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Price was 19. Love this thing! man, wish these things were available years ago. It's easy to adjust and it works. Don't be surprised if you need to buy multiple sizes, it's not the fault of the collar stay. It's the inconsistency of collar sizes from different manufacturers. I've bought two so far.

-O. Carol

Collar & placket stays select your shirt collar immediate benefits: it makes your shirt look expensive, it makes your collar look custom tailored and it gives your shirts new and extended life. one solution for all your collar shirt -collar & placket stays select your shirt collar size

  • Attribute: Solves 4 Problems: Open And Sloppy Collar, Wrinkled Placket And Lack Of Collar Support.
  • Attribute: Works On Polo, Casual, Button Down & Dress Shirts. No Other Product Can Do That.

Low-Priced Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size (Accessory)

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Works extremely well. Be sure to measure your neck first with measuring tape and then order . 5" to 1" size smaller. The Best collar placket stays select your ( Sep 2019 ) | -Accessory Review Attribute Collar & Placket Stays (SELECT YOUR SHIRT COLLAR SIZE) Use it immediately: no shirt alteration or other products required.. Solves 4 problems: open and sloppy collar, wrinkled placket and lack of collar support.. Works on polo, casual, button down & dress shirts. no other product can do that.. Proud to be the original patented collar support. imitated but never duplicated. flock coated to hold up the collar and will not slide around, flexible and adjustable to any shape and shirt collar height. watch our video at collarshaper. com for better user instructions.. Stay away from any of the five (5) bad copycat products, it is impossible you can get the same results with any of them. they cannot be customized to your own style "do not be fooled" .

Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size Review (Stiff Collar Stay)

I have several shirts that i never wear anymore because the collars look so bad. I bought this product to see if it would fix the collars so that i can wear those shirts again. This product works perfectly. The collars now look crisp and professional. I also bought some metallic collar stays and magnets, which i highly recommend as well. -N. Alba

Collar Placket Stays Select Collar

Stiff Collar Stay

collar & placket stays select your shirt collar Apparel, Immediate benefits: it makes your shirt look expensive, it makes your collar look custom tailored and it gives your shirts new and extended life. one solution for all your collar shirt problems and for all your collared shirts. no need of shirt alteration or other products to really see results. the stiff collar stay maintains the position of the shirt collar such that both sides of the shirt collar appear symmetrically upright with respect to the body of the shirt in an aesthetically pleasing manner. the result is a shirt collar that appears neat and custom tailored providing an immediate well groomed look, typical of expensive and brand-new shirts. the stiff collar stay is designed to improve the overall appearance of a men's or women's collared shirt providing the wearer with a more elegant, groomed and tailored appearance. Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size (-Stiff Collar Stay).

Collar Placket Stays Select Collar Apparel

  • I don't usually take the time to write a review. I just felt that every man or woman that cares about there appearance, should now how great this product is. The collar stay is exactly what i have been searching for. I work for a well known mens clothing and fashion shop in miami. I wear suits and dress shirts daily. For years i have been suffering with the saggy collar syndrome and didn't have a soulution until i found the stiff collar stay online. I purchased one for a 15" collar and another for a 15. 5 collar. When wearing the collar stay i feel crisp, clean and confident. My collar stands stiff , straight and holds the plackets up as well. Just like in the movies. I love the fact that the collar stay also keeps the collar about 1/2 in away from the circumference from my neck. It makes your neck and face look thinner because the collar isn't squeezing your neck. (a nice perk). The product arrived very quickly and the customer service is excellent! i had a few questions about the sizing, my concerns were address via email with in minutes. After purchasing my first stay, i visited my mother and when i showed her the cool product i just purchased, she too was amazed. She immediately mentioned how women would love this product to keep there floppy light weight blouses crisp. Out a few of her light weight blouses and tried it out. She mentioned how woman would really appreciate having this product to keep there blouses crisp. If you found this product you are some one that cares about portraying a crisp and neat appearance, do not think about it. Order one or two . You will not be disappointed. Now that i have mine i take even more notice of my customers when they come into my shop with a sloppy dress shirt or sagging polo collar. . Scott. Miami, fla
  • This is a great idea. It's simple, but it works. I'm glad i stumbled across this item. I tried it out on two dress shirts and the collar looks amazing. Worth the price!
  • Crap. Its tack welded and not well. To it broke after 2 months
  • Moves all over the place under the collar and takes a lot of adjustment to get it to where you want it, i've looked in the mirror at work and spotted it sticking way out of the side of my collar each and every time i've tried to wear it, i've done everything i can to keep it in place. No thanks, in the trash it will go.
  • Two cons. 1. Collar looks abnormally straight. 2. Better not turn your neck unless you don't mind the feeling of stiff clothing rubbing against the sensitive part of your neck. . Alternative product: dapper dots

collar placket stays select your Collar & Placket Stays (SELECT YOUR SHIRT COLLAR SIZE) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Love this color stay thing. Make my shirt looked awesome. Every man needs to have one of these. I wear a 15 1/2 collar shirt and i ordered a 15 1/2 collar stay. It was a 1/4" too long. So i ordered a second one 15" and it was perfect. I don't mind having 2

Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size
Click to see NoticeCollar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size (Stiff Collar Stay)"As someone who is obsessed with the appearance of my shirt collars i found the stiff collar stay to be exactly what i was looking for to address the issue of a sagging collar. I have used it on all my dress shirts, with and without a blazer, and the stiff collar stay keeps my collar propped up perfectly. For those of us who prefer an extra button undone the collar stay helps keep your collar up and provides for a sharp appearance. You will feel the collar stay but you get used it very quickly. . Hfm"

(0) Question: Some shirts i have are size 15-1/2, some 16 and some just labeled medium. what size should i select?

(1) Question: Does it work with polo shirts?

(2) Question: Do you have a size "13" available? thank you.

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Perky Collar The Collar Support Lift System Men's Women's Dress Shirts

The product is designed to be used with collar stays, not a replacement for collar stays. Collar stays are still important to prevent collars from curling. To use the perky collar, follow these simple steps: 1. Raise your dress shirt collar 2. Add perky collar with the long tapered ends on top and closest to your chin. The back of the perky collar should read "perky collar. Com" upright when installed properly. 3. Lower your dress shirt collar on top of the perky collar. 4. With your hands, adjust to ensure the perky collar tapered ends are evenly distributed around the collar. That's it. You will see the droopy, saggy collar lift up like it did when you first bought the shirt. Leave the perky collar under your collar all day long. It will not fall out. It may shift slightly if doing physical activity and may need a slight readjustment.

Perky Collar The Collar Support Lift System Men's Women's Dress ShirtsPerky-Collar-Support-System-Womens

Price :    $25.95
  • Stop folded plackets, droopy and saggy collars, high collar, professional look
  • The perky collar is a collar support system for dress shirts, male and female. perky collar lifts the top button region of the dress shirt to stop droopy and saggy collars, giving you a high collar, professional look without a tie
  • The product is designed to be used with collar stays, not a replacement for collar stays. collar stays are still important to prevent collars from curling.
  • The box has a very nice presentation as well with a magnetic lid and foil stamped front.
  • Made of hard plastic and dimensions are 6" l x 5"w x 3" at neck
Brand :    perky collar
Color :    Clear
Size :    One Size
Model :    4331161271
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Perky Collar The Collar Support Lift System Men's Women's Dress Shirts available ( Sep 2019 )

Million Dollar Collar Internal Collar Support Placket Stays Men's Women's Dress Shirts - Patented - 125,000 Sets Sold

Placket stays placket stays & bones - collar sticks for women's and men's dress shirts specifications: these premium and super-strong placket stays are made up of thin, lightweight plastic-like strips of a flexible material which are designed for your shirt's placket supporting the collar on both sides. This placket stay requires installation in the shirt and takes less than 10 minutes. It can be done by anyone who has basic sewing skills. Our placket stays are similar to a plastic collar stay and complete the perfect look. They work perfectly with magnetic collar stays and are the only product that can support the weight of the collar. Million dollar collar works with any dress shirt, sportswear, casual, or button down shirt. The purpose of the placket stays are to keep the front of your shirt looking pristine and crisp all day. Our placket stays are washer/dryer, iron/steam and dry-clean/launder safe. Million dollar collar was specifically engineered to be installed once and last the life of your dress shirt.

Million Dollar Collar Internal Collar Support Placket Stays Men's Women's Dress Shirts - Patented - 125,000 Sets SoldMillion-Dollar-Collar-Internal-Support

Brand :    million dollar collar
Color :    Off White
Size :    OSFM
Model :    B071VJ33C4
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Million Dollar Collar Internal Collar Support Placket Stays Men's Women's Dress Shirts - Patented - 125,000 Sets Sold available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Basic sewing skills required to install product, takes less than 10 minutes. find installer here: install-map (dot) com
  • Made of high quality, proprietary, flexible material that will last the life of your shirt
  • 100% designed, manufactured and distributed in the usa
  • Similar to a collar stay, but for the placket (buttons/holes) of a dress shirt.
  • Each set permanently upgrades any one (1) dress shirt; wash/dry, iron and dry-clean safe

6 Magnetic Metal Collar Stays Set By Wurkin Stiffs Outperform Every Other Stainless Steel Collar Stays Magnet. Watch Your Limp, Floppy Collars Instantly Stand Stiff, Together & Confident

These innovative collar stays are crafted from corrosion-resistant, airport-friendly metal alloy and are paired with a set of 6 magnetic power 'buttons' to instantly tame your collar. Insert stays into collar and place the magnet under your shirt to get the perfect collar every time. If you're looking for the best collar stays on the market, look no further than würkin stiffs.

6 Magnetic Metal Collar Stays Set By Wurkin Stiffs Outperform Every Other Stainless Steel Collar Stays Magnet. Watch Your Limp, Floppy Collars Instantly Stand Stiff, Together & ConfidentWurkin-Stiffs-Outperform-Stainless-Instantly

Price :    —
  • Crafted from corrosion resistant and airport friendly metal alloy
  • Metal collar stays are washable
  • High powered mini magnets keep wurkin stiff collar stays in perfect place
  • Use with any kind of dress and sportswear shirt
  • Pack of three pairs of magnetic collar stays: 2", 2. 5" and 3" inches in length and 6 magnets
Brand :    wurkin stiffs
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    AB06635
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for 6 Magnetic Metal Collar Stays Set By Wurkin Stiffs Outperform Every Other Stainless Steel Collar Stays Magnet. Watch Your Limp, Floppy Collars Instantly Stand Stiff, Together & Confident available ( Sep 2019 )

No Curl Collar Polo Shirt Collar Stays You Choose: Peel-&-Stick Iron-on

No curl collar stays are a simple solution to keep your shirts looking fresh. Great for golf/polo shirts, dress shirts, sports shirts, uniforms/unisex, kids clothes, button-down or any shirt with a collar! the temporary peel-&-stick no curl collar stays come in a 20 or 40 pair travel-size dispensing case. Need more. 20 pair refill packs are also available. Collar stays may be reused 3+ times or until no longer sticky. Remove before washing/drying. Simply peel-&-stick on the underside of collar for that "just pressed" look a day long. Looking for a permanent solution? no curl collar stays also offers a permanent iron-on fabric collar stay. Simply place fabric collar stay on underside of collar and iron for 45 seconds. It's that easy! available in 20 pair white refill pack, 20 pair black refill pack or 10+10 white/black refill pack. Like your collar really stiff? here's a tip. Just iron a second pair on top!

No Curl Collar Polo Shirt Collar Stays You Choose: Peel-&-Stick Iron-onNo-Curl-Collar-Stays-Choose

Brand :    no curl collar stays
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for No Curl Collar Polo Shirt Collar Stays You Choose: Peel-&-Stick Iron-on available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • No curl collar stays are offered as a temporary peel-&-stick or permanent iron-on. click the different variations to see product specific images.
  • Browse through the options to see the different pictures from each configuration.
  • *buy 1 get 1 free* on 40 pair dispensing case + 20 refill. see special offers and promotions below.
  • Peel-&-stick collar stays are available in a 20 pair or 40 pair dispensing case. need more. buy the 20 pair refill packs. iron-on refill packs are available in 20 pairs of white, 20 pairs of black or 10+10 pairs of white/black. deluxe offer includes: 40 temporary refill packs, 20 pair white refill pack, 20 pair black refill pack and 1 pack of hemming tape!

40 Metal Collar Stays in a Box - 4 Sizes

Special product features stainless steel- stainless steel collar stays are built to last. Unlike their flimsy counterparts that come with your shirts, these collar stays won't bend or break, keeping your collars sharp and crisp all day long. Various sizes- collars are not all one size, so your collar stays shouldn't be either. Choose the correct size collar stay for a neat, sleek look. Convenient case- as handsome as these collar stays are, you don't need to have them decorating your dresser top. Keep them neatly stored away in the sleek black box for easy accessibility and travel. Why buy from quality stays? top quality- our collar stays undergo rigorous inspection through our triple-check system. Each collar stay is individually checked for scratches and other deformities. Smooth edges- what good is a collar stay that is going to destroy the delicate fabric of your shirt? our collar stays are engineered with smooth edges to ensure they don't rip or tear your shirt collar. Worry-free- quality stays recommends removing your collar stays before washing or drying your shirts. Forgot? don't worry. We don't coat our stainless steel collar stays with anything, so even if they come into contact with water they won't leave unsightly rust marks in your collars.

40 Metal Collar Stays in a Box - 4 Sizes40-Metal-Collar-Stays-Box

Price :    $9.95 (was $29.95)
  • 40 stainless steel collar stays- made of uncoated 430 grade stainless steel, our set of 40 collar stays won't rust, bend or break.
  • Top quality- our collar stays are rigorously inspected to meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Various sizes (2. 2", 2. 35", 2. 5", 2. 75")- choose the correct size collar stay for the best fit. this set contains 10 - 2. 2", 12 - 2. 35", 12 - 2. 5" and 6 - 2. 75" collar stays.
  • Convenient case- neatly store your collar stays in this beautiful black for easy accessibility and travel.
  • Smooth edges- our collar stays are engineered with smooth edges so they won't rip or tear your shirts.
Brand :    quality stays
Color :    Silver
Size :    2.2
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for 40 Metal Collar Stays in a Box - 4 Sizes available ( Sep 2019 )

World's Best Shirt Stays Shirt Stay Plus

Shirt stay plus is the original designer and pending design patent holder of the product world's best shirt stays. Shirt stay plus is designed to keep your shirt tucked in without snapping off, without tearing holes in your clothes, and with at least double the durability of traditional shirt stays. Each shirt stay plus package includes a complete set of two shirt stays. The shirt stay plus stirrups consist of two metal clasps per stay that connect to your shirt and single loop that's placed around the foot. The metal clasps are designed with nylon teeth to ensure that your shirt will not get damaged while at the same time grasping your shirt tightly. The elastic strap is comfortable on your legs and is long lasting and durable! the adjustable buckles allow for readjustment of your stirrups and will not readjust while in use! military & law enforcement tested. Made in the usa with the advanced industry materials. Custom adjuster allows for a perfect fit and will not slip or readjust during use.

World's Best Shirt Stays Shirt Stay PlusWorlds-Shirt-Stays-Stay-Plus

Brand :    shirt stay plus
Model :    SSP
Order click here :    -
  • Variety of styles - the originals include 4 straight shirt stay, with 2 on each side connecting your sock and shirt. the stirrups include 2 stays, with which you slide your foot through a loop and two clips connect to your shirt. the y style version includes 2 stays with a clip connecting to your sock and with two clips on your shirt. the super belt works great for professionals looking to keep their shirt tucked in around the office or during formal nights.
  • Guaranteed to be the most comfortable shirt stays you have ever worn. the original world's best. copied often but never beat.
  • Adjustable - our shirt stays are designed to fit you. they have a lot of play to ensure a perfect fit and a shirt tucked in comfortably all day long.
  • Durable - the patented elastic strap is tested to be the longest lasting, most comfortable on the market. shirt stay plus is designed to be worn daily and withstand washing. metal clasps with nylon teeth firmly grip your shirts all day without damaging them. ssp has been proven to succeed by thousands of professionals worldwide.
  • Made in the usa! - high quality is synonymous with close attention to detail, that can only be achieved with local manufacturing. feel confident knowing you're supporting an innovative american business.
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for World's Best Shirt Stays Shirt Stay Plus available ( Sep 2019 )

Dapper Dots Double Sided Tape Men's Fashion, 50 Count Tin

Dapper dots double sided tape is the perfect product for your fashion needs.   have you ever had an issue with insubordinate collars, mia buttons, defiant neckties, rebellious pocket squares or flyaway belts?   if so, dapper dots is about to make your life a whole lot easier.  dapper dots are formulated to stay strong throughout your day, but is gentle on fabric and comes off clean at the end of the day.   the tape is clear, so it isn't easy to detect and is much easier to use than fabric damaging safety pins.  this tape is so easy to use. Here are step by step directions: 1. Remove a single dot from the sheet. 2. Press the side of the tape with the adhesive exposed firmly onto your clothing or accessory3. Remove the white liner from the scores in the middle4. Apply the item that needs to be secured5. That's it .

Dapper Dots Double Sided Tape Men's Fashion, 50 Count TinDapper-Dots-Double-Sided-Fashion

Brand :    dapper dots
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Art And Craft Supply :    Best Beauty (dapper dots product review) for Dapper Dots Double Sided Tape Men's Fashion, 50 Count Tin available ( Sep 2019 )

Fashion Anchor 1 Pack of 36 Collar Stays

As an alternative to traditional plastic collar stays, the fashion anchor is a versitle and simple alternative which looks cleaner and is easier to use. Simply put in place and remove the double backing - (bang! ) your collar is held up until the anchor is removed. No more floppy collars! the fashion anchor can also be used for keeping pocket squares in place or as a missing button when you want an open collar that isn't that open. Created by menswear nerd jon yeazel in 2012, the fashion anchor delivers a useful and innovative alternative to the plastic, metal and magnetic collar stays found in today's department stores. Jon wholeheartedly believes that this is hands down the best way to maintain the look of your collar. The anchors really get down to the core functionality of what guys want out of their collar stays, making their collars stand up and stay down all at the same time. We are confident that the quality and usefulness of the product will speak for itself while we carve out a niche of loyal customers and continue to educate new ones on this simple, yet effective method to keep your collars under control. Our customers have proven to be our most powerful marketing tool as our word of mouth sales increase month over month.

Fashion Anchor 1 Pack of 36 Collar StaysFashion-Anchor-Pack-Collar-Stays

Brand :    fashion anchor
Color :    Clear
Size :    round
  • You like an open collar but don't want to look like john travolta? using the anchor as a hidden button provides an easy solution to achieve that perfect amount of freedom you desire.
  • When wearing a tie, place the anchors at the point of the collar. this gives your collar a very natural lay around the knot, unlike metal collar stays which can look stiff and unnatural.
  • The most unique aspect of the fashion anchor is its ability to prop your collar up in a way that no other stays on the market can compete with. great when wearing a blazer.
  • Money back guarantee - if you don't find the anchors to be significantly better than the magnetic, metal, white 2. 0, 2. 2, 2. 5 inch collar stays of the past, just let us know. we will refund you in full!
  • Fashion anchors also work perfectly on those pesky polo shirt collars that seem to have a mind of their own. flopping out of place and curling at the edges.
Price :    $15.00
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Accessory (Apparel product review) for Fashion Anchor 1 Pack of 36 Collar Stays available ( Sep 2019 )

Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size (Stiff Collar Stay) Price : 19, was : 0 as 2018-02-19
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The F.A.Q. for Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size (Stiff Collar Stay)

Works great to keep my collar upright and not "floppy" looking. It's easy to use bendable for adjustments. I bought this for a wedding in southern california and did not want to wear a tie. I have had problems in the past with my collar slipping under my blazer and the collar stays kept me looking presentable.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 10 Q&A on

(0) Question: Some shirts i have are 15-1/2 and some 16" and others simply medium. what size do you suggest i select?

(1) Question: Does the half inch make a difference? would i be ok ordering a 15" if i wear 15" and 15. 5"?

(2) Question: Would this set off metal detector?

(3) Question: My biggest concern is if the device could be seen under the collar - perhaps at various angles. can owners of this confirm if it's ever visible?

(4) Question: My shirts are large size, which size should i buy?

(5) Question: Can you wear this with a necktie?

(6) Question: I'm a typical (medium) sized guy, my shirts fit perfect in size medium, us 15 1/2. what sized stiff collar stay would work for me?

(note) Question: where/how to get Stiff Collar Stay (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Stiff Collar Stay's products

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Good product, works as intended. Takes a few minutes to get used to it, and may pose problems for smaller, fashion collars. I haven't tried it with polos yet, but i'll update the review when i do. One thing that you should be aware of is that you will be able to feel it slightly on your neck, but it's not a particularly annoying sensation, and you get used t oit.

Accessories 1107394742, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry 1103211417, Collar Stays 11063520011, Men 1101447417Top Collar & Placket Stays Select Your Shirt Collar Size (Stiff Collar Stay) FAQ Content

Best collar & placket stays select your shirt collar size (stiff collar stay) in review

This is really a simple, but ingenious solution to a common problem for men (and i guess women too). I have played with some magnetic collar stays to keep the collar upright on non-button-down shirts. Some of those magnetic solutions are ok, but can be problematic and can shift. This device takes a little to get used to around your neck. Will have that stiff collar feel to it. But it does exactly what it is designed to do in my experience. Keeps the collar up and looking sharp whether wearing a blazer with or shirt alone. I'm a photographer, and this will go on my list or recommendations for men preparing for their photo shoots!

. Candy, Maryland

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. Smith, South Tyneside says

I love this collar stay. You can't see it and it keeps the collars looking nicely pressed. Before this, my collars would just settle wide on my shoulders and it looked sloppy. Never been happier to write a review.

L. Laura, Arkansas

In short, the product works. Giving 4 stars only because it doesn't have the flexibility to adjust to different sizes. I have shirts that vary in neck size so can't wear on all shirts.

Z. Juliana, Bromley says

Since our school stopped requiring ties, i have had a problem with my shirt collar sagging and the collars spreading too far apart. The stiff collar stay was just what i was looking for. It prevents floppy collar and collar spread. Collars stay in place and close together for a professional look. The wire collar is not uncomfortable. I wore it today. I highly recommend it.

G. Guest, Bury

Works well enough, but the vertical tabs often stick out from below the collar. Had to bend it a bit. It's a nice little tool for some shirts.

T. Anonymous, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

This is an excellent product! . I have a position that often requires suits but not necessarily a tie, this product truly works as my collar stands straight as it should. Fyi. This is not some plastic gismo. It is a metal base with a nylon/rubber cover. A+ product . I'm picking up more!

W. Pamela, North Somerset

Simple concept, great execution. Works much better than the "other" removable collar product out there. The minimalist design of this one prevents the back of the shirt from riding up or sticking out like quasimodo (as is the case with the other one). Works like a champ. Had to return one due to a broken piece-company replaced super quick after i sent them a pic. Very happy and highly recommend.

X. Cortney, Utah says

Received my collar yesterday and used it on one of my custom-made dress shirts and what an amazing difference it complimented it with. Today i used it on one of my polos and i've already received two compliments on my shirt :-). Great product, highly recommend

Q. Eleanor, City of London

Conceals well and keeps everything stiff and good lookin'. I highly recommend it!

M. Betty, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

I have had this stay for a week now and i love it. There are a couple of polo shits that do not have enough collar material to use this, but i imagine if i got a smaller one, it might work. I would recommend going a size smaller than your actual collar size. The reason for this is because it is more likely to be hidden and you can reshape it enough to fit your needs. I ordered mine a size small and still had to reshape it a little. The bendable metal coated in soft felt like material is easy to shape, but i imagine if you adjusted it too much that it would eventually break. If mine ever does break, i'll buy another one.

J. Annette, Bexley

I'm in the entertainment business and how i look in critical to my success. I used to pull up a slipping collar 50 times through a performance and i was even criticised for the habit. I never thought someone would actually invent a solution. These people did! so cool. It simply works. Put it on and forget it. The negative reviews i read on here must be by a dishonest competitor or someone who stole their idea or patent. It never moves or anything like that. That was a bad lie because it can't move. Totally comfortable. I don't even know it's on after i place it. And my bad habit of pulling up my collar all night now is silly because the collars are already both up and nice and crisp and perfect. People that invent solutions to the little annoyances in life ought to be rewarded for pulling it off. I bought a second one to keep in europe where i live and perform half of the year. I almost never review a product but it's really the right thing to do here. Also a cool gift for guy friends who like to look good.

C. Meyer, Waltham Forest says

This collar stay is making 'floppy' shirts stiff. I'm getting compliments on 'new' shirts that aren't new. Love it! gotta be careful when i travel though, as it seems a little fragile.

F. Edna, North Dakota says

I used it 3 times and so far it's been holding up my collar great. I went dancing with it tonight and even after all that movement it didn't slide down to become visible. Great idea and great product.

S. Valdez, Kansas

I messed up in the size. Just make sure you choose the correct size. Other than that, it's a good product! it actually works and looks nice!

I. Finch, Medway says

I only own collared shirts. I know everything about all kinds, because i'm required to wear them by my profession. This product has proven to be invaluable. It's an absolute must-have. Thank you so much for offering this. -jp

D. Delgado, Leicestershire

I very much enjoyed wearing this product, until i broke it the next day. Not all necks are the same shape. I needed it to better fit so it compliments the collar of the suit. What a shame that the parts are really not strongly welded together. Another suggestion, white or off white/ivory/beige version would be good to have because the black color sometimes shows under the less quality fabric collars. Otherwise, i think this is a great idea product.

A. Meredith, New Hampshire says

Welding on the collar broke. But they have great customer service and allowed me to return it - as long as i showed them proof. Been with the new one for a few weeks and its been holding up quite well, surprised it even broke in the first place. Nothing can replace the crisp look it gives on my shirts. For that, i give it 5 stars.

U. Emma, Virginia

I never write product reviews, but felt compelled to do so for this product. Stiff collar stays is an absolute must for any executive. I've purchased many different types of collar stays including workin stiffs, and this product is the best by far. Workin stiffs do a great job to keep your collar from spreading, but the metallic weights cause your collar to drop. Visualize an executive walking into a meeting with a droopy collar - it just doesnt happen. Stiff collar stays do an amazing job of lifting the collar to give you a clean, crisp look. Since the collar stay is metal, my only concern is whether it would set off an alarm at a tsa security check.

B. Rowe, Saarland says

I love this product! my collars now look first-class all the time. No more worrying about showing too much chest if i leave an extra button undone, or about sagging collars falling under the lapels of my sports jacket. It's comfortable to wear, and stays in place nicely. A great invention!

P. Suzanne, Berlin

I will never wear a collared shirt without this stay ever again. Solid quality and my shirts are super crispy up top now. It truly does make your shirt look more expensive. This is definitely one of those life hacks that everyman should invest in.

. Aldana, Richmond upon Thames says

This has renewed the look of my old polos! i had a lot of dry fit polos and after several washes the collar was limp. Now it's popped up like new. My only advice to anyone seeking this product is to buy about an inch larger then your neck size. I'm a 16. 5 neck and the ends of the product fall short of the polo collar by about 1 inch on both sides. Love this item. I know it's expensive for what it it but it's worth it when your polos and button ups have a nice collar that last all day.

Top /collar placket stays select collar Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

E. Margaret, Schleswig-Holstein says

It's ok. It helps some but doesn't fix all problems with the collar. My wide collars end up showing the tips of the collar stay.

V. Anderson, Westminster

Kind of awkward to adjust. Works as advertised but i preferred the perky collar.

X. Nancy, Wyoming says

Great idea but the stay is visible to someone standing straight in front of you. I probably won't use it.

Z. Harrison, Poole

It was very difficult to adjust, heavy, and one of the arms snapped off in after only a few uses.

U. Joanna, City of Bristol says

Product did not fit. And it felt uncomfortable. I need solutions or need to do a rtv.

A. Annette, New Brunswick

The product looked as advertised, however when used, it showed from under the shirt collar. Return process was cumbersome, as i received a number of polite however confusing emails from the seller. This product did not work for me.

. Wade, Wokingham says

Worked great for almost 5 months, but yesterday one of the lower legs broke. Maybe if you don't adjust the height of the collar stay often, it will last longer.

Y. Veronica, Michigan

Just okay. I ordered my neck size and the end of the collar stay shows throughout the day. I have to constantly check to be sure it hasn't moved. It does help, but it doesn't work like a button down collar would. If i had to reorder i would try a 1/2 size below my normal size to see if that fit better. As it stands i'm not going to spend the money twice.

M. Hadley, Midi-Pyrenees says

When you get it right, it works. Other days it will just dance arround, or be visible. Wont stay on ist place! black makes it visible. A bit expensive for the benefit.

Q. Valencia, Bolton

It does hold my collar up and in place, but i am still not used to the feel of the legs on near my collar bone.

D. Alba, Ohio says

This constantly moved, so i had to adjust it frequently so that it wouldn't show. Then tonight (i've only had this since january) one of the adjustable arms came off. You'd be better off finding a different product to keep your collars up.

F. Monique, Darlington

The legs the rig stand on show under my collar. Maybe some adjustments will help. However, it is a pretty uncomfortable rig to wear around your neck all day. It really limits your range of motion (turning your head). . Not sure this is the solution i was looking for, but it was a decent attempt. Dcan't say i reccommend it.

N. Parker, Cumbria says

Looks good, but it will pinch your shoulders. I guess the pain is worth the look?

. Elanor, Virginia

Was going to give this product a 5 star review today for the reason that it gives your shirts new life. Such a great look but i definitely recommend getting a size smaller than your shirt size. The ends stick out just slightly with a sizing similar to your dress shirt. . Why the star demotion? one of the legs of this product snapped off after only one week. It seems to be a cheap weld.

W. Emma, Alaska says

I've been using this now for about two months and i figured it was about time for a review. I give it 3. 5 stars and given what i know about the product, i'm not sure i would have paid $20+ for it. I've been searching for a product like this for a while and while i'm glad i tried this product out, i am still in search of a better solution. This collar stay has many, many frustrating flaws. . The good. 1. It does lift up your collars as advertised. It actually does a pretty good job of it too when it's in-place and properly fitted. . The bad:. 1. It weighs a ton for such a small object. It's made from heavy metal with a soft velvet coating on it. . 2. The collar stay tends to move around when i'm wearing it requiring constant readjusting to ensure it isn't showing. I'm not quite positive why it shifts, but it always shifts to the same side and pops out of my left collar requiring me to adjust it back to the center. I think maybe this might be due to my bobbing head while walking causing the collar to move back and forth and makes the collar stay reset its position. That's just my theory. I've thought about putting bees wax on it to keep it from moving, but then i'll have oily, melted, bees wax residue on the inside my collar (on hot days) and i'm not sure that's a good solution. For now i'm just readjusting it often as i can. . 3. Because it's black, it really shows up when it does shift so i have to be pretty vigilant about making sure it's still in the correct place. . 4. I ordered my exact collar size and now i wish i had ordered either a size or two smaller. Some shirts it just barely fits inside the collar without showing. . 5. The collar stay is completely round making it difficult to seat correct sometimes (this is also why it moves so easily around the collar). This is a little hard to imagine and explain, but the tips of the collar stay point inward toward your neck and moves out in a circle from there. Since my collar naturally wants to point straight out from my neck in more of a horseshoe shape, the collar stay is often battling with the collar and oftentimes it means the collar stay will droop a bit (fall down). I might be able to combat this by moving the legs of the collar stay down toward my neck, but at a cost of potentially having the collar stay show. So there's a tradeoff there. . 6. It's not easy to put on. I've got my own routine for getting it on now and it seems to work well. I put it in the collar as best i can while the shirt is in my hand and then put my left arm into my left shirt sleeve. This makes the collar stay straddle my left shoulder (trap) with one point on my chest and the other on my back. When i put my right arm into my shirt sleeve, the collar stay and collar move into place quite nicely with a small tug of the right shirt sleeve. Then it just requires a quick adjustment. Waiting until i have my shirt on to put it in was taking more time then i cared to devote to it and it made my arms tired while fiddling with it. . 7. I wish it was not as round and so open but because it's metal and bendable you can make some minor adjustments to it by bending it inward. Unfortunately, those changes don't seem to last very long because i stretch it a little when i put it on making it too wide again and it's too hard to make adjustments to it once it's around your neck. . Overall:. Like i said, it does what it says it will do: hold up your collar. But, there's a lot of maintenance that has to go into making that happen. A product like this should be. 1. Light colored or completely clear. 2. Not be so damned heavy. 3. Not be so round that it will shift and move around your collar easily. 4. Not deform so easily

R. Morgan, Ohio

I really wanted to like this thing. As soon as you put it on, the shirt looks great. Unfortunately, i find myself constantly readjusting during the day because as you walk around/move, the device shifts, eventually poking out of your collar. Great idea, poorly executed.

T. Isabel, Arkansas says

The ends of the device show through.

. Bethany, Coventry

It is good, but i preferred perky collar better, due to its transparency it does not show under the collar, while this one is black and will show sometimes.

I. Dorothy, Southampton says

I was so excited when i saw this online and couldn't wait for it to arrive. It does exactly whats in the description but it is the most uncomfortable thing that you can wear around the collar. 1. When you sit down you feel the hooks digging in your skin. 2. Coming in and out of my car felt like torture on my shoulders. 3, it constantly needed to be readjusted due to constant shifting. Got so uncomfortable that i ripped it out my collar 4. Save yourself the embarrassment of having a piece of metal sticking out of you collar. Better off with a magnetic collar stay.

J. Yvette, Oregon

Terrible. Uncomfortable. Doesn't work. Waste of money.

L. Erin, New Hampshire says

The change/improvement is very modest, and on some shirts there is no improvement at all. I ordered the size that corresponds to my shirt neck size, but the ends of this item are visible on some shirts, which makes it unusable for those shirts. I think it might make sense, if you are going to try this, to order one inch or one-half inch smaller than your shirt size. For the price, likely worth trying. You will still want to wear collar stays with the shirt, fyi.

. Eleanor, Texas

Doesn't really work. Definitely don't get the same result as advertised on the youtube video. While minimal discomfort at first, you can also feel it on your neck. You don't get the crisp look of around your collar as the stay will sag down and not align with your collar's crease. If you really want to buy one, 1/2 inch smaller than your collar size is probably the correct size. . They were nice enough to refund my purchase without any hassle. They just asked why i was returning and what i didn't like about it.

. Paula, Alaska says

I found it hard to use, honestly. I use it as a backup to another product that is no longer available, unfortunately. The metal part that sticks out (or down/vertically) is the part i struggle to adjust when using.

. Guest, Niedersachsen

Doesn t stay in place. It moves around making it noticeable under the collar. Doesn t work either under polo shirt collars. Tips still curl up. You re better off using extra starch.

. Kristen, Haute-Normandie says

The metal is weak and shows through the black coating where the metal bends. The size or design is wrong as my 19" neck collar fails to totally hide an 18" circumference stay on many of my collars. Do not buy it.

B. Lara, New South Wales

The stays are as descried but i misunderstood the use i was looking for something to protect shape of collar in hanging in the closet i blame myself in this and have not applied for return and refund. Since the product is mine i'm considering removing the legs and then using as collar protecter

K. Shawna, Rotherham says

It's "okay". I've worn it a few times and it's not as form fitting as it was

O. Evelyn, Northern Territory

It was not well suited for my needs. I think this was not the correct tool for the job. I'm returning this product.

H. Maria, Liverpool says

These will be great when the issues of being fragile and easily broken, have been successfully addressed.

S. Smith, Connecticut

Useless ungainly product i ll let the collar flap rather tha wearing pitched

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