coming - especially unusual colours and patterns?

R. Stacey, Darlington says

I have been purchasing these pants for more than 5 years. They are comfortable and look great after washing. I wash on the "hand wash" cycle with my shirts, dry them on high, take them out of the dryer immediately after they have completed the drying cycle and hang them up on pants hangers. They always come out with minimum wrinkles which disappear after wearing for an hour or so. If i forget them in the dryer for a couple of hours, they will be wrinkled, but then i just run them again in the dryer on the wrinkle remove cycle and they are fine.

T. Nielsen, Rhone-Alpes

I must admit that i was skeptical about buying clothing online, but since i had my measurements, i took a shot and was not disappointed. These are great pants, with an expandable waist, and buying them here really took the hassle out of shopping.

X. Gladys, Hertfordshire says

These slacks feel great and look great. Very comfortable soft material. I wish the butt was slightly more tailored but they really are a good fit for off-the shelf regular fit pants. I wish they had the same style and colors in a cuffed version. There are some nice cuffed pants but you either pay through the nose or cant get them in a simple gray. I like the pleats on these, the standard 3 pleats getting smaller from front to side/back. I washed them once and they still feel great and took minimal iron after leaving in the dryer. I guess if was quick to remove them from dryer and hang them while warm, i wouldn't even need to iron. But the ironing i did do was very quick. While wearing them, they never seem to be wrinkled. I dripped some coffee and quickly wiped it away, the material seemed to repel the liquid easily. I don't know what would happen if you let it sit. I saw no stain in the dark grey version. Very happy and will probably buy other colors.

I. Jarvis, Schleswig-Holstein says

I'm very tall but like the fit and i haven't had the problem mentioned by others with the cuffs fraying early on. I've washed the one pair i have many times without frayng and the color is still good and the pants don't need ironing at all. My one gripe would be that the front pockets are too shallow for me. Pocket change is constantly falling out when driving unless i make sure to shove the change down when i get in. Otherwise, this pair has been a good experience for the price.

L. Carol, Vermont

I purchased these haggar pants in december 2015. Eight months later this is still my favored pair of work pants. I wear them at least one time per week, every week. . As far as durability, i haven't seen the fray in the seams or at the bottom of the pants leg that others have reported in reviews. During a work day, i have no worry of ripping or tearing these pants. These feel like they won't tear as easy as the expensive dress pants. Being a reasonable price, getting them a bit dirty isn't as big deal, especially considering i could have spilled coffee on some other pants with the matching jacket. These pants go into the washer about once every two weeks, depending on the times i wear them in the week or if i spill something on them. . As far as features, the crease in the leg is permanent and looks nice, even 8 months later. The button for the pants is still in good shape. Belt loops are doing just fine. . I intend to buy another pair of these pants in the coming months and retiring one of my others. . Update on 7-6-2018. I've bought 3 more pair of these pants. As expected, still a good pair of pants. I rotate these 3 pair over the course of the week to reduce wear and tear. Excellent pants. . If you found my review helpful, please click the "helpful" button below.

F. Meghan, Herefordshire says

Was very nice to find a pair of trousers with a 31 inch inseam. Stores seem to only carry even sizes. These fit great. I will now order additional pairs. They are a goldilocks fit for me.

. Lawrence, Illinois

I love these slacks! i was not expecting such a fine quality for the price! i ordered them for my husband because of the description - stretch waist, permanent press, and haggar. When they arrived i was very impressed. The fit so well and really look nice on him. I also noticed that all the stress points had been reinforced, the crease is very crisp and the fabric is sturdy. I put them in the dryer and there was no shrinking. After several washes. I even forgot to take them out of the dryer overnight and they are the only item that did not need to be ironed! i can't think of anything i don't like about them. The best thing is that my husband asked "where did you get these pants? they comfortable. " 5 stars!

Y. Anonymous, Alaska says

Looked and fit as expected. Checked closely for fraying and craftsmanship defects and found none (one of the common complaints. ) gusset depth a little shallow which made pants feel like they were bordering on "hip-huggers. " i had many pairs of these pants and have always been happy with wear-ability, fit and looks.

M. Florence, Nevada

I enjoy wearing black from time to time - and light-weight slacks (perma-pressed, of course) are my favorites - with an expanding waist feature preferred. And, naturally, at a reasonable price. Well, these are them! comfortable, wash wrinkle-free (with pleats) and a perfect fit for the days when my waist is smaller (33 or so) to those times when it swells - after a big dinner, for example, to 35. They fit comfortably and perfectly all the time. . Looking for the same features: look no further. These are the ones!

B. Kelly, Medway says

I'm a big guy and work in fine dining and i need quality pants. Overall i'm very pleased with these pants and think they are a good value for the money. . The only issue i have with these pants is the construction of the elastic waist elements catch your belt every time you put one on. So you have to carefully use your hand to guide the belt past with out getting caught. Its a rather annoying design flaw. I just want to put a belt on without having to surgically guide it past the f-ing belt loops! . . Reverse the pocket of the elastic waist element and these pants would be perfect and worthy of earning the coveted 5th star!

P. Finch, Mississippi

These are great work pants for my husband who does service work and is on occasion hard on his cloths. These are thick enough but soft. The expandable waist is great too. I ordered 4 pair and hope they don t change a thing in the future. Finally a strong but comfortable work pants.

D. Michele, East Sussex says

I switched to these pants because dockers of the same size are a bit too long. The bottom hem of the dockers dragged on the ground and became frayed after several wearings. Since i wear a 29 length, i can't get them any shorter. These haggars fit me just right in both the waist and the length. With the flexible waist band, i can go up or down 5 pounds in weight and they still fit. I expect that they will last a lot longer than the dockers for me, and that will save me a lot of money. I own three of them, and i expect that i will keep buying these in the future. . . I am not crazy about the look and feel of twill fabric but these are better than average for twill. That's why i get the darker shades that look more business-like than the lighter shades. They are nice enough for my daily office wear but i might wear something nicer, more expensive to an interview. . So, bottom line - they fit just right and look good enough, and are affordable for me.

K. Anonymous, Richmond upon Thames

I own about a dozen of these pants which i first discovered at kohl's a few years ago. These are the only pants i purchase now (other than suit pants) as they look good for casual and business casual settings and look fine with a sports jacket or blazer. . Size: i normally wear 33x34 in jeans, however with this brand of slacks, i'm at 34x30 with the hems hanging just 1/2 inch above the heel of my shoes which have a 1 inch heel. I'm 6' tall 190 lbs. . Pocket size: shallow pockets on pants annoy me, this is not the case with these. . Color: the box stores only carry a few color options, so online store was the best option for variety for me. The only color that was a bit different than expected was the "graphite" color. I was expecting to get a dark gray which turned out to be dark gray/blue. The color has held up well to over a dozen dry cleans and even additional washes (i dry clean my newer pairs and wash my older). . Zipper / button / belt loops: no snags yet with any of my pant zippers. They are "ideal" metal zippers. The waist button is plastic, matches the rear pocket button and is otherwise not noteworthy. The belt loops are narrow however are stitched quite well, i wear a wide belt with these and have never had an issue or one break on me. . Center pleat: a word of caution in this regard. It maybe my dry cleaners but they seem to like to crease them at a slightly different location. I'm not sure if this is because they naturally want to pleat differently or if it's because of careless dry cleaners. Either way, it's happened to at least 2 pairs of mine already which creates a double pleat look. Ie. They're no longer my "good" pairs. . Durability: the other reviews mention the tendency of the hems to fray in a short amount of time. Well, yes they do fray, however the time in which they do in my opinion is acceptable for a $35. 00 pair of pants. When dry cleaned only, i get about 12 cleans out of them before the hems begin to wear. So, if rotated with other pants, this can be about a years worth. Machine washing is a different story, they begin fraying after the 3rd or 4th wash and of course this leads to fading prematurely as well. For me and my usage, i get about a year of business casual use and about another year of casual use out of them. . Overall, they are comfortable, fit and look well and have become my choice beating out dockers hands down.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Wanda, Oxfordshire says

My husband has worn these pants for years. Ordered his normal size and the fit was terrible. What have you done to a classic pair of khaki pants? i also noted that the quality was a little questionable, not what it used to be.

H. Russell, North Carolina

For the past 6 years i have sworn by haggar wtw pants; however, i can no longer recommend them. I have only purchased 6 pairs of pants during that time span and all except one pair has lasted, only needing to be replaced due to color fading over time. The most recent pair was purchased last month and just over a month later they are already fraying. There's no warranty and no guarantee that the pants will last because they are clothing, but to last one month is simply unacceptable. Based on the craftsmanship, i've given these one star; however, i have reached out to haggar customer support and will update if they respond.

G. Cortney, Swindon says

These used to be the best trousers around. For years i would have multiple pairs in different colors that i wore for office work or going out. However, within the last year things have changed. About 8 months ago i bought a new pair to replace a pair that had worn out (after 2 years of use). I can only assume that the company changed the cut in order to save money. I was hoping that it was just that pair so didn't worry too much about it, until i just bought another pair to replace a different set that had worn out. The problem with these pants now are that 1) the distance between the crotch and the top of the waistband is at least 1" shorter (causing pinching) 2) the length of the zipper is almost 2" shorter (which causes concerns when utilizing the bathroom, can cause extreme pain when the tight zipper scrapes the manhood since the zipper is too short). Unfortunately i can't recommend these pants any longer, until the company remedies these concerns.

B. Sarah, Alaska

The pants were shipped fast. Their quality of material is good. My issue is that they are kind of small in the crotch area. They are cut like most close today, for skinny people. Now i am not fat, i do have a 40 inch waste, i am just a big person and there is not much room for the boys downstairs. So take this into consideration when you purchase. I would order them again, but would try a 42 or 44. Its not that i am in denial about my waste size, a 40 on most pants fit me perfect, but this one was a bit tight.

Y. Linda, Sutton says

I have recently bought seven pairs of these pants. I first bought one pair of the color they call string in a 31" waist to see how they fit. They fit perfectly in the waist. . Well, i ended up buying six more pairs of these pants in various colors and only four out of seven fit. The two pairs of string color in 31" waist fit correctly. The navy and griffin in 32" fit ok, but are still more snug that the 31" string. The graphite and khaki in 31" waist don't fit at all and the bark in 32" waist doesn't fit. . So, i bought seven pairs of the same pants in different colors and i can't even wear three out of the seven because they are too small. At around $30 per pair, that is almost $100 wasted. . That being said, if you can manage to find a pair that fit as they should, they are nice pants.

W. Bethany, Newfoundland and Labrador

I was extremely disappointed in the pairs i purchased. I purchased three pair in different colors and two of them had the same fabric and one was different, 2 were not 34x 29, one was what was expected. One pair was too long and not a 34 x 29 and one pair was too small and i couldn't even button them up. . Let me explain, i am sending them back and the message and photos will be the same for all pairs i am returning. I was so disappointed, i thought i was ordering the pants because they are very expensive top of the line pants for major department stores in florida. The company haggar clothing pants are very sturdy, wearable casual or dress and are usually 79. 00 in jc pennys. The slacks are very costly for casual slacks. All three pairs were supposed to be the same fabric but different colors. But that did not happen, they were made of of different fabrics and sent to you with the assumption all three pairs were the same, two pairs are 100 % polyester and one pair is100% cotton ( please see all my pictures). Although the company is in dallas texas , the pants are made in bangladesh. I order always from online store, and very seldom have to return items but these pants cannot reflect the haggars company distribution, if so they need to revise their data systems. It's like someone tagged these pants without inspecting them for the true size and fabric texture. I would never pay the same price for 100% cotton and 100% polyester and all were under the same add and sent together.

. Kathlene, Northumberland says

The legs are way too wide and make one look short and fat. Only reason i am not returning is because the time and money it takes to return doesn't seem right for a $27 pants. Will try to give it to someone.

F. Mahood, Bolton

$30. 00 usd for a return supporting pants that don't fit. Quality and stitching excellent, but sizes are off. All current and new pant products fit accordingly, these sizes are smaller in fit. Just remember refund exchanges are costly. Think i'm done buying hagger brands for the future. Never had return problems like this.

V. Guest, Rhode Island says

I don't know why some people are saying that they fit well. Perhaps they started using less fabric to save cost. I have larger thighs and these are not only tight there but there is no real seat to these pants. Unless you wear your pants low anyway, these will not fit right. Too bad too, the fabric is nice and seems good quality, but the fit is horrible.

. Bertie, Blackpool

When the pants arrived, i was impressed. They fit well, were great value, and had a rich black color. However, they are a huge lint magnet, it is like wearing a swifter. I really like the pants and was hoping after several washes things would change. Unfortunately they haven't. I have won many other pairs of black pants that did not do this, it is deal breaker for me on re-ordering.

. Williams, Worcestershire says

I don't know what the deal is but i have another pair of this exact same item, just a different color and the other ones fit great. These pants are supposed to be relaxed. I like relaxed fit because i sit most of the day (i have a desk job) and they are loose and comfy especially in the crotch. When you are sitting for extended periods loose is better. This pair is tight always, sitting, standing, whatever. Seems like a quality control issue with sizing. Disappointed.

U. Dorothy, Buckinghamshire

Umm. Well, they are nice looking pants. The fit, well, it leaves a lot to be desired. I would consider the sizing a little on the small side however the expandable waist can take care of that. The overall fit though, well, to me not as good. They are kind of hip huggers with not very much room below the waist for guy stuff. I mean, jeez, they were so tight on the cotton to make the product, they wont leave a lot to the imagination in places. If someone asked me if i would recommend them, not to anyone above a 34 waist and has guy stuff. They are not the worst pants and they are pretty inexpensive but.

D. Hurst, Manitoba says

This is the first, and most likely the last time, i purchase a haggar product. Their quality control is incredibly bad. I bought a pair of khaki pants and it came with some nasty holes in the bottom. I have never seen anything made as poorly as these pair of pants. This product is cheap in every sense and not worth it.

M. Alma, Brandenburg

The fit and quality are very good. But it is just insane how badly they attract lint. Even after washing they came out of the dryer covered in lint and hair. I cleaned them of with a lint brush but by the time i got to work they were covered again. My other black pants collect lint too, of course, but not so much that they are unwearable at work. Unless i get a job in a clean-room somewhere these are going to be useless to me.

N. Joanna, Liverpool says

I just bought three different dress pants from online store and these were the only ones my husband didn't like. The material seemed to pill and look worn after one day of wearing. However, he *really* liked the haggar men's cool 18 hidden expandable-waist plain-front pant very much. I've returned these 'work-to-weekend' pants and ordered another pair of the cool 18's in a different color. We also tried the:. Dockers men's comfort khaki stretch relaxed-fit pant, british khaki (stretch). Which seemed 'okay. ' they didn't seem dressy as the cool 18's, but the material didn't pill, or look worn, so we kept them.

R. Allen, Rutland

The tan pants cuff after just 6 months is already fraying. The dark pants faded after being washed just a few times.

. Beale, Wisconsin says

I work in retail management, where i find myself standing, stooping, kneeling, and at times even crawling. I am the first to admit that i am not easy on pants. But the quality of these pants has dropped so dramatically over the past year that i can no longer purchase or recommend them to others. They are very comfortable and fit well, but they simply don't hold up. . Several years ago (around 2010), i switched to a cheaper store brand because haggar's quality was starting to lag. I was finding longer wear and better quality with the store brands, until they also started cutting corners. I decided (around 2012) to try haggar again and found that although the quality still wasn't what it had been, i was getting double the life for 50% more cost. . Earlier this year (2014) i bought two new pair of these - same size and fit as always. Within four months, the cuffs started fraying on both pair and my wallet wore a hole in one pair. I bought one more pair a month ago to give them one last try. After wearing them 6 times and washing them 3 times, i noticed that the cuffs were already starting to fray. After wearing them two more days and one more wash, the fraying was far worse and there is now a hole in the crease line a couple inches above the cuff. When i put my finger behind the hole to examine it, the hole spread up and down the crease like it was being cut with scissors. . I may not be easy on pants, but there is no reason why any pants should deteriorate so quickly. If you were used to haggar quality, do not buy these with that same expectation.

T. Maria, Peterborough

I have been buying these pants for several years in black and khaki. They are not great, but they are good enough. Because i am short and slightly overweight, the expanding waistline accommodates my day to day weight variations. I have noticed with this recent purchase as well as previous purchases that the khaki pants are cut smaller - significantly smaller - than the black or navy. I surmise that this is because of different factory locations. One would think that a company as big as haggar could solve this issue. I guess there is no chapter in the mba manual on quality control. Well, until something better comes to my attention, i'll probably keep buying them. Then i will definitely switch. Another issue worth mentioning is that the sharp crease in the leg hem begins to fray after about 6-10 washings. Again, its been this way for years. Keep a sharp pair of scissors handy to trim the threads. Btw, i grew up in the textile industry and i know a bit about quality. Just sayin'.

J. Finch, Minnesota says

My son wears these to work part-time at walmart. They are comfortable and easy to wash and care for. They look presentable. They last about four months. After that the hems start getting ragged (they have been hemmed to the correct length-no dragging on the floor). Then the knees start wearing through because he has to squat down to get things off a lower shelf. This seems to be the standard these days-cheap fabric.

C. Alexia, South Dakota

Once again, haggar has failed to deliver consistently manufactured pants. This time from bangladesh. I knew as soon as i saw the "manufactured in" label there would be a problem. Instead of "classic fit" khakis i got slim fit low rise. Having a bit of manufacturing experience my guess would be that someone decided if we make them low rise with slim legs we can save on fabric. You would think that a manufacturer with as much brand recognition as haggar they could standardize the manufacturing process and use templates worldwide.

X. Crawford, Croydon says

I've owned numerous pairs of this exact product and my one beef has always been the bottom of the leg openings fraying. They don't drag the ground so that's not the issue. The other issue i have is consistency in fit. I ordered a gray pair in the exact same size and style and they are "roomier" and fit better than the black ones. The black ones fit a little lower on the waist and a little more snug all the way around. They were still comfortable but not nearly as much as the grey ones. Then the best part was after two months they ripped in the crotch, not just through the seam but away from the seam. I haven't gained weight i've actually been losing so that wasn't the issue.

K. Hannah, Telford and Wrekin

My husband wanted to see if haggar has fixed the widely reported problem in other reviews here on online store - i. E. That the pant hems fray quickly. It's still a problem. Although the pant is a good comfortable fit, and the correct length for him, the pant hems have begun to fray after wearing them fewer than 10 times. Unbelievable. Photo attached.

I. Rebecca, Thurrock says

My husband ordered two pairs of these paints and two pairs of haggar's repreve pants as well for his new job. They looked good, fit great, and were machine washable. . Well, it's now the beginning of november. Both pairs of the repreve pants held up great. These guys? not so much. Despite being gentle on these pants, and more often then not having them dry cleaned, the cuffs on both are absolutely shredded. When i do machine wash them, it's on cold in the gentle cycle. My husband works a desk job, for crying out loud, and the cuffs are not dragging on the ground. There's no excuse for them to be fraying, except s*ty workmanship. . Save your money, and don't buy these pants.

S. Julia, Camden

I own another type of hagger slacks that ive given 5 stars; however, these are much thicker and differant from them! the ideal slacks for me and my line of work are light weight wrinkle free dress slacks; however, these are very heavy weight stiff khaki type of pants and arent the material of dress slacks at all. That being said, the fit is too large and i felt like a cholo gangster when i tried them on. Check out my reveiw of the haggers cool 18's for five star slacks from this company at a great price with stetchy expendable waste.

A. Cathy, Arkansas says

I really like the fabric and sewing on these pants. However, there is no crotch in the pants. If you like to wear your pants 3 inches below your waist, you will like them. When i bend over, they are "plumbers pants". Haggar, put some fabric back in these pants and you will have a winner. I am returning them, they are just too uncomfortable in the crotch for me.

Z. Franklin, East Riding of Yorkshire

For me, these were way too bulky in the thighs. Unless you're doing a remake of that mc hammer can't touch this video, you might need to get a different style. I have pretty large thighs, actually, but these are cut basically straight from the peak of the rear in a straight line down to the cuff, so there is room for an extra two legs in there. . That being said, the color and texture were nice, and they looked like a perfectly fine, typically well-made haggar item.

Q. Gilmore, Stockton-on-Tees says

I have worn this same brand and style in slacks for many years. When i lay the new pair flat on top of a previous pair, the waist is exactly the same, (thought it is listed as 2" larger) and the slacks are 1-3/4" shorter (though listed as the same size). The length seems to be shorter in the waist, as the waist is much lower, making the slacks very uncomfortable. I can't get them high enough and they feel like they are coming off. Also, the pockets are about half as big as they used to be, and when i lie on the sofa, all my change falls out. Terrible!

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