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Price was 15. I love gold toe socks, and these particular ones are my favorite. I'd buy again.

-F. Widmer

Men’s premium canterbury dress crew socks, men’s dress socks by goldtoe-quality you can rely on, as the official goldtoe store, we offer the largest selection online, including hard to find styles, the newest in innovation -gold toe men’s premium canterbury dress crew socks, 3-pack

  • Attribute: Aquafx Moisture Control Keeps Feet Dry And Comfortable.
  • Attribute: Long Lasting Reinforced Toe.

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Gold toe socks have a good reputation and lots of styles and colors. These were for our son-in-law, who is always losing and needing socks. This should hold him for a few days anyway. The Best mens premium canterbury dress ( Sep 2019 ) | Gold Toe-Sockshosiery Review Attribute Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-Pack Made with premium mercerized cotton yarn. Aquafx moisture control keeps feet dry and comfortable. Long lasting reinforced toe. Spandex for a perfect fit. Authentic 5x2 rib .

Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack Review (Gold Toe)

I purchased a pack of these and a pack of gold toe's hampton socks at the same time. I chose gold toe because that's what my dad has worn for years, and as a child i would try stealing them to wear for myself because they were so comfortable. I was unsure which style he had, though, so after buying both the canterbury and the hampton, i've found that the hampton, though thinner fabric, is much softer on the foot and looks like better quality. The hampton has a shinier look as well. Both are good socks. -. Matherly

Gold Toe Premium Canterbury 3 Pack

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Gold Toe
  3. ClothingSize: One Size
  4. Manufacturer: Gold Toe
  5. Model: 180613-$P
  6. Total Items: 3
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Type: Apparel
  9. Category: SOCKSHOSIERY
  10. Size: One Size

men's premium canterbury dress crew socks, Apparel, Men's dress socks by goldtoe-quality you can rely on, as the official goldtoe store, we offer the largest selection online, including hard to find styles, the newest in innovation and convenience Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack (180613-$P-Gold Toe).

Gold Toe Premium Canterbury 3 Pack Apparel

  • Always the best fitting socks for me. I always wondered how one pair of socks could comfortably fit shoes sizes 6-12. I wear a size 8 shoe and usually find most other brands of socks to be somewhat large for my feet. Straight out of the package the golden toe socks are somewhat large for me. However being 54% cotton, i can always count on them to shrink a bit after a warm water washing and a spin through the hot dryer. After that initial washing and drying they always fit me perfectly and i find that they are more resistant to developing a hole than most other brands.
  • Gold toe provides the best dress socks i have ever known, for over 20 years. I have used the canterbury style for the summer season, windsor wool style for the winter season (doubled up during snow/ice weather). Lasts one year of daily use. Chief donald e. White, former director of safety and security, northern virginia mental health institute, falls church, va.
  • While these socks fit nicely, the fabric is very thin and i wonder about there durability. If i had shopped for these in person, i would have thought twice. Time will tell.
  • The other reviews are true - these are nothing like the gold toe socks i have purchased in the past. On day one, they are falling down and feel synthetic. I last purchased gold toe socks in 2009 (7 years ago) and they have been phenominal. I hope i can find something similar now that they have finally worn out. These are not it.
  • Beware. These are not the same gold toe socks that used to be sold at costco. This version is significantly lower quality. Over the years i had bought several pairs of the kind costco carried. They were very comfortable and lasted for years. These ones are a completely different fabric. Too stretchy, tend to bunch up in my shoes ( ) and there are already thin spots in the gold toe area after a half dozen wearings. On a happier note, i was in a kohl's store (the first time in one of their stores in 5 years or more) and to my surprise, they had the same version of gold toe socks i used to buy at costco i guess i'll be shopping at kohl's!

mens premium canterbury dress Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-Pack (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I was disappointed that gold toe stopped making the adams rib style. But these are just as good. . It is surprisingly difficult to find normal socks that just fit and don't fall apart right away. I do hope they keep making these.

Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack
Click to see NoticeGold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack (Sockshosiery)"I love these socks. Have worn them for years. They are a little large, but after 2-3 washings, they will be just right."

(0) Question: How many pairs are included?

(1) Question: Are these mid calf or crew?

(2) Question: Number of items: 6 is that 18 pairs of socks? as in 6 items of 3 pairs per item?

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Gold Toe Men's Canterbury Extended Sock,3 Pack

Extended size lightweight mercerized cotton crew with stylish ribbing

Gold Toe Men's Canterbury Extended Sock,3 PackGold-Toe-Mens-Canterbury-Extended

Price :    —
  • Stretch nylon for all day comfort
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Freshcare moisture management
Brand :    gold toe
Color :    Parent
Size :    Sock Size 13-15/Shoe Size 12-16
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    794E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Canterbury Extended Sock,3 Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Sport No Show Socks 3-Pack Hosiery

Gold toe style 614p. No show sport socks. Stretch cotton. Moisture-wicking - keeps feet cool and dry. Cushioned foot absorbs shock and reduces friction. Fully reinforced heel and toe provides a better fit. Flat toe seam for comfort. Convenient 3-pack. Fits men's shoe sizes 6-12.

Gold Toe Men's Sport No Show Socks 3-Pack HosieryGold-Toe-Sport-3-Pack-Hosiery

Brand :    gold toe
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Sport No Show Socks 3-Pack Hosiery available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Classic Canterbury Crew Socks / Free Sock Clips Included

This goldtoe canterbury anklet sock is perfect to wear with your business attire. Gold toe socks are made with only the finest yarns and are carefully reinforced at the heel and toe for longer, more comfortable wear. Machine washable and dryable for easy care. Gold toe's toe seams are specially flattened for a smooth fit in shoes. Heels are well rounded for gentle support and a comfortable fit. The knit-in gold toe is a registered trademark of gold toe and signifies gold toe quality, comfort, and fit. Each pair of gold socks is made with pride by skilled craftsmen and then carefully inspected to offer the customer the finest possible quality. Our gold toe canterbury dress socks are made of mercerized cotton lisle and stretch nylon for durable wear. Lightweight, crew length. Usa/imported.

Gold Toe Men's Classic Canterbury Crew Socks / Free Sock Clips IncludedGold-Toe-Classic-Canterbury-Included

Price :    —
  • Features excellent moisture control. keeps feet super dry.
  • Fits shoe size 6-12. 5 (sock size 10-13)
  • Choice of three or six or twelve pairs of ribbed dress socks each featuring reinforced toe and heel
  • 54% cotton/45% stretch nylon/1% spandex
  • Includes 3/6/12 premium veronztm laundry sock clips. prevents losing socks and pair mixups.
Brand :    gold toe
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Classic Canterbury Crew Socks / Free Sock Clips Included available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Uptown Crew Three-Pack Socks

Comfort casual socks with moisture control

Gold Toe Men's Uptown Crew Three-Pack SocksGold-Toe-Uptown-Three-Pack-Socks

Brand :    gold toe
Model :    2306S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Uptown Crew Three-Pack Socks available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Shape retention cuff
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Set of three pairs of crew-height socks with freshcare moisture management and natural stretch fit

Gold Toe Men's Metropolitan Dress Sock 3 Pack

Mercerized cotton keeps you cool and cuts down on static cling. Fresh tex antimicrobial treatment reduces odor.

Gold Toe Men's Metropolitan Dress Sock 3 PackGold-Toe-Mens-Metropolitan-Dress

Brand :    gold toe
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    2062S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Metropolitan Dress Sock 3 Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Hampton Pack of 4

Gold toe has been the gold standard of quality for generations. One look, one touch, one wear gives you all the confidence you need that gold toe is the brand for you. Comfortable, consistent, and durable. Gold toe is for people who know who they are and know what they like.

Gold Toe Men's Hampton Pack of 4Gold-Toe-Mens-Hampton-Pack

Brand :    gold toe
Model :    2054SB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Cotton rayon blend
  • Reinforced heel and toe provide added durability
  • Fresh care keeps your feet fresh and dry
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Hampton Pack of 4 available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Harrington Crew 6 Pack

Gold toe has been the gold standard of quality for generations. One look, one touch, one wear gives you all the confidence you need that gold toe is the brand for you. Comfortable, consistent, and durable. Gold toe is for people who know who they are and know what they like.

Gold Toe Men's Harrington Crew 6 PackGold-Toe-Mens-Harrington-Crew

Price :    —
  • Smooth comfort toe seam
  • Reinforced toe
  • Cushioned foot
Brand :    gold toe
Model :    3400S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Harrington Crew 6 Pack available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

I've bought many packs of gold toe men's cotton socks, and these were a great color addition after my last blue socks were thrown away. My only concern is they're not nearly as comfortable as my other pairs of gold toes socks. These are much thicker and don't stay-up on the calf as well as the others, which is annoying throughout the work day. . Nice for the winter, but i dread an arizonan summer in these.

Premium comfortable cotton crew length socks feature aquafx technology to keep feet dry. Full cushion sole provides extra comfort and foot protection. Reinforced comfort toe for long lasting wear which makes this a favorite gold toe style.

Gold Toe Men s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic SockGold-Toe-6-Pack-Cotton-Athletic

Gold Toe Men S 6-pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock (Sockshosiery) FAQ.

These were a gift to our grandsons and they love them. My husband has been wearing these for years and last year he bought some for the boys. Our daughter says that they last longer than any others and they fit great too. I'm getting gold toe brand socks for myself now too! -Notice from R. Hakala, Texas

Click to Show gold toe men s 6-pack cotton crew athletic sock (sockshosiery) Details

My guys are rough on socks, so much so that often they seem to run away from home! so i end up buying a lot of socks, and have bought this brand a number of times, and have been satisfied with them. I have sent them to the kid in college, i buy them for the kid in college, my husband, and the kid in elementary school. *i do recommend *

Gold-toe-men-s-6-pack-cotton-crew-athletic-sock-(sockshosiery) set picture

- W. AnonymousHell yeah! if i wear these for a full day of work, and even continue to wear them for a few hours at home, they don't wear down. Nice and thick, but soft enough not to be annoying and itchy. You'd think all socks are made pretty much the same, but you'd be wrong. Get these bad boys.

Big fan of gold toe white socks. So is my son and now our sizes are close enough that he raids my drawer. They get a beating, so every year i just get a pack like this and start filling in the gaps. I know it; s easy to complain, but, really these are just white socks and they do the job. I like the cotton feel.

K. Jessica, Massachusetts

Price :    —
  • Big and tall extended size
  • Smooth comfort toe seam
  • 6 pair pack with long lasting reinforced toe and full cushioned foot
  • Aquafx moisture control keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Made with super soft cotton
Brand :    gold toe
Color :    Parent
Size :    10-13
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    656S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Milan Dress Sock Pack of 3

Men's dress socks by gold toe-quality you can rely on, as the official gold toe store, we offer the largest selection online, including hard to find styles, the newest in innovation and convenience

Gold Toe Men's Milan Dress Sock Pack of 3Gold-Toe-Mens-Milan-Dress

Brand :    gold toe
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Sockshosiery (Apparel product review) for Gold Toe Men's Milan Dress Sock Pack of 3 available ( Sep 2019 )

Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack (Sockshosiery) Price : 15, was : 0 as 2018-07-01
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The F.A.Q. for Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack (Sockshosiery)

These fit fine. I've found it hard to buy dark brown socks-in many stores, you can get all the black socks that you want, but it can be difficult to get dark brown socks. The stores offer you a three pack of brown socks, but just one is the dark socks you want, the second is tan and the third is argyle. But on online store, you get what you need. These were a bit thinner that i guessed they would be, but it is a dense knit that feels good and fits well.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: How long are the socks in cm?

(1) Question: Are these socks the fuzzy socks we used to buy at penneys?

(2) Question: Is "10-13" referrring to sock size or shoe size? i wear a size 9 shoe.

(3) Question: Is the 6-12. 5 shoe size really like a 9 ?

(4) Question: What is the length fro top to toe tip

(5) Question: Are these the heavier cotton kind of socks or the thin nylon type?

(6) Question: It says "number of items 3". is that 3 socks or 3 pairs?

(note) Question: where/how to get Gold Toe (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Gold Toe's products

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Been wearing gold toe brand socks forever. These are the same good quality socks i get every time. Comfortable in the fkorida heat.

Clothing 8560401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Dress & Trouser Socks 6275401, Men 1101447417, Socks 8075401Top Gold Toe Men's Premium Canterbury Dress Crew Socks, 3-pack (Sockshosiery) FAQ Content

Best gold toe men's premium canterbury dress crew socks, 3-pack (sockshosiery) in review

Although these are good socks, i have had better fitting gold toe socks. These are also thinner which someone may prefer. I don't know how they will hold up yet but gold toe socks have in general have held up well. These are just slightly large but i am a size 9 and they are advertised to fit 61/2-12 so someone with say a size 10 would be happy with the fit.

E. Joanne, Gateshead

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S. Brendon, Isle of Wight says

These are fairly good socks that i use for work or more formal dressy occasions. They are a little bit longer than i was expecting (coming up about 3/4 of the way up my shin), but are otherwise fine. Minor complaint is that after a couple months of use they have started fraying at the top. I've had to trim off the fraying strands a couple times now. I continue to use them though as they've otherwise held up well to lots of use, especially on the sole where my socks will usually develop holes.

P. Pearce, Surrey

I honestly regret not buying these socks earlier in my life. They don't have any annoying corporate logos on the side, feel very comfortable, and are relatively cheap. Compared to the nike stuff, this stuff blows it away.

A. Yvette, Coventry says

I heard great things about this brand. I think i ordered the wrong kind bc these weren't thick like i expected. I wore them with my dress uniform, and they were great. Just don't get these if you're looking for thick black socks. Lol

R. Audrey, Birmingham

I would buy these again. That's about the highest praise that i can give for an online store product.

G. Cassella, Liverpool says

I picked these up for my husband since the gold toe dress socks that were in his drawer were starting to show wear and age. It is good to see that the product has not changed since the last time he got a pack (which was about four years ago).

I. Harrison, Swindon

Have purchased gold toe men's socks for years. They wear well and stay up!

Y. Irene, Indiana says

My husband loves gold toe socks. We've been married 35 years, and these are the only dress socks he'll wear!

M. Mary, Franche-Comte

Gold toe socks are consistent, hold up for years and are comfortable as any sock i've worn. I have a drawer full of socks that i hate and always dig for the gold toes. I really just need to get rid of the other socks. I just had this wonderful revelation that i could get these on online store after not finding them in a brick and mortar store again. That happens to me a lot.

H. Weber, Lancashire says

Light weight and comfortable, but the top of the sock is too tight on my calf.

. Valdez, Croydon

Gold toe makes one of the best dress socks i've ever owned - even when i've bought the more expensive "designer" brands. Don't waste your money like i did - buy these and watch them last until you're literally tired of them. I have owned gold toe dress socks for two decades and they never disappoint!

X. Elanor, Enfield says

There should not be much debate on this item since its a sock, but unfortunatly there is more to it than just a sock. Gold toe makes them with a gold toe, go figure. For anyone who doesnt understand the purpose of this, i think it is to prevent your toes from ripping through the sock. This has been proven over decades of independent research i have done using my own feet and dozens of sock manufacturers. These ones have the lowest failure rate and the best wash to color ratio. If you are not familiar with this ratio, it is the relationship between the amount of washes and the amount of color left in the sock. These are exceptional and my independent research again proves that these won't look akwardly matched with my black trousers after only a few washes. Happy socking.

W. Florence, Hillingdon says

Bought this brand for years and they last a long time. I'll be buying more if i ever find a worn spot.

U. Broyles, Baden-Wuerttemberg

It's perfect for professional dress in the summer, i actually bought this twice and i plan to buy another pack. Now only if they sold this in a 7 pack rather than a 3 pack.

Q. Susana, Barking and Dagenham says

Gold toe socks have always been high quality. Yes they are perfect.

J. Finch, Western Australia

I've been wearing these socks for decades. In fact, i don't own any other dress socks. If all your socks are the same size and color, you never have to sort socks! the socks are comfortable, they fit properly, and they last forever. Or almost.

T. Elizabeth, District of Columbia says

I have worn gold toe socks for many years and have always been pleased with the product.

D. Walsh, East Riding of Yorkshire

Good fit and quality materials - just much much darker than presented in photos.

. Rita, Islington says

My husband loves the gold toe brand of socks. In fact, it is the only sock that he will wear. These were great.

. Janice, District of Columbia

I started wearing gold toe socks many years ago, largely because of their no wear through guarantee. Well, none have ever worn through at the toe, and it seems to take around 15 years to wear them out in general! of course, they make many styles using various fabric combinations. Whatever style you like should be available in the gold toe line. These actually work out much cheaper than low end department store socks, over the long haul. I have bought cheap socks which probably did not last a year, so even if i only paid $1. / pair for them, they were more expensive over the long run than these. Also, these stay up! i hate having a sock that sags, and these don't. You may think that i work for the company that makes these, but i do not. Every word here is solely because i am very satisfied with this product, not only from this purchase, but from previous purchases over the years.

K. Mable, Bradford says

They are well made socks, and the elastic top is not too tight.

L. Alice, Stockport

The gold toe brand of socks has had a reputation of long lasting, comfortable socks. This particular pair lives up to their name. They come about 1 inch below my calf, which isn't as long as i normally like my socks to be, but is comfortable and does not show my legs when i am wearing suits. The toe and heal are comfortable and i never feel like the sock is slipping around on my foot during normal wear. I've had these pair for quite some time and they are still going strong - no noticeable holes or or strings hanging. . If i had a complaint, it would be that the black is beginning to fade on one of my three pair. This could be more about which detergent i use or the quality of the water in my area - but still worth mentioning, just in case it happens to others. I may wear this particular pair more than the other two, although i wear dress socks daily, so it is hard to say that for sure - as i have a draw full. Outside of that, no other real complaints. . Overall, if you are looking for a good pair of dress socks that won't fall apart two second after you wear them or feel like a nanometer of material is covering your foot (some of those cheaper brands are cheaper for a reason) - then you won't go wrong with gold toe socks.

V. Zelda, Lewisham says

My husband liked them better than the ones he usually gets at costco because they are not as stiff, they are softer.

Top /gold toe premium canterbury 3 pack Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

E. Joanne, Mississippi says

Goldtoe stopped making the socks i like, so i tried these out. They are much thinner than i expected, and run very large. They were bunching up around my toes all day, driving me crazy. I will be returning them and searching for something better.

P. Mays, Trafford

I have loved gold toe socks for years and my 99% cotton gt's are only starting to develop holes after a few years of heavy use. I was quite happy with those and they were so comfortable! but i couldn't find any good 100% cotton replacements (please respond to this message with any suggestions! ). Although these are 60% cotton, this blend is really scratchy and hotter than my previous all cotton pairs. They also pick up lint in the laundry like they were designed to do it. They fit fine and i'm betting they will last as long or longer than all cotton socks, but at too high a cost. Overall very unsatisfied with these socks!

. Hakala, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Terrible socks. They feel plasticity and are uncomfortable against my skin. They also have very little breathability and these socks will not 'stay up' on your leg. In every which way possible these socks under preformed.

. Benton, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

I have a few pair of canterbury socks i have had for a few years and they held up wonderfully. I specifically ordered three sets of these socks in three different colors because i liked my old ones so much. These are not the same socks as they used to be. After one wash they started to unravel. After two or thee washes they are basically unwearable. I didn't read the reviews because i thought i already knew what i was getting - don't make the same mistake! stay away!

Y. Cortney, Halton says

These socks are a cotton/nylon blend, so they are slick and my heel slips out of my dress shoes. After a few weeks of wear and washing, the fine elastic thread is coming loose as the top of the sock begins to fray. The toes are holding up well and don't seem to be fading, but the remaining quality of the sock is disappointing for the high price. I'm pretty sure the description said 100% cotton, but not completely sure (don't think i would have bought it had it been listed as a nylon or poly blend) and now the description of what the socks are made up isn't even included or mentioned.

G. Garner, North Dakota

I have used these kind of socks for many years now and these that i bought fit well. However, either the quality of gold toe now sucks and or the socks that i received were knock offs, because the feet ultra thing and mostly polyester. The ones i have always gotten were a cotton blend that were thicker and did not slide inside my shoes. The golden toe looks cheesy. The quality sucks. I don't think i will buy these again unless i physically touch and see the quality. One thing to add the ones i have always bought had the gold toe printed stamp ant the bottom of the sock as well these did not. I washed them all otherwise i would have returned them. Not satisfied at all.

U. Wimbish, York says

Quality has gone the way of china. For many a year, gold toe has always been my go to dress sock. Now, it appears they have completely dropped the ball. Materiel: thinner than normal, elasticity has been lost after two washing's, overall walmart level of quality. . Purchased five packages of socks and the quality, or, lack there of is the same. . Gold toe, you lost a lifelong customer.

. Anderson, Maine

These particular gold toe brand of socks were nothing like any we have purchased the past. These seem to unravel and snag very quickly. Wish i had been able to compare these to other socks i have purchased for the hubby in the past. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this style - canterbury. Additionally, the price was expensive compared to the lack or quality.

H. Imelda, Kentucky says

Might just be a bad batch, but won't buy these again. Elastic strings hanging off/out of the top cuff area after first wash, and has continued now through three washes. I thought at first just sloppy when made and after trimming it would go away. No such luck and apparently return window is now closed. Not pleased.

K. Arnett, West Virginia

Was looking for the same pairs to match a bunch i bought from costco a bit back - the picture is misleading this isn't the same high quality sock gold toe used to make. Anyone can tell immediately comparing this to their older ones that the sock itself is way more flimsy and thin. 2 stars because it's an okay cheap sock.

C. Helen, Tennessee says

I was very disappointed with these socks. I have used gold toe socks for years and felt they were outstanding. I ordered these gold toe socks to replace dress socks that had finally begun to wear out after years of wearing. These socks are not even close to the same quality. The elasticity is very poor. After a few hours of wearing these the elastic stretches out and the socks no longer stay up. They stretch on your feet and you'll notice your feet begin to slip/slide around inside the socks create friction/hot spots when you walk in them. If you need dress socks that will fit well for a full day i cannot recommend these socks. So disappointed because i always felt gold toe was a high quality product.

V. Bullock, Minnesota

These socks are nice and soft, but that's where the pros end. They've been sliding down my feet all day long and bunching up under my toes which is uncomfortable as hell. Learn from my mistake and don't buy these.

. Julia, Blackpool says

The socks are extremely thin so if that is what you are going for then you found your socks. On my end, i wanted a thick bottom. I originally loved the costco type thickness and bought all other types of gold toe to find a similar pair. For those wanting thick under foot i found the gold toe uptown crew work well:. . When you first get the uptown crew they will seem very large but they shrink in the dryer. Also , the bottom of the sock is thicker than the top so it won't be overly hot. . I gave the canterbury 3 stars only because these socks are unusable for me. When i put them on my feet i can see my skin through the sock and after a day my feet are very dry. I tossed them all. But again, some people might be into very thin socks so this might ba 5 stars for someone with that need.

A. Carmen, Gateshead

I saw so many good reviews and i expected much more. I bought two packs and of the twelve socks, one had a hole in them when they were shipped. I didn't worry about it and just used the others. The socks have been through the wash approximately 5-7 times. Of the remaining eleven socks, i noticed that two of them had the elastic strings coming through and one has a hole. . I gave them two stars because they are not holding up, but, they are comfortable. A lot of my family members swear by gold toe socks, but, when i tried them, i expected them to last much longer than this.

D. Guest, Islington says

I love my old gold toe socks. They have lasted 8 years of regular wear and are only now starting to wear out. I ordered these to replace them. These claim to be shoe size 6-12. 5. I am size 10. The socks won't work with less that a size 12 shoe i would imagine because the heel is placed very far back. For anyone with smaller shoes the heel of the sock just floats around the ankle and the sock keeps sliding down and bunching around the foot. Very uncomfortable even after a short walk. This is a real let-down after my amazing experience with gold-toe socks prior to this.

B. Terry, Languedoc-Roussillon

Very poor quality considering the brand. This particular style/weave is very thin, compared to other gold toes men's socks and elastic calf band started coming apart very quickly. Do yourself a favor and buy something else.

. Nellie, Kansas says

Goldtoe used make a quality sock that lasted but these socks started to pile and lose their elastic integrity after the first wash. I won't be purchasing them anymore.

Z. Watson, Lambeth

The quality of these socks is very low. I bought two 3-packs and after the first wash, almost every single pair was falling apart. The elastic became unraveled and exposed at the top (see photo).

Q. Lisa, Iowa says

This has a high non-natural fiber blend. We ususally get the 100% cotton. These were disappointing as the fabric collects lots of lint and dog hair. May not be an issue for some people but we prefer the 100% cotton which we could only find at macy's. These may be knock offs. Meanwhile i hve to roll the lint and dog hairs off to make them wearable.

F. Elida, Colorado

As others have noted, the elastic in mine are coming out all over the place. (how does that even happen? ) the fabric pills up badly. I've only worn them 3 or 4 times. . I wouldn't care that much about elastic coming out or fabric pilling if they just stayed in place and felt comfortable while wearing them. They just won't stay up! i find myself constantly having to pull these up. And the worst feeling is walking around and feeling them slowly slipping down, wondering when they'll at least stop sliding. Ugh. . This was my first experience with gold toe, and based on it i would not recommend them.

R. Claudia, Hamburg says

I love gold toe socks with nothing but gold toe in my dresser. I had to triple check the size because these are way too big for my foot. I wear a 8. 5-9 shoe and these leave too much room in the toe and heel. Sadly i'm returning these and will try a different gold toe design.

I. Meredith, Shropshire

Listen to the others reviewers. I have worn gold toe caterbury for 20 years. They have always stayed up great, fit just right, felt like good quality. So . . . I took a chance against the advice of the reviews since i needed new socks. These are not the same as used to be. First time wearing them and they don't stay up any better than cheap dress socks. I am regularly having to pull them back up. Also the material is different, definitely thinner. You may like that, you may not. But you can buy cheap socks that sag, so don't buy expensive ones that do. . One positive- the blue label across the toe to match colors is a great idea. Gold toe- bring back the quality we know and love

X. Anonymous, Hounslow says

Fit great and looks great, but after two wears the elastics around the calf begin to come out. Bad quality.

N. Elizabeth, British Columbia

These socks were not of good material. They quickly developed a lot of loose threads, and some of the polyester? threads kept coming out of the socks every time. They were a terrible mess, quite quickly. I have really liked many other gold toe socks in the past, but these were of poor quality.

M. Marguerite, Waltham Forest says

These socks are thin, and were really not what i was seeking. I like the gold toe socks that my wife calls "fuzzies. " they are a thicker material, but i am having trouble finding those these days, so i though i would give these a shot. I won't buy them again, but they might be okay for someone who likes thin, dress socks.

J. Sharon, Cheshire

Stay away from these! i absolutely don't believe these are authentic gold toe brand. The quality after one wearing was atrocious! unraveled and pilled after one washing. Online store was super-awesome, though, and gave me a full refund.

T. Patton, Stockton-on-Tees says

Worthless. After two washes the socks elastic material starts to fall apart. I had the same experience as many other bad reviews. Sadly, i bought similar gold toe socks from sam's club and they were much better.

. Meghan, Minnesota

I used to wear nothing but gold toe socks. They were great. These are not. They are so thin is ridiculous. One pair ripped when i put them on first time. They are not comfortable and they don't stay up. If you're like your socks around your toes at the end of the day, these are for you. If not, buy something else.

S. Amanda, Gloucestershire says

They are decent, but made of very thin fabric. Last time i bought them they were far thicker. It's fine i guess, but it's not nearly as comfortable, and they aren't as strong.

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