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Price was 51. Simply beautiful! great colors and lovely design! i am a nurse and i have worn nothing but dansko clogs for many years. They fit well and are good for my back, legs and feet. This particular pair is in a class by itself! when you have to wear scrubs, it s fun to make a statement with your clogs!

-K. McCarthy

Women’s the professional, our iconic clog loved by millions, delivers unbeatable comfort and all-day support. apma accepted and built by hand staple construction, our classic style provides -dansko women’s professional mule

  • Add-on: Padded Instep Collar. Use A Damp Soapy Cloth Or Sponge To Remove Surface Dirt. Do Not Saturate The Leather. Ordinary Scuff Marks May Be Touched Up With Shoe Polish.
  • Add-on: Wide Heel Strike For Greater Stability.

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I love these shoes. The size 39 (i wear size 8s typically) fits beautifully and is exceptionally comfortable. I removed one star because the pair i received wasn't 100% new. Although the shoes are in perfect condition, there was dirt on and in the soles suggesting they'd been purchased and tried out previously. This is the first, and hopefully last, time i've had such an experience purchasing shoes from online store. The Best women's ( Sep 2019 ) | Dansko-Shoes Review Add-on Dansko Women's Professional Mule Comfort-minded clog featuring roomy reinforced toe box for protection and polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom for shock-absorption. Padded instep collar. use a damp soapy cloth or sponge to remove surface dirt. do not saturate the leather. ordinary scuff marks may be touched up with shoe polish.. Wide heel strike for greater stability. Pu outsole with rocker bottom to propel foot forward and provide shock absorption. Pu inner frame to reduce torque and provide stability .

Dansko Women's Professional Mule Review (306880202)

I am on my feet for 10 plus hours a day and am now middle aged so my feet appreciate a supportive shoe. These really feel comfortable and are nicer looking than most "supportive" shoes. My feet are not sore at the end of the day and i can wear them with jeans or casual dresses. -Z. Cunningham

Dansko Professional Womens Mule

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Dansko
  • Color: Black Cabrio Leather
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:9.00 inches
    Length:11.00 inches
    Weight:0.94 pounds
    Width:7.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Dansko
  • Model: Professional
  • MPN: 306880202
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 306880202
  • Sub-Type: Shoes
  • Category: SHOES
  • Size: 37 EU/6.5-7 B(M) US

women's Shoes, The professional, our iconic clog loved by millions, delivers unbeatable comfort and all-day support. apma accepted and built by hand with staple construction, our classic style provides reliable stability and extra comfort. use a damp soapy cloth or sponge to remove surface dirt. do not saturate the leather. ordinary scuff marks may be touched up with shoe polish. Dansko Women's Professional Mule (Professional-Dansko).

Dansko Professional Womens Mule Shoes

  • *warning* these are all handmade shoes, so don't expect each shoe (even of the same exact size and style! ) to fit the same. It's going to be a total crapshoot if you buy these online, so make sure the style you choose has free return shipping! once you find the shoe that fits you perfectly, they're heaven! they're worth the price because they'll take the place of 3-4 other pairs of shoes. These puppies are built to last. I actually went and tried on every pair in 3 different sizes in 4 different stores to find the pair that fit best. Sometimes the size 35 is the same as the same shoe in a size 37, etc, just depends on who made it i guess. Don't forget these sizing guidelines: you should be able to wiggle your toes, the part that crosses over the top of your foot shouldn't be snug, and your heel should slide out a bit when you walk. Do the "kick test" to see if it's too big though (wearing the shoe, make a kicking motion, the shoe should stay on). Good luck to you!
  • These shoes were wonderful but they were too big. The color was beautiful and would easily go with anything. I had the old danskos that were with sanitas. This shoe was too wide for me in the heel but i couldn t wear a smaller size so i had to return them.
  • Buy the product in store and have it fitted properly. I found them way too heavy for my taste and super uncomfortable. I had to change into sneakers during the middle of my 12. 5 hour shift. They probably were not sized correctly. I bought a pair of knockoffs from payless that are a fraction of the weight and cost and work tons better. I am willing to give these another shot after being fitted in a store. Definitely do not buy them online though!
  • Order a size larger. This style does not have the higher arch support. Update, after a year of wearing these in the nursing field, which means more than 40 hours a week, they have holes and lots of wear and tear, pictures are of recent update a year after purchase
  • I work in a hospital and am on my feet all day. These are my 4th pair of dansko clogs. I ordered my regular size and they fit as expected. My compiaint with this pair is that i ordered the pink clogs with black sole and the color has proved not durable at all. On the first day of wearing them, they were full of black scuff marks on the toe. The scuffs wipe off but not without taking some of the pink color also. Additionally, there are deeper scuffs that are white and seem to be wearing away the leather. I will not repurchase a pair of danskos for now as this pair has left a sour taste. My favorite pair of danskos that lasted years were the brown vegan starburst ones but unfortunately they were discontinued.

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If you spend long hours on your feet, you have to pick up a pair from dansko's stapled clog collection. Each has a polyurethane rocker-bottom sole, designed to protect the feet, legs, and back from the stress of standing or walking, and to propel the foot forward, helping you stay on the move.

I've worn dansko clogs for 10 years. I'm aware that they have moved their factory to china after their contract with sanita ended. The quality is still good. My first pair of oiled clogs lasted roughly 6-7 years of heavy use. I loved them. I went with patent (shiny finish) clogs in both sanita and danskos. All of them cracked in the toe box where it bends at your toes. 3 pairs, all the same thing, cracked leather. I hesitantly went back to the oiled clogs and gave them 1 last try. When i removed them from the box i noticed how dry they were. This was the driest, thirstiest leather i have ever seen in my life. I grew up around horses and i'm very familiar with leather oiling, conditioning, etc. I broke out the only oil i had, just plain vegetable oil. I applied it to the clogs with a paper towel. It sucked up so much oil! i kept applying until it could not absorb anymore oil. Fyi you can use any type of medium weight oil such as canola oil, olive oil or the traditional neets foot oil for leather. Leather conditioner is not enough, you need to use oil. I had a realization with the patent leather shoes. They are most likely using this same bone dry leather that they use for the oiled leather and then slap the patent finish on top. If you leave leather in that dry of a state, it will crack! so far these have been awesome and are working great. They have good arch support. They are a little wider than the sanita clogs but not too wide. You don't' have to wear thick socks to make these stay on your feet. Remember you should be able to get a pinky width space between your heel and the back of the clog and your foot should slightly lift up out of the back of the clog.

Dansko Women's Professional Mule
Click to see NoticeDansko Women's Professional Mule (306880202)"Alright ladies and gents, . These shoes are overall a great investment. Mine were manufactured in italy and kept my feet comfortable for my 10 hour shifts. I will buy more pairs, but i normally wear a size 7 (37) in shoes i went up to a size 38 or 7. 5-8 in my danskos after returning two other pairs due to them being too small. So be prepared to buy a few pairs to get a proper fit. They do rub my little toes some even with socks on, but that wasn't until my shift was winding down so i can live with it. There is no arch support."

(0) Question: How long do they usually last being worn everyday?

(1) Question: Does m mean that it is wide?

(2) Question: Do they make squeaky noise when you walk around?

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Dansko Women's Pro Xp Mule

Ultimate comfort and performance give this iconic clog silhouette what you need for a long day on your feet. A removable cushioned footbed and slip-resistant outsole will keep you on-the-go in the pro xp clog.

Dansko Women's Pro Xp MuleDansko-Womens-Pro-Xp-Mule

Brand :    dansko
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    3912-960202
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Slip-resistant outsole ; memory foam footbed delivers optimal cushioning and support ; padded instep for comfort when walking
  • Roomy reinforced toe box allows toes to move comfortably with plenty of "wiggle room". removable, leather-lined dual-density pu footbed with memory foam for optimal arch support and cushioning
  • Pu midsole with slip-resistant rubber outsole suitable on dry, wet and oily/wet surfaces
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom propels feet forward for shock absorption and energy return
  • Your heel should lift up and down with every step, so if you are a half size, you may be more comfortable sizing up. heel height is 2. 00 inches. care - gently wipe surface dirt off the leather with a clean damp cloth
Price :    —
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Dansko Women's Delle Dress Pump

From its backless design to its in-fashion studding details, the block-heel delle mule lets you tread new style territory. A contoured, cushioned footbed and adjustable strap furnish the legendary dansko comfort

Dansko Women's Delle Dress PumpDansko-Womens-Delle-Dress-Pump

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Black Milled Nubuck
Weight :    0.81 pounds
Model :    Delle
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Dansko Women's Delle Dress Pump available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. use dansko nubuck and suede bar and brush to remove surface stains. for maximum water and stain protection, we recommend using dansko suede and nubuck spray immediately after purchase.
  • Embedded steel shank for stability and support. leather-wrapped footbed with arch support and cushioning.
  • Polyurethane outsole for shock absorption and energy return.

Dansko Women's Pro Xp Mule Shoe

Ultimate comfort and performance give this iconic clog silhouette what you need for a long day on your feet. A removable cushioned footbed and slip-resistant outsole will keep you on-the-go in the pro xp clog

Dansko Women's Pro Xp Mule ShoeDansko-Womens-Pro-Xp-Mule

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Blue Caiman
Size :    36 EU/5.5-6 M US
Weight :    0.89 pounds
  • Heel height is 2. 00 inches
  • Memory foam footbed delivers optimal cushioning and support
  • Slip-on leather mule featuring roomy toe box and anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • Padded instep for comfort when walking ; slip resistant rubber outsole
Price :    —
Model :    Pro Xp
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dansko Women's Pro XP Clog

The pro xp is the ultimate in comfort and support. With removable leather-lined memory foam footbeds, slip-resistant rubber outsoles, and anti-fatigue rocker bottoms, they are made for those long days on your feet

Dansko Women's Pro XP ClogDansko-Womens-Pro-XP-ClogGive your foot the day off with this comfy clog from dansko. The pro xp features a leather upper with a classic rounded toe and padded collar. Beneath, a comfy platform and block heel give you the lift you want with the comfort you desire.

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Black Patent
Size :    37 European US Women
Weight :    0.94 pounds
Model :    Pro XP
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom sets feet in a forward motion for shock absorption and energy return.
  • Pu midsole with slip-resistant rubber outsole suitable for dry, wet and oily/wet surfaces.
  • Padded instep collar for extra comfort.
  • Removable, leather-lined dual-density pu footbed with memory foam for optimal arch support and cushioning.
  • Roomy reinforced toe box allows toes to move comfortably with plenty of "wiggle room. "
Price :    —
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Dansko Women's Professional Leather, Black Patent, 36 EU/5.5-6 B M US

Our legendary stapled professional launched a comfort generation. Loved by millions, this iconic style offers unbeatable all-day comfort and support. Available in an ever-evolving range of upper materials. Go ahead, treat your feet! the stapled clog carries the seal of acceptance from the apma (american podiatric medical association). The apma seal of acceptance is awarded to shoes that promote good foot health and is independent proof that dansko shoes are made with your comfort and long-term wellbeing in mind.

Dansko Women's Professional Leather, Black Patent, 36 EU/5.5-6 B M USDansko-Womens-Professional-Leather-Patent

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Black Patent
Size :    36 EU/5.5-6 B(M) US
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Padded instep collar
  • To confirm the correct size and a proper fit, there should be about a pinky finger width between your heel and the back of the clog
  • Comfort-minded clog featuring roomy reinforced toe box for protection and polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom for shock-absorption
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability
  • Leather socklining for long-wearing comfort
Price :    —
Model :    406020202
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Dansko Unisex Professional Clog

Millions of dansko clogs fans can't be wrong. The flagship style, the dansko professional, embodies the all-day comfort and support that dansko shoes are famous for. The design of this women's shoe follows the natural contours of the foot and the instep collar is generously padded. A rocker-bottom sole propels the foot forward when walking to ensure a smooth ride. Dansko's stapled outsole carries the seal of acceptance from the apma (american podiatric medical association) and has been tested by satra in the united kingdom and precision testing laboratories in nashville, tennessee. You'll love the clean good looks and undeniably comfort of the dansko professional cabrio.

Dansko Unisex Professional ClogDansko-dsprof-Unisex-Professional-ClogDansko's classic professional shoe promises to keep you comfortable throughout busy days on your feet. The iconic construction features a smooth leather upper, a contoured leather insole, and a shock-absorbent rubber outsole.

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Black Oiled
Size :    43 European Wide US Men
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    dsprof
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Proper fit allows for a pinky finger sized space behind heel
  • Closed-in clog work shoe featuring stapled welt and faux-wood platform
  • Pu outsole for durability and shock absorption
  • Perforated comfort insole
Price :    —
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Dansko Women's Professional Antique Brown Oil Mule

The professional, our iconic clog

Dansko Women's Professional Antique Brown Oil MuleDansko-Professional-Antique-Brown-Oil

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Antique Brown Oiled
Weight :    0.85 pounds
Model :    Professional Antique Brown Oil
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom with energy return
  • Padded instep collar for a comfortable fit
  • Breathable open-cell pu foam footbed for temperature control
  • Leather socklining for long-wearing, breathable comfort
  • Roomy, reinforced toe box with plenty of "wiggle room"
Price :    —
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Dansko Women's Professional Clog

This dansko flagship style isn't popular by accident. Millions love the dansko professional oiled clog and for plenty of reasons. Firm foot and arch support contours to your midsole keeping you foot supported and secure all day long. Superior shock absorption, comparable to athletic footwear, ensure the bumps in your work day won't get you down. As always the dansko stapled outsole proudly carries the seal of acceptance from the american podiatric medical association and has been tested for slip resistance. The dansko professional oiled clog - classic, comfortable, and loved by millions.

Dansko Women's Professional ClogDansko-006020202-Womens-Professional-ClogDansko's professional clog promises to keep you comfortable throughout busy days on your feet. Offered here in fine leather, the iconic design features a smooth upper, a contoured leather insole, and a shock-absorbent rubber outsole.

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Black Box
Size :    36 EU
Weight :    1.60 pounds
Model :    006020202
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Dansko Women's Professional Clog available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Protective tpu heel counter allows the heel to move up and down freely while providing lateral stability
  • Slip-on work shoe featuring leather upper and chunky heel with platform
  • Pu outsole for durability and shock absorption; to confirm the correct size and a proper fit, there should be about a pinky finger width between your heel and the back of the clog

Dansko Professional Clog

The professional, our iconic clog loved by millions, delivers unbeatable comfort and all-day support. Apma accepted and built by hand with staple construction, our classic style provides reliable stability and extra comfort.

Dansko Professional ClogDansko-Professional-Clog

Brand :    dansko
Color :    Petrol Patent
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    406-110202
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Dansko Professional Clog available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Protective heel counter allows the heel to move up and down freely while providing lateral stability.
  • Roomy reinforced toe box allows toes to move comfortably with plenty of "wiggle room. "
  • The leather-lined, single-density open-cell pu foam sockliner provides breathability and contoured pu midsole provides arch support.
  • Padded instep collar for extra comfort.
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom sets feet in a forward motion for shock absorption and energy return.

Sanita Women's Original Patches Limited Edition Clogs

Pretty-up your work wear with the supportive sanita original - pro. Limited edition. Printed leather upper. Easy slip-on style with a lightly padded instep. Soft and breathable leather linings. Protective heel cap and stabilizing insert provide extra support without sacrificing style. Anatomically-shaped footbed lined in leather ensures a perfect fit and helps wick away moisture. Skid-resistant, polyurethane outsole with flexibility helps absorb shock to reduce fatigue. Stapled construction ensures added durability for lasting wear. The sanita original collection is accepted by the american podiatric medical association . Imported. Measurements: heel height: 1 1 2 in weight: 1 lb 1 oz platform height: 3 4 in product measurements were taken using size 39 (us women's 8-8. 5), width regular. Please note that measurements may vary by size.

Sanita Women's Original Patches Limited Edition ClogsSanita-Womens-Original-Patches-Limited

Brand :    sanita
Color :    Taupe
Weight :    1.06 pounds
Order click here :    -
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Sanita Women's Cabrio Clog

Stylish closed-backed clog, slip resistant polyurethane outsole, brush-off upper finish, rocker bottom, apma accepted.

Sanita Women's Cabrio ClogSanita-Professional-Cabrio-Womens-Clog

Price :    —
  • Padded insole with inclined forefoot
  • Classic clog featuring roomy toe box, contrast piping at topline, and full welt stitching
Brand :    sanita
Color :    Brown
Size :    35 European US Women
Model :    Professional Cabrio
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Sanita Women's Cabrio Clog available ( Sep 2019 )

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I always wear a size 10 and i feel dansko 40 is perfect for me. I love that they brought back the light wood looking soles. I started wearing danskos years ago because i had heel problems. Then i fell in love with them and have been wearing them forever.

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(0) Question: Will this shoe accommodate orthotic insoles?

(1) Question: Do the dansko clogs have good arch support for people with high arches?

(2) Question: What's the difference between a clog and a mule

(3) Question: What if i wear a size 8 which size do i order?

(4) Question: Can i get blue shell in 37 wide

(5) Question: Just purchased these clogs and it cuts into the bone of the top of my ankle. can anyone tell me if this is just breaking them in?

(6) Question: I'm pregnant and work in a restaurant. i walk a lot and i'm on my feet 6 hours a day. are these shoes comfortable, have good support? are they heavy?

(7) Question: What is the width

(8) Question: I ordered 39s and 38s. the 38s came in a plain box with no logo or style number. are they legit danskos?

(9) Question: I normally wear a 8. 5! i'm still stuck on the sizing though. helppp!

(10) Question: Is narrow the name of the shoe?

(11) Question: Does anyone know why my knees hurt so much after wearing these shoes all day?

(12) Question: How safe are these shoes on wet surfaces?

(13) Question: I'm a cashier with bulging disc's on my lower back are these shoes going to help me stand without pain? please help

(14) Question: I have wide feet. will this be comfortable?

(15) Question: Because this shoe is a "clog" should i expect some heel slippage?

(16) Question: I wants 9w

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I love these shoes, but a friend recommended that i purchase them in person rather than online, and now i know why. The top is slightly tight across my feet and they do not seem to stretch out much. They are great shoes though. I love the look and comfort, but will not purchase online again.

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I can't be more grateful for realizing that i need a hard shoe rather than soft tennis shoes for a 13 hour shift on my feet. Break them in and they'll save you so much pain. They even make your back straighten up. Size up though, they tend to be a bit snug if you don't.

M. Hannah, Barking and Dagenham

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. June, Georgia says

This is my second pair of dansko professional oiled leather clogs in this exact same color. "why? " you may ask - because i wore the other pair until they literally fell apart while i was wearing them. I had worn the original pair for 14 years, and the sole eventually cracked. I teach, so i am on my feet all day. Standing/walking on concrete, and these shoes helped with back pain. I also have high arches and have found these shoes to be extremely comfortable for that as well. I own several pairs of danskos, but these are my go-to for color. Love them!

. Eleanor, Lancashire

I like my first pair of danskos. My issue is the top of the right-shoe seems tighter than the left, which can every so often hurt the top of my right foot, but after wearing them for a couple of weeks i have seemed to loosen it a bit. As some people mentioned, this comes along with hand-made shoes. Also, feet are imperfect, so this can affect the comfort and sizing in accordance to the feet. However, besides this, they are very comfortable and i can wear them the entire work day. Length- and width-wise they fit very nicely. I typically wear a size 7. 5 shoe and these seemed pretty accurate to that sizing.

H. Mays, North East Lincolnshire says

These shoes are worth every penny. I am a nurse and are usually on my feet 13-14 hours a day either standing or walking. They are suprisingly easy to walk in and i found that when in an emergency situation, they are easy to move in when needing to get somewhere quickly. I used to have severe lower back pain after my shift due to back problems. But after wearing these shoes for two weeks now, i went from taking 4 tylenol a day to none! if you have back or knee pain, get a pair now!

Y. Patton, Tameside

I ordered these in one size larger than my normal size. They were still snug around the top of my foot. Also, i could not wear thick socks with these as the band on the top compressed my veins on the top of my foot so badly that i couldn't wear shoes for a day. I had to walk around in flip flops. Next time, i will order a larger size. Other than that, they are beautiful. I got the reddish looking ones, and i get a lot of compliments on them. They are a bit shiny but in a tasteful way. These are my first danskos because i used to think they were ugly. Well, i don't think they are the most stylish shoes but i needed them for comfort, and they do just that. They are very comfortable. I can stand, walk, shop for upto 12 hours a day and i didn't feel like i had shoes on. They support my arch wonderfully which is why i had to buy danskos in the first place. I guess i'll be buying more danskos now and don't think they're all that ugly. Highly recommend the product-just check the sizing.

D. Valdez, Nottinghamshire says

I've only had these for a week but i already love them and i wish i had bought a pair sooner. I stand all day at work and these help my legs so much! i thought i would break them in slowly but they were so comfortable i have been wearing them all day since i got them.

O. Cassella, Bremen

Amazing! i love these! the pattern is very classy-i was worried about what it may look like in person, but i am glad i ordered these. They almost sparkle. I wear solid colored scrubs every day, so having a fun pattern on my danskos is a great option to add a little fun to my day. I am on my feet all day and love these shoes. I have worn danskos for several years after having them recommended to me by a podiatrist for my plantar fasciitis. These are so comfortable right out of the box.

Q. Alexia, Delaware says

I love these shoes! the coloring is awesome! they are comfortable but i found that they are a little tight on the top of the shoe but i am hopeful they will stretch out some as i wear them! can't go wrong with dansko. I recently bought sanita shoes and they do not fit as good as dansko! stick with dansko!

R. Wayt, Norfolk

I own about seven of these clogs and i wear them because of planar fascia. I usually get the "b" width and wear them with medium to heavy socks in the winter. My arch on the top of my foot is average so the clogs are not tight. As the manufacturer points out, my heel is supposed to slide in and out of the clog as i walk. I don't need to wear my orthodic when i ear these clogs and i've been wearing them for about 25-30 years.

. Wells, West Sussex says

Love, love , love these shoes. Arrived on time. I have neuropathy , so every shoe i wear i have to make sure they won't hurt my feet. I work 12 1/2 hour shifts for hospice , so i needed shoes that would be comfortable the whole day. These shoes are awesome. Very comfortable. Love the design. Def. Worth the extra money for the comfort of these shoes. If you are on the line about wether you should buy them, just do it. You won't be sorry

X. Diana, Niedersachsen

These are my second pair of dansko pro shoes. I have severe arthritis in my right ankle and plantar fascists in my left foot. I had been hobbling around using various braces, inserts and shoes recommended by my podiatrist without much relief - until i found these shoes. I now can walk normally, without a limp and without pain. I plan to keep on buying these shoes!

U. Eva, Hackney says

I love these shoes i just always have a hard time with the fit. They are supposedly supposed to have a bit of space between your foot and the heel of the shoe. I typically wear a size 9-10 shoe, originally bought a 38 at a friends suggestion, wayyyy too small. So i tried again and got a 40, fits quite a bit better but still feels a bit tight, . I work on my feet a good 13 hours a day and i think my feet start to swell by the end of the shift. Going to try for a 41. I do feel it did help my back overtime however.

S. Erickson, Hartlepool says

I finally purchased a pair of these danskos! the first pair i ordered were too tight and uncomfortable, even though i ordered a size 40- which is a size larger than i normally wear. So, i ordered a 41. They were slightly bigger than the first pair, just enough, but not by much. Besides the sizing issue and the fact that they may take a bit to get use to. They are very comfortable, sturdy shoes. . Update: i have had these shoes for a bit now and i am sooooo annoyed. They definitely squeek when i walk and the support is just not there. :(

F. Morgan, Brent

Fits great, very comfy. I do not like the fact that the left shoe look lik its made slanted and not even with the right shoe. I thought it was a defect so i called and got another pair sent in the mail witch had the exact same issue on the same shoe as the other ones. Idk, maybe they just made like that. Overall i love them

N. Gina, Stockport says

Loved them until i almost rolled my ankle in them at work several times. I d been wearing them for almost a year, maybe they were stretching slightly. They are comfortable and can be cleaned, but i can t risk hurting myself at work, so i switched back to sneakers.

. Julie, Queensland

I love these shoes! these were my first dansko but not my last! i bought them to wear to a football game where i knew i'd be walking a lot. My feet never hurt. (i did need a little moleskin on the top of my foot for the first few times i wore them but it's not necessary now. ) the color of these shoes is fantastic. I've gotten many compliments. I live in europe so these shoes have been my go-to shoes to wear (when it's not raining and snowing). I can walk and walk and walk, and my feet never hurt. Love!

G. Elizabeth, Michigan says

The design on these dansko clogs is so cute and goes with so many things! these absorb shock from heelstrikes very well. They feel a bit large yet they stay on and feel comfy. Everybody has heard of dansko clogs and knows their wonderful reputation - well deserved!

I. Moore, Wyoming

I honestly was not sure what size would fit my feet, since i have wide but short feet. That is not a problem of the shoe itself. I am size 38 in many sneakers/shoes. Proper size 37 is very comfortable to wear and durable. Easy return for the wrong size.

J. Whiteman, Solihull says

I have gotten so many compliments on these! this was my first pair of danskos and i instantly fell in love. They fit true to size but take a couple of days to mold to your foot and fit perfectly. As and l&d nurse that is always on move, i have noticed my feet and legs aren't as tired and sore compared to the tennis shoes i used to wear. Also can't beat the plus of being able to easily wipe off any fluids (l&d nurses know all too well) that may get on your feet. They're not too flashy and match well with all scrub colors. I have had them for over a year and they still look brand new. Highly recommend!

. Nicole, Franche-Comte

Love these shoes. Never disappointed with dansko. Have tried other similar brands, that were nice , but didn't last as long in the support department as my danskos. They help excellent in the looks and quality department but my legs and back would start hurting in about three months. Danskos will lady me 9-10 months easy with support. And still look wonderful as well. Please note i have very sensitive feet and back. Most people would get well over a year's worth of wearing out of them. I wear them five days a week all day long. Standing and walking 99% of the time.

C. Glenda, Blackburn with Darwen says

I love these shoes. I had plantar fasciitis for a couple of years and that was miserable. These shoes helped cure me. I like the way they look, especially with jeans, and the oiled leather doesn't scuff or gather dirt easily. My last pair took years to wear out even though i wore them all day, every day, and these seem to be of the same quality. Walking around in them all day does mean my feet hurt at the end of the day - the insole part is very hard - but with no reappearance of the plantar fasciitis, i am not complaining. Will certainly buy again.

P. Lisa, Arizona

Have worn dansko for years as an er nurse and love them. I have found that rotating them with another shoe helps me to avoid developing bursitis in my hip or aching legs after working a week of long shifts. I use dansko and a good pair of new balance to rotate.

Top /dansko professional womens mule Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Nicole, Sunderland says

I have always been a dansko fan & after the out sole of my old pair finally gave way when i was squatting. I ordered these & much to my surprise these are small across the top so when putting my foot in i can't get it on all the way. . Odd as it may seem, i purchased the dansko xp in the same size & the fit is a little loose but that should be expected with this type of shoe. My reasoning with the xp is i can remove the insole & put in my own for a more custom fit.

K. Candy, Ile-de-France

I don't know what happened to the making/design of the danskos and sanita shoe lines, but i've recently bought one of each and both because one site recommended the other. Well, both are the same. They have super high arches which push the top of your foot into the shoe; which will hurt, and cut into your food. Sadly, you have to wear super thin socks anyways, and they still will leave the top of your feet super soar! . The make of the shoe is great/same quality (been wearing this brand for 20 years), but sadly, no matter what color/type/style, you have to actually cut with scissors, about a 1/2 inch into both inside and outside of the sides. This alleviates the tightness and makes them bearable to wear. I would probably buy a size bigger, but i'm sure you would have the same problem. I will say the 38 is definitely a 7 1/2 and not an 8.

U. Nellie, Georgia says

I love danskos, i have been wearing the same pair every day for years, and it's a size 40. I fell in love with the bronze color as an update to my old oil rubbed brown pair. The first pair they sent were 41's in a 40 box, no problem. But, when the actual 40's arrived, they were huge, not just in that dansko kind of way, but like not wearable, so i thought maybe the new ones run bigger, but the 39's were oppressively tight! i am sad but also happy to continue wearing my 5 year old brown ones. Thanks dansko.

X. Alma, Ohio

I really wanted to love these shoes! they are so cute. I have another pair of dankso in the same size, but i could not even get my feet into these shoes. I wish i could exchange, but they do not have these in a bigger size. I am going to try another pair in a size up. The current dansko shoes that i have are amazing and so comfortable for my 12-13 hour shifts!

I. Cassella, Lancashire says

I've worn dansko for almost 15 years now- pro clogs, mules and mary jane style. I'm always a 38; although i found myself needing an 8. 5 vs. My previous size 8 after two pregnancies in many shoes, so perhaps dansko runs a little big as a 38 is supposedly (7. 5-8). This particular color, stonewashed grey leather was huge! like, fall off my foot if i walked huge. And for reference, i was wearing a darn tough light cushion crew sock. Something weird about is color style- had to return and reorder a 37! hoping that does the trick.

Q. Gina, Indiana

The stars do not necessarily reflect my opinion of this product because i am unable to evaluate yet due to sizing inconsistency. Just wanted to emphasize that these shoes are handmade, so each pair and each show is different. I ordered 2 pairs (in 2 colors) from online store in this order, both size 39. I normally wear a size 8. 5 in american shoes and 39 or even 39. 5 in european shoes. Both of the pairs from online store are too big. This particular pair (the stone color) is massively huge and way bigger than the black oiled pair. I tried on a pair in size 39 in brown oiled at a local store to get fitted by an expert, and those fit close to perfectly. So my point: each pair is different- i do not recommend buying anywhere or from any seller that does not offer free returns for this reason. Since online store is cheaper than the local store and i would prefer a different color that i can; t get at the store, i am returning the 2 pairs i got form online store, and ordered another 2 pairs in the hopes that one of them will be smaller. My second order arrived, and all of the shoes are still running a little big, but one is closer than the other pair, and i will see with socks if they are wearable. So based on the sample size of 5 pairs of dansko professional that i have tried, i would conclude: 1) each pair is sized very differently, you really have to evaluate each pair as its own creature and cannot extrapolate sizing to another pair 2)they fit on average too big- yes, i know you should be able to fit a pinky between the back of your foot and the back of the shoe, but even with that, i am fitting more like a thumb in all but one of the 5 pairs. The one that actually fit is the one i did not buy from online store. Also as an aside, i also tried ont he xps in the store, and those also had totally different sizing and it varies by shoe. So the moral of the story is you need to evaluate and try on each pair and i would not take risks with anything where you would incur any costs to return them. Otherwise, i can; t say whether they will actually be better than running shoes or not- i worked int he emergency room and was happy in my running shoes. I am only getting these because i will be doing surgery rotations and i am told that these are better for long periods of standing. They seem comfortable enough if i can get the sizing right. Will they be better than running shoes, though? i don; t know.

F. Miller, Warwickshire says

Not even close to the photo of the design. What i saw was like a cheap chinese knock off of the design. They also fit the wife's feet differently on ewch foot. Maybe this was a wonky pair, definately not normal dansko quality

Y. Elizabeth, West Sussex

Disappointed! what happened to the quality product that dansko used to produce? these shoes are absolutely horrible! within 2 weeks they broke down and caused pain in my feet and legs to the point that they are no longer wearable. I will no longer ever shop for any dansko product as they have clearly stopped making quality products. The cost alone of these shoes should ensure a quality product, but this is not so. If i could have given these shoes a minus score, i absolutely would have! dansko, you have definitely lost a customer in me. Very disppointed!

V. Lynette, Durham says

0 stars. Wish i had heeded the bad reviews. Huge fit and a $33 fee (restocking combined with s 20% fee). A fee that large is ridiculous in this day and age of internet sales. I will never buy from outdoorequipped again. The shoes are cheap. They have a foam heel and some kind of plastic? fake wood grain design cover over that. . I purchased from "troentorp" after sending these back and got a high quality handmade leather pair of clogs with a wooden sole. Extremely comfortable and good looking. Also a great price and will last a long time.

A. Susana, Cheshire

Top of right shoe cracked completely through where the toes meet the foot on right shoe. I purchased the shoe about 8 months ago. Return is no longer possible. Disappointed. This was a major investment for a new nurse fresh out of school. Will sadly not be returning to this brand.

E. Pamela, Centre says

My feet may be 2 different sizes but the left foot fits great. It did take awhile to break them in but once i did they feel much better. My right foot still is a little tight but these shoes give my back great relief after working for 12+ hours straight

. Bethany, Missouri

I am so confused as to why these get such rave reviews. I felt like i had a rock wrapped around my foot when i tried them on. I ordered a 40 for my normal 9. 5b and they were much too tight in the front though a bit loose in the back. A larger size would have flopped all over the place on my heels. I looked around online for info on breaking them in and decided not to try a larger size. I walk 3 to 5 km a day and wanted some relief and support for my poor feet. I ordered the grey quilt and loved how they looked, but i was so disappointed in the lack of comfort. It did not seem to me that the patent leather would look very nice onec they get broken in though. Shout out to online store customer service, they made it right when my return process went belly up.

C. Josephine, Thueringen says

These are the worst shoes i've ever had the displeasure of trying on. They're too small for the advertised size and the sole is a mutant hard plastic with no cushioned sole. They're the hardest, heaviest, brick of a shoe that's ever existed. I don't have fat or overly large feet either. Plus the price is absolutely ridiculous for what you're getting. Returned.

D. Gilmore, Merton

Not for me. I'm a nurse who works 16 hour days. With these shoes my feet were burning in pain after a few hours. I could barely walk. Everyone said "break them in". On week two i gave up. I shouldn't have to do so much work on shoes i'm spending a lot on. I swear by alegria & that's what i went back to. They were nice in style. Only reason for 2 stars.

B. Theresa, Southend-on-Sea says

I want to like these shoes, and i do think they are helping my legs not feel so sore, but my feet are still sore after trying to break these in for the last month. They are not kidding when they tell you to only wear theses shoes for 1 hr a day for a week and gradually build up from there, so buy with caution. They are to expensive to waste. I finally decided to wear 2 pairs of socks and that has helped.

G. Guest, New Jersey

Love dansko in general but this one particular pair has been rubbing feet terrible for almost 2 months

W. Amanda, Connecticut says

I have worn this particular style of dansko for over two decades and have always fit into a size 37 which was slightly roomy for me, which i prefer as my feet tend to swell a bit by the end of the day. This pair were a touch more than 1/2 an inch longer than my previous pair. I have purchased about 5 pairs of these over the years; the most recent purchase was about 3. 5 years ago. I have no idea at all why this pair was inexplicably longer. I also ordered the dansko olive flat shoe with this order and had exactly the same problem. I had to return both pairs. . I love these shoes and have ordered another pair in size 36; they cost about $15 more in the smaller size! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that all their shoes are (now being manufactured) longer and hopefully not all over the place in terms of sizing. I'd hate to have to return the second pair i ordered.

T. Janice, Warrington

I wish that i had ordered a size larger because i feel that these shoes are sized small. They do stretch somewhat as you wear them, but, my toes are at the toe box. They do take time getting used to, reminding me of what it might be like to walk in a wooden shoe. Very well made, there is nothing lacking when it comes to craftsmanship, so, a good investment.

. June, Stockport says

My usual size is 8. 5/39 and this is what i ordered. Length is as expected but i find these to fit much more narrowly than my current pair. My feet are average width. The curvature of the sole is also more pronounced than my current clogs (land's end) and this will take some getting used to. They produce quite the 'rocking motion' as i step. . They are well made and sturdy. I like the fun navy blue design. I think they'll be fine after i break them in and get used to how much the toe is upturned.

. Alice, Maine

I love the comfort of the shoes but it would be nice to be able to order a wide width instead of having to order 2 sizes up to make sure they do not hurt your feet. I work 16 hour shifts and i am constantly on my feet. I need a shoe to will provide me comfort while walking, standing for most of my shift. A shoe that will provide great arch support and not hurt my feet after walking in them for more than 5 hours. I was thinking that if i order 2 sizes up, it would provide me the support i need but it didn't. For the price of the shoes, i hope there will be more sizes and widths available. Especially since we are not all the same size and width. I love dansko shoes, i own a pair that are a wide width but i have worn them down over years. Again, it would be nice to have different widths available in more types of dansko shoes.

O. Laura, Greenwich says

I work in restaurants and always wear black clogs. They're durable and comfortable and slip resistant. I get a new pair about every year and a half. This year, in a effort to save a few bucks, i ordered them online. Dont do that. Clogs vary slightly from pair to pair and should be tried on in store to find the pair that fits you best. Mine were far too tight. Too tight to eventually stretch out. They cut into the tops of my feet. And me being busy and letting time slip by, forgot to return them within the 30 day window. Sad trombone noise.

. Lisa, Oregon

Cheaply made. Almost seemed to be made of pleather, like a payless pleather shoe where the brown scrapes off like cardboard. They scratched up easily and got divots. Wore them gently 3 times. Worse dansko shoes i have ever purchased. None of my others were like this. They must be making these somewhere else or trying to get away with charging outrageous amounts for low quality product. Very uncomfortable as well. Made my feet, knees, hips, and back hurt. None of the others have done that. Almost like these weren't real dansko's. That's how bad they were. Imposters? knock offs?

. Patton, Minnesota says

The fit on the left & right don't match. The right one was snug, and the left one was very tight (i checked the size and they were both marked the same). I've never had this problem with any other shoes, and have read that dansko's can fit differently from box to box. , however, these were in the same box! too bad, they are pretty cool looking. They would have looked great with my dark blue scrubs at work. I have had the same pair of open-back black dansko's for several years but they need to be replaced, and i'm getting tired of the constant squeak at the tip of each shoe with every step i take (can we say i can't sneek up on anyone? ). I gave it 3 starts because when they fit right, you can wear these all day long. Anyway, good luck to you.

H. Williams, Buckinghamshire

I ve been a dansko die-hard for over 15 years. Im a size 41 across the board but since they ve been outsourcing their production to china, the fit is inconsistent. I sometimes have to order 41w or have even gone up to 42. Disappointed in this particular pair as the left shoe fits fine but the right shoe is painfully tight across the top of my foot. I will try to stretch the shoe. The length is good (my standard size 41) but the width feels very narrow. Nice color though.

J. Sandra, Midi-Pyrenees says

I normally wear 8. 5 and ordered the 8. 5-9 size. I love the stylish design of these shoes and the comfort but it took way too long to break in these. It took at least a month before they felt good enough to work with for an 8 hr shift at the hospital. I still however experience tightness at the top of my feet even after having them for 3 months now which causes the area to get red sometimes. I thought it just needed more time to stretch but similar reviews suggests the make it a little off with these set of dankos. If you have walk around alot these may not be the best set of shoes to get. Not sure if i'll buy another.

R. Guest, Queensland

The finish is sturdy and they are very comfy. But the sole squeak is horrible! . I've seen other complaints about the same thing-starts in the left shoe as quiet, now it's both-i sound like i'm wearing dog toys on my feet! carpet, concrete, different socks. I even try walking differently to no avail. It's inside the sole. Dansko's site will let you return them if you bought through them. Since i bought on online store i guess i'm screwed? . To pay this much for a pair of shoes and already be thinking about throwing them in the trash is very frustrating! . Unless dansko is willing to warranty their product i will never buy their products again!

S. Anonymous, Arizona says

After hearing and reading so many things about these shoes, i bought a pair. I have wide feet and we're happy to read that they have a large toe box. I bought a size up from what i originally wear ( size 9 to size 10) so they would fix appropriately. I am on my feet most of the day at my job and at first, these shoes were comfortable. However, after wearing them for half a year, my feet are sore everytime i wear them. The print easily scratched off and the staples holding them together are rusty. Not very happy and won't be buying them again.

. Donna, Staffordshire

These are the third pair of the exact same, same style, same size clogs i've bought over the years. But this pair hurt my feet terribly, at the top of the foot where there is a cushioned band. After only one wear and the second hour, i was amazed that usually comfortable dansko clogs were killing me! i contacted dansko who finally passed me off to online store, and now my return window has expired! i'm convinced that i received a defective pair. Am i really stuck with them?

Z. Perez, Croydon says

I am a fan of comfortable shoes. Actually, i can only wear comfortable shoes. I need to be able to walk, dance, stand, and carry stuff on a moment's notice. If i have to think about my shoes at all during the day (other than, "wow, these are so comfy"! ), i don't want them. So that you can possibly ascertain if we have similar "fit preferences", consistently comfortable shoes for me are: birkenstock, fitflop, vans, skechers, teva, vasque, & sometimes, columbia & crocs. I really wanted to add dansko to this list. I've tried them on in the store and i've now tried two different, similar styles of mules from online store and none of the danskos were all that comfortable, especially for the price. In fact, these specific ones are not at all comfortable and i think i sprained my foot and hurt my knee in the 45 seconds i had them on, in the house. Yuck! after taking these off, i put a brand-new pair of birkenstocks (madrid) on and i immediately felt better (in my feet, knee, and even back). I see these get lots of love (which is one reason why i bought them! ), but they are just not at all comfortable for me. The toe box and the top of the heel part are both too spacious, while the middle part is too snug. The ball of my foot felt too concave, as well - i guess i like a flatter footbed. Also, i found these shoes to be quite heavy and clunky-feeling. . They are, however, extremely good-looking and although i never wear animal prints, the cheetah is really well done, and even looks like a burl-wood from afar. If i could deconstruct that top part and slap it into a pair of birkenstocks, i totally would!

N. Margaret, Montana

The shoe was very well made and very comfortable. However, it was way too big! i measured my feet and used the size chart and it seemed like i should order my regular size i always wear. But it turned out that the shoe was much bigger than expected. I even measured it against one of my regular shoes and it definitely did not seem to be the same size at all. Better luck next time i suppose!

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