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Price was 11. I live in seattle, it can get cold damp and windy here. I wear these shirts over a regular pocket tee in the winter. I stay warm and have an extra pocket too. They are also about 3 inches longer than a regular tee shirt so there is no tucking buldgeitis. This extra length also eliminates almost any possibility of plumbers butt and lets face it people, almost nobody wants to unexpectedly see anyone else's private places. These are very well made and sized correctly. Get some, start with about 4 of them. You will come to love and wear them daily. Very comfy, thanks dickies!

-J. Alexia

Men’s Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Heavyweight 6. 75 Ounce Short Sleeve Pocket Tee With Tagless Back Neck For Comfort -Dickies Men’s Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck

  1. Reviews: Jersey Knit, Cotton.

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Fit perfectly. I'm 6'1', 240lb, dark skin with moderate to huge upper body muscles. Size large fit me perfectly - not too small, not too large. The red color suits my skin tone too. Best mens long sleeve heavyweight crew | Dickies Men S Sportswear-Shirt Review ( Sep 2019 ) Reviews Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Taped neck and shoulder seams. Jersey knit, cotton .

Dickies men's long sleeve heavyweight crew neck Review (Dickies)

I wanted multiple quantity of a quality well-made long sleeve shirt with cuffs and a pocket. Simple request. . After reading reviews here on online store, i bought one of these dickies shirts to try it out. If i was the least bit unimpressed, i d buy one of another brand. Once i found the best, i d buy multiple shirts in a variety of colors. . Well, i need look no further! out of the package you can feel that it s a bit heavier than a plain t-shirt, by which i mean made of quality material. I tried it on and the fit was pretty much perfect - hopefully that will be the same after i wash it! if it shrinks, i may have a problem, but based on the quality of this shirt i doubt that will be the case . . The stitching is good, and you just get the overall impression that this is a quality shirt that will last a good while. Buy with confidence. . Now, if you ll excuse me i need to order a few more! -L. Meyer

Dickies Mens Long Sleeve Heavyweight

Dickies Men's Sportswear

men's long sleeve heavyweight crew Apparel, Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck for comfort Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (-Dickies).

Dickies Mens Long Sleeve Heavyweight Apparel

  • This is a nice medium to heavyweight long-sleeve shirt, perfect for the relatively warm fall we're having in the pacific northwest. I'm 5' 11" and 170 lbs. , and i usually wear either medium or large in this type of shirt. Based on other reviews, i ordered the large and i'm glad i did. It's plenty big enough in the body, but the sleeves aren't quite as long as they could be. The shirt is fairly tight in the armpit area as well, so holding your arms out straight will cause the sleeves to ride up your arm. If you're on the fence as to which size to order, go with the larger size. If i were to order another one, i may even go with the xl because of the sleeve length. . I'm not sure how this shirt will wash; i haven't worn it enough yet to find out. Instructions say to wash cold and dry on low, but even a little shrinkage will make the sleeves too short. I think i'll wash it on cold, dry it just a bit on low, then take it out and let it hang dry. I like this shirt, and if i can wash it without any shrinkage, i'll get a few years of good use out of it.
  • These shirts are comfortable and seem to survive the wash really well. I bought them so i can keep running outside when the weather gets cooler, and they are working out just fine. I can jog comfortable when the temperature is in the low 50's, and maybe with a short sleeve under one of these i'll be able to jog much of the winter. These are great shirts for the colder weather. Keep that t-shirt comfort while you use less heat and electricity too.
  • When i received the shirt it looked worn. It had worn marks around the collar and looked somewhat faded. I had ordered a medium and it was somewhat small so i ordered a large. When i received the large shirt and compared the two the medium shirt had definitely been worn and washed. I'm very disappointed in online store for this type of quality control and will be much more careful in what i order from them. I did not return the medium shirt because it would be cost prohibitive for me. So buyer beware
  • Somewhat small. Could not take the chance of shrinking further in wash.
  • This shirt fit perfectly before being washed. After being washed once it shrunk and now i have 3/4 length sleeves and the bottom of the shirt only goes to my waist. The material is nice and so is the workmanship but it is now too small.

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I bought three of these for my husband. He is 6'4" and 270 lbs and i ordered the xxlg and they fit perfectly. I was especially pleased that the body and sleeves were long enough - always a problem with shirts for him. They are heavier than a normal t-shirt and that was also a plus. Washed up nicely too. Great quality. Would buy again.

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck
Click to see NoticeDickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Shirt)"Practical and cost effective all season casual shirt. Sometimes i really need that shirt pocket. The sleeves roll up easily if i have to work in the sink, with something dirty, or, to be cooler, in the summer heat. If i'm jogging and its a bit cold, the sleeves can stretch out to keep my hands a bit warm. To have a color other than white showing is a bit more elegant when i have another shirt on top for winter warmth. It is a bit loose around the waist, but that works for hiding the utilitiy tool on my belt or if i get lazy and gain weight. It is hard to find long sleeve pocket t shirts in the summer, so i was happy to grab this toward the end of the winter retail season. The long sleeves are good for fending off mosquitos on summer evenings or when the sun goes down at the end of a day at the beach. Stitching seems pretty sturdy."

(0) Question: How long are the sleeves for a medium size?

(1) Question: What size for 5'9 130 guy?

(2) Question: Is this a longer shirt then most? my husband likes shirts that cover his holster on his hip.

Dickies Men's Big & Tall Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Crew-Neck T-Shirt

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck for comfort

Dickies Men's Big & Tall Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Crew-Neck T-ShirtDickies-Long-Sleeve-Heavyweight-Crew-Neck-T-Shirt

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Desert Sand
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    M29855
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Big & Tall Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Crew-Neck T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck 100% Soft Cotton Jersey Knit

Perfect! heavy weight, all stitching is solid, fit is perfect after 1st wash. My husband was a die hard fan of another major brand but the weight and quality of that product has slipped. They were thinner and the pockets unravel at the bottom after a couple washings. Not so with these dickies pocket tees. These are the real deal. Buy them, you will be pleased. Hubby says he's switching to dickies from now on! . These will take the wear, and not unravel and tear!

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck label for comfort.

Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck 100% Soft Cotton Jersey KnitDickies-Sleeve-Heavyweight-Cotton-Jersey

Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Dickies) FAQ.

This is by far the best tee shirt i have ever owned. I bought twenty if them in assorted colors. Collar is nice and snug and it stays that way throughout the day. Material is very heavy duty but soft. Was them a few times and they have held up great with little to no shrinkage. Dickies has never let me down with their product quality and their prices are very fair. -Notice from T. Morgan, Nova Scotia

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I was pleasantly surprised that the dickies tee didn't shrink at the bottom. We'll see after a few more washes. . Update: after numerous washings, the tee's are still plenty long. Most tee's shrink up after a few washings, but these don't. Wow. For the price especially, i don't think you can do better for an everyday, casual (but certainly not dressy) tee. I have had a problem with other brands because i'm very long waisted (at 6' 4") and because the tee's are either to short to begin with or shrink up. These are the best i've found, so far anyway.

Dickie's-men's-short-sleeve-heavyweight-crew-neck-(dickies) set picture

- P. SallyIf cost means more then quality then buy this over the carhartt . If price is not a major consideration buy the carhartt . Adequate quality shirt that is a steal at this price delivered in tall sizes . Above average quality . The carhartt material is better and more resistant to stains and burns as well as more durable . The cost almost twice as much so most working people will find this more appealing as 2 of these will last much longer then one high quality carhartt . Took one star off for not being as high a quality as the best in the business carhartt . Ps if you try the keys they shrink and are huge like one size larger what one is used to in a carhartt or dickies which size a little larger then normal and barely shrink .

My husband is very happy with the quality & fit of these shirts. The pen slot is a good addition, but makes the pocket too narrow to hold his phone with the protective case. I thought the sleeves would be a bit longer on the large tall, but he says they're fine.

W. Rita, Nevada

Brand :    dickies
Color :    Desert Sand
Model :    WS450FH
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck 100% Soft Cotton Jersey Knit available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck for comfort

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew NeckDickies-Mens-Long-Sleeve-Heavyweight

Price :    —
  • Jersey knit, cotton
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams
Brand :    dickies
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt K231

My husband loves carhartt shirts but they are a little long for him. He's 5, 8" and they need to make a shorter versions like they do for extra tall men. Otherwise great.

Made from 6. 75-ounce, 100% cotton jersey knit, our t-shirt features rib-knit crewneck and cuffs, side-seamed construction that minimizes twisting, and a carhartt signature logo printed on left sleeve and back. There's a tagless neck label for comfort.

Carhartt Men's Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt K231Carhartt-Signature-Sleeve-T-Shirt-K231

Carhartt Men's Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-shirt K231 FAQ.

I like carhartt shirts. Worn them for many many years. Apparently they have changed materials since the last ones i got, seems like a cheaper cotton or something. While the new ones fit the same, which i like, the material is lighter, has tiny ridges and seems to pick up every hair for a mile around! my old shirts are a nice smooth thick cotton that doesn't stretch and is thicker; over all much nicer shirts. . But i guess these are the only way we can get them now, so much for advancement when products have to be cheapened to still be affordable. -Notice from L. Megan, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Click to Show carhartt men's signature sleeve logo long sleeve t-shirt k231 Details

Nice shirt. Fits a little larger than expected. Husband usually wears a xtra large, could have went with a large for this shirt though. Still a good purchase.

Carhartt-men's-signature-sleeve-logo-long-sleeve-t-shirt-k231 set picture

- Z. PeteVery nice long sleeve carhartt men's logo t-shirt. Ordered mine as xl because most xl seems large. This xl feels like an xl, room for undershirt or wearing protective gear/clothing. Do not have to worry about if it will shrink. Design and style looks very good, i like it. Has medium print logo of carhartt on back near neck part and large print logo on left sleeve side. Great for beach wear, park, outdoors, or everyday wear. It feels pretty comfortable to wear.

Fits as expected for the carhartt brand. Their line of clothing are about the only ones i can think of that a medium fits slightly loose on me as a 5'9" 160 lb guy. This shirt is kinda on the heavy side, pretty warm compared to other brands. I have 4 long sleeved carhartt shirts like this and 3 of them have the brand name going down the sleeve, i absolutely love these shirts! i highly recommend them!

E. Rose, Arizona

Price :    —
  • Long-sleeve t-shirt in jersey knit featuring crew neckline and logo at sleeve
  • Original fit
Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Port
Size :    Large
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    K231
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt K231 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve T-Shirt K126

Got the medium for my boyfriend, and it's pretty big on him. It works fine, though! he wears it to sleep and always says it is very comfortable. It's soft and a long-lasting material.

The workwear pocket long sleeve t-shirt. Wear it as a layer, wear it by itself, wear it with pride. It's as rugged and dependable as your favorite hammer offering 6. 75-ounce, 100% cotton jersey knit, a generous left-chest pocket, side-seamed construction to minimize twisting and crew neck comfort.

Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve T-Shirt K126Carhartt-Workwear-Midweight-Long-Sleeve-K126

Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-sleeve T-shirt K126 (k126chr) FAQ.

My husband loves these carhart shirts. We happened to get one for a $1 at a local thrift store-obviously a fluke. He works-manual labor-and the shirt has lasted three years! i have never seen a shirt last that long on my husband. Almost any shirt runs at least $15. These shirts are worth every penny. I got these for my husband for his birthday-he hasn't wanted to wear anything else since i got them! :) will for sure be purchasing some more. Thanks so much for a quality product that looks great and lasts. And lasts! in reading other reviews i thought i ought to mention that i ordered a hunter green and royal in the short sleeve carhart shirts. They were both 100 percent cotton and made in honduras. They did shrink slightly in the wash-but not much. Also these xx large shirts are the size of the triple x in other shirts. Since these are workwear shirts-and that is what my husband wants them for-he was plenty happy with the size as they have plenty of room for maneuvering. After wash, the 2xl is 31 and 1/2 inches from back of neck to bottom of shirt. Across it measures slightly over 28 inches. Just thought i'd add this for any help it may offer. They are great shirts-still lasting well. And hubby doesn't like to wear anything else. -Notice from M. Stacey, Michigan

Click to Show carhartt men's workwear midweight jersey pocket long-sleeve t-shirt k126 (k126chr) Details

1st review - nice heavy cloth, well made. 2nd review - dropped one star - it's still well made - but. I had previously purchased this "same" shirt, same item name and number on the shirt tag, from tsc. The tsc shirt was 90% cotton 10% polyester - the online store shirt is 60% cotton 40% polyester. It just feels different. It's still a good shirt but i like the feel of the tsc shirt better.

Carhartt-men's-workwear-midweight-jersey-pocket-long-sleeve-t-shirt-k126-(k126chr) set picture

- K. CassellaNice heavy weight no frills, love these as work shirts. Well made official carhartt. Remember carhartt does run a little big which is great since it allows easy layering in cold weather.

I love carhartt shirts the price was better than the local carhartt retailer and delivered to the door. Great value for the money very high quality and great fit. I highly recommend them. Will be buying more in the future.

V. Pete, Poole

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Grey
  • Long-sleeve t-shirt in midweight jersey featuring spade patch pocket at chest with logo tag
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Original fit
Price :    —
Model :    K126
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Workwear Midweight Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve T-Shirt K126 available ( Sep 2019 )

Gildan - Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt a Pocket - 2410

6. 0 oz. , pre-shrunk 100% cotton (safety green and s. Orange are 50/50, sport grey is 90/10 cotton/polyester. ). Double-needle stitched neckline and sleeves. Quarter-turned . Taped neck and shoulders. Seven/eighths inch collar. Left chest pocket. Rib cuffs . Tearaway label.

Gildan - Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt a Pocket - 2410Gildan-Cotton-Sleeve-T-Shirt-Pocket

Brand :    gildan
Model :    2410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Gildan - Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt a Pocket - 2410 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • 6. 0 oz. , pre-shrunk 100% cotton (safety green and s. orange are 50/50, sport grey is 90/10 cotton/polyester. ).
  • Double-needle stitched neckline and sleeves.
  • Quarter-turned .
  • Taped neck and shoulders.

Hanes Adult Tagless Long Sleeve Tee Pocket

About hanes hanesbrands is a socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday basic apparel under some of the world's strongest apparel brands in the americas, europe and asia, as well as in australia and south africa. Our iconic innerwear and activewear apparel brands found in the united states and elsewhere include include hanes, champion, playtex, bali, maidenform, jms/just my size, wonderbra and gear for sports. Outside the united states, we also have dominant national and regional brands, including dim, nur die/nur der, lovable, abanderado, shock absorber, zorba, sol y oro, rinbros, track n field and ritmo. We are the world's largest marketer of basic apparel. We sell bras, panties, shapewear, sheer hosiery, men's underwear, children's underwear, socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleece and other activewear. In the united states, we sell more units of intimate apparel, male underwear, socks, shapewear, hosiery and t-shirts than any other company. We take great pride in our strong reputation for ethical business practices and the success of our hanes for good corporate responsibility program for workplace practices and community and environmental improvement. The company is the only apparel producer to ever be honored by the great place to work institute for its workplace practices in central america and the caribbean. In the united states, the company has earned the forbes magazine best place to work honor. Hanes has won u. S. Environmental protection agency energy star sustained excellence recognition for seven consecutive years. Hanes has significant goals for reducing energy use, carbon emissions and water use and publicly reports its progress each year. More information about our hanes for good corporate responsibility initiatives may be found at www. Hanesforgood. Com

Hanes Adult Tagless Long Sleeve Tee PocketHanes-Adult-Tagless-Sleeve-Pocket

Price :    —
  • Stay in style: you want to look good and feel good in your clothes, so hanes designs clothing that flatters and fits so even when you're in your sweatpants, you look like a million bucks.
  • Social responsibility: hanes prides themselves on their ethical business practices and the success of their responsibility program that strives to improve workplaces, communities, and the environment so you can be proud of you clothes.
  • Range of movement: no one likes clothing that's limiting and restrictive so hanes brings you apparal that offers a full range of movement and flexibility in your threads. so from yoga to lounging, your clothes are the perfect fit.
  • Trusted durability: hanes understands that clothes are an investment. you want them to hold up through both your work and leisure so they've designed their apparal to fit your needs for time to come.
  • Superior comfort: there's nothing better than being cozy and free in clothing. hanes designs their clothes with soft, durable fabric. you'll love it so much you'll never want to get changed.
Brand :    hanes
Model :    5596
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Hanes Adult Tagless Long Sleeve Tee Pocket available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Henley

Fit as expected and washes well. My dad wears wears a 42 waste and xxl shirt.

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce long sleeve pocket tee with tagless back neck for comfort.

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight HenleyDickies-Mens-Sleeve-Heavyweight-Henley

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Henley (Shirt) FAQ.

I tried it on and it was a bit snug. I then washed it and it felt about the same. After wearing it for one day, it feels comfortable and is a sturdy dense cloth, but that also does not let it give like other henleys i have worn. It did not seem to stretch at all by the end of the day, so i recommend buying an extra size larger especially if you have a bit of a gut like me and you need lots of range of motion. -Notice from N. Hurst, Waltham Forest

Click to Show dickies men's long sleeve heavyweight henley (shirt) Details

I am very picky about the fit of my henley shirts. Living in minnesota i weasr them as a base layer all winter and t ge really fit the bill

Dickies-men's-long-sleeve-heavyweight-henley-(shirt) set picture

- O. WilliamsLike all dickies shirts the waist lengths is a little long but the rest fits great. It doesn't get too hot even though it's thick which is great

Solid, comfortable, shirt for active men. It is my base shirt for motorcycle touring.

S. Bethany, Michigan

Price :    —
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams for longer wear
  • Jersey knit
Brand :    dickies
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Henley available ( Sep 2019 )

Dickies Men's 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirts

Dickies 2-pack short sleeve pocket t-shirts, 100% pre-shrunk cotton with shoulder to shoulder reinforcement, neck and shoulder seams are taped for longer wear and tagless for more comfort.

Dickies Men's 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Pocket T-ShirtsDickies-2-Pack-Short-Sleeve-Pocket-T-Shirts

Brand :    dickies
Model :    1144624
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickies Men's 2-Pack Short-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirts available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Left chest pocket with small exterior dickies logo
  • Two shirts per package
  • Tagless back neck label for comfort
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams for longer wear
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton (ash gray only is 99% cotton and 1% polyester)

Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Pocket Tee

Heavyweight 6. 75 ounce short sleeve tee with a taped neck and shoulder seams to provide reinforcement to keep the shape of tee and prevent it from stretching out. Durable solid 100 percent cotton jersey knit.

Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Pocket TeeDickies-Short-Sleeve-Heavyweight-Pocket

Brand :    dickies
Model :    WS450FH
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Dickie's Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Pocket Tee available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Chest pocket with small exterior dickies logo
  • Tag less back neck label for comfort
  • Taped neck and shoulder seams for longer wear, holds its shape
  • 100 percent cotton jersey knit

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Shirt) Price : 11, was : 0 as 2018-09-18
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The F.A.Q. for Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Shirt)

I bought one shirt to try it out and plan to buy more. As others have said, this is not a wimpy shirt. It is heavy-duty as i would expect from dickies, but it is also very comfortable. I would say its thickness is somewhere between a normal tee shirt and a lighter sweatshirt. It will be great for fall weather. It is a little on the larger size, but having read other reviews i expected that. Love the pocket and the price. Very pleased.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on

(0) Question: One of the size options is "long". what does that mean?

(1) Question: What size is long?

(2) Question: In medium ash gray , does the pocket have " pencil division " / pen holder ? not shown or in produvt features.

(3) Question: Does this shirt have a pocket, as shown in the photo? i didn't find it mentioned elsewhere.

(4) Question: Is there a glitch in the size pick list? there is no large option.

(5) Question: Do these shrink

(6) Question: Is the size labeled "long" meant to say large?

(7) Question: Is this made in usa

(8) Question: Do these shrink once you wash them?

(9) Question: How do these compare in thickness to carhartt long sleeves ?

(10) Question: Is this product preshrunk?

(11) Question: How do these fit compared to carhartt long sleeves?

(12) Question: What is the length of this shirt? my son is 6 feet and needs a bit longer shirt. thank you

(13) Question: Which grey is darker? heather or ash?

(14) Question: Is this dickies number wl450/

(15) Question: Is it made in the usa

(16) Question: How do these fit compared to carhartt long sleeves?

(note) Question: where/how to get Dickies (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Dickies's products

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I work construction and have worn many t shirts during my time. I've worn both the short sleeve and long and in my career they don't last to long. Trying to find one (really) made with heavy material, especially on the internet, is rather a gamble. I've always seen the dickies brand but never thought of ever trying their product. I guess, i always thought, if they could sell their clothing so much lower than the more popular brands, the material couldn't be that heavy. Well, i broke down and decided to order one off online store and try it out. I received it yesterday and all i can say is this is the heaviest material in a t shirt i've ever witnessed. As soon as i get done writing this biography, i'm ordering a couple more.

Clothing 1101666067, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Men 1101447417, Tops 1107092756, Uniforms, Work & Safety 1102861857, Work Utility & Safety 1100092756Top Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck (Shirt) FAQ Content

Best dickies men's long sleeve heavyweight crew neck (shirt) in review

I own dozens of these shirts in both long and short sleeve and they are practically all i ever wear. . They fit well hold up for years of wear.

. Heidi, Telford and Wrekin

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. Reed, Midi-Pyrenees says

These shirts are thick. I live on the oregon coast where the weather is generally cool. This shirt is perfect for the temperature. I am a 42 at 5'7" and the large fits me great. The sleeves are banded so they don't fall down over my hands and the neckline holds it's shape. I will be ordering more in different colors.

Q. Allen, Wiltshire

Great quality long sleeve underwear shirt that looks great and feels great. High-quality dickies is an excellent brand and i really enjoy wearing them.

B. Lewis, Hillingdon says

Tried the dickies in 2xl which is what i wear in the carhart shirts of the same style. These fit a little tighter than the carhart shirts. The carharts have a lot more room and are a little longer. I would say the carhart ls tshirts were meant to be worn as the only shirt where the dickies would work like that but could be used underneath another shirt. The carhart shirt would be too bulky for that. Still great price and the quality is there.

T. Watson, Wisconsin

The weight is perfect for layering, not too heavy but much better than a tee shirt. We ordered three more colors. The size is exactly as expected. He wears an x-large and the shirt fits comfortably.

D. Rhonda, Windsor and Maidenhead says

I ordered a bunch of these shirts for my husband and 3 sons and they seem pretty decent. These are great work shirts, the material has a decent amount of thickness and they wash very well. The only issue is they do seem to run a little big so i ordered a size down on several of them. Normally we order carhartt shirts but they are expensive and they to run very large. I personally think from what i have seen are both brands are very similar, both durable the only difference i can see is the name is what you pay for with carhartt. My husband prefers carhartt and so do my son's but they say they are just as good of quality as carhartt if not better

G. Imelda, Plymouth

Great shirt! my husband likes his shirts with pockets. It is wonderful to find such a well-made shirt with such a great variety of color choices. The price is acceptable as well. I will consider buying several mor of these shirts in a variety of colors

I. Paige, New Jersey says

I usually wear carhartt long sleeve jersey tees in size medium for work. I tried a few sizes of the dickies long sleeve tees in the store and ended up with xl. It's roomier in the stomach and waist, but the sleeves and body length are similar to the carhartt medium. I'm glad i tried it on first, because by other reviews i was guessing to order size l. . As far as quality, the fabric weight is better quality that the carhartt. And the pencil holder stitch is a nice touch. I would definitely buy again.

. Monique, Knowsley

My husband is in the construction business and he is very particular about the clothes he wears for work. Particularly, he likes his long sleeve shirts a certain way. These dickie longsleeve shirts are perfect as they are thick and durable, yet soft. Easy to wash and the quality of the fabric does not change after many washes. My husband always complains about other longsleeve shirts being too loose around his wrists. These fit nice and snug around your wrist. So, if you have to you take gloves on and off for your job or use your hands - as in construction, carpentry, etc. - these long sleeve shirts won't get in your way at all. . The only reason why i gave it four out of five stars is because i noticed that the color fades quickly. After just the first wash out of the package the color is noticeably faded. . Other than that, these longsleeve shirts are great. Anytime they're on sale on online store i always buy a few for him.

Y. Lisa, Stockport says

I couldn't find white, long sleeved dickies shirts anywhere online. Of course online store has them and the price is good. My husband owns a pool company. In the winter months it gets a little bit chilly, so these are great for him, when he needs to do the servicing on a pool or spa. They clean up very nicely too!

Z. Jennifer, Durham

Delivered when promised and in new condition. Nice long sleeve with pocket. Fit as expected. Hopefully, it will not shrink too much when i wash (i will update if things go awry).

. Irene, Bracknell Forest says

Are warm comfortable shirts, fits a bit more snug than others in my usual size of xl but not overly small. Are comfortable and good elastic at the wrists on the sleeve end. I especially like the length, are long enough that they stay tucked inside my jeans. Will likely order more of them.

H. Erickson, Hawaii says

The people are right about the size being smaller, for me the sleeves are too short, the cuffs just touch my wrist but if i hold my arms out in front of me they go way back up and these being 100% cotton even if i washed them cold only i'm afraid they'd be even shorter, definitely on warm wash they would a little too. However, man are these the thick 100% cotton heavyweight tees we've all been missing, yes they cost more but part is due to long sleeves plus pocket, but standard "heavyweight" tees? so you get 4 pr pack, what good are they if they look like you don't want to wear them as a shirt on their own, short sleeves? they shrink after washing don't come to your elbows unless you go up in size then they're too long. I'd rather pay more for these quality ones and am hoping they get more whites in so i can exchange both the white and gray for extra large usually i wear large, 5'9" 165 lbs 32" waist, like a 27"- 28" length. If they're too big i can control shrink them using water temp when washing. But if you've been looking for the heavyweight tees we all remember then these are the ones to buy and the ones i got came tagless, the gildans i bought still had tags, who do they think wants tags anymore?

N. Russell, Hounslow

Take note! these are heavy duty (that's why i love these! ) and will shrink. Buy one size up from what you wear. I'm a medium so i buy large. Then i wash them and dry them hot. They will shrink down one full size.

R. Miller, South Dakota says

I am between a xl and 2x so i ordered the larger size to allow for shrinking. The sleeves are perfect now and the body is just a little larger than i would like it. But, because i tuck my shirt in my pants its not a problem.

F. Alice, Reading

It is good looking and fits true to size. Well-made and good value. If you have proportionally long arms, or like a loose fit you might want to order one size larger. My arms are on the shorts side and the length is just right for me.

. Carol, North Somerset says

This is a fantastic heavy weight long sleeved shirt. Color is beautiful. But way bigger than most t-shirt s. I was swimming in the large which is my usual size. I sent it back. Thought about replacing with a medium but didn t want to hassle with the possible return. If you are a large man this shirt will be a great shirt that will last a long time and look great for a long time.

X. Dorine, Washington

These shirts are a great value for the money. I buy three of the white every winter. And one each of the other colors. They're comfortable and warm. Plus they have a pocket for my pen.

O. Carmen, Hampshire says

The shirt is thick. It feels like it will hold up to the stresses of working. I am 5'8" and thin. The shirt is too long in the torso. The bottom of the shirt covers my butt when i would like it to be 2 or 3 inches shorter. I am probably going to tuck it in. The sleeves are normal length for me and slim. I am afraid it could shrink in the wash since it is cotton. The shirt pocket has a stitch that holds your pen in place which i really like.

A. Juliana, Manchester

I work outside and i need a nice heavy long sleeve shirt to go underneath all my other clothing. Voila! i tried a few different ones but these dickies shirts are perfect and exactly what i needed, i ordered a bunch more after the first. Good buy

. Nielsen, Derbyshire says

It fits wells, my only complaint is that i live near phoenix, az and the heavy weave ia going to be nice come wimter, but it's summer now and it is too heavy to wear comfortably.

K. Terry, Tower Hamlets

This is a good, well made, long sleeve tee. I normally wear a large, but after reading reviews & seeing they tend to run small, i ordered an extra large. I'm glad i did because it fits perfect! . I very recently also purchased a hane's beefy tee long sleeve tee. On it, i got my usual large & it fits about the same as the extra large dickies. Just for comparison, the dickies is definitely heavier material that the hane's beefy tee.

S. Guest, Australian Capital Territory says

I'm 6'7" tall and over 220 lbs. Finding shirts that fit at a good price is a task! i have purchased may of these shirts and they , in my opinion are the best! why. They stay soft, and don't shrink up to nothing after washing (i never put these in the dryer, i hang or dry flat, shirts last longer) . There are other brands that the sleeves shrink up and they get rough to the touch after several washings, but not this shirt! in the colder months they are my 'go to' shirt ! i live in the calif sierra mountains!

W. Lorenz, Norfolk

As a man who wears t-shirts a lot, thickness & quality are mandatory. This dickies long sleeve tee fits that criteria. For the price, its a great bargain. The tee is worth every penny to me, as i've bought countless others that cost much more and were not close to being equal to this one. As stated by many others, it is has a good thickness. I will say it runs large though. I'm 5'10" and weigh about 190 lbs. I ordered an xl as i like them to fit a little loose, but i probably should have ordered a large. The sleeve length is fine and the collar area is not baggy or constricting. Mine was made in nicaragua. . I will certainly be ordering a couple more in different colors. For the price and quality, i highly recommend them.

Top /dickies mens long sleeve heavyweight Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Guest, Pennsylvania says

I bought 2xxlg & it shrunk big time after one wash & no dryer time. Could have been better.

U. Pearce, Haringey

Ordered for my husband as a work shirt. Sleeves run small/short and tight in the shoulder area. Fabric is a bit on the rougher side and thicker than expected.

M. Sally, Manitoba says

Price was good and fit was good until i washed and dried it. I put it into the dryer and it shrunk. It still fits, but a bit snug.

C. Sherry, Kentucky

The sleeves were tight on my forearms. After i washed it once, in cold water, it shrank so much it no longer fit. I returned it.

E. Hakala, Knowsley says

Its not just the short, its my body (overweight) but i have same brand shirts (short sleeves) that feels better/

H. Margaret, Maine

This is a well-made shirt and fits as expected. I was disappointed in how scratchy the cotton was.

. Morgan, Kansas says

I read many reviews of similar shirts before buying this for my husband. This one sounded good compared to the others. He reports that it is a little bit too scratchy for real comfort.

L. Nees, Rhone-Alpes

Wash it a couple of times it really looks worn and old

. Theresa, Surrey says

While the shirt seemed fairly well-made, like all of the dickies t-shirts that i've tried, the shirts are extremely large in the shoulders, to the extent that they remind me of 1980's women clothing that incorporated shoulder pads. I'm in my forties, and my shoulders are certainly not as well-built as they were twenty years ago, but i don't believe that i'm unusually round-shouldered even now. So if you lift seriously, as i no longer do, give these a try; otherwise, you may find yourself sending them back, as i have done with the several types of dickies t-shirts that i've tried.

G. Kelly, North Dakota

Sleeves length is not very generous. Get the big and tall in your size .

O. Susan, Lambeth says

I have bought four of these tee's and each has the same problem. . The cardboard dickies tag is attached with a thin plastic cord (as is typical for tags). But the barb of the plastic cord is embedded into the seam, making it very difficult to get the barb out. If a customer leaves the barb in (and just tries to cut the plastic as close as possible), it stings the neck (like a splinter). I was able to get the barb out of three of my shirts, but could not get it out of one. I created a hole trying to get it out (and it's still inside the shirt seam), ruining the shirt. . Except for this issue, the shirts seem to fit well, look good, and are good quality.

B. Fabian, New Hampshire

I do like this shirt but as other reviewers point out, the shirt will shrink once washed. I bought the xl and it fit perfectly until i washed it. Now the sleeves fall just below my wrist. I can't get an xxl as many of the colors i want aren't available in that size. Great shirt but expect significant shrinkage.

R. Angelica, South Dakota says

It was two sizes larger very cheap material is not recommended to anyone do not buy these shirts!

. Glenda, Ohio

I would say the overall quality is good. The material is thick and soft. But i gave the shirt 3 stars due to the fact that the sleeves are super short. I bought my normal size - medium - and it fits just right in the body. But the sleeves end mid-wrist on me and when i extend my arm, they pull back to my forearm.

J. Courtney, Calderdale says

Don't buy these shirts the first time you wash they shrink 2 sizes would not recommend to anyone

V. Teresa, Walsall

Like the fabric and the fit. I use the pocket for my cell phone and it is just a wee bit small. Phone keeps falling out. The pocket may have been intended for smokers. I would not buy it again for that reason.

N. Megan, Prince Edward Island says

The seam at the bottom of the shirt was not properly sewn and fell apart on the first washing.

Z. Cassella, Massachusetts

This should be called the "almost" a long sleeve shirt or 3/4 sleeve shirt because after one wash, it's definately not a long sleeve shirt.

F. Hadley, Virginia says

If you have baby arms this shirt should fit. The sleeves are more like 3/4 length

Y. Anonymous, Oregon

I found this shirt too warm for my liking and end up giving it to my brother. If you work outside in the cold a lot though i'm guessing this shirt would be perfect.

W. Lynette, Warwickshire says

You would think that in sizes their would be a pattern or lay out to go by. Seems like no two makers when layed side -by-side are the same. Gave this to my son.

S. Powell, Wiltshire

I bought two of these tee shirts and returned them. I have similar russell and wrangler riggs tee shirts and i wear an xl which fits fine in length and body. The xl dickies i received was short in length and skimpy in the body and when washed, would probably end up being too tight.

X. Meyer, Sachsen says

Nice shirt but sleeves aren't long enough.

T. Diana, Ealing

Its okay. I wanted something durable so i went with the dickies brand. I do work outdoors 5 days a week. So as far as durability goes its a plus. . However. It is a little stiff and rough. Even after about 5 washes so far the material still feels like its on the hard crisp rough side

K. Florence, Newcastle upon Tyne says

Be careful ordering these. They run small, and sleeves are really short! . Order larger.

A. Alberta, North Lincolnshire

I like the shirt except that it fits awkwardly. When i bring my arms up and/or forward there is a binding. I bought a large, and i am not a big person. I am short, and on most shirts the sleeves are too long for me. I have never had this problem with any other brand of long sleeve t-shirt.

P. Guest, Poitou-Charentes says

I bought many of these shirts for my husband because the price was so good, but they were just as thick as regular carhart shirts, and the sleeves were too short. My husband wears xl shirts, but these xl shirts were too small.

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