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Price was 15. So cute and very well made hoodie. It has straight, even seams, reinforced stitching, well balanced pattern, smooth zipper, soft, medium - weight fabric and beautiful, vibrant colors. If you dry it flat instead of tossing it in the dryer you won't risk ruining the 3d wings. My granddaughter loves it and so do i! she gets compliments on it every time she wears it. Other reviewers have complained of receiving cheap knock -offs so be careful of who you're buying it from. The real deal has the my little pony stamped on tag and is shipped from & sold by online store.

-Q. Connie

Girls’ My Little Pony Dash My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Girls 4-6x Costume Hoodie With 3-d Wings And Fleece Mane On Hood -Freeze Girls’ My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie

  1. Attributes: Glitter Screenprint At Front.
  2. Attributes: Side Hand Pockets.

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Fit perfectly. Other reviews said it ran large, so i order a bigger size. I had to return it and order a 2t, which is the size my daughter normally wears. Has held up to almost daily wear for the past 2 months. I ordered it through prime as others suggested, not a different seller. Best girls' my little pony dash | Freeze-Sweater Review ( Sep 2019 ) Attributes Freeze Girls' My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie Zip-front jacket featuring whimsical striped sleeves with fleece mane at hood and three-dimensional wings at back. Glitter screenprint at front. Side hand pockets .

Freeze girls' my little pony rainbow dash hoodie Review (fzljst103)

This sweatshirt is so cute! my daughter loves it! i did listen to other reviews when it said it ran small! my daughter is 7years old and very petite and wears a size 4/5 top so i ordered a 7/8 and it fits perfect anywhere else she would drown in that size! so i could not even imagine ordering a 9/10 but i kind of wish i had she would have a little room for growing! so the hoodie is nice, bright , fun, cute top but runs small. I suggest order up a size or 2! -Y. Betty

Freeze Girls Little Rainbow Hoodie

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Freeze
  3. Color: Rainbow
  4. Manufacturer: FREEZE
  5. MPN: FZLJST103
  6. Quantity: 1
  7. Part/Serial Number: FZLJST103
  8. Type: Apparel
  9. Category: SWEATER

girls' my little pony dash Apparel, My little pony rainbow dash girls 4-6x costume hoodie with 3-d wings and fleece mane on hood Freeze Girls' My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie (-Freeze).

Freeze Girls Little Rainbow Hoodie Apparel

  • I was slightly nervous about ordering this jacket after reading some of the reviews that mentioned buyers receiving jackets that were not my little pony brand and of lesser quality. I decided to take my chances. Luckily, we received the exact my little pony brand jacket pictured, and well, it couldn't possibly be any cuter! . . My daughter receives compliments everywhere she goes! the rainbow of colors are vibrant and bright, the mane is made of a thick felt like material, the ears are "stuffed" and stand upright, and the fabric is a nice simple lightweight cotton. The detailed rainbow dash hood and wings are so unique and really stand out in a crowd. . I ordered a size 6x (my daughter's a size 5/6) but i wanted a little extra room and extended usage - the jacket fits as expected - slightly long and roomy (we cuffed the sleeves one time) and should fit next year as well. For sizing, i'd say this jacket runs true to size, if not slightly large.
  • I bought this as a christmas gift for my 10-year-old, who is a huge mlp and rainbow dash fan, and it was an instant hit. It's been hovering around 80 degrees outside (we live in texas; wish it could've at least been cold for christmas! ) but she's barely taken it off since she got it. I had to firmly tell her that she couldn't wear it to bed. My mil saw it and oohed and ahhed over it (and she doesn't even like mlp), and she gave a good piece of advice: "don't let her wear it to school; it'll never make it back home. " irrelevant in our case, as my kids go to a charter school that requires full uniforms (with the school crest and all that jazz), including uniform cardigans, so she wouldn't be allowed to wear it there anyhow, but i'd caution other parents to the same effect. Beware of letting your kiddos take it to school; it's so cute that other girls might not be able to resist the temptation to swipe it! . . Anyway, it took a while to arrive; i ordered it december 6 and it arrived christmas eve via usps. Close call! but it was in perfect condition, so no complaints here. I'm grateful to the other reviewers who advised that it was too small; i bought it in a size 16 (my daughter is quite slender and a bit short for a 10-year-old, too) and it fits perfectly. She's got room to grow a little, but not too much; it might get passed down to her 8-year-old sister by next winter, but hopefully not. If that happens and she's still obsessed with rainbow dash by that time, i will definitely be buying her an even larger replacement for it!
  • Fit is great but. The zipper is total crap. This is the third one of these i have bought and zippers have broken at the bottom with a few months of use. It's passed the return policy so i can't return it. Frustrates me beyond belief. First one i thought was just because my daughter was young and pulled on it. Now to have the second one do the same thing in the same place means it's not her doing it it's a flaw in the coat. I wouldn't have bought another one but this coat has become sort of a blankie to my daughter she loves it and prefers to wear it and only it. Just be warned zipper doesn't last long at all.
  • The item we received is not the item that is pictured. The stripes on the arms are much smaller and muted in color. The hoodie portion only has 4 colors. No red, blue or purple. Material is very thin. We ordered a size 8/10 and it fits more like a 6/7. Basically, we received some poor replicated knock off!
  • Bought to replace my daughter's favorite "monster" sweatshirt. Cute & she likes it ok but not as much as the one she's grown out of. The wings on the back are a little inconvenient as they are bulky & uncomfortable when she wears her coat over it. I personally think the wings are a little overboard & take away from the overall cuteness.

girls' my little pony dashFreeze Girls' My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I have to say that i ordered this hoodie from an online ad i saw on facebook from luvdeals. Co and i was absolutely disappointed and pissed because i was sent some crappy china piece of crap and demanded a refund for the $30 i paid for the wrong thing. They issued my refund and i'm glad because i ordered it from here for $19 and granted i did order a 3t because it wasn't available in 2t, but it does run very small and my 18 month old will have room to grow, even though it fits pretty well because she's a solid girl but point being is i got the real deal from online store, not some piece of crap that's supposed to pass off as the real thing. I posted a picture of the difference between the two because you can see how much better and correct the one i ordered from online store is compared to the other one i was sent. So so so happy and relieved because after the first time waiting 4 weeks to get the wrong thing, i was worried about getting another one and i'm so glad i did! thank you so much for getting me the cute hoodie i wanted for my daughter!

Freeze Girls' My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie
Click to see NoticeFreeze Girls' My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie (fzljst103)"To be brutally honest i think this is the ugliest jacket ever but my 5 year old absolutely loves and and has been asking for it for her birthday for like 3 months. I decided to bite the bullet and get it. I know some reviews mentioned it was a knock off but the one i ordered wasn't. It is just ask picutured and has the my little pony stamp on the inside too. Just make sure the seller is online store and you should be fine. I can't wait to give this to my daughter on her birthday. She is going to be so excited so even though i think its ugly it's still a win win for me because for the price i can't complain."

(0) Question: Is the 4 small for $14. 98 (prime) an original my little pony product and not a knock off? also will it fit a little girl who is almost 4 yrs in a 4t?

(1) Question: So if i buy from online store it's not a knock off? also 6x for a petite almost 5 year old. will that be good?

(2) Question: My niece is 5'9 (she's a tall 13years old i know) what size should i get?

My Little Pony Hoodie Applejack Girls Orange Costume Sweatshirt

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My Little Pony Hoodie Applejack Girls Orange Costume SweatshirtMy-Little-Pony-Applejack-Sweatshirt

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My Little Pony Girls' Pinky Pie Hoodie

My little pony pinky pie hoodie and t-shirt; costume hoodie featuring mane on hood, ears. While the t-shirt has black glitter on print.

My Little Pony Girls' Pinky Pie HoodieMy-Little-Pony-Girls-Hoodie

Brand :    my little pony
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Model :    LJ1H017-6S15
Quantity :    1
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  • Great value
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Mane on hood, and ears

My Little Pony Necklace Activity Set

Design your very own my little pony necklaces with this fun easy to use set! simply slide the beads and character charms through the silicone necklaces. Mix and match the colorful beads and character charms to create new looks over and over again! everything stores neatly inside the plastic carry case which includes a sturdy handle for on the go fun.

My Little Pony Necklace Activity SetMy-Little-Pony-Necklace-Activity

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Candy Land Game: My Little Pony Movie Edition

Oh no! storm king and tempest shadow invaded the friendship festival in canterlot to steal the magic of friendship and rule equestria. Join twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, and pinkie pie ponies on a sweet adventure to save their friends in the my little pony the movie edition of the candy land game. Kids can imagine their favorite scenes from the movie as they take a journey to canterlot castle. The first player to reach the castle by landing on the rainbow bridge wins! my little pony: the movie copyright 2017 my little pony productions, llc. Licensed by hasbro. Hasbro gaming and all related terms are trademarks of hasbro.

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My Little Pony Girls' Twilight Sparkle Hoodie

My little pony twilight sparkle 2-piece hoodie and t-shirt bundle; costume hoodie featuring with 3-d wings, mane on hood, ears. While the t-shirt has purple glitter on print.

My Little Pony Girls' Twilight Sparkle HoodieMy-Little-Pony-Twilight-Sparkle

Brand :    my little pony
Color :    Purple Multi
  • Great value
  • Hoodie and tee bundle
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Your little one will want to wear this all the time
  • 3-cold wings, mane on hood, and ears
Price :    —
Model :    LJ2H217-6S13
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I don't know who enjoys this more, my little niece or me. Rainbow dash is her favorite, and this sweet hoodie allows her to show her love for rainbow dash! the mane on the hood is just too much. And the wings are adorbs. I was lucky apparently and got the size i actually ordered, and the zipper works fine, although i have to say it's hard to get it started correctly. I'm sure one of her grandmas can quickly replace it with another if necessary. I got her the 7, and my brother doesn't think it's actually a 7. Looks huge, according to him. But i am sure it'll shrink, and we don't want her to outgrow it too fast. On the other hand, can't ever tell if she'll grow out of this pony phase anytime soon, but i don't think so. I outdid myself on christmas gifts this year, but i think this one takes the cake! (ps she wears this with the crazy pony leggings. It's a pony explosion! )

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(0) Question: Which one will a 4yo like better? pink w/ no wings or blue w/ wings?

(1) Question: My child is is almost 7 years old and is fairly tall and slender. what size should i order?

(2) Question: What size to order a 5 yr old she wears 5t do not want to order and it be too small. i only see options for a size 5/6 and a small 7

(3) Question: What should you get if you are 5'11

(4) Question: My 4 years old wears a size 6, she is tall for her age. should i get a 7 or a 8/10?

(5) Question: Will xl/16 fit me? i'm 5"4' boy n weight 135 lbs

(6) Question: What size would a 5t be? this size isn't an option here. maybe a 4 small?

(7) Question: Would the unicorn hoodie fit an adult size large?

(8) Question: Pls help me to choose size this rainbowdash hoodie for my daughter, she is 5years old. i cant find any size show 5th

(9) Question: Which of the available sizes would fit a 9 year old?

(10) Question: Would a 12 14 fit a 11 year old ?

(11) Question: So confused after reading all the comments. my daughter wears a toddler size 6. any suggestions on the size and which seller to order from?

(12) Question: Hi i'm not sure about the size 6x is bigger tan m (little girls) my daugther is 5 thanks

(13) Question: Will xl 16 fit me i m a boy and 5ft 6in

(14) Question: This is an original item? my daughter wears 4t from carters, which size should i buy

(15) Question: Is this original?

(16) Question: My niece wears a 5t i am not sure what size i should get her. any suggestions?

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I purchased this for my mlp obsessed 4 year old. She loves it and it is super cute! i'm very pleased with the quality and construction of the hoodie. It's well-made and the fabric is nice. I think it will hold up very well. . She wears a 4t and i bought the size s(4). My only complaint is the sleeves. They are way too long. The 3 inch cuff had to be rolled up twice. The body fits well but is a little short, especially compared to the sleeves. It hits at her hips now. I wish it were longer so she had more room to grow. . Overall i'm happy with this hoodie, and my daughter is happy that she gets to be rainbow dash for halloween! i like that this can be used as a costume, but also functions as a hoodie that can be worn any time.

Clothing 4660401, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Fashion Hoodies & Sweatshirts 1108184065, Girls 1102447417Top Freeze Girls' My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie (fzljst103) FAQ Content

Best freeze girls' my little pony rainbow dash hoodie (fzljst103) in review

This is absolutely adorable. My 3 year old daughter got it for her birthday, and while some of the reviews state that it's waaaay too small, we ordered a size 4 to be sure it'd fit her and it's huge! the arms especially are quite long. It's totally fine, though, as she has a summer birthday and will be able to love this jacket for a good solid year (or more! ) my girl is pretty petite, but i still think it fits like a normal size 4 would. . The quality is really good. It's a pretty heavy sweatshirt - more like a jacket than a normal hoody. The hair is made of fleece, and durable enough not to be trashed or tangled at all. It washes and dries without looking worn at all. I can roll the sleeves up easily for her. Even without the hood up, it's quite a cute little jacket - but pop the hood on and it's so cute! . . I will say that the hood is quite large - but again, i ordered a solid size up for her (she can still wear some 2t clothes also) - so maybe a 4 year old's head is big enough that the hood doesn't cover their eyes like this does with my daughter? . . One thing to note - the ears really don't stick up that perkily (is that a word? haha) - you can coax them up, but they're not wired or anything - just made of the same sweatshirt material as the rest of the jacket. . Highly recommend for any rainbow dash or my little pony fan! it's unique, recognizable and functional! no more trying to guess which my little ponies she already has. Just get this jacket instead!

F. Gloria, Walsall

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. Colleen, Hessen says

My granddaughter loved it. She also got the matching little pony doll from someone else. It was a birthday gift. Seemed well made, colors are bright like the picture, the wings on the back are not too stiff-just sewn on so won't be uncomfortable to sit down on a chair , etc. She is adorable in it. Time will tell if it holds up to a little kids play, but seems as sturdy as a normal hoodie.

O. Noguera, Southampton

I purchased this in march of 2014 for my daughter's birthday. She loved it, she wore it. And she wore it. I washed it on cold, threw it in the dryer with all the other clothing. And almost 18 months later, the only reason it's being removed from her closet is because it's too small. It's faded some but the zipper held up well, the wings on back didn't get crunched, the mane stayed in place and didn't fray. . It does run small. I purchased the large/14 and it was a solid 10-12 range size wise - which at the time other reviews mentioned- so i'd echo their thoughts and suggest purchasing a size or two larger.

S. Kathlene, Blackburn with Darwen says

This is absolutely adorable! my daughter(and me! ) are absolutely in love with this! (i wish it came in adult sizes! the detail is amazing, this is definitely going to be a hit at kindergarten this year! will definitely be buying more!

A. Janice, Waltham Forest

Looks adorable, is great quality, and my daughter loves it.

M. Cassella, North Carolina says

I was a little nervous about the sizing since others mentioned it being too small, plus the various sellers. I have a 4yo who wears *just about* a 5t or a girls xs 4/5. I ordered the 6x. . The jacket arrived in prefect condition. Zipper was fully functional and not stuck to the jacket the colors are super bright (as hoped) and the mane fringe is adorable and a good quality fabric. The wings on the back are cute and are nicely padded. . The size: i ordered hoping for a bit of growing room, which is what we got. I'd like to say we'll get two years out of it, but it's more likely we *may* get to next fall. It's a good fit. Roomy yet not so big that it looks ridiculous on her. The hood is probably the largest part of it, and she'll have a lot of room to grow with that. It doesn't stay up if she's active (aka running, trying to "fly" with the wings) but if she's standing still, the hood is on. . Overall, happy with the purchase!

X. Eva, Rochdale

If your toddler loves my little pony, there s a really good chance that she loves rainbow dash or at least heard the name. Yes, i know it s super colorful and you ll be surprised that it matches with a lot of different colors (like a rainbow). . My 4 year old daughter got the 4t for christmas and she absolutely loves it. She comments on the mane, ears, wings, and (silkscreened) tail it has and loves it. My girl is a bit petite compared to others in her age and typically wears size 3t shirts. The 4t fits well, so i d imagine that this runs somewhat small and you should get 1 size bigger. . There much to like about this light hoodie jacket since it s been very well made and thought out. This can be an everyday hoodie, just not something that ll protect you from socal 50 degree (cold) weather. To me that s cold and this jacket is fairly thin. So just know it s a hoodie and a fashion statement.

G. Shawna, Wisconsin says

"oh my goodness! " is what came out of my middle daughters mouth when she saw this sweater. She s rainbow dash so much. She is 5 and wears a size 8 in girls. So i bought the m10-12 for her to grow into and i am not at all disappointed on how it fits i am sure she will wear it for as long as she can. I also bought her other 2 sisters other pony sweaters to match. I bought these for school and to wear to the movie that comes out in october. And hopefully they will wear them as halloween outfits per my oldest daughter's suggestion. Love it! the material seems sturdy and durable for my not-so-genlte middle child. I only gave it 4 stars as i have yet to wash it to see how it holds up. I am not paid to write this, i wrote it because i like this product a lot. It came in on time and in great condition. Soo excited for fall!

N. Paige, Sheffield

My daughter loves this hoodie! she has no idea who the character is but loves rainbow print and insists on always wearing the hood up. There is no mistaking this hoodie is hers at preschool and has never been accidentally taken home by another kid. I returned the first one because the zipper connection was faulty and they replaced it. The second one has a similar issue but not as bad so i kept it. She wears a 4t but i ordered a size up so she could have it longer. It fits her nicely with a little room to grow.

K. Bullock, Poitou-Charentes says

This is the second one of these that i purchased. It is adorable and very high quality. I am going to buy these for my son's friends for their birthday for now on. They are such a hit. This picture doesn't do it any justice. Rainbow dash is sparkly and there are wings in the back. It is super colorful and oh so adorable.

L. Allen, Delaware

These jackets are so cute! i purchased 3 different ponies for my girls and they were thrilled! the colors are super vibrant and the details are awesome! wings, ears (no horns though. ). They are pretty thick too. Definitely warm enough for fall and spring. My only complaint is the zipper seems a little flimsy. Hope that holds up

D. Alberta, South Tyneside says

My four year old daughter recently received a rainbow dash little toy (after asking for months for one), and since then has been obsessed with this little pony! so when i saw this hoodie, i thought it would make a perfect little halloween costume (we paired it with this rainbow tutu skirt: and oh my gosh, is she in love. I'm pretty sure she may be wearing these both 24/7 until halloween arrives! . . I ordered a size up as she's in size 4-5 now, and i don't like when i purchase a new item that only lasts for a few months, so thus the 5/6. It's a little big on her, but we roll up the sleeves and it looks great still, and size-wise, it should last for a good long while! plus i love that she can wear it with regular clothing to keep warm too - multi-purpose, a huge plus in this mom's book. It seems to be pretty good quality as well, and so soft inside! the colors are bright, they perhaps could be a smidge more vibrant, but it appears pretty true to the pictures. The mane, ears, and wings are such fun touches, i think it would bring magic to any little, pony-obsessed child's heart!

. Lynette, Virginia says

My daughter loves my little pony, so i was excited when i found this jacket. I love multi-use items, so i bought it to pair with some teal pants for my daughter's halloween costume and use later as her regular jacket. My daughter freaked out when we got it. She loves it! it is absolutely adorable. The material seems sturdy and the stitching looks good and strong. It seems like a great fall season light-weight jacket. Others have mentioned issues with a plastic zipper, but this one seems of good quality. Either they changed it or i got lucky. The wings are 2 pieces of material sewn together. They do seem flexible, yet stiff enough that they don't flop down, so they probable have a washable material in between wing front and back of wing to stiffen it up a little. However, i did notice there were creases in the wing material from the wing getting bent. There are no wires in the wings. When i saw the pictures, i was initially concerned about the mane and if it would stand up to being played with or pulled on, but i went on ahead and took the risk. Each strand it double strands sewn together. They seem to be strong and look like they would hold up to little hands messing with it. The mane is also securely attached to the hood. The jacket has 2 pockets with perfect depth for little hands. Rainbow dash's mane in the picture and her tail printed on back do sparkle with fabric glitter. . There are no washing instructions on the jacket. I would suggest when you wash it, you should probably hang dry it due to the wings. You may even want to hand wash it due to the wings. . Now for the only problem i found, thus the reason for 4/5 stars. My daughter has always been petite. At 2 years old, she was wearing 18mos outfits. She is now 3 years old and just grew enough to fit 2t clothing. I read reviews stating to buy a size up from your child's normal clothing size because it is sized wrong. I chose to buy 2 sizes up, at 4t, so she would have room to grow and we could get plenty of use out of it. Sadly, the 4t barely fits my daughter. I fear that if i washed it, it may shrink. . I plan on returning it for the next size up.

J. Sheila, Saskatchewan

I bought a size 16 even though my 9 year old daughter is a tall size 12/14 . It fits perfect! this is by far one of the coolest sweatshirts for children i have ever seen and now own for my child! the hood is very cool and the wings on the back flap when you walk. The only downside to the sweatshirt is the wings, then you sit in a chair with a back if the wings are pointed out they scrunch up and you have to adjust them flat which is really no biggy but it annoys my daughter so i pinned the wings flat. I definitely recommend this sweatshirt to any child who is a big mlp fan and wants a very unique sweatshirt. I wish they made larger adult sizes personally

P. Alexia, Tasmania says

We purchased this for our 18 month old who is absolutely obsessed with rainbow dash. Running around in this little jacket, she is absolutely the cutest little dash ever! the jacket is really good quality, and fits true to size. (hers is a tiny bit long in the arms as we ordered a 2t, but i anticipated that. ) this jacket holds up well to washing, and the colors haven't run. (i washed this with a colorfast sheet initially because i was nervous, but the sheet was still white after the load finished. ) my daughter isn't typically a fan of anything on her head, but she'll keep the hood on with this because of the mane and because she looks like dash. The jacket is more of a fall/spring jacket because it's not too heavy. It's also made out of the standard cotton, so i wouldn't recommend it for rain harder than a sprinkle. This is a precious little jacket, and she absolutely loves it so i would recommend it 100%.

Z. Carol, Missouri

This is a really cute (and well made) jacket. The mane is fleece so it holds up to use well. The wings are attached to the back and the tail sparkles. These are the types of details that kids love and that make the item magical to them. It's really beautiful. I had an issue with the zipper but online store replaced it quickly and without a fuss. It's sized accurately so you shouldn't order up. In fact the hood is pretty generous. Great buy!

C. Campbell, Niedersachsen says

I would rate this a 5 star because we love it but the fit is a bit on the smaller side for 4t and because of it, i know once we dry it in dryer we wont get much use out of it. That being said, she will be wearing this and the other design one we got until she grows out of it in a couple weeks/it shrinks on us. Super cute and very sturdy material though. Highly recommend sizing up one size though

V. Josephine, Luton

I bought this for my little one in a 3t, i recommend ordering this a size up, which is what i did, as the 3t ended up fitting her perfectly (minus the arms being a tad bit long). Judging from how this fit, a 2t would have only lasted us maybe a month. . Other than sizing this is a really nice jacket, the mane and wings are the best part. No snags, no loose threads, has attention to detail. . One thing, wearing this jacket you'll get people coming up to you asking where you got it, so just be forewarned. . I bought this on online store for around $20 and i couldn't be happier, defintely worth it.

. Megan, Oregon says

This is such an attention grabbing jacket! when we first opened it, our 4 year old screamed and jumped around enthusiastically (that type of joyous excitement is what we as parents should live for). The colors are very bold and bright; it definitely catches the eye. As soon as i received it i knew it was going to be a winner with her and immediately checked out the other listings for the twilight sparkle and pinkie pie versions of this jacket (which are also very cute although twilight sparkle seems to be missing her unicorn horn). I'm thinking of getting those as christmas presents. . I ordered the 6x for our larger-than-average 4 year old and she has room to grow in it which is what i was going for. I cuffed the red ribbed bands at the bottom of the sleeves which makes the sleeve length just about perfect. The jacket overall is about tunic length on her; it hits below the waist. I think i could have gone down a size with no issues but again i'm happy to watch her grow into it and the quality of the stitching appears to be able to accomadate longtime usage. . Minor thing:. The wings on the jacket we received are not perfectly centered. One is just slightly higher than the other. It bugs me because i've noticed it but i highly doubt anyone else will be able to tell with all of the other elements of this jacket. If i could give half a star off for this i would, but it really is minor. . Some tips:. *order up a size so that you can stretch the fun a little longer. *make sure that online store is fulfilling the order and that you're ordering the officially licensed mlp brand. That seems to be the problem with some of the more negative reviews on here. *if your child loves my little pony, you must buy this! . . This was not purchased in exchange for any type of discount whatsoever. I'm leaving this review because i myself rely on other buyers' opinions and personal experiences when shopping on online store.

H. Dorine, Ohio

Runs a little small. I have a very small 7 yo, she is in the 3% range. So i ordered her the size 7 thinking it would last her a long while. Well it fit just right. She typically wears a size 5 of anything. So this jacket definitely will run small for an average sized child. This particular jacket was ordered via online store prime, and i received a licensed mlp jacket with vibrant colors and excellent quality. Be ware of the knock offs sold by 3rd parties, not worth saving and extra couple bucks for junk.

W. Heidi, Blackpool says

This is truly one of a kind jacket with beautiful vibrant colors and wings. My sister purchased this jacket for my daughter when she was 5 and it had been her favorite jacket since then. Even after several washes and faded colors and her getting bigger and jacket getting tighter she still did not mind wearing it. . One day i bought her same jacket larger size and hang it in her closet as a surprise. The look on her face and reaction were priceless when she saw it. . My daughter had lots of compliments wearing it and some parents even asked me where we got it and went ahead and bought for their kids. Lol shame i did not take a picture of my daughter and her classmate wearing same jacket like twins. . It fit her well, the only negative is that colors do gradually fade even after first wash in cold water and low heat but i did not notice any shrinkage.

B. Rose, Rhode Island

My son loves this hoodie. He begged me for it as a birthday present. Unfortunately for me he just hit a growth spurt.

R. Patricia, Georgia says

We love it! i ordered two for my daughter's best friend's birthday so they could have matching jackets. I ordered her friend the large 12/14 because she is taller and has longer arms. They are two months apart and the friend is about to turn 7. I ordered my daughter the medium 8/10. The 12/14 large came from online store. Com llc, the 8/10 medium came from the anchor groupe. I was hesitant after reading other reviews that i would receive a horrible ripoff, but i didn't! they were exactly the same great quality and size as described. If you use the anchor groupe or online store. Com llc, you will be just fine

. Joanne, Sachsen

My 4-year-old loves this hoodie! i bought her one of these a few years ago that she grew out of. I like this one better because the fabric isn't as stiff as her old one. Be aware that the size is way smaller than expected. My girl is on the small side of a 4t, and i got her a 5/6, which fits perfectly. Also, the rainbow pattern on the sleeves is painted on, so they have that rubbery fabric paint texture. They are not soft and fuzzy like the rest of the sweatshirt. It's no problem for us, but some families might not like that. Great purchase!

Top /freeze girls little rainbow hoodie Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Pete, Basse-Normandie says

I bought a 2t for my 20 month old daughter who is wearing 24 month clothing. It is pretty snug around the belly/chest but long in the arms. I hope we can wear it longer than i think it'll last.

Y. Imelda, Liverpool

Very disappointed in the item i received. I was sent the wrong size and when i was hoping for a replacement i would have had to return the item and then buy it again at twice the amount i had bought it in the first place. They should have replaced the item for the same amount i originally purchased it for. I decided to keep the smaller size to avoid the extra charges and to keep my toddler happy to have her hoodie even if she won't get to wear it as long as i would have hoped. The hoodie itself seems okay but there is a lot of reviews about sizing and receiving the wrong sizes so buyer beware

Q. Monique, Stockton-on-Tees says

I actually bought both this rainbow dash sweatshirt and a very similar sweatshirt of twilight sparkle. The twilight sparkle sweatshirt was great, just the size i expected and nicely made, thicker sweatshirt material with a lovely thick mane and cute sturdy(ish) wings on the back. We gave twilight as a gift to her best friend and i was so looking forward to receiving rainbow dash for my little girl! when we finally got this rainbow dash sweatshirt i was very disappointed. The material is not sweatshirt material at all, it's just about the same thickness as any other long sleeve t-shirt. (if that, the arm material is extremely thin). The colors on the sleeves were nice and bright, but rainbow dashes face was less vibrant and the mane and wings were horrible. The mane is dull and sparse and the wings are terribly thin so they don't even look like wings, they just flop down and get wrinkled on the back.

W. Allen, North Dakota

Very cute but fits right at a 2t . Please pray your child doesn't grow an inch over night or it will be small.

S. Rochelle, Mississippi says

Sticking is terrible. It looks like a person was blindfolded. I had to get my thread out and fix both wings. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for my friends daughter. Terrible quality. Color of the sweatshirt is nice, vibrant. Fun idea, bad quality.

K. Amanda, City of London

My daugher is 8, and wears a size 8, but after reading the reviews, i ordered her the 10/12. When i received it the plastic packaging said it was a 10/12, but when i pulled out the jacket, it said it was a small. Small translates into a size 5/6, and this jacket was no bigger than that size. Love the jacket, seems well made, but this one has to go back. Guess i'll try the next size up. Somehow they have their sizing really, really wrong. Update: this jacket is really frustrating me. I've now ordered the 10/12 again, and this time received a medium jacket (last time it was a small), which i would call it a 7/8 compared to other jackets. I also received the 16, which was about a size too big. I'm now ordering for the 3rd time, and praying the 14 is the right one. I think one of the problems is that, depending on the size ordered, its being sold by different sellers, all with different sizing and shipping policies. For my 3 attempts, i have 3 different sellers. To buy and return the first time was free (retrofacts), the 2nd i had to pay shipping to get it and now to return it (tv store online), and this 3rd time paying shipping again (best threads). I lowered my rating because of the frustration and shipping costs.

N. Anonymous, Saskatchewan says

Design is really cute, but size was a bit larger than expected. I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and ordered sizes 4t and 5/6. Both were a little big on them. Maybe order a size smaller than you need. . Also, quality is lacking. Material feels cheap and zippers are awful. One the zipper unhooks from the bottom while it's zipped up.

. Sally, Westminster

We've had this for less than a month and the zipper never worked right but it quit after such a short time i can't give it more than one star. Which sucks because it's a cute sweater! . I have the pinky pie for my older daughter, recommended these hoodies to other friends and watched the price almost double in a couple weeks. I wanted to buy a new one but i think i'll replace the zipper and save myself $28. 50.

Z. Melissa, Somerset says

I ordered this one as well as a fluttershy and a twilight sparkle one. I ordered each from different companies, and the other two were great! but the one i got from lovestyle was clearly a knock-off. Such crappier quality than the other two! it did not look like the one in the picture. The wings were only one layer and were crappy. The ears were wimpy and didn't stand up, the mane wasn't as full and the whole jacket was of a different and less warm material. I was so disappointed that one of my little girls looks like a less loved pony. :) i'm afraid to buy again because all three companies listed this as a my little pony, like it was the official one. But this one was not official and looked awful. You can really see the difference in the attached picture.

D. Perez, Redcar and Cleveland

Bad quality of zipper, still wondering why cant they put a quality zipper on a beautify jacket like this.

. Veronica, Bayern says

The jacket took almost a month to be delivered, which was a disappointment. Further disappointing, is that the jacket is "cute, " but made quite cheaply. It is not lined, the material is thin, and the pattern is essentially an iron-on. I didn't bother to return it, because i figured to would be even more of a hassle. I would definitely not recommend this item - for a few dollars more, i previously purchased a similar jacket (cutie-pie, not rainbow dash) which was lined, and better made, from a different vendor.

E. Janice, Florida

Cute jacket but the wings in the back are horrible! they are jagged & uneven. Whatever they use in the middle of the wings was left hanging out. I'm not sure if it will survive the 1st wash

. Lorenz, Bath and North East Somerset says

My kid loves this ridiculous get up. It has held up well to washing, no change to the pattern and the fabric texture remains soft. I've had no problems with the zipper or the construction. I got a size 3 and it fits my 34 month old kid well, but keep in mind she's small, she still wears some 24 month old clothes, particularly pants. Although she does have a big buddha belly, and this zips over that just fine. . Have to update my review, after just a month of wearing it occasionally the zipper stuck and then when i was tugging on it to try to move the zipper the front of the zipper including the tab broke clean off. I'll try to contact the seller to see if i can get it replaced, maybe i can try to find a zipper and fix it myself. I read this in other reviews so it seems to be an ongoing problem.

F. Wanda, Ile-de-France

Super cute jacket but it does seem to run a bit small (in comparison to a pinkie pie version of the jacket that she has in the same size). Unfortunately the wings on the back don't make it through the wash very well. After just one washing, the wings came out shriveled up and were very difficult to flatten back out, making them bulky on the back of the jacket and uncomfortable for my daughter to wear while strapped in her carseat.

R. Jacqueline, Berlin says

I originally purchased a 5/6 due to the reviews saying they run small that what size was huge for my normally 4t daughter. I ordered the 4t and that practically fits like a 3t. There seems to be a huge gap between the smallish 4t and the very large sized 5/6. We are going to have to keep the 5/6 until she grows into it.

T. Florence, South Dakota

 i guess i'm one that got the knock off. Super cute hoodie but, it's shorter on one side, lots of loose strings, and the stitching is very uneven. I'm pretty bummed about it. I might return and hope the next one is better quality.

O. Patricia, Haringey says

I bought this for my daughter for christmas. Was very disappointed that when i opened it the zipper was broken . Will be returning .

X. Angela, Lorraine

I purchased the my little pony rainbow dash hoodie in 3t. The item in the photo and description is not the item you will receive by lovestyle. One, i didn't know this item was shipping from china, i wouldn't have purchased it. Two, the item is a knockoff. There are pen marks on the jacket, the sleeves are printed with colored stripes and not finished towards the end of the sleeves, the glitter graphics is imitated by white dots. The wings are terrible as well as the ears and the colorful mane on top of the hood. Its a huge disappointment. Online store has become another ebay, filled with china knockoffs pretending to be the real item.

G. Peggy, Kansas says

We are not pleased with this. The quality is cheap. It was a christmas present, it's now late january, and the zipper is already broken and seams are already coming apart. It's super cute, but what's the point if it won't last.

J. Fabian, Isle of Wight

I bought this for my neice 2 months before she turned 3 years old. She was about 30lbs. 30in. The hood is heavier than expected, so when the hood isn't on, it makes the bottom of the sweater rise and expose some of her stomach. The hood doesn't tighten, so it falls off of her head when she's running around. The sleeves were just right and she still enjoys wearing the sweater. It's a thin sweater, so it was perfect for the fall weather in az or to wear indoors.

. June, Louisiana says

I wouldn't recommend buying this it doesn't look like the picture and is a cheap imitation. The mane is different colors and not as full as the picture makes it look. I also ordered a size 4 and my child wears a 3t now and it barely fits. The picture on the back isn't as clear either. If this didn't come from china i'd probably return it and get my money back. For what i spent i expected better. The only good thing i can say is that it came sooner than expected.

U. Gina, Connecticut

I bought this sweatshirt for my daughter at christmas. We live in michigan so it was too cold to wear it when we bought it. She tried it on once, then we hung it up until warmer spring weather. That weather arrived this week, so we got it out. She loves it! it is a good quality material and it looks beautiful. Unfortunately, after only one week of normal use, the zipper has quit working on this. When you pull it up, the zipper splits below. I'm not sure what's happening, everything appears to be still connected correctly. We are very disappointed.

B. Anonymous, Darlington says

Very disappointed in this sweatshirt. It looked so cute online and before i washed it (in cold) and tumble dried on low. It is too small for my petite 2 year old. Usually she has room in 2t sweatshirts. In addition, after i washed it and attempted to zip, it didn't. The zipper is garbage and wouldn't zip and what little bit it did, it split. Waste of money.

I. Taylor, Lancashire

Beautiful jacket but very defective zipper. It fell off basically a week after the window closed for returns. It was difficult to work at first and we kept hoping it would get better but was just a totally defective zipper. We would like this replaced but trying to get someone to help with this, even writing to the manufacturer, is proving difficult. This was a present to my niece and i was so unhappy she had difficulty with it as now it does not work at all and cannot be closed unless the zipper is totally replaced.

C. Anonymous, South Dakota says

Other than being way way smaller than expected it was ok. Good quality. But was expecting it to be big enough to fit a skinny lanky 12 year old. That's why we got a size 16, hoping it might be slightly big to fit awhile. It didn't fit at all. Unless you count being at the elbow and above the navel as fitting. Have other size 16 coats and this is no where close. Might fit a size 11/12 honestly. Very disappointed. Got it as a birthday present and what a s*ty experience to get what you wanted but it be to small.

A. Pearson, Worcestershire

Am glad that the piece i got is the same as featured. Colour is also this bright. My girl simply love it even it's a little too big for her.

H. Anonymous, New York says

Sizing was as expected on this item. It arrived sooner than expected. My kid loves this coat but the craftsmanship is so poor! there are loose threads all over the place and i don't think it will hold up through its first wash.

M. Morgan, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

I bought this for a christmas present for my niece. While i was wrapping it i noticed there was a hole in it. Sending it back.

V. Hadley, Kingston upon Thames says

My daughter is a size 3t so that's what i ordered. It fit her snug and just at her waist. I'm guessing after a wash, it would be too small. When ordering hoodies i like them loose fitting and with room to grow. I returned and ordered the next size up.

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