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Price was 4. These are nice underwear and i ve ordered them before, however the items in their picture are pretty purple and green colors but i received pink hues instead. One granddaughter hates pink so she wasn t too pleased.

-. Palmer

Economical Fruit Loom Little Girls’ Briefs Pack Our Girls’ Brief Is Designed Breathable 100 Percent Cotton Fabric, A Plush, Ravel-free Waistband, And Soft Fabric Covered Legs. The Waistband Sits Just Below The Belly Button And -Fruit Loom Little Girls’ Assorted Briefs Pack 12.

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A little on the small size but they still fit well i just sized up one Best fruit loom little girls briefs | Fruit Of The Loom-Underwear Review ( Sep 2019 ) Advantages Fruit of the Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs (Pack Of 12) Twelve-pack set of briefs in assorted colors and patterns .

Fruit of the loom little girls' assorted briefs pack of 12 Review (Fruit Of The Loom)

These are perfect for my daughter. It is so nice to find under wear for a little girl that isn't cut inappropriate or covered in characters. These are holding up very well and not shredding strings like many other kids underwear we have tried. -V. Lorenz

Fruit Loom Little Assorted Briefs

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Fruit Of The Loom
  3. Color: Assorted
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:13.00 inches
    Width:8.00 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Fruit Of The Loom
  6. Model: 12GBRIA
  7. Total Items: 12
  8. Quantity: 1
  9. Type: Apparel
  10. Category: UNDERWEAR

fruit loom little girls' briefs pack Apparel, Our girls' brief is designed with breathable 100 percent cotton fabric, a plush, ravel-free waistband, and soft fabric covered legs. the waistband sits just below the belly button and has a lower cut leg for a more classic fitting panty. this assortment includes a combination of super cute prints and fashionable solids so you are covered for whatever you need. and since there are no irritating tags, this brief is not only cute, but the ultimate in comfort Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack 12 (12GBRIA-Fruit Of The Loom).

Fruit Loom Little Assorted Briefs Apparel

  • My daughter wears a 7ish clothing and needed new underwear. These were a little bigger than i was expecting, but she is still growing, so i am good with that. The colors and patterns are fun and haven't faded much with washing. I would absolutely click on this item again when i look for more. I paid retail for this item it is my honest and unbiased opinion.
  • My 9yr old wears a size 10/12 in pants. She is tall and skinny and the size 12 in the underwear fits perfectly. They do shrink a little after their washed.
  • Good fit but not the same colors as shown and the ones with a print are stiff even after washing. Solid colored ones are good.
  • I wish i would have read the reviews first. Instead of the pretty underwear pictured, i received some ugly designs with mostly pink. The purpose of buying these was because my daughter loves the color purple. Super disappointed!
  • The colors didn't match the picture. The ones we wanted were in the picture - light green, turquoise, light purple - with this feminine design. We received dark pink and dark purple stripes with sporty designs on it like jersey numbers. Not happy.

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Not the pattern pictured, but they are super cute and soft. The patterns included stripes, butterflies and plain. The colors were a reddish coral with aqua. These undies in size 4 fit perfectly on my almost 3 year old. They wash very nicely as well. . The price was better than what i could find in the store for this amount of unferwear. Everything seems to have characters on it, so i was happy to find these.

Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack 12
Click to see NoticeFruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack 12 (Fruit Of The Loom)"Bought these undies for my daughter. They seem to fit as expected ( i mean they stay up and everything). She really enjoys all the cute little designs on the underwear, she has fun picking out a new design each day (and i know this because she doesn't wear the white ones unless she's run out of clean underwear). They seems pretty soft, and the elastic is flexible without cutting into her skin. All in all i like these underwear, 12 pairs of underwear for the price of ($10ish) seemed like a bargain to me. I will buy these again, when my daughter needs more."

(0) Question: My child is 12 years old, she is thin and her waist is 28. 5 inch it will fit her the size 12 in big girls? thank you

(1) Question: My 5 year old daughter, weighs 36 lbs, really tall and skinny. wears xs clothes size, what size to get? she can't stop pulling her panties out her bot

(2) Question: Do these have elastic around the legs?

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack No-Show Socks

The hanes no show sock is a great buy for your kid. It features extra durable with reinforced grey heel and toe and ez sort sock matching to aid with laundry sorting.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack No-Show SocksHanes-Girls-10-No-Show-Socks

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Fashion
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    G44/10
Quantity :    1
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Hanes Big Girls' 18-Pack Hipster Bundle

Nice fabric, cute assortment of colours, big bundle to start off the school year without poking through racks in stores trying to find the right size.

Fun hipster style for your little hipster. She'll especially love these because they're guaranteed not to ride up. Available in a convenient 18-pack

Hanes Big Girls' 18-Pack Hipster BundleHanes-Girls-18-Pack-Hipster-Bundle

Hanes Big Girls' 18-pack Hipster Bundle (Underwear) FAQ.

Great style, quality and fit for the price. -Notice from H. Wells, Minnesota

Click to Show hanes big girls' 18-pack hipster bundle (underwear) Details

My granddaughter says these are great! they wash well and fit well.

Hanes-big-girls'-18-pack-hipster-bundle-(underwear) set picture

- U. ClaudiaGood quality and quantity for the price.

My daughter loves these! i was contemplating buying them as the sizing info was throwing me off, technically she doesn't fit into any of these sizes, but she already wears these in a size 10, which were getting too small. So i ordered the size 14 anyway, and i measured them when they arrived. The size info was spot on, but they do stretch another few inches without being stretched out too far. My daughter is 8 and inherited a large backside. These fit her perfectly! they hug her cheeks, nothing is coming out of the sides, and she prefers this cut/style because it covers nicely without being bunchy (granny panties) lol! i love this brand as they seem to last forever! the quality, and quantity for the price is great! i would buy these again and again!

S. Debra, North Dakota

Brand :    hanes
  • Smooth, covered leg bands mean no pinchy elastic
  • 100 percent ultra-soft cotton keeps her cool and comfy all day
  • Tag less panties mean no itchiness
  • Assorted 18-pack can include solids, prints or a combination of both
Price :    —
Model :    HPP9A2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks

Fit my 8 year old daughter who wears a toddler size 13 and child size 1

The hanes ankle sock is a great buy for your kid. It features extra durable with reinforced grey heel and toe and ez sort sock matching to aid with laundry sorting.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle SocksHanes-Girls-10-Ankle-Socks

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Ankle Socks (Accessory) FAQ.

Good quality take a beating as hanes product -Notice from Z. Annette, West Virginia

Click to Show hanes girls' 10 pack ankle socks (accessory) Details

I bought these for my 6 year old grand daughter. Love the variety of colors and she loved them.

Hanes-girls'-10-pack-ankle-socks-(accessory) set picture

- F. KathleneBought for my 7 year old daughter and be loves how soft they are!

These are great no seam over the toes.

J. Noguera, British Columbia

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Fashion
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.57 pounds
Model :    G40/10
Quantity :    1
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Price :    —
  • Great color assortments: half solid/half color heel/toe
  • Cushioned foot for added comfort
  • Flat knit styling

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The fruit of the loom girls low cut socks feature a flat knit construction for a smooth, lightweight feel. Low cut socks are perfect for warmer weather, or low-profile casual or athletic footwear. These best-selling socks are made with ultra-soft polyester designed to look and feel great, and last wear after wear. The arch provides enhanced support so she can keep going. A touch of spandex is knitted throughout the sock for a streamlined performance fit and the true, non-bunching heel keeps the socks from slipping down into the shoes. These socks will last until the next growth spurts girl's athletic socks can be trusted to fit your girl's needs each and every day. 10 pairs per package

Fruit of Loom Girls' Half Cushion Low Cut 10 Pack SockFruit-Loom-Girls-Half-Cushion

Price :    —
  • Enhanced arch support for the perfect fit and spandex for the right amount of stretch
  • Low cut silhouette perfect for warm weather footwear
  • 10 pairs per package
  • True, non-bunching heel keeps the sock from slipping
  • Ultra-soft polyester for a smooth, lightweight feel
Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    C3500WX-WEB
Quantity :    1
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Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack Of 12

Our girls' hipster is designed with breathable 100 percent cotton and comfort covered fabric waist and leg bands. The hipster is the hippest of the styles with a waistband that sits at the hip and has lower cut legs. This assortment includes a combination of cool prints and solids so you have a panty for every outfit and since there are no irritating tags, this hipster is not only cute, but the ultimate in comfort

Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack Of 12Fruit-Loom-Little-Assorted-Hipster

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Model :    12GHIPA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Little Girls' Assorted Hipster Pack Of 12 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Tagless
  • Twelve-pack set of hipster-cut panties in assorted colors and patterns
  • Note: as this title is assorted, the color and print may vary from the picture.
  • Ravel-free waistband

Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-Pack

Hanes 9-pack hipster - bright assortedthe sporty girl prefers comfortable, athletically-influenced looks that keep pace throughout the school day, onto the soccer field, the track or the basketball court. Sport underwear is constructed of comfortable and soft pre-shrunk 100% cotton. We have designed them with a lower rise waistline and wider waistband that is designed to hold its shape comfortable, covered legbands that will not ride up. Colors may vary. Let us pick for you.

Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-PackHanes-Girls-Hipster-Panty-9-Pack

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Assorted Colors
Model :    721824girls
Quantity :    9
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' Hipster Panty 9-Pack available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Pack of assorted underwear with elastic waistbands and tag-free labeling
  • Specific colors and prints may vary from those seen in image.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew Socks

Nice socks and lots of them for the money! just wish there were more colors.

The hanes crew sock is a great buy for your kid. It features extra durable with reinforced grey heel and toe and ez sort sock matching to aid with laundry sorting.

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew SocksHanes-Girls-10-Pack-Socks

Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew Socks (Accessory) FAQ.

I like the socks very much quality wise, my problem is they are much too small for my daughter, i went based on a review where the parent said she bought the size 6-10 1/2 for her six yr old daughter and the fit was perfect. I bought it for my 5 yr old and it is wayyy to small. I would love to order it again but i am in st. Lucia and it cost to have it delivered here, so i will have to think hard about it. . Just a note of caution to future buyers the 6-10 1/2 is the smallest size looks like it would fit a toddler. -Notice from . Wilson, Massachusetts

Click to Show hanes girls' 10 pack crew socks (accessory) Details

Ordered them for my 9-year daughter and she loves it. Size, 10 1/2-4 fits her perfectly.

Hanes-girls'-10-pack-crew-socks-(accessory) set picture

- W. GilmoreI like the socks for my daughter, however they were much thinner than i thought they would be. I thought they would be thicker and more cotton like the way crew socks typically are.

Fit my older grade school kid great! she has size 4. 5 big kids shoes (which is the same as 6. 5 womens). So, if you have an older kid or small lady feet, these will work perfect for you. Its a thinner fabric, and fit up to her knee almost. Of course, she is a lot shorter than most adult women, so it won't be nearly that high if you are an adult wearing kids socks.

O. Isabel, Northumberland

Price :    —
  • Cushioned foot for added comfort
  • Great color assortments: half solid/half color heel/toe
  • Flat knit styling
Brand :    hanes
Color :    Multicoloured
Weight :    0.68 pounds
Model :    G41/10
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' 10 Pack Crew Socks available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Girls' 18-Pack Brief Bundle, Assorted

Briefs with a splash of fun for tweens and teens. available in a convenient 18-pack bundle

Hanes Girls' 18-Pack Brief Bundle, AssortedHanes-Girls-18-Pack-Bundle-Assorted

Price :    —
  • 100 percent ultra-soft cotton for all-day, breathable comfort
  • No ride up fabric-covered leg-bands
  • Assorted 18-pack can include solids, prints or a combination of both
  • Classic brief cut gives her full coverage, front and back
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
Brand :    hanes
Color :    Multi
Model :    P9BRB2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Underwear (Apparel product review) for Hanes Girls' 18-Pack Brief Bundle, Assorted available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack of 9

These hanes girls brief are perfect and always dependable. The girls are comfortable, the brief doesn't ride up, they wash well and when the girls bend over we don't see "plumber's crack". Little girls don't need bikini underwear! . They need coverage and comfort which these panties offer. Thank you hanes for a dependable excellent product.

Hanes 9-pack brief - butterfly floral fun prints and colors. colors may vary. let us pick for you.

Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack of 9Hanes-Big-Girls-Brief-Pack

Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack 9 (p913br) FAQ.

My daughter likes them a great deal and feels they are soft and comfortable. For the price, this was a fair purchase. We both like the way they fit her and the colors and patterns are nice. I was disappointed that the fabric was flawed on two pairs. We didn't return them or ask for an exchange. My daughter was too excited to wear them and the underpants were needed. I would buy them again because my daughter likes them so much and has expressed a few times how comfortable they are. "way way more comfy to wear than a bikini kind mom. " :) -Notice from C. Emma, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Click to Show hanes big girls' brief pack 9 (p913br) Details

After trying different styles and brands (no kidding) these fit perfectly. We are going to stick with this style and brand for long time.

Hanes-big-girls'-brief-pack-9-(p913br) set picture

- P. NicoleQuality made underwear. At the price for a pack of 9 you cannot got wrong.

Our daughters have sensory issues so little things like clothes, undergarments and the like are a big deal. The hanes big girls' briefs have been a very good addition to our daughter's wardrobe. They fit as expected, they don't cut in at the waist band, there are no annoying tags and she finds them super comfy! the elastic doesn't "cut into" her legs like some undies she has complained about and since everything bothers her, a standard brief that offers full coverage is perfect! i know they are just briefs but if you have a child with sensory issues then you know how critical the thoughtful details can be!

R. Shayna, Northwest Territries

Brand :    hanes
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
  • Colors and prints may vary from the ones pictured on site for the assorted colors
  • Tag less
  • No ride up
Price :    —
Model :    721827Biggirls
Quantity :    9
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Hanes Big Girls' Brief Pack of 9 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack 12 (Fruit Of The Loom) Price : 4, was : 0 as 2018-05-08
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The F.A.Q. for Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack 12 (Fruit Of The Loom)

Kids love their new underwear! they said they are the softest underwear they have ever had and like how stretchy they are! i'd say that's a positive review from my 7 year olds ; )

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: How does this size 4 compare to the 4t (also by fruit of the loom)?

(1) Question: If a child is wear size 4 in skirt could she wear a size 4 in panties

(2) Question: Are the colors as shown?

(3) Question: These panties are for girls that are about 7 and wear size 7/8 correct?

(4) Question: Will these work for a boy?

(5) Question: Would size 4 fit my five years old daughter?

(6) Question: How does big girls size 14 differ from little girls size 14? my daughter has 31 " waist

(note) Question: where/how to get Fruit Of The Loom (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fruit Of The Loom's products

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Cute set of underwear and very colorful. Ours came in royal blue, salmon/red, aqua and pink (solids, pinstripes, butterfly patterns) rather than the pictured purples and greens. Not a huge deal for us, but if my daughter had seen the purple colors she would have been disappointed. Just know that when you purchase, you may not get the exact colors as purchased. Good quality, stitching seems tight and they washed well.

Clothing 4660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Girls 1102447417, Panties 1106368821, Underwear 8245401Top Fruit Loom Little Girls' Assorted Briefs Pack 12 (Fruit Of The Loom) FAQ Content

Best fruit loom little girls' assorted briefs pack 12 (fruit of the loom) in review

Perfect! my little one always needs undies and these are not only a great fit but they are also a great bargain. I have tried other briefs and never been quite as pleased as i am with these. The colors are all very vibrant and girly and best of all she likes keeping them clean and dry.

Q. Harrison, South Gloucestershire

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S. Melissa, Bournemouth says

These fit my growing 11 year old perfectly! zero problems to note! they hold up well in the wash and don't stretch out like other brands. Sturdy yet comfortable!

O. Adrienne, Iowa

This underwear fits my daughter as expected, and she she likes the colors. It is tag free and comfortable for her. I have not encountered any issues washing them, so i am pleased with this purchase overall. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the fabric is a bit rough. I wish it were a nice soft material, but they are a good quality weight and better than the disney princess underwear she previously wore.

J. Jarvis, Walsall says

I bought these panties for my daughter who is growing like a weed. I had hoped that she would have a little more space in them however they fit her to a t. In any case i guess you really don't want underwear that is too baggy. Lol

K. Cecilia, Georgia

Perfect for my tall, lean 7 yr old. She doesn't really have a waist, but she wants her bottom covered. These fit perfectly and it's all she'll wear now

A. Hurst, Iowa says

Well they aren't the purple set pictures. We got pink and blue ones. Two pairs have stars, two have words on them, and the rest are just plain blue, pink, and white. I'm a bit disappointed since purple is my daughter's favorite color. Other than the colors i am pleased with them. They seem to fit her well. We will see after a few washes how they are holding up.

Y. Suzanne, Hertfordshire

So far, these will be put up for later when my daughter grows a little bit. I washed them a few times, but they still fit a little large. Other brands fit much better.

F. Ross, Texas says

Yaaaaayyyyyy. This brand is reliable and just what we needed. My daughter is now playing basketball and these briefs fit well for her all day active lifestyle. We're happy campers.

I. Guest, Wokingham

I bought these for my 3 year old who has a pretty "full" rear end, and they fit her perfectly with no riding up.

W. Nees, Oregon says

These fit my girl comfortably and as expected. Just a warning though, when they say assorted it means you aren't going to necessarily get the colors/patterns they have in the photo. The color/pattern doesn't make any difference to me but what is pictured is a set of 12 underwear in purples/blues/greens and we got a set of pink. My daughter doesn't care about what color it is but if you're looking for specifically what is in the photo, chances are you aren't going to get it.

U. Bertie, Sachsen-Anhalt

Liked that we got 12 for the price. My daughter likes them. She is almost 5. Weighs about 40 lbs. Size 6 fit her with just a little bit of room to grow.

R. Eleanor, Rhone-Alpes says

I bought these undies for my 4 year old daughter in size 4. They are pretty much what i expected. I knew it was assorted colors/patterns, but most of them were plain white. I was hoping for a little more variety, but otherwise they are cute enough. Initially they were a little loose fitting, but after washing them, they fit her nicely (she wears 3t-4t clothing). Good deal for the price.

D. Anonymous, Tower Hamlets says

Perfect fit, exactly as described. The cotton is thick and they are of good quality! cute patterns my 5 year old loves.

G. Brenda, Lancashire

In our package of 12 we received 3 white panties, 4 with patterns (purple, yellow, light blue, and dark blue), 2 solid dark blue, 1 solid yellow, 1 solid light blue, and 1 solid purple. . My daughter wears a size 8. These come just to her belly button and provide the coverage that she likes. (we've bought bikinis before and she never wore them). . They seem well made. They are thin, but most panties are. Ours were made in honduras.

X. Taylor, Torbay says

We received underwear and they are great. But not the colors shone, hence the 4 stars, which was a bummer, because my girls loves purple but the turquoise n dark pink are ok. Just was surprised. I didn't tell her she was getting purple because i did read reviews. So it is fine. They fit great. She is a tall, 39pound, 4 year old and the size 4 fit good.

C. Wilson, Haringey

I purchased these for my daughter and she loves the style and variety of colors/patterns that were offered. I like the fact that everything vital is covered with material and nothing is revealed. Will buy these again!

N. Peggy, Blackpool says

These are the good fruit of the loom underwear that have a stretchy waistband and some flexibility which is what i was looking for. I ordered this product thinking i would get the purple assortment of underwear shown in the picture since there were no other color options but i received totally different colors. I'm buying them for my 6 year old daughter so its not a big deal but i found that unusual.

P. Joanne, Kansas

Cute, they're cute little briefs. My daughter thought the colors were great, she gets excited over anything though, they're nothing fancy mind you, but they're sturdy, priced great, and well, for a piece of cloth going on your kids bum, couldn't do better if you ask me!

. Cageen, Pennsylvania says

Purchased these to add in the operation christmas child shoe boxes. They seem well made and the little girls should like the colors.

. Nellie, Gateshead

These fit well and have lasted without holes or tears long enough for my child to grow out of them. I'll be buying the next size up on this brand. They're worth the money, in my opinion.

. Wade, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

Great value. These come up to your hips over your belly button. My daughter likes them.

M. Tracey, Waltham Forest

My daughter loves them. They are a bit big for her as she is only 4 turning 5 in mid may but i totally expected that. They go over her belly button right now but there is room to grow and she is none the wiser ; ) she just thinks that is how these ones are supposed to go. Colors are as shown. Great price for the amount you get. I have not seen a problem with this purchase. They came on time. I went off the other people and got a bigger size up. I am sure if i had gotten the size down they would fit perfect. We are at the in between age and she is smaller for her age so i should of stuck to my gut and gotten the smaller size down but out of fear of her having a growth spurt i went one up! i will buy these again if the price stays the same or cheaper and get the size as is next time. They are on the thinner side, but otherwise, great buy.

L. Allen, Poole says

Cute patterns, fit well, and a good deal! no scratchy tags, either. If you're buying for a little girl under age 4, i recommend sizing up unless she's really small, as this will make it easier for her to pull them up and down by herself.

B. Dorothy, Wisconsin

I think we'll try the low-rise brief next. These do sit high and daughter pushes the band down so they sit lower (below the belly button). The bikini cut is waay too small in the crotch area. We have both in size 6. The briefs aren't the softest, but they are not scratchy. I wish they had a softer band around the waist (like the bikini cut do). I like that we got three white ones in the pack - although, i am not a fan of all the patterns it came with.

Top /fruit loom little assorted briefs Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

M. Guest, Luton says

I know the description said assorted but i thought that meant they were each different designs and still expected them to be the colors shown in the picture. Purple and green are my daughter's favorite colors so i thought these would be perfect. Instead i received a hot pink pack, some with big numbers "05" on them -which seems strange to me.

K. Pamela, Delaware

Very thin material & size is off. Glad i didn't follow the size chart or they would've fit me! tacky "fruit of the loom" stamped all over the waist band & nothing like pictures shown! i would've never purchased these in store. Cheap material is super thin & not soft. Underwear is tagless but the way the fabric is sewn to the waistband leaves a "itchy" bothersome seam. Thankfully bought for daughter to use during summer camps so i'll toss them at the end of summer, if they even last that long. So sad my daughter has out grown carter's great quality underwear!

. Evelyn, Rochdale says

Hideous material. The underpants with a design were stiff and rough- i didn't bother washing them because my daughter wouldn't even try them. I washed the solid colors because they didn't feel as rough- who knew they would get rougher to the touch with washing. I have bought other fotl underwear at kohl's and not had a problem but these are awful.

X. Franklin, Westminster

The undies are fine, as far as they go (quite literally; a size 4 fits my not-quite-3yr-old exactly), but the color assortment that came was entirely different from the one shown. The only recourse given is an outright refund; there's no way to re-order the pack in sz 4, much less with any guarantee that the colors would conform to the advertisement. . The undies themselves aren't bad (though it sure seems like they must run small! ). But not as advertised.

C. Jessica, Camden says

Well, yeah, they're fine. And, yeah, i saw that i would receive assorted colors, but i was expecting the purples and greens and blues that were shown in the picture. Nope. Pinks and purples, which are okay. Just not the palette i was hoping for.

N. Theresa, Sachsen

It runs small and the upper band is too tight. Although it is 100% cotton, the material feels so thin. I have to return it and buy from uniqlo instead.

Y. Nancy, Louisiana says

Bought these for my 3 yr old. Great little shorts and good for coverage, especially for the summer with little dresses and skirts. No need for shorts underneath. Careful they run small - reason for 3 stars. My lo wears the size 6 and she is average build.

V. Jacqueline, New Mexico

Disappointed that one pair had a hole and didn't notice until after the prewash, but overall they are pretty good. The patterns are cute, but not as pictured.

. Hadley, Derbyshire says

We were disappointed to receive a pink set of underwear with very tacky prints and faded coloring-not the set of undies depicted in the photo on online store. My daughter does not like pink so we ordered this set of green and purple specifically for the color. Clearly the reduced price means you get the unwanted set that no one else purchases. We are leaving on vacation tomorrow and will need to make a special trip to find suitable underwear. Not recommended if this is the color you are expecting. Fabric is very thin and it does not look like it will last after a few washes. Going to go back to buying gap underwear.

B. Kathlene, Slough

Very cheap material and very halfheartedly thrown/sewn together. Have already had two pairs star to fall apart after one use.

H. Nellie, Iowa says

They did not come in the colors shown in the pictures. They fit good and are of good quality, but the colors sent were reds, blues and not at all what i wanted. My daughter loves purple which is the whole reason i chose these and there is not one pair that has any purple in them. Very disappointed.

S. Pearson, New York

I ordered these because i liked the colors and patterns. However the ones that arrived were not the same ones that are in the picture. Since we are overseas, i cannot return them. It was disappointing. The quality and make is fine.

I. Erickson, Peterborough says

Misleading picture. These are not purple tones. Pink- disappointed but needed the underwear so can t return.

R. Gloria, Bournemouth

Overall a really nice set of briefs and the color variety was awesome, with only one gripe that they shrunk a lot after the initial wash. These are now the tightest set of 4t briefs in my daughter's dresser and she has four different brands. They started out the exact same size, but shrunk a lot after washing, which none of her other briefs had done to this degree.

U. Ruff, Redcar and Cleveland says

I guess i should have read the reviews more carefully before purchasing these, as the colors shown are not the colors sent. Man, they are pretty hideous. Who designs these? i mean aqua with red trim? in any case, they fit and it's not worth returning. Fortunately my daughter wasn't horribly disappointed. Next time i will just go to the store and get what i want.

G. Michele, Blackpool

My daughter likes them, they fit, etc.

. Cecilia, Louisiana says

The briefs themselves are fine. However, q&a indicates colors as shown. I received a package with pinks and blues, no purple or green. For my daughter, who is obsessed with purple, this was a tremendous disappointment.

E. Edna, Saskatchewan

This underwear fits fine but the colors are not what we ordered. I wanted the pastel purples and greens for our daughter as advertised but received primary red and dark blues (superman colors)! see attached photo. They're ugly but it's too much trouble to return.

O. Anonymous, Bretagne says

Beware. You will not receive the pictured 'purple' themed underwear. In fact, you'll receive this pack instead photo included . I already bought this same color scheme from walmart. Com $1. 02 less per pk for one of my daughters to avoid both daughters having the same colors of undies, but we now have several pks of these colors for them. Guess i'll individually divide the patterns among them now. . Will add: my review doesn't take away from the fruit of the loom brand, they're great & hold up well wash after wash, etc. Shame on the vendor/affiliate for thumbnailing such a picture knowing that you won't receive those colors, i would've preferred a 'heads-up'.

D. Glenda, Connecticut

I've only had these for a month and they already have a hole in them. And they are pretty small compared to the other size 4s i have for my daughter.

. Megan, West Sussex says

These were great for my daughter, fit as i expected, but the didn't come in the colorway pictured, i was never given an option for a different colorway, and what i got isn't something i would have selected. It's disappointing.

T. Ophelia, Yukon Territory

It's ok. Not the color in the picture, but who cares. It's underwear. However, my daughter has small butts so the cut of brief is not great for her. Should have gotten bikini or hipster.

Q. Lawrence, Ohio says

These are just ok. They hold up but the cotton is a little on the crunchy side. My 6 year old loves the patterns. True to size

L. Gladys, Islington

Nothing super special- though 100% cotton, they are very thin. My daughter likes the fit (waistline up at her belly button), and that is why we are keeping them!

P. Kellie, Warwickshire says

These were a great bulk option for our toddler just to have some around. I thought they ran a touch bigger than others she has. It may also just be that they were more "granny panty" than we thought. They're a pretty high cut so they just seemed a bit off. They're a bit thin as well, but i would probably buy them again since they were cheap and soft.

. Cassella, Wolverhampton

They were a bit smaller than we expected and without elastic in the legs, they were a little tight - even on my daughter's tiny legs. So they weren't the greatest for that reason, but the material is nice & they are cute. We just cut a slit in the side to help them open up a bit so that they were more "wearable".

W. Bullock, Oldham says

I'm honestly kinda frustrated. I let my daughter pick these out because the colors pictured are her favorite colors and i got a completely different set! we need underwear asap so i can't exactly wait for them to be returned or exchanged either. Nowhere does the listing say that the prints could vary. Really frustrating. Can we at least be honest with listings, please?

A. Guest, Wandsworth

I was expecting a variety pack made up of blues, greens, and most importantly purples since that is my daughter's favorite color. I looked at different options with her and she chose these. What arrived was nothing like what was pictured completely different designs in completely different colors. Buy these only if you don't really care what you're getting.

J. April, Southampton says

What i received looked nothing like what i got. The colors are totally different as well as print. I received hot pink and purple even though i picked underwear that were the opposite of that color. And the print was striped and 2 with 05 printed on them which is really ugly. Although they were not what i wanted my daughter likes hot pink so i am keeping them because it saves the time and hassle of returning. Just be aware that if you plan to buy there expect them to send whatever color they have. Which should really be in the description

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