Haggar Men’s Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant (Pants) 874

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Price was 24. I love my levi 501's, loved them since i convinced my mother to finally buy me first a pair and still do to this day but unfortunately i don't have the body of a 15 year old and these haggar jeans feel as comfortable as my 501s ever did, albeit with none of the history, tradition, style and statement that are the 501 (an example of branding that corporations can only dream of let alone that it was started from1853) but at 55 it's amazing how things change, including priorities and i'm ok with that, i like to think its being grown up, mature, some say it seeing things different including your body shape. This is where the haggars have achieved their own branding that i accidentally discovered during my last visit to the states from oz. Quality pants that last and allow for a 3" change in the waist isn't novel but ingenious. Should also mention the denim, comfort and cut is as good as any jeans i owned, even the 501s. I haven't wanted to wear jeans till these arrived and haven't been out of them since they arrived. Would have given the pants a 5star rating because they still aren't 501s, but that all.

-L. Judith

Men’s work-to-weekend hidden expandable-waist plain-front denim this haggar comfort equipped plain front denim features a plain front. -haggar men’s work-to-weekend hidden expandable-waist plain-front denim pant

  • Characteristic: Slanted Side Pockets.
  • Characteristic: Button-through Welted Back Pockets.

Competitive Haggar Men’s Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant (Pants) 41114422498

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My husband has had problems finding jeans that fit correctly as he is bigger around the waist but has no bottom. These are the first jeans that don't look sloppy on him due to the expanding waist band. He also says they are very comfortable. Found them at a great price here on online store. Gotta love that too! The Best mens worktoweekend hidden expandablewaist ( Sep 2019 ) | Haggar-Pants Review Characteristic Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Denim Pant Wrinkle-free flat-front denim pant with hidden expandable waistband. Slanted side pockets. Button-through welted back pockets. Zip fly with button .

Haggar Men's Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant Review (Haggar)

I used to buy these pants at brick and mortar stores, but it was always a hassle. The stores in town seemed to have gone through some identity issues, switching out the brands and styles they carry and rearranging their store. When they did carry the brand and you could find them, you had to find the right size. . Ordering online eliminated that hassle, plus i usually got a price equivalent to the physical stores' sales price. . Don't know if i'd venture to order clothes of a different line without having tried on the different sizes to see what fits. But this line seems pretty consistent, and ordering a replacement pair of pants online of the same style and size as what is hanging up in the closet seems to be low risk. . The one complaint that i have, though, is that every time i do order these pants from online store, they seem to always come from half way across the country and take three weeks to get here. Not about to pay for shipping if i can get free shipping. I can wait the three weeks. But seems like it'd get to my house quicker if even they were to deliver it by mule. -H. Cageen

Haggar Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist Plain Front

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Haggar
  3. ClothingSize: Varies
  4. Manufacturer: Haggar
  5. Model: 41114422498
  6. Quantity: 1
  7. Type: Apparel
  8. Category: PANTS
  9. Size: Varies

men's work-to-weekend hidden expandable-waist plain-front denim Apparel, This haggar comfort equipped plain front denim features a plain front. Haggar Men's Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant (41114422498-Haggar).

Haggar Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist Plain Front Apparel

  • These jeans fit great, especially the length. I usually need a 38" waist, but a 30" length is too short, and a 32" length is too long. It was great that these jeans came in a 38"x31" size, which was perfect for me. Also, i really like the crease in each leg, which appears to make these jeans a little more formal than regular jeans.
  • I love these jeans but be advised they have a permanent crease manufactured in - which i like. I have had a love/hate relationship with jeans lately: i love the way they look but hate how they cause tension in my back. These haggar's have solved the problem for me with the comfort waistband- the tension caused by standard jeans are greatly reduced allowing movement between the waist and the knee when sitting. I waited to review them until after washing and they still fit perfectly.
  • You have to watch online store's search engine. I searched for jeans and these are not jeans- more like pants.
  • This is the second order of these pants. Both have the same problem. When washing the first pair developed a large white spot in the leg of the pants. I bought another pair thinking that is was some function of washing. But the second pair started to develop white specs in the pants and gets more from each wash. Seems like cotton material is defective with dirt or seed that washed out. In my opinion neither pair is useful for public wear. In both cases the white defects did not immediately occur. Washed with top load maytag bravo washer and tide detergent. I have many other haggar pants that are not denim and wash with no problem.
  • I was wearing 34x30 and when began to be tight fit i ordered 36x30. The 36x30 turned out to be tighter than the 34x30. I returned and reordered to see if i get the correct fit this time.

mens worktoweekend hidden expandablewaist Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Denim Pant (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Great fit, thanks to an expandable waistband. Very comfortable and "dressy" enough to be worn almost anywhere. No-iron is a huge deal for someone like me who hates ironing.

Haggar Men's Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant
Click to see NoticeHaggar Men's Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant (Pants)"These are comfort jeans from the get go. They are not heavy weight and will not hold up to repeated washings, so use them as dressy jeans when casual wear will pass muster. I hang them after use and only wash after several wearings to keep them looking sharp. I have had several pairs. They are my go-to jean wear. I like that they have an expandable waist that helps them fit nicely."

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(2) Question: What is the expansion in inches in this waistline

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Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Pleat Front Pant

Stretch denim expandable waist classic fit pleat front pant

Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Pleat Front PantHaggar-Stretch-Denim-Expandable-Classic

Brand :    haggar
Model :    HC00280
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Off seam front pockets
  • Pleat front
  • Classic fit
  • Hidden expandable waistband
  • Stretch
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Pleat Front Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Haggar Men's Work To Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist No Iron Plain Front Pant

I mirror what other reviewers have said. A fantastic dress/casual pants with and ever so comfortable on the skin. Especially in warm weather but the cuffs at the bottom fray and even split the fabric in two. What is even worse is it doesn't take long for that to happen. . So sad because i really need pants like these. . I went back to using the dickies 874 whenever the weather allows me and these when it gets too warm and only 100% cotton will do.

Work to weekend hidden expandable waist plain front pant

Haggar Men's Work To Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist No Iron Plain Front PantHaggar-Weekend-Hidden-Expandable-WaistHaggar work to weekend collection w2w:the weekend wardrobe that works in the w2w collection, you are ready for anything. Fashionable, performance fabrics give you the versatility of a polished, finished look during the week and comfortable, casual ease on the weekend. The w2w collection incorporates the effortless care of wrinkle-resistant styling, with a crisp clean look that keeps you looking sharp from workweek polish to weekend fun. Work to weekend offers head-to-toe clothing options that provide easy care and maximum comfort. Perfectly coordinated tops and bottoms span casual and dressy, all in authentic haggar style. Haggar classic fit twill casual pants throw on these classic fit cotton twill pants with just about anything, and you re out the door. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you are as comfortable in these as your own skin combining classic comfort with easy care that is wrinkle resistant,  permanently creased, and machine washable. Out of the dryer or out the door, your wardrobe will work as well as it plays. You ll be ready for anything. The classic fit twill casual pants from haggar lend casual, confident style to any condition.

Haggar Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist (4957 522) FAQ.

I love these pants. I have 12 to 14 pair accumulated over the last 4 years or so and would wear them everyday to every function if my wife would permit it. Wash, dry (just to the point of no moisture) then hang them up folded at the crease. If you do this, you'll never have to iron them again. -Notice from W. Juliana, Montana

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Pants are great but why an up-charge for colors ? . . These pants are great , however , there should not be an up charge for a color ( fyi black is void of color / white had more color that the eye is able to comprehend ). . I needed black for work , but now that i have them i want to buy more for days off , but the tan and grey cost more why ? . . These are sold by online store , so online store , why the up charge for color ?

Haggar-weekend-hidden-expandable-waist-(4957-522) set picture

- Q. FlorenceThis is my fourth pair of these pants. I purchased 3 from macy's 5 years ago and i have just retired 2 of them. I wear them for work and wash them very frequently (3 times a week). These pants hold up really well. The pant is comfortable and i love the flexible waist, the older ones had a slightly different smooth texture to the touch but it also made them almost "glossy" where the one i got now is more of a matte finish which helps match other black clothes. 100% buying more

These are more of a "dickies" type material, not quite as thick, but definitely not the "light feel" "dressy pants" you might be used to. These are more of a rugged feeling get-work-done-while-still-lookin-good type of pant. . The fit was great especially since the expandable waist makes the fit effortless. I will say they run a tad bigger than your typical dress pant, but not by much, maybe an inch in the waist and an inch in length. For example: i wear a 34 in most jeans, however in dress pants a 34 is impossible for me to wear, i would have to suck it all the way in to get the clasp to shut and even then the button would be on a hair trigger! i usually default to a 36 dress pant to avoid taking out anyone's eyeball with my ever-so-ready-to-rupture button of destruction. However for these i ordered a 34 and the waist band really helped to give me the breathing room i needed while still feeling good. I also tend to wear a 32 length jean (i'm 6'1" 205 athletic build) and these just drag to the point where i've worn the bottoms on one pant already. I think next time i'll order a 31" length.

M. Denise, Nebraska

Price :    —
  • Zip fly with button closure
  • Hidden expandable waistband expands up to 3 inches
  • Classic fit
  • Flat-front dress pant with hidden expandable waist featuring side-slant pockets and welted back pockets
Brand :    haggar
Color :    Brown
Size :    varies
Model :    41114957522
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Work To Weekend Hidden Expandable Waist No Iron Plain Front Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant

Very nice pair of trousers here, very comfortable, i ordered the 36w and they seemed to have to stretch out a long way when i put them on, i was thinking, "wow, 36w must be their extreme limit" but no. After i grabbed the yard stick i discovered that they were indeed perfectly 36" before any stretching. So maybe i'm fatter than i thought? . Well i'm going to order another pair and i'll let y'all know, okay.

Cool 18 expandable waist solid gabardine plain front casual pant

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front PantHaggar-Mens-Hidden-Expandable-Waist-Plain-FrontHaggar cool18 collection cool18: high-tech cool in classic comfort the cool18 collection combines classic haggar styling with a revolutionary technology to enhance fabrics on a molecular level. The result? fabric that resists wrinkles, wicks away moisture, and resists static without sacrificing comfort. Cool18 s unique comfort technology and easy-care fabrications make the tops, shorts and slacks must-haves on and off the course, even on the warmest of days. The cool18 collection features a state-of-the-art fabric that meets haggar's most demanding standards. Haggar cool18 gabardine pants haggar gabardine pants are ideal for any situation and are crafted in a style, offering an array of core colors that are the staple to any man's closet. These ultra-comfortable go-to pants draw moisture away from your skin, and incorporate a hidden expandable waist for maximum comfort. With the haggar cool18 gabardine pants, you ll be ready for anything. Great for casual, confident style under any conditions.

Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Pant (Books 1973 And Later) FAQ.

On time shipment! i'd always purchased from a "large online clothing outfit. " in last year they screwed up everything and each pair had different fit. Some so loose it was impossible to wear. I always ordered a custom length. The crotch on new ones was so long on them i had to have altered. In the end i just donated all to local mission. . I decided to order three different brands from online store; dickies, dockers, and haggar. Ordered exact size i needed and i am extremely pleased with all three. They all fit perfectly! i will have to have length tailored but worth it to have pants that look really good and most importantly fit. Oh, the quality is excellent. -Notice from Q. Guest, Washington

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I'm a professional videographer and that means i have to look dressy enough while being on the move and working under hot conditions - such as shooting for hours in the mid-day sun or studio lighting. Not only that, but i have to jam all my clothes in a backpack when i fly to avoid excessive third bag fees (i have to check my equipment). These pants always look great, they keep me cool and i love the elastic expandable waist band. True i could lose a few pounds, but the added benefit is that they move with me when i have to get in awkward positions to get the shot i want. I don't feel restricted in any way when wearing these pants.

Haggar-men's-cool-18-hidden-expandable-waist-plain-front-pant-(books-1973-and-later) set picture

- Y. EvelynI debated between size 40-31 and 40-30 string color. Should have gone with the 40-31, but i can wear these fine. Went back to buy in white 40-31, but they are no longer available.

Comfy. Expanding waist is great. Fits well with room in seat without looking frumpy. Sturdy fabric and if you are not into leggings, does not cling to legs.

S. Hakala, Franche-Comte

Brand :    haggar
Color :    Parent
Size :    varies
  • No-iron dress pant with flat front and expandable waist
  • Side-slant pockets and jetted back pockets with button. professional look
  • If your measurements are in between those listed in the size chart, pick the next larger size
Price :    —
Model :    41114529498
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Cool 18 Hidden Expandable-Waist Plain-Front Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Haggar Men's Stretch Color Denim Expandable-Waist Classic-Fit Plain-Front Pant

Stretch color denim expandable waist classic fit plain front pant

Haggar Men's Stretch Color Denim Expandable-Waist Classic-Fit Plain-Front PantHaggar-Stretch-Expandable-Waist-Classic-Fit-Plain-Front

Brand :    haggar
Size :    varies
Model :    HC00228
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Classic-fit dress pant featuring plain front and hidden expandable waistband
  • Off-seam side pockets and button-through welted back pockets
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Stretch Color Denim Expandable-Waist Classic-Fit Plain-Front Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Flat Front Pant

Stretch denim expandable waist classic fit flat front pant

Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Flat Front PantHaggar-Stretch-Denim-Expandable-Classic

Brand :    haggar
Color :    Parent
Size :    varies
  • Hidden expandable waistband
  • Classic fit
  • Flat front
  • Stretch
  • Off seam front pockets
Price :    —
Model :    HC00275
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Stretch Denim Expandable Waist Classic Fit Flat Front Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend Dark Stonewash No-Iron Plain-Front Denim Pant

Work to weekend expandable waist dark stonewash denim no iron plain front pant

Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend Dark Stonewash No-Iron Plain-Front Denim PantHaggar-Weekend-Stonewash-No-Iron-Plain-Front

Brand :    haggar
Model :    HC10424
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Button-through welt pockets at back
  • Creased-leg denim pant featuring hidden expandable waistband and off-seam front pockets
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Haggar Men's Work-To-Weekend Dark Stonewash No-Iron Plain-Front Denim Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Haggar Men's Work-to-weekend Hidden Expandable-waist Plain-front Denim Pant (Pants) Price : 24, was : 0 as 2018-07-14
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My husband has worn the denim wtw haggar pants for years. It is currently difficult to find them in retail stores. Thank goodness for their availability through online store. He requests these slacks be replaced every time he "retires" a pair to work-around-the-house status. They launder well. They fit nicely. They are softer than traditional stiff denim. They hold their color well. They hold their shape and look good for a considerable time. He would wear them every where if appropriate. He ends up wearing them almost all of the time due to the transition from "current" status to the "retired" stack. I cannot say enough good about these pants. Neither can he.

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(4) Question: Are these made in the usa?

(5) Question: How much do these pants shrink in length after a couple of washings?

(6) Question: Do these pants have elastic all around the waist?

(7) Question: Do these pants have permanent crease?

(8) Question: Are these a snap closure or button closure?

(9) Question: Classic fit ?

(10) Question: When wearing these pants, do they make you look like the way president obama's jeans look?

(11) Question: I need jeans for my 95 year old father who has no butt! would being able to cinch the waist help do you think?

(12) Question: What size do they expand to? exampl a size 34 x 29 inseam

(13) Question: Straight or classic fit?

(14) Question: What is the rise (waist to crotch) front and back for 34 x 30?

(15) Question: What size are the belt loops?

(16) Question: Can a 36"waist be had with a 29"inseam?

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Being a person a bit on the heavy side, i appreciate the expansion-concept on the waists of my pants. These jean fit very well, are extremely comfortable. I order 3 more pair. Wonderful to be able to wear nice looking, great fitting jeans again, at a price that won't break the bank.

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Best haggar men's work-to-weekend hidden expandable-waist plain-front denim pant (pants) in review

Bought the second pair, but have not had them very long. I like the comfort of the waist, because it does not hurt my back from being too tight. I like the permanent creases in the pant legs because they resemble denim dress pants. I am concerned if these features will last very long, since i wash them, and usually permanent creases are lost over time due to washing and drying.

R. Hakala, South Tyneside

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V. Donna, Pays de la Loire says

Didn't like the button too hard to close had to replace with a shank type. But the fabric is great.

Y. Anonymous, North Dakota

I already knew i'd like these. I have 2 pairs but they were getting faded. This is my new "casual dress" pair. I buy these because they are the only lightweight bluejeans around anymore. I live in a warm area of the country. Even when i lived in colder climes, the only time i could wear heavier bluejeans was when i'd be shoveling snow during a blizzard. And haggar is a dependable brand that is true to size, comfortable to wear, and easy to care for.

D. Ophelia, Barking and Dagenham says

Great pants! love the expandable waist design. Purchased several pairs. As i age, my waist expands and my ass and legs remain pretty much the same. According to my waist i should wear a 38 pants. The problem with this is the paints don t fit properly around my legs and butt, too baggy. The solution, haggers expandable waist pants. I purchased 36 expandable waist pants, the legs and butt fit fine and the waist expands to accommodate my waist. Beats a diet! highly recommend them!

F. Jackson, Nottingham

Have been wearing this brand and style for several years - completely satisfied and this order was to replace those purchased earlier.

. Guest, Croydon says

I really like the elastic in the waist band and especially the nice denim look, where i can look nice, yet be comfortable in my various activities. I bought these to wear at a busy weekend convention and they were perfect - neat and comfortable without being too casual.

A. Watson, South Gloucestershire

Very comfortable and light. Fit as expected. Unfortunately i had to return the first pair i bought because they didn't fit. Let me explain it wasn't that the pants didn't fit properly. I no longer fit the same size i was used to wearing. :)

. Mathis, Kensington and Chelsea says

Nice light weight denim for summer. Pants came with a crease that i didn't expect but they look good. The pants shrank after the first wash but fit better.

K. Anonymous, Newcastle upon Tyne

These are the same slacks i have been buying in department stores for far more money! these jeans do shrink slightly, so even though i am able to get the odd size of 34 x 29 for my husband, i had to get 34 x 30 next time to allow for the shortening of the leg. He loves the adjustable waistline of haggar slacks.

O. Anonymous, Iowa says

This is my second pair of these pants. They are really great outdoor work pants. They also are nice for informal wear, like running to the grocery store, or, going to the dentist.

Q. Rowe, Ontario

I've had this style trouser for several years and showing some wear. I couldn't find the same style in local market, so i went to online store and bought the same size as my old trousers. Fit was same as my old trousers. Some people may not like the thin material, but i like the light weight. Don't go working construction in these they won't hold up, but are perfect for casual wear. My favorite part is the elastic band for when i gain or lose a few pounds.

P. Guest, Hawaii says

My husband loves these jeans. They fit true to size and look really nice on. I think i'll order another pair fort the holidays!

B. Amanda, New York says

I wanted jeans that were lightweight and permanently creased. These fit the bill perfectly. Love 'em!

I. Wilson, Bremen

These pants fit perfectly, i really like them. I've bought 5 pairs of haggar pants recently, most comfortable pants i own.

C. June, Sandwell says

Pants looked nice and had a nice smooth finish (unlike jeans). They were a little tight but not bad. I sent them back because i could not button them even when i was not wearing them. Either the button hole is too small or the button is sewn so close to the pants that it is very hard to get through the button hole. Not worth the hassle.

W. Kathlene, Massachusetts

These are a light denim material so you get the appearance of 'dress up' jeans without the weight or all the extra stitching. Not sure if these will pass at places where jeans are prohibited (like my golf club) but they are good for late spring through early fall. This is my third pair but this time the final quality was not so good. The button hole was not properly done so it was initially very difficult to button the pants. Since i did get that done and have worn them a few more times, that problem seems to be going away. Previous pair had a couple spots where the dye didn't take well, but those were small. As i recall, the price has gone up a lot (or i got the first two pair at a larger discount). Not sure the quality matches the $50 price tag-better at $30.

. Connie, Bath and North East Somerset says

I ordered and received this product in feb. I have now ordered and received the second pair. The fit is perfect. If you like comfortable. Pants order the size that you use. These will stay wrinkle free for the whole time that you have them on. They look exactly like the picture. On the seller's page. I found no flaws in the craftsmanship, stitching, materials, buttons, etc. These are a very fine pair of casual pants. That will fit any casual occasion. Very satisfied.

. Brenda, Halton

June 15, 2012 update:. With almost 2 years behind me with these pants they still look and wear as well as the first time. A whole gang of us went to a local watering hole last night for dinner and stuff. After sitting for over two hours another guest commented how my pants did not have any wrinkles and looked as if i just arrived instead of just leaving. Now, it is time to look for more of the same. . For many years haggar have been among my favorite casual slacks just because they fit well and lasted a sufficient amount of time. Then the markets appeared to change and i did not need slacks much more anymore. I saw these and made one of those purchases we all are told not to do. If it were for a few dead myleum cells i could remember the name of what it is that i should not do but alas. Regardless they fit perfectly, look good by hiding a lot of damage brought about by old age and do not wrinkle at all. When they arrived in the online store plastic inside the box i planned to take them to the cleaners for a press and wash but no they unfolded and with a few hours on a hangar they were ready to wear. Now that's the way it should be. Because they are not blue jeans they fit and feel better than jeans. Just the old man in me. . Bottom line: great casual slacks for those less than formal times and well worth the consideration.

S. Yvette, Tennessee says

I had been buying these denim pants from the local kohl's store. I switched my purchase to online store because it turned out to be easier to find my size (34x29) and cheaper (no shipping costs with prime membership). These are great pants for a man who wants the look and durability of denim and the comfort of pants. The expandable waist band is wonderful for adjusting the fit. The crease stays in the pants after many washes.

G. Susana, Victoria

I erred in clicking the wrong size on this order. But, exchange went smoothly, easily, perfectly. Actually i've worn haggar denims like this for months now. They are excellently made, of durable good looking fabric, nicely tailored, and fit very comfortably. Even more satisfying, they are a delightful balance between casual and semi dress wear, making it easy to be ready to go most anywhere at a moment's notice.

E. Sharon, Bretagne says

I found these jeans for my dad. He had some partial elastic waist jeans made by dockers and loved them but they were several years old and starting to wear so we began looking for them again but to no avail. Dockers must not make them anymore. I looked on many clothing sites for something similar but was really not able to find any until i thought to check online store and low and behold found these haggar jeans. They seem to be true to size, it took us 3 tries to get the right pair but that's just because my dad has lost weight and we weren't sure what size to get.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

I. Valencia, Manchester says

Just over a year ago i bought a pair of these they were great. They quickly became my favorite pair of jeans. A month ago i bought two more of the same size through the link in my online store history. Both jeans are two inches shorter from the waist to the crotch. Very disappointed . I will not be buying anymore. They were perfect the way they were why did they change the style? now i cant even wear them without having plumbers butt.

K. Theresa, Arkansas

Good quality but sizes run small. All 42 " pants fit but this style. Careful on return; i can't believe i must pay for return exchange. Going to cost me over $30usd to return two pairs of pants.

F. Audrey, Kentucky says

Shoddy workmanship. The plastic button broke through in the middle, through the eyes. The pants have an oddly feminine cut and the fabric feels weird, not like denim. I'd say these were re-purposed lady's jeans.

V. Helen, Iowa

Buy a sewing kit to sew the buttons back on. The second time i buttoned the pants, the buttons was almost on the verge of falling off. Very poor quality in sewing buttons on securely seems to be a common problem with haggar pants, since i had a similar situation with other pants buttons although not as drastic as with a pair of denim pants that i am referring to in the review.

. Matherly, Sachsen-Anhalt says

My husband ordered 2 pair and they are marked as the same size but over an inch difference in the length and one pair the length of one leg was and inch longer than the other. He always bought haggar brand because they were quality without being overly priced. That was the last purchase he will make of haggar clothing ever again.

Z. Colleen, Torbay

These are nice pants but the button and button hole at the top of the pants. The button opening is not stitched up nicely so the button will go in and out. Loose threads all around the button hole and the button gets all caught up in the threads and either it won't go all the way or unbutton with out the threads messing it up.

R. Broyles, City of Bristol says

I was very disappointed in that they fit more like dress pants rather than more snug jeans that are denim. And the pleat could still be seen somewhat all the way up, not being like the "plain front" i was expecting. I still have three pair of pleated jeans that are about worn out and so i know how they can look and feel from the past years. I did not send them back as it was more trouble than i had time for when i got them. I washed them hoping they would shrink at least some, but they did not. Ls

P. Lisa, Oklahoma

Pants are made of good sturdy construction but, after three machine washings, the large button break off. The pants are still good but, i have to sew new buttons on the waist band again. Why does haggarr make cheap buttons on the waist bands ?

J. Edna, District of Columbia says

I like the fit look etc but i have purchased three pair and each one i had to replace the front button as each one fell off within a month. Bad quality very irritating for a new purchase

. Kellie, Suffolk

Returned because my brother thought the fabric felt too thick, stiff and not soft enough.

U. Gina, West Virginia says

It's ok. i guess my wranglers are a better fit

L. Megan, Darlington

Plenty of expansion, that is a good thing. Front pockets are to big, pocket contents fall out in my recliner.

C. Alba, Bayern says

A little tight i the legs, will not wash in hot water or dryer , these were 40 size, i like the flex waist band, 42 was better in the leg but loose in the waist

S. Mays, North East Lincolnshire

I am so happy i found these haggar pants on online store. Dont know exactly what changed, but the pockets in the newest jeans are not nearly as nice and deep, as on the ones previously ordered from online store! needless to say , my husband is not a happy camper and if i hadn't already washed them , i would have returned them !

X. Paula, Haute-Normandie says

Fit as expected, but i'm an old man who doesn't want to look like an old man so i sent them back. Don't care for creases in my jeans!

. Guest, Lincolnshire

My family refers to this pair of pants as grandpa pants. 'nuff said.

Y. Pete, Northumberland says

Looking at the photo on online store, the jeans looked like the regular style that i like. I have other haggar jeans that fit correctly, meaning that i can pull them up to my waist. The haggars that i own have over a 7 inch zipper, these do not and is much shorter. The jeans ride low on my hips. The tag says classic fit, riding low my my hips is not classic.

W. Moore, Portsmouth

I received them and they were slightly bagging in the back area but good fit on the waist. They just seem like older mans pants. I will wear them around the house but no out with company.

Q. Palmer, Champagne-Ardenne says

There is no hidden expander in the waist.

N. Guest, Berlin

Bought this product but returned. Description, doesn't mention that they have sewn-in creases which i think a tacky. Also the 32 length inseam was at least and inch longer than most other 32' length trousers i have. I suspect the material wouldn't shrink to a more acceptable length.

G. Isabel, Stoke-on-Trent says

Great production. Just too small and one size larger would be too big.

D. Cathy, Kirklees

Pants look great, fit good, and feel nice, but very hard to button. If button hole does not loosen up, may have to return. Otherwise 5 stars

B. Wade, Oklahoma says

Nice pants, cut like slacks with front zipper, slant pockets and button closure hip pocket. Made of sturdy denim, just like jeans, not just thin denim-look fabric. These will wear like jeans. . Good stretchy waist will provide comfortable sitting for long stretches, such as a long flight. I didn't really notice any stretchiness in the rest of the material but i'm sure it's there. . The legs are a little baggy, but i suppose that's a matter of waist to length ratio. Maybe a smaller waist and longer legs would appear more slender. Dear haggar: please make pants with 31" legs! . . These are labeled "work to weekend" and they'd be perfect for the office on friday and the country on saturday. . Followup: the first time i wore these pants i traveled to europe by plane and the elastic on the right side tore loose on the plane. Big disappointment because i planned to wear them everywhere i went. I had a pair of regular lees jeans and that's what i wore instead. . Deduct three stars for bad workmanship.

O. Valdez, New Brunswick

Color is darker than shown - almost navy. Tailoring not so good: extra material in the seat area (and not because i have a small seat, unfortunately). This bunches up and seems to want to migrate to the butt crack. Not the look i was hoping for . . . . You can do much better, i think, for the price.

T. Alice, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I bought a size bigger, just to be safe, and the fit was accurate. Yeah, i needed a belt, but they were very comfortable. My fault. So, i was very surprised when the main button broke off. Less than a month of wear and only three times through a gentle wash and i need to find a freakin' button.

A. Erickson, North Somerset

The fly button and back pocket buttons are too large. Had to cut larger slits for the buttons.

. Erin, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

Didn't really go for the denim slack look. Returned them but they did fit well and were made well.

M. Nees, Thueringen

Button holes too small. Made it very hard to button waist and unbutton pockets.

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