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Price was 13. Love authentic dickies, not the genuine dickies from/at walmart. You could feel the difference and once you do, you won't buy anymore from walmart and you will spend the extra money to purchase the authentic ones. I purchased every color that they make in shorts, except for dark navy and royal blue. Some colors i even doubled up on. When it gets a little cool out, i'm going to do the same for the long pants. I already have seven pair of the insulated ones. The insulated pants only comes in two different colors, brown and black.

-S. Kathlene

Men’s 13 inch loose fit multi-pocket work dickies 13″ multi-use pocket work shorts boast an 874 work pant construction. loose fit, flat front. multi-use side pocket. permanent crease. scotchgard stain release finish. logo -dickies men’s 13 inch loose fit multi-pocket work short

  • Value: Welted Pocket At Leg.
  • Value: Inseam: 13″.

Bestseller Dickies Men’s 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-pocket Work Short (Shorts) 42283

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I just realized my last pair (same size, same color) was bought over 5 years ago. They may be a little out of style, but when a piece of clothing lasts 5 years of being a mechanic, don't settle for less. Serious, i wear these twice a week, 10 months of the year. They are my go-to on weekends and outings. I wash them every 1-2 days of wear, and the old pair was awesome. 5 stars just for a $35 pair of shorts (back then) lasting longer than any pair of slacks or jeans i own. . My current gripe: these are outta style homie. They're big, like 99 jnco's big. They waist is small. I am a 38 waist in all my other jeans, and a 40 in dickies. They also have very small belt loops, so you'll have to forgo the studded belt. (yes, i still have mine) so yes, they have a quirky fit, but they feel amazing. This actual pair had a horrible smell from the starch or something; a few washes or campfires will take care of that. The cell pocket is still gigantic, and my favorite of any of the 'cell-pocket' on clothing. The color on the navy is very accurate to the picture too. . So ya, i'll keep wearing them just cause i'd rather only buy clothes every half-century. But i'll wear these like basketball shorts: only when i ain't out to impress anybody, and necessity must trump style. The Best mens inch loose fit multipocket ( Sep 2019 ) | Dickies Men S Sportswear-Shorts Review Value Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short Flat-front short featuring permanent crease and wide belt loops. Welted pocket at leg. Inseam: 13". Signature tunnel belt loops provide extra support .

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-pocket Work Short Review (42283db)

A lot better than somewhat small. As a 6'4" man, these shorts are almost perfect for me. Careful standing up at the toilet stall; the bottom of those shorts are practically at perfect height for touching. Gross. . But, great shorts for maintaining some semblance of professionalism in an overheated location. -L. Emily

Dickies Mens Loose Multi Pocket Short

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Dickies
  3. Color: Brown
  4. Manufacturer: Dickies Men's Sportswear
  5. Model: 42283
  6. MPN: 42283DB
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Part/Serial Number: 42283DB
  9. Type: Apparel
  10. Category: SHORTS

men's 13 inch loose fit multi-pocket work Apparel, Dickies 13" multi-use pocket work shorts boast an 874 work pant construction. loose fit, flat front. multi-use side pocket. permanent crease. scotchgard stain release finish. logo label on left front leg & multi-use side pocket. 13" inseam. Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-pocket Work Short (42283-Dickies).

Dickies Mens Loose Multi Pocket Short Apparel

  • My calves are like the incredible hulk's - muscular, bulky, and green. These shorts are built to last and do not tear, fray, or rip when i get angry and grow several times my normal size. They are comfortable for acrobatic maneuvers, durable for crime fighting, and obscure the location of my knees from dubious passers-by.
  • My daughter needed these pants for her work so i ordered them for her. These are exactly what she needed and wanted. She says that they fit as they should and she likes them very much. She has had these before and has been pleased with their durability. They look nice and feel comfortable so she is happy.
  • From the pair i received it seems the sizes are a little smaller then what the other shorts i've gotten from them are. I ordered different style shorts 3 of one type and 1 of the 13 inch loose fit multi-pocket work pants. The other 3 fit as expected from other purchases (size 30). These blue shorts were ordered as a size 30 as well but are much more snug. Perhaps the 30w may have been better fitting but all the other shorts i've bought from dickies have been a regular 30 size. . Make sure you read the description after you select your size as it will change to tell you more specific details about the pair you are choosing. I say this because i noticed people complaining about them receiving hook and eye vs. Button tops.
  • These shorts were made of an extremely heavy material, and hung very heavily on my body. The loose fit made them slide down my hips, so i immediately returned them. I realize that they are "work" shorts, but they were so large, and stiff, that there was no comfort involved, and i didn't buy them for work, either.
  • Didn't fit my son as expected. He is consistently the same size in all pants and these were way too small. He is a size 32 in every pair of pants he wears, and these he could not even zip. Buy larger.

mens inch loose fit multipocket Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

These shorts were more "formal" than i wanted. Was looking for casual hang out shorts and these were something you could wear to church. They came with a crease ironed in middle. I do not want to iron shorts before wearing. The quality is good and i am sure they will last but not what i wanted. I am 6'5" tall and the length was good. But i returned to online store.

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-pocket Work Short
Click to see NoticeDickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-pocket Work Short (42283db)"My bf works in a sweaty mechanic shop with no ac or anything so i figured he could use some shorts inside of the pants he wears with his uniform. He loves them. Has a cool pocket for your phone. Fits true to size. He wears size 33 in the dickies pants and the shorts fit the same in a 33."

(0) Question: What does w mean in the sizing?

(1) Question: What's the difference between w32 and 32?

(2) Question: If i measure 37" in waist, will 38"waist b large enough after shri king in washing machine?

Dickies Men's 15 Inch Inseam Work Short With Multi Use Pocket

Dickies 41283 15" loose fit multi-pocket work short

Dickies Men's 15 Inch Inseam Work Short With Multi Use PocketDickies-Inseam-Short-Multi-Pocket

Brand :    dickies
  • Relaxed-fit short featuring slant hand pockets, permanent leg crease, and zip fly with button closure
  • Inseam:15"
  • Welt pocket with logo patch at leg
  • Rear welt pockets
Price :    —
Model :    41283
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dickies Mens 13-Inch Relaxed-Fit Multi-Pocket Short

This is the relaxed fit version of dickies widely popular 13 inch inseam work short.

Dickies Mens 13-Inch Relaxed-Fit Multi-Pocket ShortDickies-13-Inch-Relaxed-Fit-Multi-Pocket-Short

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Multicoloured
Size :    28-48
Model :    WR640
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Side-seam pockets and welted pockets at back
  • Knee-length short in wrinkle-resistant fabric with dickies logo on left leg and side pocket
  • Stain release finish resists discoloration
  • Extra welt pocket on leg
Price :    —
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Dickies Men's Regular-Fit 13-Inch Multi-Use Pocket Plaid Short

5. 6 ounce lightweight yarn dyed twill plaid short is modeled after dickies icon 13 inch work short. Durable cotton, poly blend is strong, yet comfortable. Plaid patterns match up well with your tees, polo's or button-up shirts so you can dress in style on the job or off.

Dickies Men's Regular-Fit 13-Inch Multi-Use Pocket Plaid ShortDickies-Regular-Fit-13-Inch-Multi-Use-Pocket

Price :    —
  • Flat-front short in yarn-dyed plaid twill featuring tunnel belt loops and logo tag at hem
  • Inseam: 13"
  • Welted cell phone pocket at leg
Brand :    dickies
Model :    WR978
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dickies Men's 13 Inch Relaxed Fit Stretch Twill Work Short

7. 25 ounce flex fabric is slightly lighter than dickies traditional twill and has a natural stretch quality giving you more comfort and mobility on or off the job. Modeled after dickies most popular selling 13 inch inseam short

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Relaxed Fit Stretch Twill Work ShortDickies-Relaxed-Stretch-Twill-Short

Brand :    dickies
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's 13 Inch Relaxed Fit Stretch Twill Work Short available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Resists wrinkles, easy care stain release
  • Moisture wicking and flex fabric for ease of movement
  • Multi-use cell phone pocket on leg
  • Sits slightly below the waist
  • Roomier fit through the seat and thigh

Dickies Men's 11 Inch Relaxed-Fit Stretch-Twill Work Short

7 1/4 ounce stretch twill short sits below the waist

Dickies Men's 11 Inch Relaxed-Fit Stretch-Twill Work ShortDickies-Mens-Relaxed-Fit-Stretch-Twill-Short

Price :    —
  • Sits slightly below waist, extra room in seat and thigh
  • Moisture-wicking work short in flat-front silhouette with knee-grazing length
  • Side slant pockets and welted back pockets, multi-use cell phone pocket
Brand :    dickies
Size :    Varies
Model :    WR852
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dickies Mens 13-Inch Regular-Fit Shadow Stripe Short

Dickies shadow striping adds a cool new look to this popular twill short.

Dickies Mens 13-Inch Regular-Fit Shadow Stripe ShortDickies-13-Inch-Regular-Fit-Shadow-Stripe

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Grey
Size :    30-44
  • Flat-front short in subtle stripe featuring wide belt loops and hardware rivets at stress points
  • Logo tag at hem
  • Welted pockets at rear and side
Price :    —
Model :    WR878GA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dickies Men's Flex 13-Inch Relaxed Fit Cargo Short

7 1/4 ounce stretch twill short sits below the waist

Dickies Men's Flex 13-Inch Relaxed Fit Cargo ShortDickies-13-Inch-Relaxed-Cargo-Short

Brand :    dickies
Size :    Varies
Model :    WR557
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Sits slightly below waist, extra room in seat and thigh
  • 7. 25 oz. mechanical stretch twill, 65% polyester/35% cotton
  • Resists wrinkles, no ironing needed
  • Expandable cargo pockets secured by hook and loop closures; button secures left back pocket
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Flex 13-Inch Relaxed Fit Cargo Short available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Twill Cargo Short

13 inch loose fit short in dickies traditional polyester, cotton blend twill

Dickies Men's 13 Inch Loose Fit Twill Cargo ShortDickies-Loose-Twill-Cargo-Short

Price :    —
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Stain release
  • Loose-fitting cargo short featuring roomier bellowed cargo pockets and wide belt loops at waistband
Brand :    dickies
Color :    Black
Size :    30-44
Model :    WR888
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dickies Occupational Workwear LR642BK 38 Polyester/ Cotton Relaxed Fit Men's Premium Industrial Multi-Use Pocket Short Hidden Snap Closure, 38 Waist Size, 11 Inseam, Black

Dickies men's relaxed fit premium 11-inches industrial multi-use pocket short. Enhanced durability to extend garment life and reduce repairs. E-z touch fabric with staydark technology. Permanent press postcured finish. Metal tack button waist closure. Wider and stronger belt loops. Crotch gusset. Reinforced front pockets. Multi-use side pocket with hidden snap closure. 7-3/4 ounces vat dyed twill, 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. Heavy duty brass ratcheting zipper. Industrial wash friendly. Industrial wash friendly. No repairs.

Dickies Occupational Workwear LR642BK 38 Polyester/ Cotton Relaxed Fit Men's Premium Industrial Multi-Use Pocket Short Hidden Snap Closure, 38 Waist Size, 11 Inseam, BlackDickies-Occupational-Workwear-LR642BK-Industrial

Brand :    dickies occupational workwear
Color :    Black
Size :    38" Waist Size, 11" Inseam
Weight :    0.93 pounds
Model :    LR642BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Enhanced durability to extend garment life and reduce repairs
  • Wider, stronger belt loops
  • Staydark technology
  • Permanent press postcured finish
  • Metal tack button waist closure
Price :    $23.06
Biss Basic :    Best Safety Supply (Biss Basic product review) for Dickies Occupational Workwear LR642BK 38 Polyester/ Cotton Relaxed Fit Men's Premium Industrial Multi-Use Pocket Short Hidden Snap Closure, 38 Waist Size, 11 Inseam, Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant

Dickies truly authentic twill work pant is still their most popular selling today.

Dickies Men's Original 874 Work PantDickies-Mens-Original-874-Work

Price :    —
  • Classic rise that sits comfortably at waist with slightly tapered legs
  • Wrinkle-resistant twill with built-in stain release
  • Permanent center crease
  • Our toughest, most popular work pant
  • Welt back pockets
Brand :    dickies
Model :    874
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Original 874 Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

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I've had several other pairs of dickey's work shorts for many years now and its time to replace them. I love how long they last and hold up to various wear conditions. Only complaint about the new shorts is they did away with the button and went to the little metal tab thingy.

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(0) Question: Im 5 11 170lb what size should i buy, my waist is 85-88cm

(1) Question: What does the "w" mean in the sizes? for example: 36 then it says w36.

(2) Question: Whats the difference between the size 36 verses 36w?

(3) Question: For the wide fit shorts (ie. 38w) where does it measure wider? the hips, butt, legs?

(4) Question: What is the difference in size w36 and 36?

(5) Question: Can anyone tell me if the loose fit are baggier then the relaxed fit or do you have more room with the relaxed fit?

(6) Question: How many pockets ? i love the carpenter long pants as they have a phone pocket do these?

(7) Question: What's the difference between loose and relaxed fit

(8) Question: Whats the difference between the size 36 verses 36w?

(9) Question: What dows the w in w38 mean?

(10) Question: Do they shrink

(11) Question: Do you have any dickies shorts that ship to australia, if not can you please take them all out of the eligible for shipping to australia category.

(12) Question: What does the "w" stand for after the sizing? is there a difference in a 48 and 48w?

(13) Question: Are these available in regular fit

(14) Question: What does w mean in waist size

(15) Question: What's the difference between a 34 and a w34? thanks.

(16) Question: What is the w in size

(note) Question: where/how to get Dickies (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Dickies's products

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I am an auto mechanic, and i ordered these shorts to wear in the shop during the summer months. Initially i ordered one pair to try them out, but after the first day i decided they were great and ordered 4 more pairs. The material is sturdy while also keeping you cool. My only complaint would be the length. They go down just past my knees. However, i cannot blame the product for this because it is clearly stated in the description and i knew they would be slightly longer than i prefer before buying. Regardless, this is an inexpensive, high quality pair of shorts.

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Best dickies men's 13 inch loose fit multi-pocket work short (42283db) in review

My son is a long distance truck driver and had only one pair of these fabulous work shorts and wanted more. He loves that he can stash his cell phone easily in pockets and the incredible quality! super well made and perfect for work shorts. Bought the long pants as well. Excellent quality fabric and construction that stands up to harsh washings and constant wear!

V. Sharon, Waltham Forest

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U. Cunningham, Utah says

The waistband actually fits at your waist with a long rise. The most comfortable shorts ever. Covers the knee cap. I actually shortened the length by an inch. Great for a tall long-legged guy. Also good for around town without looking like you are going to the beach. The only negative is there are two dickies labels, one on the bottom of the left leg and another high on the right leg. I removed them both. Dickies is not paying me to be a walking billboard.

I. Susana, Sutton

I love these shorts! they fit as expected, which surprised me, a couple other pairs of dickies shorts ran a little small. . These are pretty stiff, starched and creased when you first get them, but after a few washes they soften up nicely and the crease fades away. You can always get that cholo crease back if you want it, but i let it go and couldnt be happier. . They are a great length and pretty roomy with out looking like a moron. I wouldnt go much bigger in any direction, these handle that line very well. . I plan on buying a few more in other colors.

. Anonymous, Wiltshire says

Finally shorts made for tall people! i originally bought a size 40 and they fit like a 36 or 38 so i sent them back and bought a size 42 and they fit much better around the waist but are pretty loose. As most other reviews say, buy a size larger or you'll wind up shipping them back and waiting even longer than you need to.

X. Parker, Virginia

I purchase these for use as work shorts and they get a serious beating. I own 5 total and wear them 5+ days of the week year round in often harsh environments and even my oldest ones (aside from glue and paint stains) are still in great condition. Despite being worn outdoors in florida they have hardly faded at all. Also i must have snagged the belt loops on them a million times without ripping a single one. . My favorite part of them is the "cell phone" pocket on the right leg. I have never put my phone in it since i'm sure the phone would fall out, but its the perfect size for a 16oz water bottle which is a lifesaver working outdoors year round.

Q. Sheila, Sefton says

These shorts are very comfortable, however they fit a little differently than i expected. The waist is a size 34 and holds snug without a belt, but i normally wear a 33. The overall length of the shorts is what i wanted, but the crotch hangs rather low. I haven't had a chance tho work in them substantially, but it seems the low crotch may get in the way off motions requiring quick and extreme dexterity. There is one extra pocket (besides the standard four) low on the right leg. For my purposes i wish it had a matching pocket on the left leg. The belt loops are tight on my 1. 5 inch leather belt. I wear the belt not to keep the shorts on, but to have place for my multitool and phone. The closure at the front seems rather flimsy for work wear, so my belt will hopefully prevent it from failing in the event the shorts get snagged. I got blood on the leg the first day using them as well as dirt and some grease and after a single washing the are like new - except a little bit softer: they come very stiff. I would recommend these to my friends.

R. Lewis, Redcar and Cleveland

I first have to say that i bought dickies from walmart for my husband last year and he doesn't care for them at all. The belt loops were chincy and came with a button instead of a clasp. These were the solution to our issue. The price was great, the quality was superb. Thick belt loops and clasp instead of button the works. Will be buying more soon

P. Julia, New Hampshire says

I have an older pair of dickies size 40. They are tight. All my other slacks and shorts are 38 and they first nicely. With my previous knowledge and reading all the reviews, i ordered 42w. The waist fits perfectly. I didn't realize i had ordered the w. I now find that w means wide butt. Mine is small but they will work for the price. Next pair i order i will forget the w. Lol

H. Hadley, Telford and Wrekin

I really like these shorts. Anyone familiar with dickies brand knows the material is very durable and wears well. I like the length of these shorts they come to just the top of my knee. Pockets are good size all around. Why 4 stars and not 5? i am not a fan of the use of velcro for cargo pockets. Granted the velcro used in these shorts are of much higher quality, but the velcro attracts lint and more when coming out of the laundry. Would also be nice to have more colors available like they have for other shorts from the same brand. Overall, great shorts and i will buy more.

O. Rebecca, Peterborough says

My husband has a pair of these shorts that he has had for several years. He loves them, they look great on him, and they are still in great shape. With summer coming around the corner he needed more shorts but it is impossible to find his size (40-42) anywhere in stores. The dickies outlet in las vegas also went out of business. He came on here and found them at a good price and in his size. Ordered 2 pair and are very happy with them. Durable, look good, at a good price.

D. Elizabeth, Southampton

I bought relaxed fit a box store in my normal size but they were too small, consequently i ordered the loose fit shorts one size bigger, well that was a mistake too big. Need them this week as they are a part of uniform for work & would not have time to return & receive the correct size in time to start my new job. Will make do with these shorts. The shorts themselves are well made and the material is very good and should be durable, as with my past experience with dickies wear.

. Pete, Blackburn with Darwen says

These would have been great if they fit the person i gave them to. I read the reviews, maybe they should have said traditional fit! all of his other mostly cotton shorts are way too loose. The shorts themselves are very nicely made, look like they will hold their color and shape through repeated washings. When we opt for a brand that leads us to believe the sizing may be off, we try to hit a store to buy a pair first. That wasn't possible this time, so i let the words loose fit and the fabric poly/cotton determine my choice. I don't want to pay return shipping and there was someone else i could give them to who is using them as a diet incentive ; -)

. Patton, Minnesota says

Nice shorts, well made poly-cotton blend good for stain resistance. I wear mostly 38 waist sometimes a 36, a 37would be perfect. I ordered 38 waist fit is good in seat and legs, waist is a little snug. I'm 6ft 32-34 inseam the legs on these shorts hit just below my knees.

. Elida, East Sussex

Make sure to look at pictures of this item. They are legitimate dickies and strong however the loose fit means loose the legs are baggy the sizes matched up to me pretty good needed a 38 and a 38 fit well. It was just the length and looseness of the pants that made me return them. I would recommend this product just pay close attention to the length and fit.

. Monique, Maryland says

Bought 2 pair in 2014, just ordered new ones. I wear them all the time for just about everything (garage, landscaping, casual), and after 3 years other than a couple of stubborn grease & paint stains, as good as new. Great quality & durability. No rips, no loose stitches, nothing, even in the pockets. They were pretty stiff originally but soften up quickly if you use them a lot after a few washes. For $25, just can't beat em.

B. Guest, Barnet

Dickies men's loose fit 13" multi-pocket work short. These shorts have the classic fit that you love with all the pockets you need for work. You won't need to worry about keeping these work shorts pristine thanks to their wrinkle resistant treatment and stain repellant treatment. Dickes work apparel pants and shorts last just about forever.

A. Shayna, Kentucky says

Shorts fit well, i recommend washing them a few times before wearing them, as they are very stiff feeling. I am 6'2" 225 and the 40 fit me well. My company gets us redcap, and i prefer the dickies brand more. These are a lot more comfortable and loose fitting.

Y. Neva, Oklahoma

Bought these for my son as the bottom half of his school uniform because their shorts cannot be cargo style. Very happy i read the reviews because he normally wears a 32 or 34 & after measuring i bought a 36. While they are slightly loose, i suspect he would've grown out of them pretty rapidly. The bottom of each leg hole is oddly large, which i don't care for, but my 12 year old, who is almost 5' 10", thinks they're awesome. He's hard to please fashion-wise so this earns a huge 5 star rating because they saved this mom from having to argue with him about not wearing his cargo shorts.

. Hannah, Birmingham says

I bought these for "dress-up" occasions, and they are perfect for that purpose. Very smooth and finished appearance, not wrinkled. I wouldn't want to use these for everyday shorts to kick around in. Just too stiff. Prefer softer more wrinkle prone cotton for that.

C. Meredith, Rotherham

Dickies are great. I'm pretty sure mine will be around after the nuclear apocalypse. I wear these for work everyday and i generally get 2 years of use before they start to wear down where i am looking to replace them. Let me clarify that a bit. The shorts are definitely not worn out (as i said before they pretty much last forever). They just aren't as new looking and since i strive to maintain a professional appearance i try to replace them. All in all though getting 2 years of use from something you wear every week is a great value.

M. Gladys, Kirklees says

These are extremely rugged shorts and the sizing is spot on however i kept these on my wishlist for over a month because it seemed like the price changed every week i only bought these from online store because i couldn't find this color at my local wal mart

N. Donna, Derbyshire

Love the shorts, an old classic, but these run small. I wear a 32 jean and verified about 20 pairs in my closet. I wanted a loose fit on these so ordered a 33. They did not fit, exchanged for a 34. They fit, but snug. So be warned, if you want a loose comfortable fit, you may want to go up a size or 2.

E. Newell, Iowa says

These shorts are built to last. Dickies takes your actual waist size, so you may need to order these a size bigger than usual. For example if you wear a 38 normally then buy a 40. This is because most manufacturers make the sizing a little off in order to make people feel "better" or "thinner". Will order these shorts again.

T. Terry, Brent

I like the length but it fits more snug than i expected. I have other pants and shorts that have the same waist measurement that do not feel as tight. They are quality though and i still wear them regularly.

Top /dickies mens loose multi pocket short Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

N. Sharon, Wolverhampton says

I thought these were like the ones i own. Below the knee a couple of inches. These were below my knee at least 6 inches and i'm 6 feet tall. There are a few different styles i guess i got the wrong one but i don't know what the right ones are called so i'll have to buy them in a store.

W. Allen, Franche-Comte

Generally appears to be well made and sturdy, but they have changed the fit. I have worn the dickies 13" shorts to work for about a decade and normally buy one or two new pairs every summer. The old style really were "loose fit" plenty roomy everywhere, easy to move in and loose enough to be a little "breezy" on really hot days. New for 2017, the fit is smaller, particularly there is less room in the "seat" of the shorts. Also, the waist of the shorts fit higher on my waist, . (think "mom-jeans. ) i usually buy relaxed fit or loose fit pants in order to fit my shape, however, this "loose fit feels like "loose fit for skinny people", does not fit well if you need a little more room in the seat and thigh area. . All in all nicely made shorts, with a troublesome (not so loose) fit

H. Jarvis, Pennsylvania says

I really wanted these to fit right because red! they fit awful. They are so long! you better be a tall dude to wear them. I'm 5' 8" with 30" inseam and they hit well below my knee. If you are tall enough and like red, these are a very nice bright red.

. Edith, City of Bristol

There very long and pretty stiff. Wont be buying another pair. When there just over your waist the bottom is way below my knees. Im 5'10 and wear size 32x30 jeans.

B. Wimbish, District of Columbia says

The design of these shorts is baffling. The are way too small in the waist but with giant pant legs. Literally every single pair of shorts my husband owns is a size 38. We ordered the 38 and couldn't even button the pants - not even close. So we returned them and went up two sizes, two a 42. He could then button the shorts, but the legs of the shorts were absolutely gigantic. My husband generally likes things to be looser fitting but it was ridiculous, and looked ridiculous. Needless to say, we were thankful for online store's return policy.

J. Ruby, Wyoming

First, they run small, so order a size up. I was hoping that the pockets would be deeper than they are. I carry phones etc, in my pocket and i feel they could easily fall out if i wasn't paying attention. That said, the quality for work shorts is excellent. The material is quite heavy and stiff, but i'm sure it would soften up some with wear. I am returning these.

X. Denise, Bremen says

Dickies shorts seem to run small. I am a 38' and the wrangler shorts i bought in this size fit perfectly. The three 38' dickies shorts i purchased at the same time were at least an inch smaller - maybe two. They were much too tight. I returned and purchased 40s. . Note: a 13 inch inseam is quite long for shorts. If you don't like them going to or below your kneecap, get the 11 inch.

V. Alexia, Devon

The first time i washed them, the lap material has pilled. I'm handycapped so i'm in a sitting position all the time. I, unfortunately, hold things on my lap, while i wheel myself. That's the reason i thought dickies would be a good fit. Did i do anything wrong. Are these pants warrantied?

T. Adrienne, Texas says

I returned these. Not only was the size way off, but the cut was very silly. Lets just say, clown pants.

P. Wells, Buckinghamshire

I thought the shorts would be like the dickie shorts i buy from "wallmart". I like the shorts that have a "button" above the zipper. The photos online did not show that on the shorts. I took a chance and was disappointing they were the clip type. Please add more photos so people know exactly what the type of product is they're purchasing.

L. Sally, Harrow says

My son wears between a 32 and 34 waist. Theses fit as tight as a 30. He could barely get them on and there was no hope of buttoning them. I would advise going up a size at least, maybe two if you want a little room, as the cut is quite tight. And being cotton they might shrink even smaller. Also, the fabric was thick, but courser than i expected. It might soften with washing, but otherwise looked like it would be uncomfortable. On the plus side, the length was nice.

C. Marguerite, Barking and Dagenham

In general these shorts are great but the sizing seems way off. All of my other size 34 pants fit but these seem almost two sizes too small.

O. Annette, Iowa says

Dickies used to fit as advertised. Loosely. Originally men's work wear that was adopted by the hip-hop community, dickies is often made overseas now therefore the sizes are nowhere near accurate for the larger american male. I am 6' 1" and 215 lbs. Men are not my size in indochina. Time to move on from dickies.

Q. Guest, Sheffield

Horrible, purchased a pair dickies, terrible. /the first pair was good, but there was a bate and switch. What a got the second and third pair are plain. The first pair had great pockets and were comfortable. . I will have a toss of about fifty bucks not a good way to buy clothes. . I'm not buying clothes from online store any more. . You can send them back if you try them so returning doesn't seem possible.

I. Walsh, Sachsen-Anhalt says

Bought these for my spouse who normally wears a 34, but he could not get them past his thighs. Not sure what happened there. Manufacturing issue or we need to diet? lol

F. Sherry, Newham

Shorts are great, fits as expected and no issues with product itself but despite the fact that i paid for shipping through online store i had to pay 6. 92 at the post office in order to pick up my package.

M. Debra, Stoke-on-Trent says

I bought these shorts for my husband because we generally love dickie's shorts and they last forever! these shorts, however, are somewhat of a let down. While they have the dickie's look that i like and are well made, these shorts run very small. My husband (and son)3 already owns several pairs of this brand of shorts and pants, so i know his size (dickie's tend to run a tad bit small) and how they fit. Armed with this information, i bought 2 pairs in his current size for this brand. But when he put them on, he couldn't even button them! they are a full 2-3 inches small! they say they're a 36 waist, but my son who wears a 32 can almost wear them! . So, if you are ordering these shorts you should upsize about 2 inches. Other than the significant size difference, they seem to be good shorts.

A. Mahood, Arizona

Without a doubt i wear a size 36 in short. These came in and were a solid 2 inches small in the waste. I have exchanged for a larger size. It is possible that the pair i received were miss sized. I will find out soon enough.

. Wayt, Schleswig-Holstein says

Be aware that the relaxed, loose, and regular fit pants all seem to fit quite differently. I have worn 34 relaxed fit for years and they fit great, but getting a loose fit pair it is very snug and uncomfortable.

Y. Cecilia, Oxfordshire

Other reviews said to order in larger size, so thats what i did. The waist was spot on however the legs are ridiculously long. I prefer a longer, below the knee, pair of shorts but these are basically capri pants! the cuff is at the top of my boot. Maybe they would look good with a bandana and flannel shirt, but they are not work attire. My boss would send me home if i tried to wear these.

. April, Luton says

The quality is awesome, very sturdy material, the loose fit on the leg allows my husband to squat and move at work. The only problem is the band around the waist runs very small. Enough that its digging into him. I know i for sure got the right size, so maybe this style runs small. I recommend going a size or 2 up, and worst case scenario you need to wear a belt. Either way the material is great for someone who works a greasy job.

Z. Juliana, Knowsley

Massively oversized i know the description says 13 inch and loose but these are way to big, if you're in the market for dickies go with the 11 inch regular fit. These will fit you like pants.

R. Erin, Swindon says

I wear a 32 inch waist. I bought these because i wanted them to be a bit loose because i had planned on wearing them at work. I purchased 33 inch waist shorts. I could not get them around my hips. Bad sizing, high waist and unwearable. I returned the black ones but since i tried on the red ones i am stuck with them.

E. Nees, South Dakota

Same size in regular jeans fit better than the sizing in these. Extremely tight and on the small end of the sizing chart. The belt loops are way too small for most belts. Luckily i have a really thin belt but even then the excess belt will not fit into the belt loop. Not button at the top of the fly. (bummer) but nice and loose on the legs. . I had to send them back once for the next size bigger.

U. Arnett, Torbay says

I love dickie's brand clothing. I usually by mine at walmart but for some reason they stopped carrying my size, 30 waist. So, i took a gamble on buying clothes online. Shirts are no big deal but pants/shorts, very iffy. I assumed the waist would be fine, and it is kinda, but just a big snug. The front has a metal latch instead of a button too, not a fan. Now i know to go a size bigger. This is more my fault even though i did the research but buying clothes online is kind of a gamble instead of in person.

. Wanda, Wiltshire

I typically buy a size 2" smaller than this and those fit me fine. These are far too small, especially since they are called "loose fit". Material is very stiff and rugged, which i like. Belt loops were very tight and my plain old leather belt barely makes it through. Also has one of those metal hook/slot waist closures, which i dislike. Now that i write this, i wonder why i didn't send them back.

D. Valdez, Liverpool says

I don't know why, but all dickies shorts seem to fit differently even if they're the same size! i bought some for my husband at walmart, and some online, and they all fit different, and i end up having to return them.

. Shawna, Michigan

These shorts are a lot longer than we expected them to be. My husband is 5'11, and these shorts hang at least 2. 5 if not 3 inches past his knees. We will definitely not get the longer fit next time

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