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Price was 129. Our son s favorite christmas present! it was easy to find and download apps. Connecting it to the wifi was also easy. I really liked how much control i had over the content and amount of time my son spends on the device. Another plus is being able to download movies for road trips. However, the only movies i could add were ones i purchased, none for freetime. When i contacted customer service, they gave me the same directions i had been using to add content to my son s profile. The protective case it came with seems very durable and strong. I m very glad we did decide to get the larger tablet.

-A. Joanne

Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Kid-proof Powerful, Full-featured Fire Hd 8 Tablet- 1 Year Of Online Store Freetime Unlimited And A Kid-proof Case-for A Savings Of Up To $144-plus A 2-year Worry-free Guarantee. Content Kids -Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Blue Kid-proof Case

  1. Included: Not A Toy, A Full-featured Fire Hd 8 Tablet With A Vibrant Hd Display, 32 Gb Internal Storage, And Up To 12 Hours Of Mixed-use Battery Life. Add A Microsd Card For Up To 256 Gb Of Expandable Storage.
  2. Included: 2-year Worry-free Guarantee: If They Break It, Return It And We’ll Replace It For Free. No Questions Asked.

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This is our second kids edition fire tablet. The first one was purchased two years ago. The best value with this tablet is the warranty. 5 times the previous tablet was broken by our rambunctious kids but online store replaced it without question and in a timely matter. This edition is even better. Larger screen, faster operation, and more memory. Plus the cost was almost the same as two years ago with all the same added benefits - warranty, year of freetime unlimited, and case. There isn't a better kids tablet on the market and the cherry that tops the whole deal is that it is a full functioning fire tablet. The adults use it to check email, read books, and watch netflix. We will continue to purchase these as long as online store sells them. Best fire hd kids edition tablet hd | -Tablet Review ( Aug 2019 ) Included Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case Up to $144 in savings on fire hd 8 tablet, 1 year of freetime unlimited, and a kid-proof case, plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee. Not a toy, a full-featured fire hd 8 tablet with a vibrant hd display, 32 gb internal storage, and up to 12 hours of mixed-use battery life. add a microsd card for up to 256 gb of expandable storage.. 2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we'll replace it for free. no questions asked.. One year of freetime unlimited gives you access to 15, 000 popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content from pbs kids, nickelodeon, disney, and more. Add even more content to your child's profile in freetime to give them selected access to apps in your personal library, such as netflix, youtube, and minecraft. Best-in-class parental controls allow you to manage usage limits, content access, and educational goals. Parent dashboard with discussion cards enables parents to discover the titles their kids enjoy and connect with them through rich conversations about these titles .

Fire hd 8 kids edition tablet, 8 hd display, 32 gb, blue kid-proof case Review (53 005704)

I pre ordered this for my son so we have had it since it came out now. My son kept fighting with his little brother over the tablet so we decided to buy another one. It just so happened to be when online store was about to release their new version so we went with it. This tablet is a lot bigger than their old version. Some of the lay out is different as well. Took a little time for my toddler to adjust to after we got it because of this. . Pros: the new version has a nice big screen and new easier access to apps and books. It also has the upgraded hd screen for clearness and all around better picture. And it is available in more colors, like the new yellow color. . Cons: sometimes the size of the tablet becomes a hindrance in my opinion. We like to throw it in my purse or diaper bag and it's too large now for my purse and also with it being bigger it also means it weighs more too. Keep that in mind. . Over all it's just as good as the old version of not better. -J. Lewis

Fire Kids Tablet Display Kid Proof

Product Dimensions
Height:0.40 inches
Length:8.40 inches
Weight:0.81 pounds
Width:5.00 inches
Fire OS
Part/Serial Number
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fire hd 8 kids edition tablet, 8 hd display, 32 gb, kid-proof Tablets, powerful, full-featured fire hd 8 tablet-with 1 year of online store freetime unlimited and a kid-proof case-for a savings of up to $144-plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee. content kids crave online store freetime unlimited is the first-ever all-in-one subscription that brings together all the types of content that kids ages 3-12 want, with over 15, 000 books, movies, tv shows, educational apps, and games. fire kids edition includes a year of online store freetime unlimited at no additional cost. built for even the toughest kids each fire kids edition comes with a kid-proof case and a 2-year worry-free guarantee, giving parents peace of mind and kids freedom to play. best-in-class parental controls manage and customize your kids' experience with up to four individual child profiles. set bedtime curfews and employ tighter controls on screen time and content. with learn first, you can block access to videos and games until educational targets such as reading goals are met. while in online store freetime, kids do not have access to social media or the internet, and they can't make in-app purchases. kid-safe browser the web browsing experience keeps out the inappropriate content by using common sense media s and our own expertise to curate over 56, 000 websites, videos, and youtube videos. parents can easily add any websites they would like to add. available on-the-go download your child s favorite videos, apps, and books for access even when you don t have wi-fi. when an internet connection is unavailable, your child will automatically see available content that has been downloaded to their freetime profile. a case designed to protect against big drops the kid-proof case is designed to be the perfect solution for parents who need worry-free protection against drops, bumps, and the typical mayhem caused by kids at play. designed to be durable and lightweight, the kid-proof case fits perfectly in their hands without adding unnecessary weight to the fire tablet. if they break it, return it and we'll replace it. no questions asked. we all know accidents happen. the 2-year worry-free guarantee includes coverage for anything that happens to your fire tablet. just return the tablet and we ll replace it for free. best selection of hits kids love fire kids edition includes a year of online store freetime unlimited at no additional cost. online store freetime unlimited offers over 15, 000 books, movies, tv shows, and educational apps and games featuring kids favorite characters from pbs, nickelodeon, disney, and more. titles are age-appropriate for kids from 3-12. customize what they can see smart filters ensure that your child sees only age-appropriate content, so older kids don t get the baby stuff and younger kids don t see the scary stuff. want to add more content? no problem. in a few clicks, parents can add content to their child s profile to give them selected access to your personal library (e. g. , netflix, youtube or minecraft) in freetime. online store parent dashboard lets parents discover books, videos, educational apps, and games their kids enjoy. discussion cards help parents start conversations and connect with kids about these titles. Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Blue Kid-proof Case (SX034QT-).

Fire Kids Tablet Display Kid Proof Tablets

  • I was hesitant to buy a new tablet after my little monster broke my super old ipad, however, the quality of the fire hd 8 is outstanding. I love that it now has the ability to increase the storage through an sd card, the image resolution is great, the sound quality is my h better than my old kindle 7 and the case is a must because it for the kids. The big ticket for me is the freetime subscription as having my kids watch youtube kids is a big no after having watched some really creepy videos. Freetime allows me to better monitor what they watch and limit the time that they use it. I completely recommend it!
  • Love! . My daughter has been using an iphone for the last few years now and she has been wanting to transition over to a tablet but i wasn't sure which one. After reading/watching reviews on the fire tablet for kids i knew it was the perfect match! we have only been using it for a day but we love it! 1 free yr of free time is amazing because there are so many books/games/apps/videos! the tablet is so light and easy for my daughter to hold w/ a crystal clear screen! i am usually an apple person but this has opened my eyes to maybe considering different brands from now on. Thank you online store!
  • Bought these for my 2 sons to be opened on christmas day. Well once we started loading games it started to freeze up already! then 2 games showed that they already had accounts attached to the device! wth i bought these brand new, how can that be? grrrrrr i bought these because i had so many problems with the fire 7s and kindle supports answers were always this issue happens because you have the lower storage and grade device, if you got the kids edition with the higher storage these problems wouldn t exist! well it still happened just out of the box! imagine the disappointed from a 6 and 8 year old boy, on christmas! several family members took pity on them and pitched in the buy them ipads. I m sending these back! :(
  • Why these things have good reviews i don't know. Right out of package thing felt cheap like the 40 dollar tablets you buy on here from china with 1 star reviews. My son will break it within a week. It takes forever trying to get anything to load or apps to work my son gets frustrated and doesnt even want to use it goes straight back to my ipad. Bought it so he would stop using mine. My 8 inch 5 year old dell tablet is faster and built better than this. Really disappointed online store.
  • Very strange how online store will not let prime members download free prime content for kids to this device to be stored on the tablet for long travel. Since wifi isn't everywhere these days the freetime unlimited is not as useful as being able to download content and view it when in the air or on the road.

fire hd kids edition tablet hd Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Fully controlled content for children. Setting allow parents to turn off any in-app purchases, youtube or other normal internet type activity. It come pre-loaded with age appropriate controlled content (i. E. Tom the tow truck, chugginton, cars, etc). You can turn off/on the ability for your kids to watch videos, books or "characters. " it has a timers you can set for content (i. E. 15 min allowed for videos, unlimited for books). So glad i purchased this and i will renew the free-time unlimited next year even though its pricey.

Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Blue Kid-proof Case
Click to see NoticeFire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Blue Kid-proof Case (53 005704)"I feel like a lot of the bad reviews are from people who do not know what they are doing, or don't fully understand how to use the tablet to its full potential. This tablet does allow you download any app that you would find on the play store! because of the parental features you have to first download them on your parent profile first! i love that about this tablet. Also, i can block the camera and web browser so my child can't access that either! i can put a pass code on pretty much everything like profiles, wifi access, settings, etc. It's really easy to set up and it came almost fully charged so i had plenty of time download what i wanted for my daughter and set it all up before i had to put it on the charger. It does, however, take a bit long to complete charge to 100%, but no big deal. This is a great tablet so far and we are thoroughly enjoying it :)"

(0) Question: Does it have the push ads like all the fires? is there not going to be an option not to have ads?

(1) Question: Is this tablet compatible with the lego boost creative toolbar?

(2) Question: What is the max ultra micro sd that can be installed?

2017 All-New Fire HD 8 / Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Screen Protector - OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector All New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 2017 Release

Omoton - better than you expect! omoton all-new fire hd 8 kids edition tablet tempered glass screen protector for all new fire hd 8 kids edition tablet(7th generation, 2017 released). Not fit any other tablets. Scratch terminator with industry-grade 9h hardness, omoton all-new fire hd 8 kids edition tablet tempered glass earned a good reputation of "scratch terminator". You can say goodbye to any possible scratches by keys, knife or other hard objects. High definition with 99. 99% light transmission ratio, all-new fire hd 8 kids edition tablet glass screen protector provides you with high definition viewing experience with more brightness and less glare. High response sensitivity with only 0. 26mm thickness, all-new fire hd 8 kids edition glass screen protector maintains original high-responsive sensitivity, which ensures quick app launch, smooth game and video playing. Shatter proof over 4 hours hyperthermal tempering operation, all-new fire hd 8 kids edition tempered glass reaches as high as 125mpa compression strength, 5 times higher than regular glass'. Smudge proof with oleophobic and hydrophobic coating on, this glass screen protector largely reduce smudges and fingerprint. Easy to install this screen protector comes with all you'll need for a fast and easy installation. Package includedes: 1x online store all-new fire hd 8 kids edition tempered glass screen protector 1x dust-removal adhesive strip and guide sticker 1x microfiber cloth 1x wet wipes 1x dry wipes 1x user manual

2017 All-New Fire HD 8 / Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Screen Protector - OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector All New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 2017 ReleaseAll-New-Fire-Kids-Screen-Protector

Price :    $10.99
  • Compatibility: with laser-cut technology applied, omoton all-new fire hd 8 kids tempered glass is precisely cut for all-new fire hd 8 and kids edition tablet 8-inch display (2017 release).
  • Bubble free installation: with bubble-free adhesive on, all-new fire hd 8 kids glass screen protector can be stuck to your tablet almost automatically.
  • Scratch resistant: with industry-grade 9h hardness, omoton all-new fire hd 8 kids edition screen protector can effectively protect your all-new fire hd 8 tablet kids edition from accidental scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and other hard objects.
  • Smudge proof: with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on, all-new fire hd 8 kids screen protector largely reduce smudges and fingerprint. you can clean screen of your brand new tablet with just a wipe.
  • High response sensitivity: with 0. 26mm thickness, this tempered glass screen protector maintains original response sensitivity and touchscreen experience.
Brand :    omoton
Color :    Clear
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Screen Protector
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Tablet Accessory (omoton product review) for 2017 All-New Fire HD 8 / Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Screen Protector - OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector All New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 2017 Release available ( Aug 2019 )

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Model :    BP-EX-FD-BLUE-01-K
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Additional features and compatibility: the included 3. 5mm gold plated audio jack works with ipads, kindle, tablets, iphones, samsung, smartphones. they are perfect for use in school in combination with laptops, computers, and other audio devices. all buddyphone explore foldable model headphones also feature an in-line microphone with answering button. travel bag included.
  • Easy sharing: the buddycable includes a patented, built-in audio splitter for sharing with friends without getting tangled. up to 4 buddyphones can be shared in the same device.
  • Always-on volume limiter: volume is limited to a kid safe level of 85 db. this volume level is recommended by the world health organization as the max volume for children.
  • Award-winning design for kids: buddyphones are tailor made for kids, featuring a super durable and bendable housing that is adjustable for a perfect fit. all buddyphones are made with soft and comfortable hypoallergenic padding. the 2 1/2 ft. cable is flat to prevent tangles and the foldable design makes travelling with and storing the headphones as easy as can be. their unique, kid-friendly design has won buddyphones explore foldable numerous awards including the 2017 parent's choice award!
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Price :    $14.50 (was $32.99)
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Headphones (onandoff product review) for Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones - Durable, Comfortable & Customizable - Built in Headphone Splitter In Line Mic - For iPad, Kindle, Computers Tablets - Blue available ( Aug 2019 )

3-Pack Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 7th Gen, 2017 Screen Protector - SuperGuardZ, Anti-Glare, Matte, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Also Fit For Fire HD 8 7th Gen, 2017 Lifetime Replacement

Superguardz screen protectors are made from highest quality optical grade film, which consists five layers: (1) anti finger print coating, (2) anti scratch coating, (3) optical pet layer (4) silicone gel layer that ensures bubble free installation, (5) protection liner. Features: made from highest-quality optical grade pet film installation is very simple, anti-bubble adhesives for easy installation uv protection: reduces eye strain caused by the lcd screen durable anti-scratch film anti-glare/matte: reduce screen glare under strong light sources resistant to finger & grease marks ultra smooth surface: enhance the experience and utilization of touch screen and stylus features no residue when removed package include: 3x premium high quality screen protector 1x installation kit (cleaning wipes + smoothing card) lifetime warranty: at superguardz , we stand behind our products with lifetime warranty. That means, no matter how long you've used it, we offer you a quick, no-hassle replacement or refund if: superguardz products are warranted to the owner against manufacturing defects (e. G. , bubbling or the product does not match your devices) superguardz products encounter wear/tear/scratches under normal use conditions (not including damage caused by drops).

3-Pack Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 7th Gen, 2017 Screen Protector - SuperGuardZ, Anti-Glare, Matte, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Also Fit For Fire HD 8 7th Gen, 2017 Lifetime Replacement3-Pack-Fire-Kids-Screen-Protector

Brand :    superguardz
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Computer Add On (superguardz product review) for 3-Pack Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 7th Gen, 2017 Screen Protector - SuperGuardZ, Anti-Glare, Matte, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Also Fit For Fire HD 8 7th Gen, 2017 Lifetime Replacement available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $7.95 (was $27.95)
  • Anti-glare/matte screen protector minimizes reflections and glare, improves visibility in bright environments, and resists fingerprints
  • Designed for fire hd 8 kids edition (7th gen, 2017 release). also fit for fire hd 8 (7th gen, 2017). superguardz risk-free lifetime replacement warranty. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Anti-scratch: special scratch-resistant coating to protect your device from daily scratches, dust, scrapes, and normal signs of wear
  • Real touch and high sensitivity: no interference with touch screen and provide flawless touchscreen accuracy.
  • Easy anti-bubble installation: made from the highest quality multi-layer optical grade japanese pet film with anti-bubble adhesives

All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Screen Protector - SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet 2017 Release

Sparin tempered-glass screen protector for all-new fire hd 8 ( 2017 release ) easy installation bubble free ultra clear anti scratch perfectly compatible with:all-new fire hd 8 ( 7th generation, 2017 release ) ultra thin design: only 0. 3mm thickness, nearly like add no thickness to this tablet. 2. 5d round edge: the 2. 5d round edge provides more comfortable handle feeling than the right angle edge, comfortable feeling. Installation guide videos: for easier to install this fire hd 8 screen protector, we specially create installation and re-installation videos, please refer these videos information in the user manual. Package included: 1   sparin tempered glass screen protector for all-new fire hd 8 tablet 1   accessories kit

All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Screen Protector - SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet 2017 ReleaseAll-New-Fire-HD-Kids-Protector

Brand :    sparin
Color :    Clear
Size :    8 Inches
Model :    2017 New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Computer Add On (sparin product review) for All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Screen Protector - SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet 2017 Release available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $9.99
  • Specially designed: compatible with all-new fire hd 8 and fire hd 8 kids edition tablet (7th, 2017 release), protect your fire 8 kids tablet's screen perfectly
  • Super smooth: with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, kids fire hd 8 screen protector promises you playing games smoothly and easy to clean the fingerprint
  • Easy installation: the kids fire 8 screen protector can automatically attach to the screen smoothly, hassle-free and bubble-free. when met spot, bubble, or section not adhere, gently peel it off and install again
  • Original view: with its only . 3mm thickness, astonishingly slim and light design, sparin fire kids screen protector brings you the original experience, completely no influence on the touch sensitivity
  • Anti-scratch: with industry-high 9h hardness, sparin fire hd 8 kids screen protector prevents from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard substances

Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Blue Kid-proof Case (53 005704) Price : 129, was : 0 as 2018-01-31
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My husband and i have done all of the research we possibly could into children's tablets. Hours upon hours of research to find a tablet we were comfortable handing to our almost 5 year old. We have held off for litteral years of her begging for her very own tablet. Finally this year, she figured out that santa was the right person to ask to make her tablet dream come true. We found this tablet and were impressed with freeplay and all that it offers. We were impressed by the parental controls on not only the tablet itself but the parental ratings on every app available to her profile. We are inlove with the curfew and activity specific time limits and the ability to customize litterally everything to our parental preferences to lock it down before putting it in her precious hands. Our daughter absolutely loves having the ability to download her own apps and move freely between her own favorites. The rubber case makes holding it a breeze for her small hands and with and added screen protector, there is no worry when she drops it, which hasn't happen just yet, but when it does, this thing will bounce instead of break. Our family is very happy with this tablet, thank you online store for making a common sense, safe, and affordable option for children's tablets!

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(0) Question: Does the fire hd 8 kids edition have a reset port, i. e. is there a hole my child can shove a paperclip into and reset the tablet?

(1) Question: Can you download disney games and videos

(2) Question: What age it is appropriate for?

(3) Question: Is there a compatible external keyboard? my kids need to learn to type.

(4) Question: Can you download programs such as go math or reading a- z razkids?

(5) Question: It says you can download apps, games, and books , what about movies ?

(6) Question: Can i download shows on here to watch when we are not at home under wifi? like at big sisters games?

(7) Question: What if we buy now and save for christmas . does the online store free time unlimited and warranty start as soon as you purchase?

(8) Question: Can youtube kids be downloaded on this?

(9) Question: Can i see my videos

(10) Question: Does it have alexa like the regular one?

(11) Question: What ages is this good for?

(12) Question: Does this have "google play? !

(13) Question: Can i download netflix and youtube on this? is there mickey mouse games/shows on this?

(14) Question: Anyone else have a problem with the chargers? it s only my kid addition chargers that are being weird.

(15) Question: If i gift and it breaks will the receipient be able to exchange it using the 2 year worry-free warranty or will they need my account information?

(16) Question: Is there a way to get lexia core on the fire hd8?

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Our toddler loves the new kiddie kindle, but there are some oddities to operating it. . When you are away from your wifi network, not all of the icons show up. We downloaded a bunch of games/apps before a trip, but couldn t tell what any of them were on the home screen once we were out there. We had to click different ones and hope it was the game we were looking for, or go back if it wasn t. They all popped right back when we got back home, but it sure is annoying when you re out and about! also, we thought we figured out how to download video content to the device memory before we left, but none of it actually downloaded because we hadn t gone in and started watching any or them. Plus, they would only be available for two days. How does that entertain a kid for a two week trip? ! ? . . On the plus side, the content we ve tried so far has been great! she loves the interactive disney books, puzzles, and daniel the tiger games. And pet dr. We like knowing that she won t inadvertently land on porn or delete the entire contents of our cell phones. Also, the kid-proof case has already been tested several times and passed with flying colors.

Computers & Accessories 669145, Computers & Tablets 11071669831, Electronics 282271, Tablets 1107952321Top Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8 Hd Display, 32 Gb, Blue Kid-proof Case (53 005704) FAQ Content

Best fire hd 8 kids edition tablet, 8 hd display, 32 gb, blue kid-proof case (53 005704) in review

Our daughter loves this tablet! there are so many great, kid friendly games available for it. The fire keeps her attention well and is excellent for car rides. The battery life has been good, however it is rather slow to charge up compared to other tablets out there. The charging port is a little difficult to use due to how deep the cover is. It is also difficult to plug in headphones due to the cover; most often the headphone jack needs to be put in just a certain way or it will not be able to plug in all the way. Could just be the style of head pone cord we have too. I am somewhat disappointed that in order for kids to access audible books, the profile needs to be changed to the parent's profile. It's been very sturdy so far, enduring several falls on to tile and wood floors. The padded cover really helps. I really like the 1 year replacement feature. Kids can be quite rough with electronics.

. Taylor, New Hampshire

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E. Elanor, Ealing says

I bought two of these. One for my 9 year old and another for my 2 year old. I know it has a warranty so i'm good! i know 2 is young for a online store fire but we had got her started on abc mouse. Com and she loves the site. She kept getting finger prints and stuff on mine ad my husbands ipads and then the phone and so on. So we decide for christmas we would get this to help her learn. She really likes it and gets to play her app ( with supervision always of course ) plays her app and has fun with out the worry. My 9 year old gets to play her online store fire with out the worry of you tube and facebook. That kinda stuff is just not 9 year old appropriate. She doesn't need social media just some kid games and fun kid videos like pepa pig and bubble guppies. The parent controls are the best also. We control everything and there isnt anything they can do about it :-) thank you online store

B. Michele, Iowa

Bought for my 7 year old grandson for xmas and he hasn't put it down since. He told me i'm the best poppy in the world so i guess it's worth every penny. I bought it on sale and 5 payments no interest which was a plus. His mom is very computer literate and she said it was very easy to set up and download many free apps. The only one she paid for was minecraft. You tube and netflix also was simple. The sturdy case also made it a good buy with extra memory and no question 2 year warranty. Just get it for your child/grandchild.

K. Wanda, Georgia says

I am very happy with this purchase. I love that ican customize which content is available to my child. I can also block the ability to download apps, games, etc. I m not very tech savvy. But with this tablet, i don t need to be. I ve come to terms with the fact that kids these days use technology in their daily lives. My kindergartner uses tablets daily at school. I was able to download the learning app that they use in class. With parental controls, i can block all social media. Through the online store app, we can download books and games that are age appropriate.

O. Kellie, Vermont

I love the tablet but the issue is that i bought two and only one isn't functioning properly. My 9 year old son's blue one works excellently but my 3 year old daughters pink one tends to freeze up causing us to have to reboot. Some of the games on free time will not load for her either. She gets very frustrated as she doesn't understand why it won't work like her brothers. I plan to exchange hers for a replacement soon so thank goodness that it comes with a 2 year no questions asked warranty. The battery life is fair on this device. I'd say about 5 to 6 hours but it takes a good 2 hours (or more) to fully charge. Another complaint i have is that i can't figure out how to load netflix onto my children's profiles. I have a profile as the device prompts the parent to create one but i don't much care for my children having to use my profile to access netflix (which i already have set up with parental controls so i wouldn't think it should be an issue to down load it to their profiles. ) that's a big one for me. The free time is very cool with so many items to choose from. Overall i give a 4 simply due to the issues with my daughters tablet (which we've had for less than a month. ) otherwise this is a super cool and unrivaled tablet and we've had many. The only one that comes close is the ipad but as easy as it is to use. It's not as easy for young children as the fire kid's edition. Also, the price difference between the two devices is just too drastic not to choose the fire hd 8 kids edition tablet. The fire will last longer (if there aren't technical issues with it upon purchase) than any apple device period! i've had a fire tablet for 8 years that's still working perfectly. I pretty much only use it for reading and internet searches every blue moon but still. No other tablet last that long.

. Gladys, Brighton and Hove says

Bought during sale and definitely worth it. Kids love having their own devices and i love knowing that there is a 2 year warranty. Online store did a great job with the setup in that it took maybe a minute or two to set it up and the kids were off and running. Different color cases help each kid know which is theirs. Really well done! . . Parental controls are good, but could be great. If there was a way to enter a parental override to allow extra time on a one time basis without switching to parent account, changing the amt, and then remembering to switch it back later.

S. Paula, Colorado

This is a great tablet! we purchase 3 and for our children and sometimes i have to tell my husband to give my daughter s tablet back to her because he likes to use it as well. I love the durability and quality, i have children ages 9, 7 and 3 and durability is so important and this product delivers! . The children loved the colors of the cases that came with the tablets. All three colors are vibrant and fun! . So much they can learn and do with these tablets! . Very pleased and would 100 percent purchase again! . (we have bought other brand tablets in the past and they don t compare to the fire hd 8 tablet! ). Pnemonminal product!

V. Florence, North Somerset says

This is so great for kids! i love being able to set time limits and being able to block games until the educational part is completed! . After using this product for a few weeks, we are still very pleased with it! i would make a few suggestions though. The time limits you set are for the whole day. So, if i set apps for an hour, my grandson can play for a solid hour before it stops him. I sometimes get busy and forget to stop him earlier than the time limit. Thus, i have learned to set smaller time limits and then i can modify the time when we hit that point.

X. Cunningham, Michigan

I bought this for my 2 year old daughter, since she is always playing with my ipad. I am so happy with this purchase. There is so much kid friendly content including books, games, videos, and other interactive apps. There is even a game to help daniel tiger go potty. This is great because i m potty training her right now! my 6 year old loves it too. Whenever his sister isn t playing it, he reads books and plays games as well. Now he wants one too! great purchase for the price!

H. Sherry, Thurrock says

I got the 2 pack bundle (yellow and pink) for my girls. They are 6 and almost 4. Both love playing on the tablet and can do by themselves. I love how they suggest apps for kids based on age. I think the apps available are great! they have the kids unlimited access right now i will probley keep it for at least a few years. I work let me kids have alot of tablet time i prefer they have pretend play (barbies, shopkins, cars, legos) but they do need to learn it. I like that i don't have to look over their shoulder and make sure they are in kid safe programs. My 6 year old does read some of the books on there my 3 year old will flip the pages and make up stories to the photos. I feel they are durable and have good battery life. They came play on them a few hour easily most of the time when we put them up they have over half the battery life.

F. Shayna, Pennsylvania

After researching other tablets like leappad and others we went with this for my 3 year old and i could not be more happy with it. He wanted something like his much older brothers ipod touch. He can operate it mostly himself, there are a million age appropriate apps, videos and books through freetime and it s all filtered for me, plus time limits etc. I don t have to worry if he s accessing something he shouldn t. Learning games, puzzle games, counting, alphabet, mazes etc and all with his favorite characters. You can also add online videos to your child s profile, from youtube through the parent profile, and they can watch individual videos you ve approved of. Interface is kid friendly, using colors and shapes to guide them through the games and using the tablet. I can already tell things that he s learned from the games. Freetime has so much to offer i haven t had to download individual apps yet at all, which is fantastic. This thing is awesome, and for the price with the warranty and a year of free time included? ! ? the foam case is amazing. It literally bounces if it s dropped. Definitely get this. Easy set up, it guides you through the process and it takes less than 10 minutes. Plus, with the adult profile, it s a regular tablet so the whole family can use it. I can not say enough good things about this.

. Terry, Montana says

We got this the day it came out. I have a four year old daughter, and she loves it! we have an ipad for her, but it was getting very expensive because so many of the games have buttons that you can click which then tell you about things you need to buy and she would have to have them. This tablet restricts all in app purchasing. Yay! we tried the older version of this tablet but it kept freezing and did not perform well. But so far, this one works well. I have two requests to online store, and i am hoping that someone from online store reads my review so they can make this change. Please change online store freetime so that it puts the story apps that are under apps into the books sections. There are many wonderful stories that are read out loud but they are in the apps section instead of the books section, so then when i restrict her tablet to books only, she can't access them. I would love it so much if you they would fix this. A few examples of the stories she can't access when i restrict her to books because they are considers apps are the following: nighty night! , charlie brown's, the berenstain bears, and dino-store story. The other recommendation i have is to please hide from view the activities that are restricted. As it is now, she can see all the apps but gets an error message when she selects them. I really like this product, and i think it so great for children. It just needs a few little improvements to the freetime interface.

G. Ruff, Florida says

I bought this for my 2 yr old son for christmas. He's still at the stage of learning (quickly) about being purposeful in his clicking. He's amazed me at just how quickly he's learning. I usually let him have 15-20 mins in the morning and again after dinner. I love the freetime app and that he cannot get out of it. However, i wish it needed a password to get into the settings (such as wifi). I also wish i could set the volume (or at least a max volume). But these are small issues in my opinion.

R. Maria, Sheffield

We have a 4 and 6 year old who had the 7" models and they love them. Of course when these went on sale and i read they have a longer battery life i thought to myself what in life could be better than these amazing little babysitters - bigger ones with better batteries omg! . . On a serious note the little app store has more than enough stuff to keep them going and off youtube. If you have been reading about what is going on on youtube you will know why these are so much better than a regular tablet. Online store keeps them inside their little play world and there is more than enough licensed content to keep them going forever. They have disney, nickelodeon and all the good stuff.

. Rita, Maryland says

I bought this for my 10 year and almost 4 year old for christmas. They absolutely love it! they love reading their books, playing games and watching videos. And most of all, they love that it's all theirs. They don't have to share it with anyone. They use to fight over my tablet, but no more. This tablet works great! no issues so far. I like that it's flexible. I'm glad that's it's good for a younger child and a older one. You can adjust it that way.

W. Cortney, Queensland

This has been the best purchase ever! we got it as a christmas gift for our 4-year-old and she loves it and so do i. We had been researching leap pads for about two months with mixed reviews. At the last minute we decided to go for the fire tablet since there are no cartridges and the ad says it s really hardy and could be dropped (to some degree) without damage. . It was amazingly easy to turn it on and get it started and i am still in shock that it came with a year s worth of online store freetime unlimited so you can download nearly any app or show that you can possibly think of. And it comes with a 2-year, no questions asked warranty if it breaks or something goes wrong. . It has parental controls so we can set it to turn off after a certain period of time and we are using it to help teach her reading and writing skills with learning apps. She also loves the other fun apps and has picked up all the tech quickly given this is her first piece of technology. . It s been dropped a few times with no issues at all and seems to have proved it s quality. We are so happy with this purchase, i can t wait for my 2-year-old s birthday so i can get her one too!

Z. Paige, Utah says

It was easy to set up. The case is thick enough to give you peace of mind about breakage. The kids have absolutely learned everything they need to use the tablet in less than an hour. I do recommend that you also buy the glass screen cover by supershieldz as further protection for scratches. Nothing has happened to the tablet and it does have the 2 year warranty with it, but just like your cellphone, things happen. This is just an extra step to protect it. I'm sure we all know how upset the kids would be if they have to wait for it to come back due to damage. I am thinking of getting a fire 8 for myself now. As clumsy as i can be, i may get it in the kids edition for extra protection!

P. Carmen, Cumbria

Bought this for my 3-1/2 yo lo in pink of course for christmas. And she loves it. She is really into disney princesses and hello kitty. It has lots of kid friendly content like games, storytime, e-books and learning apps. , plus i can give her limited time if she wants to watch youtube. Plus if you are an android head, there are workarounds to load play. The best thing other than access to content for 2 years is the 2 years no questions asked guarantee. Sure it could use more storage, memory and hd screen. But for the extra discount i got for black friday on online store, i can live without that. Plus my daughter doesn't mind at all. Thanks again!

. Josephine, Mississippi says

I must say i am very impress with this device i decided to get this for my 6yr old who would go back and forth with her sister who currently had an ipad and i wanted something that was less expensive would give her the option to learn and play with enough storage and sutable for her age this has impressed me far beyond what i thought i love the options to set learning or reading and then games and video i really enjoy the free time it s perfect for kids my oldest tends to make her way and get her sisters online store tab i wish i would have started her out with this first!

M. Kimberly, Wandsworth

I purchased 2 of these and let me start with parents if you're on the fence on if you should buy them or not. Just do it ! we've had these a total of 7 hours but i can already tell it's worth it ! the set up was a breeze ! the free time is great ! they have so many options to choose from. I downloaded youtube for kids and netflix on my profile and easily added it to there's. So far i have no complaints!

L. Smith, Cornwall says

I purchased these for our kids to upgrade from their original kindle fires that are still working great. Just less storage on those and smaller. I got two of these on cyber monday for a bundle in buying 2. My kids love them! they have more space and it's a larger screen. I will note that i have an original 8" fire tablet for myself that is still working great. I put that up against the new model. These are a bit more narrow that the original. My kids love them!

I. Parker, Herefordshire

The fire hd 8 kids tablet is essentially an hd 8 with the kids cover, freetime, and a 2 year warranty. There are a lot of improvements over the previous kids edition tablet such as dual band wifi, higher quality 720p screen, dolby stereo speakers, double the storage, and increased battery life. Freetime has a wealth of content, and it includes a kid-safe web browser that will only load sites that are whitelisted by you or online store. If you don't want your child using the browser or camera then both can be turned off. You can also restrict access to certain categories, set time limits, and view what your children are watching and reading with the parent dashboard. After the first year there is a nominal fee to continue using the service. . As far as cons i would like to see all content be available for download and viewed offline since accessible content is limited if you do not have wifi. I also think the interface could use a little polishing as the navigation can be clunky at times. Finally, once you move outdoors the screen could wash out in the sun due to limited brightness. I also think there should be a volume limiter without having to find a functional app. With all of that in mind i'm taking off one star. . Tips:. . - hold your finger down on an item to see if download is an option. If so then it can be accessed without wifi for at least 48 hrs before you need to reconnect. - you can view purchased online store videos offline when not connected to wifi. Switch to your adult profile and download the video(s). Now go into settings, profiles and family library, select your child profile, add content, videos, and select your videos. - you can sideload google play on the adult profile and gain access to even more apps such as youtube kids. - you can set freetime to only allow entertainment content after daily educational goals have been met.

T. Erin, Manitoba says

I didn t really want to buy a tablet for my 19 month old daughter but since she already knows how to use a device better than either myself or my husband (bypasses the passwords and finger print access every time) and she suffers from motion sickness in the car, it seemed useful for car journeys. Works a treat, if she s watching something to keep her focused she doesn t get sick. It s pretty staggering to see a tiny child navigate a device so effortlessly, so i appreciate the parental settings to avoid accidental purchases, downloads and access to things i don t want her to have. This has already be thrown around quite a bit and the case is incredible, can t see this ever getting broken

. Jackson, Arkansas

So i have 2 boys a 6 years old and a 3 year old, they used to share one ipad before and i was planning on buying another one so they could have their own. We are apple users, everything in my house and office are apple but seriously when i went to the apple store ro buy an ipad i just felt it was sooo much money for a gadget that my kids throw everywhere, sit on top, etc. So i decided to do some research and found the online store fire 8 kids version to be an interesting option. For the price of one ipad mini i could get 2 fire hd8 and still save money, so i was like i ll try . Seriously, as soon as i started setting it up i love how everything was so easy and how they separate the content that will be displayed to each kid based on age. A lot of free games, tv shows and movies and the best are the disney ones, my kids love disney. The content is free for the first year and then you pay $2. 99 per month (the price of one single app on the apple store). . On wifi, you get the whole set of free shows and stuff and for on the go stuff, i downloaded a bunch of tv shows and games for free with my prime membership. . My kids would ask for new games all the time for their ipad and now they couldn t believe their eyes when they saw all that selection available for them. . I definitely recommend this product!

N. Anonymous, Rutland says

Excellent christmas gift for my 9 year old daughter. Very happy with the ability to control the amount of screen time she has, you can set limits for which applications the child can use and limit what time of day the tablet can be used. I set my daughter to have one hour of game time but unlimited book time and she's loving it. Combined with the one year of unlimited kindle books and apps this is an incredible learning tool that kids will enjoy using. The case is easy to take off (i only did so to install a screen protector) and put back on and keeps the kindle safe and sound. Highly recommend

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

B. Eleanor, Alaska says

Fire os is very buggy. Many times, things selected in prime reading will download but fail to load. It seems after some time has passed, some of the magazine that i "borrowed" from the prime reading selection would need to be redownloaded again. . The "books" app that comes preloaded would fail to load, when it does, nothing seems to fix it except for wiping it and letting it restore to the original state, which after you have the tablett set up the way you like it, it's like playing 52-pickup each time, since backing up your profile doesn't restore it 100% of settings and the way it used to be. . From a technical standpoint, this tablet does play online store videos, but from what i can see, it's just barely powerful enough to play those videos since the cheapie mediatek chipset inside has a hardware codec that can decode it. For all other things such as a browser (if you're not using silk), it's severely underpowered. . I bought this mainly for the warranty. Without it, i would rather have bought a cheapie x86 8 or 10inch tablet that can be had for the same price from an online chinese goods store. An x86 based tablet in the same price range would blow this thing out of the water. I know this since i have another 8-inch, x86, windows 10/android (dual boot), tablet that makes this tablet look like a joke. . Even though the case is soft and rubbery, no kickstand makes it super annoying. Try making it stand up in a restaurant without a kickstand for your kids with whatever is on the table. I usually have to back it with something heavier like my phone, which defeats the purpose of buying this to free my phone.

K. Smith, Saskatchewan

Listen, there are aspects of this tablet that can't be beat. The battery life is awesome, the case is rugged, storage is great, and the content library in freetime unlimited is unbeatable. . However, this is heavily advertised as having great parental controls, including the freedom to block content until educational goals are met. That statement should have a huge asterisk, because you can't ever block any content that is designated as educational (as opposed to entertainment). And guess what? the entire freetime unlimited library is designated as educational. . What this means is, even if i want my 7 year old to read for 15 minutes before accessing apps, and set a goal for all other content to be blocked until that goal is achieved, he is still able to access the entire app library of his freetime unlimited subscription. You know, the one that came as a 1-year trial with the device. . The only way around this, and the way that i was directed by kindle support to enforce the reading goal, is to manually block access to apps, have my child hand me the device after he meets his goal, unblock the apps, and then re-block them for the next day. Are you serious. . I hope others find this review and read it, because it is not something online store is forthcoming with. I spent over half an hour with two support representatives and two screen shares to learn this limitation. . Also, the way that children's content is managed in the parent profile is not very intuitive and requires a learning curve. But good luck getting an answer if you need help - their support team is pretty weak until you find a unicorn.

Z. Stacey, Essex says

Purchased this for our 15month old son for multiple trips we ll be taking this year. Since we will be traveling, i wanted a device i could utilize in airplane mode or without wifi for watching movies or tv shows, kid apps & games were a plus. . Unfortunately, this tablet is not going to work for that purpose. The only videos that can be added to the kids profile for offline viewing are ones that we purchased directly from online store. If we wanted him to be able to watch the prime videos we ve downloaded (like daniel tiger, that we get with our paid prime membership), then that can only be done under the parents profile, which to me, defeats the purpose of having a kids profile to begin with. So, i decided i could live with switching over to the parents profile just for movies. Then, i downloaded the movies anywhere app so that we could access all our purchased movies in one place and download through one app, however, movies anywhere for this tablet does not currently allow for downloading for offline viewing. So, since the main reason i purchased was for a kid-friendly tablet that could be used to watch videos in offline mode, and i can t do that, i will be returning it. . Seems like the product would be great for kids who will be using the tablet with wifi 99% of the time. I know i m new to parenting, but that doesn t seem like a reasonable use case for a product like this!

Y. Rowe, Poitou-Charentes

Great device but videos and prime services don't work outside the us which defeated the purpose. I bought it for my daughter to watch the videos and unfortunately, they don't work

. Anonymous, Oklahoma says

We needed to upgrade our old ipad and bought both our girls their own kindle tablet for christmas. I love how durable it is, and how long the battery lasts, and how easy it is to use. I also love that i can set age limits and times for how much they can read books vs watch videos and an overall time for the day. I don t like that it doesn t read books for the kids (which makes it really hard for a younger non-reader! ). I like that it comes with so many options for books, videos and apps preloaded onto it, but the kids have access to all of them and if you want to restrict what they see/do you have to manually remove things 1 at a time. It s very time consuming and i really prefer the apple ipad for adding things that i actually want instead of removing all the junk that came with this. You have the option of selecting that kids have to do educational things before entertainment, but you can t select which apps and videos you qualify as educational vs entertainment - and a lot of apps have a super loose definition of what is educational (for example i want them to work on math, not paint puppy toe nails because it works with colors. Basically, i want a lot more control over what my kids see and play with. And seriously, why won t it read the books? ! ?

L. Diana, Kirklees

We had many problems with this tablet and eventually sent it back for a refund. My sister purchased the kids edition fire for my daughter off her account. She, however, did not select "this is a gift" and the tablet comes preregistered under the account it is purchased from so after chatting with online store for hours, i was told they could not transfer the year of freetime to me because it was purchased off her account. So the first tablet had to be sent back and wait for another one, ordered off my account, to be sent to me. When i received the new tablet there were so many restrictions on the kids account that i finally gave up. I am pretty tech savvy, more so with apple, but after watching many many tutorials i was only successful with putting youtube kids on the parent account and could never get it to the child account. I have since ordered a levono tab 4 and we absolutely love it! it also has a child profile but with the google play store so you can put what apps you want. If you want a good kids tablet with access to the playstore i would recommend skipping the online store fire and going to the levono tab 4.

U. Evelyn, Walsall says

Not liking it. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra 1-200 and get them an ipad. Will grow with them smoothly over the next few years. This is annoying to navigate and doesn't offer youtube kids. Give me a break. It's the fire 8. Not 7, not 6. Too many annoying quirks for my son. He gets annoyed and wants my phone. The purpose of this was to be able to give him some educational leisure and at times to occupy his attention. So far we find the apps offered dull, not fun, and at times annoying. I also don't like the small touch screen icon to navigate back. Just add a button. It's much easier for children to push the button. Maybe my son is just more used to the ipad in which case my opinion of the fire tablet is biased, but so far i'm not liking it and neither is he. It seems dated right out of the box. Just my 2 cents.

D. Taylor, Kansas

We got this as a present for my daughter for christmas. It would not turn on. Tried the hard restart multiple times, didn't work. So i have to pay $8. 50 to send it back and only get reimbursed $4. So i'm in the hole 4. 5 bucks because online store can't qc their own products. I've never had a problem like this before, but it makes me think their product quality is being diminished over time. Really disappointed.

W. Courtney, Kent says

I bought this as an "upgrade" to a last gen fire hd kids edition which couldn't run many apps without stuttering and lagging. Many tears and re-installs later, i took the path of least resistance and just bought a newer device. When i went to set up the new device, most of the problem apps on the older gen fire are not available or incompatible with it. How do you explain this to a young kid?

E. Pearson, Louisiana

I bought this product on september 21, 2017 for my one of my daughters because i didn't want to buy them an ipad because i wanted something with limited internet access and more parental control. Unfortunately, this product one of two which i bought is not working properly. The problem began days after setting it up, it shuts down while the battery is still fully charged, and when i finally get it to turn back on it has completely erased all the apps and data which i have added into the product . I've gotten support from online store which is something i can do myself without their help by following the steps they provide on the online store website. Unfortunately this only helps for about two days and the problem occurs again. I have tried to contact online store countless times on this and try to replace the product, but unfortunately all i get is wait time. Which surprises me because online store actually holds the best customer service.

N. Broyles, Saarland says

Purchased two of them mainly for travel with the kids. Unlike our ipads, these are highly dependent on a constant internet connection as ipad apps mostly work and then you have lots of videos. On fire, apps don't fully download when purchased and you can't tell it but can't be used. Loaded with online store ads and is very limited outside the online store walled world. It looks like it has lots of things loaded and useable but when you get to a no internet environment it is just a brick. Awkward interface, limited onboard memory, free time is to difficult and time consuming to use. If you want to stream video on, for example, delta airlines gogo inflight system there is no app and is totally incompatible, a source of great unhappiness for my kids who fought over the ipads for the whole trip.

M. Sheila, Newcastle upon Tyne

My child likes to access websites like nick jr, disney, sprout, and pbskids. None of these sites are online store approved for the freetime browser. The freetime browser is pretty much useless then if it can t access those innocent child websites. I m the parent; i m pretty sure i can approve on my own what s appropriate for my child. Freetime is cool for like 4 yr. Olds. If i buy something, i don t like being told what i can and can t do with it. I refuse to give more than one star until child appropriate websites are allowed in freetime.

. Franklin, Basse-Normandie says

I was excited when i opened the package. It s pretty and looks a lot like my phone so i knew the kids would enjoy it. And i have to say the product itself is fine. I got a good deal on it so it was less than the kids leappads and had better games (if you don t go to the kids side). But my son dropped it twice and it scrambled the inside? ! ? ! ? when i called for help i got an awesome guy on the phone who after figuring out it probably couldn t be fixed told me that since it happened within 30 days i would get a new not refurbished tablet. Yeah, that didn t happen. I got a refurbished one and a different rep who actually said to me it s just like having a new one when i called to inquire (it wouldn t turn on ) had to do a hard reset . News flash online store. Gently used. Refurbished. Only one owner. These things are not synonymous with new. My issue is the same as other buyers. The warranty is not what it says it is and as i ve had two now a total of less than a month i am no longer delusional enough to suggest this product to any hard working american that doesn t have money to piss in the wind.

F. Alberta, Northern Territory

This tablet is awesome until your kid starts to have trouble sleeping. It has a way to decrease the "blue light" that interrupts melatonin production, but it's only available on the adult profile of your child's tablet.

R. Susan, Aquitaine says

We are coming from ipad mini that allows more control (guided access enabled! common online store) that gives us more control of locking into an application or a movie. From what i have found so far, this does not allow that. We got these for our two year old twins to watch a movie on and play with some simple apps. Also as a psa folks, they don't get it often, but sometimes when their nearly five year old sister has something they want, it is nice to stop the screaming to hand something over and stop the screaming. . On a positive, the provided online store stuff is great and the screen is great. I do wish there was some way to prop it up on a flat surface.

V. Nees, Minnesota

I really do loves these for the kids but there is two big problems i have. . Problem 1: if you are not connected to the internet the icons for the games in freetime will not show up. This makes no sense to me since you download the game the icon should appear regardless, but they do not. Sometimes they stay but it is not consistent. (i included pictures of missing icons. ) this is also a pain when in the car on a road trip with no internet. Or if you do not want them to have internet and they have to earn more games which is something else we do. . Problem 2: i bought these for my 5 and 3 year old. The old tablet we had with freetime (about 2 years ago) would automatically save the game you downloaded to the home screen. The newer version does not save the game there( i called and found out they removed this option). You have to hold the icon and then click add to home. This is a problem with my 3 year old. He does not understand you have to do this so will download a game and not be able to find it. You then have to search through all the apps to find which one has a check mark and add it to the home. I wish they would make this a feature i could turn on. . I did not like the case they came in, they are a bit big and bulky. There are smaller cases that work just as well. This is really just an annoyance when we are going somewhere because it is more space. . The good: i love the fact you can choose an age range, although i wish there was a feature to allow parents to get rid of games we still don't like. . You can add games to the sd card if the app allows which is great. Also you can put movies on the sd card which is why we upgraded and got this one. The sd card is a huge bonus. . I would def. Go with the 32gb since more apps these days arent allowing to be moved to the sd card. Plus you can use it for yourself. . The parent controls are good, we have set times when are kids are allowed to play so i dont use the timers right now. . I would definitely recommend this but know you may need to help here or there and hard restarts are sometimes required to get everything back up and running right. . Customer service is a hit or miss, they are reading from a screen and troubleshooting which you can do on your own. 90% of the time their solution is to do a factory reset.

A. Nancy, Derby says

I bought this tablet so that my kids could access gogoinflight while flying and watch movies. It turns out that the only browser on this tablet is silk, and gogoinflight is not compatible with silk. I gave this a 1-star rating so that people would see the comment about the browser, but i feel a bit bad about doing so, because other than the browser issue, this is a really nice tablet. You can download a lot of great movies and games onto it, and the hard case provides fantastic protection against a 3-year-old in the height of a tantrum. I decided to keep the tablet and pre-load it with activities before the flight.

I. Gina, Wolverhampton

The tablet itself is fine, but freetime unlimited is very difficult to set up for a young child. I spent over an hour on an online chat with customer service (have the transcript), and was transferred to two additional departments (digital department and specialist team), just for asking for a list that describes the content of the apps available on freetime that could be looked at on my computer monitor. The answer was there isn't one. All that's available are the tiny icons on the tablet itself. No titles on most of them, and no descriptions on any of them. No easy way to block all content (had to find out how to do that here ) and then find and add what you want the child to use. . Since someone from online store approves reviews before they're posted, maybe they could send some suggestions to the freetime unlimited team, especially for younger children who only use them in airplane mode:. . Add a refine by feature to the apps for kids, books, and video sections on online store for freetime, so the adult can see what's available for their age group and read descriptions and reviews. Maybe have a banner on them the way they mark prime videos, and whether they can be downloaded for use offline. . The tablets are already attached to the adult account, and apps not included in freetime can be sent to them from your pc. It would be nice if there was a simple way to block all content and then choose what you want to send to the tablet to download the same way.

O. Anderson, Idaho says

I love that this tablet is bigger than my son's original 7 inch one. I also love the free time and the variety of apps it includes. . Onto the bad, directly out of the box the charger has to be propped up in a very exact position for it to charge the tablet. Also, the tablet will randomly shut itself off. My son will think it's died and ask for it to be plugged in and everytime i check it's between 30 and 50% powered still. I only upgraded my son's tablet because his 7inch had the same problem with the power cord needing to be propped up after 10 months of use and figured it made sense to upgrade it and get another year of the free time instead of getting it fixed and paying for the free time anyway. I'm beginning to regret the decision.

H. Moore, Halton

We bought this because our ipad2 died and the 3. 5yo needed something. We thought this would be a great replacement product. Pros were it was great for her to handle, and had a lot of content. Con was we did not think it was nearly as intuitive as the apple products but that aside and learn how to use it. The biggest con however was it would not charge after it's first full discharge down to 0% battery. We left it hooked up over 8 hours multiple occasions with the kindle charger and other micro usb chargers and various outlets. Both adults tried. We were willing to exchange the product and try again but online store apparently only returns this item. The ability to return has been great with online store's customer service, we just wish the product was as good.

C. Benton, Alabama says

This tablet is very patchy in its ability to use apps and provide functionality. We have spent over 2 hours. 2 hours! talking to online store on the phone about how to (1) download the app for the dash robot; (2) get music apps to work in a kids' profile; (3) resolve glitch issues with a kid profile where an old fire was interfering with our ability to register for the freetime service. It was exactly the same when we bought the first fire: superb tech, horrible customer interface. *please: if you got this for your kids for the holidays, call online store at least 24 hours before you need to use it because you could be on the phone for a very long time. *. We're just trying to get through the 'out of us hours' online store customer service phone service now (12. 40am, having started the process at 8pm). The customer service people are very friendly, but it takes forever to get anything beyond the absolute basics done. There is a real communication barrier, but we have to get this done because the kids are home all day tomorrow and we won't have any privacy to set up their gifts.

. Finch, Michigan

I find this to be the feature to give parents full control, without headphones! my 3 year old, i have it strictly stuck to 6 days a week for learning, and she it learning very fast. However, she's also destroying her ears! i'm 28, and my tendinitis has severely increased since she was given it a few months back. It has destroyed my hearing from the speakers, so i can only imagine what it's doing to her ears since she's got it right on her lap! i have to yell for her attention now, or she can't hear me. There's no volume block except for headphones. I am not going to give her head phones to have the sound waves trapped traveling back and fourth to the ear drum, the headphone, until each wave has diminished. Had i known, i would have never done this to my child, especially since i lost my hearing from loud speakers.

Q. Harrison, Luton says

This is the third time i purchase this tablet because it s great for kids, free time is awesome and so is the 2 year guarantee it comes with. Want to know what sucks though? ! the charger and the battery life. I got this less than 2 weeks ago and it already stopped charging. These tablets are very particular and will only charge with its original charger. Although this is true it has now stopped charging with its original online store charger and won t charge with anything else either. This has been the struggle with all of these tablets. I literally have two others just sitting here, because they will not charge. Other than that not so minor issue, the tablet is pretty great.

. Rose, Rotherham

We just bought this tablet to give to our son for his 2nd birthday in august. He loves watching nursery rhymes and "old macdonald" videos on youtube kids and i'm tired of him using my ipad. At this point that's all he really needs it for, but in the future i'm sure he'll find other features of this tablet appealing too. The freetime has alot of content. I think this will be useful when he gets older, but right now it's very overwhelming. There are a lot of things apps/videos/books that he really will not even use at this point in time since he's so young, and i find it frustrating that you can't take all of it off and just add the few apps you want onto the kids profile. I'm worried he will get very frustrated and just throw a fit because he won't be able to find the couple apps he wants. I did find a way to "condense" a lot of the content, but i cannot entirely take it off for the time being so he's going to have to learn to scroll through them. I'm also very frustrated with the version of the tubekids app that online store/the fire tablet offers. It is very hard to navigate (especially for kids), and since it is one of the main reasons i bought a tablet for my son, its a bit frustrating. (please update this app, please! ) one other comment i will make is that the apps load slower and i'm finding a lot of ads when you open up the apps in the freetime profile. . Overall, i think this tablet will serve its need for our son, but it will just take some getting used to and will probably be easier to navigate when my son gets older.

. Bertie, Kansas says

I'm fairly surprised that online store have put this forward given the limitations and what's available on other devices. . Pros:. 1- very lightweight. 2- nice screen (colors sharp). 3- break/replace policy is cool. . Cons:. 1- online store freetime. - if you're expecting a huge amount available from the app store, you'd be completely wrong. The store is limited. Highly limited. Unless online store have partnered in some way, it's likely your favorite games/apps for your kids won't be on there. - youtube kids is not available because google own it. There's a couple pretend ytkids apps there and they are rubbish. This is a deal breaker for us. - settings - when you set up your child's profile, you input your child's age and supposedly the store will only show age-related options. Except, after setting the age limitation on the tablet at age 8, my son was shown the washington post app, among others which are simply inappropriate. - scrolling through looking for apps is a monumental pain in the rear. There's not a way to search from within the kid's profile, instead you have to scroll endlessly, hoping you stumble upon what you were looking for. - as a parent, i don't want apps being shown to my child unless i approve them. Too many (see above) apps are visible that i don't want him to see. There's also no way to see an app's home screen to explain what the app is. If you tap on an app, it automatically installs it. Again, oh heck no! . - given the limited apps on freetime, we installed google play store. Our hope was to bypass freetime completely and just use the os to run kids play (well loved parental control app on android). Unfortunately, online store have specifically kneecapped kids play outside of freetime. So in essence, even if you have other alternatives, you can't use this device to utilize your options. You are forced to use freetime. . Overall, we wanted to love this device but the limited apps and lack of thoughtful parental controls (seriously, do any of the devs not have kids? ) resulted that we returned this a few days after trying it out.

J. Jennifer, Waltham Forest

This product is wonderful when it works, and my granddaughter loved it. Unfortunately, our fire hd 8 started developing charging issues within about 5 months of purchasing it to the point where it will no longer charge. I talked to customer service and i got a foreigner who kept me on the line for the better part of an hour telling me over and over to hold the power button down for 40 seconds, hole the power button and down volume down at the same time for 5 seconds, etc. The thing was dead. Then he wanted to call me back in 30 - 60 minutes after it had charged. Well, of course, it won't charge anymore and he didn't call back. In summary, the product i have developed charging issues in a short period of time to the point where it is useless and the 2-year guarantee is worthless. I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to buy the thing every 6 months.

X. Ophelia, Suffolk says

Not happy with this tablet. I did not realize that you were limited to online store's "environment" with a fire tablet. You are limited to what apps you can install, nowhere near the selection of apple or google. The tech support rep seemed to have no idea that this was the case either. He kept insisting that a youtube viewer developed by someone named "work4mob" was published by youtbe. . I am sure it works fine otherwise, but you should know this going in. I am returning mine. As always, online store was great about the return.

P. Helen, Rhode Island

I bought this item and within 2 days, it wouldn t turn on. Called customer service and got a new one send to me same day. My second kindle did the same thing 2 days later, called customer service and they wanted to troubleshoot it. I explained to the lady that i didn t have the item in my possession at the time and she kept insisting to transfer me to the tech side for help. She didn t understand my needs, she also didn t communicate well, she would respond with basic scripted sentences but she didn t understand what i meant. I was transferred to tech service and he as well had a communication language barrier. I don t think customer service is in the united states. I tried to explain i didn t have the product in front of me and he said he will call me back the next day to troubleshoot shoot. He asked me what time he could call me and i gave him a time. He called me 5 hours late and i was already out for the day running errands and was unable to take the call. In the meantime my husband pressed the power button and volume button at the same time and it finally turned back on. I don t understand why we have to do this on a new kindle. I finally got a call from the man in customer service and told him he never called when he said he would. Told him we were able to get the kindle on. He said he would call me back in a few days to make sure it still worked and nothing, no call back. I can t believe this is the type of customer service online store provides. Not happy.

G. Sharon, Southend-on-Sea says

Wi fi terrible on this device. You can not use it unless you have stronge wi fi. My ipad picks up wi fi and if i try this device using same wi fi no luck bad signal. Be warned must have perfect wi fi if you do not free time is useless and so is the kids pad. Bad purchase! . . Review were right i should have paid attention to them.

. Lewis, Cambridgeshire

We mainly use it for road trips and it works pretty well. I'm not a huge fan of how freetime by online store is layed out. It comes with a bunch of apps on the main screen. It makes it hard to filter what my son can play with. All the apps are kids friendly but my son can just click on one and download it. So now my son is obsessed with this motorcycle game that came preloaded. A new layout would fix the problem i think. The screen also goes black sometimes when watching downloaded netflix videos. The only way to fix it is to force shut off the tablet and turn it back on.

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