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Price was 20. I wear these like 3x a week. I am "obsessed. . I'm not crazy about the pocket placement (i purchased an xl short) but since i usually wear a longer shirt over them, it's not a huge deal for me. . They are so comfortable, don't stretch and get baggy, and fit well. I wish they had more colors!

-R. Paige

Women’s Skinny Stretch An Online Store Brand – A Classic Skinny Legging, Shaped From Smooth, Stretch Fabric, Creates A Put-together Look That’s Equally Lounge-worthy -Daily Ritual Women’s Skinny Stretch Jegging

  1. Supplementary: Faux Front Pockets, Belt Loops, And Functional Back Pockets.
  2. Supplementary: Available In Three Lengths: Short, Regular, And Tall.

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At one of my jobs i have to wear black pants, but i don't want to wear dress pants as they'll get too dirty and for all the running around and squatting i have to do, i'd quickly bust a seam. I also don't want to wear leggings for the same reasons, not to mention regular leggings are practically see through under certain lighting (which is exactly what we have). So i bought these as a similar pair was starting to wear thin. These are perfect! they're thick and sturdy, they have a nice stretch to them, they're comfortable and even look semi-professional! exactly what i was looking for! will purchase again! Best women's skinny stretch | Daily Ritual-Pants Review ( Sep 2019 ) Supplementary Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging A classic skinny legging, shaped from smooth, stretch fabric, creates a put-together look that's equally lounge-worthy. Faux front pockets, belt loops, and functional back pockets. Available in three lengths: short, regular, and tall. Start every outfit with daily ritual's range of elevated basics. Model is 5'11" and wearing size small, regular .

Daily ritual women's skinny stretch jegging Review (Daily Ritual)

These are g r e a t! initially sceptical, they are perfect when you would like the comfort of the leggings but need skinny jeans. They are great with a fleece and sneakers, or a cashmere sweater and loafers. I usually have issues with the length, but they are available in short which right on despite being 5 7 . They wash well and i eventually ended up getting all three colors. Quite frankly, if there would a lighter blue denim, i would also get it. -W. Guest

Daily Ritual Womens Stretch Jegging

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Daily Ritual
  3. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:11.00 inches
    Width:13.00 inches
  4. Manufacturer: Daily Ritual
  5. Model: MSP18-08213
  6. Type: Apparel
  7. Category: PANTS

women's skinny stretch Apparel, An online store brand - a classic skinny legging, shaped from smooth, stretch fabric, creates a put-together look that's equally lounge-worthy Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging (MSP18-08213-Daily Ritual).

Daily Ritual Womens Stretch Jegging Apparel

  • For reference, i am 5'5" 118 lbs and a size small was perfect. These are wonderful for those of us in between youth styles and "mom jeans. " supremely stretchy and comfortable, and the detailing like jeans makes them wearable in the office. The star deduction is for two minor things: i ordered the gray, which are perfect, but for some reason, the indigo had a stretched out crotch/lower stomach area. It looked ridiculous. Secondly, the pockets are slightly too high and slightly too far apart - 3/4" down and in on both pockets would make my butt look better. But overall, great value.
  • I have a very small waist, and hips. Ugh. I bought these in a size medium, because i'm losing weight. At first, too tight, 27, waist and 38 hips. I just went from a 14 to a 10. At first, closer to a 14, these were tight. However, at a size 12, they fit my waist, hips and legs. I am also 5'2" tall and the length is great, especially since i wear them in boots in the winter and flats in the spring. These are a great fit, holding up to almost daily wear and stretch back, but not so tight i look like a stuffed sausage. These are especially good if you have a small waist and larger hips. I would like 8 of them, but jeggings go in and out of style. . The waist is higher, but i wear them under looser tops.
  • I bought these in black and in indigo, both medium regular. The indigo fit in the legs, but the black pair was irregular, having extra material in the outside thigh area. Both, however, are too short in crotch waist length. Front wedgie!
  • I have ordered several of these. At first they're great, the fit and are nice material. But every single pair i've purchased (7 pairs) had the seams in the thighs rip apart after a month or so. I won't be purchasing again.
  • Sizing is off. I could barely get these over my theighs and when i did, the waist band was super tight. I was disappointed. Even the silhouette was off, because of the awkward high rise. Please look at the sizing carefully. These pants just weren t for me.

women's skinny stretchDaily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I'll admit, when jeggings first came out i thought they were stupid and would tell anyone who would listen. Then when i became pregnant a couple years ago, and my regular pants stopped fitting but i wasn't quite big enough for maternity, jeggings became my best friend. I've been sold ever since. But that's neither here nor there and i'm sure you don't care. So let's move on. I'm 5'7" and my measurements are 38" hip, 29. 5" waist and based on other reviews i ordered a small regular and small long (thanks prime wardrobe! ). The regular was ankle length on me, and since i do not anticipate wading through minor flood water, this was not the look i was going for. The long was perfect. Full length with very little bunching. Now the long was slightly bigger in the waist than the regular, but hooray for belt loops because i'll need one. All in all i'm a fan and i might order the other colors too because why not?

Daily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging
Click to see NoticeDaily Ritual Women's Skinny Stretch Jegging (Pants)"I think one of the more helpful thing reviewers can leave are measurements, so here are mine: 5'2", 170 lbs, 36-31-44. Basically, i'm short and pear-shaped. I've never been a huge legging fan - sure, they're comfortable, but they're not always the most flattering thing for my body-type/size. I've also found that at least one of the following is true: 1) "short" lengths don't really mean short enough, and i have to get things hemmed anyway; 2) if the hips fit, the waist is huge (and vice versa); and/or 3) "jean"-like leggings look like anything but jeans. By some strange, dark magic, these jeggings are just the right length, fit my hips and waist, and look pretty similar to jeans. I did have to do a bit of a shimmy to get the elastic waistband past my thighs, but once i did, the waistband fit my waist well (not too loose, and not binding). I ordered the large short, and the length was just right on me (at my ankle bone, with no bunching). I will say that these won't look *just* like jeans, but they are very close, and close enough for me personally. Funny story: i ordered these for my mom for christmas, and tried them on myself to check the size. She'll clearly need a medium, and i liked them so much i'm not only keeping them for myself, but ordering another pair!"

(0) Question: How s the fit?

(1) Question: I a man 5' 8" and about 180lbs. i need stretch in the knee area due to knee replacement. what size should i order?

(2) Question: How do these do with "chub rub"-thick thighs that touch?

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  • Stretches without getting baggy
  • No-show coverage hides your panty lines so you can wear these denim leggings with confidence.
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No nonsense Women's Denim Leggings With Pockets

These are incredible. I bought these because i was looking for plus size jeggings and the reviews were good so i took a chance and i ended up loving them. People never know these are jeggings until i tell them and even then they don't believe me because they have real pockets on the butt. I've worn them now for a few months, they hold up to regular washing and the stretch is still good. It got really cold so i have even been layering them on top of thermal leggings and they still look great.

No nonsense, we are shaping what s possible in the legwear category by creating stylish, high-quality leggings, tights, pantyhose and socks through new technologies and materials that combine both strength and comfort. We have a proven legacy as an advocate for working - woman, and all women today. We do this by encouraging women to remove the nonsense in their lives to make way for something greater.

No nonsense Women's Denim Leggings With PocketsNo-nonsense-Womens-Leggings-Pockets

No Nonsense Women's Denim Legging (Pants) FAQ.

I have two other pair of these jeggings in wine and red. It's a very comfortable fit but the white runs a little thin. I am 5'4" and 165 lbs and the large fits me well. -Notice from H. Campbell, Stoke-on-Trent

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I am in love. These jeggings are my new staple pant. I love them so much. They fit so nicely, they don t roll, the length is perfect for my stubbier leggd. I m only sad i didn t try them sooner. Also, the thighs don t seam to be wearing out as fast, bonus!

No-nonsense-women's-denim-legging-(pants) set picture

- S. AnonymousOmg! i love love love these jeggings. They are super soft and very comfortable. The only thing i wish is that the seam stitching was the same color as the jeggings. Instead, they're a kind of orange/yellow. In any case, i plan to get more in the other colors as they come in stock.

Very comfy but very long and a little big. I washed them hoping maybe they'd shrink s little but no such luck. I ordered the next size down to see if they fit better but will keep these as they aren't so big as to be uncomfortable.

L. Morgan, Mississippi

Brand :    no nonsense
  • Slip these leggings on with a classic button down, modern cut jacket and ballet flats for a polished look.
  • With gold topstitching on the pockets, side seam, and leg openings, you'll look great in these denim leggings, wearing them with confidence thanks to no-show coverage that hides panty lines.
  • With the look of denim and the total comfort of leggings, these jeggings feature authentic jean styling with faux front pockets, faux fly, and real back pockets.
  • Dress up or down in all-day comfort with a 29. 5-inch inseam and a slim, flattering fit that stretches but retains its shape.
Price :    —
Model :    NG1720
Quantity :    1
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  • Model is 5'10" and wearing size small
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  • A crossover neckline and a curved dropped hem add a modern twist to this soft and slouchy hoodie
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Daily Ritual Women's Supersoft Terry Long-Sleeve Hooded Pullover available ( Sep 2019 )

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I'd give these a 4. 5 out of 5 stars. They are very good, but not perfect. I will probably get another color later and maybe also try another daily ritual pant. They look almost exactly like the product image. . Pros:. - i like the fit. I'm 5'6", 140 , w 28", h 40" and the medium regular fits nicely. I did wear a belt, but it would be ok if i forgot it. The length is to the middle of my ankle bone. I wouldn't feel like i was wearing high-waters if i was wearing low tops or flats. The waist it fairly high; it's below my bellybutton a little, but there will be no gaping in the back. The latter is definitely a pro. I will not put them in the dryer. - these pants are very comfortable. Yeah 8% stretch! . - the fabric is actually a knit, which i wasn't expecting. They managed to give the knit a tweed-like pattern and that makes it look more like denim than the original knit "jeans" used to. I'd say they are medium-light weight. - unlike many pairs of pants with a high amount of poly content these are not shiny at all. They are very matte. - good color, minor whiskering (not so much that i can't wear them to work). - quality seems fine. No loose stitching or ripped seams. . Cons:. - being a knit, they will eventually pill where there is friction. - they are a pet-hair and fuzz magnet. That won't stop me from wearing them; i have a lint brush. - a large amount of poly content means they may be sweaty when it's hot, but i don't know for sure yet. - there is no button on the front. You might not find that to be a con, but it makes them a little less jeans-like. - there is a tummy smoothing panel inside the front that is attached to the waisband and at the side seams. Someone said it bunches up. I haven't noticed that so far, but i'm also not sure the panel does anything; it's sorta loose.

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(0) Question: Does the waist sit above, at or below the bellybutton?

(1) Question: I'm a size 16/18 in pants and i carry my weight in my belly. which size should i get and do they shrink when washed?

(2) Question: What is the inseam on the long pants?

(3) Question: I bought these and the indigo dye is very irregular /streaky. any one else notice this or should i return?

(4) Question: What is inseam length for long?

(5) Question: 5 4 140lbs, big thighs/butt/waist (all squishy - totally out of shape). size suggestions?

(6) Question: I wear a size 16 petite . so what size do i need to order

(7) Question: I'm 5' 71/2" tall and weigh 190 lbs. what size do i order?

(8) Question: Can i wear a bet ?

(9) Question: Hi, i would like the length to reach my shoes. do i need short or regular? i am 5'2". thanks.

(10) Question: I am 5'4 and weigh 112 which size should i order?

(11) Question: What is the inseam? does it sit on or below waist?

(12) Question: Do the gray and black have gold top stitching like the indigo blue?

(13) Question: Can someone tell me the inseam length of a large long?

(14) Question: Why is there no size chart? lengths? do they correlate well with online stores generic size chart?

(15) Question: Do these loosen up at all after wearing/washing? the large is way too big on me. the medium a bit too tight!

(16) Question: Does anyone know what shoe she is wearing?

(note) Question: where/how to get Daily Ritual (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Daily Ritual's products

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I bought these on a whim. I figured for $20 and free returns, i could send them back. But, i'm now up to 5 pairs of them. I travel a lot to europe and jeans always seem too heavy. They don't work well to dry on a towel rack when i have to do bathtub laundry and they don't offer a lot of stretch for comfort. I'm not a "leggings" kind of person - they feel too casual to me. So, i decided to try these and they are literally the best - especially for the price. . The belt loops are worth the $20 alone. Most of the time leggings stretch out a bit and leave you hiking up your pants all day. I added a stretchy belt and i don't even feel it - just the holding power of keeping my pants up. . They jeggings look like jeans. They aren't made of fake-o stretchy material like the "as seen on tv" pajama jeans or some other horrific fake jeans product. They look like nice jeans. I think it's because they are all dark colors. I think this look would be lost in an acid wash so i'm not going to fault them for putting out three dark colors. . The long is perfect. I'm 5' 7" and the long just sweeps the top of my foot. I could honestly wish for another half inch or so, but it's not a deal breaker. It's better than dragging on the floor. Length is tricky for me. I'm somewhere between a tall and a regular so it's feast or famine when it comes to length. . The fit is perfect and flexible. I wear an xl in most leggings and that size fits me perfectly in these - i don't even have to wear a belt. They are close fitting but not constricting. There is actually a little space around the ankles and i like that. I ordered a size up for a couple of pairs and they come off like a regular straight leg jean. So, i can either go fit and snug or looser like my jeans. . The only negative is the lack of front pockets. There's a mock pocket look but no pocket. Annoying, but not a deal breaker - they're leggings, not jeans. But, there are fully functional back pockets, if you must. I'm not a fan of sitting on my phone, though. . I am finding i'd rather wear these $20 beauties than my $75 jeans any day of the week.

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Best daily ritual women's skinny stretch jegging (pants) in review

I really, really wanted to like these jeggings but unfortunately, it was not meant to be. I have an apple shaped body so i always have the problem of the legs being too loose/waist too small or legs fitting just right/waist too big. . I ordered a large, but found that it was uncomfortable in the waist while fitting my legs perfectly so i exchanged it for an xl. However, this was also not meant to be because for some reason the legs and waist became huge on me. . But 4 stars for the pants because i feel like it would have become my go-to pair of pants if it had fit. The fabric was very sturdy and durable but also light enough to wear in the summertime. The "short" versions also fit me very well (i am 5'3" with a longer torso).

A. Heidi, Enfield

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. Wimbish, Pays de la Loire says

These are the best jeggings i have ever tried on. The material is thicker than most jeggings, more like a stretch denim. And they have real pockets (on the back at least, not the front). . They fit a little large on me: i'm a size 10 and the large regular length is a little large and short on me (but i'm 5'11). I will be ordering a couple of medium longs because i love these so much. . Update: i bought the medium longs and they are perfect.

G. June, Hounslow

I am 5'3" and wear a size 12 petite length, in most pants. I bought the large, short and it was a perfect fit. The bottom stopped at my ankles, a perfect length for "ballet" type shoes. However, i needed them for a 12-hour flight and sitting in them was a little bit too uncomfortable at the knees. So i returned them for x-large short and these are perfect. Same length but with a little more flexibility in the knees.

N. Connie, South Dakota says

Short version: ordered 2 of the exact same pairs a few months apart. First pair fit great, second pair felt a full size smaller. Loved the fabric and the fit of the first pair. . Long version: if i had written this review after i ordered my first pair it would've been 5 stars. The first time around i ordered the black in a small regular and long, after reading some reviews that they were running a bit short. I'm 5'7", 140lbs and have 38" hips, and the regulars were indeed like an ankle pant. The longs were perfect. No shrinkage after washing. Woot. Fast forward a month or 2 and i tragically sat on a ballpoint pen in my husband's car, poking a hole in my new beloved jeggings. So i order another pair, exact same size and color. I don't bother trying them on before throwing them in the wash. That, my dear online store shoppers, was a mistake. The moment i put one leg in i knew i was in trouble. These things were tight. I thought, "did they send me an x-small by mistake? " checked the tag and nope, it definitely said small. I shimmied myself into them anyway, and along with the compression level snugness, they were shorter than the first pair as well. I went ahead and wore them to dinner anyway, but promptly took them off when i got home and put them in the goodwill pile. . All that being said, will i try my luck and order another pair? probably, because i really did love the first pair. And they're only $20. Just watch out for rogue ballpoint pens.

S. Emily, Colorado

I wish i would have known about these sooner. I've been spending $100. 00 a pair for nydj and these daily ritual jeggings have them beat! hands down! i could have purchased five pair of these jeggings for just one pair of nydj and these jeggings are superior. They are so comfortable and they fit great! i'm going to buy a few more in different colors. These are the best ever with a great price!

Y. Shawna, Reading says

I ve found that with most skinny pants from online store you need to size up but boy, was that a mistake with this brand. I m going to have to return the large short i ordered and get a medium short because these were surprisingly big. You need to order true to size for these babies.

I. Monique, South Carolina

I love these so much i got one in every color! they were my first pair of jeggings, and i m a convert. I am 3 months postpartum (5 9 150 lbs currently) nd ordered a size medium based off the size chart so they ve been the only thing i m wearing. I love that they come in a long! (picture is of the black color which are my favorite. The grey look like a faded black-grey). I wish they had front pockets, but at least the back pockets and belt loops are real! no zipper.

. Whiteman, Wakefield says

I am 5'8" and 132 pounds. I bought a size small and they fit well, a little tight in the waist (could have gone with a medium) but after having two kids, it holds in the extra skin on my stomach. I like that they are long too, as i am mostly legs with a short torso. They are soft and stretchy. Great value, definitely recommend and would purchase again.

L. Susan, Niedersachsen

Update - i'm sad to report that my pants have started coming apart at the seam between the thighs. It's directly on the seam, so it's not from rubbing (besides, i wear these to a desk job where i sit all day. ). Such a shame. Won't be buying again. . These are great pants! i work a desk job, and have bad posture - & the stretchy waist on these take it easy on my stomach. I usually wear high waisted black skinny denim, and my button / top of the pant would dig into me after a long day. These feel like yoga pants, but look like work pants. I actually have to make sure to remember to take them off before lounging at night! . Only downside was - i ordered a long length, but they look like a regular, just barely grazing my ankle - & i'm only 5'9? . Also, the ankles of the pants are loose, like they weren't sure if they wanted to be straight cut or ankle. (so not quite as pictured). Since i wear them mostly with tall boots, it doesn't matter much. In the summer i'll cuff them once to make them a true ankle pant. I love them all the same, and will definitely look into ordering more from daily ritual in the future.

. Mays, Northamptonshire says

Ordered size medium and the leggings are properly fitted. My waist size is 32" and hip size is "41. The waist band makes the leggings very comfortable. Also the leggings are thick and not see-through at all. I love them

. Lisa, Essex

These are awesome. A very dark denim wash. I get the medium long, because i have long legs and most leggings/jeggings are too short. These are longer than most and the fit is great, no baggy crotch and the belt loops allow you to wear a belt if the waist is a little big. They are also a nice thick fabric and very comfortable. There are no front pockets but you won't miss them. The back pockets are deep enough for whatever you need to carry. You also can't beat the price $20. Great value for the money. I bought the daily ritual women's skinny stretch jeggings in black and loved the fit and decided to try the denim ones and i'm very happy i did. You'll love these.

U. Erin, Telford and Wrekin says

I'm 5'3 and about 170 pounds, and i got the large short since i'm a fan of the slightly above ankles look. If you have similar measurements but prefer your jeans to reach your ankles, get the regular. I really like the fit because even though it's skinny, the fabric is neither thin nor constricting. It's very comfortable for everyday wear, and it definitely doesn't look cheap in any way. The waistband is also perfectly compressing and it hits my belly button, so i hope it won't stretch out in any way. It's also wide enough to wear a belt and it doesn't dig in to my skin or roll up at all. The only problem i have with these jeans is that they're not skinny at the ankles and flare out a little bit. Either way, they're extremely flattering and probably the most comfortable jeans i've worn since i was a kid and my mom made me wear ugly baggy jeans. Update: i also got the medium long because i like my jeans to be skin tight, and i'm saving it for when i lose some weight. Update: the medium has moulded to my body perfectly after a few wears and it is so flattering and comfortable like i can definitely see myself never buying any other jeans ever again. No chub rub, no waistband rolling/digging/pinching, no uncomfortable tightness after a while- if holy grail jeans are a thing, these are mine.

Q. Benton, Quebec says

I look amazing in these and at 5'0 and 100ish pounds, it's hard to find jeans that make me look that way. The short sizes are amazing for people around my height. I ordered the xs short and they are perfect! the material is veryyyyy thick - so thick that people will never tell that they are jeggings until they see that the label boasts 9% spandex. So no camel toe but still stretchy! this is a dream come true.

O. Pete, Devon

I own all 3 colors of these pants. The grey and the indigo colors both fit amazingly and have held up to many washings. They still look great and are sized correctly. I'm normally a size 14 in jeans and i bought these in a large. . The black pair are much tighter but might still work out for me. If my waist was any larger they wouldn't work at all. The leg/ thigh area seem to be a similar fit to the other two colors. . I would definitely recommend these jeggings and so far everything else that i've bought from the daily ritual brand has been awesome.

H. Elizabeth, South Carolina says

Finally, a pair of comfortable black leggings with some structure, stretch, and length! i m super happy with my purchase, i m 5 7 , 39 hips, 28 waist and got the black as well as the indigo both in medium long

B. Franklin, Wyoming

I'm writing this just before i order another pair. As a pretty tall girl - 6 ft. In pumps, finding slacks/leggings of any kind that are long enough has been difficult. As soon as tried these on, i knew i'd have to have another pair. Not only do they pull up comfortably around my now substantial rear end, but they reach to my ankles, even when wearing a belt. They wash up easily (i use cold water and tumble dry on the lowest setting), and are super comfortable. . Many thumbs up!

E. Guest, Derbyshire says

Love these! i'm 5' and curvy and i hate jeans mostly because they are always too tight on my stomach. These are perfect! stretchy and look great. The dark wash is just like picture.

. Olga, City of Kingston upon Hull

I took a huge risk purchasing these. My body is so curvy & in all the wrong places, it s a nightmare finding jeans or jeggings that fit me. I loved these and i will be purchasing them in every single color i find. They are not tight, i can move around, they look like jeans. I am in love with these babies!

Z. Julia, Prince Edward Island says

I was worried these wouldn t fit as this style usually doesn t suit my shape. These are perfect. I m a 12/14 with a smaller waist and a bigger booty and these are just great. Tight without being constricting. I was worried when i saw them, they looked so small. But they have a lot of stretch. Also they stay fitted throughout the day. No bagging at the knees or stretching out in other areas. I ve worn them two days in a row and washed once. I washed in cold and hung to dry. Also these are a more substantial jean like fabric. Not thick, but also not too thin like some regular leggings that show skin. I love them and the price is great. I m ordering a second pair today. Also, i m 5 7 and the regular were perfect length.

T. Eva, Brandenburg

These do not look like jeggings, which is one of the reasons i like them so much. They are super stretchy and really comfortable but still really look like regular jeans- unless you see the waistband. But- that said, there are belt loops, so with a belt no one would know. I now have these in both blue and black and really like both. They wash well and are colorfast. Have had no shrinkage in the dryer. My only issue is that they are kind of loose at the bottom. I am planning on taking them in so they actually hug my leg as the picture shows. The same is true with the blue pair i ordered. As for sizing- i wear a 16-18 pant, hippy with a smaller waist and can wear xl or xxl. I prefer the xxl just because they go a little higher on my waist. These fit like a dream- no gap at the waist, keep their shape and accommodate my generous butt and thighs. They are much more flattering than i thought they'd be. They do seem to run a bit short. I am 5'4" so i often order short lengths in i want something to hit right at the top of my foot w/o bunching. The regular comes just past my ankle bone and the short hits just above, so both lengths are great for me, but those taller than me might want to order the tall depending on how you like your pants.

F. Anonymous, Sunderland says

I'd give them five stars if the front pockets weren't fake, but i'm sure they make a prettier line that way, and the bit of stretch in the back pockets makes things tend to stay in there, not fall out into the sofa cushions like the back pockets of ordinary jeans. I love the comfort and flexibility, and i really love the way they look on me - yes, even fat old ladies like to feel pretty. They have enough substance that i will wear them with a regular t-shirt and not feel too exposed, but they do show off my shapely legs, which are still pretty good for an old broad. Somehow all of my old black leggings have vanished from my wardrobe, so i needed these.

J. Stacey, Norfolk

I loved these jeggings- they fit me perfectly. I am 5'2 and around 110 pounds- i bought the "small short. ". . They could be dressed-down or dressed-up- they looked good with flip-flops, sandals, slide-on tennies, boots, and high heels. I'm going to buy the other shades available now.

X. Perez, North Tyneside says

They're thick, sturdy-feeling, fit without binding, bend when i do, and look downright dressy. They're what i've always wished i could buy when i buy leggings. The inseams on the long length are about 32", which is perfect for me with a narrow leg (on trousers, i wear a 34" inseam). The rise is long enough that they sit just at my waist. And stay there when i sit, bend, or reach. My only regret is that i didn't discover these until the gray ones were out of stock in my size.

. Melissa, Ohio

These skinny stretch jeggings by daily ritual are the perfect jegging i've been searching for! . . They are made of a thick, stretchy, denim twill that's 54% cotton, 38% polyester and 8% spandex. The fabric is brushed on the public side and feels nice and soft. They fit like a legging with a mid-rise. They are styles like a classic, 4 pocket jean but the have a wide, covered elastic waistband so these are pull-on. The fly and the front pockets are not functional but the back pockets are fully functional. The dark indigo color has gold stitching just like ordinary jeans. There are even 5 belt loops should you want to wear a belt and no one would suspect these are pull-on jeggings. . The thing i love best is that they are available in long lengths. I am tall and the long length comes down just below my ankle bone. Perfect. . They also have a hidden control panel in the front that really works. If you have a little baby pooch, these are the jeggings for you. . My only mild disappointment is that the brushed fabric really picks up pet fur. I keep a lint roller by the door and i definitely have to use it every time i go out. Still, these are so comfortable and flattering and beautifully constructed and incredibly well priced, i can't deduct a star. They are really perfect for me.

Top /daily ritual womens stretch jegging Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Teresa, Washington says

I tried these through prime wardrobe, and, like a lot of jeggings i've tried, the fit was a little off - good in the waist and calves, baggy in the thighs. They just weren't flattering, so i ended up sending them back to online store.

K. Lara, Nottinghamshire

I'm 5'5 115lbs (usually size 4 women's or 5 juniors), '27 waist '35 hip and got them in black size small, regular. They look terrible on me. They don't suit my body shape at all, but keep in mind i probably don't have a typical body shape (then again, even though i've always had a hard time finding pants that look good usually leggings are a safe bet). . I have a short waist and because of this these are nearly high waisted on me (they come to my belly button which is not flattering). The 1. 7 inch waist band is way tighter and thicker than the rest of the pants (it's not nearly as stretchy) so depending on how these fit you, they could either be flattering (slimming) or create a muffin top. On me, they're too high waisted to create a muffin top, yet not high waisted enough (nor is the waist band wide enough) to be flattering on me (i might like them more if they were truly high waisted but that's not the only problem here). I find them very uncomfortable. They remind me of why i usually avoid "jeggings. ". . Also, i don't know if it's just because of the way they fit me (they're looser around my hips and upper thighs than anywhere else) or if it's an actual defect with the pants, but the seams of these pants pucker in odd places on me. Not exactly high quality. . The length is okay and comes to my ankles, just like on the model-which is odd considering i'm 6 inches shorter than her, but maybe this is because i have a short waist and have to pull them up super high so they're not all saggy in the crotch? either way, they might come down to my ankles but these are the sort of pants that are tight in the calves but loose near the bottom (i'd have to keep tugging the waist of these pants up all day while pulling down the legs when they bunch up around my calves, which is a classic jegging annoyance). . Obviously, i'm not fond of the fit but i guess the fabric is okay (it's machine washable and 53% cotton, 39% polyester, 9% spandex). All in all though, these pants remind me of why "jeggings" have such a bad rap. I think they're overpriced by about $10 but then again, if they fit me right and looked good i'd probably be raving about how great they were for the price, so it's all a matter of perspective.

F. Shayna, Trafford says

I loved these. Until i washed them for the first time and the stitching totally fell apart. Absurdly expensive for such poorly made pants. Save your money.

Z. Elanor, Sheffield

Bought a pair. Loved the fit after a month the stitching in the leg came apart. Was still optimistic so i reordered after a week the stitching on the leg cam out. Nice look while it lasted very poor quality

. Candy, Texas says

These jeggings were a good color, but the fabric was too thin and stretchy. I like more control. The length for the petite size was also too long at about 30". I was expecting about 27-28" at the most. The search continues.

. Adrienne, Arkansas

These are amazing. Actual stretchy fat girl jeans that look good. Everyone should buy these. If you are curvy, or maybe hate jeans and want to live in yoga pants these are for you. . These actually fit. I have 5' 2' 214 lbs. I got an xxl and it fit great. I am going to buy in another color before they sell out! . . Updated review 6/11/2018: after wearing these pants for a few washes, i now have a ripped seam in the right leg of the pant. Unfortunately, because of my glowing initial review and my love of these pants i purchased 5 more pairs in various colors. I am sad to report, they all have the same problem. You can wear them a few times, and then the right seam just starts fraying and coming apart. I hope the manufacture reads this, because whatever you are doing to the left leg needs to happen to the right leg. Only one side is being ripped, this can easily be corrected. Very sad to know that i have wasted over a 100 dollars on these pants. Stay away until this is corrected.

Q. Sherry, Maryland says

I originally bought the dark indigo shade of these pants and liked them. So i ordered the grey color and just opened them to find that they are about 8 and inches shorter than the indigo! i am tall and specifically ordered long sized both times. The tags both indicate that they are "long" but the grey pair is absolutely not. More like petite.

S. Cageen, Oregon

These pants seemed okay at first. The material and waistband didn't have as much stretch as i wanted, but they looked pretty good on. Not the comfort level i was hoping for. But that was fine. Until yesterday. I ordered these march 22 and on may 4, the seam on the inner thigh ripped open quite dramatically. At work. How convenient. Had to use a stapler and a piece of black fabric to disguise it since i live 1/2 hour from home and work at a job where i can't just leave during the day (school). . Do not buy! i bought these because i was trying to get a pair similar to a pair i already have (except they are red) but that company no longer makes the style. I've had those red pants for 2 years, and they have no tears (and are way more comfortable). I've had another pair of real stretch jeans for several years - no tears or seam splits. It took about 3 years for my heavy use daily wear around-the-house yoga pants to get a tear in them. This should simply not happen!

D. Pearce, Darlington says

Returning these. Don t really feel a lot like jeans. For me they seem to run large. Baggy in crotch. I don t like the way they look or fit. But they do have nice stretch and are not too thin.

A. Patton, Kirklees

I was very happy when the jeggings arrived; they felt soft and the color was good. I washed them and realize while i was hanging them the fabric and falling apart. Spots of the fabric had turned white and those spots were splitting apart.

. Rowe, Torbay says

Ordered the 'large long'. I am 5'10 and they do reach my ankles but they don't pool around them as you would expect extra length to do. Too bad the inseam is not published anywhere. The description with the picture in the listing said the model is 5'11 and wearing regular length. The long size hits me maybe an inch lower than the picture, so doesn't make much sense. Most manufacturers call a size 'long' when it is 36" but definitely not these. Fabric is nice and reasonably heavy, very good stretch. They are fine, but i will not re-order unless the inseam is increased.

U. Alice, Lorraine

They actually fit amazingly & they were super comfy but after just 2 weeks of wearing them, the thigh seams completely split and i ve already sewn them once & they re starting to split in different spots now and it s just not worth it to keep patching them up. Thankfully they weren t too expensive but compared to the jeggings i usually buy from walmart that are extremely similar in fit & design, these were double the price yet did not last even a fraction of the time the walmart ones have always lasted me. I m super disappointed because if they were durable and didn t literally fall apart after normal wear, they d be my favorite pants.

E. Wimbish, Coventry says

I ordered an extra small and they were still too big around the waist as well in length. The git was very baggy all over. Since they don't offer a size smaller than extra small i have to return them. As a reference i am 5'4" and 115 pounds. I would order down a size.

O. Sharon, Blackburn with Darwen

Too big and baggy. I am definitely a medium so these must run big. Jeggings should be more stretchy and form fitting. They are also a more denim feeling fabric than i like in jeggings. They are not really like leggings. And the pockets are fake. Quality seems ok.

I. Carolyn, Nebraska says

Lots of potential and possibly just not a fit for me. Seemed like quality construction but the waist was much smaller proportionally to the legs, legs were a little baggy which looks weird in a jegging. I returned but may work on other body types.

J. Tracey, Rhone-Alpes

I bought these on january 17, 2018 and it is march 11, 2018. It has barely been two months and these pants have already split down the seam in the inner thigh. Yes, these are very comfortable and nice jeggings, but the fact that this has happened after two months is not okay.

C. Anonymous, South Gloucestershire says

I washed it once and dried it and it got really linty. This just looks like a thick legging. It doesn't have a jean-like pattern on it to make it look more like jeans. Nowadays it's hard to find good jeggings. I am highly dissatisfied with this purchase, and it is supposed to be an online store favorite.

M. Walsh, Herefordshire

I ll start with the fact that i love these pants. But i ordered two of the same size pants, and when i received them, they are labeled as the same, but clearly two different widths, off by an inch on each side.

. Broyles, North Dakota says

Hahahaha, soooo - maybe the pair i has was sewn wrong. I got a medium and they weren't too small, but they give me a terrible looking front wedgie! but somehow, it wasn't even really a wedge. It looked like one of those halloween body builder foam muscle suits, in the front crotch area, even when they were off. Honestly, a 10 on the physical comedy scale. But, like a 0 on the work appropriate attire scale (depending on where you work, i guess, but a front wedgie is not attractive on anyone. ). Hilarious. But unwearable.

L. Amanda, Barking and Dagenham

These are ok. I wanted to love them but if you have curves these are not for you. They are right around the bottom and very loose at the waist. They also have that bunched up "v" thing going on in the front. All my curvy girls know what i mean. I probably won't be able to wear them. Debating returning them. They are at least long enough & at 5'9 that's not easy to find in jeggings.

X. Nielsen, Vermont says

They look great, but i've had two pairs now that have ripped at the seam after just 2-4 weeks of normal wear. Not worth paying $20 each time to replace after they rip.

. Angelica, Wirral

I think i bought the wrong size or maybe the fit wasn't right for me. I am 5'2 and weigh around 110 and i don't have much of a booty. I can wear anywhere from size 0-3. I bought a small and it fits but the waist area was not flattering at all. My waist and buttom didn't fill up the pants and so it was a bit frumpy. For the price it was ok but i will be returning this because the fit wasn't for me.

N. Jarvis, Wisconsin says

I liked these a lot when i first bought them, but i have washed, hung them to dry, and worn them twice and there s a random pull in the fabric now, and i am not hard on my clothes.

R. Carmen, North Carolina

I find it useful when someone shares their measurements. I m 5 9 . 150 lbs. I hold my weight on my stomach. Usually wear a size 10. Ordered size medium tall. They are only about a 31 inch inseam and they hit me right below the belly button. Nice material. Not nice enough to wear out to dinner but nice in the house pants. Very stretchy. Will be keeping but will not be ordering again.

. Palmer, Illinois says

I m a size 8 and purchased a size medium. The waist fits fine and the length was good. My issue and why i will be returning these are a. It had some weird color fading. I think it was supposed to have a slimming effect but it was in weird places. From pictures others posted, i don t see it so perhaps i have a defective pair. B. And here is the real doozy. It made my crotchal area huge! it looked like i gained 10 lbs only there! someone else wrote something similar also with a size medium so perhaps it s a product flaw on the size medium. Anyways, if you are a medium steer clear of these

H. Heidi, Hounslow

I wear a size 12-14 pants, so i ordered the large in these. They were skin tight like spandex leggings you would wear to the gym. I know they're "jeggings" . But that means "jeans/leggings" . So i expected that they would be a tad less clingy than regular spandex leggings. But no. These were skin tight. Nope. Not going to work. I need to wear these to work . So i returned these and reordered in a size xl . Hopefully they'll fit better. I do like the thicker fabric . It's soft too.

V. Susan, South Dakota says

I purchased this product based on the reviews, which were mostly 5-star, and also because most of the reviewers said that these jeggings were "high waisted". Are you kidding me? i thought high waisted meant that my belly button would be covered, and that the pants would come up past my natural waistline at least several inches. I would agree with others who gave these jeggings a 5-star review with regards to quality and stretch, with my only objection being they are mid-rise at best, i. E. My belly button is not covered. I will be returning this purchase.

P. Cunningham, Corse

I have had these pants for 1 month exactly and both pairs that i purchased have already ripped along the seam in the inner thigh. Will not repurchase and do not recommend. Spend an extra 5 bucks and get pants that will last longer than 30 days.

B. Ruff, Idaho says

They fit great, they feel great, but the pocket placement is bad. Makes my but look s super wide. So i have to wear a butt covering shirt with them. I m 5 7 size 14, and ordered an xl. I could have gone down a size, but i didn t want them super tight.

T. Noguera, Tameside

I really like the fit and they are extremely comfortable and even fit a little looser than expected but i've only had them maybe two months and the inner thigh seam has already torn open (even though the pants aren't tight on me). I can sew it back up and it will be fine but wish they were a little more durable.

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