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Price was 4. These shorts are great for the hot, humid dog days of summer. Very comfortable 100% cotton, with an elastic waist, + pockets! cannot beat the price & excellent service on online store! now own 1/2 dozen pair, with different colors - use to hang around the house, but are ok for a quick trip to the store. Highly recommend! bigbill

-U. Terry

Men’s Jersey Short Jersey Short With Pockets: Jersey At It’s Best – The Ultimate In Comfort And Durability. -Champion Men’s Jersey Short Pockets

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These are very comfortable and cool to run in. I ordered what i knew would be a slightly larger size on me, just so they wouldn't be so restrictive to run in. Best men's jersey short | Champion Men S Athletic-Shorts Review ( Sep 2019 ) Reviews Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets Short featuring logo at left hem and elastic waistband with adjustable internal drawstring. Side pockets for storage. 9" inseam .

Champion men's jersey short with pockets Review (85653)

My son says these are very comfy. They will be worn to school but they seem to be more of a relazed gym or lounging looking short. The color is similar to a medium to dark grey. Elastic band helps give extra stretch when needed. Area around legs is pretty baggy. These are not as long as some kids prefer these days but work well for shorter kids/men to give that lengthier look. Good price. Material is soft. No fraying. Champion shorts. -N. Rose

Champion Mens Jersey Short Pockets

  • Order: Paperback
  • Brand: Champion
  • ClothingSize: L
  • Color: Parent
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:13.00 inches
    Weight:0.53 pounds
    Width:8.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Champion Men's Athletic
  • Model: 85653
  • MPN: 85653
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 85653
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: SHORTS
  • Size: Large

men's jersey short Apparel, Jersey short with pockets: jersey at it's best - the ultimate in comfort and durability. Champion Men's Jersey Short Pockets (85653-Champion).

Champion Mens Jersey Short Pockets Apparel

  • Normally i wear size medium but i have a cast on my leg right now so i ordered a size large to slip over it and that one bump up in size worked a charm. Loose enough to slip on and tight enough to stay up in place. Just with the elastic waistband by itself without using the pull string tension loop. . The jersey fabric is much thinner than the typical fleece sweat pant material and there is no silk liner in these, so it makes it comfortable to sleep in without sweating in them. I can sleep the night thru and wake up dry, unlike sweatpants. . The two side pockets are deep enough that keys, etc won't pop out while doing any athletic activity and they are not sewn to the body of shell so the pockets can be pulled out just like the levi's style pockets. From the waist these hang just above the knee's an inch or two. They are not the extra long perforated polyester type basketball shorts. . At this price it is worth it to replace your boxers just for sleeping in.
  • Iv been rocking athletic shorts for years. Always adidas, nike, and ua 7" polyester/nylon etc. Recently fell in love with champion and first time iv tried out the jersey. They're pretty comfy. Gonna use them as an underlayer this winter. Expecting great success. . Pro-tip for the unaware winter dweller, athletic shorts make for a great under layer beneath your jeans/pants during the winter. When you get home to take off your wet/cold/sloshy/snowy boots and remove your jeans/pants that have 1-10" of soaked ankle/legging it feels great to already be wearing a nice pair of warm shorts. Your'e welcome.
  • Doesn't it seem that everything is poorly made these days? these shorts included. They are super thin material and what is worse is the fact that the tie string is stitched in the rear of the shorts rather than having the string loop all the way around. This stitch method breaks if you pull the string too tight and you find your shorts down at your ankles. Moreover, the string itself is flimsy. What a joke. Find a quality pair of shorts and skip these.
  • Fit well. The cotton cloth is nice. The only complaint i have is with the waistband. The last pair i purchased had the jersey material sewn over the elastic band, making it very comfortable. This cut saved the 2 inches of material and the elastic band will be right up against your skin unless you have your t-shirt tucked in or are wearing compression shorts beneath. Kind of disappointing. But i still am wearing them.
  • Omgosh they are now paper thin ! i just compared them to the same exact pair i bought last year and they are 50% thinner. I wish they would have just increased their prices vs. Selling an inferior product. Or the seller is using a 3rd party item. Which i am starting to learn happens quite often on online store. Happened with a dryer i bought . It was not an original brand item.

men's jersey shortChampion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

These shorts are a good deal, fit as they should, and should last many years. I, however, am going to return mine or give them to the salvation army . I bought 1 pair of the navy and 3 pair of the black. The shorts themselves are 100% cotton as advertised-but the entire inner-waist band is a fully exposed, expandable, non-cotton material probably elastic . I have other shorts from champion, kingsize, casual male in which there is an expandable (probably elastic) waist band-but they are all covered completely in the cotton material of the shorts. . . I ordered 4 pair, wore 1 pair of these shorts for a day or so, then washed them all at the same time. For the next 4 or 5 days or so, i wore these shorts almost all day everyday just as i have with my other all-cotton shorts -but then i discovered a terrible rash around my waist and when you wear 2x shorts, that's a lot of waist . I gave up wearing them, ordered from online store 4 pair of kingsize shorts at a similar price, and 8 or 9 days later they arrived and i have worn them since then without any rashes. They have an expandable waist band, but whatever lets them expand is covered with the same material of the shorts-cotton.

Champion Men's Jersey Short Pockets
Click to see NoticeChampion Men's Jersey Short Pockets (85653)"I had a dream that i wanted to start running. I had a dream that i went on a run and it was soooo magical. I woke up in a daze from my dream and ordered these shorts to help start my running career. Thanks to online store prime and one touch ordering. This showed up a few days later and i was surprised. I had no idea what they were or what to expect. Haha. Needless to say, i love these shorts and wear them often. They're super comfortable and i really do love them. It's been a few months. And yeah. You guessed it. I haven't started running yet. Haha"

(0) Question: Is the drawstring one piece or two sewn into the back of the shorts at the seam?

(1) Question: How many inches is does thr size 4xl have for the waist?

(2) Question: What is the inseam length?

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Champion 6.1 oz. Cotton Jersey Shorts 6.1 oz. Cotton Jersey

- 6. 0 oz. , 100% cotton - multi-needle stitched waistband with drawcord - "c" logo at left hip

Champion 6.1 oz. Cotton Jersey Shorts 6.1 oz. Cotton JerseyChampion-6-1-Cotton-Jersey-Shorts

Brand :    champion
Color :    Black
Size :    1X Big
  • 6" inseam and shorts have no pockets.
  • Double-needle stitching
  • Fiber content: 6 oz. 100% ring spun cotton jersey
  • Exposed elastic waistband with inside drawstring
  • Full athletic fit, c logo left hip
Price :    —
Model :    M25763
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Champion 6.1 oz. Cotton Jersey Shorts 6.1 oz. Cotton Jersey available ( Sep 2019 )

Russell Athletic Men's Cotton Performance Baseline Short

The russell athletic pocket short features a great fit and comfortable cotton. From workout to weekend, this comfy pocketed short will be a go-to favorite.

Russell Athletic Men's Cotton Performance Baseline ShortRussell-Athletic-Cotton-Performance-Baseline

Brand :    russell athletic
Weight :    0.25 pounds
  • Inseam
  • 8"
  • Quick-dry cotton athletic short with covered elastic waistband featuring interior drawstring
Price :    —
Model :    25843M0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Champion 6.3 oz Cotton Gym Shorts

Classic champion men's shorts, from the cotton jersey collection of champion shorts and pants. Imported. 100% ringspun cotton, 6. 3 oz. Double-needle stitching throughout; elastic waistband with drawstring; c logo on left hip; 6 inseam

Champion 6.3 oz Cotton Gym ShortsChampion-6-3-Cotton-Gym-Shorts

Brand :    champion
  • Shorts have no pockets.
  • Fiber content: 100% cotton
  • -
  • Jersey short
  • Country of origin: imported
Price :    —
Model :    CH-8187
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Champion 6.3 oz Cotton Gym Shorts available ( Sep 2019 )

Champion Men's Long Mesh Short Pockets

These shorts fit as expected. They are not too long or too short. The only draw back is the drawstring does not go through the whole short. It's two separate strings that are sewn in the very back of the shorts. The good news is, there is no way for you to actually pull the string all the way through to where you have to feed it back through. The bad news is, if you pull too hard, you pull out one side and it can't be fixed. I am still giving 5 stars for the value and the fact that the fabric doesn't easily pull or looks bad. We order both medium for one family member and xxl for the other and they both fit true to size.

The long mesh short with pockets provides 360 degree breathability - the ultimate in comfort and staying cool. Four-needle elastic waist ensures freedom at every turn. Super-smooth tricot lining

Champion Men's Long Mesh Short PocketsChampion-Mens-Long-Short-Pockets

Champion Men's Long Mesh Short Pockets (81622) FAQ.

These are good athletic mesh shorts; for activities, lounging, or on the go. The pockets are not as deep as i would have liked but are deep enough to carry my wallet and keys. The pockets are also not very sturdy as they are made of the same lightweight mesh materials. These are small gripes and should not affect comfort. I usually buy my shorts a size bigger as i like my shorts baggy. Even if you purchase at your regular fit these shorts should still be quite roomy. The length of these shorts came just passed me knees. Depending on body type they could come just above or at the knees. Light colored shorts such as the gold are slightly see through. I suggest buying solid gold boxers to wear underneath. Good product. Recommended. -Notice from N. Mahood, Arizona

Click to Show champion men's long mesh short pockets (81622) Details

My waist is a size 32-34 and this medium fits perfectly. I got 2 at the same time, one granite and one blue. Quality is what i would expect for the price. Purchased this because for some reason i have 6 other basketball shorts that do not have pockets. Needed pockets to hold my keys and phone when i go to the gym. I don't go running often, but when i do, i put my phone in one of those arm sweat band phone holders and only bring either my car or house keys with me. If you try to run with a bunch of keys in these pockets, good luck (especially if you're male because the keys will be swinging with a vengeance). Smaller pockets would be useless when i wear the shorts casually. I do not regret getting this. It's only been about a month of use, but hopefully it'll last a long time.

Champion-men's-long-mesh-short-pockets-(81622) set picture

- D. PowellThe material is a bit thin. Quality is ok. Value is great! three stars for quality. Five stars for value. The shorts run large. I wear a 36" waist which is normally a size large. The large was way too big for me, although i kept them as sleepwear. I ordered a medium for a perfect fit. Bottom line - i do recommend these mesh shorts.

Good for the price. . As to the 2 major complaints i've seen:. . Pockets too deep - i don't see it, they are about the same as a more expensive pair i have. . Too sheer - i bought black, blue and red. I think the people complaining may have been sold knock offs. Shorts are lined with an opaque lining the same color as the outer layer. They do not seem to be sheer at all. Note that the outer layer without the lining would be pretty sheer. . I have not had them long enough to speak to longevity.

C. Cassella, Kensington and Chelsea

Brand :    champion
Color :    *
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.45 pounds
Model :    81622
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Champion Men's Long Mesh Short Pockets available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Internal quickcord for adjustability
  • Lightweight breathable mesh short featuring logo at left hem and covered elastic waistband
  • Side pockets for storage

Hanes Men's Jersey Short Pockets

Made in a soft and durable cotton jersey fabric, these are the shorts you'll grab every time you want to relax

Hanes Men's Jersey Short PocketsHanes-Mens-Jersey-Short-Pockets

Brand :    hanes
Color :    Black
Size :    X-Large
Weight :    0.47 pounds
Model :    O8790
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Gentle elastic waistband with workable drawstring
  • Side front pockets
  • Cotton-rich jersey blend feels as soft as your favorite tee
  • 7. 5" inseam
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Hanes Men's Jersey Short Pockets available ( Sep 2019 )

Fruit of Loom Men's Jersey Short

Fruit of the loom besttm collection - the jersey short now looks new longer. This garment features deep pockets, reinforced seams and stays super soft, wash after wash. With an adjustable elastic waist, this is an easy every day choice.

Fruit of Loom Men's Jersey ShortFruit-Loom-Mens-Jersey-Short

Brand :    fruit of the loom
Color :    Cobalt Blue
Size :    Large
Model :    flat-front-shorts
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Fruit of Loom Men's Jersey Short available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Stays super soft - wash after wash
  • Deep pockets
  • Fruit of the loom besttm collection
  • Reinforced seams for durability

Champion Men's Classic Jersey T-Shirt

For more than 90 years, champion athletic wear has outfitted athletes in authentic athletic apparel before, during and after the game.

Champion Men's Classic Jersey T-ShirtChampion-Mens-Classic-Jersey-T-Shirt

Price :    —
  • Left chest 'c' logo and c patch on sleeve
  • Narrow collar for a more modern fit
  • Athletic fit for comfort
  • Ring-spun cotton fabric for extra softness
Brand :    champion
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    T0223
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Champion Men's Classic Jersey T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Sweatpant

Excellent quality for the price. I wear them as sleepwear and they are very comfortable. The ankle elastic is great, and keeps the cloth from under the feet of this short-legged fat man!

The champion closed bottom jersey pant is jersey at its best - the ultimate in comfort and durability

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey SweatpantChampion-Closed-Bottom-Weight-Sweatpant

Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Sweatpant (p7310) FAQ.

While i do like these, they are not at all what i expected. The title says "lightweight jersey sweatpants" and yup, they are definitely more t-shirt material than anything. I was hoping more on the sweatpants side of things but no. Bit disappointed at that, but it's probably my own fault. So just be aware when you buy that these are basically t-shirt pants. Not even close to sweatpants. . Decided to keep them cause they are nice pants and are a good lightweight spring pant. -Notice from . Carrie, South Australia

Click to Show champion men's closed bottom light weight jersey sweatpant (p7310) Details

These are made of a jersey material instead of the thicker warmer material other sweatpants are made of. This makes them perfect for working out in warmer climates. The waist band is wide and really holds well. Other sweatpants have a tendency to slide down my butt providing that always welcome plumbers crack. The leg length seems to be about right for my 32 inch inseam. However, the elastic material at the leg openings is really loose. This appears to be a trend as another brand i purchased has the same problem and i have read several reviews which mention the same problem. Not sure why they have made this change as the old style better allowed people of different leg lengths to wear the same size pants. If the pants were a bit long that tighter opening would allow them to be held up by the ankle.

Champion-men's-closed-bottom-light-weight-jersey-sweatpant-(p7310) set picture

- A. AnonymousThese are the best fitting, most comfortable sweat pants, strike that, pants i ve ever owned. Champion has been a favorite of mine since high school, 40 years ago and they just keep getting better.

Seat a little large, but i don't have a big rump! legs are a little long, but they have elastic so they stay up ok. Fabric seems soft enough. I would buy them again.

W. Broyles, Camden

Price :    —
  • Athletic fit for comfort. internal quick cord waistband for adjustable fit
  • Lightweight, comfortable cotton jersey fabric. handy side pockets
  • Relaxed elastic bottom band
Brand :    champion
Color :    Parent
Weight :    0.91 pounds
Model :    P7310
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Champion Men's Closed Bottom Light Weight Jersey Sweatpant available ( Sep 2019 )

Champion Men's Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt

For more than 90 years, champion athletic wear has outfitted athletes in authentic athletic apparel before, during and after the game.

Champion Men's Classic Jersey Script T-ShirtChampion-Classic-Jersey-Script-T-Shirt

Brand :    champion
Color :    Surf the Web/Oxford Gray
Size :    XX-Large
Weight :    0.47 pounds
Model :    GT280
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Left chest 'c' logo and c patch on sleeve
  • Athletic fit for comfort
  • Ring-spun cotton fabric for extra softness
  • Narrow collar for a more modern fit
  • Available in solids and graphics
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Shirt (Apparel product review) for Champion Men's Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt available ( Sep 2019 )

Hanes Sport Men's Mesh Pocket Short

Hanes sport builds on our comfort heritage with innovative technologies to give you the looks that fit your life, your sport, and your style.

Hanes Sport Men's Mesh Pocket ShortHanes-Sport-Mens-Pocket-Short

Brand :    hanes
Model :    O5142
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Shorts (Apparel product review) for Hanes Sport Men's Mesh Pocket Short available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • 9" inseam
  • Mesh lined pockets for storage
  • Covered elasic waistband with drawstring for an adjustable fit
  • Breathable mesh fabric

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He for whom these were purchased says they fit perfectly. I ordered the 36" waist size (large) and they arrived swiftly and true to size. If it were me, i'd find the material a little thin because i like more support in a garment, but he likes them fine. They're sort of like gym shorts. He describes them as "medium-weight t-shirt material. " they come with two side pockets, sturdy enough to hold a set of keys in one pocket and his wallet in the other. He says: "they're free-hanging pockets so they don't bulge or pull down the shorts. ". . There you go: a man's review of his brand new shorts. I expect we'll be return customers.

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(0) Question: How many inches is the xxl at the waist?

(1) Question: Is 2x big the same as 2x large?

(2) Question: Is there a liner

(3) Question: Im 6"5 weight 250 size 40 and regular shorts is a 3x big enough

(4) Question: Does anyone know the shoes this model is wearing?

(5) Question: Is there a drawstring at the waist?

(6) Question: How about the thick?

(7) Question: Is the waistband covered on inside with fabric ?

(8) Question: If i have a bulk purchase , can you ship to hong kong?

(9) Question: Are they tagless

(10) Question: What's the length? waist down

(11) Question: Do these have a inside lining?

(12) Question: Do these have a zippered back pocket?

(13) Question: How do you determine fabric content when they re different for each color?

(14) Question: The inseams sound too long and would fit below the knee?

(15) Question: Are the pockets deep for a wallet and other things or are they small?

(16) Question: What is the waist size for large?

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I ordered the navy, oxford grey, charcoal, and black. All fit the same. I ordered a larger size (2x) than what i wear (xl) because i like walking shorts to fit loose. I also like to fold over the top. I don t have issues with itchy skin because of the elastic band even when i don t fold over probably because i purposely chose a less fitted size. I love the deep pockets. The colors have washed well (cold water), nothing unraveling or fading after approximately four washes each color. I used the dryer and noticed a slight shrinkage. Ill probably stop using the dryer to keep the material smooth and stop further shrinkage. Material is medium weight, certainly not lightweight nor heavyweight. Perfect for miami, fl. No, i m not a guy.

Bestsellers, ShortsTop Champion Men's Jersey Short Pockets (85653) FAQ Content

Best champion men's jersey short pockets (85653) in review

Like many guys, i don t spend much time on the intricacies of clothes. These shorts fit well and the waistband is sturdy and the tie on the shorts provide a snug and comfortable grip on the waistline. They seem to keep their color through several washings. So from here i will say put your shorts on and go about your day. The only people i might not recommend these for are people who are particularly tough on their shorts, but for regular day to day use, they are awesome.

T. Broyles, Poole

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J. Finch, Kingston upon Thames says

I originally made the mistake of buying the pocket-less version, which does not explicitly state that it is pocket-less. However, these shorts are good for working out in and the pockets are reasonably sized and hold my iphone 6 plus with no problem. The only issue is that the elastic strap is sewn directly onto the inside of the shorts, and it is pretty rough, so if it rubs against your waist, that can be uncomfortable. My briefs tend to keep this from being a problem, and i could always tuck in my shirt if the shorts band was bugging me.

V. Cecilia, Manitoba

My son lives in these. I'm not joking, i just purchased 6 pairs (again). He's 6'2" tall but wears the small because his waist is 29 inches. They fit perfectly in the length and are comfortable. I wash them constantly and only after about 6 months of almost daily wash do they start to fade in color. He can play sports and dance in these shorts, so they're not restrictive at all. Reliable and durable.

. Kelly, Louisiana says

For the price, these are pretty great. I think the inside of the waistband is a little scratchy, but it's to the point of being a problem. If they had a layer of fabric on the inside, i think they would be perfect. They're a lightweight sweatshirt material, almost like a t-shirt. Not as nice as an adidas / nike stretchy tech material, but at 1/3 the cost, i'd buy again.

. Alice, Mississippi

Used for lounging/sleeping, not for daily wear as gym/street wear. . They have held up well, but i have feeling if they were in a gym/street clothing rotation, and thru a wash-dry cycle a couple of times a week the waist bands wouldn't stand up to that wear and tear very long. The thread used to sew the seams, pretty light weight and again, don't think it would hold up to a lot of wash/dry cycles. The material is light weight and comfortable, doesn't lose it's shape. . They serve the purpose well for my husband uses them for, but i wouldn't purchase them for anything other than lounge wear/sleeping.

F. Benton, Thurrock says

It's hard for me to find sports shorts i like - i like them to be jersey, i don't like them to be too long, and i don't like excessive decoration or wild colors. So when i do find something i like i tend to by a half-dozen pairs at once. I bought two pairs of these locally 5 months ago for $14. 99 a pair, after finding them by chance at kohl's. So to get the same thing from online store for only $7. 98 a pair. Well, i just had to buy 4 more pairs! . . I use them for general loungewear and as sleep shorts. They are pretty comfortable once you cut the tags out, though i do prefer that the waistband elastic be fully enclosed in jersey for additional comfort (my trusted but now ragged jerzees brand shorts were like that), and on these it's not. So they could be even more comfortable if that were the case, but i'm not complaining. . I'm not having any of the build quality issues others have mentioned. The two original pairs from kohl's have been in use almost constantly around the house since i purchased them (including for bed), and are holding up very well. The only compromise i'm making in looking after them is in letting them air dry from the washing machine, rather than throwing them in the dryer, but that's more so i don't run any risk of having them shrink than anything else (i don't think they would). As to the weight of the jersey material, it's not dissimilar to any other jersey knit shorts i've owned in the past. . In short (no pun intended), if you like a nice, comfortable, basic short, without looking like you're a refugee from the nba, these should be just the ticket.

E. Ophelia, Nova Scotia

I read from another reviewer that these felt cheap and also the waistband would break. I don't know all the details of the other reviewer, but these shorts have a stronger waistband than your average pair of boxer shorts and i don't feel like it would break unless i wore the wrong size and stretched it out. The string on the inside to pull the shorts tight might feel flimsy, but as long as you don't treat it like a pulley, it works as intended. I don't need the string though since the waistband is enough for me. . I purchased the dark heather which have the highest percentage of polyester listed out of all the colors ( 40% polyester/60% cotton ) and they are still soft and i don't notice that blend enough to mind it. I don't think the pockets would hold keys, a wallet or cellphone comfortably, but these shorts are definitely not something i'd wear outside. They're not meant for that though, they're good for working out, sleeping and lounging around in.

P. Anderson, Wandsworth says

Awesome pair of shorts. I ordered a medium and for me they were a little long (but i like my shorts pretty short). After putting them through the wash they fit perfect for me. The shorts are a little on the thin side so if you're looking for a thicker pair of shorts i would maybe look somewhere else, but for only like 10 bucks i can't complain at all. Overall i love these shorts and they match with everything. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for some affordable casual shorts!

X. Jessica, Peterborough

When i bought these, i was dealing with a medical problem that required me to wear easy on / easy off pants. Had no shorts that did not require a belt. A belt was in the way of a medical device i was wearing. These are perfect. On and off easily, easy wash and wear, fit well. Though i no longer need the medical device, i still wear the shorts for comfort on hot days. The only negative - the pockets are a bit small and there is no back pocket. I have a large cell phone and have trouble getting it in the pockets - ditto my wallet!

K. Cortney, Salford says

I really don't know how you could buy a better pair of shorts at a better price. These are great fitting, conservatively styled and priced right! champion makes very good products. I have many and their quality is always consistently excellent. The two side pockets are deep enough to hold most anything you'd need. The drawstring is the continuous loop type, which i personally don't prefer. There are videos online that demonstrate how to tie this style of drawstring but why complicate things? i just cut the loop in the middle and tie knots in the ends to prevent fraying. All in all, why buy a knock-off brand, probably pay more and not get the quality. Give these a try.

I. Laura, Ohio

Really good fit. Comfortable material, good elastic in the waistband, nice roomy pockets. I wear these while i'm walking on an elliptical machine, on the track, playing basketball, and lifting weights. And they are great. I can keep my locker keys in the pocket without worrying about them falling out and getting lost, tripped over, or stuck in a machine. The fit is just as expected based on the size chart. They're loose enough to stay comfortable even after walking 2+ miles on a treadmill but snug enough that i don't have to worry about they weight of my keys and stuff pulling them down in the middle of a workout.

A. Cageen, South Tyneside says

So far, so good. Everything is as advertised. My only qualms about these shorts is the lifespan and i can't know that for 10 years. I purchased several similar shorts at eskimo joe's in stillwater, oklahoma at least 15 years ago and they are still being worn by me. These were made by another company. I exercise in them, i sleep in them, they are my "goto" garb when i get home. I can't believe they have lasted so long. But, ej's works like a lot of places, they get something good then quit selling it. I would not even buy any more shorts except i can see the end of the ones purchased at ej's. I have high hopes for these new ones. They feel great and wash up easily. Only time will tell.

S. Elanor, Franche-Comte says

For the price, these were just what i was looking for. I'm not doing super intense work out with these. I just use them around the house to lounge in. As other's have said, the waist band is unnecessarily rough on the skin if it happens to catch you just right. Oh well. I don't need use the string because the elastic keeps them where they should be so i can't comment on it's quality.

Y. Helen, Westminster

Thigh size is a tad wide although my husbands legs aren't thick! great pair of shorts.

M. Courtney, Texas says

I ordered one of these shorts in size medium as well as one each of gray and navy. Strangely each color was priced differently although the same style number. Stranger still, this short was shipped via ups 2-day air while the second and third colors were shipped via usps with both packages arriving at the same time within prime's two day promise. Imagine my surprise when i opened this box to find two aquamarine shorts, not just one. The usps package also contained two shorts; one gray which i ordered and one black in place of navy. All these shorts were shipped from the same vender. Net result; four shorts not, and black not navy. Prices ranged from $6. 00 to $12. 00 and change while all appear to be the same champion quality.

W. Guest, Maine

For my dh, he likes them and wearing them regularly. They give him good coverage, but are not as heavy as some of his other champion shorts, and so in this heat and humidity, he is more comfortable in these shorts. They also wash well and dry quickly when hung to air dry. The pockets are good, nice and large. Glad he has these in his wardrobe!

B. Teresa, California says

These shorts are just what you expect and appreciate. They fit with enough room to stretch out, go for a casual bike ride and yet are not too baggy. The pockets are big enough for a set of keys and even a small wallet. And there is nothing fancy about them so they don't shine or look to be more for show than a real workout. The cotton absorbs sweat and dries quickly, not like synthetics which seem to hold moisture and become so hot they are uncomfortable. These are perfect.

Z. Patton, Bexley

These shorts are so comfortable! after buying the first one and running it through its paces, i bought two more in different colors. The waistband has a good elastic that holds well without being painful, and it has a drawstring to increase the support if needed. The pockets aren't super deep, but are enough to carry keys, wallet, cell phone if needed. The fabric breathes well. Overall, an excellent product at a wonderful price!

G. Sandra, South Carolina says

I love these shorts. This is my 4th pair and they do not disappoint. Of course, i use them as pajamas. After one washing these 100% cotton shorts are soft, comfortable and breathable. Paired with a cotton t-shirt, i've been sleeping in these for years because i hate the way full-length pajamas twist and tangle in the night. Plus, living in l. A. , if i have to go outside i don't look like some nut in his jammies, i just look a guy in flip-flops and shorts. I don't work out in these shorts because i am a distance runner and my workout gear is all dri-fit. Cotton for comfort, dri-fit for workout.

. Palmer, Hessen

I ordered these shorts as part of a new workout/lounging outfit for my husband for father's day. They shipped fast and actually showed up days before the estimated delivery date. They were in great shape and exactly as the described in the product summary. No rips, tears, or stains. They came packaged in plastic with the tags on them. . The only con is that they do have that packaged smell to them, but that's to be expected. Obviously, once you wash them the smell will go away. I will definitely be buying more in the future.

. Gilmore, Cumbria says

I have had several pair of the champion jersey shorts for around 8-10 years. Used them for workouts, lounging around, and sometimes sleeping in. They lasted very well, but i decided to replace them this week as the seams were coming loose in spots. . I have a 34 or 35 inch waist and the medium size for the new version fits well. The new version is about an inch longer than the previous version. As others have mentioned the granite heather is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. The navy and black versions are 100 percent cotton. The granite heather version feels a bit more light weight than the shorts in the navy or black but not by much. They will most likely retain less moisture and dry a bit faster than all cotton shorts. The waist band seems about the same as the previous version, which i found to be ok. The drawstring appears to have had half of its thread count taken out. Not a problem since it still does the job but not sure if it'll hold up over a long period of time. I don't tend to use the drawstring anyway, so the point may not matter. . Can't really complain much for $7. 99 a pair, but i'm rating four stars because of the apparent cost cutting measures to keep the price down. On the positive side, the shorts still have good pockets which for me has always been a must have for this type of product. This is not the kind of short i would recommend wearing out to a social event though! running, casual biking, going to the gym are good uses if they are worn outside the house.

H. Diana, Virginia

Bought 2 pair and wanting to get another 1 or 2, just not sure if i want to go up a size or not. The xl seemed ok prior to washing. After washing they definitely feel like they shrunk. Also wish they were a bit longer in length. Really have no issues with them otherwise. Pockets are great and i have no issue with the elastic like some have stated. Doesn't appear scratchy or anything at all to me. Would recommend, but definitely consider going up at least 1 size higher cause they will shrink.

L. Nees, District of Columbia says

The fabric was a lot heavier than i expected, a fabric that would make for winter-weight sweat pants. Shorts are shorts, so being a heavy fabric means little in hot weather, especially because these are baggy. Champion fabric is usually heavy duty, multi-layer, and lasts a long time, i could care less whether it is fashionable. Pockets were essential and these serve their purpose, can hold wallet and keys. Comfortable padding for sitting in hot areas.

Top /champion mens jersey short pockets Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Joanne, Essex says

The fit and quality for the shorts are fine, but there is an enormous champion tag sewn into the back that scratches your skin. It is so tightly sewn that you cannot cut it out without damaging the waistband. A softer cloth or a tag in another location would have worked. I have had to stop wearing the shorts unless i have a tuck-in t-shirt.

Y. Sarah, Kensington and Chelsea

I got these because i've gained a lot of weight because of medication i have to take after my heart surgery and strokes. They are soft and comfortable and inexpensive. My only complaint is that the inside waist band is rather course and itchy, so i make sure i tuck a shirt between them and me. Otherwise. I'd buy them again.

D. Moore, Montana says

Lol, just last night there was a small string hanging off the front, i cut the string and when it receded in a hole appeared, i had not a lot of time with these particular shorts, i was on my 4th wearing i believe. Oh how i remember doing things in these shorts, watching tv, sitting on the couch, taking a nap. I wonder how these would've panned out for a active person, i don't think they would've faired very well.

X. Eleanor, North Somerset

Fit on these is really weird. I ordered a medium, but the amount of material as compared to a similar pair from 10 years ago seems more like a large or extra-large. Fit in the waist is okay, but the crotch either drops several (awkward) inches below a natural position, or you have to pull the wasit-band up past your belly-button. The legs have more volume than expected. They're okay for the price (under $10) just . Weird.

R. Gloria, New Mexico says

Material was definitely not even close to what i've always come to expect when buying champion products. These shorts were not the regular jersey material i've always received. Instead they were made of some thin, polyester type material that was suspiciously like the material that made up the few clothing items which i ordered from china. I'm not sure if champion now makes a downgraded version of the shorts i've been buying for years, or maybe even if they were unauthentic. I would have returned them but i'd already thrown away packaging and it just wasn't worth the time for the cost, but i won't be ordering again in the future.

Z. Heidi, Washington

We bought these shorts via subscribe and save and for under $8 at the time, they were a good deal. They are comfortable, have pockets, and wash up fine. . My husband is 6' tall and weighs about 240; i ordered an xl as he likes his shorts larger for comfort. They fit how he likes them to and they are comfortable. . His main gripe, as a pet owner, is that they attract pet hair more than other fabrics. If you don't have pets, you'll probably notice that they attract lint easily but for around the house, they are just fine. . They are good for the price, not high quality per say but they are worth the cost for light fabric shorts with pockets. We won't order more just because we have two short hair cats but my husband still wears them.

F. Elizabeth, Maryland says

I bought several pair of these because i was going to be in hot weather for the summer and needed some pockets. The tags stick right into the center of your back. The fabric is scratchy and i was uncomfortable the entire trip. Please consider softer cotton, and a tagless approach. Thank you.

O. Ross, Lambeth

2x is more like a 1x. Made in honduras (in case you didn't see it on label 5 or 6 times). The drawstring is nice but short. The waistband feels cheap but the label reminds me of a prize fighter shorts. Not washed yet, but they feel scratchy for new 100% cotton(? ). I've attached a pic of label, waistband and drawstring, hope that helps ya.

P. Sheila, District of Columbia says

I have worn champion clothing for a long time but over the years, the word "quality" has been removed from their vocabulary- really! how can a company with their reputation market such inferior grade cotton shorts? they are very light weight thin material that would not even make a good paint rag.

I. Erickson, Nova Scotia

The shorts fit good, the reason for 2 stars is because based on my past experience, these champion men's jersey short is way tooo thin. Much thinner then the ones i have bought and currently own from the retail stores which has matching numbers. So i am surprised that although the numbers match but the quality and thickness is not there at all. I would recommend go to a retails store.

L. Terry, Iowa says

I purchased 4 pairs and i am very disappointed, i wish i read the reviews first. I would of never purchased. These shorts are nice but only to wear at home can't wear outside they are see though, very thin and cheaply made. Champion must of changed drastically. Will read reviews before hand, if someone said that they are cheaply made they are. I thought i was getting a deal, i was wrong you get what you paid for.

K. Sally, Wyoming

These are not the shorts i had hoped for. First, they are far too small-the size i ordered fits me fine in the other brands i've bought (russell, jockey, etc. ), but these are literally two sizes smaller then anticipated. If you need a l, order an xxl. Next, the waistband in these shorts is just bizarre. Inside the shorts, the part that touches your skin is all elastic and stitching, not smooth or comfortable at all. These dig in and rub oddly. I will not be buying these again.

W. Rhonda, Richmond upon Thames says

The elastic waist band is very rough and cuts into your skin with its sharp edges. For a few cents more, champion could have enclosed elastic band in cotton, like all of my other shorts, but instead, they cheaped out. The cotton material is also thin. On the plus side they have pockets, and aren't too long. Those pros are overcome by the uncomfortable elastic band digging into your waist. Returning for refund.

B. Cageen, Portsmouth

Revising my product review after wearing it for over a month. The elastic band has become very rough and makes the shorts uncomfortable to wear. I will go back to the soffee shorts.

S. Valdez, Sandwell says

I have bought these same shorts before in size large and they fit perfectly. This time the same shorts in large are way too big. They are more like an xxl. I don't know how that could happen unless a batch was made with incorrect size labeling. I won't buy these again because you don't know what size you are going to get and there are no free returns from this seller. Also, the quality is not as good, the waistband is very flimsy. I am noticing a reduction in quality across the board on many products lately. Have the products made overseas, reduce the quality and hope the american consumer won't notice.

M. Perez, Bourgogne

Shorts fit fine and are constructed well, but the waistband elastic is rough and irritating on the skin. I have a different brand where they enclosed the elastic band within the fabric and they are much more comfortable.

H. Barbara, Worcestershire says

Made in honduras. I thought it was china because these shorts are terribly made. The waistband is scratchy and irritating and most of all it falls apart after a couple of washes. The threads that hold the waistband up were already fraying when it arrived. Figured it was just the extra thread, as some of these shorts may have from time to time. Unfortunately, in this case, they were just shoddily sewn together. I have two pairs of these and both have already been thrown out within six months.

. Gilmore, Southwark

Like other reviewers the waist bands are horrible it's like they used fishing like as thread it scratches so bad as well as the label, i only hope that after a few hundred washings they will be wearable. . Follow up, 07/27/16. After 4 washings the waist band is falling apart

T. Wells, Tasmania says

Black basketball shorts are a staple of my husband's wardrobe outside of work. He doesn't love the fabric of these, but he's partial to mesh and these are jersey, so take it for what it's worth. They wash ok, but have faded a bit. Though, again, they are black fabric. So overall: they're ok for gym shorts.

G. Judith, Tennessee

The elastic waist band is exposed and gives a scratchy feel against your skin. Refer to the photos. Everything else was fine with these shorts but that shot the comfort level down for me.

E. Lisa, Southampton says

These are like cut-off sweat pants, not mesh basketball shorts. I kept them because they're comfortable to lounge around in, but that's about it. Not that the description was misleading, but had i realized before purchasing what material these were, i would have bought something different.

N. Betty, Somerset

It's medium weight so is good for the summer, spring and fall. However, champion has done a terrible thing on the waistband. As others have noted, the elastic nylon waist band is exposed so is uncomfortable to wear. Normally, it is covered by the same cotton shorts material.

C. Zelda, East Sussex says

I ordered these shorts from online store to replace an exact pair that my husband has had for years. They have the same description on the label. We were disappointed when we received them. The material is so flimsy and thin (especially compared to the originals) that he won't wear them outside the house. Champion take note. We would gladly pay more for better grade material. Stop making and selling cheap crap online. If we had seen these in the store we would not have purchased them. I did consider champion a trusted brand name.

J. Cunningham, South Carolina

I purchased 5 different brands of this style shorts for picky spouse. He likes every pair except this one. We sent them back. Too cheaply made with an itchy unfinished waistband that was too tight compared to all the other pairs. If you're looking for cheap trash em up shorts, these are good; otherwise keep looking.

. Broyles, Maryland says

Updated review: after only 4 months the waist band has begiun to come apart on my champion shorts. I ordered a very similar pair of shorts by russell and they are still like new. These are very poorly made and do not hold up, sorry they are not nearly as good as i originally thought. The russsle athletic men's shorts are a much better deal, even when they are a few more bucks. . I got these in large and black. They fit fine. They are thinner than the champion athletic shorts of 3 years ago, but then all clothes seem to be declining in quality lately. They are made in honduras, so that is good. Well better than china anyway. Price is great, especially when you consider that there are exact knock offs under the russell brand that cost almost $2 more. Overall i am pleased with the quality and value for the cost.

V. Mahood, Pays de la Loire

Buyer beware: the waistband is unfinished on the inside, making these shorts very uncomfortable. Worse, the tag in the back is made of nylon and the edges are like sandpaper, rubbing a raw spot in my lower back. I finally had to cut the tag out after repeated washing didn't soften it up. Other than the waistband, these fit well and look good. They would have earned 5 stars if not for the waistband. On the same order i purchased a similarly-priced pair of "russell athletic men's cotton performance baseline short", and those have a fully finished waistband and are very comfortable. 5 stars for those.

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