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Price was 13. These are good pants, classic and durable. It comes out of the bag pretty stiff, it just needs to be broken into. A lot of people ran into some sizing problems and it is highly suggested you get a size larger than your waist size. Since the fabric has no stretch whatsoever, you need to at a minimum get a size that is exactly your waist measurements. However, if you want to actually be able to bend or sit in these, get a size or two larger. Remember, the size you choose is the size of the pants not the size of your waist.

-J. Valdez

Men’s original work get more for your money from this comfortable, good-looking utility pant. it’s built of sturdy fabric for hard wear and easy care. the flattering flat front looks sharp wherever work -dickies men’s original 874 work pant

  • Characteristic: Our Toughest, Most Popular Work Pant. Machine Washable.
  • Characteristic: Classic Rise That Sits Comfortably At Waist With Slightly Tapered Legs.

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Perfect for work in the food and beverage industry, retail, deli, meat cotter, etc. One small sizing note. I wear 34" waist in most everything. I ordered that size first and they almost cut me in half trying to get through the whole day. Very tight in the waist, but fit nicely in the butt, crotch and thighs. So, i ordered the next size up, these 36" inch ones thinking they should fit better. Well, the waist was good. And let me be clear, i am an actual 34" waist guy. I am not in denial and not trying to jam a beer gut into pants that just aren't my size. These run small in the waist. With that said, when dickies goes from a 34" waist to the 36" waist, they make everything bigger. The waist fits great. The butt area was literally twice the size. So, i can breath now, but i have 80 year old man ass. . Lastly and on a more positive note. These are built amazingly. They will last you a long time. They are super high quality, the pockets are cut perfectly, they hold a crease and look like new after every wash with no ironing. The Best men's original work ( Sep 2019 ) | Dickies Men S Sportswear-Pants Review Characteristic Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant The sizes 37 and 39 length pants will have unhemmed bottoms; the labeling on the pant will have uu as the inseam, which is the dickies identification for an unhemmed bottom.. Our toughest, most popular work pant. machine washable. Classic rise that sits comfortably at waist with slightly tapered legs. Wrinkle-resistant twill with built-in stain release. distinctive, longer tunnel belt loops. Welt back pockets. ratcheting brass zipper. permanent crease not on washed colors .

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant Review (874wh)

Excellent dickies product. Apparently dickies clothing has been popular, which makes me smile. I like the brand for its practicality and durability. My kid needed work pants, so these came to mind. Unfortunately they were a bit too long, which meant i had to break out my meager sewing skills and hem the pants. And they turned out! good fit, just what we expected, enough room to bend and move but not so loose a belt is necessary. Great looking, no-nonsense pants. Very pleased with these. -Y. Lisa

Dickies Mens Original 874 Work

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Dickies
  3. Color: Grey
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.0 inches
    Length:0.0 inches
    Weight:2.20 pounds
    Width:0.0 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Dickies Men's Sportswear
  6. Model: 874
  7. MPN: 874WH
  8. Total Items: 1
  9. Quantity: 1
  10. Part/Serial Number: 874WH
  11. Type: Apparel
  12. Category: PANTS

men's original work Apparel, Get more for your money from this comfortable, good-looking utility pant. it's built of sturdy fabric for hard wear and easy care. the flattering flat front looks sharp wherever work takes you-field to the office, back shop to the back yard. tradesmen swear by the 874's comfort and durability; office guys praise the look, fit, quality, and price. the 874 is comprised of heavyweight 8. 5 oz. twill of easy-care and 65% polyester/35% cotton. the pant comes in a wide choice of fade-resistant colors with a 26" to 72" waist sizing variance. Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant (874-Dickies).

Dickies Mens Original 874 Work Apparel

  • Dickies always makes a quality product. Got snagged on a metal corner, looked down, and it looked like dirt got on my pants. No hole. Wow! they are solid pants, fit like i expected for the size i ordered, and i am happy. I use them for work so they're perfect. Seems like once i wash them they immediately get dirty but brushing off the dirt makes them look clean(er) again. You don't have to worry about them shrinking either, at least not that i have noticed. Buy with confidence, just make sure you know your size. I had to return smaller ones because they didn't fit but even return was smooth.
  • I have 2 pair of 874's and couple other dickies pants. I like the 'weight' and thickness of the fabric. Stiff when new, but i like how durable they are. They are a bit small, but i'm between 36 and 38, so the 38's actually fit me better than most other pants. Permanent press and stain resistance are bonuses that make them even more versatile. I like the style - or is it lack of style. They are just pants, which is just what i want. I'm not crazy about the wide and short (height) belt loops. Means i can't wear my wide and thick belt with these. And i can't clip things to the belt loops without using an adapter i made from paracord. I'm also not a fan of the front tab-slot connector. Sometimes when i tighten my belt it comes un-done.
  • I was looking for a lightweight cotton workpant for summer. This description said lightweight and cotton/polyester blend which i thought would be ok. It was a medium weight cotton twill that is stiff and did not soften up in the wash. Twill is always a thicker material and this was not listed in the description. If they had said twill i would not have purchased. Also, i have learned from previous orders that dickies brand runs small to i ordered one waist size up and it worked just fine therefore i gave it a "fit as expected" rating.
  • These are the exact pants i wanted and they ft great. I'm sure the guy that wore them before me agreed since these were obviously used dickies. I've been buying dickies for 20 years and i have never seen a pair come without dickies tags, a sticker with the size and a nice crease down the center to the point they can almost stand up in their own. I would have returned them but i needed a pair this weekend. The grey ones pictures were brand new and did have tags and stickers. And a nice crease. The brown ones did not have either of those things.
  • Three stars here's why. Construction and fit are fine. But their "black" is really more of a deep blue. Very disappointed because i wanted them to match a black uniform top but now i can't because it looks completely mismatched like i have dark blue pants and black top. Holding these "black" dickies up to any other black article of clothing and it's so obvious it's not black. No i didn't get blue pants by mistake, these pants are new and labeled black. And they are not.

men's original workDickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I found dickies denim to be more durable than the national brands like levis and lee brands. I have a different pair (dickie's double-layer carpenter pants) and i managed to ruin it by tearing a hole right in the right pocket area on something. But i am un-scratched. I've had other pairs of other brands that tore right near the buttocks area after extended use. So far, none of my dickies have failed, and they fit fine. I have a rather odd size and find it almost impossible to shop locally, as my waist size was just large enough to be not stocked locally except big and tall shops (waist size 44, when most stores stop at 42). And the price is quite competitive.

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant
Click to see NoticeDickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant (874wh)"Bought 10 pairs, two different colors very good value, and had a 31" inseam i needed. The only problem i find with the 874 work pants is for some reason 1 of the pants leg the crease seams to be twisted toward the outside, some worse than others. I did check to make sure the pants centered at the waist and with both feet straight forward, i found that 4 out of the 10 pairs had the twist and most times its the left leg, starts slightly at the knee and increases more down at your shoe. I did return the 4 that were the worse and they sent a return label even though i offered to pay the return shipping, i also got replacements only to find 2 of the 4 with the same problem, tried 1 more time and returned the replacements again. Yes i understand these are work pants but i also work both in the shop & office and like to be dressed properly when i meet callers but also need to be able to work in a shop area that needs pants that can take that kind of abuse. Yes i will buy more when these start to ware, if dickies could correct this problem the pants would be perfect. Thank you for allowing feed back"

(0) Question: Are the belt loops small in real life or is it just the ad's picture? will it fit a 'normal' belt?

(1) Question: How roomy are the pockets ?

(2) Question: Do these not come in 42x36? husband is a big man.

Dickies Men's Big Tall Original 874 Work Pant

I just don't believe these 874's are the exact same 874's i've worn for five decades. The material seems the same but not as much room, not as full a cut. I started wearing these when my waist was 32 or 34? went up a couple inches every few years until now 48x34. I noticed the 'skinnier cutt' in the rear at 46x34. Still works, still a great workers pant (though i don't really work any more) just wish the cut was the same as it used to be. Great price, long lasting easiest of care. Best pants i know of.

Dickies iconic work pant remains their most popular selling today durable and rugged 8. 5 ounce polyester, cotton twill stands up to work, wear and tear while maintaining its color stain release, wrinkle resistant for wash and go, ease of care printed interior waistband features dickies authentic logo and signature 874 name

Dickies Men's Big Tall Original 874 Work PantDickies-Mens-Tall-Original-Work

Dickies Men's Big Tall Original 874 Work Pant (Pants) FAQ.

These fit a little on the tight side. Would recommend ordering a larger size than you would normally wear with other trousers. I wear a size 46 in other brands of trouser and these in a size 48 are more snug. Perhaps its just the style of the pants. Good value and good quality but run a little small. Recommended with stated reservation about sizing. -Notice from Y. Debra, Hackney

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You should use some stitch witch or sew the hem all around. It is double hemmed to allow you to let the legs out if need be. The length was right for me, but the hem is only darted, so your heel may catch the inner seam and rip the darting out, and stepping on it again can start splitting the inside leg seam up past your ankle. I ordered two more pairs.

Dickies-men's-big-tall-original-874-work-pant-(pants) set picture

- R. AnonymousAgain, i went with reviewer's advice about fit and what i received was two sizes too big. I have to stop doing that. These are made of pretty stiff material, but i bet after wearing and washing them, they will be come the most comfortable pants in my closet to ware (remember the '60's when you'd buy a new pair of jeans and it would take a couple weeks of wearing/washing, but then you'd never want to wear anything else. Yeah, that's what i'm saying).

Amazing pants for work, comfortable for squatting and lifting. Nice enough for casual social events. My only tiny critique is that the pockets are a little smaller than i'd like. With that said, i recently ordered 3 more pairs cause these pants are great.

. Fabian, Gateshead

Price :    —
  • Distinctive tunnel belt loops
  • Center crease
  • Stain release
  • Wrinkle resistant. if the person's measurements are between sizes, order the larger size
Brand :    dickies
Model :    086A88
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Big Tall Original 874 Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double Knee Twill Work Pant

These dickies are quality built and are surely designed for harsh work surrounding such as construction sites, etc. I guess you can say that i have personally tested the strength of the sewing of these pants and these dickies passed. I ordered another one of these before in which i gained weight and outgrew them. I gained so much that i started to stretch the pants and they stayed intact as many other pants i had literally ripped apart, the sewing they do for these pants is really strong.

Dickies loose fit double knee work pant is perfect for work or casual. Same durability, comfort and value found in all dickies pants. Looser fit provides better ease for movement when bending. No ironing needed.

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double Knee Twill Work PantDickies-Mens-Loose-Double-Twill

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-knee Work Pant (85283db) FAQ.

I love these pants. I've been wearing the same 4 pairs of dickies pants for 4 years. The buttons have finally all given up on them and it is nearly the same cost to have the local dry cleaners stitch buttons on as it is to buy new pants. This version of the dickies pants don't have buttons, they have the little metal insert tabs. Let's hope this rotation of 4 pants can stand up to near constant usage for the next 4 years like their predecessors. -Notice from . Mable, Florida

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I wear nothing but dickies for work, so i got these for the loose fit, but they are a little too long in the legs. They fit right everywhere else, but the pant legs are too long and they drag the ground under your heel. Which aggravates the hell out of me. But i like the fit and look of them so much, i'll just get them hemmed up, by a lady i just happened to be working next to.

Dickies-men's-loose-fit-double-knee-work-pant-(85283db) set picture

- Y. JoannaThese fit well. Belt loops are very small and numerous. (7) finding room for your daily belt gear is a little tough. ( phone, leatherman, small flashlight) at least comfortably. The are dickies though and have held up nicely.

Love dickies, i work as a firefighter and they are pretty much the standard pants that guys on my department where for duty. The only thing that i didn't pay attention to when ordering was that these have the metal hook clasp instead of a button for the waist.

G. Williams, Georgia

Brand :    dickies
Model :    85283DN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double Knee Twill Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Long-Sleeve Work Shirt

Dickies original fit work shirt with moisture wicking to keep you feeling more comfortable.

Dickies Men's Long-Sleeve Work ShirtDickies-Mens-Long-Sleeve-Work-Shirt

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Blue
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    574
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Logo patch at center hem
  • Button-front work shirt in relaxed fit featuring long sleeves and twin button-flap chest pockets
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Long-Sleeve Work Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work Pant

7. 25 ounce pant is lighter and woven in stretch for mobility and comfort

Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work PantDickies-Regular-Straight-Double-Stretch

Brand :    dickies
Color :    (Blank)
Model :    WP882
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant

I have yet to find any pair of pants from any company in any line that is as durable and comfortable at the same time as these pants. They are unrivalled. I've gone through pants from kohl's, walmart, etc. For years at work as i do a lot of kneeling and all the other brands and styles and types last about 5-7months and then are just wasted. These pants though i own several pairs now and wear nothing else because nothing else handle the abuse that these pants can handle

The slim fit dickies work pant features on-seam front pockets and two back welt pockets. Zipper fly with hook and bar waistband closure. Made of 65% polyester/35% cotton. Imported. As an authorized retailer of dickies work wear, we cannot accept orders from outside the united states for dickies apparel. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Dickies Men's Slim Straight-Fit Work PantDickies-Mens-Slim-Straight-Fit-Work

Dickies Men's Slim Straight-fit Work Pant (Pants) FAQ.

My husband purchased 5 pairs of these pants to replace his new uniform pants offered through work. No matter what size he tried in the rental uniforms pants they were all too high-waisted. The high waist resulted in his belt sitting way above his natural waistline, and was painful after a few hours, and also looked quite stupid. The other option was to forgo the belt and pull up the pants constantly. After getting no where with the uniform company, he sought out his own work pants. The dickie's slim straight fit work pants turned out to be better than any work pants he's worn in the last 30 years. He's very happy with the overall better fit of the dickies brand. They are much better quality, so they will last longer. The price was very reasonable as well. Highly recommend -Notice from F. Carol, North Lincolnshire

Click to Show dickies men's slim straight-fit work pant (pants) Details

These fit really nice on my boyfriend. They give a nice tailored look that regular dickies don't really have.

Dickies-men's-slim-straight-fit-work-pant-(pants) set picture

- . BettyI think another reviewer said it best - these are the old school dickies work pants that are darn near indestructible, only thinner and or slimmer (which i think is great). Also, as another reviewer stated, these are "nut-huggers" in that it's pretty tight in the crotch area, but strangely loose in the waist. Long story short, i like them alot and have order another pair and may order yet another color. These are not a "modern" slim or skinny jean though - the leg openings are a little bigger. Anyway, i wear these to an office that's business casual and they seem fine - other than the wider bellt loops, they would be near perfect office pants.

I find that all of dickie's stuff is very good. Not quite as good as wrangler, and significantly short of carhartt, but a great deal at the price. Hey, i ain't made of money. Will buy more.

P. Julie, Illinois

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Multi
Model :    WP873
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Solid-tone work pant in wrinkle-resistant fabrication featuring slim-straight leg with longer tunnel belt loops
  • Easy care stain release

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short

I've had several other pairs of dickey's work shorts for many years now and its time to replace them. I love how long they last and hold up to various wear conditions. Only complaint about the new shorts is they did away with the button and went to the little metal tab thingy.

Dickies 13" multi-use pocket work shorts boast an 874 work pant construction. Loose fit, flat front. Multi-use side pocket. Permanent crease. Scotchgard stain release finish. Logo label on left front leg & multi-use side pocket. 13" inseam.

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work ShortDickies-Mens-Loose-Multi-Pocket-Short

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-pocket Work Short (42283db) FAQ.

Make sure to look at pictures of this item. They are legitimate dickies and strong however the loose fit means loose the legs are baggy the sizes matched up to me pretty good needed a 38 and a 38 fit well. It was just the length and looseness of the pants that made me return them. I would recommend this product just pay close attention to the length and fit. -Notice from . Elida, East Sussex

Click to Show dickies men's 13 inch loose fit multi-pocket work short (42283db) Details

I bought these for "dress-up" occasions, and they are perfect for that purpose. Very smooth and finished appearance, not wrinkled. I wouldn't want to use these for everyday shorts to kick around in. Just too stiff. Prefer softer more wrinkle prone cotton for that.

Dickies-men's-13-inch-loose-fit-multi-pocket-work-short-(42283db) set picture

- U. CunninghamThe waistband actually fits at your waist with a long rise. The most comfortable shorts ever. Covers the knee cap. I actually shortened the length by an inch. Great for a tall long-legged guy. Also good for around town without looking like you are going to the beach. The only negative is there are two dickies labels, one on the bottom of the left leg and another high on the right leg. I removed them both. Dickies is not paying me to be a walking billboard.

Love authentic dickies, not the genuine dickies from/at walmart. You could feel the difference and once you do, you won't buy anymore from walmart and you will spend the extra money to purchase the authentic ones. I purchased every color that they make in shorts, except for dark navy and royal blue. Some colors i even doubled up on. When it gets a little cool out, i'm going to do the same for the long pants. I already have seven pair of the insulated ones. The insulated pants only comes in two different colors, brown and black.

S. Kathlene, Auvergne

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Brown
  • Inseam: 13"
  • Features sturdy metal hook and bar closure which secures waistband
  • Flat-front short featuring permanent crease and wide belt loops
Price :    —
Model :    42283
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short available ( Sep 2019 )

Red Kap Mens' Stain Resistant, Flat Front work Pants

Red kap men's work pants. Since 1923, we ve proudly designed workwear with comfort and durability in mind for construction, maintenance, waste management, transportation, and all other hard-working trades. Red kap workwear. The done right guarantee: proven durability. Red kap challenges industry experts to put our workwear to the test. We test, tweak, and repeat until it's done right. Comfort. Comfortable fabric and a regular fit free you to bend and move with ease, even in tight-spaces and difficult conditions. Function. Engineered with: touchtex-pro technology for breathable comfort, strong colors and stain-resistance. Durable press wrinkle-resistant finish for minimum pressing or ironing. Trublack fabric resists fading, wash after wash. Covered buttons. Hidden zippers. Two (2) slack-style front pockets two (2) set-in hip pockets, button-closure. Clean-ability. With each wash, the stain-resistant fabric releases soil, dirt and grease, all while retaining its original color and comfortable fit. Designed with pride. Done right. Join the 16 million american workers who go to work wearing red kap.

Red Kap Mens' Stain Resistant, Flat Front work PantsRed-Kap-Stain-Resistant-Front

Brand :    red kap
Color :    Black
Model :    PT20
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Red Kap Mens' Stain Resistant, Flat Front work Pants available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Real comfort. this soft, 7. 75oz twill is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, keeping you comfortable and flexible all day.
  • Function & comfort. heavy-duty hidden brass ratcheting zipper and covered buttons. two slack style pockets and two set-in hip pockets with button closure.
  • Tried & true durability. touchtex pro technology means breathable comfort, strong color, and stain-resistance.
  • Easy clean & press. machine washable with wrinkle-resistant finish for minimal ironing and stain-resistant fabric which releases soil, dirt and grease.
  • Versatility. tested in high-octane environments to ensure the job is done right. ideal for construction, mechanics, maintenance, transportation, waste management and every hard-working trade in-between.

Dickies Men's 874 Flex Work Pant

Dickies look good and good fit thank you online store

Following in the footsteps of dickies original 874, the new 874f flex work pant is constructed with flex fabric for enhanced mobility and additional comfort. The poly/cotton fabric wicks moisture away from the skin to the exterior of the garment to help keep you feeling dry and features stain release while maintaining the quality and durability that you would expect from dickies.

Dickies Men's 874 Flex Work PantDickies-Mens-874-Flex-Work

Dickies Men's 874 Flex Work Pant (Pants) FAQ.

The trusted name in quality, comfort & durability that the name 'dickies' has always lived up to. Thank you, e. Sherman iii. -Notice from M. Carrie, New York

Click to Show dickies men's 874 flex work pant (pants) Details

Great dickie's quality, a little baggy after short time of wearing.

Dickies-men's-874-flex-work-pant-(pants) set picture

- N. AnonymousFits perfect love how they feel.

I have several pair, great to work in they move with you and not bind you up.

I. Alexia, Knowsley

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Multi
  • Interior features include 874 flex logo, black and gray trim with traditional dickies finishing
  • Sits at waist, straight leg
  • Resists wrinkles, easy care stain release and moisture wicking
  • Longer tunnel belt loops
  • Flex fabric for ease of movement and comfort, designed to move
Price :    —
Model :    874
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's 874 Flex Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

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The F.A.Q. for Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant (874wh)

Seems to be 2" too long. . I'll take them to get hemmed to see exactly how much too long they are, and will order other dickie trousers at the hemmed length. . Usually i'm a 32" length inseam in jeans. However the 34 waist x 32 inseam length seems to be exactly two inches too long for a medium break upon the shoes. From dickies website, though these are the 874 work trousers, mentions the following about sizing for their coveralls:. . "length: we suggest using your same inseam measurement for pants, but subtracting 1 to 2 inches to accommodate dickies lower crotch construction. ". . Again, the above sizing recommendation is for their coveralls, but the 874's do also seem to have a good amount of room or area. Shrugs.

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(0) Question: My waist is a 36. if i get the 36-uu or 36-ul how do i know the length will be ok?

(1) Question: Could you where theese with chippewas

(2) Question: 5'9", 182lbs. usually wear 34 waist 30 inseam in jeans. what size would you recommend?

(3) Question: Uu ? ul ? what does this mean for length ? i e 24x uu or 36 ul

(4) Question: I am 4'11 what length would be good for me?

(5) Question: Why is charging shipping?

(6) Question: How many do you get in the pack?

(7) Question: I need some of these in the brown size 30x29. do you get this size?

(8) Question: What's the difference between the "washed" colors and the standard colors i cannot see a difference?

(9) Question: Why isn't this "dark navy" 38wx34l ever available? have been checking online store for over a year.

(10) Question: Why do these "new" pants have a terrible odor like ammonia/moth balls/urine/fish - how to get rid of stink?

(11) Question: Do these pants have a permenant crease?

(12) Question: Silly question, but what shoes are those the model is wearing in the photo?

(13) Question: What's the difference between black and pure black?

(14) Question: Is there a warranty on the the zipper of the pants?

(15) Question: Is lincoln green the right color for dsny to wear?

(16) Question: Do they shrink after washing

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Been wearing these for years. They get thread-bare, but that's about it. Save my too worn dickies for work pants, paint paints. Rotate seven pairs. Like the fit, like the many and wide belt loops, like the black, like the price. Look forward to dressing-up in a new pair. The newness holds for about five washing. Then it's practical, soft-wear in faded black. Best to use dryer on pants. Line-drying leaves lint and balls. Not a bad blend of cotton/poly, however. The balling is not too big a problem. . Levis? everyone wears them. Too common. Like sneakers, a craze that refuses to die. Most fits don't look so good - or maybe it's most bodies in levis don't look so good. Seems that every mother wants to make denim pants in every fit imaginable. . Levis get dirty-looking, fast. Show prior stains. The get rumpled-looking fast. Put them on in the morning, and by the end of the day they look as if you've worn them all week. About the first hour on, that's when they are looking their best. Or from a distance, as in looking at james dean from a distance, white cotton long-sleeve shirt and faded 501's. Otherwise, give me dickies.

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Best dickies men's original 874 work pant (874wh) in review

Great pair of sturdy pants i use for work. Strong canvas material that doesn't rip easily even with a lot of bending and squatting. The sizes fit a little small. I generally wear a size 32x29 in other brands- waist being fine and 29 running a little long, but in dickies the 32 is a bit tight (but still fits) and the 29 seems to be just about right. It may just be the style of the pants. Otherwise i love these pants, and will certainly be buying more in the future!

I. Guest, Rhode Island

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E. April, Thueringen says

The old standby, no frills, fit well if you order one waist size up. In my experience dickies have always been this way. I bought 42x39 (unhemmed) and i probably won't hem them, cause they're work pants, duh. I'm 6-04 tall, 250 lbs, my natural waist is 39" and these are loose in the waist band by an inch or two, but this is how i like my pants. My natural inseam is 37" so these are long but i like em that way.

L. Russell, Wigan

These are an excellent value for the money for yard and house work. The material is neat looking but tough; it is a heavy weave but breathes and is suitable for 9-season use in michigan. I have had low cost work pants with flimsy pockets that developed holes within a few months. The dickies pockets seem durable, though i wish they were a touch deeper. The zipper-another area where some manufacturers skimp- also works smoothly and seems durable. After reading many reviews, i ordered an inch larger waist that my normal size of 32 and the pants fit perfectly; the inseam is true to size. They are spacious but not baggy, and the 874 work pant sits comfortably high on the waste. I anticipate ordering an additional pair. Only complaints - the single clasp closure is not terribly secure (wear a belt), the pockets could be a touch deeper, and i wish they had a dedicated cell phone pocket. But for what i paid (about $20 bucks) this is a 5-star purchase.

. Weber, Missouri says

I love dickies work pants. This is at least my third pair, not that i actually have worn out the first two. They are very durable, comfortable (despite the first impression when they are new) and are a great value. My only gripe is that the sizing is not consistent. I had a 8 year old pair that was 30x30 and always fit great. I purchased another 30x30 a year or so ago and it was way too small at the waist/hips. I returned those and purchased 31x30. Those are still too tight, so i purchased these 32x30, which fit about the same as my 8 year old 30x30 pair.

S. Rochelle, Reading

Order the waist 1-2 sizes up from what you would normally get. Don't be uncomfortable because of your ego. The 36 waist dickies are smaller than my 34 waist levis. I probably could have even gone to 38. . Flat front. Creased legs. Rugged material. Water was beading off of it when i washed it and they were only damp dry when i took them out of the washer. . They are exactly what i expected other than the small waist

. Kellie, Bolton says

My size 36 pants are getting tight at the waist so i've started getting size 38. The dickies size 38 seemed almost, but not as tight as the other 36 pants i already own. Other 38 pants i've bought seem a tad larger. Also, the top part of the pants seems to fold over due to my girth, showing a white area that's quite obvious and looks as if one's underwear is showing. All said though, it's a good price for these pants. Haven't had the first washing yet and don't know if it fades or what happens when washed.

V. Morgan, Bracknell Forest

The build quality of dickies pants are incredible. These things are practically indestructible. I have them in a half dozen colors. Some of them i've been wearing for over six years. Here's what i love about them:. . 1. Fit: the cut is like dress pants. Especially the 874 model. I work at a financial services firm where looking the part is important and they have a dress code policy. I can wear these to work with a dress shirt and people think i'm wearing dress pants. They slightly taper to the bottom and they fall perfectly over dress shoes. . 2. Material: it is a really solid poly/cotton blend. The stitching and hardware is very good quality. I have never had a seam come undone or a button pop off. Zipper never gets stuck. . 3. Permanent press: much better than dockers and all those other ones. The permanent press lasts on these. I can take them straight out of a hot dryer and i have a perfectly pressed dress pant. . 4. Comfort: a little stiff when you get them brand new. Need to be broken in a bit by wearing a couple of times and a wash. . 5. Color fast: the colors remain true. No bleeding or fading. I have dark ones which have been through the wash and they still look like the original color. I can't say this about any other cotton/blend pants. . 6. Stain resistant: i can spill food on it and as long as i rinse it off, it's as if nothing happened. The material is thick so liquids don't immediately soak in. . 7. Price: they are priced right at about $20. Try finding all the attributes listed for that price in another pant. . 8. Consistency: i have been buying the same cut for years and they are exactly the same. I don't have to worry about them changing the design to follow the trendy fads of the year. . 9. Temperature control: during winter, the thicker material helps keep me warm without having to wear leggings. The thicker material also acts as a wind block, unlike thinner pants. . 10. Travelling: for all the attributes listed, they are the pants for travelling. Low maintenance, high performance.

. Arnett, South Carolina says

Dickie's have always been my favorite - recognized brand of work clothing for many yrs. These fit me quite well with no issues. The belt loops are a nice width , which is better - compared to other brands. As for stiffness which is a noted issue with most new clothing, i simply wash warm - mild laundry detergent , no fabric softener , ( dry ) on low heat , or ( delicate ) setting, using these methods will noticeably improve the comfort of these pants noticeably - the first & second time. Using these methods gave me a good reason to order a 2nd pair, since i ordered these several years previously from online store .

H. Mathis, Kent

First off, sizing: as other reviews have stated, order the next size up from your true waist measurement. I typically wear a 34x32 pant, but i wear a 36x32 in these dickies pants. Inseam is true to size. . That being said, these are by far the best value out there for casual or work pants. Yeah, they're synthetic material, but they don't feel like it once broken in a little. I wear these instead of typical khakis since they will last an unbelievably long time, and they look far better than any pair of pants from a department store. Dickies really hit a home run with the cut of these pants. Roomy pockets and wide belt loops are nice touches. What i like best about these pants is the fit. It really is a classic, traditional fit. They sit at the waist, where pants belong, instead of down around your hips like 95% of pants and jeans these days, which makes them remarkably comfortable. There is plenty of room in the front and the seat for your anatomicals to rest comfortably without scrunching, wedging, or making you look like you're wearing balloony dad jeans. Honestly, i don't think a tailor could make any other pair of pants look as good as these. My wife says my butt looks amazing in them. The best part is that i can go from wearing these with a blazer to crawling under my car to work on it, if i really felt like it, without worrying about ruining the pants - wonderful! . . I've decided to forego the retail stores completely from now on and stick to these dickies whenever i'm not wearing jeans. So far, i have them in charcoal, navy, khaki tan, and silver gray, and i plan on getting more. And why not, for 20 measly bucks? !

Q. Nancy, Suffolk says

First pair of dickies ive ever owned. Extremely well made and see very durable. For $20 you just cant beat it. I usually buy size 30/30 pants and the waist usually is loose enough to wear a belt. I bought 3 pairs of 30/29 pants and i definitely do not need any belts. These fit pretty tight from what im used to, so i would get 31 waist if you normally wear 30. I didnt care enough to send them back and wait another few weeks, because they do fit, im just not used to not wearing a belt and my pants staying up lol.

. Cortney, Thurrock

They can't be beat? sure they can. These are not the best work pants. There are better. They are not the thickest. They do not give you the most protection. They are not waterproof. They are not stain proof. They do not have the most pockets. There are warmer pants. There are pants with knee pads. Better pants have better slide fasteners and closures. There are pants with reinforced double layer fabric. There are pants with elastic that allow the waist to expand. . These pants are just not as good as better pants. . Add military field pant liner for cold weather trousers - quilted - olive drab green - genuine army issue (large short/regular)military field pant liner for cold weather trousers - quilted - olive drab green - genuine army issue (large short/regular). . But for the price, they're very good. . Spend more money. Buy better pants. . Ben davis original ben work pant (34x30)

G. Rowe, Redbridge says

Good pants, classic fit, they haven't messed with them, unlike levis and 501's. I ordered my usual size, they're about a half-inch small, but they stretch out a bit with wearing. Length is perfect. Should be very comfortable when the sizing washes out. I have two minor gripes: the front pockets would be easier to get into if they had more slash, and belt loops are too small for 11/2 inch ballistic belts - i like the tunnel shape, though. I'll buy them again, might try one inch up next time.

O. Powell, Brent says

I love these pants. They fit great and don't shrink. The only problem i get is that from the first time i wore them, they get little black imprints that kinda look like you walked to close to a black board. It doesn't come off. That said, you can only see the mark of you really look and since i've noticed one bought 2 more. If you're a dude who cares about looking perfect, you might not like these. At first, they are spectacular! perfect white! the marks might come out with bleach, i haven't tried yet but this is a perfect work pant. They're not letting anything poke through the leg, i like them. I get compliments all the time.

P. Nees, Alsace

These are very versatile pants. They can be worn for dirty jobs or even with a tie if you like in a more business casual setting. In my case, i am a middle school teacher and teach theater tech so i spend time building and working on sets in the theater. Additionally, i have to wear a tie and dress shirt when i teach in the classroom. These pants work for both. Off comes the shirt and tie when i build sets and back on when i enter the classroom. These pants wash easily, don't need ironing when taken out of the dryer quickly, are tough/durable, and as i said, versatile. That said, i wouldn't wear them in a very dressy environment as the pants do have a "dickies" tag visibly below the rear pocket. The two navy choices (dark and light), olive, and khaki work well in a business casual setting. . These are great in the winter but can be a little warm in the summer. The material is very tough and pretty thick compared to regular cotton khakis so that's worth considering. . As many have said, get one size larger than you are. They run just a little big imho.

K. Smith, Colorado says

I will never go back to jeans! i bought these as work pants and now own several pairs that have replaced my jeans. They are durable, look professional, come in a wide variety of colors, and are much more breathable and comfortable than other pants. Note that they run a little small and they are intended to worn around the waist (belly button) rather than on your hips. I wear a 36 in most jeans but wear a 38 in these so plan accordingly. 36 is uncomfortably small. Inseam is unchanged. . I love these and will buy more.

. Josephine, Illinois

I purchased these for my boyfriend to wear to work. He will tear through your average pair of jeans there in a week, but these have really held up. At work he does lots of squatting, bending, works with grinders, paint, and so on. They've held up well for the past 2 months, no signs of the usual crotch tears or zipper separation. He told me they fit well, we ordered one size up in the waist for better freedom of movement. Nothing really to report negatively. Great size selection as his is sometimes hard to find in stores, colors true to description, and at a great price! once he burns through a few more pairs of old pants they will be replaced with these.

B. Lawrence, Southampton says

Fits my son well and is true to size. He 5'11ish, 165 lbs, very lean & muscular. He needed these pants asap for work- he started his very first summer job at in n' out burger. I bought a 2nd pair after the first arrived and i knew for sure they fit and appropriate for work. I took off 1 star because when i ordered the 2nd pair, it arrived later than stated because it somehow was sent the wrong state. I contacted online store customer service who sent me a replacement with no hassle as it was a mistake on their part.

F. Jessica, Alaska

Husband uses these pants for all his outdoor activities. They've become his favorites. The color is closer to a dark forest green rather than olive drab, but still very neutral. Wash up well-possibly have stain release because even red mud washes out without pre treating. Would give 5 stars if the fabric was a little smoother and if they had a button or snap closure (they have a metal hook and eye that won't stay closed in the washing machine. ) they come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. Have probably been washed a dozen times already, and holding up very well. They fit him exactly true to size for waist and length, but not baggy in the butt. A straight leg not too wide but wide enough to fit over boot tops. In reality nice enough to wear with a button down shirt out for dinner at a sit down restaurant. Such a good price i would actually give 4. 5 stars. Am going to reorder.

. Connie, Trafford says

Slacks are well made and sturdy material with more thickness than typical, nice attention to detail. I actually returned them because the waist was a bit loose but hips a bit tight, and the legs are very straight cut, maybe a bit too roomy for me. I think the pants live up to the work category, more stylish than denim, just not a good match for my build. Quality materials and custom sizing appreciated but you may need to go an inch larger in the waist.

R. Sarah, Iowa

I'm a skinny, kinda tall guy. I find anytime i wear pants that fit my waist and height. My pockets are useless, and my junk is plain and visible for the world to see. . But with these pants, so long as i'm wearing boxers, the crotch has plenty of room, and the pockets are actually usable. The only qualm i have with them are the belt loops. For such a functional pair of pants, the belt loops are pretty small. Making it impossible for me to wear my sturdier belt, suited for the various pouches i wear daily as an electrician. . *edit*. I forgot to mention, while these pants do have a pretty excessive amount of belt loops, making it difficult to use some wide belt pouches, you can get around this inconvenience easily by just using every other loop rather than every loop. You can even alternate the loops you use to spread out wear and tear so you can get some more mileage out of them if often put a lot of tension on them. Still wish they would make the loops larger, these would be absolutely perfect.

U. Glenda, Michigan says

First of all, the pants look great! pure white, and well finished. These will be close to perfect for what i need them for. Once i get some that fit. Now for the not so good: the sizes seem to run small, which is unusual for dickies. I ordered a 38 inch waist band, but the pants i received are way smaller than that. My guess would be that they are actually 34-35 inch waist. I normally wear a 36 inch waist pants, but wanted something with a little more room to tuck in the uniform shirt. I am going to re-order these in a 40 inch waist. Still a fan of dickies workwear, and will recommend these if you need something really white and durable. Just remember to order yours a couple sizes larger than you normally wear. . The reason i docked a star is because of the sizing issue. No issues with quality or appearance. We will see how the new ones fit.

C. Ruff, Wiltshire

Bought these for my husband for work, he thinks they are great. I did order him one size up from his normal size because they seem to fit fine to start with and def. Shrink a little bit over time (i always put his work clothes in the dryer). He's had quite a few pair but this is the first time we've tried a size larger and he said they were the most comfortable ones he's had so far! he also wears the carhartt jeans for work in the winter, over time we've put patches on every single pair of carhartt jeans he's ever purchased and have never had to patch these.

M. Wanda, Louisiana says

I trusted the reviews and they came through for us! i read the amount of reviews saying to go a size up - jim wears a 36 x 36 - he always has - he is a tall, lean man and 38's in other brands would have been too large and remained that way after washing - they would have just been uncomfortable in some areas due to the extra material. So, i went the next size up on these - he said they felt good - he wore them with a belt - the next day - i washed them - no shrinkage - perfect! he said they are comfortable and he can bend and squat, get on his knees to pull weeds, climb a tree branch to trim, etc without feeling uncomfortable. We are so happy about finding these and the price here on online store. I will be ordering a few more now that we know. We have been buying his pants at gander for twice the price due to his height and size - within months - he had a hole in knees due to his job as a landscaper - i hope these last longer than months but for the price - we are happy to try them. We ordered the olive which is a fabulous color and matches everything. Jim has been wearing this daily for a few weeks now and very happy with them - we are not seeing any wear signs in the knees and the color has stayed true. . Thank you reviewers! thank you online store for carrying these! . . Landscaper - tall, lean guy - went a size up - super happy with fit and price. . Update: 8/1/16: i ordered jim the navy blue - these came quickly - i washed right away and he wore immediately - very happy with these pants again

Top /dickies mens original 874 work Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

G. Ruby, Texas says

This is my second purchase of dickies work pants in the past 12 mos. The first pair was a different cut but the same color, size, and material blend. I wanted to explore the different cut options to see which one works best for me. This pair's 40" waist feels noticeably tighter than my other pair. However the material - while still a 40/60 poly blend like my other pair - feels much itchier. I washed them twice and then ran them through 5 loads of drying laundry in succession (trying to beat some softness into them) and they still feel itchy and stiff. Reminds me of the company-issued work pants that i had to wear working for a major auto parts chain.

Y. Elida, Hawaii

The material is very good feels nice might need a wash to loosen it a bit but here is the thing i bought these size 36 because thats what i get for all my pants. I have seen some reviews and from what i saw they run a bit small but in my head i was like no they will fit me fine but guess what i was very wrong they arrive and they cant even be button if your reading this they are good pants but if your like me and a little bit on the heavy side get a size bigger! it hurts my pride but if your like me a size 36 get a 38 they feel nice dont try to fool yourself i got mine they didnt fit and i am very much too lazy to return them now they just lay in the dark corner of my bed taunting me haunting me in my sleep but hey we all got mistakes we gotta live with like my horrible grammar well hope my review helped have a good day

Z. Guest, Oxfordshire says

The pants seem like they would be very durable, with a coarse material that seems strong but maybe not the softest like khakis. The one issue that caused me to return them is where the pants sit. They sit at my belly button, which i did not see anywhere in the listing that they sat so high. This may be the reason many reviews said that the pants feel tight. If they sat close to the hip i believe more people would find them comfortable. Another issue i had is that the pockets seem smaller than normal pants, not leaving much room for a wallet or cell phone and still being able to walk comfortably. I'll be trying another pair of dickies to seek a better fit for me.

K. Juliana, Iowa

For the price, being a well known brand, they are very well constructed pants made of a durable material. I have no doubt they will last me many years. . Now for the particulars. First a little background on me. I'm a bit of a bigger guy with a few extra pounds around the middle, thus the reason for buying my pants in the size i do. While i, technically, have only a 31" inseam, i get 32's so that when i put them on, i don't end up looking like i'm wearing high-waters. . As to the length, they seem to fit the same as any other pair of pants or jeans i own. As for the waist, that's a different story. Unlike the 2 big names in jeans, levi's and wrangler's, who also make "pants", these particular pants run a little on the small side. More like i'm trying to squeeze into my old 34's. . Regarding the overall fit, unlike the affore mentioned wrangler's that contain enough material to make a second pair of pants, these fit more like a good pair of levi's. That is, they don't give the appearance of sporting a sail or parachute when wearing them. On a similar note, they are not as "form fitting" as the levi's. However, they do ride much closer to the leg than that other brand, making them an overall good looking, mostly comfortable pair of pants.

D. Bethany, Reading says

The waist on the black pants was way too small. It fit like a 38x30, instead of the 40x30 size i ordered. . I bought 3 other colors of the same 40x30 original 874 pants. Of those, the silver gray was way too small also! the dark navy and the charcoal colored pants fit just fine. I don't know what the problem is, but i've been buying dickies 874's for years. It is only in the last few that this sizing problem has arisen. I don't understand why there should be a difference between colors. Dickies needs to do a better job sizing their apparel, for sure! . The waist on the silver gray pants was way too small. It fit like a 38x30, instead of the 40x30 size i ordered. Dickie's should do a better job sizing the apparel.

R. Benton, Idaho

Dickies are great work pants. Had several pairs in past. I ordered 34" waist, 32" leg - the length was fine but would need a size 38" waist in the original style! went to walmart and purchased dickies relaxed style 34 x 32 - perfect fit! the original style was returned to online store! don't understand why the sizing is so out of whack!

U. Rebecca, Alberta says

My husband was thrilled bc he has to wear khaki to work and they are constantly destroyed, whether ripped or just stained. Very durable. I bought the same exact tag size i buy in all the other brands and for the life of him he couldn't even remotely close them. He was disappointed and i didn't want to return for the $20 i paid so i contacted my brothers friend. He wears the same size but as soon as he heard the name "dickies" over the phone he immediately told me they wouldn't fit him. That the brand run small. I have a brother who wears 2 sizes small i think they'd be perfect on so i'm going to try to give them to him.

C. Allen, Arkansas

There is no where in this world that these are sized correctly! dickies needs to reconsider their sizes, and label them honestly. All three pairs are going back, and quite frankly, i'm disappointed at just how small they were. My husband tried these on in store, just to see what size would have worked, and barely fit into 3 sizes up in this 874 cut. He's the same size in every other brand, so it's just in dickies. . If you do order them, size up. Like way up.

A. Rita, Merton says

While it fits like getting into a pair of jeans; material relaxes as the days goes; but. . Even upping to the size as some suggested, original does not fit my fat body type :). . The "loose fit" or "straight leg" does well for me. . Its most uncomfortable in the crotch; a little too much pinch and squeeze for my liking.

. Alba, Maryland

These are well made and the colors are nice, but not true to size my husband has several pairs of these exact pants in other colors and i bought his normal size in the same exact pants but a new color and they were way too small in the waist. We returned them and my husband now will only buy in store because of the inconvenience.

. Matherly, Tennessee says

These have always been good pants for work. This pair began coming apart at the seams on the rear pocket area just after the 30 day period. It looks like this is something that should have been caught in qc and not made it out of the factory. Now i can't return them because it has been 33 days. I wore them 5-6 times.

N. Sandra, Oregon

I have only bought dickie work clothes since 1978 for myself and all the guys in my shop. I was loyal to dickie and would never think to buy another brand. These pants do not fit my 135 lb skinny body. In the past i would order 30 x 30 without a thought. These pants have a crummy short zipper and a crotch that has no room. Odd for the pants billed as original 874 fit. I thought this must be a one time looser but i bought 2 other styles of dickie pants recently with the same problem. Something has happened to the company to the point that they have driven away a loyal customer. I am experimenting now with red kap. Hopefully the supervise there offshore factories better.

J. Sherry, Oregon says

As many of the reviewers state (but, hey, i had to try for myself! ), these run waaay too small. 36 waist are not 36 waist, but the length did seem right on. I suppose a 38 would have worked (that's a depressing thought), but as i have never owned this size in any other brand, i was not going to pull the trigger on a 38. But i am also returning because these smell horrible-the chemical stench is overpowering; is this from the wrinkle and stain resistance? most likely. My final beef is the leg opening is enormous, even with large boots like i have, there is too much "swing" in there. Obviously these are not office pants but then again if you're looking at dickie's, this is probably not your line of work anyhow. Point is, the totally wrong sizing (i really have no idea what size to get from these guys) coupled with the nauseating smell makes these a complete no-go.

E. Nellie, Texas

I bought 2 white pants. One was perfect! it was a true clean white pants and it fit my son perfectly. The other looked off white and was dirty. Almost as if someone may have been trying them on and was pushing their dirty hands into the pockets. (both pockets had the same brown stains them. )

W. Cathy, Kansas says

I have purchased many pairs of dickies via online store without incident. This pair of 874 work pants arrived on time and the fit just as expected. The durability is great as usual ; however, this time may have ruined my online dickies shopping for good. The smell radiating from these pants was horrendous. I do not customarily expect to have to launder a brand new pair of pants that i have unwrapped and personally removed tags from. These pants smelled like a mix of bad fish and cat urine. I ended up having to launder these twice in hot water before the stench was gone.

Q. Joanna, New Jersey

I bought these for my hubby to work in. We loved how dark and rich the black color was. However, we returned them because these pants came unhemmed (size 42x37) and were too narrow at the ankles to fit over his work boots. The pants material is also very tough and tight. The pants were not comfortable at all and were very restricting when he walked or bent down in them.

B. Gilmore, Plymouth says

These pants were way too small. I ordered two pairs: a 36 and 38. The man usually wears a 36 and couldn't even come close to buttoning either pair. I had to return them. . Also, the fabric was incredibly still and abrasive. I didn't get a change to wash them because they were sent back but i don't know if they loosen up.

P. Julie, New Jersey

Ordered size 40x38, got two pairs of pants that i assume a giant would wear, the waist size was over 50 inches, and the when wearing them they came up past my boyfriends nipples! the bottoms were also cut raw, as if someone had taken scissors to them. Very disappointed, wish i could rate zero.

. Emma, Massachusetts says

The original fit is cut to fit the body. My son has a 28 inch waist. I bought the 30 inch waist size and the pants were too snug for him. I returned (thanks online store for free returns) and bought him the 32 inch waist. Normally i buy him the loose fit dickies. I didn't know the style made such a difference but live and learn.

M. Pete, Barnsley

Ordered 30w x 37l. Purchased three pair of pants. The waist of all the pants received range between 31. 5 and 32 inches. The waist does not fit; not a true 30 inch waist. In addition, the length of the pants received range between 35. 5 to 36. 5 inches. All the pants were cut unevenly which would make it difficult to hem the pants. The description does not indicate that these pants are 30w - uu. The pants does not have a hem.

. Hayward, Barnet says

I love dickies work pants and will continue to purchase them in the future. That being said, don't buy them online. Their sizing is way too inconsistent to trust you'll get the right fit. Even when purchasing in a store, try on every pair. Don't trust the labels, or even your own knowledge of what size you wear. I just returned two pairs bought from online store for being way too small for the size listed on the tags, and they are not even consistent with each other. I knew better from my years of wearing dickies but tried it anyway. As easy as the return process is with online store, it isn't worth the inconvenience.

I. Gladys, Hillingdon

As everyone knows, pant sizes always vary. For context i wear dickies double knee work pants for work which are a size 34x32 that fit a little snug. Same with jeans, size 34 waist fit a little snug, but 36 s damn near fall off if anything heavy is in the pocket. So when i ordered these pants for a jason voorhees costume, i decided to just get a 36x32 so it would fit a little loose and i d just wear a belt. Unfortunately when it arrived, i couldn t even zip them up they were so tight, and the ends of the pants were like a solid few inches from hooking together, so there was so sucking it in to connect. . These pair of pants run really small. I went to the mall down the road to see if i could find a pair of these pants in a larger size, which they had but not in this silver color that i needed. So i test fitted the pants they did have and the sizes didn t get comfortable until i hit a 40 waist. That s ridiculous, in the same brand i fit a 34. If you order these, get at least a size or two larger. Only reason i m giving three stars is because with prime, i got them pretty fast. I ve place another order for a 40x32 in silver, hopefully there won t be any tomfoolery

F. Mable, Havering says

Dickies. You are starting to breaking my heart. I have been ferociously loyal to you ever since i discovered your original work pants back in 2010; i have always found your original work pants to be comfortable, easy to care for and durable. The last three pairs i have purchased probably puts my grand total up over ten pairs. . However. I am beginning to notice an issue with the consistency of the waist size. I am a 32" waist, i know this because if i take a tailor's measuring tape and wrap it around my waist the starting ends meets the rest of the tape at, you guessed it, the 32" mark. I mention this standard unit of measure because the last three pairs of pants i have purchased from you have not, in fact, been sized/manufactured/labeled correctly. Three pairs ago was a pair of 32x32 (my size for the last 6 years in these pants) and they were way too tight in the waist, i couldn't even imagine trying to go to work in those. So a quick return and i order two pairs of 33x32, thinking that maybe your specs have changed over the last year or so. Well, much to my disappointment these two pairs of pants aren't even uniform with one another: one is a true 33" waist but the other is less than 32" in the waist - it's like 31. 5"! so shame on me because i removed the tags of the second pair before i put them on, so now i can't return them. . Like i said, generally speaking i really like this product and will likely order more of these pants in the future, but please fix whatever it is that's going on to effect your consistency is such a negative way.

S. Colleen, Warrington

On this review i would have given it 5 stars if i wouldn't have had to buy another pair because i didn't know that these pants run two sizes too small. When i first bought these i bought them in my correct size that i get in every pants but i got it in one half size bigger (i'm a 32 but got 33 for little more flexibility) and it did not fit at all it was literally probably a 29 because not even my brother could fit into them and he's a size 30. So what i had to do i had to reorder these in a 36 keep in mind i'm a 32 just to get the correct size that actually fits correctly

. Wilson, Berlin says

These seemed great when i opened them! nice, durable material, well known manufacturer of great quality goods. What could go wrong? i've been a 30/30 since 1989. If anything, i've become smaller. With that said; it seems the proportions of these pants are way off. These pants fit like jeans in the eighties! the waist fit great. The length was good. But the seat, crotch and thigh were so tight i looked like cheryl tiegs! . If i went up to a 32, the waist would be way to big. The only thing i can assume is these were irregular. But instead of trying another pair i just bought the dickies loose fit double knee and they fit great! . I won't buy these again. And i won't recommend them to any people that i know that aren't anorexic!

O. Ophelia, Suffolk

If your job requires you to tuck in your shirt these probably aren't your best option. I would instead go with dockers or american eagle or old navy. . They are good pants and are certainly made to be worn high on the waste. The length of the zipper is like a foot long so definitely consider other option, however they do fit well. Just please don't tuck a shirt in these pants unless you like looking like a fat fryer tuck version of paul bunyan stuffed with pale ale and muttons who skipped a few belt loops.

X. Lindsey, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Honestly having difficulty wearing these. I'm a 32" waist according to every pair of jeans, shorts, dress pants, and khakis i own, not to mention the measuring tape. These 874s are labeled as 32" bit they're definitely pushing into 30" or less. After wearing them a day or two, the material relaxes just enough to be bearable, but shrinks up again as soon as they're washed. There is no way you're tucking a shirt into these. Glad i only got a single pair, but now i've got to look for a tailor to see if they can be let out.

. Lawrence, Bolton

I have owned dickies products for years and have always found them to be great work in yard/weekend pants but i forgot that they run small, very small. The label stated that they were original fit or something like that so i figured since i had loss 10 pound they would fit but be snug. Nope, i couldn't even button them. I advise you purchase 2 sizes less, i. E. If you wear a 38, buy a 36. Dickies are a quality product but when other companies started increasing pant sizes to make men feel better about being overweight dickies didn't get the memo, which is ok by me. I'll just have to order a size up and hope that fits.

. Medina, Tasmania says

I have owned many pairs of dickies throughout the years. When i received this pair in the mail today, i noticed half of the hem on the bottom left leg came out. The thread that had come undone was just hanging off the bottom. Kind of disappointed but, i know these things happen. Until now i have never had a problem with these dickies pants, and still have two pairs that i have been wearing for over three years. I will be ordering these again and hope for the best.

V. Pamela, South Gloucestershire

Apparently a size 30 to these people translates to a size 25! could barely get them over my thighs! what the hell online store/dickies? absolutely can't wear, as the clasps are around 1 inch from being able to close even in the most uncomfortable and tightest efforts. Buyer be ware! will never buy from them again. (for the record i'm a loose wearing size 30 and am by no means unable to fit into an actual size 30 as it's what i currently wear everyday to work in pants made by multiple brands and have never had an issue. )

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