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Price was 25. I had black pair that has not faded for 5 years. Regular dickies pants without the double knee i had for six years and now starting to fade. Dickies are quality products the working man can afford. I will continue to buy them as long as they continue to make quality.

-A. Arnett

Competitive Men’s Loose Fit Double-knee Work Dickies Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant Is Perfect For Work Or Casual. Same Durability, Comfort And Value Found In All Dickies Pants. Looser Fit Provides Better Ease For Movement When -Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Double-knee Work Pant.

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Thank goodness i can get these here, these are the perfect work pants for your rugged man. My husband is so rough on pants, these are the only ones that can take the task. The fit is usually a little larger or smaller than i would think so im not sure why its different but they are typically close to the right size or a tad large. Best mens loose fit doubleknee work | Dickies-Pants Review ( Sep 2019 ) Value Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-Knee Work Pant Wrinkle-resistant pant in straight-leg silhouette featuring stain-release technology and welt back pockets .

Dickies men's loose fit double-knee work pant Review (85283db)

Bought these for husband. They fit fairly true to size, maybe just a tad bit small. I did notice when laundering the fabric seems a bit stiff, so if you like very soft, flexy fabric, these may not be comfortable for you. They seem to be well- made and i am hoping the double-thick knees will help them last longer, as he is pretty rough on his work pants. -N. Audrey

Dickies Mens Loose Double Knee Work

Product Dimensions
Weight:2.00 pounds
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men's loose fit double-knee work Apparel, Dickies loose fit double knee work pant is perfect for work or casual. same durability, comfort and value found in all dickies pants. looser fit provides better ease for movement when bending. no ironing needed. Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-knee Work Pant (85283-Dickies).

Dickies Mens Loose Double Knee Work Apparel

  • I like that the waist sits a little higher like a dress slack and that the fabric is strong but not totally rigid. Only worn them for a little bit so far but seem durable. I used to wear duluth trading fire hose chinos they held up to hvac & plumbing service work for about 3 years but they don't make the style i like anymore and their pants are $50+ a pair so i'm trying these.
  • These are the perfect work pants. A little stiff brand new but after a few days and a few washes they become soft as a tee shirt. In construction i get a few years of service out of each pair. The cell phone pocket holds my iphone perfectly and out of the way of normal crushing areas that pockets are usually located. I wear the new pairs out to dinner, weddings, or any other place. Once they get a stain they rotate into my work clothes.
  • I ordered 32 length, they are more like 34 s. Way long. Not like any of my other.
  • I bought 3 charcoal and 3 black for my boyfriend. He's been wearing this same style for years. The first thing he noticed was that they seemed thinner than his old ones. We thought that maybe it seemed thinner because they were packed tightly. . But after washing them and wearing a certain pair once, the back right pocket frayed (so far only 1 of the 6 have done this so maybe it was fluke). . Edit: from 3 star to 1 star. We washed another pair last night (washed once upon arrival, worn once, and then washed last night), and the seams are fraying on this pair too. Definitely not the same quality as before (he has pairs from 4 years ago that are only now starting to fall apart). This was also a charcoal gray pair.
  • I bought as a gift for my dad. He loved them except they were too big. The waist fit properly but the leg width were huge. I imagine this fit would be good for men with strong thick thighs. But my dad is a petite dude with runners legs and he was swimming in them. But he loved the style and weight of the material. And really loves the hidden 5th pocket. Great alternative to sitting on your phone-wallet! so i returned the pants and are buying them in a different fit.

mens loose fit doubleknee work Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-Knee Work Pant (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

My husband definitely could tell the quality of these dickies, i had bought him another pair at a different store for the same price, and he definitely voted best from online store seller. Hopefully the quality does not change with great reviews!

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-knee Work Pant
Click to see NoticeDickies Men's Loose Fit Double-knee Work Pant (85283db)"Just washed them for the first time. I work in a grocery store and think these might be a little more rugged than i need. I usually get dockers but wanted something a little heavier. And not as expensive. These are not as costly but much, much heavier. I am sure that a landscaper or mechanic would absolutely love them! size seemed to be a little smaller than i expected. Maybe go up a size from your usual size."

(0) Question: Are these pants good for a cholo like myself?

(1) Question: Those two tags on pants match with color pant?

(2) Question: Are these good pants for a cholo like myself?

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-Knee Work Pant

Dickies loose fit double knee work pant is perfect for work or casual. Same durability, comfort and value found in all dickies pants. Looser fit provides better ease for movement when bending. No ironing needed.

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-Knee Work PantDickies-Mens-Loose-Double-Knee-Work

Brand :    dickies
  • Easy-access multi-use pocket on right leg
  • Wrinkle-resistant pant in straight-leg silhouette featuring stain-release technology and welt back pockets
  • Reinforced knees for added years of wear
  • Single welt pocket and logo patch on left leg
Price :    —
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-Knee Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work Pant

7. 25 ounce pant is lighter and woven in stretch for mobility and comfort

Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work PantDickies-Regular-Straight-Double-Stretch

Brand :    dickies
Color :    (Blank)
Size :    30-44
Model :    WP882
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Regular Straight Fit Double Knee Stretch Twill Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Relaxed Straight-Fit Double Knee Work Pant

Dickies popular double knee work pant style in a relaxed straight fit. Sits slightly lower on the waist with extra room through the seat and thigh. Straight leg with 19. 75 inch opening

Dickies Men's Relaxed Straight-Fit Double Knee Work PantDickies-Mens-Relaxed-Straight-Fit-Double

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Black
Size :    30-44
Weight :    1.35 pounds
Model :    WP852
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Relaxed Straight-Fit Double Knee Work Pant available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Work pant in wrinkle-resistant stain release fabrication featuring multi-use welted pockets and center crease
  • Logo label on left front leg
  • Distinctive tunnel belt loops

Dickies Men's Short-Sleeve Work Shirt

Dickies original short sleeve work shirt is true to the brand's workwear heritage. Traditional fit for ease of movement.

Dickies Men's Short-Sleeve Work ShirtDickies-Mens-Short-Sleeve-Work-Shirt

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Grey
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    1574
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Short-Sleeve Work Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Resists wrinkles
  • Generous fit in shoulders and chest
  • 5. 25 oz. twill, 65% polyester/35% cotton
  • Moisture-wicking for comfortable wear
  • Dickies most popular, most versatile short sleeve work shirt

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These dickies are quality built and are surely designed for harsh work surrounding such as construction sites, etc. I guess you can say that i have personally tested the strength of the sewing of these pants and these dickies passed. I ordered another one of these before in which i gained weight and outgrew them. I gained so much that i started to stretch the pants and they stayed intact as many other pants i had literally ripped apart, the sewing they do for these pants is really strong.

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(0) Question: Does the crease wear out? don't really want a permanent crease.

(1) Question: How deep are the pockets?

(2) Question: So i wear a 38-30's relaxed fit what size should i get

(3) Question: Will the side leg pocket accommodate an iphone 6?

(4) Question: Are these pants good for hot weather

(5) Question: Wondering if their warrantied? i'm handicapped and i hold stuff in my lap while i wheel. the lap is pilled after a first wash.

(6) Question: Are these pants made in the usa?

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A little smaller in waist than the size description indicates. However, good roomy fit thru out rest of garment. I bought item in several colors; the black and khaki have so far proven to be color-fast in the wash. However, the dye in my grey/charcoal pair did not hold; there are several splotches on the side panel that are noticeably lighter than the overall color - after only one cold-water washing! this even though i always turn the pants inside out when laundering.

Bestsellers, PantsTop Dickies Men's Loose Fit Double-knee Work Pant (85283db) FAQ Content

Best dickies men's loose fit double-knee work pant (85283db) in review

These are my new favorite pants. Comfortable, durable, good deep colors, and a really classic look. . About sizing: take a tape measure and measure your waist, or hips, or wherever you wear your pants. Don't go with what size you wear in other brands of clothing. Dickies makes clothing for uniforms, so an hr representative can just take measurements and order accordingly. Other manufacturers often do what is called "vanity sizing, " such that the jeans i bought from a major retailer say "38 x 30" or "40 x 30, " but if i measure the waist of those jeans, they're actually 42 or 44. So when you're buying your dickies pants, take an actual measurement first. This will lead to a much better fit. . As i said - these are my new go-to pants. I can get wacky colors if i want something fun, or i can get very conservative colors if i want to fit in with squares. I wouldn't go so far as to say these pants are replacements for your khaki pants. They are not. Still, if you wore these with the right shirt and tie, you could pass off a working-class business casual of sorts. . Also, the "olive green" is really quite dark. Closer to grey-brown. A nice color, don't get me wrong, but not as close to olive drab as i had hoped. . Tl; dr: use your real measurements, and you'll get a great pair of pants.

T. Sheila, Northamptonshire

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Z. Meghan, Queensland says

Always liked these pants. They are durable and fall somewhere between work casual and sporty. The only draw back is the length of the legs, a little long. So if you don't like the baggy look get a size shorter. However i am aware of this and still love the fit.

P. Morgan, Haute-Normandie

Tough, durable, comfortable and did i mention tough? i abuse the heck out of every pair of dickies pants and shirts that i own and they still last for years, even with daily use. If you have a hard labor job, or just want something to wear when you work outside that will take a beating, look no further.

M. Annette, North Lincolnshire says

Had these in a 32" for many years (about 10). I didn't wear them out. My gut beat them to the punch. . Still look & feel & sit just the way they should. Go team dickies (that felt weird to type). Wore them as dress pants & always got compliments. Life long lover & wearer

. Adrienne, Leeds

Looks good on me. Strong material. Could use a tad more flex in the rear area though. (got a thin waist with thicker thighs and butt. Why is usually difficult to buy other thank dress slacks. Common guys, little room please.

X. Alice, Michigan says

Rugged but stylish. My wife will even be seen with me in public when i wear these. They fit great and they don't wrinkle.

S. Wilson, Haringey

Extremely durable and practical. Finally, a pair of pants that is strong enough to handle my husband's rough and tough work. The double-knee feature is exactly what he needed.

F. Paige, Leicester says

Size was qute large had to have them taken in around the legs and the the length was way off. Apart from size issues they are very comfortable and sturdy pants i ware them for 12-14 hours in a hot kitchen in australia so having heavy fabric pants in the heat was no issue

. Meredith, Shropshire

Nice sturdy work pants. Not bad looking either, just a little broad in the legs. Has an excellent strong multi-looped belt loops. You can load your pockets with quarters and keys, and the waist stays where it should. Resist dirt too.

. Mable, Florida says

I love these pants. I've been wearing the same 4 pairs of dickies pants for 4 years. The buttons have finally all given up on them and it is nearly the same cost to have the local dry cleaners stitch buttons on as it is to buy new pants. This version of the dickies pants don't have buttons, they have the little metal insert tabs. Let's hope this rotation of 4 pants can stand up to near constant usage for the next 4 years like their predecessors.

B. Medina, Bretagne

These pants are durable, easy to work in and can really stand up to lots of "manly" work. These pants will fit most men regardless of shape. The roomy fit works well for those that have a tendency to run thicker (especially through the middle and backside area. ). My husband wears these for work everyday and we should order them in bulk. Great product and we are happy buyers. We prefer the darker colors in the pants just so they aren't as crazy to clean and won't show the oil, grease, grime, and other construction stuffs that the man gets on them. One hint. If you are buying these pants (or shirts) in brown, beware you will look like the ups folks. Seriously, for a work pant, you can't go wrong.

O. Peggy, Bromley says

These pants are such good quality. They're really stiff at first but after a few washes they are fine. They're great for my husbands job because he works in a factory setting. If you want long lasting durable pants there are it! the charcoal color looks great and is a nice change from the normal black and navy blue!

U. Ruff, Louisiana says

These pairs of work jeans are great. I've worn dickies work pant for a number of years. With the double knee, they'll last longer. The side pocketon thigh is perfect size to hold my smart phone.

C. Lynette, Northern Territory

Read the description well! and read the reviews, this should help you to understand how these fit. My husband loves them and the make his butt look great for a 60 yr old. Lol they do run a little long because they are wide at the bottom. Will buy again

G. Williams, Georgia says

Love dickies, i work as a firefighter and they are pretty much the standard pants that guys on my department where for duty. The only thing that i didn't pay attention to when ordering was that these have the metal hook clasp instead of a button for the waist.

. Florence, North Tyneside

Bought two for a gift for my brother. I washed before sending out of state to him. He has not worn yet. I washed both. I was not familiar with dickies brand. But now i am so impressed with the quality i see. No wrinkles. Thick sturdy pants. Very neat looking. I got charcoal & black. Both are great. This was a good find for him to last.

E. Mary, Hartlepool says

Wonderful work pants for my adult disabled son. Only 4 out of 5 stars because these (one out of 4 purchased) were missing the button hole at the waste. Button was there, just not the hole. Just a little inconvenience.

J. Denise, Oklahoma

I bought these pants for a homeless man that i know. He really likes them. He normally wears size 40 but i got him 42 and they fit perfectly . Really likes having the reinforced knees and the dark colors. He was very very pleased with these pants so i bought him a second pair . They do seem a bit expensive but the quality is good .

I. Carrie, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

These pants are the same as years ago, and a pleasure to buy and wear. They can be easily hemmed to a custom inseam so that they look just right.

K. Debra, South Tyneside

I wear nothing but dickies for work, so i got these for the loose fit, but they are a little too long in the legs. They fit right everywhere else, but the pant legs are too long and they drag the ground under your heel. Which aggravates the hell out of me. But i like the fit and look of them so much, i'll just get them hemmed up, by a lady i just happened to be working next to.

W. Lisa, Georgia says

Good materials, great for working in a labor intensive type job or a desk job. . The side pockets are weird though; you have to bring your hands in at almost a 75 degree angle possibly as close to a 90 degree angle.

Y. Joanna, Lambeth

These fit well. Belt loops are very small and numerous. (7) finding room for your daily belt gear is a little tough. ( phone, leatherman, small flashlight) at least comfortably. The are dickies though and have held up nicely.

. Anonymous, New Jersey says

My field of work allows contact with fluids in lead-acid batteries. The acid will eat a hole thru a pair of cotton denim pants but not on these dickies work pants. I bought at least 4 pairs thru online store because of the price and quick delivery.

Top /dickies mens loose double knee work Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

A. Matherly, Louisiana says

Need about 4-5 sizes bigger than you wear with these. And then when you upgrade to a bigger pair make sure you buy a smaller length about 4-5 sizes smaller.

W. Alba, North Carolina

Nice pants but, they are about two sizes to small in the waist. I wear a 38 in most pants. I ordered a 40 and probably should've gotten a 42 or bigger

D. Diana, Sutton says

Good pants for the price. They have changed them over the years. These don't have a button, just a latch.

H. Cindy, City of London

I thought loose fit was just not tight but these pants are extremely baggy. The bottom feels like bell bottoms. The bottom goes under my work shoes. Expected some loose fitting pants for work but these are like parachutes.

F. Meredith, Barnsley says

Waist and length are as expected for size ordered. Like the material, it would be long wearing. The good will wear forever, the not so good, they are cut to restrictive for movement, (like a dress pant) to wear as work pant. Don't think of trying to bend over, kneel down or even get your hands in the pockets.

R. Janice, Yukon Territory

I've been wearing dickies for a long time. I am seriously disappointed in my recent purchase. The waist is a size or two too small. I am a 32" waist. Everything else i order in 32" fits loose or comfortably just right. These are tight (no i haven't gained weight. I haven't in over 25 years). A 33" waist will probably fit perfectly, but that is not what i normally wear. Front pockets are too shallow. I will not keep coins in them.

. Cassella, Thurrock says

Black is not as color fast as other blue dickies i've had. (i work around chemicals. ) but, still they are tough as nails. Next time i'll stick with the blue.

. Anonymous, Reading

I love the double knees, these are a bit baggy, they fit small in the waist and too long in length. I wear 36 x 32 in all jeans, dress slacks, or khakis. I ordered 38 x 32 (because i knew they always ran small in the waist when that was all i wore for work) they fit how i like in the waist, not too tight, not too lose, enough to comfortably fit my gun and holster. But i could probably take 4 inches off the length to fit normal. Was going to return, but i needed them and they didn't have 38 x 28 or 30, so i'll just deal with the length i guess.

S. Whiteman, Oregon says

Fits good, 42x 30. It has more room in the seat than the standard pants. . On the negative side, the front pockets are not very deep and the belt loops are under size. My black dickies leather belt barely squeezes in. They also seem to pill surprisingly fast.

I. Tracey, Solihull

I ordered a size larger than i normally wear and could barely get them buttoned. They said loose fit but i'm not sure where.

B. Lindsey, South Dakota says

These are not what i expected. Typically, for my generation, (i'm 43), "loose fit" means more room around the butt. These are not like that. They are more like the "baggy" pants seen on tv shows about gangbangers. Tight up top, huge legs. They're for work, so i'll wear them anyway, but don't like them.

J. Shawna, South Gloucestershire

I've worn dickies for over 10 years. Same size. Bought the same size and it's a couple inches long i'd say

G. Morgan, South Carolina says

The fit was not loose, and the inseam was 2" longer than ordered. Very poorly sized. They are going back.

K. Hannah, Kensington and Chelsea

Bought the same size i've always bought but they are way to big. But couldn't return them cause the tags aren't on them. Very disappointed in this purchase.

X. Judith, Hawaii says

Shallow pockets and short zipper about makes this a deal breaker. Who wants pockets only as deep as your knuckles? or a zipper that is on the small side. The cell phone pocket barely fits my g3 with a minimalist case so thats a deal breaker for anyone with any of the larger 6" phones or even a 5" with a heavy duty case is not going to fit. Other than that, i like them.

E. Jarvis, British Columbia

They changed the cut . Fabric is cheaper and overall feel is not what it was . But like everything else things keep getting cheaper

P. Kimberly, Wisconsin says

It's just a preference, but i really did not like these; i tried them on & then promptly returned them. It really depends on your intent in dress, i guess. But they weren't comfortable, nor did they really look as nice as the photos make them appear.

U. Nees, Doncaster

Holy crap! these things cut my circulation off like nobodies business! i thought it was weight gain, but i bought another pair of dickies in walmart, different cut, and they fit perfectly and they're the same size. This particular style runs small so order a size larger or be prepared to un-fasten them by 3.

C. Alice, Alabama says

I wear a 34 waist and have been ordering a 30 length but they usually are too short. This time i ordered a 32 length and boy was that a mistake. Shaq could wear these things they are so long. I hand sewed about 4 inches up inside the seam and they are still too long. I could have returned them but i wear them until they wear out. Otherwise they are good.

Z. Hadley, Indiana

Waist does not match listed and labeled size, also legs too long

. Elanor, Mississippi says

Tighter than expected but good length wise. Thin and light so long underwear is needed in any sort of cold but seems to hold up well to work and not show stains.

. Sherry, Wolverhampton

Good quality but larger than expected. Very high waisted. When worn at normal waist height normal unseen seems very long.

Q. Yvette, Alberta says

I always get dickies but these were way to big.

M. Theresa, Wiltshire

Fit very loose from the waist down, good for a hot summer days. But i don't like the pockets small tight fit, not long enough. But like the loose fit. Would like it better if they made a size 39 inches on waist. And 29 on length.

O. Alma, Newfoundland and Labrador says

Returned because they were too small. Do not run true to size. Had to purchase elsewhere because they were needed right away.

V. Rita, Stockton-on-Tees

Is very uncomfortable, if i didn't have to wear it for work. I would never buy this pants ever again. They do fit small. I bought a 36 and it fit like a 34 so i had to buy three more as 38's and they fit just a little bit loose. Almost perfect fit i would say it was like 1/8 of looseness from my waist.

. Lara, Virginia says

They are of a rugged construction and have the feel of something that will last quite a while. I was worried that they would be too small, due to some of the other reviews i read. They fit snuggly, but they do fit better than expected. They do seem to be a bit longer than expected, but not insanely so.

Y. Ophelia, Maryland

The length is a little over two inches longer than states. And yes i do know how to measure length. But the material quality and construction is awesome. I really didn't want to have to hem.

L. Clara, Wigan says

Warning! my husband order 2 pairs of "loose fit" dickies, which he has worn for years. We ordered them both the same size 38/34, which he has worn for years. He tried multiple stores before we ordered them from online store but they didn't carry that style anymore. The only difference in the pants he ordered was the colour, one black and one charcoal. They arrived and the charcoal ones said they were 38/34 but were quite a bit smaller then the black pair, also 38/43, which fit fine. Unfortunately he needed them for work asap and we didn't have fime to return them. Luckily he has a belt since he can't even button the charcoal pair! i'd post a photo but i'm sure you get the picture ; ) dickies is a good brand, was quite a disappointment for him!

N. Jennifer, Maine

Fit smaller at the waist then my previous orders. Same size as the previous ones, just tighter at the waist

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