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Price was 10. These do give the uniboob appearance having no cups, but do a pretty good job of holding the girls in place and still. They run close to size, band is a bit large. If unsure, i would recommend sizing down one. An interesting discovery with these - if u are larger than c-cup as i am, they fit better worn backwards. The front has a lining that doesnt stretch as much as the bra fabric does. By turning them around the 'back' will expand to accommodate larger breasts unrestricted by that lining - more comfortable but still do the job.

-D. Carmen

Cheap Fruit loom women’s built-up sports the fruit of the loom woman’s tank style sport bra is a smart addition to anyone’s wardrobe. whether you’re wearing it for leisure or for the gym, this soft cotton sport bra keeps -fruit loom women’s built-up sports bra.

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So i have ordered these twice now and both times i was sent the "tall" version of the size i have ordered which makes me think they all are "tall" sized. Meaning that someone with a taller torso would do well with these. But i did find that when i ordered a size smaller and washed them, they did fit a lot better. Now i wear them all the time and they give me just what i was looking for! . They are so soft and actually nice to wear! a lot of sports bras have that spandex or nylon type feel to them which just makes you feel like you could die in the summer months when all you need is just some breathability in your clothing. These feel like you are wearing a t shirt (with support of course). They don't dig in to your shoulders either so they really offer a nice, comfortable fit. Would i wear these while doing a high impact workout? no. They offer the kind of support that one would need if say they had a physical job of heavy lifting and bending, sitting, squatting all day and having an underwire bra on is out of the question! yeah that would be what i use them for. I work as a medical supply tech and i really did try to go to work with my regular underwire and by the end of the day i was about in tears wondering what i did to deserve being so uncomfortable. So a sports bra was my only option. And since i wear a scrub top, which is just a glorified potatoe sack, there is no need to dress up the sisters when you can't see anything anyways. Plus i am married. Who am a trying to please? lol. Bottom line. Highly recommend these as a comfortable, lounging around or hard at work bra to give you the support you need without squeezing your eyeballs out and without making you swim in your own sweat at the end of the day! . And i will caution you to please wash and dry if you feel they are not the right size! they do actually shrink a little. Not too much but enough to make the difference between being too tall and just right The Best fruit loom womens builtup sports ( Sep 2019 ) | Fruit Of The Loom Bras-Bra Review Listed Fruit of the Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra 95% cotton/5% spandex .

Fruit Of The Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra Review (Fruit Of The Loom)

These sports bras are designed to fit up to a c-cup, so for me they are a bit small (i'm a ddd or f cup) which is exactly what i wanted. With sports bras, you want a smaller cup size so that nothing bounces around and kills your neck, shoulders, and back before you even get a chance to exercise very much. There is a sturdy elastic band at the bottom and a higher scoop at the top than most sports bras, so you get an equal amount of lift and binding without any of the painful pinching, the annoying chafing around the sides, or the cutting into the arm pits. The material is cool, breathable (very important for those of us now dealing with those lovely hot flashes), and very comfortable. Best of all, this brand has lasting power. The elastic, of course, is the first to go. In about three years! all in all, this is definitely the best sports bra on the market. -C. Michele

Fruit Loom Womens Built Up Sports

Fruit Of The Loom
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fruit loom women's built-up sports Apparel, The fruit of the loom woman's tank style sport bra is a smart addition to anyone's wardrobe. whether you're wearing it for leisure or for the gym, this soft cotton sport bra keeps you supported while keeping a smooth appearance. an active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more that 160 years. our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. so run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom. Fruit Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra (9012A-Fruit Of The Loom).

Fruit Loom Womens Built Up Sports Apparel

  • I have bought 4 packs of these bras in different colors and just love them. Because of an injury, i am not able to wear a traditional bra and have been going braless for over 4 years now. I am a big woman with large breasts. I have been wearing camisoles a size or two less than my regular size to give me a little support under my clothing. I am semi-housebound so it was not too much of a big deal but i did miss the support that a bra would give me. I decided to try a package of these and i was so excited because i now have much better support than a camisole. The size i bought was a 50 and that is xxx-large. I am able to wear them to bed and i have noticed that my side chest muscles are now supported so i have less pain in my shoulders and back and of course, i now have a slight amount of lift. They wash really well on delicate or permanent press in the washer but i would hang them up to dry. The bottom band does not wrinkle up or fold up even after washing. Bra sizes in the usa have become a real challenge about 7 years ago and i am not sure why. I regularly wear a 46c but i have no idea these days. Bra sizes in the uk and eu are much uniform but hard to convert to us sizing because no two companies are alike anymore. I was not disappointed in these bras so i would recommend giving them a try.
  • I am and a 40d. I order these bras just to stay at home, the are soo comfy, soft and hold my girl as i want it.
  • I've had fruit of the loom bras in the past and never had an issue with them as far as stitching, coloration, and durability. I buy these specific bras for sleeping and wearing around the house. If that's what you're looking for as far as a sports bra then this would be a perfect fit for you, but for most women, when purchasing a sports bra you're looking for the support to carry out active activities. That isn't this bra, especially for the ladies with larger breasts, such as myself. No support whatsoever! went for a walk in these sports bras and my breasts were bouncing and all over the place, so imagine going to a intense workout. Another thing i noticed were the weird spots on the bras, so make sure you wash the bras before putting them on. I ordered sizes 42 and 44. Bras fit as expected. Even thou i normally wear a 44, i was able to comfortably wear a 42; it just gave extra lifting. A huge plus when wearing the sports bras was i experienced no side boob or "muffin top; " coverage all around. Overall, decent sports bras for the house. Interested in support for active wear, save your breasts the strain and look elsewhere.
  • I'm either going to have to return these, or do some sewing and insert additional elastic at the top seam of each shoulder. These are cut way too short - by that i mean, the distance between the top of my shoulders to below my chest, where the bottom band is. Also, the neckline is too high cut. I'm 5. 5 feet tall and weigh 140 lbs, and i ordered a medium. I'm sure i would have had the same problem with a large. Maybe these are meant for teenage girls; i'm middle aged. I wish you would make one just like this but with a deeper scoop neckline and more length from shoulder to bottom band. I wanted to wear this with somewhat deep cut tee shirts and don't mind some of this bra fabric showing, but the reason i'm wearing deep-cut tees is to stay cool, so this high neckline defeats the purpose of that. I do like the double layer of fabric; seems like will be cool for the hot months but still provide some coverage.
  • Do not buy these based on your bust size. I cannot stress this enough. I wear a 42g and bought a 50 and they are very loose. Ok for sitting around the house but i'd need a 44 or 46 for a snug fit. The material is also thick so a bit toasty for summer.

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Cotton bra is so hard to find. This one is so comfortable, though it is a blend with polyester. It breathes well enough to do away with the problem i had with yeast infection beneath the breasts. Fruit of the loom has another one that is front fastening that is 95% cotton. I have some of those, but the fastener is a little scratchy. The price and quality of these is wonderful. I can wear them in a variety of colors and not worry if the straps are showing! my only complaint is the uniboob issue. Sure wish someone would make one in this kind of fabric with some separation between the breasts. I have not had a problem with shrinkage, but then i wash them in mesh bags (so there s less abrasion on the cotton fabric) and then hang them to dry. They re like socks - they stretch while you wear them and then shrink back to normal size when they re washed - which is exactly what i need them to do. I have bought much much more expensive bras that are a lot less comfortable and do not wear like these do. I ve just bought three new colors to add to my collection. If fruit of the loom makes a bra that is comfortable and separates, i ll be the first there to buy them! meanwhile, these are my everyday bras, and since i seldom dress up, they re about all i wear.

Fruit Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra
Click to see NoticeFruit Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra (Fruit Of The Loom)"These are awesome! so comfy and with the second layer of fabric in the front to provide a little modesty. I usually wear a 44 but that was pretty snug even pre-washing. Not breathlessly so, and the compression sort of allows you to adjust the girls into a semblance of lifted. If you're in a certain age bracket, you know what i mean. So i ordered more in 48 and post washing they are fantastic- as comfortable as a bra can be that keeps the bounce and jiggle to a decent minimum and still give you enough compression to get the girls in about the right location and keep them there. Update 6/18/18. I have 7 of these now, to rotate through the laundry and like them just as much. One tip: the white ones are consistently a little snugger than the colored ones. The gray and chambray are both more comfortable but it's nice to have the white for when you want a little more snugness and lift."

(0) Question: Why does the description say 95% cotton? i need something to keep me dry

(1) Question: Are these bras padded?

(2) Question: Is the white/bittersweet 3-pack 2 white and 1 pink or 2 pink and 1 white?

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Fruit of Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports Bra

Nothing fancy, but a nice value priced sports bra. The bra is soft, comfortable and has the support that i need. Washes well, but i do line dry to prevent shrinkage. The bra is offered in a variety of sizes as well as colors too.

The fruit of the loom woman's tank style sport bra is a smart addition to every woman's wardrobe. Whether you're wearing it for leisure or for the gym, this soft cotton sport bra keeps you supported while keeping a smooth appearance. An active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. Fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more than 160 years. Our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. So run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom.

Fruit of Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports BraFruit-Loom-Womens-Built-up-Sports

Fruit Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports Bra (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ.

I bought my size but it being cotton it shrunk a little bit so it's a little tighter than normal. I needed all cotton undergarments and this was the perfect buy for me. I will purchase again but definitely a size or two larger so the shrinkage after washing will fit me comfortably. Definitely recommend if you are concientious of what materials are closest to you skin like me. -Notice from B. Betty, Ile-de-France

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One of the most supportive bras i've had but because of that it makes a definite "uni-boob". I am a 36d and ordered the medium. Fits comfortably snug. The back is very full and sufficient and helps to control movement. No roll up either. Thick cotton-lined fabric. I can see it lasting for years. Recommend.

Fruit-loom-women's-tank-style-built-up-sports-bra-(fruit-of-the-loom) set picture

- L. RochelleI've been looking for my size everywhere. I've been wearing one size smaller because that's all i can find locally, they are too tight and don't give the support i need. I wear these around the house and even to sleep in for the control and for moisture wicking as i live in a hot climate. I finally got smart and came to online store to find them! duh!

Great deal for less than $5. This works great for me as a casual, comfortable bra. It's worth noting i normally wear a 32a/34aa so i don't need much support. I ended up cutting the seam around the chest off to create a looser feel.

Y. Bullock, Oklahoma

Brand :    fruit of the loom
  • Tank style
  • Tag-free for comfort
  • 2-ply stretch construction
  • Full coverage
  • Pull over style
Price :    —
Model :    FT696
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Tank Style Built-up Sports Bra available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Sport Bra Cookies Pack of 2

This fruit of the loom women's shirred front sports bra is a great no hassle bra. The removable light lined cookies make it easy to get the look and feel you want. An active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. Fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more that 160 years. Our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. So run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom.

Fruit of Loom Women's Sport Bra Cookies Pack of 2Fruit-Loom-Womens-Sport-Cookies

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    FT438
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Sport Bra Cookies Pack of 2 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Unconditional guarantee
  • Pull over tank style with removable cookies that is tag free for comfort. pack of 2

Fruit of Loom Women's SPAG Sports Bra Pack of 6

Designed with a full-coverage crop top neckline, the fruit of the loom strappy women's sports bra can be flaunted under shirts and takes for a cool flash of color. This great sport bra can be worn on it's own or layered for more color and support. An active lifestyle requires a brand that can give support and comfort. Fruit of the loom has been a leader in affordable undergarments for more that 160 years. Our unconditional guarantee insures that you get the best product every time or your money back. So run, jump, bike, or sprint happy with fruit of the loom.

Fruit of Loom Women's SPAG Sports Bra Pack of 6Fruit-Loom-Womens-SPAG-Sports

Price :    —
  • Unconditional guarantee
  • Full coverage in a pull over style with 2-polyester stretch construction. tag free for comfort
Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    9036A
Quantity :    6
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's SPAG Sports Bra Pack of 6 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Plus Size Fit Me 5 Pack beyondsoft Brief Panties,

Our fit for me beyond soft women's briefs will keep you so comfy that you will want to wear them every day. Since scratchy elastics can ruin a good thing, we covered both the waist and legs with our heavenly soft fabric. The fit for me beyond soft panty is more than just incredibly soft. It provides other great benefits such as durability and less shrinkage. Fit for me underwear by fruit of the loom is made for curvy women. You can feel your best knowing that these panties were designed to fit your shape.

Fruit of Loom Women's Plus Size Fit Me 5 Pack beyondsoft Brief Panties,Fruit-Loom-Womens-beyondsoft-Panties

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    5DBSBRP
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Plus Size Fit Me 5 Pack beyondsoft Brief Panties, available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Comfort covered waistband and leg bands
  • Tag free
  • Colors and prints may vary
  • Super soft, durable fabric lasts wash after wash

Sports Bras Women,BESTENA Everyday Bras Comfortable Yoga Bra Plus Size Removable Pads

Simiya sports bra super soft and comfortable. Wide elastic straps and wide band hem provide support for your bust, best choice for low impact sports and daily wear, set free for your breast.   size guide: small fit:30a 30b 30c 32a 32b medium fit:30d 32c 32d 34a 34b large fit: 32dd 32ddd 34c 34d 34dd 36a 36b x-large fit: 34ddd 36c 36d 38a 38b 38c 40a  xx-large fit: 36dd 36ddd 38d 38dd 40b 40c xxx-large fit:38dd 38ddd 40d 42a 42b 42c  xxxx-large fit: 40dd 40ddd 42d  

Sports Bras Women,BESTENA Everyday Bras Comfortable Yoga Bra Plus Size Removable PadsSports-BESTENA-Everyday-Comfortable-Removable

Brand :    bestena
Color :    Multi
Model :    J-65TVFDS
Order click here :    -
  • Removable padded: this comfort bra is slightly padded on the front, which always retains its shape and prevent bra bulges, caresses your figure to adjust to your curves.
  • Super comfort: with simiya super comfy sports bra, there will be no more struggle with your everyday bra , say good bye to discomfort , pinching , itching & scratching.
  • Added stretch: this sleep bra has been added stretch, it is so elastic that will fit not only small women but also large bust women and girls with no tightness.
  • Non wired no buckle: non-wired no buckle seamless with wide straps so it will be your perfect solution for a sleep in bra or just everyday bra, it is also perfect for after surgery or during and after pregnancy.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed:if you're not completely satisfied at any time, for any reason, we will resend an new one give you a full refund.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Sports Bras Women,BESTENA Everyday Bras Comfortable Yoga Bra Plus Size Removable Pads available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack of 2

I'm a 36 ddd. I ordered the large size but it's uncomfortably tight both at the band and the bust. I like that these are mostly cotton and i'll be trying them in an xl. The price is good, so it's worth a try. Cotton sports bras that fit me are hard to find. I have a bunch i can't wear.

This hanes comfort blend bra gives you style and flexibility for low-impact sports. Cotton, spandex fabric that moves with you. Available in a convenient 2-pack

Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack of 2Hanes-Womens-Comfort-Blend-Flex-Pullover

Hanes Women's Comfort-blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack 2 FAQ.

Very comfortable. Like everyother female, i hate bras. But i have quite the ample bosom, so, even at home, braless is not really an option. These are the perfect compromise. I only wear them on the weekends at home, as they are not super supportive. But they are a wonderful addition to my comfy weekend lazy attire! -Notice from . Annette, Harrow

Click to Show hanes women's comfort-blend flex fit pullover bra pack 2 Details

I expected these to be somewhat large. After repeated washings and drying i also expect them to shrink due to cotton fiber. Nowadays this has been the most functional method for me. Buy larger and shrink then down to size. They feel light and comfortable. No pinching. Support is low but for everyday use at home they are just fine.

Hanes-women's-comfort-blend-flex-fit-pullover-bra-pack-2 set picture

- U. ReedGreat way to make cheap hands free pumping bra without breaking the bank. I will purchase again!

I am a size 34b. I did kind of hope that there was a little bit of padding in these bras but actually it's fine because these turned out to be extremely comfortable. I really like of the gathered look in the front in the middle.

F. Mary, North Tyneside

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Grape/heather grey
Size :    One Size
Model :    H570
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Hanes Women's Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra Pack of 2 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Low-impact support ideal for yoga or weight training
  • Two-ply construction
  • Racerback sports bra in flexible four-way stretch fabric featuring shirred center seam and v-neckline

Fruit of Loom Women'sShirred Front Racerback Bra Pack of 3

Designed for an active yet practical life, the tank style crop top offers exceptional coverage and support.

Fruit of Loom Women'sShirred Front Racerback Bra Pack of 3Fruit-Loom-WomensShirred-Front-Racerback

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    FT170
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Pull over style
  • Racerback
  • Pack of 3
  • Shirred front
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women'sShirred Front Racerback Bra Pack of 3 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack of 3

I was a bit skeptical of coverage of these since most reviews are for the standard spagetti strap bras. I opted for the racerback bra pack since they featured softer double straps (more support) and a sewn front (not a uniboob). I am a 38ddd and ordered the size 38 of the color "grey black/white/black" which is the only differing bra type. . For anyone over a c cup, i personally wouldn't recommend these for high impact activities. As a ddd, these just ofter me yoga support. Nice and light for wearing around the house. They also have nice nipple coverage since they feature an insert, so no headlights for drop in guests. Fyi, it seems that there is only one pair of inserts for the three pack. So it needs to be moved to a new bra if you need them.

Get comfort and support from the brand you trust with the fruit of the loom strappy women's sport bras, 3-pack. Made with 2-ply cotton lycra fabric for coverage and support, this fruit of the loom sport bras pack is a smart buy for active women. Whether pursuing your fitness goals or just seeking a comfortable alternative to traditional bras, this 3-pack of strappy cotton sport bras is for you. Designed with a full-coverage crop top neckline, the fruit of the loom strappy women's sport bras can be flaunted under shirts and tanks for a cool flash of color. The smooth lines of these cotton sport bras make them versatile undergarments for casual wear and workout wear. Available in assorted colors, you can choose the pack that best suits your style. Whether in practical neutrals or trendy pastels, you'll find the fruit of the loom sport bras that are perfect for you. Add the fruit of the loom strappy women's sport bras, 3-pack to your wardrobe today.

Fruit of Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack of 3Fruit-Loom-Womens-Cotton-Pullover

Fruit Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack 3 (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ.

Finally! i have found a comfortable cami bra that fits! looking for cuter yet still simple bras that i can wear while nursing. During this entire breastfeeding journey, it has been a struggle to find a bra. (14 months) now that bf is not a priority, i wanted something other than my old nursing bras. But i ve found that either the band fits and actual bra part does not( not enough fabric/coverage) or vice versa. I m 5 5 and a 36c but i chose the 38 based on previous reviews. I m so glad i did! the band fits but is not too tight and there is plenty of coverage in the front (no spilling out ) yet easy to pull down when needed. I ordered the 3 pack of white, pink and black with polka dots. I plan to order more colors and next up i m going to try the sports option. I am very excited to have finally found a cute, comfortable and affordable option! bra is lightly lined but unpadded. Perfect for the nursing mom! if you are very big breasted, may not offer enough support except maybe to sleep in. Imo. Hope this helps! -Notice from V. Diana, New Hampshire

Click to Show fruit loom women's cotton pullover sport bra pack 3 (fruit of the loom) Details

These are incredibly comfortable. Not hugely supportive but i don't have a big chest so i don't need lots of it. I wear them running without problem. I did order a size up (usually a 36 but ordered a 38 after reading the reviews). They are perfect right after washing but i only get 1-2 wears out of it before you need to wash again to shrink it. Either way, they are so comfortable that i wear them almost every day and will be ordering another batch soon!

Fruit-loom-women's-cotton-pullover-sport-bra-pack-3-(fruit-of-the-loom) set picture

- T. BealeThe most comfortable bra i've ever worn! i love the colors that can be matched to what i'm wearing or mixed up for variety, whatever the occasion! whether i'm off to the gym or off to bed, or some where in between, these are the bras i want to be wearing! 95% breathable cotton, keeps me cool. 5% spandex gives just enough support. On heavy workout days i will wear two bras together for extra support. Fruit of the loom has made them to size, if you wear a 36 you can order a 36, but they will shrink one to two sizes if they end up in the dryer so order accordingly. I machine wash on delicate, hang to dry. Using a mesh laundry bag also keeps the straps from tying in knots or wrapping around other delicates. . If you think you can't get a wonderful bra for $5. 00 you're about to be surprised! try them, you have nothing to lose. Now i need to order a set for my daughter, so mine don't start disappearing!

Feel so lucky i found these. Ordered one of every available color and style. So affordable, comfortable, fit really well and true to size. Look cute with tops, straps showing are fun and strappy, not thick and distracting. I'm on the "bigger" size up there (usually wear 40 ddd, bought 42 here so i could wash them without worrying), and feel supported and don't have any unwanted see through. Why would you ever wear an uncomfortable bra when these are available. Five stars - would give more if available.

D. Lorenz, Cambridgeshire

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    White/Grey/Black
  • Three pack of solid full-coverage sport bras featuring spaghetti straps and tag-free labels
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • One set of pads included
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed and tumble dry low and remove promptly and low iron when needed
Price :    —
Model :    9036
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack of 3 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra

Function meets form. Designed for support and comfort, these racerback sports bras allow for a range of shoulder motion and have a feminine shirred front. Ideal for low-impact activities. Pick up a few packs in different colors so you'll always have some extras.

Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback BraFruit-Loom-Adjustable-Shirred-Racerback

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Red/Black/Grey
Model :    90011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Bra (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Women's Adjustable Shirred Front Racerback Bra available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Tagless for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable straps for best fit and comfort
  • Crop-top style with shirred front
  • Set of 3
  • No closures; pullover style

Fruit Loom Women's Built-up Sports Bra (Fruit Of The Loom) Price : 10, was : 0 as 2018-09-29
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The price can't be beaten, so i was expecting something acceptable, but not necessarily top notch. These are the most comfortable sports bras i have ever purchased. The colors are true to the photo. They wash well (no bleeding). They breathe, which is very important in a sports bra, and they actually provide so much support that i wear them under a shirt like a shell. They're cute! nobody has any idea they're looking at my bra. Highly recommended.

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(0) Question: Would these fit a 38 h cup size? not looking to work out in just to wear around the house

(1) Question: How many bras are in package? picture shows 3, but description says 6.

(2) Question: The pictures show some as racer backs, some as not. how do i know what i'm getting?

(3) Question: I wear a 34b normally, what size should i get?

(4) Question: Little help, what fits a 40c size bra?

(5) Question: This bra is super short. i am not a giant so if i ordered a larger size would that increase the bra in length as well?

(6) Question: Looking for something to wear around the house in case someone drops in etc. wear a 38-40ddd; will this give me some support/still comfortable?

(7) Question: I wear a 46 dd what size should i buy?

(8) Question: How long is the front piece of this bra, and how long are the straps? i measure 42 ddd percisely, but i can wear a 44.

(9) Question: Racerback bras typically irritate my neck and shoulder injury. how is the weight distrubuted with these bras?

(10) Question: Regarding the size, does the number mean around the bust or around the ribs? and are these racer back? (hope not)

(11) Question: The site is a little confusing. are these all 3pk for the given price?

(12) Question: Look the same front and back in picture, are they?

(13) Question: I'm 34 a, which one should i get?

(14) Question: Which measurement is the size based on-the underbust, or the bust?

(15) Question: Am confused on size chart. i wear 36 c . i ordered 38, but feel it's riding up in the front and am pulling it down all the time.

(16) Question: I m a 34e should i go up to 36 or is the 34 super stretchy ?

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Ignore the bad reviews. These are three light "sports" bras for about $20 - and for the price, it's what i expected. I'm a small a cup so i don't need much support, so for myself i was able to run in these and they were good to go. I've also done my strength training and yoga workouts in these and they are comfortable and sit pretty high so no risk of a nipple popping out. If you are bigger chested, i would imagine these don't offer enough support for rigorous workouts but what do you expect for the price? folks need to review items based on cost. Don't expect a high performance sports bra when you're paying only $20 for a set of three. I knew what i was purchasing and i am happy with them.

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Best fruit loom women's built-up sports bra (fruit of the loom) in review

So comfortable! lined cotton t shirt material with a bit of stretch is perfect for the hot summer. This is my third set to add a variety of colors to my wardrobe. Natural look, good support, great coverage. I selected my normal size and they accommodate my rather generous bust. Comfortable enough to wear when sleeping. I always wear under sleeveless tops that are cut deeply under the arms and tend to expose more than i want. I coordinate the bra color to the top and feel properly covered, knowing the exposed bra appears to be a planned style. They wash and wear well and don't stretch out of shape as many cotton bras do. Straps stay up and wide back adds to the superior comfort. So glad i decided to try them.

E. Courtney, Bradford

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T. Noguera, South Tyneside says

I have finally found a bra that is fat friendly! i am a bigger sized woman and my local stores only carry bras up to a size 44-46 if i am lucky, with that being said those store bought sizes never fit like they were supposed to and were always too small. I used to have to pull other spirts bras down as they would ride up and i d end up with a hole in the side of them from tugging them down but not with these! the size and fit is great! i went with size 50 because the store ones were size 44 and way too small on me. I ve tried just my size brand in this size and they sucked was small and rode up and twisted n rolled when you put them on. These are stretchy and easy to put on and take off. The front part is lined so there s more coverage and the support is great for me. I m a size d cup. I highly recommend these to anyone who has had the bra struggles i ve had as every woman should be able to wear a bra and be comfy in it regardless of their size! i immediately ordered another 3 pack as they are that great fitting!

A. Lewis, Leeds

I've ordered these twice now and love the fit. I picked these for every day wear around the house because they are not racer backs. The racer back type bras hurt my neck and shoulders if i wear them for too long. These do not and i can wear them all day. Originally i bought the 34's and those fit fine for my 34d size. But i recently had a baby and am nursing which means i now am more like a dd so i ordered the 36 size and it gives me that extra room i needed. They fit perfect. The only down side to these bras is that if you're a c cup or larger you likely cannot wear these for any rigorous workouts. They do not offer enough support. But for walking or any other light workout they would be fine. They make the best daily bra and actually function fine for nursing too.

. Margaret, Telford and Wrekin says

These are exceptional bra's. These are the first bra's i feel comfortable sleeping in with no issues. I can't believe i have just found these! please give them a try if you have issues with other styles cause these are ridiculously comfortable! . . I have purchased several now and every one has been great quality and as i said very comfortable. Easy to wash, l just love them! . . Very very happy with my purchase!

H. Mable, Kansas

Synthetic workout bras irritate my skin. The "wicking fabric" used in other workout bras hold on to sweat odors. As a heavy sweater, especially when working out or working in the yard, no amount of soaking or special cleaner could get the other type of sports bras clean after about 6 months and i had to constantly replace them. Wicking fabrics actually cause more bacteria to grow on them while they sit in the hamper, which i think may have contributed to the skin irritation. Washing them in extremely hot water quickly ruined them. I am small-chested and do not jog or jump in these. I love yoga and pilates, so light support is enough for those activities. My skin loves them!

O. Anonymous, Western Australia says

Finally cotton sports bras that don't have metal hooks or anything but cotton! ordered more. Comfortable and plus size fits beautifully as well for all day comfort and support. They have a white lining unlike many of the other sports bras just pull over your head.

P. Perez, New Jersey

I rated this as somewhat small, but i'm not actually 100% sure i ordered the right size. I don't feel like my chest has gotten bigger and i've never had it actually measured , but it's very possible i should have ordered a size up so they'd fit better! . . As is, they're a bit tight, which is always a danger for compression style sports bras, so if you're not sure, i recommend ordering a size up unless you really need the compression for some reason. The main issue for me is that the straps are not adjustable, so the bra often rides up and gives me a bit of underboob, which is not always comfortable. . Still rating these 4 stars because i'm pretty sure the fit is my own mistake, these bras are well made and not at all thin. They are very firm not stretchy and will hold your girls down. They are not padded.

M. Jarvis, Southend-on-Sea says

My order arrived at my house in seven days. I generally find all cotton sports bras to be a little tight fitting so i order two sizes up, but that's just me and how i like them and i also dry them in the dryer (cotton shrinks). These are not padded, there is only one thin cotton layer as the lining on the inside of the front. I am small chested and find these very comfortable to wear for exercising or hanging around the house. I have bought these same ones from a store a couple years ago and lasted a long time. Here are photos of what they look like, what the lining looks like, and what fabric they are made of (the gray and white are 95% cotton, the heather blue is 57% cotton).

Y. Carol, West Virginia

These sport bra's fit snug. Flatten out any bust you may have! but hold everything together. Would not recommend for long term wear but great for exercise. Under too low tops (when bending over! ) etc, etc. Wash/dry great. No shrinking. Glad i bought!

X. Guest, Nottingham says

These sports bras are great for working out! i find them to be comfortable and absorbent; however if you are larger-busted or are looking for strong support, these would not be for you. I am 5'6" 250lb, 42/44c bra size and the size 44 fits me perfectly and the support is enough for my exercise needs (i do crossfit strength training and these suffice; however for running, i would go for a tighter/stronger fit bra). I also like that they layer well with tank tops since they are not too low scoop neck.

Z. Lynette, Berlin

Tight but strong. I wear these under my uniform. I can't wear regular bras under my vest because ater working 12 hour shifts sweat builds up. Regular bras stick to my skin because of the sweat and when i take them off cause serious irritation. However, i don't have that problem with these unless i'm out in the sun during the 120 degree summer. In that case nothing helps. So far they have been color fast and haven't faded. They are tight though. So if tightness bothers you than these may be too uncomfortable to wear. They do keep the girls in place.

R. Delgado, City of London says

To those reviewers who suggested buying one size up, many thanks - i did so, and the fit is perfect. I could not be more delighted with these bras. They compress enough to keep things comfortable when i'm exercising, they're soft enough to be comfortable when i'm working, and nice enough that if one shows under a blouse it looks perfectly ok. The quality is very good (stitching is sound and even, the cotton soft), and the price is amazing.

G. Alberta, Salford says

These are my new favorite around the house bra, which is primarily how i'm rating it because that was my reason for the purchase. They are quite supportive all day and they launder well keeping their shape and support after many washings. I've seen some reviews mentioning the loss of support over time through the laundry process, and i do agree that this does happen, but compared to similar styles from other brands, including hanes, i've found that these hold up better and offer support for several months longer. I was previously replacing similar style sportsbras every couple of months but these have lasted at least 2 or 3 times as long before starting to feel significantly less supportive to me. I suppose that my point of view is that without much more durable elastic and much more significant restrictive support, i can't really expect these to last like a real bra, so i am rating them based upon my personal expectations. . I will also say that i probably wouldn't suggest these bras for regular workout attire. When they are newer they are supportive enough for working out, but i honestly can't see these holding up well to very regular vigorous workouts. I tend to use the newer ones that i have for working out and then they get relegated to around the house comfort wear. This rotation cycle has worked well for me, but if you're looking for a good 'sportsbra' then this might not be supportive enough for regular workouts, especially if you've got quite a bit that needs to be supported.

V. Jacqueline, Bournemouth

I have been looking for these easy wear sports bras for ages. Thank you fruit of the loom! i have a large chest, 50 but not large breasts, cup size a. It has been a nightmare finding bras that fit and don t ride up. These are wonderful, fit great and wash/dry with no problems. For women with a larger breast size these may only be for leisure wear as they do not provide a lot of support. This is my second order of these bras and i am keeping them on my online store wish list for more colors as they become available.

L. Cecilia, Halton says

I bought these to try out because i cannot wear regular hook bras anymore. My shoulders are "frozen" meaning i can't move my arms back far enough to put on or take off a standard bra. I bought these in a slightly bigger size than i needed because i also have fibromyalgia and the pain of things pressing in spots can be very intense sometimes. Let me tell you, these bras are an absolute blessing. They support me but do not create uncomfortable pressure points anywhere, and i can easily put them on and take them off. I highly recommend these to anyone who has pain and needs a bra that doesn't irritate you in any way. The support isn't perfect but, i did buy bigger than i needed intentionally, so i can't speak to how the support would be with a proper fit, but it gives me enough support that i don't have to feel awkward when i'm in public because i couldn't put on a bra and my boobs are trying to touch my knees.

F. Zelda, Wirral

These are wonderful and so comfortable. I work out a lot and pretty much live in workout clothes. I was always self conscious when wearing a normal bra that some positions showed off my assets more than i cared to. Problem solved with these. Wash well too. Great value as each package has 6.

. Hadley, Nevada says

These are the comfiest lounge bras i've found. I do wear them for light work outs but they aren't the best for vigorous activity if you like a ton of support. They survive the elliptical just fine though. They're honestly my daily bra because underwire is the devils invention.

I. Wilson, Ontario

I put fit as expected because the first one i put on fit well. The 2nd two a little more loose and found elastic folded under, but not sure if should have purchased a size down as in process of working out and losing weight. My fault because i debated when selecting if should have. . Fabric, support, overall fit met my expectations and could actually say exceeded since there are some really lackluster product of this type out there. It does support the "girls" would purchase again (in smaller size)

S. Nielsen, Washington says

Edit update: 7/15/2013 - i now have bought probably 15 or so of these bras because of the colors i needed (and wanted). They are so comfortable, i throw them in the washer and hang them up to prevent shrinkage, and they still look and feel new. I have not had the heat rashes from previous summers, and i don't notice a difference between them and a real bra if it's cool and i can add an over shirt or top, or sweat shirt. I am 100% sold on these fruit of the loom bras because they are cotton and seem to be well made. The plus: comfort! they have an extra panel in the front to reinforce strength. No more sag, if you know what i mean! still loving these bras! . . Original post: i really didn't expect to like these as much as i do. I needed some nice lounge bras to layer as the weather gets warmer here. I am 5'6" tall and weight 170 lbs. And would normally take a 40b in regular bras but decided to go up to the 42 because of some reviews referencing that they can be a snug fit at proper size. Also, i cannot stand anything tight on my diaphragm. I threw the dart, got the 42s and hit the bull's eye! . . These lounge bras are mostly cotton and have two layers in the cup area which is really nice because i am no longer young and lovely and don't need need a sexy thing, but a comfortable bra that keeps "things" in their proper place without feeling like i am wearing a boa constrictor. The straps do not dig into my shoulders. There are no clasps or cup sizer metal on the straps. They went on easily, and fit right where they were supposed to. Very comfortable and well made. I can't remark on washing because i haven't washed any yet, but even if there is shrinkage, i think they will still be fine. They appear to be quite durable. In fact, i just ordered 2 more 3 packs (the pretty pink one and the ever matchable white/black/grey). If you are younger and thinner, you go ahead and get the thinner beauties. I remember those days! for the rest of us women i highly recommend these bras.

U. Taylor, Dorset

Very comfortable bras. I'm a 46ddd, measurement-wise, but i usually wear a band size of 50-52 in sports bras, as i like a comfortable, non-binding, loose fit. These are cut so generously that i was able to comfortably wear a 46! also has a neck that's high enough to be used as camisole under low-cut tops. Looks like a tank top, since there is no t-back! so far, i've had no trouble with the straps falling down. Fit me just the same way it fitted the model in the pic, even though i'm 5' 4". Has 2 layers in the front. It's so hard to find a comfortable bra, but i couldn't be happier with these ones! i will definitely be buying more. I wish fruit of the loom's other bras came in size 46!

W. Newell, Basse-Normandie says

I usually wear a 34c, so i originally bought sz 36. I cannot stand anything tight since i'm short (5'2"), and my ribs are so high. Normal bras bring me misery. The sz 36 hurt my ribs, so i re-ordered sz 38. Finally, comfort. The bras provide a lot of coverage, but that's fine by me. I tried one under a tank top (which i never really wear, anyway), and it just had a layered look. So that would work. I usually only wear a pm top and sometimes a ps, just to help you judge for yourself. Bottom line, for comfort, order 2 sizes up. If the band of a bra doesn't bother you, 1 size up would be fine since it wouldn't show as much under clothes.

B. Anonymous, Pennsylvania

Lord knows i don't need a sports bra for running or biking. But as a retired person of considerable size, i just discovered these bras and that they are perfect for wearing at home. They are comfortable, cool (cotton). They fabric is double in front so there's no show through. And there's enough support that i can walk down to the corner store in one of these and a t shirt and not feel "nekkid" or "bouncy" . . Good stuff.

Top /fruit loom womens built up sports Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Delgado, Vermont says

I don't like them. The only good thing is that they are cotton. The arm scythe opening is not big enough or something. The bottom part of the arm hole is all up in my arm pit rubbing and making it raw feeling. No, it is not an issue with my body (no rolls or flab causing this problem). I am so disappointed.

. Arnett, New Hampshire

Be very careful washing these on warm, or cold, or even looking at them the wrong way - they are very shrink-prone. I don't think i've ever had an article of clothing shrink as much as this product. . I'm just using them to sleep in, as i'm a new mom and i wanted something simpler than a nursing bra. When they arrived they were a bit too big, but i didn't think it would matter much just to sleep in. After a wash cycle or two i can't stand wearing them because they're hard to get on and ride up immediately. I can't imagine actually trying to exercise in them.

A. Patricia, Indiana says

I should have believed the other reviews that mentioned that the elastic at the bottom is cheap. I like the cotton material but i can't wear these bras. The elastic at the bottom is very skinny and stretches out within an hour of putting them on. This causes the bra to ride up and the girls to slip out the bottom. So what's the point of having a bra on at all? . . Save your money and find something better.

. Maria, Idaho

The top horizontal seam on the back of the bra is irritating to the skin on my back. At first i thought the irritation was due to the printed label but finally decided it was the rough edge of the seam. So i wear the bras turned inside out. The fabric content of the liner seems to be the same as the outer colored fabric so this workaround is ok. But wearing my underwear inside out isn't what i was hoping for.

Q. Kimberly, Prince Edward Island says

Despite it was fit, comfortable, and very good quality i'm disappointed because it is written in the description that it was made of 95% cotton while the fact is it contains only 57% cotton.

W. Pearce, Ohio

Save your money. The product description "women's built-up sportsbra" would be accurate if they removed the words "built-up" and "sports". The front is two layers of stretchy cotton with elastic and the back is one layer. There is no additional support at all. Tank tops with built in shelf bras offer more support. These could not be used for any activity more strenuous or motion-oriented than sitting still. They are getting returned immediately. This product turned up in a search for "high impact sports bra" which could not be further from the truth.

P. Bethany, Limousin says

I am a size 34d (as measured at victorias secret). I had an adidas sports bra that was too small for me, i'd had it for about a year so i wanted a replacement. These fruit of the loom came in a three pack and had an ok ratings/review so i tried em out. They are true to color and size; they fit well. But, these have very poor support. I go to the gym every other dah and my breasts actually hurt when running on the treadmill. These sports bra offer no padding or support. And at times, my nipple shows through due to lack of padding. Apart from those issues (which are major) the bras fit well. But i dont like them too much. Dont hate them enough to return them, dont like them enough to give them 4stars.

. Anonymous, Greenwich

I just received this item. I wear a 40d normally, and even though many people said to size up, i decided not to because i've had one of these before and it got stretched out over time. I am glad i didn't because it definitely would have been too big, the size 40 fits me correctly. I will note that i want it for daytime wear, not sleeping. . I think that whether you need to size up or not may depend on your cup size. Since these don't have cup sizes, someone might need a bigger band size to accommodate a bigger cup size. I think it would be useful if people put both their cup and band size when they're writing about whether the item fit or if they sized up. . I want to mention that i am pretty frustrated because i saw a few reviews that said the "popsicle pink" color was neon pink, not light pink like the picture. I looked up reviews of the "bittersweet pink" item and someone did mention that it's a really pretty light pink, so i avoided popsicle pink and ordered bittersweet pink. To my disappointment, the one i received is neon pink. This color cannot be worn under anything white, it will definitely show through. I wanted a light pink. Not cool to pay $20 for something and receive something else. . Edit - the seam is a little rough and after wearing it just 5 mins, it is starting to irritate me. You may want to size up if you get chafed easily, i think it would be less rough if it was a little looser.

. Hannah, Bromley says

I do not recommend wearing this while exercising. No support and awkward fit. I wanted to try this out as a sleeping bra. It s comfortable but oddly short between the shoulders and elastic at the bottom. I did size up to 38 as recommended by others. I typically wear 36b in regular bras - 130lbs, 5 5. . I found the blue one to be most comfortable because of the extra stretch. It s the only one that is not 95% cotton. The blue one is 57% cotton. See photo for details:. White bra: 95% cotton. Gray bra: 95% cotton. Blue bra: 57% cotton. . I regret buying these. I never reach for them. I think i would rather try a bra with a wider band at the bottom or maybe an adjustable strap to keep it from riding up like this product does.

D. Perez, South Carolina

These sports bras are no good for big chested women. Like not even a little. I read the reviews and based on them, ordered up a size due to being "busty" but even so- they do not fit well by any means. I am a 34ddd and the 36 barely covers my boobs. I tried wearing one to bed and woke up to it halfway up my boob. They tend to ride up all day and have no "underboob" coverage. Super sad because this is a good price and they would probably be comfortable if i had fried eggs for boobs. Not worth returning them because of shipping, so i'll probably give them away/donate them/hope i wake up one day with normal sized boobs.

E. Clara, Lancashire says

I made the measurements as instructed and selected the best size based on those measurements. These bras are too tight to be comfortable. Obviously the guidelines need to be revised. I'd need at least one size larger, based on my experience.

C. Crawford, Montana

I really wanted these to work for me. I had to return the first bunch because they were too small. I had to go up a size. But that didn't fix the problem i was having apparently. These just aren't comfortable. When you first put them on and get everything "in place" they feel good and look great. I have a d, sometimes dd bust and these held me in well. But the fabric is very high on the sides and the bra doesn't stay put, but creeps up a bit, as all bras do. And then it was uncomfortable in my armpit. And the fabric just feels "cheap" and somehow irritates me and doesn't feel soft and smooth. I guess these are going back a final time.

J. Theola, Washington says

I would have given these a 5 star but these sports bras have a major flaw, they are too short in body length. They fit comfortably but ride up and the girls peep out of the bottom as they slide up. I see i'm not the first to say this either! i wish they added two inches to the length.

F. Elida, Vermont

I have been buying this product a number of years but was totally disappointed in the product this time. The manufacturer has use narrower elastic which means the sports bra band rides up over the breast. I couldn't figure out why until i compared my new bras to ones purchased maybe 5 years ago. If you are a large breasted woman, pass this item by. I hope fruit of the loom returns to the wider band some day, but for now i will not purchase again.

T. Pete, Australian Capital Territory says

These are not 95% cotton. They were delivered in an unlabeled plastic bag and the stamp in the back of the sports bra says 57% cotton 38% polyester (terrible for my skin! ) 5% spandex- so this is false advertisement right? really upset.

B. Judith, Sutton

These bras could have been really good, but the fit is off for me in an odd way. I ordered a small, and the chest and back fit me well. The problem was that they were too short, or too small up-and-down, if that makes sense - it was like i couldn't pull the bra down far enough to be in the right position. This was surprising as i am very small, and most clothing is too large in that direction.

. Campbell, Somerset says

Bought these a few years ago, loved them because their were so comfortable. No underwire, but the elastic band along the bottom was fairly wide and holds me up sufficiently. I wear them at home, to bed, very comfortable. But, unfortunately like everything you like, someone comes along and decides to make it for less. . So, bought them again recently just to add a few to my drawer, and i find the material feels cheaper, the elastic band around the bottom is thinner and doesn't hold the way the old ones do, just overall feels cheap, less sturdy. Too bad, won't be buying anything from this company again-no pride in the quality of their product. Willing to sell a substandard product for a few more bucks. Sad.

I. Alice, Northern Territory

I ordered the right size but i find it rides up a bit in the front so it ends up squishing my lower boob areas. I am very heavy chested so it's hard for me to find comfy bras. I end up sweating a lot in these and they have very minimal support. They're fine for just something to cover your ladies with if you're at home, but once you start moving around a bit they shift up.

U. Cunningham, Luton says

Review after a few weeks:. . After a few wears and washes i have decided i no longer enjoy this product. It feels as though the fabric needs to be lowered as it rides up in front (i even bought them again in a size up thinking maybe they just ran small). I am going through my drawers and getting rid of these as they are not enjoyable. . I bought these for an upcoming gallbladder surgery where some of the scars will be on/near the bra line. I have worn one the past few days to see how they would hold up and they are loose enough where i don't feel like my ribs are being squeeze, yet tight enough where i'm getting support. . Material is lighter then expected and i'm sure these will be great in the summer. Not an actual sports bra i'd wear for working out, but good enough when you don't want to worry about overly supportive unwire bras.

M. Erickson, Plymouth

It's the straps, they need to be maybe 1/2" longer. As they are, they dig into my shoulders so by the time i get out of them i have red glaring marks on my shoulders where the seams bit into my flesh-which doesn't encourage to wear them much and i'm thinking of tossing them out. I bought a 3-pack of a blue-grey- white? combo which fit great so wanted to get more in neutral tones.

N. Moore, Connecticut says

I measured myself to make sure i ordered the correct size. After much searching, i chose these because of the cotton. They are just a little too large even after wash/dry. It comes up further in back than i m accustomed to and feels weird because of that fact. Overall, it does what it s supposed to do. I m 42dd, so if you need an over the shoulder boulder holder that works for low impact movement, this fits and will do. Running? probably not unless you want a black eye. As for the colors, i chose the pack that had the pink bra and the blue bra because they seemed the least ugly of the choices available. However, they are not the lovely salmon and periwinkle shown in the photo. The pink is day-glow, neon pepto bismol, and the blue looks very dusky/masculine, like what they had left over from making men s underwear. The white is, white. They are a utility garment and not for a fashion show, so overall, i m happy with and recommend them.

R. Hakala, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

These are, as expected, not "a lot" of support for my 38i breasts, but for lounging around the house they'll do. I ordered the 40 and they are comfortable. Most of the stuff i do is not "bounce-intensive" so these will be a good alternative for those low-key days. . Edit: after a few washings these have shrunk unbearably. I will have to find some teenaged cousin to pass them along to. (more likely they will get used as rags to wash the car, or something. ) dropping to one star.

X. Florence, Barnsley says

I have bought these before, but they changed the shape at the sides. Now the fabric under my arms goes all the way up into my armpit. I hate the way this feels. No amount of pulling and tugging stops it from riding there. I will not buy these again.

K. Parker, Maryland

Package was dry, items were wet, smelled horrible and had mold on them!

Z. Alba, Kansas says

I ordered these sport bras about a month ago. With my experience with fruit of the loom, i always have to go 1-2 sizes up just to get a comfortable right size fit. I ordered these bras in the highest size that online store carries (44). My regular bra size is a 38dd. But due to being pregnant, i wanted something that doesn t have any wires. . This bra is comfortable but after 1-3 minutes, the entire bra draws up under your arm pits and any back rolls that you have. The sides of the bra is wayyyy to big (not loose). Unnecessary fabric that isn t made for plus size ladies. If there wasn t so much fabric on the side i wouldn t have to fight a cotton bra attacking my armpit. The size fits. It just this annoying fabric that doesn t stay in place. I feel like this bra is probably made for smaller chested women. I did not have this problem with the spaghetti strap fruit of the loom sport bras. Comparing those two, spaghetti strap is a winner. These fat straps are a big no! i even tried cutting half the extra unnecessary fabric from the sides. Doesn t help. Might as well use these as back ups and know for future reference to never buy the bigger strap sport bra unless it s a different brand or material.

V. Bullock, Montana

I wanted to love these. It's not all bad. Honestly there are pros: soft, not too tight. Cons: too short. Maybe designed to fit women with a short torso. I am 5'4". Attaching photos. The top is high and can be seen outside of a shirt. In the pics i am wearing the light blue bra undet a baseball shirt and you can totally see it. The elastic at the bottom cluld be a wider band. Overall not awful but not great. I am thankful they exist in my size.

O. Jennifer, Queensland says

I'd give these 3. 5 stars if i could. I'm glad i read other reviews before purchasing-these bras do run small. The circumference seems true-to-size but if you're a c or larger you may find the cup areas uncomfortably tight/flattening. That makes these bras ok for wearing during moderately active sports (unlike other light sports bras, which don't restrict movement ), but to wear for lounging or sleeping i recommend going up one size. They seem to be well-made with no irregularities, and they wash well in cold or warm water. I hang all bras to dry, which makes them last longer than putting them in the dryer.

L. Tracey, Tennessee

Update to 1 star. Just very uncomfortable. I know i ordered my size but the girls want to escape out the bottom as if the front just isn t long enough. A little on the uncomfortable side. Should have maybe gone to a bigger size?

S. Gina, Dudley says

Fruit of the loom must have changed who or what materials they use to manufacture these, they appear the same as previous purchases but the fabric is thinner and not a soft, and the overall cut is slightly different, resulting in a less attractive fit. It seems there is more fabric below the bustline than previously which is not an advantage. No longer as comfortable and rides differently. Also, the advertiser continues to call this a 'built up' bra, however there is nothing built up about it.

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