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Price was 11. I bought one size up because i am a d cup and because i didn't want to have to struggle to get in and out of it, and that turned out to be a good choice. I think i could have worn the regular size, but this one is easier to get into, and is still effective. I have very sensitive skin, but neither the lace, the straps, nor the seams bother me. The fact that the label is stamped on removed another known irritant as well. It is comfortable and still provides plenty of support for my needs. I also love the spaghetti straps (instead of thick ones); although they are not adjustable, they fit perfectly fine, without slipping or digging in. I may not wear it for a fancy night out on the town since it still leaves the look of a sport bra (which i'd love to see a sport bra manufacturer resolve) under a blouse, but i'd wear it under more casual clothes.

-O. Connie

Fruit Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack Get Comfort And Support From The Brand You Trust The Fruit Of The Loom Strappy Women’s Sport Bras, 3-pack. Made 2-ply Cotton Lycra Fabric For Coverage And Support, This Fruit Of -Fruit Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3

  1. Special: One Set Of Pads Included.
  2. Special: Machine Wash Cold With Like Colors.

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This is a review comparing hanes pullover cotton bra sizen 38 to gap body simple pullover size s or m- see photos. Before gap discontinued the simple pullover bra - to my despair - i used to wear sizes either s or m so i ordered hanes 38 but it is huge. It it seems no matter the size hanes bra will show less cleavage. You can see by the photos attached that there's not much difference in width but a lot of difference and strap length and height. Of course hanes material and finishing are not as great as gaps but since one costs $4 and the other costs about $20 there was bound to be a difference in quality. I'm just happy hanes is making these bras since gap no loger does and i love this type of top. Best fruit loom womens cotton pullover | Ariela Alpha International Parent Code-Bra Review ( Oct 2019 ) Special Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra (Pack of 3) Three pack of solid full-coverage sport bras featuring spaghetti straps and tag-free labels. One set of pads included. Machine wash cold with like colors. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed and tumble dry low and remove promptly and low iron when needed .

Fruit of the loom women's cotton pullover sport bra pack of 3 Review (Fruit Of The Loom)

I do medium/high impact workouts. And good workout bras are expensive! one day all my good workout bras were dirty, so i doubled up on these bras. And guess what, with 2 of these bras at the same time (1 camisole & 1 sports bra) - i was just as supported as my good workout bra - for a whole $8! . . Here is what i have learned. . Types - there are several types under this one heading. I have both the camisole type and the sports bra type. I would not call them sports bras, but rather "bralettes" or shelf bras. They feel like cotton and have non-adjustable straps (but the non-adjustability does not seem to be an issue for most people). I bought both in the white, black, grey sets. The sports bra type has ruching, that doesn't look all that great and doesn't really add to the bra. But the straps of the sports bra are really cute. The sports bra comes with one set of padded inserts that can be moved from one sports bra to the other. Because i always wear a shirt when working out, these inserts are unnecessary, so i am not using them. The set of inserts comes with the sports bra, but not with the camisole type. To confirm you are buying the correct type, make sure you click on the color options and look at the accompanying photos so see whether it is the camisole or sports bra type, because the description does not change. . Sizing - i am a 34d(or dd) or a 36c/d. And with these bras i wear a 38. It feels snug and appropriately supported. For the bras i bought, the camisole type actually fits a bit more snug and the sports bra type fits a bit looser. . Given my sizing and what i have read from the other reviews, here is how i would guess the sizing works:. A cup - go actual size. B cup - sports bra go actual size, camisole go up 1 size. C cup - go up 1 size. D cup - go up 1 size for sports bra and 2 sizes for camisole. Dd and bigger - go up 2 sizes. But if you are well endowed with a small rib cage (e. G. , 32 dd or bigger) then this bra may not work for you, because if you go up more than 2 sizes, the band at the bottom may be too big. (but again, for me with a 34d(or dd) or a 36c/d - a 38 is perfect. ). . Whew - get all that? :) again, this is all only a guess - but hopefully my guessing helps a little. Basically the bigger your cup size, the more sizes up you need to go. . How i wear them - i use the camisole type when i have a low cut shirt and too much cleavage is a bit inappropriate. Sometimes i wear it alone, or sometimes i wear my bra under it. I also use it alone for low impact sports (i just wore is skiing and it was perfect. ) or for my high impact workouts i use the sports bra type and the camisole type together - in the same color, and all the straps look pretty cute! also, because the straps are all in different places, it doesn't hurt my neck/top of my shoulders like some of my "real" sports bra do - the pressure/weight is spread out if you use the 2 different bra types together. (i have included 3 pictures of my back: a) camisole; b) sports bra and c) both together. ). . Washing: make sure to hang dry these bras - but other than that i have had no issue with either the quality or the washing of these bras. The directions say to hand wash and hang dry, but machine washing and hang drying seem to be fine. . In sum - at $4-5 a bra it is an amazing price point. And for $8-10 to double them up and use them for workouts is awesome! and they are much cuter than my ugly old workout bras. I hope this is helpful to you! -. Zelda

Fruit Loom Womens Cotton Pullover

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Fruit Of The Loom
  • Color: White/Grey/Black
  • Manufacturer: Ariela-Alpha International LLC Parent Code
  • Model: 9036
  • Total: 3
  • Quantity: 3
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: BRA

fruit loom women's cotton pullover sport bra pack Apparel, Get comfort and support from the brand you trust with the fruit of the loom strappy women's sport bras, 3-pack. made with 2-ply cotton lycra fabric for coverage and support, this fruit of the loom sport bras pack is a smart buy for active women. whether pursuing your fitness goals or just seeking a comfortable alternative to traditional bras, this 3-pack of strappy cotton sport bras is for you. designed with a full-coverage crop top neckline, the fruit of the loom strappy women's sport bras can be flaunted under shirts and tanks for a cool flash of color. the smooth lines of these cotton sport bras make them versatile undergarments for casual wear and workout wear. available in assorted colors, you can choose the pack that best suits your style. whether in practical neutrals or trendy pastels, you'll find the fruit of the loom sport bras that are perfect for you. add the fruit of the loom strappy women's sport bras, 3-pack to your wardrobe today. Fruit Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3 (9036-Fruit Of The Loom).

Fruit Loom Womens Cotton Pullover Apparel

  • Make sure to order this one size up. I am very small. I wear a 32 a in a bra. The 32 in this was way too tight. I ordered a second set in 34 and it is much better.
  • I was a bit skeptical of coverage of these since most reviews are for the standard spagetti strap bras. I opted for the racerback bra pack since they featured softer double straps (more support) and a sewn front (not a uniboob). I am a 38ddd and ordered the size 38 of the color "grey black/white/black" which is the only differing bra type. . For anyone over a c cup, i personally wouldn't recommend these for high impact activities. As a ddd, these just ofter me yoga support. Nice and light for wearing around the house. They also have nice nipple coverage since they feature an insert, so no headlights for drop in guests. Fyi, it seems that there is only one pair of inserts for the three pack. So it needs to be moved to a new bra if you need them.
  • These are ok and get the job done if you're just looking for something to throw on and go run a couple of errands. Would be okay for light activities like working in the yard or even yoga. I am a 36c (full) and these were a teeny bit snug but nothing a few wears can't fix.
  • These bras are very simple and functional; the lacy bit at the top doesn't really change that. I can wear them under a deep v-neck and they look fine, but based on the pictures i was hoping for something a bit prettier. I don't like to wear them with sleeveless tops because they make the pudgy spot under my arms more obvious. They are comfortable to wear for hours. I wear them to work in a professional environment and at the gym. Would prefer if i could choose the colors in the pack. I am a shade under 5'2" with a wide chest and muscular shoulders (hence binding under the arms and pushing up my fat is a common problem for me). I'm barely a b-cup and even when i exercise i don't actually need the support of a bra; i wear them because of our culture's prejudice against the natural and varying shapes of female breasts. I am looking for modesty and comfort in my undergarments and these bras do the job. If you need real support and/or you are prone to uni-boob they may not be the thing for you. Ladies: when posting reviews of clothing, please include information about your body type!
  • I wanted an easy sport bra for weekends and hanging around the house. Because i am a natural 36d, the girls need a little bit of support. I ordered the 36 for this bralette, while the band fits, there is not enough room for my breasts without massive cleavage. I have never worn a sports bra before, so it may be a perfectly normal fit. Soft cotton fabric and pretty colors.

fruit loom womens cotton pullover Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra (Pack of 3) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I love these! i've completely given up underwire bras. They are so painful and truly are bad for your breasts. At the same time as this heavenly revelation i was also developing a rash on my chest from wearing the spandex sports bras all the time. And tank tops alone weren't cutting it all the time (i'm a c/d cup) and i found the raw elastic inside shelf bras to be uncomfortable. So i began searching for a plain, thin cotton bra and this is perfect! . . The hardest part was many of the cotton bras are considered, "training bras" and many sellers only carry them in junior sizes (a/b cups). I was so relieved to find this pack, and at such a great price too! like i said i'm a c/d cup at about 41 inches at the widest point and 37 inches under the bust and i got the size 42. It fits perfectly, i'm supported but not squished and the elastic just lays on my ribs. I can still easily insert my entire hand up into the bra and it's still not too tight, so i would say even if you're closer to 40-42 inches under the bust you should be fine. There is an additional layer of fabric in the front as well. . The straps aren't adjustable but honestly i prefer that, the little plastic loop in adjustable straps can be uncomfortable. The straps are very light and stretchy, i can pull them up about half an inch without feeling any kind of lift. All the seams on the inside are comfortable as well. . This is definitely not a running or do jumping jacks bra. It's just a little bit more support than a tight cami and perfect for everyday wear and yoga too. I can still breath freely, which is my biggest issue with sports bras. While they work fantastically for running and jumping they inhibit my breathing and that is a big problem when doing yoga. I also prefer cotton for long period use, as i said before the spandex/nylon/polyester sports bras don't breath as well and led to a fungal infection on my skin (i'm in humid florida, wearing one every day caused the rash). These breathe wonderfully and i couldn't be more satisfied, thank you for making these large enough for bustier women!

Fruit Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3
Click to see NoticeFruit Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3 (Fruit Of The Loom)"I love these little bras. I wear them either on their own at home (i hate going entirely braless but don't always want to wear an underwire), or over my bra for extra coverage - ie under tops with a deep v neck or when wearing sheer-ish or white tops, etc. , when i don't want to wear a full-length camisole. Gap has some practically similar bra tops for around $25 each - so glad i can get these fruit of the loom ones for about $15/3. I'm a 32dd or 34d and the size 34 in these fits me well."

(0) Question: Are these adjustable?

(1) Question: I see the number, but not the cup size like a, b, c, or d? which should i choose if i am a 36b?

(2) Question: I'm a 28 e. would one of these fit both my band and cup size?

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Fruit of Loom Women's Built-Up Sports Bra Pack Of 6

The fruit of the loom woman's tank style sport bra is a smart addition to anyone's wardrobe. Whether you're wearing it for leisure or for the gym, this soft cotton sport bra keeps you supported while keeping a smooth appearance. An active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. Fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more that 160 years. Our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. So run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom.

Fruit of Loom Women's Built-Up Sports Bra Pack Of 6Fruit-Loom-Womens-Built-Up-Sports

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    9012A
Quantity :    6
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Built-Up Sports Bra Pack Of 6 available ( Oct 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack Of 3

Comfy and i love the fact that i can adjust the straps . Wear them all the time .

Function meets form. Designed for support and comfort, these racer back sports bras allow for a range of shoulder motion and have a feminine shirred front. Ideal for low-impact activities. Pick up a few packs in different colors so you'll always have some extras.

Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack Of 3Fruit-Loom-Adjustable-Shirred-Racerback

Fruit Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack 3 (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ.

This style/brand used to be easy to find in stores, but recently had no luck. Good price, good fit; just hope they wear well. -Notice from I. Ruby, Hartlepool

Click to Show fruit loom women's adjustable shirred front racerback bra pack 3 (fruit of the loom) Details

These arrived on time and they are so super comfy. Fit true to size just right actually. For a ack of 3 for this price you can'y beat it. The bra as awesome quality

Fruit-loom-women's-adjustable-shirred-front-racerback-bra-pack-3-(fruit-of-the-loom) set picture

- L. JarvisBeing a very active person, i wanted the comfort of a sport bra. This product provides the comfort and protection for the active sport person.

Great quality- you need to make these available in larger sizes,

G. Guest, Languedoc-Roussillon

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Red/Black/Grey
Model :    90011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack Of 3 available ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Crop-top style with shirred front
  • No closures; pullover style
  • Set of 3
  • Tag less for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable straps for best fit and comfort

Fruit of Loom Women's Beyond Soft Bikini Panties, 6 Pack

Update your wardrobe basics with these fruit of the loom women's beyond soft briefs in a convenient 6 pack. They're made from a soft fabric for an especially comfortable feel that resists shrinking for a reliable fit. In fact/the fit is so smooth that you can wear them with just about any outfit and still enjoy zero underwear lines. The women's bikini silhouette features a moderate rise that sits slightly above the hips and offers moderate seat coverage. These ladies' panties come in pretty assorted colors to give you variety for day to day.

Fruit of Loom Women's Beyond Soft Bikini Panties, 6 PackFruit-Loom-Womens-Beyond-Panties

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Assorted
Model :    6D4052H
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Beyond Soft Bikini Panties, 6 Pack available ( Oct 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Big Girls' Cotton Spaghetti Strap Sport 3 Pack Pack Of 3

Fruit of the loom girls' spaghetti strap sport bras provide comfort and support for any activity. The cotton and lycra materials give them a soft feel and also make them machine-washable. Give the girl in your life a good start with fruit of the loom. Designed to give her support while giving her room to grow, tried and true fruit of the loom underclothes are the perfect choice for your growing girl

Fruit of Loom Big Girls' Cotton Spaghetti Strap Sport 3 Pack Pack Of 3Fruit-Loom-Girls-Cotton-Spaghetti

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Grey/Pink/White
Model :    94021
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Pull over style
  • 3 pack
  • 2-ply front coverage
  • Soft cotton and lycra fabric
  • Spaghetti straps and comfortable fabric covered elastic band
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Big Girls' Cotton Spaghetti Strap Sport 3 Pack Pack Of 3 available ( Oct 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra 3 Pack

When it comes to sports or working out, you need the support offered by these tank-style fruit of the loom sport bras. They are constructed of a comfortable, two-ply cotton lycra spandex. Available as a 3-pack, these fruit of the loom style 9012 bras create a smooth appearance under your clothes and come in various sizes and colors.

Fruit of Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra 3 PackFruit-Loom-Womens-Built-up-Sports

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    9012
Order click here :    -
  • 2-ply stretch construction
  • Supportive while keeping a smooth appearance
  • Tag-free for comfort
  • 3 pack of full coverage sport bras
  • Pull over style
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra 3 Pack available ( Oct 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports Bra

The fruit of the loom woman's tank style sport bra is a smart addition to every woman's wardrobe. Whether you're wearing it for leisure or for the gym, this soft cotton sport bra keeps you supported while keeping a smooth appearance. An active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. Fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more than 160 years. Our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. So run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom.

Fruit of Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports BraFruit-Loom-Womens-Built-up-Sports

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    FT696
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports Bra available ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Tag-free for comfort
  • Full coverage
  • Tank style
  • 2-ply stretch construction
  • Pull over style

Fruit of Loom Women's Spag Sports Bra Pack Of 6

Designed with a full-coverage crop top neckline, the fruit of the loom strappy women's sports bra can be flaunted under shirts and takes for a cool flash of color. This great sport bra can be worn on it's own or layered for more color and support. An active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. Fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more that 160 years. Our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. So run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom.

Fruit of Loom Women's Spag Sports Bra Pack Of 6Fruit-Loom-Womens-Spag-Sports

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    9036A
Quantity :    6
Order click here :    -
  • Unconditional guarantee
  • Full coverage in a pull over style with 2-polyester stretch construction. tag free for comfort
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Spag Sports Bra Pack Of 6 available ( Oct 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack of 3

Fits well but the straps have a bit of plastic, used to adjust them that isn't as comfortable as sports bras w/o that.

Function meets form. Designed for support and comfort, these racerback sports bras allow for a range of shoulder motion and have a feminine shirred front. Ideal for low-impact activities. Pick up a few packs in different colors so you'll always have some extras.

Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack of 3Fruit-Loom-Adjustable-Shirred-Racerback

Fruit Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack 3 (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ.

Was looking for comfortable bras for camping and i found exactly that. Unsure of exactly what size to choose i ordered a 40 and 42. Now i'm a 38dd and the 40 fits just fine. My fiance and i are trying for baby 1 so i'll hold on to the larger bras for during pregnancy! i'm a larger chested girl so i already knew that these bras wouldn't give me much shape, but that doesn't bother me. But defiantly order a size up from what you'd think. They're super soft and the straps don't dig. And at $10 for 3 it's a steal! -Notice from G. Harrison, Nevada

Click to Show fruit loom women's adjustable shirred front racerback bra pack 3 (fruit of the loom) Details

The bras are very comfortable and i also like the colors i like these because of the adjustable straps.

Fruit-loom-women's-adjustable-shirred-front-racerback-bra-pack-3-(fruit-of-the-loom) set picture

- I. RubyGood quality bras. Very comfy. Run a bit small so get a size larger. I washed them couple of times already and they look just like new. Good all day support. I wear them out and about on weekends instead of normal bras.

These are really nice - i wear them all the time and the peachy colour is a nice change from the red.

O. Elanor, Torbay

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Black
  • Three-pack set of sport bras featuring shirred front and racerback with adjustable straps
  • Tagless and no closures
Price :    —
Model :    90011
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra Pack of 3 available ( Oct 2019 )

Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack of 2

I've ordered both the large and xl and like both. I fall between a 38c to a 40c. The large is good for all day wear, not high impact at all though. The xl is perfectly comfy for sleeping in. Held up in wash. Nice and light weight in hot weather!

This hanes comfort blend bra gives you style and flexibility for low-impact sports. Cotton, spandex fabric that moves with you. Available in a convenient 2-pack

Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack of 2Hanes-Womens-Comfort-Blend-Flex-Pullover

Hanes Women's Comfort-blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack 2 FAQ.

Thease are very comfkortable and offer support. The f you want the strapped to the chest sports bra feel these arent for hou. They are somewhere between a regular bra and sports bra. These arr the only bras i ever want to wear- perfect for my needs. -Notice from B. Broyles, Missouri

Click to Show hanes women's comfort-blend flex fit pullover bra pack 2 Details

I am a size 34b. I did kind of hope that there was a little bit of padding in these bras but actually it's fine because these turned out to be extremely comfortable. I really like of the gathered look in the front in the middle.

Hanes-women's-comfort-blend-flex-fit-pullover-bra-pack-2 set picture

- D. SuzanneI have a very large chest that makes pretty much everything i do uncomfortable. I use these to sleep in and they provide the perfect amount of support without binding or compressing. I absolutely do not think they would hold up to day wear for me, but maybe for smaller women it would be worth a try.

38 d, ordered large. Fits perfect. Fits like a sports bra just a little less support. Doesn't have the uniboob effect a lot of sports bras do.

A. Harrison, Kirklees

Price :    —
  • Racerback sports bra in flexible four-way stretch fabric featuring shirred center seam and v-neckline
  • Two-ply construction
  • Low-impact support ideal for yoga or weight training
Brand :    hanes
Color :    Grape/heather grey
Size :    One Size
Model :    H570
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack of 2 available ( Oct 2019 )

Fruit Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3 (Fruit Of The Loom) Price : 11, was : 0 as 2018-04-25
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This is the perfect bra if you're sensitive to certain fabrics or synthetics, and comfort is a priority. Nice cotton lining. No fussy, uncomfortable strap adjustment mechanism (not adjustable). Simple pull over design. I purchased after an accident left me unable to move one of my arms. Was able to pull this up from my feet. After gaining range of motion continued to use as its so comfortable. I wouldn't really recommend as a sports bra though. Especially if you're a larger cup size. Not really enough support for any vigorous aerobic activity. Probably not great to wear at a "professional job" or night out, (unless you prioritize comfort over style) but great weekend/casual bra. Really like.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: The first design in this selection says 57 % cotton , rest all are 95 % cotton, is it correct ? just wanted to be sure before buying.

(1) Question: Are these padded?

(2) Question: Are the straps adjustable

(3) Question: Does this bra have padding? is it removable?

(4) Question: I got these with padding somewhere else, do these come with a slit that i can put the padding into? it should be on the inside at the sides. thanks!

(5) Question: Are these racerback or straight up-and-down spaghetti straps?

(6) Question: Are the straps adjustable?

(7) Question: Are these bras lined with cotton or polyester? i bought them years ago and the lining was poly.

(8) Question: Re spaghetti strap pullover bralette (no ruching, no lace, pack of 3) - laid flat, what does the bottom band measure in size 38?

(9) Question: Are the straps adjustable?

(10) Question: Front closing bras best?

(11) Question: Is there good nipple coverage?

(12) Question: Do these have foam cups/pads and if so are they removable?

(13) Question: Do you measure under the bust or at the widest part for the size? thank you!

(14) Question: Can i get a 2 pack of black only?

(15) Question: Do these run small or are they pretty much true to size? ty

(16) Question: Do the different colors differ in style? the first photo has a seam in the front the others don't. the last photo shows a scalloped edge.

(note) Question: where/how to get Fruit Of The Loom (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fruit Of The Loom's products

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Purchased these bras because i was looking for medium support when i exercise. I usually use an elliptical so i do not need the extra firm support like someone who runs or jumps around. These bras are soft. When i sweat, it will still soak through to my shirt just like when i wear sports bras made of synthetic material. But i do notice that these don't make me feel as warm as the others do. As for washing, i toss them in a lingerie bag and wash in cold water and hang to dry. They fit as expected. I am pleased with them and if i when i need more, i will purchase this brand again.

Bras 0694401, Clothing 0660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Lingerie 11533341, Lingerie, Sleep & Lounge 1101392259, Sports Bras 0994401, Women 1100447417Top Fruit Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3 (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ Content

Best fruit loom women's cotton pullover sport bra pack 3 (fruit of the loom) in review

Very nice and well-made sports bras. I recently lost both breasts to cancer, and therefore have nothing to keep the bra in place, so it tends to ride up a little. I wasn't comfortable with the 'undressed' feeling of not wearing a bra, so bought these to get a more covered up feeling. These make me feel more secure with their full coverage, and look nice under tees or blouses. I'm sure i'll like them even more as i heal more. I bought a size larger than my previous bra size, and they fit perfectly. May be a little tight with breasts to fill them up.

W. Meyer, Saskatchewan

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E. Garner, Rhone-Alpes says

I wanted some comfy bras to wear with racerback tank tops or just to lounge at home in. I read the reviews and went with the size 34 racerback style. I'm a regular bra size 32c. The 34 fit comfortably around my chest however the straps were a little too loose for my liking. I feel like the 32 would've solved the loose strap problem, but might've been too tight across my chest. If only the straps were adjustable. Only giving 4 stars for the straps and only getting one set of pads, but overall worth the price in my opinion.

V. Diana, New Hampshire

Finally! i have found a comfortable cami bra that fits! looking for cuter yet still simple bras that i can wear while nursing. During this entire breastfeeding journey, it has been a struggle to find a bra. (14 months) now that bf is not a priority, i wanted something other than my old nursing bras. But i ve found that either the band fits and actual bra part does not( not enough fabric/coverage) or vice versa. I m 5 5 and a 36c but i chose the 38 based on previous reviews. I m so glad i did! the band fits but is not too tight and there is plenty of coverage in the front (no spilling out ) yet easy to pull down when needed. I ordered the 3 pack of white, pink and black with polka dots. I plan to order more colors and next up i m going to try the sports option. I am very excited to have finally found a cute, comfortable and affordable option! bra is lightly lined but unpadded. Perfect for the nursing mom! if you are very big breasted, may not offer enough support except maybe to sleep in. Imo. Hope this helps!

I. Neva, Sandwell says

I'm a 34 c my friend is a 34b and it fit us both amazingly i love it i prefer it to a bra i get no back pain and it's comfy all around. I don't get much cleavage as my friend but that's fine i sleep in it all the time. I got the size 34.

. Pamela, Worcestershire

These bras are great. They are soft and comfortable. They look great! they come lined so that when it is cold, you don't have to worry about anything showing. They give absolutely no support but that is not what i bought them for. The only problem was that when they arrived they smelled like chemicals but that washes out with the first washing. I am very pleased with these. Especially for the price! they provide full coverage so if you are wearing a top that comes down too low, this bra fixes that problem and looks cute too. It also covers you under the arms when you wear a top with arm holes that are too big. This will be very useful to me. I wear a 44 d in wacoal bras and i get full coverage and lots of comfort with this bra.

U. Cunningham, Connecticut says

These bras are really comfortable. After buying the 3 pack for myself and being impressed by their comfort i purchased them for my daughter and my sister as well. They are better fitting and more supportive than hanes which surprised me because i thought hanes was supposed to be the better line. They are also more durable and don't stretch. I do not put any of my bras in the dryer. They are not going to be a flattering, shaping bra under clothes but i wear them as a top in the summer in the house when it's really hot (no air conditioning). I also wear them to bed at night when my breasts feel tender and they give enough support without being restrictive.

H. Judith, Brandenburg

My mom gave me several of these 7 years ago and after so many years of daily wear they are just now starting to deteriorate. My old ones are so worn i couldn't see the size, so i guessed and ordered a size 42. I am a 38d, but i didn't want them to smash me flat like a sports bra so i sized up a little. These fit perfectly! they offer enough support that i can wear them in public without thinking about it, but they're comfortable enough that i sleep in them every night. They're great for wearing under low-cut tops to show a little modesty or with wide-neck shirts to show off the cute thin straps you don't really get with most 38d bras. I plan on ordering at least 1 more set if not 2 to replace the ones i've been hanging on to for 7 years.

D. Lorenz, Cambridgeshire says

Feel so lucky i found these. Ordered one of every available color and style. So affordable, comfortable, fit really well and true to size. Look cute with tops, straps showing are fun and strappy, not thick and distracting. I'm on the "bigger" size up there (usually wear 40 ddd, bought 42 here so i could wash them without worrying), and feel supported and don't have any unwanted see through. Why would you ever wear an uncomfortable bra when these are available. Five stars - would give more if available.

B. Wells, Blackpool

I absolutely love these bras. I hate underwire bras and switched to werners wire free, but can't wait to take them off at the end of the day. I actually slept in these, they are probably the most comfortable bras ever. I got my typical size and they are so comfortable. I also feel like they give great support. I got them because i was having breast surgery and they recommended to get sports bras. I think these would be great for working out. They're cotton and breathable but thick enough to be supportive and they are so comfortable. One of the best online store purchases i've ever made!

C. Janice, West Berkshire says

I never thought i would ever buy fruit of the loom underwear! but, during the hot, humid days this summer, i got disgusted with those uncomfortable poly/spandex bras that i had been wearing. I did a search on online store and found lots of options for bralettes. I have not worn any of my poly/spandex bras since these arrived. The mostly cotton fabric is wonderful under t shirts and tank tops. I did buy a size larger, as recommended by several reviewers. I wear a 36b bra and ordered a size large. It is just right. They wash without shrinking if you line dry them.

P. Taylor, Kansas

After going through breast cancer and numerous surgeries, i have been searching in vain for a bar that would be comfortable. I saw these and decided to give them a try. I ordered the three pack of pink, white and black. In the photo, the pink looks like a lighter pretty pink, but the pink i received is more of a pepto bismal pink, which is why it lost a star from my rating. They are perfect in every other way though, so i purchased another set! . They are comfortable, and fit perfectly. Be careful when drying because they will shrink a little. I usually hang mine up since they are the perfect size for comfort!

Z. Mable, Missouri says

All of my vs bras are 34d, so i initially ordered these bras in size 34. When they arrived and i tried one on, it felt super comfortable, however, at the end of the day when i took off the bra, i noticed i had marks on my back and below my breasts (where the elastic band goes), a sign that the size 34 was too small (too tight) on me. I loved the bras so i went ahead and returned the size 34 and got a size 36 instead and the size 36 is beyond comfortable! i am never wearing regular bras again. My breasts are perfectly happy in these bras! they offer the perfect amount of support, but are so comfy and sometimes i feel like i am not even wearing a bra. This is exactly what i had been looking for in a bra . Please never stop making these, i will keep purchasing them for life. I am buying another pack right now!

. Rhonda, Corse says

Love! these fit even better than i was hoping. I ordered a size up since often these things are way too tight for my taste. What i especially love about these is that the tight is right where i prefer but never find - across the breasts vs through the bottom band. There's nothing worse than a tight elastic band around your middle, yuck! (my excellent chiropractor once noted that he often treats back issues in women right at the level where the tight bra strap squeezes your middle. ) this bra gives excellent support and 2-ply coverage for daily wear; no spots of irritation, comfortable cotton all around. (why oh why is it so hard to find *cotton* bras? another big plus for these. ) no hardware anywhere, fabulous. The non-adjustable straps fit just right. Excellent and substantial construction; nothing flimsy here, but also not one of those armour-like sports bras. I might stick with my old 1-ply joe boxer pullover cotton bras in hot weather but will be wearing these most of the time. I do recommend washing before wearing to loose the chemical smell of the factory finish, which can also be irritating to skin. They've been machine washed and air dried once so far, and i think i like them even better now. They look great peeking through the v of a v-neck top. So happy to have found these, finally.

L. Stacey, Lorraine

Bras came in the mail today and i love them. I am a 34 d/dd and purchased the 36" size. Fit is good. Easy to move around in and actually pretty cute. Bra has no padding or wires. Fabric is thick on the front to prevent your nipples from poking through your shirt. I plan to wear these to work and at the gym since they wash well. I am writing this review so large breasted women can know this product can work for them too. If you need a bra that provides lift and shape you might need something else. For the price it is worth trying though. Good luck ladies!

. Mathis, Camden says

These are a lifesaver. They are cotton, no nylon sweats, very comfortable. They are low enough to cover the puffy part. They are not too tight or too loose. They don't shrink in the wash (i wash on cold and dry in the dryer). Most important for me: the straps are off to the side, not right up the middle. I have a port (from cancer treatments) and the only bras that have the straps off to the side are underwire and i can't stand underwire. These are great for around the house and i can go out in public and be modest with them under my shirt or sweater. Thank you fruit of the loom. You should advertise these as bra alternatives for women with ports.

Q. Lynette, Texas

Really good support! my only suggestion if it's even needed is to make sure your measuring your chest under your bosom so you order the right size that is comfortable and gives good support. As bra sizes go, i hear this can be a bit confusing and what we want vs what we need can be different and turn into a disappointed buying experience if we don't take the time to do our measurements properly. But as for this product, really well made and the 3 pack is good for the price.

J. Jennifer, North Somerset says

Great bra! i m not a fan of the way most sports bras fit on me being on the bustier side. But this bra looks great giving lots of support without being too tight. If you want to be able to throw it in the dryer i would order up one size up. I m a 40 d and purchased a size 42 and it was perfect. It is true to size and i wouldn t suggest ordering up like some other sports bras. It is cotton type material so it does hold in heat and sweat so if you are doing intense exrcise it might not be the best. I m using it more as a comfortable bra for around the house or running errands. Great value for a 3 pack.

N. Marguerite, Centre

Love it, absolutely beautiful, well made and very comfortable added by touch of soft lace around the top. I am a 38c and ordered size 40 fitting perfectly without binding or rolling. Unfortunately, for me due to breast surgery my girls are no longer the same size so the look for me was off. Sadly, had to return. But, that being said i recommend for women, teenagers and young girls who are developing. I especially liked the fact that they are 100% cotton and will not cause any irritations. Came in black, white and a beautiful coral. I'm disappointed hoping they would have given me a more flattering, even look but does give some support, no padding. Very well worth the cost.

. Nellie, Wandsworth says

I wanted some sort of cute bandeaus to wear with high-waisted shorts and skirts for summer, but i am a very busty lady and i knew that most bandeaus would not cover me as much as i needed. Then i found these! i bought them because they were so inexpensive and i loved the colors. I'm usually a size 36dd or 38d in regular bras but i bought these in a 40 so that they would be roomier. . I absolutely love them. They are super comfortable, well-made, and perfect for what i want them for. My favorite part is that the back has plenty of coverage, so i don't look like i'm just wearing a bra as a shirt. . Would probably not recommend actually using them as a sportsbra if you're as busty as me, the support isn't that great. But they are perfectly cute as a cropped cami with a strapless bra underneath or just as something comfy to wear at home in the summer (which is what i'm doing right now). . Also, shipping was super fast. I think i got them two days after i placed the order. . Thank you!

T. Beale, Suffolk

The most comfortable bra i've ever worn! i love the colors that can be matched to what i'm wearing or mixed up for variety, whatever the occasion! whether i'm off to the gym or off to bed, or some where in between, these are the bras i want to be wearing! 95% breathable cotton, keeps me cool. 5% spandex gives just enough support. On heavy workout days i will wear two bras together for extra support. Fruit of the loom has made them to size, if you wear a 36 you can order a 36, but they will shrink one to two sizes if they end up in the dryer so order accordingly. I machine wash on delicate, hang to dry. Using a mesh laundry bag also keeps the straps from tying in knots or wrapping around other delicates. . If you think you can't get a wonderful bra for $5. 00 you're about to be surprised! try them, you have nothing to lose. Now i need to order a set for my daughter, so mine don't start disappearing!

R. Veronica, South Dakota says

Waaaayyyy tooo tight! . . Made short of breath; i felt like acid reflux was rising to my throat! i could hardly stand it though i lasted for 40 minutes. There was no way these were going to be comfortable no matter how beautiful the fabric was, how giving the straps were, etc. Now, i had to figure out how to get it off without resorting to scissors-that's how miserable i was! i gave away this three pack of fruit of the loom bras. I wear a 34c and ordered a 34. I attach the bra on the tightest hook lest one think these fotl bras are not as tight as i am stating they are. I think perhaps my cup size may have something to do with the extra tightness. I have fairly round, large natural breasts and small arms and shoulders but there was no way this style would have suited me. I was looking for a daytime/nighttime bra to keep my breasts from developing redness and chafing during the summer from perspiration and rubbing. This was not the ticket. I have tried bandeaus made of nylon: that fabric does not absorb sweat and makes it worse. Back to the drawing board! . . I was especially angry the bras were attached together because there is no way to try just one on. You better be sure this style is going to fit: bc there is no way to return it. I loved the fabric and colors & the lucky woman who i got them thinks they're awesome! she wears a b-cup and measures just less than 33" around her chest.

X. Fabian, Norfolk

Fruit of the loom, please don't ever stop manufacturing these. First off, i generally loathe bras. I seek out the comfortable and unfussy ones. I am a 38c and these bras work like a dream for me (i got size 38 and it fits perfectly). They are simple, comfortable, attractive, and they do a great job of containing the *gals* via gentle compression. While i wouldn't go jogging in this bra, it is my go-to for everyday wear, including at work. I realize some might want more formal contoured support, but for me these are the holy grail of bras.

A. Eleanor, Cheshire says

These are incredibly comfortable. Not hugely supportive but i don't have a big chest so i don't need lots of it. I wear them running without problem. I did order a size up (usually a 36 but ordered a 38 after reading the reviews). They are perfect right after washing but i only get 1-2 wears out of it before you need to wash again to shrink it. Either way, they are so comfortable that i wear them almost every day and will be ordering another batch soon!

Top /fruit loom womens cotton pullover Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

U. Joanna, Reading says

Pretty much what you would expect. I thought they were a little too thick compared to some other bralettes i have. These have two layers so they certainly offer good coverage but at the expense of added bulk. Not inconspicuous under a thin t shirt. I would guess the thickness is not necessarily a negative for all buyers, but it didn t work for me.

H. Megan, District of Columbia

I wear size 36 in regular bras (not sports) and ordered this sports bra in 36. It was way too small, felt compressing and uncomfortable. So, i measured the band and it was only 26" around, yet they were labeled as 36. Huh? fyi - the straps are not adjustable. On the good side, it looks well made plus the cotton feels soft. The front is made of fairly thick cotton, which should help conceal the nipples. The back is thinner (slightly see through) so when wearing, it should feel cooler. Going to order a 40 and see how it works out.

G. Meredith, New York says

These are comfy enough. The fabric is soft and doesn't chafe. They don't offer much shape (as sports bras don't) but neither do they compress completely. I wear them at work (under scrubs) or exercising, but prefer not to wear them elsewhere because the shape of them under most clothes is. Not particularly flattering. As it gets to be colder, however, i find i can wear them less and less. The fabric isn't quite thick enough. One slight chill and it's nipples ahoy!

P. Angelica, Oklahoma

I wear a size 40d and usually sports bras are a bit snug so i went to a 42d and it was too big. I'd recommend ordering your size. Like the other reviews, the pad inserts do move around but you can either take them out or just adjust them back into place which is what i do. These are definitely not for running or intense working out. I just do incline walking on the treadmill and it does what it is suppose to i guess for the most part. Would like more support or a tad smaller.

Z. Florence, Harrow says

I ordered my regular size but the bras were way too small. I suggest getting a couple sizes bigger because they don't stretch very much. Also there is only one set of bra pads for the 3 bras so you have to switch them every time.

T. Carolyn, Arizona

Got a size 34 even though i needed a 32, still somewhat tight. They are soft but only one came with a thin padding in the cup area. The other 2 have no thin padding. Shame on fruit of the loom. Wont buy again.

N. Peggy, Indiana says

I ve had these bras for a little over a month now and they are so, so comfy! my biggest issue is that the straps are not adjustable & the lining is very thin so if it s cold outside or in your house and you don t want people seeing your nips, don t wear this. I wear a 38a bra normally & the medium fit totally fine in case anyone is wondering. Good quality for the price + you get three so overall, it s worth it. I bought mainly to sleep in and wear around the house for lazy days so none of that s a big issue (aside from the fact i can t adjust the straps) so i think this was totally worth the price.

Q. Jarvis, Brighton and Hove

These bras run really small. My bra size is 36b, and i have an athletic build. When i put these on, they were so tight they made me look like i had massive armpit fat and back fat - not the look i was going for! especially since that is not usually an issue for me. I have lots of different sports bras in my bra collection, and none of them (even the high impact bras that really put the squeeze on you) do that. Maybe ordering one or two sizes up would help. Seriously disappointed in these bras.

. Russell, South Carolina says

Def true to size. However, the grey one was the only one that came with a padding and i mean padding as in like nipple coverage. The blue and black did not. You can see nip action in these colors. Very disappointed that it was just that one color. Very comfy and fit great otherwise. Just wish all three had that padding

D. Olga, Idaho

Too small. I'm a 32c and i ordered size 32 and it's so small. Can't breath and unflattering because my boobs were squashed. I gave it to my sis that is 32a and it fits her.

K. Ophelia, City of Kingston upon Hull says

I don't feel like these provide the support i want. They are, however, cut the way i want. I want a simple sports bra with normal straps, i do not want the racerback or tback. This is almost impossible to find. I just don't feel like the coverage and support is in this bra.

S. Hayward, Leicestershire

I am all about comfort. If the band is too tight, i don t care how cute these are. I find these unwearable, and instead recommend calvin klein, or if you want wide shoulder straps and major coverage plus super stretch (and don t care about cuteness), mirity.

C. Betty, Slough says

Shrunk the first time i washed them, but that's not unusual for my clothes. Uncomfortable fit though, wish i'd bought an even bigger size, though i did size up. The middle front part, between the cups, rubs on my chest and leaves a red mark every time i wear. Maybe i'm just a strange shape though.

M. Rowe, Illinois

Assuming you're wanting a basic cotton bra and aren't expecting anything over the top, these should be fine. They shrank a good bit first wash though. One is still wearable just too snug to be comfortable. The other two are too small to wear with one looking now more like a juniors bra. Also, keep in mind that the three bras only came with one set of pads (which has too be re-adjusted each time i put it on) and the stitching going down the middle shows a little in some shirts (ex. - thinner material or tighter cut).

B. Allen, Texas says

They run small (on the cup part) and they shrink like crazy when you wash them. The straps could be shorter, it's basically a tiny bra with really long straps you can't adjust. Here's where they have it right, they fit perfectly around your chest. It's the bust part and straps they got wrong in the design. I only bought these to sleep on or wear around the house when i'm cleaning or lounging so it's fine, but the fabric in the back is very, very thin, you could easily rip it after just a few uses, so i don't think they'll last very long. Also i ordered the 3 pack. One came with pads, the other two did not. Odd. Again, not terrible if you just want to wear these around the house, just not great.

R. Broyles, Hillingdon

I felt these fit smaller than the standard sports bras. The straps are not forgiving at all and kinda dig in. The band was true to size around my rib cage but the top just didn t work for me and i don t have an ample chest, so i can t imagine a busty person being comfortable

V. Wayt, Richmond upon Thames says

These suck, a lot. In order to be comfortable i suggest getting two sizes up. I'm normally a 32 d but instead got a 34 for this. It's very uncomfortable and digs into my ribs and hurts my shoulders. It's too tight. And because it's cotton, expect some shrinkage after the wash. I wouldn't buy these bras again. And certainly not for working out. They just collect all the sweat and you stay wet and clammy throught the duration of the workout and wearing it. . If you want this as a simple lounge around the house bralette, sure get this. But two sizes up. . For working out ? . Move on and find yourself something better.

O. Weber, Midi-Pyrenees

I love these, but i either gained some weight just in the strap area of my body and literally nowhere else or these run smaller than they have in the past. I'm keeping them on the off chance that i did in fact gain some weight just in the strap area of my body and literally nowhere else. These three are fitting more like i want to remove them the moment i walk through the door in the evening a regular bra; so its not that big of a deal.

F. June, Massachusetts says

I ordered a 32 which was way too tight. I also tried the 34, again too tight. I'm a 32c/34b, 5'2", and 122lbs. I was looking for something comfy to wear under my racer back tank tops and even if they would've fit right they wouldn't have worked how i pictured since they cinch in the middle and look bumpy under my shirts. If you're interested in these i recommend going up a size since the elastic fits very tight and creates unwanted back bulge.

. Sarah, Bath and North East Somerset

Bras are okay! i guess sometimes it is hard to purchase items like this online. I thought these were just form fitting bras. My product that came had each bra come with a cup included in the material, which is not really exactly what i expected. They are mostly comfortable and are true to size, the colors are accurate. Sometimes the double strap will ride up by my armpit and boob area. Overall they are probably a good purchase for the price.

L. Nees, Luton says

I needed what was shown, a plain sports bra. Instead i've got crocheted lace across the entire top edge. It shows under every thing i needed them for. I got the multi pkg with pink. Band size 42 b cup. I ordered up once on the band because i hate wearing a bra their always too tight and i'm uncomfortable all day. Now my problem 1) i'm not paying for rtn shipping and 2) let's call it a mood swing and ripped apart the package it came in i was so angry. At 65 i don't need "lace" peeking up out of anything i might try wearing it under. So i now own bras that will go under sweatshirts only. I'm not happy. Where's the box you chk that the description doesn't match what you get? i'd like to chk it

A. Guest, Florida

This bra does not offer any support needed for working out and it's also unpadded. However, it does seem like there are slots similar to a bathing suit that you could insert pads into. I personally wouldn't wear this bra in public because it doesn't give you a flattering shape and offers little support. It cannot compare to a unlined no wire bra, and i love those types of bras so i would know. I will be keeping them because they are comfy and perfect for wearing around the house. I got a size up and they fit well.

E. Anderson, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

I wear a size 32 c bra so i ordered a size 34 thinking i would my sports bra to have enough room for comfortable movement. I love the way it looks and the padding was just right to keep everything tucked without being impractical. My only complaint is even though i sized up it was still too snug a fit. And after only 1 wash it shrunk to the point of being unwearable. But i love the way these look and feel for the price so much i'm thinking about reordering. In 2 sizes bigger this time.

. Pearce, Gloucestershire

I purchased these three bras because the picture depicts a pastel pink color, and i already have and like this style of bra. I wanted the different color that i could not find around my area. The color is a bright coral color which i already have and don't wear, not the pastel pink the picture shows. The fit is fine as expected, but i'm disappointed in the color of the one bra.

. Alberta, Champagne-Ardenne says

These are supportive, but i do not like that you only get one set of removable pads. So i constantly have to move them from bra to bra and make sure the inserts are washed too. If it weren't for that added inconvenience, they'd get five stars.

W. Campbell, Cambridgeshire

I got the size 32 as my bra size is 30d / 32c. The rib cage circumference (the elastic that goes under the boobs) is a bit too large for me, while the boobs part (the main bit) is a little small. Because of this, these bras are not at all supportive for me so i only wear them when i am lounging around the house or sleeping. I think these would fit great on a 34a or 34b - basically someone with a smaller difference between the rib cage and bust measurements. Quality-wise, they are good. Good stitching, soft fabric.

Y. Paula, Mississippi says

It doesn't cover enough, even though i got it in my size, but i still wear it because the band is at least ok. There is space for the padding, but only one of the bra came with it, seems like you have to switch it to and from if you wanted to use it? . I still like and use them whenever i gym, but i don't do high impact so i can't comment on that. The fabric is stretchy and the halter style is nice. Stays in place well

. Kelly, Prince Edward Island

Not as represented in the pictures. No labels of any kind (size, brand, fabric, washing instructions, etc. ) fits terribly. Elastic almost non-existent. They ship from china - may be knock-offs instead of the real thing. I returned them. Wish i could give them a no star.

X. Neva, California says

This was designed to be very cute, however the bra's are so itchy and uncomfortable, due to the nylon lining everywhere. I can't even stand to wear them because of how itchy they are. I was bummed. They should make the lining cotton too- like the rest of the bra.

. Whiteman, Texas

The style of the bras are fine but unfortunately the sizes are not true to description. I am a 32d and when i tried these on, i found them uncomfortably and unbearably tight. I remeasured my bust just to be sure and found it hadn't changed but upon measuring the circumference of the band on these, it's a 28" rather than a true 32". I also disliked the fact that they do not provide clearly stated cup sizes in the drop down menu.

. Maria, Northamptonshire says

I've been buying fruit of the loom cotton bras for years. I always buy size 32, and they are perfect but these bras this time (the blk, red & white ones) are tight and uncomfortable. Usually, they are more elastic and softer :/ - i was disappointed also with the design: the gathering in front looks nice on the model but they do not look that way in person. The one thing that did come as expected with this bra was the double straps. Those were nice.

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