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Price was 5. These are made really well, much better then any other brand i've tried. The waist and leg bands are thick and soft so they won't cause irritation unlike some brands that have the things bands. My daughter has sensitive skin so i will stick to this brand. I read that these fit small and to buy a size or two up so i bought a size 6. I don't know why i went so big, i should of tried the size 4 since they didn't have any size 5's. My daughter is in 3t and these were big, they stayed on her just loose. The size 4 probably would have been ok seeing how the size 6 fit, but if they had a size 5 i would of definitely went with them.

-. Nielsen

Fruit Loom Little Girls’ Assorted Hipster Pack Our Girls’ Hipster Is Designed Breathable 100 Percent Cotton And Comfort Covered Fabric Waist And Leg Bands. The Hipster Is The Hippest Of The Styles A Waistband That Sits At The -Fruit Loom Little Girls’ Assorted Hipster Pack 12

  1. Plus: Twelve-pack Set Of Hipster-cut Panties In Assorted Colors And Patterns.
  2. Plus: Ravel-free Waistband.

OnSale Fruit Loom Little Girls’ Assorted Hipster Pack 12 (Underwear) 12ghipa

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I love these but i took buyers advice and went a size up. Which was a great tip as it runs small. And for all complaining they didn't get what was "pictured", of course not-its variety for a reason. Read! Best fruit loom little girls assorted | Fruit Of The Loom Girls 7 16-Underwear Review ( Sep 2019 ) Plus Fruit of the Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster (Pack Of 12) Note: as this title is assorted, the color and print may vary from the picture.. Twelve-pack set of hipster-cut panties in assorted colors and patterns. Ravel-free waistband. Tagless .

Fruit of the loom little girls' assorted hipster pack of 12 Review (Fruit Of The Loom)

I purchased these to go into the 2017 samaritan's christmas shoe boxes for children around the world. They seemed very well made and the material is soft. Since the panties are going into shoe boxes new, i cannot comment on how they laundry. The colors are also very nice. -M. Fabian

Fruit Loom Little Assorted Hipster

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Fruit Of The Loom
  3. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:13.00 inches
    Width:8.00 inches
  4. Manufacturer: Fruit Of The Loom Girls 7-16
  5. Model: 12GHIPA
  6. Total Items: 12
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Type: Apparel
  9. Category: UNDERWEAR

fruit loom little girls' assorted hipster pack Apparel, Our girls' hipster is designed with breathable 100 percent cotton and comfort covered fabric waist and leg bands. the hipster is the hippest of the styles with a waistband that sits at the hip and has lower cut legs. this assortment includes a combination of cool prints and solids so you have a panty for every outfit and since there are no irritating tags, this hipster is not only cute, but the ultimate in comfort Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack 12 (12GHIPA-Fruit Of The Loom).

Fruit Loom Little Assorted Hipster Apparel

  • These are much better constructed than the hanes that we bought before. My four year old tends to run around in just undies and the others were getting torn up too fast. We have had these for at least six months and they are all still intact. The wide waist band makes them easier for her to pull up too.
  • Bought for my youngest granddaughter. She loves them. Loves that they are not cartoon ones, that she is big, and wears the "older" looking ones like her 4 sisters.
  • We ordered the contrasting band underwear and received a different design then pictured. We'd purchased thekind pictured before, so we knew they'd work. My daughter wasn't happy but decided she would try them. They're not as stretchy, and weren't as soft as the ones we were expecting. They're ok. Not good, but ok. Also, the color, we were expecting the blue/greens/whites pictured and we received pinks/oranges/purples-and a couple sports number prints(why? ). I won't order these again.
  • This fruit of the loom girls underwear is a great price so i was happy to find it. The colors and patterns are really cute and the wash really well. My only issue with them is they do run small. My daughter's typically wear a size 5/5t so i thought a size 6 would be perfect. I was surprised to find that they were too small. The other issue is they aren't very stretchy so even if they were a bit bigger they are difficult for the kids to get on and off themselves. I don't think i will be ordering these again and if i do i would definitely go up at least two sizes.
  • We ordered these because the stores carry only assortments of pink. Although the ad says assorted colors, the photos are all various greens and blues. This pack was a couple more dollars than the same brand and amount in the store but we were expecting an assortment similar to the photos. We got all pink. My daughter cried. It's the same pack in all the walmarts except more expensive. So disappointed. The underwear are perfectly fine for quality and such but this ad is misleading. Expect the regular cheap walmart-basic fruit of the looms in pink. :/

fruit loom little girls assorted Fruit of the Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster (Pack Of 12) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I did not get the colors in the picture shown. But the underwear itself is great! they fit my daughter very well, so much better than the character underwear. No complaints!

Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack 12
Click to see NoticeFruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack 12 (Fruit Of The Loom)"I have a toddler that is very sensitive to the lines from sewing and things like that on the inside of her underwear. I only have a target store in my area and they only carry one type of toddler underwear, a type my daughter hates. So i took a chance ordering these online without seeing them first but i'm glad i did, they are perfect for her. No seams that are irritating and very soft. They are the only kind she wears now and i'll definitely be buying more! thank you!"

(0) Question: My daughter is 5 and is moving out of size 6 do i get 8 in big girls

(1) Question: Did anyone get the blue that is pictured?

(2) Question: Does the sizes stand for the age of the child? like it does with other kids clothing?

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks

A perfect fit and bright colors make these a winner.

The hanes ankle sock is a great buy for your kid. It features extra durable with reinforced grey heel and toe and ez sort sock matching to aid with laundry sorting.

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Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks (Accessory) FAQ.

Cute socks, but not a lot of cotton so they lead to sweaty feet. -Notice from E. Guest, Lorraine

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Well made socks at a good price. Fit is good. Seem to hold there shape well and. She really likes the different colors.

Hanes-girls'-10-pack-ankle-socks-(accessory) set picture

- D. YvetteLots of socks! they're hanes socks, and the quality is consistent with their other products.

Very cute socks for my 8 year old!

O. Jessica, Enfield

Price :    —
  • Cushioned foot for added comfort
  • Great color assortments: half solid/half color heel/toe
  • Flat knit styling
Brand :    hanes
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Weight :    0.57 pounds
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Hanes 9-pack hipster - bright assortedthe sporty girl prefers comfortable, athletically-influenced looks that keep pace throughout the school day, onto the soccer field, the track or the basketball court. Sport underwear is constructed of comfortable and soft pre-shrunk 100% cotton. We have designed them with a lower rise waistline and wider waistband that is designed to hold its shape comfortable, covered legbands that will not ride up. Colors may vary. Let us pick for you.

Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-PackHanes-Girls-Hipster-Panty-9-Pack

Price :    —
  • Specific colors and prints may vary from those seen in image.
  • Pack of assorted underwear with elastic waistbands and tag-free labeling
Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Colors
Model :    721824girls
Quantity :    9
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Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Panties Set Pack Of 9

Nothing special. The material and the prints are very average. They are comfy. They run small, it feels to me as if they had cut up one size and then stiched an elastic band of a smaller size.

Our girls' hipster is designed with breathable 100 percent cotton and comfort covered fabric waist and leg bands. The hipster is the hippest of the styles with a waistband that sits at the hip and has lower cut legs. This assortment includes a combination of cool prints and solids so you have a panty for every outfit and since there are no irritating tags, this hipster is not only cute, but the ultimate in comfort

Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Panties Set Pack Of 9Fruit-Loom-Assorted-Hipster-Panties

Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Panties Set Pack 9 (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ.

Just got these today and can't wait for my girls to see them. While they look nothing like the pictured undies, the ones in the package had the most adorable corgi graphics! too cute! . Glad the surprise worked out in my favor :) -Notice from . Carrie, Florida

Click to Show fruit loom little girls' assorted hipster panties set pack 9 (fruit of the loom) Details

Super cute undies! the fit was perfect and they arrived promptly. No issues whatsoever with these undies. The prints are much more vivid in person and they're really cute, although my 8 year old was exasperated at me for mentioning that they're cute because "duh, mom it's not like anyone sees my undies anyway. Who cares what they look like! " i'm very hopeful that she maintains that attitude for another 20 or 30 years! *wink*

Fruit-loom-little-girls'-assorted-hipster-panties-set-pack-9-(fruit-of-the-loom) set picture

- S. WandaWe have 4 girls ages 6, 5, 4. Normally we just buy a few of the same thing and they share. Well recently my 6 year old asked for her own set so i sought out to find some that fit what we were looking for. When i came across these i knew they were just what we needed. I showed them to her and of course she wanted them. Upon arrival i was very pleased with them. They are made very well, a little better than i was expecting for the price. The designs and colors are very vibrant and cute. Even after washing they held their color, which was nice. They fit very well and i would say they run true to size. She loves them and they were definitely a win. I'm glad we found these. I'm completely happy with my purchase and will likely order more in the future.

Best little girl underpants we have purchased for our daughter. Bought the 4t for our 4 year old daughter and they fit very well with room to grow into. Thick material, dare i say heavy duty? washed 4 or 5 times and the stitching and elastic have stayed where they should be.

Y. Miller, Torbay

Brand :    fruit of the loom
  • Ravel-free waistband
  • Tagless
  • Color and print may vary
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Nine-pack hipster-cut panties in assorted colors and patterns
Price :    —
Model :    9GHIPAS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Panties Set Pack Of 9 available ( Sep 2019 )

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The F.A.Q. for Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack 12 (Fruit Of The Loom)

I have always bought fruit of the loom for my daughter and they have always ran small. This is my first time not buying briefs. I got size 6 for my tall/skinny 4 year old and they fit perfect.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: What is the difference between big girls and little girls

(1) Question: My daughter is 4. 5 years and 36 pounds. should i get the size 4 or 6? don't want her to grow out of the 4s in 6 months.

(2) Question: What size is little girl

(3) Question: I have a 6 year old! do i order little girl or big girl and what size?

(4) Question: Would these fit a 12 year old boy

(5) Question: Will these work for boys?

(note) Question: where/how to get Fruit Of The Loom (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fruit Of The Loom's products

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I ordered a pack of pink/green/purple and then also ordered this pack of blues. And both the packs i received were the pink/green/purple. Which sucks, because i waited longer for the blues pack and then it turned out to be exactly the same as the first pack i ordered. I could have just ordered two of that pack and received them both last week. But still, they're nice good quality underwear and my daughter says they are comfortable. That's all that really matters. Giving just four stars simply because it's false advertisement and should be disclosed that you will be sent a pack at random.

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Best fruit loom little girls' assorted hipster pack 12 (fruit of the loom) in review

My daughter is extremely picky about her clothes, especially underwear s. She says these are the most comfortable underwear! if she likes em, the must be good.

O. Theola, Reading

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Z. Angela, Minnesota says

These were the third underwear that i had ordered. I couldn't be happier with them, i ordered a 4t for my 35lb 3 yo and they fit perfectly. Think cotton, covered elastic, perfect coverage and came with the exact colors/patterns listed.

. Shawna, Kingston upon Thames

I was concerned after reading some of the negative reviews. Either i got a superior product or am not as picky. I found these to be made of heavy knit material. The leg and waste bands were very smooth, flat, and giving. After several washes with off brand detergent and oxyclean they are just as nice and bright as new. . Best of all, they don't ride around of tiny hinny's (punch, twist, ride up, fall down) and the girls actually choose them over others. . This is the exact same review as left on the other size we purchased.

A. Meyer, Midi-Pyrenees says

Great underwear! we got them for my 5 year old daughter size 6 and they fit great. I would give a five star rating but we got an unexpected color palette. My daughter liked them so oh well.

U. Sarah, Essex

I love these they were a perfect fit and a good buy. Going to buy some more can alway use extra underware and they are pretty colors. They are made by fruit of the loom and 100% cotton. I boulght these along with other christmas presents and got up to where i could get free shipping. That is something you should think about either become a prime member or buy all you need to get the free shippng. Fruit of the loom little girls' hipster , assorted, 14(pack of 12)

H. Josephine, Medway says

Fit a little too snug although size 4 in other brands fit fine. Daughter didn't think they were comfortable, either. A size up would probably have been just fine but we only wore a couple of these and are passing the rest on. Nothing wrong with the make or the style or anything, just a tiny bit too snug.

W. Elizabeth, Bury

I will never buy another type of underwear again. I love that the elastic is covered with material. They are of excellent quality. Nice thickness, fits great.

T. McCarthy, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

I ordered these in a 6 for my daughter that fits in a 4t-5t clothes. They fit her nicely. I was afraid the 4 would be too small but the 6 fits great. There was a variety of coral/orange and blues. Not as pictures but still nice. I will order again when needed.

F. Guest, New Brunswick

My daughter is 7 really tall and really thin so i ordered her an 8. So glad i did, they fit perfectly. She really likes them and i like that they don't have the elastic stitched tops and leg holes like the character ones that always seem to come apart. Received different ones than pictured just an fyi

D. Walsh, Derbyshire says

As advertised. The only reason i don't go five stars is because it seems weird to click "i love it" for little girl underwear!

. Hurst, Ontario

Since a lot of people didn't seem to read the info listed in the description, it clearly states that they are assorted colors and you could get any pattern/color they have available in the size you choose. As far as getting the wrong size, use the sizing guide available. It is useful in choosing the right size. My daughter just turned 4, but she normally wears size 6 and even those can be a bit snug sometimes. I ordered size 8 so i knew they'd fit her, and they fit great. I love the fact that they are tagless as well. They're great quality too. I personally bought these so i could use the ones without a print on them to put iron on's so she could have a variety of paw patrol underwear without having to buy her a "boys" or "girls" set. These will work perfectly for it. The set we got is teal, white, and orange. Some of them have hearts, some have flowers, and one of them says "love" all over it. My daughter was thrilled when she saw them. I think she'll be even more surprised when i put pictures on the blank ones for her!

G. Colleen, Rheinland-Pfalz says

This is the 2nd time i ve purchased these but the 1st time leaving a review. The first time i bought them i was surprised on how small cut they were but they were not too small where they couldn t be worn. My daughter is a very tall 3 year old and 40 lbs. I originally purchased size 4 but that didn t last very long they are starting to become too tight in the rear and hard for her to pull on and off. So here we are sizing up to a 6. Again the size 6 are small cut but they are working. They fit good without being too tight. It honestly probably wouldn t of hurt to go up to an 8 but for now this size will work. I received a fairly good assortment of color/designs. Luckily my daughter was happy with the designs. The panties that have designs are more stiff and scratchy feeling than the solid ones, not sure why. After i received i immediately washed them and the ones with the designs seem to have faded a bit even in cold water. These hardly stretch so that s the reason the fit is so small. I highly suggest ordering a size or even two up depending on your child s thigh, and bottom size. Overall i knew what i was getting into being i ordered them before but i gave 4 stars and not 5 because of the stiffness and fading issues. Again i can not emphasize this enough to order a size up from what you would normally get! . . Remember these are a random assortment of designs and colors so you most likely will not get what you see in the picture. Luckily i got some that we are pleased with. It s a hit or miss. . If this review has helped you in any way please hit the helpful button.

I. Williams, Indiana says

I'm glad i got a size bigger than she needed because after one wash they fit her perfectly. Had i had gotten the size she truly needed they would not fit after being washed. Other than that typical cotton underwear the elastic is not as stretchy as some other brands.

Y. Lynette, Rhone-Alpes

Ordered these for my 2 year old daughter. Love that it is a large pack as we would sometimes go through many a day while potty training. They are soft and comfortable for her and easy to get up and down while she learns. We will definitely order these in the next size up when needed. I have bought many different kinds for her - but these are by far my favorite.

S. Gilmore, Utah says

My daughter wears a 12 in pants. I ordered a 14 in these, she always seems to need a larger size in panties than pants. They fit great and she said they are very comfortable

. Monique, Sunderland

This package offers the most for the money, which is why i bought them. I don't think they feel too comfortable, but my daughter doesn't seems to mind. They feel like they will last a while. Honestly standard texture for fruit of the loom i think. I didn't expect them to be super soft or anything. . Daughter loves them, so works for me!

V. Jessica, Croydon says

There assortment isn't what is pictured as my daughter hoped but still got a good assortment. I was worried about the size as my daughter is 3 years old and wears 4t but they fit perfectly! will definitely purchase more!

C. Lorenz, Idaho

They are underwear. Just a bit big, but that's what happens when the size 6 is just a little to small. Six year old is happy.

K. Harrison, West Sussex says

Did not receive the colours as advertised, but the colours/patterns shipped are just as nice (purples and greens and blues). My daughter has no complaints and says they are quite comfortable, so would order again and/or recommend.

E. June, Cambridgeshire

Cute - but not the design that was pictured and thought we were ordering. We chose these because my daughter's favorite colors are blues and greens. We got undies with a space theme. Hm. Alrighty.

J. Erickson, Massachusetts says

These are the best little undies for my daughter! briefs tend to move all around on her and end up shifted into her little butt lol. These stay in place and look so comfy! my 5year old loves them. We bought the 6. She's on the shorter side but solid. We also received super cute colors, pinks and purples and blues . Which was a gamble from what i read! i think i may order more!

N. Theresa, Durham

I purchase these for both of my daughters and they love them. Myou 9yr old wears the size 10 and my 4yr old wears the size 4, and they are happy as they do not ride up, while i am happy that they actually cover their little bums. :) the printed panties are not as soft as the plain colors, but they wash well, the price is right and they do the job well.

. Audrey, Worcestershire says

My daughter has a long back so these do not cover her bottom up as high as i would prefer but she doesn't like her underwear or pants to high on her hips or belly so they are just okay. She says they are comfortable and don't give her wedgies. They go through the wash well, haven't worn out or faded from washing. Overall, i would buy these again, but maybe in a different style to get better coverage.

. Yvette, Wolverhampton

I was very careful to read the reviews and to pay attention to the measurements. I bought these for a (7) year old girl and she is a little taller than most her age, and slightly slimmer. She usually wears a 6x or 7 depending on length, but i bought these in girls' size (10) and they fit perfectly. Again, let me say the little girl who wears these is slightly taller than most her age, but she is considerably thinner. These were only $10. 99 for a (12) pack and they came very quickly! i am very satisfied with this product except for the sizing issue. This is why i gave this item (4) stars in stead of (5), sizing. She says the fit and feel are nice and that she likes them, but i would have been upset if they were too small and they would have been if i bought her a 6/7/8.

Top /fruit loom little assorted hipster Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

V. Rhonda, Stockport says

Ordered the next size up for my daughter and they are skin tight. They are going to good will, total waste.

U. Nees, Oklahoma

They fit smaller than the same size and brand i've bought in stores before. The patterned ones feel very stiff and almost scratchy. The waistband on the same thing in stores is part of the actual underwear folded on and stitched, these look like a separate skinny piece of fabric was stitched over the edge to make a waistband and there's unfinished and frayed looking edges. I realize it probably says somewhere that you won't receive the exact set shown but it's not nearly noticeable enough. Id rather buy in stores from now on, won't be purchasing again online.

Q. Judith, Telford and Wrekin says

These undies are not soft, not very stretchy, and they get stretched out almost instantly. My daughter doesn't mind all that much, but what's the point of undies that don't fit properly and aren't comfortable? she likes the colors we received but that is luck of the draw.

B. Erin, Suffolk

Ordered a size 4 for my 4 year old. They were a bit small. They were also nothing like the pattern shown in the picture. I knew they would be different than the image but the ones shown had pretty patterns and the ones i received were solid colors with random words on them. My 4 year old doesn't need inspirational quotes on her underwear. It's weird. I won't order them again.

M. Anonymous, Iowa says

These undies are adorable and fit well, and made our potty training toddler very happy. However, after one wash (before even being worn! ) one of the waistbands has already begun to separate from the rest of the brief. It's a tear about the size of a quarter, which is rather disappointing.

P. Pete, City of London

Quality is good and the colors have lasted quite a few washes without fading. They seem to run a bit small - bought size 6 for a 5 year old who is tall but not big - and they fit perfectly now, but won't be good next year. Would size up next time. The colors i got were different from pictured but within the same color scheme - we got a few navy blues, a few purples with stars, some whites, some light greens. No contrast trim on any of them.

O. Cathy, Mississippi says

I ordered these cute patterned/print underwear for my 6yo daughter. I specifically ordered this style/design because i didn't want a ton of solid colored underwear- i wanted prints and designs similar to what was advertised. My daughter loves blues and greens, so i ordered these. I realize the description says it is "assorted" and that what comes is not guaranteed to be exactly what is shown; however, i would have expected it to be at least similar to what is shown. I am posting a picture of what i "ordered" vs what i "got. " very different. Very dissatisfied. If i wanted mostly solid colors, i would have ordered a set that specifically was for solids. There are no "patterns" or "prints". Simply 1 small dog on only 4 pairs of underwear, and the color scheme is totally pinks and purples, not the greens, blues, teals that i was expecting.

T. Nancy, Wirral

The size is a 4 that we ordered, my daughter is 32 lbs. Wears 3t pants and even those are a little loose in the waist. Well, these are snug. Washed (with fabric softener) and dried (with dryer sheet) and they still came out rough. I am disappointed a bit but they'll work. Maybe washing again will help the softness.

A. Peggy, Massachusetts says

I don't like the fact that i did not receive the underwear colors that were in the picture, i chose them for a reason. My low rating has everything to do with the fact that i didn't get what i was lead to believe i was ordering.

I. Wilson, South Carolina

Did not receive the ones pictured. Not worth returning as the ones received are fine, but would've like to know that it was possible to receive a different pack than pictured. My only complaint would be that the ones i did receive have a strong chemical smell and four of the pairs have a word printed on the front. Words are "dream, " "believe, " be kind, " and "brave. " again, not really a big deal, but i never would have chosen a set that had any words printed on a girl's underwear, regardless of how innocent or "inspiring" the words are.

W. Sheila, Oldham says

Ordered for my daughter and although the description says "the color and print may vary from the picture", they are completely different than pictured. The picture shows mostly greens and blues and we received mostly pinks, with completely different patterns. We will be returning.

C. Williams, Portsmouth

Super cheap with strings and balls (looks like fabric sand) all over the place. Not to mention, i didn't get the colors and prints i ordered - instead i got a bunch of solids that include white, pink, blue, and purple.

J. Paige, Picardie says

You do not get the patterns that are in the picture. It s random not as flattering prints. I m disappointed but not enough to return

D. Patton, Kirklees

These were a good price but are way too "stiff" for my sensory-ish daughter. I'm not quite sure why they are so stiff, but they are, as she described them, almost "scratchy". They seemed very "cheap" and of low quality. But, that said, my daughter would not even try them on so maybe they woudl have softened up in the wash.

X. Anonymous, Barnsley says

Bought these for my 4 year old in size 6 (pants in size 6 are very loose on her usually). After washing they fit very snug. My daughter is slim and tall so i figured these would be a safe size up move for us, but seriously they run kind of small and in addition they don't have much stretch to them so i think they'll be too small within 3 months. Disappointed.

F. Brendon, Wolverhampton

These fit as expected, but are not as pictured. Zero of the twelve have contrasting elastic bands (as pictured) at waist and legs. Six of 12 pair are primarily pink. There are only two pair with blue, 3 white, 1 chartreuse. I understand that it is a variety pack and the colors shown are not promised, but the colors sent are not "balanced. " way too much pink for my blue-loving daughter. I won't order again.

K. Wells, Florida says

These are ok quality for the price. They fit my thin 8 and almost 10 year old girls well. The style is nice ( not cut too small or large). . If you care about colors/prints, better to buy in store. I don't love the prints i received, but they will work. Overall ok

N. Ruby, Peterborough

The size and brand are what i ordered, but my daughter picked these because the picture showed some with stars or flowers, etc. We instead got ones that have phrases like "be kind, dream, " etc. Only keeping because she has suddenly outgrown her other underwear, and we need replacements now.

Z. Annette, Worcestershire says

I don't normally write reviews, but i felt obliged to after receiving these last week. While the fit of the panties is fine, the quality is incredibly poor. Four pairs had unsewn seams on the sides with open holes from where the manufacturing machine jumped at least an inch in stitching, and the fabric quality is rough and somewhat scratchy for under garments; the fabric also has a low thread count and is extremely thin, and easily rippable. My daughter wore two pairs that made it through the wash, and they both shrunk a half size, and bled their bright dye onto our other clothes in the washing machine. If you think you're getting a great deal on these underwear, i highly recommend just driving to your nearest target and buying their brand for about $1. 50 more. These in no way resemble "fruit of the loom" underwear that i remember buying for myself or my family a few years ago, and wonder whether they are from a specific overseas factory that the corpration has decided will bring them a bigger profit, or whether they are knock-offs that are using "fruit of the looms" name to sell extremely poor quality product.

R. Hannah, Dudley

The size i ordered was a size 4. My daughter is a petite 3 year old so i was shocked that after washing them they were snug. They will fit her for a few months but i would have gone one size larger if i knew they were going to be small for a size 4. My other irritation is the color variety that i received. It was not as pictured, but instead a variety of orange and blue and some had the number 50 on them as a pattern. They reminded me of football. Lol. Not girly at all. Maybe more suited for a girl that does't like pink. These will be back up underwear for grandmas house or otherwise i would have returned them. Overall, i like the material, the fit and the stitching. They seam to cover the bottom well and not come up to high.

. Garner, Limousin says

I ordered a package of 12 size 6 hipsters. I received 10 size 6, 1 size 4 and 1 size 10 hipsters. This has never happened before and i happen to have another daughter that wears size 4 so i am giving 3 stars instead of less. They are wearing well and not shrinking from washing. I was tired of the disney underwear losing the elastic so am trying a new style.

S. Lorenz, Newfoundland and Labrador

These hipsters turned out to be made with a rough material and lacking stretch especially in the leg area. I bought these for my slender and fit 12 year old daughter and she wouldn't use them because they were to tight on her thighs and didn't have enough stretch to be comfortable. At the end gave them away brand new to a very skinny 10 year old girl.

Y. Guest, Hessen says

Pretty ok for the price. They seemed too big when i first took them out of the package but they shrunk just eough to be a good fit after the initial wash (i always wash the underwear before putting them on my kid). The material is thin and a little on the rougher side. These will work for the summer but i will probably not order them again.

L. Juliana, Durham

They're cute. But my 3 year old toddler usually wears a 3t or 4t comfortably and the 4t is almost too small. And the cotton isn't as soft as i'd like it to be for her. Otherwise, it does what it's supposed to.

. Cortney, Minnesota says

I assumed the "assorted" meant assorted colors as is pictured in the product description. So when i was expecting beautiful teal, blue and pink underwear for my daughter, what came instead was an awkward assortment of underwear with creepy pug dogs on them. Otherwise, they fit well, are comfortable for her, and appear to be made well.

E. Adrienne, North Somerset

Sooooo disappointed that this is not the design that arrived. I specifically chose these because. They're cute! something sporty showed up instead. Totally not what i had asked for. I had to open and keep because we were out of underwear with a broken clothes washer.

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