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Price was 9. Great shirts at a great price. I have my logo embroidered on for a few extra and they're good to go. The pocket stitching could be a little tougher, but overall you can't get much better for the price. I purchase the tall and really like the additional length since i am an electronics integration specialist. Don't want to be showing any 'plumber butt'. Of course, i also keep my pants/shorts pulled up :)

-E. Sandra

Cut-Price Dickie’s Men’s Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Heavyweight 6. 75 Ounce Short Sleeve Pocket Tee With Tagless Back Neck Label For Comfort. -Dickie’s Men’s Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck.

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If you are looking for a sturdy shirt that is directly between a large and extra large this is your shirt! the dye washes out kinda fast (like 2nd wash) but even with the faded dye they still look good and stay the exact same size. I have bought these in almost every color. Best dickies mens short sleeve heavyweight | Dickies Men S Sportswear-Apparel Review ( Sep 2019 ) Supplementary Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Short-sleeve t-shirt featuring ribbed collar and patch pocket at chest .

Dickie's men's short sleeve heavyweight crew neck Review (ws450gh p)

My son is 6 5 with broad shoulders and weighs 180 lbs. These shirts come below his zipper. Very pleased and the color holds up after multiple washings. We have not noticed any shrinkage either. My only complaint is that they don t come in size medium tall. -. Colleen

Dickies Mens Short Sleeve Heavyweight

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Dickies
  3. Color: Desert Sand
  4. Manufacturer: Dickies Men's Sportswear
  5. Model: WS450FH
  6. MPN: WS450GH-P
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Part/Serial Number: WS450GH-P
  9. Type: Apparel
  10. Category: APPAREL

dickie's men's short sleeve heavyweight crew Apparel, Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck label for comfort. Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (WS450FH-Dickies).

Dickies Mens Short Sleeve Heavyweight Apparel

  • I have the same tee that are several years old. . The after wash fit is fine but. . Laying one washed from you on top of my old one and i found the sleeves about two inches short on the new one. . The pocket smaller and about an inch to the left. I carry my single fold wallet in the pocket. The wallet does not fit in the new one. Fits fine in my old ones.
  • Best fit, best price, color good, quality top notch, i wore dickies at work for many years and, really, what can ya say? there are more expensive brands out there and cheaper as well, but none better for the price. Comparing one's (much more expensive) "plumber's exposure problem" extended shirts for example, just get the tall version of any dickies shirt and for far less cost the situation is handled with no fanfare. One note i believe worthy of mention is the "biker public rear view demonstration eliminator" these overlength shirts can provide. A great gift for your sig other whose chilling displays may not please you or other fashion concienious citizens. Being a biker myself, it may stop a pullover from a public minded peace officer in itself a saving from a public indecency. Charge. . Sammy
  • I purchased two of these shirts for my hubby. He likes to carry his phone in the pocket of his t-shirts, so i found these in his size and ordered them for a birthday gift. Unfortunately, i did not realize that the pocket was divided - with an area sewn up for a pen. This made the pocket too narrow for his phone, so i ended up returning the t-shirts to online store.
  • I ordered 6 of these medium size different colors. They all fit me well before washing. These are labeled pre-shrunked. After only. One washing they all had became size small and fit like a sausage casing. I tried to return or get these replaced with large size but the return online of online store does not work at all and i do not know what to do. They do not have a telephone service number and it is only a few days before the deadline for returns kick in for my orders. I hope online store reads this. Star one.
  • After 1 wash the neckline was all wrinkled and looked like the shirt was years old. After the first wash the shirt was also really rough like there was no softener (which there was)! had ordered red and white shirts but the black are very disappointing!

dickies mens short sleeve heavyweight Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I wear tee shirts all the time, and as a consequence, fancy myself a bit of a connoisseur of tee shirt quality. If you're like me, you've had trouble lately finding well made tee shirts that fit. Mostly, they seem to be made of flimsy material and to run small. Not these. These are really, really good quality, and an xxl is really an xxl. They come in strong heavy fabric, are well made, have good colors, and are a great fit for big guys (i'm 6'4", 250 lbs. And get the xxl tall). Try one or two. You'll find yourself ordering more.

Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck
Click to see NoticeDickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Dickies)"Buy these for my husband for work - he likes having a pocket for a pen, small tools and his eyeglasses. They hold up pretty well. He wears them every day and it is going on 2 years that he is wearing them. Wash well and don't lose color."

(0) Question: What is size difference between xt and xlt?

(1) Question: What does the "2t" size mean? i'm 6'4" and need a 2xl tall.

(2) Question: It doesn t say, but these are not tall sizes are they?

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Dickies Men's 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirts

Dickies 2-pack short sleeve pocket t-shirts, 100% pre-shrunk cotton with shoulder to shoulder reinforcement, neck and shoulder seams are taped for longer wear and tagless for more comfort.

Dickies Men's 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Pocket T-ShirtsDickies-2-Pack-Short-Sleeve-Pocket-T-Shirts

Brand :    dickies
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams for longer wear
  • Two shirts per package
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton (ash gray only is 99% cotton and 1% polyester)
  • Left chest pocket with small exterior dickies logo
  • Tagless back neck label for comfort
Price :    —
Model :    1144624
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dickies Men's Big & Tall Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Crew-Neck T-Shirt

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck for comfort

Dickies Men's Big & Tall Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Crew-Neck T-ShirtDickies-Long-Sleeve-Heavyweight-Crew-Neck-T-Shirt

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Black
Size :    varies
Model :    M29855
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Key Apparel Men's Heavyweight Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

Heavyweight pocket t-shirt short sleeve

Key Apparel Men's Heavyweight Short Sleeve Pocket T-ShirtKey-Apparel-Heavyweight-Sleeve-T-Shirt

Price :    —
  • Taped shoulder, back and neck seams
  • 100% cotton
  • Left chest pocket
  • Hemmed sleeves and bottom
Brand :    key apparel
Model :    820
Order click here :    -
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Dickie's Men's Heavyweight Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee Big-tall

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tag less back neck for comfort

Dickie's Men's Heavyweight Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee Big-tallDickies-Heavyweight-Short-Sleeve-Big-tall

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Green
Size :    Varies
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams
  • Embroidered logo may appear on pocket or hem
  • Short-sleeve t-shirt in classic fit featuring crew neckline and patch pocket at chest
Price :    —
Model :    WS450FH
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Books 1973 And Later (Apparel product review) for Dickie's Men's Heavyweight Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee Big-tall available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck for comfort

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew NeckDickies-Mens-Long-Sleeve-Heavyweight

Brand :    dickies
  • Jersey knit, cotton
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's 'K87' Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

I am very happy with the t-shirt, the fit is as expected, normally i wear a large but knowing carhartts run big i ordered a medium and it is just right. The weight of the fabric is sturdy yet comfortable. It is nice and long so it stays tucked in. Carhartt is a quality company and it shows in their products. I will be ordering more now that i am certain of the size. Thank you!

Carhartt's short sleeve work wear pocket t-shirt is an all-purpose work shirt that is perfect in warm weather or for layering when it gets cold. Made of 6. 75-ounce, cotton jersey knit and features a rib-knit collar and a left chest pocket. Also been designed with side-seamed construction to minimize twisting and maximize comfort. Ash fiber content is cotton / 137 polyester. Heather gray fiber content is cotton / 1037 polyester. 6. 75-ounce cotton, mid weight left chest pocket side-seamed construction

Carhartt Men's 'K87' Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-ShirtCarhartt-K87-Workwear-Short-Sleeve-T-Shirt

Carhartt Men's 'k87' Workwear Pocket Short-sleeve T-shirt (k87nvy) FAQ.

So happy to find a big a tall line! i will say these are some of the best work shirts my husband has ever gotten. The neck line keeps its shape even after 2 years! the color washes out a small amount but stays much better then most shirts! also it doesn't shrink so i can finally dry his t-shirts in the dryer! one thing that i do want to note it these are very long! my husdand is 6'5" but we got them hemmed 2" and they still fit on long side given i know they last years its well worth it to get them hemmed! if i could give more stars i would! -Notice from S. Marguerite, Georgia

Click to Show carhartt men's 'k87' workwear pocket short-sleeve t-shirt (k87nvy) Details

This is a nice heavy duty 't' shirt which is comfortable to wear. While the fit is right for me (i'm 5' 7" and ordered the size large-tall), i would have liked it if it was just an inch or two longer although it is longer than my normal 't's. My only letdown would have to be how quickly the color faded. It seemed that just after the 3rd wash, the fading was already noticeable. While i have no problems wearing it around the house or the ranch, i don't think i would feel comfortable wearing it around town due to the degree of fading as, for me, it's now in my ranch t-shirt - working - stack.

Carhartt-men's-'k87'-workwear-pocket-short-sleeve-t-shirt-(k87nvy) set picture

- Z. ReedI couldn't be happier with this purchase, no problems at all and i bought around 20 shirts since they were $15 in my size. My local bass pro shop charges $35 per shirt, so i stocked up. Just for reference, i'm 6'4", 160lbs. And wear xxl normal size but also a l tall. The size difference is huge between l tall and xl tall, but xxl and l tall are about the same. In short, it's important to know what size you are when ordering online. The xl tall shirts i ordered are going to my dad, they're way too big for me. The seller is great, fast shipping and no problems as long as you know what size you need.

I ordered this shirt for my son who is 6'6" tall. It is hard to find shirts long enough for him that aren't way too wide, but this one fits him really well. He has this shirt (or a similar carhartt) in a couple of colors and wears them all the time. It is a good quality shirt and didn't shrink much in the drier. I would recommend this shirt. I paid full price for this item and have no relationship with the seller. I bought this shirt solely for my son's personal use.

Q. Juliana, Bromley

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Blue
Size :    Medium
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    K87
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Generously cut sizing, tends to run big
  • Made in multiple countries (do-dominican republic, gt-guatemala, hn -honduras, ht-haiti, mx- mexico, vn- vietnam)
  • Left-chest pocket with sewn-on carhartt label
  • 100% cotton (60% cotton /40% polyester - carbon heather, dark cobalt blue heather) (90% cotton/10% polyester - heather grey)(99% cotton/1% polyester - ash)
  • Machine wash warm - like colors
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's 'K87' Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Heavyweight Henley

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tag less back neck for comfort

Dickies Men's Heavyweight HenleyDickies-M40596-Mens-Heavyweight-Henley

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Grey
Size :    S-3X
Weight :    1.01 pounds
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams
  • Jersey knit, 100 percentage cotton
  • Logo horn buttons for closure
Price :    —
Model :    M40596
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Heavyweight Henley available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87

1 on the job carhartt workwear short - sleeve pocket t - shirt! as good at workin' hard as it is at loungin' around! sounds a lot like you, eh? thick, durable 6. 75-oz. , 100% cotton construction stands up to rough jobsite abuse, while the jersey knit keeps things cool and breathable. Genuine carhartt comfort and lasting quality. Side-seam construction means no twisting or bunching. 3-button rib-knit collar, left chest pocket. Tagless neck label for comfort. Machine wash / dry. Imported. State color and size. Order yours today! men's carhartt workwear short-sleeve pocket t-shirt, tall

Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87Carhartt-Workwear-Short-Sleeve-Original-K87

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Blue
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    K87
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Big & Tall Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Original Fit K87 available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Pocket Tee Big-tall

Short sleeve pocket tee is soft and durable 99 percent cotton 1 percent polyester pre-shrunk cotton jersey.

Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Pocket Tee Big-tallDickies-Short-Sleeve-Pocket-Big-tall

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Multicoloured
Size :    varies
Model :    WS436AGBig-Tall
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Single chest pocket
  • Soft and durable
  • Jersey, 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • Anything labeled x in the catalog is the same as xl as labeled on the garment. example:6x is the same as 6xl.
  • Tagless back neck label for comfort
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Pocket Tee Big-tall available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Dickies) Price : 9, was : 0 as 2018-01-30
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Super long, and that's a good thing. I am 6'6, 230. These come down past the back pockets of my jeans, and i wear my pants below the hips. The material is heavy and tough. I couldn't recommend these more if you are above average height. Shirts this long are hard to find for us tall people. If you need to shrink them a bit, you can afford to; they have plenty of room.

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(0) Question: What size for 6'5" 250lbs?

(1) Question: Where is the button closure? i don't see it in the close up view

(2) Question: How long are the tall shirts?

(3) Question: I wear med although i am skinny (beer belly)but some shirts in medium are oversized. should i buy small or med?

(4) Question: How bad do these shrink?

(5) Question: What does size 2t mean? is it a 2x tall?

(6) Question: How long is the t-shirt, in inches? thank you!

(7) Question: What is the difference in size between "2x tall" and "2x/tall"? they are listed as separate sizes.

(8) Question: What is 2t? looking for 2xl tall. thanks

(9) Question: What is xt? is that an xlarge tall?

(10) Question: Are the "dickies" logo tags on the pocket stitched on or glued on?

(11) Question: What is size long

(12) Question: I ordered two. one was soft and one was not. can you tell me which color(s) you found soft?

(13) Question: Do the dickies heavyweight t's tend to run big or small?

(14) Question: Is the size "long" a typo for size large?

(15) Question: The dark navy looks like a bluish-gray. is the picture wrong? the long sleeve one looks right, but this one is different

(16) Question: Do these say "tall" on the label? i have some dickies ts and want to order more of the same. mine seem extra-long but don't say "tall" on the label.

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Just what i ordered. The color was the same as how it looked on my fire, it is well made, and made with quality material. And it's soft even before washing. No one wants to hug their hubby in a rough shirt and this shirt is snuggle worthy. Thanks dickies! i will be buying more. And, thanks to online store who makes it so easy and fast to order the things my family need.

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Best dickie's men's short sleeve heavyweight crew neck (dickies) in review

Dickie's crew neck shirts are the only shirts that my husband wears, since they fit him perfectly. They are large enough and long enough to tuck into his pants and stay tucked. They are the only shirts i purchase for him to work in. They are heavy duty enough to last longer than any other brand on the market. Great job!

O. Cathy, Ohio

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Cut-Price Survival General Tactical Military Emergency (Apparel) Survival General Tactical Military Emergency
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Best Price Ethnic Identity Mexican Blouse Campesina Floral (Shirt) Ethnic Identity Mexican Blouse Campesina Floral

J. Sherry, Warwickshire says

Of 2x tee shirts. I will be sticking with the dickies from now on. The fit is perfect for me (some brands were snugger) and i love the pocket. The fabric is wonderfully soft and the cuffs on the sleeves and bottom hem do not inexplicably reverse and roll up like some do. The price is also better than most.

M. Debra, Knowsley

No matter what temperature the water is this color never fades, it fits great, and the fabric stays soft without using fabric softeners. The other day he spilled chemicals on it and the color stayed on the fabric still is soft. I'm going to buy him one in every color plus he's tall and when he raises his arms his stomach doesn't show

W. Rita, Nevada says

My husband is very happy with the quality & fit of these shirts. The pen slot is a good addition, but makes the pocket too narrow to hold his phone with the protective case. I thought the sleeves would be a bit longer on the large tall, but he says they're fine.

A. Patton, Minnesota

You just can't go wrong with dickies. Heavy cotton, and will last a couple of years. Yeah, i complain about expense, but you won't get better in my humble opinion. I've been wearing the brand since the early 1990s. In my experience, buy the "tall" size according to your size. Cotton tends to shrink a bit over time. The tall shirts will stay tucked in if you like tucking your shirt.

. Wayt, Tennessee says

Perfect! heavy weight, all stitching is solid, fit is perfect after 1st wash. My husband was a die hard fan of another major brand but the weight and quality of that product has slipped. They were thinner and the pockets unravel at the bottom after a couple washings. Not so with these dickies pocket tees. These are the real deal. Buy them, you will be pleased. Hubby says he's switching to dickies from now on! . These will take the wear, and not unravel and tear!

U. Mable, Rutland

Shirt is nice and heavyweight. However, the fit is a little odd. The shoulders are very wide and the shirt rides up if i lift my arms because of how the shoulder seams fall down my arms. The pocket is narrower than you'd expect, because it has a separated pen/pencil sheathe taking up the right 3/4 inch of the pocket.

F. Eva, Poole says

Nice looking t. Fits as i expected it to fit. Thought it would be a little heavier material. Heavier than an average shirt but doesn t seem as heavy aa my old brand. I will try them out and see if they are a replacement for my old brand of shirts

D. Pearce, Swindon

Dickies t-shirts are always good looking, an excellent cotton and weight and still have a pocket, sometimes hard to find. I try to pick up a few when they are on sale. Over time the colors (red) do fade a bit but they so always look good.

V. Guest, Essex says

I am a welder and have been for 26 years. This is the only brand of shirt that i can think of offhand that will stand up to the jobs that i perform and all the washing. The dickies brand jeans are probably the most comfortable work jeans that i've ever owned as well and hold up pretty darn good, i would recommend getting a pair to go with your shirt that you may be purchasing.

N. Alice, Solihull

Best t shirt i can find. Well made, nice. Heavier than most t shirts in this price range. I am 6' 1" 185, the x lg is comphy in size. If you want to show off muscles get a large. . Heavy weight etc are just terms the manufactures use to sell product. If you go by ounces per square yard for the material you can get a better idea of fabric weight/shirt weight. This info can be found on online store or manufacture web page. . These t shirts are heavy weight and the fabric has a nice feel. I recommend !

Q. Carrie, Kent says

I was pleasantly surprised that the dickies tee didn't shrink at the bottom. We'll see after a few more washes. . Update: after numerous washings, the tee's are still plenty long. Most tee's shrink up after a few washings, but these don't. Wow. For the price especially, i don't think you can do better for an everyday, casual (but certainly not dressy) tee. I have had a problem with other brands because i'm very long waisted (at 6' 4") and because the tee's are either to short to begin with or shrink up. These are the best i've found, so far anyway.

K. Laura, Wyoming says

Dickies is the best brand of t shirts, shirts and blue jeans. They fit and wear the best of all name brands. I am 6ft 5 in and 295 lbs. I have worn this brand for years. Great quality fit and wear. These t shirts fit me better than any and shrink less.

C. Yvette, Sachsen-Anhalt

As a tall guy who has always lived with unexpected midriff, this is one of the few tees i own that allows me to cover my equatorial areas. Despite what i saw on other reviews, the shirt did not disintegrate or shrink on wash; despite being washed on hot by my wife, it didn't shrink at all. . It's comfortable and breathable, and my only complaint is the dickies logo sewn onto the button: it's difficult to remove, and its stitches are actually structural so if you don't want to wear their branding you'll need to sew the inner pocket tab back down after removal.

T. Morgan, Nova Scotia says

This is by far the best tee shirt i have ever owned. I bought twenty if them in assorted colors. Collar is nice and snug and it stays that way throughout the day. Material is very heavy duty but soft. Was them a few times and they have held up great with little to no shrinkage. Dickies has never let me down with their product quality and their prices are very fair.

X. Guest, Bury

The material is thick, well made and great price. It was a little longer than i had expected. My son needs to grow a couple of inches. Not the fault of the shirt, my kid is just between the normal height and tall height where many regular shirts are not quite long enough.

. Palmer, Gloucestershire says

I want to start our by saying that i am, in general, happy with both the quality of the product and the timeliness of the delivery. . I used to buy champion tee shirts ; with featured a decent weight fabric and a generous cut. A few years back champion was bought out by fruit of the loom and the fabric got lighter, and the cut got skimpy-now resembling the fruit of the loom tee shirts. . I then switched to dickies (regular weight) which i can buy at walmart. It featured an even heavier fabric and an even more generous cut than the champion tees of old. I am happy with the dickies standard weight tees. But walmart carries them in on black, white and gray only. I wanted colors. . I ordered the dickies heavy weight. When it arrived i tossed it in the laundry along with a brand new dickies standard weight. When they were laundered i handled both and they did not feel much different. I examined the construction and they appear to be the same quality (excellent). The heavy weight was made in nicaragua, and the standard weight was produced in the honduras. But both seem of similar assembly quality. . I decided to weigh them on my kitchen scale: stardard weight (xl) 9. 25 ounces; heavy weight (xl) 9. 75 ounces a difference of 1/2 ounce (5. 26%). Hardly a heavy weight. . So if you are not interested in colors, i recommend the standard weight; if you want the colors go with the heavy weight. . If you want a true heavy weight tee i only know of duluth trading whose tees are of a true heavy weight fabric and the cut is generous but the product is expensive. I find the dickies to be a much better value. For tall men, the dickies are available in a "tall" too. . A good product, but not really a heavy weight.

G. Rhonda, Westminster

These are the perfect sized shirts for me. I really wish they had one without the chest pocket/logo, since i like to keep my attire very plain, but the fit on this is much to nice to pass on. I'm 6 foot 5, with an average build, and after trying all the other long tees on online store this one had the best fit.

P. Sally, California says

If cost means more then quality then buy this over the carhartt . If price is not a major consideration buy the carhartt . Adequate quality shirt that is a steal at this price delivered in tall sizes . Above average quality . The carhartt material is better and more resistant to stains and burns as well as more durable . The cost almost twice as much so most working people will find this more appealing as 2 of these will last much longer then one high quality carhartt . Took one star off for not being as high a quality as the best in the business carhartt . Ps if you try the keys they shrink and are huge like one size larger what one is used to in a carhartt or dickies which size a little larger then normal and barely shrink .

R. Kimberly, Alsace

Dickies have become my favorite pocket tee shirts. As a 6' 4" tall man they fit me well, are very comfortable, come in attractive colors and launder easily with no noticeable shrinkage. I now have many of them in both short and long sleeves. I really like the heavy weight fabric that seldom becomes creased and the neck band that doesn't stretch out of shape.

H. Jacqueline, Maine says

Couldn't be happier. I live in these things. I wear them to work every single day (and i work in a laboratory). They are comfortable. Fit perfectly. Wash well and do not shrink. They wear like iron.

Top /dickies mens short sleeve heavyweight Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

R. Donna, Wirral says

What person decided it was a smart idea to sew part of the plastic tags holding the dickies tag into the shirt. If you pull on this you will rip a hole in your shirt, if you cut it you risk cutting a hole in your shirt, if you safely cut it close to the cloth it pokes you in the neck until you rip the shirt off. Why? would you do such a thing?

F. Connie, Swindon

Haven't laundered it yet, so i don't know how much, if any, shrinkage. Also don't know how the neck will hold up after a bit of wear. But i like the thick material.

Q. Kelly, Georgia says

I am 6'4" 245lbs. This shirt did not fit well. The worst thing about it are the short sleeves. Shorter than in the photo. If you're one of those guys that like comically short sleeves to show off your guns, you might like this shirt. I also do not like the dickies logo prominently displayed on the front pocket. I have no desire to be your walking billboard, dickies.

Z. Susan, Corse

Bought a 2xt the t is supposed to be for tall, it's not. I'm 6'6" and it comes untucked and the sleeves are way, way to short.

. Garner, Bracknell Forest says

Fits a little tight, but comfortable. Seems like they've skimped a little on material as evidenced by the size of the pocket, and the pocket for a pen/pencil. Length is great.

. Candy, Leicestershire

It is a nice shirt. I have about 12 of these same shirts with long sleeve's and they are tailored better to me. I tried the short sleeve and the neck opening is smaller for some reason. It is still a nice shirt but the neck was a little tight for me and the same shirt in a long sleeve fits much better. Online store has free returns so i would not hesitate trying this item.

L. Russell, New York says

Typical cheap dickies product, 2xt 100% cotton shirt from them fita perfectly even after washing but this one was almost tight, donated it to goodwill.

A. Glenda, Haringey

Whats up dickie - you're long sleeve shirts are great but this short sleeve was almost 2" shorter in the sleeves than my carhartt (same size)

. Megan, East Sussex says

These are not big n tall! they won't stay tucked into your pants at all. Foundry brand are the best, but i can't find them on here anymore.

J. Shawna, Picardie

Very heavy for a t-shirts and has a pocket which i did not expect. I thought it was 2 in a package. Only one per package. Too expensive for only one t-shirts which i see from the other reviews will shrink. Good thing they are big if they are going to shrink this much. Just washed them and they really, really shrink. Not worth the high price.

M. Allen, Colorado says

The shirt itself is heavyweight cotton. It does run a little large. I bought a medium figuring that would be the case. As it seems carhartt does the same thing, they both suffer from the " my clothes are bigger than your clothes syndrome. " if they made the stuff normal there would a helluva lot less returns. After washing the shirt fit about as i expected about the same size as a gildan large. The pocket washed sewed on poorly way off from where it should have been. My coworker and i laughed at my shirt together as he wares dickie's too. The shirt isn't worth the hassle of returning nor is it worth purchasing again.

X. Lisa, Sefton

This tee fits as expected, the problem for me is the quality of the cotton. It is very scratchy. I like my tees to be soft. This thing feels like it's made of sandpaper. I would not recommend it.

C. Susana, Salford says

I bought a dickies pocket t and liked it, so i ordered more. It turns out that these shirts are made in two different countries, pakistan and nicaragua. The pakistan shirts are cut larger, with longer sleeves, very comfortable. The nicaragua shirts are cut smaller, with shortie sleeves. . I took the loss on the nicaraguan shirts, donated them to goodwill. Won't again buy this brand on line, that's for sure. You have to know where the particular shirt is made to know what you're getting, and they are not distinguished in the online store descriptions.

T. Terry, Saskatchewan

I get tall to get past my fat belly but when i washed it, it barely covers unless i tuck it in.

B. Moore, Nebraska says

The shirt are heavy weight and hold their shape but are itchy. I have washed mine new ones over 10 times and they are still itchy. I have some of the same shirts i bought 3 years ago and they are worn out now but they were never itchy and had a softer feel. I suppose this is the price for "globalized manufacturing" and what we should expect from now on. I still wear the old ones around the house because they are comfortable.

U. Cindy, West Virginia

I normally but xlt dickies at walmart, they have been out of them for months now. The ones that i ordered online at online store are similar in the body, yet the sleeves are about 2 inches shorter, thus causing tightness and bunching in the arm pit. When you raise your arms over your head, the entire shirt rides up and causes discomfort. I did not realize this until i had done a preliminary washing, or i would not have ordered them at all.

W. Lara, Coventry says

The material is heavy, as advertised. But "stiff". Not very comfortable. Also, i'm 6'5 and 240 lbs and the shirt was overly large. Surprised.

. Wells, West Berkshire

I didn't like the way it fit my body. 5'11, 195, a bit of a belly.

O. Hurst, Dudley says

I keep ordering large tall t shirts and notice that all the factories are being cheap and not adding any length to the sleeves. Dickies has also done the same shortcut. . Also the sleeves are sewn at an angle to the body of the shirt, so that when you lift up your arms the sleeves bind up and pull the body of the shirt up over your stomach reaching above your head.

P. Eleanor, Lambeth

Being billed as big tall i would say, as a 6'4" i could be considered a bit shy of being really tall, but these fit no better in length than the run of the mill haynes or fruit of the looms at wally world. They are, however, of superior fabric and for that reason alone, i will keep them, but if you suffer from but crack-itis or midriff belly that most tall folk suffer, look elsewhere.

I. Margaret, North Dakota says

Fit perfect before wash, arms were a little tighter then normal shirts but built very well. Washed all 3 in cold water and hung to dry, all 3 shirts now are extremely tight in the arms and chest. Length seemed to stay sort of the same but the top has become way to tight. Almost unable to move arms with out the sleeves riding into your armpit. Would not recommend buying the same size shirt you normally would wear.

N. Mable, Bourgogne

I have ordered these shirts on 4 different occasions over the past year or 2 and every order has been of thinner and thinner cloth to the point that i will never again order these shirts. Yet another company that starts with a great product and then cheapens it over time out of greediness until they driver you away. Good luck with that dickies!

G. Walsh, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

Not as tall as other tall shirts i own but taller than the normal size you'd get from every other store. If it had like one or two more inches in length it would be nice.

D. Janice, Arizona

Got the 2xt in ash gray, 2 of them. Have bought many dickies tshirts in the this same size in different colors and they all fit terrific, so it would stand to reason that these would too. Turns out both these in ash gray are at least a size too small and are not as long as my other shirts. So disappointed but i already cut the tags off and washed them. Maybe i'll use them to clean my toilets since they were cheap.

Y. Erin, Knowsley says

I am 6'1" tall and weigh 185 lbs. , and i really like the dickies large tall long-sleeve t-shirts. But the sleeves on the short-sleeve version of the large tall are too short. The tail is nice and long and stays tucked in, but the sleeves ride too high on my upper arms.

E. Watson, Wisconsin

I first bought haines beefy tees, not very beefy so i returned them. I bought these after reading reviews. The material is very nice and heavyweight but the sleeves fit like a hospital gown. I'm 6' 205 lbs and not exactly whimpy but the sleeves are big enough for two of me.

. Judith, Tennessee says

Good shirt just wrong size. Size stated was long but shirt was large. Want my money back but not worth the hassle of return.

H. Helen, Richmond upon Thames

Well at least they were black. You get what ypu pay for, the quality is garbage, the size is way smaller that the chart said and make it even funnier, they sent me one package that was correct size but way smaller than advertised and the other was the wrong size all together. These will make fine shop rags though.

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