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Price was 54. Full disclosure here, i wanted one of these backpacks after seeing them all over pinterest and instagram and liking the scandinavian style. Although i do a lot of hiking, i don't even plan to use this for hiking necessarily, and i am not a student. It will be used more frequently to carry my journal and books back and forth between home, work, and the library. I absolutely love the quality of the materials and was pleasantly surprised by the excellent design. My least favorite thing is the way the straps, once adjusted, don't snap back onto anything. Hard to explain but if you own a kanken you likely know just what i mean. Fortunately they seem secure enough that it is not an issue. I can't find fault with this backpack otherwise as it's very nice and the seller i ordered from is definitely legit, everything was just as it should be and clearly authentic. I ordered a less desired color due to price as this was my first kanken pack, but i have a feeling it will not be my last. I'm kind of loving the orchid color. Graphite is great though, goes with absolutely everything.

-H. Janice

– kanken classic pack, heritage responsibility since straight backs are happy backs. kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder -fjallraven – kanken classic pack, heritage responsibility since 1960

  • Reviews: Design Inspired From The Pockets On Our Classic Garments.
  • Reviews: To Be Worn Over The Shoulder, With Adjustable Strap.

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I really like this bag. It's a good size, not too bulky but carries what i need. I especially love the carry handles because they are big enough to be easy to carry when you don't want it on your back. I thought the straps without padding might bother me but they don't. In fact, they stay on my shoulders better than other bags. The zipper goes all the way around which makes access simple. The only drawbacks are the side pocket isn't really big enough for anything other than a really slim water bottle (and who wants the water bottle sloshing around inside? ) and there are no inside pockets except for the full length sleeve against the back. The directions say to wash it first because it the color may run. I did wash it but don't think it was really an issue. The Best kanken classic pack heritage responsibility ( Sep 2019 ) | Fjallraven-Outdoor Recreation Product Review Reviews Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack, Heritage and Responsibility Since 1960 Versatile pocket in g-1000 heavy duty.. Design inspired from the pockets on our classic garments.. To be worn over the shoulder, with adjustable strap.. Internal phone pocket.. Zippered security pocket on back. .

Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack, Heritage And Responsibility Since 1960 Review (f23510)

Bought from seller mf & co, super happy with my purchase, i ordered the one in "graphite". The bag is sturdy and spacious. Everything i wanted. I did some comparisons with the real/fake kanken backpacks online and mine is 100% authentic. -. Evelyn

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Heritage Responsibility

Warm Yellow
Product Dimensions
Height:10.63 inches
Length:5.12 inches
Weight:0.66 pounds
Width:14.96 inches
Part/Serial Number

- kanken classic pack, heritage responsibility since Sports, Straight backs are happy backs. kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were popular. kanken has many simple, clear functions. the backpack soon became a common sight at pre-schools and nature schools around the country. the idea of using a backpack quickly spread, as did kanken. it is just as popular today, and an excellent choice for school, outings or biking to work. kanken is made out of durable, lightweight vinylon f. the large main compartment with a large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector. Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960 (F23510-Fjallraven).

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Heritage Responsibility Sports

  • I purchased 3 of these (in different colors) from different online store sellers and each one was authentic. I went through several steps to confirm and was very pleased that none of them were fake! the sellers were: online store, happy haus, and pipeline24. I purchased ox red, royal blue, and leaf green. I am not sure which one i am going to keep yet but am leaning towards leaf green or royal blue! each of the colors is gorgeous though! the bag, as others have said, fits a surprising amount inside. I am having my third baby this fall and plan to use it as a diaper bag and i know that i will not have trouble doing this at all. I love that the zipper comes all the way down on the sides - this is what sold me! no more digging! the straps also do not seem to be a problem. I loaded one of the bags up with each of the items that i know i will be carrying and i felt no discomfort from the straps at all. I also tried the bag with my strollers and i love that the top handles work perfectly with stroller handles. Also, a stroller with even a minimal amount of storage space underneath will fit this bag! the fabric is quite stiff at first but from what i hear it softens up with some use. I also read lots of complaints about the side pockets on the outside being too small but i think they're a nice size. They may not fit some larger water bottles but you can easily fit your phone (iphone 7+ was a perfect fit), sunglasses (a typical ray ban case fits), take n toss sippy cup, and definitely a baby bottle if you need to tote those around. I can see this bag being used for years and years to come and i am sure that i will be back to purchase an additional color at some point! ps - one piece of advice that i found the most helpful in determining which bags to purchase when i was worried about buying fakes was that as long as its a prime item you will likely be ok and that was definitely the case!
  • I never write reviews, but i received my first kanken today and i'm in love! the material is amazing and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I was very hesitant buying authentically through online store, but i am very certain my backpack is the real deal and i'll give some tips that are helpful when buying. I chose to buy through online store and fulfilled by online store as i believe this would be the safest option, and i don't regret a thing. It looks perfect, and it got here in only two days! one of the first things i checked was the reflective patch, as this would be difficult to replicate and my patch is indeed reflective. The straps are a material with a detailed sort of "h" pattern, and the fox on the buttons is detailed and reads "wasa 6" on the other side. All zippers read "ykk" on the side, the crest on the tag is detailed, and he brochure looks legit. No complaints here! the material is firm but sturdy and i'm sure it'll break in with use. I was able to fit much more than expected inside and it doesn't feel heavy at all, which is great for all-day use, especially if you have back issues like me. Remember to buy from online store and by online store even if it's a few more dollars, mine was still cheaper than it would be on the kanken site. Happy shopping!
  • I was pretty happy with this backpack until taking a trip to urban outfitters to compare it to the real thing, the one i received is a much thinner fabric and the buttons are not as facing the same direction, online store should not be endorsing this product as online store s choice as they are endorising paying quite a bit of money for a backpack that is fake and probably only worth $10, this is probably the first time i ve been disappointed with online store and will not be buying any more fashion items again
  • The bag is ok. I bought this bag originally for my commute to work since carrying a regular shoulder bag wears on the body. . However, i have used this as a diaper bag. It works well, since it storage capacity is quite roomy. . Pros:. + plenty of room. + the handle is awesome! quick pick up and go! . . Cons. + my biggest complain for this bag are the straps! i absolutely hate them! after a period of time wearing the bag, the straps start to hurt my shoulders. + the side pocket is too small for a water bottle. It is actually made for a umbrella. . Would i purchase this again? hell no.
  • The size is perfect for me. It fits more than what it looks like! it's a great bag for my commute. It fits my macbook pro 13 inches. The pockets on the sides are convenient to carry an umbrella and a water bottle. I would like a pocket inside but at least there's one on the front. Only thing i don't like is that i bought black and looks dirty all the time. The material picks up every single speck of dust!

kanken classic pack heritage responsibility Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack, Heritage and Responsibility Since 1960 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I wanted something chic for bike riding but not in your face trendy. I wanted something utilitarian without looking like a refugee from the sierra club (no offense-i love you guys) and i wanted something large enough to haul a bunch of books without looking childish. It also needed to be comfortable and lightweight. And finally, it needed ample storage and sections for smaller things-but no so many that i had to unbuckle, unzipper or unlatch every single one to find what i was looking for. This completely and totally fit the bill. It is light, it's roomy, has ample space for large items, sections for small items (without the buckle, zipper, fastening issues), and as if that isn't enough, the little narrow shoulder straps which look like they would cut into your shoulder are strangely comfortable. So far it holds everything i need, it's low-key and looks cool without being in-your-face-designer-obnoxious, not to mention that it's a comfortable solid backpack. . I can't recommend this highly enough.

Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960
Click to see NoticeFjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960 (f23510)"Purchased my kanken from happy haus, and was concerned about receiving a fake one considering the amount of reviews that said they received a fake kanken. After comparing my bag to the other photos of real kankens, i'm pretty sure that mine is real, and i've attached a photos that are features that should be in a real kanken, including the kanken infograph, the ykk on the side of the zipper, the fjallraven/wolf logos on each side of the zipper, the inside logo, and the tag. The bags are made in vietnam, so an instant giveaway of a fake is that it is made in a different country. . Onto the bag itself, it's quite stiff, but can hold everything i need as a student. Keep in mind, however, that the side pockets are essentially useless if you intend to use them to hold water bottles - i've tried multiple bottles and they are all too large, but the bag is large enough for me to place the bottle inside of the bag. It's a lot roomier than i thought it would be, considering my previous backpack was one of those large student jansport backpacks, but it really does hold everything i would need for a typical day. I haven't had it for long, so i can't comment on its durability, but i think that this bag will last me a while."

(0) Question: Are these bags all the same size?

(1) Question: Dimensions anyone?

(2) Question: How many liters of capacity/space does the bag have?

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Fjallraven - Kanken 13

Laptop version of our best-selling kanken daypack. A padded compartment protects your 13" laptop. These packs also included a removable seat pad, padded shoulder straps, reflector in logo patch and front/side pockets.

Fjallraven - Kanken 13Fjallraven-Kanken-13

Brand :    fjallraven
Weight :    0.94 pounds
Model :    F27171
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Luggage (Apparel product review) for Fjallraven - Kanken 13 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fjallraven - Kanken Laptop 15 , Heritage Responsibility Since 1960

The perfect bag for the college student or the professional. The kanken laptop gives you everything you love about your kanken classic, but updated to carry and protect your laptop. Features padded straps for added carrying comfort, yet maintains the iconic kanken shape and color you have come to love.

Fjallraven - Kanken Laptop 15 , Heritage Responsibility Since 1960Fjallraven-Kanken-Laptop-Heritage-Responsibility

Brand :    fjallraven
Weight :    1.12 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Iconic scandinavian design: the fjallraven kanken laptop is a sister style to the kanken classic school pack that has been in style since 1978. same design, just updated size, fit and easy access sleeve to protect your laptop.
  • Versatile and accessible: there is a front zipper compartment and two easily accessible side pockets. featuring padded, adjustable ergonomic woven, padded shoulder "x" design straps and dual top snap handles for easy carrying. specs; 15. 7" (40 cm) x 11" (28 cm) x 6. 3" (16 cm) and weighs 1. 0 lbs.
  • Practical and attractive materials: made from dirt-resistant and water-resistant vinylon f, the fabric can be wiped clean, the kanken laptop handles every adventure with ease.
  • Sustainability and heritage since 1960: started in the 1950's, in northern sweden by 14-year old ake nordin's idea to simply improve backpack design, fjallraven has now expanded to every corner of the world.
  • Form and function: the kanken laptop 15" has a 18l volume with two-way zip-around closure and rain flip. an easy access padded laptop pocket fits a 15" laptop. the straps features a content information tag for personalization. the pack is sold with a foam sitting pad.
Price :    —
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Adidas Originals Women's Superstar W Fashion Sneaker

An all-star for decades, the adidas superstar sneaker is here to stay. These women's shoes give the timeless pair a modern update with a breathable stretch knit upper that forms to your foot. Soft leather lining and a rubber shell toe and cupsole complete the heritage look.

Adidas Originals Women's Superstar W Fashion Sneakeradidas-Originals-Superstar-Fashion-Sneaker

Brand :    adidas originals
Color :    Parent
Size :    PARENT
Weight :    0.81 pounds
Model :    SUPERSTAR W-W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle, Standard Mouth BPA Free Flex CapHydro-Flask-Insulated-Stainless-Standard

Price :    —
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Brand :    hydro flask
Color :    Graphite
Weight :    0.50 pounds
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Fjallraven - Kanken No. 2, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960

Kanken no. 2 black pretty much speaks for itself: black on black, but with a colourful personality. A monochrome friend of kanken no 2, also made from durable, waxed g-1000 heavyduty with leather details. An everyday backpack with excellent longevity that is just as practical to use for school or work as it is on an outing or when travelling. The main compartment has a generous opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack. An inside back pocket has a padded seat pad made from g-1000 heavyduty, easy to take out when you want to sit down for a pause and when in place, it keeps the backpack's contents from pressing against the back. Two open pockets on the sides and a zippered pocket on the front. Business card holder inside. Leather details and handles, textile shoulder straps.

Fjallraven - Kanken No. 2, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960Fjallraven-Kanken-Heritage-Responsibility-Since

Brand :    fjallraven
Color :    Autumn Leaf
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.33 pounds
Model :    F23565
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Fjallraven - Kanken No. 2, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Iconic scandinavian design: the fjallraven kanken no. 2 is based on the kanken classic school pack that has been in style since 1978. same design, longer lasting material.
  • Sustainability and heritage since 1960: started in the 1960's, in northern sweden by 14-year old ake nordin's idea to simply improve backpack design, fjallraven has now expanded to every corner of the world.
  • Durable and practical material: the kanken no. 2 is made from fjallraven's own hardwearing fabric, g-1000. the dense weave is made from a waxable 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton. prepares you for all types of adventures all year-round.
  • Form and function: the kanken no. 2 has a 16l volume with two-way zip-around closure and rain flip. features a content information tag for personalization. the pack is sold with a g-1000 reinforced sitting pad.
  • Versatile and accessible: there is a front zipper compartment and two accessible side pockets. featuring adjustable ergonomic woven shoulder "x" design straps and dual top snap handles for easy carrying. specs; 15" x 10. 6" x 5. 1" and weighs 1. 2 lbs.

Fjallraven Kanken-Mini Classic Pack, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960

All the fun and practicality of the kanken in a smaller bag.  from kids to parents, the kanken-mini has a function for everyone. The kanken-mini is made of durable, lightweight, water resistant vinylon f. The main compartment has a large opening making it easier to put in/take out items. Featuring two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, allowing the bag to be carried as a tote, narrow, flexible shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector.

Fjallraven Kanken-Mini Classic Pack, Heritage Responsibility Since 1960Fjallraven-Kanken-Mini-Classic-Heritage-Responsibility

Price :    —
  • Iconic scandinavian design: the fjallraven kanken-mini is a sister style to the kanken classic school pack that has been in style since 1978.
  • Versatile and accessible: there is a front zipper compartment and two accessible side pockets. featuring adjustable ergonomic woven shoulder "x" design straps and dual top snap handles for easy carrying. specs; 11. 4" x 7. 8" x 5. 1" and weighs 0. 48 lbs.
  • Form and function: the kanken-mini has a 7l volume with two-way zip-around closure and rain flip. features a content information tag for personalization. the pack is sold with a foam sitting pad.
  • Practical and attractive materials: made from dirt-resistant and water-resistant vinylon f, the fabric can be wiped clean, the kanken-mini handles every adventure with ease.
  • Sustainability and heritage since 1960: started in the 1960 by ake nordin's idea to improve the backpack design. now fjallraven has expanded to every corner of the world. the essential ideas remain; provide durable and timeless outdoor equipment.
Brand :    fjallraven
Color :    Yellow
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.56 pounds
Model :    F23561
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

The outdoors has never looked and tasted so good. The stanley 1. 1 qt. Vacuum bottle has a leak proof and packable design. Double wall, vacuum insulated, rugged, steel design is the ultimate in durability. Two lids in the cup make it easy to share coffee that will stay hot all day long. Thermos includes lifetime guarantee. Size: l 3. 65 in. X w 3. 65 in. X h 12. 5 in. Weight: 2lb 12oz.

Stanley Classic Vacuum BottleStanley-Classic-Vacuum-Bottle

Price :    —
  • Leak proof thermos.
  • Durable rust proof finish.
  • 8 oz. lid doubles as drinking cup.
  • Double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation.
  • Easy pour stopper.
Brand :    stanley
Model :    10-01032
Quantity :    1
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Retro Round Clear Lens Glasses Metal Frame

Metal round circle glasses with clear lens, non prescription. Great for fashion! dress up like your favorite character or, just use it for fashion - it'll make you look smarter. Adjustable nose grips for comfort fit. Great for both men and women! 100% uv protection (uva and uvb) includes grinderpunch microfiber pouch.

Retro Round Clear Lens Glasses Metal FrameRetro-Round-Clear-Glasses-Metal

Brand :    grinderpunch
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.13 pounds
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  • Metal round circle glasses with clear lens, non prescription. great for fashion!
  • Great for both men and women! it'll make you look smarter!
  • 100% uv protection (uva and uvb)
  • Adjustable nose grips for comfort fit
  • Includes grinderpunch microfiber pouch

Fjallraven Kanken Kids Daypack

Special edition of fjallraven's most-sold backpack. Sek 100 from each backpack will be donated to research for saving the arctic fox. Durable, lightweight vinylon f that is just as handy on day trips as everyday use. Large main compartment with large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top and supple shoulder straps. Removable seat cover in a pocket at the back. Reflecting logotype in the front.

Fjallraven Kanken Kids DaypackFjallraven-7323450130992-Parent-Kanken-Kids-Daypack

Brand :    fjallraven
Color :    Warm Yellow
Size :    varies
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    7323450130992-Parent
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Fjallraven - Kanken Shoulder Pads

Extra padding that fits kanken's 25 mm wide shoulder straps for more comfortable carrying of heavy loads. The padding is folded around the shoulder straps and secured with hook and loop. Press buttons at the top hold them in place so they don't slide down the straps.

Fjallraven - Kanken Shoulder PadsFjallraven-F23503-Forest-Green-P-Kanken-Shoulder

Brand :    fjallraven
Color :    Warm Yellow
Size :    varies
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    F23503-Forest Green-P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Weight:75 g
  • Materials:polyester, vinylon-f
  • Concept:outdoor
  • Outer material:100% polyester, vinylon f 100% vinylal
Price :    —
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I tend to over pack my backpack, but this pack is big enough to hold the essentials and small enough to prevent me from filling it with unnecessary items. It is also very good with my back, i've noticed a big difference. The material is water resistant and high quality. I know online store has a lot of fakes but 4 simple ways to authenticate the bag is by checking if the crown on the price tag is gold, blue and red, checking the pattern stitching of the straps, checking the inside label of the bag, and taking a picture of the fox logo on the back, if the bag is legit the material will reflect in the photo, thats the most easy sign.

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(0) Question: Is this navy one mini or classic? thanks.

(1) Question: What the bag measurement? is the different color different measurement, can you state which model/color you've bought

(2) Question: Does this bag have a separate laptop compartment in the back?

(3) Question: Is this a good bag for school? i like the look but would it be big enough to carry 2 binders?

(4) Question: Can this be used as a high school backpack

(5) Question: Is this considered the 15'? and is it big enough to hold a school binder and notebooks?

(6) Question: What are the dimensions of this item?

(7) Question: Are the backpacks supposed to come with shoulder pads?

(8) Question: Are the side pockets wide enough to fit a baby bottle? thank you.

(9) Question: Are they authenic

(10) Question: I saw some comments saying there is a big color difference between pics and bag. does anyone know it is real or fake?

(11) Question: Backpacks from outdoor equipped are authentic?

(12) Question: Where is it made? i wish this was a mandatory piece of info for sellers on online store.

(13) Question: Will this fit a 13' macbook and also a binder?

(14) Question: How big is this bag? is it the mini or the big version?

(15) Question: Royal blue/ox red mini or classic size

(16) Question: If the item is fullfilled by online store it guarantees to be original?

(note) Question: where/how to get Fjällräven (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fjällräven's products

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I was very scared this could be a fake especially after reading through the comments and seeing that some people received a fake one. So me being a nub, i went on youtube and watched tons of videos on how to spot a fake kanken. . Needless to say, i got a completely authentic, beautiful kanken bag. I am very very happy with it. The color looks just like the picture and it is great. . Pros . -this thing can hold a lot more than you would think. I got the classic 13" bag and it can hold up to 3 binders, 2 journals, and 2 books, and a pencil case (what i usually carry on me). -it looks adorable! . -the price they are selling it for is a great deal! . . Cons . -the front pocket is very small. I can fit my phone and wallet in there only. -the side pockets are kind of useless to be honest. I slip my keys and some extra papers in them but water bottles don't really fit in there, especially if you have large bottles. . I am very satisfied with the bag though. Glad i found it.

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I just received my backpack today, lightening fast delivery with prime. I was a little worried after reading some reviews that there are fake fjallraven bags being received after ordering them online. I checked a number of websites to learn how to spot a fake, and i m very pleased to say this one is authentic! it has all of the authentic markings. It has the swedish flag on the inside by the personalizing label. The tag is in color, the material is thick and sturdy. The material label says 100% polyvinyl alcohol. All of the inside stitching is completely encased. No frayed strings hanging out. I m very happy with taking a chance and ordering one of these bags from online store. I highly recommend. Pictures show the important details that prove authenticity.

Y. Stacey, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

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K. Broyles, Barnet says

This backpack is a super lightweight and durable pack. I was worried about the fact that the straps are so narrow, but even when it's fully loaded they don't dig into my shoulders if they're adjusted properly. It is definitely a small pack but i love that the zipper goes all the way around and the reflective logo. I can fit about a weeks worth of city clothes and toiletries with no problem! . . I was also aware after reading reviews that there are a bunch of fakes being sold, and the fulfilled by online store sellers were out of stock in the color i wanted, but no one was posting anything about authentic sellers. I bought my bag from outdoorequipped and i compared it to a friend's store-bought kånken and it was exactly the same, right down to where it was made and the design on the inside of the snaps, and i saved a few bucks too.

D. Carolyn, Arkansas

I've heard a lot of things about these bags being fake, however, i ordered the warm yellow one and i checked all the signs for it to be real and they were all good. This specific one is from outland usa, and while i can't say that anything else is real and not fake, the bag that i got from them is the real one. Some people have pointed out signs that makes it real, so i'll write them here too:. - it has "y k k" written very very small on the side of the zipper part that actually goes through the zipper, not the zipper tag. - on the underside of the button, one of them says "wasa6" and it was printed how i've seen genuine buttons to be. - the fox button looked like the one that is real; it is darker and smoother. - the logo on the front is reflective! this took me a while to figure out, but if you take a picture of it with flash on then you'll see the reflectivity. - the bag material doesn't feel like canvas, but isn't placticy either. It's "polyvinyl alkohol". - the bag material is fairly thick. - the handles on the top have a thick band, and have a deep weaving rather than a smooth and shiny one that you'd see on many fake ones. - it came with a small fjallraven kanken slip that showed me the other bags. . I hope this helps anyone trying to buy the warm yellow or anyone trying to see if their bag is fake! i'll attach photos.

E. Reed, Georgia says

I was really scared it would be a fake considering the low price but it s real! i ordered graphite and i ve had this for a month i now. (will update if anything comes up). . My seller was mf & co

R. Megan, Alabama

I've been wanting a kanken for years now but couldn't commit because of so many color options and the price, but finally after many of my friends' great reviews of theirs and comments on how they've lasted years of use, i decided to get one. I actually kept an eye on the price and checked multiple times a day for a week as it changed to try to catch it at its lowest. I ended up catching a "like new, used" one for $45 through warehouse deals (that's nearly half the list price! ), and though i was nervous i'd get a roughed up or worse, a fake one (considering some users have gotten fakes ordering new ones! ), i went and bought it. Thankfully, the one i received was not only real (check the front reflector, the overall fabric quality (should be thick and sturdy and kinda rigid), the snaps, tags), but was actually "like new" and showed no signs of use or damage aside from the original plastic packaging being ripped open a couple inches. The bag itself was maybe a tiny bit duller in color than the photos used online. I've used this bag as a sleepover bag while visiting friends and as a daypack when i'm out and about. It's the perfect size to be used like a purse for non feminine folks-i can fit all my day's essentials in it-but i wouldn't personally use it as a backpack for school because it is smaller than your typical "backpack" and lacks interior pockets i'd want for a school setting to have pens and such at easy access. Overall, i'm very pleased with my purchase and experience, but i'm not sure i'd recommend buying one unless you can catch it at one of its lower price points.

F. Lindsey, Vermont says

I first ordered the backpack in ocean green and it was a lot lighter than the picture that was shown. This gift was for a guy so when i received the ocean green backpack, it looked really girly. Not like the picture at all. I also received the backpack in a small box, folded in half, and with just the backpack so i was not happy with that. I decided to return it right away and ordered the ox red color and i love it! it s the perfect color and i believe it to be authentic. Make sure your logos are reflective and that the tag has the detailed coloring on it. I m still questioning if this really is an authentic bag but it definitely came in better packaging. The ox red came in with a bigger box laid flat with air bubble packaging and a nice plastic bag to protect it. It also came with the kanken pamphlet thing so i know for sure the first ordered received (ocean green) was a fake.

J. Elizabeth, Hackney

 first backpack received was a fake, but the second one ordered through prime was legit. It's a great design that is stylish and appears durable. I'll be updating this review after putting it through the rigors of day to day use. I decided on this pack after my long search for the perfect minimalist backpack. It's about as minimal as can be while still being able to hold a laptop, textbooks, notebooks, or a variety of items for different uses such as hiking, photographing, beach, etc. It's also weatherproof which is a huge plus! . . Anyone, check out the photos and video i've added showing the differences between the real (navy) and fake (graphite) kånkens i received.

S. Franklin, Southend-on-Sea says

This is a real kanken backpack. I've been using mine every day since i bought it (about 2 months) and it's still in great shape. Very sturdy, strong, and i've gotten many compliments on it. It really only fits standard plastic-bottle sized water bottles ( 500ml) in the side pocket. Any bottles that are larger might not fit in the side pocket. The main pocket has the capacity to fit a 13 inch laptop and school notebook with room to spare. Also it's a little more of a grey-green than the foresty green in the picture.

A. Paula, Louisiana

I attached pictures to show what all i put in my bag. It's not heavy at all with the things i put it in. As for the side pockets i don't believe any bottles larger than the one i have shown will fit in it. This is ox red and it looks as pictured to me. I do believe this is a real kanken just based off of "verification sites" i viewed online. Online store sold and shipped this to me so if you're using any other seller buyer beware . You may get a fake . If you don't really care about that then go for it. I really love this bag and i may get the mini next!

O. Audrey, North East Lincolnshire says

I ordered mine from outdoorequipped, and it arrived 3 days later (online store prime rocks) in mint condition, totally authentic as well. Instead of rambling off, i'll just get down to it:. . Pros:. - it actually does help my back. I have the same amount of materials in this backpack that i did in my previous one, yet it feels lighter, somehow? so the swedish certainly know what they're doing. . - it's quite roomy on the inside, even though it looked so small when i first opened the box. I absolutely love it. . - the pocket on the inside is quite deep so you could probably fit a lot of things. . - it's cute and trendy right now, so. . Cons:. . - another reviewer was correct: the little pocket on the outside is a slight menace. It's not too difficult to open, but there isn't a lot of room, which sucks because i have all my writing utensils, a tiny mirror, and my phone in there. I have to sorta wrestle my phone for it to fit and be able to zip up. I have an iphone 6 (normal), but maybe the issue is my starbucks phone case that makes it a little larger. . - normal sized plastic waters bottles do fit into the sides of the backpack, but you kind of have to put a tinyyy bit of effort into sliding the bottle in. Also, the pouch/pockets don't extend outwards. They use space from the inside of your pack, so if your pack is bursting at the seams, there's no way you will also fit a bottle on either side. . - there's only one inside pocket and it's rather large and uncovered, so potentially able to spill your contents if you flip the backpack upside down. . I tried to include pictures of my own backpack to show some of the details that proves it is authentic, though it's best if you look online for a guide on how to spot fake kankens. Mine seems pretty legit.

M. Courtney, North Somerset

To be honest this is my first review, so i don't entirely know what to write, so bear with me! . . I absolutely, absolutely love my kanken. The material these backpacks are made out of is completely liquid-proof. For reference, yesterday, a cup of barbecue exploded in my small front pocket, and the mess has stayed inside that one pocket. From the outside you wouldn't even know what happened, which is why i was quite bewildered when i reached my hand into the small pocket and my fingers came back sticky. . The only downside i can think of when it comes down to this backpack is that i should have gotten a larger, 17-inch one for my laptop, but that's my own fault. I've had my kanken for 2 months now, and so far i love it. Because i carry my backpack almost everywhere with me (i'm a college student), it has picked up a lot of dirt and scuff marks; i wouldn't consider this a downside, though, because the material is so supreme. I know that i can wash my kanken when i feel like it is time to (and with the exploded barbecue, getting it clean asap is a priority). Many other people mention that there is a lack of extra pockets, and the side pockets are fairly small; i do agree and i can vouch for the lack of extra pockets inside the main large pocket. However, in my experience with using this bag, i'm really glad it doesn't have too many pockets. This way i know where everything is and i'm not rifling through each pocket looking for an item i misplaced - it's all right there. The side pockets are a bit annoying, but i've found that i can put just about anything that is miscellaneous and small in those. . I recommend kanken backpacks to anyone and everyone who wants a durable, weatherproof, and fairly roomy backpack. It carries a pretty large amount of stuff (i've had to stuff it some days! ) and carries weight quite well. Consider the fact also that there are many beautiful colors to pick from! the photo of the ocean green color is extremely misleading, so i've attached a photo of what mine looks like in daylight, and in a classroom. It is a vibrant, turquoise-y/teal blue-green.

W. Cunningham, Ohio says

I have only had it for a day of use, but i am well-pleased with this purchase. The pack seems sturdy, and is lightweight, but with smooth-running zippers. Cambridge select sent mine, and it seems to be authentic when i googled an "is it fake" thing. Brought it out to run a few errands and had several compliments, while tucked inside it were(drumroll):. A mei-tai baby carrier, six diapers and a full pack of wipes, my large-ish wallet, sunglasses case, may daughter's poodle socks, ghillies and hard shoes for irish dance, a water bottle and two packets of crackers. Also car keys, cell phone and four small wooden trains for baby to play with during dance class. This bag is. Amazing. For reference, i carried it with the top handles and have yet to mess with backpack straps. I will update if i have any problems there. Oh yeah, and since i am a purist, mine is just navy blue, and it's lovely.

T. Mahood, City of Kingston upon Hull says

Just recently a few of my friends have been getting this backpack but in a few different colors. At first i thought it was just some dorky little back pack that just looked nice. I have been contemplating purchasing one so one of my friends let me borrow theirs for a few days to decide if i wanted to actually go through with it and after the first day i purchased my own! . . When you purchase this product you receive the following:. * 100% polyester. * imported. * one interior slip pocket. One exterior pocket. . This backpack just continues to surprise me. I am an avid bike commuter (it's actually my only form of transportation) so my back pack and / or messenger bag are very important to me. I need something comfortable, breathable, and equal weight distribution. When i first opened the package and saw the backpack i will be honest, i was a bit disappointed. It looked way too small. I took it out of the plastic packaging and then actually fluffed the backpack up and was actually quite impressed! it ended up being the perfect size for me. I am able to fit my 13. 3 inch macbook pro in there comfortably with a few books, water bottle, etc! i was amazed at this. I'm a photographer and was even more thrilled when i saw that you can buy camera inserts for fjallraven bags! to my surprise, the weigh distribution was insanely nice. The biggest problem i always have with bags is that it's super heavy on one shoulder but not on the other and that is very painful when you are cycling. Especially when you spend a lot of your day on the bike! with this bag, i can load it down with stuff and it is light as a feather. . The quality of this bag is just as i expected too; perfect! it feels extremely nice in the hands. You know how when you feel something and you just know that it will last for years to come? that's the first thing you notice when you start using this bag. It is extremely durable. It's meant to be taken outdoors and get dirty. The material is water resistant but as far as i know it is not waterproof. It will probably do well in light rain but i wouldn't expect it to be fully water proof at all. The handles and straps for this bag are all very well connected to the body of the bag and are of just as high quality. . All in all, if you're looking for an every day carry bag, this is for you! it can be used for so many things whether it be bike commuting, diaper bag, camera bag, etc! you will not be disappointed. . Pros: absolutely everything. Cons: nothing. . Would i purchase this item again? yes. Would i recommend to a friend? yes!

Q. Monique, Thurrock

I love this backpack! it is very cute and fashionable, matches with everything! some flaws are that when you do get debris on it or scratch it accidentally it seems as though the dye comes off. Its really easy to see the marks. Also, the straps may dig into your shoulders or become uncomfortable if you are carrying a lot of weight. I wouldn't suggest this for a student who carries lots of textbooks. I usually just carry my laptop, folder, notebook, pencil pouch, water bottle, and a few small things and it's been okay.

I. Patton, Durham says

It's such a cute bag and perfect for me. I go to college & live on campus, so i only need one class's supply in the bag at a time and i can go back to my dorm to get my stuff for next class. Probably not ideal if you need to carry a lot of stuff at once though. It's really small. But it fits at most, one 1. 5 inch binder, two medium sized textbook, a journal, a water bottle, an compact umbrella, and a pencil case.

N. Teresa, Derby

I love my kanken. I ordered mine in ox red and waterproofed it with fjallraven beeswax. It is minimalist, functional, very sturdy and high quality, and stylish. I have used it for biking, as my carry-on for traveling, backpacking/camping trips, and most recently as a diaper bag that my husband also uses without feeling embarrassed. The zipper is sturdy and i think it will last a very, very long time.

U. Mays, Leicester says

I love my bag! i got it from outland usa and it's the real bag not a knock off. It fits so much even though it looks so small, it can carry my normal load for college including my 13in mac laptop! it definitely is much lighter compared the traditional backpack i've used. I carry this bag everywhere i go and it holds up great!

X. McCarthy, Shropshire

Purchased the sky blue kanken(first one on pic) from outland usa and it is indeed authentic. Checked the material, logo, tags, stitching, buttons, and zippers and compared it to my other three kankens from the official fjallraven site and it all matched up. I recommend purchasing the bag that's prime eligible and/or fulfilled through online store. Don't forget to look at the seller's ratings and reviews as well.

L. Nicole, Rheinland-Pfalz says

Before buying i looked at examples in stores to learn what to expect. Details such as ykk zips, snaps, reflective logo patch, hang tags, quality and texture of fabric and handles, quality of construction all matched up. Front pocket had folded brochure. The only difference i saw was in the little white materials/washing instruction tags inside the bag. They were made of a smooth satiny material, while tags on store bags had a slightly rougher texture. My tag said 100% vinylal, not 100% polyvinyl alcohol on store bags. I googled vinylal and it is another name for polyvinyl alcohol, plus vinylal is also in the bag specs on the fjallraven. Us website: outer material: 100% polypropylene, vinylon-f: 100% vinylal. Basically the same thing. The other difference i noticed was that my bag tags did not have color code numbers on them. One person posted a review of a kanken mini on online store and said real bags always have color numbers, and ones without are fakes. Bags i saw in store did all have color numbers on the inner white tags. Mine had a color number on the outer hang tag, but not on the inner tags. So how important is that? not sure. Most reviews do not focus on this detail. I asked a question about this on the online store site but no one answered it. That said, all of the major details on my bag are correct, most importantly the quality of materials and construction. From what i found online, it seems that over time there have been documented differences among genuine kankens, like the recent addition of the swedish flag to the name patch inside. (one bag i saw in-store had the flag, another didn't, but my bag had it). Maybe the interior descriptive tags have some variations most people do not mention in reviews, and maybe newer models now have tags without color codes? i don't know. What i do know is that i the bag i received met all the major criteria and had the same quality and appearance as the ones i saw in-store, so i believe it is genuine. I will see if it holds up to use. . One more thing-my bag also had something i have not seen or read about online-there was a little round sticker on the top right corner of the foam seat pad, which explained that it was both padding for your back and something you could use to sit on. Seems like a helpful thing. Wondering if anyone else has seen it before from bags bought on online store or elsewhere?

C. Parker, California

Kanken is still my favorite backpack after one year. I must note that the color does fade away a little , but i don't think that's too big of a problem. It is super comfortable on the shoulders and relieves the back from pain despite its thin straps. If you are carrying textbooks, for many students, we can hold it with the straps and it's still super sturdy. There are two main pockets, one small one in the front and the big zipper which goes all the way down and can open like a luggage. Even when i'm carrying heavy things, i don't feel much of the weight on my shoulders. It is definitely spacious and can hold numerous things; nice and rectangular shape which makes organizing easy. There is also a laptop compartment, however it is not cushioned, so you'd have to be careful nonetheless. Overall, its stylish, spacious, and easy on the back. I highly recommend this backpack!

Z. Olga, Alabama says

At first i wanted to give back my kanken. I saw it and i thought "what is it? poor quality, so light, it can't be solid". Than i understood that it's a kanken secret. Backpack is light, comftable, size and shape gives many opportunities (i have inside my tablet 11", cosmetics, sunglasses, boxes with food and i still have space for some shopping, umbrella, water. It's funny because kanken looks rather small. Inly one thing: all of them should have normal, thicker arm pads. Tiny, little strips are uncomfortable. They can make scratches and bruises on arms. I ordered pads on ebay but i had problem. And i paid 30$.

Top /fjallraven kanken classic heritage responsibility Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

O. Megan, Solihull says

Was so excited to see that the black fjallraven kanken classic was under $50 so i immediately ordered it because my others were about $80-125. However now i know why, its fake. I could tell immediately that it was not an authentic bag due to the material feeling that of a jansport backpack material, not the classic kanken backpack material. It just feels cheap and looks cheap. I tried to take pictures next to my authentic one to show the material difference. The black one is the fake, ox red one is authentic. I ll admit, at first glance it s a very convincing fake. But when you touch it and look close, it s clear that it isn t of the same quality.

F. Palmer, South Carolina

There's very little way of knowing this was a real pack. Did not have any of the insets or literature you would get from the maker's site. Saw some fraying on the inside of the pack but loved the color. This is definitely a pricier bag where a couple extra dollars spent on the kanken website is worth the extra piece of mind. Returned back to online store for full refund. Ordered new bag on the kanken site and absolutely love it. Appeared slightly different.

M. Ruff, Quebec says

Please be careful. I bought 2 and had to return both because they were fake. One of them was clearly a badly made and the second one was just a better dupe. Do not buy. I bought one for full price at nordstrom and you can easily tell that both were fake. The better made fake bag even had the right tag, reflective patch, right zipper, but the biggest red flag was the poor stitching and the actual material. The real one has better stitching and the material is way thicker. One more thing, if you really want to see if it's a fake - splash some water on it. The real ones are made to be water resistant. It was such a waste of my time buying two thinking it was a good deal. Just pay the full price for the authentic one because it's better made and it's going to last longer!

S. Elanor, New Mexico

Wonderful quality but small size and uncomfortable straps! i just got the "regular" size thinking it would work for a school bag but it barely fits my binder, it just has an awkward tight fit. I'm thinking about giving this one to my kids and ordering the large size that's available. I was also disappointed that the straps are painfully uncomfortable, they are thin, very durable but very thin (width wise). These thin straps make it uncomfortable on my shoulders, so now i will have to buy the shoulder pads seperate. I feel that for such a high price this backpack should already come with the shoulder pads that basically make the straps look and feel like most average backpacks found in the store. I was conflicted writing this review because i love the material and quality of this bag but i'm pretty disappointed with the functionality.

A. Carolyn, New Jersey says

*update: beware of shop "joessports"*. Very poor customer service. Abides by online stores policies only to support their own claims. Yet when you want to use online store to support your problem, they claim they aren't affiliated with online store and therefore you are unprotected. They refused my return even though the backpack was unused and in same packaging. Yet when i purchased the product online store stated they were free shipping and free returns. *. . Nice backpack but super unrealistic straps. Digs into the collarbone right when you put it on. . Bigger than it looks. It's a perfect fit for my 2 text books, 2 notebooks and a smaller bag for necessary items. Wouldn't fit a water bottle on the side pockets. . Front pocket is a little awkward to use, due to the front flap over the pocket. Difficult to open and get stuff in/out. . Will return and try the laptop version of the kanken. That one comes with soft straps (why doesn't this one? ) and maybe the inside will be more roomy and practical for a college student. . Too bad that version is $20+ more though.

. Jacqueline, North Carolina

The kanken i received is a fake. Mine arrived without the seat pad, seams were fraying, straps way too long when snapped together, arctic fox button didn t line up and the tag was one color. No response from seller, just made a quick buck.

H. Reed, Bolton says

The backpack is not authentic. The material did not have a smooth dry coating and felt thinner. It came discolored and felt rough. The central logo should be reflective and this is matte and very poor looking. The material sound crackly when moves around. The buttons at the end of the straps were larger than the original. The seam of the main compartment is not in the middle of the 2 straps.

W. Kathlene, North Lincolnshire

This is a knock-off fjallraven backpack. I know this because i already own a legitimate fjallraven backpack and the material used in this one is nowhere near the quality. Not even close. Also, one other dead giveaway is the spelling error on the tag. Fjalleaven? i don't think so. I'm absolutely disgusted at what i've received. I have attached photos as proof and to help other buyers identify fake backpacks. I've also included a comparison of the tag against the one for my real kanken. Disgusting.

E. Smith, Alberta says

I recieved a fake. I have a real one to compare and you can tell the difference blatantly. The material this granite colored one is made of is papery thin. There are also subtle differences, the pattern on the ribbits are different and the wording on the name tag inside is different. Please send me a real one or reimburse me.

J. Williams, Durham

Its a cool looking backpack, with a cool backstory. Its made with durable materials, and well stitched together. The shoulder straps aren't that comfortable. Not at all comfortable if you have a few textbooks packed in it. Its small, so my 15in macbook did not fit, my dell 13in laptop couldn't fit either, but i was able to squeeze my 13in macbook, and barely fit. I was able to fit 2- 1200page textbooks, and few notebooks, and didnt really have room for a laptop. I had the backpack for a week and ended up returning it since it wasn't realistic for me as a cis student, where i always carry heavy textbooks and laptops. Don't get me wrong, its cool, well-made backpack, just not comfy or big.

Q. Broyles, Iowa says

Cute bag, but not very functional. I love all the brightly colored options, especially the lake color which is what i ordered. I ordered it to use as a diaper bag because chasing around my toddler, i need my hands free. The thin straps dig into my shoulders when the bag is full (not overly heavy as the bag isn't very big) . There are two pockets on the outside of the bag but the only thing you can fit into them is thin as paper because there is no "give" in the fabric, it's too tight. Would be useful for holding my water bottle, however it will not fit. I had greater hopes for this bag.

X. Morgan, Colorado

Good bag. Great style and colors. I like the size a lot for a day pack. The full zipper open is also really nice and seems well made like it would last awhile. The straps are adjustable and tuck away so it can be carried by the handles easily. The things i don't like about it: the shoulder straps hurt after awhile, so if the bag is loaded or even if you're just wearing it all day, you'll have some sore skin. The main thing i didn't like is that it shredded the backs of my shirts. I wore this back on a trip with all day walking/hiking and eery shirt ended up pilling and thinning from where the bag rubbed. Also, the material has a noisy rain jacket sound which can be annoying, but the material is good for water beading off. I like makr bags better. The quality of their material is tops and the padding on the straps make it more comfortable for an all day pack.

Y. Russell, Gateshead says

I received this today and it is a fake! i ended up going to a local store and buying a real one and when i got home you can tell this one was fake compared to the real deal. It is a really good fake, but the fabric (thiner and you can see through it some), tags (different material and not the same tags), handles (thiner and more stiff) stitching (not clean) and logo (thicker and not as reflective or the same material) you can tell by the first touch and the weight of the bag (this is lighter) its not real. If you're looking for a cheaper option this is close. But we will be returning it since it was advertised as a real fjallraven and it is for sure not that!

I. Miller, Newcastle upon Tyne

Super disappointed in this bag! i bought it because i read that kankens were very durable, weatherproof bags that are great for cyclists. The bag came in with faded spots and covered in dust. I didn't really care, as i knew the color i got was hard to find. However, after barely a year of daily use, this thing is falling apart. Loose strings, iffy zipper, color faded. It's not like i'm carrying 100 lbs in it either, just a planner, a diabetic test kit, a cosmetic bag and my u-lock. I'm almost wondering if i got a fake because i heard these bags are supposed to last forever and mine was trashed after about two months of use. :( two starts only because it's pretty cute, otherwise, save your money.

. Rebecca, Rhode Island says

Never buy a fjallraven kanken pack from catherine269 or you will pay $50 for a $10 fake that will fall apart after few uses. Better to pay an extra $30 and buy the real deal from a reputable vendor. I thought the price was too good to be true. Only the real fjallraven kanken will have bias bound seams, something a lot of the real vs fake videos won't show you.

C. Gina, Pennsylvania

The design is awesome but the bag is not well made. The corner of bag was torn down the day i received it ! i doubt if this is the real fjallraven.

R. Claudia, Virginia says

I do not think it's a real fjallraven bag. Really different from the picture.

N. Perez, Michigan

 this backpack that i ball it's not real it's a fake because the button start falling off the first time i use it. So i decided to take it to an actual store and they told me it's 100% fake. I would never buy from this buyer again i have i would have just spent the extra $30 to buy the real thing. So i actually did buy the real thing in comparison the fabric is a lot thinner and is not waterproof like the real thing. You can see in the the video.

D. Fabian, Massachusetts says

I am so bummed! several friends own and love this backpack, so i decided to order it for my daughter. As soon as the pack arrived, i thought that it looked cheaply made. However, i kept it hoping that it would be as durable as everyone claimed. . Last week, i got a close-up look at a friend's pack and realized that it was made of a different material (far superior quality) to the one i had received. After looking back over the reviews, i realized that i must have received a fake. It's too late to return, but at $50 through online store prime, i would have hoped that this wouldn't happen.

K. Mable, Colorado

This bag ordered through online store prime is a counterfeit bag. I suspected it when i received it so i ordered the same bag directly from fjallraven. Sure enough the material is completely different, much thinner. The stitching inside is very loose and cheap compared to the actual original, the zippers are not nearly as sturdy and rugged and the inside tag does not have the swedish flag on it. Very disappointed in online store lately. I've had issues with untruthful or lack of information in a few of my recent orders. There are so many options out there. I'm done with online store. Cancelling prime, store card, account, just done with poor quality, poor communication and poor customer service.

V. Pamela, Darlington says

Okay so what happened was these backpacks went on a pretty wild sale a while back, and me being incredibly impulsive, saw it (the ox red one was like temporarily 35. 00) and i jumped the gun and bought it. . Only after it had shipped (which was like immediately, like a day after i had purchased it) did someone inform me that it was probably a fake. And yeah, when i rechecked, it was being sold from an outside vendor (so not fjallraven) and shipping from china. Go figure. I figured, well, hopefully when it arrives, at least it will be a decent fake. . And more than a decent fake it was, which is why i gave it 3 stars. 2 stars off because i'm annoyed at online store for putting up fakes under the guise of a "sale". Anyways, when it arrived, and let me mention that i own an actual fjallraven kanken that i purchased from a store, it came with the whole shebang, . I mean like the cardboard fancy tag tied by that woven rope to one of the zippers, the little pamphlet identical to the one i got from the store tucked in the small pocket, even the signature applique felt and looked identical, along with the zippers, fastenings, little engravings on the buttons, etc. . Appearance wise, it was identical to a real one. . But, the second you felt it, you realized instantly that it was a fake. It didn't have the same toughness that the real kanken had. It was very floppy and thin. . However, the reason why i don't mind is because i was just looking for a kanken to be able to throw stuff in and run out in a jiffy, so it was perfect, and since i didn't pay much for it i didn't mind throwing it around. . I've had it for about a couple months now, and it's been doing a pretty good job holding up! i don't regularly put heavy stuff in it, but it does the job. . Anyways, moral of the story, make sure to check who the seller is.

B. Meyer, Florida

Ordered a graphite from seller ringmla and got a fake! watch out for counterfeit items, and look at seller review before purchasing. I ordered again and got a real one from seller brand lineage. Both items were fulfilled by online store, so it doesn't seem to matter in terms of guaranteeing you'll get a real one. Both were prime items as well. When you get this item, look for all of the ways you can guarantee its authenticity such as buttons with wasa on back, quality of material and craftsmanship, correct spelling, multicolor swedish crown printed on tag.

U. Gladys, Northern Territory says

Ordered what i thought would be an authentic bag and received a fake. As another reviewer stated, beware of the seller svilen svilenov. The snaps, backpack material, and poor stitching job were all dead giveaways it was a fake. Bag material felt more like a jansport and had a sheen to it. Authentic kankens are made from polyvinyl. The back of the snaps/buttons had stars rather than the "wasa6" logo like real kankens have. The fox on the snaps were also different. The foam padding had jagged, rough edges. The inside tags lacked the demensions of the bag and were cut and sewn unevenly. I regret not taking photos before i shipped it back for my refund. Hope this helps others out there.

. Alexia, Idaho

Knew i should've just bought it from the actual legit site. And i did after returning this product. Even though it seems so real, it's fake. This producer tried hard on making it the "real deal" but there's still things that give it away that it's a fake. First of all, the kanken badge in the front doesn't reflect like it should as the real one does and the material is very flimsy, thin, and cheap, whereas the real one is very thick and doesn't get dirty easily. One star for effort though.

T. Theresa, Alabama says

Had this backpack for a month and the stitching in the front pocket has already come undone and i now consequently have a hole there, making the front pouch totally unusable. I ve used it every day and only kept headphones, my passport, and maybe a few coins in the pouch. Nothing that should ve caused damage like this so early on. Disappointing. The back straps are also not comfortable so i wouldn t recommend carrying anything too heavy in it. I have a 15 laptop with a herschel case and it doesn t fit with the case, and it s a snug fit if i put just the laptop in without its case. Mostly, i m annoyed that the poor craftsmanship of this backpack has led to a hole making one of its main features totally unusable. Part of me thinks it s the seller because none of my peers with this backpack have had the same tearing that i do on the front pouch, and we re all putting the same things in these backpacks mind you.

G. Cathy, Washington

Ok product, but $70. 00 seems overpriced. I have purchased other outdoor gear such as rei, timbuk2, osprey, patagonia, haiku and this item is just without the creature comforts i have come to love. Like a key fob, bit wider straps to prevent shoulder digging, well made zippers, rounded cornering, and easily clean fabric. You wipe it with a damp rag and the dirt stays and it is a dirt magnet - the fabric shows dust / wear and tear easily, it doesn't have good zippers - they stick regularly when opening / closing due to the square corners, and the straps are a bit too narrow when the pack is loaded. I have a two year old and regularly stuff my basics (wallets, lip balm, cell phone, pen, small notepad, and keys) and then his gear (spare change of clothes, two diapers, wipes, and a receiving blanket) into it - it is adequate in size, but not huge - that is why i bought it. But when you add a water bottle, a few toys, sun glasses, hats, and other misc. Stuff - it gets heavier and then digs into your shoulders. I wanted a comfortable bag, cute color, that wasn't huge (such as my camelbak day pack) that could accommodate my everyday / around town stuff. However, using it is a pain because it is regularly dirty (can't sit on the ground at a park without getting dusty) and the zippers stick due to the sharp cornering and pour layout design. I would have been much happier paying $30. 00 and consider it an alright bag - but it won't cut my long haul usage. I think $70. 00 is too much for an okay style and numerous color options. I would consider other brands.

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