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Price was 12. These are my first crocs. I have avoided crocs because they are big clown shoes in appearance and i didn't want look like a . You know. I finally bought a pair because i am now swimming regularly and needed shoes that could get wet at the pool. I hate flip flops, which abrade the tender area between big toe and second toe. Well, i bought the crocs and they are awesome! very comfortable. I have arthritis in my feet and the crocs are surprisingly supportive. I wear them for long drives. They are great at the dog park or in the back yard where i am likely to step in something that is very difficult to clean off sneakers but comes off easily with a hose or a wipe from my clogs. Best of all, i look cool in them, and i know this because the younger generation is impressed. Not the 20 somethings, who tend to roll their eyes, or my contemporaries who look askance and ask if i have been gardening but the stylesetters of tomorrow. I wore them to the beach and a toddler and a four year old both patted my shoes. Now i want crocs in every color of the rainbow.

-Q. Beale

Unisex Classic Classic Clog -Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

  1. Benefit: Removable Back Strap For Slip-on Styling.
  2. Benefit: Fully Molded Crocs Croslite Material For Signature Crocs Comfort.

Low-End Crocs Unisex Classic Clog (Shoes) 10001

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Good price, nice color. I was never a fan of these shoes until someone bought me a pair. I had them for about 6 years until the bottom was so thin that a rock made its way through to my foot. I walked my dog in them. When the yard was muddy, i wore them, and after a quick rinse off, they are good as new. Quick and easy to put on and take off. Great shoe. Best unisex classic | Crocs-Shoes Review ( Sep 2019 ) Benefit Crocs Unisex Classic Clog Perforated clog with textured trim and heel. Removable back strap for slip-on styling. Fully molded crocs croslite material for signature crocs comfort. Fit suggestion for 1/2 size recommended to size down .

Crocs unisex classic clog Review (classic chocolate)

Replaced a similar pair from 10 years earlier. Fit is a little different, but still can wear the same size without going up or down (but still over-sized compared to my usual street shoe size). Now has more vent holes at the very front of toe, which unfortunately lets in water when walking through dewey grass or shallow snow. I may tape one or 2 of those vents closed. -N. Theresa

Crocs 10001 Unisex Classic Clog

  1. Class: Apparel
  2. Brand: Crocs
  3. ClothingSize: 13 M
  4. Color: Brown
  5. Creator: Crocs
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.00 inches
    Length:11.00 inches
    Weight:0.44 pounds
    Width:10.00 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Crocs
  8. Model: 10001
  9. MPN: Classic Chocolate
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: Classic Chocolate
  13. Type: Shoes
  14. Category: SHOES
  15. Size: D(M) US

unisex classic Shoes, Classic clog Crocs Unisex Classic Clog (10001-Crocs).

Crocs 10001 Unisex Classic Clog Shoes

  • I liked my first pair of crocs so much, when they wore out, i wanted another pair. While not the most stylish shoe ever, they are super comfortable, partly due to being so lightweight. With the strap on top of the shoe, they are easy to slip into yet if you place the strap behind your foot, they stay securely on (to climb a ladder for example). Another great feature is that i can hose them off whenever i need to and they dry in no time. I normally wear a woman's size 9 1/2 shoe; in these crocs, i wear a women's size 9/men's size 7
  • I absolutely love crocs, i first started wearing them during a deployment to iraq and keep at least 3 pairs handy at all times. I have my winter paid with fur, my house pair which are new and my yard pair which are worn out crocs. I love how comfy they are and the ability to allow water to drain when needed. The option to rotate the strap from front to back is a great design feature. I will continue to buy crocs as they are perfect for my needs.
  • When the crocs fit, i can wear them all day. Very comfortable. The size i ordered originally was too small (i ordered a 9 woman's for my usual 9-9. 5 shoe size based on previous reviews saying the crocs ran a little large-wrong for me). I got the next bigger size and they fit wonderfully. The posting above about fit, how long i can wear them, etc. Are for the too-small-for-me size 9.
  • Not sure what exactly happened, but i'll try to describe it. Sorry if it would sound weird :). . So, first of all i ordered khaki, but received black color. I actually didn't mind, because black was very good-looking, not dark-grayish, but really black, so i liked it. . As for the size, here's where weirdness starts. I initially was happy with the size, it was even a tiny little bit larger than i wanted, but it's good with this type of footwear. Later i felt like it became fit exactly right, so i figured i just "got used to it". Then, after some time (i was happily wearing them for couple weeks, and really enjoyed them), i once found that i literally can't put them on: they are too small. I thought they just deformed a bit because of whatever - salty ocean water, sun etc. , and that they'll get back to normal soon. My wife half-jokingly said that my feet swelled :). Anyway, i tried to wear them for a minute, and it really hurt (i know, i shouldn't have, that was stupid, why would they become large again :)). . Anyway, now they are even smaller, i can't even pretend i can put them on. I swear all my other shoes are fine, so my feet didn't swell :). I don't know if this all makes any sense, so i'm putting three stars as a neutral rating.
  • I received this shoe but they run at least a size large. The color is exactly as shown, very awesome. In my opinion, the material the shoe is constructed from is a slippery plastic and the bumps inside (on the sole) were rather sharp feeling as well. My friend had purchased some last year and they had a finish that resembled a plastic microfiber surface (much softer, non-slip and bumps are not noticeably uncomfortable). I ended up returning the candy pink pair i had purchased.

unisex classicCrocs Unisex Classic Clog (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Looking for the ultimate warm-weather shoe? crocs' classic clog has a ventilated upper and a traction outsole to make it a top wet-dry performer-perfect for the beach-but we can think of a zillion other places you'll want to wear it.

My husband had a pair of these and he particularly liked them for feeding the cows and cleaning their stall because he could just rinse them off. When we lost our home in a fire last year, we didn't grab his crocs, so i just reordered the same style (thank you, online store, for making the reorder process so easy! looked up my order history and clicked "order again" and i was done). My husband likes them!

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog
Click to see NoticeCrocs Unisex Classic Clog (classic chocolate)"Classicly ugly, weird looking clown shoes that everyone - including me - loves to make fun of. And yet, within five minutes of getting home for the night, i'm wearing these. . They're comfortable, are well ventilated enough to let my feet air out (foot funk is truly nasty) and don't slip off as easily with the strap in back. They're also durable, i've had this pair for 5 years and while they show some wear, they're still comfortable. In the house. With nobody looking."

(0) Question: My old crocs have a 10 and 12 for sizing on the bottom. what size should i order?

(1) Question: I want to buy a crocs size m5 w7. it is correct to buy 5d(m)? or 7d(m)?

(2) Question: Are these crocs slip resistance

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Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog

Fully molded croc band style clog

Crocs Unisex Crocband ClogCrocs-11016-Unisex-Crocband-Clog

Price :    —
  • Iconic comfort croslite material base
  • Fully molded croslite
  • Stripe detail rand with pivoting heel strap
  • Fit suggestion for 1/2 size recommended to size up
  • Lightweight
Brand :    crocs
Color :    Navy-white
Size :    9 M
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    11016
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Shoes :    Best Shoes (Shoes product review) for Crocs Unisex Crocband Clog available ( Sep 2019 )

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Since i am firmly a half size, i had to order a size down (which was recommended). It fits just fine, but my toes are a little close to the front. But i got these for gardening and walking out on our deck, so i don't mind since i won't be doing any serious walking or wear with these shoes. I usually wear them without the back strap, which makes my feet fit better i think. The strap i think forces my foot forward a bit. I haven't tried a size up so i can't vouch for how that will fit.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Why is the price on these clogs so much higher than other crocs?

(1) Question: Because it weighs 6 pounds the package, if the crocs do not weigh much, they are not original ?

(2) Question: Do these crocs feel like plastic or, are they the "rubbery" (cushiony) crocs?

(3) Question: Are all classic crocs with holes? if so, what style is the same design as the classic without holes.

(4) Question: I wear a size 10. 5 extra wide, so what size should i order?

(5) Question: Can someone explain the sizing here? they could have made it make more sense. for instance: "9(b)m us women / 7 d(m) us men"

(6) Question: Do crocs make a good gardening shoe? i slip out of my garden clogs and want something with a lower heel that will stay on my feet.

(7) Question: Do i have to give up on life before i can wear these?

(8) Question: My son wears a size 10. 5. he wants the tangerine color. what size should i order?

(9) Question: I want woman' s size 9. 5 , what size should i order?

(10) Question: Can i use the alcohol to clean the item when it become smelly?

(11) Question: I will need to wear socks sometimes. should i up size?

(12) Question: How good is the arch support and should one who is a half size order up or down?

(13) Question: If im a 6 in womens what size im i in men?

(14) Question: I wear a size 7. 5 for men what size should i get?

(15) Question: What does the d (m) stand for in the sizes

(16) Question: Why is the prices $10 more for one size up?

(note) Question: where/how to get Crocs (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Crocs's products

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I've seen people wear crocs for years, but never considered buying them for myself. But, i need shoes that can get wet, and so purchased this pair. They fit perfectly and are very lightweight and comfortable! the bottoms have traction, so no slipping and sliding. They provide the arch support i need. I would recommend them to everyone!

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This is a comfortable footwear. I bought it slightly bigger for a better comfort wearing by 1 size number and it is just nice when i tried out. If buying maybe can consider 0. 5 to 1 size bigger if you are looking for a wider design. There is sufficient space for the toes to wriggle and it feels good when wearing the crocs slipper as it does not make the foot pain. Will consider getting another pair when the croc clog is worn out from the usage.

R. June, Derby

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  • Attributes: Gel Pads In The Heel And Forefoot Provide Cushioning.
  • Attributes: Hydrologix Moisture Management Treatment Keeps Feet Cool And Dry.
Economical Sof Sole Athlete Comfort Replacement (Shoes) Sof Sole Athlete Comfort Replacement (e3kqx
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O. Broyles, Arizona says

I got this for my dad for after his hip replacement surgery for easy to put on shoes. On the one hand he loves them and wears them everywhere now (which is why the five stars) on the other hand he's a grown man wearing crocs with socks. Oh well. He's happy and comfortable.

. Gilmore, Haute-Normandie

Literally best purchase of my life. Everything went well was packaged very nicely. They looked great with my prom dress. I couldn't have asked for anything else

. Smith, Bayern says

I'm very pleased with these crocs. Never had crocs before, and i was hesitant about looking goofy, but these are the best knock-arounds i've had in years. I struggle finding slides that will stay on my feet, but these are great they have the strap thingy in the back that also rotates to the front if you don't need it. Even without the strap, these stay on my feet better than any other slides i've owned. And the support is terrific the first time i wore them i took a 2. 5 mile walk and they were extremely comfortable. They run a little large. I usually wear a men's 10. 5, but they don't have half sizes, so i got 10s. They fit great, and if anything might be a bit large. Inexpensive, durable, easy to clean, great for doing yard work, shopping, or whatever.

. Rhonda, North Carolina

Too big for me. But - when my sister came from church to visit us, her feet needed a rest from her high heels, so i (intending to keep them for myself and wear with thick socks) loaned them to her while she was with us, and she loved and kept them! (smile) i should have bought one size smaller. I bought a women's size 8 and should have bought women's size 7.

Y. Valdez, Nova Scotia says

All i wear all day are crocs. The last ones i bought in a store and they were a little too big, but these from online store fit perfectly. My only complaint would be the little bumps on the inside of the shoe. I know they there probably to reduce slipping in the shoe but for a big man like me they poke into my foot. I wear the crocs though and eventually they wear down.

D. Helen, Bedfordshire

This is my second pair of crocs (the first ones wore out). I wear these shoes on the weekends (around the house/yard and to the store). The size was a little larger than expected, but not unreasonable. I'm actually glad they are a little larger in hopes that the added size will help improve airflow. I've owned this pair for about a month and they seem to be holding up ok. I was much happier to pay the online store price as opposed to what the store was asking. I just hope it's the same quality; only time will tell.

P. Rowe, Birmingham says

These bad boys fit the bill. When i picked out a deadpool costume, this was the only accessory worthy to accompany it.

C. Heidi, Ile-de-France

I usually wear a size 10. Ordered 10's but they were far too big. Exchanged for 9's. They're a tad bit small but not uncomfortably so. I wear them without the strap around the heal. The couple times i tried they were too small because the strap pushes the foot a little forward. They are a very comfortable shoe that i will never be caught wearing in public!

B. Jennifer, Dudley says

My favorite summer and lake shoes. Very lightweight and comfortable. Easy on and off and no problem if they get wet. Very quick drying and don't carry dirt in the treads. Easy to clean and rinse off. Great for keeping by the door to go in and out of the garage as well. My wife wishes they got way less use then they do!

H. Betty, South Dakota

I am not normally a crocs fan because there is zero arch support, but i needed a pair to accomodate the compression wraps on my feet, which i had to wear for over a month. I ordered up a couple of sizes, thanks to the handy measurement guide provided. They have worked out fabulously, and the price was just right where i was comfortable, considering i won't be wearing them for long. And surprisingly, i've not had any back issues or a flare in my plantar fasciitis, so mabye the arch support is sufficient enough after all. I'm actually considering ordering a pair of the wooly style for the winter!

A. Gina, Walsall says

I wanted some house shoes to provide padding for my sore feet. I went with crocs because i heard from someone who is on their feet all day that the shoes help with foot pain. I was skeptical, but decided to give them a try. I purchased a size 14, and at first i thought they were too large. However, after wearing them a few days, i find this size to be just about perfect.

. Parker, Pennsylvania says

My husband loves how easy and comfortable his crocs are! what i love even better is that they don't stink - ever. He's on his second pair in 4 years and they just don't ever smell. I used to have to make him throw his summer sandels away regularly especially if he got them wet putting our boat in the lake. Lake water just does something to sandels and flip flops - they would stink so bad i could smell them from across the room. Not his crocs though! every weekend in and out of the lake water, worn while mowing the lawn, going for a walk, whatever - and they just don't stink. These are worth every penny!

. Paula, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

Good pair or real crocs i ordered off online store because they were the lowest price i could find . Be carful leaving these in ur car in the texas heat for weeks because the sun will cause them to shrink this is my second pair of crocs super comfy house shoes , lounge shoes with socks or without regardless very comfortable !

I. Pearson, Florida says

The color (khaki) is not great, but that was what was available when i ordered. These are for in the house, so who cares? these are replacements for some crocs i have had over five years. Hard to tell when they wear out, but these new ones support my feet much better. On the arch support question - better than bedroom slippers, less than good athletic shoes. Note: occasionally i will see an adult were crocs in public - please don't! these are house shoes only!

. Franklin, Wiltshire

I have worn this exact croc for years, and so they fit perfectly. The only problem was one strap was bent or creased instead of being in a smooth arc. I don't know how i will straighten that strap. Maybe heat it up. I seldom use the straps and usually have them forward and on top of the shoe, so whether or not i can straighten that strap, i will come up with a way to attach them to the top of the shoe. The rating would've been five stars except for that strap. Isn't there some quality control that would catch that problem before shipping? . . Please make this croc in a version with a flat insole, for custom orthotic wearers.

T. Anonymous, Sunderland says

These were bought for my husband to use on safari. Lightweight shoes are a necessity when you have limited weight constraints on luggage. We weren t sure if he d need an extra pair of shoes and he d never tried crocs. These were surprisingly just what he needed and he loved them. He s a new convert. Fit was spot on. Great.

Z. Bullock, Cheshire

This is my third pair of crocs clogs. I personally think they're ugly and i can't figure out how they ever became fashionable but so it goes. The thing is, i have fallen arches (pes planus) and i my feet kill (i used the word "kill" to describe pain) me sometimes! these are far and away the most comfortable things i can put on my feet. They're light as air and they kind of form-fit to my arches. It's like getting a mini-massage just by walking around. I wear them whenever i'm lounging around the house or doing chores but i don't wear them outside at all. Something else to note: they don't stink. At least not for a long time. I think that's pretty remarkable. When they do start to smell, i couldn't really figure out an effective way to clean them so i just threw them away and bought new ones (they also lose their form a little after a year or so). I figure i can afford a pair every year or so so that i can have happier feet.

X. Rita, Poole says

I had bought another pair of crocs before for my husband to work out in the garden. He loved them and wore them till they fell apart. These are a new, different color but same style as before. They are amazing! we have tried other brands before as well, but crocs are great, non slip when pavement is wet, comfortable, wearable inside and out. Great! love these and will continue to buy them each time they wear out.

E. Jackson, Torbay

Good product. I deploy to bases with "public use" showers that everyone uses and this keeps your feet off the ground and clear of the mildew and other unmentionables on the shower floor. They turn white after a while a crack with constant hydration and dehydration of actually taking them into the shower but after 4-6 months of use, i would probably throw them away in that environment anyway no matter how they looked. Very comfortable to wear and just the thing for deployments. Sandals flop around too much.

U. Lisa, Bretagne says

Crocs are awesome, and these are genuine, nothing more to say. . Cons - don't leave them in heat ! i left mine on the porch in the sun for a day and they shrank literally a full size ( at least ). I've been squeezing my feet into them because i'm stubborn and actually they are stretching back out to original size slowly but surely. Just don't be stupid and always bring them in from outside, don't leave in your car in the sun, etc.

L. Edna, Massachusetts

I usually wear a w-9/m7 in crocs. However, the newer crocs are not the same size as the ones a few years ago. I have to order a size larger now to get the same "size" that i wear. Other than that, these are the same quality as past years. Love them!

J. Brendon, Colorado says

I've had these crocs for 2 years now and i still wear them around when running errands etc. It may not be the most glamorous thing but it sure is comfortable. These crocs are so durable. If i had a pair of regular flip flops, i would be on at least my 5th or 6th pair. This crocs have paid for themselves many times over. I've worn them walking over rocks, stones, in showers, in the house, to the store, camping everything. I loved these things so much i bought a pair for my husband in the realtree camouflage and he now likes his. (plus his old flip flops where there is material really starts to stink when he's walking around so crocs don't smell) hint hint ladies, buy these for your husbands as well! :)

Top /crocs 10001 unisex classic clog Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

J. Julie, Buckinghamshire says

Somewhat larger than he expected for a size 17, but for the price, my size 16 shoe boyfriend said they are fine and easy to throw on when he has to go out with the dogs. There is about an inch of space between his heel and end of shoe. At the time of ordering, the size 16 clogs were more money.

D. Mahood, South Gloucestershire

I bought these for my brother who is going to hawaii and has always enjoyed his crocs-black and dark brown. Thought the khaki would be nice for the warm weather. Unfortunately one of the shoes has an ankle band that seems to belong to a much larger size croc and it looks silly. Arrgh. He left for hawaii without them. . Come on croc! where is your quality control?

R. Miller, British Columbia says

I have bought crocs many times on line with great fit. However this time the actual crocs inside the package were a 6/8 instead of the 7/9 that the bag was labeled. Since i had these shipped to my 2nd home where i don't have internet for the info on returning them, they are here starring at me wondering what shall i do with them. I am a croc person and wear them almost everyday , this is the first time i've had this problem.

K. Bertie, Manitoba

Based on a previously purchased pair similar (but without backstrap) that were a bit snug at the end of the day or on "swollen feet" days, i purchased this, only one size larger. Mistake. I am swimming in these. I might try them in the fall with socks, but that defeats the purpose of easy rinse off with hose through the holes. Moreover, since most gardening is done with water, i'll be left with wet, dirty socks each time. Beware of the difference between ladies', men's, and unisex products. My former purchase must have been a ladies' shoe (didn't buy online, and there's no indication inside or underneath shoe, just a size number), and these are unisex. Bottomline, if basing new purchase size on a current pair of shoes, know that unisex is like two sizes larger than a current ladies' size. It would be nice, also, if crocs would 1. ) consider labeling the bottom of their shoes with an l, u, or mn (not just m, or people might think "medium" who didn't know better) before the size number (for ladies, uni, or men) so that future customers (and current! esp. If received as a gift) know what they own, and equally important, 2. ) state how to convert various gender sizing with ordering similar or same shoes-example "order same size if you want a slightly larger fit, when going from ladies' to unisex. "

W. Carolyn, Arkansas says

This is my third pair of crocs. First two bought at retail store. This pair bought on line. Always an 11. Ordered these as 11 too. They came. Great quality. Fast shipping. Just too small. Held them up to my other 11s and there was a clear size difference. Went to crocs store and they exchanged for me with no problems. The store claimed of a few other people bringing back on-line purchase for small sizing to exchange. Everything good now. Just a bit of a hassle.

N. Erin, Bradford

I was not happy with them for this reason. I don't know if it is the material used to produce this product, but it has a strange odor that is no very pleasant. Could just be a chemical reaction to my skin against it. I am allergic to latex, but not sure if there is latex in this product. I do have sensitive skin, so could just be a reaction to the material. Other than this reason, the crocks fit fin and were comfortable, but not sure i want to wear them. Sorry

A. Jessica, West Virginia says

The crocs arrived by christmas. I could not have the person try them on because they where a christmas present. What i was the most disappointed about was this are crocs, the same shoes that my children wore 12-13 years ago. I didn t see anything different about them other than they are more expensive and now they don t fit true to size. My daughter wears a 6-7 in women s. I bought the women s 7 (37w) and she loved them but she is only able to wear the with the strap up. They are too small if she were to put the strap behind her foot. Disappointed based on the dozen or more i have bought through the years and she is unable to wear them both ways.

. Lara, Oxfordshire

Uncomfortable. I purchased them as replacement for my (very) old beach basics crocs - and got disappointed. They feel like a cheap knock-off from very comfortable old beach basics ones. I can wear the new crocs only with socks, because of rows of sharp spikes at the bottom hurting my bare feet. They seem to be example of overdone "innovation" - more fancy, more expensive but quite uncomfortable.

. Linda, Victoria says

This really was a bummer. The sizing isn't consistent. I had purchased other crocs with the classic clog fit and fit well. This pair ran small and the straps did look a little short that it made my feet roll to the tips of the clogs. I had a much better experience with the crocs unisex specialist vent clog. They have a more relaxed fit and the straps neither too short or long.

T. April, Franche-Comte

Unfortunately these don't fit my feet and i'll be returning them. I think the problem is that they are a unisex style which may be wider than a normal ladies medium would be. Also, when trying to use the strap to keep them on my feet, my toes were shoved into the toe of the shoe which was painful when trying to walk. Other friends and family members love their crocs, i'm just the unlucky one.

S. Irene, Norfolk says

I wear a 7 women's and ordered this size however, the fit was too large width and length wise. Had to return it and ended up ordering the same size from a different crocs order (not sure why there was a difference if it's the same size but will place the link for the one i finally got that fit as expected per size). When i ordered a size 6 in these, it seemed to fit well but soon after i realized it was too small and was actually pinching the small toes. These crocs are suppose to fit roomy.

B. Wilson, Middlesbrough

I'm so disappointed with crocs - these i got are made in mexico, and they're so different from my favorites, which were made in colorado. Those were (and still are, after many years) soft and comfortable. Because of the reviews, i ordered up a size, and they're huge. Because i'd thrown away the wrapping, i won't return them, and i might order a smaller size, just to see. But they're hard and shiny - not at all what i want. At least the back straps seem to be the same length, unlike others that were reviewed. I ordered online because the stores are full of other styles that also just don't fit the same. Very frustrating.

E. Judith, Nova Scotia says

The two shoes were of different length. The right was a 13 and the left was a 12 even though they were both cast as 13s. They had to go back. Online store made that relatively painless. One star minus to croc and full 5 to online store. As footnote i then purchased the same size direct from croc and they both were of the same size. And the deal was 2 pair deal for a good price.

. Alma, Medway

The baby blue color was pretty. I bought it in size 9b (w)/ 7 b(m). My daughter wears a size 7. 5-8. 0, and i am a size 8. 5-9. 0. The shoe was too long by a thumb and a quarter length for me and even longer for my daughter. I based the purchase on an older croc that was labeled 8-9 and which fit her just fine but touched my toe. I tend to like to purchase a half size up, so i ordered the 9. Because the length was too long, the ankle strap was useless. The width was too wide for my medium width feet and extra wide for my daughter's narrow feet. If you are a size 8. 5-9. 0 like me, i'd order a size 8. But beware that the width will still be big in general and especially for folks with narrow feet. The little nubs in the shoe were more pronounced in the toe area and hardly felt in the other areas of the shoe. I have flat feet, and the shoe did not have any arch support which works fine for me since my feet tend to hurt when shoes have significant arch support.

. Hayward, West Sussex says

Shoes fit well, and i believe are helping my heel spurs. The only problem i have is that they have a series of small protrusions over the entire sole of the shoe. For me it causes considerable discomfort. Maybe i just have sensitive feet, but i almost can't wear them. Socks help and time wearing them does too. Because of the low price i wouldn't send them back. Again, it might just be my sensitive feet. I guess i'm just disappointed and expected they'd be like wearing pillows on my feet. After thinking about it and looking at other reviews, i've decided to take away a star. Not that it matters much.

F. Lawrence, Dudley

This was my second attempt at getting a new pair of crocs that fit. My shoe size is w6. 5 so i bought the size w6 crocs. When they arrived and i tried them on, they were too small. My toes were scrunched together and walking just a few steps was not comfortable at all. I returned them and ordered the next size up (w7), but they were still too small. I compared them next to the pair i currently have (size w6-7/s/m4-5, bought from a shop in mexico) and you can immediately see the size difference (see attached photo). Haven't decided yet whether to go up the next 2 sizes or just go up 1 size at a time. I am able to return them for a full refund, so that's good. But seeing how much smaller they are, i might jump up to size 9 even though my shoe size has never been that big. If those fit me well, then i will change my rating to 5 stars, as i love my crocs and wanted to replace them with ones i could wear outside (wore a hole through them that they are now inside shoes/slippers).

Z. Colleen, Ealing says

I got the crocs and tried them on. The heel area was my biggest concern because i go to the wound care department at the hospital to get my legs wrapped due to lymphedema issues. And since they wrap my foot, my heel gets uncomfortable after a while in the wrappings. So the house slippers that i have don't work out for me. The heel area was fine, but the length was not. I am in the process of getting them exchange for a smaller size. The wideness i will have to take care of that on my own. With the wrappings on my feet, i will have work on the crocs so that they will fit properly.

G. Delgado, Nebraska

I've recently had problems with plantarfaceitis and crocs seem to be an inexpensive solution to the problem. They have a major problem with inconsistency in sizing, however, and their "fit guide" is not particularly helpful. There is not croc store near me so online is the only way to go but it is so frustrating to order two pair of identical shoes and not have them be the same size. I hate returning things, so much hassle and nothing to show for my efforts, so i am keeping them for winter wear with heavy socks. Wish i could count on consistent sizing and a helpful fit guide.

X. Gloria, Arizona says

The size 6 is much wider than what i expected and i have a wide foot so that's saying a lot! i have a pair of crocs i've had for years! which i'm trying to replace because they are finally showing signs of wear. I'll keep them and hope i can wear them; if not, i'll see if someone else can wear them.

I. Heidi, South Dakota

I have a pair of crocs that i got as a gift. They're a couple years old now so i thought i'd get a new pair. The old ones were a size 7 and so are these ones that i ordered but to my surprise these were very snug in comparison to how my old ones fit. They had fit my fit exact with not much room move around. I had to return these for a size up.

C. Imelda, New Brunswick says

The sizing on these is not consistent with other crocs i have. I ordered the same size (w9-m7) and pair i received was much smaller. My old ones are a few years old, so i don't know if they've changed their sizing or if it was just this pair. Other then the sizing, i really liked them and will order in a different size.

H. Alexia, Texas

I was disappointed in the fit. Actually too wide and a little short. I ordered my usual shoe size. Out of three different croc shoes that i have purchased recently, this was the worst fit. It would help a lot if when ordering, there was more to go on to select a proper fit. Then there is the chance that you did not get the same manufactured shoe as was described. From reading other comments, i feel that my experience in buying croc shoe is very similar. Thus my three stars. I love a croc, when it fits as described. I feel that i will no longer participate in this croc hunting game in the future. I, unfortunately, do not live near any croc shoe stores.

. Hakala, Nottingham says

I usually buy from a croc store and am disappointed with the fit of these. Comparing the soles with the ones i've been wearing, these are definitely smaller. Not really sure how that works, except maybe it's because they are sold as "unisex" instead of regular "men's" or "women's".

Q. Wells, Dorset

Crocs should go back to making their crocs like they used to years ago. I do not like the new composite material used and they run small. These are no where near to the quality of my old pairs and the size runs small even though i ordered the same size as my old ones. C'mon crocs - you can do better!

Y. Garner, Lancashire says

Ordered regular size. Drowning in these shoes. Too large both width- and length-wise. 3rd pair of crocs i've tried now. Others had other problems. Have heard great things about this brand, but guess i'll give up now.

M. Michele, Nebraska

I absolutely love the weight/comfort ratio of these shoes! they're the perfect backpacking shoe to wear around camp and even cross a stream if you need to keep your boots dry. They weigh nothing but feel wonderful when the boots that have been stuck to your foot for 15mi and 5, 000' feel like a million pounds at the end of the day. . My only reason for rating this product lower than 5-stars is price. These have become so popular that they're way more expensive than they used to be. I can only assume that someone is grinning all the way to the bank on the margins. I'm certain i've become all too accustomed to cheap products manufactured overseas, but $48 msrp is lunacy!

V. Hadley, Limousin says

Okay, i just got my first real pair of crocs. I've been wearing knock-offs for years and have been trying to find more of that brand, but to no avail, so i went with the crocs. They are rock hard and the soles have little tiny spikes that are not so pleasant! i wear size 7 1/2, but decided i wanted them a little roomy, so i went with size 8-9 and was surprised that my feet barely fit in them. I'm dearly hoping they break in because they are really hard and tight on the top. At least they are super wide (and i have really wide feet, so that's saying a lot! ). Just had to put in my two cents.

L. Campbell, Blackpool

I needed indoor to outdoor shoes and these fit the bill. Yes a bit larger but not enough to return when used with socks. Without socks, they flop around and i would return for a 1/2 size smaller. They seem to be original crocs. Comfort is whether you can wear crocs or not.

. Cunningham, New Jersey says

Unfortunately, i had to return this purchase. I had ordered a men's size 9, which is is what i received. Over the past 5 years, i have worn 3 other size 9 crocs of the identical style, and they all fit fine. With the new pair, my foot was slipping all around and the crocs felt like they wanted to just fall off my feet. When i held them up to an older pair, i could see that they were about the same length (maybe slightly longer), but they were clearly wider in the heel. As a matter of fact the heel exterior of the old croc nested beautifully in the heel cup of the new one, but not vice versa.

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