Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant (Pants) 903

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Price was 35. Fabric is the signature carhartt heavy grade, 9-1/4 ounces of 100% cotton. The trouser is a flat front in a soft finish. You have the traditional slant side pockets that are really deep and a conservatively styled (see pic) wide rear welt pockets. You can comfortably fit in an xl wallet or a hip flask. There's a smartphone pocket on the right hip (i am left handed & would have preferred it to my left). I measure 39" on my waist and picked the 40" trouser. However, when i measured the fabric waist line with an inch tape, i found it to be 41" which is fine with me as i use a belt. Maybe a warm machine wash & drying under the sun will help shrink this an inch. I wish carhartt introduces the new age telescopic waist like in tru spec or elastic waist bands like in vertx or 5. 11s. Trust me, for the cheap pricing, this is a certified 5 star buy. 5 star comfort.

-X. Joanna

Men’s Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Khaki’s Been Long Regarded As Tough And Work-ready Fabric, Which Is Why The Carhartt Rugged Work Khaki Pant Is Made Of Durable 9. 25-ounce, 100 Percentage Cotton Ring-spun Peached -Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant

  1. Plus: Welted Back Pockets With Logo Tag.

Economical Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant (Pants) 100095

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Pants seem to be high quality materials and construction. Only worn once so can t really comment on durability or whether they shrink when washed or not. . Fit is a bit more snug than i thought they would, being billed as relaxed fit . Could be just a case of my unique body proportions (read: i m fatter than i thought). Hard to say. . So far, so good. Best mens relaxed fit rugged work khaki | Carhartt Sportswear Mens-Pants Review ( Sep 2019 ) Plus Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant Straight-leg work pant in 9. 25-ounce ring-spun peached twill featuring cell phone pocket. Welted back pockets with logo tag .

Carhartt men's relaxed fit rugged work khaki pant Review (Carhartt)

These pants are a nice. Unfortunately, one pair were mis-labled on both the exterior and interior of the pants. I wear 36' by 34" and one pair in my order came way too small in the waist. I mean the waist was maybe, maybe, a 34" instead of the 36" i ordered. I'm disappointed and didn't want to go through the hassle of returning them . The other carhartt pants in my order fit fine. -V. Tracey

Carhartt Mens Relaxed Rugged Khaki

  • Order: Apparel
  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Product Dimensions:
    Weight:1.00 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Carhartt Sportswear - Mens
  • Model: 100095
  • Quantity: 1
  • Sub-Type: Apparel
  • Category: PANTS

men's relaxed fit rugged work khaki Apparel, Khaki's been long regarded as tough and work-ready fabric, which is why the carhartt rugged work khaki pant is made of durable 9. 25-ounce, 100 percentage cotton ring-spun peached twill khaki. comfortable all-day long, it features a relaxed-fitting seat and thigh, and sits slightly below the waist. it's also well outfitted with a right-leg cell phone pocket and two back welt pockets with button closures. the straight leg openings fit over boots. 9. 25-ounce, 100 percentage cotton ring-spun peached twill right-leg cell phone pocket two back welt pockets Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant (100095-Carhartt).

Carhartt Mens Relaxed Rugged Khaki Apparel

  • Bought two pair to replace the two pair i'd bought 2. 5 years ago and have worn almost daily. A fine product that wears like iron but is far more comfortable. Only complaint is that cell phones have gotten larger over the last few years but cell phone pockets have not and the top of my galaxy s8 protrudes a bit while my s4 did not. Truly a first world problem. Buy them (but own a smaller phone).
  • This is my first experience of the carhartt brand, and, i may be a convert! i love the way these pants fit and feel. The fabric and stitching are sturdy, and yet there is a brushed soft texture to it - these pants are every bit as comfortable as any of my pairs of jeans. . My one (minor) complaint is about the size of the cellphone pocket; i think it should be deeper. For my present phone (a nokia 925) it's fine, but i believe any of the oversized phones such as galaxy s8+ or galaxy note 8 would have the top protrude and be visible, spoiling the clean look of the pants leg and also presenting a target for thieves. If however you don't have an oversized phone, you will probably be happy with the cellphone pocket.
  • For pants that are called "rugged work khakis, " they fell apart awfully fast. They experienced catastrophic crotch failure (see photo) after just nine months of use. I was not doing anything particularly stressful in them; i was working in an office for six months, and in a classroom the remainder. It's a shame, because they seemed like very nice pants before they exploded.
  • Pants were a little tight around the thighs but overall fit was good, so i ripped the tags off. My disappointment came when i went to run my carhartt belt through the loops i noticed i m miss the front right loop next to the button above the right pocket . Not ripped off or anything just completely missing no sign of stitching what so ever. I have to have my shirt tucked in at work so i can t even wear these there which is the reason i purchased them! in disbelief such a big names brand would mess up like this.
  • Cotton. Shrinks. It really does. . I would not recommend the pants. The shirt i would recommend. . But then i don't treat washing with much care. So it could be me. . Love the button shirt. Even tho it shrinks too.

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These are pretty good pants. They are well made. I usually get 44x30 pants from carhartt and they fit right. These ones are a little bit too long. Like maybe they are actually 32" long, not 30". Maybe they will shrink though.

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant
Click to see NoticeCarhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Rugged Work Khaki Pant (Pants)"Wow, a pair of pants that fit as they are supposed to, i'm impressed. I'm a first time carhartt buyer and will continue to buy them. Two pairs i bought fit perfectly as i expected. Thanks for the fast delivery."

(0) Question: How big is the leg opening? wanted to wear these in a business casual setting.

(1) Question: How did these fit? says they run a little small?

(2) Question: Will the cell phone pocket accommodate a iphone 5?

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Carhartt Men's Canvas Khaki Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Pant

Carhartt's canvas khaki relaxed fit pant is as comfortable as it is tough. Made of 8. 5-ounce, 100% ring-spun cotton canvas, it sits slightly below the natural waist and features a relaxed fitting seat and thigh, welt cell phone pocket and right leg utility band. Leg openings fit over work boots. 8. 5-ounce, 100% cotton canvas welt cell phone pocket right leg utility band

Carhartt Men's Canvas Khaki Relaxed Fit Straight Leg PantCarhartt-Canvas-Khaki-Relaxed-Straight

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Khaki
Size :    46W x 30L
Model :    B299
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Relaxed-fit khaki pant in 8. 5-ounce cotton featuring straight-leg silhouette and welt cell phone pocket on left leg
  • Belt-loop waistband
  • Reinforced back pockets
Price :    —
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Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket Jean

Crafted with 127 years of carhartt durability, this stretch denim work pant is purpose built with a hint of stretch for a new level of comfort. Oh, and a handy cellphone pocket.

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket JeanCarhartt-Mens-Rugged-Rigby-Pocket

Brand :    carhartt
  • Rugged flex durable stretch technology for ease of movement
  • Relaxed seat and thigh
  • Straight leg opening fits over boots
  • Sits at the waist
  • Right-leg secured cell phone pocket
Price :    —
Model :    102517-909
Order click here :    -
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Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket Jean

Crafted with 127 years of carhartt durability, this stretch denim work pant is purpose built with a hint of stretch for a new level of comfort. Oh, and a handy cellphone pocket.

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket JeanCarhartt-Mens-Rugged-Rigby-Pocket

Brand :    carhartt
  • Straight leg opening fits over boots
  • Right-leg secured cell phone pocket
  • Rugged flex durable stretch technology for ease of movement
  • Relaxed seat and thigh
  • Sits at the waist
Price :    —
Model :    102517
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Five Pocket Jean available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Canvas Work Dungaree Pant B151

Love carhartt work dungarees, finally lost some weight so i can fit into the 42! my one and only complaint, which probably is some of my fault because i like my belt super tight, is that the rear belt loop eventually rip out and i need to have them repaired. I do a lot of bending over picking up stuff at work.

Carhartt's 7. 5-ounce, 100 ring spun cotton canvas work dungaree sits at the natural waist, is lightweight and provides exceptional comfort due to its full seat and thigh. It includes tool and utility pockets, a hammer loop, and 19 and quot, openings that fit easily over work boots. Field-tested sits at the natural waist, lightweight19 and quot, leg openings fit over work bootsmultiple tool pockets

Carhartt Men's Canvas Work Dungaree Pant B151Carhartt-Mens-Canvas-Dungaree-B151

Carhartt Men's Canvas Work Dungaree Pant B151 (Pants) FAQ.

Fortunately i have not found that carhartt pants have the same quality and sizing issues that the shirts do. These hold up well for moderate use and are cooler in the summer than the canvas duck pants. -Notice from H. Jarvis, Utah

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I love these pants. Good fit. Good quality. Lightweight for summer time, and the right thigh pocket is perfect size for my smartphone. I have 3 pair of these now.

Carhartt-men's-canvas-work-dungaree-pant-b151-(pants) set picture

- F. JoannaI bought these looking for cool, durable, comfortable and useful pants to wear in a hot industrial environment. I have not been disappointed. Jeans were uncomfortably warm, and didn't have as many pockets as i needed. These are durable and handle the environment well. They're thinner than jeans (i actually went to the store and felt several pair of pants for the thinnest canvas) and fit a little loosely so they're cooler in the heat. The extra pockets are handy for carrying odds and ends for various jobs. Despite being work pants, they're stylish enough to wear after work as well. I bought one pair as an experiment last summer and now own three pair. I doubt i'll ever wear jeans to work again.

These pants are in excellent alternative to the traditional carhart fabric. For warmer climates and outdoor work these pants off for a bit more flexibility while having the same durability that you have come to expect from the brand. These have been worn and washed for some months and are showing absolutely no wear whatsoever

D. Wayt, Bath and North East Somerset

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Brown
Size :    44W x 34L
Weight :    1.30 pounds
Model :    B151
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Utility pockets and hammer loop
  • Leg opening: 19"
  • Original fit
  • Work dungaree in relaxed fit featuring relaxed fit with wider leg to fit over work boots
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Canvas Work Dungaree Pant B151 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Work Dungaree Pant

The washed duck work dungaree is built to work. It's crafted with 12-ounce, 100% cotton ring-spun washed duck, and it sits at the waist, has a relaxed seat and thigh, multiple tool pockets, stronger sewn-on-seam belt loops, heavy hauling reinforced back pockets and straight leg opening.

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Work Dungaree PantCarhartt-Mens-Relaxed-Washed-Dungaree

Brand :    carhartt
Model :    101710
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Relaxed-fit silhouette featuring utility side pockets and wide durable belt loops
  • Slanted front pockets, coin pocket, and back pockets with logo tag
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Work Dungaree Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Washed Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pant B11

Need heavy work pants, these are great. I work in 90+ degree weather and these are still comfortible. Heavy dutt with great pockets.

Comfortable, practical and long wearing, carhartt's washed duck work dungaree is made of premium 12-ounce, 100% ring-spun cotton duck. There's a full seat and thigh, plus a fit that sits at the natural waist. The dungaree is outfitted with multiple tool and utility pockets plus a hammer loop. The back pockets are reinforced. And, the 19-inch leg openings fit over work boots. Field-tested 12-ounce, heavyweight, 100% ring-spun cotton duck sits at the natural waist full seat and thigh

Carhartt Men's Washed Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pant B11Carhartt-Washed-Dungaree-Utility-B11

Carhartt Men's Washed Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pant B11 (34708) FAQ.

The hubs loves them. Heavier weight will make them more durable and warmer for winter work. His only complaint is that some times the inseams seem a little longer in one style than the other making the crotch tight :) -Notice from J. Morgan, Indiana

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I liked the fact i could shop from my home and since my home town does not stock these jeans it means i would have to travel 120 miles to purchase a similar product. Very satisfied

Carhartt-men's-washed-duck-work-dungaree-utility-pant-b11-(34708) set picture

- I. OlgaI love carhartt. There products are always great. Here is where my body fit is somewhat skewed from the rest. I have no behind and fit legs but a bit of a stomach. The leg openings to me seem way to big. Maybe should have gone with a skinny leg opening style if they offer it.

My husband loves these work pants. I got him a pair of the double front and a pair of these. He loved the double front for crawling under the house and such but found these to be a bit more comfortable for walking around kind of work. Very durable.

U. Patton, Gloucestershire

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Carhartt Brown
Size :    x
Weight :    1.85 pounds
Model :    B11
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Washed Duck Work Dungaree Utility Pant B11 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Flat-front utility pant featuring slim waistband and slanted side pockets
  • Original fit
  • Logo patch at back pocket
  • Utility pockets and hammer loop

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Dungaree

These dungarees are made of 8-ounce, 98 percent cotton/2 percent spandex canvas and sit at the waist. They have a relaxed seat and thigh, reinforced front slash pocket, stronger sewn-on-seam belt loops, a right-leg secured cell phone pocket and a straight leg opening.

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby DungareeCarhartt-Mens-Rugged-Rigby-Dungaree

Brand :    carhartt
Model :    102291
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Dungaree available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Stronger sewn-on-seam belt loops
  • Reinforced front slash pocket
  • Right-leg secured cell phone pocket
  • Relaxed seat and thigh
  • Sits at the waist

Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Five Pocket Canvas Carpenter Pant B159

Pants seem put together well. I'm 5" 11" and 180. Medium build. Pants seem a little droopy in the crotch. Guess it depends when you where them on your waist. Would be nice to have a flap over the cell phone pocket. It just feels a little loose and could fall out when riding bike or motorcycle. I ride and i don't feel comfortable leaving the phone in the cell pocket. Need a secure flap with some velcro or button. Other than that . Good pants. I bought 2 pairs , mushroom and coal.

Work days are more comfortable in our loose-fit canvas carpenter jean. Made of 8. 5-ounce, 100% rung-spun cotton canvas, it features a loose-fitting seat and thigh, and sits slightly below the natural waist. The jean includes two hammer loops as well as a cell phone pocket and utility pocket. Measuring 19-inches, the leg opening fits over work boots.

Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Five Pocket Canvas Carpenter Pant B159Carhartt-Pocket-Canvas-Carpenter-B159

Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Five Pocket Canvas Carpenter Pant B159 (b159mus) FAQ.

Nice pants, they are sized small in the waist and long on the length. They still fit but i wouldn't call them loose fit -Notice from Z. Emma, Alabama

Click to Show carhartt men's loose fit five pocket canvas carpenter pant b159 (b159mus) Details

These are a little lighter weight than the original carhartt- so they are great for warmer weather but still the durable rugged material.

Carhartt-men's-loose-fit-five-pocket-canvas-carpenter-pant-b159-(b159mus) set picture

- . ValdezThese are amazing! bought for my son and he instantly had a smile on his face when he put these on. Very comfy!

I had to return, they run small in waste but true in length, for example, i wear a 34/32 i would have to order a 36/32 to fit in waste. I wear levi jeans hope it helps someone in sizing

V. Palmer, Halton

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Brown
Size :    40W x 32L
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    B159
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Carpenter pant in uninterrupted canvas wash featuring cell phone pocket, hammer loop, and classic five-pockets
  • Logo patch at back pocket
  • Features straight leg opening. sits slightly above the waist
  • If your inseam length falls between sizes, buy the longer size.
Price :    —
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Five Pocket Canvas Carpenter Pant B159 available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Blended Twill Work Chino Pant B290

Dr. Seuss once wrote a story about a kid who was scared outta his wits by a pair of pants. Those pants walked around all by themselves, and that kid was sure they were out to get him. But at the end, they came to be fast friends. The will come to be your best friend, too. When you have to spend all day long in a pair of pants, they can be a great asset or your worst enemy, depending on how they fit and hold up. Carhartt's known for high quality garments, and these pants hold true to their name. Carhartt b290 blk men's black twill work pants made of rugged 65% polyester/35% cotton twill, they'll hold up to a long day and remain comfortable. The wrinkle-resistant fabric sports a stain-repelling finish, so even if you dump your burrito in your lap, no one has to know. Their permanent crease gets you off the hook for ironing (like you even own an iron, right? ). The nice, relaxed fit features wide leg openings that fit over boots so you don't have to tuck like a sissy. Plus, they sit just below the waist so you can have as many burritos as you want, buddy. A forgiving fit and fabric makes the carhartt b290 blk men's black twill work pants a friendly choice for your daily work wardrobe. Manufactured sizes: waist: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42inseam: 28waist: 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58inseam: 30waist: 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58inseam: 32waist: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44inseam: 34waist: 38, 40, 42inseam: 36

Carhartt Men's Blended Twill Work Chino Pant B290Carhartt-Blended-Twill-Chino-B290Constructed from a durable blend of cotton twill and polyester, carhartt's men's twill b290 work pants are built to last. Featuring superior comfort, these rugged pants are perfect for light- to medium-duty occupations like construction, maintenance and repair, transportation, farming, and warehouse work. And thanks to easy-care features such as wrinkle resistance, a stain repel-and-release finish, and a permanent pant crease, these pants look as professional as they are durable. Men's twill b290 work pantat a glance:lower rise waistband and generous cut through seat for a comfortable fittriple-stitched inseam ensures durabilitywrinkle-resistant fabric keeps pants looking professionalpolyester and cotton blended twill construction repels and releases tough stainsbacked by a 30-day wear-test guarantee polyester and cotton blended twill fabric features lower rise waistband with generous cut seat and thighs. View larger. Wrinkle-resistant fabric and a permanent crease help maintain a professional look. View larger. Professional and comfortable fitcarhartt's twill b290 work pants deliver no-quit comfort throughout the work day. A lower rise, comfortable waistband, and generous cut through the seat and thighs ensure your comfort, while wide belt loops accept work belts and pant openings are sized to fit over work boots. Two back welt pockets with button closures hold a wallet and other personal items securely. Triple stitching for strengthcarhartt products are designed to last-carhartt double stitches its front pockets and triple stitches the inseam, helping to ensure your pants will stand up to the most demanding work environments. Tested for color retention through multiple washes, these pants look professional enough to go from a job in the field to an office meeting. Easy-care features for convenienceconstructed with durable polyester and cotton blended twill, carhartt's rugged fabric not only repels but also releases tough stains. Plus, the wrinkle-resistant fabric and a permanent crease keep the pants looking professional and ready to wear, right out of the dryer. Backed by carhartt's 30-day wear-test guaranteecarhartt's twill pants are backed by a 30-day wear test guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return them directly to carhartt for a full refund. About carharttfounded in 1889, carhartt is known for its rugged, comfortable and well-fitting apparel. Long before their fabrics become garments, carhartt puts their products through rigorous testing to meet high durability standards and visits worksites in various conditions to identify workers' clothing and accessory needs. The result is premium-quality attire developed for today's workers. Sturdy fabrics, along with features like heavy-duty zippers and triple-stitched seams, make carhartt a great choice in any work environment. What's in the boxcarhartt men's twill b290 work pant.

Price :    —
  • Straight-leg work chino in 8. 5-ounce wrinkle-resistant twill with stain repel-and-release finish
  • Welted back pockets with button and logo tag
Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.35 pounds
Model :    B290
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Straight Fit Pant

Durable yet comfortable, this dungaree isn't too tight, isn't too loose, and has stretch where you need it.

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Straight Fit PantCarhartt-Mens-Rugged-Rigby-Straight

Brand :    carhartt
  • Sits slightly below the waist
  • Reinforced front slash pocket
  • Rugged flex durable stretch technology for ease of movement
  • Slim seat and thigh
  • Left-side hidden secure zipper pocket
Price :    —
Model :    102821
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Rigby Straight Fit Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

Carhartt Men's Relaxed-Fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pant

These pants are great quality. I have two young adult sons that love these pants for working and leisure. They are very durable and hold their quality after washing. They are soft and comfortable unlike other similar brands. I have ordered 6 pairs in the last year, one of each color for each kid. My sons wear 30x30 and 32x32, the 30x30 fit great. My other son requested to go up in waist to a 34x32, but i am not sure that had anything to do with the sizing of the pants!

Men's washed twill dungaree - relaxed fit

Carhartt Men's Relaxed-Fit Washed Twill Dungaree PantCarhartt-Relaxed-Fit-Washed-Twill-DungareeCarhartt's men's b324 washed twill relaxed fit dungarees provide all-day comfort whether you are on the job or off. Constructed of 100 percent cotton washed twill, the pants have a slimmer seat and thigh and sit slightly below the natural waist. They feature multiple tool and utility pockets, a left-leg hammer loop, and two reinforced back pockets. Leg openings are sized to fit over boots. Men's b324 washed twill relaxed fit dungareeat a glance:relaxed fit and slim cut through seat and thighssits slightly below the natural waist100 percent cotton washed twill offers a soft, comfortable feelleg openings fit over bootsutility pockets accommodate work accessories soft, lightweight cotton twill features a relaxed fit and slim cut through the seat and thighs. View larger. Left-leg hammer loop and multiple tool and utility pockets provide space for accessories. View larger. Relaxed fit and soft twill for comfortwith their relaxed fit and slim cut through the seat and thighs, carhartt's men's b324 washed twill dungarees deliver all-day comfort. Garment washed and created using lighter weight 9-1/4 ounce cotton twill, these dungarees offer a soft, comfortable feel. Reinforced utility pockets handy for workthe back pockets of these dungarees are reinforced for durability. Plus, a left-leg hammer loop and multiple tool and utility pockets ensure you have a place for all your work accessories. About carharttfounded in 1889, carhartt is known for its rugged, comfortable and well-fitting apparel. Long before their fabrics become garments, carhartt puts their products through rigorous testing to meet high durability standards and visits worksites in various conditions to identify workers' clothing and accessory needs. The result is premium-quality attire developed for today's workers. Sturdy fabrics, along with features like heavy-duty zippers and triple-stitched seams, make carhartt a great choice in any work environment. What's in the boxcarhartt men's b324 washed twill relaxed fit dungaree.

Carhartt Men's Relaxed-fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pant (b324 arg) FAQ.

I'm a huge fan of carhartt and their fit. I appreciate how it's made for the working class and fits the way it should. I have bought two pairs of these pants now and they fit great and are durable. Extremely comfortable as well. The price is a great price for the pants. Highly recommend it. -Notice from T. Hayward, City of Bristol

Click to Show carhartt men's relaxed-fit washed twill dungaree pant (b324 arg) Details

I wear a size 30 in levi's 511 jeans. However, upon reading the numerous reviews disparaging the waist size on this particular style, i opted for the 31x30 just in case. Upon arrival, i was surprised to find i still had an amount of waist room. Maybe i had the *one* pair that was true to size? maybe some of these reviewers are underplaying the size of their gut? i dunno. . The pants themselves are soft and light with a texture comparable to corduroy, but super tough. I work outside framing houses and these haven't failed me yet. Hope these will last me for years to come!

Carhartt-men's-relaxed-fit-washed-twill-dungaree-pant-(b324-arg) set picture

- Z. SmithUpdate: i've had these pants for over 2 years now and just bought a new pair in the exact same size, 30 x 32. I measured the inseams on the old and new ones and the old ones are now a full 2" shorter! which actually makes them the perfect length for me. They seem to shrink a fair amount (1" or so) at first and then continue to shrink a tiny bit every time you dry them. I wash my clothes like a normal person ; ) warm or cold water and medium tumble dry. After 2 1/2 years, wearing them 5 or 6 times a month in all kinds of conditions, they are just starting to wear out in the knees and have frayed a bit at the cuffs. -. These pants are super comfortable and plenty durable for light duty work. I've worked as a carpenter for over 10 years and i wouldn't wear these if i was doing a ton of work on the ground or in the dirt (get the double fronts for that) but for general purpose, these are awesome. I've been wearing 30x32 in all my pants and jeans for years now and these were just a bit longer than i am used to, but i think that is just the carhartt style. The waist was perfect really, but i seem to be between waist sizes so they might be a bit tight for others.

These are almost perfect work pants. The pocket size and placement is ideal for most of my every day carry needs. They fit a bit long, so if you are short like me they will need to be altered, if not the edge of the pant can get worn out on the ground.

F. Audrey, Oregon

Brand :    carhartt
Color :    Green
Size :    32W x 34L
  • Sits at the waist
  • Straight leg opening
  • Relaxed seat and thigh
  • Multiple tool and utility pockets with left-leg hammer loop
Price :    —
Model :    B324
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Apparel :    Best Pants (Apparel product review) for Carhartt Men's Relaxed-Fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pant available ( Sep 2019 )

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These pants are great, but not perfect. I have yet to find the perfect pair of pants, but these are close. They are my new everyday pant, until the very cold weather comes. I bought multiple pairs in 3 of the colors offered. The cell phone pocket on the right thigh side is what drew me to these. The waist button is like a jean button and will not come off or loosen. The fit is good, the back pockets are set in adding a bit of dress over jean style patch pockets. They are a heavier weight twill and will be a good late early fall/ spring pant. My suggestions: the cell phone pocket needs some sort of closure, a small flap (preferably tacked at each side, so it doesn't need a button, and the front pockets are a bit deep and make storing my wallet there a bit cumbersome. I feel it too much when moving. The fabric is peached and i think that for a cold weather pant, the peach finish attracts all sorts of lint from the fuzzy sweaters and scarves that many seem to be wearing in colder weather. I found the sizing to be inconsistent in the field khaki color, order extras and return the ones that do not fit. More suggestions, make these pants with a flannel lining for the much colder weather and offer them in black, navy, and maybe a gray.

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(0) Question: Do they have a gussetted crotch - or does the seam run down the middle (ouch! )?

(1) Question: Can the cell phone pocket fit an iphone 6+ (the big one)?

(2) Question: I have a black pare is that coffee

(3) Question: How deep are the front pockets will they hold a check book with out it sticking out?

(4) Question: Are these considered long rise (hi-rise) or are they cut low (for the younger, thinner crowd)? thanks.

(5) Question: What is a welted pocket?

(6) Question: How many belt loops do these pants have?

(7) Question: Do these pants have a zipper fly?

(8) Question: What size is the cell phone pocket?

(9) Question: Are they stiff or soft?

(10) Question: Do these pants have "stretch" to them?

(11) Question: Do they wrinkle badly or could i get away with not ironing?

(12) Question: Are these really button fly or zipper?

(13) Question: What size is the phone pocket?

(14) Question: Do these shrink when washed?

(15) Question: Can you wear these with boots

(16) Question: Do these have the hammer loop?

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When i was working in the construction trade carhatts were the pants of choice. Rugged and exceptionally functional, they always held up. I have only worn these twice but i expect they will completely satisfy. The material is different than the typical tan work pants but still very rugged and with the added benefit of being really soft to the touch. I order these with an inseam of 30" because they do not come in 29. I am a bit short for a 36 inch waist. They fit like 30" and i wished they had 29 but i will make do or have them hemmed.

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Great kaki like pants! i work for a grocery chain in management, so i have to wear professional looking attire. The standards of my work and pace we must achieve is beyond most. I've had these pants for 3 months now, and they have not torn, or frayed. These pants are for the working man. I run into and brush up against pallets everyday along with metal and wooden racks and shelves. These hold up to anything i throw at it. A must buy because they will last! you pay for what you get! it saves you money in the long run!

U. Lewis, Haute-Normandie

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. Debra, Tasmania says

I'll give it 5-stars vs 4-1/2 which is not an option. The only draw-back on my pair was that the front, left pocket was sewn a little bit tight, making it just a little bit snug for slipping my hand into easily. No problem with the right front pocket. Love the cell-phone pocket that my galaxy s-5 slips into easily. A great feature. I do not understand why more jean manufactures do not offer this feature!

F. Jennifer, Ohio

First, it's carhartt. So at least there is one brand that has consistent fit. It's heavier and more durable than most brands, which is why you buy carhartt. That being said, anyone that buys carhartt knows that they use "true sizing". Just like their "original fit" shirts, these aren't for you if you favor fitted shirts and skinny jeans. Thank the gods. Your regular fashion jeans size is not going to fit you in a carhartt pair of pants. If you are actually a 46x30, order a 46x30. Not the 40-42x32 wranglers. (cuz that's what i wear, ; ) that extra 2" in length for a carhartt will look awful and be very long in these pants and that 42 waist will be very very tight. So, these pants ( i ordered the dark khaki, 46x30) have a mid rise waist with plenty of room in the leg (clearly, i'm a big guy) and are perfect in length. They are well constructed and the pockets don't show the liner ( i hate that in a pair of pants). They pass the "office" test, if you're like me and can't wear 'jeans" to work, but they are plenty durable for field work (if you're like me and have to go back and forth to the job site) so, all in all, a win. . Now if they would just drop the price of the other colors for us fat dudes, i'd be happy.

D. Weber, Western Australia says

I'm 6' 7", which means good pants are darn near impossible to find at a good price. I've recently decided to ignore the price tag and search for pants that wont rip after 3 months. On first impression, these pants feel great. The legs are roomy, the material is tough, and they look great. The only problem: like many other pants, these run small. Really small. I recently bought a pair of mountain khakis teton twill, 36x36, and these pants feel smaller than those. In each brand's defense, i'm still coming out of hibernation from the winter, and could stand to lose a few pounds. However, the fact that a 38 in one brand is smaller than a 36 boggles me. I'm currently in 36x36 pants from a mall store, and the waist on those feels fine. I'm still going to give these 5 stars however, since, aside from the slim waist, they feel much more durable than my current pairs. I've never had any issue with carhart, so i'm sure these will feel great in a couple weeks. Make sure to plan accordingly when ordering.

L. Guest, South Dakota

Carhartt manufactures clothing for working men. This means a few things:. . 1. Durability may come at the cost of comfort. I haven't found these khakis to be uncomfortable, but they're certainly not as comfortable as my dress pants. They are, however, more durable and warm. . 2. Fit is true-to-size, not glamour-sizing. That means that you should measure your waist (where you wear your pants) to know what size to get. If you go with your size from old navy, you're going to get pants that are way too tight. Old navy labels things 2-3 inches smaller than their actual size. So a size 36 waist from old navy is likely 38 or even 39 inches. . 3. You should wash these before you wear them. They're made of tough material, and there are chemicals (called "sizing) used to make the dyes set properly. Run them through the wash before you wear them. This is good advice for any clothing, even "pre-washed" clothing. . With these three points in mind, i am completely pleased with these khakis. They pass with a sport coat and tie, or they would work with a hoodie and t-shirt. Very flexible. I wouldn't recommend them for anything more than jacket-and-tie business casual, but they definitely work for that.

O. Hadley, Oxfordshire says

My favorite pants, ever. I've bought them many times now. I own like 4 pairs. I'm 6'5 and slim, so this is about all i can find that fits right.

Y. Nielsen, Tameside

I love these pants. Bought them last spring only to discover they weren't great summer-weight pants, so i put them away until fall arrived. They're soft, comfortable, and very well made. The fabric is on the heavy side, which is perfect for cooler weather. The cell phone pocket is perfect fit for a samsung s6. Great, great pants.

. Alma, Greenwich says

Love these pants, i am not a skinny jean guy but i don't like super bulky, they have breathing room and contour well to the likes of my body. . Use these for oyster farming or going out to dinner, they age nicely. Have a few pairs, love em'. This brown color in particular is a little dark but have lightened up being in salt water and sun, they now have so much character and look awesome!

T. Anonymous, Saskatchewan

This is the first pair of carhartt pants i have ever owned, and i am completely sold on the quality of the brand. The materials are significantly more rugged than other brands while remaining similar in weight. I've worn mostly american eagle pants for the majority of my teenage and early adult years. However, prices at ae have skyrocketed with no improvement in quality and everything has trended towards "skinny" styles, so i knew i had to try elsewhere for my next pair of day-to-day pants. I took a chance on carhartt, and i am very glad that i did. As many other reviews suggest, order one size up in the waist if you are new to carhartt sizing. In addition to the normal pockets you'd expect in a standard pair of pants, this particular style also includes a cellphone pocket on the right leg. To give you an idea of the size, this cellphone pocket can't quite fit an iphone 6 with an otterbox case on, so any smaller sized (or cased for that matter) phone might fit perfectly. In the handful of uses of these pants i've had so far, i have to say that they are significantly better than any other brand i've tried. So go for it, just remember to size up on the waist.

. Sally, Ile-de-France says

I like these khakis. They are made of a heavier fabric and are soft to the touch. They aren't wind resistant though. You can feel the wind even though the material is thick. I've only worn them for one day and have spotted a flaw in the design. . The pockets aren't very deep, contrary to what other reviewers have stated. The pockets aren't as shallow as say dickies pants and are still usable. The flaw is that the front pockets like to stay open (rather than be flush against your body) regardless if they are empty or have items in them, making it easier for others to see the contents of your pockets. When there are large items in the pockets such as a cell phone, the top pay of the cell phone is visible to others. If there are small items them like credit cards or cash, the credit cards or cash may not be visible, but having the pockets stay open rather than be flush to your side means it is easier for pickpockets to steal the contents. . These pants also tend to run long, so order a size shorter as other reviewers have stated (i ordered my normal length and wish i've ordered one size shorter). . The waist may shrink one inch in the wash, however, i'm not sure if it is worth it to order one whole size larger (i've ordered one size larger and i think it would have been better if i've just ordered my normal size). . These pants also aren't very wrinkle resistant (like poly blend pants) but they are better than other cotton pants that i own. You may have to touch them up with an iron, especially from the knee down even if you take them out of the dryer even while they are still warm. I didn't bother ironing them though since they weren't very winkled. . Overall a good purchase, i just wish the front pockets were a little deeper and/or stayed snug against the body.

R. Wayt, Languedoc-Roussillon

Perfect for work! i'm a computer/it technician. It's part of my job to install equipment and monkey around equipment racks. These are tough as you would expect from the brand, but they also look good. I'm also often part of client facing meetings to discuss technology so i have to look the part. These are the perfect fit.

G. Moore, Connecticut says

I love the soft material and workmanship of the pants. I am a teacher and the pants are heavy and sturdy enough to look nice yet be more functional than dress pants. Size 34 is a little too tight so i ordered a size 36 and they were too loose. I'll use them for work pants. Sure wish i could get them in 35. Hoping they will stretch a bit with normal wear. I measured the inseam before washing in warm and drying warm and again after. The inseam shrunk a little less than half an inch. I would like to have five different colors but only three are available in the sizes i ordered. I recommend these pants for anyone wishing to look professional yet have some substance to their pants without resorting to jeans.

S. Theola, Australian Capital Territory says

Excellent thick cotton khakis, cell phone pocket takes it a notch down the business casual and more towards worker/casual pants if that matters to you. Very wrinkle prone but can be abused by an iron. In an office setting these things will probably last a decade. Definitely tailored towards more physical work and the quality shows. Still shocked i keep getting pants on online store that fit perfect when i go into the store even after trying them on i tend to return for size adjustments.

. Emily, Missouri

I buy these all year long to give as gifts for my husband who hates to wear anything else for work. I think a created a clothing snob. They last a long time. He's work is hard on clothing, but these pants hold up. Would highly recommended these for all those hard workers out there.

Q. McCarthy, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

Like these a lot. They feel good and sturdy. This is the first pair of any type carhartt slacks i've owned - great so far, hoping they'll last a long time. The fabric feels much softer than expected, thought they'd have a canvas like rugged feel but they feel very soft and comfortable. Also the length ran slightly long, but they fall well within the expected range for the size i got. All in all very happy with these, and plan to purchase a few more soon.

. Jackson, Pennsylvania

Son loves these because:. -he has short, muscular legs and a trim belly and butt. -most other pants with room for his big thighs (weightlifter), have far too much room in seat and waist. -carhardtt tough so they won't rip in the crotch from his active work (bending, lifting, carrying, squatting). -they look very nice -wear for many situations. Great cloth and drape. -we bought extras!

E. Annette, Florida says

These are great pants. If you run an iron over them, they look good enough to wear in a casual work environment. The length of the pants are always a bit long, so i take them to the local cleaner so they can be hemmed. . My only complaint is that carhartt changed the fabric of these pants in the last year or so. They're still very durable but the finish on the fabric really attracts lint.

. Peggy, Southend-on-Sea

I ve been wearing carhartt pants and overalls for 24 years. This is my second time purchasing this style. They are hands down the best balance of durability and comfort. They also look really nice for any occasion as they don t have patch pockets on the back or the side. Neat and clean lines. Cell phone pocket is perfect for any device. I wear these pants everyday. Office work, field work, meetings, church, hunting, hiking, riding atv s, etc. Best pants i ve ever owned! . . As for fit, i am a 5 6 y all male weighing 160lbs. In my heavier days i wore 34/30, but am now perfectly fitting 33/30. Thank you carharrt!

A. Rowe, Quebec says

Very nice pair of pants. Wish there were more colors. The waist and length sizes are very accurate in my opinion. They are going to be a bit warm in the summer time.

K. Cortney, St. Helens

Carhartt pretty much never disappoints. I've put these pants to the test at my factory job- jagged edges that would obliterate cheaper pants; and these have held up just fine. No matter how beat up they look when i get home, they come out of the dryer looking brand new again. They're also very comfortable. The fabric is soft but durable and the cut of the pants is flattering and feels like it's been done by someone who's made pants before, unlike many other options available by other brands at this price range. At the end of the day, it's carhartt. Their stuff is simply made well. Get these pants.

I. Jacqueline, Shropshire says

Beautiful ring, stones shimmer and the band is lovely. I was really pleasantly surprised. I love switching out jewelry so i have lots of costume jewelry, as it is often called, and this one is one of my favorites. Nice looking ring!

P. Susana, Baden-Wuerttemberg

I'm a 32/32, i had to go up one size to 33/32. The 32/32 were just way too tight around the upper leg area. Otherwise great cut, cell phone pocket is pretty good for a medium sized phone, pant legs slide over full sized work boots with ease.

B. Marguerite, Pennsylvania says

Good quality pants, and the cell-phone pocket on the right leg is great! but they are sized smaller in the waist than i expected. I've had a pair of carhartt tan work jeans for over a year, and they are cut very large (a belt is needed for me), so i assumed that these work khakis would be similar. They're definitely cut smaller than dockers khakis, which i wear all the time. So, be aware, if you like your casual pants to fit loosely and comfortably, you may want to go up a size, or look at another brand. But they are well-made with a great soft material.

H. Olga, Michigan

I like these pants a lot. They fit well and are very well constructed. The normal pockets are deep enough so stuff doesn't fall out. But the cell phone pocket on the right leg. Well i don't have to use it . My droid smart phone rides up out of the pocket. It is deep enough i guess but the placement is odd. I assume it is there because i would be wearing a toolbelt and won't be able to reach into normal pockets. But it does not take much squatting for the phone to rise up in the pocket and fall to the ground. I would get these pants again. But i won't use the cell phone pocket.

Z. Denise, Oregon says

I started wearing levi's in junior high school. I've worn them for 5 decades. That "5" is not a typo. In recent decades it has been 501s. Some wizard at levi strauss decided to "update the cut". That means they removed fabric to make them into "low riders". The belt line now rides where no adult male wants them to. They are uncomfortable and my shirt won't stay tucked in. They also have two less belt loops. My favorite, "wear them every day pants" have gone to hell! . . What to do? i was killing time in a boutique clothing store while my wife was shopping. They had a tiny men's section. I saw carhartts on the shelf. I had nothing better to do, so i tried them on. They fit so well, i ignored the high "boutique" price. I found a little piece of heaven when i found the part number here on online store. Now with a 1-click finger stroke, i get a fresh pair of pants that are comfortable. A half dozen pairs of usable levi's will be rotting where they are headed. . Note to mr/mrs carhart: thank you. I'm not likely to be a steady customer for 5 decades, but you have me for whats left. Please don't change anything.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

D. Crawford, Connecticut says

For something that is called a "relaxed fit, " i was quite surprised to find out they run small. You will not have a lot of room when you sit, crouch, bend, stride, or do anything other than stand still. I'm an athletic guy (not disproportionately) so i generally order one size larger in the waist and wear a belt (33 instead of 32), but that wasn't enough to save me here. The length however, was fine. . Fit aside, they seem pretty durable and are cheap enough to get a decent look without caring about ruining them on the job (or in my case, while on a boat). I'll probably buy a larger size and use some waterproofing/water-repellent spray on them. . Bottom line, i would recommend these, with some caveats.

C. Jackson, Bracknell Forest

Ordered a size larger than i normally wear in levi's. They were way too small. Then ordered a pair two sizes larger and they were huge. I sent both pairs back. I'm not sure they were marked properly or have a quality control issue. I won't try any others

P. Lawrence, Bromley says

I purchased two pairs of carhartt men's relaxed fit rugged work khaki pants (item number 100095). I bought the same style and color, dark khaki, in two different sizes so i could compare fit. One pair was sized 38 x 32, and the other was sized 38 x 30. Both pants came sealed in a clear bag with a bar code, style number, color code, and size. . On the pants sized 38 x 32 the bag bar code is: 035481 984594. The style code is 100095 253. The paper tag sewn inside on the pants say: rn 14806 100135 1216 2500009878 and were made in nicaragua. . On the pants sized 38 x 30 the bag bar code is: 035481 984488. The style code is 100095 253. The fabric tag sewn inside on the pants say: rn 14806 100115 1216 2500011285 and were made in mexico. . Both pants have carhartt tags describing the item. The tags are different. Both tags say relaxed seat and thigh and straight leg. . . The 38 x 32 tag says: sits slightly below the waist, stronger, sewn-on-the-seam belt loops, and cell phone pocket. . . The 38 x 30 tag says: sits at the waist, belt loops sewn on the seam for strength, and handy cell phone pocket. . . The 38 x 32 fit on my waist but the length was way too long, more like a size 34. The pants felt good but were too long. . The 38 x 30 fit below my waist and the length was too short, by about an inch. The pants felt like they were falling down and they were too short. . I returned them both. Neither fit right and besides size i m not sure they are the same pants. I will never buy clothing online again.

G. Widmer, Hawaii

Nice pants but like all carhartt pants, they are a size too small in the waist and a size too large in the inseam. I normally wear a 34-32 in every other manufacturer's pants but in carhartt's, i have to order a 36-30 if i want them to fit. Also wish they came in other colors.

. Eva, York says

These pants look great. Carhartt canvas pants have been the go-to for years. Their quality of construction is exceptional for the price. They're durable, don't shrink or stretch in the wash and take years and years to fade. That said, these "rugged work khakis" have a higher and narrower waist than the "canvas khaki relaxed fit straight leg" in the same size. I only wish the styles were more clearly identified based on the waist height and more colors were available in each style.

. Sharon, South Dakota

Material is not heavy duty. Have a decent sized rip in the knee after a short period of light use. Save time and money and just buy a pair of dickees locally. I have no faith in carhartt now, guess the name just got big from wannabe redneck teenagers buying their jackets.

E. Jacqueline, North Lincolnshire says

I purchased a pair of jeans from carhartt earlier this year, they ended up being slightly large but workable. I decide i enjoyed the pants enough to pick up a second pair which are these ones, knowing what i knew i went a single size smaller and now i feel like a cupcake, they also sit strangely. The material is above par and it seems to be put together well i haven't found any lose strings or error in stitching. I love online store and the ability to buy on-line but i recommend going to a local store and trying a pair there first to nail your size down.

F. Anonymous, Maine

Fit great other than in the length. Was a little too long for my taste. Seemed longer than the 30" inseam i ordered, but did not have time/patience to exchange for different size.

. Mary, Kentucky says

This is my second pair of these pants that i m going through and it s already ripping like my first pair. These haven t lasted even two months yet.

S. Wimbish, Torbay

Fairly good fit for me. Well made. I chose these as i'm still looking for the ideal slacks with a cell phone pocket. The pocket is higher than the dockers i purchased and at the right height to quickly grab the phone. On the downside it can feel like you are sitting on part of the phone when sitting on a padded seat and i find myself shifting the phone slightly when i sit down. These are a bit narrow at the top of the legs.

I. Newell, Arizona says

Waist runs a little smaller than other brands but not enough to warrant going up a size in my particular case. They have a tight fit through the hip flexor area that interferes with my stride. The deal breaker for me though is the waist to crotch measurement (from the top of the waste band at the button, down to where the four seams intersect). This measurement is a full 1. 5" longer than any other brand pants that i own. The result is that if i wear them on my normal waist, two things happen: they sag in the crotch and it has the effect of making them fit as if the inseam is too long. If i pull them up, the crotch area and the inseam are correct, but the waist band is up around the belly button area.

R. Anonymous, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

The second time i wore these jeans, when i sat down, the belt loop ripped a hole in the back of the pants. The jeans were not tight and i am not overweight. I tried to sew them but the denim fabric began to unravel. It appears the heavy denim is faulty as is the sewing. These jeans are the second carhartt product in a row to fall apart on me. The first were the heavy duty work pants. I'm just about through with carhartt. I don't know what happened to make their quality go down so much. I would not order carhartt online.

X. Smith, Barnet says

I had to send these back as they are quite small in the waist. I typically wear a 33, but i knew from other pairs of carhartts that their pants run a little smaller in the waist. I ordered the 34s but they were even tighter than the 33s that i currently own. They seem to be nice pants, just beware of the sizing issue.

A. Edna, Florida

The only thing consistent about buying carhartt's online, is that they're always inconsistent. It's like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get. Another reviewer posted a picture of tags that describe different styles, and the same thing happened to me. The style number is the same (100095 - 253), but the sku is different on the barcodes. The pants manufactured in mexico are described as "sits at the waist", and the pants manufactured in nicaragua are described as "sits slightly below the waist" (none of the 4 pants i ordered were comfortable - some of the waists were too tight or too loose, and the rise is alway too short). It's difficult to get a pair of carhartt's that fit just right, because every pair is unique - slightly longer inseam, slightly shorter rise, tighter waist, looser waist. They're some of the most inconsistent pants and it's quite frustrating. I usually buy 2 or 3 pairs of the same size, with the intent to return the ones that don't fit. Frequently, i return the whole order, because none of the pants fit. My biggest complaint about the fit, is that the rise (that's the crotch space - distance from center seam to the waist of the pants) is always too short. I'm a tall guy, 6' 7" and i have to buy pants that sit at the waist, or above the waist, for them to be somewhat comfortable to sit in. The rise for these pants was an inch too short for me, resulting in not enough crotch space. If i had to recommend something else, perhaps check out dickies 874s; and i've heard that dockers (alpha stretch) are comfortable, but i haven't tried them for myself yet. They can be comfortable for sitting / standing, depending on your preference.

O. Rowe, North Yorkshire says

After ordering carhartt off online store a couple times now i'm convinced there is either a dedicated manufacturing facility for online store or these are knock offs. As other reviewers indicated waist seems 1 inch smaller than indicated and pants are a good 1-2 inches longer than indicated. Stupid me took the tags off so i'm stuck with them now but i will not order anything carhartt off online store anymore.

U. Cindy, Kingston upon Thames

These are definitely not what you would think of when you order relaxed fit pants. I had to order a size 36 waist when i normally buy size 33 (or 34 when only even sizes are available). Ordered waist size 34 and had to return. I received the size 36 replacements and they are snug in the thighs. I would not say they are "tight" in the thighs but definitely not what i consider "relaxed"!

L. Candy, Missouri says

I thought i was purchasing a pant style i had previously purchased but i got the style wrong; however, i thought a relaxed fit pant in the same size would work. I'm a biker, so it's difficult for me to get pants to fit over my thigh and rear, however, relaxed fit pants generally give me the needed room. This pant unfortunately did not. It's a shame too, as i was looking forward to the darker color option, which the pant style i previously purchased did not offer.

. Bethany, Southwark

Great pants, but beware waist size is smaller than indicated size and length is longer than indicated size. Also, size varies from pant to pant. Thus it makes it hard to find a pair that fits, but once you do they are comfortable and last a long time.

M. Annette, Norfolk says

They are really nice pants except that a 33x32 is not the actual size. It's closer to a 30x34. I measured the waist and inseam just to make sure and the tag with sizing is way off. If they fit, they would be great pants.

Z. Tracey, Herefordshire

Ordered a 31x30. It fits like a 30x32. The pants are way longer than 30 length. And the waist was much tighter than 31. Besides the sizing being terrible, the quality of the pants seems good. Pockets are well lined and will not rip. Quality of pant material appears thick and will get some good use.

. Nellie, Virginia says

Fit is very small and tight. The world has moved to a skinny jeans fit and it just doesn't work for me. The waist fits fine. But, they are extremely tight across the front and in the crotch. Sending back. These won't fit a man who weighs more than 160.

H. Juliana, Rhode Island

Had to exchange for a size larger than he wears in any other pants. "relaxed" fit does not apply for husky guys! waiting on my sized-up pair

T. Patton, Peterborough says

I previously bought a pair of carhartt painters paints for work and loved them cause they fit prefectly so i looked to buy more carhartt pants just without all the painters gadgets attached. But these paints are thicker making them hot, and the pockets are deep and thick making it hard to pull my wallet out and added to the thickness.

Y. Irene, Lorraine

Advertised as a 38 waist, with labels stating a 38 waist. When attempting to try them on immediately noticed waist was way too small. I have a 38 waist. All my pants are 38 . This pair was 36. 5 when measured. Wife had already removed all labels so they probably are not returnable. Someone at the goodwill store will get a brand new, never worn pair of pants.

. Lynette, Stockton-on-Tees says

As many reviews have stated, 2 inches longer than stated, waist, at least 1" smaller than stated. Many reviewers state this. I am returning all 3 pairs

K. Sarah, Arkansas

The material, quality, and feel of these pants is nice. However, the waist size is one size small. I normally order 31" waist, but need to get 32" for these carhartts. The length seems ok.

B. Mathis, Rhode Island says

Carhartt makes pants that are comfortable to work in, but these are an exception. The cell phone pocket is awesome. I don't like hammer loops or pockets everywhere, so these are a good mix of form and function. But. The cut of the butt and crotch is awful. They are short and tight right where pants need to be comfortable. I don't want pants that slide down my butt or require constant adjustment of my "spare change". If these had the same cut and fit as the b17 jeans, they would be perfect.

Q. Mahood, North East Lincolnshire

Unlike other brands where "relaxed fit" indicates a roomier cut, carhartt has used it for their scrawny guy fit. "paging mr. Pencillegs, mr. Nobutt pencillegs, your pants are here. ". . I really want to love these pants, the fabric, color, pockets and construction are all great, but the blasted relaxed fit with it's shorter rise and narrower legs completely ruins them. Despite fitting fine at the waist, the crotch is way up in my business and the seat and thighs are like sausage casings. Sitting, crouching or bending are nearly out of the question, with seams digging into places where you really don't want things digging in. I'll be returning these to get something like the b11 or b151 models that actually fits right.

V. Isabel, New Hampshire says

These are heavy fabric and doesn't breathe very well. Also, while the waist size was fine, the crotch area was a bit too small, making these pants uncomfortable to sit in.

. Guest, Newham

Nice pant, but too baggy in the legs. Also no place to put a hammer

J. Carol, East Sussex says

Great product, i have in the darker color as well. Love the fit/feel and phone pocket. Waist runs 1 size small so order up. Length is just right. My only problem is that i received used pants. I have been waiting for these to come back in stock for months. Finally, one was back in stock so i jumped on it and bought them. As soon as i opened the package i could tell they were used. The smell of tide was so strong there was no denial. Plus there was only the pant leg size sticker which was barely stuck on. Anyone who has pulled those off before knows that they stick really well. There were no other tags. Online store sold me used pants for full price and didn't list them as used. Once they are washed, they aren't new. I am keeping them as i need pants and love this style. Just can't understand the shady deal that online store tried to pull.

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